Zack And Sam The last
Making Me Available
Zack and Sam Part 7
After I had finished cleaning up and the others had all left Zack and Sam sat me down and explained that no one was allowed to fuck me until they had both done me. I then understood why when that guy in the police cell had put his finger near my hole someone had said to remember the rules. The boys sent me home instructing me to be naked at 2pm the next day with the front door unlocked and me on the bed
They did not put the cock cage back on me and I drove home realising that my old virgin ass would not be so soon. When I got home I threw off my clothes and got into bed before long my hand was working on my cockpit was so good to be free and I thought about all the things that had happened to me recently. It wasn’t long before I was hard as a rock and groaning. My little cock exploded on my sheets as I had my second orgasm for over 2 weeks. I licked the cum off the sheets and eventually fell off to sleep.
It was about 10am when I woke up I showered and ate and read the paper. About 1.30 I was on the bed waiting. I was nervous as hell and about 2 I heard the door open and Zack walked into the bedroom. They had flipped a coin and Zack got to go first Sam would do me tomorrow and then the next day both would be here.Zack instructed me to undress him and I did. He noticed my shaking hands and said not to worry he would take it easy. Once I had him naked he instructed me to get him hard. I was on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I really enjoyed the taste of cock and it wasn’t long before Zack was rock hard. He told me to stop and he went to his pocket and got out a lubed condom. He told me that no matter who I was with safe sex was the only way. After he had slid on the condom he told me to get on the bed on all fours. I did and I felt so vulnerable .He spread some lube on my hole and put his cock at the entrance and he started into slid in to me. I cried out as it had really hurt but he was gentle and slow and kept pushing in until all his cock was inside me. Then he just left it in there allowing my hole to expand and then very slowly took it back out. He allowed me a moment before it went back in this time there was less pain. He was incredible. He told me he was going to speed up a little and so saying he began to fuck me and the pain subsided and I was moaning and liking it. He increased the pace fucking me faster and I was moaning louder. He pumped and pumped holding my hips and driving into me. I was loving it and my little cock was hard as a rock. All of a sudden he pulled out ripped off the condom and jerked himself till he shot hot cum on my ass .He told me to roll over and pull myself which I did and within a minute my cum hit my stomach. He then got me to lick his cock clean and I did. He dressed and left reminding me Sam would be there tomorrow and not to expect anything as gentle.
Of course he was right. From the moment Sam arrived it was rough. He pulled off his own clothes and dragged me by the hair to the ground to suck him off shoving his dick deep inside my throat till I gagged. Once he was satisfied he pulled on a condom and told me to lie on the side of the bed and he fucked me. He was rough as hell. He grabbed my hair and belted my ass as his cock invaded my ass.He told me I was a slut and a whore and I would be everybody’s bitch. I did not enjoy it. His cock was longer and thicker than his brothers and the whole experience was really painful. When he was about to cu he grabbed my hair and jerked off on my face and wiped his slimy cock in my hair. He told me to be ready tomorrow.
At 2pm the next day my ass was still hurting from Sam’s rough fuck but I was naked on the bed.Zack and Sam walked into the bedroom and as instructed I undressed Zack and sucked him till hard. Sam had removed his own clothes and grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat. He wasn’t quite hard when he told me to get on the bed and lie on my back. He put his dick back in my mouth and Zack lifted my legs and gently fucked me as I sucked him Sam started working my tits twisting them and rubbing them as I looked at Zack whose face showed that he was enjoying my tail. He reached out and started playing with his brothers nipples and then I got the shock of my life .They kissed each other and then looked at me and laughed.Zack started pumping hard and shot on my stomach and then Sam took his place and tried to rip my ass apart while I cleaned Zack’s cock.Sam’s cum soon joined Zack’s on my stomach and Sam got up and went to his bag and got out the cock cage.Zack’s cock had gone limp in my mouth and Sam put the cage back on me.
So I had been deflowered and over the next week Carl, the bikers and the police all took a turn at my assume ass ached constantly for a month.Zack and Sam used me often and made it longer before I could jerk off, My life had changed so much and would continue to do so. I was a cock sucking slut who begged to be fucked and drink piss.I would be beaten, whipped and tortured and more. I no longer was in charge but yielded to my two brother masters Zack and Sam.

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