I had known Kate along time before this day had come. She was a really nice and cute young woman. She was always there for me when I needed her. I must admit I had called on her loads these last couple of months as my wife had just left me. Kate was stunning tall and medium build.

I phoned her to see if she was free to come over as that day I was bored and abit depressed. She finally arrived and knocked on the door. I answered with my usually depressed theme. So there she was stood there in front of me she is a brunette and she has sexy light green eyes. She is a stunning 5ft 7 and im only 5ft 10. She is a happy person who makes everyone around her smile. She was going to have a hard time making me smile. I invite her in, she strides in and takes a seat on my kitchen worktop. We had arranged to go out for out dinner to Kitty restaurant but the TV is on and her favourite programme is blaring out so she sits down to watch it I thought this would be half an hour of silence as she likes to watch her programmes in peace.

Im sitting in the arm chair blankly looking at the TV pretending to be watching but secretly im not im watching her but she doesn’t notice as she is fixed to the telly, I forget all about Suzie (my ex wife) and I am staring at her. My eyes break off her when the adverts come on and I get up to make her a coffee. She likes her coffee boiling hot so she notices when I spill some on my hand and wrist as I scream in agony she rushes in and she sees the mug on the floor smashed and me clutching my hand. She quickly turns the cold tap on and shoves my hand underneath. Fortunately we caught it quick and there was only a massive red patch and it stung for about 10 minutes after. While I am sat at the breakfast bar with my hand in a small bowl of iced water she is dabbing the coffee with a cloth and she has a loose top on and I can right down. She doesn’t like to wear bras as she finds them (in her words) “too constricting” so I can see her nipples quite easily and I get hard as I haven’t had any action in ages. She gets up and brushes past my boner and I think she notices. She goes to the sink to rinse the cloth out. She wrings it out and gets back to the job and I begin to stare again. She sees me staring and I quickly look away and find a subject to talk about she stays on the floor

I am now looking out of the window in to my back garden and I feel a little less support in the crotch area of my jeans then a lot less. She had unzipped my pants and pulled them round my ankles and then pulled them off my legs completely. I will only go commando, as it just feels right. My now rock hard cock is exposed and I start to blush and I get up to go put some more on I run out of the room as my memories flood back she follows me she catches me on the stairs and she grabs my leg pulling me to the floor. I get loose and I run up to my room and flop onto my bed I still have a stiff rod staring at me she calmly enters with a tear in the corner of her eye and quietly says “you don’t want me do you” that makes me look up at her now totally naked body I cant help but stare she stops crying and she kneels at the end of my bed and I sit on the end of my bed and I rip my shirt off and throw it across the room.

She puts her hand on my hot hard pole and then the other hand and she starts to stroke it. It feels a lot better than when Suzie did it. My cock found its way some how to her mouth her warm tongue was irresistible she was slowly sliding my cock in and out of her mouth then she did something that would shock and amaze me. She gets up and she pushes me onto the bed and she looks in my wardrobe and she finds a pair so Suzie’s sexy underwear that she left behind she went into the bathroom to put it on. It was a bit tight but that made it even better. I have a small desk chair and she orders me to sit down on it so I followed the orders and sat down. She went downstairs to get her bag. She came back up clutching a pair of handcuffs and a dildo. She put the dildo down and handcuffed me to the chair and she said I was in for some fun. She made me take down her panties. How I did it was unbelievable but they were down and she jumped onto my bed and then she took off the bra and threw it to me. It landed on my crotch she was laid on my bed naked and she put the dildo to her pussy and she said, “Do you dare me to do it” I replied shakily as I have never seen any one do that “yeah please do” with that she spat on it an wiped it all over she plunged it deep inside letting off a quiet groan as she pulled it in and took it out slowly fucking herself with it. After a while she started to groan a lot louder as she came all over my double bed I didn’t care, as I was amazed at the smell coming off it.

She let me go out of the handcuffs so as soon as I was free I jumped up ran at the bed jumped and landed on the bed. I patted the bed “come over here sexy” and she came strolling over and sat down at the side of me. She lay down calmly but I could see the excitement in her eyes, she wasn’t alone the tension was building for me as well. I sat up and put on leg at each side of her and got on all fours on top of her I lowered my head and slowly teased her nipple and I tickled the other with my fingertips she started to groan a little bit. I started to suck on her firm nicely formed breast with my warm mouth. I licked all the way from her neck to her toes leaving some bits for later I worked my way up her inner thy and back to her toes I go up really close to her clit I am intoxicated by the sweet smell of success I wait for about 5 seconds and slowly place my tongue on her pussy and lick around it cleaning it from her lovely juices then I say “there’s still some left inside I must clean you all up or it will start to smell” (a corny excuse I know but it was the only one I could think of in such short notice) I made my way in bit by bit I take it out and leave it for a bit. I get back up to her face and ask her “could you please give my cock some mouth to mouth” so she smiles and I put my really hard pole in her mouth she holds one end while tickling the other with her tongue this is sending me crazy.

I pull out just as I am about to cum and I hold it back so it will last longer. The orgasm has gone now and I still feel very horny so I put my hard cock to her soaked pussy lips. I gently touch them just waiting for that confirmation look. I get it and ram it up into her lovely warm pussy. I didn’t know how but this felt a lot different that Suzie a lot different or I should say a lot better as I am pumping Kate is going into a frenzy of orgasms I start to feel it again and then I get one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had and I fill Kate up with my hot spunk.

I with draw my cock and get up off the bed and walk over and collect my pants and t-shirt and put them on Kate gets up and gathers her clothes picks them up and goes to the bathroom I wait for her while she’s in there I notice the pink dildo still lying there I walk over to it and pick it up I smell it, it smells of Kate’s pussy I give it a quick lick oh god it tastes wonderful I put it in Kate’s bag together with the handcuffs. Kate comes out dressed and smelling beautiful and we go out as planned acting like nothing happened and we had a great time knowing that, what we did was probably going to happen again


2004-06-13 23:12:26
decently written. still oh-so-unprofessional.


2004-05-19 16:51:05
well done babe its BRILL!
m/ (*_*) m/ rock on pete
love cy

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