First part is fact, the violent parts are fiction.
Me-Daniel, 17 years old(at the time)
Denise-My one year old daughter.

When I was 15, me and my current girlfriend at the time
were stupid. We decided to have sex with out a condom.
(Those stories are coming soon.)
Well out of the stupidity she had gotten pregnant. And 9
months later, our beautiful daughter was born. We named
her Denise.

When Denise was about 2 months old, I was changing her
diaper, and for some strange reason when I looked at her
cute little 2 month old pussy, I got hard as a rock.

So I wiped off her little butt, but I didn't put her diaper back
on. Instead, I decided to play with her baby clit. It was so
small, as I flicked it with my pinky.

I took out me hard dick and starting masterbating. Then with
my other hand, I spread her little pussy lips, bent down, and
started to eat out my little girl. Her little itty bitty pussy tasted
so damn good. I then flipped her over onto her stomach. I
spread her little butt cheeks, and started eating out her ass
hole. It tasted almost as good as her little pussy.

I felt my balls tighten up. So I flipped her back over onto her
back. Her shirt already being off, I blew my huge load of cum
all over her little chest. I wiped her off, put her in a clean diaper,
and a clean outfit. And pretended like it never happened.

When Denise was about 6 months old. Her mother took her and
moved to Georgia. I didn't see her for about 9 months. But then
they both came back.(By now me and Denises mother have broken
up and are seeing other people.)

I had Denise for about a week so she could get used to me again.
So I thought, if I "play" with her, she will remember that. And that's
exactly what I did.

I laid her down on my bed and stripped her naked. By this time she
was walking on her own. I set her down and let her walk around for a
little bit while she was naked, so I could build up an erection.

When I was rock solid, I whipped out my cock. I told Denise to come
to me. She did and she looked right at my dick. At first she poked it
with her finger. Then she wrapped her whole hang around my head. Or
at least she tried to. And just like all babies do. She put what was in her
hand into her mouth. I was amazed that she got my entire head into her
mouth. She had 4 little teeth, and was nibbling on my head. It felt so
fucking good. I picked her up, I laid down on my bed, and sat her down
on my dick. I was rubbing her back and forth on my dick. Than I felt her
fart on my dick.

Or at least I thought it was a fart. Cause as I looked down at my dick, I
saw that my little girl had just shit all over me. The strange thing is, it
didn't gross me out, it turned me on more. So I started rubbing her harder
and faster on my dick. Her shit made for the perfect lubercant. Than I felt
a little trickle on my stomach. I lokked and Denise was getting ready to
pee. I pulled her off my dick, and put her pussy right into my mouth. Her
hot baby piss than shot into my mouth. I swallowed every drop. And the
smell of her shit on her ass provoked me. I turned her around and started
licking all the shit off of her her. I licked her clean. And strange enough.
Her shit tasted fucking amazing. But now I had to pee. So I laid her back
down on my bed. I pointed my dick at her and let it go. I pissed all over my
15 month old daughter. She was covered from head to toe.

I started jacking off again. I got down on my knees. I started eating out her
little cunt. A thought than popped into my mind. So I lined up my pinky finger
with her little pussy hole, and shoved it in. Her little hole was so fucking tight.
She winced in pain. But it just turned me on more. I roughly finger fucked my
daughters little hole. She was screaming in pain, but I didn't give a flying fuck.
I rolled her over, and smacked her ass as hard as I could. I smacked her ass
at least 30 times with the same hardness each time until her entire ass was
blood red. She was screaming like a wild banshee. I rolled her back over.

I felt my balls start to swell up, so i shove my dick into her mouth and let my
cum fill her mouth. And with my dick barely fitting, there was no way for my
cum to drip out. She swallowed all of daddy's hot cum.

I cleaned her up, got her dressed and set her down to play with her blocks.

The next day, I decided to have some more fun. But this time I was going to
be way more cruel.

I took off all of my cloths, and than got her naked. She had to have known what
was coming, cause she had a look of fear in her eyes.

I smacked her in the face as hard as I possibly could. She flew at least 5 feet
across the room. She was screaming in pain. I picked her up. I spanked her ass
a good 50 times before I wanted to take my full plan into effect.

I laid her down on her stomach, spread her ass cheeks, and ate her ass out for
what seemed to be hours. At first I was just going to finger fuck her ass, but no,
I can be way more cruel than that. I lined up my dick with her ass hole. And I
shoved as hard as I could. Than the head of my dick dissappeared into her
tight little 15 month ass. I couldn't believe it. She was screaming louder than she
had ever screamed before. Her pain just fueled my pleasure. I jacked off as hard
as I could with my head still in her ass. My whole body than tensed up. And I came
so fucking hrad in my little babygirls ass. I pulled my dick out, and stuck my tongue
deep into her now gaping ass hole. I sucked out all my cum out of her ass, and got
probably a mouth full of her delicious shit too. Than she started to pee. I put my
mouth on her little cunt and sucked every drop of piss out of her pussy.

I had a stomach full of my own cum, and my daughters shit and piss.

I really do have a twisted mind.

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