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This is my first story of any kind, if your looking for just sex,go on to another also open to any critics
( is mention of Dreamer‘s Realm)

Chapter 1 - New pain but a New Beginning

All was silent in the cottage as Jerek stood out of his queen bed and looked himself in the full length crystal mirror. At 371 years, he still had the immortal charm at standing at 6’1, 210 lbs, straight midnight black hair, and a chest of bronze from all the traveling he does in the land. Going into the washroom and washing up his body from his sleep. He steps out into the morning light looking over the mountain range, the valley in which is home is set into the side of the mountain from shelter of the sun so he is able to see the sunset when it sets turning the sky a breathtaking view of a arrange of colors of blue,purple,and red. The rich smelling of earth permeates the air, that’s his home and tends to his herb garden where they were just coming around for the season, after he is done, he goes over to the side of the house and strips down to nothing and looks into the crystal water bowl and summons of the magic in his blood to swish the water into the form of a coil and lathers up his strong body. after he is done, he goes back into his cottage to do set the strong wards from any intruders that might dwell or come near his home, before he set off on deed for the Demon’s Order on the other side of the Mesa Desert. He is to report to the outpost in the next town where he hopes to find a wench in a tavern for a night. Jerek goes back outside and mounts his hell stead, a rare horse that is known for its troubling riders but a friend to the elves over the centuries and begins a steady trot into Lilith Forest, a very dark and unfathomable place which Lilith‘s children dwell.

The tall dark forest is a scary place to be after dark, in the morning, it isn’t all that scary unless you come across a pack of wolves that want to tear you limb by limb. This forest is the reason his home is here, only way to get there is through this forest. As he walks through the forest, he tunes his sense of hearing to the forest including his eyes and listens around him. Hearing the snoring of large animals in the trees that could fit a entire cottage in it to the scurrying animals in the bush. The smell of death lingers in the forest for which isn’t that awful but is tolerable. Jerek was nearing the forests edge after a couple hours of trotting on his horse when he sensed someone. A woman, soon as he sensed it, it was gone. He sets his senses on high and sends a strong pulse throughout the forest in all directions, nothing comes up and he finds it weird that nothing comes back except the wolves of the forest and a couple pixies flying over him some few hundred feet up in the forests darkness even though it was noon. This forest never let sun shine down through the trees, they go up 300 feet and scream danger like knives through your skin.

He was soon out of the dark forest that protects his home and is on a rarely used road from the animal trails that leads out of the forests into a small town on the outskirts of the forest. He was nearing the town when a woman in black clothes rushed past him on foot. He didn’t get a good look at her except her white hair. Jerek nears the Black Inn stable are and stables his horse and heads into the tavern to find himself in a brawl of free-for-all. Stale beer and piss enters his nostrils and shuts down his sense of smell so he wont be able to breathe it in. It’s very dim in the inn and notices the woman is there at a booth farthest in the back. He goes to the barman and posts a password and gets access into the back where the whores are stored. Jerek gets a private room and takes a booth. Five women come out in silk robes and presents themselves. Three are humans while the other two are half breeds of human and a striking wood nymph. None of them are appeasing to him, Jerek excuses himself and he follows suit out the backdoor into the night air where it beckons to him.

Jerek shape shifts into a great raven the color of midnight and races off toward the outpost where he checks in for his next point of the Demons Order. He walks himself back to the Tavern he’s staying at and sends out a pulse of energy which picks up a girl that’s following him. He dismisses it on a whim and thinks nothing of it. Once back in front of the tavern, he notices that the fight is over and is able to walk into the inn without any trouble and makes his way up the wood staircase to his room, it‘s darker up here. He enters his room and shuts the door. He puts his pack on the floorboard next to him and puts the crystal knife from his leg sheath under the pillow and wards around the room, Jerek falls onto the bed where he puts himself into a deep slumber.

Jerek awakens to the sound of a loud noise coming from the hall, he arouses himself and takes care of his physical needs before departing the upper room of the tavern and has a meal of venison and ale from the barman before going out into the gloomy morning predawn light. He shape shifts into his flight form and sails toward the Mesa desert. The desert is known for its vast dry and hazardous land that’s a wasteland. You would be lucky to make it out alive if ever entering it. But for him, it’s no challenge if you’re a bird and able to travel by air. He flies for 2 days nonstop conserving his needs on low and making record time to the next point in which he has to go the great city of Elekatna.

At the city, he finds the tall looming gatehouse over him as he walks past the guards of the city and warns him not to go to the marketplace. The heart of the city is deserted. He finds this strange as this part of the city is most lively. A explosion sets his view skyward to see a tower starting to crumble to dust before his eyes and looks at the making of the mages of the city is doing some remodeling it seems. Only thing is the tower is now coming in his direction, turning into mist he seeps through the rubble from which he was standing mere seconds ago. Jerek Resumes his form in the shadows of a shop. A girl across the courtyard draws his attention, seems like he isn’t the only other one here. Whispers of her velvet voice carries over to him, last image he sees before his vision blurs is her grin of triumph before he collapses onto the ground.

( Jerek paces furiously in the small chamber of his dwelling that the keepers allowed him to have when visiting and wondering what had happened in the city and who the mysterious women is. She had a cocky grin but for that he didn’t get a good look at her except her small frame. He looks out the window of the Dreamer’s Realm to the purple sky, where the keepers of the realm are restless. His arrival was unheard of for his kind. They always know when he arrives, tonight was no different. Especially for the prince tonight, the creatures outside were waiting for him to step outside to give them news. He sends a pulse of energy outward to detect anything amiss, nothing is out of place. Seems odd for the keepers to be restless.)

The pain in his left arm is what awakens Jerek, to find the most stunning women his eyes have laid upon in his time. Straight hair as bright as moonlight and eyes red as blood, milky white skin, her narrow jaw line to her straight small nose. Eyes traveling downward take in her small form to find her chest rising slightly with a pair of 34C breasts. She looked to be 5’4. Her gear consisted of the black vest to a pair of black trousers showing off slim legs. Then it hit him that she was of the same race he is from. An ancient race of Elvin royal heritage. Only the elite race has eyes of blood. The pain in his left arm constricts again has his eyes drawn from her to the gash in his forearm. She was bandaging his arm. Jerek was unable to speak from the surprise he found when awakening. She abruptly gets off the bed and travels to the window and stares out into the night.

With precise skill, using a probe of power to her mind, he finds a block, she turns to look at him in wonder and surprise to see he is awake, she can’t imagine him being up after it took her immense power to lay him to sleep in the first place. While she wondering, putting up blocks around her mind from him finding anything about her, he senses that this is the girl that was following him, she intrigued him.

‘’Who are you? Your not from these lands of the High Lord.’’

When she spoke, it was like velvet caressing against my skin . ‘’I was sent to bring you news that your father has passed, to acknowledge you that you’re the wisest and will be taking on the throne of the royal blood line.’’

The shock that goes through him is electric through his blood down his spine. He feels pride but pain in him that leaves him empty. His father, the once pure blooded royals, was the most magnificent ruler that has come to the elves in over 4564 years when the Old Ones first came to be. The ancient magic that runs through his blood is one of the three leaders of the founding race. There are rumors that the Old Ones still walk around or in hiding and keep to themselves over the years. Zelek clan of the Forest, Stelis clan of the Elements, and last the Blood clan, Rezoles. Each one with a unique magic, balancing each other out.

‘’But I am still young, there are many older wiser ones than me, surely they must see that?’’

‘’ You are royal blood, you know the ways of our people that many do not see and will lead us into danger that you will not. Even I see that your cautious of me in your presence, you may be young but you have the knowledge of many older ones before you.’’

‘’Just because my fathers blood runs through my veins doesn’t mean I could lead our race. I will speak to my mother and see what she has to say before I could come to a agreements over the throne.’’

‘’Why can’t you see that you’re the next one to lead our race out of these distressing times. The other races expect us to take part in another war that was not our doing but theirs. Our race is dieing, the elders will not take no for a answer, they have no one else to look to but you.’’

Bright red tears were streaming down here face. The sadness emitted from her was great, more than his pain from his fathers death. Jerek sent a probe of comfort only to be slammed into the bed with the force of her pain on him. With eyes blazing with fierce determination to keep him from using his strength.

‘’Don’t touch me with your mind games, your power may be great, but you know that your power resides to your blood. Not the elements as ours.’’

Her fierceness turned him on…he loves the dominating ones. Her anger is her weakness but also her greatest strength. Ah, she is from the rare Stelis clan, only the purest of our race have eyes of blood with the opposite of the icy blue and the other color of emerald green of the Zelek clan.

‘’Fine, how should I touch you?’’

Her cute face instantly went to the color of her eyes.

‘’You will stay there and I will keep my distance. You need rest, a assassin was dispatched from Hezilk to kill you. I merely saved you the trouble and took him out on the way to the city where I could get a chance at you myself.’’

‘’If I might ask, what is your name?’’

‘’Scarlet Stelis.’’

Such a pretty name. Her face seems to be returning to her milky white complexion.

‘’Now you must rest, the effects will wear off as you sleep, we will be shielded here and no one will disturb us.’’

As he drifts off into sleep, he can’t help but look at her one last time and catches her watching him with interest.

Chapter 2-New Feelings of Arise

(When Jerek arrives in the Dreamer’s Realm, the keepers are frantic. He steps out of his cottage in the realm and takes a loot outside to find the creatures restless.

‘’What is it that has gotten the realm so restless?’’

A fox spirit answers. ‘’These are troubled times Jerek, you know a war is on the horizon, you will have your own place in it, as for us, we have are own troubles of someone trying to enter this forbidden realm of the spirits which we live. If the realm is to exist no more…’’

Jerek cuts off the fox spirit-’’Yes I know, I know. The balance in the world of the living will turn into chaos. Only this realm is the balance of it except for the other dimensions, who would be so daring as to entire this realm? If only they knew they would die in this realm if they were to step foot, the other spirits will tear them apart if they don’t know this as I do.’’

‘’A young man that was once your apprentice is trying to enter. We do not know how he came to know of this realm, it’s not known to many except the ones we have submitted access into here, you are the third one to know of this realm. The girl you are traveling with knows of this realm because of her heritage. It is only right one of the three clans would know. The highest power in the elves only know of this existence, only one of the three clans members are allowed access at a time, I am sorry that your father has passed away. This is why you have been submitted to this realm, We would know of his death and we did not tell you. We have our reasons before you open your mouth to speak. Ponder these thoughts of yours that have risen in your mind and be gone from this realm.’’)

The yelling of a girl awakens him from his sleeping, then the memories of before rush back to him that he was not alone but with the daughter of his fathers greatest friend, Scarlet.

‘’You must wake up now, there is someone here to see you, he says it’s urgent.’’

He starts to sit up when a man that is 5’9, Blue hair, dark blue eyes and pale beyond belief walks in, his brother Sirius.

‘’Our sister is very ill, the healers in our city are not able to mend her, I left 7 days ago to track you down so you are able to take a look at her since you were our best healer when you left 165 years ago. I’ve heard of your accomplishments since you have left and their have been rumors of you over the years. You must return to your sisters side and save her.’’

More pain washes through at the thought of loosing his most dearest sister Alaena. Alaena has always been there for him even though she is 57 years younger than him.

‘’How long has she been ill?’’

‘’17 days now, she gets worse everyday that she is alive. If we lose her, your anger will pour out and will be our downfall in this war. The elders have already decided that we will take part in it and will be our final battle if there is ever one again except between the clans of course since they always are arguing who has the bigger balls between all of us.’’ giving a chuckle at his last statement.

‘’This isn’t a laughing matter when our sister is ill.’’ Jerek gets furious over his brother over the chuckle that comes from him. If only he knew his brother more, the youngest of the three and he has nothing to show except foolishness that have gotten him into troubles when he was near him, his sister was always the one to get him out since he was ashamed of his younger brother that he doesn’t see nothing but himself.

‘’Sorry brother.’’

‘’NO! Your not sorry, you’re never sorry when it comes to others, you only feel sorry when it’s focused around you only. You have learned nothing since I have left except to keep yourself alive.’’

‘’I didn’t come all this way to be mocked by you--’’

‘’Return to the Elenari and inform them I will coming back with scarlet alone. With you traveling, we would be delayed by your habits and only get us in trouble.’’

Sirius puts his hand over his heart and bows, the formal departing.

Jerek gets his first look at the place which he is resting. He sees that Scarlet is very wary and is in the shadows of the house. Getting up and looking at the walls, they seem to be very old stone, marble. Black curtains on the windows and a high ceiling, the room smelled of orange from the glowing fireplace set into the wall.

‘’Where are we?’’

She seemed to be concentrating on him that much that when he spoke she was startled and resumed her posture.

‘’We are outside the city of Keleis.’’

‘’You carried me 6 lieges?’’

‘’You know we elves have strength not of the human.’’

‘’When do we leave for our voyage to Elenari?’’

‘’We leave at sunset and only travel at night, we will take the long way, before you protest, your sister will live.’’

Jerek settles down on the bed and concentrates and in a instant, a little black housecat is sitting on the bed and is settling down to rest. He loves this form as it enables him to be flexible and doesn’t have a care in the world with how comfortable he can get.

Scarlet was peering down at Jerek’s cat form with envy. She can never make it past a small bird, why she always preferred running over shape shifting. I wonder what other forms he can take other than the common house cat, the Rezoles clan is known for their blood magic. She always had wondered how it comes so easy to them. As she’s pondering these thoughts of hers, she never noticed Jerek watching her with open eyes of curiosity. When she cast her gaze onto the cat, she jumps back in embarrassment to be caught. She notices that he put his head back onto his tiny black paws and resumes sleeping on her quilt that she made of spider webs.

She goes over to the only window in the room that sets on the opposite side of the bed and looks out into the night to the lake they are near and watches the deer by the waters edge drink. Scarlet looks up at the silver moon and sends a silent prayer to the moon goddess that watches over her clan. Scarlet walks over to the only bed in the room and curls up on it next to Jerek and watches him sleep in peace. Her eyes slowly droop and is cast into sleep.

As Jerek was sleeping, he was dreaming of Scarlet. In a meadow back home surrounded by trees and flowers all around with the sun shining down upon them while they are embracing in a passion, with her in a white dress made of satin cloth. He hasn’t dreamed in over a century from the isolation from the outside world and had no reason to dream. As he is dreaming, he was feeling a pull in reality and opens his icy blue cat eyes to find Scarlet over him watching him sleep, she’s startled and wonders what she was thinking at the time. Jerek doesn’t dare send a probe that he might upset her and wants to be on her good side for the incoming future of what lies ahead and she could be a great asset to him. He hasn’t felt feelings since he was with his family in the cherry blossom orchard back at home when he was a little boy.
Jerek rests his head on his paws and goes back into a peaceful sleep only to find Scarlet on the other side of him going to sleep and smiles at the closeness of her body. Opening his senses, her scent hits his nostrils and breathes in a deep breath having violets rush in. His last thought before going under was that she trusted him to be so near her and not feel wary.

Jerek is awoken by the sunset light from the window shining down upon his comfortable cat form. He jerks from a sudden touch around his body and turns his head to look into the face of Scarlet around him. She’s is curled around him and a lovers embrace not noticing herself in her sleep what she’s doing. He admires her face for a few seconds and turns around and jumps out of her arms onto the form and resumes his physical form.

At the window, he sees for the first time they are surrounded by a lake. The view is breathtaking in the setting sun with the lake mirroring the sky with hues of purple, green, silver. at the end of the lake are trees that surround it. Jerek hears a whimper and turns to look at Scarlet’s limp less form and wanders over to the edge of the bed and peers down at her. He picks up a strand of her hair and feels like silk between his fingers and lets it drop and resumes looking at her, he senses that she’s beginning to wake and sits down on the floorboard and mediates until she is fully awake.



‘’Its sunset, we should leave before the spirits awaken in the lake and come out to play tonight.’’

In a graceful manor, he stands up and waits for her.

Scarlet was wondering what he was doing just looking at her. He annoyed her that he was at such ease, she wasn’t use to people being around her, she preferred her own isolation than to be with her own kind. She gets off the bed and wanders to the door, she notices that Jerek is close behind her and now knows why, he’s following her lead since he has no where we are.

They both step out in the gloomy evening before nightfall and takes in the surrounding of the dwelling and summons up a path of wood that appears out of nowhere before his eyes. Seems like she isn’t the only one with tricks up her sleeve. At the edge of the lake, Jerek turns around and finds the house is gone and nothing remains except the lake itself. Indeed the spirits have awaken to protect the cottage that is hers. He turns back around to find her smiling and is startled when she finds him catching her staring at him. She blushes and starts walking into the pine forest departs to find a path for them.

‘’What forest is this? It isn’t any forest I’ve encountered before.’’

‘’This is a forest that only lets people find it, if your not chosen by the forest and happen to come upon it, then you will be swallowed by the forest itself and live a cursed life to wander it until you die. It’s the Forest of Many Spirits, many don’t even know of its existence. Not even in the ancient scrolls is it even mentioned, its said that Stelis herself lives in these woods.’’

As Jerek was looking around, he happened to notice that it went on for miles around and wouldn’t want to end up in the forest and be lost. He would go mad here.

‘’Of course…that is if you can fly, then you won’t be lost in this cursed place, just like your form of flying into a raven.’’ Jerek is startled when she mentions his form but doesn’t know of its true nature. ‘’Yes, I was the woman in that inn that night and the girl who ran past you, including your forest that you live. This forest is my home, no one bothers me and I can simple make it as big as I want and make anything happen as so long as it complies to my wishes.’’

Jerek was pondering this as he watched Scarlet’s ass sway back and forth on her curvy hips. She was teasing him with her body. She suddenly stiffens up and looks into the forest.

‘’Were not alone, run!’’

Jerek suddenly senses someone or something dark and sinister following them and shape shifts as fur and a large cat sprouts breaks out over his body and is soon a giant black panther. He goes under Scarlet and puts her on his back and breaks out in a run on the path.

*Tell me which way to go, I’m faster in this form on foot and silent than any being, don’t speak, use your element of mind to speak, I will hear you.*

*Take a sharp turn 100 meters north, it will lead us out of the forest and in a open field with hills of grass to lose sight of the follower*

Jerek’s works his strides longer and is at the turn in 5 seconds flat and bolts for the field that’s ahead of him. He was just nearing the hills when he spots something that hasn’t been seen in over 12 centuries. Stelis herself is suddenly there before them and he stops midstride and goes back to his physical form and catches Scarlet in time from slamming into a tree. He looks down at her wide eyes and sets her down on her feet and faces Stelis, power seems to seep from her very pores with her entire eyes of crimson red, red hair down to her waist in curls that moves on its own and is dressed in a red dress that comes midthigh.

‘’I am here to warn you two that you both are in a prophecy of great importance, let me tell you the prophecy before you both have any questions to ask me, the prophecy goes like this. ‘In the twilight dawn of blackness, two will meet and present themselves to each other. Their blood will boil and sing to their mate. Eyes of blue and eyes of red will clash and duel to up the other but neither will triumph but their fat will be sealed for eternity.’’

Both are silent for a time before Scarlet answer. ‘’Why us?’’

‘’Ah, I am not the one to answer that. I am only one to tell you the prophecy. Maybe if you were to find my brothers then they can tell you what it means, or you both can figure it out yourselves. But it won’t matter, you both will soon take part in the prophecy anyway.’’ Stelis grins a bright full mouth of white teeth and in a flash of light, is gone.

Chapter 3-Ice and Blood Clash

Nothing happened that night as they traveled. Both were preoccupied with their thoughts of the meeting with the Old One Stelis.

‘’Dawn is coming, I feel water a few hundred feet north.’’

When they got to the spot Scarlet wanted, it was surrounded by rock that led to a narrow path down to the water. Following suit another path out of here. Scarlet conjures up a fire out of nothing and begins to skin an animal that Jerek caught while they were running here and lets it cook over the fire. Deer was common in the land and can be seen at any given time for the circumstances they were in. They had a lovely meal of venison and put out the fire for anyone that might be suspicious of there whereabouts. Scarlet watches with envy as he turns into his feline black panther form and curls into a ball with his head on his paws and is soon asleep. She will never have that form as long as her blood is from the Stelis clan, all she can do is control the elements.

Scarlet at this time gets up and walks to the waters edge. She strips her clothes on the bank and sets them on a nearby rock. Looking over the river and past the trees on the other side, Scarlet conjures up a mist cloud to cover her body from any viewers in the woods. Stepping into the warm water, she commences to cleaning her body and soon her beautiful long moon bright hair that’s already down to her waist.

Jerek looks around to find Scarlet gone and immediately scans the area for any sign of her, he senses that she’s in the river. He gets a wicked idea and silently goes down the path leading to the waters edge and sinks into the warm water. Jerek now sees her with his back to him, returning to his physical form, he approaches the moon light beauty and embraces her from behind.

Scarlet was relaxing in the water when she is suddenly embraced by Jerek and is startled at first but feels a electric current run through her at his warm touch on her mid section.
Jerek feels her relax into his touch, his feelings growing for her and longing for her touch. He starts to harden and can feel her blood sing to him, desire sweeps him as he pulls her to the edge of the river and lays her down and finally gets a look at her ethereal beauty. Hair spread around her like a full moon at night with her crimson eyes, small nose and narrow jaw line. Going down her milky white neck and down to her breasts where small hard rosy nipples point up and wanting to be touched but for later he will wait. Eyes going downward and finds her flat stomach and more down her bald pussy already wet but not from the river.

When their lips touch, Scarlet feels his desire and is swept by it and becomes more aroused and aches for his touch on her virgin body. She has never felt a emotion so strong in her lifetime and knew that he is her true mate of her kind and no one else can be it. Only each others mates blood and body sing to the touch and only desire is replaced by an all consuming flame that spreads through their bodies. Kissing down her jaw onto her neck, he feels her pulse racing. Kissing a wet trail of kisses upon her body onto the right breast kissing around the nipple but never touching it, teasing her, enticing her to beg for his touch. Going to the other and repeating the same thing, earning a moan from her and finally sucking the nipple into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it. Her back arches off the ground from his attack on her breasts and moans in delight at the feeling she gets.

‘’don’t stop..mmm’’

Jerek kisses his way down her stomach and finally meets his prize. Her scent is lavender, .he opens her pink cunt and commences to eating her out. running his tongue over her clit and earning loud moans. Jerek shape shifts his tongue to his panther form and starts to lap at her cunt in one long lick from bottom to top ending with a flick to her clit that has her orgasms fluids that he greedily laps at. Slightly sweet but salty taste to. Jerek goes back up her silk skin body and kisses her with a fierce determination that leaves them both gasping for air. He looks into her eyes and finds pure lust for him and desire. His body is point straight at her pussy and Scarlet gasps as he starts to slide the tip in, inch by inch it goes until he hit’s a barrier. She nods her head and in one powerful thrust, goes hilt deep in her. Three red tears go down her face as he waits for the pain to go away and adjust to his size.

‘’Go slow and gentle.’’

Jerek inches out of her in a slow manner than pushes himself back in, soon, the pain slowly seeps back to be replaced by pleasure. Velvet fire grips him as her muscles squeeze him and work him to a orgasm. He licks the pulse in her throat and suddenly bites down, she gasps from the sudden immense pleasure coming from him and cums on his hard length. This is to much for him and soon spills his load into her pussy. Scarlet goes under and soon is lifeless under his body.

Jerek slides out of her and picks up her body and carries her to the shelter of the rock and shape shifts into his large black panther and curls protectively around Scarlet.

They both drift in and out of sleep without being disturbed enjoying the others presence. Jerek’s cat form keeps Scarlet from getting cold and never having to be bothered. Soon, the sun slowly eased across the sky but never touching them from the overhanging rock wall above them. Both sensing that night was approaching, Scarlet is the first to arouse awake and stretches her muscles earning a few pops and enjoying the long rest, feeling satisfied in a long time. Looking down at Jerek’s form, she cant help but admire him, just a short time, they went from companions to starting to become lovers. Scarlet notices that his fur is not just black, but a dark shade of purple.

Looking around, she can’t find her clothes, walks down to the waters edge and finds them on a rock. Picking them up, after all day in the sun, their warm to the touch. Quickly putting them on and going back to Jerek’s sleeping form, she nudges his hind leg to wake up earning a growl. Nudging him harder this time, he looks up at yawns showing a mouth full of sharp white teeth.

Jerek shape shifts back to his physical form and looks down to see he’s naked. Looking back up and grinning, he finds Scarlet blushing madly and excuses herself and can’t help a chuckle that escapes him. Quickly dressing in his attire, he walks down the narrow path of the surrounding rock to find Scarlet watching the blue sun going down over the last mountain in the view. He admires her back side before going next to her and starts walking into the distance.

‘’Wait up, stop rushing!’’

‘’Maybe if you stopped admiring my muscled body then you wouldn’t get sidetracked.’’ Turning around to find her jogging the short length from which he just was.

‘’I was just admiring the sun, not admiring you. Why would I ever admire you when you clearly envy me.’’

‘’Your reaction says otherwise.’’

‘’Oh shut up!’’

Both laughing at the outbreak.

‘’How about we get to Elenari faster?’’

‘’I travel faster on foot, but your faster in your traveling form with your raven, you can’t carry me like that.’’

‘’I’ve been keeping a few tricks up my sleeve, do you know of the legendary dragons of the Mist Mountains?’’

‘’Yes but no one goes there, its only for fools if they go, it’s a death wish.’’

‘’Guess I’m a fool then with a death wish.’’

‘’How is it that your alive today?’’

‘’Do you know how people get their shape shifting abilities?’’

‘’You pick a animal to become and watch them and run with them before you learn their ways to become one with the animal and massive physical energy to become that animal.’’

‘’Yes, only the daring go and run with the dragons, I have a way with them.’’ Jerek grins and in a flash, a lean muscled black dragon the size of a massive boulder is standing near Scarlet.

Scarlet jumps back in fear and summons up the earth to swallow the dragon.

*Use your senses and look within me before you strike because in this form, I could easily kill you before you even make a move.*

‘’This is your form?’’ Staring at Jerek in disbelief.

*My father and the elders learned that they can transform into dragons if the dragon chooses them. They brought me to the mountain when I was a young boy, a small dragon that was no bigger than you chose me as his friend.*

‘’I never knew that we can turn into dragons, my specialty lies with the elements just because of my clan.’’

*No no…only the elite of the Rezoles clan can turn into a dragon, many have tried but have either been gravely wounded or died trying to become a dragon.*

Scarlet studies his form, taking in his massive wings to the hard packed muscles of his shoulders. His form isn’t like other dragons, its lean and long, not big and bulk for battle but built for speed and taking out his enemies in a instant. She studies his hide to find it indeed a deep black color that you can get lost in with its shininess. She then makes a assumption that he himself is deadly in his own way, but sexy altogether.

*I take it by your thoughts that you like this form than my others. I take pride in this one but I don’t use it often, the dragon itself cannot be tamed but guided along and easily turn someone and kill himself if he doesn’t have absolute control over himself.*

‘’You can read my thoughts in this form? But how?’’

*Oh no, not in this form but you and I are now one, look within yourself and you can see my thoughts. The blood I took you from you was no accident, it was to bond myself to you. We are not called the Blood Noble clan for nothing, now hop on and hang on.*


Jerek picks up Scarlet with his teeth by the neck of her vest and sets her between his shoulder blades before launching into the air and going northwest towards his home city.

‘’SLOW DOWN OR IM GOING TO FALL OFF!’’ Scarlet screaming her head off in fear of falling thousands of feet to the ground.

*Oh hush down and enjoy the night, I wouldn’t let you fall, your perfectly safe now.*

Scarlet was starting to calm down and looks around her, it was a clear night full of stairs with the iridescent moon above them. Wind going through her long hair and feeling relaxed. Jerek never made a noise while flying, he fit right in with the night sky, like he was a part of it. She laid down between his shoulder blades and starts to drift into sleep from hearing his beating heart.

Jerek listens to her breathing while he flies toward Elenari. They will be there by tomorrow and will be welcomed home but knows their will be a great sorrow placed upon the entire place. He plans to use his gift to comfort his once home and still is to its original state.

Chapter 4 - The Throne of the Elvin Race

The forest below of his home was once as he remembered, a very old forest that watched over the lands. A charm was placed over the guardian of the forest for any who venture into it, must answer a riddle. It was how the Old Ones first found the forest and made it their home. The two, Stelis and Rezoles made a city entirely out of the forest itself and sang for days to weave it into the city. The city of Elenari is the legendary city of the elves. Most of the rumors of the city are true, including the myths that if a another race goes in, they will go mad and slowly turn into a tree that will breathe the air where its at.
The city is made up of meadows of massive trees and spring water from the ground or conjured to crystal clear perfection. A tree in the middle of the city is protected and its roots spread in all directions going to the forests edge and is the biggest one of the city and entire forest itself. The entire place smelled from a arrange of flowers to the clear air.

Jerek decided to land by the royal court and see his mother. Upon landing, he’s assaulted by his own kind and the sorrow is overwhelming that he automatically puts shields up, carrying Scarlet up the wooden staircase, the arch that forms the entrance to the amazing halls of Reazile Court is defined by its sheer exotic taste in colors from gold and silver to its shallow and high ceilings in just the first room. Taking a hallway, he takes a left and goes down a another hallway with four doors. two on the right, one on the left, a set of double doors that leads to his chambers for since he could remember. He enters his room and see his mother, Rosalind, in a chair in the corner in the room. The big black four-poster bed is set on the northern wall with a massive window on the eastern wall overlooking the courtyard. A open doorway that leads to a bathing area to a small winding staircase up to his study.

Jerek lays Scarlet on his bed covering her up then turns his attention to his sleeping mother with a journal of his fathers in her hand. His mother was a beautiful women with coal black hair that curls at the end down on her shoulders. High cheek bones, purple eyes like violets. She was wearing a evening gown that flows down her body and hugs her curves. Jerek goes over to his mother and arousers her awake with a mental mind probe.

Rosalind’s violet eyes go to her sons handsome face and instantly breaks down into sobs. Jerek comes over and wraps his arm around her.

‘’It’s alright, I’m here now, nothing to be sad over.’’

All the while, Jerek was sending out his power over here with comfort and starts to feel her relax into his touch and goes quiet with tiny sobs. Stepping back to take in her son, being a couple centuries since she last saw him.

‘’I see that you are well and have brought Scarlet with you.’’ Eyeing him on the spot that she knew what was up making Jerek blush a deep red.

‘’Yes, but I am not here because of her, I’m here to talk to you about the throne but after that, I heard that my sister is sick and I want to see her immediately before we talk.’’

‘’Yes, well, follow me. She’s in her room.’’

Rosalind proceeds out of the room with a following Jerek behind her. Going down two hallways that was on the door to the left, leading to his sisters room.

Jerek enters his sisters room to find her on her king size bed of silver sheets around her with perspiration breaking out all over her body. Alaena looked like the spitting image of her mother except that you can tell them apart by their hair, where as hers is blue like her fathers. He goes over to the side of the bed where Dmitri and Lesi are standing next to her bed looking uncomfortable that they can’t do anything to help.

‘’Leave us alone.’’

They were about to speak but his mother spoke first.

‘’Jerek is tied to his sister in a mental way, he will know what to do and make her well, now, please come.’’

They rush out of the room knowing full well what would happen if disobeyed.

*Can you hear me?*

*Brother? What is happening. I feel cold, so very cold.*

Jerek gets on the bed and picks Alaena up and cradles him to her chest before reassuring her that he is here for her. In the ancient magic, Jerek begins to chant the ritual of healing.

‘’Three hours have past and their hasn’t been a sound at all from them, what is Jerek doing in there!’’

‘’Scarlet, you must understand that Alaena is his dearest sister, nothing goes between the two of unspoken secrets. Since Alaena was born, they both have had a special bond between them, even when they were in danger, or she would feel distress, he was always there for her, taking it upon himself. If anyone can cure her, it is he.’’

Scarlet sighs a cry of frustration.

‘’Il be in his study, when he is out, tell him I would like to talk to him.’’

‘’After we talk, I will send him to you, I’m sure you will treat him nicely?’’

‘’So you know?’’

‘’Since I felt his energy in the courtyard, I knew that he was emitting power throughout the city to lift the sorrow from our race, and that you have been chosen as his mate.’’

‘’Thank you.’’

Scarlet departs down the hall and into Jerek’s room.

Over the next few hours, Jerek watches his sister’s complexion return.

Alaena looks up at her brother in astonishment and sees him collapse onto the bed.

She rushes out of her room and bursts into the hall where her mother is relieved to see her back on her feet with joy.

‘’Jerek collapsed on my bed, he used to much. He’s still young, help me carry him up to his room.’’

‘’I will carry him.’’

Scarlet suddenly appears out of nowhere making Alaena and Rosalind jump.

‘’Don’t do that!!’’

‘’I’m sorry but I will carry him.’’

Scarlet wanders into the room that’s bright silver everywhere and wonders how someone could have only that in their room. She easily picks Jerek up onto her back and carries him to his room down the hall and sets him on his bed. Scarlet sends herself to sleep on his chest after stripping him down to nothing and closing the door to his room with a silent note not to bother them.

Scarlet is the first to wake and decides to give Jerek a morning wake up surprise. Going down his hard muscled body to find him soft. Running her tongue up his shaft and taking him into her mouth while soft where he slowly hardens to full mast. Licking the head and then taking it into her mouth.
Jerek moans and looks down to see Scarlet giving him a blowjob in his bed. Feeling her tongue swirl around his head before plunging halfway down and hitting her throat before she gags and comes back up to repeat the process. She gets two thirds of the way with the head in her throat. Licking up and down his shaft before taking one of his balls into her mouth and doing the same to the one. Jerek can’t take much more of this and blows his load straight down her throat feeling her swallow his load.

Scarlet comes up and kisses him on the mouth before gripping his still hard manhood and sitting up to straddle him. She teases him with just the head of his cock in her slit before plunging down the entire length to the hilt and screams out in pleasure. Letting herself adjust before she slowly goes up his length and plunging back down.

Jerek sits up and takes her rosy pink nipples into his mouth and swirling his tongue while speeding up his hips. He flips her onto his back.

Scarlet looks up to see Jerek grinning.

‘’My turn.’’

Coming out with just the head in then slamming back into her with vigor and starts ramming his cock into her pussy with strength and speed.

‘’Don’t stop, I’m almost there. Don’t stop…’’

Jerek plunges in and out of her pussy and traces the pulse in her throat before biting down it and increasing her pleasure with his own making her orgasm around his cock. Jerek keeps up making her orgasm multiple times before slamming up the hilt and spilling his seed into her womb.

A knock on the door makes them turn their attention to find his sister in a red summer dress standing in the doorway to his room.

‘’Umm….I don’t mean to disturb you brother, but mother would like to speak to you about the throne and other matters.’’

‘’Tell her I will be with her in a moment.’’

They watch Alaena depart before Scarlet turns his attention on Jerek.

‘’THAT’S your sister?’’

‘’Yes, looks just like my mother doesn’t she?’’

‘’Exactly like her except for her hair.’’

‘’Well, she has my fathers hair, my hair comes from my mother and the only one to inherit it.’’

‘’I shouldn’t keep her on for long, but hurry back.’’

‘’I will return soon as I’m done.’’

Jerek kisses Scarlet with a lovers passion before donning his vest and trousers and exiting the room down the hall to the dining room where his mother is reading his journal.

‘’I hope your sister didn’t interrupt anything.’’ With a slight grin on her face.

‘’No she didn’t, we were just finished actually.’’

‘’The whole royal court could hear you two going at it. I’m surprised your room didn’t fall apart from the noise you were making.’’

‘’What is it you wish to speak to me for, Scarlet is waiting for me to come back.’’

‘’Ah yes, YOU must take your fathers place, no one else can.’’

‘’But mother, I am not ready for the throne. I may have special abilities like my father but I know nothing of royal.’’

‘’You will learn over time son, you are ready.’’

‘’Fine, I will take on the throne and the special ceremony that will make me lead our race.’’

‘’Thank you.’’

Jerek departs the dining hall to find his sister listening to their conversation.

‘’Maybe if you didn’t have your hands in your dress then I would assume your blushing because of what you saw and heard.’’

Alaena blushes a more deeper red and exit’s the halls into her room with a loud bang.

Jerek goes down the hall towards his room and enters to find Scarlet passed out on the bed. Going over to the bed and gliding under the cover, kissing along her legs, inside her thighs. Laying a kiss on her pussy before going up her stomach to her breasts laying a kiss on each rosy pink nipple to kiss her lips. She arouses awake and returns the kiss.

‘’I need you to get up so we can present ourselves before the elders so I can take the throne with you by my side.’’

‘’But I’m of a different clan, two different clan members can’t be side by side for the throne. It’s is unspeakable that you would choose me.’’

‘’I have chosen you because you are my mate and lover, you come before all others and I will not take the throne unless you are with me.’’

‘’Your father had your mother who was of his blood. Only ones of the same blood can be taken partners of the throne.’’

‘’Then I think it’s time for a change, wouldn’t you think so?’’

‘’No, we have used the old traditions since we have been here, its unheard of to change the ways of the royal court.’’

‘’I’ll speak to the elders and see what their opinion is then.’’

Jerek abruptly gets off the bed and goes to his wardrobe to change into the royal court colors of gold and silver.

‘’I would suggest you take a nice warm bath, of course, its not like modern ways of a basin but rather a open spring. Down the staircase you will find everything you need from assorted oils to relaxing herbs.’’

‘’Thank you, I might just take it.’’

Jerek walks out of the room towards the throne room that’s on the other side of the court. The elders are behind the throne room that situates the meeting room for the elders and other staff.

The double doors of the throne room were made of ash wood. White doors that are 12 feet high by 4 feet, entering the throne room, he notices that is hasn’t changed since he left. The marble throne with its sapphire, emerald, ruby stones set at the top indicating the royal blood line. The grand window that looks over the entire city of Elenari, to the giant chandelier glowing at the high ceiling with its candles. The room smelled of the roses from the arrangements they had made by the earth clan to grow the roses into the tree and make them live.

Jerek goes over to the door behind the thrones and opens the door to find already the elders seated. Three are present to represent the clans, Ruby of the Stelis clan, Sealier of the Rezoles clan, and the highest rank behind the leader, Raven. Raven is as she looks, Midnight black hair that’s flows down to her feet braided with large black eyes that look like pits, high cheek bone and thin lips. Raven has always frightened him, always watching to see if he accomplished his studies to the hardest challenges that were set to him.

The other four elders follow her and her decision is final behind the throne. Raven is from the Zelek clan, She’s been here since his father was born, both good friends to other but also rivals, she’s had a burning desire to become the throne but she will never be as she is from the forest where it calls to her. Raven is the first and last to speak above the other two clans.

‘’Jerek, you are here to represent the throne that we have chosen, we have chosen you because you are wise even though you are young. You have accomplished many things and your power is great. Even now, I feel power emitting from your very powers surrounding the forest and our people. Within a few days, the sorrow will be gone and you will be crowned the next leader of our race. Do you have any objection to this?’’

‘’I have one request.’’

‘’And it is?’’ Having ruby speak up.

‘’My request to the throne is that I have Scarlet Stelis as my consort.’’

Outbreak over the three clan members was instantaneous.


Jerek looks on in boredom over the elders bickering. Seems raven had enough of it. Giving a slight chuckle.

‘’Scarlet is not of your blood, how can she be your consort?’’

‘’Her blood and mind sings to my soul, as I can tell, only your mate will do that, I haven’t met anyone like her. She completes me, if I can remember, Stelis chose Zelek AND Rezoles as her consort. I even met Stelis for a brief moment on the way here, she foretold a prophecy about Scarlet and I that we have a eternal bond and is part of something.’’

The elders began talking before coming to a agreement.

‘’We will allow Scarlet to become your consort if that is your only request.’’

‘’Yes it is.’’

‘’Then let the crowning ceremony begin tomorrow at sunset, you may leave.’’

Jerek goes back to his room to tell Scarlet the good news and finds her still in the spring chambers and walks to the staircase to go down. Jerek shape shifts to his cat form and begins a slow walk down the wooden staircase into blackness before seeing a tiny light that indicates the spring.
The spring chamber was one of the finest made. A low ceiling but enough to stand and three pools arranging from a assortment of pressurized water to the crystal clear warm springs.

Jerek sat on a warm healing rock that his usual spot when he wants to be alone and watches Scarlet bathe herself. Starting with her shoulders down her ample breasts to her smooth flat stomach. Hands traveling downward to her slit skimming over it down to her long slim legs. Water rises out of the air to come down onto her body to wash off the oil off her silken milky white skin. Oil comes out of the jar to lather at her backside before dropping lower to glide over her ass and back into the jar before repeating the process with the water. Jerek watches as her hands go to her breasts to tease her nipples, pulling, twisting the right one while the other hand goes down to her slit and slips a finger inside. He watches as she fingers herself with one finger then two, She switches to her other breast to do the same, Scarlet is now moaning out loud from playing with herself. Scarlet body starts to shake from her orgasm and slumps down into the water.

Jerek launches himself into the pool mid air shape shifting and catches her before she goes under. She looks up to see Jerek smiling down at her and picks her up and starts to dry her down.

‘’Maybe next time, you could do this someplace where you won’t drown?’’

Smiling up at him, ‘’How long have you been here?’’

‘’Long enough for your show.’’

Jerek picks her up after drying her down and starts up the staircase into his room where he lays her on his bed.

‘’The elders have decided a agreement that you will be my consort to the throne.’’

‘’You didn’t!’’

‘’I’m not taking the throne unless your by my side.’’

‘’When is the crowning?’’

‘’Tomorrow at sunset is the crowning ceremony.’’

Jerek put them both to sleep before she could object and turned out all the lights.

Chapter 5 - The Crowning of the King with a Surprise.

Scarlet was just waking up when she got a nauseas feeling in the pit of her stomach, she runs down the staircase to the spring chamber before spilling her stomach into the ground of the waste area. Putting her hand to her stomach, she sends a probe and finds a tiny life in her stomach, she’s pregnant. Scarlet walks up the staircase to find Jerek looking at her with concern.

‘’Is everything alright or should I not be concerned.’’

‘’I am alright, I was just using the bathroom to take care of my needs.’’

Jerek sends a probe to brush her mind but she fends herself off with a mental slam to his mind.

‘’I told you to stop doing that!’’

‘’I’m sorry, I just want to know if my lover is alright.’’

‘’I told you, I’m fine.’’

Jerek and Scarlet both dress in their chambers with him donning a Black vest with purple leggings. While Scarlet chooses a red satin dress that brings out her eyes and makes her hair have a ethereal look about it.

‘’It’s sunset, we should be going.’’

They both go over the his window and looks down at the grand tree to find people already gathering in front of it for the crowning ceremony. They seem to have their color back and the sorrow starting to lift.

Going through the halls without noticing anyone. They exit the royal court to be assaulted by the blue sun. Walking down the stairs they take a sharp left into the maze that Scarlet steers them.

‘’This is not the way to the courtyard.’’

‘’We have time, I would like to talk to you for a moment.’’

‘’What is it?’’

‘’Be patient and you will find out.’’

They both a ways into the maze before stopping in the middle that’s a meadow surrounded by trees that make a dome blocking out the sun and sit on a bench.

‘’This morning when I went into the spring chamber, I didn’t go in there to take care of my needs.’’

‘’What is I--’’

‘’I’m pregnant.’’

They are both silent for a few minutes before Jerek speaks. ‘’I’m going to be a father? But how is it possible that you are already pregnant. It takes at least 5 cycles of the moon before a child has begin to have life.’’

‘’Do you remember the first time? It was under the Sun and the moon.’’

‘’You think it sped up your cycle?’’

‘’Yes, matter of fact, I do. I’m happy that I’m pregnant but not distressed over it, I’ve wanted a child since I was a young girl watching my mother and father raise my brother.’’

Jerek kisses Scarlet on the mouth before picking her up and laying her on the bench where he pushes aside her dress and lowering his leggings to find that he is already hard and the sight of him makes her wet already.

He positions himself at her entrance before pushing in slowly halfway then coming out with the head still in before pushing halfway again.

‘’Stop teasing me and fuck me!’’

Jerek grins before plunging all the way in where Scarlet moans a sigh before orgasm multiple times on his cock.

He picks it up and starts slamming into her without giving her a moment to catch her breathe making the forest close in around them more for their noise is loud covering any hearing in the maze or outside of it.

Scarlet orgasms a fifth time before Jerek comes in her spurting five shots into her womb.

They both take a moment to breathe before getting back up and letting the cum run out of her and letting her fingers run through it before putting it in her mouth on sucking on her delicate fingers.

‘’They may wonder where we went off to.’’

‘’Then lets go before anyone comes searching for us.’’

When they exit the maze, it’s already dark outside and a large gathering is already made for them. They walk hand in hand towards the dais before sitting down in a chair on the left side of the gathering.

Raven speaks up in front of their race. ‘’We are all here before Jerek Rezoles and Scarlet Stelis to accept them to the throne. We have decided upon them that they will be taking it because Jerek will not take it unless Scarlet is with him by his side, I know that they are not of the same blood but in these times, we cannot waste away and wait for someone as wise and powerful as another as Jerek to step up, for any further, Jerek Rezoles, Scarlet Stelis. Step up to the dais.’’

‘’Do you Jerek Rezoles take the throne with full responsibility and power to lead our race to the next generation and accept what is and what is to be for the future of our kind?’’

Raven holding the crown above his head. ‘’I will take what is and what is to be for our race and will accomplish what is to happen for the full responsibilities with wisdom and power.’’

‘’Then let the binding be complete.’’ Sparks fly off the crown when it is placed upon Jerek’s head to gather around him and Scarlet before going down into the ground and spreading throughout the forest.

‘’Now that is complete, let the festival of the crowning commence.’’

The festival went on and Jerek’s and Scarlet’s royal life began. With the elders backing him, they had to prepare for the oncoming war between the races that will scar the earth yet once again.

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It's a fantastic story and must be continued. Love the story line and all that goes with it. I love stories with this kind of theme, keep writing.
Now I have to say what I found wrong with the story, please take this as constructive. I noticed that there were some places where you used a word or two in the first person, where the rest of the story was in the third. Also there were places where wrong words were used. There were also some punctuation and spelling errors and places where small words were missing. All you need to do is read and edit the story before submitting it. Again, please take this as constructive, You have amazing talent and a great imagination. Please continue writing this story as I cant wait for the next chapter. Again, keep writing. I am a Fan.
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