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first storie hope u like
Zero the channel traveler part 1 wizards of waverly place
my name is Zero i have a special ablity to travel in to the tv world as i please what i do there dosn't afect the real world at all acually nonthing happen even on my tv. my stories go along with most t.v shows i go in do whatr i want and come back out. now when i found out about my powers i was watching a show called wizards of waverly place i was joking with my brother about fuckin alex of the show and went up to the tv and just fell in. when i notice i was wearing differant cloths and was at the school i was freaked out then harper alex best freind she is a brown hair 5'4 alittle big about a cup away from D breast size. walked past me and said hello. so i played along i called to harper.

" oh hey zero what r u doing out of class" harper asked

" well i decided to skip class today what about u" i asked

" bathroom " she replied

"ok well if u see alex tell her i'll stop by her place to study after school" i said

"yeah ok" she replied again then left

After the school day ended alex and harper where at alex family sub station. alex was behind the counter counting money when i walked in. now alex is about the same hight as harper but is 5'7 long black hair to her ass she has a perfect round ass and beautiful pair of 32 c cup breast alex always wear cloths that hugs her ass and tits. so when i walkede up to alex she had this real big smile in her face.

"yo mrs. russo whats up mamita" i said with total confindant

" hey zero u ready to study" alex said in a sexy latin voice

" yeah will harper be joining us today"

" no harper already finished and is fixing to go to the store with my mom"

now as alex said the alex mother therisa came down the stairs. alex mom is a total MILF she the same hight as alex has a bigger ass her breast are a 44DD and she love to show them off.

"alex im off to the store" alex mom told her

" k mom i am going to take zero upstairs to study and can u bring me a soda back" alex told her mom

" ok sweetheart have fun"theresa said as her and harper left the sub station

alex turn to me and said " shall we go upstairs"

"yeah thats fine " i said

me and alex were headed up stair when alex father jerry stop us

" where do u think ur going young lady? " jerry asked

" to study dad i actually want to pass this test friday" alex told her father

" alright but study in the living room so that i can cheak up on u" jerry told us

"yes sir" i said as i saluted him

jerry looked at me with a strange look in his eye

" sir my father is a sargent in the army and he taught me to respect all my elder sir" i lied

" ok thats good" jarry said then walked away

as we made our way upstairs alex asked me if that was true i told her no it wasn't and we luaghed. we'd made it to the living room and alex brothers were in there playin dungeions and dragons. they looked over and saw me standing there with alex.

" dad said that we have to use the living room to study guys so leave" alex ordered her brother

" no way alex we were here first and were not movine so buzz of " justin alex older brother said

"yeah" repeated max the youngest of the three

"fine zero lets go to my room these guys are a bunch of idiots" alex said then toke her tounge out at justin and max

" alright but may i have a cup of water before we go" i asked

"sure" said alex then she grabbed a cup put some ice in and water then handed it to me

so we left the living room and walked down the hallway to alex room when we got there alex room was clean and alittle less orgenized but nice there were two beds one alex one harpers alex bed was messy. I started to drink my water as alex sat on her bed

"Zero want to sit on my bed?" alex asked

"Sure i'd like to" I answered as i sat on alex bed she scoted over towerds me more

" so what are to study for " i asked

alex smiled then answerd "anatomy"

" alex i dont have anatomy i have astrolgy" i said

" neither do i but i liked to study the human body" alex said as she grabbed my cock from outside of my pants

"alex i dont think this is a good idea what if ur brothers or father walked in" i asked

" dont worry they won't " alex replied

we started to his feeling our hot mouths and tounges touching. i put my hands on her back moving it back and forwerd still locked on the hot passion that we are creating alex breaks from our kiss.

" i want you zero i want u bad but im scared im still a vergin and i now that whats about to happen is going to hurt at first have u ever done this" alex asked scared

" I have done this before once but it was a long time ago and i promise to be gentle if want to keep going" i assured alex

alex stands in front of me wearing a blue tanktop and tight as hell tightsthat shows of her ass. she staarts to remove her top and shows me her light blue bra. then she starts to remove her pants slowly and sexy to reviel matching lace pantie.

" u are so hot" i told alex
as alex blushes i reach my hand up and pull alex to me and start to deeply kiss her. I start to slowly move down her body as i reach her breast i kiss the top of them softly making her moan. I reach around her back with one hand and undo her light blue bra as i pull the bra off i kiss each nipple once before i suck on them. as i suck on alex breast i can hear someone comimg down the hallway and i stop.

At the door was harper tring to get in the room alex quickly put her pants on and tanktop alexthen run to the door and open the door harper is standiing there looking at us.

"whats going on here" Harper asking

"nonthing just studing for the test friday" alex says

" ok" says harper says turning around and walking away

alex closes the door walking back to the bed and sitting on the bed.

" maybe we should study instead of doing this" i said

" no i really want to do this please" alex pleades

" ok fine but if we get interuped again were going to stop" i tell her

" k fine just cover you'r ears and eyes" alex ordered

"ok " i say before doing what she says

as i cover my eyes and ears alex say a speel that no one will come to the door and forget that alex and me are even there.

" ok u can look and uncover ur ears now " alex tells me

" there should be no more interuptions" alex assures me

" cool what spell did u use" i ask

alex dumbstrucked " what spell"

" i know that ur a witch alex " i tell her

"what how" alex asks

"there is a bunch of stuff that happen at school that mostly involes u and ur family" i say

" wait u know that im a witch so does that mean"

"yes im a wizard alex" i interutped

" wow" alex says

I stand up walk over to alex and wrap my arms around alex and kiss her deeply again lifting her top over her head. I move her over to the bed laying her on her back. i pull her pants off this time not wasting i get inbetween her legs and start licking her cunt. alex moves her hips so that my face is right in her pussy.

" oh god thats so good" alex moans

as i continued alex starts to thrust her hips and bucks ilke a wild horse

" ohhhh gooood im about to cum" alex screams

i continued to eat her out licking he clit making her scream even more finally alex culms down looking at me and says

" that was great let me do u before we get to the main corse"

" have u ever suck a cock before" i asked

" not on a real one but i practice on cucombers and bananas" alex tells me

" ok cool go at it" i say

alex then gets off the bed and moves to the floor then has me sit on the bed. undoing my belt then my pants and pulling them off me reviling my nine inch cock

"wow ur big "
turning red at what she said alex takes the tip into her mouth and starts sucking on my cock. alex then starts sucking more of my meat stick into her mouth and starts to gag on it

" don't try to get more then that can fit in ur mouth ok" i say

"ok" alex says before licking from my balls to the tip of my cock

alex getting better at sucking on my dick is starting to make me cum. i feel my balls start to tighting up

" alex im about to blow babe" i warned

"its ok i want u to cum in my mouth" alex tells me in a sexy voice
sure enough about a minute later alex feel all the hot salty seed hit the back of her throut alex then swallowed all the cum without letting a drop hit the floor.

" alex u were great i love what u did for me"

"thank you" alex says

i then grab alex hand and pull her to the bed laying her on her back.

" alex are ready i promise i'll be gentle" i tell her

"yes please i want u to break me please" alex beggs

i place the tip of my cock at her entrince. I start pushing my head into alex pussy and alex moans. only gettin it about half way in and i feel her wall stopping me i tell alex that im going to push harder and to get ready. as i push past her hymen and break it alex scream. i hold my cock there until shes ready for me to moved alex the tells me that i can start going that shes fine. i start moving my hips alittle bringing my cock to the head then pushing it all the way in repeating the steps over until alex start tell me to go faster. i start picking up my pace giving alex and myself more pleaser.

" ohhhhhh i'mmm gooiiinngg toooo cummmm" alex moans

" me to " i warned

"I'MMMM CUMMMING"alex screams

the she tighting her walls around my cock sending me over the edge and sends all my seeds deep into her pussy i'm laying on top of her i pull my fully erect cock out of her pussy. alex exusted looking down at my cock.

" ur still hard?" alex asks

"yeah my last girlfriend dumped me cause i have to fuck at least twice before im done" i tell alex

" ok i am ok with that" she says

"cool" I said

i lay on the bed and alex climbs on top of me. im laying there with a perfect view of alex breasts. alex slowly lowers herself onto my ready cock. as she sliding up and down on my cock I reach up to play with her tits. alex moaning at my big dick sliding in and out. alex is soon slamming down on my dickscreaming that it's so big it's breaking her i tell her that im far from cummin and that i need her to slam on my dick hard i start moving my hips so that we both are getting the max pleaser from this experiance. as i do this the spell wears off a little that harper comes into the room and close the door behind her. harper now in the room watching me and alex fucking sits in a chair in the corner and starts playing with her pussy. alex and i didn't even notice harper till alex screamed that she was cumming that harper was there and we cummed at the same time. i looked atharper with alex.

"harper what are doing here" alex says looking stunned

" for some reason i forgot u were in here with zero and didn't want to come near the bed room then i remember that u were in here when i got close to the room it was so quit so i came in u guys weren't in her then when i closed the door there u were have mad ass sex which i found sexy so i sat down here and started playing with my self and ya'll cummed and zero cummed inside u are u on the pill alex" harper tells us

"no im not harper" alex says

i'm looking at harper who is still rubbing her pussy when alex looks at me and asked

"do u want to fuck harper baby i'll let u if u want to" alex asks

" if she wants to i can go one more time for her but we have to use a condom" i say

i pull out my wand and say roomus ingnorus.

"what was that" alex asks

"it's a spell that never wears off unless it's taken off" I tell the girls

I reach into my pants pocket and pull a condomfrom my wallet. alex then gets off my cock. harper looks at my cock and then faints. i take my cock and put it up to harpers mouth and push it in. harper opens her eye and take my waiting cock into her mouth. while harper sucks my cock i reach over to harpers breast and play with them i start caressing them making harper moan. while alex lays against her head board and play with her pussy. i pull my dick out her mouth then postion my dick at her entrance.

"don't worry justin popped my cherrie" harper assures me

as soon as harper tells me this i thrust hard into harper. harper even though she wasn'ta virgen she still tight that mademe even more cocky cause that meant i was bigger than justin and i was happy about that.
as i fucked harper i had a big smile on my face and harper crying out harder and faster. so i started going harder and faster harper was moaning so looad that im glad that i put that spell on the room. I grabbed harpers big breastand sucked on them while fucking harpers brains out then harper started screaming

"I'm cumming ohhh god i'm cummmmmmiiiinnnnggg"
as harper screams that alex on the bed that she was cumming too. harper started squrming and spazing with a powerful orgasm. that made me cum right on the spot. after harper calms down i fall back and land on the floor. alex after i fell came quick then moved over to where i was at asking if I was ok

"yeah that was great damn harper u are some kind of freak" i say

"yeah well thats my freind" alex says

harper laying back legs still spead wide open " wow justin never made get like that"

" harper did u really fuck justin? " alex asks

"yeah when i was thirteen on my birthday" harper said

alex the says " wow was he good"

"not like zero here i been fucking justin and he never made me cumm like that"

"thank you" i said

i get up off the floor and get dressed. alex did the same but harper chouldn't move cause how hard i fucked her me and alex finished studing went out to the livine with her family and then as soon i walked out her door to leave i was transproted back to my home. my brother was like what happen i asked how long was i gone he tells me that i was gone for about five minute. i told him what happen and he believed me cause he already had his powers before me.


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