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no lies
After we had our sleep I spoke to Kim about her uncle Tony; I asked how it all stated, she said when I was 8 you used to go to Europe a lot on business, yes I remember that, one week you were away uncle tony came over we were watching TV one night at about 9pm I said was going to bed and said good night kisses them both as I kissed uncle tony he put his hand on my back then let it slip down to my bum and squeezed it I looked at him and he winked at me and said good night sexy I smiled at him and blushed, off I went to bed I could not get the thought of uncle tony out of my head and him squeezing my bum, I don’t no why but I put my hand onto my pusse and started to rub I had no idea what I was doing but it felt nice, after a while I fell asleep but woke up to load sounds coming from your room, I was worried that something was up, I got out of bed to go see, I opened my door and was going over to your room halve way across, uncle tony opened your door he was naked he put his finger to his lips and closed the door, he came over to me and took me back to my room and we went inside he closed my door very quietly he said sorry about the noise did we wake you, no I was going to the toilet, me to, I said mums room have an on suit in there room why don’t you go toilet there,
no pet I am going for a beer in the kitchen, all this time I was looking at his thing between his legs, he saw where my eyes were, he then lifted it up for me to see, do you like this, I don’t know what is it,(again I lied I had been told what it was at school by other girls) uncle Toney, give me your hand a sec I did and he put my small hand around it, he asked me to squeeze it and pull on it I looked at him, he said it won’t hurt I promise, so I started to squeeze and pull on it, it was all wet and slimy and it got so big and hard I felt so big and grown up pulling his thing he said we can’t do any more in case mum came looking for him so we stopped, he said I could come over to his place tomorrow, he kissed on the lips and put his hand between my legs and squeeze my pepe it felt nice. I couldn’t sleep that night in anticipation of tomorrow.
He left and went back to your room.
We were sitting on the couch, as she was telling me the story I had my left hand on her pusse and my finger inside her in and out I kept this up until she came ohhhhhhh daaaaaad this feels so good, I love the way you make feel when you put finger inside me. When she calmed down I let her go and have another shower.
I was sitting there when all of a sudden I felt like I was hit in the head with a bat what the fuck fuck no no no it can’t be fuck no, she is wrong or she is lying or totally Nineveh .then the though hit me last night tony rang I wonder I went to the computer went back first record phone conversation it was Pam o hi tony are you still coming tomorrow take me giggle, giggle, forgive the pun, I can’t wait dose Kevin know I am taken you? Just to the train station not to Southampton, (then this really blew my mind) I can’t wait to shove cock up your asshole, I am wet already thinking of it see you in the morning baby night, the phone went dead
I can’t believe Pam and Tony fucking when this start shit; I need to think this out before I speak to Kim about it then the phone rang hello, o hi Kevin its Helen next door is Kim in, she is having a shower, do you know if she is coming over to night, I don’t think so she is waiting for her mum to call her. Why don’t you and your mum come over for some drinks but only coke in your case lol, I will ask mum, the phone went quite for a while. Hi yes we would love to see you soon by,
½ hour later they came over I told them to make them self's comfy, I went upstairs to tell Kim she started to giggle I told her to ware something short as I squeezes her Pusse lips I went back down stairs and got Bev a gin & tonic and a coke for Helen, Kim came down wearing a pair of shorts that were so tight you would swear she spayed them on and a top just under her little breasts, I could have fucked her there and then if it wasn’t for Bev and Helen o dad can I have a little wine please, as you did pass your exams this week, is it ok with you Bev, of course it Kevin it won’t do any harm a little wine ,mum can I have one please, if Kevin doesn't mind, no probes. I gave the girls two nice big glasses of sweet white wine, the conversation was going well Bev couldn’t keep her eyes of Kim`s couch area I had to come up whit a plan soon I said we have run out of gin I will have to go to the store for some more, you can’t drive dad you will have to call a taxi I went to the kitchen to ring for a cab Kim came out we made a plan as it was too late for the store, I could go over to my cinema as I have some gin for next week’s opening, and Kim would ask if I needed a hand to bring the drink back as I might drop it as I was a little drunk, (Kim`s mum rang before they came over, but as Kim had to wait for mum to ring maybe Helen could come whit me instead, Kim went back in first them I came in, the store is close I will go over to the cinema, Kim then ask if I needed a hand, I said yes but she had to wait for mum to ring. To our surprise Bev said maybe Helen would go and help, I expected her to say don’t worry it’s late nope will you take Helen. as a senior she will stay whit Kim, fine that’s settle then the cab beeped, myself and Helen went over to the cinema I paid the cab just before we got there Helen did not see it we got out and went in as we closed the door Helen said the cab has left, I said shit went outside but to late he’s gone, Helen his loss as he didn’t get paid, I giggle to myself don’t worry I will call another one, we went to the store room it was dark I had to fiddle around for the lights as I was doing this I put my hands on Helen she giggle I’m not the light switch, I said are you sure I put my hand under her skirt and straight on to her pusse covered by her knickers as I put finger inside her knickers I rubbed her clitoris maybe this will turn on something, I think it already has immmmmmm. Would you like me to stop, o no please don’t stop but I am a virgin I really sorry but please don’t stop, I said I won’t be stopping. I'm glad you didn't want me to stop, I think I would have raped you lol,
I was pumping my finger in and out and my thumb was rubbing her clit at the same time my other hand was under her shirt and bra playing whit little 12yearold tilts we where French kissing, I took my hand off her breast and shoved it down the back of her knickers and played her asshole I put my finger up her pusse to wet it then put it back to her asshole and started to push it in she loved every second as my finger went in easily I ask her if she ever had anything up there, yes my hair brush, I could feel her hymen with my other finger I put her on the carpet floor and took her clothes off, I got between her legs and started to devour her pusse and ass she was screaming with pleasure she had at least three orgasms. I stood up took off my trouser and pants my cock rock hard and wanting to fuck a hole, I looked down at her and said I'm going to fuck you long and hard in every hole your cunt, asshole and mouth are you ready, o god yes, I got down between her legs put my cock to her pusse lips and went in all the way to hymen I looked at her it will hurt at first but soon you will be begging for me to go harder, I push in ahhhhhh ahhhahh o goooodd og og then I was in I stayed still for a while until she got used to it then I push it all the way in immmmmmmm so I just fucked her she was loving it I was like some demand I was like a rabbit I'm glad the cinema is sound proof she screams too three or four orgasms I took my cock out from her pusse turned her on her stomach lifted her ass up put my very slimly cock to her rose bud and pushed it in shit it went in easily I just fucked her like an adult woman she had at least two orgasms I couldn’t hold back any longer I came so much, the sweat was pouring off me, she looked at and said I wish you where my dad I would be doing this every time we could, don’t worry I will be your pretend dad, are you going to fuck my mouth, no not to night I am shagged out for now plus we better get back home its 1 am the might wonder where we are, I excused my self went to the toilet, I rang home Kim answered o hi mum how are you, no dad is a sleep, are you having a good time? Is she whit you o yes mum are you having sex yes mum is she sucking your pusse o yessss mum have you sucked her o yes lots of time mum would like me to catch you in the act so we can use her any time we like o that sounds great mum did you have good time whit your friend, you mean Helen yes she is my little whore, any time I want would like her to lick you any time you want, O yes and maybe her, and maybe her mum to your mum if you like, yes we sounds great mum, we could watch Helen mum lick her out any time we wish ohhhhhhhhhhh
Sounds great mum see you next week by by,
I called a cab it came very quick, I explained to Helen if asked we had to wait for a new cab they were very busy, we then got into the cab and went home when we got there I stopped the cab at the end of the drive we walked up so no one could hear us on the way up, I put my hand into Helens knickers and played whit her asshole as we walked up the drive when we got to the house I put my finger to my mouth and made a shhh noise, inside we close the door quietly went into sitting room no one there I said wait here I went up stairs went to Kim`s room and saw what you could call one of the most erotic site I ever Bev and Kim in a 69 as I coufet Bev jumped off Kim banged her head on the bed side table started to cry, I am sorry sorry o god I don’t know how this happened, o please forgive me I pretended to look angry she beg please don’t call the police, I said please go down stairs I need to talk to my daughter I'm so, so sorry please, and went to go down stairs, I said wait go into my room and get dressed don’t let Helen see you naked and in this stated, after she got dresses and went down stairs myself and Kim started kissing passionately I had my tongue in her mouth my right ion her pusse my middle inside finger fucking her my left hand around her ass with my finger up her asshole to the knuckle,
To be continued


2011-08-21 18:04:40
i agree enjoyed the story but your spelling made it hard to understand sometimes

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2010-07-24 20:46:44
it was good but it had a lot of spelling error...

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