Kid joins a giant cult
Not the best writen story, but I try. sorry for spelling, only good comments.

The Cult of Incest


Followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices.
Fad: an interest followed with exaggerated zeal; "he always follows the latest fads";
"it was all the rage that season"
Followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside
of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader


Any sexual activity between close relatives (often within the immediate family)
irrespective of the ages of the participants and irrespective of their consent, that is
illegal, socially taboo or contrary to a religious norm.

My name is James I am 6 ft, 125 pounds, and i'm all muscle. Today is my 17th Birthday
to me its just another Bday but it has a meaning. My story starts today as i'm getting
out the shower. So there I am opening the shower curtain to see my naked mother sitting
on the toliet peeing.

Well morning James Happy Birthday son.

Momm!!!! What are you doing in here?

Calm down its ok son its not like I haven't seen you naked.
Ohh now that has gottin alot bigger since I last saw that!

Mom seriously its wrong.

Well you say no but it says YES and my is it getting BIG.

And thats when I noticed giant CC tits and her hard nipples but it looked like mom had
her hand under her leg. It looked like see was fingering her self but not her pussy.

So do you like watching your mommy finger her tight ass.
I love the feeling of being anally fucked, but the taste is my favorite part.
Thats when she pulled up two fingers and sucked them long and hard while staring at my
rock hard dick.

Now its your turn honey mom said as she reached up and grabbed my dick.

Uh mom what are you doing?

Sucking your big cock son and enjoying it!

Mom thiss is ahh so good.

Now i'm no virgin and know what a blow job feels like but this is better way better.

Within a few seconds, she was thrusting her head hard and deep onto my swollen cock.
One of her hands had started fisting my balls while the other one pumped feverishly up
and down on my shaft, eagerly hoping to help milk my hot semen into her mouth.

I moved both of my hands tightly to the back of her head. I squeezed both hands full of
her long hair, and then began forcing her head downward toward my cock. I was pleased
to see that this merely encouraged her to suck me faster and harder.

Ah James I like it rough keep going faster.

So I did and was slamming into her mouth so hard my balls were making a poping nosie
mixed with her spit. I'd only pull out long enough for her to get some air then all way
back in.

After 3 or so minutes mom pulled off and said I can't take this any more then bends
over spreading her ass checks.

So I started to slid into her pussy.

Nooo Noo son I want your big cock in my ass hole honey please give it to mommy.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked,

“Give me your cock baby…I have to feel it inside of me.”

With that I thrust my hips upward with great force, driving myself hard and deep inside
my lovely mother. I felt her gasp as I pulled back a little and then thrust upward a
second time.

“Oh James….your cock feels so good inside me….don’t stop baby…fuck me.”

Moms ass just felt so incredible on my cock, as I slowly started to find a rhythm as I
worked my cock in and out of her tight ass.

I leaned forward and found one of her luscious nipples and pinched it long and hard.

Oh yeah baby…I love my nipples being played with.

I twisted both nipples until they were hard and tight in my hand. Mom was starting to
pump herself even faster back and forth on my cock, and based on the moaning noises she
was making, I knew she had to be close.

“mmmmmmm…..oh fuck…..cum in m……fuck baby…my …pussy….”

I was already about to shoot my load, but that helped finish the job. I slid my hands
on to her ass and squeezed both cheeks tight with my fingers as I thrust my cock hard
and deep up inside her incredible tight ass.

“Ohhhhh fuck baby…I feel your hot cum…..mmmmmmmmm…don’t fucking stop…” I obeyed. Harder
and faster I drove my shaft as deep inside that wonderful forbidden ass hole.

Mom pulled off my softing dick and moved a little away from me and began to whipe my
cum from her ass. Don't need to make to big of a mess.

Seconds later she stood up and walked out into the hall towards her room.
Oh James "If you have any questions come into my room and I will explain."

I kind of felt like I was in shock, but wanted more alot more. So i got out walked to
my room to get dressed. the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about mom's glories
tites. Her 34 CC's got me so hard agian when I thought of them.

Back to the story.

I left my room, and headed toward moms room. As I knocked the door opened to mom on her
knees being cummed on by dad, (and shit his dick was huge at least 11 inches no lie.)

Oh James, come on in we need to talk about what just happened.

Now James your father and I belong to a group called "The Family," and they have been around since the

Ook, so what does this have to do about what just happened Mom?

Well you see son "The Family" is a cult of incest.

So mom are you saying our family does incest?

Yes, and at the age of 17 you join the cult just like you did.

Just so I understand this right. Our family is part of a cult of incest thats been
around since the 1800's, and at the age of 17 you join the cult by having incest sex.

Yeah that sums it up pretty much. Any questions yet?

A few, but first dad whats your opinion on this?

Well I love this because I have been fucking your aunt since you were born and have
impregnanted her twice, and soon your gonna have to impregnat your mother here.

Wow now thats a shock was not expecting that Dad.

Yes son you must impregnant me, but look at it this way you get to have as much sex as

you want with me, your older sister, or any other member of the Cult.

Now really anything else I should know about?

Well James if you have any questions read the book about how "The Family" was started, and
what all its about.

Well long story short the cult was started in a small town that was blocked off and
forgoten about and was forced to incest. Well as the years went on The Family spread
out till its in all 50 states and many high up people are part of the The Family. The
only way to tell whos part of The Family is by a ring all members are made to wear at
all times. Theres even a website showing where all members live and how many people are
in each town.

At the age of 17 males must impregnant there mothers and/or siblings before they are a
full member of the Family.

Now this didn't bother me to much,but this did make me extremely horny, so its time to act
out on my urges.

I walked back into moms room naked with a full hard-on.

I picked up my mom and put her back onto her bed and she spread her legs wide and
started playing with her clit, when she said "Come on, James, fuck your mom."

I didn't need much encouragement as I climbed on top of her. I placed my cock head at her anal opening and savored the moment.

She couldn't wait any more and pulled me down onto her and I slammed all the way in.

I pulled back again, then thrust forward even harder this time.

Mom screamed loudly as she felt me fully enter tight asshole.
“It feels so good baby….now let me feel you fuck me with that big dick of yours. Come
on baby, fuck my ass.”

Every time she moaned or mumbled something, it only encouraged me to pound her harder
and faster with each thrust. And she seemed to love every bit of it. It didn’t take
long before I was making long deep steady thrust into mommy's luscious tight ass.

After a few minutes, my cock had gotten used to the feel of her tight asshole, and I
was able to fuck even faster and harder. This made mom start mumbling a series of words
like fuck me, shit, and damn. I then got harder and rougher with her body.

“OH Fuck yeah you filthy little slut….you love my big cock in your tight little ass
don’t you?” I grunted out, lost in my filthy passion.

“Fuck yeah James…pound my sweet ass baby…oh fuck it so hard.”

I ravaged my cock even harder and faster into her frail little ass. We were both soaked
with sweat and slamming our bodies hard and fast against each other as I felt my self
getting close to cumming.

I pulled out and rammed it into moms soaked pussy in one stroke when I finally felt my
cock tighten even harder as my load of cum exploded deep inside that wonderful hole.

The more I shot, the harder I tried to pound it inside of her. Cathy started reeling
from another orgasm as I made a few last thrust, and then just held myself deep inside

“Oh fuck baby… make mommy pregnant."

I couldn’t believe it when mom started sucked my semi-hard cock into her mouth still
covered with my cum and her own juices, as she never took her eyes off of me as she
hungrily feasted on my cum covered dick.

Hopefully you just knocked up your mommy James!

Ha maybe but next time we can video tape it for later.

Ok honey fine with me.


Yeah as long as everyone gets what they need.

So now what do we do mom?

Well honey we get dressed then go on about our daily life till we feel the urges again.

Ok mom but what about dad and sis?

Well the same thing goes for them.

Later that week I watched dad fuck Jenny my sister while Christina my mom deep throated
me till I was about to cum then slide her pussy on my dick making me cumm so hard deep
inside mom.

Two weeks later mom started having morning sickness with my child, but there is just
one problem I want more incest.

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2016-04-10 13:29:59
Very good story, content wise. I'd rate it 8 also. Please, more details, and it is a bit short.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-04-10 12:51:59
Very good story, content wise. I'd rate it 8 also. Please, more details, and it is a bit short.

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2013-06-28 03:57:33
Holy Shit, just found out the Cult from this story is real. It'd be okay if it was just a story, but now I'm starting to wonder if it really is just a story, or a way for you to brag.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-13 13:45:24
With all do respect... if you cant take constructive criticism then stop writting please. I give you credit for attempting but your not improving. Ie: grammar and spelling. Like any professional business to have success criticism leads to greater success if you are open to it. If your blind and think all is well then you'll only have poor to moderate success. Its all up to you not your readers. Sorry .... just trying to help.... Stay away from one handed entires. Proof read before your submission.

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2011-12-10 12:09:26
Good story. If I was giving this a nuumerical rating I'd give it an 8. With a little more detail during the sexual act I'd rate the story highter. Now that you've gotten mother pregnant, start fucking your sister and get her pregnant before your dad gets her pregnant. Then start on your cousins and other members of your family, like grandmother, aunt etc.

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