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This is an opening story for a series of events with these main characters. It is only a preview of what is to come.
Where I live there are long, cold, and snow covered winters as a prominent feature. Snow doesn’t fall in a gentle manner; rather torrential blizzards paint the city with a thick, white blanket. Normally I look at frigid winters with disdain; they are simply a barricade that keeps me trapped indoors. All that contempt changed with this last winter when a new couple moved down the street from where my family lives. After last year, winter became my favorite season of the year; a season that I wished would encapsulate my city with snow every day of the year.

The Previous Winter: 8 Months Ago

A loud knocking sound was heard as my mother thumped her fist against my door. My eyes opened slowly, early morning light leaking in from between my curtains and temporarily dazing me. A heavy sigh escaped my mouth as I became more coherent and realized the unfortunate truth, it was morning.

“Tyler, if I have to knock on your door one more time, I swear I will throw your ass out in the snow to wake you up!”

My eyes rolled at my mother’s empty threat, rolling onto my back. “Don’t worry mom, I’m up. Don’t have a heart attack and go make yourself some eggs.”

“Don’t get smart with me boy!” I heard my mom say with a laugh, followed by the sounds of her footsteps heading down the stairs.

I moved to where I was sitting on the edge of my bed, my feet pressing against the cold floor. Another sigh escaped as I stood up, moving all 5’ 10” of me towards the bathroom. After relieving myself, I stood at the sink washing my hands. I looked up in the mirror, noticing my dark brown hair was all over, not that bed-head annoyed me; it’s how I looked all the time. My eyes also glanced at my upper body, which was made easy by the lack of a shirt. I had recently started to work out since there was nothing else to do in the winter, and my chest and arms were beginning to show it. My brown eyes then caught themselves in the mirror, before I splashed water on my face and towel dried. After throwing on a tang top, I walked down stairs, chuckling to myself as I smelt eggs.

“Well it’s about time you got up; it’s almost 10 in the morning!”

“You don’t say, almost 10, is that what I heard?” I said with a grin on my face.

My mother chuckled, stirring the eggs in the pan. “Don’t get cute with me mister, I know where you sleep at night.”

A smile crossed my face as I sat down at the table, looking at the sports page of the newspaper.
“So you listened to me and made some eggs hah?”

“I figured you’d be too lazy to make yourself something.”

Another smile crossed my face as I lowered the paper down. “What do you have planned for today mom?”

“You mean after making your lazy-ass some breakfast? I plan to do some painting down in the basement.”

My mother was an amazing painter, and she sold her art in a local store for income. “Well speaking of breakfast, those eggs smell great.”

A plate was set down in front of me at the table, and I began to devour them. My mother sat down at an empty chair, drinking a cup of steaming coffee. “I also thought that since I’ll be down in the basement painting and can’t babysit you that you’d be able to shovel our driveway.”

I looked up at her, the smile fading from my face. A fresh two feet of snow had fallen during the night, and our snow blower had just broken the weekend before. “Are you kidding me? You want me to shovel that snow by hand?”

Her eyes rolled at me. “A shovel? Oh my goodness, how could I be so old fashioned? Oh wait, I’m pretty sure you’re 17 year old body can take it” she said with a sarcastic tone.

I could only laugh at her expression, before finally acknowledging I’d do it. I finished the rest of my eggs before my mother set down her coffee mug.

“There is one more thing.”


“Mrs. Jensen from across the street called this morning, her husband is out driving the truck again for the next few weeks. She was wondering if you could shovel her driveway as well.”

“You know I hate it when you volunteer me for this kind of stuff.”

“Who said I called her?”

I looked at her with an intense look, my eyebrow raising.

“Fine, I did, but only because her husband is out of town and she’s new to the neighborhood.”

“I thought so. You owe me twenty bucks and a new movie.”

“Ten bucks and a new movie.”

“Fine,” I said, shaking her hand to finish our sarcastic business deal before going upstairs to grab my snow gear.

Fifteen minutes later I was greeted by the breath of frigid air that Mother Nature had to offer my city. Stepping through the two-foot thick snow covered driveway and road to Mrs. Jensen’s home caused my legs to burn, even in the intense cold. I knocked on her door, trying to catch my breath from the journey. Apparently I hadn’t worked out enough! I heard the top lock being undone, and the door hand being turned. I was greeted with warm air on my face from the house, and the smell of coffee. Mrs. Jensen stood in the doorway.

“Yes, may I help you?” Her soft, soothing voice echoed in my head. This was the first time I had seen our neighbor this close, and I was trying not to stare. She stood in the doorway in a soft blue robe, with a white towel wrapped around her hair. Her soft green eyes were looking up at me from her smaller height of around 5’3”.

“Uh yeah, I’m Tyler, from over there,” I turned and pointed to my house. “I am here to shovel your driveway.”

“Oh yes, of course!” She said, a smile crossing her face. She lit up in my eyes with her smile, I found myself unable to take my eyes from her. “Thank you so much! My husband drives trucks and is out of town for a few weeks, and I can’t lift that heavy of snow. I think your strong body can though!”

I was glad my cheeks were already red, because I felt myself get a little embarrassed. “Anything to help out,” was all I could muster up to say.

“You can just throw the snow onto the yard, and don’t worry about the sidewalk; the city takes care of that. I do have one question though.”

My eyes looked back at her. “Yeah?”

“How are you going to shovel the driveway without a shovel?”

“Ah great,” I muttered.

After an embarrassing five minutes of going back through the snow to my house and returning with a shovel, I began the process of removing the snow. The sound of the shovel grinding against the concrete and ice soon became old, and with the depth of the snow my muscles were burning. Again I caught myself thinking I hadn’t worked out enough. All through shoveling the driveway I found myself thinking of Mrs. Jensen in her robe. She may have been older, I’m guessing around 30 or so, but she was quite beautiful. Her eyes had a way of pulling you in, ensnaring you without even a hint of seduction in her glance. Her lips looked soft and pouty, and her skin smooth and creamy.

Finally the heavy lifting and hard breathing paid off, and I rested against my shovel, looking at the concrete of the driveway. After recapturing my breath, I made my way back to her door and knocked. Mrs. Jensen again answered it wearing her blue robe, though her red, curly hair was now exposed. My teenage eyes immediately noticed that her robe had parted a little near the top, a small amount of cleavage showing. I took a hard breath, before I became aware of the situation again.

“Uh yeah, I’m done with your driveway.”

“Thank you so much! I don’t think I can thank you enough, that is such hard work, you truly must be a strong boy,” she said with a smile.

Again I was grateful for the cold to cover for my red cheeks. “No problem Mrs. Jensen, I’m glad I could help.”

“Call me Tiffany; Mrs. Jensen makes me feel old.”

“You’re definitely not that,” I muttered, hoping she didn’t hear me.

If she did, she didn’t seem to react to it. She simply responded, “How can I repay you?”

“No need to pay me, just think of it as a welcoming gift to the neighborhood. Let me know if you need it done again.”

“Thanks so much! But you must want something.”

“Nah, that’s already been arranged. Have a good day Mrs. Jensen.”

“Tiffany,” she said with a smile before closing the door.

I sighed and walked from the front porch back to our house. Even though my muscles were already tired, I began to shovel my own driveway. Thoughts of Tiffany in her robe kept creeping into my mind. Her red hair in curls was amazing, but my thoughts mainly kept turning to her cleavage. My teenage hormones seemed to enjoy it, and my inexperience led me to guess she was somewhere in a small C cup range. Regardless of whether I was right or not I did know one thing, I had a hot neighbor nearly twice my age.

A week almost went by before our city was again struck by a snowstorm. Fresh new layers of white crystals coated the city streets and houses during the night. In the morning I was again awoken by my mother, who said she had just been on the phone with our neighbor. Her husband was still out of town, and was wondering if I could take care of her driveway again. Normally this would have been followed by grumbling, but instead I shot out of bed.

I ate my breakfast in a flash, and soon I was outside and heading for the neighbors. The cold was already biting at my flesh when I knocked at the door. The familiar click of the lock and doorknob was heard, and Tiffany was standing again in the doorway. Her robe had been replaced with gray sweat pants, a white tang top, and a red jacket. She again held her mug of coffee, and a smile on her face.

“You are so sweet for coming and doing this for me again. I’m beginning to feel like a weakling.”

“I’m glad I can do it for you, so don’t worry,” I said.

“Just knock at my door when you’re done if you would.”

“Not a problem,” I said, turning and grabbing my shovel.

Again thoughts of Tiffany were running through my mind, drowning out the mundane sound of the shovel scraping through the snow. It seemed like the driveway was done in no time, and I quickly rushed to the door. Her sweet smile and body again greeted me, though this time without the jacket. Again it didn’t take long for my teenage eyes to notice her chest was reacting to the cold, but I did all that I could not to stare.

“It’s all done so you have nothing more to worry about.”

She placed her hand on my arm, squeezing through the coat firmly. “Thank you so much, you are very kind for doing this.”

I phased out for a moment, before coming back, shaking my head slightly. “Uh, no problem, again it’s not a big deal.”

“It is to me,” she said with a smile. “Thank you so much again!” Her hand left my arm and she turned around. My eyes quickly roamed her body, and it didn’t take long to notice the curve of her ass through her sweat pants. It was a little bigger, and much nicer than any of the girls at school. She turned and shut the door, catching my eye and with a small chuckle she closed the door.

I was a little embarrassed walking home with the shovel in my hand, hoping she hadn’t noticed my wandering eye. I kept telling myself over and over that she hadn’t, but I knew that she truly had. Later on that day in the evening, I sat on the couch with the television blaring random images at me. I heard my mother come into the room, wiping her forehead with a rag.

“How’s the painting coming?”

“Do you know how hard it is to paint a scene at the beach when it looks like that out there?” She pointed at the window.

I chuckled a little, before looking back at the television. “Difficult I can imagine.”

“Amazingly difficult. Oh did I tell you, Tiffany called me an hour or so ago. She wanted to thank you again for doing her driveway a couple times.”

My ears perked up. “Uh yeah, no problem whatsoever. Would be easier if we’d get the snow blower fixed.”

“Oh shut it, you need the exercise. But she also was wondering if you could help her tomorrow move some boxes. The movers put them in the wrong room she said, and they’re too heavy for her.”

“And what did I reply to her?” I asked sarcastically.

“You replied that you’d love to and would be there in the morning.”

I would usually be upset with my mother, but with her giving me a chance to go into Tiffany’s house and see her was too good to be upset with. A few hours passed and finally I shut the television off and headed for the stairs. I stopped at the door, looking through the blinds in the small window next to it at Tiffany’s house, before shaking my head and going to sleep for the night.

The morning came quickly, and I was up and dressed before my mother even knocked on the door. Her shocked eyes looked at me as I came down the stairs earlier than usual. We had breakfast together before she returned to the basement to work on her painting. Instead of getting in full snow gear, I just grabbed my coat and headed over there in jeans. It was a cold morning as usual, and I ran across the street to get there. My knock was again greeted by the sound of the lock and door knob, and the sweet smell of Tiffany’s house and her coffee.

She stood in her doorway wearing a silk pink robe and white slippers. Her robe hung only a few inches above her knees, revealing her pale, smooth legs. Her red hair was straighter, resting down her shoulders and covering the top part of her chest, exposed by the parting of her robe. I gathered myself quickly, thrown off guard by the sight but not wanting to make it obvious.

“Well if it isn’t my knight in shining armor to bail me out again!” she said with a smile.

I laughed a little. “Yeah I suppose so. I hear you need some boxes moved.”

“Yes, come on in,” she said, turning and walking into the house.

My eyes watched the fluttering of the bottom of her robe, exposing just another half inch of her delectable legs. Again the curve of her ass could be seen, but I tried to suppress my teenage hormones and pretend like nothing was happening. I stepped into her house, greeted by the sweet smells of candles burning and her coffee.

“The boxes are this way. They were marked attic, yet the movers still placed them in the living room.”

“Apparently they couldn’t read,” I said with a chuckle.

“Or they’re scared of heights,” she said, turning her head with a smile.

She led me into the living room, and there were 6 boxes stacked with the clear markings of attic on them. “These are the boxes that need to be moved, I just can’t get them into the attic.”

“Where is the attic?”

“This way.” She again walked out of the room towards the hall. I eyed a few photographs of her and her husband, who seemed to be a guy that got a girl out of his league. At the end of the hall, we stopped walking and flipped on a light switch.

“The attic is up here,” she said, reaching up for the string. My eyes immediately caught that her robe was sliding up her body as she reached, and now resting part way up her ass. I could see the curves on the bottom of her cheeks, and felt a stir in my jeans. The sight was quickly gone as she pulled the string down and knelt, lowering the stairs that led up to the attic. “There is some empty space off to the right they can be set.”

“Is there any light?” I managed to choke out.

“Of course!” she said, starting up the ladder stairs. Again I noticed the bottom of her ass exposed, only this time I also noticed the lack of underwear. I tried hard not to but a bulge began to form in my pants. I leaned against the wall in an attempt to hide it as she came back down.

“I appreciate all the help you are giving me. Just be careful on that ladder.”

“Not a problem,” I said, still clinging to the wall.

She smiled at me, walking by me with her hand grazing my arm. “It’s ok,” she whispered, “you don’t have to hide, I find it flattering.”

My cheeks went bright red, and I tried to say anything, but she just walked on out of the hallway and into the kitchen. After a minute, I just shook my head and walked back into the living room, grabbing a box. As I walked down the hall, I noticed her standing at the kitchen entryway, her finger tapping her coffee mug as I walked by. The other five boxes went pretty quickly, though I’ll admit the trip up the ladder each time was an adventure in its own. Finally I lifted the stairs back into place, and walked into the kitchen.

“Alright, the boxes are up and you are good to go.”

“Thanks so much, again, you are my shining knight.”

I laughed, “Let’s not go that far.”

Her hand again rested on my arm, as she looked at me. “Coffee before you go?”

“Sure, I’d love something hot before I go back outside.”

“I sure would too,” she said with a wink.

My mind was racing at this point. First she was wearing this small robe, without any underwear. She had noticed my bulge and not really done anything, and now she was winking at me with an innuendo in her voice. I shook it off, pouring some coffee into a mug. “Do you have any sweetener?”

“I think I do in this cupboard up here,” she said. She again reached up in the cupboard, leaning up on her toes. Her robe slid halfway up her ass, exposing it to my eyes.

At this point either my teenage hormones or my manly instincts took over, and I moved closer. I didn’t have time to think about it, apparently somewhere in my unconscious my mind had been made up; it had calculated the earlier advances by her. I stood behind her, my hands gripping at her sides, lifting up her robe even more.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I heard her ask.

My hands didn’t stop, and soon her entire ass was exposed to me. She didn’t move away or struggle, rather bounced on her toes slightly. The skin of her ass began to move as she did this, and soon I was completely overtaken with lust. Without saying anything, my hand quickly unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles. My throbbing 7 inch cock was standing at alert, and I stood behind her. I could hear her breathing getting louder, though she never turned to face me nor gave any indication of struggle. Unable to hold back anymore, I quickly guided my cock into her awaiting womanhood.

Her loud moan and pushing back against my hips soon alleviated any fears that she didn’t want this. My first thrust was met with the sound of a loud smack, the skin of my hips crashing into her ass. She was warm and wet, and her womanhood clenched down on my cock. She still did not turn to face me, just rather placed her hands down on the countertop and pushed back into me.

“Fuck,” I heard myself say, surprised by the force with which I was advancing.

“Yes baby, fuck me, I’ve been so lonely, fuck me so good and hard with that young cock of yours!”

The moment was tense and hot. I had been longing for Tiffany since I first laid eyes on her, and now I was in her. All my pent up teenage lust was escaping in these hard thrusts. My hands gripped her ass, the jiggling skin moving in waves with each thrust. Her arms were giving out and she was soon leaning on the counter top with her upper body. Her head raised but would not turn, though her moans of pleasure let me know she was enjoying it.

“Yes Tyler, fuck me so good, I haven’t been fucked this hard in years!”

Her words were encouragement, and my hips began to push into her from behind faster and harder. Her chest was sliding against the counter top with the force of each thrust. Her arms spread out wildly, even knocking over some glasses onto the floor. The sound of shattering glass didn’t stop our lust, and I continued to thrust into her.

“You’re so sexy baby, I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you,” I confessed.

“Fuck me like this and you’re welcome here any time, my shining knight!”

My hands gripped the skin of her ass tighter as I continued to thrust. The sound of our skin smacking, sight of her ass moving, and the feel of her womanhood around my young cock was soon becoming too much. I began to grunt with each thrust, feeling myself building closer and closer.

Tiffany must have known as well, as her moans became louder to match mine. “Cum in me baby, fill me with your young, warm cum!”

“Yes baby, I’m going fucking cum!” I heard myself yell, and with one last thrust my cock began to release. I could feel my cum coating her insides, and her satisfied moans let me know she was enjoying the feeling.

After a few more moments I finally pulled out of her, breathing hard from the rough, quick fuck. Tiffany’s hands reached back and pulled her robe back down over her ass, readjusted her robe, and she turned around, moving her soft red hair from her eyes. She too was breathing hard, her pale skin radiating even brighter than normal. She looked at me, before giving me a playful smack on my cheek.

“I’m a married woman, you young perv.”

I smiled at her, noticing her eyes looking at my softening cock. “Yeah, but you wanted that as bad as I did.”

“I won’t deny that, I’ve been so alone. You need to get home though so no one suspects anything.”

I leaned down, pulling my jeans and boxers back up. “Can I see you again?”

“Only as long as it snows again.”

I smiled at her, turning around and heading for the door. Her comment was only ironic; of course it was going to snow again. She wanted me back, and I wanted to come back. At the door, before opening, I turned to her, and pulled her in for a kiss. She was shocked by the move, hesitant at first, but soon melted and began to kiss back. Her soft, pouty lips were even more electrifying than I imagined. We broke the kiss, and I headed out the door, not saying another word.

When I walked in the front door my mother was on the couch reading from a book. “About time you got home, I wanted to go to the store and get some food, since you eat like a cow.”

I just smiled at her, no sarcastic remark in return. “Sounds good.”

“Well what are you so happy about?”

“Nothing, just feels good to help people out, you know?”

“I can’t believe you just said that. But since you did, come help me drive to town.”

I looked out the window at Tiffany’s house before looking back at my mother. “Alright, let’s go.”

My mother set her book down, and stood up. “Oh and I heard that another storm is coming in tonight, so we’ll probably be hearing from Tiffany tomorrow for you to shovel again.”

I smiled at my mother. “Alright, I can do that.” The sound of a new storm made me excited for the first time, and I knew that my cold winter adventures with Tiffany had only begun.

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