Shyamala worked in loistics in Mumbai and was in charge if shipment to Africa. She met several African men during the line of duty but never had sex with them. She and her husband Ken were on separation so she turned to visiting bars regularly, as a form of therapy. Ken became bisexual and had a string of Black lovers. This night, she met African men drinking in the bar....her views of having sex with Black Men changed that night!!!
The separation from Ken was traumatic for Shyamala, she was aware of the social pressure she was going to come under if the situation deteriorated to a full scale divorce. What had she gotten herself into now? Shyamala thought. Going to the bar in Mira Road, Mumbai, was not unusual for her, she always met old friends there and they danced, flirted and occasionally she’d go home with someone and just have a friendly fuck… was therapeutic. Nothing serious since she had split from her husband Ken several months earlier, of course reconciliation was going to happen but now she was having fun, and making the most of her newfound freedom. She admitted to her friends that Ken’s small cock did not do justice to her pussy, his premature ejaculation left her without reaching her climax, every time. In addition, she knew that Ken had developed bisexual habits, she once found him in the spare bedroom being fucked up the ass by the black security guard, Kasunkagari, but turned a blind eye, despite finding it utter repulsive and distasteful.

She had met up with some old work friends, guys and gals and they all drank pretty heavily, a lot of dancing, flirting, talking old time experiences. One of the men was a Black guy named Kofi, he always seemed to steer towards her and in the restaurant in Andheri where she went for lunch he would make lewd comments to her and asked her out many times but she wasn’t into Black men. At that time, Shyamala was working for Royal Logistics Company and Kofi for Kenya Airways, so they knew each other professionally. Kenya Airways was their main air freight carrier to Africa. The only time a black man appealed to her was when the manager of Kenya Airways, Mr. Wanjiru, told her that she had the prettiest feet in the whole of India, and she was really flattered, and said in her mind, “This African has class!”!

In the past, Kofi had made comments about her firm breasts and how sexy she looked, he even went on to described her corpulent ass as being “like an African woman’s ass,” she thought at the time that he said those things just to get a chance to fuck her!.

That was then and this was now, she was a few years older and marriage was history, no need to be the loyal Hindu wife anymore. She would dance with him and his other friends from Kenya Airways when asked, he still made comments on how good she was looking, how he and his friends always dreamt of dating her after work, etc etc etc. Once he followed her to the car park of Royal Logistics Company and when she was looking exited he grabbed her and kissed her feeling her breasts and rubbing her ass as he did. Now she had never dated, kissed or even fooled around with a Black man so she put it off the idea as one of flirting, and the effect of the alcohol.

This night she was feeling really good and noticed that Kofi and some of the other Black guys had been leering at her all night and their eyes told her what they were thinking. Again she passed it off as playing and flirting, with copious alcohol acting as the stimulant, or catalyst! They had always had a drink ready for her and between dancing a lot and the warm lounge she drank quite a lot. The last drink he got for her was bitter and she felt a little weird after consuming it. The bar closed and she was having a hard time focusing and walking for that matter. Kofi called a rickshaw and said he’d accompany Shyamala home so she‘d get home safely. Drunk or whatever she offered no resistance. He said very little during the drive and only looked at her and smiled. Somehow they arrived at her apartment in Shanti Nagar and he led her to the door, opened it and led her inside. Seeing her drunken state, the security guard of the building, Mr. Mohanlal, offered no resistance, in fact, he thanked the African for his magnanimous gesture as they entered the lift…..not realising what plans Kofi had in mind.

Kofi immediately took her in his arms and kissed her, her body was confused but seemed to accept the kiss and wandering hands that came with it. He took her neatly manicured hand and placed it on his hard erect cock, it was the first black cock she had ever felt and it did actually feel good to her, compared to Ken’s. It must have been five or six times bigger!!!!

She did pull away and said “Kofi look I kind of feel really funny can we call it a night, thank you for bringing me home?” He looked at her and said “well maybe later I’ll go but right now we need to have some fun. You see, at work were polite enough to we guys but you still treated we Niggers with scorn, we all thought you were sexy and wanted to fuck you but you stayed with guys who were Indians so tonight it is make up time.” She pulled back and stood there unable to say anything. She was perplexed and couldn’t say anything.

Kofi went to the door, opened it and in walked two other men, black men. She knew them by name from work but really didn’t know them all that well. Kofi said “we’re going to play a game, we’ll ask questions, if you answer them correctly we will remove an item of our clothing, if you are wrong then you remove an item.” She replied, “Well no way, this isn’t right and I’ve never done anything like this.” Kofi said “well tonight is the night you will I guess”.

The guys sat on the couch and she stood before them embarrassed yet a bit excited. Tekalani asked “have you ever done a strip for guys?” She said no, they all believed her and all men removed their shirts. The guys were pretty shaped out and the tingle went thru her looking at them. Jabulani asked “have you ever tried anal sex”; she instantly responded “NO”…they all laughed and said “we think you’re lying “so remove something. She hesitated and protested at which Tekalani grabbed her silk blouse and pulled it from her, tearing it as it left her body. She was standing in front of them in her salwar trousers and bra and she knew that her hard nipples were readily visible underneath the lace, she felt a twinge.
Jabulani asked “have you ever been in a 3-some? ”NO” she replied, they asked again and she insisted “NO”. All the guys undid her salwar trousers and let them fall, standing before her in their underwear, the tips of their cocks peeping out from the top of their underwear. She swallowed hard and yet couldn’t take her eyes away from the erect cocks before her. Kofi spoke up and asked “if she had ever swallowed cum”….She started to reply but he said “liar” and told her to remove her panties……she hesitated and Kofi said “Fuck this fucking game, strip her and lets have fun with the Indian whore.”

Tekalani wrenched the trousers from under her and someone else removed her panties. She stood there and watched as they removed their underwear and one said “Sue you are going to love this”, another said “Baby you are going to get so fucked you’ll want more”. Jabulani grabbed her hand and literally tugged her to the bedroom and the guys followed. He pushed her legs to the side of the bed, pushed again and laid her back on the bed. She was scared yet excited, tense yet in awe, unsure whether to get up and run or see what happens next. She was definitely totally embarrassed being nude and exposed to three men but felt good because she turned them on. She knew she had a 3 some in the past but 3 BLACK cocks, not knowing what to expect did scare her.

Kofi said to her “raise her legs high in the air and spread your legs so we could see that pussy we have all wondered about.” Like a puppy she obeyed and raised her legs, holding them by her ankles and spread her legs, Gawd she was embarrassed yet turned on by their leers and crude remarks. One said “Look at that pussy juice, it is flowing profusely from her”. Another said “I always wanted to see those lips and hole of this high class pompous Indian Bitch. “ Tekalani told her to lower her legs but spread herself wide for them, she bent her knees keeping her legs open for their gaze, she closed her eyes a bit feeling like a whore in heat and actually was being turned on being on display like this. He said “move your hips like you are fucking someone, she obeyed and was grinding the air like she was actually being fucked. She felt herself being turned on more by her display. Jabulani said to her “finger your pussy for us”….she did and was grinding and moaning as her fingers found the spots she loved so dearly. She fingered herself and somehow forgot they were there because she was so into her pleasure. She drove her fingers deep inside until she uttered a muffed scream and came. This was something she did regularly because of Ken’s minuscule cock and his inability to satisfy her sexually, so she was good at it.

They all voiced their approval and she realized what she had done for them and tried to look away. Tekalani said “you loved your finger wait until you have our cocks” and he then turned her over onto her knees and elbows sideways on the bed exposing her pussy and now her asshole to their leers. Kofi said for her to suck all the guys’ cocks. They were all massive cocks, a few long thick cocks and all was erect and ready for her attention. The black cocks intrigued her because of the different textures, colours and just them being the unknown to her. If she had to choose, she was most impressed with Jabulani’s. The guys stood in front of her and she reached out to touch the first one and take it in her mouth, it was Kofi’s cock.

The saltiness of his cock was strong but she sucked it all in and licked his big vein on the underside as she sucked. He grabbed her by the hair and started shoving his cock in and out of her mouth. The “rape feeling” she had turned into a turn on and she felt herself enjoying being used by this man. Her one hand was holding his shaft and the other sneaked between her legs to play with her clit. Tekalani remarked “hey guys I think she likes being used like a whore” The words excited her more and she sucked deeper, this man pulled his cock from her mouth before he could cum and another took its place. For what seemed like an hour she sucked each mans cock to the point of climax but they didn’t. She did taste the pre cum from each and all had a different taste to them. Her mouth was sore and cramped but when the last one withdrew she found herself seeking another. She had climaxed twice by her own finger and wanted more.

They stood around her as she sucked, licked and moaned. She felt someone behind her pulling her ass cheeks apart and then when a tongue touched her puckering ass spot she twitched, her body shook with the spasm and she instantly came again. The tongue was circling her asshole and she was moaning, groaning and cumming. Her voice was yelling “Ah fuck, lick my asshole, please, please finger it.” At that moment whoever was behind her pushed a lubed finger inside her asshole. She jerked and pushed back, fucking that finger with her ass. She was totally into the scene now, she didn’t care who or how she was fucked and when Jabulani asked her what she wanted she yelled at him, “Damit do whatever you want to do to me okay!!!, fuck me, fuck my ass, cum on me I don’t fucking care anymore. Just do it NOW, let me taste that sweet black meat!!!!!” He wanted to get all he could from her and told her to beg for them, she was now beyond even fucking caring. She was still on her elbows and knees, ass exposed, pussy open for their gaze, her eyes blurred with passion, her mind numbed by want, her embarrassment and morals gone so she looked up at the three of them and moaned,“ Kofi, Jabulani, Tekalani who the fuck ever ,I’ll be your whore tonight, I am sorry I didn’t fuck you after work, just use me like the slut I am, eat my pussy, fuck me, fuck my ass, fill me with your cum, I’ll swallow your cum, I’ll do anything you ask just lets do it now.”
The guys enjoyed her lowering herself and them finally getting to do to her what they always wanted to do. They laughed and knew they were in for a wild night with this used to be stuck up slut. Jabulani told her to suck Kofi and as she grabbed Kofi’s cock Tekalani was behind her and jabbed his hard cock in her pussy. She yelled and pushed back for more. Tekalani was fucking her like a madman, slamming into this Indian woman whom he always wanted to fuck. She was sucking the cock in her mouth and reaching out for another to masturbate. The scene was chaotic and sexual as she was a whore in training at this point. Her mind just concentrated on being used and satisfied. She sucked and licked Kofi’s cock and balls traced her tongue over his black sac and felt the explosion begin as he emptied his cum in her mouth. She instinctively swallowed and not wanting to miss a drop, the first black cum she had ever tasted and she began to cum just by this alone. The volume of Kofi’s sperm was too much for her to contain and some leaked down her chin.

Her cumming made Tekalani start spewing his seed into her pussy. Two down and one still to go was all she was thinking. Tekalani pulled out of her and Jabulani took his place behind her but he had other ideas. The tip of his above average cock touched her asshole and easily slid in making her yelp out loud. “Oh it is too big for my ass!” Shyamala exclaimed. He cared less and shoved it in deeper. She again yelped “Please it is too big, too big…awwwwwwww….. yes ….yes…awwwwwwww……give it to me….. Fuck my ass deeeeeeep, you sweeeet Nig**r!!!!!!”

Jabulani was having a dream come true by fucking her ass; all the years of wanting to he was now having it. He was slamming into her ass and the smacking sounds filled the room when his balls hit her as cheeks.
He grabbed her hips and was pounding her as she yelled for more. Another man sat in front of her, grabbed her head and pulled her mouth to his cock. Shyamala’s eyes opened to look at him as her mouth closed over his cock. Her muffled moans and groans were loudly heard by all and she swallowed his cock like she had never done it before. Before to long he uttered “I’m CUMMING!!!!!!! As his salty cum hit the back of her throat, she greedily swallowed it and wanted more…….Another took his place and she was sucking a new cock wanting his cum. Tekalani finally had to climax and she felt the hotness of his cum hitting her bowels and she cum again….This made the man she was sucking cum and again she swallowed.

No one had her pussy yet and she rolled over, spread her legs and said “Okay motherfuckers, you wanted my pussy, now come get it. With this each man climbed between her legs, shoved their cocks in her hot wet pussy and she gave them the fucking they had all wanted. She would suck cock as she fucked them, she was covered and also filled with their cum, whoever didn’t fuck her ass did so before they stopped. She was a mess and yet fulfilled from the night, she felt bad about being used and taken by so many guys but also she had unknowingly fulfilled a fantasy. Her pussy and ass seeped cum, her mouth sore and dried cum caked her chin, her body tired and she laid in front of them as they dressed to leave. She looked up as she covered her body with a sheet and said “Please don’t tell anyone about this okay? You had your fun and it was nice and you finally got what you wanted but I don’t want people and especially my husband Ken to know about it.”

……..Tekalani looked at her and said “Well I guess you don’t want us to show this video around huh?”…and took a camcorder off the nightstand where he placed it without her seeing, “No one would believe us unless we taped it.” She was horrified when he showed it to her. “Please don’t do this.” Jabulani spoke up and said “well we would like an occasional repeat performance, in fact there is a gangbang being planned and you are the main course.”……Aghast she knew then she was in terrible trouble but, she wondered how many men they had planned for her………………..Watch this space to know what happened after that encounter.

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2011-10-15 02:26:13
News just leaked from Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mira Road, Mumbai revealed that a Mrs Shabaridas from Dahisar area has just contracted the HIV virus. Apparently she had a wild weekend of debauched sex with a visiting African businessman from Sudan, while her husband Balakrishna was on business in Delhi.........INDIAN GIRLS, BEWARE OF SEX WITH PRIMITIVE NIGGERS!!!!!

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2011-06-18 03:48:05
The Indian woman's newly found taste for alcohol gets her into such trouble with these uncivilised Niggars. Once she develops a taste for the black cock, there is no turning back....SHE WANTS IT ALL THE TIME. IT BECOMES AN ADDICTION

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2011-06-16 15:06:10
my research on the ground in Vasai, in Mumbai, India shows how the migration of male workers to the Arabian Gulf states is leading to such immorality. In one tower block, comprising 28 apartments, 26 males are working abroad. Two African youths from Uganda have found a niche here. They hire one apartment. Every morning, they go from door to door taking orders from the lonely wives for sex with their diaries in hand. They provide an essential service, paid for by the US$ sent from abroad. The doctor in the neighboring building is also happy, he has to deal with the numerous illegal abortions, every week.....AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY IS EVOLVING HERE, IN TRUE INDIAN MANNER!!!!

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2011-06-08 00:52:47
My 53 yo wife and 23 yo daughter have just flown from Delhi to Kolkata on a 10-day holiday. For the past 2 weeks they have been grooming themselves and going to the beauty parlour on alternate days. The euphoria and excitement was palpable, FRIENDS HAVE REMARKED THAT THEY HAVE GONE TO HAVE DUBAUCHED SEX WITH AFRICAN STUDENTS THERE

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2011-05-17 05:06:06
My Indian wife Neeta left me for a Niggar called Boubakar here in Mali. I'm embarrassed to face our families in Chennai

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