My first story
This is my first story, so plase give me some slack.

I am going to start of by introducing you to the characters.
My name is Daniel. I am 15 years old. (at the time)
Christian and Andrew are two 9 year old twins. And they
are my girl friends little brothers.
Linda is 11 years old. She is Christian and Andrews older
sister, and my girl firends little sister.

I remember it like it was yesterday.
I was wrestling Christian and Andrew on the grass in front
of their dads apartment. After we were done wrestling, we
went upstairs for something to drink. On our way back down,
Christian asked me, " Hey Daniel, do you want to go to our
secret clubhouse?"
The three of us left the apartment complex and went to a
dirt ditch near the train tracks by the complex.

The "secret clubhouse" was just a small hole in the ground
with cardboard on the ground and over head, for a roof.

The three of us slid into the clubhouse through the small
opening on the side. As I sat down, I heard a ruffling sound
under the cardboard. I asked the two boys what it was and
they both said nothing at the exact same time. So I got
curious and lifted up one of the pieces of cardboard.

What I had found is a pretty big stash of porn. I lokked at
Christian and Andrew. They were both beat red.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed, it's completely normal for boys
your age to get curious about sex."
"Why don't the three of us look at it together?"

They both looked at me than looked at each other and said, "okay."

As we were looking at the porn, I asked them if they had ever jacked
off before. They both said, "yes"

I than asked them if they had ever seen a dick in real life. Neither of
of them had. So I asked them if they wanted to see mine.
(Now I am pretty damn big for 15. About 7 1/2 inches long. And my
girth was probably 2 inches. If you think about it like a circle. And

They both agreed to see what my dick looked like. So I pulled it out,
and both of their jaws dropped.

"WOW, it's so big!" ,said Andrew.

Christian than added, "Ours aren't nearly as big."

"Why don't you two show me your dicks, it's only fair"


They both took out their dicks. They were both hard, about 3 inches
long and maybe the width of a nickel, and uncircumsized.

Then the thought popped into my head. I could probably get these two
to anything that I wanted them to. So I decided to try it out.

I aksed the boys of either of them had ever sucked on a dick before.
Both of them said no.

So I said, "why don't you two lay down and suck on each others dicks?"

They seemed hesitant at first but then they both gave in.

I sat back and started jacking off as I watched two 9 year old twin boys
gave head to one another. You have no idea how hot it is watching these
two brothers suck each other off.

But I wanted to get in on the action. So I stopped them and asked them
if they wanted to suck on my dick, and I would suck on theirs after.

They were both super excited about that offer.

As they both got next to me, one on each side, they started to lick and
suck on my rock hard dick. I was jacking them both off. Switching back
and forth on the sucking of their 9 year old dicks. They both tasted so good.
Neither of them could get past my head, while me on the other hand was
taking their entire dick along with their little ball sacks into my mouth.

They both came in my mouth. It was really only like pre-cum, due to them
both only being 9 years old. They hadn't gotten me to cum because they were
only sucking and licking my head.

I wanted to take this to the next level. So I asked them if they had ever done anal
with another boy.

Neither of them knew what it was. So I explain that it was when one boy puts his
dick into another boys butt. They were both scared about it, but I told them that it
was fun. They both than agreed to try it. I told them that I had to do it to both of
tham because they were too small to do it.

They both said okay. So I than told Andrew to lay down on his stomach. He did.
I than positioned the head of my dick with his cute liitle brown ass hole. I had
Christian spit on my dick and Andrews ass hole to get them lubed up. I than
pushed as hard as I could into his little 9 year old ass. As my entire dick entered
his ass, he screamed like a pig.

"It hurts really bad, stop." He said to me.

I yelled back, "no, it will stop hurting soon."

I pounded into this little boys ass hard and rough. I wanted to tear him apart.
He was screaming and pounding away at the cardboard. I didn't want to cum
until I fucked Christian too.

So I pulled my dick out of Andrews ass. My dick was covered with blood. I had
definately torn this kids ass up.

I than told Christian to do the same thing. He did so without even thinking twice.

With Andrews blood already coating my dick, I lined up with Christians ass, and
pushed hard into his little ass. My dick slid right in. He didn't wince at all. He
actually moaned when I slid into his tight virgin ass. As I pounded deep into his
ass, balls deep, Christian was screaming.(Not with pain, but with pleasure)

I felt my balls tighten up, so I pulled out of Christians ass, pointed my dick right at
Andrew, who had just now stopped crying, and blew my load right onto him chest.

I used one of the pages of porn to clean the three of us up.

I made them promise not to tell anyone what we did, or I would go to jail.

They both promised, we all pulled up our pants, left the clubhouse and went back
up to the apartment.

""""Later that night""""
We were all swimming at the complex pool.(We refering to: Me, Christian, Andrew,
Bridget[my GF], Linda and their dad)
When Christian said that he had to pee. Their dad didn't want him to go to the
apartment alone. I volunteered to go with him. So me and Christian went back up to
the apartment.

When we got there, Christian ran straight for the bath room. But I told him to hold on.
He did, and I went into the bathroom with him. I told him that I wanted him to pee in
my mouth. He laughed and said okay. I got down on my knees. Christian pulled out
his tiny little dick and put it into my mouth. He started to pee. I felt his nice, and hot
piss shoot into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop of it. It feels so good having a
little boy piss down your throat. I told him that I had to pee too. He asked if I could
pee in his mouth like he did in mine, and I said sure. The little boy put his mouth
around the head of my dick and sucked hard. I relaxed and my piss started pouring
out of my dick right into his mouth. He tried to swallow as much as he could but
couldn't hold it all. Just than Linda busted in the dorr.(Apparently she had to pee too)
She stopped dead in her tracks. I still had the head of my dick in Christians mouth.

I thought she was going to scream run away and go tell her dad, but that was the
opposite of what she did. She looked at me and said that I had the biggest cock she
had ever seen. My eyes widened. She then asked if she could suck on my dick too.

I would never say no to a blowjob from an 11 year old girl. She got down on her knees
and started sucking dick. Oh my god, this little girl was amazing. She took my entire
dick into her mouth. My balls were smacking her chin. I pulled her head off of my dick,
and told the two of them to come with me. I locked the front door. Then I took them into
thier dads room. I told them both to get naked. I also got naked. I told Linda to sit back
and watch. She did what she was told.

I grabbed Christain and had him sit on my dick. My dick, still soaked from Lindas
amazing blowjob, slid into his ass easily. As he bounced his tight ass up and down my
hard dick, Linda got up and than sat down on my face. Her 11 year old pussy smelt so
fucking good. I opened my mouth and ate out this little whores pussy loike there was no
tomorrow. I felt Christians little pre-cum shoot onto my stomach. Than the most wondeful
thing happened. Linda pissed all over my face. Her piss tasted so damn good, it was
unbelievable. Christian than got off my dick and Linda jumped right on it. I slid in a little
bit. Than I hit her cherry. She said fuck this. And slammed down on my dick breaking
her hymen. She fucked me like a wild women. And I was loving every minute of it.

Than Linda got off my dick and bent over. "Fuck me in the ass hard like you did to
Christian." Without even thinking, I stood up and thrusted my hard ass dick into her super
tight ass hole. Jesus Christ, her ass was tight. I fucked her hard. Than she grabbed
Christain and started to suck on his little dick. Man was this little girl a little whore. I
rammed her ass for maybe 30minutes. I came in her ass with all my might.

Christian than got underneath her and started eating out her ass and pussy. All of my
cum dripped out of Lindas ass right into Christains mouth. He got up and started making
out with his sister, swishing around my cum in both of thier mouths. When the finished,
They both got an even amount and swallowed.

We all got our clothes back on and headed back for the pool.

What a great fucking day. I took two 9 year old boys ass virginity, an 11 year old girls
vaginal and ass virginity, got to twin brothers to do 69, sucked on both thier dicks, ate out
a delicious pussy, drank two helpings of warm piss. And at the same time fucked all four kids,
that came from the same old cunt. My next mission is fuck that old cunt.

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Woah. If you guys have a problem with butt-fucking, why are you reading it.

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Come on guys, 'twas a good story, OK? Seriously, 'tis his first story; very good. :D

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2010-12-25 21:18:54
ya know what? fuck all of you. that was a great story. i agree, he could improve his spelling, but critisizing our nations school systems? son of a bitch, thats disgraceful. great story man, keep them cummin. and for readers, dont be a bitch and post mean ass comments like those.

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Lol dont listen to them. There jelous they can't write as good as you. It was really good. It got me off and that's not easy to do.

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you stupid ass 9 yr old boys can't cum god ur a fucking moron at least get ur facts straight moron god your a waist of a nights passion

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