I encouraged my wife shyamala to fuck our neighbour's son, Kanchule...and she did. Now she is planning to take him to Inia to attend college.
My name is Ken, and I'd like to tell you this true story of my beautiful wife Shyamala getting fucked by our neighbours son, it took place in 2005 in the town of Luanshya in Zambia. Before I tell you about this incident let me tell you about my wife,

Shyamala was 46 years old at the time, her height was 5 ' 5 " and she weighed about 65 kilos, and a
34D 25 36 figure. While she’s got a lovely figure, it's her pert ass and firm toned legs are her asset, we’ve been married for 2 months. She was born in India and this was her first trip to Africa. I was working as a plant manager at a copper mine there.

We had a good sex life an enjoy role play and fantasy games, and although it's forbidden in our religion we always read erotic stories of wife having sex with other men, it turns us both on, I always had fantasy of my Shyamala making love to a well hung guy, ever since I met her in 2004 on the internet. Whenever I brought the idea up is usually are you crazy, no honey I’ll said I’d love to see you fuck another guy, " my god do you since when " for a long time honey and it'll spice up our sex life and don't say no please, please, i said, my wife looked at me with a cheeky smile, " no way sweetheart, don't be mad I cant do that " It took a lot of persuasion, before she said ok we'll see..

And it remain our fantasy until one evening I went out to the plant where they had a breakdown, as I drove out of the gate, I overheard Kanchule talking to his mate about my wife, he said man you know Mrs. Ken she's hot I want to fuck her, man I want to screw her ass " what?”, Musukotwane replied "Ii mean she's has big tits, hot body and lot older than you!” Kanchule wet on, “Yes I know man if get a chance I’ll pump her pussy with my big cock until the Indian whore screams for more, she has been telling friends that Ken’s cock is small and does not satisfy her.”

I could not believe what I was hearing from Kanchule, I mean this kid, "big kid " who had grown up in front of my eyes, and now he wanted to fuck my wife, he wanted to screw her, I was mad, but was strangely excited at the same time, and thought wow 14 year old Kanchule and Shyamala, he's young big and strong, she's sexy hot and experience, so I decided to see him later about it.

Kanchule is black and the eldest son of our neighbour and good friends Andrew and Regina Muchunga. Andrew was big, at 6 ' 2 " tall very muscular and probably weighed about 95 kgs and a cock that is close to 12 " long and as thick as coke can, it was he I had in mind to fuck Shyamala, not his 14 year old son! I fancied being fucked by Andrew but was too shy to approach him. The closest we got to intimacy was when my mother died and he came home to console me, we held hands for two long enjoyable hours. During this period I ensured my hand fell on his delicious cock four or five times. As he was leaving that night, I went down and kissed his feet, sucking his big toe in the process. I later explained that in our branch of Hinduism, that was hoe we showed gratitude for when a person comes to console you……....I think he got the message that I wanted his cock badly, I saw the way he squeezed his crotch as he left the house that evening. I escorted him to the gate and we had a last embrace, my left hand felt his coke-sized cock in the process, and I commented “Nice, very nice.”

After sorting out logistics at the plant in the shortest possible time, I rushed home, hoping to meet Kanchule on the road, I was right. He was still on the road; Musukotwane had just left so I stopped him and asked, “Can I have word Kanchule?" “Yes, of course Mr. Ken." I told him what I overheard him saying as I was leaving for the plant, and asked if he meant it. “Er, er, er Mr. Ken, I er" He stammered. I reassured him, “It's ok Kanchule, if you do just say it, and maybe we could help you!" He paused then spoke, “Can you, I mean you don't mind do you Sir?” he asked. I replied, “But on one condition, no one should know about this, including your mates!” I said. “No sir, no one will ever, I promise.” I struck a bargain and said, “All right then, be at my place tomorrow at 8pm.” He was jubilant and said, “Oh thank you, thank you Mr. Ken. I will not disappoint you Sir, nor will I Mrs. Ken.”

With that I went home and later told Shyamala all about it, she was shocked and remarked,” but he is only 14!” she said. I reassured her saying, "honey he is a big lad!" She was in a state of shock and said, “Oh my god tell me this is not happening, what about you and Brenda, the maid, she will be in the house?” Brenda was a live-in maid. I said, “don't worry I'll give Brenda money to go to Ndola and visit her brother, she can spend the night there.” Her apprehension was palpable, “Oh I am nervous about him Ken." Moaned Shyamala. “Don't honey, just take your time with him, with the foreplay and when you are ready then fuck him.” I reassured her and she nodded her approval, then we kissed.

The next day Shyamala clean shaved her pussy and legs for Kanchule, and slowly got ready for the evening, she wore her sexy red bra with matching cotton thong, a tight fitted see-through short blouse, see-through petticoat, than see-through sari, she was looking hot I wanted to fuck her there and then, but tonight she was Kanchule, he was “the guest of honour” but I was rock hard just by the thought.

it was almost 8:15 when Kanchule rang the door bell, “oh god he's here!” said Shyamala. “Just relax, and greet him with a hug it'll make you feel better.” I reassured her then went and opened the front door. "Hi I’m sorry I'm late Mr. Ken." “It's ok Kanchule, come in.” I reassured him. As he entered the living room Shyamala came out and greeted him. “Oh hi Mrs. Ken, how are you?" She nervously replied, “Hello Kanchule er I'm, I’m ok.” He went on, “I must say you are looking stunning and hot in that black saree, my favourite colour.” Shyamala replied. “Thank you!" as she took a step forward and greeted him with a hug, pressing her breast against his thick lips.

Kanchule and Shyamala flirted all evening he could not take his eyes off her and after dinner at about 10 o'clock when she was in the kitchen Kanchule asked me if he could go in and give her a hand with the washing." I approved and said, “for sure, but is it the only reason you want to go in there for?" He smiled and looked down, “go and enjoy Kanchule, and take it easy with her she's never been with anyone else." I cautioned. “All right Mr. Ken thanks for the friendly advice.” Kanchule replied I was beginning to like this Black boy.

As he entered the kitchen i followed him and peek through the doors gap, I saw him embraced her from behind then cupped her breasts one each in his hands and started squeezing them, then he started kissing her neck, “Oooh Kanchule, not here, not now baby,” she moaned, “Oooh Mrs. Ken err I want to fuck you, please I want fuck now!” He pleaded. She asked, “what about my husband?” Kanchule reassured her, “don’t worry, he knows we are here.” He whispered something in Shyamala’s ears, and within seconds she started taking off her saree.

As she undressed, she was saying something about each item of garment; I could only surmise that Shyamala was describing the names for Kanchule’s benefit. He will occasionally take a piece and ask something, I assume he was unsure of the pronunciation.

As she slowly took her final piece of garment, her petticoat, now naked, he turned her around then lowered his head and kissed her full on the lips, she kissed him back with full passion, Kanchule's hands were roaming all over her back and ass while they were in embrace and kissing wildly, the contrast of his black skin and my wheatish wife was awesome, he squeezed them and licked on her nipples making her moan with pleasure,

After he finished undressing, and now aroused by his caresses, she got down on her knees and took his cock in her hands and placed his cock in her mouth, It was so thick that she could hardly get her mouth around it. He grabbed the back of her head and forced his dick deep into her mouth, Shyamala gagged on his cock but that did not stop him, she could not breathe and he just kept shoving his cock down her throat only letting up when he thought she was going to pass out.

He then pulled her up and said, “Turn your ass around, oh baby I want to fuck you,” he moaned, bending her over the worktop Kanchule then began rubbing the thick bulbous head of his cock up and down her pussy lips to get her secretions on his cock.

Then she screamed out, “Oooh Kanchule, Oooh god," as he began shoving his cock into her. “Oh yeah, Oh your cunt is so hot and wet!” he moaned out, and he shoved his huge cock harder into her then he began his rhythmic humping motion in and out of her stretched pussy. "Oooh yeah Oooh fuck me baby” the more wet she got the more she began to accommodate his size, he was now 9 to10 inches deep into her as she began meeting his thrust, he fucked her like that for at least 10 minutes. When Shyamala groaned out, “Oooh I'm cumming, oh I'm cumming, oh fuck, oh Kanchule, fuck me hard baby” and with a loud scream she had an incredible orgasm.

After getting there breath back he pulled out of her and told her to lay down on her back on the bench and she spread her legs wide for him as he thrust his cock into my wife's vagina, laying on top of her he fucked her hard and fast, she was in complete submission to him, moaning and groaning, “Oooh fuck yeah I could feel you deep into my cervix, ooooooohhh, it hurt so damn good, Ooooooh baby I want to fuck you all night!” moaned Shyamala. "Oh yeah babe, " replied Kanchule, I'm cumming, oh I'm cumming,” then he tense up and shot a huge thick load of cum deep into her unprotected womb it must to have been a lot because it ran out of her and down her ass cheeks.

They stayed embrace for few minute and kissed each, then he pulled out of her and they both started to get dressed.

I cleaned up the sticky mess I made in a hurry and sat on the sofa. Kanchule came out first and headed for the shower, Shyamala followed out of the kitchen a minute later, she looked flushed after that fuck, “How was it honey?” I asked. She smiled then said he was mind blowingly good. I remarked, "Well I'm glad honey, why don't you join him in the shower so you can get clean also.” She walked into the bathroom telling me, “I'll see you in the bedroom shortly.”

It was nearly an hour before they came out. Shyamala exited the bathroom in a daze, so I asked, “What took you so long honey?” She told me after she stepped in the shower Kanchule was all over her like a rash he embraced and kissed her passionately, his hands were in her crotch and her ass, she then took his cock in her hand and told him to sit on the large shower stool, she than proceeded to suck him deep till he was rock hard, she then straddled him holding his cock in her hand she lowered her cunt on to his shaft, she groaned while riding him, in and out, in and out, she bounced up and down on his cock until he was ready to come, and when he groaned he was cumming she got off his dick and sucked him till he came in her mouth and she swallowed his load.

“Wow honey you seem hot already,” I said, “Oh you are wet just by talking about him, do you want to fuck your lover boy again, your breasts have also grown larger from your hormone secretions? I asked. She was modest and replied, "Oh I don't know I’m sore between my legs.” Then "BANG BANG BANG!!!” There was a knock on the door, I opened the door and Kanchule was standing stark naked with a semi hard erection, “Are you ok Kanchule?” I asked. "I err, err I, Mr. Ken, err can I err?” I cut him short and said, “I understand you wait here.” I called out to Shyamala, “Honey I think Kanchule would like you to sleep with him in his room!” She joyfully replied, “Oh but will you be ok with that?” I gave my approval by saying, “Yeah, I'll be fine."

Taking her night gown off, she walked toward the hallway and embraced Kanchule in a slow French kiss as his hands squeezed her ass, after few minutes he grabbed under her arms and lifted her up then he lowered her cunt on his huge black meat, She wrapped her legs around his waist and rode him hard, “Oooh yes, fuck me, Oooh yeah, fuck me!” moaned Shyamala. “Yeah let's go to the room,” said Kanchule. As they went in they closed the door, then I went to bed trying to sleep I could not, from the moaning and groaning came out of the other room as they fucked each other till dawn. Shyamala and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the 14 year old Nigger lad!

The next morning Kanchule got dressed and left for home. I peeped in the bed and found Shyamala with her ass up in the air…..cooling off from the rough fucking I concluded!

Needless to say, he became a regular visitor to the house. I’m still working in Africa. Shyamala is back in Mumbai in India, she is trying to get a scholarship for Kanchule to go and study in Mumbai, and he can live in our house there in Shrishti Complex in Mira Road. Kanchule is now 19, I’m sure his cock is as big as that of his father’s…… I might still get a chance to be fucked by that 12 inch cock up my cavernous Indian ass.

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