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a younger brother is willing to go far to tame the bitch
This story starts just after my graduation from high school and my sisters graduation from college. Before I go any further, there's something you need to know about my sister, well two things. First, she's incredibly hot. Last I saw her she had like really nice D cup tits and an ass like a peach. I don't know where I heard that before but I kinda like that expression. Anyway... the second thing you really need to know is that my sister is a major bitch. And I mean MAJOR. She could be ranked Major Bitch. And she'd have metals for her service of bitchery. Her uniform would be pressed and clean. I bet her ass would look lovely in that uniform. OK off topic. But that's the main thing you need to know. She's a bitch. Queen bitch. A bitch that never visited from college and a bitch that would never invite us to come visit her. Not even a post card. She decided to go to college as far from home as possible. The bitch... that hot bitch... Well, ironically, as I turns out she couldn't get a job after graduating college so she ended having to live with me and my parents.

My name's Samuel or Sam for short and... my sister... Samantha. Yeah, two Sams. Oh joy. Sam and Sam. Sam's Club. But I'm eighteen and my sister's is four years older (that would make her twenty-two for those of you with impaired math skills). And now for the best thing about her return is that she's such a bitch she doesn't really have friends which means she just stays home all day assuming her reign as queen bitch and ruling over all that live in her miserable kingdom.

Now my mom and dad were great but a little to gullible and... nice I guess is the word. They always wanted to appease the queen of kingdom bitch for if they did not she would heave their heads from their bodies. Well, maybe not decapitation but what she would do is magically turn into a three year old and hold her breath til her face was blue and pout and scream and whine and hit until she got what she fucking wanted. There was actually this one time where she was so fuckin pissed of she was like punching the couch pillows in the TV room and she got so exhausted from punching and screaming that she just collapsed on the floor. And she was wearing a skirt at the time and it flopped up and I got a peek at her underwear. It was strawberry print on a white background. Bon apatite indeed. Anyway, I guess there really wasn't anything major that led up to what I did, which, by the way, was fuckin horrible. Yeah, I guess good things came out of it, but still... I kind feel bad.

I guess I'll start a few days before where something somewhat significant started that might have drove me off the deep end. I woke up that morning. It was a Tuesday. I had my morning glass of orange juice and went out for a jog. Oh... fuck... I forgot to mention about my mom and dad... Well as it would turn out they're both sells reps for a big company and they both work together so they often have to leave town. So I'm usually really cool with it except for this time they leave for a week and while queen bitch still has a strong grasp of her throne. Alright now back to the jog. It lasted about fifteen minutes. Real short, just 'round the block, as they say. But within that time the queen had arisen from her royal sleep. When I got back inside she was at the table with a cup of coffee and her long black hair hanging over her face.

“Morning fuck face. Thanks for leaving the coffee machine running for me,” she coldly yet sarcastically said with out looking up at me. “What? You're little fuckin jog is so important you cant flip a fuckin switch before you leave the fuckin house? Fuckin ass.”

I said nothing and just walked up stairs to get to the bath room.

“Hey! Bitch!” my sister yelled out. “Don't you fuckin dare use the bathroom! I'm gonna take a shower so fuckin stay out til I'm done! Got it?”

I just stood by the door until she had finished her coffee. When she was done she walked up the stairs and paused and stared at me before she went into the bathroom. She looked so fucking hot in the pajamas she was wearing. It was just a tank top, a short one though so I could see her belly button piercing on her nicely toned body. And her ass was as fine as ever in the little short shorts she was wearing. It was the kind that most girls wear when they play volley ball. The kind that covers your ass and that's 'bout it. “Fuck off you little shit. I don't need you being a pervert this early in the morning,” she said as she walked in the bathroom and shut and locked the door. I just stood there for a couple seconds before heading back to my room to lay down on my bed.

After about twenty minutes of waiting for queen bitch to be done of her royal bath I went to the bathroom to hear the shower still running. I was just about to head back to my room when I heard something. It was like a beautiful bird singing the song of an angel. It was indeed my dear sister moaning. Now from my experience, which wasn't much, it sounded much like she was ready to cum. Her moaning was muffled quite a bit by the hiss of the running shower but it sounded like she was getting pretty loud in there. It was the fuckin sexiest thing I ever had heard. My dick began to harden as I stood there and listened. She moaned on until it suddenly stopped. I sat there for a second wondering what happened. Then I knew. A second later I heard her shriek “OMYGAWD!” Ah-ha... she came. And now my dick was raging like a fuckin... like... hmm... like a fucking football player on 'roids.

Shortly after her little outburst, the shower turned off. I rushed back to my room and about a minute later I heard the bathroom door slam behind her. I quickly ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Ahh... there's still hot water left. I thought as I stepped in. Then I stood there and tried to reconstruct the scene. There was a little place to sit in the shower opposite the shower head. I guessed she sat there. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine her. Those D cup titties in all their glory, fully exposed and nipples hard. Her slim and sexy body open and everlasting, sexy, and toned legs spread far apart with her hand furiously rubbing and flicking at her pussy as she dug a finger deep into that tight cunt. I wonder how many guys were lucky enough to stick they're cocks in my sisters pussy. She was probably a major skank. Most major bitches are also major skanks. I could feel the blood flow to my dick. I looked down at my growing cock and wished that she could put her lips to it and then devour it whole. All seven inches.

After my shower I decided go to my room and take care of my cock. Treat him nice like. And that was all for that day. There's not much worth mentioning. Most of the rest of the days events were just random acts of bitchery that just made me angry and go to my room to just chill out.

The next day was also pretty uneventful except for more bitchery. I ended up going to a friend's house and stayed there most of the day. I had dinner there, which, of course ended up being a problem.

“Hey shit for brains,” Sam said as I came through the front door. “You were supposed to be here for dinner. What the fuck happened to that? Huh? I had to cook for my self.”

I find that in these situations its just best to ignore her and not give in like mom and dad do and just leave. So that's what I did. I left to my room. But apparently today was no ordinary day. Sam came storming upstairs behind me and grabbed me by my shirt collar.

“Hey you little bitch! You fucking talk back when I talk to you! Got that?” and after she said that she shoved me. I just turned and looked at her. Still silent. “Well? Got nothing to fucking say?” Actually it was at that moment that I realized that I hadn't said a single word to her for over four years now. I never even greeted her when she came back to the house. Wow... Anyway. I guess I didn't have anything to say because I just turned and walked into my room and locked the door and listened to my iPod til about midnight when I decided I really needed to piss. I walked out and boy did an interesting thing happen. When I came out of my room I saw that there was a faint light on in the TV room so I decided to check it out. In our house the hall way upstairs has a convenient little viewing space into the TV room so you could easily peek into the room without the person down below having any idea that you were up top unless you brought attention to yourself. From this vantage point the couch faces you and the TV is in the wall so you can't see it but there is a mirror on the wall behind the couch so you can see what the other person is watching if you're standing at the right angle. So I walked up to this little spot to look down below. And what do ya know. There she was, queen bitch in all her glory. Completely naked. Nothing left to the imagination boys. Those glorious D cup titties? Unlike any I had ever seen. Beautiful beyond imagination. Kinda weird, actually, really wrong, to be thinking that about my sister but goddamn she was fucking hot. Unfortunately the TV wasn't bright enough to illuminate her pussy much, it wouldn't have mattered though. She was much too busy. Oh yes boys. Sam was masturbating and I got a front row seat. I quickly glanced at the mirror to see what she had on. To my surprise, though it should have been really obvious given the situation, she was watching porn. It was actually a video I had seen before. It was Lexi Belle in some Brazzers vid. And man was she getting stuck hard. My dick got harder than a fucking rock and I just had to take it out and stroke it. I just stared at Sam's gorgeous breasts as they rose and fell with her heavy breathing and jiggled as she rubbed and flicked at her clit. I watched her for a few minutes before I had to shoot my load. And man did I cum hard to the sight of those magnificent and forbidden breasts. After I had finished I just went to bed. I don't know how much longer Sam stayed out there.

The next day started out fairly normal but I would have never foreseen what I was gonna do to my dear Samantha. Sam stayed away for the most part. I had set her coffee up before she came out so there was nothing for her to bitch about, except I did hear her grumble as she poured out her cup. After she finished it she went up for her shower, which, again, took forever and a day. After she was done, she did what she did everyday and went back to her room to only come back out for lunch and dinner.

I went for my shower. The bitch used up all the hot water. This of course pissed me off a little but not too much and I just finished as quick as I could and got dressed. When I came out I decided I'd watch TV but as it turns out Sam beat me to the TV.

“The fuck are you doing here? Don't you have anything better to fucking do?” she snapped at me as I entered the room.

You're the one that needs to be looking for a job plus you're the one watching TV, I thought as I looked at her. Then a strange thing happened. It was like a flood gate of memories opened in my brain and I remembered all the shit she did, all the bitchery. My blood began to boil but then the memory of last night came. The glorious memory of my dear Samantha, my bitch of a big sister, masturbating to porn all naked and in her prime. And then I snapped like a rubber band that was pulled back too far.

My cock got hard with the last memory but I was fucking mad as hell at everything she'd done and then a dirty and vile idea entered my mind. I would tame the bitch in the most godawful way I could think. I was going to rape her. My mind was completely depraved. No sane thought was even a million miles from my brain.

I pulled my pants off and my cock jutted out and stood at attention. Before Sam could say one word I rushed to her and grabbed her throat with one hand and my cock with the other. Then with a devilish smile I took my cock and slapped her across the face with it as hard as I could. She shrieked and began to order me to stop but I just hit her with my dick again. I do admit that it hurt a little when I hit her with my cock but I barely felt it at the moment. I was filled with lust and rage, both emotions with out logic or reason, just profound will.

I continued to slap her across the face with my cock until I got bored with it and decided that I didn't want to hear her beg to stop any more so I gripped her jaw and shoved my dick down her throat as far as it would go, which as it ended up wasn't all that far that all. She began to gag and cough on my dick. “Choke on it bitch!” I yelled out at her. She tried so very hard to pull back, but oh, there was no way in hell was I letting the bitch take my cock out of her mouth. I was gonna choke her with it. And I think at first I think I really was trying to CHOKE her with it. But after the minimal pleasure I received from putting it in her mouth I decided to just force a blow job out of her.

She whined and moaned as a forced to keep my cock in her mouth. Eventually, after a few minutes of struggling, I saw the bitch needed air so I took my cock out to let her breathe. She began to beg me to stop but I just slapped her with my cock again and again forced her to take it into her mouth. This time it was a little more pleasureful as she moved her tongue about as she struggled to be free of my cock. I began to move my cock back and forth in her mouth to exploit as much pleasure as I could. Several times I had to release her to let her breathe but I would go back again to shoving my cock in her throat. Each time I could get a little further.

Eventually I got bored of the forced blow job and decided I needed some stroke material. So I took my gag out of her mouth, so to say. Then I proceeded to rip, and I mean literally rip, her shirt off her body. She shrieked as I did so but in a rage I reeled my hand back and slapped her across the face, instantly leaving a red hand print. I could see now the tears were flowing from her eyes. But my rage and lust were too strong to let me care. I tore her bra off as well and began to greedily and roughly ravage her lovely breasts and kneaded them and squeezed them. Sam was now silent as I defiled her. She only cried silently. It seemed as if she gave in.

I decided I needed a taste so I did. I put my mouth on her nipple and suckled on it. My lustful rage told me to clamp down and so I did. I bit her nipple which produced a loud half whimper half moan from my victim. I continued to suckle and bit her nipples til I decided I'd slap them a bit with my nice hard member. And I did just that. I smacked my bitch up with my cock some and then decided I'd finally finish the bitch.

I undid her pants and slid them down. She was crying harder now, and she bore it all in front of me. She was there, in front of me, completely naked, everything exposed. I decided to try something. I reeled my hand back and slapped her cunt. This again produced a pitiful whimpering moan from her. I enjoyed it so I did it again, and then again and again. And I now I was ready for the final act of defilement. I was still a virgin at this point and never did I think I would lose my virginity to raping my sister, but intense rage and intense lust coupled together will push anyone to do things they would never do.

I readied my cock to plunge into her depths. Her hand suddenly jolted and she began to beg and plead for me to stop and that she'd let me do anything to her but I couldn't go inside her. I didn't listen of course. I had to bury myself in her. I had to finish what I set out to do. There was no other way to tame the uncontrollable bitch. So I did it. I plunged myself inside her. Then... it happened. She screamed in pain and I pulled out.

There I looked down to see blood on my dick. I looked to Sam's cunt, there was blood at the entrance. I now realized my sins. I raped my own sister and took her purity. What that hell was I doing? What in fuck's sakes was I fucking doing? I looked into Sam's eyes and saw them red and swollen and tears streaming down her face. My god... what had I done? The realization of what I had done hit me so hard it was almost as if I couldn't breathe. Quickly I ran to my room and shut the door.

I must have fallen asleep because it was dark when I awoke. I felt someone get in bed with me. Sam? “Sam? That you?” I called out. I felt her put her arm around me.

“Sam...” she whispered. “I'm so sorry,”she continued as she began to cry. “I'm so sorry for everything I've ever done. I don't know if I can forgive you for what you did today but I promise I wont treat you bad any more.” There was silence for about a minute. “I almost called the police or mom and dad to tell them what happened.” My stomach sank and my heart skipped ten beats. “I'm still considering telling somebody. What you did... it was horrible. But I think I actually understand it. I don't think I can forgive you. At least not for a long time. But I want you to know that I will never treat you poorly again.” And with that she walked out of my room crying. Those were the last words we spoke for over a year.

Fortunately for you horny bastards the story doesn't end there. Also fortunately for me as well. It was after I came back for the summer from my first year of college. I had been home for a few days when my mom told me that Sam was coming to visit. For a few days. I didn't know what to do or say. I heard from mom and dad that Sam had gotten a job and was living with a boyfriend, so naturally I had no idea what to do and I had no idea how she'd react to seeing me and what she would do after seeing me again.

The day arrived that Sam would be coming and my heart was pounding all day. Eventually she came and we saw she was alone and she explained that a week ago she and her boyfriend broke up but it was because of her and that he was a really nice guy but she just had emotional baggage that she needed to deal with and she didn't want to burden him with it. My parents asked if they could help her but she shook her head and glanced quickly at me before changing the subject to dinner.

Later that night Sam pulled me aside. “Hey... how have you been? Look before you say anything... I wanna tell you that no one will ever know what happened between us. It's real hard for me to let that go and not tell any one. But I think its best for both of us if we just forget it ever happened and that I don't tell any one. Its guilt enough that you have to deal with it your self.” And boy was she right. I had a girlfriend a while back but I couldn't go all the way with her. The guilt came and I told her I just couldn't do it. “I don't want you going to jail,” she continued, “sometimes I wish I could get justice for what you did to me, Sam, but I couldn't ever send you to prison. You're my brother and even though what you did to me was vile, disgusting and horrible I still love you because you are my brother. I'm bonded to you by blood and that's a bond that can't be broken. I think I could even almost forgive you. But for now I'm asking you if you just want to be a friend. Good brother and sister? What do you say?”

I nodded. “Sam, sis I mean, I'm so sorry for what I did. There's no excuse for it. It was awful and I deserve much worse than what you're doing. I wish you would hate me for what I did. But I also don't want to lose our bond. I want to start new. So I agree. Lets be a good brother and sister and love each other.” And we did just that. But that situation is yet to come. For the time being Sam and I behaved as normal brother and sister and really came to love each other in that manner.

Eventually after four years, a year after I had graduated from college and she had been with Allen, her boyfriend, for two and a half years, she was able to forgive me. It really came as a surprise but she pulled me aside one day she came to visit us.

“Sam,” she started, “I need to tell you something important. I've thought a lot and I don't think I would have ever come to this point but... I forgive you for what you did. I love you so much little brother and I want all things to be good between us. What you did was still wrong... but I want you to know that I forgive you.”

I was breathless for a minute and then I just took my big sister into my arms and held her tightly. For some reason it just felt right, her being there. And I kissed her on the cheek.

It was six months later that I found out that she had broken up with Allen and quit her job. It was really unexpected. At this point I had a job and was living on my own so Sam called me up and asked if she could stay with me for a while. I of course agreed. I was happy to host my big sister.

The first few days went by normal. We went to visit mom and dad and had a couple dinners together. I even took her shopping and let her spend a day at a spa at my expense. But then a strange thing happened one night. Something strange yet wonderful. I should mention that even to this point I could not sleep with a woman. The weight of my guilt was still preventing me from being able to sleep with any woman, no matter how wonderful they were. Anyway this event happened one night after I hadn't seen Sam all day.

I lay in bed, in the dark, wondering how my Samantha was. Then I heard the door open and shut shortly after. I heard soft foot steps approach the bed then Sam called out my name.

“You awake?” she asked. “I wanna talk.”

I merely rolled over and looked at her. The room was dark so she was mostly a silhouette. “Yeah, come over hear and sit down,” I said patting the bed.

“Sam... after... what you did. I still haven't been able to be with a man. I don't know about you but I haven't been able to have sex. Ever...”

“Its the same for me Sam,” I said.

“Really? You really haven't slept with any one after that?”

“Seriously. I've tried. I have. But I just couldn't.”

“So this has hit you just as hard then?”

“Yeah. Not as much as you but it definitely left me broken.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Don't say that,” I said to her. “You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I'm the one indebted to you, for what I did.”

“I guess that's somewhat true. But I've forgiven you Sam. And that's what I'm here for. I have a proposal... since we're two broken sorry fucks... why don't we finish what we started? We do it right though. I want this, believe it or not.”

“You what?” I stammered. “You want... us... to..?”


“I don't know...”

“I understand if you don't want to but strangely... Sam... I've fallen in love with you.”

“Even after... I did what I did?”

“Yes... love is a strange thing Sam... it forgives and forgets. I want you to take me. But only if you want and are ready. You don't even need to love me back that way. I'm just asking a favor from my little brother.”

Those were the last words we spoke that night. Well not totally last words.

It started with a kiss. I leaned in and kissed my sister who was now twenty-seven years old and I of course twenty-three. She opened her mouth when our lips met and her tongue brushed against my lips, knocking at the door so to speak. I opened my mouth and let her in. Our tongues swirled around each other and I could taste her. They tangoed and danced and twisted together. She began to pull her tongue out and mine followed her's into her mouth. And again they danced and twisted together and I could taste her saliva. My cock was getting so hard from tasting my sisters saliva, and I wanted her to feel it. I gently lifted her on to my lap, making sure our tongues never came untangled.

She began to grind her crotch into mine as I lowered her on to me. We both moan with each others tongues in each others mouths. My sister, my dear Samantha was tongue tangoing with me and grinding her pussy into my cock.

I was naked under the bed sheet and she was wearing a large loose T-shirt and loose, pink pajama pants. She slowly pulled the sheet away from me but made sure that our tongues never lost contact. Then my cock swung out in all its glory. It had grown a little an was now about eight inches. Sam, my dear Samantha slowly pulled the shirt off her body and exposed her glorious and heavenly breasts. They sagged slightly but it was actually sexy that way. Then she slowly raised her self and with one hand she caressed one of her breasts and the other she slid off her pants and there she was. Naked as I was.

“Baby...” she moaned. “Are you ready? To finish me? To take me? To have me and make me yours? To plunge your beautiful cock, your excellent manhood, in to my depths? To make wonderful love that could only ever be had between a brother and sister?”

And to that I said, “Oh woman shut up and just fuck me already” I smiled at her before she lowered herself onto me. “Samantha...” I said stopping her. “I love you...”

“I love you too... now can I fuck you?”

And with that she lowered her self completely onto my cock and I was buried inside her to the hilt. We both cried out in pure extacy. We stood there for a second just staring into each others eyes. Then she began bouncing up and down on my cock and my god was it the most wonderful feeling ever. It was warm wet heaven. I loved my sister and I was most definitely loving her now. My cock stretched out that little cunt and we both moaned together as she rode me.

My cock felt like it would burst and I didn't want to cum just yet but my dearest Samantha spoke, “Oh god, brother, just cum inside me now!” she demanded.

Her bouncing was then met by my own thrusts. I thrust my dick into her hard. We were both moan loudly together. Sam gripped my hand and we fucked harder. “Fucking put you cum in me Sam! I want your baby!” We both fucked harder and harder until we were both screaming in pure unadulterated pleasure. And then I cam inside her. I could feel my semen fill that tight cunt as I pumped shot after shot into her. She screamed out as she climaxed and her pussy gripped my cock harder and harder and milked the cum out of my penis.

She leaned in to me and put her head on my chest after her orgasm has subsided. And we fell asleep that way. Brother and sister, lovingly bonded together. Together complete. I love her, my dearest Samantha.

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2011-04-05 02:16:38
I think that they should have known that they loved each other long before they did. And I would like to say other then dragging on so long it was a great story.

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2010-08-03 00:12:05
i agree they shoulda fucked within the year if samantha was going to keep bringing it up and why so broken not like he finish after he realise what he done and she kinda shoulda seen something coming


2010-07-27 02:52:38
i wanna apologize for this post. i was really horny and a bit drunk when i wrote it. if enough people want. i can edit it. make some changes and re-post it. again i wanna apologize for the poor quality. sorry! T-T

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2010-07-24 22:06:20
I have to be honest, you had a good storyline but a couple problems. you used "Fuck" way to much and i felt that the ending should have happened maybe a week at most after the rape. i feel that the huge gap, even though it showed that they were unable to have sex from being so broken, was too much. it made the story get a little boring.

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