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As the story continues, the party just gets hotter and hotter
Sarah had collapsed on him, his cock still deep in her, her face resting on his chest.
The silence was not complete and Josh turned his head towards the wall were soft moans were coming from.
All four women sat with their backs against the wall, their legs spread and their hands working their cunts.
Josh smiled tiredly at them and they all grinned back, the fucking session between Sarah and him had been such a spectacle that they stopped their playing and just watched, masturbating.
The carpet was darker between all their legs so Josh figured that they all at least got off once.

After a few minutes Sarah stirred on his chest.
He kissed the top of her head and whispered “that was awesome mom, thank you.”
She held him tight and he could feel her body shake softly.
Not being able to see what she was doing he decided to wait until she spoke or moved.
When he felt warm drops fall on his chest he realized she was crying.
Holding her gently in her arms, he turned on his side with her back to the still masturbating women.
He pulled her a bit up, his cock slipping out of her cunt, until they were face to face.
Gently he wiped some of the tears from her face.
“Are you alright Sarah?” he softly whispered, looking at her closed eyes.
“No, yes, I don’t know” she whispered hoarsely.
“I never lose control, I pride myself on that” she continued “especially in my fantasies.”
“But now, I lost myself, I couldn’t think straight anymore, all I wanted was to fuck you”
“And when I came, you looked so happy, at peace and full of lust for me …”
Sarah paused for a moment and opened her eyes, moist from emotion.
“Something just snapped, I was so happy in that moment, felt so wanted, needed even.”
Josh gently kissed her tears away, holding her close him.

“There is nothing wrong with that is there?” Josh whispered.
“It is when you arranged it, paid for it, it shouldn’t be like this” she answered, her eyes filling up again with tears.
“Ah” Josh said softly “then ease your mind my sweet.”
“I didn’t make passionate love to you because you requested this fantasy.”
“Circumstances allowed me the opportunity to have sex with a gorgeous woman.”
Her eyes focused more again and Josh saw the intelligence behind them waking up through the fog of her emotions.
“What do you mean?” Sarah asked.
“Short version” Josh answered “I am a good friend of Danni, when your date got sick with no replacement available, I volunteered for the fantasy and when I saw you, felt you and experienced you …”
“You felt the connection too” Sarah continued “you didn’t play along, you were there with me.”
Josh nodded and was pleasantly surprised when she kissed him deeply, her hands and arms holding his head close to hers.

Melody had taken Megan and Sondra back to the other room to freshen up and get dressed again on a suggestion from Danni. She had seen that after the passionate spectacle, Sarah had gotten emotional and decided that some privacy would be needed.
Danni sat down on the bed and softly stroked Sarah’s back.
Her nostrils flared with the scent of sex and she could feel her body respond.
A small gasp escaped her lips and Sarah released Josh to look around.
Head half turned, Sarah looked at the still naked Danni and said “I like your choice of friends.”
Danni looked at Josh who had buried his head in Sarah’s neck and smiled saying “some are truly special, yes.”
“Spoon me” Sarah said to Danni who elegantly did as requested.
Moving in closer, Danni kissed Sarah gently on the lips and pulled Josh closer to Sarah, her petite body caught between them.
“I feel so relaxed now, if it wasn’t for the throbbing ache down below, I could sleep now” Sarah whispered.
“Sorry” Josh mumbled, his free arm stroking the sides of Danni and Sarah.
“Don’t be” Sarah grinned “it’s a good feeling, makes me feel young again.”

The next half hour was spend with sensual caressing and kissing, no more words were spoken.
At one point Josh ended up in the middle with both women in his arms.
Their legs over his and their breasts pressing against him, partly on his chest.
His cock was loosely held by both women and he could feel their relaxed breath in his neck.
The feeling of belonging was intense and Josh felt intensely privileged and happy.
A soft knock on the door broke their relaxed mood.
Stretching and stifling a yawn Danni called “Yeah what is it?”
“It is me, Melody, you asked to be called when it was close to two.”
“Already?” Danni said looking with the sweetest smile at her partners.
“Back to reality it is” she continued, untangling herself from the bed.
“Why do you need to go?” Sarah asked, getting up as well.
Josh turned to his back and looked wishfully at the two naked ladies.
“Work, I need to be at the pleasure palace in an hour for an award hosting.”
Sarah nodded in understanding and then suddenly recalled she had to present an award.
“Oh damn” she said “I need to be there too.”
“What’s happening at the pleasure palace in half an hour?” Josh asked curious now.
“It’s the Stiffies and Wetties award show, a spoof on the Oscars” Sarah replied from the other room.

Josh got up and followed the ladies into the other room, a regular lounge room with adjacent bathroom.
Melody sat on a couch wearing a new dress, sparkly red with a huge cleavage and low cut back.
Her legs were showing through the split and he could see that she wore huge heels.
Still a healthy young man, Josh’s cock twitched a bit and rose slightly when he looked her over.
Melody noticed and smiling at him, she took a picture of him with her phone before he could react, grinning madly.
“Oh that’s mean” Josh jested at her and she replied with “Just doing as requested.”
He noticed that his phone was on the couch next to her and sat down looking over what she had done to his phone.
“You tease” Melody said to him and leaned in for a chaste kiss on his cheek.
Josh grinned at his own nakedness and saw the additions to his address book.
Megan, Danni and Melody had taken topless pictures of themselves with lurid and lusty looks on their faces and coupled them to their contact data.
The entry beneath Danni alone took two pages and contained nine phone numbers.
Josh looked at Melody’s picture and her data, seeing she had given him her private cell number as well as her work number.
Another twitch from his cock made her push him away saying with a lewd grin “get cleaned and dressed before I make us all come too late.”

He quickly got up and walked into the bathroom smiling when he saw Danni and Sarah soaping each other up under the shower. They weren’t doing it in an erotic fashion but to see the tall dark skinned Danni and the small pale skinned Sarah naked and soaping each other like that, made Josh stop in his tracks.
“You always take your phone into the bathroom?” Danni joked.
“Eh what?” Josh stammered all too aware that he had a raging hard on again.
“Look Sarah” Danni laughed “I think he isn’t done with you yet.”
Sarah turned and smiled painfully when she saw Josh.
“I would do you in a heartbeat Josh” she said “but I need a little more time before you can do what you did to me again, it’s still a bit tender down there.”
“I simply don’t have the time, my hair needs to be done and I am first up” Danni said looking sorry.
“Ladies, I am truly appreciative of your offers but despite my body betraying me as soon as you hot pieces of loveliness show yourselves to me, I need to get cleaned up as well.”
“Besides, I still need a picture of Sarah and her cell number.” Josh finished.
“How do you want me?” Sarah said jokingly making funny poses.
Josh thought for a bit and then said “stand in front of Danni and let her grasp your breasts from behind, pushing them together while you look sexy to the camera.”
A few moments later Josh had her picture and her cell and when Sarah asked for his, Melody told her she had already sent all relevant data to her phone.
Josh jumped in between the girls but behaved himself somewhat.

Josh was the last to exit the shower, using a flowery deodorant Danni had left.
The women were dressed in similar festive gowns as Melody, all sparkly but in different colors and cut.
Danni’s hair was being done by a professional hairdresser and Sarah sat under the careful ministrations of a makeup artist.
Neither of the new arrivals looked up when Josh entered the room naked but when he saw them, he quickly shot back into the bathroom.
He waited until they were done and gone before leaving the bathroom, texting with Megan to pass the time. She was back down having a good time with his dad, still worked up from the show she had participated in.
“Josh?” he heard Danni say “we need to go now, take the green door and the first elevator left to the second floor and ask for Burt okay?”
“Okay , see you in a bit” he said back, looking at himself in the still foggy mirror.
Taking stock of the last few hours, Josh couldn’t quite grasp his luck.
Somehow he kept meeting the right women at the right time and great sex was the result.
He looked up and said a silent thank you.

Walking back into the lounge, he couldn’t find his clothes and almost panicked until he remembered he left them in the bedroom.
Quickly he opened the door and walked to where he had left them when a woman’s moan caused him to freeze.
Looking over at the bed he saw a blond woman dressed in a black latex corset and thigh high boots being serviced by another woman dressed in a black lace bodysuit.
As silent as he could he collected his clothes, he almost made it to the door when he heard the blond woman say “hey you, come over here for a moment.”
Curious Josh walked over to the bed, aroused by the hot lesbian scene in front of him.
“Are you Josh?” she asked, her eyes hidden by dark sunglasses.
“Yes M'am” Josh answered surprised.
“I was told I might run into you here by Burt, he said you were a dependable man.”
“Are you?” she asked studying him.
“I am a man of my word” Josh answered “once given, it is my bond.”
“How old are you anyway?” the woman said and lifted her sunglasses.
“Old enough” Josh grinned at the surprised reaction he got.
“Do you know who I am?”
“Not yet, but a friend of Burt has the option of secrecy with me” Josh replied thinking on his feet.
“Fair enough” she said “but I won’t need it, although it is appreciated.”
“I am Mistress Rose, I am a professional slave trainer.”
“You know to what I am referring I assume?”
Josh nodded and in his mind could see her in her dominatrix mode.
“Good, it so happens that two of my slaves are currently without master due to illness.”
“However I did promise them a feast tonight so I am searching for a second master.”
“Burt was kind enough to help me with one, can you be so kind as well?”
Josh wondered what it would entail so he asked her “What would be required of me?”
“To play, enjoy, tease, punish or simply have sex with her.”
“For how long?” Josh asked thinking it over.
“An hour or two should be enough” she said twisting the hair of the slave girl licking her.
“Very well, I shall be of assistance” Josh replied.
“Thank you Josh, I won’t forget this, now get dressed and come back when you are ready to take possession.”

Josh quickly made his way to the other room, dressing himself as fast as he could.
Double checking himself when he was done, he was pleased once again with his choice of costume, the dark and domineering look would be appreciated by Mistress Rose he hoped.
With a swift movement Josh opened the door again and strode to the bed saying in a firm tone of voice “Mistress Rose, I have returned to take possession of a slave.”
Taken aback for a second by his new look and demeanor, Mistress Rose smiled wickedly and said “I can see why Burt suggested you.”
“I am actually tempted to change my schedule” she said, licking her lips in a dangerous way.
“But, a promise is a promise” and she snapped her fingers.
Out of a dark corner a dark skinned young woman stepped forward.
She was dressed in a red Star Trek uniform and looked a bit like Uhura, the current version.
Her heels were higher and thinner, otherwise the costume was a dead match.
“Slave, this will be your master for the next two hours, you will obey his every order, understood?” Rose spoke sternly.
The young woman nodded and looked at Josh with trusting eyes.
“Tell your new master your limitations and your save word” Rose followed, watching Josh for a reaction.
“I am not allowed to be used in a sexual manner by anybody else but my master, unless it is with his explicit consent” she said, looking at Josh with a blank face.
“I am not allowed to be used in front of any type of recording device.”
“I am not to be used in any way resulting in permanent or severe damage to my mind or body”
“I am not allowed to do any type of narcotic, my save word is Kirk.”
Josh smiled when she was finished and said “that is acceptable.”
His response was the correct one going by the reaction of Rose, she seemed pleased with him.
“Now of you go and have fun Josh, don’t spare the whip or you’ll end up with a lazy slave.”
With a short bow and a thank you Josh took his temporary slave by the hand and left the room.

Josh used the short walk to the elevator to ask his slave a few questions and give a few commands.
“What is your name?” he asked because slave might give people a wrong impression.
“Nyoto Uhura” she said with a small smile.
Josh grinned back at her and said “Nyoto it is then, you will call me master when we are alone or Josh when in company understood?”
“Yes master.”
“Furthermore, you will act like my horny and deeply in love girlfriend when we are in crowds, when we are with friends of mine you will act like a new friend of mine, understood?”
“Yes master.”
“Excellent, now before I press down, is there anything in particular that you would like to do within the two hours that you are mine? I understood from Mistress Rose that this was a reward so the least I can do is see to it that you get some pleasure from your bondage time.”
Nyoto looked at him with surprise and bit her lip thinking about his question.

“I would humbly request that my master would be so kind as to allow his magnificent cock to be used for my pleasure in public” she said softly and demure.
“How public are we talking about?” Josh asked, a bit alarmed.
“With lots of people around but not in full view, stealthily” she answered hopeful.
“Very well” Josh said “let’s see how we can arrange that and where.”
He pressed the second floor button and let his hands go over her body, feeling her curves.
“Oh master” she gasped when his hand went over her bare and shaven cunt.
For a moment he considered masturbating her in the elevator but their floor was almost up.

The doors opened and the noise from the party hit them like a wall.
Everybody was obviously in a good mood and it was audible and visible.
Josh spotted Burt rather quickly and walked towards him with Nyoto in tow.
Just before he reached him, Burt saw him approaching and grinned wickedly.
“Hey Josh or should I say master?” he jested.
“Josh will do Burt, thanks for your vouching for me if a bit unexpected.”
“I told you, you protected Melody, made Danni really laugh and relax for the first time in god knows how long so you are a okay in my book.”
“Well, thanks anyway” Josh said “could you do me another favor?”
“Sure sport, what is it?” Burt said, motioning a gorgeous Japanese girl over.
“By your muscle tone, you work out, I need to find a good gym, got any suggestions?”
Burt looked at Josh and started to laugh deeply and loud.
“Man, you are something aren’t you?” Burt snickered when his laughter died down “I own one of the best gyms in town, it will be my pleasure to make you an honorary member.”
Moving a bit closer to Josh he said more softly “it’s also the place where most of Danni’s girls work out and quite a few of Sarah’s as well, a good place to meet women sport.”
“Thanks Burt, I appreciate it.”

The Japanese girl was dressed in a similar gown as the one Danni had worn, she was small even for Japanese standards but compensated with huge heels.
Josh heard Nyoto gasp softly when she arrived and reminded himself to ask her about it later.
“Lady Kiko, would you be so kind as to escort my friend Josh to the second ring for the show?”
Burt asked the girl politely.
“My pleasure” she said in a highly accented voice.
“Please follow me”
Josh and Nyoto followed her past a line with a few celebrities in it.
Grinning he thought they must be wondering who the hell we are, getting this treatment.
The theatre was layered in several floors, each floor containing circular areas for the guests.
Kiko led them to a smaller area close to the stage.

She removed the reserved sign and gave Josh a list with names.
“Please chose an adult movie star as your table companion, the ones marked with a star are prize winners and the ones with a dot are already chosen” Kiko said.
Josh looked at the list and asked Kiko “who else will be joining us here?”
“This area is reserved for Lady Danni and guests.”
Taking a moment to see if he recognized any of the names, he came up empty.
“Nyoto, do you have a favorite?” he asked her.
Her face lit up when he gave her the list and she immediately said “Ashley.”
“Very well” Kiko said and left.

Josh looked around and saw that the theatre was slowly filling up.
The other areas on this floor were still empty save one.
“I am not a very good master to you am I?” Josh asked Nyoto when he noticed she sat straight up and awaiting his commands.
“I order you to relax and flirt a bit with me as if you had the hots for me” Josh whispered in her ear.
She eased up her position at once and smiled, crossing her legs playfully and leaning a bit more back so Josh had a better view of her cleavage.
Pleased with the result of his command Josh hoped the rest of his mastership would be as easy.
“You know, men with boots make me really horny” she whispered in his ear.
“Sometimes, when they talk dirty to me, I cum, just because of the boots”
Nyoto leaned closer to him, her breasts pressing against his shoulder and her hand on his thigh.
“Would you like to hear me cum” she breathed in his ear “Master?”
Josh had only eyes for the sexual predator that leaned over him so he was startled when he heard a woman say “Am I interrupting something?”

They both turned and Nyoto slid back, her hand sliding over his semi hard cock.
When he saw her face, Josh recognized her, he just didn’t know her name.
Dressed in a satin white body suit with a cleavage that went all the way to the top of her pussy and a transparent white gown over it, Ashley stood in front of the table.
“Maybe” Josh said playfully.
Ashley laughed and shook her head, causing her long brown hair to hide her face.
“Kiko said you were a strange one, she forgot to mention horny I suppose.”
“Please have a seat” Josh said with a grin and indicated a place next to him on the circular couch.
She sat gracefully down and Josh noticed that Nyoto was biting her lip in an aroused way, her eyes glued to Ashley’s body.
“Getting a good view?” Josh joked to Nyoto.
“Yes master I …” she started to say before realizing her mistake.
“Master?” Ashley said looking at Josh with curious eyes before turning her attention to Nyoto.
Josh hadn’t even realized Nyoto had made a mistake until Ashley jumped on it.
“Whose stable are you from?” Ashley asked before turning to Josh and half smirking said “with your permission of course.”
Josh just nodded feeling his cheeks flush and out of his depths.
“Mistress Rose of the secret garden” Nyoto replied timidly.
Ashley clearly knew Rose or of her because she looked Nyoto over with new interest.
“That is some quality slave you have there .. “ her voice trailed off and Josh realized that he hadn’t introduced himself.
“Josh, and this is Nyoto” he quickly said, introducing them to her.
“Pleased to meet you Josh, slave” Ashley said with a naughty grin at the slave part.
“I am almost sorry I came to join you, but eh, guilty pleasures and all.”
“So please don’t mind me, I am used to quite a lot so continue if you wish, I won’t mind.”
Josh smiled a bit shy at Ashley but felt the tension he had build up leave his body.

He quickly called a waiter and ordered a magnum of Crystal, the smile on Ashley’s face told him he had chosen well.
When the waiter left, he turned to Nyoto and said “You may continue to flirt with me with your body, not too obvious and will remain silent until I say otherwise understood?”
Nyoto nodded and placed an arm around Josh, moved in a bit closer so her breasts were in contact with him and draped a leg over his, her free arm on his thigh again.
“You really don’t need to be polite for me, I won’t take offense if you order her to suck you beneath the table Josh or anything else for that matter” Ashley said with a grin.
“Why do I get the idea that that would be just the kind of thing you would like to see Ashley dear” Josh said boldly.
“Touch?osh ” she grinned “it has been a boring evening so far for me, my date is stuck in Europe and most of my friends went to a private party here so I have been wandering around and beating porn addicts away, not much fun yet.”
“My evening has been quite the opposite” Josh said just before a moan escaped his lips as Nyoto licked and sucked his neck ever so gently.
“Tell me, I could use some fun, even if it is second hand” Ashley said moving closer to Josh until their shoulders almost met.

At that moment a high hat was placed next to them with a huge bottle of Crystal, the waiter placed a tray of crystal champagne glasses on the table and served three glasses.
Josh had nodded to Nyoto and she sat back next to him, her leg still over his, anxious to continue.
When the waiter left, Josh reached for two glasses and gave one to Ashley and the other to Nyoto before taking the last one for himself.
“Lets toast to a wonderful evening” Josh said and raised his glass, the women following suit.
After a sip, Nyoto continued with her order and Ashley said looking over her glass at Josh “you were about to tell me about your evening.”
“Ah yes” Josh said and he told in broad strokes how he had made out with Sondra, he rescued Melody and met Danni, participated in a fantasy sex session with Sarah and how he got Nyoto.
Josh noticed that Nyoto had gotten a little wilder and warmer during his story and he saw that Ashley, who was used to quite a lot, was flushed and her nipples quite hard.
“God I am so jealous” she laughed when he was finished.
“It almost makes me want to jump you right here and now just to be a part of your story.”
“I agree master, it has made so horny as well, I am very happen you said yes to me” Nyoto panted in his neck.
“Oh, she spoke against your order” Ashley said with glee “make her suck you under the table.”
Josh turned to Nyoto and saw the sparkle in her eyes. He knew she had done it on purpose so he would punish her.
“Very well, if it pleases you Ashley dear, I shall make my slave perform oral sex on me, hidden from view, except ours.”
“It would Josh, it would please me a lot” Ashley said and pulled her legs sideways onto the couch, leaning against Josh’s shoulder for a better view.

Ashley smelled wonderful and her body so close to his was a wet dream realized for Josh.
He could feel her nipples against his arm and her breath warm in his neck.
Nyoto slipped very nimble under the table and sat down on all fours between Josh’s legs.
Pleased that the lights in the theatre where dim, Josh slid a little further down so Nyoto could suck him under the table.
This placed his head on the same level as the breasts of Ashley and he couldn’t resist a peek.
Ashley felt Josh’s head move and grinning moved so he had a better view.
He looked up and saw her smile at him before Nyoto caught her attention again with the opening of Josh’s zipper.
With practiced movement, Nyoto opened his pants and reached for his hard cock.
She pulled down his foreskin, his cockhead wet with pre cum.
“Oh that smells good” said Ashley and she pressed his head against her breasts.
When Josh felt Nyoto’s big and soft lips on his cock, a soft sigh of delight escaped his lips.
Her tongue was twisting around his cockhead and shortly after she deep throated him in one go.
Josh was so surprised that if it wasn’t for Ashley sitting almost in his lap, he would have bucket up in an obvious fashion.

“She’s good” Ashley whispered softly, licking her lips.
Nyoto held him deep for almost a minute before starting all over again.
Each time she held him a little longer, her tongue and teeth playing with his shaft.
“Oh wow, she is” Josh spoke softly, burying his head in Ashley’s cleavage.
Two deep throatings later, Josh’s phone rang.
Unable to reach it he asked Ashley to take it out of his side pocket.
With a huge grin and an anticipating look she gave the phone to Josh.
It was Megan’s picture on the screen, topless and horny looking.
He grinned at Ashley when he answered the phone.
“Hello Megan” Josh said cheerfully.
“Hello Josh” Megan replied a bit tipsy “where are you, your dad and I want to meet up.”
“I am at the theatre for the award spoof that is about to start.”
“Oh damn, yeah Danni said something about that, can we get in?”
“Ask Burt, he should be near the elevators, he might get you in.”
“Good plan love, what are you up to now?”
“I am surrounded by beautiful women and doing what I shouldn’t be.”
Megan laughed and said that they would look for Burt.

Hanging up, Josh gave the phone to Ashley who had followed the conversation.
“More guests?” she asked in a disappointed pouting way.
“My dad and a very special friend of mine who is like minded” Josh grinned.
“Hmm, well, in case things go differently than I would like” she said and stretched out her arm, aiming the phone camera at herself and kissed Josh full on the mouth taking a picture.
Josh was stunned, getting a kiss from a porn star while getting a blow job from a professional trained slave, how could his evening improve?
It did, not a second later as Ashley entered her cell number and contact data in his phone.
He was so stunned he didn’t notice that Nyoto had stopped sucking him and was moving around beneath the table.

A moment later she resumed her sucking, this time not to pleasure Josh but to make him come hard.
Josh was oblivious but Ashley had seen what Nyoto had done and moved closer to him.
“Kiss me quickly before your dad arrives” she said, taking his hand and placing it on her breast.
Josh felt the hard nipple in his palm and massaged Ashley’s breast while they kissed, her tongue aggressively in his mouth.
Josh felt he was about to come in Nyoto’s mouth when just before he did, she removed her lips and jacket him the last few strokes.
He cried out into Ashley’s mouth when he came, her body holding him down a bit as he shot his hot cum under the table.
Nyoto kept jacking him until he was spend and Ashley made sure he couldn’t scream out.
Sagging down a bit from this incredible event, Josh felt Nyoto clean up his cock with her mouth again before she deftly placed it back in his pants and closed his zipper.
Ashley broke the kiss when she heard the zipper and grabbed his still hard dick through the fabric of his pants.

“I’ll be wanting that soon” she said luridly as Nyoto sat back down next to Josh.
In Nyoto’s hand was a champagne glass filled with cum, fresh from Josh’s cock.
“You’ve had sex several times tonight and still you produce that much?” Ashley asked.
Josh sat back up again, adjusting his pants and cock a bit before saying “I have no idea why, must be my wonderful partner.”
Nyoto smiled at the compliment and sat close to Josh again.
The scent of his still warm cum rose from the glass and Nyoto blew it in Ashley’s direction.
Ashley smelled the scent and licked her lips saying “She is truly well trained, she noticed that you like me so she is making me horny for you as well, good show slave.”
“Give me the glass” Ashley said holding out her hand.
Nyoto looked at Josh who nodded and she passed the cum filled glass.
Adding a little Crystal from her own glass, Ashley drank it in one go.
There was little in the glass left and Nyoto looked a bit disappointed when Ashley motioned her over. Again she looked at Josh, who was uncertain as to what Ashley was up to, but he nodded again anyway.
Nyoto leaned over Josh and was met halfway by Ashley who kissed her and shared the champagne laced cum, straight from her tongue.
The sharing turned into a serious kiss right in front of Josh when his dad politely coughed.

Megan was having a hard time keeping her laughter in when she saw Josh’s face, frozen in shock .
“Is this a private show or may we sit in?” Jonas said with a calm and undisturbed voice.
“Please join us” Josh quickly said “and pour yourself a glass.”
Ashley and Nyoto lingered a moment, their lips still touching and shared a devious look.
The women sat back, draping themselves over Josh again and looked at the new arrivals.
Jonas was grinning with pride and a hint of envy as he introduced Megan and himself.
“Megan told me you’ve made some new friends tonight but she forgot to mention how beautiful they were” Jonas jested when he sat down next to Ashley.
Both women played coy and thanked him for the compliment.
Jonas’s easy going charm and Megan’s tipsy humor made the interruption to their fun not feel as a bad thing and soon they all chatted around the table, Nyoto acting as a girlfriend to Josh.
The Crystal went quickly and when the second bottle came, the lights were dimmed even more.

The show started with a humorous sex cartoon, when it was finished the spotlight was turned on and Danni was standing center stage behind a dais.
She was smiling and looked relaxed, peeking a moment in their direction.
Her voice sounded sexy when she introduced her co-host for the night, Sarah.
Applause sounded again and they both joked a bit before getting started.
A scantily dressed woman walked from the side stage up to them, carrying a gold colored penis on a stand and an envelope.
“The first category of the evening, best aimed cum shot” spoke Sarah “let’s see the nominees.”
A big screen behind them showed five scenes where handsome men shot their load towards women.
“And the winner is …”
This went on for a while with ridiculous categories and the mood was sexual and playful.
Halfway the show, Ashley got her signal and went backstage, to get ready for her reward.
This time a muscled man brought forth a golden pussy, which looked like a butterfly from a distance.
“In the category, Oh my god I can’t believe she did that, the nominees are ..”
Again five short scenes were shown, this time one with Ashley.
In her scene she was standing on her hands, sucking a guy lying beneath her while being fucked in both holes.
Josh stared in amazement like Jonas and Megan and Nyoto just yelled “go girl.”
As soon as Ashley had left, Nyoto had moved even closer to Josh, her hand in his pants on his cock, massaging it softly.
Josh had moved his arm behind Nyoto’s ass, under her skirt and was pleased to find her pantyhose crotch less.
He could just reach her cunt and fingered it at a leisure pace, her juices flowing freely.
Of course Ashley won and came onstage, receiving the reward and making her speech.

Before she left, Danni and Sarah discussed something with her while a new cartoon played.
A few minutes later she rejoined Josh on the couch, with her reward in hand.
Up close it did look like a pussy and all congratulated her with her reward.
Ashley chatted with Jonas and Megan a bit more before draping herself against Josh again.
The show continued for another hour, awards given and clips shown and at the end, the special charity auction would commence with as special auctioneers Mistress Rose and Master Ironshaft.
“Did you know of this?” Josh whispered to Nyoto.
She gripped his cock a bit harder and said no, a bit nervous.
Applause thundered through the theatre, apparently they were celebrities for this crowd.
When they walked on stage, they did look the part.
Mistress Rose strutted on her nine inch heeled boots, net stocking and gartered black leather corset, pony hood and long black gloves.
Master Ironshaft followed her, dressed in tight leather pants, knee length boots and a bullwhip around his neck.

“Hello slaves and other cattle” Rose crooned through the microphone.
A cheer went up and the excitement level rose.
“Tonight, for your masters pleasure, we shall auction of your boyfriend, your girlfriend, husband or wife.”
“All proceeds go this year to the children’s hospitals in the greater Los Angeles region.”
“So bid high and let’s give the children of our fair city a better future.”
“And remember, the person who brings in the most can make a special request from us …”
Mistress Rose stepped back and Master Ironshaft took the mic.
“You all know the rules?”
A resounding yes answered him and Josh read the rule list Ashley handed to him when she saw his blank face.
“No way, is this for real?” he asked Ashley.
“It is, once you go up there, you agree to either a night of passion or a weekend of fun.”
“Or however you agree to spend it with the person who wins the auction.”
“But sex is always involved, always” she grinned.
“I need at least five, I repeat at least five brave men who dare to introduce, auction and give a sales pitch for their partner to be auctioned on stage now” Master Ironshaft boomed.
Within a few minutes seven costumed women and men were on stage and the auction started.
A few men and women already stood in the auction pit, checking the women out.
The bids started at five thousand dollar and soon rose to the mid twenties.
When a girl didn’t get high enough bids, she was made to display a special skill like deep throating a banana and her partner as giving a chance to improve her value by praising her.
Josh was amazed by what he was seeing and secretly enjoyed the show.
Ashley was stealing kisses from him and Nyoto was still caressing his cock.

When the women auction was done, there was a break for ten minutes.
During the show, Nyoto had come twice and Josh hadn’t let up teasing her cunt.
He removed his hand and was about to lick them when Ashley grabbed his hand and did it for him.
Nyoto looked like she could come just from watching so Josh softly whispered to her “you want to do her don’t you?”
She nodded, watching Ashley suck Josh’s fingers like a hawk.
“You sure?” he asked her again and she looked straight at him, nodding.
Josh leaned back towards Nyoto so he could whisper in her ear “I command you to pleasure Ashley, if she is willing, with hand or mouth.”
He then rose, bent to kiss Ashley on the lips and whispered “enjoy” to her before saying out loud “I need a pit stop, be right back.”

The bright lights from the hall blinded Josh for a moment, the low lit theatre was almost dark and his eyes needed to adjust.
Quickly he made his way to the bathroom, hoping to catch a glimpse of Nyoto and Ashley making out.
There was a short line but luckily it didn’t take Josh too long.
Walking back he saw that despite the late hour, there was still much activity.
Truly a city that never sleeps Josh though, unaccustomed to this type of nightlife.
When he came back to the table, he saw that both Megan and Nyoto were missing.
His father was grinning at him and Ashley sat very laid back sipping champagne.
“What are you smiling about dad?” Josh asked when he sat himself next to Ashley.
He felt Nyoto’s hand on his leg almost instantly.
“A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell Josh, you know that” his father answered mock seriously.
“Ah” Josh said and figured where Megan had disappeared to, a quick peek under the table confirmed his suspicion.
Megan was giving his father a blow job and Josh wished he had a better view.
He shook his head and grinned, wondering how soon it would be that he and his dad would double team a woman.
“Penny for your thoughts” Ashley purred at him, enjoying the attention Nyoto was giving her.
“I was wondering how long it would take before my father and I would make love to the same woman at the same time” Josh whispered in Ashley’s ear, giving it a playful lick before looking down on Nyoto’s head, working Ashely’s pussy with her mouth and hand.
“I’d be willing” Ashley said slightly out of breath and Josh felt Nyoto’s hand squeeze his leg.
She probably overheard and wouldn’t mind either.

The auction was about to start again when Megan reappeared from beneath the table.
She was smiling and a little flushed when she sat down next to Jonas again.
Josh was impressed with his dad, he hadn’t given any sign that he had come.
Feeling just a little bit jealous, he saw Megan kiss his father before settling back next to him.
That feeling left him when she leaned over and winked at him with a provocative smile.
He smiled back grinning and feeling stupid, she had said that he wasn’t the only one she’d have sex with and he wasn’t exactly in a position to complain after tonight.
“Kiss me quick” Ashley gasped and Josh took her head in his hands and kissed her gently.
Ashley responded to the kiss with wild passion, coming from Nyoto’s excellent work so hard, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep silent and what better way to be shut up then by kissing.
Feeling her come next to him was arousing as it was but to feel her scream her orgasm in him while kissing made him hard instantly.
Several shakes of her body later, they parted lips and Josh wiped the hair from her face.
Nyoto meanwhile had come up and sat next to Josh.
He gave Ashley a quick kiss and turned to Nyoto whispering “you have done excellent work, I am proud of you and shall reward you.”

Taking her wet fingered hand in his, he moved it to his mouth, sucking her finger clean from Ashley’s cum.
Nyoto gasped and closed her eyes, relaxing even more on the couch.
When he stopped, she opened her eyes only to see his eyes close to her, his face almost upon hers.
Slowly he licked her lips and around her mouth, biting softly in her thick lush lips.
A soft moan was his response and she closed her eyes again, feeling his tongue work its way into her mouth.
With a tender care he kissed her, taking the time to lick her neck and nibble on her ear as well.
He was about to move his hand up her legs when the sound of a whip crackling broke the surrounding buzz of talk.
The theatre was so quiet, he could hear Ashley’s excited breath behind him.
Their attention was focused on the stage straight away and Josh sat back, sliding his arm around Nyoto’s shoulder, pulling her close.

“Now that I have your attention slaves” Master Ironshaft boomed again.
“I require at least 3 women and their respective auction meat on the stage on the double.”
“As most of you can remember, last year we had a pre bid on a piece of meat.”
“This year we have two, so be a good sport and come on over when your name is called.”
“I won’t bite” he finished grinning, laughter rising from the crowd.
“But I might” Mistress Rose added with delight.
On the side of the stage stood three barely dressed slave girls, each holding a phone.
“Would Michelle Vanderbolt and her meat please come to the stage?” Ironshaft sneered.
A cheer went up in part of the theatre and quite a few women made their way to the auction pit.
“Would Samantha Wilder and her meat please come to the stage?” Rose grinned.
The crowd didn’t respond with cheering but a more curious buzz.
Josh looked around to see who was the victim when he saw his Nyoto looking shocked.
“What’s wrong?” he asked when he heard his father snicker behind him.
“Dad, what did you do?” Josh asked, a panic starting to rise.
“Me?” he laughed “nothing , but you can thank a miss Basco for this.”
The sweet face of petite Sarah came to his mind and he knew it was useless to fight this, might as well give in with grace.
Standing up, he helped Nyoto/Samatha to her feet, who still looked shocked.
“Come dear, you need to sell me for charity, I am sure you’ll do a good job” Josh said to her.
She looked at him, relaxed a bit and took his hand, pulling him towards the stage.
With each step, she looked more confident until they reached the stage and her normal self had returned.
Several other women had dragged their partners to the stage for a total of nine men.
Their costumes were unoriginal and again Josh was glad he had met Megan.

“Not a bad selection, if I say so myself” Ironshaft said, taking a mic and walked around them.
“What say you ladies?” he yelled and aimed the mic to the crowd.
A wall of noise was the result, women apparently being louder than men Josh thought.
Josh spotted Rose strutting towards them with a gentleman’s cane and stood straight in a military at ease position, his hat beneath his arm and tensed his stomach muscles.
Mistress Rose winked at Nyoto when she passed her and only his close proximity to her had allowed Josh to see it.
After making a visual inspection with Ironshaft, Rose arranged the couples in an order, saving Josh for last.
When Ironshaft asked her why he should be last she said “watch” and hit Josh with her cane in the stomach.
Josh was expecting something like that and didn’t blink or grunt when she hit him.
The man next to him got the same treatment but couldn’t help be surprised at the force Rose had used and sagged a bit grunting.

A very small smile appeared at Josh’s face, pleased that he figured Rose out correctly.
She would only expect the best from her girls and their masters so a good slave test was likely.
The amount of cheering shot up after this and the auction started with the first man.
His partner did a very good presentation of him, no doubt increasing his worth.
The bidding started and Josh started to sweat under the lights, being dressed in black was less ideal when under a spotlight.
By the time they came to the man before Josh, his shirt was wet with sweat.
“Now pay attention, these two fine specimens here both have pre bids so we shall alternate between them.” Ironshaft boomed.
“Remember, last year Henry here” spoke Rose, pointing with her cane at the other guy “went for 75 thousand dollar so let’s break that record shall we ladies?”
A loud cheer answered her and she motioned the crowd to calm down.
Henry, dressed as a fantasy rogue, stepped forward and took a bow.

“On the other side we have a young newcomer whom I’ve been told has make quite an impression on more than a few ladies here tonight, impressive considering the fact that he’s never been in America till yesterday.”
“Give a warm welcome to Josh for being such a good sport.”
The same roar went up if not loader for Josh and he stepped forward as well, taking a similar bow.
“Now ladies” Rose continued after the noise had settled “we’ll decide by coin toss who shall be the first to praise and offer up her man meat for auction.”
“Any preference?” she asked Nyoto and Michelle.
“Head, I like head” Nyoto said quickly with a naughty grin.
Michelle said “I’ll take tail” and licked her lips looking at Nyoto.
“Oh, we seem to have some competition here” said a grinning Ironshaft.
The crowd really got into it and the noise level came up again.
Rose flipped a coin and caught it, slapping it on her gloves wrist with force.
“It’s tail” Rose said “Michelle, you may start.”

Michelle stood next Henry when she took the mic from Ironshaft.
She made a good sales pitch, if a bit obviously rehearsed, praising his qualities.
When she was done, Rose took her mic and gave it to Nyoto saying “your turn.”
“Like Mistress Rose said, Josh is just in the country and tonight is the night I met him.”
“So I’ll share what I know so far, he’s handsome, intelligent and a real gentleman.”
“A good dancer, excellent with his hands and a great kisser.”
“I can’t really describe him physically so perhaps I should just show you?”
This elicited quite a few hollers and Nyoto walked to Josh, who simply nodded slightly for his permission and grabbed both sides of his shirt and tore it open, buttons flying everywhere.
With a few good tugs she removed his shirt, took his hat and let her hands slide over his sweaty chest.
“Oh and ladies, he shaves all the way” she finished with a grin.
The crowd reacted to the show Nyoto gave and the cheers kept on even after both masters demanded silence.

Nyoto and Michelle were escorted of stage and the bidding started with Henry.
“The opening bid is 10 thousand dollars, who bids more?”
Yelling started in the pit and the phone girls made signals for bids.
Soon Henry was at a 100k and he smirked at Josh, daring him to get more.
Josh just shrugged, he was new at this and had no ego to match in this town, he just waited.
When the bidding started on Josh there was less noise coming from the pit but the bids went just as fast, the phone girls signaling more.
When Josh reached the 100k as well, the auction was paused.
Both had made more than the other people auctioned so the race for the final prize was between them.
Josh had been standing at ease with his hand behind his back for a while now and silently he wondered how much longer it would take.
Henry must have thought the same thing because he started to look a bit bored.
“Oh are we boring you?” Rose said when she saw Henry stifle a yawn.
Laughter rose from the crowd and Rose strutted provocatively towards him.
She was quite a sight, swaying her hips lips that and Henry’s head turned to watch.
Josh saw her starting and kept his eyes front and center, he felt that this was a test again.
Trying his best not to watch her or follow her fine figure with his eyes, he did his best to stay focused and look straight ahead.
“This one has discipline” Ironshaft said walking towards Josh.
“What do you think Mistress Rose?” Ironshaft boomed in the microphone “can I play with him, will he break?”
“I don’t know” she replied standing face to face with Henry.
“We have never had such a contest” she continued turning around to face the crowd.
“What do you think? Shout aye for a test of character or nay and we continue the bids”
The crowd was whipped to a frenzy and when Master Ironshaft unrolled his whip, the aye’s had it.

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