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Fun with Ashlie and...
Fuck Buddies Part 3

This story is true, the names are not, this story may not have happened to me, it may have.

Hey again, im Damien, so far ive told you the true story of how I first lost my virginity at my prom after party to my friend Laura and how I finally got to fuck the girl I really wanted to, ashlie the morning after, if you haven’t read Fuck Buddies Parts 1 & 2 then look them up, ive posted them both on this site. When I left the last time I had made ashlie cum so hard on my couch that she had passed out and me with her, I woke up to the sound of the door ringing.

‘Shit!’ I said, ashlie was awake too, startled by the bell, ‘hang on’ I said, I went to the window and peeked through a crack in the curtains, to my shock it was Laura, the girl I had fucked last night, and worse still, she had brought Amy. The door rang again, ‘ashlie, baby get some clothes on, quick’ I stammered, ‘who is it?’ she said, ‘I can’t believe this, its Loz and Amy’ ‘What!’ she cried ‘Okay, okay’. I pulled my boxers on and my trousers up, not waiting for the hot Ashlie to pull her clothes on, I went to the door and answered it, ‘Hiiiiii Damien!’ Amy said, her luminous blue eyes glinted in the afternoon sun and her short blonde hair was shining brightly, her petite body was outlined perfectly in a pair of short denim hot pants, barely 6 inches long and a tight fitting pink t-shirt that I think Ashlie was wearing this morning, her 30C tits were very noticeable and stood out perfectly against the fabric , she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were firm, I really wanted to suck on them and maybe if she hadn’t have greeted me so annoyingly I would have, there was something hidden in her eyes, but in my grogginess I couldn’t think of what it was, I numbly said ‘hey Amy’ and turned to Laura, she smiled at me but didn’t say hello, her 32D tits jiggled slightly when she looked up at me and I remembered how good they felt under my tongue the night before, the almost juiciness of their softness, but I was jolted back to the present by her mumbling ‘can we come in?’, I panicked but thought quickly, ‘urm not really, Ashlie’s here and she’s kinda upset, the whole Sean thing.’ ‘yeaaahh we figuredd’ said Amy, with a wink in her eye, ‘we are her best friends Damien, we thought we could help her, can we come in’ said Laura, ‘hmm okay then, take your shoes off tho, I’ll go get her.’ ‘Is she in your bedroom?’ smirked Amy, ‘shut up!’ said me and Laura together, she looked surprised but didn’t say anything, she just smirked. I knocked on the living room door and said ‘Ashlie are you ok in there?’ ‘Yeah sure come in’ she said. I opened the door expecting to find the room stinking of sex and covers everywhere with Ashlie only half dressed, what I found was the room pretty clean, with only a small residual smell, Ashlie was dressed in the same clothes we fucked in, she had opened a window and started cleaning, obviously she expected my parents to be home, Amy came through first, just in time to take a sneak peak at Ashlie poking the last of the covers into the side of the couch, she also sniffed when she came in, and a little frown went over her forehead when she did, but then it was gone. Both girls sat down and they all started chatting, mostly the conversation consisted of Sean and trying to take Ashlie’s mind off Sean, I got bored, so I went into the kitchen and shouted through ‘does anyone want a drink?!’ ‘Yeahss’ they all chanted, with a giggle. I opened a big bottle of coke and poured a glass, I was then about to pour the second glass when I heard Laura come through the door and I turned around, she smiled at me and said ‘sorry, Andy's called, he wants me to go back to his and help clean up the mess from last night.’ ‘But didn’t we do that this morning?’ she muttered something and I said ‘what?’ with an air of humour, she said quietly ‘that’s not the only thing we did this morning big boy.’ I was shocked but weirdly aroused, ‘well cya’ I said with a smile, she smiled back and said ‘I’ll be back later’. Laura then walked out of the kitchen and closed the door behind her, I walked through to the living room again with the three glasses of coke and found Ashlie and Amy huddled together on the couch we’d fucked on talking in excited and hushed voices, feeling suspicious I set the coke’s down and said ‘so, what’s up?’ ‘Nothing!’ said the two girls at the exact same time, furthering my suspicion. Knowing they would never reveal what they were talking about I turned on the TV and flicked through the channels while they carried on whispering. After a few minutes of boringly flicking through channels I started to pay attention to what they were saying, after a few seconds I heard Amy say ‘No!’ and then a few seconds later ‘so whose better?’ and then giggling after for a few seconds, Ashlie’s emerald eyes were staring at me over Amy’s shoulder nearly all the time and I smiled at her, she smiled back and Amy turned around and laughed. She irritates me.

I ignored their actions and concentrated on the TV, after a few more minutes of giggling, mostly on Amy’s part, Ashlie got up and said ‘Damien can I talk to you?’, Amy was smiling so I knew something was up. I said ‘sure’ and followed her into the hallway, providing me with a chance to check out her tight ass in her tight dark blue jeans, the same ones she had worn yesterday. Once we got into the hallway she closed the door and turned around to me, she leaned into me and wrapped her arm around my waist, looking deep into my eyes with her own green ones she leaned forward and kissed me, a few seconds later we broke off and she whispered ‘Amy knows about us, I told her.’ ‘I figured’ I replied. ‘Sorry’ she said, ‘but she is my best friend.’ ‘Ahh fair enough, so what are we going to do?’ ‘Well, she asked me whether you were better than Sean’ ‘and...?’ I said, ‘you’re better baby’ she breathed. I smiled and said ‘so what about it then?’ ‘Well... me and Sean once got drunk with Amy and... We got a little... frisky’ ‘okay..’ I said, intrigued where this was going. ‘What do you want, just tell me Ashlie.’ ‘Okay, urm, do you wanna have a threesome with Amy?’ I didn’t know what to say, on the one hand, Amy was annoying, if I have sex with her id probably have to talk to her for a while, but on the other hand, Amy’s 30C tits, blonde hair and blue clear eyes, not to mention her peach shaped ass made her a good candidate for a fuck buddy. ‘Uhh, if your okay with it then I s’pose’ I said, after weighing up the options and deciding it could be fun. ‘I won’t have to talk to her a lot will I?’ I said. ‘No’ she laughed. ‘And this won’t be a long term thing will it? I really don’t want to have a permanent love triangle with her.’ ‘Nah, she just wants to see if you really are better than Sean.’ ‘wh...’ I would have continued but I heard a soft moan from inside the living room, I looked at Ashlie and she must have heard it too, she looked curious, I looked towards the living room door and Ashlie pushed it open, Amy wasn’t on the couch, she had moved the sheet me and Ashlie had used before onto the only arm chair and was almost completely naked, she had pulled her hot pants off and was sitting in her underwear, I noticed, to some degree of approval, that she was wearing a pink tight thong that was almost the same colour as the pink t-shirt she still wore, although her perfect C-cup tits were in full view as she had pulled the shirt down so she could finger her nipples. Her thong was pulled to one side and she was rubbing her pink clit inside her completely hairless pussy, her eyes were fixed on to the TV and when I followed her gaze, I saw that she was watching the security tape from when me and Ashlie had fucked on the sofa next to her. Shit! I had forgotten about that camera! Amy didn’t even seem to notice we had walked into the room, she was lost in the video of me and her best friend fucking, as I watched I realised I was a little turned on by the sight, and my dick gave a small twinge, Amy continued to rub her right nipple, which was hard as diamonds, with her right hand and with her left, she was rubbing her clit in fast circles around and over her clit, she started to play with her entrance with her thumb, teasing herself, as on the TV I slammed my cock into Ashlie she forced her thumb into her tight opening, by this point I had a definite semi and when she moaned loud and raised her peach ass into the air, she squirted clear cum onto the covered chair and stuck her 3 first fingers into her pussy and furiously rubbed her g-spot.

Ashlie was just as transfixed and, as I watched Amy cum, she stripped her tight jeans off, revealing she was naked underneath and pulled her tight shirt above her head, leaving her with no bra completely naked. As I watched, she walked over to Amy, with her eyes transfixed on her hairless cunt. She knelt down in front of Amy and rammed two fingers from her right hand into Amy’s cunt and used the other two main fingers from her left hand to rub her clit for her, Amy moaned deep and bent down to kiss Ashlie, their lips met forcefully and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when the force of Amy’s orgasm splashed all over Ashlie’s face. Amy finally looked at me and winked ‘you gonna join us?’ she smiled, I pulled off my jeans and my boxers and revealed my now hardening cock, Amy’s eyes widened at the growing 9 inch cock, and Ashlie turned round, ejaculate dripping from her mouth, her eyes were fixed on my cock and she shuffled towards me. Amy beat her to the punch, jumping off the chair, she ran around Ashlie and knelt in front of me, taking her hands from her tits, she ran them along the length of my dick, enjoying its warmth, and with one big gulp she deep throated me to 7 inches, she looked into my eyes and I was struck with how blue they were. Ashlie was irritated at being denied her new boyfriends cock, but she stood up and kissed me, I could taste Amy’s cum on her lips as I French kissed her hard on the mouth and she stuck her long tongue into my mouth, I thrust my tongue back into her mouth and enjoyed the sensation of having a mouth around my cock and Ashlie’s lips around my mouth at the same time, tasting Amy’s cum on Ashlie’s lips, it was weirdly sweet and I liked it, I knew that Ashlie hadn’t had any yet, so I stepped backwards, my cock slid out of Amy’s mouth with a small pop and I laid on the couch and motioned for Ashlie to sit on my cock, her green eyes gleamed with pleasure and she smiled at me, jumping onto my crotch, she lined up on top of my cock and slowly slid down to the base, her eyes rolled back and she felt insanely tight, obviously the foreplay beforehand had turned her on immensely because after less than a minute she let out her trademark low shriek and her cum squeezed itself out from around my cock shaft. Amy had stood up and was standing over us, her eyes seemed to be fixated on Ashlie’s 28B tits bouncing up and down, ‘Amy, you’re missing out’ I smiled, she smiled back and knelt above my face, I licked my lips and Ashlie, coming down from her orgasm grinned at me when Amy lowered herself onto my face, her sweet scent enveloped me and I rubbed my nose against her clit, I then shoved my tongue into her opening and licked in as far as I could reach, Amy moaned and rubbed her clit up and down on my nose, I felt her juices flow faster and roll into my mouth, she moaned again but it was strangely muffled, I glimpsed around her foreleg and saw that Ashlie was still bouncing on my cock, but that she was making out with Amy furiously while she did so, at Amy’s orgasm, Ashlie leaned back, broke the kiss between the two girls and increased her bouncing, she moaned, long and low as she came, once again forcing her juices out past my cock to soak my crotch and muscular abdomen. I was flagging now, having the two sexy girls getting their pleasure from my cock and tongue was making it harder and harder to restrain myself, I was gonna cum, and soon.

I was rescued by Amy, she moaned ‘give me some of that cock, I need it in me!’ Ashlie smiled her amazing smile and got off my shaft, she stood by the couch and waited for Amy to get off my face, Amy moved over my body, dragging her pussy over my chest, stomach and coming to rest on my crotch, she turned around and looked at me while she positioned my cock at her entrance, she leant backwards and pushed herself onto my bell end, her eyes watered a little but she carried on until 7inches were in her, she paused then, a look of pain in her face, Ashlie laughed and said ‘cant you take it all?’, Amy looked up, smiled and slammed herself 9inches in, she gasped and her eyes rolled back, she was in pain, I could tell because of how tight she was but she pushed herself up and started to bounce on my dick just like Ashlie had. Ashlie smiled and, like Amy had, sat on my face facing Amy, but while I got to work on her clit, she leant forward and started sucking on Amy’s perky tits, at 30C they were a good bit bigger than Ashlie’s but just as perfect. She alternated between each nipple, using her left hand to fondle the free nipple and her right hand to keep herself upright, however after less than 3 minutes through the stimulation of Ashlie sucking on her nipples and my cock pounding in and out of her, Amy closed her eyes, breathed in deep and let out a low scream, she soaked my crotch with juices, Ashlie’s cunt tightened as she took her right hand, the one that was supporting her upright, and bent to lick Amy’s juices from my crotch, she slipped though and landed with Amy’s red, swollen, soaked clit at her eye level, Ashlie licked her lips and used her tongue to lick Amy’s clit, making it even wetter. Ashlie’s move had meant there was cum smeared all over my face and I had to lean down to reach her opening, but I did, now I was thankful for all the sit ups I done over the past few years, the sight of Amy’s pleasure of being clit licked and fucked at the same time fixated me, I stared at her face, blue eyes fluttering in pleasure and blonde hair bouncing around her face, I could feel her cunt tightening and her peach ass slapping against my thighs, her tits bounced up and down and with one free hand she massaged the left one, I was so focused on the sight of Amy in front of me that I almost didn’t notice when Ashlie tensed and squirted a massive load into my mouth, I tasted it, decided it was as good as ever and swallowed it all, I smiled and rubbed her clit even harder, producing another orgasm in less than a minute.

I was ready to blow, not knowing if Amy was on the pill like Ashlie was, I decided to push Amy off and cum in her mouth, with one almighty push of my thighs and abdomen muscles Amy was pushed off my cock and onto the floor, she looked back, disappointed but before she could get back on, Ashlie, whose head was still on Amy’s clit when I pushed her off, started to engulf my cock, Ashlie’s practised tongue licked my head and she ran her lips down to 6 or 7 inches, deep throating me, she started to gag and her throat closed on my shaft, it pushed me over the edge and although she couldn’t breathe, I pushed her head down on my cock until I finally released my huge amount of spunk down her throat, she gagged even more and her involuntary tightening milked every last drop of cum from my dick down her throat. I laid back and released her head, she drew back and let out a shuddering breath, she recovered after a few breaths and leaned forward resting her arms and head on the cum-soaked couch, in my cum-down state, I hardly noticed that she was still moaning, but when my head flopped to one side, I saw Amy leaning behind Ashlie, her fingers buried to the knuckle in Ashlie’s cunt, I saw, to my shock and amazement, Ashlie had cum all over Amy’s petite body and Amy was still loving it, Ashlie was loving it so much, she allowed Amy to, as I watched, lube up her fingers with Ashlie’s own juices and ram 2 into Ashlie’s tight petite ass Ashlie arched her back in pain but after a second seemed to enjoy the double penetration, she looked like she was gonna cum again, I leaned down and started kissing her neck, she moaned but didn’t cum just yet, I felt her body rock through the finger fucking Amy was giving her, suddenly Ashlie’s tight teen body tightened up and with an actual scream, right down my ear, she came hard on Amy’s forceful fingers.

I thought, ‘that’s something we can try for ourselves next time’.

Part 4 coming, once again, to public demand.

I have noticed that on this site, the best way to find all of these episodes is to search for the word: ashlie

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