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This story is true, it takes place when I was 13 years old.

One morning I got a call from my friend asking me to come to a party, when I arrived I found everyone either dancing on the kitchen table or passing around a nearly finished bottle of vodka. After a while everyone, accept for me who didn’t drink that much, started to feel the effects of our drinking -there were quite a lot of us at the party so there was enough people to look after those who drank too much. I went up to one of my friends, AJ, who was looking pretty smashed, put my arm around his neck and took him to his room (it was his house.) On the way upstairs he began to take off pieces of his clothing, first it was his shirt then his jeans and so on until I was left dragging a little boy with short dark brown hair and great cheek bone structure which made him look a lot older, up the stairs. As we entered the room he stumbled onto me and I noticed something I would not expect from someone his size; I felt his large bulge on the back of my hand. I helped him up the ladder of his bunk bed and sank into the beanbag positioned facing the door. The rapid movement of the removal of his boxers caught my eye and my attention was fixed onto his thick, fairly long unerrect penis. He beckoned me over with one hand, as I positioned my ear near his mouth he muttered the words “touch it.” We both stared and his penis for what seemed like ages, thoughts racing through my head carefully weighing up my options filled me to the brim. He made my decision for me, he grabbed my hand and forced it towards his member. At first I struggled but then I let him; I picked up his warm penis in my hand. He lay back into his pillow, shutting his eyes tightly. I stepped back asking myself what I was doing then, I walked towards the door. He stared at me, I placed my hand on the handle and locked the door.

I slowly walked over to his bed and climbed in. His penis, now fully hard, awaited me. I grasped it and fully realised its size in comparison to mine. I slowly moved it up and down- the experience was new to me because I am circumcised and his is not- he then lay back into his pillow as he did before and I wanked him off faster. After about a minute I stopped and pulled down my tight jeans- it was hard getting them off because of my fully erect penis but the result was amazing. He forced his lips onto my penis and I lay back as he did. The coolness of his braces made the experience surprisingly more enjoyable. I reached for his penis and we simultaneously pleasured each other. He asked me to “suck it” a few times but I just ignored him, I finally for filled his plea when he stopped sucking me off to get my attention. Because of the amount of porn we both watched we immediately got into the 69 position. I was glad he was on top because I could massage his perfect ass and stroke his slightly hairy ass hole. He then suddenly stopped, I sat up wondering what was going on and realised from the position he was in what he wanted. “Fuck me” was the only command I needed to spring into action. Again, because of the amount of porn I watched I knew lubrication was a must. I searched around his room and found some Vaseline; perfect! I smeared around his slightly hairy ass hole and onto the purple head of my throbbing penis. I then stuck a finger into his hole and he grunted with pleasure. I felt around abit and this made his grunting even more deep. I position myself behind him and guided my penis slowly into it. The feeling was amazing, no amount of weird wanking techniques could beat this. I began to speed up and eventually I found myself pounding away at my 12 year old friend. I could feel the pressure inside my balls and the base of my penis building up and knew what was ‘coming’-enjoy the pun!- I thought about pulling out but the feeling was too great. I suddenly let out a series of cum shots into my friends. I slowed down and pulled my penis out. I rolled him over and finished him off with my hand. I pushed my head deep into his lap and his penis went deep into my mouth. Eventually his warm liquid splashed my stomach and he lapped it up. We both held each other until I heard someone coming upstairs. I quickly shoved me clothes on, and hissed him on the cheek. Unfortunately AJ either did not remember the events that happened that day or regretted doing them but we never spoke about it.
This thing that I shared with my friend was amazing, but I was only the beginning of sexual experiences I had during my youth including:

-Kai, my wanking buddy
-Miles, my friend’s little brother who I very much enjoyed swimming with
-Seb, who at first was curious but then gets nervous and results in something I regret

Comment if you liked it, yes I could of made it better but this is what happened and I wanted to keep it that way! If enough people comment I will write about one of the events above- comment which one you want it to be!

Jim hendrixReport

2017-07-20 19:36:22
Very good story. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-03-03 16:05:17
After watching a video Mike 15 asked if we should try one of these things we were watching and I said Yeah and he went straight down and sucked my cock and I did his also I liked the cum i n my mouth and put it in his ass and then fucked him it was great and then he licked my cock clean and I came a second time he ate it all. Your story was great also. Write more soon

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-15 12:19:24
the one with seb, please tell us


2010-09-14 17:59:57
I enjoyed your little tale an I hope you write about your other exploits. I too had lots of adventures which i am starting to write about. Check out my 1st in boy/boy Stewart's adventures-Babysitting Brad the brat :-)

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-06 17:08:23
Would also like to hear the swimming one as when I was 12 me and a friend would alway suck each other off in the changing rooms.

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