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Finally, he thought. Over 2 years had passed since he felt such passion for her, and every second had been pulling towards this moment.
He pushed her against the wall, with both of his arms either side of her, she could not escape, not that she had wanted too. The feeling of being trapped in his arms did not scare her, it only excited her. His body pressed against her, she felt her nipples tingle from the feeling of his chest. For what felt like an eternity they stared closely into each other’s eyes, the sheer silence of the room was only broken by their heavy breathing. This was it.
He moved closer, seemingly to kiss her soft tender lips, but he refused her of that. Her sigh fell across his face, his smile soothed her impatient movements. He leant down, and his lips found the nape of her silky neck, she suddenly gasped in memory of all the kisses she received before now. He ran his aching lips up and down her neck, his hand gently caressing her hip. She responded by pulling him closer, he did not deny her of the warmth.
Their bodies started to get damp with the pure heat of passion, he pulled his roaming tongue from her neck, stepped back and took her hands in his. He used her as a puppet, making her pull off her shirt, revealing her chest to him, clasped in a tight bra. He removed his own shirt, and then pulled her closer again. They stood in embrace for a few moments, feeling each other’s warm skin against each other. Their emotions running wild only spurred them on more to make it a night to never forget.
She looked into his eyes, and without moving her lips, he knew she was asking, begging to be kissed. He could not deny her stare, and their lips met. Her tongue came alive as they locked in passion. His arms ran down her back and gently caressed her lower back. Still in a hard but gentle kiss, his hands ran up her back, unhooking her bra and revealing her breasts.
He bit her lip playfully, she moaned in appreciation. His lips adventured down her neck, past her shoulders, onto her chest, and finally arrived at her breast. His tongue flicked at her already hardened nipple, she could feel the back of her neck tingle as he roamed around her breasts. He moved to the other nipple, which seemed to erect further as his warm kiss made her damp. As he pressed against her, she could feel his cock rubbing against her thigh, aching to be released from its prison.
He stopped suddenly, and quickly brought his face up to hers. This was it, he was about to send her to the heaven with an express ticket. He smiled coyly, it was returned to him. He pulled her towards him, walking backwards, towards the bed. He turned around, his hand fumbling on her jean button. Slightly shaking from a mixture of nervousness and excitement. He undid it, and smiled as she shimmied them down her legs. Flicking them away into the corner of the room, she stood there before him in only her laced panties, ready for the night ahead, ready for passionate war.

So there they were, he stood in his boxers and jeans, and she stood in laced pink panties. She gave him a cute giggle, as she looked down and saw the bulge in his pants. Neither of them had spoken to the other since they entered the room. They were talking with their hands and with their lips, which was the only language that was important. She undid his jean buttons and dropped them to the floor. His cock was slightly protruding out of his boxers, she had missed it. As she stared down as his bulge, she felt herself falling backwards fast. She landed on the bed in a heavy thump, he had pushed her hard, although knowing she would have a soft fall. He knew she was precious and gentle, but she could still take the rough and dirty. Oh yes he thought, as dirty as it can get.
She crawled to the top of the bed, laid on her side, and looked at him ever so seductively. His cock twinged just looking at her incredible body, he was going to take very good care of her. He laid down on the bed, facing her body, taking in with his eyes more than they ever had before. Every ounce of skin shimmered under the moonlight peeking in through the curtain, her hair fell like a waterfall from her head onto her chest, and quite simply she was beautiful. His fingers walked down her arm, tickling her at the elbow, her cute laugh told him that knew she was being teased. Once again, his lips crashed down onto her neck, nibbling away at her body, her aroma filled the room as she got wetter. It drove him insane.
She moved her hand and gently placed it on his bulge, but he moved her away, kissed her on the hand. His eyes said “it’s not about me tonight”, her eyes closed in silent elation. Still holding her hand, and grabbing her other with his free hand, he hung her hands above her head, as if she was being tied up. He smiled, before very quickly licking her from shoulder to neck, sending a pleasurous shudder down her spine. He replied with a laugh, just as she used to do he thought. He thought more for a second, have I made her wait long enough? No was the very obvious reply, she could wait…
They kissed, very gently, softer than any other before then. It was magical, it was unique, it was a prelude to him biting her lip. Smiling, and slightly breathless with anticipation, he begun to kiss down her body, from her neck, to her shoulder, to her chest, to her breasts, to her nipples, to her stomach. Each individual body part had a small amount of time, to be kissed, licked, and gently caressed. Pleased with his work, he moved even lower. He could smell his prize waiting for him, the sweet smell of her. It was intense, he looked closely at her panties, and the damp patch was obvious. He clasped both sides of her panties and pulled down gently, she lifted her ass to aid him, and with every inch that they came down, his eyes were filled with pure jubilation.
Her lips gently parted, glistening from the wet. A small tuft of pubic hair offered shade to its companion. Her clitoris had boldly made its way to the front of the pack, standing tall. He looked up at her face, her eyes were closed, ready for him to make her feel incredible. He ran his finger down her thigh, it made her smile, with his other hand propping himself up, he gently caressed her thigh, kissing the inner area’s very gently. She moaned in appreciation as his lips kissed closer and closer to her paradise, one more kiss and he would be right there. But she felt him pull away, confused she lay there, eyes closed still, wondering what was happening. He kissed her on the mouth, In a way that was to say “relax, this is for you”. She smiled, it felt like her mouth was hurting from smiling so much.
He looked up at her, silently living in a happy place, he knew she was nowhere near heaven yet. With the tiniest movement, his tongue flicked across her clit.
She gasped
Sudden elation swept over her body, as if she was possessed. His tongue had barely touched her clit, and this was the reaction? He wondered how she would survive what to come. Again, his tongue grazed over her clit, she gasped again yet she expected it this time, her voice was softer, and more inviting. He didn’t need any more motivation. With his full tongue, he licked her pussy. From her soft warm hole up to her quivering clit, his tongue explored her wetting hot cunt. Shivers down her spine, knees trembling, voice and arms and clit and toes quivering. She felt like she could explode at any moment.
His breath tickled her as he continued to lick her like the world was going to end. She hadn’t felt pleasure like this before she thought. He was also thinking the same, though he added “she hasn’t felt pleasure like this before, until my cock enters her”. His hands rested gently on her hips, they served to pull him closer into her. He moved down and thrusted his tongue as far as he could, whilst his nose tickled her clitoris. Her hands moved down and grabbed his hair, he knew she was feeling out of this world. He slid his hands from her hips, and spread her legs further apart, she anticipated exactly what he gave her. As he looked up at her, his fingers gently and slowly circled her clit, being very careful not to touch it, the clit was the tongues business.
They slowly fell down her sweet pussy, and held at the entrance to her. She waited as he moved his tongue back to her clit, circling it then licking it up and down. He continued like this for a while, though she was very aware of his fingers being there. She had reason to be wary, as his fingers suddenly entered her, slow enough for the feeling to be suspended in time, fast enough for her knees to collapse in pleasure. As they went deeper, he arched them upwards, rubbing against her gspot. The feeling was too much, his tongue continued to lick her clit, flicking with the tip and then fully engulfing her sweet hot clit, and as his fingers gently rubbed her gspot, she felt herself buckle. He felt it too
It had all been too much, she screamed into the night as her orgasm consumed her very being. The scream indicated the pleasure had taken over, he wasn’t giving up just yet. His fingers rubbed harder, his tongue played with her clit faster and faster as she sailed into ecstasy, her eyes shut and her hands clenched. Faster and faster he went, his fingers hurt but he didn’t care, she was going to feel like a goddess after this. As her breath quickened in orgasm he quickened also, until she hit the boiling point, her body was drawn forward so unexpectingly, possessed by passion and heat, she writhed in elation as he finally began to slow down. She had reached the limit, gently and carefully he began to remove his fingers, making her shudder with pleasure. As they left her, she felt pure golden flames lick across her entire body. He pulled himself up on top of her, their eyes met again, and they kissed. She tasted herself on his tongue and lapped up every last drop. Drunk on her orgasm, she finally broke the silence of words. Just two words, gapped with a heavy breath.

His grin told the story, he was the luckiest man alive. He slipped his boxers down his legs and away, showing his rock hard 8 inch cock, glistening at the tip from all the excitement. She looked at in total awe, she had felt it inside her before, but somehow she knew this would be the one to remember. This would be like no other time. She was right. He lowered himself onto her still quivering body, their hot skin collided, and he kissed her once more. His tongue entered her, still tasting of her own orgasmic juices, she replied with her own tongue in passionate fury. His cock twinged, he had wanted this so badly for so long. He held it in one hand and slid it across her soaking wet pussy. She tingled as it roamed around her clit, getting ready to fuck her until the morning sky hit their faces. They stared into each other’s eyes, for what felt like an eternity of words never being spoken, only felt. The silence broke, his voice so gentle and calm, and loving
“I love you, are you ready?”
There aren’t many words to describe the feeling she had just encountered, if there was a word that incorporated the emotions of ecstasy, happiness, passion and love – that would be it. He had entered her slowly, not losing eye contact, clutching onto her hands as if they were bonded together. His cock sank into her hot and flowing cunt, an inch felt like a mile, every ounce of his girth greeted her pussy. IT was incredibly welcome. The words to describe what had come out of her mouth are simple, a long, hard, overdrawn moan, her voice shaking from the built up tension. He let his cock decide when it was deep enough, it hadn’t gone all the way, he wanted to savor her that feeling until later. He withdrew until he had almost left her, but then entered her once more. This time, she moaned harder, her toes curled as his cock penetrated her hard and slow. He leant down and kissed her on the neck again. She trusted him with her life, he would never hurt her, only love her.
As he slowly fucked her, In and out in a slow and calming way, beads of sweat trickled from his chest. It made him shimmer from the moonlight. He wanted her to relax, feel his cock inside her for a while. He wanted her, above all else, to know how good it felt. Most of all because she wouldn’t know how much better it could get. He spread her legs more, making his cock go slightly deeper, it slid In and out of her soaking pussy, the warmth spread to his stomach, and his heart, and his brain. He felt incredible, he had only watched her for so long, but now he finally had her once more, and his dreams had come true. He knew he wouldn’t make this quick, he was going to spoil her body and her mind, until he physically couldn’t move.
Her hands reached up and hung around his neck, slightly digging her fingernails in. She felt amazing, his cock fucked her gently, and he was treating her like a princess. Princesses though, she thought, could get dirty too. As he smiled at her softly, she wondered when he would fuck her hard, fast, and long. She long wanted his hands to scratch down her chest as he made sweet and furious love to her. Her clitoris shook at the thought. He will, she knew he would, but she could enjoy the passion for now, the slow steady motion of his cock soothed her. She loved him, which made it all the sweeter.
10 minutes passed, they both enrolled in an audacious bliss, communicating with kisses, soft moans, gently clenching of the others hand. Nothing else mattered in the world, it was just the 2 of them, surrounded in a cloud of heated love and energy. His heart pumped faster, when he let his cock fall out of her pussy, it landed with a thud on the bed, bringing with it a light patch of her cum. He dragged himself up, and laid beside her, he leaned into her, bit her on the ear oh so gently. He held her hand and pulled her on top of him. She graciously obliged, straddling him, she was in charge now, he positioned his cock just underneath her, the heat from her cunt was unbelievable. She lowered herself onto him, the feeling of the new position made her slightly buckle, sending her even faster down his cock. The speed shocked her so much that her head swung forward, burying deep into his shoulder. Her teeth biting down on his flesh. He knew she was too weak to move, but that’s how he wanted it, he was the one in control, the master, the dominant one. She had always been submissive, she loved it that way, it wasn’t the fact that it made her feel dirty, it was because he knew so well how to fuck her, that she was willing to let him do whatever it is he wanted. As payment for his love and passion.

The sweat trickled down their glistening bodies, as their skin touched the energy shot through their veins. His cock pounded deep into her, grinding hard against her pelvis. She wriggled around on top of him, soaking in the pleasure deep within her soul. The thought struck her that it could never get better. She could never again feel this sensation, every single moment was a blessing. His hands ran up her chest and groped her breasts, cupping them and gently pinching her nipples. She leant down to him, burying her face into his shoulder, he took great pleasure in quickening his pace, and took even more pleasure from the muffled moans to acknowledge it.
For what felt like hours they entwined in heated love. He continued to fuck her, slowly but surely getting faster and faster. His hands slapped her arse, gently, squeezing them hard. She wanted to get dirty, he just wanted the motivation. She bit him gently on the neck. He responded with a very short but fast fuck, and slapping her arse harder than before. She moaned at the sensation of pain strangely feeling so pleasurable. He knew exactly what he wanted, so he pulled her face towards his, and they kissed hard and long. His teeth bit her lip, tugging away from her face. His cock escaped her, he wanted to take her from behind.
He dragged his limp body to position himself behind her, his energy levels were running low, but he wouldn’t let it end yet. He pulled her close to him, and kissed her on the neck, nibbling away at her skin. His arms engulfed her hot body, every curve given attention. She was unbelievably beautiful, her body a poetry of amazing things. She bent forward, an open invitation. For the first time since eating her pussy, he had a wide eyed view of it. Her ass, slightly reddened from his slaps earlier, sat on top of her glistening wet pussy. He licked his lips at the thought of eating her again, but there would be another day for that, his cock was doing the talking right now. He raised himself, and positioned his cock at the opening, rubbing up and down her lips. He grabbed her waist and entered her hard.
His cock penetrated her deeper than any of the other positions had. She could feel it deep inside her pussy. It was pure bliss. Harder and harder he fucked her, she wanted this so badly it was like a dream. He stroked her hair, his fingers running through, admiring the deep red locks of his passionate playmate. At this point of time, 2 things happened, both of which shook her senses to the very core. He grabbed her hair and pulled back her head, as if it were a leash around her control. She was his for whatever desires he wanted. The second was that he had found a speed unbenowned to any normal man, but he was a man in love. His cock pounded deep and super fast into her, the immense pleasure made her naturally want to bury her face into a pillow, but her hairs captors made sure that wouldn’t happen. Her breath quickened and so did her moaning. A symmetry of oh my gods, aaahhh’s and fuck me’s ensued. She wanted to scream into the night that she loved him but the words couldn’t be found.
Her legs ached, his arms were sore, but in the name of love they fucked late into the night. He could feel the orgasm building closer and closer within him. He wanted to end in a way to justify all the hard work, he wanted to look deep into her eyes. He had her on her back, the moonlight shone on her, giving her an almost goddess like appearance. Their naked bodies, hot, sticky, wet from their long fuck. Her pussy quivering in anticipation. One more, that’s all she could manage. She looked into his eyes, seeing the pain his body was in made her realize what he was prepared to go through to make her feel heavenly. She kissed him, as a thank you, but more as a way to tell him that she loved him more then she could ever know. He was going to end it now.
He entered her for what would be the last time, slowly, as if the slightest movement would hurt her, as if she was a precious gem. His cock twinged and he knew it was time, he sped up, and got deeper. He grabbed her hands and clenched hard, pushing down on her with all his remaining strength. She knew it was his moment, but then she felt the orgasm deep within her, so sudden but very very welcome. As she moaned louder he responded with his own, their legs shook yet he still fucked her harder, and faster, and as his orgasm built to the absolute limit he became possessed with an almost animalistic energy. She screamed in orgasm deep into the night, their hands gripped so tightly together, their bodies at the very limit. Their eyes met, in a split second every single moment they’ve ever shared ran through their minds. Their first hug, the first kiss, and the first time they told each other they were in love. But it was all too much, he collapsed onto her as his cock pumped mounds of hot cum into her, forcing its way through the tidal wave of come that her orgasm was producing. 10 seconds of absolute wave over wave of sheer bliss engulfed them. Finally, they both seased to move.
They both were breathing heavily. He still laid on top of her, feeling her chest rise and then fall. HE slumped to her side, and they stared into each other’s eyes. They both had a wide smile on their faces, he kissed her softly on the lips, and hugged her. He whispered those 3 words into her ear, and she responded by gripping him tighter. She pulled the covers over them, and kissed him goodnight. As they fell asleep, hand in hand, there was surely going to be one thing on their minds when slumber took them. The good morning cuddle.

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