My wife was finally gone for the weekend.
My wife was finally gone for the weekend, leaving me home alone with my little girl. Five-years old, she was the tiniest, cutest baby girl. She had shoulder-length, curly brown hair, big hazel eyes, and a little baby body just screaming for attention. She spoke with a soft, cute little girly voice, and she loved her big, strong daddy.

She always tried to do things to make me happy, like picking me flowers or getting me silly little kid things like that. I loved my baby girl, and today should would really get to make me happy, like I'd dreamed about for years.

Right after her nap that day, she got up on her own and started playing and crawling around in her room with her little toys, just like I knew she would. As soon as I heard her moving around I got excited, and I knew it was finally time. I set down my water glass and made my way up the stairs, and opened the door to her bedroom. I came upon her wearing nothing but her little white panties, crawling around the room so that I could see her little pink nipples bouncing ever so slightly on her chest, and her tiny little ass in the air.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, and she ran and hugged me.
"Hi sweetie. Did you have a good nap?" I asked her sweetly.
"Yes, yes, daddy come play wiff me!"
"Oh, I'll play with you all right." I smiled.
She gave me a huge, impish grin and tugged my hand to get me to sit.
"Let's play with my dolls!"
"Actually, sweetheart" I said with a smile, "I have a game!"
"Ok daddy! What is it?"
"Well to start, you're going to need to do something for me, can you do that for daddy, baby girl?"
"Of course daddy, anything."
"Ok sweetie. I need you to take off your panties there first."
She eagerly obliged, desperate to make her daddy happy.
"Ok great. Now you don't have to do anything else."
I rose and began to take off my clothes. My cock was already rock hard from seeing her tiny baby body, smooth and pink and soft and naked right in front of me.
Once I was naked, I knelt back in front of her.
"What are we doing daddy?"
"We're playing sweety!" I said, and I began to kiss her on the mouth.
"What do I do?"
"Just move your lips with mine and put your tongue all over me. For now," I told her.
With her tiny body in my arms, my hands grabbing firmly under her soft ass, I tongued the inside of her mouth thoroughly. Her little mouth kissed me back, making my cock grow even larger.
Getting more and more excited, I ran my tongue down her neck and to her little pink nipples and nipped and licked at them.
"Hehe, daddy that tickles!" she laughed and exclaimed.
"Good baby, just let daddy do what he wants with you. This is a fun game, and you don't have to do anything."
"Ok daddy!"
I continued sucking her nipples, rubbing my hands all over her back and squeezing her ass, and finally I allowed my eyes and fingers to explore her little pink mound between her legs.
"Hehe, what's that daddy?"
"This is your little baby pussy," I told her gently, circling it with my fingers, barely able to control myself."
"What do you do with that, daddy?"
"Well I'm going to fuck you in it baby."
"What's fuck, daddy?"
"It's what you let daddy do to you because you love him very much and it makes him feel good."
Her whole face brightened and she grinned. "Oh yay, I can make daddy feel good!"
"Yes baby. Now are you ready for your snack?"
"Sure daddy!"
"Ok, open wide, here's a lollipop."
Pretending it was an airplane, I fed my giant cock into my little girl's tiny little mouth.
"Yes, good baby."
Her tiny, wet mouth sucked and licked every inch of my dick. I was going crazy. I couldn't resist her pussy much longer. She licked hungrily up and down the shaft of my dick saying "Mmm, mmm, yummy daddy." She didn't know what those words were doing to me. I decided to let her suck me off, and then I could fuck her tiny pussy for longer.
She sucked and sucked, her mouth such a tight little hole for my cock, and I finally came with force right down her throat.
"That's right baby, eat it all up for daddy. Mmmm."
"Mmmm!" she said, and smiled at me, mouth glistening with my sperm. My cock immediately got rock hard again.
"Ok baby, lay down here. I'm going to fuck you now."
She eagerly lay down and let me spread her legs. My soaking wet dick made its way into her tight, virginal, young pussy. It squeezed all around my dick and I gasped.
"What daddy?"
"You're making me feel very very good." She grinned. "Now, moan for me. Make lots of happy noises, can you do that for daddy?"
"Oh yes," and she began, and I began to pump my cock in and out of her tiny little cunt. I knew it was hurting her, but she was too delighted at the thought of pleasing me.
"Oh baby, you feel so tight and wet and good in your baby pussy."
"Oh daddy I just want to make you happy."
"Ohhh you make him very happy baby. Oh yes, I'm going to fuck you in your little baby cunt, your tiny pussy is so warm and tight on my cock."
She lay there happily, and I could feel myself almost exploding. She had no idea what I was doing to her and I loved it. I was stealing my little girl's innocence and she didn't understand at all the depth of this action, and she was so willing and ready.
"Oh yeah baby, daddy loves your tiny baby pussy yes I do. I just wanna pump my cock in it all day."
"Mmmmm, good daddy, you can have it I just want to make daddy feel so good."
I couldn't take it. I exploded inside her tiny little pink pussy, and watched my cum drip out through her little lips.

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2015-06-15 07:08:45
This is child porn and should be bannes from the net. Why are people allowed to put trash like this for people to see. You should beput in jail for this tupe of disgusting abuse of small children.

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2014-06-15 12:57:14 so horny with all that dirty talking. I wanna be your little baby girl. Addy i want you to fuck me. Your story is very satisfying...make it more harder..hmm

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5y olds are to young to fuck but ok for a bj,9or 10 is a good age to fuck

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2013-12-22 14:47:15
and ur a mother bitch whore fuck ur son

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2013-08-05 23:18:01
when my daughter turned 6 she was home with me as mom went shopping, I started jacking off to thoughts of her sucking my cock when she unexpectedly walked in my office. Ihide my hard cock and told her to sit down. I asked her to help me out and lied to her saying mom just couldnt dothis. I then had her put my hard cock in her mouth and showed her how to suck it to the throat and before a few seconds passed I exploded in her mouth telling her to swallow which she did, what a great feeling. I had her do this hundreds of times for over ten years, no fucking just being my personal cocksucker and a couple of others too

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