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I own a security and personal protection company in a metropolitan area. I am 34 years old, single, 6'2” tall and 190 pounds.

Our two office clerks are as different as night and day. June is a tall Caucasian lady almost 6 feet tall and went to college on a basketball scholarship. She acts as our office manager and is supervises Juanita who is a very short (4'11') Mexican lady who was born and raised in Arizona and speaks English without an accent. Being bi-lingual is an asset here in the desert southwest. June is married with two lovely boys who visit the office occasionally. Juanita is a lesbian. She is very cute with perfect sized breasts but carrying a few extra pounds around the waist and seldom talks about her private life. Both are very good at their work and are assets to the business.

Last week Juanita came into the office and asked to speak with me on a personal matter. She closed and locked the office door before sitting down.

“How may I help you, Juanita?”

“Mr. Johnson, as you know, I am a Lesbian. I have made no attempt to hide my lifestyle but I also don't speak of it often, either. I would like for you to meet my partner. We have a request that I hope you will consider carefully and think about it for at least a week before giving us your answer. I also hope our request will not jeopardize my position here as I really love my job.”

My curiosity was now very high so I agreed to meet them at noon tomorrow at the Mexican restaurant about a block from the office.

The next morning Juanita acted very nervous but the work got done efficiently and quickly. June came into the office and wanted to know if everything was okay. She said she seemed to sense some tension in the office and wanted to know if she could help with any problem. I explained that everything was fine but Juanita and I might be back from lunch a little late as we were going to have lunch with her partner and may talk a little longer than necessary. I assured her that nothing was wrong and it was just a social lunch that I hoped to have with her and her husband some day if he could get away.

Lunch time came and Juanita and I left the office meeting her partner at the front door. We were introduced and I was surprised to meet a beautiful black lady with a knockout figure. Her name was LaWanda and her handshake was that of a man – firm and solid while her hand was also warm and soft. We walked to the restaurant and took a booth in the corner. After eating they finally got around to why they asked to speak with me.

“Mr. Johnson,” started LaWanda, “As you know we are partners. Even though we are Lesbians we would still like to have a family. We have spent a lot of time discussing this and we have decided that Juanita should have a child.”

“Okay. Have you spoken with any of the artificial insemination clinics here in the metropolitan area?”

“Yes we have. They want a lot of money for the process and cannot guarantee results, plus they cannot even guarantee the baby would be healthy or anything.”

“Then how may I help?”

Juanita leaned forward, and in a quiet voice said, “We would like for you to be the father of our baby. You would not have any legal responsibilities nor would you be required to pay for any medical bills or child support. Our medical insurance from LaWanda's employer will cover all the medical and no one will ever know who the father is, nor will it be listed on the birth certificate.”

“Ladies, I am very flattered you would want me to father your child, but Juanita is my employee and I'm afraid that fathering her child could cause some problems in the office. The other employees would not know, but she and I would know and I can see all kinds of difficulties with this.”

“Mr. Johnson, we have thought of that, also and we have talked over different scenarios and believe we can avoid any problems, however, if your fathering a child I am carrying, then I would be willing to seek employment elsewhere to have your child. You are disease free, in very good health and shape, and we both want the father to be Caucasian. Please think about this and realize there would be no emotional attachment in this, just pure sex to make Juanita pregnant. I also know that having sex with someone more than once can cause some emotional attachment, but we can handle that if you can. We believe we have a solution if you agree. We just want you to think about it for a week. That is when she will become fertile.”

I agreed to think about it, but boy, am I conflicted. I really would not mind seeing that little Mexican gal naked, and I am sure I would enjoy fucking her, but deliberately fathering a child of an employee could get sticky (no pun intended).

After a week of thinking on this, I agreed to their request. We agreed for the best chance for her to get pregnant was for us to have sex every day for 21 days straight between her periods.

When I built my office, I had it broken up into four different areas. One area was for the monitoring of the security systems, one for the administrative and personal protection area, one for the security guards, and the last was built as a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment.

During the week I usually stay in the apartment and go to my house in the country for the weekend.

I told Juanita come to the apartment at 7 pm and ring the doorbell and I would let her in. At 7 pm the doorbell rang. I was actually a little nervous when I opened the door. She quickly came in and looked around. I showed her where my bedroom is located and told her to get ready and I would come in. After about 5 minutes I heard her call me to come in. She was in the bed with the sheet pulled all the way up to her chin. It was clear that she was very nervous, also.

“Juanita, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I am sure, but please don't kiss me. I would feel like I was cheating on LaWanda if you kissed me, but we both agreed to this so I don't feel like it's cheating.”

I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes and walked into the bedroom wearing a robe. I turned off the lights but there was enough light that I could see very well. As I disrobed and crawled into the bed she held the sheet up to her chin.

“This is going to be very difficult if you stay under the sheet.”

She laughed and said she understood but she was nervous. When I told her I was nervous, also she relaxed some and let go of the sheet.

I asked her about no kissing. I told her I wanted to kiss her breasts and clitoris to get her ready for the actual intercourse. She said that was okay, just don't kiss her on the mouth.

I leaned over and gently kissed her on the neck taking her into my arms and rolling her over on her side so our bodies would be together. I continued kissing her neck and where the jawbone joins the neck and I could fell her start to relax. I reached up taking her right breast in my hand and started to massage it, rubbing the nipple back and forth between my thumb and forefinger. Her nipple got hard instantly and she started to moan.

“Oh that feels good. My breasts are so sensitive to the touch.”

I slowly pulled down the sheet and kissed down to her breasts. They were beautiful with small aureoles and medium sized nipples. Her tan skin against the yellow sheets were a beautiful contrast and I was quickly getting hard. I continued kissing and massaging her breasts when suddenly she had an orgasm shoving her chest up into my face.

“I told you my breasts were sensitive to the touch,” she said.

I started kissing my way down over her abdomen and navel slowly uncovering her body a little at a time. When I got to her legs I saw she was clean shaven and her clitoris was sticking out through her labia. With an invitation looking me straight in the eye, I gave her clit a lick and she jumped like she had been shocked. I gave it another lick and she pushed her pussy into my face so hard it almost gave me a fat lip. I separated her lips and attacked her clit sucking into my mouth and pushing the skin back tight over the tip with my lips while flicking my tongue up and down on her clit. She moaned very loud and had another orgasm shaking and jerking while moaning, “OH-OH-OH-OH!”

I slowly pushed her onto her back and spread her legs while still keeping contact with her pussy with my mouth. I inserted one finger into her hole and she stiffened a little. I pushed it in all the way and she made a strange sound.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no, we use dildos and vibrators all the time, but that is the first time a man had penetrated me.”

“That was just my finger, Juanita. There will be more in a few minutes.”

I continued to finger-fuck her rubbing my thumb on her clit. I reached into her and pressed my finger upward on the back side of her clit while working the top of her clit with my thumb. She went almost into convulsions with this orgasm. While she was still in the throws of her orgasm, I slid upward on her and slipped my dick into her. It went into the hilt with one push she was so wet. I started pumping into her slapping my balls into her with every stroke. She was still having reflexes of an orgasm and I started coming down hard and fast as she continued as started crying. Even while crying she was telling me not to stop and go faster. I was going as fast as I could and as hard as I could. Finally I felt the deep feeling and shoved into her as far as I could as I shot my load into her. I pulled out a little and went deep with each pulse. Finally I was finished and held her while she came down. I reached over and kissed her nipple giving it a little flick with my tongue and damned if she didn't have another small orgasm.

“Enough. Enough. I can't take anymore.”

As I softened, I rolled off her.

“Oh damn, Mr. Johnson, I have never cum like that in my entire life. It was wonderful.”

“I enjoyed it very much Juanita.”

As we lay there relaxing, she suggested we take a shower. She wanted to see me and wash me and I was looking forward to that myself.

We got into the shower soaping each other and rubbing our bodies together and quickly we both were aroused. She took me in her hands and slowly stroked me watching me get full hard again.

“Your penis is absolutely beautiful. Can we do it again?”

“Turn around and hold on to the bar.”

She turned around, bent over and held onto the bar while I spread her cheeks and slipped my dick into her pussy pulling her back into me. As I started pumping I reached around her grasping her breasts and rubbing the nipples. I told her to look to the left and we could see ourselves. She looked over and immediately had another orgasm which brought me to my orgasm also.

We got out of the shower, dried and she got dressed. We said goodbye and she left. I was thinking that if we fucked like that every night for the next 20 nights I wouldn't be able to move.

The next day was Saturday and I slept in being totally exhausted from my activities last night. When I arose I went to my favorite diner and had steak and eggs and lots of coffee. I was famished. As I was leaving I saw my old girlfriend and she invited me to a party at her place that night. I almost accepted before remembering that I had an appointment at 7 pm so I begged off telling her that I was doing a project that would last 3 weeks then I would be free.

As 7 pm approached, I was dreading it and also looking forward to it. Promptly at 7 the door bell rang and when I opened the door both Juanita and LaWanda were standing there. I invited them in and before I could ask why LaWanda was there she told me that she wanted to participate in the baby making. She said she wasn't jealous but when Juanita got pregnant she wanted to feel she had a hand in helping. I agreed and asked how she wanted to be a part of the proceedings.

“We'll go in the bedroom and make love and you can come in or watch and then after Juanita has an orgasm you can fill her with your sperm. While you are doing that she can be making me cum at the same time. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Sure,” I replied. I was looking forward to this.

They both went into the bedroom and started to shut the door, but I followed them in.

“Go ahead. I want to watch and maybe participate a little”

They removed their clothes and when LaWanda walked in front of the mirror I say her from the front and back at the same time. What a figure this girl had! Her tits were sticking straight out and her stomach was flat and rippled with muscle. She was clean shaven and her long legs were perfect. Looking at her gave me an instant erection. As they crawled into bed and started making love to each other, I removed my clothes and slowly stroked myself.

“This is ridiculous,” I thought, so I went up to the bed and reached between LaWanda's legs as she was licking Juanita's pussy. She was very wet and jumped when I touched her.

“You said I could participate.”

“Go ahead, just don't fuck me.”

I found her clitoris and started working it back and forth. I inserted my thumb into her pussy and pushed the underside of her clit while working it from the outside with my middle finger. She started humping my hand while she reached up and grabbed Juanita's breasts. Both of the came at the same time. I wanted to sink my dick into LaWanda's pussy so bad I could hardly refrain from taking her right then, but she did not want me to fuck her, so I would not.

When they came down LaWanda moved over and told me to fuck Juanita. I moved up and pushed my dick into her in one shove all the way to my balls. LaWanda moved up and started sucking Juanita's tits causing her to climax again. I wasn't ready to finish this just yet and kept pounding into Juanita's pussy. LaWanda moved up and put her pussy over Juanita's mouth and was being eaten out while I fucked away. When LaWanda started acting like she was going to cum, I leaned over and took Juanita's tits and started chewing lightly on her nipples. All three of came at the same time. It was very strange.

We all lay on the bed relaxing and cooling off.

“LaWanda, you are a beautiful woman and I'd love to fuck you, too. Have you ever been with a man? I'd use a condom if you would let me fuck you, also.”

“When I was 10 years old I was raped by a 25 year old man with a huge dick. He tore me up inside and I had to have an operation. Afterward I was told I could never have children. Maybe that is why I have lived as a Lesbian, I don't know. But I have never been with a man since. I have use dildos and vibrators and all sorts of toys but I've never wanted a man to fuck me, until maybe now. Juanita told me how you were so gentle with her and how you make her cum so many times. Tonight you showed me that part of you again. Let me think about it overnight and maybe you can fuck both of tomorrow. We'll see tomorrow.”

With that statement they cleaned up and left for the night.

I went into the shop and started gathering parts. I found several covert cameras and arranged them around the room. One looked like a smoke detector and was placed directly over the bed. Another looked like a book and was placed on a bookshelf from one side of the bed. Another was just a computer camera looking directly at the foot of the bed but I painted the red light with black paint so no one would notice it was recording. The final camera was mounted inside the top bedpost. It was difficult placing it so it would not be noticed, but I think I succeeded. All cameras were equipped with radio transmitters so no wiring was necessary. I turned them all on and rigged up a multiple signal receiver and connected it to my computer. I checked the angle of the cameras and after rearranging a couple of them I was satisfied. I turned off the cameras to conserve the batteries and fixed myself some lunch.

After watching football for the rest of the afternoon, I took a shower and shaved. Soon it was getting close to 7 pm so I turned on all the cameras and checked them in the monitor and could see all of them were recording. I then turned off the monitor. Just then the doorbell rang. I opened it to find both Juanita and LaWanda standing there in the smallest of skirts and tube tops. My dick instantly came to attention.

With little talk we all walked into the bedroom and started taking off our clothes. Neither of the girls were wearing underwear and when they pulled the tube tops over their heads I hoped the cameras had a good angle.

LaWanda turned to me and said, “Tonight we want you to fuck Juanita and then after we rest enough for you to get hard again I want you to fuck me. I want you to take your time as you did with Juanita on the first night and I want to experience multiple orgasms before you fuck me. Okay?”

I agreed and they both got on the bed and started making love. This time I stayed out of the camera's view and just watched as my dick got very hard. Finally, LaWanda rolled off Juanita and told me Juanita was ready for me to fuck her.

I came up to the bed and pulled Juanita to me and told her to roll over on her knees and elbows. When she did I pushed into her from behind. I knew that from the angle that the bedstead camera would capture her tits swinging while the overhead camera would capture my dick going in and out of her. I pounded into her as hard as I could to get her tits swinging and she started to cum. LaWanda reached under her and grabbed her tits and massaged them and finally lay under her sucking on them. Juanita went into a steady orgasm while I started feeling myself getting ready to cum. I looked over and LaWanda was laying close enough to me that I reached over and started finger fucking her as I came. LaWanda did not cum but I think she got close.

We relaxed a little and Juanita said she wanted to make me hard again. She moved over to me and took my flaccid dick in her small hands and started to stroke me.

“Put in your mouth,” I said.

She looked at LaWanda and LaWanda nodded. She put it in her mouth but did not know what to do. I started to instruct her but LaWanda told her that she had seen enough porn that she should know what to do. She became much better and in no time I was back hard as a rock.

LaWanda said, “Now make love to me. Don't just fuck me, make love.”

I started on her beautiful tits and spent at least 10 minutes kissing and massaging them. Then I started down her abdomen kissing and tickling my way to the treasure I was sure to find. When I got to her pussy lips I avoided them and kissed around them working on her inner thighs and kissing back towards her ass. All the while I was rubbing her ass and pinching it with both hands. Finally I moved back to the center and started gently kissing her labia. She suddenly spread her legs very wide and grabbed my head shoving it into her pussy. I spread her lips with my fingers and started working on her clit with my tongue. In no time she started having an orgasm. I furiously attacked her clit and she had another orgasm.

“No no – let me rest a little,” she said.

I showed her no mercy and shoved two fingers into her and continued working on her clit as she yelled out hunching her ass high into the air.

It was time and I crawled up and entered her. It surprised her and she dropped to the bed and I started pulling almost all the way out and then shoving back inside her as hard as I could push. She wrapped those beautiful legs around me and pulled me against her. I continued to hump her as I grabbed her breast and started kissing and gently biting her nipple. She grabbed my by the head, raised it up and suddenly kissed me.

My word! What a kiss. It was at first, then demanding and when she broke the kiss I was actually light headed. It was then we both climaxed. I shoved into her as deep as I could and held myself as I shot pulse after pulse into her.

Finally it was over. I was exhausted and so was she. I rolled over on my back and was panting as if I had just completed a hard day's work. She leaned over and kissed me again – very gently and affectionately.

“Thank you for that. I still don't think I will ever date men again, but now I know that if I should I have nothing to fear about making love to one.”

After they got cleaned up and left I checked the video and all the cameras were aligned perfectly for the best porn movie one could ever want.

This continued for the rest of the three weeks but I only fucked LaWanda one more time. This time she fucked me mounting me and giving me one of the longest fucks I ever had.

At the end of the three weeks, Juanita announced to me that she had started her period and she was not pregnant. She decided to go the doctor and her told her there was no reason why she could not get pregnant, so I went to my doctor and he told me that I had no active sperm in my semen. He said it must have been to the bad case of the mumps I had when I was a child.

When I told Juanita she laughed and said at least we all got very well acquainted. There were no more activities with them, but I had 12 Gb of video to watch and remember.

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