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As far as I can remember, my big brother Dan has been an exhibitionist.
Right from when we were young, he'd never miss up an opportunity
to get naked in front of me, or show me his dick or make out with
a girl while I was around. Mind you, I'm not complaining... Dan is
handsome as hell, and the sight of his naked body, especially his cock
made me really hard. I guess I am a bit of a voyeur, and enjoyed
this little game we played. It was always a private, spontaneous sort
of thing, and no one else was involved, except for the girls he was
with if they were OK baby brother hanging around.

I am 3 years younger than Dan, and have followed his physical development very closely. We are both 6 ft tall, have broad shoulders and slender 30-inch waists, are naturally well defined and athletic. Smooth chests and abs, and hairy legs. And are both very well endowed. Dan's cock is
9 inches long, stands straight out and is thick. Just like mine. I admit
I was worried when he hit puberty and I hadn't yet, and felt completely
left out. That was years ago. We're both in our mid 20's now, and
are often mistaken as twins. One big difference... he is straight,
and I am gay. We're both very comfortable with and supportive of each
other's relationships and partners.

I was heading to NYC to spend 2 weeks with him on vacation. I wasn't
the least bit surprised when he called me to tell me that his new
girlfriend would be spending a few nights with us while I was there.

"sorry bud.. it's going to be a bit cramped in my studio with the 3 of
us, but we'll just have to adjust."

"No problem. If it gets to cramped I can always stay at the Y" I said,
feeling mildly irritated, but admittedly a bit turned on. I knew what
was in store.

As soon as I arrived at his studio, he gave me a big hug and invited me in. God, he was looking better than ever. He wasn't wearing anything except for a pair of boxer shorts. I could tell he'd been working out,
his chest was really well defined as were his abs and legs.

"Feel free to get comfortable.. it can get pretty hot in here in the summer" he said as he tossed me a pair of shorts, identical to the ones he was wearing.

"Don't mind if I do!" And took off my jeans & shirt and put on the shorts
he gave me. It did feel comfortable.

Dan offered me a beer, and we sat and got caught up on each
other's lives. His career was taking off, and he was adjusting to life
in Manhattan, meeting people and having an overall good time. I was
just finishing up my graduate work back home, and planned to move
to New York as soon as I was done.

As he was talking, he stretched out on his futon (which doubled as
a sofa), put his arms behind his head, and lay back. There weren't too
many pieces of furniture to sit on, so I just sat on the futon near
his feet, watching him. It felt very familiar... being near him while
he was near naked.

"You've been working out, huh?" I said casually.

"Yep... I hit the gym thrice a week", He flexed his arms, then sort of
rubbed his chest... "I've been focusing on my chest recently. Pretty
nice, huh?"

"Yeah.. you look great, Dan!" I said, feeling vaguely turned on.

"Check out my abs, bud..." he said as he grabbed my hand and placed
them on his abs. They were rock hard, and had defined ridges on them.

"My lower abs are pretty awesome too" he continued, pulling his shorts
down to his thighs, and moving my hand down to his lower abs, to where
his pubic hair patch just started.

"wow... pretty solid" I said, totally turned on & erect now.

He casually held my hand in it's position above his pubic region, and
continued to chat. We stayed like that, him with his shorts pulled
down and otherwise naked, me with my hand on his abs.

After a while, he showed me around the neighborhood, promising we'd do
sight seeing tomorrow as it was already getting pretty late that day, and

his girlfriend Jen was going to show up later that evening. We went out
to dinner, then went to a bar for a drink. When we got home, Jen was
waiting for us at the entrance.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, babe" Dan said as he kissed her.

"Mmm.. no problem" as she passionately kissed him back while
her hands grabbed his ass.

Wow. Jen was all over my brother. Apart from a brief hello, she
completely ignored me, and was focused on Dan. She was very
attractive, petite, had a nice, tight waist and really nice
legs. She was very short, barely 5'3'', but that was true to
Dan's type. He liked petite girls.

We went inside, the 2 of them pretty much joined in embrace.

When we got inside, Jen went into the bathroom. The first thing Dan
did was strip down to his boxers. "Whew, it's hot in here" he said, as
he handed me his clothes and sat on the futon, switching on the TV.

"could you grab me a beer, bud?"

"Sure", I said, feeling vaguely stupid holding his clothes. I dropped his
clothes in a pile in the corner, shed mine, dropped them in a pile,
and got us both beers.

"She's pretty hot, huh?" Dan said, his eyes filled with lust.

"Oh yeah" I said. "She seems pretty nice", I continued, even though
I hadn't said more than 2 words to her.

Jen emerged from the bathroom wearing a silk shirt and panties, and went
and sat beside Dan. I got her a beer... which she took and continued
watching TV.

The 2 of them were sitting on the futon, while I was sitting
on the floor nearby. We pretended to watch TV but in reality, the 2 of

them were getting very comfortable with each other.. holding hands,

kissing, feeling each other up, while I had a really nice view of them.

God, Dan was hot. He kept smiling at her while they kissed and talked..
she laughed and joked while her hands roamed over his chest & legs.
He was completely erect under his boxers, and watching him, so was I.
His body was gorgeous... and he was totally reacting to both cuddling
with Jen and having me around watching him. I could tell he was in
total ecstasy.

"Hey Bud" Dan said between kisses "could you get us another beer?"

So I'd get them another beer, and continue watching TV.

By this time, Jen's shirt was off and she was only wearing a skimpy
bra and panties. She didn't seem to mind at all ahving me watch. In
truth I was only watching Dan. I must admit they made a fine couple.

Suddenly Jen said "hey would you guys like to share a joint with

Dan started laughing and nodding his head. I politely declined. So.
the 2 of them got stoned, and continued making out while I watched.

The higher they got, the more giggly and less coherent they started
getting... making jokes and conversation that only they understood.
They also started getting touchier and hornier.

I was amused by the whole situation, but also rock hard.

Jen was kissing Dan's chest Dan was moaning, looking down towards me,

groaning "fuck, yeah" while she sucked his nipples.

"bud she's awesome, man" he said, just as she started on the other
nipple. He raised his hands and put them behind his head. For some
reason she found that very funny and started giggling really hard.
The joint was getting to her and she was getting pretty high.

"Hey, it's all right, babe", he said and lifted her onto his lap,
facing him. they started making out... her legs were spread on
either side of him, and I could see his erect cock pointing straight
up her belly. They kissed passionately, while with one hand he slipped
her panties off.

"whoa, you're wet, babe" he said. I could make out wet spots on Dan's
boxers... probably both hers and his. "bud, you gotta come and feel
how wet she is"

I was getting pretty wet myself watching this. My bro and I had never
quite gone this far before... and I'd never seen him this aroused.
The sight was totally turning me on, I felt like I was a few strokes
away from orgasm.

"bud, could you get us more beer?" Dan said. I took a trip to the fridge.

When I returned, Jen and Dan were both giggling wildly... he was
trying with one hand to get her bra off, and was using his other hand to

finger her pussy. Meanwhile she was trying to slip his boxers off while
holding onto him without falling.

Dan looked up at me hopefully, and started giggling hysterically.
God, he was gorgeous and helpless. I put down the beers, and undid
her bra for him.

"thanks, man, I really appreciate it" he said as he removed it.

Then, Jen, who was losing her balance at this point was still trying
to take Dan's shorts off. I grabbed onto his waistband, and patted
his side to say lift your ass. He complied, and I slipped them off
for him. Dan let out a soft, long groan. Out of the confines of his
boxers it was like he was a free man. His long shaft stood up and
erect at full mast, throbbing steadily, while he kissed Jen and held
her above him. He was right...she was totally wet, and her juices
were dripping all over his fingers and his leg. I noticed she shaved
her pubic hair completely. Now for some strange reason, that made
me feel less hot, as I had a full forest of pubic hair.

"bud, do me a favor..." Dan said as he looked at me, "turn off the
goddamn TV" So I did. Not sure why that was important... but he
wanted it off so I turned it off. Now, with nothing else to do,
not even the pretense of watching TV, I sat directly in front of
them and watched.

They took a quick break to get smoke more of their joint. He held
her close and his cock pointed at her like a long sword. She was
completely high and seemed to be floating on a cloud.

He sat down again, and this time, lifted her on his lap with her
back facing him. his cock was right at the entrance of her pussy,
and getting coated with her juices, as he kissed the back of her
neck and played with her tits. she moaned, laughed and continued
to float. she held his head with her hands, and spread her legs
up & out as far as they would go.

what a sight... my big brother's cock & balls and studly hairy legs,
with a cute girl sitting on his lap, her pussy wet & waiting to be

He started fingering her again, this time with both hands. "Bud,
she's completely smooth, man... completely. that's so fucking
awesome, bud. No hair... just wet, warm pussy."

She moaned and leaked more juices all over the place as he talked.

"Bud, come and feel man... your bro is about to fuck this wet, smooth

I just sat and watched. His balls were tight up against his body,
a sign he was ready to go. When he did start fucking her, I could
tell it wouldn't be long before he exploded. I wanted to reach out
and lick his balls so desperately... I wanted his sex to be the
best experience it could be.

Meanwhile, I think I was close to cumming too... Dan looked at me
and said "bud, take your shorts off, man... be free like us" So I
took my shorts off.

Jen noticed me naked and mumbled, between giggles "you guys are
twins... like twin brothers" and started giggling more. Dan found
this funny too, and started laughing.

Then, slowly, gently, he lifted her waist up, and moved slightly
forward. Flexing his cock muscles, he tried to position himself
to enter her. She was too stoned to help, and her hands were reaching
backwards to Dan's head. He held her up like that, helplessly,
trying to get his dick positioned to enter her. By now, he was
leaking precum which was dribbling down his shaft and on his
balls. I saw this and knew what he wanted. He looked at me

I moved in closer, took a hold of his throbbing cock, and positioned
it at her entrance. It slid in easily & gently. Dan let out a loud
moan. So did Jen.

It didn't take much. After a few thrusts of his pelvis, I saw his
balls tighten, and his whole body started jerking. So did Jens,
followed quickly by mine. we were all cumming together... in one
single instant.

I was engulfed in wave after wave of pleasure, as was Dan. There
was cum everywhere. Jen collapsed on Dan's sweaty body. After a
few minutes, she got up and went to the bathroom. Dan and I looked
at each other, naked and spent in our own ways, and smiled.

"Glad you're here, bud"

"Me too, Dan"
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