As a young girl I witnessed many sexual abuses that took place in my childhood home.
They would not begin until a couple years after my parents met.

My mother was only 14 when she met my father at 32. At the time of their meeting, Daddy had just sold his share of inherited property and walked away with enough cash not to work for a many years. Mother came from a dysfunctional home with absent parents so it didn't take much for him to convince the young teen to run away with him. My father came from a military family but the last three generations had never enlisted. After liquidating the inheritance, there was no need to consider a military life for now.

Daddy was wise with his money but still managed to spend enough on Mom's teenage wants so he could keep her on a short leash. On only their second date, he took her to a cheap motel room to have his way with her. At 14, she stood 5'2, 100lbs and her dark brown hair went down to her shoulders hanging just above a nice set of 36B cups accentuated with the most perfect quarter size nipples. She had a slender waist and a round little ass that would poke out in her jeans just enough to get his cock stirring.
Her perky tits disappeared in his large hands when he cupped them through her dress. He pushed her down so she was laying back on the bed and began to lift up her legs. Pulling off her shoes he made his way to her dress to bring the hem up above her waist. His cock grew instantly at the sight of her panty-covered pussy underneath the panty hose. They had just finished dinner at a fancy restaurant and Daddy had a few drinks. He had only known her for 3 weeks but wouldn't wait anymore. At dinner, he decided that he would have her that night whether she wanted to or not.

He pulled the panty hose off her so hard that they ran all the way down to the ankles and tore. Startled, she cried out in fear and got up to crawl away from him at the top of the bed. She hadn't made it very close before he yanked her back down, turning her on her stomach before pinning her down. Her eyes watered and tears streamed down but she said nothing. He pulled her dress up over her ass and back and proceeded to pull her panties down. Once her brown bush was exposed, he stood back suddenly and gazed at it. He stared at it for a moment before he began ripping at his own pants.

With his cock freed from the confines of his pants, he began studying the little bush between my mother's thin legs. His thoughts revolved around the underage pussy that lay beneath him, trying to imagine how tight she must be. He spread open her legs to get a better look at the slit. Her hairy lips spread open to reveal her bright pink insides and his cock began oozing precum. The long sticky strands fell onto her bush and was about all he could take.

He knelt between her open legs to position his cock against her young cunt. Her pussy lips parted with ease around the head of his cock but he still met some resistance at her opening. He had to rub it around her hole a little before the tip popped in. She gave out a yelp and then with a quick thrust, he slammed his cock as deep as it would go. Beating against her cervix, he began to give her pussy its first ever pounding. She lost her virginity earlier that year and had sex with a few boys from school before meeting Daddy. They were all boys and didn't hold a candle to his size or his experience.

Daddy's cock pistoned in and out at a great speed and his large balls slapped against her clit, her pussy and asshole clenching with each contact. He drove his cock deeper and deeper, trying to ram it in deeper than he knew it would even go. His grunts were guttural, matching each thrust of his hips causing her to grip the pillow when the violent fucking made it difficult to grip the sheets. She could no longer hold herself steady while the man, more than twice her age, ravaged her small opening with such bludgeoning force. Her loud cries echoed through the small room and she was so sure the guests next door could probably hear them. She could hardly breathe between her screams and her body went limp. She was the youngest girl he had ever had sex with and the strong young walls of her insides squeezed him so perfectly that before he could stop himself, he began shooting cum deep inside her. It felt like the biggest load he ever had, spurting out huge gobs at a time.

He collapsed on top of her, his sweat dripping running down his face, neck and shoulders. She laid covered in his sweat, gasping for air as his cock began shrinking, falling out of her with a quiet pop. Strands of cum followed his cock out of her pussy but still connected his tip with her lips. He lay there, exhausted and shaking for a moment. When he could muster the energy, he lifted himself up and examined her cunny. It was sloppy with their juices but she was still engorged with blood. Her inner and outer lips were both swollen twice their size from the beating. The sight of his thick white seed seeping out from her swollen flaps stimulated something in his balls. He reached down with a single finger and pushed his seed back inside. He had fucked her pussy loose and shoved another finger in her with ease. With two fingers, he began to push all the thick white back inside of her until his cock sprang to life again.

He used his two wet fingers to rub the cum still oozing out of his cock to wet the tip. Placing it against her worn hole, he shoved his fully erect member back into the young vagina. She began to groan sounds of resistance but he began taking her with such force again and she only had the energy to fight for air.

My father kept my mother up all night and the next day with his cock inside her, using all three of her holes and cumming in all of them at least twice each. That weekend, my parents conceived and 9mos later, my 15yo mother gave birth.

To be continued...

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2010-09-21 15:16:04
Oh I agree. There's nothing like a good squezz

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2010-07-19 18:32:05
Ahhh to have a fourteen year old wrapped around your thrusting member squezzing the life giving cream into her


2010-07-19 17:34:08
Interesting story and point of view. Hard to grasp some of the POV.

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2010-07-19 10:47:11
How could the child know so much about their parents coupling? Did they tell him about it later? This story sucks....
2 out of 10

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2010-07-18 21:58:39
I like it.

There's something about the ripeness of a fourteen year old, isn't there?

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