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Chapter 1 - Steve Teaches Jill
The Babysitters Family

Chapter 1 – Steve Teaches Jill

Steve and Chrystine, the Barnets, had met the Reynolds the day they moved in just down the road and immediately struck up a friendship with them. The Barnets had 2 daughters one of 9 and the other 6 who they adored greatly. The Reynolds, Maureen and Brian had 2 daughters also, Jill was 14 and her younger sister Susan was 11 going on 12. As their friendship grew and the girls got to know each other it went without saying that the Battleys attended Susans 12th birthday party 2 months later.

It was on this occasion that Steve first really noticed the differences between Jill and Susan. Jill obviously took after her mum, large breasted and chubbier in general though actually the same height as Susan who, like her dad, was much slimmer and had yet to start developing any breasts, though both were very pretty girls. It was during the party that Steve asked Jill if she fancied earning some pocket money babysitting the 2 younger girls and she’d agreed. It was also during the party he’d started to notice her as not just another girl, the fullness of her breasts bulging in what appeared to be a bra too small to contain them, thrusting them and revealing her wonderful cleavage. The skirt she wore so short that when she sat down all of her smooth thighs came into view. Suddenly he realised he was developing an erection over her and struggled behind the glass of beer he held to hide his embarasment .

When the party was over Steve and Chrystine went home. He could hardly wait to get his wife in bed and indeed didn’t, lifting her skirt, pushing her knickers aside and with barely ant foreplay thrusting his cock deep into her cunt over the arm of the couch, further he wanted only one thing right then, to relieve his tension. Barely a couple of minutes later he shot his spunk deep into his wifes cunt.

As he withdrew she said “Wow, we’ll have to go to more parties like that if that’s what I’m going to get when we get home” and off to bed they went.

Friday came and even as she got dressed to go out she couldn’t help notice his cock in his undies, straining to control itself. As he walked past she reached out and stroked his erection
“Well well now whats brought this on and more to the point am I going to get it in me before Jill arrives and we go out”

The mention of Jills name was enough for him. He pushed his wife back on the bed, opened her legs and climbed aboard. Once again he was barely a couple of minutes before he let go his spunk into her.

“I don’t know whats got into you Steve but whatever it is I like it” said Chrystine as she simply dressed ready to go out.

This went on for about 3 weeks every Friday, every time Jill was due to babysit. Steve knew it wasn’t Chrystine he was fucking but their 14 year old babysitter. When they got home he would walk Jill home and after seeing her in ever sexier clothes he’d go home and fuck the hell out of his wife.

On the third occasion as he walked her home Jill had said “If ever it’s too much trouble to walk me home Steve I could always sleepover in the spare room”

“Its no trouble Jill” he said ”in fact it’s a pleasure to walk you home sweetie. Anyhow if you did stay over it’d be Chrystine in the spare room to make way for you”.

Shit he thought, my drunken mouth has run away with itself once too often.

Jill simply blushed and let it pass and he thought no more of it

That is until Monday morning.

He’d mentioned in conversation that he would be having the Monday off work as he wanted to get some work done on the wardrobes he was building for his 2 daughters. Chrystine took the girls to school then went to her work for the day as usual. She’d pick the girls up after school and be home about half-past four she said, gave him a peck and left. It being a warm summers day he decided that he’d just slip on a pair of swimshorts so he’d be cool as he worked . He’d barely dressed when there was a knock at the door and he heard a familiar voice coming in the back door.

“Hi Steve” Jill shouted into the house as he came downstairs.

“Oh er hi Jill” the words stumbled out of his mouth.

The sight before him stopped him in his tracks. This was the first time he’d seen her in her school uniform and his thoughts were galvanised on one thing as he looked at the short black skirt, crisp white blouse and over the knee cotton socks she was wearing.

Jill leaned back against the kitchen worksurface and the way she stood seemed to accentuate her cleavage and shorten the skirt, revealing her wonderful, smooth thighs.

“Whats wrong Steve, don’t you like what you’re seeing” she giggled “Friday night you were all for taking me to bed with you”.

He walked over and stood in front of her, his cock now straining at the leash in his shorts.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying sweetie”

By way of an answer Jill reached down into his shorts and took hold of his erection.

“Oh I guess you do like what you see” as she giggled again.

“Have you done this sort of thing before Jill” he asked “it doesn’t seem to me to be the way some innocent schoolgirl would behave”

Her hand wandered under and cupped his tight, full balls as she said “Actually no I havent but then again you’re the first man whos ever said he wanted to bed me Steve”

He started to unfasten the buttons on her blouse. When it was fully undone he looked down into that wonderful cleavage, slipped his hand into the tight cup and pulled her tit over the top of her bra.

“Wow Jill” he exclaimed “I’ve never seen such tits on one so young”

As he cupped her tit he examined her nipple, it must be 2 inch across the aureolae and the nipple itself, now hardening, stood a good half-inch off the flesh.

His thumb started to draw circles an her nipple, then gently squeezed it between thumb and forefinger.

“Oh Steve that’s wonderful” she moaned as she became aroused.

“Please lets go upstairs. I want this to be right not smutty. Take me up and make me a woman”

Steve let go her tit and said “You know the way sweetie, after you”

Jill set off and climbed the stairs. He followed looking up her skirt admiring her full-cheeked bum and those thighs of hers.

When they reached the bedroom he took her in his arms and kissed her gently on her lips, then harder allowing his tongue to enter mouth and play with her tongue. As they kissed he took off her blouse and she took off his shorts. As she started to wank him again he reached behind and unclasped her bra. He felt it sag as her mounds came into full view for the first time. He pulled away and breathed “Lie down on the bed Jill, its time you became a woman”

She lay back on the bed and Steve moved to kneal at the foot, He lifted her skrt and pulled her white cotton knickers down round her ankles then slipped them off.of one leg leaving them dangling from the other ankle. He started to kiss her feet, then her calves, finally gently licking the inside of her thighs until he saw her cunt for the first time. As with her tits she had a wonderfully developed bush of black hair, Slipping his hand under the cheeks of her bum he let his tongue lick along her cuntlips, finally his tongue slipped between them seeking out her clitoris. When she moaned he knew he’d found her love button. As his tongue flicked over her clit he gently turned around and spread his legs over her face.

“Take my cock in your mouth sweetie, pretend you’re wanking me with your mouth Jill”

He felt her mouth engulf his hard cock which was by now yearning for relief.

As she started to move her head he pulled her cunt open and let his tongue go to work on her clit. As she started to moan he lifted his head.

“Oh fuck” he exclaimed “I’m coming baby. Please, please swallow my cum” then felt himself explode into her mouth.

He felt her gag a little then felt her throat contracting as she gulped his spunk down her throat.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh wow that’s sooooooooo good” he said as his balls emptied into her mouth.

“Keep sucking Jill” he said “Your turn to come now sweetie”

He felt her start to move her head again as he returned his attention to her clit. After a few minutes of licking he felt her back starting to arch and her smooth thighs start to tense against his cheeks. Without saying a word he took her clit between his lips and drew it into his mouth, sucking on it as it I were another nipple.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve” she exclaimed as her body twitched and bucked as her orgasm hit her. He sucked a little more and felt ripples along her thighs that told him she was having more little aftercums.

He climbed off her face and turned round to lie alongside her young body.

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Steve that was wonderful”

“This will be better I hope” he said” it might hurt a little but just tell me if it does sweetie and I’ll slow down and let you get used to the feeling of a cock in your cunt”

He rolled on top of her and Jill instinctively spread her legs, raising her knees to help him enter her, He looked at the young body under him and smiled to himself as the glans slipped between her cuntlips.

She arched her back as he started to rock back and forth, gently fucking her for the first time.

She reached up and pulled his mouth to hers, her tongue fighting with his in their respective mouths.

As he gradually got deeper in her young ,tight cunt he felt the tip of his cock meet the resistance of her hymen.

Jill felt it too “Go on Steve make me a woman, fuck me Steve”

He pushed hard and felt the hymen rupture from the pressure of his cock.

Her back arched and she screamed as she felt him getting deeper inside her cunt.

He pulled away briefly and saw the smile on her face, and the tear in her eye too.

Gradually he became faster and deeper in her cunt, kissing her all the time, telling her how good her cunt felt around his cock. Jill moaned as he fucked her, responding by telling him how his cock felt so wonderful in her cunt.

He felt the cum welling in his balls again and grunted “Oh Jill I’m coming sweetie”

“Oh Steve fill me with ure cum please, let me feel what its like to have spunk inside me”

He thrust as deep as he could inside her by now throbbing cunt and let go his spunk into her tummy, then collapsed on top of her young, wonderful body, still pulsing from the wonderful little orgasms she kept having as he lay on top of her

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