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Later that afternoon, Julia bade farewell to Charlotte and rode home in a blissfully happy state, unaware that a chain of events had been set in motion that would change her life forever.
The following morning she was at her needlework in the drawing room when there was a commotion in the hallway.

‘Lady Creswell, a coach is here bearing the crest of Lady Rainham’ announced the butler to Julia’s mother with a sense of urgency.

Emilia Creswell rose immediately, issuing orders to tidy the room and fetch refreshments while smoothing her skirts and adjusting her hair to welcome their august visitor. Presently, Lady Rainham was ushered in and both Julia and her mother curtsied deeply.

‘Good morning Emilia, how are you?’ enquired Lady Rainham.

‘We are all very well thank you’ she replied. ‘To what do we owe the pleasure of your company this morning?.

‘I have actually come to see Julia; I have some business that I wish to discuss in private’.

‘Of course Margarita’. Julia’s mother was a quivering mix of puzzlement and anticipation such that Julia could virtually see the thoughts forming in her mind. However, her deference to Lady Rainham’s social status discouraged her from further questioning unless a reason was given, even though the two women were on first name terms.

‘It is such a lovely day I thought we might take a stroll through the gardens Julia’ said Lady Rainham, obviously keen to keep the conversation between them.

‘As you wish’ replied Julia and led the way into the rose garden by the south wing of the house. While she was walking, her own mind was racing as to the meaning of the visit. There were a number of possibilities but she tried to keep calm and give nothing away.

Lady Rainham stopped by an ornately carved stone seat, shaded by an arbour covered with a fragrant rambling rose in full bloom and sat down. With her dark, raven hair and vaguely European features, you would have scarcely thought she was Charlotte’s mother, the striking red hair having been inherited from her father’s side. Julia had always thought of her as a most handsome woman who carried her slim but extremely feminine figure with grace and elegance.

‘Is there something you need to tell me Julia?’ she said in an even tone.

‘My lady, I’m not sure what you mean, what would you have me tell you?’. Despite her best efforts Julia could not keep a hint of nervousness from her voice.

Lady Rainham looked straight into her eyes. ‘If I mentioned a book and my daughter Charlotte, would that aid your memory?’.

Julia felt as though the world had caved in around her. Here it was the ruination of her reputation, the blackening of her family’s good name. She would be sent away in disgrace, forever divorced from the love of her parents and siblings, never to be so much as mentioned in polite conversation and a constant source of sniggering and innuendo from below stairs.

Lady Rainham could see her obvious discomfort and looked at her quizzically. ‘So tell me what you think of the text, what did you learn from it?’.

Julia was taken aback by this question. Was she just teasing her?. Was she planning to heap further humiliation on her head?. After a short pause she decided that the truth was the only possible option, for to feign shock or mere indifference would make her appear pathetically weak at best or a liar at worst if Charlotte had relayed the events of yesterday to her mother.

‘I found it an inspiration my lady’ she replied. ‘In the matter of relationships to feel that, as a woman, there should be no shame in deriving pleasure from sex, and that on the contrary it should be actively sought out and celebrated, was a revelation. At first I was unsure but as I read onwards it was clear that this was not merely a collection of erotica for the titillation of certain Gentlemen but was more a treatise for how a society might be when freed from the preconceptions due to gender and the useless denial of pleasure masquerading as morality.

Julia looked directly at Lady Rainham. ‘It taught me to think’ she said at length. ‘There should be no subject which I should not study, or become proficient at if I have a mind.

Lady Rainham nodded slightly. ‘That is a fair synopsis my dear’ she said and broke into a broad smile.
‘I must say that you have surprised me greatly Julia Creswell’. I had thought that while you were a most amiable and pretty companion, you could see little beyond the confines of your world, but I am happy to say that I was wrong’.

‘You are well acquainted with the book?’ said Julia feeling a little puzzled. This was a disconcerting turn of events but at least the gnawing panic in her stomach was subsiding rapidly.

Lady Rainham laughed out loud. ‘Oh Julia, did you think that Lord Rainham would have kept a text that has enhanced our relationship so much a dark secret?’. ‘I have known about, and studied the book for a long time. Some of the new translation is my own work that I have updated’.

She stood and beckoned to Julia. ‘Come and sit by me. You have been very honest with me and it is time that I gave you some of the facts’.

As they sat down Lady Rainham took a deep breath. ‘Firstly I must apologise. ‘You were never meant to see the book although I must say that it was a happy accident that you did. It is generally held under lock and key but was recently retrieved by my husband as we felt that it was time that we passed on that knowledge to Charlotte and George.’

‘Charlotte is such an untidy girl’ she continued. ‘Yesterday my husband told me that he was sure someone had found the book and read it as it was replaced on a different shelf, so I had to move immediately to find out who had seen it to protect them and ourselves. It is most heartening to find that both of you are open minded enough to appreciate it as we do’.

‘Where did the book come from’? asked Julia. ‘Do we know anything of the people who wrote it?’.

‘The book was found in India by my father in law, in a chest of articles he took as part of a trade deal. He was intrigued by the pictures but the language was unfamiliar and he had a lot of trouble finding anybody who could help him with the translation. Even then it took many years research to put it into a readable and accurate form. The book may have originated in India or further to the east, we are not really sure, and unfortunately it had no cover so we don’t have a title or author either. It is most frustrating although at least the work appears to be complete’.

‘What did you think when you first read it’? said Julia. Tell me truly, were you shocked’?.

‘A little’. Lady Rainham smiled as she reminisced.

‘I first met my husband at a ball in London, we had recently arrived from Italy and my mother worked as a seamstress for some of the ladies at Court. I helped her out on the night to get the ladies ready and just mingled in with everyone else’.

This surprised Julia as much as anything she had read in the book. The commonly held view was that Lady Rainham was related to a Countess, and yet it would appear that she had no connections or family whatsoever.

‘I think my mother hoped that I might meet somebody suitable to marry, but she would have never guessed I would wed Lord Rainham. Indeed, I had overheard from some of the other ladies that he was rude and perverse and most definitely not a gentleman. These were harsh words considering his position and eligibility’.

‘Late in the evening, I found myself alone and was thinking of retiring for the night when Lord Rainham approached me to ask for a dance. He was so handsome that night‘, she sighed wistfully, ‘and he paid me the greatest compliments’.

‘So he was charm itself then?’ giggled Julia.

‘Most certainly not’ replied Lady Rainham forcefully. ‘He not so much spoke as interrogated me throughout the dance and his questions were most forward and impertinent considering we had just met. Yet, I discerned a pattern in them, and felt he wanted to know my mind rather than merely engage in idle chatter’.

‘However, the subject of his questions concerning love and fidelity were most definitely outside the bounds of normal conversation. I asked him to explain himself if I were to reveal my soul and begged him to release me if all he wished for was a mistress, to be cast aside at a whim’.

‘He put an address card in my hand and promised all would be revealed the following day if I would visit him. He then bowed deeply, thanked me for the dance and left. He was immediately followed by two of his friends and spoke to them animatedly’. Lady Rainham paused and took a deep breath.

‘I turned the card over in my hands and tried to decide whether I should attend our meeting. I knew instinctively he would not like a chaperone and yet I had my reputation to protect. In the end I resolved to go alone and put myself at his mercy for although I hardly knew him I did not think he would harm me’.

‘Surely you must have been correct or you would not have married him’ whispered Julia excitedly, her eyes like saucers
Lady Rainham smiled. ‘Yes, Julia you are right. I went to his town house by Regents Park and was welcomed by his sister Beatrice who immediately put me at my ease and stayed with us the entire day. Lord Rainham joined us presently with the book clutched under his arm and entreated me to read it with him. My initial reaction was similar to yours and I was unsure of his purpose in showing it to me so I took my courage in my hands and bluntly asked him to explain himself’.

‘He explained that he was looking for a wife, but not just any woman. He wanted a wife who could share the principles espoused in the book, at least in private, and be an equal partner in a relationship. He was tired of the game, as he put it, and found most women shallow and tiresome. I asked what he had seen in me as I appeared to share most of the traits that he apparently despised, to which he replied that he believed that I was open minded. I was taken aback but he reminded me of our conversation the previous evening where I had said I would bare my soul if his purpose was honourable’.

Lady Rainham paused again, her eyes fixed on the horizon, recalling the whole scene before she spoke. ‘Apparently I was the first woman to even allow him the benefit of the doubt, and in truth much of the book excited me, for in it lay a fulfilling future and potential danger too. I explained this to him and he proposed to me there and then if I would promise him to study the text diligently’.

‘What happened then?’ said Julia, impatient for Lady Rainham to continue.

‘Oh, it was all very formal. He asked my mother for my hand in marriage, my father having died some years before and of course she agreed. It was at this time that he had the story put about that I was related to the Countess of Siena, which was a complete fabrication of course but made with the intention of stopping any malicious gossip about our marriage’.

‘It was a short engagement but during it I studied the book thoroughly, alone and with my husband to be and as time progressed I was increasingly convinced I had made the right choice. At various times during this period Beatrice would leave us to ourselves and we took the opportunity to explore our sexuality. Of course we had to be careful lest the servants caught us, but although we indulged in mutual masturbation and oral sex, he would never make love to me. I asked him why as I wanted him so desperately and it seemed a betrayal of principle to delay our pleasure’.

‘Indeed’, said Julia who could scarcely believe the level of intimacy she was sharing with Lady Rainham.

‘He then told me he wanted me to make love to three of his closest companions who were also well versed in the book. I felt faint and asked why and he explained that he didn’t want to see me as a possession, but as a person who could take her pleasures as she chose and was not beholden to him’.

‘I knew his three companions and they were all most handsome and amiable but I asked how this could be my choice if this was his wish. He just said he would leave the entire decision to me and retired to bed’.

Oh heavens, what on earth did you do! exclaimed Julia.

‘In the end my dear it all boils down to trust. I was a virgin of course but he was telling me that the loss of this membrane of skin held no particular value to him. He valued me for myself’.

‘A week before our wedding, I received an invitation from Beatrice to go to their London house to talk over some of the arrangements. Lord Rainham was not there but after I had been there a while, the three companions he had mentioned to me entered the room. I was immediately flustered but Beatrice squeezed my arm and reassured me that anything that happened would be controlled by me.’
‘In the evening, the butler served dinner and all the servants were then given the night off. Beatrice sent word to my mother that I would be staying the night with her and then left as well leaving me alone with three men’.

Julia could say nothing at this moment but waited for Lady Rainham to continue.

‘I went to change quickly for dinner and found that Beatrice had laid out a dress on my bed. It was made entirely of muslin and had a jug of warm water beside it. I remembered this fashion from ages past and put on the dress with nothing beneath and then dampened it to make the material translucent before returning to my companions for the evening. I made quite an impression but if they thought they could seduce me easily they were mistaken and soon I had all three vying for my attention.’

‘Little by little I lowered my guard as the evening wore on. I would let the dress slip a little to reveal a hint of breast or stand in front of the fire while they looked so they could see my naked body silhouetted in the flickering light. The men became bolder and brushed against me or touched me. At first I pulled away but gradually I tolerated their caresses and at last one of them was bold enough to run his hand across my breast. I made no move to pull away and let him go on with a delicious sense of abandonment’.

Lady Rainham glanced across at Julia who was slightly flushed and hanging on her every word.

‘The man slid his hand inside my dress and cupped my breast, lightly pinching my nipple which quickly became erect. A second turned my face towards his and smothered me with his mouth, his tongue desperately searching for mine while the third hiked my dress up to my waist, exposing my naked, virgin pussy to their gaze. I could tell that I had teased all three to the limit judging by the bulges in their trousers and was resolved to let them ravish my body as they saw fit’.

‘Three!’ exclaimed Julia, ‘would I know any of them?’.

‘Is it important?’, said Lady Rainham with a laugh, ‘but since you ask the three men were Lord John Rawnsley, Lord Richard Windlesham and Frederic Dubois who manages the Rainham’s vineyards in France’.

Julia’s eyes widened still further and she bade Lady Rainham to continue the story.

‘John and Richard eased my legs apart and slid their hands up my thighs, taking it in turns to stroke my pussy lips until I was shuddering with pleasure. They moistened their fingers and then held my labia wide apart, stroking inwards and circling my clit, looking into my open sex. All the while they were telling me about the things they intended to do to me, the most exciting and forbidden things. Frederic had eased both breasts out of the top of my gown and was rolling my stiff nipples between his thumb and forefinger’.

Julia was now quite literally open mouthed and feeling more than a little turned on as her imagination pictured the scene.

‘My pussy was really wet now, and I felt my dress sliding down my body leaving me totally nude. John picked me up in his arms and took me over to the fireside where he lay me on my back on a large rug.’
‘All three then stood in front of me and disrobed, and I gasped as I saw their huge cocks waiting to penetrate me. I got on my knees and took Richard’s cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the bulbous head, using my hands to pump the shafts of the other two before sucking Frederic and finally John’.

‘I had aroused them beyond endurance, and John pushed me gently on to my back, diving between my open thighs and fucking me with his tongue. Frederic pushed his cock deep into my mouth and began to pump it in and out deeply to the point where I nearly gagged’.

‘Oh my, was this what you wanted’? cried Julia who’s head was spinning with the extreme images and coarse language coming from Lady Rainham’.

‘They were doing exactly what I wanted’ said Lady Rainham with a wink.

‘John’s skilful tongue lashed at my clit and quickly brought me to a shuddering orgasm. He then lay on the rug and pulled me astride him, lining up his cock with my pussy. I was back in control so I teased him again, rocking back and forth, rubbing my wet gash over the head of his cock, steeling myself for the moment when his thick pole would tear away my maidenhead. I slowly lowered myself on to his cock and, bracing myself with arms and knees, began to gently slide up and down. I was so wet and turned on that there was a mere moment of pain when I sank down on to his prick and took him right up to his balls’.

Julia was beginning to wish there was somewhere private she could go to satisfy her own urges.

‘Frederic’s cock was soon back in my mouth and John’s hands were under my ass, as I rode his thick manhood. I had nearly forgotten about Richard, and it was quite a surprise when John pulled my cheeks apart and I felt Richard’s fingers smearing a cream or jelly on to my asshole. I must admit I was slightly undecided at this point but I let him continue as he gently inserted a finger into my tight hole. I gasped as he moved it around gently, the sensation was quite different to the cock buried deep in my snatch but my pleasure was growing by the minute. Richard pushed the head of his well lubricated cock on my little starfish and told me to exhale as he penetrated me’.

‘It must have hurt’ said Julia with some concern. ‘I’m not sure I could let anyone do that to me’.

‘I trusted him which meant I could relax as I knew he would not hurt me’ replied Lady Rainham. ‘Don’t be so quick to deny yourself these pleasures. Anyway, Julia I was in ecstasy with a man in my pussy, mouth and ass. ‘All three of them pumped me in turn giving me a long, slow screw. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had as they shafted me in every orifice. When I thought I could take no more, they shifted positions. I was fucked on the table, bent over a chair, in every position possible for you to fantasise over and I loved every minute of it. At last, all three pulled out and I sucked them until they spurted their hot spunk all over my face and down my throat.’

Julia was simply speechless.

‘Presently Lord Rainham came into the room and took me upstairs where he had run a hot bath. He bathed me in silence, laid me on the bed and gently massaged away all stress from my body. He didn’t need to say a word Julia, for I could tell in every loving stroke and tender caress how much he loved me. When he had finished I undressed him and we made love. That was the difference, far removed from the raw excitement of earlier in the evening, this was something altogether more spiritual and believe me, you need both in this life’.

‘Do you still have sex with other men?’. Julia was aware of the impertinence of the question but her curiosity simply got the better of her.

‘I do’ said Lady Rainham simply. ‘There are two further things I need to know from you Julia, both of which are of some importance. Firstly, I would like to know whether you feel you could love George. I know it is your mother’s dearest wish but I would hear your opinion’.

‘He is one of the kindest and most handsome men I know, not that I know many men of course. I would love to become better acquainted and’….Julia’s voice trailed off.

‘If you like, I could let my son know of your admiration’. Of course I will be subtle and advance your case while making him think it is his idea’.

‘I should like that very much my Lady’ replied Julia.

Secondly, as I’m sure you appreciate, the contents of the book should be held confidential and only released to those with a mind that is able to accept it’.

Julia nodded in acquiescence.

‘There are now a good many people in our circle and we regularly have hedonistic weekends at various addresses. I realise that this is all very new to you but I would be prepared to sponsor you into our circle if you wish to attend’.

Julia was thrilled but nervous at the same time. ‘I would like a little time to think it over Lady Rainham, and what will I tell my parents’.

‘Don’t worry too much about that my dear, I’m sure she will be only too delighted if you accompanied us on one of our country retreats’. Lady Rainham flashed her an impish smile that made her look much younger. ‘We meet again in four weeks so you have some time to decide, I expect both Charlotte and George will be present so you will have some familiar faces around as well as myself and Lord Rainham of course’.

‘I will take my leave of you now’ said Lady Rainham, stretching as she rose from the seat. ‘I will inform your mother that you will wait on us tomorrow at George’s request, I’m sure she will be thrilled’.

Julia could hardly hide her excitement or surprise at Lady Rainham’s outrageous self confidence but remembered at the last moment to execute a rather ragged curtsey before following Lady Rainham back to the house.

Julia’s mother could hardly contain herself at Lady Rainham’s invitation and fussed around her daughter all evening offering advice on how she might secure the match, and continued the following morning in much the same way. At last Julia was able to bid her mother farewell and make the familiar journey to Rainham Park.

The engagements with George were, to any casual observer, as formal as any other meetings between young people who hoped to become married as they always took place in open view and with Charlotte present as a chaperone. However, the content of the conversations were most certainly not what one would expect but to Julia this was exciting and different. She learnt with surprise that the running of the Rainham estates fell to Lady Rainham, and that Lord Rainham had set up his own importing business for exotic goods from the East. This was highly unusual and would have been frowned upon in many quarters if it were common knowledge.

Naturally, much of the conversation centred around the contents of the book and, after some initial awkwardness, Julia found she could discuss anything with George which made her love him even more, and to her delight found that they both interpreted the text in much the same way. In many ways George reminded her of Lady Rainham with the same dark hair and elegant features. He was also tall and well muscled, being a keen sportsman, with a penchant for tight breeches that stretched across a generous bulge in his groin. It quite set Julia’s heart fluttering.

The courtship became a whirlwind romance and the week before the planned hedonists’ weekend Julia and George became engaged. This was a subject of great happiness in both families and gave Lady Rainham the opportunity to broach the subject of the party once more.

‘Have you thought about attending?’ she asked. ‘I will understand if you require more time, but I would be most proud to have my children accompany me’.

Julia looked at George. ‘We would be delighted to my Lady’ she replied. ‘But I’m still a little nervous of being with so many other people’.

Lady Rainham smiled gently. ‘I quite understand and I have a confession to make. I have already primed two of our group’s most accomplished lovers to initiate you both into the circle. You may change your minds if you wish and it will not cause offence to anybody I can assure you. The main thing is you have fun and experience as much pleasure as is possible’.

George made an odd choking noise. ‘I had rather hoped to initiate Julia myself’ he stammered.

‘Hmm and I had hoped to save my future daughter in law from your fumbling attempts until you had achieved a level of proficiency’ said Lady Rainham imperiously. ‘The Countess de Saynes is so good with you young bucks’.

‘The Countess de Saynes’ exclaimed George quickly drawing a mental picture of her large breasted figure, beautiful, sensual face and that impossibly small waist.

‘For you Julia, I have Colonel Sandford’ whispered Lady Rainham. ‘I’m certain you will find him to your liking’.

George looked at Julia, his eyes questioning. ‘Thank you for your kindness Lady Rainham’ she said. ‘I will be delighted to accept for both of us. George my love, I have no problems with giving the Countess the boy just as long as she gives me back the man’. There was an unmistakeable sparkle in her lovely blue eyes and she playfully drew her finger to her lips and shook out her hair’.

Lady Rainham took Julia’s hand, hardly able to contain her mirth. ‘Julia Creswell, I declare that every day you possess the capacity to surprise me. I will finalise the arrangements immediately’.

The days to the party seemed to drag and Julia’s excitement grew the closer it got. At times she was apprehensive as it seemed such a big step into the unknown, but she could always find reassurance and a sympathetic ear from Lady Rainham.

At last the day arrived and Julia bade her parents farewell before climbing into the Rainham’s splendid coach. She had a big trunk of clothes for the weekend that she was unlikely to need but was necessary to keep up the pretence. This was loaded onto the roof alongside the Rainham’s luggage and then the carriage and four proceeded at a stately pace down the imposing driveway and on to the turnpike road.

‘May I ask where we are going?’ said Julia as soon as they had reached the Turnpike Road.

‘The Windleshams my dear’ replied Lady Rainham.

This made perfect sense to Julia having heard Lady Rainham’s story and the coach was soon full of nervous and excited chatter. At last, they reached the imposing setting of Windlesham Hall and the servants hurried out to carry their luggage into the main house, leaving it in a side room as instructed by the Windlesham’s butler. Lord Rainham discussed the lodgings and stabling for the horses that he had arranged in the nearby village with his driver and then the Rainham’s coach left, to be replaced by another carrying more new arrivals.

They all walked in to the grand entrance hall with its marvellous sweeping staircase, the walls covered in fine art and tapestries, and were greeted by Lord and Lady Windlesham. The ladies and gentlemen were then directed to separate rooms where they undressed and were given flowing, white cotton robes to wear and a pair of soft slippers. Julia took a sash and tied it loosely around her waist to emphasise her figure, and followed Lady Rainham through a door at the rear of the room into a huge annexe that had recently been added to the building.

The annexe was already bustling with people dressed in the same plain robes and Lady Rainham introduced Julia to many of the people milling around. Julia’s mind was in a whirl. Some of the people she recognised or was acquainted with as they were drawn from the local landed gentry. There were others she did not know in person but recognised by name as some of the most influential and high ranking people in the land. Everybody was most friendly and welcoming and any difference in rank was entirely put aside.

Lady Rainham caught sight of Colonel Mike Sandford and hurried across the room to meet him with Julia in tow.

‘Mike, how are you?’, she said kissing him on both cheeks.

‘I’m fine, thank you Margarita, and looking forward, as ever, to this glorious weekend’ he replied.
‘This must be Julia’ he said extending his hand. ‘Margarita has told me so much about you, but her deion of your beauty was completely inadequate’.

Julia found herself blushing under his gaze as his eyes took in her figure, clad in the thin cotton robe, with appreciation.

‘I’m being a terrible host. Do come and get something to eat, you must be famished after your journey’ said Mike, leading Julia towards a table piled high with exotic food and fruits. Julia felt too excited to be hungry but the spread before her was so magnificent that she felt she had to sample it. She turned to speak to Lady Rainham but found that she was now quite alone with her companion, who led her to a small table to eat.

Julia looked shyly across the table. Mike Sandford was younger than she had supposed, lean, hard and handsome with short, cropped brown hair and deeply tanned skin. He served in the East India Company and had risen from the ranks on merit to become a Captain, a position he quickly advanced from following the Mutiny when a large number of senior officers were found to be inept.

He quickly put her at ease with his casual, friendly manner and wild and exciting stories of his life in India such that Julia felt like she was talking to a lifelong friend rather than somebody she had only just met. Yet there was something dark in his nature, just a feeling that those smiling eyes had seen things that he dare not repeat which gave Julia a thrill and sent a shiver down her spine.

A high pitched squeal of pleasure distracted her from Mike’s latest story and she looked around for the source. The annexe had become a lot emptier while they had been talking and now there was just a few new arrivals at the food table and some flirtatious couples draped on the scattered chaise longues. Julia could hardly believe her eyes as the source of the squeal was revealed as the pretty, young wife of the local Vicar who was being fingered by two of Lord Windlesham’s footmen. Her husband sat next to her, clearly excited by the proceedings, working his cock to an erection.

As she watched, she was aware of Mike’s hand on her thigh. ‘Come with me’ he said gently and led her up a narrow flight of stairs at the corner of the annexe. As they reached the first floor, a servant appeared to show them to one of the guest rooms and led the way in.

‘If there is anything I can do please just call’ he said.

‘Thank you’ replied Julia

‘If you wish to visit the oasis just ring the bell and one of the ladies will lead you down’.

Julia turned to Mike once the servant had left. ‘What is the oasis?’

‘I’m surprised Margarita didn’t tell you. It is somewhere for the ladies to go to purely relax, there are baths, masseurs and quiet places to rest and you wont be propositioned while you are in there’.

‘Is there a similar place for the men?’ she asked.

‘Yes, broadly similar but it’s on the other side of the annexe. I’m well known here so he didn’t bother with the formalities’.

‘Oh, are you indeed’ smiled Julia coquettishly and loosened the top of Mike’s robe so it fell from his shoulders and pooled around his feet.

She ran her fingers over his powerful, sinewy upper body, the tight muscles feeling like coiled steel. Every inch seemed to tell a story, a livid red scar as a result of a slash across the chest, another smaller scar, shaped like a small crescent. Was this caused by a bullet?. Julia didn’t know but it fascinated her and turned her on, the umbilical link between the powerful life force in front of her and the ever present shadow of death. She carefully traced her fingers around each wound, searching, exploring and then put her lips to his in a gentle kiss.

Mike’s tongue searched for hers and she opened her mouth and let herself melt into his embrace, his strong arms around her, holding her to him. She could feel his cock becoming hard, pressing into her belly through the thin cotton robe.

Julia broke the kiss at last. She wanted to be in control of her own initiation, her own journey into an unknown and uncertain pleasure that required her to take the lead.

She renewed her fingertip journey of his body, lightly running her lips over his chest and playfully sucking at his nipples, making them stand out as she descended towards his now fully erect prick.

Julia was now kneeling before him as a supplicant and yet in control. His cock looked even larger from this angle, rearing and twitching as if it had a life of its own. She took it gently between thumb and forefinger, the foreskin sliding back easily to reveal the large, bulbous head and gently stroked it back and forth.
Mike exhaled in a low whistle and stroked her hair. ‘Mmm that feels nice, but you can be a bit rougher you know, it’s not made of porcelain’.

Julia flashed him a wicked look and took a firmer grip, pumping his cock with a steady rhythm until a drop of clear precum appeared at the tip. She lowered her head towards it, as a bee is drawn towards nectar and licked it clean, wrapping her tongue around the head and drawing it into her mouth. She could hear her lover moan with pleasure again and the hand stroking her hair willed her downwards, to take his whole manhood into her mouth.

Fragments of remembered text came into her mind. She hollowed her cheeks as she moved her mouth up and down on his cock, the warm flesh caressing her tongue as it slid tightly between her lips.

‘Oh Jesus fucking Christ’ gasped Mike as Julia slurped on his pole ‘on earth as it is in fucking heaven’.

‘Do you think I look like an angel then?’ said Julia, pausing in her ministrations.

‘Angels don’t stop’ he replied laughing and she sank her mouth back to its delightful task.

Julia began to enjoy herself as she licked and sucked as his hot, hard cock, her tongue flicking over the sensitive underside. She loved the salty taste of the precum now leaking copiously from the tip and his ragged breathing was proof of the satisfaction he was gaining from her efforts.

Mike brushed the hair back from her forehead so he could watch his prick sliding in and out and gently pushed down on her head, willing her to take more and more into her mouth. Julia raised her eyes and stared straight at Mike, cradling his heavy balls and adjusting the speed and intensity of her fellatio to extract the greatest amount of mutual pleasure. She could feel the tight knots of the muscles in his thighs as he neared his climax but continued to suck, fondling and stroking his prick with increasing urgency. It began to pulse in her mouth and she prepared herself just in time for the powerful jet of spunk that hit the back of her throat. Julia swallowed greedily as his cock went into spasm in her mouth, coating her tongue with thick, creamy juice that she lapped up.

Julia stood up and loosened the sash around her waist, letting the thin robe slide off her body revealing her nakedness beneath. Mike’s eyes devoured her body like a hungry predator, from her beautiful face, framed by her long blonde hair, past her large, softly rounded breasts to the flare of her hips and the golden triangle that obscured her sex.

Julia backed away, beckoning to Mike with her finger and a pouting smile on her face. He moved quickly, sliding his hands under her ass and lifting her clean off her feet and on to the bed, spreading her legs wide apart as he did so. Mike stared at the pink pearl of her sex, wetting his finger and gently pulling her labia apart so he could see deep inside her love hole, revealing the thin membrane that was proof of her chastity. He bent his head to her pussy, inhaling her sweet musk and ran his tongue along her sensitive inner thigh, kissing and teasing around the edges of her hot tunnel. Julia arched her back, thrusting herself towards him but he avoided the invitation and continued the soft movements of his lips and tongue around her dripping vagina despite her protests.

Julia squirmed under his soft caresses, willing him to satisfy the burning need in her belly. Mike’s tongue crept closer to her pussy, at last running from the bottom to the top of her moist lips. She felt like a shock had gone through her body, as his tongue returned and started to probe and penetrate her boiling cunt and his hands ran over her breasts, tweaking at the engorged nipples causing her to moan with pleasure.
Mike sucked her labia into his mouth and flicked his tongue toward her clitoris that was now prominently poking out from its hood of flesh. Julia shuddered as his tongue circled the stiff little bud before gently running over it and driving her wild. She abandoned any thought of control and submitted herself to his expert lovemaking as he sucked every inch of her lust filled, creamy pussy, fucking her with his tongue, keeping her on the edge of orgasm before his tongue once again lashed at her clit and brought her to Nirvana.

All the while, Mike was telling her how beautiful she was and what he intended to do to her. This turned her on nearly as much as the physical side, she had never felt so wanted or needed in her entire life. Julia responded hesitantly at first, but as her inhibitions melted she found herself begging him to do all of the deliciously naughty things to her that he could think of.

As she came again, she felt Mike slide up her body and cover her mouth with is. She could taste her own love juices on his tongue, a heady reminder of her experience with Charlotte and feel the urgent probing of the tip of his cock, rubbing against the open lips of her pussy.

Mike took his stiff cock in his hand and pointed it at her dripping entrance, pushing forward so that the head was just inside her vagina. He let Julia become used to this sensation, swaying his hips from side to side so she could get used to having a raging hard dick inside her. He could feel her pussy stretching to accommodate the large head and knew that the next part would involve some pain whatever he did but Julia surprised him as she hooked her legs around his waist and pulled him inside her sharply, wincing as his cock ripped through her hymen and plowed deeply into her cunt.

Mike smoothed back the hair from her face and then kissed her deeply, letting her get used to feeling him inside her and for the pain to subside. At length, he began to move his hips and work his big cock in and out of her virgin hole. Every little thrust elicited a soft slurping sound as he worked his way gently in and out of one of the tightest pussies it had ever been his good fortune to screw.

Julia felt uncomfortable at first but soon began to feel the pleasure of a hard cock inside her for the first time as Mike started slowly flexing his pelvic muscles to move in and out, gradually increasing the depth and intensity of his lovemaking. Julia wound her legs around his waist, letting her hand slip between them so she could stimulate her clit and feel his slippery shaft sinking into her body. Her pleasure grew as Mike varied his position so he could stimulate very part of her pussy, her orgasm welling up inside until at last she came with a scream and dug her fingernails into his back in her ecstasy.

Mike was now in control, turning her on to her front and lifting her hips so he could enter her pussy from behind. He loved this position, ramming deep against the soft round pillows of her ass, hearing her moan and writhe against his cock as he withdrew it so just the tip was inside her before thrusting forward up to his balls. Julia could feel her orgasm building again as he fucked her hard, his hands underneath her body, grasping at her full tits and pulling at her erect nipples. She was gasping for breath and moving her body in time with his, feeling this incredible surge of excitement build within her body until she came with another loud scream, flooding his cock and thighs with her fragrant juices. Mike continued to pump inside her until she felt him stiffen and withdraw his cock. She turned back to face him, swallowing his cock greedily, feeling it pulse in her mouth as he shot long streams of spunk down her throat.

The both lay side by side, wrapped in each other’s arms as they recovered.

‘That was everything I hoped it would be’ said Julia, turning towards him to plant a tender kiss on his lips.
‘Glad to hear it’ he replied laughing. ‘We’ve only just begun’.

Mike was as good as his word and tutored Julia thoroughly in the art of lovemaking. She learnt how to give him the maximum pleasure and enhance her own enjoyment at the same time, quite losing count of the number of times she came, as the two of them fucked in every position imaginable until at last they fell asleep.

When Julia awoke, she could not be sure if it was day or night as the heavy drapes excluded all light. Mike was still fast asleep next to her and not wishing to wake him, slipped on her cotton robe and went out to the passageway. She felt hot and sticky and quickly found one of the servants who sent a lady to lead her down to the oasis.

Julia could hardly believe her eyes as she passed through the door. The oasis was laid out like an Ancient Roman bath which a huge sunken marble pool surrounded by lush vegetation. There were various reclining chairs around the pool, a few occupied by women and a small group chattering quietly at one end.
Another servant appeared and ushered her into a small area just off the main complex where there was another smaller, steaming bath. Julia stripped off her robe and climbed in, letting the servant bathe her with fragrant soaps.

‘Would you like a massage Miss?’

Julia was not quite sure what this entailed but didn’t feel like admitting her ignorance. ‘Of course’ she replied and let the servant lead her to a scrubbed wooden bench where she lay on her front.

‘What is your name’ asked Julia as she felt her shoulders and neck being manipulated in a firm yet gentle manner that left her feeling agreeably relaxed.

‘Abigail Miss. Is this your first time here as I can’t remember seeing you before, and I get to see most of the ladies at one time or another?’

‘Yes, I came with Lord and Lady Rainham’.

‘Oh, you must be Julia then. Lord Windlesham was excited by all the new blood that was coming this weekend, the randy old goat’.

Julia turned her head to meet Abigail’s gaze. ‘Really?’

‘Quite looking forward to the lovely Julia he was’ said Abigail with a crafty wink and the two of them burst out laughing.

‘I’ve been with Mike Sandford all night’ purred Julia in a loud whisper.

‘Oooh, lucky you, I’ve had the pleasure myself once or twice’.

Julia relaxed and let Abigail continue with her massage while the two of them exchanged small talk. At length, she finished and Julia got up feeling fully refreshed and went into the pool.

The water was warm and just right for a relaxing dip as she let herself float on the surface gazing at the vaulted ceiling with its ornate cornices and beautiful frescoes, wondering if this was what it felt like to be a lady in Ancient Rome. Her daydream was interrupted as she felt a tap on her shoulder.

‘Julia darling how are you?’

Julia found her feet on the bottom of the pool and turned her head, amazed to find herself face to face with Lady Archbold, one of her mother’s oldest friends.

‘I’m well thank you and I trust you are finding this weekend most agreeable’ she said quickly.

In truth Julia was finding this all a little unsettling, as if she was in the middle of a dream. Oh, it was a very pleasant dream alright but some of the cast of characters were most definitely unexpected.

‘Very agreeable as always’ effused Lady Archbold. ‘I hear from Margarita that you are equally enamoured with the ladies ‘ she said with a glint in her eye.

‘I see there are no secrets here’ laughed Julia, ‘and I would be delighted to oblige you at some future point in time my lady’.

‘I shall look forward to it’ whispered Lady Archbold and with a deft flick of her legs she propelled herself towards the centre of the pool.

Julia idly wondered if that constituted a proposition, which was forbidden, or merely a question, but decided she didn’t really care either way and climbed out of the pool to dry off and retrieve her robe.

She had a sudden urge to find Charlotte and quickly left the oasis, making her way back to the main hall where she enquired after her friend from one of the Windlesham’s vast number of servants.

‘I believe she is in the East Wing madam’ replied the footman, ‘I will be happy to escort you if you are not sure of the way’.

‘Thank you, I should like that’ said Julia and followed the footman up the stairs and along the galleried landing, which opened into more vast reception rooms. Most of these had one or more couples or groups frantically making love in all sorts of ways and she could not help but stare in amazement as they did not even seem to react to their presence. She recognised the Windlesham’s youngest daughter, a girl barely into her teens, riding a young man with total abandon. She asked her if she wanted to join them but Julia declined politely and hurried after the footman who was striding ahead and behaving as though this was the most natural thing in the world.

Once they reached the East Wing, he made further enquiries and then showed Julia into a dimly lit bedroom where two figures writhed on the bed. They looked up as she entered, but neither of them were Charlotte.

‘Oh, I’m sorry I was looking for my friend Charlotte Rainham’ she said somewhat embarrassed
The young man pointed to the wall and Julia realised that the mirror on it was actually looking through into the adjoining room and there on the floor was Charlotte being screwed by two men, one in her pussy and the other in her ass, urging them to satisfy her.

Julia stared as her lover was pounded hard, groaning as they thrust their thick hard cocks in unison into her willing holes. She felt herself becoming aroused, scarcely able to to comprehend what had happened to them in such a short time, but her purpose in seeking out Charlotte was to experience the joys of making love to one of her own sex so she withdrew and retraced her steps to the main hall.

When Julia arrived, the main hall was strangely empty although she could hear the sound of distant voices echoing in the corridors. A side door opening drew her attention and a tall brunette woman entered the hall adjusting her cotton robe and looking somewhat uncomfortable, glancing around as if unsure what to do next.

‘Can I help you at all?’

‘Oh, thank you yes, this is my first time’, the brunette sounded agitated.

‘The carriage threw a wheel on the way down and it took hours to fix. I am afraid Edward will have found someone else by now’.

‘Edward who?’

‘Edward Machin, my fianc? He invited me for this weekend to broaden my outlook so he said’. The girl blushed, obviously uncomfortable with having this conversation with a stranger.

‘Oh, so you must be Felicity Harborne’, cried Julia. Felicity was well known in London society as a great beauty and although they had not met, Julia had certainly heard plenty of gossip. Julia now took the chance to study her more closely. She was uncommonly tall, around 5’ 10” and of a slender and elegant build with large, full breasts that jutted out proudly from her body. Her thick, dark lustrous hair made Julia quite jealous and her full lips, large smiling hazel eyes and aquiline nose made her look as distinguished as she was beautiful. Julia felt a delicious tingling sensation at the thought of trying to seduce her.

‘I’m Julia Creswell’ she said holding out her hand, ‘and I will be delighted to show you around. We may even find Mr Machin’ she said with a giggle.

‘I’m pleased to meet you’ replied Felicity, ‘I was so nervous when Edward wasn’t here to meet me.
Perhaps he was afraid I wouldn’t come’.

Julia smiled and led Felicity towards the Oasis where she gave her a quick tour before continuing up to the galleried landings and beyond, explaining what she had found out by herself, or had been told by Mike. They passed by various couple and groups in all manner of activities and Julia studied Felicity’s expression to try and gauge her reactions.

They reached a small room, adjacent to the main passage that was empty and Julia drew Felicity inside and sat down.

‘Well, what do you think of it?’.

‘This is all so unbelievable’ said Felicity, ‘I’m not sure what to think to be honest. Edward tried to prepare me for it but I didn’t really believe him, I thought I would call his bluff.’

‘I think it is wonderful, we can do whatever we want without fear of reproach or censure’ whispered Julia, stroking Felicity’s arm. She could see Felicity swallow hard and lightly ran her hand across her magnificent tits.

‘Please, I’m not sure what my fianc?would think, and I don’t find other women that…..interesting’.

‘Why, have you tried?’ said Julia lightly continuing her caresses. ‘Your fianc?wants you to broaden your horizons does he not?’.

‘I’m not sure he meant like this’ said Felicity primly. ‘I think I should go and find him’.

‘Nonsense, you lie back and let me take care of everything. If you don’t like it I promise I will stop’.

Julia gently pushed Felicity back onto the sofa and unfastened her own robe so that she was completely naked. She then unfastened Felicity’s robe and cast it on to the floor despite some half hearted protests.

Julia’s temples throbbed. She was high on lust and the control she had over this beautiful woman and pushed her flat on her back, parting her thighs and exposing her tight young pussy to her gaze.
She mounted her as a man might and pinned Felicity’s arms to the sofa, kissing her full on the mouth, forcing her tongue between her lips. Felicity’s struggles slowly subsided and she allowed herself to be kissed, to be submissive beneath the beautiful young blonde. She was flushed with excitement, having dreamed that a man would take her like this as in a romantic novel, but never a woman and never in public where anyone could see.

Julia ran her hands over the firm globes of Felicity’s tits, tweaking her huge nipples to erection. She had never seen such a magnificent sight, the large, cherry red areolas sitting beneath a thick nipple that was an inch in length. Julia took one and then the other into her mouth like a miniature penis and sucked and nibbled at them. Felicity moaned gently beneath her and Julia stroked up her thigh, through the sparse, brown pubic muff to her sweet slit that had already begun to leak its pungent juice.

She applied a gentle pressure, feeling her finger slip between the damp, fleshy folds as she sought out her clitoral treasure. She was careful as Felicity was almost certainly a virgin if this was her first time at one of these gatherings and she wanted her initiation to be as perfect as her own. Her sensitive fingers quickly found the clitoral hood and brushed around it causing Felicity to writhe beneath her. Julia raised her fingers to her mouth to taste the sweet nectar and to lubricate them further before sliding them into her pussy once more. As she stimulated Felicity’s clit with her forefinger, she slid her index finger deep into her wet hole and started to finger fuck her. Felicity was moaning louder now, her cries stifled by Julia’s hot tongue. Julia was squeezing her breast and nipple with one hand and now slid a second finger into Felicity’s dripping cunt, bringing her to a shattering orgasm. She slid down her body, pushing her legs high in the air and thrust her tongue into the open pink oyster in front of her, using her fingers as well to maximise the pleasure. Felicity was totally out of control, thrashing away beneath her.

‘Oh, stick your tongue right inside, that feels so good’ she whimpered. ‘Have your way with me, do anything you want’.

She arched her back as Julia’s tongue brought her to another orgasm and filled her mouth with her juices.
‘My turn now’ she said and lay back on the couch, pulling Felicity on top of her as she did so. The two girls kissed passionately and then Julia pushed Felicity’s head down her body between her thighs.

‘Eat my pussy’ she ordered and was delighted as Felicity dived in enthusiastically as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

Julia noticed that people were gathering round, watching the enchanting spectacle of two of the most beautiful girls in the Country making love.
Julia mashed Felicity’s face into her cunt, covering it with her love potion as she came in a rush. Lady Rainham appeared at her side and started to massage Julia’s tits, tweaking the nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

‘Would you like to fuck Felicity like a man’ she whispered.

Julia looked at her quizzically before she produced a large, well lubricated strap on dildo with a smaller, spring loaded phallus on the other side to stimulate the wearer. She smiled and quickly slipped the dildo on, fastening it around her hips, spreading the legs of a wide eyed Felicity.

Julia played the tip of the monstrous cock up and down Felicity’s slit and then started to push forward. She saw her wince and withdrew before pushing in a bit further, feeling the resistance of her hymen.

‘Just fuck me darling, I want you to fuck me’.

Julia thrust forward and ripped her virginity away. The feeling was so intense, she could see in Felicity’s eyes all of the emotions that had gone through her own mind when she was taken for the first time.

Julia now imagined her self as a man and eased the thick shaft into Felicity’s tight cunt until she had taken the full length. The spring loaded dildo was driving her crazy as she fucked her lover’s pussy with long deep strokes and paced herself as she could feel her own orgasm building to time it with Felicity’s.
Felicity was bucking beneath her like an unbroken horse and uttering such obscenities that Julia was shocked.
As she came again, so Julia speeded her own strokes and joined her in orgasmic bliss.

There was no rest for the two girls though. A large crowd had gathered and several men pulled them apart. Julia felt the dildo being removed to be replaced by a hot cock that drove into her body to the hilt. Felicity was being similarly serviced but she had no time to look at that. The man inside her could not last long before he sprayed his seed over her tits and belly and was immediately replaced by another.

She now had two fully erect cocks bobbing in front of her face and eagerly took them into her mouth, licking and sucking them in turn. She felt deliciously depraved as she felt another man begin to probe at her virgin asshole with a lubricated finger and gasped as she felt it pass her outer ring and into the hot, tight cavity beyond. Julia was rapidly reaching another orgasm as all her holes were being used, she felt the cock within her begin to pulse and then fill her womb with his seed. As he withdrew with a slurp, his cock was replaced by a tongue and Julia was amazed to find Lady Rainham with her head between her thighs, licking the spunk from her pussy.

She was turned face down with her fine ass in the air and came face to face with Charlotte’s unmistakable flame coloured pussy that she lapped at greedily, sucking the clit into her mouth making Charlotte shudder with pleasure. Behind her she could feel her ass cheeks being spread and a cock placed at her anus.
‘Just try to relax darling’. Lady Rainham’s soothing words encouraged her as the huge stiff cock stretched her asshole. The earlier lubrication helped and soon Julia felt the large bulbous head slip past her sphincter and deep inside. The feeling was incredible, quite unlike having a man in her pussy and although there was some pain at first she soon started to enjoy the feeling of his prick stretching her tender butthole as he moved in and out.

Julia was moaning like crazy, her face buried in Charlotte’s horny snatch and covered in her fragrant juices while the man behind her was thrusting deep until his balls slapped against her ass. She felt her hips being lifted and another unknown lover slipped underneath her and entered her well used pussy easily.
The sensation of having a man in her cunt and ass drove Julia wild and she was soon coming harder than she had ever done before. The man in her ass quickened his stroke and she felt him erupt inside her swiftly followed by the man in her hot snatch.

‘No more’ pleaded Julia, panting with the exertion and Lady Rainham helped her up and on to a nearby sofa. Julia looked behind her to see who had taken her anal cherry and was faced by George, her husband to be, who kissed her tenderly.
As she looked down to see who had screwed her she saw it was Lord Rainham.

‘Welcome to the family’ he said with a playful smile on his face.

‘The pleasure was all mine’ she replied. ‘I really think I could do with a spell in the Oasis’.

Julia. Charlotte and Lady Rainham departed arm in arm leaving the men to their own devices.

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