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Note: This is continuing off the first part of my story. If males on males is not your cup of tea than stop reading.

I woke up at about 8:30 the next morning. Mark and I were spooning. I went over what had happened the previous day and night in my head. I had to be dreaming. I went to the water park the day before, I saw him and melted. He broke up with his girlfriend and followed me on a ride. From there it seemed like it could not have happened. But I looked down and there were his perfect arms and legs around me, I looked over my shoulder and saw that angelic face. It had happened. My morning wood sprung to full attention at that thought. Than his hand grasped my cock and he shoved his boner on my butt. “Good morning sunshine” he said. I smiled. “Good morning” I turned around and we stared into each others eyes until making out for a good two minutes.

He pulled away. “I’m hungry” he said. I got up and grabbed his hand. He got out of bed and I realized we slept naked. I stared at his huge dick again. Yep. Definitely not a dream. I lead him to the kitchen. We made eggs and bacon and ate at the table together. He slid his hand under the table and put it on my thigh. I smiled. “So what do you want to do today babe” he asked. I liked the babe, it made me feel like I was his. “I don’t know BABE” I mocked him. “Maybe we should drive somewhere, in my car of course, I wouldn’t want to strain your Oldsmobile” I said sarcastically. He smiled. “Yah that sounds like a good idea.” He said.

When we finished I washed the dishes and headed to the shower. He went to my room. I was washing when I heard the door open and turned to see him naked. He joined me. We washed each other and he cradled me in the shower while kissing me every now and then. He was behind me and pushed his hard member into my crack. He started to jack me off from behind as I turned my head and made out with him. He broke the kiss and said “I don’t know where were going today and what were doing but save your energy because tonight your going to need It and just know that until whenever you want me to leave, I am yours and you are mine” My heart fluttered. “I don’t think I am ever going to want to be done” We kissed more passionately. We broke and got out of the shower. “Do you have to be anywhere this summer?” I asked. “Nah my parents are out of town for the month” “Where’d they go?” I asked. “To Spain for the month”. “No shit! Mine too!”. We laughed.

We got dressed and he wore some of my clothes. Any other day I would have let no one wear my stuff because I had expensive things, but he was an exception. We got in my car and drove to the gate and I entered the code and exited my gated community. “So how did you get in the gate yesterday?” I asked. “I sped in after someone else” he said. I laughed. We mobbed down the highway in my suburban. I had no idea where we were going. We had been on the freeway for an hour or so when he grabbed my hand on the console and told me to take the next exit. I took he exit and had no idea where we were.

“Where are we?” I asked. “Well were going 4 wheeling” he said. What? This sounded fun. He told me to keep driving down the road and turn into a driveway. I drove for another five minutes until we reached a secluded cabin that looked like a palace. He said it was his vacation home. I parked and he went around and opened the trunk pulling out a duffel bag. “What’s that?” “I packed a bag during the first part of your shower.” He had this planned? I love it. He opened the front door and threw the bag in the front room and I looked around, it looked like a lodge in this place. It was huge. “I love the outdoors” he said. “Me too” I responded. “Follow me”. He walked up the stairs and opened a door at the end of the hall way. The door opened and a huge master bedroom with a humongous bed and tons of other things. He opened to glass doors and stepped out onto a porch that overlooked the lake. I looked down and there was a dock on their property. “What the hell do your parents do?” I asked. He laughed “They designed some technology for medical offices.” “Nice”. We walked back down stairs and he opened the back door. We walked to a shed and opened it. There were three snowmobiles and one four wheeler.

He handed me a helmet and some pads and I put them on. He did the same. We got on and headed out. We went up a trail and the fun started. There were bumps and hill, I continued to wrap my arms tighter and tighter around his waist. We continued up about 45 minutes until we got to the top of a mountain. It was getting dark. He pulled out a sack and laid out a blanket. We ate and I lay down and stared out at the sky. He laid next to me Put his arms around me and pulled me closer. He started to kiss me and I responded furiously. I started to take off my clothes and he said “Not here”. I was sad. He took out his phone and called someone. He said “Now”. We got back on and went down the mountain. I was thinking what did now mean and who was he saying it to? I’m in the middle of the woods and I’m dead. I laughed at how stupid I sounded.

When we put the four wheeler in the shed, it was dark. We walked to the front steps and a cars went from the house down the path. What the fuck? My heart quickened and I got scared. I looked at him and he seemed like nothing was up. When we walked in all the lights were off but the stairs were lit in candles. He led me up and entered the grand bedroom. The bed was surrounded in candles and the doors were open letting the moon shined in. He pushed me on the bed and started talking. “I know I have only known you for two days and I know this may sound weird but I love you and I want tonight to be special. I love every thing about you and I want my first time to be special and with the one I want” a tear slid down my eye. I felt like I was in some corny movie. “ Couldn’t say it better. I love you too and this is my first time too.” He smiled and fell on top of me. He kissed me passionately.

He stripped off my clothes and took off mine too. He kissed me down my stomach and than got too my balls. At this point I was at full attention. He sucked on my balls. I was in ecstasy. He took my dick into his mouth and began to bob up and down faster and harder. This went on for awhile. My balls started to tighten. He stopped. He turned around and positioned his ass tight over my cock. He went straight down. He was unbelievably tight. He moaned. I did too. The feeling was incredible. He began to go up and down and I met his thrust each time. We went on longer and he began to ride me faster and faster. I watched as the muscles in his back tightened and relaxed. He had the best back muscles. My balls started to tighten again and my dick became stiffer. He rode faster. “I’m gunna cum!” I yelled. He rode faster and then all of a sudden I shot the first rope of cum. I shot more and more and he just kept going. When the last drop came out he got off and plopped down next to me. He made out with me as my dick became soft. He broke away and flipped me over. “My turn” he said. He positioned his huge dick at my ass and then without hesitation shoved it in. I screamed. The pain was unbelievable but at the same time it was amazing. After awhile the pain eased and turn into pure pleasure. He humped faster and harder. Again I met his thrusts. Without warning he began to cum. He cummed for what seemed like forever. He pulled out and fell on top of me. He made out with me and then got up and blew out all the candles. He led me outside and we went down to the dock. He pushed me in and then jumped in after. We washed each other in the lake and than kissed passionately. He pulled me into a paddleboat and got in asfter me. He pulled out a blanket and pulled me close to him. “I just forgot but we didn’t use condoms” he said. “Its ok. Id rather get a disease form you than anyone else.” I said. “Same” he said. He pulled me even tighter and we fell asleep.

Let me know if you like. More to come.


2018-05-23 21:43:51
Very impressive story. Keep it cumming.

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2016-09-28 13:56:16
getting m harder and harder

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2016-04-05 18:24:45
I agree with "If I had a dick"oh my GOD! I'm so jelious of the romantic passion you have in your relationship.

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2016-04-05 18:23:32
I agree with "IfI had a dick"oh my GOD! I'm so jelious of the romantic passion you have in your relationship.

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2013-07-19 00:30:13
I've just noticed something. When you mentioned, "Babe," it occured to me that I've been called so many names over the past 5 years. (16 Years Old.) Let's see, I've been called, 1.Cowgirl 2.Stripper 3.Doggy 4.Nurse 5.Baby 6.Mommy 7.Cock-sucker, and a whole lot more. However, I've been called, "Cowgirl," the most for my favorite position. And I love to watch my fuck buddy's face when I go up a down. Great story though! ;)

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