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I spotted her pattern covered legs as I entered the lower platform from the steps above and sat on the opposite platform from her, on the bench. There was a minimum of 12 feet between us, and no-one else to distract me from my thoughts, on this damp evening.
As I placed my backpack down and reached inside she uncrossed her legs and crossed them again. Looking up I made eye contact briefly and saw her tongue peek just inside her mouth. Her bright lipstick covered mouth in the shape of an O.
I was smitten by this mid 20s blonde haired beauty. I stared as her tongue reached out and licked her top lip slightly, causing my cock to stir in appreciation. Her black jacket buttoned at the waist framed a white shirt, concealing a healthy size of breast.
I watched for several seconds as she again teased me, uncrossing her legs, but to my surprise she then stood upright and reached with her hands and pulled slightly at the skirt in an attempt to cover a little more of her thighs unsuccessfully.
Her black shoes, fastened at the ankle slowly carried her towards me before detouring and heading for the platform edge. The music in my ears had hidden the sound of the train as it slowed at the platform and I was suddenly on my feet and standing looking at the blonde hair 3 feet ahead of me.
I followed the blonde as she entered the first carriage and was taken by surprise as she sat down at the first seat.
Boldly I sat opposite her with a short table between us, and I quickly switched off the music to concentrate on the newspaper I had earlier retrieved from my backpack.
As I carefully stretched out a leg, I inevitably touched the leg opposite and looked up to apologise and found a pair of bright blue eyes staring at me, as her sensuous lips were again lubricated by her tongue. Almost instantly I felt our legs come in contact again under the table, this time the pressure against my leg was intentional, as I watched he tongue outline her upper lip yet again.
Her small hand caught my attention as it reached towards her cleavage and produced a small silver locket, and placed the locket in her mouth. My cock was stirring as this blonde beauty, perhaps 20 years my junior teased me like I had never known.
Her next move was disturbed as a ticket collector appeared at my side. Within seconds the train slowed and the beauty opposite shuffled to the edge of the seat and stood elegantly and again tugged at the front of her skirt.
“C’mon then, your stop” she said in a loud whisper as I watched her hands at the side of her thighs.
I followed her to the door as she reached out and grabbed me with her warm almost child like hand.
Within a minute we were outside the station when we exchanged our names. “Gary”, “Emma”
We walked the 10 feet before our pace quickened and we found a dark corner where we could hide from the rain, and I was holding the lower back of the blonde as she turned sideways and reached her wet lips towards my mouth. Her taste was exquisite as her tongue entered my mouth seeking a partner fight with.
I pulled her closer and reached with my hands and grabbed at her black skirt, revealing her thighs to the wet atmosphere, and forced my leg between her young thighs, grinding into her crotch. My erection was noticeable as her hand grabbed at my zipper, and my cock was now held by her young hand, as I encountered her bare thighs, before reaching her hot pussy.
As I helped her climb aboard my body my cock was still held by her hot wet hand, while I reached for her non existent panties, and forced her backwards against the brick wall, were her weight could be taken from me. My cock was forced towards her hot pussy as I bent my knees and thrust upwards seeking the heat, missing its target, yet still gripped by her warn hand. I thrust twice more, experiencing the pleasure of the juices leaking from this young lady, as our tongues fought in each others mouths.
At last I felt the tight grip on my cock as the head was suddenly enveloped in this beauty. There was plenty of lubrication as I pushed again, yet struggled to enter her further, as I encountered her tight wet pussy, while a deep groan escaped from her beautiful lips.
Gripping her shoulder and forcing her downwards helped as my cock entered another inch or so into her wet pussy as she groaning in my ear. She was tighter than any pussy I had ever known, as I reached under her to grip her delicious bottom. Suddenly there was a release within her as I found my 7 inches completely enveloped and a satisfied groan in my ear.
“Finger my arse” I heard as I felt a wetness cover my balls, as the tightness surrounding my cock moved and started thrusting up and down my cock. My finger struggled to find her anus as she seemed to be possessed, forcing herself on my unbelievably hard cock, while our tongues continued to fight within our mouths. Our passion was frantic, in this dark corner, as we forgot the outside world, and searched for a climax.
Her climax arrived as I finally found her small tight anus coated with her leaking juices, and pushed my middle finger, into the tight hole.
This brought her a new lease of life, and suddenly my finger was entered as deep as possible as she exerted her weigh onto my finger. I struggled to maintain a rhythm with my cock in her pussy and a finger in her arse, but she made the decision easier by reaching below and holding my finger inside her as she yet again thrust onto my hard cock. Suddenly I felt a finger join mine in her dark hole and her screaming mouth moved from my lips and she bit at my clothing.
This was the moment of my release and I thrust several times emptying myself within her hot wet pussy.
We held each other for a minute before I released her and helped her down to her feet. Unsteadily she leaned against me while pulling her skirt down to hide her bare thighs.
Her tongue swept along her lips before she spoke in a gentle voice and thanked me for the fuck of her life, explaining that married life sucked.
I probed her for another meeting, knowing that I would never be satisfied again without a repeat performance. She refused my request, and quickly headed for the train station.
“I just needed release”, “I have to get home”, “and you’re old enough to be my Dad”
I stood listening and realised that I was merely a convenient cock on a train. I changed my routine for several days to catch the same train but never did see that wonderful sexy girl.
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