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Donna moves to town and is quickly befriended by three classmates that give her a special welcome.
Donna walked into her new homeroom class. It was late October and she had just moved to Atlanta with her folks. They moved to a brand new house in one of the northern suburbs and she went to start at her new school. She was an 18-year-old senior. She found a desk and the teacher introduced her to the class. The school had a uniform so she was dressed like everyone else. The girls wore gray plaid skirts that were about mid thigh and a white blouse. Some of the girls tried to be a little creative but there was not much you could do and if you went too far you got sent home. The guys wore gray slacks and white shirts. The teacher asked who had math first period and would like to show Donna where the room was. Several students raised their hands but one was very enthusiastic and waived her hand back and forth. The teacher picked her and introduced them. "Donna this is Mary, Mary this is Donna."

As they left the homeroom Mary said that she was happy to meet Donna and that if she wanted she could hang out with her and her friends after classes and they would show her around. They had the same class again just before lunch so after that class they went to the lunchroom together.

At lunch they sat with two other girls. Mary introduced her friends. Trish and Kathy. They all wanted to know about where Donna came from and her family and what she liked to do. They all seemed to get along well and after lunch left for their classes. After the last class of the day they all met in the schoolyard. They all lived close enough to school, as most of the students did, to walk. Kathy suggested that they go to her house for a little while and chill. They all agreed and walked the two blocks to Kathy's. While they were walking they talked about all kinds of things. One question that Trish asked was if Donna smoked to which she replied "No, I tried it once and it was gross. I don't see why anyone would." They all agreed that this was the right answer.

Kathy's house was the girl’s favorite gathering spot. It was a large brick two-story house with a daylight basement on about an acre of heavy tree cover. But the main reason that the girls usually chose it was that Kathy did not have any brothers or sisters to bother them and her parents were seldom home till much later. It was the perfect place to hang out. They went in and Donna saw that it was spotless and tastefully done in early American decor. They went straight downstairs which consisted of a family room, an exercise room, Kathy's father’s office and a 3/4 bath room. Kathy turned on the big screen TV to MTV and they all just kind of threw down their schoolbooks and let out a big sigh.

Trish walked over to Donna and said, "OK, take your clothes off." "What ? No. What are you saying ?" was Donna's stammering reply. Trish pushed her by both shoulders back against the wall and held her against the wall. The other two girls came over in front of her. While Trish held her against the wall Mary reached the front of her blouse and roughly unbuttoned it. Finding that her bra hooked in the front, she unhooked it. Trish stopped holding her to the wall and both girls pulled her blouse and bra back over her shoulders exposing her breasts. Trish pushed her against the wall again and with the three girls all standing within a foot or so in front of her Trish said in a menacing sounding voice, "We said to all take your clothes off." "What are you going to do ?" Donna asked in a scared almost crying voice. "We are all going to have some fun, that's all." Mary replied. Donna didn’t see where she had any choice and she was afraid that the other girls would hurt her so she started to do as they said and she slid her blouse and bra the rest of the way off her arms and let them fall to the floor. Then she reached for her skirt and started to take it off. When the others saw that Donna was doing as she was told they all started stripping. Soon all four girls were naked and standing close together. Donna was still frightened and did not say a word.

It was amazing. The four girls all looked so much alike. They were all between 5'4" and 5'5", all weighed around 120#, all had light brown or blond hair that was fairly straight and about shoulder length and all had firm athletic bodies with b and c cup tits that would pass the pencil test. The pencil test is where you lift up a breast and put a pencil at the base of it and let go. If the breast does not sag enough to trap and hold the pencil you pass. These four were as close as you could get to being carbon copies.

Mary took Donna's hand and led her to the exercise area where the weight bench was pulled away from the weight rack. She pushed Donna so that she sat on the end of the bench. Trish then said, "Now lay down on your back." Donna spoke, "No please. I want to go home." Trish grabbed her by the hair and pulled her so that she laid on her back on the bench. Trish stepped over the bench so she was startling Donna's face and said in a firm voice, "Lick my pussy." "No. I don't want to do this" was Donna's reply and she turned her head to the side. Trish took her by the hair and pulled her face back around and squatted down so she was lightly sitting on Donna's face. At the same time Mary slapped her hard three times. Donna gave in and pushed her tongue between Trish's pussy lips. "Lick my clit and stick your fucking tongue in my cunt" said Trish as she rocked her hips back and forth across Donna's face.

Mary went over to a storage unit and came back with a monster 12" black dildo that was over 2" across and a tube of KY Jelly. She rubbed the KY on the head half of the plastic cock. Kathy and Mary took Donna's legs and pulled them apart and Mary put the head of the dildo at Donna's pussy and started to work it in. Donna tried to stop but Trish sat down harder on her face and she knew that she did not have a choice. With the first push she got just the head in. With the second she got about half of it in. On the third try it went all the way in except for the part that Mary was holding on to. So there was about 9" in her tight cunt. Mary started fucking the fake cock into Donna's cunt while she was licking Trish's slash.

Donna was not a virgin but wasn’t not far from it. About a year ago she and her twin brother had both lost their virginity with each other. Then just a couple weeks ago Donna had let her boyfriend fuck her in hopes that he would then stay her boyfriend even though they were now hundreds of miles apart. Neither time was there any foreplay nor did either time last more than two or three minutes and neither time was there any pleasure for her. Both of those cocks were about 5" and an inch across. She had rubbed and fingered herself many times to small orgasms but nothing had prepared her for what was happening to her now. Now she had this huge plastic thing buried deep in her. It hurt at first but soon the pain went away. Mary picked up the pace and Kathy reached down and started to rub her clit with her finger. Just as she was starting to enjoy the feeling, Trish had an orgasm and came in Donna's mouth and all over her face. Donna gagged and tried to get out from under Trish but there was no hope and all she could do was to swallow the mouth full of girl cum. Trish stepped away but Mary quickly took her place. "Do me now Donna and do me good." Mary reached down and spread her pussy lips around Donna’s mouth and without a word Donna started licking. Kathy was now in charge of the dildo. It went in and out of Donna's now wet pussy. They no longer had to hold Donna's legs apart. She kept them apart on her own.

Mary had been rubbing herself while Trish was being eaten so it did not take her long to ad her cum to the load that was being given to Donna. This was especially true because Donna was starting to enjoy what was happening to her. As Mary started to come and flood Donna's mouth, Kathy succeeded in fucking Donna to orgasm with the dildo. This was the first hard orgasm she had ever had and it really hit her. She tensed up and quivered and shook. She did not mean to, but she bit down on Mary's clit and made her jump and holler. "Hey ! Be nice down there." "Sorry" was the answer. Mary got off and Donna said, "Your turn Kathy. She knew that would be the plan. Donna helped Kathy position herself over her face and although her mouth and tongue were getting tired she dug right in and started working to bring Kathy off. The dildo was removed from Donna's cunt and Trish replaced it with her mouth. Donna's cunt was covered with her own cum and Trish happily licked her clean and then sucked her clit like it was a little cock, trying to bring her to orgasm before she got Kathy there. She didn't quite make it Kathy came and right after that Donna came. Kathy was a squirter. She shot a stream of cum into Donna's mouth that would match what any guy could do. Donna chocked and gagged a little but didn't loose a drop as she started to come hard again herself.

Donna was told to get off the bench and lay on the plastic exercise mat. She did not know what was planned but not she was willing to do it and find out. She lay on the mat on her back. Trish and Mary stood over her facing each other and held hands and kissed. Then they both squatted slightly and let fly with streams of piss. Donna did not like this idea and she got her mouth and eyes closed just before Mary's hot yellow stream hit her in the face and hair. At the same time Trish's hot golden piss splashed on her tits and belly. After their bladders were empty they reached down and helped Donna up and all four girls went to the large walk-in shower in the bathroom. They soaped up and all washed each other clean. When the got out of the shower Donna asked, "OK ladies, when is the next club meeting ?"


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2016-01-01 23:17:57
they raped her at first,be4 she started enjoying it.moreover, couldnt she fight them off

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2013-04-10 10:50:41
Short post and I take it that means you are not up to more. Either physically or emiontoally you are either nto ready to share, or not feeling up to the task. Either way is fine you reach your own equilibrium at your own pace not ours. Remember the jar has been shaken fairly hard, sort of like one of those snow-globes at Christmas. The snow is wildly flying right now, and vision is difficult beyond a few inches. But we know that eventually, the snow stops, settles down to the bottom, and our vision is restored. Is the scenery always the same afterwards? No. But our vision is clearer. In the end, if it's snow flakes, or stardust, either is beautiful. Hugs and love.

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2012-11-22 02:05:51
Reading this caused me nauesa. I had a real physical response to this. Seriously, Adam, this is too much. I tracked back to your last 9/11 post, and you are telling the truth. This is gentle humor by comparison.This post is not funny. It is fucked up. Perhaps it is the undercurrent of disrespect for America in general that is pissing me off, being the wife of a deployed soldier. Maybe I am extra-sensitive, but I really don't think so. I have a very good sense of humor, and it takes a lot to offend me.Anyone who finds humor in this post is a sheep in your herd.Reply by on September 11th, 2009 at Friday, September 11, 2009 @ 1:56 am@Staceylt, what disrespect? What actually offended you? I thought it would be ironic if there was a remembrance post where the victim was actually a complete asshole. She's not a real person, you know.Reply by Staceylt on September 11th, 2009 at Friday, September 11, 2009 @ 2:18 am@Avitable, I am sure I'm not the only one who went back and read othe

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2012-09-26 19:03:30
loved it wish my girl would do that

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2012-05-30 13:48:18
BetteFebruary 18, 2012It was so much fun listening to each of you share about the Help book and, I reeeivcd my printed copy today. (: Thank you again for all your work on this. The book looks wonderful and each piece written is comforting we all go through similar thinking with help.

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