This is from my past, I remember reading this in the '70s during my time in the military. I have given credit to the author in the body of the story. Sorry for the length, but you will enjoy it as much as I did then and again now.


Tiffany Brown reached out and grabbed Richard's big, stiff cock. She forced a smile and opened her luscious red lips. Then she fucked her hot mouth down over his huge cockhead, licking and smacking in a frenzy, trying to forget that tomorrow was moving day and they were going to have to leave swinging New York forever.

Steve Brown gave his wife an encouraging pat on the ass. He had noticed her sadness. He knew just how she was feeling. It was kind of scary to leave all the new, wonderful friends they had found and move to the Midwest. They didn't even know if there were swingers clubs there. They only knew Steve's father had left them a nice little photography studio and an offer they couldn't afford to turn down. Even on his deathbed, Steve's dad had managed to nudge Steve and Tiffany toward the straight, proper life. He had left them the studio if -- and it was a big -- if they worked in it for a full year.

Steve gazed around at their friends in mounting disappointment. There was Lisa with her fabulous tits and Glen, her rock-musician husband. Richard and Cathy were both artists, working mostly on plastic nudes, and Sara, the go-go dancer with her newest college dropout boy-friend. On the whole it was a good crew and every one of them knew how to have fun. Steve's erect cock quivered when he thought of burying his prick in any of the tight, hot pussies the women were so eagerly showing. God, it would be hard to leave.

Suddenly he felt fingers on his rippling nutsacs. They twirled and circled gently, tickling and enticing. Then they rode higher and whipped around the ring of his tight asshole, peeking quickly in and then out again before he had time to protest. He reached under his legs and caught a slim, tanned arm. He'd recognize those fingers anywhere; it was Cathy and he could hardly wait.

"Aaaaagh!" Tiffany squealed. Richard was licking the inside of her thigh and he was headed straight up to her moist crotch.

She looked across at Steve. His face was a picture of bliss. His hard cock was buried snugly in Cathy's mouth and she was making lewd sucking and smacking noises.

Steve somehow knew that Tiffany was staring at him. He looked over at her, not two feet away and their glances met and locked. Each knew what the other was thinking. They didn't want to leave.

Then, suddenly, Tiffany gave Steve a radiant smile. It was as if she was saying, "Buck up, Stevie. It's all cut and dried. We've got to leave tomorrow, but let's not let it spoil tonight."

Steve caught her meaning. He winked, then his tongue flicked out and probed at Cathy's moist, pink pussy.

"Oh, shit!" Connie Hansen sputtered. She was trying to zip up the front of her summer pants. She struggled a moment longer and then threw the offending pants on the floor with another groan of disappointment.

"I'm just going to have to get some new clothes!" she mumbled. "I'm not about to meet our new neighbors dressed like Little Orphan Annie!"

Rod heard his wife's angry voice. He sneaked silently past their bedroom door. He had learned not to interrupt Connie when she was in a foul mood and she had been in more than her fair share of foul moods lately. Rod shook his head sadly. He wondered what had happened to the pretty, sexy girl he had married. Ten years shouldn't drain a marriage of all its fun, should it. He hadn't heard Connie laugh for so long that he thought she had forgotten how. Not only that, but he hadn't had a good fuck from her in ages.

Connie was full of excuses. She was too tired or too busy or she had an upset stomach or a headache.

He knew all the excuses by heart. That didn't exactly help his hard cock on the nights he wanted to fuck. He wondered if she ever wanted it anymore.

Rod thought back to when they were married. She had sure wanted it then. She had surprised him with her enthusiastic responses to his first attempts at sex. He remembered their wedding night, so long ago.

Rod knew that Connie was a virgin. Every time he had tried to get close to her she had told him just that. And he knew that she was saving her cherry for marriage. She had said that enough times too.

Rod had his share of experience. He had fucked all through high school. He knew his way around the bedroom and he prided himself on the fact that there wasn't a girl he couldn't get, until Connie, that is. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get Connie to give in and let him sink his long prick in her sweet, virgin cunt.

Rod knew that he got Connie hot. Every time they went out and parked, Connie's hot cunt would be dripping wet after a few moments of heavy petting. She let him touch her and play with her pussy, but there was no way he was going to fuck her unless he married her.

Rod gave in. They had a nice wedding. Rod couldn't concentrate on the wedding ceremony though. All he could think about was how eager he was to sink his cock in Connie's virgin cunt. All through the ceremony he thought about getting his sweet, virgin bride in bed, about how it would feel to fuck her for the first time, about licking and sucking on her sweet pink pussy, about giving her the thrill of her life.

Connie was feeling exactly the same thing. She was a little nervous and could hardly wait. She had been interested in sex ever since she could remember.

Connie read everything she could get her hands on. She read all the sexy books the city librarian would let her check out. She even got her older friends to check out books for her. She wanted to find out what it was that made her mother squeal out in the middle of the night.

Before long, Connie had a pretty good idea what was going on in her parent's bedroom. Then her obsession turned a different direction. She wanted to fuck.

Perhaps it was lucky that Connie's parents watched her like a hawk. She didn't even have the opportunity to lose her virginity. She wasn't allowed to date until she was seventeen and that was the year that she met Rod.

As soon as Connie found out more about the good-looking student in her English class, she was glad that her parents had been so strict. Rumor had it that Rod was a stud. Connie watched him work his way through almost every girl in her class. She heard that he had fucked every girl he dated, and she noticed that he rarely dated them twice. Perhaps being hard to get was the way to get Rod. She would certainly try it.

As she lay in bed waiting for her husband to come out of the bathroom, Connie knew that she had been right. She was married and now she could enjoy all that sex had to offer. She could hardly wait to try out everything she had read about for so many years.

Connie felt her bands slip down to inspect her own body, to check to make sure that her tits were smooth and her nipples hard and pointed, her tummy rounded gently and smooth as silk, her cunt hair soft as down and her pussy sweet and hot. She was ready.

Connie shivered in a little tingle of excitement. She had looked forward to this night for so long. She almost giggled, remembering her mother's embarrassing little lecture about her wifely duties. She just hoped that Rod would want to fuck morning, noon and night.

When Rod came out of the bathroom he couldn't help his gasp of shock. Connie was holding her gorgeous full tits in her hands, squeezing the rock-hard nipples between her fingers.

"Oh, Rod!" she breathed. "Hurry and come to bed, darling. I've been waiting for this night for so long!"

Rod grinned. He crossed the room and by the time he got to the bed, his prick was hard and straining at the front of his pajamas. Impatiently, he threw them off and let his huge swollen cock leap free.

Connie gasped. She couldn't stop staring. Rod's prick was so big and so hard. She had seen pictures of cocks before but she had never imagined that they would be this big. Rod's cock was giant size. She hoped her little pussy would hold it.

Rod noticed her gasp of shock. It seemed as if he could read her mind. "Don't worry, honey. It's not too big for you. Your pussy's gonna be just right for my big cock. You'll see!"

Connie shivered. She didn't think it was possible that his huge prick would ever fit into her tight cunt. She supposed it would, though. Rod would know. He had probably done this lots of times before.

Connie almost laughed at herself. Instead of being jealous, the thought that Rod had probably fucked many girls gave her courage. She hated to think of what it would be like if neither of them knew what they were doing. It was better this way. This way Rod could teach her all the wonderful parts of sex that she had been reading about.

Connie licked her lips. Then she smiled seductively. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she teased. "Your wife is horny!"

Rod laughed. He slid into bed and tossed the sheet back. He gazed at every inch of her curved, lush body and then be began caressing her. His wife was a damn attractive piece of ass!

Rod noticed the trim size of her waist, the curve of her swelling hips, the round globes of her silky asscheeks as they nestled against the sheet. He felt how satiny smooth her skin was and how hot she felt against his exploring hand.

He caressed her tits, stroking the nipples lightly until she squealed in joy. Then his hands moved down, down to her fluffy beaver. His strong fingers wound in and out of her silky pussy hair and then dipped deeper to lightly stroke her soft, wet cunt.

"Aaaaaaaaah," she breathed. She loved this. It wasn't new to her. They had done this before, but this time she knew that their caresses would go all the way. Tonight they would do everything she had dreamed of on all those other frustrating nights. Tonight she would get fucked and she was going to love it!

Connie felt the hot waves of lust ripple through her body. She felt his fingers curling around her pussymound and dipping into her hot cunt. They slid over her slippery pussylips with a slick, wet sound.

"Oh, God!" she gasped. She raised her hot cunt off the bed. She wanted to make it easy for him to touch her. She opened her thighs as wide as they would go and felt his finger rub right over her pulsing, straining cunt.

"Ooooooh! Do it to me, Rod," she moaned. "Make me come, darling. Make me come!"

Rod's hard cock throbbed. He could feel the heat rushing to his full nutsacs. She knew exactly how to turn him on. Somehow those naughty words of sex seemed so damn exciting when she said them. Maybe it was because she was so innocent. He knew that she had never said anything like that to any other man. It made his cock swell to giant proportions and beg and jerk to get into her cunt.

Rod smoothed his finger a little deeper along her wet cuntslit. He flicked the hard little nub of her clit, batting it back and forth to the rhythm of her delighted sighs. Then he touched her pussylips, feeling their firmness, their slippery warmth. She had the hottest pussy he had ever felt before. It was hotter than any of the other girls he had fucked. It seemed to light on fire every time he got near it.

Connie sighed deeply. Rod's hand felt so delicious slipping over her hot, wet cunt. She could hardly wait to feel his cock.

Rod could feel her hot pussy drip with juice. Connie was always wet like this. She got more turned on than anyone he had ever played around with before. All he had to do was to get near her pussy and she was dripping cunt-juice. Right now she was drenching his fingers. Her pussy felt like it had been oiled it was so smooth and wet.

Rod pushed his finger right at the entrance to her wet cunt. He wiggled the tip and pushed it in as far as it would go. She gasped in shock.

"No! That hurts!" she wailed. "That's my cherry."

It sure was her cherry and it was going to be hard to pop.

He sighed deeply. He supposed that it would take all night to pop her cherry. Then he'd have to spend the next week comforting her. For the first time, he understood the men who said that popping a virgin just wasn't worth the trouble.

Connie wiggled a little closer to him. She shoved her pussy against his finger again. "Do it to me," she whined. "Go ahead, darling. Fuck me and pop my cherry! Then we can have a little fun!"

Rod almost fell over in shock. He couldn't believe his ears. Here he had been expecting trouble and it turned out that Connie was as eager as he was to get down to the fun of fucking. She wanted that cherry out of the way just as much as he did, maybe even more.

She felt his hard cock nudge her hip. She gasped at the hard, hot feel of it. She reached out and grasped it gently at first and then firmly, feeling her fingers curl around it like she had been practicing this all her life. She liked the feel of Rod's huge prick. It was stiff and hot and it felt like power. Her breath caught in her throat and she let her blind senses carry her on.

She ran her fingers over the soft, swollen cockhead. She felt the smoothness of his skin and how tightly it was stretched. Her finger tip quickly dipped into his glands-hole and then out again. His whole cockhead was hot.

She ran her fingers lightly down the prick shaft, feeling all the veins and ridges. It felt powerful and stiff, like a pole of flesh ready to batter away at her cherry.

Finally she reached his balls and she ran the tips of her fingers over the swollen nutsacs. They rippled under her touch. They felt heavy and huge swinging between his legs. She cupped them in her hand and squeezed gently.

"Jesus!" Rod exploded. He couldn't believe the practiced way that Connie was playing with his cock. At first he thought that she might have been lying when she said that she had never played with a cock before, but her innocent fascination couldn't be faked. She was enthralled with his prick. One look at her radiant face and he could tell the she adored it. He felt it jerk and throb in her hand.

Rod didn't know how much longer he could stand her gentle caresses. The feeling of her lightly stroking fingers on his balls almost made him shoot his load into her hands. He had to pop her cherry though. He couldn't come yet. He still had work to do.

Rod increased his caresses on her hot pussy. His fingers slipped over the sensitive furnace of her pussy eagerly, seeking out the little secret places and touching them gently. He ran his fingertip over the tip of her hard little love button and circled around and around it. He felt her quiver beneath him and her pussy gushed floods of creamy cunt-juice. He knew that she was about ready to come.

"Oooooh, darling!" she squealed, arching her pussy up into his hand. "Oooooh, honey... do it to me, honey! Get me hot. Pop my cherry! Do it soon, darling! Soon!"

Rod heard her gasp for air. Then he heard her hold her breath, barely moving. She was waiting for the hard push of his cock in her tight virgin pussy. She was all ready.

Rod didn't want to rush things. He wanted to make sure that Connie was as hot as she could get before he drove his prick all the way into her virgin cunt.

Connie grasped his hard prick a little more firmly. She moved her hand up and down his hard shaft, feeling the skin move under her fist. The faster she did it, the faster his cock jerked. She knew that she was jacking him right because he moaned and groaned in pleasure.

"Ooooh, baby! How did you know how to do that, you wonderful girl! Oh! I love it, honey! It feels so good when you pump it up and down like that! Do it a little harder, honey, harder. That's it!"

Connie grinned. At least she had learned how to do one thing to give her husband pleasure. He loved the way she was jacking his cock. She let one hand slip to his balls. She cupped and squeezed them gently while she continued to jack him with the other hand.

"Oh! Jesus, honey! That's perfect! Aaaaaah! That's so good, darling! Aaaaaah!"

Connie got hotter and hotter. Her breath came in little gasps and her pussy was a furnace of twisting, throbbing wetness. It squeezed and pulsed around his finger. It seemed to suck his finger deeper and deeper. It was trying to suck him right down into her depths!

"God! Your pussy's sucking me in!" he gasped. "Honey! Your pussy is sucking my finger in!"

Connie felt a thrill of lust run through her whole body. She could feel what her pussy was doing. It was squeezing and throbbing around his hard finger. Her pussy was pulling his finger in just the way it would pull his hard cock in.

Rod tried to hold on just a moment longer. He knew that Connie was almost hot enough now. There was only one thing he wanted to do to make her a little bit hotter. It was something he knew she'd love.

His finger slipped from her wet, steamy pussy. It was hot and slippery from her honey juices. He slid it down into the valley between her smooth, trembling asscheeks. He slipped it down until he could feel the tight little puckered mouth of her sweet asshole.

Rod's naughty finger circled around. It smeared her juices all over her puckered little shitter. He could feel her asshole pull at his finger just the way her cunt had. It nipped at his fingertip and tried to surround it. It squeezed wildly.

"Oh! Wh... wh... what are you doing?" she gasped. "You're not going to..."

Connie stopped in stunned surprise. She didn't think he'd actually fuck her in her asshole -- she didn't want to do that.

Rod laughed at his nervous bride. "Relax, honey," he soothed her. "Of course I won't. It feels good, though. Just relax and let me play with your sweet little shitter. You'll see how good it is!"

Connie tried to relax. If Rod said it would feel good she was sure that it would.

She felt her asshole relax. His finger tickled at first and then it started to feel good, just lake he had promised. Feeling his finger lightly rubbing all over her asshole made her whole pussy tingle. She didn't know how that could be, but it was. Rod's fingering made her horny.

Rod's cock jumped and jerked in her fist. Playing with her little asshole was turning him on too. Rod thought of fucking her in the ass. Not tonight, though. Fucking in one virgin hole would be enough tonight.

Rod thrust his prick into the circle of her hot fingers. He pumped his hips so that his hard cock slid up and down into her fist. It was almost like fucking bet pussy and he could hardly wait to sink his aching cock in her cunt.

Connie was at a fever pitch. She didn't want to wait any longer. She wanted cock. She wanted to have that wonderful experience that she had waited for so long. She wanted to fuck.

"OOOOOOh, honey! Please... isn't it time? Can't we do it now? Oh, please, Rod! I want it so bad! Please fuck me now! Pleeeeeease!"

Her fingers were trembling as she pumped his prick in slow, easy strokes. She could feel her hot pussy squirt cream out of her already dripping cunthole. She was so wet that she had already soaked her thighs. She could feel it running down her cuntslit and pouring over his hand. She knew that she was soaking his fingers but she didn't care. She was so horny that she didn't care about anything more except getting him to stick his long hard cock in her steaming cunt.

"Okay, darling," Rod instructed. "Now we're gonna turn around. Just hold on and you'll see how good it is this way."

Before she knew quite what was happening, Rod had rolled over, pulling her on top of him. Connie found her blazing pussy right over Rod's straining cock. She still had his hard prick in her hand. Her fingers were still pumping up and down.

"Oooooooh!" she squealed. "Oh, Rod! What do I do now! I never even thought about being this way! What do you want me to do?"

"Just straddle me, baby," Rod replied. "Just keep right on doing what you're doing. Do anything that you want to, darling! Just do the first thing that comes into your head. You can't be wrong no matter what you try."

Connie blushed. All sorts of kinky things ran through her head. Suddenly she felt another flood of creamy pussy juice squirt out of her cunt. Then she realized, with embarrassment, that her hot oils were dripping right on Rod's hard cock.

Rod grinned. He knew how hot Connie was. He could feel her hot honey dripping on his cock. He noticed that she was pumping him up and down a lot faster too. Connie was horny and it was almost time to take her cherry.

Connie blushed. She kept her eyes lowered but that didn't really help. That just forced her to concentrate on Rod's huge cock. It was even bigger than it had been before and it was gleaming with the juice that dripped from her flooding cunt. She could see his enormous balls hot and pulsing. The more she tried not to stare, the more she stared. She imagined his hard, pulsing cock jamming into her hot pussy, fucking the cherry out of her and then filling her up with creamy cockjuice. The more she thought about it, the more her pussy dripped.

"You're really hot, aren't you darling?" Rod asked gently. He had felt the hot pussycream that dripped on his hard cock. "Are you ready to fuck, baby? Are you ready for me to fuck the cherry out of your cunt?"

"Yes!" Connie squealed. "Oh, yes, Rod! I'm ready! Oh, please do it now! I'm all ready!"

"You have to do it, darling," Rod said softly. "You have to put your cunt right over my hard cock and fuck it down. You have to lower your cunt on my prick. Can you do that, honey? I'll help you get started."

"Yes!" Connie hissed. "I can do it, Rod! I can push my pussy on your cock! Is this right? Can I do it now, honey?"

Rod helped Connie get her pussymouth centered right on the head of his throbbing cock. He made sure that his cockhead was wet with her slippery juices.

"Do it honey," he encouraged her. "Fuck your pussy down to me. Bring it down, darling. Give your pussy to me bring it here!"

Connie groaned. She was so hot she could hardly stand it. She could feel the head of Rod's big cock straining to get in her tight, slippery cunt. She began to lower her pussy to his cock. She could feel his huge prickhead start to go in and then it hit the barrier of her cherry.

Connie caught her breath in her throat. She couldn't make her pussy go down any further, it hurt so much.

Connie stopped for a moment. She could feel her hot pussy squeezing around Rod's cockhead. It wanted to take him deeper even if it did hurt. Her pussy wanted his cock inside.

Connie took a deep breath. She knew what she had to do. It would all be over within a moment if she hurried. She raised her hips up and then came down with all her force, driving her pussy right down on Rod's stiff cock.

"Aaaaaagh!" she squealed. "Ooooooh! God!"

She could feel her pussycream boil up around his thick cock as his cockhead came to rest against her soft womb. She had done it! She was no longer a virgin. She felt her tears start.

Rod wiped her eyes. Then he laughed gently. "Okay, now?" he asked.

Connie could feel her cunt beginning to grip his hard cock. She creamed all over his thick meat. She was ready to fuck now.

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh, yes! Now fuck me Rod! Now fuck me good!"

Rod's huge cock filled her. It stretched her virginal muscles and made her pussy walls gush with even more cunt-juice. She trembled from head to toe. It felt marvelous.

She felt Rod's cock draw back and then push back into her tight, hot pussy. She couldn't help the thrills that raced through her body. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt.

"Ooooooh! I love it, darling!" she screamed. "I love your big cock fucking me!"

Then she felt the searing waves crash through her body. She was going to come... but it was different this time. It was better than when Rod had used his finger. This was more intense she felt like her whole body was on fire.

Connie felt her cunt squeeze around Rod's huge cock. Her cunt muscles throbbed wildly. Her pussy nipped and squeezed and clutched at his hard cock, drawing it deeper and deeper into her. She felt like she would never get enough of his huge, hard cock. She didn't protest when Rod rolled her over on her back. Now she wanted him to fuck her.

Connie lifted her legs. She wrapped them around his back. Then she held on tightly. She didn't want him to ever, stop. She was going to fuck him until her legs fell off. She was going to hold him in place and fuck and fuck and fuck.

"Ooooooh! My pussy's on fire! Oooooh, darling! My pussy's on fire! Oh, fuck me hard! Pleeeeeease!"

She held on tightly with her legs as Rod began moving faster. He lunged away at her hot pussy wildly, plunging in as hard as he could and then drawing almost all the way out again. He piled into her cunt again and again, nosing right up against her hot womb, nudging it and making her whole pussy contract with delightful thrills.

Connie could feel her cunt suck and snap. It flowed with hot wetness as his cock ran in and out of her tight pussyhole. She could feel her ass cheeks lift up and down with each thrust of his hard cock. She was holding him so tightly with her legs around his waist, that he lifted her all the way up off the bed every time he drove his prick into her.

Rod couldn't believe how hot and wonderful Connie's pussy was. He hadn't thought that their first fuck would be like this. He had pictured a tense emotional scene and dreaded it. Instead he found that this was one of the best fucks of his life.

Rod could feel her tits bouncing up and down under his chest. He lunged against the soft cushions. He felt like he was lying on hot, satin pillows that gave under his weight, driving his hard cock into a furnace with walls of oiled satin. God, she was so hot and so tight.

Connie's head tossed back and forth. Her long hair swept from side to side and her eyes were closed lightly. She seemed to be in a dream world and her expression was one of horny delight.

"Aaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaah!" she moaned. "Fuck me, Rod! Fuck me, darling! Fuck your hard cock in my pussy! Aaaaaahh!"

"God!" Rod exclaimed. He could feel her cunt cream oozing from her aroused pussy, caressing his cock. He could feel his balls wettened with her juices. The sound of their fucking was loud. The squishy, wet sounds made him even more horny. He was almost there. Just a little longer, driving into her sweet, hot pussy and he would shoot his hot sperm all the way to her womb.

Rod was ready. He could feel the sperm tearing at his balls, ready to spurt out into the furnace of her cunt. He was all ready, but he wanted her to come one more time.

Rod reached down and slipped his finger into her hot, wet pussy. He made sure it was coated with her juice. Then he slipped it back until it touched the tiny rim of her puckered little shitter.

Connie felt it coming. She knew what he was going to do. She could hardly wait. Her asshole sucked greedily. It sucked his fingertip right inside and squeezed and throbbed around its plunging hardness. She could feel the orgasm build in her pussy, way deep down inside and then she was coming, feeling his cock explode inside her, battering her womb with his hot juices. God, fucking was wonderful!


Bettylou Thompson gazed deeply in the mirror of her dressing table. She thrust out her pert tits and tried to look sexy. Then she sighed. There was no use. She would never be as sexy-looking as her new neighbor. Of course there were rumors that Tiffany had been, a model in New York. How could she ever hope to be as glamorous as a New York model? It was ridiculous. Besides, Kenny thought she was beautiful and that was all that counted. Tiffany could take her expensive wardrobe and go ahead and look like a cover girl for one of those highbrow magazines. Bettylou didn't care. As long as she knew that Kenny was hers, she didn't have time to be jealous of every pretty girl who moved into their neighborhood.

Bettylou was so good-natured that she'd have a hard time being jealous. She was just too content in her role as Kenny's wife. She wouldn't have changed places with the most glamorous woman in the world. She was happy just being Kenny's loving woman. After all, she knew that her husband loved her. He fucked her at least twice a week, sometimes more, and that was proof enough, wasn't it?

Bettylou made a face at herself in the mirror and turned away. She didn't have time to sit around and stare at herself. She had work to do. She had to cook supper for Kenny when he got home from the office. She hoped that he wouldn't have to work late again tonight. She didn't like to sit at home alone. Sometimes Kenny didn't come home until three or four in the morning. Those nights were the worst. That was the way it was for a public relations man in a growing company, though. Kenny had explained it all to her. She certainly wouldn't want him to sluff off on his job but she did wish that he wouldn't have to work so late sometimes.

She smiled suddenly. It was a good thing that she wasn't the jealous type. If she didn't know better, she might think that Kenny was having an affair.

"Margie, honey, I'm really sorry hon, but I can't make it tonight. Yeah, got to keep her from getting suspicious. You know how that goes. We'll make it Thursday night for sure, though. I already told her that I have to go out of town. We'll have the whole night, hon."

Kenny Thompson lit up a cigarette as he finished his conversation. Margie was getting to be a bit of a problem. She wanted to see him practically every night. He would have to break it off soon. It was getting to be a pain thinking up two sets of excuses... one for his wife, Bettylou, and another for Margie. He'd much rather get it on with that little cocktail waitress, Renee. It didn't make any difference when he stopped in the bar. She was always ready for a little action and she didn't bitch when he said he had to leave to get home early.

Kenny thought of the expression on Bettylou's face if she ever found out what he did on the nights he said he had to work. She would be so hurt... he couldn't let that happen. It really wasn't her fault that sex with her had gotten to be a drag. He almost wished that she'd find a new lover. Maybe he'd teach her how to be a wild fuck and then he would have more fun at home.

He laughed to himself. Teaching Bettylou how to fuck her brains out would have the same chance as a snowball in hell. She was just too dumb when it came to fucking. Bettylou didn't have the foggiest notion how to be a sexy woman. She thought that just lying there, letting him pump off inside her cunt was all he wanted.

He had to admit that she had a nice pussy though... nice and hot and tight. Of course, it should be pretty tight. He only fucked her twice a week and that was only to make her think that their marriage was fine. He loved her, but he wished that she wouldn't be such a wet noodle in bed. If she was more of a woman, he wouldn't have to take chances and play around with his secretaries and female clients.

Kenny thought about fucking his wife and he shuddered. It really was a chore. He'd have to do it tonight though... and he'd have to come up with something to make his limp cock hard. Maybe he could think about their new neighbor with the long golden legs and the big tits. What was her name? Oh yes, Tiffany, that was it. He'd think about fucking Tiffany and he'd be able to get it up for Bettylou.

"You want some more pork roast, honey?" Bettylou asked eagerly. She was doing her best to please Kenny. He was home early and she wanted to show him just how happy she was to have him home. She could hardly wait until it was time to go to bed. Maybe she'd even let him do that vulgar thing to her. She gave a little shiver just thinking about it. It sounded awful but it was kind of exciting too. She wondered what it would feel like. Somehow the idea of licking a pussy was so naughty.

Bettylou didn't want Kenny to know how she had found out about licking pussy. She was too embarrassed to tell him. She shouldn't have picked up that filthy book anyway.

She had been in a real hurry that afternoon. She was downtown trying to find Kenny a red tie to wear with his new suit. She hadn't even paid much attention to the man who brushed up so close beside her while she was waiting for the stoplight to change to green. He had pressed the book into her hand and she had accepted it without thinking. She thought it was one of those religious things that, people were always giving you on the street. Then she had run into Gimlick's to look for a tie.

She didn't look at the book until she got home and then she almost passed out from embarrassment. It was one pf those picture books that showed pictures of men and women fucking. She was ready to toss it in the garbage when one picture caught her eye. It showed a man with his mouth pressed to a girl's pussy. The girl had her head thrown back and it looked like she was really enjoying whatever he was doing to her.

Bettylou felt a strange tingle run through her body. Then she gasped. She was getting all excited and horny, just looking at that picture. She tried to imagine what the girl in the picture was feeling, having that man's tongue licking her pussy. Without realizing that she was doing it, Bettylou's fingers crept down to her own sopping pussy and began moving over the wet crotch band of her lace panties.

She pressed her hand tightly to her throbbing cunt, but that wasn't enough. She was squeezing her whole pussy tightly, kneading it, feeling the silky hair through the wet lace of her panties.

Bettylou wiggled her finger around her panties. She pushed aside the lace that was in the way and thrust her finger into her pussyhole. Her thumb rolled expertly over her straining, throbbing clit and electric jolts shot through her body. She gasped with horniness and desire.

Her tongue flicked out and licked her lips. She wished that she could reach her own throbbing pussy with her tongue to lick it. Her fingers were the next best thing, though, and without thinking she thrust another finger in her hot pussy along with the first.

Bettylou's hunger grew. She was so hot that her pussycream was dripping down her legs and dropping to the floor in creamy droplets. Her face was flushed with heat and her breath was coming in gasps.

Soon Bettylou's whole hand was busy with three fingers thrust into her pussyhole. Her thumb busily tweaked and slid over her pulsing clit. Her other hand held her panties back, out of the way of her busily working fingers.

Her nipples swelled with passion and jutted from her tits. They thrust out, straining against the front of her dress.

She wiggled her asscheeks, unable to keep from moving her hips in wide circles. She pumped her pussy up against her thrusting, plunging fingers.

The harder she pumped with her fingers, the better it felt. Sugary thrills ran through her body as her fingers flew faster and faster, harder and harder.

Bettylou knew that she shouldn't be doing this. After all, she was a married woman and everyone knew that married women were supposed to be satisfied with their husbands. Masturbation was for teenagers... virgins who didn't have any other outlet for their sex drive.

She tried to make her shame stop her flying fingers. It didn't work though. She couldn't stop until she came. It felt too wonderful to stop. She could feel remorse later. Right now her hungry pussy demanded release.

Her hips thrust her pussy forward. Her hot pussyhole sucked at her plunging fingers, nipping and drawing them in even further. She could feel the hotness of her cunt. It felt like a silky, blazing furnace. She wondered if it felt that way to Kenny's cock. Of course she couldn't ask him; it just wouldn't be proper.

Bettylou felt her tits jiggle. The bobbed up and down with each lunge of her thrusting fingers. Her nipples were pebble-stiff and she rubbed them against her hands, feeling them scrape against her soft skin.

Her cunt was sopping. Creamy pussyjuice squished out around her imbedded fingers and she knew that her hot cunt was almost ready to explode. She closed her eyes and felt her pussy nipping around her fingers. Her clit throbbed demandingly.

"Ooooooooh! Sweet Jesus!" she squealed. Dizzying waves or orgasm rushed through her body. She shivered all over. Her legs trembled like branches in a storm and her knees spread to the side, leaving her pussy wide open. It was glistening with the juices of her excitement. Her fingers made squishing and smacking noises against her sucking cunt.

Bettylou's cunt gaped open. Her fingers plunged into her spasming pussy and her thumb rolled over her pulsing clit. Her pussy creamed and blasted leaving her weak and gasping. It felt wonderful. A lot more wonderful than fucking with Kenny.

Her hand flew to her mouth. She shouldn't even think terrible things like that. Of course fucking was better. Every wife knew that. It was just that she'd had more practice at this. She'd been finger-fucking herself for years.

Bettylou blinked rapidly. Kenny had asked her a question and here she was daydreaming about that terrible book. She felt her pussy spasm in recollection of the wonderful times she'd had playing with herself and looking at the pictures in that awful book. She forced herself to pay attention to Kenny's story about what had happened at work. There was time to think about fucking later.


Kenny looked at the room through a fog. He was drunk on his feet. He didn't know how he had managed to get into bed. He knew why he had gotten himself smashed, though. It was because he had to fuck Bettylou. He just couldn't help wanting to get out of it. It was getting really hard to give a convincing performance of a loving, sexy husband. He just didn't want Bettylou anymore. He wanted her as a wife. She was a good cook and she took good care of the house, but he couldn't stand to fuck her. He'd rather fuck a corpse.

He laughed out loud. Fucking a corpse might be more fun. It couldn't move any less than Bettylou that was for damn sure.

"What's so funny, sweetie?" Bettylou asked, coming into the bedroom in her sexy nightgown. Kenny suppressed a groan. She wanted to fuck and he sure as hell didn't. Maybe he could manage to pass out and then she wouldn't want it. He could apologize in the morning for getting so drunk. He could even pick her up a little perfume or something and that would make her happy. He closed his eyes.

"Are you awake, honey?" Bettylou asked. She made her voice deliberately sexy. She crawled in under the covers and looked at him.

"Damn!" she whispered. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was passed out. She sighed in exasperation. She was horny, too! She had been looking at those sexy pictures, getting all hot for him and now he was asleep.

"Wake up sweetie!" she purred, her fingers playing with his hair. "Come on honey, and give me a kiss!"

Kenny slept on. He didn't move a muscle. He looked like he was out cold.

Bettylou sighed deeply. You might know it. Just when she had decided to let him try something new, he had to go and pass out.

She wished that she could play with her pussy and make herself come. She couldn't do that though. What if he should wake up and see her. She would just have to go to sleep like a good wife.

Bettylou tossed restlessly. It was no use. She couldn't sleep, not with that terribly strong itch in her pussy. She was just going to have to get up and do something to take her mind off sex.

Thirty minutes later, Bettylou was still horny and she had run out of cigarettes. She thought of driving to the nearest all-night grocery but she didn't want to go to all that trouble. She thought for a moment.

Tiffany. Tiffany smoked her brand of cigarettes. If she was still up, Bettylou could borrow some from her and go to the store in the morning. She pulled the drapes and looked over at Tiffany's house next door. A light was still on in the living room. She was in luck.

Bettylou slipped on a robe. Then she shut the door silently behind her and walked through the grass to the Browns' back door. No one answered her knock. Bettylou decided that they must be in the front of the house. She walked around the side.

Suddenly she stopped. There was a very curious noise coming from the lighted window in front of her. She stepped a little bit closer and listened. What was it? It was a sort of wet, smacking sound sort of like...

Sweet Jesus! That was why they didn't answer the door. They were fucking. Bettylou recognized that sound now. It was the sound of two people fucking.

She turned resolutely away. She would just go on home and... damn. There was nothing to do at home, and no cigarettes. What should she do? She knew she shouldn't stand here and listen to her new neighbor's fucking.

She giggled softly. Then again, why shouldn't she? It wasn't hurting anything. They would never know that she had listened and it was kind of interesting. Who cared anyway? She might just hear something interesting.

Bettylou grinned. She moved a little closer to the window and crouched in the bushes. Now she could hear everything.

"Oooooooh! What a whopper!" Tiffany breathed. "Is that all for me, honey?"

Bettylou squirmed uncomfortably. She could imagine what Tiffany was talking about. She wished she could see what was going on. She raised herself up slightly and peeked over the edge of the window sill. What she saw almost made her faint with shock.

Tiffany was kneeling, right in front of Steve. Her back was toward the window and she was stroking and petting Steve's cock.

As Bettylou watched, Tiffany turned slightly to the side, revealing more of the lewd coupling.

Tiffany's lush tits were pointed and firm. They thrust upward and throbbed as they brushed against Steve's muscular legs. She had his prick in her hands. Bettylou squinted hard. She could almost see his cock. There. Tiffany let go for a moment.

"Sweet Jesus!" Bettylou gasped. Steve's cock was gigantic. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It thrust straight up toward the ceiling, hard and pulsing. The head was red and swollen.

Steve's face was flushed. Bettylou thought for a moment that he was going to come right there, with Tiffany just touching him.

Tiffany stood up. She unloosened a clasp that held her long, golden hair up and let it ripple down to her waist. She reached out for Steve's hand and led him toward the bed and she was standing over him, her fluffy pussyhair almost touching his face.

Then Tiffany did something shocking and Bettylou almost squealed out loud.

She spread her puffy cuntlips with her fingers, showing her whole cuntslit all pink and wet and open. She wiggled it right in front of Steve's mouth and thrust it out at him, circling her hips, teasingly.

"Come on and lick my pretty pussy, honey," she invited. "If you lick it real nice, I'll suck your beautiful big cock for you!"

Bettylou gasped softly. She couldn't believe her own ears. Tiffany had actually said that naughty thing to Steve. She quickly looked at Steve's expression. She thought for sure that he would be shocked.

Steve didn't look shocked at all. He looked pleased and horny. He looked like he thought his wife's lewd suggestion was a damn good idea.

Bettylou watched Steve lick his lips. His cock was straining wildly. It looked like it was ready to blast.

Bettylou heard Steve groan. She saw the way his erect prick bubbled a little bit of white cream at the very tip. She saw the wildness in his eyes as he gazed at his wife's lovely pussy.

"Come here, you little sexy slut!" he groaned, wrapping his arms around her smooth asscheeks and pulling her forward until her glossy beaver was only an inch from his mouth.

"Promise to suck me off?" he asked, flicking his tongue back and forth, almost touching her pink cunt, but not quite. "Promise, or I won't eat your cunt!"

Tiffany giggled. She tried to hunch her hips forward and force him to eat her horny little cunt but he held her firmly. She sighed deeply.

"Okay, you win," she grumbled. "I promise, but you'd better give me a real good tongue-fucking first!"

"Don't I always?" Steve laughed. "You always come every time I eat you out. You practically drown me every time I do it!"

Tiffany giggled. Then she wiggled a tiny bit closer. "Come on, baby!" she whispered. "I'm so hot I'm almost coming just thinking about it!"

Steve grinned. Then the tip of his tongue flicked out and drove forward between the wet lips of her pussy. Bettylou could hear the sound of this sexy licking.

"Oooooooh! Baby, you do that so good," Tiffany yelped, pushing her spasming pussy right up against Steve's eager mouth. "Lick it all over honey. Tongue-fuck me, please!"

Bettylou could see Tiffany trembling. Her legs were shaking so hard that Bettylou couldn't see how she could stay standing. It looked like she would fall over any moment.

Tiffany's tits were quivering too. Her nipples were hard and rosy and they stuck out like little spikes on her white, round globes. Her tits were so perfect, so lovely, that Bettylou almost wondered if they were real. Tiffany Brown looked like a delectable centerfold picture. It was hard to believe that she was really looking at such a perfectly lovely woman.

Bettylou felt her face flush with her thoughts. She suddenly realized that she wanted to reach out and touch Tiffany's titties to see if they were real. She wanted to run her fingers through Tiffany's beautiful silky beaver hair to see if it was as soft as it looked. She wanted to feel the hot pinkness of Tiffany's pussy to see if it was as slippery and steamy as she thought it would be. She wanted to be in the room with Tiffany.

Bettylou's face turned beet-red. She was terribly embarrassed. She had never felt this way about another woman before. She couldn't imagine why she felt like this now. Maybe it was because Tiffany was so beautiful and because Kenny hadn't done anything to satisfy the itch in her cunt. She hadn't wanted other women before. The thought was terribly shocking. This must be an exception. She must have seen Tiffany Brown at the moment her desires were at the bursting point. She wasn't a lez. She was normal!

Bettylou forced her attention back to the scene in the bedroom. Thinking about her abnormal lust for Tiffany wasn't going to help her now. Right now she wanted to watch Steve licking Tiffany's cunt. She wanted to pretend that she was getting her pussy licked too. She really didn't care who was doing the licking, as long as it did for her what it seemed to be doing for Tiffany.

Tiffany looked like she was in heaven. She groaned and squealed constantly as Steve's long tongue licked and smacked over the delicate pink flesh of her pussy. She pressed her hands to his head and forced his head to stay in place, making sure the wonderful sensations didn't stop.

Her legs spread apart lewdly, giving Steve's licking tongue and sucking mouth full access to her creamy cunt. Bettylou could see her asscheeks quiver and clench with excitement.

"Ooooooh, honey! You're going to make me come already! Aaaaaaaagh! I can feel it starting! You're the best cunt-licker in the world, darling! The best!"

There was an expression of rapture on Tiffany's pretty face. Bettylou knew that Steve was giving her little pink cunt exquisite thrills. Tiffany was shuddering and shaking all over. Even her hair was shimmering along with the thrills that raced through her body.

Steve's firm fingers dug into the white flesh of her trembling asscheeks. He held her firmly while she shivered all over, his tongue working busily in her spasming wet pussy. Bettylou could see him kneading her asscheeks with his hands and one long finger was circling the rim of her little pink asshole. Her little puckered shitter spasmed as Steve rimmed it.

Bettylou wondered what it would feel like to have her asshole teased and touched the way Steve was touching Tiffany's. Without realizing what she was doing, her own hand found its way to her seething cunt.

Bettylou watched Steve suck. She could see his jaw move up and down as he licked and sucked Tiffany's cunt. His tongue stabbed against her pussy and rubbed her clit. Then it found her snapping pussyhole and plunged all the way in, until it was buried all the way to the root.

Bettylou groaned right along with Tiffany. Watching this exciting scene was turning her on too. Her own cunt was spasming and flooding. She wanted to come too.

Bettylou pulled at her own soft pussyhair and shook it. Her head was whirling. Watching Tiffany and Steve was better than looking at pictures. Her pussy twitched and watered as her hand moved across her sensitive flesh. She was almost there.

She could feel the dampness of her cunt. The moisture seeped out and began to run down her smooth thighs. Her pussy was flooding. She had to come soon!

Bettylou let her robe flap open. The cool air rushed over her hot cunt. It felt good on her burning pussylips her hand swirled faster.

Tiffany was shaking her head back and forth. Her mouth was open slightly and her eyes were wild with pass on. Little mewling cries were coming from her lips and she hung on to Steve's head tightly. She was coming and both Steve and Bettylou knew it.

"Ooooooh! God! So good! Oh, honey... the best ever! Ooooooh! I feel so wonderful! Oh, honey!"

Tiffany squealed again and again. She bent over and rubbed her nipples across the back of Steve's neck. He licked her sweet pussy until all the cream was gone. Then he sat up and grinned at her.

"How did you like that?" he asked, running his hands up and down her smooth hips.

Tiffany shuddered once more. Then she flashed him a dazzling smile. "That was just perfect!" she gasped. "Just absolutely perfect!"

"Then it's my turn now, right?" Steve teased, reaching out and tweaking her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

Tiffany looked down at his throbbing cock. She gasped in adoration. "Oh! You really need it, don't you honey?"

Bettylou could see what Tiffany meant. Steve's cock was long and throbbing. It was big and thick. Her pussy twitched just looking at it.

Tiffany giggled and pushed him back on the bed. "All right, honey," she agreed. "I owe you one, and then we'll fuck!"

She dropped to her knees in between his legs. Her nipples poked out at his inner thighs. Bettylou could see them harden again as they scraped against the hair on his legs.

She reached for his long prick and held it in her hand. She ran her fingers up and down his stiff shaft, touching his cockhead lovingly. It got harder and harder.

Bettylou's fingers flew faster in her steaming cunt. She knew what Tiffany was about to do. She was going to do what Bettylou had seen in the pictures. She was going to suck and lick Steve's hard cock.

Bettylou could hardly wait to see it. She wanted to know how to suck cocks. After she had seen the picture of the girl sucking a cock in the book she had, she had wanted to try it. She hadn't dared do it, though. She really wasn't sure how. Perhaps watching Tiffany would teach her how, so she could do it to Kenny. She bet that Kenny would love it.

Tiffany pushed her shining hair back. That gave Bettylou a good look at Steve's hard cock. It was red and throbbing and as stiff as a fence post. A drop of fluid oozed from the head, waiting for the descent of Tiffany's luscious mouth.

Tiffany's pink tongue darted out and flicked it off the tip of his cockhead. Steve's hard prick throbbed and pulsed in response. He groaned loudly.

"Aaaaah! Oh baby! That's so good! Lick it all over, honey! Lick it up and down and suck it into your hot mouth!"

Tiffany dove forward with her tongue again Steve gasped. He held in his breath until his face turned red. Then he expelled his breath in a shuddering sigh.

"Oh, God, honey! You know just how to suck cocks! It's perfect!"

Bettylou watched closely. She wanted to be a perfect cocksucker too. She saw Tiffany purse her lips and form her tongue into a trough. Then she saw her fit her tongue to the underside of Steve's hard prick and draw on it as she sucked her mouth down over the end. His pulsing prick was deeply in her throat now and she was swallowing greedily. She looked as if she really enjoyed sucking Steve's cock. Her nipples were all spiked and pointed and hard.

Bettylou let out her breath quietly. She had been holding it right along with Steve. Sucking cock didn't look that hard. She bet that if she practiced, she could do it as well as Tiffany, and Steve certainly seemed to love it. She bet that Kenny would love it too.

Bettylou wished that she had a chance to practice before she tried it out on Kenny. She wanted to be just perfect when she surprised Kenny. She could hardly wait to see the expression on his face when she sucked his cock. He'd probably pass out with shock.

"Oh, Jesus!" Steve yelled. His hips bucked forward with a quick thrust. Bettylou caught her breath in wonder. Steve was fucking Tiffany's mouth!

Bettylou remembered what Kenny had said about her little pussy. He said that it was hot and tight. Her mouth was hot too, and it could be as tight as she wanted to make it. All she had to do was to purse her lips harder to make it tighter.

The whole idea of licking pussies and sucking cocks was turning Bettylou on so much she couldn't stand up. She had to prop herself up against the side of the house to keep her knees from buckling. Luckily, she was still able to see in the window. All she had to do was to poke her head around the side and she could look right in the bedroom.

Bettylou's fingers swirled faster and faster in her hungry pussy. She could feel her pussyjuice flood and little thrills shot through her body like electric shocks. She smeared her cunt-juice over her swollen cuntlips and moved her fingers faster.

Suddenly an idea struck Bettylou. She wondered what pussyjuice tasted like. If she was going to suggest that Kenny eat her pretty pink pussy, she had better find out what it tasted like ahead of time.

She thrust her finger into her nipping cuntmouth. Then she poked it in and out until it was well coated with creamy pussyjuice. Slowly, she brought her finger up to her mouth.

Bettylou's mouth watered. Pussyjuice smelled good. She could sense the musky smell long before she got her finger to her mouth. Then she tasted.

"Sweet Jesus!" she gasped. "It's good!"

Tiffany's eyes were closed in bliss and she was eagerly sucking and gobbling Steve's long prick. Her head was bobbing back and forth as she fucked her mouth down over the length of Steve's hard cock.

Bettylou's fingers traveled faster. She could feel the hotness build up in her body. There would be no waiting this time. She was ready to explode with passion.

She pursed her own lips. She imagined that she was the one sucking Steve's hard, throbbing cock. She flicked her tongue in and out of her mouth and tried to match Tiffany's rhythm. She watched Steve's cock grow harder and harder and jerk with readiness. He was ready to come.

Bettylou shivered in the chilly night air. It wasn't from the cold, though. She shivered with the passion that was building in her lush body. Her pussy was a blazing furnace, ready to spill over with lava, ready to explode with white hot cream.

"Ooooooh! Here it comes, hon! Here's my cockjuice! Swallow it baby! Swallow my cum!"

Steve was shouting with excitement. His face was red and his legs were shaking. His ass bucked up high, fucking his throbbing cock right into the back of Tiffany's throat.

Suddenly Bettylou realized what he had said. Tiffany wasn't going to eat his cum, was she? She wasn't going to really swallow all that hot jism. Bettylou watched eagerly. Her mouth fell open. It certainly didn't look like Tiffany was going to pull her mouth away. She was actually going to swallow it. She as going to swallow Steve's cum!

Steve's thighs trembled wildly. Bettylou could see his balls jerk and swell as his cock filled Tiffany's hot mouth. Then she saw him give a mighty lunge and heard his squeal of delight as his cock exploded at the very back of Tiffany's throat.

Tiffany swallowed frantically. Sperm splashed into her mouth and she gulped and choked, trying to get it all. She licked and sucked in wild abandon. It was just too much though.

Bettylou watched it squirt out from the sides of her mouth. Even with Tiffany's frantic gobbling and gulping, she couldn't get it all. A few drops escaped and fell to the bed in white, creamy droplets.

Bettylou pretended that Steve's cock was splashing into the back of her throat. She swallowed and licked her lips. She could practically feel it running down her slippery throat.

She could feel his cockhead exploding in her mouth. She could feel his balls bumping against her face and scraping against her chin. It would soothe her throat and fill her tummy with warm wetness. She shuddered in ecstasy.

Bettylou's fingers moved faster. She began to bring on her own thrills. Her fingertips pushed into the sensitive flesh of her cunt and swirled across her throbbing little love button. She felt the thrills start with an electric jolt that made her whole body shudder.

She leaned up against the side of the house. Her titties swelled and pulsed, the nipples threatening to poke through the fabric of her robe. Her full rounded asscheeks clenched tightly with the thrills that swept through her pussy. She opened her eyes wide and watched Tiffany swallow Steve's exploding prick as she came.

Then she saw Tiffany's body tremble too and she knew that Tiffany was coming too, just from sucking on Steve's cock. All three of them were coming together.

"Aaaaaagh!" Steve shouted again. His arms collapsed and he fell back on the bed gasping for breath. His whole body twitched and jerked in ecstasy.

His hips gave one more lunge upward and then they were still and relaxed. He began to smile slowly as Tiffany's head emerged from between his legs.

"Oh, honey! That was great! Really great!" he praised her. "You sure know how to make me feel good!"

Tiffany smiled back. Then she raised her arms above her head and stretched. "Do you miss our old friends?" she asked.

Steve thought for a moment. Then he nodded slowly. "I miss the parties we used to have. You know, honey, I don't think there are any swingers around here. Everyone's so straight... I just don't know."

"You're right," she agreed. Then she reached out and fondled his empty nutsacs until his limp cock began to swell again.

"It's more fun this way," she added. "This way we can turn our neighbors into swingers. I'll bet that Bettylou next door would go for a little switching. She looks like she'd be hot in bed. I can usually tell."

Steve grinned. He knew that Tiffany was usually right about women. If she thought that Bettylou would be good, then Bettylou could probably be a tiger in bed. He tried to conjure up an image of their neighbor.

"She's got nice tits," he volunteered, "and her ass is nice too. I wouldn't mind getting into that, honey! How about you?"

Tiffany giggled. "I wouldn't mind either," she answered, feeling her pussy begin to grow hot again. "I bet she's cherry to girl-fucking too!"

Bettylou almost, passed out with shock. She never dreamed that Tiffany and Steve would talk about her like that. It was enough to get her really embarrassed. She wondered how she could ever bring herself to face either one of them again.

"Let's seduce her!" Tiffany squealed, running her fingers up and down Steve's rapidly expanding prick. "Let's both work on her and seduce her! I'll bet you ten bucks that I can get to her before you do!"

"You got yourself a bet lady! If she was here right now I'd poke this hard cock of mine right in her hot pussy!"

"Like hell you would!" Tiffany squealed, squatting over Steve's long hard cock. "This time it's for me! I've been waiting all night to feel your hard cock in my pussy and I'm not giving it up for anybody! Not even that good-looking little broad!"

"It's all yours, baby," Steve whispered. He gasped as she brought her open pussy down over his hard prick. He looked up into the silky pinkness of her cunt and felt his cock throb and pulse with desire.

She reached down and grabbed his stiff prick shaft. Then she squirmed her hips around, coming down until his bloated cockhead was centered between her pink, wet pussylips. She stayed there for a long moment, watching the lust grow in his eyes. She remained motionless until she couldn't stand it anymore.

"Here I come!" she gasped.

She plunged down with a groan. Her wet cunt made a sucking, smacking noise as she took his long prick all the way inside her. It throbbed and jerked and bucked all the way to the back of her pussy, banging up against her soft womb. It made her feel full and hot. She loved being stuffed with a big, long, hard prick.

"Oooooooh! You're so hot!" Steve groaned. His face was a study in ecstasy. He looked like he was ready to come again right away Bettylou could tell that Tiffany's hot pussy was making him feel wonderful.

Tiffany squealed as she felt his prick jerk inside her. She squirmed a little and swiveled her hips around in a circle. Steve's hard cock made her hot cunt ripple. Her delicate pussyflesh grasped his huge cock and moved with every twitch and jerk he made.

"Like that?" Steve chortled, making his hard cock jerk and throb in Tiffany's hot cunt.

"Yeah!" she squealed. "Oooooh! It feels so good when you do that! Fuck it all the way up inside me, Steve. Make your hard prick jerk and buck into my pussy again. I love it when it moves like that inside my cunt."

Tiffany sat back and let Steve hump up, against her open pussy. She let him plunge his cock up, all the way into her silky, hot cunt.

"You've got the nicest cunt I've ever fucked!" Steve gasped. "You're the best, Tiffany! The best I've every had!"

"That's pretty good for a guy who's fucked everything in a skirt!" Tiffany teased. Then her smile turned softer. "It's fun to swap, isn't it honey?"

"Damn right!" Steve replied, pumping up again. "We've gotta get something going here!"

"I've got some ideas along those lines," Tiffany confided. "I think we'll start with Bettylou. Then you can work on plump little Connie. I think if we get the women all talked into it, we won't have any trouble with the men!"

Steve laughed. He knew that Tiffany was usually right. She knew how to pick a swinger out of a crowd. She just had a knack for knowing who'd be good in bed and who wouldn't.

Bettylou watched it all happen. She listened carefully. It was hard to believe her own ears. Tiffany and Steve were going to try to get her in bed and then they were going to concentrate on Connie Hansen. She just couldn't believe it.

Bettylou knew that she should be shocked and angry. She knew that she ought to go and warn Connie about what Tiffany and Steve were planning. She knew exactly what she ought to do.

She sighed. It didn't really matter what she ought to do. She wanted to knock on the door and tell Tiffany and Steve that it was fine with her. She wanted to join them in a wild threesome. She wanted to encourage them to liven up this dead neighborhood and make it a little less boring for her. She wanted to have fun, for once in her life.

Bettylou pulled her robe tightly around her. She felt another tingle shoot through her pussy as she thought of what Tiffany had said. She wondered how Tiffany was going to try to seduce her. She could hardly wait. Her pussy was creaming and throbbing, just thinking about it.

"Oh! Darling! My pussy's on fire! Oh, honey! Fuck me good! Fuck me hard! Fuck my cunt and fuck my ass too! Put your hard cock up my ass and fuck me!"

Tiffany was wild with passion. Her long hair swept back and forth tickling Steve's body. Her eyes were frenzied and her whole lush body shook with excitement.

"Fuck me in the ass, Steve!" she begged. "Please ass-fuck me, darling! You know how I love it!"

Bettylou couldn't believe her ears. She hadn't ever heard of ass-fucking before. She shuddered at the thought of a hard, long cock poking its hot way up her asshole.

Bettylou couldn't stand it any longer just listening to Tiffany's lewd suggestions turned her on again. Her pussy was hot and dripping. She couldn't just stand there and watch without doing something to relieve her own passion? She would just have to play with her pussy again and pretend that she was in on Tiffany and Steve's exciting fun.

She spread her knees. She held her pussy lips wide apart. They were slippery and bloated. Then she found her hot, spasming cunthole with her finger. She hesitated just a moment before plunging it in.

She glanced back through the window. Tiffany was pumping up and down on top of Steve's bucking cock now. She was moaning and shaking in lust. She lifted her asscheeks high in the air and then came down hard on Steve's cock.

Steve was staring at Tiffany's bobbing titties. Every so often he would try to capture one spiked nipple with his mouth. His tongue reached out every time her tits came close to his head. Bettylou could see him arch his neck and press his mouth and face closer. He nuzzled and licked happily.

Tiffany's pussy was so hot that Bettylou could see her cuntcream squishing right out. When she lifted her quivering asscheeks up, Bettylou could see her pussycream coat Steve's hard cock. It looked like yummy frosting. Bettylou felt her pussy lurch and throb as she thought about licking it off.

Tiffany's tongue snaked out. It made little stabbing motions in the air, trying to find something to lick. There was nothing though. It circled around aimlessly, licking her moist lips over and over again.

Bettylou wished that she were in the bedroom with Tiffany and Steve. Bettylou would love to be licked by Tiffany's darting tongue. She could think of lots of places that she'd love to have Tiffany's hot tongue explore!

"Ooooooh! Harder, darling! Oh, I need it, honey! I need your hard cock! Fuck it deep in my cunt, honey! Deep!"

Tiffany was out, of her mind with lust. Steve's cock was bucking and jerking in her hot cunt. Her tithes were swelling and her nipples felt like hard little marbles, poking out at the air. She was ready for thrills. Soon she wanted Steve's hard cock in her asshole. She wanted to feel that thrill again. She loved to ass-fuck! It was the best she had ever had.

Steve watched her satiny cunt spread around his stiff cock. He saw the way her cuntjuice squirted out and ran down his thighs. He felt the searing heat of her pussy and he knew that she was almost ready for the ultimate thrill. She was almost ready for a hard cock up her asshole.

Steve could feel Tiffany's sweet puss juice soak his balls and cock. He was coated with her slippery, hot cream. Every time her hot pussy wrapped itself around his stiff cock, he was drenched with her hot, sugary juices. He felt like his prick was wading through gallons of hot, sexy syrup.

Tiffany's face was bright pink. She felt the heat grow in her horny pussy. She wanted something extra now, something kinky and naughty. She knew exactly what it was. She wanted Steve's hard poking cock in her ass.

"Put it in me now, Steve," she urged. "Put your hot prick, in my ass, honey! Plunge it in my asshole. Please darling... I want to feel your big cock stretching my ass. Do it! Now!"

"Oooooooh, honey! Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you, honey!" Steve groaned. "Are you sure you want it in your ass?"

"Oh, yes, darling!" she squealed. "That's exactly where I want it! I've been waiting for this all day! I've been thinking about your big cock and how it'd feel plunging in my ass. I got so horny, thinking about it, darling! I want it Steve! I really want your cock in my asshole!"

She pulled her hot pussy away from his hard cock with a smack. Then she parted the lips of her hot pink cunt widely.

Steve could see right up inside Tiffany's cunt. He could tell how hot she was by seeing all the creamy pussyjuice that coated the sides of her cunt. She was so hot she was practically steaming.

Tiffany plunged one finger in her soaking, steaming pussy. She wiggled it around lewdly, coating it with creamy hot juice. "I'm going to make it nice and easy for you," she murmured and then spread her legs open even wider.

Bettylou watched in amazement. She could hardly wait to find out what Tiffany was going to do.

Tiffany drew her finger out slowly. It made a sticky sound as it plopped out of her tight cunthole. Then it traveled back to the small, pink puckered mouth of her ass.

Both Bettylou and Steve gasped aloud when Tiffany's slim fingertip caressed the rim of her asshole. They gasped again when it poked inside to coat the whole ring with frothy, hot pussycream.

Tiffany's lush body trembled in passion. She was ready for Steve's huge cock. She was ready for the ass-fuck of her young life.

She raised her pelvis slightly and then lowered her hot target. She centered his wide cockhead right at the rim of her spasming asshole.

"Oo-ooh! That's it!" she shouted in excitement. Then she lowered her creamy asscheeks lower, until the tip of Steve's huge cockhead began to disappear in the ring of her puckered asshole.

Tiffany's face took on an expression of exquisite pleasure. She squatted a little lower until even more of Steve's swollen cockhead disappeared in her steamy pink ass.

"Eeeeee! It's going in!" she squealed, squirming a little on his stiff cock. "It's going in, darling! You're fucking my ass, honey! You're in my ass!"

Bettylou's eyes were riveted on the window. She just couldn't believe that it wasn't a trick of some sort. She just couldn't see how Tiffany could take Steve's huge cockhead inside her tiny asshole. She shuddered at the very, thought. It had to hurt. She was sure that it had to hurt Tiffany an awful lot.

She watched another few seconds and then she frowned slightly. It didn't look as if Tiffany were being hurt and it didn't sound that way either. Tiffany looked and sounded as if she were having an absolute ball.

Bettylou's attention turned suddenly to Steve. Steve had a rapt, horny expression on his face and his breath was coming in ragged gasps. He looked like he was enjoying himself fully.

Bettylou gasped. If it was that much fun for Tiffany and that much fun for Steve, she didn't know why she and Kenny couldn't try it. She watched carefully to see exactly how it was done.

Steve's cock seemed to meet some sort of resistance. He appeared to be pushing, hard. Then she saw Tiffany's face relax and Steve's hard cock plunged all the way up her tiny asshole. The whole prick shaft popped right in as Tiffany lowered her hips all the way in sexy bliss.

"Aaaaaaaah!" she sighed happily. "It's all the way, darling! Your prick is all the way up my asshole! God, it feels so good!"

"Ooooooh! You're so tight, honey! Your asshole's so tight and hot! God, Tiffany! I'm almost ready to come!"

"OOOooh, darling! Me too!" Tiffany squealed. "Fucking my ass gets me so horny, darling! I want you to love it as much as I do! I want you to shoot off your big prick in my ass! I want you to flood me with your hot cum!"

Steve's fingers gripped her legs tightly. "Are you ready, honey?" he cried desperately. "I'm almost coming! Is it time?"

"Yes! Yes! It's time, darling! It's... ah! Ahhhhhh, I'm coming! Now, honey! Shoot it now! Oh, baby! Now! Aaaaaaaagh!"

She screwed her asshole down around his thrusting cock and squeezed it with her spasming muscles. Her slippery asschute sucked at his exploding shaft and drew out his cream in spurting gobs.

"Ooooooooh! Darling!" he shouted. "Ooooooooh!"

Steve lunged his hips upward. He drove his cock all the way between the shuddering cheeks of her lush ass and blew his cum into the slippery hot tunnel.

Bettylou couldn't help herself any longer. She wanted to know what it felt like. She wanted to have a big, long cock up her asshole, just like Tiffany. She shuttered all over in crazed lust.

Bettylou's finger slipped in her wet pussy. It got nice and slippery playing with her creamy juices. She probed and searched for her little virgin asshole and ringed it lightly with her juice-coated fingertip.

Then, the moment that Steve's huge cockhead poked into Tiffany's asshole, Bettylou's finger had pressed against her own.

Her finger was slippery. She was so horny that she didn't mind the sudden jolt of pain as her finger pierced her anal ring and peeked inside her slippery, steamy shitchute.

Then she saw Tiffany begin to tremble with the pleasure of orgasm. It was just too much for her. Her own virgin asshole started spasming around her finger, drawing it all the way in.

Orgasm ripped through her body with mind-blowing force.

"Mmmmmmmmphfff!" she squealed tightly, managing to keep her teeth clenched and most of the sound trapped in her throat. "Nnnnnnnngh!"

She'd never come so hard before. Her whole body was tossed by violent spasms as she watched Steve and Tiffany come at the same time. She blinked rapidly. It was hard to see, she was coming so hard.

The visions of Steve and Tiffany began to whirl around in front of her eyes. The whole world was whirling along with her in delightful spasms of fierce orgasm.

Bettylou didn't know how long it lasted. It seemed like hours of wonderful thrills. She had to yank her finger out of her asshole to make herself stop for fear that Steve and Tiffany would hear her muffled cries of delight.

She crept home silently, her mind whirling. Suddenly there was a lot more to think about. The world was becoming a very interesting place since Steve and Tiffany moved in. She wondered what effect her beautiful, sexy neighbors would have on Kenny. They had already started changing her life.


Connie Hansen let out a yelp of surprise as the front doorbell rang. She wasn't expecting any company. She stuffed the rest of the giant chocolate bar she had been eating under the corner of the kitchen tablecloth and hurried to answer the door. Her heart was pounding. She always felt guilty when she was eating fattening foods when she was supposed to be dieting. She licked her lips quickly. She hoped the chocolate crumbs were all gone.

"Well, hello!" she murmured in surprise. Steve Brown, the tall, good-looking photograph her who had just moved in across the street was standing there. He had a big smile on his face and he was carrying a camera.

"Hi, Connie," he answered, following her into the living room. "Sorry to barge right in like this but I'm desperately in need of a model and Tiffany's gone shopping. I wondered if you'd fill in for her. I'd pay you, of course..."

Connie couldn't believe her ears. "Fill in?" she squeaked. "You... you... you mean you want me to model?" Her face turned bright pink with excitement.

Steve smiled. Everything was working out just as he had planned it. He could tell that Connie was thrilled with a little flattery. Now all he had to do was flatter her some more and he was sure that she'd go along with anything he'd suggest.

"You look surprised, Connie," he said, moving over and tipping her chin, up to study her face. He whistled softly. Then he smiled broadly and sighed.

"I wish all women had your bone structure," he murmured, looking straight into her eyes. "You've got the perfect face for a model."

He let his eyes travel down her body, moving slowly all the way down to her feet and then up again, lingering a bit on her plump, rounded tits. Then he smiled disarmingly.

"I don't suppose you'd consider modeling nude, would you Connie? I'd certainly never tell anyone if you would. I'd just love to take some shots of that voluptuous body of yours. I could probably sell the print to a men's magazine. You're the pin-up type, all right!"

Connie gasped audibly. She blinked her eyes, almost afraid that she was dreaming and that when she opened them again, Steve Brown, with his flattering comments, would disappear into thin air.

Connie opened her eyes slowly. He was still there. She wasn't dreaming. This was real. She blushed, her face turning fire-red.

"Oh, you can't really mean that!" she chided. "You're just saying that to make me feel good, aren't you?"

Steve grinned. "Are you kidding?" he teased. "Listen, Connie... I've had my tongue hanging out after that beautiful body of yours ever since we moved in! You just don't know what an effect you have on me, Connie. Just look!"

He patted the front of his trousers. She looked down and gasped again. Her face turned even brighter red. Steve certainly wasn't lying about that. Any fool could see that he had a hard-on. She stared at his crotch. His prick was straining against the fabric so hard that she was almost afraid that the material would split.

Connie held her breath. She had never been so terribly embarrassed. The things Steve was saying were thrilling but they were embarrassing too. She had never had a strange man tell her that her body was beautiful. Even Rod never told her that.

Connie sighed. Then she forced herself to meet his eyes. "Do... do you really think I'm sexy?" she asked in a shaky voice.

Steve laughed loudly. "Do I think you're sexy?" he repeated, reaching out and pulling her tightly against him. "Didn't I just show you how sexy you are? You saw how hard my cock is, didn't you?"

"Steve!" Connie yelped, struggling to get free. "Don't do that! What if someone sees us?"

"Who's to see?" Steve questioned, smiling broadly. "Tiffany's downtown and Rod's at work. There's nobody here but you and me, and I sure won't tell if you don't."

Connie felt the warm flush spread across her face. It traveled lower and lower until it reached her pussy and made it hot and wet. She let herself be pulled closer in Steve's embrace. Her mind was whirling now. It was hard to think. Her pussy was getting hotter and hotter and the demands of her sexy body were almost impossible to deny. She knew that if she didn't break away from Steve's embrace now, she wouldn't be able to at all. She would be caught up in the whirling lust and horny commands of her hot, wet cunt.

"Don't fight it, Connie," Steve soothed her in a low, husky voice. "Just let me show you how much I want you. Let me make you feel good, Connie. I can make you feel better than you've ever felt in your whole life. I can show you thrills that you've never had before. Let me try, Connie. Just let me try!"

Connie shivered with lust. The more Steve promised, the hornier her spasming pussy became. She could feel the hot pussyjuice squish between her puffy cuntlips and coat the whole length of her cuntslit with rich, slippery oil. She could feel Steve's hard cock pressing up against her leg and she wanted to know exactly how big it was. She wanted to touch it and see if he was really as horny as he claimed. She pressed up a little closer to the hard bulge in his pants and heard him sigh deeply.

"That's it baby," he murmured. "See what you do to me? You make my cock big and hot. That's all for you, Connie! Every bit of my hot, hard prick is for you!"

Connie felt the room start to whirl around her. She knew that she was lost in a pool of passion. Her lust was too great. Her needs were too strong to deny. She would have to satisfy her horny, pussy. There was nothing else she could do.

Connie thought about Rod for a fleeting instant. She tried to concentrate on how shocked Rod wouldn't be if he knew what she was about to do. It didn't work though. All she could think about was Steve's immense cock pressing against the warm softness of her inner thigh. She didn't care what Rod would think. Nothing mattered except the crying need in her hot cunt. Nothing counted except satisfying her own horny desires.

Tiffany. Brown was not shopping as Steve had told Connie. She was so close that she could hear everything Steve was saying. She was standing right outside the window, watching Steve seduce Connie.

Tiffany felt her pussy go soft and hot as Steve came closer to success. She heard Steve soothe away all Connie's objections with his promises of horny delights. She really wanted to stand and watch Steve slide his long, hard prick in Connie's cunt, but she couldn't.

Tiffany had work of her own to do. She had agreed to initiate Bettylou into the wonders of woman-love. She had bet Steve that she could suck and lick Bettylou's hot pussy and she didn't want to waste any precious time.

Tiffany straightened her hair and rang Bettylou's doorbell. She smiled as she heard footsteps coming down the hall. Bettylou was going to be mighty surprised to see her standing there. She wasn't exactly the drop-in-for-coffee type.

Ten minutes later, Tiffany was even more confused. Bettylou had served a cup of coffee and then she had sat across the table and stared at her. She acted as if she was waiting for something. Tiffany had the distinct feeling that Bettylou knew exactly why she had come over and she was just sitting there, waiting for the seduction.

There was a long moment of tense silence. Tiffany felt a blush spread over her face. This wasn't exactly working out the way she had planned. Bettylou's whole attitude was making her very uncomfortable. Tiffany cleared her throat nervously.

"What's the matter, Tiffany?" Bettylou asked with a knowing little smile. "You act as jumpy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! What's on your mind, anyway?"

Tiffany jumped as if she'd been shot. Now she was sure of it. Bettylou knew. Somehow Bettylou had found out what was happening and now she was sitting there, just waiting for Tiffany to do something. The whole feeling made Tiffany doubly nervous and she licked her lips anxiously.

"Why, there's nothing on my mind at all, Bettylou," she replied, trying to stay cool and poised. It was impossible. Bettylou's big, blue eyes bored straight into hers. Then it happened. Tiffany almost jumped up and ran. Bettylou had winked.

Bettylou opened her mouth and laughed. She knew she had the upper hand. Poor Tiffany looked so apprehensive that Bettylou was afraid she would get up and run for home if she didn't say something to set her at ease. With difficulty, she stopped laughing.

"Oh, don't get all nervous, Tiffany," she said with a giggle. "I'm sorry... guess it's my, humor, getting the best of me again. I just couldn't resist laughing, though. See, I know why you, came over here this morning. Not only that, I know exactly where Steve is too!"

Bettylou sat back with a comfortable sigh. She smiled happily at Tiffany, ignoring her puzzled expression.

"I think you have a great idea!" she beamed. "It's just what this ole stuffy neighborhood needs! You can count me in on any swinging you want to do! You're gonna' have to convince Kenny, though. He's a little bit of a stuffed shirt. I bet you could do it, though, Tiffany. He wouldn't be able to say no if you were to try to seduce him! No, he just wouldn't have any will power at all!"

Tiffany's mouth dropped open. She couldn't believe what Bettylou was saying. It was just too good to be true. Bettylou knew all about their plan for livening up the neighborhood and she was willing to help.

"You're an absolute doll!" Tiffany exclaimed, almost knocking over her coffee cup in her hurry to run around the table and hug Bettylou. "You're a fox, though. You knew all along, and you didn't let on until just now. You really had me sweating!"

Bettylou giggled. Her eyes twinkled merrily. "I wonder how Steve is coming along over at the Hansens'," she mused. "I sure wouldn't mind sneaking over there and peeking in at them. I'd like to see Connie's tits."

"Let's go find out!" Tiffany giggled. "We can watch for awhile and then we can knock on the door at just the right moment. If we time it just right, we can all have a party!"


Bettylou could feel the excitement build in her cunt as she neared Connie's house. She hoped that Steve was successful. It would really turn her on to see him fuck Connie. Seeing people actually fuck was much more exciting than the pictures she had in her filthy book. It was even better if she knew the people doing the fucking. That was even more of a kick. Seeing her friends and neighbors fuck made her own cunt throb and cream. She just couldn't believe how sexy everything was making her feel. She was turning into a new woman. She hoped that Kenny could keep up with her.

Tiffany turned around and put her finger up to her lips. They crept silently up to Connie's house, keeping well below the window sills. Luckily, the house was surrounded by high shrubs. There was no chance anyone passing by would see them peeking in the windows.

Tiffany listened as she neared the living room window. She could hear low voices. It sounded like they were in the living room. They could hear Steve's voice plainly now.

"Come on, Connie," he begged. "Don't be shy now. No one's here but us. You can take everything off. It's more fun that way!"

"OOOOOh!" Connie's voice answered. "Ooooh, Steve! That feels so good! Yes! Yes, I'll take it all off! Oh, yes!"

Tiffany couldn't stand it. She just had to know what was going on. She motioned for Bettylou to follow her and they stopped right below the window. Then both girls cautiously raised their heads until their eyes were on a level with the window sill.

Bettylou caught her breath in hex throat. It was even more exciting than she had imagined. She could feel her pussy simply gushing out hot cream. She squeezed Tiffany's hand in anticipation.

Now Bettylou saw what she wanted. Connie's tits were jutting right out like two quivering mountains of flesh, pointing straight at Steve's open mouth. Her nipples were cherry-red and pointed. They looked moist and full and swollen with passion.

Bettylou glanced at Tiffany. Tiffany was staring at Connie's tits with open-mouthed amazement. Her eyes were wide and she kept licking her lips with passion. Her hands slid unconsciously to her own throbbing tits and cupped them, squeezing and rubbing, trying to prolong the thrills that ran through her body.

Bettylou watched Tiffany with lust. She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to reach out and help Tiffany play with her tits. She wanted to squeeze and caress them... to feel their resilient fullness... to pinch her nipples and roll them between her thumb and finger... to hear Tiffany sigh with joy as her nipples poked and pushed into her palms.

Bettylou shook her head. She forced her attention back to the scene in Connie's living room. There was time enough for she and Tiffany to play their games later. Right now there was something interesting going on inside. She was going to see Connie Hansen's hot cunt getting fucked by Steve's enormous prick and she didn't want to miss a minute of it.

Steve's mouth came closer, and closer to Connie's tits. It looked like Connie was going to smother him in a mountain of sweet flesh. She held her tits up and threw her head back, waiting for Steve's mouth to take possession of her nipples.

"Suck them, Steve!" she hissed. "Please suck them!"

Steve's tongue flicked out and lashed across one pointed nipple and made it harden even more. It stuck out like a cherry, waiting to be plucked.

"Aaaaagh!" Connie gasped as Steve's hot tongue swirled around her nipples, sending them spiking out to poke against his chin. She thrust her tits out even farther. Her eyes were crazed with passion.

"Bite them, Steve! Bite my nipples! Suck and bite them! Pleeeease! I'm so horny, I could just die!"

Connie's voice was harsh with passion. Tiffany and Bettylou could tell that she was almost out of her mind with lust. Her head snapped back like a jolt of electricity had gone through her whole body when Steve's tongue touched her hard nipple again.

"Want some more, Connie?" Steve teased. "Want me to lick and suck that little horny pussy of yours? You'll like it even better if I bite and chew on your clit!"

Connie shuddered. Her eyes rolled wildly. "Oh, God!" she breathed. "Oh, God!"

Her face took on an expression of rapture. "Oh, Steve," she pleaded. "Please suck my pussy! Rod hasn't sucked my pussy in years! Oh! I want it so bad!"

Bettylou could feel her own pussy throb and cream at Connie's words. So Rod had sucked Connie's pussy. She was beginning to feel like she was the only person in the world who hadn't had their cunt licked and sucked. It sounded as if Connie had loved it too. She was practically begging Steve to do it.

Suddenly Bettylou felt an arm around her waist. It felt good. It was warm and soft and womanly. Tiffany had slipped her arm out and was holding her. She was surprised how nice it felt. She relaxed her body and let Tiffany hold her. Her eyes were glued on Connie's lush body as Steve bent over her.

His eyes were wide open with mounting lust. He licked his lips lewdly and reached out with both hands. He touched the sides of her juice-coated cuntlips and felt the hot, silky tissues of her sexy pussy.

"You're hot for me, aren't you Connie?" he asked, not expecting her to answer. He could feel the radiant heat from her cunt from inches away. She was steaming with creamy hot slickness.

Connie leaned back. She felt him push her knees apart. Her cunt-lips smacked open with a loud, squishy sucking noise. Creamy drops of juice glistened and oozed out of her spasming cunthole. He could smell the exciting musky odor of her arousal and the saliva started in his mouth. He swallowed noisily.

He leaned closer. He could see the pussycream gather in a puddle at the depths of her cunt. It gleamed white and creamy against the delicate pinkness of her pussy. Her cunt stood out stiffly from the top of her pussyslit.

"Ooooooh! Do it!" she begged. "Lick and suck my sweet pussy! Do it to me, Steve! Make me come with your licking!"

"Mmmmmmm," Steve moaned, leaning closer and closer. "Mmmmmrnm!"

He put his hands on her inner thighs. His thumbs spread her puffy cuntlips wide open.

Bettylou felt Tiffany's arm tighten around her waist. Her breath was coming in ragged little gasps. Tiffany was just as turned on by the scene before them as she was. She could feel Tiffany's body press closer to hers.

Bettylou moved a little closer too. Her hard, full tit was pressing right up against Tiffany's ribs. She moved closer still, and rubbed it back and forth as she watched.

Steve breathed in deeply. His mouth was only a fraction of an inch from Connie's cunt. He poked his tongue out slowly and made a wide lap. He licked up the entire length of Connie's hot cunt, not stopping until he reached the bud of her throbbing clit.

"Aaaaaah!" Connie moaned. Her body twitched like she had been hit with a whip. Her knees flopped down, spreading her open pussy even wider. Her gleaming asscheeks quivered and her eyes rolled.

Steve's hot tongue came out again. It followed the same path as before, slurping up the satiny furrow of her hot, pink cuntslit.

"Oh, God! That's perfect!" Connie squealed. "Oh! More, Steve! More!" Her head thrashed back and forth wildly. She reached down and pulled him forward until his mouth was pressed firmly to her steaming, slippery pussy.

"Oh, lick me until I come!" she begged. "Pleeeeeease! Lick me until I come all over your mouth!"

Steve whipped his head back and forth as he lapped and licked, cleaning up every drop of cream from Connie's steaming cunt.

He slid out his tongue and made it long and flat. He laid it all the way across her throbbing, pulsing cunt and wiggled it up and down. Her whole pussyslit shook and vibrated with his tongue.

Bettylou felt her own hot pussy twitch in excitement. She pressed her hard, throbbing tit tightly against Tiffany. Then she gave a little gasp as she felt Tiffany's hand on her nipple, plucking and twisting the sensitive bud, making her whole body shiver.

Tiffany knew just how to do it. She pinched and rolled Bettylou's nipple between her fingers until Bettylou thought she would surely go out of her head with lust. Then Tiffany slipped her fingers right up under Bettylou's bra. She couldn't hold back her cry of pleasure as Tiffany's fingers touched her hot, pulsing nipple.

"Do you like that?" Tiffany whispered lewdly. "Do you want me to do that while we watch?"

"Yes!" Bettylou hissed. "Oh, yes! You do that and I'll do you too!" Her own fingers reached out and found Tiffany's bursting nipple. It was twice as good to watch while she was playing with Tiffany's nipple and Tiffany was playing with hers.

Steve's lips nibbled at Connie's puffy pussylips. He sucked them into his mouth and chewed gently on them. She sighed and moaned without stopping. Her thighs spread wider and wider, giving Steve full access to her hot cunt.

Her fingers tightened on his neck. She was taking no chances that he would pull his head away before she came. Her pussy was open so far that her legs were pulled all the way up to her chest. Her massive tits were flattened by her legs pressing against them.

Connie looked hot. Her cunt was pouring out slippery honey as fast as Steve could lap it up. Tiffany and Bettylou could hear the wet, slippery sounds of his licking clearly. He sounded like he was enjoying every drop of her tasty pussyjuice.

Steve lapped and licked and sucked. He washed all over her hot, pink pussyflesh with his long tongue. He licked all over her sweet, pussylips. He traveled over her furry mound. His tongue lapped at her clit and made her jump in delighted shock every time it hit her pulsing love button.

Connie sighed and moaned. She couldn't stop voicing her pleasure. She had to squeal and moan and sigh. Her hair tossed back and forth, sweeping against the rug. Her hips bucked up, lifting her firm asscheeks all the way off the floor and bringing her pussy up to meet his licking, sucking mouth.

Bettylou gasped as she saw Connie's puckered asshole. It opened and closed with sharp little nips. The harder it nipped, the hornier Connie became.

Connie's moans were steady now. They became high-pitched wails of passion and lust. Her tiny little shitter nipped and her steamy pussy throbbed and pulsed. She was at the mercy of Steve's relentless tongue.

Steve's long tongue seemed to never tire. He lapped nearer and nearer to Connie's asshole. He licked right up to it and wiggled his tongue across her puckered, pink bung.

"Aaaaaah!" she squealed. "Oh! What... what what are you... Ohhhhhh! Oooooooh! Gaaaaaawd!"

Connie let out a quavering gasp. Then she stiffened and held her breath. Her whole body trembled and rocked back and forth like she had been plugged into a light socket.

Bettylou leaned forward. She gasped in shock. She saw it! Her hand tightened on Tiffany's nipple, squeezing it painfully.

Steve's tongue was there! It was snaking into Connie's asshole.

"Aaah! Steve!" Connie shouted. She grasped the back of his neck tightly. "I'm almost there, Steve! Just a little more... please! Almost... oh!"

Bettylou could hear the passion in Connie's voice. Connie was almost coming. Her tits were swollen and the nipples were poking right out against her knees. Her body was almost rigid with passion. Her face was flushed bright red.

Steve's tongue poked even farther in her tight little asshole. He ran his fingers all over her satiny cuntslit. They caressed her puffy cuntlips and thrust into her cunthole.

"Ah! It's coming!" Connie shouted. "It's coming, Steve! Here it is! I'm coming!"

Connie lunged forward. Her asshole swallowed Steve's probing tongue. Her pussy swelled against his fingers and pulsed wetly. Her cunt spasmed and sucked around his fingers, squeezing them in and out with wet, lewd sounds.

Steve didn't stop for an instant. He licked and flicked and lapped in a delighted frenzy. He used his lips and mouth and tongue and fingers in every way he could to give her the best puss eating he could.

"Aaaaaagh!" Connie squealed. "AAAAAAAAAGH!"

Bettylou and Tiffany could see the creamy pussyjuice spurt out from Connie's cunt. Her cunt muscles quivered and shook and pulsed in delight. Her asshole nipped at his long tongue. She coated his whole face in sweet juice.

Steve lapped until all the honey was gone. He licked her pussy clean. Then he leaned back and grinned at her.

"We still haven't done anything about this," he suggested, pointing at his long, hard cock.

Connie shivered. She couldn't believe the wanton feelings that were rippling through her body. It was like she was suddenly transformed into the wildest, sexiest, horniest woman on the face of the earth. She wanted to do everything.

"Just let me take care of that," she giggled, pushing him back. "You just take it easy for a minute and let me take good care of that!"

Steve grinned. He wasn't positive that he knew what was on her mind, but he was sure that he'd like it. She had a lusty glint in her eyes and his cock grew hard under her fixed stare.

Steve's face flushed under her gaze. He leaned back and waited, exactly like she had told him to. He was ready.

Connie bent down. Her hair swished against the tip of his raging cock. She was so close that he could feel her hot breath against his prick and balls. It was all he could do to wait. He wanted to grab her by the hair and force her mouth to fuck down, over the swelling, drooling head of his hard prick.

Connie teased him a moment longer. Then she stuck out her tongue and flicked it over the wrinkled surface of his nuts, tickling and exciting him so much he couldn't help but gasp.

"Ah! Oh, yes baby! Oh, yes!"

She liked over the whole surface of his balls, leaving them wet and slippery. Then she nuzzled her face up against his crotch, licking and breathing noisily.

"Aaaaah!" Steve sighed. His eyes opened wide. She was like a wild woman, flipping his nuts around with her tongue, nuzzling and licking and patting.

Connie leaned closer. She sucked in gently, drawing one nutsac all the way into her mouth.

"Jesus!" he yelled, his eyes closing with ecstasy. It gave him a sensation of delicious warm flesh and wet pressure. He felt like she was eating him alive and he groaned as she caressed his bills with her tongue.

"Aaaawwww! Jesus, Connie!" Steve wailed. "Do the other one! Pleeeease!"

Connie opened her mouth and let one full nutsac slip out. Then she closed her lips around the other.

"Aaaaaaah!" he groaned. He was consumed by a scalding wetness. It was the sexiest thing he had ever felt. He could hardly wait to tell Tiffany about it so they could try it at home.

Tiffany was watching with eager eyes. She hadn't missed Connie's little experiment and its exciting effect on Steve. She poked Bettylou to get her attention.

"See that?" she asked. "That's what's so great about swapping! I never would have thought to do that, but, Steve likes it. See? Now I can try it at home! You can learn lots from swapping!"

Bettylou nodded. Her eyes were wide. She had learned plenty already. She hadn't even thought about sucking a guy's cock until last week and she hadn't known about ass-fucking until she had seen Tiffany and Steve do it.

Connie let Steve's balls slip out of her hot mouth. She licked all over their bumpy surface once more and then she ran her tongue lightly up to the base of his stiff cock.

Steve gasped. This was what he had been waiting for. He wished he could make her hurry. He didn't know how much longer he could stand her delicious licking at the base of his cock.

Connie grinned. She knew just how much to tease him. She ran her tongue all the way around the base of his pulsing cock and then she started to circle it, making her slow way up to the top. She licked every little bit thoroughly, almost driving Steve out of his mind with passion.

"Ooooooh!" he groaned. "Ooooob, lick the head! Oooooooh! Please, Connie! Lick the head!"

Connie grinned. There was no way that she would be hurried. She took her own sweet time, working her way up to the middle of his thick, long cook, washing over every bit with her hoi, slippery tongue.

Steve's face turned red. Tiffany knew just how horny he must be. It was taking Connie forever to get up to his nearly-bursting cockhead. Glistening drops of cockjuice suddenly appeared at the very tip of his glands, dangling there like pearls, gleaming in the sunlight.

"Ooooooh!" Connie gasped, diving forward to lick off the gleaming drops of juice. She seamed her little pink tongue right in his glands-hole, cleaning up every bit of cream.

Steve's cock began to twitch and drool steadily. He couldn't hold back. Cream trickled down his stiff shaft.

Connie saw it. Her eyes gleamed with passion. She moaned and opened her hungry mouth, fucking it down over the head of his pulsing cock. Her lips closed around his cockshaft and she sucked, hard and greedily.

"Oooooooh!" Steve moaned. "Ooooooooh!"

Connie was a natural. She seemed to know just what would feel exciting and she did it. She was a natural cocksucker. Steve could tell by the starved way that she was sucking on his huge prick that she hadn't gotten the chance to prove how good she was before this.

Connie's legs trembled. Her mouth was like a wet furnace around his achingly hard cock. Her tongue sought out all the little sexy crevices and folds in his hard prick and explored them in detail. She tasted every tiny bit of his stiff cock, even running her tongue over his rippling nutsacs again and again.

"Oh, God, Connie! That's so good! You really know how to suck cock, baby! Your throat's so hot and slippery. Aaaaaah! Feels so good!"

Connie's mouth was wrapped tightly around his stiff prick. He could feel his cum build up and his cock swelled even bigger, poking deeper into the slippery hotness of her rippling throat.

Connie swallowed. She could feel his juice seeping down her throat and she swallowed again. It tasted hot and good and she milked his stiff prick, trying to get more of his strong, hot cream. She smacked her lips greedily and swallowed again and again, consuming every little bit of his delicious juices.

"Aaaaah!" Steve groaned. His cock creamed helplessly. He began to pump his hips in a fucking motion, jabbing his stiff cockshaft far down her unresisting throat.

"Aaaaah! I'm fucking your throat!" he yelled. "I'm fucking deep in your throat!"

"Ooooooh!" Tiffany groaned softly. She was getting so turned on by seeing Steve and Connie that she didn't really know what to do. Her hand slipped down to fondle her hot, wet pussy.

Bettylou turned to look at Tiffany. She saw her hand slip down to fondle her hot cunt and she felt horny desire build in her own cunt. She reached out and pushed Tiffany's hand away from her cunt, replacing it with her own.

"Let me!" she hissed. "I'll do yours and you do mine!"

Tiffany thrust her pussy at Bettylou's hand. Then she reached for the crotch of Bettylou's panties when she felt a strong hand grasp her own.

"What the hell is going on around here?" a harsh voice growled.


Tiffany and Bettylou paled when they looked up to see Rod Hansen scowling at them. They were petrified. They couldn't have explained if they had tried.

Rod looked past them and through the window. He let out a yelp of surprise as he saw his wife's face pressed tightly to Steve's hard cock.

All three of them gazed into the window, spellbound by the lewd event before them. Tiffany was the first to recover.

"Take it easy, Rod," she soothed. "There's really nothing to get upset about. See? I'm not upset and you shouldn't be either. We're just having a little bit of fun. Wouldn't you like to have fun too?"

Tiffany's voice trailed off weakly. Rod was still staring through the window, not hearing a word she was saying.

Bettylou stared at Rod. He wasn't angry or mad. He looked more surprised than anything else. Then, suddenly, he chortled as if something had struck him funny.

Then he looked down at Tiffany and Bettylou and his face broke into a big wide grin.

Tiffany and Bettylou couldn't believe their eyes. Rod was actually smiling at the whole thing. He wasn't mad at all. He thought it was amusing!

"Jesus Christ!" he murmured softly. "I never thought I'd see the day! Connie hasn't looked so happy in years!"

He looked down at Tiffany. "That husband of yours is sure some stud!" he said admiringly. "Looks like he might turn Connie into a good lay again. I've never seen her suck cock like that! I can hardly wait to ask her to suck mine!"

Tiffany sighed in relief. "Thank God!" she sighed. "I thought you'd be mad!"

Rod chuckled. "Mad?" he repeated. "Shit, no! I'm glad that someone finally awakened Connie to reality. She wouldn't believe me when I told her she was pretty and sexy. She needed someone else to make her believe it."

Tiffany glanced at the bulge at the front of Rod's pants. Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw that he was hard.

She reached up and pressed her fingers to his stiff prick and winked at him. "I think that Bettylou and I can think of something to do while we wait for Connie and Steve to finish. How about it, Rod? We were just standing here wishing for a nice hard cock to play with!"

Rod's eyes swept over Tiffany's body. He didn't miss the way her nipples were swollen and spiked from Bettylou's fondling. He saw the way her breath came in shuddering little gasps and he knew that she was ready for a nice, long hard prick.

Then his attention switched to Bettylou. Her tits were sticking straight out too, her nipples stiff. Her legs were trembling slightly and she ran her tongue over her lips nervously.

"Where?" he growled.

"My house," Tiffany replied. She pulled Bettylou to her feet. "Come on, honey! I'm going to show you how to take real good care of a man! Between the two of us, Rod's going to get the fucking of his life!"

Bettylou glanced once more at Steve and Connie. Then she hurried to follow Rod and Tiffany.

"Bettylou's never sucked a cock before, have you Bettylou?"

Tiffany winked at Rod and smiled at Bettylou. "Now don't get all uptight, Bettylou. Rod and I'll teach you just how to do it, won't we, Rod?"

Rod chuckled. He cast an appraising eye at Bettylou.

Bettylou was so embarrassed she wished she could disappear. She just wasn't used to people coming right out and talking about sex and especially about sucking cock.

"Come on, Bettylou," Tiffany urged. "You know you've been wanting to suck some cock ever since you watched Steve and I last night. You can't fool me!"

Rod chuckled. Bettylou looked so flustered that he felt almost mean, teasing her like this.

"Don't worry, Bettylou," he said, trying to make her feel better. "Tiffany and I'll teach you how. I'd really love to have you suck my, cock."

Bettylou raised her face to him. "I... I... I'd really love to," she confessed, "as long as you don't mind that I've never done it before."

Rod couldn't help laughing. Bettylou was really cute. He felt his cock start to swell. He was looking forward to having Bettylou learn on his cock.

"Well, what are we standing around for?" Tiffany asked, already starting to peel out of her clothes. "You two had better hurry up if you want to party."

Bettylou turned her back shyly. She wanted to party, but she wasn't really used to having anyone watch her undress. She turned to look at Tiffany and then she felt better. Tiffany didn't seem to have any problem taking off her clothes. She wasn't a bit shy, not even with Rod watching. Slowly, she started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Hurry up, Bettylou," Tiffany called, out. "There's a nice big cock here, just waiting for your luscious red lips to gobble it up. I'll bet that Rod would even suck and lick on your pussy if you do a good job sucking him!" Tiffany turned to look at Rod who was having trouble keeping his bands off his hard, throbbing cock. "You'd suck Bettylou's pussy if she licks your cock, wouldn't you, Rod?"

Rod gave Bettylou a big smile. "You bet I will!" he agreed. "I'll lick your little pussy until you scream for mercy if you do a good job on my cock. Tiffany will help you, won't you, Tiffany."

"I'll show you just how to do it," Tiffany replied. "You're going to love it once you try it. I practically come every time I lick a nice big cock... and it tastes so good when he comes in your mouth, Bettylou! There's nothing like it!"

Bettylou still looked a little uncertain. Then she caught sight of Rod's beautiful, big cock and she felt the heat rush to her face again. He was bigger than Kenny. Rod's cock was absolutely huge and it was so hard and long that Bettylou didn't know if she could get it into her mouth. She wanted to try, though. Rod's big cock looked absolutely delicious and she could hardly wait to suck it.

"I... I... I'm ready, Tiffany," she breathed. "You said you'd help... now tell me what to do!"

"The first thing is to reach out and get that luscious hard prick Rod has for you," Tiffany replied, trying to keep her mind on instructing Bettylou. She was having trouble concentrating. All she could think about was Rod's beautiful big prick and how she'd like to suck and lick on it herself. She had promised though. She could always lick Rod's cock later, after she had turned Bettylou into a swinger.

Tiffany gave Bettylou an encouraging wink. Then she patted the couch. "Rod's going to stretch out right here," she instructed. "Then I want you to kneel right beside him and feel how nice and hard his prick is. See?" She gave Bettylou a little push. "Come on! Don't be shy now!" she encouraged.

Bettylou didn't really need any encouragement. She could hardly wait to touch that big hard pole of Rod's erect prick. She gave a little gasp when she noticed the creamy drop of jism oozing from his glands-hole.

"Oooooh!" she squealed. "Just look at that!" She pointed to the drop of cockcream that was sparkling at the tip of his swollen cockhead.

Rod's cock quivered. He groaned with passion. He had trouble remembering any time in his whole life when he'd been this horny. His wildest fantasies were coming true.

There was Tiffany... beautiful, sexy, sophisticated Tiffany... gazing at his cock in obvious adoration. And then there was Bettylou, his cute, bouncy little Southern neighbor. She was going to lick his cock, the first cock she had ever licked. He just couldn't believe that all this was happening to him. He sighed deeply and blinked to make sure that it wasn't a dream.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his inner thigh. He looked up to see Tiffany staring at the drop of cream on the end of his cock.

"Oh! That's such a nice drop of cum on the end!" she squealed. "Let me have it, Bettylou! That's my payment for being your teacher. Come on! Please let me have just that little bit on the end and you can have all the rest! Is it a deal. I'm just dying to taste Rod's cum! Please?"

Bettylou giggled. "Sure," she replied generously. "Go ahead, Tiffany. You can have it!"

Rod had trouble believing that he had heard right. Tiffany had actually begged for a taste of his cum. It was just too incredible to believe!

He watched Tiffany's beautiful golden head come closer. He shuddered and sweat broke out all over his body. He had never been this horny. He could feel the heat rising in his balls and little jolts of electricity seemed to radiate from his hard, pulsing cock.

Tiffany giggled again. She could tell that her nearness was arousing Rod. His prick was bucking and jerking. She loved the expression of delightful agony she saw on his face.

"Can I have that nice, fat drop of cum, Rod?" she asked in a low, sexy voice. "Will you let me lick it off with my hot tongue?"

Rod groaned. "Yes!" he hissed. "Yes! Sure, you can have it! Get it, Tiffany! Please! Lick it up!"

Rod lifted his hips up, trying to get closer to Tiffany's luscious full lips and hot mouth. He tried to jam his prick down her smooth, hot throat.

Tiffany took her time. She wanted to see just how excited she could get Rod by teasing him. She licked her lips and made little sucking noises with her hot mouth. Then she approached Rod's cock slowly and deliberately, knowing that she had pushed him almost as far as she dared. She didn't want him to come in her mouth.

Rod groaned again. His cock jerked and pulsed in desire.

Rod was so excited he didn't know what to do. He had been dreaming of something like this for years. It was so wonderful being with two women who really wanted him. Connie hadn't admitted that she wanted any cock for the last year or so. It was terrible to feel like he was always the one pushing himself on her. He knew that Tiffany wanted it. She had begged Bettylou to let her suck his cock. He knew Bettylou wanted it too. He could see the lust written in her sexy blue eyes.

He sighed. Just an inch more... almost... he could feel her hot breath on the swollen head of his bursting cock... just the lightest brush of her velvety hot lips, and.

"Jesus!" Rod groaned as Tiffany's incredibly hot mouth fucked down over his hard prick. She had taken every inch of his powerfully jerking cock into her sweet mouth. He felt the heat rise in his balls and flicker up, consuming his whole swollen prickhead.

"Ooooooh! Jesus! Aaaaaah!" He couldn't help the cries of pleasure that tore from his mouth and echoed loudly in the room. Tiffany's mouth was burning and his cock felt like it was about to explode all over the inside of that soft, silky, burning cavern of her mouth.

Then it was gone! The delicious, marvelous mouth was gone and there was nothing but cool air in its place. Rod crashed down from his plateau of passion and heard Tiffany's sweet voice calmly instructing Bettylou on what to do.

Rod trembled. He resisted the urge to grab Tiffany by her hair and press her head down to grind it against his cock. He resisted that urge to force her soft, hot lips open and plunge his hard cock all the way down her slippery, burning throat, choking her in his passion.

"Were you watching, Bettylou?" Tiffany asked calmly. Bettylou nodded, her big eyes shining. She had been watching very carefully. She was going to pick up lithe tips that she could, from Tiffany. She was going to take advantage of her expert knowledge.

"Just take your time about putting it in your mouth," Tiffany continued. "The longer you make them wait, the better it is when you finally do it. They get all hot and bothered just thinking about it and when you finally get there, they're practically ready to jump out of their skin. Right, Rod?"

Rod managed only a mumble. He was still trembling from the effect of Tiffany's hot mouth and silky tongue. Then, before he had time to guess what she was going to do, she leaned down and flicked his cockhead with the tip of her tiny, pink tongue.

"Oooooh! Jesus! Tiffany!" Rod gasped. He felt his balls jerk and jump with passion. His cock gave a mighty lunge and almost buried itself in her hot, delicious mouth again, but not quite. Rod groaned.

Tiffany giggled. "See how excited I got him, Bettylou?" she asked, winking at Rod naughtily.

Rod ground his teeth together. Tiffany's sucking mouth was beginning to create unbearable pleasure in his cock.

"Go ahead, Bettylou," Tiffany urged. "You do it now. Just wiggle those cute little titties of yours up against his cock for a while. Rub them all over and get him nice and hot. You can even bat it around with your titties. Rod would like that, wouldn't you, Rod?"

Rod opened his mouth to answer but nothing came out. He was so excited that he couldn't speak. He just nodded his head.

Bettylou giggled. This was going to be fun. She would do anything Tiffany told her. She was going to learn how to suck cock just right and then she could go home and try it all out on Kenny. He sure would be surprised!

She leaned down over Rod. Her large tits jutted straight out in front of her. The nipples were already spiked out with lust. Thinking about where she was going to rub them made little tingles start in her moist, hot pussy.

Bettylou glanced at Rod's face. She could tell that he loved to look at her creamy white titties. He was practically drooling and he breathed faster and faster as she got closer and closer to his hard cock with her hard nipples.

She made her rosy nipples just touch his pulsing nutsacs. They rippled and bounced with delight at the first touch of her scraping nipples. Bettylou had never really looked at balls before. She gazed in, open-mouthed curiosity. They were certainly strange.

"Look!" she squealed. "See how they bounce when my nipples touch them?"

Rod groaned again. He really didn't know how much more of this delightful torture he could stand. He could hardly wait until Bettylou got to his cock. He was going to have to bury his aching prick in something pretty soon or he would shoot off in the air. He felt like he was going crazy with lust. He just couldn't wait any longer.

"Please!" he moaned. "Please, Bettylou... suck it! Pleeeeease!"

Bettylou felt a delightful rush of power run through her. No one had ever begged her for anything before, and here was handsome Rod Hansen, actually begging for her to suck his cock. For the first time, Bettylou felt important. She felt like she had something that someone else wanted. It was a great feeling.

Bettylou's mind whirled. She was getting used to her new role fast. She decided to tease him a bit before she actually touched his bucking cock with her lips.

"Sweet Jesus," she murmured. "I just don't know if I can suck this big ole cock right, Tiffany. I'd sure like to feel that big ole prick-head in my mouth but I don't know if my lips will stretch open that far! He's got such a big cock! Maybe I should start on something smaller!" She winked expressively at Tiffany letting her know that she was just teasing Rod.

"Ooooooh! Come on, Bettylou! Please don't tease! Suck me! Pleeeease. Suck me!"

Bettylou grinned mischievously. "Well, I guess I could give it a good try," she conceded. "I can always stop if it's too big for my mouth."

Bettylou ran her tongue around her full, red lips. She smiled sweetly at Rod. "I think I'll try it honey. Is that all right with you?"

Rod couldn't speak, he was so excited. He was afraid that his voice would come out in a squeak. He nodded his head up and down in agreement.

Bettylou reached out and took his prick in her hand. She played with it for a moment, running her cool fingers up and down the shaft, gently sweeping over his bursting cockhead. Then she jacked it back and forth, gripping it lightly in her hand, just like the girls had done in the pictures in her book.

"Ooooooh!" she gasped, as it bucked and jerked in her hand. It swelled up to its full length and pointed straight up toward the ceiling.

Rod sighed happily. Bettylou's fingers felt cool and soothing on his aching prick shaft. She seemed to know just how to jack him, getting him as excited as possible without making him come.

"Aaaah!" he sighed happily. "You do that just right, Bettylou. You sure know how to beat a guy's meat. I bet old Kenny loves it when you do that for him!"

Bettylou almost stopped jacking, she was so shocked. Do this for Kenny? She'd never done this for anybody before! She almost laughed right out loud in wonder. She had jacked Rod so well that he thought she did it all the time. He thought she was a real professional at beating meat!

Bettylou giggled softly at fooling Rod and then she blushed bright-red. She certainly wouldn't ever let anyone know how she had learned to do it. She remembered the day that she had walked through the hallway past her brother's room and had stopped to peek in. She could still recall that day.

Bettylou had been twelve years old that afternoon when she saw her brother beating off. She could still remember the strong, sugary thrills that had run through her body when she had seen him lying on the bed with his hard prick in his hand.

She held her breath and watched as his fist began shaking up and down his prick. He moaned again, over and over, and pumped his hips up and down. His breath was ragged and his face was beet-red, his eyes squeezed shut.

Somehow, instinctively, Bettylou knew what he was doing. She also knew that she shouldn't be standing here, watching him. She couldn't leave, though. She wanted to see more. She wanted to watch him to find out what was going to happen.

Then she had heard the footsteps coming up the stain and she had hurried to her own room, slamming the door behind her. She heard the creak of her brother's bedsprings and the rustle of clothing hurriedly thrown on. Then she heard him call out a cheerful greeting when their mother knocked on his door.

It hadn't take Bettylou long to poke a nail hole in the wall separating their rooms. She had done it while her brother was at football practice and it afforded a safe, convenient peephole through which to watch his afternoon love affairs with his fist.

Bettylou learned a lot about beating off that way. She learned just how tightly to hold it and how fast to shake it up and down. She learned how to run her fingers smoothly over the head and dip lightly in the dark red glands-hole. Bettylou learned everything there was to know about masturbating except to actually do it. She wasn't that bold!

Bettylou had never told her brother about the peephole and she hadn't bothered to fill it in when they moved to another house. She always wondered whether a little girl was watching a boy beat off through that very same peephole now.

Rod's cock gave a mighty lurch, bringing her attention back to the present. She saw that his hard cock was ready to erupt with blasts of burning cum.

She licked her already-moist lips. She knew that it was time to learn how to cocksuck. She parted her soft lips, running her tongue over her teeth in a lusty gesture. "Want me to suck you now, Rod?" she asked in a low, husky voice.

"Yes!" he hissed, barely able to control his voice. "Come on, honey! Suck my prick!"

Bettylou took a deep breath. She stretched her mouth open wide. She pursed her soft, hot lips and fucked the hot, smooth cavern of her mouth down over his purple swollen prickhead.

"Awwwwww!" he bawled. "Oh, Jesus, baby! That's good!"

Rod threw his head back. He pushed his hips up and toward her face. The first touch of her lips and mouth was electrifying. He almost rolled off the couch, he jerked so hard.

He couldn't believe how hot her lips were. Her mouth felt like it was wet and burning at the same time. He reached out and put his hands on the back of her smooth, warm neck. He wanted to hold her in position. There was no way that he was going to let her get away now. He was going to have his cock sucked until he came.

Rod pushed her head down firmly. He wasn't taking any chances this time. Bettylou wasn't going to get away from his cock until he had shot all the way down her smooth, slippery throat. He was prepared to force her to do it if she backed out at the last minute. Somehow, he didn't think she would, though. Bettylou seemed to love sucking cock.

She knelt between his legs and sucked like crazy. She could feel the moistness gather in her cunt and soon her creamy pussyjuice was soaking her pink cuntlips. They puffed up, swollen and hot and spread out.

Bettylou sucked Rod's long cock all the way down her throat, tickling the very tip of his slippery cockhead with her flicking tongue. She made her tongue like a trough and slipped it up and down, jacking him and sucking at the same, time. Then she made it flat and broad and lapped at him, slapping its moist warmth up against his swollen prickhead and smoothing it across his drooling glands.

Suddenly Rod felt his hands being pushed away from the back of Bettylou's head. Bettylou was busy fondling his bursting balls so he knew that the hands must belong to Tiffany. He let her put his hands down, releasing Bettylou.

"Just hold it a minute, dear," Tiffany instructed, making Bettylou release Rod's long, lovely cock for a moment. "Remember what Rod promised? He said that if you did a good job licking his cock, he'd suck your pussy! Remember?"

Bettylou blushed. She certainly did remember, but she'd been afraid to mention it. Somehow she couldn't imagine Rod sucking her pussy. She really didn't think he'd want to.

"You bet!" Rod yelped, sticking out his tongue lewdly. "Get her in place, Tiffany and I'll lick her until she begs for mercy!"

Before Bettylou quite knew what was happening, Tiffany had turned her around so that she was in a perfect sixty-nine position. Her cunt was right above Rod's mouth.

Then she felt Tiffany pushing against her creamy asscheeks, pushing her down until the fluffy, silky hair of her beaver was brushing against Rod's face.

Rod opened his eyes. A beautiful, wonderful sight met his eyes. He could see nothing except pussy... hot, steaming cunt. He inhaled deeply. There was no way that he could resist the musky, exciting smell of her moist, hot cunt.

Bettylou drew her breath in sharply. She was thrilled but she was scared at the same time. She had dreamed of having someone lick and suck her pretty little pussy but now that the time was actually here, she was nervous about it. She closed her eyes tightly. She was so embarrassed. Even Kenny hadn't ever really seen her pussy before. Now both Rod and Tiffany were exploring it.

Bettylou let her breath out in a shuddering sigh. It was depraved... naughty... and terribly exciting.

"God! What a sweet little pussy," Tiffany breathed, reaching down to part the puffy lips of Bettylou's cunt.

"Mmmmmm," Rod agreed. "So pink and sweet and open! Mmmmmm! I can hardly wait to taste that pretty little pussy!"

Bettylou felt her legs give way and her hot, quivering pussy dropped right on top of Rod's eager mouth. She was so excited that her legs just couldn't stop shaking. She felt her pussylips open even farther, pulled tightly by Tiffany's fingers. Then she heard Tiffany's sexy voice and it excited her even more.

"Let me lick it first, Rod!" Tiffany begged. "Bettylou's never had her pussy licked before and I want to be the first one to do it! I'll let you fuck my ass if you let me suck Bettylou's pussy!"

"You mean you'll really take it up the ass, Tiffany?" Rod asked.

"Sure," Tiffany smiled. "I love it up the ass, Rod! It makes me shake all over and come really hard if I take it up the ass. We'll put Bettylou on the bottom and I'll bend over and lick her pussy. Then you can put your cock right in my asshole and fuck away!"

Bettylou couldn't believe all this was happening. All she could think about was getting her hot, steaming pussy licked. Somehow, the thought of another woman sucking on her cunt was even more exciting.

"Oooooooooh!" she moaned. "Do it! Please do it Tiffany! Please do it to meeeee!"

"You go ahead and lick her for awhile," Rod suggested. He moved up to squat over Bettylou's face. "I'll just plunge my prick down her throat while you eat her pussy. Then, when I get ready, I'll move over to your cute little ass."

Bettylou looked up to see Rod's huge prick heading straight toward her mouth. She gasped and felt a sugary thrill ripple through her pussy as it's swollen purple head neared her soft, hot lips. She opened her mouth wide and licked her lips. "Yes!" she breathed. "Oh, yes, Rod! Jam it all the way down my throat! Fuck my mouth with your beautiful prick!"

Rod leaned forward and rubbed his cockhead over her face. Then he aimed it right at the center of her pursed lips and fucked it into the burning depths of her throat.

"Mmmmmmm!" Bettylou moaned gratefully, sucking on his huge prick. She loved the stuffed feeling that Rod's long cock in her throat gave her. It made her whole mouth feel full and satisfied.

Bettylou was sucking on Rod's cock so eagerly that she didn't even think about what Tiffany was doing. She had forgotten that Tiffany was even there, until Tiffany did something that made Bettylou very much aware of her presence.

Tiffany knelt between Bettylou's legs. She spread her creamy thighs and gazed at the beautiful pink pussyflesh displayed there. Then she thrust out her tongue and lapped gently at Bettylou's cuntlips.

Bettylou felt a jolt tear through her body that was a million times better than anything she had ever felt before. It made her whole pussy come alive with intense desire. Her little clit stuck straight out, begging to be licked. Her cuntmouth spasmed and drooled, coating her whole cuntslit with pussycream.

Bettylou's whole body tensed in passion. She sucked twice as fast at Rod's huge prick, almost making him come right then. She moaned repeatedly, her groans of pleasure muffled around Rod's stiff cockshaft. Now she knew why Tiffany was so excited when Steve licked her pussy. It felt marvelous. She was going to have to ask Kenny to do it to her every single time they fucked.

Tiffany's tongue found the crevice between Bettylou's trembling cuntlips and thrust her tongue down, licking the smooth channel of her hot creaming pussy. She could feel Bettylou writhe beneath her hands and her whole cuntslit was seething with horny hotness.

Bettylou was getting so horny she didn't know what to do. The only way she had to show her appreciation, for the way Tiffany was licking her was to suck harder and faster on Rod's huge prick.

Her tongue wrapped around the sensitive underside of his huge cock and tickled up the shaft and then back down again. Her lips sucked and squeezed like millions of tiny fingers, massaging his cock. They held him firmly and then drew back to let his hard cock pop out of her mouth with a smacking sound.

Then, before be had time to catch his breath, she captured him again with her hot mouth and squeezing lips, sucking him deep into her slippery throat.

Tiffany's tongue worked exciting magic in Bettylou's cunt. She lapped her cunt lovingly, licking and swallowing eagerly. She smacked her lips at the delicious taste of Bettylou's cuntcream, licking it out of her pussyhole as fast as she could. She could feel her own pussy spasm and swell in passion.

Tiffany moaned against Bettylou's juicy pussy. She was horny too. She wanted to feel Rod's hard cock in her hot asshole and she wanted it soon. Bettylou could get off with her expert lapping but Tiffany needed cock and she needed it badly. The whole day had been a terrific turn-on and she was ready for some hot and heavy fucking.

"Rod!" she screamed. "Please, Rod! Give me cock now! Push your hard prick in my shitter! Pleeeeeease!"

Rod didn't want to leave the furnace of Bettylou's soft mouth. He was having too much fun slamming his cock into her throat and banging his balls against her chin. He loved the way her lips squeezed and her tongue lapped against the head of his nearly-exploding prick.

He wanted to fuck Tiffany's asshole, though. He hadn't fucked anyone in the bunghole for years and he remembered how good it used to feel. He moaned in exasperation. Then he pulled his stiff cock out of Bettylou's mouth.

Tiffany heard the popping sound Rod's heavy prick made when it pulled out of Bettylou's mouth. She lapped Bettylou's cunt even faster to make up for the loss of Rod's prick in her mouth.

She saw Rod move around and she felt his hands cupping her asscheeks. Then she felt his fingers spreading her creamy cheeks apart. She felt naked and exposed and her legs trembled as they always did right before, her asshole was filled with raging hard prick.

She heard Rod gasp and then she felt his swollen, soft cockhead butt right up against the spasming rim of her tiny little shitter. He rubbed his cockhead all over her tiny bunghole. It was wet from Bettylou's hot mouth and it began to slip easily into the tight hole.

"Mmmmmm," she groaned. She could feel his prick stretching the muscles of her asshole and she plunged her tongue down into Bettylou's cunt, lapping savagely. Her breath came in ragged gasps and she lapped furiously, feeling Bettylou tremble and toss beneath her, waiting for Rod's slow but steady entrance into her steaming ass.

Rod's cock was right there... ready to sink into Tiffany's hot asshole. He could feel the tight muscles of her little shitter gripping the head of his prick, drawing him deeper and deeper into her steaming depths.

Bettylou could feel her own orgasm building. Tiffany was tonguing her pussy in ways she hadn't even dreamed about. It was better than anything she'd ever imagined before. Her hard clit felt like it was on fire. Sugary thrills ran the entire length of her cunt. Wave after wave of cuntjuice oozed out to flood her hot pussy. She felt like she was drowning Tiffany in her juices.

Tiffany gasped and moaned against Bettylou's pussy. She thrust her tongue forward and dove into her tight, spasming pussyhole. She plunged her tongue in, reaming out Bettylou's steaming pussyhole, lapping up the warm, sweet honey that filled her mouth and throat.

Rod let out a muffled yelp. Then he dove forward with all his might, burying his hard cock in Tiffany's incredibly hot asshole. He could feel her shitchute spasm around his stiff prick shaft, squeezing him in just the right way, milking his cock, begging for his cream. He could feel her tiny channel stretch out to its fullest, giving way just enough for comfort but not lessening its massaging action a bit.

Tiffany heard Bettylou squeal. She was almost there. Tiffany felt her own pussy spasm as she remembered that she would be giving Bettylou her first tongue fuck... and her first girl fuck too. She worked her tongue faster and faster... harder and harder keeping perfect time with Rod's pistoning cock in her hot asshole.

"Oh, Tiffany!" Rod gasped. "I can't hold it back any longer. Your ass is so tight... so hot! I can't hold back! I'm gonna come, right in your shitter! I'm gonna blow your ass with my cum!"

Tiffany's pussy spasmed. She could feel her shitchute squeeze, and spasm. She was ready to come too. She knew that the moment she felt Rod's huge cock explode in her asshole, she would come. It always happened like that. Feeling the first splatters of cum rushing up her shitter always made her come.

Tiffany plunged her tongue into Bettylou's pussy with renewed vigor. She was going to make Bettylou come at the same time. Her tongue lapped and squeezed Bettylou's stiff little clit. She could feel it pulsing and throbbing. Bettylou was almost there. She could feel her body tense and tremble, right on the brink of orgasm.

Rod's prick throbbed threateningly. He was ready. There... almost...

"Tiffany! It's here! Oh, God! I'm coming in your hot asshole! I'm coming, Tiffany! Here! Aaaaraaaaaagh!"

Rod gave a loud cry of delight. His hips thrust up and banged against Tiffany's soft asscheeks. His cock shot all the way up her tiny asshole and throbbed violently.

Tiffany opened her eyes wide. She ground her face into Bettylou's cunt, sucking and lapping and biting in a frenzy. She felt her orgasm tear through her body at the same time that Bettylou gave out a loud howl of pleasure.

"Tiffany! Oh, God! I'm coming! Aaasaaaah! Sweet Jesus! It's so... oooooh!"

Rod's hot cum shot up Tiffany's shitchute. It splashed against the sides of her asshole and bathed it in a hot, creamy glow. It slid right up into her bowels and warmed them too, heating up her whole body with a rich satisfied feeling. With every spurt of cum, Tiffany felt another ripple of satisfaction rush through her body.

Bettylou sighed deeply. She loved having her pussy eaten. She wondered if there was anyway to talk Kenny into letting Tiffany teach him how to do it. She sure hoped that Kenny would go along with all this brand new fun she had discovered.


Bettylou gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She hoped that her new attitude toward sex would convince Kenny to try swinging. Connie and Rod had already agreed to get together with Tiffany and Steve for a swingers' party. Bettylou and Kenny were invited too, although Kenny didn't know it yet. It was all up to Bettylou. She had to convince him that it would be a good idea to swap partners for fun.

She tweaked her nipples to make sure that they were hard and pointed. Then she made sure that her sexy nightgown covered just the very tips of her swelling tits. She mussed her hair slightly and tried her best to look cute and sexy. Then she opened the door to the bedroom where Kenny was already waiting for her in bed.

"Hi, honey," she said in a low, husky voice. She walked over to the dresser and brushed her hair, making sure that her asscheeks bounced and wiggled provocatively under her see-through gown. She watched Kenny's reflection in the mirror.

Kenny was watching her with interest. The sheet was thrown casually over his legs and Bettylou saw it tent out sharply as she jiggled her titties and ass. She put down the brush and turned to face him.

"It's a good thing it's so early, honey," Bettylou drawled, crossing the room to turn off the light. "I've been thinking about kissing and hugging you all day!"

She slipped between the sheets and snuggled up close to him. "How about a little kiss, honey-pie?" she asked, turning her full lips up to him.

Kenny was so shocked he didn't know what to do. Bettylou had never acted like this before. Why, they hadn't even had any wine for dinner. He wondered what had gotten into her.

He supposed that she wanted to fuck, especially after he had gotten drunk last night and pretended to pass out. He guessed that he'd just have to oblige her tonight since she'd already aroused him. He'd much rather fuck one of his pretty little barmaids or secretaries. Fucking Bettylou was a drag.

Kenny lowered his lips to hers, fighting to control the distaste he felt. But Bettylou deserved a nice lay once in a while, he thought. His lips met hers and he almost pulled back in shock. Bettylou had opened her lips and he had felt her tongue probing out against his.

Kenny just couldn't believe it! Bettylou was kissing different than she usually did. He had grown used to her chaste little pecks with lips closed. This was really different.

Kenny almost asked her why she had kissed differently, but then he decided to wait and see if she told him first. He reached out to fondle her tits like he always did.

Bettylou knew just what he was going to do. He always did it exactly the same. He grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed for a little bit. Then he rolled over on top of her and pushed his cock in her cunt. That was all he did to get her excited.

That would have probably been all Bettylou would have asked for, if she hadn't learned that there was more to sex. She knew what she wanted now, and it was a hell of a lot more than getting her tits squeezed. She wanted Kenny to do all the wonderful things that she had seen Steve do. She wanted him to lick and suck her pussy like Tiffany had and she even wanted him to fuck her asshole the way Rod had fucked Tiffany's. Bettylou was turned on to sex and she was going to get more than a straight fuck tonight.

Bettylou let Kenny's hand touch her tits. Then she moved her hand carefully downward, touching her own silky thigh until she found his prick, stiff and hard. Her fingers shook a little when she touched it. It was the first time she had ever been so forward with her husband.

Kenny's cock was throbbing with power. She shivered lustily. She was going to play with her husband's cock for the first time.

Bettylou felt Kenny stiffen as she ran her fingers up and down his rigid shaft. He acted almost shocked, although Bettylou couldn't see why. She supposed that he was a little surprised that he hadn't done this before. She could hardly wait to prove how good she was at beating his cock.

She squeezed her fingers around his cock firmly and began working it up and down the way she knew would feel good.

Kenny let out a strangled cry and pushed her hand away. "Don't!" he hissed, sounding strangely mad at her for doing it.

Bettylou drew back her hand in confusion. She couldn't imagine why Kenny had done that. She was sure that it had felt good to him. She puzzled over it for a moment. Then she decided that he was just embarrassed, having her do something like that to him. It was probably too much like what he had been forced to do before he married her. He probably would prefer that she do something else, something that wouldn't remind him of his lonely bachelor days.

Bettylou smiled in the darkness. She could hardly wait to do something that would prove to Kenny, for once and for all, that she was a woman who knew her way around in bed. She was going to suck his big cock until be shot off all the way down her hot throat.

Kenny's mind was whirling. He couldn't figure out why Bettylou had started playing with his cock. He was startled. At first he thought that she had probably read about it in a magazine or something, but she did it too well for that. She acted as if someone had taught her how to do it, and he knew damn well it hadn't been him! He didn't even want to think about some guy teaching his wife how to play with a cock.

Kenny had finally gotten himself calmed down when Bettylou reached over and pulled the covers off. Suddenly she buried her head between his legs and her hot silky mouth was fastened around his stiff cock.

Kenny couldn't do anything except gasp out loud in shock. He was so surprised that he couldn't even move. He had never in a million years expected Bettylou to do anything like this.

Bettylou noticed with joy that Kenny didn't protest when she took his long cock in her hot mouth. She began fucking her mouth up and down, swiveling with her tongue and squeezing with her full, hot lips. She began to try all the sexy little tricks Tiffany had taught, her about cocksucking. She began to give Kenny the best blow-job of his life.

Kenny was frozen with shock. He had wanted Bettylou to be sexier in bed, but now that she was showing him all these kinky new tricks, he didn't know if he liked it, or not. He knew that he was being old-fashioned about the whole thing but he couldn't help it. He didn't want his wife learning new tricks from some other guy. It was all right for him to play around, but it wasn't all right for Bettylou.

He reached down and slapped her face from his cock. "Cut that out!" he hissed. He threw back the covers and jumped out of bed, hastily pulling on his clothes.

Bettylou was too surprised to do anything but stare at him in amazement. She couldn't imagine why he was getting dressed. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm getting the hell out of here!" Kenny yelled. "And I'm not coming back until you start acting like my wife again and not some cheap whore!"

Bettylou's mouth was still open when she heard the car pull out of the driveway. She just couldn't believe it. Something had gone wrong and now she didn't know what to do!

Long moments passed before Bettylou managed to get up and dress. She knew that she had to do something to bring Kenny around to her way of thinking, but she needed some help. Only Tiffany could do that.


Kenny had just finished his third drink when he heard a familiar voice beside him at the bar.

"Well, hello neighbor!" Tiffany greeted him huskily. "Got time to buy me a drink?"

Kenny turned to her quickly. He gave a low wolf whistle as he saw that she was wearing a skin-tight halter top. She wasn't wearing a bra. Kenny could tell that by just looking. There was no mistaking the way her nipples were poking right out.

Kenny gave a long, shuddering sigh. He felt his cock pulse and throb in his pants. Bettylou had gotten him awfully hard while she was sucking on him, even though he hadn't wanted to admit it at the time. Now seeing his sexy neighbor aroused him again.

Kenny ordered a drink for Tiffany and another one for himself. She sat on the barstool next to him and wiggled a little closer to his arm, making sure that her tit pressed against him. Then she gave him a radiant smile.

"I'm so glad you're in here, Kenny," she said brightly. "I really don't like to go in bars alone and I really needed a drink tonight. Steve is all tied up for the evening and I was getting terribly lonesome, all alone at home."

Kenny could feel his cock twitching and pulsing. He wondered if Tiffany knew that her nipple was scraping against his arm. He was glad that he was sitting down. Just hearing that she was lonesome and feeling her nipple spike out against him had made his cock swell and ache. If he had been standing, it would have made an embarrassing bulge in the crotch of his pants.

"Well," Kenny said, "you know you're always welcome at our house. Why Bettylou would be thrilled to have you come over."

Tiffany giggled. Then she slid her hand up his bare arm in a very erotic gesture. "I didn't really want to see Bettylou," she said softly. "I was much more interested in seeing you!"

Kenny gulped. Tiffany sure didn't make any bones about what she wanted. There was no mistaking the touch of her fingers on his arm or the lust he read in her eyes. Tiffany was hot and she wanted him to fuck her. It was as simple as that.

"W... what time does Steve come home?" Kenny asked, hating the way his voice quavered like a nervous schoolboy's.

"Oh, Steve's out swinging with one of his models," Tiffany confessed. "He'll probably be out all night. She usually likes to have him sleep over and fuck her again in the morning."

Kenny gasped. He couldn't believe that Tiffany was telling him that Steve fucked other women in such a calm, unconcerned tone of voice. It sounded like it didn't even bother her.

"Don't you care?" he asked curiously.

"Of course I do!" Tiffany replied quickly. "I care a lot! I want Steve to have all the good pussy he needs, and variety is the spice of life!"

Kenny's mouth dropped open. He knew that he was staring at her like some kind of freak, but she had really shocked him by her permissive attitude. He still couldn't believe that she really felt that way about Steve's affairs.

"But don't you get jealous, Tiffany? I mean... I'd sure get jealous if Bettylou were out fucking someone else! I'd be as jealous as hell!"

"Oh, I was jealous at first," Tiffany explained. "When Steve first mentioned getting together to swing, I thought that he didn't want to ball me anymore and I felt really bad. I only agreed because he wanted me to and I was afraid that he'd leave me if I didn't."

"Then I went to my first swingers' party and I loved it! It was really fun fucking another man while Steve was right there urging me on, proud that I was having such a good time. I even got a kick out of watching him fuck another woman. I knew that he was just doing it for kicks and he really loved me better than anyone else. That was when I learned not to be jealous. Steve would never leave me for another woman... not when he can have other women with my consent. That's the beautiful part of swinging. It satisfies your urge for someone new and makes you appreciate your partner."

Kenny looked thoughtful. Then he grinned widely. He didn't really care how Tiffany explained it... all he cared about was whether she'd let him stuff his long, hard cock in her pussy. All that crap about swinging sounded pretty good in theory but he knew that it wouldn't work in practice. Why, swinging would never work for him, and Bettylou. She was too much of a prude to do anything like that.

He chuckled. "I don't really think that swinging would work for Bettylou and me," he announced. "She's never even looked at another man and she's really straight in bed. I think it's a little late to change all her old habits now."

Suddenly a thought struck Kenny. Maybe Bettylou would turn into a swinger. Maybe she'd tried it already. She certainly had acted strangely tonight in bed, wanting to suck his cock and all that. He shook his head angrily. Then he skipped the thought. Bettylou hadn't tried swinging. After all, who would be interested in taking the time to teach a straight innocent woman how to fuck lewdly?

Tiffany watched the play of expressions on Kenny's face. She knew just what he was thinking. She also knew that she'd better act in a hurry or Kenny would get a little suspicious about her relationship with Bettylou and how easily she had found him in the bar tonight.

"Let's talk about something sexy," she breathed, putting her hand on his arm. "I just mentioned the swinging because I wanted you to know that Steve wouldn't be home until late tonight. Even if he would come home early, it wouldn't make any difference. Steve loves to watch me fucking with someone else. He says that seconds are best!"

Kenny grinned back at her. Now here was something that he wanted to hear. Tiffany couldn't spell it out much plainer. She wanted him to come home with her and fuck her. All of her little hints added up to exactly that. Tiffany was horny and she wanted him to put out the fire in her cunt.

It didn't take long to get to Tiffany's house. Before Kenny knew it he was sitting on Tiffany's bed, completely nude, waiting for a surprise that she had promised him on the way to her house.

"Show me the surprise, Tiffany," Kenny demanded, really much more interested in fucking her than in any old surprise.

"After awhile," Tiffany promised. "Right now I've got something else to show you!"

Tiffany stood up and slipped off the tiny lace panties she wore. She kept her back to Kenny. She deliberately wiggled her creamy, white asscheeks until they shivered and glimmered in the light.

She heard Kenny's breathing become more, irregular. She knew that he was getting excited just watching her asscheeks quiver and bounce. Tiffany stood there for a moment, letting Kenny get a good long look at her marvelous firm ass. Then she almost giggled thinking about the surprise she had for Kenny. She hoped that Steve and Bettylou had been able to talk Rod and Connie into their lewd little plan. She expected that Connie and Rod would be more than happy to go along with their joke. Kenny was going to have one hell of a surprise.

Tiffany whirled around. She thrust out her fluffy golden beaver and smiled sexily. Her pussy was only inches from Kenny's face.

"Jesus Christ!" Kenny gasped. "You've got a pretty pussy, Tiffany!"

Tiffany watched his long, hard cock. She grinned as his huge prick swelled and bobbed lewdly.

"Do you like my pussy, Kenny?" she asked softly. "Do you like it so much that you'll eat it all up? Just look at it, Kenny! Stick you head right down there and take a good look!"

Tiffany spread her puffy, pink cuntlips apart with her fingers. She threw her hips forward as far as they would go and thrust her cunt out at him.

"I'll bet you'd like to lick all my pussycream off, wouldn't you, Kenny?" she asked lustily. "I'll bet you'd like to fuck your hot tongue all the way up inside my pussy and screw me with it!"

Kenny swallowed hard. He felt like he was about to come Tiffany was getting him fantastically excited. The way she talked was so dirty and so erotic. It turned him on to hear her say things like that. The dirtier she talked the better.

Kenny reached out to try to grab Tiffany's golden beaver. "Come to Kenny!" he shouted. "Come here, pretty pussy, and I'll lick you all over. I'll clean you off with my lips and suck your little cunt!"

"Tell me what you're going to do!" Tiffany demanded. "It makes me so horny to hear you say it! Tell me exactly what you want to do to my sweet pussy!"

"I'm gonna eat that pussy until you scream for me to stop!" Kenny answered. "I'm gonna lick your blonde pussy all over and then I'm gonna fuck the hell out of it!"

Tiffany shivered in excitement. She loved to have her horny pussy eaten! She grinned at him happily. "I want everything tonight!" she cried. "I want to be fucked every way you can think of and then some!"

Kenny stood up and grabbed her. He wrapped his big arms around her tiny little, waist and squeezed. He pulled her body tightly against his chest and felt the smooth, roundness of her lush curves.

Tiffany felt his hard cock bump up against her hip. It jerked and pulsed when it met her hot, smooth flesh. It was as stiff as a pole and it looked almost that big. Kenny had a nice, thick cock and she could hardly wait to feel it in her hot cunt.

Tiffany's full tits mashed against Kenny's chest. She could feel his wiry chest hair scratch against her tits and tickle her nipples. She rubbed up hard against his chest and pushed out with her marble-stiff nipples.

"God! You're making me so horny, Kenny!" she squealed. She could feel her pussycream flowing copiously, flooding her hot, satiny cunt with honeyed pools of her arousal.

Kenny could tell that Tiffany was really hot. Her face was flushed and her breath was coming in little gasps.

Tiffany suddenly became more excited. She had just heard a sound that made her more excited than anything ever had before. It was the sound of footsteps and soft, quiet breathing. She knew that Bettylou and Steve had carried out their part of the plan. Bettylou, Steve, Connie and Rod were outside in the hallway and they were sneaking into the guestroom. From there they, would go through the adjoining bathroom and then, when Kenny was too excited to notice, they would sneak right into the bedroom itself. They were going to watch the whole thing.

"Play with my nipples, Kenny," she urged, hungering for the touch of his fingers on her hard nipples.

Kenny lifted one of her big tits and cupped it in his hand. He squeezed it gently. Then his touch became firmer and firmer, demanding her response.

Tiffany thrust her nipple forward. She felt him squeeze it between his thumb and forefinger and roll it around. Sweet thrills shot through her body. When Kenny twirled her stiff little nipple she could feel her pussy tighten up and spasm.

Suddenly Tiffany couldn't stand it anymore. She reached down and found her way to his thick, hard cock. She gasped in pleasure. His cock was tremendously thick and hot. She began stroking it lightly with her smooth fingertips and she heard his groan of pleasure.

Tiffany didn't have to look at Kenny's thick cock to know that it was throbbing and pulsing with excitement. She could feel that perfectly well with her fingertips. Kenny's, cock was definitely ready to be fucked and Tiffany was just the person to do it.

Kenny gave her tits one last squeeze. Then he moved his caressing hand lower and lower until he had her quivering asscheeks cupped in both hands. He massaged her trembling asscheeks, kneading and petting them at the same time.

"Ooooooh!" Tiffany moaned. "Oh, Kenny! You make me so hot! I can't wait any longer! I'm dying for your thick cock! It makes me burn up, waiting for it... please, Kenny! Give it to me now! Give it! Kenny! Pleeeeease!"

Tiffany wailed out her horniness. She twisted and writhed in his arms. She wanted cock so badly that she thought she'd surely die if he didn't give it to her.

Kenny was ready to fuck. He pulled her tightly against him, belly to belly. His hands grasped her quivering asscheeks roughly. His fingers dug into the soft, yielding flesh and Tiffany almost passed out from the delightful sensation his grasping fingers created in her incredibly hot, creamy pussy.

Tiffany trembled all over. Her pussy seemed so much more sensitive than it usually did. She knew it was because all her neighbors were watching. It was such a trip to fuck in front of friends.

She could feel his cock pressing against her fluffy, silky pussymound. His cock was jumping and bucking against her cunt. She felt the pulses vibrate against her clit and then travel down to the full, creamy lips of her burning cunt.

"You know I've been dreaming about this ever since we moved in," Tiffany confessed. "I've wanted to fuck with you ever since the first time I saw you. I just knew that you'd be horny, just like me. I knew you'd understand how I felt about fucking. You're the kind of a man who's not all hung up with sex! You're not afraid to admit that you love to fuck!"

Kenny swelled up with pride and his hard cock swelled even more. Kenny was horny, so horny that he didn't even notice when his wife and neighbors trooped into the room.

Kenny's cock grew even bigger as she talked. She could feel it throb and pulse in passion. He reached for her. His hard cock jutted straight out, as stiff and hard as a pole, ready to jam into her hot cunt.

"See what you did, you sexy little lady?" Kenny laughed, grabbing her tits. He rolled the nipples around some more until Tiffany thought she would go out of her head with pleasure.

She shuddered. She reached for his straining prick and parted her thighs. She rubbed his stiff cock against the silky hair of her pussymound and she felt him shudder with ecstasy.

Tiffany gasped with pleasure. She felt her moist pussy throb and twitch. A regular flood of pussycream soaked her hot, swollen pussy. Her thighs splayed out.

Kenny let out a low moan. His palm smoothed up the side of her smooth thigh. The touch of his fingertips made her shudder with lust. They tickled the inside of her thighs. Then they lightly stroked the inside of her cunt, brushing against her trembling pussylips. They slipped over her hard little clit and slid up her flat smooth tummy to her hard, perky little nipples. Then they went back to her pussy again. They ran a full circle, a circle that made Tiffany delirious with passion.

He brushed her puffy cuntlips with his finger, moving along the tender, pink tissues. He rimmed her tight pussyhole. His finger poked inside the entrance to her pussyhole. It slid up her satiny cunt to her steaming clit and pressed against her little love bump lewdly.

Tiffany shuddered as his fingertip pressed against her horny little clit. She felt her cream gush from her spasming cuntmouth. She jammed her pussy up against his probing finger. He knew just how to press her little love button.

Kenny rolled her clit until it was hard and throbbing. It pulsed and stuck straight out from the top of her steaming pussy. It begged for more of his exciting touches.

"Oooooh!" Tiffany squealed. Kenny sure knew how to pet her clit. He knew just where to touch and pet to send those sweet sugary thrills sweeping through her cunt. He knew all the secret little places she loved to have touched.

"You like that, don't you Tiffany?" Kenny gasped. "You really like the way I do that, don't you?"

"Yes!" Tiffany squealed. "I love it! Ooooooh! I'll bet Bettylou loves that too!"

Kenny almost stopped playing with her clit, the thought was so ridiculous. "Are you kidding?" he chuckled. "Bettylou's hate it! She wouldn't know what I was doing!"

Tiffany heard Bettylou give a smothered gasp. Tiffany did her best to restrain her laughter. Poor Kenny was really going to get it when Bettylou got a hold of him.

Kenny's magic fingers continued to stroke and pet her clit. Tiffany panted and moaned. His fingers were driving her crazy with lust. She shivered wildly and groaned. Kenny was going to have to do this to Bettylou's sweet pussy. Bettylou would absolutely love it.

Kenny chuckled softly. It made him feel good to give Tiffany such a mighty thrill. And all he had to use was the tip of his finger. God! She would probably go crazy when he gave her his cock.

Kenny's cock pulsed and throbbed. Feeling Tiffany's sexy shudders made his thick cock throb in his desire to sink it into her hot pussymouth. His cock jerked even harder when he felt the slick flood of creamy warm pussyjuice that her pussy gave him. Her hot, slippery cuntjuice slid from the mouth of her pussy. It rolled down her gleaming asscheeks and made its way to her tiny, puckered asshole. It rolled right in, coating her whole tiny bunghole with slippery creaminess.

Kenny didn't know how much longer he could hold back his prick. He was almost out of control. He wanted to sink his long, prickshaft into her wet, hot pussyhole so badly that he thought his prick would surely burst just thinking about it.

Tiffany was plenty horny too. Her luscious red lips opened invitingly and her eyes squeezed shut. Her heels dug into the bed and her shimmering asscheeks beat a sexy rhythm on the mattress.

"Oh! Fuck me, Kenny!" she squealed. "Just fuck me now! I need it so bad, Kenny! Oh! Do it to me! Fuck me now! My pussy can't stand it another minute! Fuck meeeee!"

Kenny chuckled. He slid over her writhing body. He was panting with passion too. He worked his body between her silky legs. He pushed her creamy thighs apart with his fingers and lowered his body slowly. He lowered his hips down toward her and let his rigid, hard cock point toward her cunt. He was so horny she was writhing and shaking beneath the point of his prick.

Tiffany's wet, hungry pussy sucked up at his cock. Her pussyhole snapped open and shut enticingly. She was hungry for cock and she wouldn't wait.

"Give it to me, Kenny!" she demanded. "Do it to me!"

Tiffany's hips circled helplessly. She tried relentlessly to capture his thick cock. Her hips were moving in a frenzy. She had to have his cock. She tried to throw her hips around his shoulders and drag him down to her hot burning cuntmouth. She wanted him inside her pussy. She wanted cock right now!

Kenny didn't give an inch. His cock was so close that she could feel the tip of it lightly brushing her cunt. She couldn't pull him down, though. There was no way that she could get cock unless he gave it to her.

"Something you want, baby?" he teased. "I got something you need."

Tiffany was overwhelmed with lust. "Yes!" she hissed. "Give me cock! I need cock, Kenny! Please, give me cock!"

"What do you want me to do with it, baby?" Kenny teased her further. "Tell me exactly what you want!"

Tiffany shuddered. Her mouth opened wide. Her eyes burned into his. "Bury your thick prick in my pussy and fuck me!" she demanded. "Jam your balls up against my ass and drive your stiff prick in my cunthole. Fuck me Kenny! FUCK ME!"

Kenny shuddered. He had gotten what he had asked for. Tiffany had begged for cock. Now he could give it to her. He lowered his body to hers and made the soft, hot bulb of his huge cockhead nose into the slippery folds of her wet pussyhole. He was ready to fuck!

Tiffany gasped. As soon as she saw Kenny start to lower his body she held her breath in anticipation. She could hardly wait for Kenny's hot prick. Her pussyhole snapped hungrily. Her tight puss muscles contracted, ready to grab right hold of his thick cockshaft and squeeze it the moment it pushed into her cunt. Her puffy pussylips spread apart to welcome in the hard invasion of his pulsing swollen cockhead.

"Aaaaaah!" Tiffany sighed. She felt the warm, steamy tip of his hard cockhead. Her tight pussyhole grabbed it tightly, drawing his cock all the way into her burning pussymouth. She wanted every bit of his hard, hot cock inside of her.

Kenny yelled with pleasure. His hard cockshaft throbbed mightily. As soon as he felt the first touch of her warm, moist depths he could hold back no longer. He had been planning on teasing her a little bit more, nosing in slowly and waiting until she cried for all of his thick prick shaft. But he couldn't wait. There was no way that he could hold back now!

"Aaaaaagh!" he groaned. He plunged into her hot, creamy pussy with a mighty lunge. His thick cock slid up her cunt tunnel and shoved all the way to the back of her cuntal passage, slipping through the hot, slippery pussycream and soft, hot pussyflesh. He felt like he was wrapped in a glove of hot, oiled silk.

"Oooooh! Jesus!" he yelled, frying to catch his breath. He couldn't stop panting with excitement.

"Ooooooh!" he groaned. "So hot... you're so hot, baby! Oh, God! You're tight too... hot and tight! Jesus! What a fuck!"

Kenny plunged his cock all the way into her silky tunnel. His body slammed against her lush softness. His chest pressed tightly against her hard, pointed nipples and made them even harder than before. She mashed her tits up against him and wiggled so that his chest hair would tickle her nipples.

Kenny's soft cockhead was jammed right up against her soft, spongy womb. It was scalding. She could feel her cunt water around his thick prick shaft. He stretched her pussy out widely. Her cuntlips stretched and quivered.

"Oooooooh! Feels so good!" Tiffany squealed. "Now fuck me hard, Kenny. Slam in and out! Bang me hard!"

Tiffany couldn't help creaming steadily when Kenny began fucking her. She couldn't stop moaning either. Her voice rose with a sexy wail of pleasure. "Oooooooh!" Tiffany moaned. "Oooooooh!"

Kenny felt his hard cock pulse and jerk when he heard Tiffany's sexy moaning. She made him feel like the best fuck in the world, wailing away like that. Kenny could feel her pussy snapping around his thick prick shaft and he loved the feeling.

Every moan that Tiffany made caused Kenny's hard cock to pulse. His bursting nutsacs rippled and shuddered in excitement and passion. The harder she moaned the wilder he became. The wilder he fucked her the harder she moaned.

Kenny fucked Tiffany with vigor. He wanted to see just how wild he could make her. His cock thrust in and out, up and down, around and around. His huge, thick prick was hot and unbelievably stiff. It rammed in and out of her creaming pussy.

Tiffany gasped and squealed in delight. She threw her arms around his back and her pussy sucked at his huge, thick prick shaft.

"Give it to me hard... hard... hard!" she squealed, moving her hips in time with his plunging cock. Her lips parted and her eyes squeezed shut tightly. She was so horny, that nothing else mattered except his plunging cock in her burning pussy.

She rocked back and forth with his lunging thrusts. His hard cock pounded and stretched inside her cunt. It slid back and forth like a piston. It nudged her soft, hot womb and then retreated to repeat the whole process again and again. It pulled back almost to the mouth of her trembling hot pussy and lunged in again.

Tiffany was out of her mind with lust. Kenny's hard body slammed against hers. Her creamy asscheeks quivered at every lunge. Her whole body quivered with the force of his lunges.

Kenny's fingers grasped her perky little nipples, rolling and pinching them between his fingers. Her hard, thrusting clit throbbed and twinged in response. She creamed and moaned helplessly. It was a great fuck!

Tiffany gushed creamy pussyjuice. She felt like her whole pussy was drowning in a flood of hot cream.

Kenny's hard cock ached and throbbed. It wanted to explode. He wanted to jet and spurt into her steamy, honeyed depths.

Kenny slid his hands under her back and down to her round, shimmering asscheeks. He lifted her pussy up to his plunging, thick prick and slammed in as hard as he could.

Tiffany threw her legs up and wrapped them around his back. She was wild with lust. She was still squealing in passion and her voice became louder and louder as he plunged into her cunt faster and harder.

Tiffany felt the familiar thrills sweep through her pussy. She opened her thighs widely, spreading her legs as far as they would go. She was open to his plunging, fiery cock.

Kenny banged into her cunt even harder then before. He thrust so violently that she shook and jerked with the force of his mighty lunges. Her hands slid to his asscheeks and she held on with grasping little fingers. Then, she did something she knew he'd love.

Tiffany gripped his asscheeks tightly. She slipped the veiny tip of her slim finger into the tight ring of his asshole. She pushed firmly against his quivering little bung rim.

"Jesus!" Kenny screamed. His hard cock throbbed and nearly exploded in her hot cunt.

Kenny began to fuck harder. She could tell that her fingertip in his contracting asshole was having a sexy effect on his hard cock. He drove into her faster and faster as she wiggled her little fingertip around in his spasming asshole.

Kenny couldn't stand it any longer. He had to come. There was no escaping it. Her finger in his asshole just made him too horny to resist any longer.

She could tell that he was going to come. She braced herself for the explosion of his hard, full cock. Her pussy was hungry for hot cockcream. She could hardly wait.

Kenny groaned. Tiffany's cunt was pulling him deeper and deeper. It was sucking all the juices from his hard, thick cock. He gasped and cried out in delight.

"Here it comes baby!" he hollered. "Here's my cum! I can't hold back any longer... oh! Here it comes!"

Tiffany felt it coming. His cock gave a mighty lurch and jet after jet of hot, thick prick cream hosed out. His cock throbbed and blasted, spurting creamy jism out into her cunt. It jetted into her hot, pulsing pussymouth and coated the walls of her tunnel. It blasted right up against her womb and made her whole body shake with passion and joy.

Then it happened, just as she knew it would. The moment she felt his hard cock begin to explode, she began to come too. Her whole pussy twitched and drooled and spasmed around his hosing prickhead.

"Ooooooooh! Aaaaaahh!" she squealed, feeling her hot pussy tremble and shake in tune to the blasts of his hosing cock.

Tiffany's hips swiveled and thrashed. Her asscheeks quivered in his grasping fingers. Her pussy snapped and sucked around his jetting cock like a hungry cunt starved for cockcream.

Kenny's big cock bucked and pulsed inside Tiffany's blazing pussy. He could tell that she was ecstatic with her climax. Shivers of pleasure shot through his body as he realized that he was responsible for making her come so hard and so wonderfully.

He felt her pussy suck his cock, swallowing all his jetting, hot sperm eagerly. "Aaaaaagh! Aaaaaaagh!" he hollered as he felt her pussy clench around his cockshaft and squeeze the last drop of cum from his exploding, blasting cock.

He was so delirious with his fierce pleasure that he imagined he heard people cheering him on, complimenting him on how well he had fucked her.

"That was great, honey!" he heard Bettylou's soft drawl, and he almost jumped out of his skin with shock.

That wasn't a delusion! It wasn't a dream! That was Bettylou and she was somewhere in this room!

"Hey! Done like a real pro!" he heard another compliment and recognized the voice as belonging to Steve. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut and tried to ignore the other voices which he recognized as belonging to Rod and Connie Hansen. Then he felt a light touch on his shoulder. He opened his eyes reluctantly and looked up to see Bettylou's smiling face.

"Oh, goodness!" she breathed patting his shoulder. "That certainly was exciting! I sure hope that you didn't wear out that little ole cock, honey! I'd just love to have some of that sweet fucking later!"

Kenny's mouth opened in shock. He couldn't believe it! Bettylou was watching in obvious horny delight. She wasn't jealous. She wasn't even mad. She acted like she had enjoyed watching him make it with another woman.

"Don't look so shocked, Kenny," she said softly, reaching down to pat Tiffany's stiff nipple. "I'm really glad that you got to know Tiffany. I'll bet that she can teach us all how to have a lot of swinging fun!"

Tiffany's pussy gave another sweet squeeze. Kenny's cock had just twitched into life again. She and Steve were going to have a blast teaching their neighbors to swing!

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