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I wrote a story and posted it. I got tons of emails saying “How the hell would you write about something like this. What is wrong with you?” ,so I will not be posting the second part f A New Home And Family. I will tell you that me and Danny are close and have been close since everything happened. I am now 18 years old. Now this is part of a request so I hope you like it. This is a story I have made up so enjoy. Tags say what its about.-Reminder,, leave comments thanks.

Emma had just woken up and the sun was shining in though her window. It was the week end and her parents had gone to the family lake about 3 miles away. She grabbed a towel and headed for the bath room. She turned the water on and started to undress. She pushed her panties down over her small but getting bigger ass. Her panties slid slowly down her long legs and landed in a pile with her other cloths. She checked the temperature of the water and stepped in the shower. The water soaked her hair fast and she washed off the sweat from her sleep.
She stepped out and dried off. She started at her long brown hair. Then to her face. Her green eyes batted at the sun coming through the window. She moved to her small chest. Her chest had just started to grow. Her stomach was long and shaped, she had small abs. She loved to swim whenever she could. Her hips where narrow but widening. She had no pubic hair what so ever.
She got dressed, and brushed her hair out. Instead of a bra or underwear she put her one piece bathing suit on. When her hair was all brushed out, she put it in a pony tail because it was blazing hot out. She ran down stairs and out the door. She walked onto the paths that lead to her family’s lake. The trees wear high and no one lived around her family’s house, she didn’t know if anyone lived around the lake.
After a while of walking she finally came upon the lake. When she looked across the lake she something that shocked her there was a boy swimming, she looked at him then looked for her parents. They we’re sitting at a picnic table with another couple. She walked over, put her towel on the table.
“Hey honey, you sleep okay?” Her dad asked.
“Yes and not to be rude but…”
“Right this is Mr. and Mrs. Dongers. They moved in the log cabin up that road.” He pointed up a path she had never seen before. “And out there in the lake is there son Adam. He’s like you honey. Go ahead and go swimming if you want. Be nice though okay.”
“Always dad.” She laughed and undressed, and ran toewars the water. When she was deep enough she dove under the lake water. She opened her eyes, though her parents always told her not to, she could make the faint out line of Adam. She could hold her breath for a while, she swam almost all the way up to him. He was above the water, she popped up a few feet from him.
“Hey, I’m Emma. Nice to meet you. Urm, I’d shake your hand but I can barely touch the bottom!” She laughed.
He laughed back. “its okay wanna’ go into the sallow end then?”Emma nodded, and started swimming back to the sallow part of the lake. Adam was right behind her. It only took a few arm strokes to get to the sallow part of the lake. “I’m Adam.” He put his hand out, Emma grabbed his hand and shook it.
“Well its nice to meet you. I didn’t know there was a house up there.”
“Yeah it’s new for me. We did live in the city but my parents were sick of it I guess. But it was worth it.” He laughed. “So are you a good swimmer?”
Uhm this is MY lake!” She jokingly said. “Race?”
“To the other side and back?”
“Okay. Hey dad were doing a race count us off! Please?”
He stood up and put his arms up “READY… SET… GO!”
Emma and Adam took off swimming. They were both fast. Emma could tell that he was tall and strong because his arm stocks where long and he hit the water with his feet hard. Emma was small but she kicked her feet fast and hard. She grabbed the water as fast as she could to. Emma knew she could win if she got to the bottom of the lake. It was filled with rocks that she could grab and pull herself along the bottom, she was so used to doing this she could hold her breath for a 2 or three minutes. Emma was thinking about using her little trick when she noticed that they were going fast they were more than half way across the lake. Emma was going faster then she had ever gone before. Adam was also going fast.
In a matter of minutes both were on the other side of the lake. Both breathed heavily and floated on their backs.
“You’re good!” Adam huffed.”I thought that youda’ given up half way through the lake!”He laughed.
“I thought the same thing!” She laughed back to him and pushed him under the shallow water. When he came back up he was laughing hard and pushed her under the water. They did this playfully. Back and forth, over and over again. They played like this for several minutes. Adam pushed Emma under but before her head went under she didn’t get a breath so she couldn’t breathe she swallowed water. Adam realized that she had swallowed water and that she was choking on water, he pulled her back up to the surface of the water.
“Oh my gosh, are…are you okay?” He was historical. Emma’s eyes where shut. He shook her hard. He pulled her up to the sandy shore and laid her down. Her eyes were still closed and it seemed that she wasn’t breathing. “Emma…come-on if you’re playing cut it out!” He started to do CPR.”One…Two…Three…” He counted as he pushed on her chest. He placed his mouth over her mouth and breathed a long breath into her lungs. When he removed his lips Emma started coughing hard and coughed up a lot of water.
“I think it’s time for a break.” She coughed and laughed.
Adam was so realived and started to laugh too.”Yeah.” he laughed and crawled up the shore more. “Emma this is going to sound weird but… never mind.”He laughed.
“No what were you going to say?”
“Just I feel close to you, like we have been friends for a while.”
“Well I feel kinda of the same, that’s is kinda’ weird. I’m so tried from that swim ...” She laid back on the sand and closed her eyes.
As she started to fall asleep Adam stared at her. Before, he didn’t want to tell her that he liked her. He would keep it to himself until he got the courage to tell her the truth. He thought to himself as he laid back on the sand.”She is so beautiful. Her body is driving me crazy. Her long legs, the way they glisten with water. Well the one piece she is wearing hides her body but… She is such a good is such a good swimmer, she almost got ahead of me.” He looked over at her, she was on her stomach and her breathing was sallow. Her chest was just big enough to see though the swim suit. Adam started to sweat.”I gotta’ cool off.” He jumped back into the lake. He made a big slash. He got a tickling feeling in his lower body he rubbed the bulge in his swimming trunks. He pulled them down enough to let his cock out. He grabbed it and started to pump it under the water. “Oh yeah.” The water made his hand slid smoothly over the length. What Adam didn’t know was that Emma never really fell asleep and that she was coming up behind him. He was slightly moaning when Emma was behind him. He was close to coming when Emma came up behind him and yelled “Whatcha’ doing Adam?” As she yelled Adam had cummed under the water.
“Emma…” He was surprised and finish his orgasm. When he was finished he pulled up his trunks and turn to her.”I was hot and got back in the water.”
“No, you were doing something else? Weren’t you?”She laughed.
“Uhmm…” He had to think of something else
“Your hesitating you were doing something else. What were you doing?” She jumped on to his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. She got close to his ear and whispered “Com-on what were you doing?”
Adam was surprised that she was on his lap and was in the position he was in. “Emma I think we should head back. Our parents are probably getting worried.”
“Na…” Emma pulled away from his neck and placed he lips over his. Adam was so surprised, but he kissed her back. Emma lifted her head up. “Adam I now we just meet but… I… I like you a lot.” She said quietly. He was even more surprised that she just said that she liked him.
“I… I…” He stuttered.
“I knew it you don’t like me the same way I’m sorry!” She let go of him and walked further out into the lake.
“No!” He grabbed her wrist. “I’m sorry, I feel the same way. I just… I’m so surprised. I… I never felt like this. Ever.” Emma was blushing. He grabbed her chin and pulled her on his lap again. “You are so fucking beautiful. Excuse my langue but you are. Your hair, your eyes, lips, legs, chest, ass. I love it all.” He placed his lips over hers again and kissed her hard. While the two were locked in a passionate kiss Adam put his hand on her stomach and started to move his hand up slowly. Emma was sitting on his lap an she felt something push against her crotch.
“Adam your…” She laughed.” your… penis is poking at my pussy.” She whispered.” Your not the only one who know how to use bad langue” She laughed again. He laughed too and continued moving his hand up her stomach. As his hand got to the underside of Emma’s right tit and put his whole hand over her entire tit. Adam and Emma were both getting into what they were doing.
“Emma I want to make love to you right now! Can I please your driving my cock crazy.”
“Sure but I’ve never…never done this before.”
“I have before don’t worry it’ll be fine. The water will make me slide in easier. The only problem is…” he hesitated.
“Me getting pregnant! We can’t if I will, you know that, right?”
“Yes, but there is another way that we can try it. It might hurt more but after a minute or two you’ll get used to it. But its up to you.”
Emma thought for a minute.”Do you promise it won’t hurt after a while?”
“I promise.”
Emma kissed as to prove an approval. Adam pull his cock out again. To get his cock in position he had to pull her swimming suit to the waited. “Emma I promised I wouldn’t hurt you so you can put it in as fast as you want ok?”
“No it’s ok I trust you. Go ahead.” He nodded.
He kissed her neck and started to push his dick against her puckered hole. The water made everything slide more easily. After only a few seconds of pushing the head of his cock was in her ass.”Oh…my… it feels so good just do it as hard as you want. It’s amazing.” Adam being the little man he was didn’t hesitate, after the words escaped her mouth he plunged balls deep into her. Her ass was squeezing his cock so tight he would cum any minute. Her scream when he pushed in didn’t help; well it did because he came as she screamed in pleasure and pain. His cock twitched and convulsed as he came into her ass.
“Honey are you alright I heard you scream?” Screamed her mouth from a boat that was fast approaching. Adam quickly pulled his cock out of Emma and pulled his shorts up. When he pulled out Emma’s suit just went back to normal.
“Yeah mom I’m fine I just scratched my foot on a rock!” She yelled back sacredly. The boat pulled up to them.
“Ready for so lunch you two?” Adam climbed on to the boat. Emma’s dad held his hand out for his daughter. As the boat took off Emma’s dad asked “So,… who won?”
“Dad!” Emma rolled her eyes and smiled at Adam.

Dear Readers
I hate to be the one to tell you all this but, the real Fosterkat has passed away and left me her account. She started this story but didn’t get to finish it so no credit for this piece will go to me. If a part 2 is requested then I will oblige but no not this. Don’t ask how she passed or why she gave this to me, her passing still hurts so please don’t bring it up. Any who, I’m sure she would say leave your comments and email me if you wish too. Thx Kisses.

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2014-06-11 14:20:25
Please write a part two


2012-01-07 21:25:13
Toewars? Is that like Thumb Wars? He was historical? What does history got to do with it? She's tried from swimming? How about tired?

I gave up! It's a good story but you need to proofread.

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2011-12-31 21:10:53
The spelling and sentence structure was horrible.


2011-04-09 07:27:13
please continue story

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2010-07-27 05:39:16
So how did she pass away? Did you rape or fist her ass so hard that she bled to death?

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