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The third installment of Sidney's adventures
As she slept, Sidney’s dreams wandered around her mind, picking up bits and pieces of her memories and fantasies before sticking them together in a package for Sidney to think about.

It started out slowly, and Sidney imagined herself walking through a room filled with fog. The clouds were warm and floated up to her waist. Sidney realized she wasn’t wearing any clothes, but she didn’t feel embarrassed or compelled to cover herself up. She felt safe in the room.

A silhouette of a figure walked through the fog towards Sidney, and as they drew closer, Sidney saw that it was the woman from the bus. She blew Sidney a kiss, and Sidney felt lips touch hers. The woman slowly approached Sidney and gently took her hands. She lifted the up and placed one on her breast. Sidney began to massage it softly, cupping it in her soft hand and moving it from side to side.

Her other hand was drawn up to the woman’s mouth, and she began to suck on the index finger. She pulled the hand closer to her mouth and then pulled it away slowly. The woman kept a constant amount of suction on it, softly drawing it into her mouth. She used her tongue to slide up and down the sides of the finger, licking it from top to bottom. She took it out of her mouth and began to jerk it off as if it were a penis. Sidney found it to feel very pleasurable.

To reciprocate, Sidney began to pinch the woman’s nipple. The woman inhaled sharply, drawing a breath in a way that assured Sidney that it felt good. Sidney licked her fingers and tugged on it, pulling her tit out. The woman leaned forward and began to softly kiss Sidney. She tugged on Sidney’s bottom lip, touched their tongues together, swapped spit and swallowed it. She whispered to Sidney, “God, I have to eat you right now. I want to taste your body.”

She pushed Sidney over onto a sex couch, designed to lay Sidney down so that her head was lower than her pussy, which stuck up in the air and just the right height for someone on their hands and knees to bury their face between Sidney’s thighs and lick her wet pussy. Sidney pressed her legs together, keeping the woman’s head in place.

Sidney began to squirm as she came closer and closer to orgasm. Every time she shook, the woman increased her pace. She flicked Sidney’s clit with her tongue at a speed Sidney thought was inhuman. Occasionally she would dart her tongue into Sidney’s pussy, which by now was sopping wet, and wiggle her tongue around, but she focused most of her attention on stimulating Sidney’s clit.

Sidney came hard, and lifted her torso off of the couch. The woman popped her head up and pinched Sidney’s nipples as hard as she could and held them throughout Sidney’s orgasm. When Sidney stopped shaking, the woman released her nipples and Sidney felt blood rush back into them, giving them a warm feeling, as if they were covered in warm water.

She propped herself up on her elbows, and the woman straddled her torso. Sidney could feel the woman’s juices sliding down her body. She pulled the woman’s head towards her and they kissed again, biting each other, running their tongues over one another’s teeth, and trying to bring their faces as close together as possible. Sidney closed her eyes.

When she opened them, she and the woman had switched places, and Sidney was wearing a dildo, which rested between the woman’s voluptuous breasts. The woman was pressing them together and moving them up and down, licking the tip of the cock when it was close enough to her mouth. It took Sidney a few moments before she realized she was experiencing stimulation as if she had a cock. She looked down and checked – it was definitely a seven inch translucent teal strapon, not attached to her physically at all. It didn’t even have a small dildo on her side of the belt. Sidney worried a bit. Why did it feel like she had a cock? What could it mean? How long would this last? After another minute or two of the tit job, Sidney decided it felt pretty damn good, and left any misgivings about it behind.

She began to thrust her hips in time with the woman’s strokes, and tug on her own nipples, They were still a little tender from the woman’s pinching during Sidney’s orgasm, but the tenderness just enhanced the feelings of pleasure that Sidney was receiving.

Sidney started to get a feeling as if she was close to orgasm. The woman seemed to realize it and sped up her strokes, sending shivers down Sidney’s spine with the pure friction of her movements. Sidney screamed, and a white cream shot out of the tip of the strapon onto the woman’s face. the woman began to wipe it off her face with a finger and swallowed it. Sidney looked down with a ‘What the fucking hell just happened?’ look on her face. She reached down and tasted a scoop herself. It tasted exactly like her fluids, although it had a thicker consistency. The woman smiled. “It’s delicious,” she announced. Sidney had to agree. Sidney looked into the woman’s eyes and the scene changed.

She was standing in front of the woman, who sat on a folding chair. There was a long line of other woman sitting on other folding chairs side by side to the left of the woman. They all had dildo’s and a small smile in their face and in their eyes. Sidney sat down on the woman’s lap, and the dildo pushed up inside her pussy. The woman sucked on Sidney’s nipples and bucked her hips. Sidney bounced up and down on the plastic pole inside her and quickly reached orgasm. The woman from the bus immediately picked her up and passed her to the left, into the waiting arms of the brunette sitting next to her, who set Sidney down on her dildo and began to buck her hips just as the woman had done.

Sidney had barely regained her senses from her first orgasm before she felt herself speeding towards another one. She looked to her right down the row of expectant women. ‘Holy fuck,’ she thought, ‘there must be at least fifty hotties in this line.’ The brunette bounced her up and down until Sidney went over the edge and came again, stronger than the first time. She was passed left again, and the next woman, a blonde with glasses, who settled her strapon deep into Sidney’s pussy and began thrusting. Sidney soon came again, even stronger than the second one.

She was passed along, woman by woman, down the line. Each orgasm grew in length and intensity until Sidney was incoherent and unable to do anything other than moan, smile, and climax over and over again. The last woman in the line, a deeply tanned woman with contrasting shiny white teeth and strapon that was just as white and just under twice the size of the others. Sidney was able to feel the difference, as out of touch as she was. Her orgasm was so powerful, it seemed as though she shook the entire room. It was as if all forty-nine other orgasm had been combined into one last mind-blowing pleasure combo.
Sidney fell off the cock onto the floor and rolled around for a good five minutes. Fireworks danced in front of her eyes, fairies threw sparkles into the air, a choir of angles began to sing, and Sidney was lifted into the air on a pink cloud of pure ecstasy.

She was lifted up, up, up into the air until she opened her eyes in a familiar environment. She was laying in her bed, sweating, and the sheets between looked and felt as if they had just been pulled out of a pool. There was a thumping sound, and Sidney heard that it was from her neighbor’s apartment. “Jesus Christ! Can’t a man get some sleep around here? Quiet down!”

Sidney managed a whispered “sorry” before she closed her eyes and fell asleep again. She didn’t dream anymore that night.

Sidney woke up the next morning and stretched. Her bed was dryer that it had been, but was so soaked in her pussy juice that it still felt damp to the touch. She shrugged and left it where it was. It smelled nice anyways; why wash it right away? She fixed a small breakfast of toast and a scrambled egg, and relaxed in a nice bubble bath. She thought of the dream she had had, and tried to remember it. Something about the mystery woman, and the most pleasure she had felt before… She couldn’t quite get it. Sidney shrugged again. It didn’t really matter. She must have had a good time; her sheets were proof enough of that.
While she though, Sidney began to absentmindedly finger herself. She slipped her middle and ring fingers inside her pussy and slid them in and out, using her index finger to rub over her clit. She shuddered, and her eyes rolled upwards, and only then she realized that she had been fondling herself without even knowing it. It wasn’t an exceptionally strong orgasm, but it still happened. Sidney was surprised at the ease in which it had happened. She was just thinking, letting her mind wander and bam! – she was filling the tub with pussy juice.

She got out of the bath and toweled herself dry. She slipped on a white robe and sat down in front of her computer. She opened up her email, and there were two unread messages. One was from the library, and one was from Lady Jacqueline. She opened the library one first.

She read it, and it was very blunt. It essentially said that due to budget cuts she had to be let go, blah, blah, blah. She had been axed. Sidney sighed and opened the other one. It was essentially a thank-you note with a ten dollar voucher at the store. “Well, there’s a bit of good news at least,” Sidney said to herself. She leaned back in her chair and looked up at the ceiling. She was interrupted by a knock on the door. Sidney went to open it, and the woman stood there, holding a small bag.

“You’re pretty early,” said Sidney.

“I was thinking maybe we could spend the day together. I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on dealing with some serious fucking today.” She pointed at Sidney. “You.” She pointed to herself. “And me.” She tugged on the belt holding Sidney’s robe on. Sidney managed to hold it together just before it opened. “Are going to be in high heaven.”

Sidney stood aside and the woman stepped inside. She placed her bag on Sidney’s kitchen table and took a look around the apartment. She nodded. “I like it.”

She began to undress in front of Sidney. When she caught a glimpse of Sidney staring, she stopped. “I think that, since we’re going to be spending a bit of time together, we might as well get accustomed to each other’s bodies.” she slipped off the rest of clothes and tugged playfully on Sidney’s robe. “C’mon now, don’t be shy,” she teased. It came open, and this time Sidney made no attempt to stop it. She let it slip to the floor and the woman looked at Sidney’s naked body, from her wet hair to her bald pussy to her bare feet standing on the carpet.

Sidney looked at the woman, from her long, flowing locks to the landing strip trimmed neatly above her slit to the tiger tattooed on her ankle. The woman stepped forward towards Sidney. I think maybe we should play a little ‘adult’ truth or dare. What do you think?”

Sidney was still a little taken aback by the boldness of the woman and just nodded her head. “The bed’s over there, but the sheets are a bit wet. I… had a dream.”

“I like it.” the woman walked over to the bed and sniffed the damp spot. “Aah,” she exhaled deeply, “the sweetest smell on earth.” She sat down on the bed and patted next to her. Sidney took a seat and slapped the side of her head. “Okay,” she said, “You first. Truth or dare?”

“Hmm. I think I’ll start off slowly. Truth.”

Sidney thought for a minute. “Okay. Why did you approach me on the bus?”

The woman laughed and it reminded Sidney of wind chimes. “I already told you that. It’s because I wanted to fuck you.”

“But why?”

“I think you’re very attractive. You make me horny. I can tell you have a great personality. Take your pick. Truth or dare?”

Sidney smiled. “Dare.”

“Okay, I dare you to show me all the sex toys you have. I mean all of them, and tell me what your favorite use for them is.”

Sidney stood up and collected her toys from drawers and her desk and laid them on the bed. “Alright, here we go. I have this small pink dildo. I like it best when it’s in my ass. It’s a bit too small to stimulate my pussy, but it has a nice feeling.” She picked up the virbator. “I love to have this in my pussy, as deep as I can fit it. I once kept it there for so long I went numb.” She grabbed the Fleshlight. “I like to eat this out and pretend it’s a girl. When I have it around my tongue and the dildo in my ass and the vibrator in my pussy, it’s like a foursome.”

She held up the poseable hand. “I haven’t used this one yet. I think it would be good to use for a shocker, maybe.” She picked up the sticky-ended dildo. “This is good for riding. These anal beads I like to put in slowly, but pull out quickly. I think that’s it. Truth or dare?”

The woman gave the Fleshlight a lick. “Truth.”

“How many women have you been with?”

“Is it going to change your opinion about fucking me all day?”


“Alright. I’d say, about twenty-five. And I loved each second of each time.”

“Wow. that’s a lot.”

The woman shrugged. “What can I say? I like to fuck.”

Sidney understood completely.

“My turn to ask. Truth or dare?”

Sidney chose dare. “Is it too early to dare you to lick my pussy?” the woman asked. Sidney shook her head, and gave the woman’s pussy one long, slow lick. She didn’t penetrate, just placed her tongue at the bottom of her pussy and dragged it through her slit and over her clit, running her tongue over her landing strip and stopping only when she reached the woman’s belly button.

She looked up. “Truth or dare?”

“I think one last truth should be good.”

Sidney blushed a little. “I’m slightly embarrassed about this but… what’s your name?”

The woman laughed again. “Did I never tell you? Sorry, sometimes these things escape my mind. I’m Elizabeth.”

Sidney smiled. “I think it’s time for a new game. Did you bring anything for funsies?”

Elizabeth ran and grabbed her bag. “Did I ever. How about dice? Throw fate in the air and all that jazz.”

Sidney nodded. “Sounds great. I’m already moist.” Elizabeth cupped Sidney’s mound. It was true. She smiled.


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will there be further installments of this story as it has the potential to be very good if the correct path is followed

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