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It started out with me trying to get some laundry put away, I was nervous about something. A heard the front door close, and I just froze in place.

I walked into the living room and you were standing there looking around the room. I was holding my breath as you walked toward the TV and put your hand on it. I knew I wasn't supposed to have been watching TV, but I thought I could get away with it, then I lost track of time. I was staring at the floor but I could feel you looking at me, I knew I was in trouble.

You said, “come here,” slowly I walked toward you. I was then standing right in front of you and within easy reach. You asked, “Did you get all the housework done,” I answered “just about.” In one swift motion, you had me pinned against the wall. You asked “do you I understand the rules, which is housework is to be done first, then you have to ask permission to watch TV.” I mumbled, “yes sir,” I know them.”

You told me to “take off my shirt and bra, face the wall, and put my hands on top of my head.” I did what you said, and then I heard you take off your belt. I knew it was going to hurt, but if I resisted I knew it would be worse. You said, “look at me,” I did so, and you said “you disrespected me and that you will be punished for it.” I was already crying but that wasn't going to help me at all. You asked, “you understand why you are going to get the belt” and I said, “yes sir.”

You brought the belt down about midway down my back, it hurt like hell. You said, “this is the first time you have done this, so you are going to get ten.” You had me turn my head to look at you. I said, “I am sorry and it wouldn't happen again.” You said, “hope not, or the punishment would be doubled”. Then you started my punishment. My back was on fire, the welts came close to cutting into the skin.

You said, “turn around and get on your knees.” You stood right in front of me. I could see how hard you were through your pants. I wanted to make up for not following the other rules, so I really wanted to make you happy. I unzipped your pants and took out your dick; I needed both hands to hold it since it is so big. I kissed the tip and used my tongue to gently lick all over the head. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, I barely could get the head in. I have to be careful not to let my teeth touch you. I am using my hands to help pump your dick in and out of my mouth. I take it out and start kissing and licking up and down your shaft. I put your testicles in my mouth and start sucking on them, still jacking you off with my hands. After a few minutes, I am once again getting ready to put your dick in my mouth, but you grab my hair and tell me “do not to break eye contact with me while you are sucking me.”

I have to really tilt my head back to be able to do as I am told, it makes my neck hurt, but I have to please you. I try to take as much into my mouth as I can. I have a good rhythm going and you are enjoying watching the show, seeing your giant dick disappear into my little mouth. You tell me “you give you the best blowjobs.” I start thinking about what you said and hope it helps make up for the TV incident, but while daydreaming I lose my focus and don’t maintain eye contact with you.

That is when the blowjob that I was giving and enjoying giving, becomes you fucking my mouth. You grab me by the hair and ram your entire dick into my mouth and down my throat. You hold it there, saying, “I told you to maintain eye contact, didn’t I.” I cannot breathe; you withdraw enough for me to gasp for some air. I try putting my hands on your thighs to try to control how hard and how far you are thrusting, but that just gets me a light slap in the face. The slap wasn't meant to hurt me just to remind me who is in charge; you know it is humiliating and a test for me to take it. You say, "move your hands”. I put them down at my side. You have two hands full of hair and you slam into my mouth repeatedly, your balls slapping my chin. Each time you went as far down my throat as you could and held it for a few seconds. I knew you were going to come, I could feel your dick swell even more and contract. You come in my mouth and said, “swallow it all,” I did.

You basically pull me to my feet by my hair. You ask me, “you like sucking my dick,” I answered “yes sir.” My lip is busted and bleeding and you wipe away the blood running down my chin. You ask me “does it hurt” and I answered “no sir.” You tell me to “strip and get on the bed”; I did as I was told. I am on my back, which is stinging from the earlier beating. You tell me “put your hands above your head, hold onto the headboard, and spread your legs.” I am to slow in following orders, and you once again slap me. I opened my legs and you reached down and started touching my clit. You tell me “do not to move from this position or speak unless I give you permission,”

You start rubbing my clit. I feel like I am on fire and I want you to fuck me. You slide a finger deep into my pussy, using your thumb to rub my clit. I am having a hard time being still, it feels so good, but I want to escape. I have never had an orgasm, never surrendered to you or any man before. Apparently, today was the day you decided I would. You started finger fucking me with two fingers and I was struggling within myself to enjoy it.

You ask me “do you like it”, “yes sir” I replied. You put another finger in me, leaning down, you kiss my clit. I felt like my head is going to explode, my body was trembling. You start licking my clit while three fingers slid in and out of my pussy. I am getting lost in the feeling and I raise my hips up to your mouth. You stopped everything reaching over picking up the belt. You say, “I told you not to move,” you hit me a few times on my stomach, not as hard as my back but hard enough to get the point across. Then you ask “ready to continue,” “yes sir,” I managed to say.

Once again, your mouth is on my clit licking and sucking it, fingers have gone into my pussy again. You have adjusted your position so you are now between my legs. You are so much bigger and stronger than I am and you easily control my entire body. While you are fingering me with one hand, you have put the other on my throat. You’re not squeezing just reminding me who is in charge. Soon I feel your tongue go into my pussy; I’ve never felt that before. It is as if you are fucking me with your tongue while rubbing my clit. Then I hear you say, “that’s it, let go.” Reality hits me that I am about to have an orgasm; my mind tries to stop it. I have never let myself have an orgasm; I don’t want to let a man have control over me like that. You increase your hold on my throat and continue tonguing me. I have tensed up my whole body in an effort to try and not come, I hear you say to “relax.” I know I will be in trouble If I don’t do as you sat, so I try to do as I am told.

I slowly start letting my whole body relax. You still have hold of my throat and start sucking my clit while finger fucking me again. I cannot take it and have an orgasm. I start crying, you wipe away my tears asking, “you okay,” “yes sir” I replied. I felt so weak, even if you gave me permission to move I couldn’t. You ask me again, “are you okay,” I said “yes” and you said “did that feel good”, “yes sir”, I replied. “See how easy it was, just don’t fight me,” you tell me. “It is good you are okay, because I’m not done yet.”

You smiled and said, “I am going to fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked before.” “You will beg me to fuck you,” you tell me. I thought to myself, doubt it. I did love you in me, and yes, I did have my first orgasm, but I am not going to beg you for it. I am not submitting to you like that, ever. Then I became worried, because I didn’t know if I could open up enough for you. I guess you understood my apprehension, and said, “it will be okay.” You got between my legs and told me “relax or it will hurt.” Then before I could even think about relaxing, you shoved your dick in my pussy. Fortunately, I was wet from my orgasm, so it only hurt a little. Then you took it out and just rubbed the head on my clit and started slapping my pussy with it. I wanted it back in me, it felt so good, and it feels my pussy up. I started moving under you trying to get you to put it back in me. You were grinning at me and asked, “what do you want.” I was embarrassed and didn’t want to admit it. I know you’re in charge but asking you for this seems humiliating and besides I’ve always been a little rebellious.

You kept teasing me, rubbing your rock hard dick on my clit and the opening of my pussy. Every time I moved to try to encourage you to put it in me, you asked, “what do you want.” This went on and on. I understood you wanted me to submit, asking, or begging you to fuck me, but I wanted to be stubborn. I was getting really frustrated that you were teasing me. Suddenly you rammed into me and it hurt, I wasn’t expecting it and I had been tense. You did a few strokes and pulled out again, once again you teased me with your dick. You grabbed my hair so I couldn’t move my head, got right in my face, and asked, “what do you want.” I knew you were getting upset and I didn’t want that, so I relented and said, “I want you in me.” As usual, you wouldn’t accept that, you wanted me to beg you to fuck me. While I was trying to figure out how to say it, you rammed your entire dick into me. It hurt so badly, but then you started rubbing my clit and it was all pleasure. I was in heaven it felt so good and when you felt I was close to an orgasm you stopped.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and I quietly said, “would you please fuck me.” You told me to look at you and say it. My eyes meet yours and I said, “would you please fuck me.” You asked, “how do you want me to fuck you,” I answered “hard sir.” You told me “you’re a good girl,” and rammed your dick into me repeatedly. I was feeling so good even though I knew I would be hurting the next couple of days. Once again, I was getting close to an orgasm and you stopped, you didn’t pull out just stopped moving. I was confused; you said, “look at me.” I looked at you, you asked “what do you want,” and I said, “I wanted you to fuck me.” You rammed in me a few times, asking me “do you like my dick,” I said, “I love your dick and love it being in me”, that got me a few more strokes. I understood what I needed to do. You were looking at me waiting on me so, I said, “I want you to fuck me hard, I really needed your dick in me, I love your dick, and how it fills my pussy up,” you started fucking me hard. You were pounding my pussy and I gave in to another orgasm, you said, “you did good, you let yourself go.” I said, “yes sir, thank you for helping me” You smiling and said, “now it is my turn.” You had hold of my hair, you pulled back until only the head was in and rammed back into me, slowly pulling back and then ramming my pussy. You looked at me and asked; “who was in charge” I answered, “you are.” You started pounding my pussy so hard and fast, I could hardly catch my breath, then you came.

I was exhausted and you looked very happy. I was soaking wet, and I was thinking about how I had submitted to you so many times. We were laying side by side, I continued thinking about letting you be so dominating over me, that I should have resisted more. Then you had me by the back of my hair and said, “suck me.” I thought about not doing it to try to get some of my power back. I said, “I am tired, how about tomorrow.” You slapped me harder than before and said, “you will do it now.” I started sucking you while you lay there, watching me. I was bobbing up and down on your dick for a few minutes when you said, “climb on.” I knew better than wasting time so I lowered my self-down on you, it felt like I was being impaled. I had to stay on my feet just lowering my hips, I started going up and down on you, while you watched. Then you said, “rub your clit.” I was surprised; I had never touched my self in front of you or anyone else before.

I was concerned about doing it. I was still sliding up and down on your massive rod thinking about it when you grabbed my hair and pulled me completely down on you. It felt like your dick was going to come out my throat. You were holding me in place, you asked, “did you hear me,” I stammered out “yes sir.” You said “then what the fuck are you waiting on.” You let go of my hair and I got on my knees, with your dick in me and started rocking back and forth. I knew I needed to do what I was told before you got mad

I put my hand between my legs; I rested a finger on my clit thinking you wouldn’t really know what I was doing. Then I felt your hand on mine forcing me to rub my clit. “Look at me” you said, “do it right.” I start rubbing my clit and sliding back and forth on your massive dick. It felt so good I didn’t know how long I could take it. I increased how fast I was sliding on your dick and rubbing my clit. I looked at you, your watching me, and smiling. I am having a hard time doing both things I start focusing more on your dick, then I feel your finger on my clit and I know I am about to explode. Then you tell me “get off and suck me.”

You know I don’t really like sucking you after you have been in me but there is no way I’m going to argue right now. I climb off and start licking and sucking your cock and balls. Then you say ‘straddle me, face away while you suck on me”. I wonder why, we have never done that before, and I am scared. I do what you tell me. I am kneeling over your stomach sucking and licking your dick just the way you taught me, when I felt your finger go in my pussy. It feels nice and I try to focus on your blowjob instead of on what you are doing to me. I feel more fingers going into my pussy, it feels so good, and I start sucking on you balls, while rubbing your giant shaft with my hands. Everything is actually going good, I am sucking you, and your fingering me hard but it feel so good, I feel close to another orgasm. Your touch is so good, I start sucking you harder and faster taking all of you in my mouth, then I have another orgasm, the juices are all over your stomach. You take you fingers out and I feel your hand push on my back. I know you want me to lean forward, I thought it was so you could reach my pussy easier, but then I feel you touch my ass. I jump away from your touch, we have never done anal, and with the size of your dick, I am worried.

You say, “don’t move away from me.” I keep sucking your cock, trying to ignore what you were going to do to me. I feel you start fingering my pussy again. I was relived at first I thought you changed your mind, but you were just getting the juices on your fingers for my ass. I felt you circle your finger around my asshole, you tell me to “relax.” I’m thinking no way in hell can I relax. I feel a finger trying to get in me. You are using the juices on your stomach to help lube up my ass. Then it’s in, it feels different, feels wrong. I stop moving my body but continue giving you head. I am hoping if I don’t move my body you’ll stop. You have the belt within reach, I feel it bite into my back, and you say, “do it.” I know you want me to move, but I am not sure about this, again I feel the belt. You take your finger out, and ask “do I really need to get up and convince you this will happen one way or the other”, “no sir”, I mumbled. You asked, “do you realize I am going to fuck you in the ass,” I didn’t respond and that really angered you. You lean forward and grab the back of my hair, pulling it toward you bending me over backwards.

It really hurts and you just hold me like that, letting the pain set in. You tell me “I am going to fuck your ass, how much it hurts will depend on you.” You tell me “keep resisting and I will rip your ass open without any lube, or you can give in and enjoy it.” “Do you understand me” you ask, “yes sir,” I replied. You ask, “do you want me to fuck you in the ass,” I answer “yes sir, very much.” You let go and say, “get back into position.” I lean forward on my knees with one hand on the bed to support me, and using the other hand to support your dick. I put as much of your cock in my mouth that I can get, I feel you probing my pussy again with your fingers. Your really pissed at me, because you are being really rough. You get some juices on your finger and shove it in my ass. I know better than crossing you again, that you are at your limit with my disobedience. I start rocking back and forth, so you can ass fuck me with your finger. I start crying, I feel humiliated and it is at this point that I truly understand who is the dominate one.

I feel another finger go in me; you’re trying to get my ass to open up more so it can take your dick. You tell me “move faster and harder,” I no longer even think I just do what you tell me. I rock harder and it starts to feel good. I am sucking as hard on your dick as I can, I realize I am close to an orgasm, and then you put a third finger in my ass. I squirt out my fluids onto your stomach again. You say, “you like this don’t you,” I answer “yes sir.” You pull my hips toward your face and say “how about a reward for being so good.” Then I can feel you licking my clit, oh god you are good. You held me there tonguing my pussy I think I may come again, but you stop. You tell me “get off.” I do as I am told I stand next to the bed waiting on you. You get up and stand in front of me; you say, “look at me’. I look at you and you ask “do you I trust me,” “yes sir, I answered. “ Who is in charge” you ask, there is no doubt anymore it is you, so I answer “you sir”. You tell me “I am now going to fuck your ass.” You tell me "bend over the bed support your upper body with your arms and spread your legs," I did as told. You first entered my ass with your thumb, your dick went into my pussy dripping with juices, after a few strokes, you were ready to invade my ass.

By now, my ass was actually starting to ache for your rock hard dick. You asked me “what do you want,” with out hesitation, I said, “I need you to fuck my ass.” That was what you wanted to hear, you grabbed my hair with one hand so I couldn’t move and guided your dick into me. It was so tight, it hurt, it hurt alot “you need to relax” you say. Easier said then done I thought to myself, but after a few strokes, it was starting to feel nice. You asked, “do you like it” and I answered “yes sir.” You let go of my hair and push my chest down on the bed but my ass was still up in the air. Then you started rubbing my clit, it felt so good. I felt close to an orgasm, and then you said, “don’t come.” I wasn’t sure what to do, I knew what you said, but my body was betraying me.

You grabbed two hands full of hair and yanked my head back hard, repeating “don’t you dare fucking come”. Then I realized I wasn’t going to be allowed to fully enjoy this. This ass fuck was all about you and you were the only one who got to get off completely. You grabbed my hips with both hands rammed your dick in me as far as it would go and exploded.
You stood there for a few minutes pumping out all your juices, then pulled out, and said, “stand up and turn around.” I stood in front of you; you grabbed the back of my hair forcing my face up towards yours and kissed me your tongue exploring my mouth. I thought I was going to have an orgasm right then. I love the way you kiss me, it takes my breath away. You stop kissing me and asked, “who do you belong to,” I answered “you sir”. I had finally totally surrendered to you and I knew you were in complete control of me.

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2012-07-09 10:42:12
highly confusing... Get the punctuation right.. Nice read though, could have been better..


2011-06-11 05:01:03
Ur style of writin is d 1st person narrativ. Very affirmative nd hardcore. I luv anal sex stories too


2011-06-11 04:59:55
U r good! I got my pussy wet from d start. I like d fear in d slut nd I liked d master's tease too.
Dis story takes me off from d start-end. In fact we need upto part xviii. I masturbated nd came multiple times. Thank u

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