Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited
KIM'S ANAL ROMANCE by Warren Cramer


Jesus, Christ, I thought as I left my office and headed towards the subway. Tomorrow is the first day of my vacation. Five glorious weeks. It was a beautiful evening. Even the subway couldn't take away any of my excitement with its crowds of hot, sweating, tired people all going home after their day's work.

A half hour later, I was in my bedroom, stripped naked. I looked at my body in the mirror. For twenty-six years of age I was looking pretty damn good. My boobs were still nice and firm, capped with cherry red nipples, my waist was still nice and slender and I was an expert in the art of fucking and giving all the pleasure I could with my nice, tight cunt.

The thought of fucking, of having a nice, hard cock buried, no, slamming inside my cunt hole was enough to make the juices start oozing. Closing my eyes, I pressed my hand to my pussy and guided a finger to my wet gash. I moaned softly, to myself, as I grazed over the erect nub of my throbbing clitoris. After a moment I walked into the bathroom. I was hot and sweaty from the trip home from work and a cool shower was what I needed most.

Bending over, I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Stepping into the stall I closed the curtain and then stood under the cascading water.

The cold water splashing down on me sent shivers racing up and down my spine. My nipples were hard and puckered, throbbing with desire. Standing under the water, I caressed one soft mound in my hand, gently squeezing the turgid tip. At the same time, I reached down and gently stroked my wet pussy.

When I finally felt sufficiently cooled off I turned off the water and stepped out of the stall. Wrapping a towel around myself, I left the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom. Lying down on the bed, I spread my legs wide and unwrapped the towel. I looked down the length of my body, watching my tits rise and fall with each breath. Below that lay my dark tuft of pussy hair.

Absentmindedly, I began to stroke my inner thighs, enjoying the pleasurable sensations that ran through me. Slowly my fingers moved closer and closer to my open cunt. I sighed softly as I touched my cunt lips. I opened my legs further and pressed one finger to the hot, inner meat. At the same time, another finger slid down my ass crack and pressed against my blossoming ass hole.

As I touched my finger to my ass hole the juice began to pour from my cunt. Letting the juice run from my pussy down the crack of my ass, I then smeared the slippery fluid all around the entrance to my rectum, all the while moaning softly to myself.

Slowly, I began to slide my index finger into the warm depths of my rear, thrilling to the feeling of having to shit. Deeper... deeper until finally I was all the way in. I could go no farther. Now it was time for my cunt. With another finger, I pressed against my swollen, wet cunt hole and slowly slid it all the way in. While, with my free hand, I squeezed and molded the soft, quivering mounds of my tits, I began to slowly slide my fingers in and out of my hole, faster and faster, until finally, I exploded in a luxurious orgasm, drowning my hand with a warm load of come.

After licking my hand clean of the tasty juice, I closed my eyes and took a nap. When I awoke two hours later, my cunt and ass were burning with desire for a nice hard cock. I knew my finger wouldn't be able to satisfy me this time.

Getting up from the bed I quickly applied some make-up and then dressed. Wearing a thigh-high mini skirt with a blouse cut low enough to expose an ample portion of my bouncing titties I left the apartment and headed for the nearest bar. In my condition, all I wanted was a cock and it didn't really matter whom it belonged to.

Sitting at the bar, in the semi-darkness of the cocktail lounge, I looked around, my eyes staring appraisingly at the men around me. Taking a cigarette from the pack in my purse, I placed it between my lips. Before I had a chance to light it myself, a lit match was being held in front of me.

"I hope you don't mind," a voice said.

Without looking back at him, I accepted the light. As a large plume of smoke rose from my lips he sat down on the stool next to me.

"May I?" he asked.

"Of course," I said, looking at him. He was very clearly handsome. Tall, trim, maybe in his mid-thirties. His smile was warm and friendly.

"My name's Bill," he said, "what's yours?"


"That's a very nice name, Kim."

"Thank you. Tell me, do you always go around lighting cigarettes for strange women, or am I special?"

"In a way, this is rather special. I'll tell you about it later if you like."

His manner was totally disarming and I felt myself being drawn closer and closer to him. His teeth sparkled in the dark as he talked and smiled.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked. "Yes, yes I would."

"Bartender," he said, "two martinis, very dry." Our glasses clinked as we made a quiet toast. We talked quietly. He told me that he was an account executive with one of the advertising firms on Madison Avenue. I explained that I was a secretary starting my vacation tonight. After a few more minutes of conversation I felt his fingers applying a gentle pressure on my knee. I smiled at him and he moved his hand a little farther up my leg until he was under my skirt, lightly rubbing my nylon-covered thigh. I opened my legs slightly and he readily accepted the invitation, his fingers moving up to the crotch of my panties and pressing against the wetness of my moist cunt.

Suddenly, he said, "Say, it's starting to get a little late. What do you say we go to my place for a nightcap?"

I was horny and the time was right. "Alright," I said. "Let's go to your place. I could use something stronger than a drink right now."

Bill paid the tab and we left the bar. Jumping into a cab, he gave the driver the address of his apartment on the east side. As we sat in the back seat of the cab, Bill put his arm around me. I could feel the tips of his fingers resting on the soft swell of my boob. With each passing moment, my cunt became wetter. I could hardly wait to get to his apartment and get naked, feeling his body next to, no, on top of mine. I wanted to feel his hard cock pressing against my cunt and then diving in.

Finally, we arrived at his apartment. He paid the driver and we got out of the cab. Two minutes later we were inside the warm confines of his apartment. I looked around and admired the comfortable furnishings.

"You have a nice place," I told him. "Thanks," he said, "What can I get for you?"

"Bourbon would be nice."

"On the rocks?"

I nodded yes.

"Coming up," he said, and then walked over to a small bar that he had in the living room.

When he came back with my drink I took it and swallowed half of it down, feeling it warm my stomach.

As I finished my drink, I watched him take off his jacket, hanging it in the closet. Afterward, he took off his tie and shirt. I looked at the muscles rippling in his chest and then down to his crotch. I could see the bulge his cock made and I knew that I had made a good choice as to whom I should go home with. Kicking off his shoes he told me to make myself more comfortable.

I smiled at him and removed my own shoes, placing them at the end of the couch. At the same time, I also decided to take off my blouse. His eyes opened wide in appreciation as he started at the soft, quivering mounds of my tits. In my excited state, my nipples were already puckered, standing out in hard tips, almost brown in color.

"Mmmmmmm," Bill said, "very nice. Very nice, indeed."

The room was dimly lit. I smiled and held up both creamy mounds with my hands.

"And they're all yours," I said, "At least for tonight."

Bill moved over to me and pressed his body to, mine. Our mouths met in a hungry kiss, our tongues, wet with saliva, diving, sliding around inside each other's mouth. Bringing one hand up, he cupped one soft mound, his palm pressing against my turgid nipple. At the same time, I pressed one of my hands against his crotch, feeling his cock already hard and ready to fuck.

Breaking away from my lips, Bill brought his mouth down to one tit. I sighed softly as I felt the warm, wet tip of his tongue lick all around the turgid lump of flesh. His teeth nibbled gently and then he sucked it all inside. My fingers trembling, I pulled down his zipper and dipped my hand inside. I pulled his cock out, running my fingers along the hot, hard, throbbing length. I could feel the veins standing out as the blood rushed through him.

With a gentle pressure he forced me back onto the couch. My legs opened wide and he slid his free hand up the length of my thigh to my soaking wet crotch.

Raising my ass up in the air, I let him pull my pantyhose down my legs. A moment later I was naked, save for my skirt. That came next and then I was nude beside him. I moaned, hot with passion as his fingers stroked inside the drenched gash of my pussy. When one finger stroked across my ass hole it was like I came. Hot cream started pouring from my cunt and Bill knew then what it was that I really dug. Wetting his fingers with cunt juice, he then went back to my ass hole. I opened my legs as wide as I could while he slid one finger deep into my rectum.

"Oh, Bill, yes, yes, ooooh, harder, deeper. All the way up my ass. Oh, God, I love it there. Oh, I love it."

As he finger-fucked my ass hole, he continued to suck on my boobs, first one, them the other.

"Oh, baby," he said, his voice husky with passion, "your ass is so tight... so fucking tight, Jesus. How I love your tight ass."

"Oh, Bill, I love it. Stick your whole Goddamn hand up there. Fuck the shit out of it. Oh, shit, baby, shit."

I was still holding his cock, but now that wasn't enough. Wriggling around, I finally managed to get us into the sixty-nine position with me on top. I bent my mouth down to his cock and stuck my tongue out. I could hear him gasp with pleasure as I gently licked around his balls, lightly tugging at the hairs on the sack. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked one nut inside and gently nibbled it with my teeth. When I had it soaked with spit I moved to the other nut and gave it the same treatment. Now it was time for his cock. His beautiful, hard fucking cock!

Holding the hard, fat base of his prick in my hand, I lightly ran the wet tip of my tongue all around the swollen, purple head, feeling it throb with us with every move my tongue made. At the same time, I felt him sinking two, then three fingers up my ass hole while his own tongue licked at the hot, wet flesh of my pussy. With his free hand, he continued to fondle and squeeze my soft, creamy, quivering mounds, pulling on the taut, rigid nipples until I was a molten mass of lewd desire.

My tongue was now racing up and down the rock-hard shaft of his prick, tasting the musky, male flavor.

"Suck it, bitch, suck it," he said, through a mouthful of wet cunt.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I sucked the purple head of his cock inside, rolling my tongue around it. Deeper and deeper I took it until, finally, I felt the head pressing against the back of my throat. My mouth worked like a vacuum, trying to suck the come from his nuts. I squeezed his balls and played with his ass, running my fingers up and down the crack and then sliding one finger up the male hole.

Saliva poured from my mouth like juice from my cunt as I ate the length of his cock. His nuts tightened in their sack and I knew that he was about to come. His fingers racing in and out of my ass hole and his tongue inside my pussy was pushing me onto the edge of my own climax. As the orgasm built up inside my own body, I began sucking his prick even harder, wanting to taste his hot load of sperm at the same instant my own body would erupt, flooding his sucking mouth with my load of cream.

Faster and faster, our mouths worked on each other's organs. I cried out with pleasure as he nibbled my erect, throbbing clit with his teeth. I could hear him groaning and I knew that his come was not too far off. His cock throbbed harder inside the warm, wet confines of my mouth. I scraped my teeth along the hard shaft. His nuts tightened. He groaned louder, digging his teeth into my clit and slamming the length of his tongue up my cunt hole.

Harder. Harder. Faster. Faster. Suck, suck, suck. NOW, NOW, NOW. His cock pulsated inside my mouth and then the first gush of his come slammed against the back of my throat. At the same time, my cunt erupted in a fiery orgasm, spewing my hot, creamy come into his sucking mouth. I worked his cock harder, draining him of his load, swallowing the slimy mess, savoring the musky, slightly burning flavor until his balls were hanging loose in their sac, empty.

Our first climax over, I rolled off of him and Bill got up to fix another round of drinks before having another round of fucking.

Together, we sat quietly on the couch, gathering our breath as we drank. With his arm around me, he stroked my boobs while I gently petted his limp cock. Almost immediately, I felt it swelling with renewed hardness. After a few more minutes it was hard enough for another fuck. After finishing our drinks we walked into the bedroom where we were sure to be more comfortable.

On the bed, our mouths met in another hot, wet kiss. With our hands we fondled one another's body. His hands stroked my cunt and my ass into a white-hot state of lust. His mouth fastened to one of my nipples and sucked it to rock-hard state. I moaned, my voice husky with desire.

"Oh, Bill, fuck me, fuck me now. Please, slam your cock up me. Please."

"Tell me where you want it, cunt. Tell me!"

"My ass. Fuck my ass hole. Oh, God, it's so itchy. Fuck me there, please."

Rolling me over onto my hands and knees, Bill got behind me and wetted his cock with the juice pouring from my cunt. When I felt the head pressing against the entrance to my rectum I groaned with unadulterated lust, rolling my ass against him, trying to sink the head into my rectum.

"Oh, please," I moaned, "please, stop teasing me. Stick it up there. I can't stand it. Fuck me, damn you, fuck my ass hole."

"Alright, baby, I'll fuck the shit out of that ass of yours."

"Yes, yes. Fuck the shit out of it. Oh, God, make it dirty. Treat me dirty. Ooooh, I love it. Now, Bill, fuck it now."

In one hard lunge, Bill rammed the entire length of that cock up my ass. I could feel the muscle at the entrance giving way and then the buttery-smooth walls of my rectum clasping his cock, not wanting to let it go.

Eagerly, I began slamming my ass back and forth, in time to his own movements, trying to sink the hard tool in even deeper.

Spit rolled from the corners of my mouth as I tossed my head back and forth on the pillow, excitement and desire rising in my body like a tidal wave. All I could feel, think about, be aware of was the cock slamming in and out of my stretched, wanting ass hole.

I could imagine my shit being whipped into a frothy, brown cream by his rampaging cock and the idea excited me, making me even hotter, even closer to my climax.

I could hear Bill grunting behind me, while at the same time I continued to mouth obscenities, spurning him on to even greater efforts, making his cock even harder inside the warmth of my rectum.

"Oh, oh, Bill, fuck me, fuck me. I can't stand it. Harder, please, slam it harder. Oh, God, Jesus, make me come. Oh, shit, make me come. Please, now, Bill, fuck it now. Oh, Christ, I'm going to come. I'm coming, Bill, now, fuck my ass, fuck it, fuck it. Oh, oh, NOW, AAAIIIYYYEEE!!!"

With an ear-splitting scream, I exploded both in my cunt and in my ass. Convulsions of ecstasy raced through me sending oceans of my come pouring from my cunt. At the same time, I heard Bill give one final grunt and then his cock expanded inside me, sending scalding gushes of his thick, white come spewing into my stuffed ass hole. When he had shot his entire load, he pulled his cock out of me and rolled over onto his back, fully spent for the moment.

My eyes, glazed with satisfaction, looked down at his limp cock, covered with a slimy coating of come and shit. Bending close to it I sniffed and felt excitement rushing through my body, exploding inside my brain.

Like someone possessed, I opened my mouth and sucked in his scum covered prick, letting it wallow in the wet, warmth of my mouth, tasting the dirty flavor, letting it fill my mouth. Looking up, I saw Bill close his eyes, enjoying the pleasure I was giving to him.

After cleaning his cock with my mouth, I released it and lay beside him, my head on his shoulder, resting until we both felt like another round.

An hour later we were both ready to go. This time I wanted it in my cunt and I was sure he would enjoy it too. An ass hole is nice, but I've learned that a guy also digs a cunt, all nice and wet with juice.

We started kissing, laving our tongues in each other's mouths. At the same time, he squeezed my boobs while I played with his cock. I closed my eyes as he began moving down the length of my body, licking me with his tongue. My tits quivered with excitement as he swirled his tongue all over the creamy mounds. The nipples were hard and I could feel them throb as his tongue moved closer and closer to the puckered brown flesh.

"Oh, yes, Bill. Suck them, suck my titties. Oh, yes, that feels so good. Bite them, Bill, bite into the nipples. Ooooh, harder, Bill, harder, make them hurt. Oh, hurt my titties. Oh, yes, I love it like that, I love it."

The more I moaned, the harder he bit his teeth into the sensitive flesh. I opened my legs wide, feeling the warmth of my juices running from my cunt down the crack of my ass and then onto the bed in a slimy, wet puddle.

After my boobs were soaked with his spit, he began licking his way down my stomach. I writhed with pleasure as I felt his tongue licking through my tangle of pubic hairs, moving down towards my soaked, dripping gash. His fingers trailed lightly in my cunt crack, making the juice ooze out even faster. The sensations mounted inside me until I could hardly stand it. My ass bounced up and down in the air as I tried in vain to get him to slam his entire hand up my drenched pussy hole.

His tongue moved down to my outer cunt lips and just as I thought he was about to start licking around inside my cunt, he dropped down to my thighs, below it. I moaned with disappointment as he began licking around my thighs, moving lower and farther away from the seat of my desire... my cunt.

Within a minute or two he was at my feet and I was forever greatful that he had skipped over my pussy. I thought I would die from the pleasure as he licked over my feet, wetting them with his saliva. I moaned with pleasure as he flicked his tongue between my toes, and then, as a finale, he sucked one into his mouth, and then another, and then another, until finally, he had almost half my foot inside his mouth and he was sucking it like I would suck a cock... his cock.

I closed my eyes and let the sensations of having my feet sucked pervade my body. After one foot, he did the same with the other and then he started licking back up my legs, moving slowly towards my dripping, slimy cunt.

When he sucked my feet it had felt great, but now he was near my cunt and that was all I wanted to feel. I cried out with pleasure as his tongue tip licked around my hairy outer lips and then, suddenly, he was inside my cunt. I moaned hoarsely as his tongue slithered around the hot, wet flesh, lapping and drinking the juices that flowed copiously from the swollen, horny hole.

I was gasping and moaning and crying and groaning, all at the same time as his mouth tore my cunt apart. His teeth, his tongue, his lips, they all worked to arouse me to a fever pitch and then keep me from coming. It was maddening.

Finally, when I could take no more, he mounted me, pressing the head of his cock against my open, waiting hole. I sighed with anticipation and pleasure, throwing my ass up and down, trying to embed the head of, his cock inside me. Finally, he lunged forward and buried the entire length of his tool inside me. I cried out as I felt the walls of my cunt expanding to take in his cock.

Slowly, he began pumping back and forth, driving his cock in and out of my hungry, wet, wanting hole. His mouth came down on mine and, while he fucked my cunt with his cock, he fucked my mouth with his tongue.

Faster and faster, our bodies moved in unison, each keeping up with the other, both of us straining to reach our last climax of the evening. I could feel the juices continue to pour from my hole as the passion rose inside me.

"Oh, give it to me," I cried out, my voice hoarse with lust, "give me your cock. Fuck me, you bastard, oh, shit, fuck me good. Fuck my cunt good."

Again, his mouth pressed down on mine and our tongues met. After sucking the spit from my mouth, Bill would refill it with a mixture of mine and his and then suck it back out again.

I pulled at his hair, passion ripping through my body as his cock and tongue continued to arouse me even more.

"Oh, baby," he groaned, "give me that hole. Jesus, what a cunt. Oh, shit, I'm gonna fuck you all fucking night, bitch. I'm gonna fuck that cunt right off you."

"Oh, baby, yes, yes. Fuck it. Take my cunt. Fuck it till it's raw and then suck it. My cunt is all yours. Just never stop fucking it. Fuck it forever. God, I love your cock. It's so big... so fucking big. Jesus, give me all of it, slam that fucker all the way to my stomach. Slam it, slam it..."

And he did. He pounded, slammed, rammed his cock into me until every thrust was knocking the breath from my lungs and with every thrust, his balls would slam against my juice soaked ass hole, adding to my excitement.

"Oh, Bill it's so good, so good. Just keep fucking me. Fuck the hell out of my pussy. Just fuck the piss out of it. Oh, I love it, I can't stand it. Fuck me, fuck it, harder, harder, harder!"

Raising himself up on his arms, Bill really began slamming it into me. I swear I felt it touch bottom, but I still wanted more. The harder he slammed forward, the harder I slammed my cunt up to meet him. Pretty soon, our bodies were soaked with sweat, the smell of sex and sweat filling the room, inflaming us.

By rolling my hips I managed to change the angle of penetration and I felt the shaft of his cock rubbing against my swollen clit with every stroke.

The way it turned out, Bill was doing the driving and I took care of the steering, twisting first to one side and then to the other, raising and then lowering my cunt so that the steel hard shaft of his cock could slam into my pussy and rub against the turgid edge of my clit.

Looking down, I could see the shaft of his cock sliding in and out of my juice filled cunt. His balls were pulling up tight in his crotch so that I was getting all of the hard, solid meat I could want.

"Oh, Bill, give it to me. Give me your cock. Slam it into my pussy. Fuck my cunt forever. Oh, shit, don't ever stop fucking me. God, how I love your prick."

"Oh, baby, I'd love to fuck you forever, but I won't be able to hang on that much longer. My nuts feel like they're ready to burst as it is."

"Oh, no please. Make it last. Just keep fucking for a little while longer. Please, I've got to have your cock nice and hard inside me. Please, don't come yet. Keep fucking. Just a little longer, please, fuck me, fuck me."

I continued to moan obscenities, all the while slamming my cunt up to meet his throbbing cock, trying to make myself come before he shot his load inside me.

"Ugh, baby, I've gotta come. I can't hold it back any more. I've got to, oh, oh, baby, uuugghhh..." As he grunted, I could feel the hardness of his cock swell inside me and then I was being drowned in a sea of his molten come.

"Oh, shit, you're coming," I cried, "keep fucking me. I'm almost there. Keep fucking me. Oh, shit, harder, fuck me harder. Oh, crap, I'm almost there. Now, Bill, now."

But before I could come his cock went soft inside me. His lunges grew weaker and shorter. I tried to tighten my cunt to hold him inside, but it didn't do any good. My cunt was so wet with juice, nothing could have held him inside.

The moment his cock slipped out of my hole, he was down on his knees in front of me, pressing his mouth to my slimy gash. His tongue found my hole and began fucking while his fingers toyed with my sensitive clitoris. I could feel the suction of his mouth draining my cunt of the juices that were inside. Bracing my hips against the sides of his head, I steadied myself, trying to open even wider for him.

As his tongue slithered in and out of my dripping pussy I twitched and squirmed under his ministrations. Another climax was rising inside my hole and I knew that it wouldn't be long in coming. Straining to reach it, I ground my cunt against his face, smearing him with my slimy cunt juice. Hot groans of lust rose from my throat as the sensations grew stronger and stronger. And then I exploded, filling his mouth with a load of my warm, slimy cream.

He sucked hungrily, trying to drain my hole of come until he finally succeeded. And then it was over.

"Wow," I said when he finally pulled his mouth away from my cunt. "Between your prick and your mouth you can really get a girl going." And then I kissed him, sliding my tongue into his mouth, tasting the flavor of my cunt still clinging to his tongue. It had been our third come and we were both too tired to start again so we cut the kiss short with the promise of more to come in the morning.

After kissing each other good-night one more time, we both closed our eyes and fell into a deep, comfortable sleep.


The sun was immediately above us when we awoke. It was almost noon. The room was flooded with the bright rays from the sun. Bill stumbled to the windows and pulled the drape, plunging the room into a soft light.

"I'd certainly like some more of that," I said, pointing at his stiffened cock bouncing in front of him.

"Baby, my prick isn't in working order when I wake up," Bill said bluntly.

"But it's still hard," I almost pouted. "Doesn't that count for something?"

"That's only because I've got to piss," he responded, taking hold of his prick, gingerly.

"But is it really out of commission?" I persisted. "Well?" I insisted after a long pause.

"Yes, but, it'll be ready in a few minutes," he said.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Because when I have a full bladder, my cock's very sensitive. It needs a little rest."

"How long must it rest?" I asked eagerly.

"Just a few minutes," he answered, sitting next to me. Without hesitation he embraced me and covered my mouth with his and started making love to me. One arm was around my back, pressing my tits up against him. The other hand was stroking my ass hole and my pussy very gently... teasingly.

Suddenly I wanted him to piss on me and I wanted to eat him and drink his piss. For some odd reason he had the same idea in mind.

His warm piss came. He was pissing on my pussy and my ass. His cock slowly aimed the piss at my face, I willfully opened my mouth and drank the sweet piss. It was running all over my face. I loved it.

My body moved slowly toward his prick. I was entranced with the enormous amount of pubic hair that covered the area around it. I licked and sucked his ass and prick clean. My hungry mouth sucked every bit of his cock and his balls, all that remained was saliva on the outside.

Bill then continued his playing, and soon began to tease the lips of my cunt and ass with his middle and index fingers, slipping them quickly in and then rubbing the lips, teasing them more and more until he could slip two fingers in my ass hole without the least resistance. My ass hung loose for him.

"Hey, baby, what say we get into the shower?" he asked, getting to his feet.

"Suits me," I said, hungrily.

We headed for the bathroom where Bill closed the doors and turned on the water. His cock had remained stiff and was standing out from him at proud attention.

I took the initiative and walked up to him and embedded his shaft into my ass hole, pulling the cheeks of his ass towards me backwards.

"You're a hot little number. Know that?" he chuckled, taking hold of one tit while continuing to adjust the water.

"Okay, in your go," he said, pulling his prick out of me and sliding open the door to the large stall. "You're coming, too, aren't you?" I chuckled questioningly.

"You bet your sweet ass," he laughed.

Once we were in and the door was closed, we again locked into our face-to-face embrace, I with my cunt full of cock. Bill stood there and let me do the work, an opportunity which I gladly accepted.

My ass hole was hot, and it was hungry, and cock could both feed and fill it, I knew. I quickly turned myself around and slipped his cock into my ass hole. It seemed to fill my need. If he wouldn't do the work, then I would.

I braced my hands against the wall and began to grind my hips up to him and I simultaneously bent my knees slightly to find the best position.

Bill had been massaging and playing with my steaming wet tits, sucking first one and then the other, all of which served to heighten my excitement and force me onto his cock more eagerly.

Suddenly his hips came to life and he started to fuck his prick into me. His stiff prick searched every nook and cranny and moved into me so that I was soon moaning and groaning with ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck me... fuck my ass good!" I found myself muttering.

I was so hot, now, it was difficult to stand upright. I wanted just to collapse in a heap there on the floor, with my legs spread wide, and be fucked to my death. And I told Bill so.

"This ass hole of yours can really take it, baby. Oh, what a hole. It's better than a cunt. I'd like to see that hole of yours get fucked by a gang, and after the last one, I'd like to lap and suck it clean for you."

"Would you really do that?" I asked, passionately, only half hearing him.

"Yeah, baby, anything to suck that ass hole. And I bet you could take it, too. What's the most you've ever had in one night?"

"Seven," I responded, my will to ignore or resist completely gone.

"Seven stud cocks, huh? And that means seven stud loads, too, huh? Boy, your cunt must have been overflowing. Was it good? Did you like it?"

"Oh yes... I loved it. It was so hot I couldn't resist. I'd love to do it again, right now. Anything to get fucked... fucked!"

For my part, I was gone, I could feel no pain, only fantastic pleasurable sensations running through my entire body. Even though, Bill was pulling and pinching my tits, I immediately translated the pain into pleasure. And the more pleasure I found, the harder I fucked.

Our bodies, dripping from the hot spray of the shower, slipped and slid across and against each other. Each time we came together in a passionate lunge, there would be a loud slapping around. But neither of us seemed to hear it.

Bill had become aroused again and was fucking in all seriousness.

I, who had not really been satisfied the night before, was clinging to his cock and riding it as though my life depended upon it.

"Oh, Bill, it's wonderful. Give it to me, lover. Fuck my ass; screw my hole; plow it. Do anything, but make it feel good up there," I moaned as I increased the tempo of my strokes to meet his.

"You're gonna get it!" he shouted over the sounds of the shower in the little stall. "It's gonna fly any second now..."

"Please... please don't!" I shouted back to him, clinging to him and trying to calm him, but actually contributing to his excitement.

"I can't baby, you're too much for me. Here it is... take it... take it..."

"Oh, shit," I screamed, clawing his legs. "I'm coming too. Aaagbhh... Ooohhh..."

As I said this, my own juices started to flow, and there were a few moments when my head was spinning so badly that I really had no understanding of where I was. The only thing I was conscious of was my writhing both under this hot shower and up against a hairy, horny man. "Oh, I don't want to quit... I want more... lots more..." My voice trailed off as I continued to lunge up against the unretreating pole of meat before me.

"Tell you what," he said. "Let's cool down and perhaps a little later I can get you what you want. Okay?"

"Do you mean it?"

"Of course I mean it, you dumb ass! You're so cock hungry you can't even understand me."

"Oh, yes I can," I answered quickly, maintaining the rhythm of my thrusts against his groin. "It's just that I don't want to stop now."

"Well, you're going to have to," he answered. "Don't worry, I'll get you more..."

"That's what I want," I cut in, "More, lots more..."

"Hold still," he said quickly, pulling my hips up against him. "Lean back... way back... that's it, now spread your legs."

I did as I was told, wondering what he had in store for me.

"Don't worry, you won't slip. I've got hold of you. There... that's it... now don't move. Just relax... relax..."

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Never mind. Just relax... that's it, let that hole go soft for me... just loosen it up... don't try to hold my cock with your ass, baby, it's not going anywhere."

I tried my best to comply, but I couldn't get over the feeling of slipping toward the floor, even though I knew I wasn't. It was just the position I was in, with my legs spread wide, my head thrown back and my breasts pointing straight upward.

Bill stood behind me, his groin still pressed hard against mine, his stiff tool sunk to the hilt up my hot and dripping ass hole.

In a few moments, it happened. I felt the sudden surge of head deep in my ass hole and immediately knew he was pissing up in me: cleaning me with his own body. The thought of it excited me and I let a moan escape from my lips.

"Like that, don't you, baby?" he asked, as his stream came full force, flushing me completely out.

"It's heavenly," I moaned, not moving a muscle and relaxing as much as I possibly could.

"It feels good to you, baby, just think how good it feels for me," he said, holding me steady.

"I can only imagine." I responded, quickly and passionately. I didn't want to miss any of the fantastic feelings of pleasure going through my body.

The warmth of his urine seemed to creep through my whole rear area, and rather than calm me, it excited me even more. How was I ever to be satisfied? I had no idea.

After what seemed like ages, I could feel the pressure of the flow subside, then come in forceful spurts as he forced the last few drops up into me. And then he was free of me.

"Now," he said fatalistically, "let's shower and see what the day is planning for us."

Our shower finished, and breakfast, such as it was, out of the way, we were ready for fate and her bag of surprises. And it wasn't long before she played her first card. There was a knock at the door.

"Wonder who that might be," Bill said, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist while heading for the door. I, in the meantime, dashed for the bathroom and closed the door.

I could hear muffled men's voices.

"Kim, you can come out, now," I heard as soon as the door closed.

I came out and found no one there, aside from Bill.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Oh, just one of the fellows from the building. He dropped by to see what was happening."

"Where did he go?" I prodded.

But before Bill could answer, there he stood! He had come from the kitchen. Quickly I grabbed a cushion from the sofa and held it in front of me.

"It's okay, baby. He's seen a nude broad before. In fact, you might even like him," Bill went on. "Bruce, this is Kim. Kim, this is, of course, Bruce," he said, bowing deeply.


"Hi, yourself," I responded, blushing somewhat. "The least you could have done, Bill, was told me he was still here!" I said sharply.

"But, baby, didn't you say just a little while ago that you wanted some more cock?" he asked, faking seriousness behind his smile.


"Well, here some more is," he cut in, "And a whole lot more it is, let me tell you!"

Bruce, in the meantime, had taken a seat on the couch next to me. He calmly looked at my nude form, I could see he liked what he saw.

"What have you two been up to," I heard him ask in a low, masculinely sultry voice.

"Oh, nothing," responded Bill. "We just finished breakfast a little while ago."

"At this time of day?"

"Well, we sort of slept late, and by the time we got cleaned up and all, it was already past noon. But what the hell, it's Saturday. What's planned for the afternoon?" he asked me.

I was caught unprepared for such abruptness. My face flushed and I didn't know what to say. "Well... There are some things I've got to do today, and I do have a slight headache," I said. "I guess it's from the drinking last night." I finished. "Oh, I can take care of that," Bruce answered with a slight glint in his eye. He went to the bathroom and soon returned with a little white box. He took two tiny pink pills from it and handed them to me.

"What are these?" I asked.

"They're what my doctor gives me for a big head," he answered easily. "They're much better than the usual stuff," he went on, with a twinkle in his eye.

Taking him at his word, I downed them with a swig of coffee from the cup still nearby. "Could I at least have a robe or something?" I asked.

"You really don't want one, do you? You have such a beautiful body," Bruce said.

"Of course I do!" I snapped, still somewhat embarrassed.

"What say we all have a short drink," he interrupted.

Bill didn't even wait for an answer. He quickly disappeared into the kitchen where he poured three straight shots. He returned and passed them out.

Bruce took one without hesitation, but I wasn't quite sure I wanted to start drinking this early. Besides, I wasn't comfortable in this situation and really wanted to get out of it. I didn't really have a headache. I had just said that, hoping they'd let me bow out gracefully.

But seeing that it wasn't going to be that easy, I downed my drink with the two men. The sudden heat from the drink burned as it went down my throat, and seemed to set me a little more at ease.

"Come on, baby, let Bruce see those beautiful boobs of ours," Bill said, quickly snatching the cushion away from me. I was totally unprotected, and it was difficult to appear relaxed.

I glanced quickly at Bruce, who was smiling. "Yeah, you've got yourself something here, Bill," he said. "I guess you've already tasted it, huh?"

"You bet your stud cock I have," he smiled back. "She wouldn't still be here if I didn't like it."

"How is it, Kim?" Bruce asked me.

"How is what?" I asked, not knowing what the hell he was talking about.

"You know -- how's eating?"


"You know, how's he at eating?"


"You know how's he at eating?" Bruce persisted. I flushed when I realized what he was referring to. "Ah well..."

"Shit, baby, you can talk to him," Bill injected. "He's as horny as I am."

"Bill," I asked changing the subject, "could I have another drink? I think that's just what I need."

"Sure, baby, anything you want." He went back into the kitchen and brought out the bottle and poured another stiff drink into my glass. Bruce took a second, but he only sipped at it. I supposed he still wanted to be able to fuck later. I've heard liquor is no aphrodisiac. I downed mine; I couldn't give a damn.

"How's that? Feel better now?" Bruce asked. "I think so," I answered.

"What say we have a little action," I heard Bill ask, at nobody in particular.

"Suits me," Bruce answered kicking off his shoes.

Without further conversation, Bill fell to his knees between my legs, and began lapping at my inner thighs. I couldn't help myself. Almost as though pulled by strings. I felt my legs begin to spread for him.

Bruce, in the meantime, had stripped off his tee shirt, socks and jeans. He was left only with his shorts. I could see a very full bulge in them, and the outline of cock made my mouth water. It was huge, and it wasn't yet hard! That's the kind of cock I like; big as they could make it.

Bill had removed his towel and I could see that his cock was already coming to attention. What the hell, I thought to myself. I might as well take advantage of the situation.

I pushed myself into a more comfortable position as well as a more accessible one for Bill. He took advantage of the opportunity and his face nuzzled into the nest of curly blonde hair. Bruce leaned over and took hold of my tits at the same time; he covered my mouth with his. His tongue shot into my mouth, forcing my teeth apart, and started probing into all parts of it.

I could only relax. I felt immobile as though I were watching myself at a distance. I could feel the sensations of the activities going on, but I couldn't seem to feel my own movements, only the result of them.

A sudden sensual shock wracked me as I realized that Bill had found my clit and was working on it.

"Man, are you ready!" I heard Bill mumble. "That headache must have gone, huh?"

"What headache?" I heard myself ask.

"That's it, baby. Just forget everything. Just let yourself go. This is the time for it," he said, almost as though I hadn't spoken.

Bruce had worked my tits up so that the nipples were standing upright and hard. They were very sensitive, and he seemed to know it. His fingers were toying with them just enough to continue to build excitement. Never did he give me all the feeling I wanted; my body continued to want just a little more.

I had reached down and taken hold of the huge bulge in Bruce's briefs. I felt two large nuts and a semi-hard prick.

Bill had spread my legs wide so as to work his way deep into my slit with his tongue. My whole crotch was already wet from his saliva, and he was wetting me still more.

Then he released me and sat up on, the couch on the other side of me. But he didn't leave my pussy alone. One hand continued to work the crack, while the other took over working one of my tits. I just leaned my head back on the cushion and enjoyed the sensation of being loved by two men at the same time.

Bruce took his free hand and placed it on my ass hole his long fingers stroked the length of my crack lightly, following almost the same pattern as Bill.

"Ohhh," I heard myself moan.

"Getting, to ya, baby?" I heard Bruce ask.

In answer, I squeezed his cock. At the same time, I took hold of Bill's stiff rod.

I closed my eyes and imagined the scene as though I weren't a part of it. There I was, leaning back on the couch with my legs spread, my head thrown back, and holding a cock in each hand. One was stiff and the other was getting there. On each side of me was a horny stud, each working on one tit with one hand and each playing with my pussy and ass hole alternately. The thought excited me still more and I began to twitch my hips.

"Yeah, baby, get with it. Let's see that cunt open up for us," I heard in my ear. It was Bill, and he sounded hot, really hot.

"What can we do for that cunt and ass to make them feel better?" I heard from my other side.

In response, I pushed my hips forward, causing a little more pressure against their hands, and at the same time, slightly forcing the fingers a little deeper into my slit. "Ohhhh," I moaned, "Ohhh... that feels good."

"Spread 'em, cunt," Bill said, putting a little more pressure on my legs to pull them further apart.

Almost automatically I felt myself spreading as I was told. My legs were wide apart now, and my cunt was gaping open; my ass hole was throbbing for want of more and more.

The itching sensation inside just had to be satisfied one way or another. "Please," I asked, "Please... please..."

"Please, what?" I heard one of the men ask. "Please fuck me... I want to be fucked..."

"How bad?" Bruce whispered in my ear.

"Very bad," I said, grinding my hips up to their hands.

"That's not bad enough," he answered. "You've really got to want it before we can give it to you," he answered.

Their active hands were working steadily, their fingers darting up and down my slit and around the lips of my pussy; and my ass hole. The sensations continued to send shivers through my body which, in turn, kept me in constant motion. Oh, how I wanted to be fucked.

"Bill, please..."

"Please what, cunt?"

"Please give it to me..."

"Give what to you, whore?"

The questions were spat at me, and although I should have felt insulted, I instead felt even more excited.

"You know what I want," I moaned, passionately, my head still lying back on the cushion and my eyes closed. My whole body was in motion. I was writhing under the manipulations of these four hands, and the sounds I heard inflamed me still more.

"Tell me what you want... come on, let me hear you say it... What do you want, whore?"

"Cock! ... That's what I want, cock!" I shouted, unable to control the tone or level of my voice.

"Is that all? Just cock?"

"Oh, anything... anything to make my hole feel good," I answered, heatedly. "My pussy's itching to be fucked. Please fill it," I said, squeezing on both cocks at the same time.

In response, I felt more pressure against my pussy and ass hole as the fingers of both hands probed deeper, now together, now alternately. I tried to keep track of which hand was doing what, but it became impossible. All I could feel was movement, making me hotter and hotter.

The fingers were probing deeply and I could tell that more than one finger on each hand was busy fucking me. But it felt good. And I wanted it to feel better.

I raised my heels and brought them up close to my ass on the couch. That stretched my cunt and ass hole area wide: there was no protection and no resistance left in me.

Bruce broke away from me long enough to remove his briefs. When he sat back next to me, I quickly found his cock and took it in my hands. It was wet from excitement, and as I rubbed the head of it in my palm, it spit even more slick fluid for me to spread.

"Oh," I said, "Fuck me with that. Get that up in me, Bruce," I went on turning my head lazily toward him.

"You're not really ready for it, are you?" he teased.

"Oh, yes... yes, I am. Give it to me, now!"

"Be patient, cunt, you'll get it." He went on.

"Bill, I think it's time you cleaned up a little of the mess we've made down there, what say?"

Without answering, Bill turned his body on the couch and got on his knees so that I could continue to jack his cock for him. His head buried itself in my crotch, and in this position, he could really go to work on me. His tongue shot up into me and wrapped around my clit then back to my ass hole darting in and out like a snake. The sensations were maddening.

"Oh," I moaned. "That's it..."

"That's what?" I heard whispered in my ear.

"That's what I want," I answered lazily.

"What do you want?" the voice persisted.

"My pussy and ass worked. My cunt fucked, my holes filled."

"What do you want it filled with?" the voice went on.

"Cock!" I shouted, at the same time rearing my cunt up against the wet face buried in it.

"Whose cock?" the voice insisted.

"Anybody's cock!" I answered quickly. "Any cock I can get. Yours -- give me yours!"

"Not yet, baby. You've got to really want it to get it," he answered.

"But I really want it -- I want it bad! Give it to me!"

"Uhuh," he answered, "Not until you've convinced me. I don't think you really mean it."

"But I do," I said, whimpering, now. "I want it bad. My cunt's burning up. It's itching to be fucked. Please fuck it."

"What do you think, Bill?" Bruce asked. "Is she really ready?"

"I think she could use a couple of cocks." Bill said, almost in a commanding voice. "Yeah, two cocks!" he exclaimed.

Bruce had, without further objection, turned his body so that he was in position between my legs; his cock in front of my dripping hole. He raised his hips to the proper height and pushed forward.

"Aaagh," I moaned as the hot, hard head pressed into me. It continued its penetration without stopping until it was up to the hilt. "Oh, fuck me... fuck my cunt. Give it to me... Oh."

Bill was in the process of slipping under me. His cock finally gently pressing against my ass hole. Finally he pressed extremely hard and in went the cock. I had two cocks in me! Both men were now moving together.

"That what your ass hole wants?" Bruce asked, in my ear.

"Yeah... yeah, that's the thing! That's it! Cock! My cunt feels like it's burning up."

"Turn her around so you're on the couch," Bruce told Bill.

Bill twisted my body around so that I lay the long way on the couch, with him under me. This was accomplished without the loss of a single stroke. Their cocks continued to probe up into me in long slow strokes, the steady movements continuing to tense and excite me. I moved my hips up and aligned my body so as to take full advantage of their stiff pricks.

I looked down and I could see one cock buried into me, and right under it I felt the other cock going in and out. The sight and feeling turned me on still more; I was lost in wild animal passion. I increased the motion of my hips.

Bill had not slowed his motions, and together, he and I managed to keep Bruce's cock slipping back and forth behind me.

After a while of this, Bruce slipped himself back a little so that his cock became dislodged from the wet nest. It was bone-hard, and it was dripping from the combined juices of love. Bill continued fucking, he didn't notice.

"Don't take it away!" I pleaded. "Let me see it slipping around down there. Let me feel it slip up into me, again."

"Not yet, whore. You're not ready for it."

Bruce slipped cushions under my feet to raise me to the proper height for Bill. That way I didn't have to bear down on him, he only had to move his ass up and down. Then suddenly his prick slipped back still further and it became completely free. "What the hell!" Bill suddenly shouted.

"Shut up!" Bruce spat back at him. "I was just trying to make it better for you. Why don't you fuck the broad's pussy instead of her ass?"

Bill obediently did as Bruce strongly suggested. He rolled on his side and mounted my body. With one strong movement his cock was in my pussy fucking away.

Meanwhile Bruce was busily moving about the room. He picked up one of the cushions he had used before and slipped it under my ass. As he did that Bill's cock slipped out of my cunt once again.

"Dammit! What the hell are you doing, now!" Bill screamed.

"Shut up!" Bruce shouted back.

"You son of a bitch, you're not doing anything for me!" Bill protested.

"Oh, yes I am, cunt lover!" Bruce answered, his voice almost cruel sounding.

"I can't take that thing, you dumb fuck!" Bill said, his voice mixed between fear and excitement. "I can't take anything up there that way!"

"Shut up and keep fucking. You want that pussy and that pussy wants you. Just concentrate on that and everything will be alright."

So that was it, I finally realized! The guy is queer! While under other circumstances, the thought might have served to cool my passions, this time, for some reason, it only excited me more. I moved my hips back and forth and in circles on the cock buried in me.

Bill, for his part, continued to stroke into me, but with less enthusiasm than before. I knew he was concerned.

"Ouch!" Bill shouted, lunging forward into me. "Bruce, come on, please. I can't take that big thing and that's that!"

"That's nothing! Just take it easy and everything'll be alright. Just relax, pussy lover, and keep on fucking." Bruce answered him.

The idea caught my fancy. The thought of a stud getting fucked while fucking me seemed somehow exciting. It seemed sexy. It seemed dirty. I was all for it.

"Do what he says, Bill," I said, "Just think of my pussy... just keep fucking me. That way we can both have what we want."

"But I don't want to get fucked! That's not my bag! This motherfucker can stick that damn cock into any hole he can find. But I don't want it!"

"Yes you do!" Bruce said over his shoulder. "You don't know it, but you do. You want it as bad as her pussy wants it. The only difference is that she admits it and you don't. Now why don't you relax and take it easy?"

"Ouch!" Bill yelled again.

"Will you shut up, pussy lover! You've only got half the head -- so far."

"That's already more than I want!" Bill responded.

In spite of his protestations, I could tell the feeling was doing something for Bill because his cock had suddenly become more rigid... raging. His motions became more forceful, and instead of slipping gently into me, his cock was slamming into my cunt.

"Keep up the action, fucker," Bruce said, his voice forceful and demanding. "Keep stroking into hot cunt and get a little of the same."

"It's killing me!" Bill protested.

"Ah, but what a wonderful way to die," Bruce mused, still sounding stern and persuasive.

"Oh, yes, keep up the good work," I joined in. "It's good... keep it up... I love it... please fuck me!"

Bill did as he was told. His strokes became bold and forceful. The length of his cock was repeatedly slamming into my hole with such force that I had to brace myself so I wouldn't be shoved off the head of the couch. I ground my ass back for him, trying in every way I could to make it feel better, to entice him on, to help him keep his pace.

"That's it, fucker, fuck that cunt. Come on let me see the ass slam into her, that's it... now give it to her. That's it, stud, fuck her!" Bruce's voice was excited, and the tone of it carried over into Bill's actions. He did as he was told. He plunged himself into me to the hilt and held himself up against me.

"Oh," I said, "Oh, that's beautiful. Fuck me. Give me that stiff cock."

"Yeah, give her that stiff prick," Bruce interrupted, "And give me that sweet, tight ass of yours. Come on, pull back. Pull it out of her. That's it..."

"That's it, fucker, back... back... there! You've got the head. Now the rest will be easy. Now you can really ride pussy!"

As he was saying this, Bruce was positioning himself so that his cock was in line with my cunt. In that position, all he had to do was hold himself steady, and each time Bill pulled out of me, he could not help but slip back onto the cock behind him.

"Bruce, that's enough! I can't take any more," Bill whimpered, maintaining a steady motion. "Yes, you can," Bruce answered.

"Yes you can," I echoed. "I can tell you like it. Your cock is raging. It's bigger and stiffer than I've ever seen it before. You must like the feeling up your ass. Tell me you like it -- tell me."

"That's it, cunt," Bruce cut in. "Make him tell you how good it feels. Tell her, Bill. Tell her what it feels like... go on, tell her!"

"It hurts," protested Bill.

"Ah, but it hurts good, doesn't it?" responded Bruce. "It's gotta hurt good or else you wouldn't keep fucking her the way you are."

"But I can't take any more," Bill insisted. "It hurts too much."

"Shit, man, you've got it all. How much more do you want?"

"What?" shouted Bill. "You mean you've got that whole prick of yours in me?"

"Tell him, whore," Bruce said to me. "Tell him what you can see."

I looked down... and I could see! I described the sight for Bill.

"Oh shit!" Bill spat, continuing his steady rhythm over me. "I want to come... but I can't with that cock in my ass. Take it out, Bruce. Take it out!"

"Not on your life. Not on your life. That cock's in there to stay for a while," Bruce answered.

The scene was too much for me. "Oh Christ," I shouted. "I'm coming, I'm coming... Eeeaaahhh!"

Whatever restraints I might have had were now gone. The juices came flooding down out of me and every time Bill's cock pulled away from me, there was a wet slushing sound from my cunt.

The lips of my pussy were hanging loose and the fluids were literally running from me, slipping down the crack of my ass and making a puddle under me.

"See, Bill," Bruce said. "See what you've done? See what the cock up your ass helped you do?"

"Oh," Bill moaned. "Ooohh, fuck me... make me come too. Let me fill her with my come... let me shoot... oh, Bruce fuck me..."

"Fuck yourself, stud!" Bruce spat insultingly.

"It's there. All you have to do is take it."

"Aaieee." Bill had climbed the mountain and was happily sliding down the other side with the flood of full orgasm. His stiffened cock swelled to even greater proportions. The head acted like a plunger as it filled my channel. His strokes became full and hard, and each throbbing reflex dumped more of his come deep into me. He continued to pump into me until the last throb came from him.

"Oh," he said. "Wow!"

"You're not through, yet, buddy," Bruce said to him, as he got to his knees, managing somehow to keep his cock in Bill's ass. "You've still got a chore to fully complete."

I knew exactly what he meant. Without being told, I began to slip away from the stiffened cock in my cunt. It came out slowly, reluctantly, until it was near the head. Then Bruce grabbed Bill by the hips and pulled him back, hard against his own stiff cock, lodged deep up his ass.

I slid up the couch until I was high enough for what was coming.

Bruce made the next move. He pushed Bill forward from the shoulders until his face was buried in my cunt.

"Now, now!" commanded Bruce, pushing him deeper into the dripping crotch. "Suck it out, pussy lover, suck it now!"

I braced myself for him, then relaxed. His tongue began its licking motions and each motion created a new wave of shivers through my body. Oh, was I hot. I still wanted more. I had to have more.

Bruce, in the meantime had managed to get over Bill in dog-fashion position. His hips continued to roll against Bill's ass. His cock continued to slip into and out of him, its full length discernible in each retreating movement.

I could raise my head and see the whole action. It excited me.

"Oh, do it to me, Bruce... Fuck me now... I really want it... please, fuck me... Oh, fuck me."

Bruce looked at me and leered, but he didn't say a thing. He continued his fucking into Bill's an. My cunt was so relaxed that Bill could suck my pussy lips into his mouth and, at the same time, lick my clitoris. My juices began to subside, but not my desires. I still wanted to be fucked. "How's it taste, pussy eater?" Bruce asked Bill. "Ummmmm," he could only respond.

That was all Bruce was waiting for.

"Well, here's something more for you to think about!" he shouted. His hips started a violent slapping against the buttocks beneath him. His slippery cock glistened in the early evening light as it flew out of the tight, virgin ass and shot deeply back into it. "Here it is!" he groaned, "Take it! Aahhh... shit!"

That was it. Bruce had popped. He quickly withdrew and fell back on the couch.

Bill let out a low moan as the shaft left him. Then he, too, fell back on the couch in a crumpled heap, his cock now only half hard, and still oozing juice.

I reached for the bottle by the side of the couch and poured three stiff drinks and passed them around. Then I lit three cigarettes and passed them around.

"Boy, I sure don't want to go to that damned dinner, tonight," Bill complained.

"What dinner?" Bruce asked.

"Oh, it's some fucking deal I'm mixed up in. I can't get out of it, either," he answered.

"Well," Bruce continued, "Kim and I will have to finish our little party alone, back at my place. What say, cunt?"

I didn't answer. I nodded my eagerness. Yeah, I was ready.


"Make yourself comfortable," Bruce said, as we entered his apartment.

I didn't say anything. I removed my sweater and shoes and took a seat on the couch.

"I said, make yourself comfortable!" Bruce snapped, handing me the tall drink which he had just mixed. "Take them off! Strip, whore!"

I was a little surprised at his tone. It was hard and cold. He had lost his casual, seductive air he had had earlier.

He started removing his own clothing as he moved about the room. He adjusted the radio, the lights and the drapes. When he finally sat next to me on the couch, he had nothing on but his briefs. He took a long swig from his glass and turned to me.

"Still want to get fucked?" he asked, in a tone that was more of a business proposition than seductive.

"Well..." I stammered, somewhat embarrassed.

"Yes or no?" he cut in. "I got the impression downstairs that you still wanted more. Do you?"

"Well, yes, I guess so," I said, timidly.

"Good," he answered. "I was hoping you'd say that. I'm still horny as hell."

As he said this, he took my hand and placed it on his swelling crotch.

"Like that?" he asked, teasingly.

"Yes," I murmured. I was telling the truth, too. I wanted him. His shaft was so long, so large. I knew that I could get all the satisfaction I wanted from it. After seeing how he had so easily gotten into Bill, I was certain he'd have no trouble with me.

His cock had started to grow rigid, pushing against the sheer material of his briefs.

I started to pull it out, for more easy access, but before I could do so, he pulled my head down into him.

"Kiss it," he said, sternly. "Let's see you really love my cock up."

I nuzzled my face into him, obediently, and began breathing hotly against his huge cock and hairy balls.

His shaft continued to stiffen until it was lying full length in his briefs. His balls were heavy and full. There was still a lot of life left in him. The smell of his crotch excited me. I moaned very softly.

"Think you can manage all of it?" he asked in a low sultry voice.

"Ummmmm," was all I could answer. The smell of his manhood had captured me enslaved me. I began licking at him hungrily, wetting his briefs with my saliva, stroking his heavy legs with my free hand.

"Love it, baby. Show me how you can really love it," he whispered hoarsely.

The sound of his words inflamed me. My body started twisting and writhing on the couch.

I wanted him. I wanted his cock very badly. "You really do want it, don't you, cunt?" he asked, shoving his hips up toward me.

"Yes," I responded, "Yes, I do!"

"Then lick it, whore!" he spat.

His hand came off the back of the couch and took hold of one of my boobs. His technique was that of a master. He was confident, forceful, and completely demanding.

He rubbed my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, just hard enough to create the sensation of pain. It set me afire. I twisted and turned under his manipulations. I sucked at his cock with renewed vigor.

"Eat, baby, eat!" he urged.

I obeyed and ate his cock and balls. "That's it, whore, lap it up," he coaxed, sternly. "Eat it! That's it. Let me know you're there."

I moaned and renewed my efforts in his crotch. His whole groin was wet from my saliva, but he didn't seem to mind. Neither did I.

The salty taste of his body and the smell of his sex was driving me out of my mind.

"Do you smoke? You know, grass, pot..."

"I've tried it a few times," I said, "But it never really did anything for me."

"It will when I'm through with you," he said, very confident.

He shoved me off him, rather roughly. Then he went to the desk across the room. From the top drawer, he removed a pipe and matches.

"I guess you've never gotten really stoned," he said.

"Stoned?" I asked.

"Never mind," he went on. "You'll know what it's all about in a few minutes."

He seated himself once again, I took hold of his cock, stroking it, feeling its hardness in my hand. Each time I squeezed it, it would throb back at me in response.

Bruce lit his pipe and took a few puffs of it, each time he inhaled deeply and held his breath for a short while. The marijuana smelled very sweet and strong.

"Now breath out and open your mouth. Relax and let me do your breathing for you," he instructed.

He took a long draw on the pipe and then covered his mouth over mine.

I felt him pushing his breath into my open throat and I tried to relax. His breath crawled into me and filled my lungs.

Then I felt him draw it back out. I relaxed further, letting my body become an extension of his. I let my lungs fill and empty at his direction.

He twisted his tongue into my mouth and worked it around, probing, searching.

I opened my mouth wider for him, giving him full access to me.

My head was spinning. I felt I wanted to gasp for fresh air, but I fought against it. I wanted to do exactly as he told me. I wanted to satisfy him.

"That should do it," he said, a few drags and a few minutes later. "Now just let it happen."

A warm feeling slowly crept over my whole body. I felt loose, relaxed, euphoric.

"Tell me," I asked, still toying with his stiffened cock. "Is Bill queer?"

"Bill? Now. What gave you that idea?"

"The way you fucked him," I answered.

"Oh, that. Now, he's not queer. That's the first time I've had him. I've wanted that little ass of his for a long time," he said. "He's really a pussy eater from way back. He loves nothing more than a hot cunt wrapped around his face."

"Oh," I said, simply.

"He gets so hung up on cunt," he continued, "that when he really gets with it, you can do almost anything with him. I just saw my chance and jumped at it."

"Then..." I started, not knowing quite how to ask him.

"Then, am I?" he finished for me. "Shit, no. I just love to fuck. My cock stands up whenever it sees a hole -- any hole. I'd just as soon plug a knothole as an ass. I don't care what it is, so long as I can get it on my cock and soak it."

"That's a relief," I said.

I felt better. I was fearful that I had gotten hung up with a fairy that was playing some sort of game with me. I didn't know what it was all about, but I felt much relieved.

Bruce got up from the couch and walked a few paces away. He turned to face me, placing his hands on his hips and shoving his crotch forward sensually.

"Come here," he ordered, his gaze hard upon me. I started to get up from the couch.

"Down!" he spat. "Crawl!"

I didn't realize what he was saying. I stood there, staring blankly at him.

"Crawl!" he repeated. "Crawl?" I echoed.

"On your knees. Crawl!" he said, his full voice sounding hard and threatening.

Slowly. I sank to my knees. I didn't know what he was talking about. My mind wouldn't function properly. My reflexes were slow.

"Way down!" he shouted, his voice commanding. Somewhere in the back of my mind a light flashed.

It was a signal for me to obey. I didn't understand why, but I complied.

"Now come here," I heard him saying, his voice a little lower.

Against my better judgment, I started crawling slowly toward him.

He said nothing as he quietly watched me.

I crawled until I was before him on all fours. I turned my head and looked up at him.

Just as I did, he swatted me on the side of the head, knocking me to the floor.

I was stunned. I was amazed.

I looked up at him again. His expression had not changed. It was hard, with a flicker of cruelty. He was very serious!

I didn't know whether to cry or to be indignant. I had the feeling I should have been angry. But then, I reasoned, he really hadn't hurt me. He had only surprised the hell out of me. I wasn't prepared for his move. I didn't know how to react, or how to act.

I lay there, awaiting his next order, obediently. Somehow I felt that it was expected of me. "Lick!" he said, putting a foot before my face. "Lick!" he repeated, wiggling his toes against my lips.

My tongue darted out, hesitantly. It touched the flesh of his toe. It was coarse and tough.

But it wasn't bad.

I continued flicking my tongue at his foot. He didn't move it.

Gradually, I worked my way onto the top of it. The little hairs there tickled and excited me. The smell of his maleness filled my nostrils.

I worked my way up to his ankle. Suddenly, I realized that I was on all fours. I had to twist my head so that I could lick up the back of his calf.

His flesh was slightly salty. But it was his odor that attracted me. I couldn't taste it, but I imagined it.

I imagined that I was eating his flesh, chewing it off his bones. I fancied that I was stripping his frame, devouring him.

My mouth and lips were working up and down his calf feverishly, lapping at his hard leg and licking the hairs.

"That's it, you no-good, fucking bitch," I heard him tell me, his voice low and steady, tense and hard.

It stimulated me. I sucked and lapped harder. His lower leg was wet from my efforts.

I raised my body higher, sucked his knee, licked at the hardness of it, forced his kneecap to move under the flesh with the pressure of my tongue.

I edged my way between his legs and licked the back side of his knee, lightly.

The sensation brought a reaction from him. His knee weakly bent. His reaction excited me. I had the feeling that I was making him move. He was becoming my puppet. I was making him feel good.

So I sucked on, first applying pressure with my tongue and lips and then slacking off, barely touching him at all.

I could feel the muscles of his thigh quiver and tense.

I continued my efforts, little sounds of passion coming from my lips.

Then I felt a soft, feathery touch skim across my back. It startled me, and then I relaxed to it. It never occurred to me to determine what it was. It felt good. I liked it. It was very exciting.

That's all that seemed to matter at the moment. My mind was filled with hunger. I was approaching his rampant crotch with my mouth. I was eager for his cock. I was eager for his body.

I nuzzled my nose in the underside of his prick. The smell of his excitement made my head spin. I wanted more much more.

I opened my mouth and took the hardness of his nuts into it. I pulled and tugged, gently, trying to pull them deeper into me.

All of a sudden, I felt a stinging on my back. It started low on my rump and shot up to my shoulder. It was like a lightning flash.

I jumped in surprise and shock.

I looked up quickly and saw that he was swinging a pair of rawhide thongs.

And a strange thing happened. I returned to his cock.

I should have stopped, right there. I should have gotten to my feet and put a stop to it.

But, strangely, I found it exciting.

That tingling sensation to my back and ass was absolutely exciting! Where it should have hurt, it felt good. I wanted more.

I got it.

This time, I heard the swish of the thongs as they flew through the air. I felt their delicate sharpness as they bit into the tender flesh of my back.

I twitched a natural reaction.

But then I relaxed again, and I moaned ecstatically.

"You filthy, no-good whore," I heard him say. "You no-good cunt. You slobbering bitch! You're nothing but a cocksucker, a motherfucking cocksucker!"

Swish, zap! He hit me the third time. The thongs bit me again and again.

Each time they struck me, I would jab my face into his crotch, bucking up into him like a calf at its mother's teat, beating the milk from her udder.

Gently, I took his briefs into my mouth, between my teeth. I began lowering my head, pulling them with me.

"Yeah, cunt," I heard him whisper hoarsely. "Yeah, take 'em off, bitch. Undress your stud. Bare that cock -- that great, big cock that you want. Bare that hard cock!"

I lowered my head further, feeling his shorts resist. I felt them stretch, still clinging to his body, as though they were reluctant to leave the closeness of his hot skin.

I pulled and tugged, but they would not give. And then, he hit me again. My sudden, violent twitch achieved the result I could not alone achieve.

His shorts slid from his hips. They went downward, lower and lower.

The black bush of his pubic hair came into full view. It sprang up like a wire brush -- coarse, curly and shiny with his perspiration.

Quickly, I turned his briefs loose and raised myself to bury my nose in that hair. The smell of his male animalness permeated my mind. My skin tingled. My tongue came out and I lapped at him, hungrily.

I lapped at him as though I was absolutely starved.

"Oh," I moaned. "It's beautiful! Its warm and delicious. I love it. I love it!"

"Sure you love it, cunt," he said. "Sure you love it. That's the very thing you were made for -- to love it. You were made to be its slave, to clean it, to make love, to lick it and suck, suck, suck it!"

His voice sounded lost, distant, and impersonal. It sounded as though he were speaking to no one and yet everyone.

But I was intensely excited. I licked harder. Swish! The thongs kissed me again, sharply. I could feel their thready trail cross-cross on my back. I could feel the little paths of their previous contact between my ass cheeks. I could feel them heating up, burning and stinging.

It was painful. It was glorious. It was delicious.

I moaned like an animal in heat.

"Like that, don't you?" he asked, directing his words toward me. "You really like that, don't you?"

I started to answer, but before I could, he hit me again. Instead of speaking, I whimpered, deliciously.

The words weren't there.

The sound of my whimpering seemed far distant. It seemed to trigger me to further depravity.

His cock glowed amid the blackness of his pubic hair. The solid flesh came more and more into view as I tugged his briefs down.

First the very base, broad and flat, ridged by the gristle and veins that spelled male.

Then the length of it came into view. First only an inch. Then two. Then three.

I couldn't wait. Again, I turned my efforts to his crotch. My tongue was lapping greedily at the fleshy piece of meat. My teeth grazed it.

"You filthy cunt. You no good slave. Cock is what you want, isn't it? Isn't it?"

Before I could answer, the thongs made love to me again. My body twitched, violently.

My tits beat rhythms against my chest, in time to the movements of my body.

Until this very instant, I had not even given a thought to my cunt.

But its presence suddenly crashed into my mind. It was hot.

It was wet.

It was twitching and throbbing in anticipation of its master.

"Oh, fuck me," I heard myself saying. "Oh, give me that cock up my ass, baby. I need that cock, that great big cock."

"You like that big cock?" he teased. "You want that cock? You want it up your sweet little ass hole? Well, do you?"

"Oh, yes," I moaned. "Yes, yes, yes!"

"Then, beg for it!" he spat, his voice hard again. "Beg for it, dog! Beg!"

Again the thongs crashed into the flesh of my ass. The cheeks quivered. They stung. They were painful. But I didn't want him to stop.

I wanted his cock and I would do anything for it. I would let him beat me, if that's what he wanted. Anything, just as long as I could feel his cock in me.

"Finish what you started," he said, shoving his groin forward once again.

And again I took his briefs in my mouth and tugged downward. I wanted to bare him. I wanted to strip him.

That's what he wanted. That's what I wanted.

My eyes were glued to his pubic area so that I could see it clearly as it came into view. His cock hidden by the material. His mammoth cock had to be uncovered. It grew longer and still longer.

I teased myself by pulling the material slowly, very slowly. I wanted to savor every millimeter of his hardened flesh.

The material slowly slipped lower, down over the hard cheeks of his masculine ass, down over the firm flesh of his thighs, his cock became even fatter and larger.

The cock pushed forward, against the material, the outline of its head showing clearly through the material.

My eyes watched it ravenously. It climbed closer and closer to the elastic of his waistband as the shorts were lowered over his legs.

Suddenly, with a snapping sound, it broke free and sprang up, dancing horizontally out from his body. It twitched and it throbbed. And on the tip, I could see the shiny presence of passion. His passion...

Quickly, I pulled the shorts lower, taking one of his feet in my hand and lifting it so that it would slip out of the briefs. Then I lifted the other one.

He was finally free.

His body was completely naked. He was now completely mine.

"Look at it!" he said, as I approached his prick. "Look at it and worship it!"

I complied, with the aid of his rawhide thongs. "Oh, you wonderful cock," I spoke to it. "Oh, you beautiful piece of meat!"

Each time I spoke to it, the cock would throb and twitch restlessly.

"Oh, I love you. I adore you. You're my one and only cock."

"That's it, you filthy son of a bitch! Tell it. Tell it who's master here. Talk to it! Talk!" he said, bringing his stinging lash down onto my back again.

"Oh, my loving cock, my master, fuck me! I want you to feel good, hot and wet, up in my ass. I want you to poke me, to stab my ass, my juicy hole. More and more of you will go in my ass, until all of you is completely in!"

I continued talking, words spilling from my slobbering lips.

My own words incited me further.

My own words acknowledged my submission to him and to his cock.

"Now kiss it on the head, but don't touch the wetness. Kiss it. Go on, kiss it!" he insisted, dragging the thongs over my sensitive flesh.

I did as I was told. I raised off my hands and kissed it on the top of its head, as though I were some maid paying homage to a cobra. I kissed it delicately.

I licked it lovingly and passionately.

I didn't touch the wetness, but I wanted to. I wanted to taste it.

"Now the balls," he ordered. "Kiss the balls. They're your Gods, too. They're part of your master. Show your respect."

I scrambled under his protruding cock and took the loose skin of his sac into my mouth. I kept pulling, sucking it in. And then I felt the hardness of one of his balls against my lips.

I opened my lips, opened them wide. It slid in.

I slowly worked my tongue around it, feeling its hardness slip around in my mouth.

I pulled more of his sac into my mouth. Soon I felt his other nut approach my mouth.

So, I opened my mouth wider and let the other ball slide in.

My mouth was full. My cheeks were bulging. My tongue was working madly.

My jaws were working cautiously, lest I bite too hard. I worked my jaws from side to side, up and down, grinding the meat of his sex between my lips.

I saw the crack of his ass over me. I buried my nose in the bottom of it.

The smell of perspiration mingled with the smell of shit. I was at once repulsed and attracted.

The smell wasn't really too bad, after all. In fact it was rather intriguing.

I turned my body so that I was sitting on the floor, my legs spread, my head back, buried beneath his balls. My tongue licked at the spot between his balls and his ass.

My nose was just a little way from his ass hole. "Yeah, hot bitch! Yeah..." He was beginning to moan now, too. His passion was getting to him. He was letting me have him.

I wanted him!

Cautiously, I bent my head back a little more, bracing my hands on the cheeks of his ass.

I slipped closer to his ass.

My nose touched it. I hesitated. I inhaled. It was heavenly.

It was delicious.

I buried my nose in it and pressed it against the right ring of his ass. I shoved and pushed, tried to sink my nose in. But it wouldn't go.

I moved my mouth back farther, keeping my dripping tongue out, wetting his crack as I moved. My tongue touched the tight ring, wetting it, and then pushed against it.

At first it was tight. It was tightly puckered. I couldn't enter it.

Then he bent forward. His ass cheeks spread. His ass hole relaxed.

My tongue began to slip in.

I prodded and poked, making short little jabbing motions. And each time I did, my tongue probed him a little deeper.

"Suck it, you slut!" he said. "Suck it into that face of yours. Suck it into your filthy mouth. Lick it out."

I did as I was bade.

I sucked hard... harder.

It moved into me. The whole ring came into my mouth.

I held my tongue stiff and steady, breathing the odor from his hairy ass crack. As he pressed his ass against my face, my tongue moved into the warm depths of his ass hole. It seemed as if I were pulling, sucking and pushing, all at the same time, trying to taste as much of his bowels as I could. I couldn't get enough.

After a minute, my tongue was as far as it would go. Still, it wasn't far enough. I wanted more. I could feel him tightening the ring of muscle at the entrance. His ass hole contracted, grasping my embedded tongue. It held my tongue tightly, pulling it even farther from my mouth. Keeping it lodged inside his warm, moist ass hole, I opened my lips wide to breathe. At the same time, I began fucking him, sliding my tongue in and out as best and as deeply as I could.

At the same time, I played with his cock, grasping the warm, throbbing hardness in my first. I could hear him grunting with passion as I manipulated it, rubbing my hand up and down the rigid length. With my other hand, I cupped and squeezed his sensitive balls, hefting their weight, feeling them fill with a thick, scalding load of sperm.

My tongue was beginning to tire inside his anus, but I couldn't release it completely. His muscles were holding it tight. It wouldn't come out, but then, I didn't really want it to.

I could feel his nuts tightening in their sack and I knew that he was on the verge of coming so I released his cock from my grasp. Just then, he loosened his ass hole and broke away from me.

"Come on," he said, "let's go into the bedroom where we can really get with it."


The bedroom was fantastically beautiful. It was large, and had windows on two sides. He was completely secluded from the other tenants. On one side was the bathroom and dressing room. On the other side was his living room.

The room was as good as soundproof.

The bed was huge. It was covered by a black leather sheet.

The wall opposite the foot of the bed was covered with mirrors which had been obscured by heavy drapes until he had pulled them back.

"On the bed," he ordered, emotionless. I complied.

"On your stomach!"

I rolled onto my stomach.

Quickly, before I could turn or object, he had grabbed my wrists and snapped a pair of handcuffs on them. They were locked behind me.

Just as quickly, he snapped a pair of shackles on my feet. I spread my legs and discovered that there was a length of chain about a foot long between my ankles. I could only hobble if I tried to walk.

"Now, cunt, we'll see how badly you really want it. Tell me," he said, "Tell me how you want it..."

I heard the sudden whistling sound and felt the sharp slap of a broad leather belt.

He was standing beside the bed with his cock in one hand the other hand was holding a mean looking garrison belt.

"How badly do you want it?" he sneered, shoving his cock forward.

"Badly," I moaned.

"Bad enough to have some more belt?" he asked.

I hesitated.

"Answer me!" he shouted, angrily.


The belt cut me short. It crashed into my ass and I could feel the stinging welt it was raising. "Bad enough to have some more belt?" he asked again.


Again the belt hissed me. This time on the other ass cheek. It burned. It hurt.

But it felt good.

"More?" he asked.

"I want to be fucked!" I shouted back.

"More?" he asked again, as though I had not even spoken one word.

"More," I echoed, resigning myself to him. "Let me hear you beg for it," he taunted.

"More... belt... I want... more belt." I continued. "Belt... belt... more... give me more..."

My voice was going off on its own. I wasn't thinking of the words... they were coming of their own accord.

I got more belt. Hard. Over and over. My ass was tingling. Burning. It was hot. It was burning up.

And I heard myself talking...

"Oh, more... give me more... more of the belt... whip me... whip me."

"Who am I?"

I heard him ask me. I knew what I was supposed to say...

"My master," I intoned, seriously, eagerly. "You are my bond-master... my boss... my cock... you are my..."

And again the belt cut me short. It lashed across both my buttocks, low, and I could feel it cutting the flesh.

I didn't want to look. I only wanted to feel.

I could feel my hips working. I could feel them shoving the cheeks of my ass upward, toward the source of my pain and my joy.

I wanted, suddenly, to be beaten unmercifully. "Oh, hell," I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Beat me. Make me yours. Make my body cry. Make it hurt. Make it yours... whip me... beat me! Beat me! Beat me!"

I screamed my plea over and over. And over and over he complied.

I watched him as he beat me. His one hand worked methodically on his cock, skinning it back and then moving forward, forcefully, seductively, pressing the skin forward, increasing the size of the glistening glob of juice clinging to the head.

His other hand was swinging loosely with his arm, grasping the big belt firmly.

He was looking down on my body. His eyes flew over the length of my body. They were glazed. They were seeing through me.

There was a cruel smile on his wet lips. His breath came fast. He was impassioned.

He hit me again.

I whimpered under him. Enjoying the feel of the pain in a way I never dreamed I could.

"Beg, bitch... beg for your master to love you... let me hear you beg..."

I begged.

"Yes... yes, that's it... whip me... prove to me that you're my master... prove that I'm yours... whip me... whip me... oh, please... whip me!"

What had come over me? I was playing the role of a masochist.

And I was loving it. I was wallowing in the deliciousness of the slick, sticky leather under me. I was tingling at the pain behind me. I loved the feeling of the restraints on my body.

I was a masochist.

"Now what do you want, you shit-eating piece of dirt," he asked.

I looked hungrily at his cock and the huge drop of clear fluid beginning to drop from the head of his prick.

"That's what I want," I said... "That's it the love juice. I want it on my tongue... I want to taste it... I want to lick it from you..."

I thought at first that he was going to let me have it. He leaned his body forward, over the bed and continued to massage his throbbing tool.

The drop grew in size. He was milking more of that lubricating juice out of his cock. It was hanging in a great blob by a luminous thread of liquid.

It extended further and further, lower and lower. I wanted it. I tried to move my body over so that I'd be under him.

But the shackles stopped me.

"Oh," I said, involuntarily. "Please... please let me have it... I want it I want your cock."

But he wouldn't.

I saw it come lower and lower, closer and closer to the leather covering.

And then the drop fell loose. It fell to the leather and lay there in a huge puddle.

"Now, you cock eater!" he spat at me. "Lick it up."

I didn't need the encouragement his belt gave my ass. But I accepted it, willingly.

I squirmed over the bed and planted my lips on the puddle. My tongue lapped it up, licking off the leather sheet until there was no trace of his juice.

"Well?" he asked.

Again I knew, somehow, what he expected me to say. "Thank you, master," I intoned. "Thank you for your juice... Thank you... thank you... thank you..."

Tears were filling my eyes. I was really grateful for this man letting me have his juice. I really felt like he had done me a great favor.

"Now," he said, "How would you like to taste this cock? How would you like to feel it in your fucking throat? How would you like it down your throat, hun?"

"Oh, anything," I said. "Anything at all."

"Good," he answered. "But first, we have to take care of that little cunt of yours, don't we?"

"Oh, yes," I said, remembering my hot cunt. It was aching to be filled. It was dripping wet. "What would you like up there, slave?" he asked me.

"Anything," I said. "Anything at all. Please fill it... fill it... give it anything..."

I was grinding my hips into the mattress, pushing the lips of my swollen pussy hard against the bed.

My tits were mashed under me and I didn't care. I delighted in the feeling of them being pressed broad and flat. My head was reeling.

Bruce reached under the bed and brought forth what looked like a stubby dildo. It was only about two inches long.

At its base, it had a large suction cup.

Also attached to it was a long tube, to the end of which was a rubber bulb, similar to a blood pressure device.

"How's this for a start?" he asked, teasing me by shoving it in my face.

"Yes," I moaned, heatedly, "Anything... Anything."

"Then lick it. Wet it... get it nice and moist for that hole of yours, baby. You're gonna get it and you're going to get it good," he threatened.

Automatically my tongue shot from my mouth and slithered back and forth, over the stubby dildo. I licked it all over until it was wet, managing to deposit some of my sex slobber on Bruce's fingers and hand as I did so.

He turned the device upside down. "Now wet the cup, bitch. Wet it good, 'cause that's going to hold tight for it to work for you. Wet it good. That's it; working your tongue like that will do it. Let me see that tongue... Yeah... lick it..."

When I had saturated it, he spread my legs and planted the dildo firmly in the center of the bed, pressing it down so that the cup grasped the leather covering on the bed.

"Okay, bitch," he told me. "Get to it. Get on it and let's see what you can do with it..."

I complied immediately. The mere thought of having my pussy worked excited me beyond a point where any inhibitions I had were completely washed away. All I wanted to do at this moment was get that thing up my ass.

My body slid over it. I felt it pressing against my groin.

I raised my body until it lodged itself in my crack. It wasn't big enough.

It only pressed into the edge of my lips.

I held my legs as far apart as the shackles would allow me and began bucking my hips onto it.

It slipped into my lips and I let out a little moan as it brushed up against my clit.

I had found the spot. I worked my hips frantically.

"Yeah, cunt. Work on it... get it in there..." As he said this to me, he got on the bed and spread his legs so that his crotch was just out of reach of my tongue. He was slowly working on his cock.

I could see his balls lift each time he moved his hand up to the head. I could see them roll liquidly within his sac.

And then they would settle and nuzzle neatly between his legs as he lowered his hand.

"Buck, baby... buck that ass. Let me see you buck."

I began a steady bucking motion with my hips, rocking back and forth on my stomach. I could feel the little stubby dildo teasing and taunting my ass. It was barely rubbing my clit.

"Oh, you ass hole. You should see what you look like. You should see in the mirror. Here," he said, producing a mirror and holding it in front of my face. "Look at what you look like. I want you to see how cheap and dirty you really are. You fucking slug..."

I looked into the mirror. I could see the crack of my ass. I could see the orange dildo poking into it. I could see my ass rising and falling on it. I could see the welts all over my ass.

It was criss-crossed with them. And I remembered the feeling of the belt.

"Oh, whip me," I begged. "Whip me some more... I love it..."

"Naw, baby. You don't want too much of that. I don't want to kill you, I just want you to love it... love it... love it..."

He repeated himself like a broken record. And the words had their impact. They pressed further and further into my mind. Love it... love it... love it...

I could only associate the thought with the act of the moment. I could only think of the dildo. "How would you like a little more?" he asked, looking down on me and into the large mirror alternately.

I raised my head, my eyes speaking for me and my hips confirming my desire.

He picked up the rubber bulb and squeezed it a couple of times.

I felt the reaction. He was pumping air in to the bladder of the rubber stub. It started to grow, slowly. I could feel it poking deeper into my ass hole, pressing harder against my ass.

"How's that," he asked, sounding very much like he didn't really care.

"Oh... beautiful..." I moaned, "It's hitting my clit harder... it's beautiful... beautiful..."

I lent proof to my words by bucking harder on the stubby shaft within me.

"Now," he said, "The rest is up to you. It's all up to you..."

Saying this, he placed the bulb at his groin, resting it against the base of his cock, nestling it in his hairs.

"Suck!" he spat. "Let me feel your mouth! The more you suck, the more dildo you get. The more you suck... the more your ass hole gets. Now suck!"

He pushed himself forward.

Saying nothing, I arched my back and pressed my groin onto the dildo for support. Without my hands, I couldn't raise my head easily.

But I managed to raise high enough to latch my lips onto the head of his cock. It was moist and sticky. It was salty and sweet. It was hard, stiff, throbbing.

I opened my lips and let the head slip into my face. I let my eyes come open and I saw the bulb in front of me, but... it was so far away.

I had a driving desire to have more of that dildo. I had to have that dildo.

I pressed my mouth down on his cock and felt it slip into me further. The crown of his cock passed my teeth and it seemed to fill my mouth. How was I to reach that bulb... so far away.

I continued my efforts, writhing on the bed, anchored to the dildo on one end and a stiff cock on the other end.

"Here," I heard him say. I looked up, not removing my mouth from his cock.

He pushed a white cloth in my face, covering my nose. I inhaled deeply.

I felt a coolness... drenching my body... relaxing my nerves... making me go numb... "Breathe deeply and relax, relax... that's it, just relax... breathe... relax..."

He filled the room and my head with his voice.

I could think of nothing. I could only relax... and breathe.

The chemical on the cloth was reducing me to a limp rag. I felt, vaguely, his cock creeping into my throat, slowly and steadily.

I felt the dildo pressing into my ass hole, firmly.

I was torn between the two. I couldn't unscramble my thoughts.

I could only breathe... and relax.

Through eyes that really couldn't focus, I saw the bulb coming closer... closer... closer.

I felt the cock slip into my throat, deeper, deeper, deeper.

He resprayed the cloth and replaced it, completely cutting off any outside, clear air I might get.

"Breathe, slut... whore... slave... you fucking slave... breathe... relax... breathe... relax... let that ass relax..."

I was relaxing. I could feel the disjointed feeling of my hips... my pelvis. It was no longer a part of me. It was separate from me. It was pressing on the stubby dildo.

I felt something at my forehead and looked. It was the bulb. I bucked against it, pressing it slightly, and I felt the dildo respond. It firmed up some more and I could tell it had grown, if only slightly.

I marvelled that I had negotiated so much of his cock. I relaxed, feeling his tool lodged deep in my throat. I could hear my breath whistling around it, my mouth opened wide, my teeth and lips not even touching the stem of his meat.

But I could breathe, and his cock was in my throat. I rolled my head from side to side and could feel his meat move in my throat. It was tight. It was hot.

I was hungry and I pressed down on him, devouring his manhood.

I felt the tender pressure of the bulb against my forehead again and I bucked.

This time I could press hard on it.

"Heave! Buck! Fuck yourself... fuck yourself... come on fuck... fuck..."

I was putty. I was under his complete control. If he had told me to jump from the window at that moment, I would have.

"Suck... suck it... eat it up... lap on it... yeah, bitch, yeah, you slimy whore... suck, suck a man... suck cock... cock."

His voice droned on and on, it echoed in my head. There was nothing but sound in my head. I couldn't escape it.

I didn't want to.

I wanted to suck... I wanted to eat it up... I wanted to lap his maleness... I wanted to eat his cock.

"Ugh," I heard my own voice, in response to another thrust of the dildo in my cunt. My hips were pressing down on it, forcing it into me, forcing it to spread my lips, forcing it to fuck me, forcing it to make me want it... forcing me on... for more.

Again I bucked on Bruce's cock and slammed my head toward the bulb. I made contact and pressed it hard... once... twice... three times...

It lurched, it pushed... it pressed. Deeper into me it crawled.

Wider and wider it stretched my lips. More and more I wanted.

The taste of Bruce's cock came to my conscious new again. That delicious, hard shaft planted in my throat. I began swallowing it, contracting my throat muscles, milking it, pulling at it.

At the same time I kept working my head up and down, pressing it deep into his crotch. Each time making contact with the bulb.

Each time pressing it flat.

Each time inflating the dildo, and each time getting it further into me.

Each time feeling greater depravity immerse me.

I brought my legs close together. I could feel the firmness of the weapon between my legs. I rocked my hips from side to side and felt its flexible rigidity. I could feel it pressing against the walls of my dripping ass.

I was getting near. I wanted to come.

I pumped and throbbed on it wildly.

"That's it... work it... there's more. Take it, take it all, fuck, suck, you slut."

Each one of his words formed a picture in my mind, and I lived each picture.

I worked my cunt, feeling it slide up and down the rigid, almost coarse staff between my legs. Striving to take more and more.

Striving to satisfy Bruce by taking it. Striving to take it all.

Fucking myself with his dildo. Sucking his cock greedily.

Feeling like the dirty, filthy slut he had called me.

And loving the feeling.

He placed his hands on either side of my head and began to work my head up and down the length of his torrid tool. He lifted my head, arched my back and pulled me oft him until only the tip of the throbbing tool was pressing against my lips, seductively.

Then he gently but forcefully pulled my head into him, forcing his maleness deep into my throat; forcing my face into his crotch.

Forcing my head to flatten the rubber orb lying on his groin.

Forcing the dildo to climb deeper into my ass canal.

I was an animal. I was depravity.

I was moaning incoherently, slobbering, writhing, wallowing in the filth of sex. Loving the delights of boundless sensuality.

I grunted against the dildo, forcing my pussy lips out, forming a huge ring of flesh that rode the length of it. I had no idea how deeply it was planted into me on my downward thrust. I had no idea of how much I slipped out.

I felt like a million miles of hot cock was crawling into me.

"Wait a minute!" Bruce suddenly said. "I forgot something..."

He reached over the side of the bed and brought up a tube of ointment.

He twisted a little screw in the rubber orb and I felt the dildo begin to deflate, to retreat from me, to go soft. Almost like a cock after it had come.

He got to his knees and pulled the flaccid dildo from my ass; my lips hung loose, dripping my passion until I formed a puddle under me. I could feel a sticky wetness smearing all over my groin.

But I didn't care.

I turned my head and saw Bruce press the head of the tube against the head of the dildo. He was forcing the ointment into a little sac in the dildo. He forced nearly half the small tube's contents into the depraved instrument.

When he finished, he replaced the stubby little mound of pink rubber against my ass hole once again.

Then he resumed his position in front of my face. He replaced the rubber ball on his groin, just as it had been.

His cock was still rampant. It was throbbing and its head showed the proof of his passions. It was freely dripping that clear, slick, salty-sweet fluid that serves so well as a lubricant.

My greedy tongue lapped at it hungrily. I wanted every bit of it I could get.

"Now, slave," he said in my ear, "now you can really go to town. Now you can prove to me what a fucking slave you are... Fuck that dildo now..."

As he said this, he again covered my nose and mouth so that I could only breathe the fumes from the cloth.

Once again I drifted into a world of total oblivion. An orange ball formed in the back of my head and began moving forward. In its wake it left complete submission, complete abandon.

Almost at a distance, I felt my hips throbbing on the dildo. I was vaguely conscious of Bruce's cock poking into my throat, conscious, too, of the rubber ball being repeatedly pressed against my forehead.

But most of all, I was conscious of the sensations coming from my groin. They were like millions of needles, stabbing every inch of my anal canal.

I knew I was riding up and down on the dildo. I knew it was inflated considerably. I knew it wasn't as rough as it felt.

Then it occurred to me... the ointment...

My ass was draining it from the head of the dildo and transporting it back and forth along my canal.

The heat increased. It ran down my legs toward my feet. It burned everything in its wake.

It spread through my stomach, destroying any sense of restraint, any sense of decency, any thought of reality.

"Yeah, how's that, whore? How's that dildo now, slave, like it? Want it? Take it all... let me see that ass hole fly... yeah. That's it... push them out... push those lips out... way out... let heaven in... fuck."

Fortunately, he was holding my head and working it back and forth on his cock. I didn't have to concentrate on that: I only had to think of my ass hole.

I only had to think of satisfying my ass. I only had to think of filling it.

I pumped and moaned. I ground my hips, twisted my pelvis, arched my back.

I slammed myself down on it and could hear the force of my body hit the bed.

The fire was consuming me.

The odor coming from the cloth was overcoming me.

My head was spinning. My ears were ringing, my eyes blinded by the lights flashing inside my head.

I was wanton. I was sex... feeding on itself... I wanted him to see me. I wanted to please him. Suddenly there was no other thought in my mind, but to please him. I knew he was watching me. I knew he was judging me, I wanted to please him... I wanted to show him.

Then it happened.

Amid the burning, throbbing sensations in my ass there rose an all-encompassing feeling of climax. My stomach tightened, my legs tensed, my back stiffened. My ass hole pushed out, harder and harder against the invading representative of sex. My lips were turned inside out. My ring of flesh was slapping against the leather covering on every descent.

Even with Bruce's cock buried in my throat I managed to make animallike gurgling sounds. I could feel his rigid cock trying to probe deeper into me. I gulped at him; fed on his animal sex, thrived on his physical invasion of me.

I could feel the hot juices of my climax welling up inside my stomach, running down through the channels inside my cunt.

My body exploded with the force of my orgasm. Hot, garbled moans escaped my cock-filled throat. My body writhed in orgasmic ecstasy. My hips thrashed about as the hot juice of my come spewed from my palpitating, convulsing hole.

As my own come raced through me, I felt the cock inside my mouth swell. I sucked harder, knowing what was about to happen. The head of his cock was pressing against the back of my throat when the first thick, white gush of sperm came shooting from his piss hole. I swallowed it hungrily, sucking at the same time. I couldn't swallow fast enough and finally thick, globs of come ran from the corners of my stuffed mouth, rolling down my chin and then dripping onto my heaving titties.

Suddenly, the cock was pulled from my mouth and I could feel the remainder of his come shooting all over my face, landing in a hot, sticky mess on my eyes and forehead, with the last few drops squirting onto my nose and mouth.

I moaned with passion, feeling total degradation at last. I was being used and I loved it. I began feeling totally spent, drained of all feeling. I felt a calm, relaxing coolness creeping over my entire body. Sounds became more and more distant. I could imagine the way I looked, the globs of come covering my face already cold and beginning to harden, forming a crust.

"You fucking slut," was the last thing I heard. I was totally and completely out of it.


"How would you like to go for a ride in the country, slut?" Bruce asked me over coffee the following bright morning.

I was surprised at his attitude and tone. I didn't expect him to carry his thoughts of our sex session over into ordinary conversation. But I didn't make any scene. I ignored the implications.

"That would be nice," I answered.

"Good. Then, after we've cleaned up, I know just the place to go. By the way, have you looked at your backside this morning?"

"As a matter of fact, I have," I answered. "I don't like what I see."

"But you liked getting it, didn't you?"


"Didn't you?" he persisted.

"Under the circumstances of the moment, I did. But that doesn't mean I have to like the after-effects."

"It's all part of the game, baby," his sober voice intoned.

I thought over what he had just said. I supposed that I had to agree with him.

We finished our breakfast in relative simplicity and silence.

"Oh," I said. "This is absolutely wonderful. It's delicious just to be able to lie back and enjoy the clean silence of the country."

"Yeah," Bruce answered. "It's nice once in a while. In fact, it's even nicer when you've got a hot ass hole wrapped around your cock, or I guess it could also be a cunt depending on taste."

I looked at him sharply. He had the habit of saying the strangest things at the strangest times. Sex was the farthest thing from my mind. I was drinking in the delights of nature's country air and hearing the happy, carefree sounds of the country. I really wasn't thinking about sex at all.

But when he said that, the thought suddenly came to me that I still had not gotten his cock into me. He had managed to avoid that scene. I still really wanted him.

My crotch gave an involuntary twitch of anticipation.

"I guess you're right," I agreed.

"How would you like a stiff cock up that ass of yours?" he asked.

I didn't know how to answer him.

"You're still hungry for cock, aren't you?" he went on.

"I guess I am," I answered.

"Then, feel this," he suggested, taking my hand and resting it over his crotch.

I could feel his manliness coming to the fore once again. His huge cock had already begun to firm up. I could feel coiled power throbbing and twitching within the confines of his briefs.

Just the touch of him started my insides churning. My ass hole began to ready itself. My breasts drew tight and the nipples stood up, hard and eager.

My mind began to reel, conjuring up visions of his huge cock slipping into my love-hole.

I closed my fingers over him.

"Like that, don't you bitch?" he asked, his voice now hard.

"Yes," I murmured softly.

"Then love it," he said, shoving himself into my hand. "Show me how you love it."

I tried, but his tight slacks and his even tighter briefs held his member in strict confinement. I could do no more than open the fly of his pants and stroke his fullness within his briefs.

But even that small consolation was enough to satisfy me for the moment.

I caressed it, stroking my fingers back and forth over the length of it. I felt it harden and straighten out.

He, on the other hand, lay on his back, resting his head in his hands, and looked up at the sky, impassively.

His aloofness bothered me. I resolved to break through it.

"Bruce, please fuck me."

He responded by pressing his crotch against my hand again.

"Bruce," I repeated, softly and seductively, "please fuck me with that cock. You promised to do it last night. You threatened to do it at Bill's. But you've held me off. Why?"

"Because I want you to really want it," he said in a matter of fact voice. "I want you to really worship this cock of mine. And the only way you can do that is to want it bad -- really bad. I want to see your mouth water for the taste of it," he continued. "I want to see your cunt lips work for the feel of it."

"But haven't I convinced you that I really want it? What do I really have to do?"

"Become my slave!" he spat, turning his head look me squarely in the eyes.

"Your slave?" I asked, surprised. "Yes. My slave."

"But what does a slave do to prove she wants cock?" I asked, trying to remain calm and appear unconcerned.

"A slave, you filthy slut, lets her man know he is her master. She subjugates herself to his will."

"Oh. And how does she do that?"

"Suck my toes," he ordered. I looked at him.

"I said, suck my toes!" his voice was hard. I didn't move.

"See? You're not really a slave yet. Any other bitch would have been busy already. You're too wrapped up in your own little pride and independence to be a good slave. You're just a whore -- a lowdown whore. Give you something up your cunt and you'll do anything. That is, anything so long as you don't have to work for it."

I didn't understand this man. How could he be so cold, so cruel, without moving a muscle?

I was hurt. I wanted to cry.

I moved my hand away from his crotch and danced it down his hard leg, toward his knee. It went down over his calf and onto his foot. I undid the buckle of his sandal and it fell from his foot.

I looked him in the face. He was glaring at me. His eyes were like cold steel. He said nothing. He moved nothing.

Slowly, as though wanting to be certain he was aware of my movements, I changed my position. I slid low on the blanket, moving toward his foot.

I wanted to please this man. I wanted to win him. And to do so, I would have to play by his rules -- rules that I really didn't find very difficult. It was only that it was such a new rolesuch a new experience.

My lips touched the skin of the sole of his foot, gently, lovingly. My tongue crept from between my lips, hesitantly.

Contact was made.

His foot moved. It twitched.

Confidently now, my tongue came full out of my mouth and I ran it the length of his foot. The taste and the smell of his masculine odors was arousing me.

"Ohhhh," I moaned.

"Bitch! Cunt! Whore! Slut!" he replied, pushing his foot harder and harder against my lips, pressing them against my teeth. It hurt.

I retreated so as to reduce the pressure.

He pressed again, hard, turning the toes of his foot downward, flattening my nose against my face.

I continued to suck his foot and lick it all over. "Eat it, you filthy, cock-loving piece of trash!" he said, his voice once again impersonal. But this time it sounded a bit more excited.

I did as I was bid.

I had wet his foot as much as I could, and moved up his leg as far as his pants would allow.

I was excited, now. My hand was between my legs, rubbing my already moist twat.

"Oh, Bruce," I suid. "Oh, Bruce, fuck me. Please fuck me!"

"When you're ready for it," he said. "When you're really ready for it."

"But I am ready," I whimpered, continuing to lick his foot. "I'm ready for you, hungry for you."

"But do you want cock?"

"Oh, yes, I want your cock. I want it in me. I want to feel it stretch me, stab me, poke me -- anything! Only please fuck me, now!"

As I was saying this, I was busy removing my clothing. My body was on fire. I was lost in another sea of passion, drenched in desire, drained of restraints.

"Oh, slam it to me," I moaned, spreading my legs and rolling on my back.

"Wait right here," Bruce said, sitting up and putting his sandal back on. "I've got to get something."

I looked at him, longingly, hungrily.

He saw my gaze. "You really are turned on, aren't you?" he observed.

"For you, yes," I said, "For your cock, for your balls."

"Good. Now you be a nice cunt and lie right there. I'll be right back."

He got to his feet, continuing to stare at my nude body lying there, waiting for him to conquer me. He had already conquered me mentally. Now I wanted him to conquer me physically.

I stroked my cunt gently, pressing my finger against the aroused stem of flesh -- my clit. It sent a tingle through my body.

I wanted Bruce back with me. I didn't even want him to go away for a moment.

I watched him as he walked away, his tall frame working like a well-oiled machine. His ass and hips rose and fell under the tight material of his pants.

I watched him as he went down the path toward the car. I heard the car door open and close.

And then I heard the engine!

It roared to life and I heard the car drive away. Very quickly.

I was incensed. I was furious. Forty miles from anywhere and I was stranded. I was so angry and upset that I didn't dress. I kept calling him queer and yelling all sorts of obscenities at him; too bad he couldn't hear me.

I was soon exhausted; I lay down and fumed. And while I did, I continued stroking into my cunt with my finger!

Warm feelings immersed my body, but my mind would not rest. I had been dumped. I had been left high and dry.

Still feeling the pangs of passion, I slowly got back into my clothing. I folded the blanket and then decided to leave it. It was Bruce's. It wasn't mine.

On the highway, I started walking back toward the city. Forty miles...

The sound of an automobile came to my ears and I turned to see what it was. It was a pickup truck, and as the driver saw me, it slowed down.

Without hesitation or questions, I got in. "Where are you going?" the driver asked.

He was in his late thirties, stocky of build and well-tanned from plenty of outdoor living. The dirt under his nails told me he was a farmer.

"Back to the city. Back to Boston," I said dejectedly.

"What are you doing out here all by yourself?" he asked.

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you," I answered.

"Try me," he prodded.

"How far are you going?" I asked, ignoring his offer to serve as my confessor.

"I'm going into the city, too," he answered, a sharp and even white line of teeth showing from between his lips.

The vehicle started to move back onto the highway and I relaxed in the seat, slipping my hips forward and resting my head on the back of the seat. I was tired.

"This is no place for a girl to be, dressed the way you're dressed," he commented.

"Why not?" I asked curiously.

"Well, for one thing," he began, "Those togs are for city walking, not for the country. And for another thing, those clothes are too revealing. They show too much. You could get yourself attacked or something."

"The way I feel," I said, "I don't think I could really care."

"Is that right?" he asked. His hand was on my breast.

I sat up, quickly, brushing his hand away and trying to appear indignant.

The feeling was exciting. The feel of a man's hand on my breast turned on an alarm. My system was ready for him -- a man! He was a man! I wanted him, even in spite of my anger with Bruce. Yes, I wanted this man.

I wanted revenge on Bruce. I wanted to show him I could do without his slimy cock -- but it was a beautiful, long cock.

"What's your name?" he asked. "Mine is Jim."

"I'm Kim," I answered, feeling his hand close about my tit again.

"Glad to meet you," he said, applying more pressure to my breast.

I looked over at him, seeking out his crotch. There was life there. It promised pleasure.

His tool rested along his left leg, poking down toward his knee. It was fat, and I could see the outline of its head pressing against the material of his jeans.

I reached over and rested my hand on its hardness. It really excited me.

Without saying anything, he pulled off the highway onto an old, little-used dirt road. It went only a short way, ending in a clump of trees, secure from the road.

He switched off the truck's ignition and turned toward me and leaned forward. One of his hands reached for the back of my head and pulled me toward him.

At the same time, his other hand was slipping, quickly, impatiently, up my leg. It went up the inside of my thigh.

Our lips met and his coarse beard scratched into my face.

I felt my body going limp in his massive embrace. I felt my legs relax and slowly slip apart, minimizing any impediment that might slow his progress.

I wanted to be fucked.

I was going to be fucked.

"Oh, baby," he whispered into my ear, "You're some dish!"

"Ohhhh," was all I could respond. His fingers had come in contact with my pussy and I felt my hips give way involuntarily.

His expert fingers soon found my clit and he started rubbing it with his index finger.

I could feel the sandpaper roughness of his windburned fingers.

I liked it.

I reached down between his legs and deftly opened his fly and slipped my hand inside, down his left leg, along the length of his stiff cock.

It was fat, hard and seemed to be very long, too. Just the way I like cock.

It was uncircumcised, and the loose skin clung to his cock-head.

"What say we get ourselves comfortable," he suggested, not moving his body.

"Great," I responded.

We moved from the truck, and Jim turned to pull the seat from the vehicle.

He laid it on the ground near the truck and began to slip out of his clothes. He unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it over the side of the truck.

He was muscularly well-developed. The muscles rippled under his taut skin, the nipples of his chest looked like bull's-eyes on a pair of hairy targets.

His chest was covered by a thin layer of black hair that his sweat had matted in little ringlets here and there.

When his pants fell, I saw that his legs were strong, powerful, and stocky. They were hard and full, and came together at his crotch between his rigid cock. This wanger was curved, and the pink skin of the crown glared through the dark ring of foreskin covering it.

I had already slipped out of my simple clothing. I fell to my knees in front of him, darting my tongue out to brush his nuts, which were tightly drawn in their sac. They nestled at the base of his cock.

Feverishly, I wet them, poking my tongue between his legs, under his balls, up over the under side of his cock and onto hard flesh of the cockhead.

Cock, cock, cock the thought was buzzing in my mind. I wanted cock, cock, cock.

My hands were busy slipping him out of his loafers and socks.

He stood nude before me.

My body quivered with hunger. It shook with the excitement of what was about to happen.

Jim pushed his cock downward from the base, and it changed its direction, poking directly at me. I opened my mouth and engulfed the head, slipping my mouth completely from his cock to have another look.

The foreskin nestled behind the crown of his cock-head, excited me. My cunt was screaming for its share.

Slowly. I let my body slip from him, back onto the seat, which was just behind me.

I spread myself on it, lying across the seat. My head was high at the end of the cushion.

Jim stood over me, stroking his cock gently, looking down on my pussy; its lips were pulled back, offering themselves and their depths to him.

He came down onto me, slowly, gently, aiming his cock direcly for my cunt. He found the target without difficulty and slid it into me.

Oh, the glorious feeling!

His hot, dry skin scraped against the walls of my overheated cunt. It felt like a steel poker with rough edges inviting itself for a stay.

Deeper and deeper it slipped. I could feel the lips being stretched by the broadness of his cockbase. His cock fitted into me snugly, tightly.

When he had lowered his full weight on top of me, his coarse chest hairs rubbed harshly against my sensitive breasts. He covered my mouth with his tongue.

The tongue made wide circles, wetting the outside of my lips, moving around and around slowly, but very expertly, reducing the size so that he was licking me directly on the lips, then on the inside of my lips.

Then his tongue was scraping against my teeth, moving ever forward onto my tongue. It went around and over the roof of my mouth, back into my throat, tickling my tonsils, twitching, poking.

My hands were on his back, pulling his body into mine, forcing him to flatten my breasts. I could feel his heart beating within his chest. Its pounding rhythm caught me and dragged me along with it.

I lowered my hands on his back, down over the fullness of his hairy ass. I cupped his buttocks in my hands, my fingers spread them wide, and I pushed my crotch up into him.

"Aahhhh," he cried. "That is really a beautiful cunt!"

"Ohhhh," I echoed, mimicking his tone, "that beautiful prick!"

I began and maintained a steady rhythm, pushing my loins up into him, sinking his cock to the hilt, but not withdrawing it -- only relieving the pressure.

I started swiveling my hips, making circles with my snatch. I could feel his cock responding to my movements. It was circling inside of me, the base being held firm by my swollen pussy lips, and the head of the shaft swinging in a larger, more encompassing are.

It pushed and scraped against the walls of my sensitive cunt.

It prodded its way home.

Suddenly, he raised his body off me, holding it straight, bracing it on his extended arms.

"Hold that box still, baby," he said. "This ride's on me!"

And with that, he began taking long strokes into me, lowering his entire body until he was lying on me. And then, straightening his arms, he lifted his whole body from me.

His eyes were on his cock. He was watching it appear and disappear, alternately, as it slipped in and out of my waiting cunt.

I was delirious. I couldn't hold myself still. I had to move. I had to have him. Quickly! Completely!

"Oh, fuck, fuck me!" I moaned.

"Will do," he said, through gritted teeth. "Will do." And he renewed his plunges, picking up speed.

My head was lying back over the seat. My hair was tangled in the grass. My eyes were closed and my mouth hung open.

"Oh, that cock!" I moaned. "That beautiful cock. Give it to me! Fuck it into my wet cunt!" My hips were gyrating obscenely. My heels were dug into the soft soil. I was bucking up to meet his every thrust, greedily.

"Oh, wow!" he said. "Oh, wow! That pussy's hot, biting and burning. It hasn't been had for a long time," he went on. "But it's going to get fucked now! It's really going to get it! Just like you want it -- hard and deep."

I stifled a chuckle. I couldn't imagine where he got the idea that my pussy had not been touched for a long time. If I were to tell him what had really happened to me. I doubted he would believe me.

"You don't know how badly it wants to be fucked," I said. "You don't know... how much it really wants it!"

I was lunging up against him, furiously slapping my groin against him. I could hear the moist slapping sounds of our flesh as it came into contact.

I raised my head and looked at him. He was staring fascinated at his cock, little dribbles of saliva clinging to the corners of his mouth. He was really going to town.

I looked down and saw what he saw.

His glistening shaft was slamming into me like a well-lubricated piston: in and out, in and out.

I slid lower on the seat cushion, changing the direction of his cock, forcing it to push more directly downward into me. And, as I did so, I felt it begin to rub against my clit.

"Oh, that's it, man," I rasped. "Fuck it into me. Tear my cunt apart. Plow it with that tool!"

"I am, baby," he said, "I am! It's so good, I don't want to come -- ever! I want to spend the rest of the day here, just plugging you. Right up your cunt. Right up that beautiful, wetly hungry cunt of yours."

I was clinging to his every word. I was wallowing in the sensuality of the sex he was radiating. His body was glistening from his effort. It shone and reflected the light like polished marble.

It was hard as a rock, his muscles tensed, his whole body was on me. It was forceful, overpowering, and manly.

I could feel bells start to vibrate in my head. I could hear them in my ears.

The sound waves they created numbed my nerves, chilled my blood.

The feeling crept slowly but relentlessly down my body -- closer to my cunt with every passing instant.

I didn't want it to stop. I didn't want it to end.

I tried to fight it off. But it would not slow. It would not stop.

Lower and lower the warm numbness engulfed me. There was no more paramount point of attention to my body than my cunt.

It was tingling. It was throbbing. It was coming!

"I'm coming... I'm coming... I'm... I'm shooting... Aaaggghhh!"

I felt the food of life gushing out of me. I felt my head tighten, the invisible band around my forehead pulling tighter and tighter, cutting off any sense of reason. The birds all disappeared. Smells vanished.

I could only see the blinding sun glaring down on me through the trees.

I could feel my body coming apart. I could feel tension dripping from me, running from me. It left me limp and wilted.

My body went limp and my head continued to spin.

"Oh, baby," I heard, as though from a distance. "Oh baby! Shit! Oh shit, I can't hold it anymore! I don't want to come... I don't want to! But I can't help it. I have to... I have to..."

I flew into a sexual rage. My body began contorting wildly. My legs flew into the air and locked around him. My cunt sucked hungrily on his torrid tool.

My nails dug into his back. I bit his ear. I clung to him like a leech, draining not his blood, but his come.

Then there was a throb. Then another one.

"Oh, shit! Now, there it is... oh, shit! Take it, baby... take it. Take it all..."

His hips arched into me, stabbing me almost painfully, lodging himself deep in my canal.

And then I felt it.

Liquid fire! Draining into me! Running down my canal.

It was seeping out the limp lips of my womanhood.

It was burning... searing... scorching!

We lay there for a very long time after that. His cock did not soften. It remained hard.

We rolled off the seat onto the soft, cool grass, our bodies still locked together in their carnal embrace.

He kissed me and we made love again.

He continued to stroke his cock into me, gently, caressingly, lovingly.

"Oh, please," I begged, "fuck me again. Give it to me please. I can't stand it. I've got to have that cock. Oh, shit, my cunt's burning. I've got to be fucked. Jesus, fuck me. FUCK ME!"

"Oh, Jesus, baby, if only I could. You just don't know what you did to me. Christ, you just don't know."

"But I want it. Please, God, I need it. My cunt's on fire." I was almost crying. I was crying.

"Baby, try to understand! You're just too much for me -- too much. Usually I can fuck a second time, but you're just too much fucking cunt. Do you understand?"

I was too consumed by the fires raging inside me to either hear or understand what he was saying to me.

"Oh, please," I begged. "Fuck it. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt."

"But I can't, Goddammit. That cunt of yours is too much for one cock; too much for this cock." And then he was free of me. His cock popped from my throbbing, itching hole, sounding like a cork from a bottle of wine.

Silently, we dressed and Jim drove me back home. All the way back to the city I was unable to sit still in the car. The burning itch inside my cunt increased and I found myself praying that Jim would fuck me again. And if he didn't, what would I do?

The juice was oozing out of me, soaking my already wet panties. The smell of cunt, my cunt, filled the car. For a minute, I was tempted to just pull my panties off and finger-fuck myself, but I decided to wait. There might still be a cock waiting for me. You never could tell.

By the time we got to my place, the temperature inside my cunt had died down slightly, but I was still starving for a nice, hard cock.


My phone was ringing as I was let into my apartment by the doorman.

"Hello?" I said into it.

"Hi," came the cheery voice from the other end. It was Bruce!

"Bruce! You have your nerve, you bastard!" I spat into the instrument. "What the hell do you want?"

"Well, baby," he said -- I knew he was smiling, "I just thought you might want your purse..."

"My purse! So that's how you got my number." I was so angry I was turning red.

"Well, do you want it or not?" he went on.

"Certainly I want it," I shouted at him. "I need it. How can I get it?"

"Just cool it, baby," he said. "I've got to come into the city this evening and I can drop it off to you. Okay?"

"Well..." My voice was a little more calm. "Alright?" he cut in.

"Alright," I repeated. "When will you be here?"

"Shortly. I'm leaving now, but I have one stop to make. See you in about an hour."

"Well, okay," I said, my voice sounding forgiving. "But please don't be too late. I want to go out this evening and I need my keys."

"See you," he said, a lilt in his voice.

And the line went dead. That bastard! I thought. That no good bastard!

I flew to the house phone when it rang sixty minutes later.

"Yes?" I asked.

"There's a gentleman down here... a Mr. Bruce," the voice on the other end said.

"Mr. Bruce?" I asked, puzzled. "Oh, yes," I said, realizing what the doorman had said. "Send him up."

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. There, when I opened the door, stood Bruce. Fresh. Clean. Carefree.

"Well," he said, after I glared at him for a few minutes. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

"Yes. Do come in," I said coldly, almost professionally.

I stepped aside to let him enter, and as he did so, I was about to close the door when I felt a pressure on it. I looked around it and saw that there was a very young girl coming in. She was very attractive, but very young.

"Oh," Bruce said when he saw my surprise. "This is Lana."

"Hello," I said, cordially. "Hi," she said, breezily.

She was short; a very attractive girl. Well developed. Very confident.

"What's to drink?" Bruce asked. "A..." I said.

"We'll have scotch," he announced flatly. "What're you going to have?"

I was taken back by his boldness and found myself answering him before I could stop myself. "I'll have scotch, also. It's in the bar over there. Ill get some cubes."

I quickly left the room and took the ice tray from the refrigerator.

I wondered why Bruce had brought Lana. I supposed it was to reduce the risk or chance of a scene. As I returned to the living room, Bruce greeted me. "Ah, here we are... Ice."

He dropped the cubes into the three large, straight drinks he had poured and passed them around, giving me the first.

"Oh," he continued, "here it is."

He held my small purse out. "It's all here. Everything. I didn't even take anything for services rendered."

I shot a glance at him and glared. The daggers in my look were clearly visible to Lana, I'm sure. But I said nothing.

I accepted the small container and tossed it into the desk, not even bothering to inventory it. There was nothing in it but some money, my keys and a couple pieces of identification.

"How'd you get back to town?" Bruce asked, suddenly interested.

"Oh," I said, trying to sound noncommittal. "I got a ride."

"Is that all?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I said, pretending ignorance.

"You know what I mean," he went on. "No, I don't," I responded.

"Where's the bathroom?" Lana cut in.

I was glad for the interruption. I turned and led the way for her, pulling the door shut after her and returning to the living room.

As I walked past the couch, I heard the sharp whistle and felt the sharp double sting... the thongs!

I spun on him, my eyes ablaze.

"Cunt!" he spat at me before I could say a word. "Down on your knees and pay homage!"

I was immobile. I was torn between two extremes. I wanted to tear into him; claw his eyes, cut his throat, anything to take out my vengeance.

At the same time, though, I wanted to fall to my knees and please him.

My eyes were drawn to his crotch. It was bulging and full. It was tauntingly coaxing.

My knees folded. "That's it, you cunt," he sneered. "Get down and show me who's boss! Get down and worship the thing you love most in life..."

I was on my knees, crawling toward him, hypnotized. I could not control myself. I was a pawn. I was a prisoner.

I was a slave.

My face was at his crotch, nuzzling it. I could feel him.

I could feel his manhood lurking beneath the material.

I wanted his cock... his stiff cock... his throbbing cock...

My cunt ached. My pussy lips were quivering. My body was hot.

Perspiration broke out on my forehead.

"Strip 'em off," he ordered. I complied without hesitation. I complied in complete submission.

I was a slave once more.

I was in oblivion. I had but one thought in mind. I wanted that cock. I wanted it in me... completely in me... in my cunt... all the way!

My ears were ringing from my own excitement. I buried my face in his crotch again. I heard whimpering sounds and realized they were my own.

"Yeah, you fucking slave... you no good slut... you low down filthy piece of hot shit... you cock hungry pussy..."

Again I caught myself up in his words.

I was a fucking slave. I was a no good slut. I felt low. I was a filthy piece of hot shit.

I was a cock hungry pussy; one complete pussy. My breath came in short gasps. I was panting, sucking in hot air from his crotch sucking in the smell and the intangible taste of sex.

"Give me the bottle," I heard Bruce say.

I raised my head, in a daze and looked at him. I didn't know what he was talking about. "Not you, slave," he spat. "WHIZ!" The thongs hit me.

I heard a hissing sound. I felt the cloth as he pressed it to my face.

I tried to relax.

I was a slave... and I wanted to be a slave. "Breathe deeply, you whore. Breathe... sink lower... lower... lower."

His repetition was a magnet. I heard his words and they echoed in my head.

"Yeah... yeah... now you're ready... now you're a slave... a cheap, no-good slave... my slave..."

I was his slave. My body was no longer my own. My mind was no longer in control. I was his slave. I felt the limpness of my breasts pressing against his legs, the hardness of his groin pressing into my face.

I felt his legs as they moved together, rolling my breasts back and forth over them, kneading the flesh against the coarse material of his slacks. It scratched, it scraped... but it felt good.

I pressed myself harder against his legs by arching my back.

"You filthy bitch!" I heard him say. "You filthy slut. You cunt-sucking slave..."

I heard him... "Cunt sucking slave," he had said. I suddenly wanted to suck cunt. I suddenly wanted to bury my face into the folds of another woman's cunt. I wanted to feel the hardness of her clit. I wanted to feel the wetness of her canal.

I spun around, a madwoman. I had only one thought. I had to have the taste of pussy in my mouth.

I spied the nude form of Lana.

I pounced on her, knocking her to the floor, much to her sudden shock and surprise.

I ripped her legs apart and sunk my face into her wet pussy.

My tongue lashed out at her, stroking her tight slit, wetting it, prying it, pushing, prodding. "Ugh!" I heard myself gasp as the thongs landed on my back again.

The feeling was like a bolt of electricity. It charged my whole being. It drained restraint. It drained logic.

It inflamed and fed desire. I was no longer feeling sensual.

I was depraved once again.

I tore her legs apart and took her pussy between my lips. I pressed my teeth to it. I nipped at it.

She squirmed under me. I could not tell whether she was enjoying it or trying to escape. I did not care.

I pressed my fingers into her crack and forced the lips of her love hole apart. The pink skin of her pussy blinded me. It drew me.

I fell on it with my mouth. I licked and lapped at it, wetting it with the saliva flowing from my mouth. I raised from her for air and the shiny saliva continued to bind us.

"Eat it, slave!" I heard Bruce saying. "Eat it... eat it..."

I fell back to my task. My appetite was becoming ravenous. I could not get enough of Lana. I was crazed.

Greedily I lapped at her crack, running my tongue up and down the length of it. I found her slit and sucked on it, hungrily, rolling it between my pursed lips, tugged on it with them. I pushed on it with my tongue. I bent it way out and up, forcefully.

As I did so, I felt her raise her legs and her cunt higher, in efforts to relieve the pressure.

"Oh, don't," I heard her whimpering. "Don't do that. I can't stand that -- I can't take it please..."

"Don't stop you bitch, if you know what's good for you," I heard Bruce cut in.

I obeyed him.

I renewed my efforts. I massaged her clitoris with my tongue, with my lips, with my chin, pressing it back as hard as I could.

I opened my eyes and saw Bruce's form in front of me. He was straddling Lana's head. He had stripped down to his briefs.

His long cock was resting horizontally, poking its way around to his hip. His swollen balls rested deep in the crotch of the sheer material.

The sight of it shot flames of lust all through me. I was driven on with taunting urgency.

I saw Lana's head raised between his legs, latched on to his underside, her tongue darting from her painted lips, over the material.

The material itself was stained from her lipstick. Reminding me of blood...

My head reeled.

I felt the bite of the thongs. I smelled the material. The cloth he offered me was laden with something which was becoming sweet smelling, easier to breathe; I inhaled.

I felt myself falling... falling... falling.

I was unconscious. I could not move.

Yet I could hear everything. I could feel everything.

But I could not move.

I felt the body scramble out from under me. I heard the sounds of bodies rearranging themselves. "Okay," I heard a male voice say. "She's all yours. Let's see what you can do with her. You've probably got about ten minutes. Get to it."

I heard the familiar swish of the thongs.

I heard the familiar whimper. But it was not mine.

"Oh baby, don't hit so hard, please," I heard the girl say. "It hurts."

"It's supposed to," Bruce said. "You saw how she liked it. You can learn, too."

I smelled the sweetness again and I drank it in. I felt it permeate my whole body, stripping it of movement, stripping it of any motion.

Lying there. Drained. Unconscious. I was a willing slave.

I was an eager slave.

Whizz! went the thongs through the air. "Ow! Please... you'll mark me..."

"You want this cock, don't you?"


"Then shut your fucking mouth. Don't you tell me what to do. I give the orders here!"

Whizz! came the sound of his whip.

"Ungh!" the body responded. It, too, was becoming submissive. It, too, was tasting the joy of submission in its early stage. I wanted to move. I wanted to join the couple there with me. I wanted to fondle cock. I wanted to taste it.

But I couldn't.

I was unconscious.

My legs were moving apart. Wider... wider! "Oh, look at her pussy," the feminine voice said. "It's all red and wet."

"Probably got itself plowed this afternoon," he said. "Smell it!"

After a pause, he went on, "Well, was she?"

"I can't tell," she said, softly.

"Don't you know the smell of cock? Don't you know what a man smells like?"

"She's probably cleaned her cunt out," the voice answered back.

She was right. I had cleaned it out. I had cleaned out good. I was fresh and ready to start again.

My cunt started to warm and I realized her tongue was inside my pussy.

Mentally I spread my legs. Physically, I lay there, immobile.

I felt its warmth in my canal. I wanted to push it out toward her. I wanted to lift it to her.

But I couldn't move.

"She certainly is wet," the delicate voice commented.

"She's a slut! She's a fucking whore-slave. That's why. You'll be that way, soon, you know," he said to her.

Somehow the thought angered me. I didn't want to share my man with anyone. My man -- I had not yet had him. He had me under his spell -- in his power.

The gentle pulling sensation of her mouth crept over me. I could feel my lax pussy slipping into her mouth. I could feel the hardness of her lips puckering on me. I could feel the sharpness of her teeth biting into me.

"Ummmm, that's good," I heard her say.

"You fucking queer cunt. You really like that, don't you?"

There was no answer.

Whizz! Cra-ack! The thongs were alive.

"You like that, don't you?" the voice repeated, hard, commanding.


"Yes what?"

Whizz! again the vicious sound of punishment. "Yes, sir!"

"That's better. Now suck. You wanted a cunt to play with; now play, eat!"

Whizz! the whip bit into her flesh. The heat crept into my channel.

I felt my clit being pressed, as I had earlier pressed hers.

"Do you think she knows what's going on?" I heard her ask.

"Pinch her tit!"

I didn't feel anything.

"Yeah, she's awake. She's feeling. She knows."

"How can you tell?" she asked.

"Never mind! Suck! Work that pussy! Let me see how far out you can suck that cunt!"

I felt the warmth again. I felt the gentle tugging sensation in my crotch. I felt the tingling sensation from my clit as it was massaged.

I tried to wiggle my hips. I tried to lift them. "Oh-oh," I heard him say.

And the sweetness was in my nostrils again. I breathed deeply, relaxed; completely relaxed!

I was floating in an endless black sea. I could see nothing. I could hear everything. I could move nothing. I could feel all the fantastic sensations.

"Like that?" I heard him ask, his voice husky, tense.

I wanted to answer him.

"Yes," I heard the soft, muffled voice answer.

I continued to feel the sensations emanating from my cunt. They were delicious. It felt like my cunt was being dragged along a velvet carpet. Millions of little needles poked every inch of my hole.

My lips were hyper-sensitive. I could feel the wetness of her saliva dripping off them. I felt the alternating hot and cold of her breath as she probed me with her mouth.

I could feel the deliciously ecstatic pain as she bit my clit. I wanted to scream.

I was unconscious.

"How's this look to you?" he asked her. "Oh, that's beautiful! Can I suck it?"

"Do you want to?"

"Yes... oh, yes."

"What will you do for it?"

"Anything -- anything you ask!"

"Suck my balls?"


"My ass?"

"Yes! I love the taste of ass holes."

"Eat my shit?"

"Ye... yes..."

"What will you do with it?"

"Suck it," she moaned.

"And what else?"

"Eat it!"

"And what else?"

"Fuck it!"

"And what else?"

"Sit on it!"

"What will you do to get it? Beg for it?"

"Yes, beg for it."

Whizz! whistled the whip. "Owwwww..."


"Please. Please let me suck your cock!"

"Please what?"

"Let me suck your cock!"

"Who am I?"

"My master! Yes, my master!"

"Please what?"

"Please let me suck your cock, master!"

"That's better. Now take it. Just the head, and hold still. That's it. Don't move. Hold it."


"Swallow! Swallow it. Drink it! Drink it! Drink it all! I don't want you to drop a drop of me!"

I heard the harsh sounds of gasping gulps. I knew what was happening.

I tried to see it in my foggy mind. Bruce was on his knees, legs spread, his mammoth cock standing out.

On her knees in front of him was a young girl -- Lana -- the head of his cock lodged in her throat, or her mouth. Her lips pursed tightly around it, locking it in her.

I could see her throat contorting, the muscles contracting, pulling the hot liquid into her, over and over, gulp after gulp.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"


"Now how do you feel?"

"How? Cheap."

"How else?"



"Because I drank your piss. Because I'm a slave. Because I want your cock."

"Well, before you get some more cock, how about getting your fucking face back in that cunt and clean it out. It's dripped quite a bit of juice and there ought to be something there for you."

Again, the sweet smell filled my head. I breathed deeply, the fragrance exciting my senses. I felt the mainspring of oblivion tightening and then begin to unwind. I imagined myself to be spinning on a disk, my legs and arms outspread, my cunt gaping open, the force of my swirls pulling my tits upward and the momentum of my movements forcing my juices from me in warm gushes.

I moaned softly as I felt the soft, wet tongue slithering through the hot, juicy folds of my cunt. Lapping at the warm, tasty cream that oozed from my convulsing hole.

"Oh, she's coming," I heard her voice cry out. "Well, don't tell me about it cunt. Lap it up. I want to watch you suck out all of her come. I want you to swallow her pussy juice. Now, get to it. Lick her cunt, suck the come from her hole and then swallow it!"

The tongue complied with his order. I felt it once again swirling around inside my swollen pussy, plunging deep into my hole, drawing out the juice that chose to remain inside.

Afterward, she ran her tongue up and down the length of my gash, lapping up the fluids that remained. Wave after wave of pleasure beat at the shore of my cunt until I could stand no more. And still, she continued, lashing me with her delicious, young tongue.

The convulsions of my climax ended slowly, very slowly; the movements of her tongue stopped. The waves became gentle and the spinning inside my head came to a halt.


"Alright, slave!"

The voice echoed down the long corridor of consciousness.

I felt the sting of thongs. My eyes opened.

I was on my own bed, spread in the middle of it. "Get up and clean yourself off. You're a mess!" Bruce's voice was cold, impersonal. It was commanding and demanding.

Obediently I got off the bed. I was wobbly. "What's the matter, whore, too much for you?"

"I don't know," I said.

"Well don't worry about it. You'll be alright. You're just becoming a better slave, that's all. The change isn't always easy."

I staggered across the room oblivious of my surroundings. I bumbled through the door, down the hall and into the bath.

I stepped into the shower and turned on the cold spray.

Lightning struck!

I was alive and moving. My head was becoming suddenly more clear. But I was a slave.

The image of the male cock impressed itself in my mind. I felt myself heating under the cold water.

Cock... I needed that cock... I wanted that cock.

I stepped from the shower. Dried and went back down the hall. I entered the bedroom.

There they were! His cock was buried deep in her cunt.

I flew across the room in wild rage. I was beyond control.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled. She toppled from him, fell from the bed and ended in a heap on the floor.

I started to crawl over him but the thongs stopped me.

But I was not to be denied. I needed that cock. I had to have that cock.

My face fell to it. I swallowed, hard. I gagged. I choked. Saliva spewed from my lips, wetting his groin. My eyes watered. My ears rang.

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz! The thong beat me over and over.

But I was not to be denied. Cock... I had to have cock.

The sudden boldness of my attack caught him off his guard.

He was mine. He was spread under me.

I took his balls in my hand and pulled them forward, mashing my face into them hard. Pressing down on them with all my might.

I ignored the pain in my throat. I ignored the ringing in my ears. I was going to have his cock.

I shoved his balls deep between his legs, pulling his cock up straight away from his body.

I raised my head and slammed it back into him. I took him to the hilt. I swallowed his manhood. I was serving my master.

Slobber flowed from my mouth but I couldn't be bothered by it. I lunged at his crotch, over and over, each time lodging his rampant rod in my throat.

I forced the head to creep down into my larynx. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't make a sound. I could only cling desperately to this pole of life.

I could only serve my master. "Oh, shit... is she something else. Wow!" Bruce was talking to Lana.

"Watch this whore work. Watch her. She eats that cock like it's a matter of life or death. Now that's the mark of a good slave."

I continued my ravenous attack on his manhood. He pulled my head up, yanking roughly on my hair. He turned my face to his.

He spat in it! Then he slammed it back into his groin.

"Okay, you slut," he spat, his words drenching me in depravity. "Eat. Suck. Love. Worship..." His cock was rigidly unbending. It was inflexible. It was a steel shaft spearing my face over and over, with my full consent. With my total desire. With all my strength.

"Oh, God! Suck it... yeah... slave... suck it good."

He began. His words spilling from his mouth rapidly. Each one of them pulling me deeper and deeper into the pit of sexual madness.

I couldn't have stopped if I had to. I couldn't have taken that cock from my face if that was the only thing left to do in life.

I would have died with it lodged in my face. I would have killed just to have it lodged there.

I was aware, vaguely, of my cunt being toyed with. It was a mouth. But I had my mission to complete. I had to see it through.

With animal fury I continued pounding down on the groin under me.

Now and then I heard an unintelligible sound slip from my mouth. I heard my breath rap as I gulped in fresh air, only to renew my attack.

I felt the bed bounce, felt the body rise and fall under me.

I was relaxed. The cock was passively allowing me to feed on it.

Like a maggot I devoured it. I fed on it. I thrived on it. Each lunge gave me renewed strength.

My ears were plugged. My eyes were blinded by my own tears. I could barely see.

My nose was stopped up, the slave was insane. The slave was killing herself.

The slave was me.

"Yeah... just a little more, that's it, just a little more, those lips, that mouth, oh, you mother fucker! You've done it... you've got that milk you've been after... drink it... drink it..." I gulped. I drank.

The thick globs of his sperm splattered against the roof of my mouth. They filled my throat. The taste was strong, very strong. The odor reached my plugged nose. It cleared it!

I devoured it. I swallowed it. I drank it. I ate it. His shaft vibrated with its orgasm. It throbbed and pulled at the sides of my mouth and throat. It lunged into me. It ran from me.

But my mouth would not be denied. I chased it. I cornered it. I captured and devoured it.

Finally there was no more; I slowed my pace. Finally I stopped.

I raised myself to my knees and looked at the man lying beneath me. He was gasping. He was panting. He had spent himself. His long, sensual body still smelled of passion, of sex.

I wanted him to fuck me. I had to have him fuck me. I continued toying with his softening tool. Little drops of life appeared at the opening. My tongue snaked out and whisked them away as soon as they formed.

I straddled him.

I placed the head of his still semi-hard cock at the lips of my cunt.

I felt myself falling over the edge of the bed, my face stinging from the clout he had just given me.

"Not yet, you starved, depraved no good motherfucking bitch! Not until I tell you. That cock is going in your cunt only when I'm good and ready for it to happen, understand?" I was, after all, his slave.


It was very late when I awoke from the sleep I had fallen into after Bruce and his friend, Lana, left. I had to go to sleep. I was completely exhausted.

But now I was wide awake, and it was three in the morning.

I thought of making some coffee and turning on my television, but the itching sensation in my groin told me I needed the company of people particularly, males.

I slipped into a light dress and walked down the two blocks from my apartment building to the all night coffee shop.

The streets were deserted.

Inside the diner there was only one other patron; a black man.

I sat at the other end of the counter and ordered coffee from the little old man who waited on me.

I tried to ignore the black patron, but my mind wouldn't leave him alone. It continued to dwell on the thought of his nude body pressing down on mine; and his big cock fucking me.

I stole a glance out of the corner of my eye and saw that he was eyeing me, too.

I finished my coffee and left.

Walking down the street slowly, I soon felt a hand around my shoulder. I turned; it was the black man.

"It's a little late to be out walking alone, isn't it?" he asked in a soft, well modulated voice.

"I just live down the block," I said, looking at his crotch.

His pants were tight and I could tell that there was something bulky housed there.

"Do you live alone?" asked the very attractive black man.

"Well... yes," I hesitantly said.

I wasn't certain that I should give out that kind of information to a total stranger.

"What are you doing up this late on a Sunday night?" I asked.

"Just killing time. I really don't have anything to do," he went on, "so I thought I'd kill sometime by taking a walk. Do you mind if I walk with you?"

"No," I said before I could stop my thought.

I was beginning to want this man. He got to me for some reason. He was very attractive, and I still needed satisfaction. What I had had in the afternoon had merely whetted my sexual appetite.

Bruce... I wondered what he would think if he knew what was on my mind.

Would he be offended at having a black cock up his slave's pussy or ass hole?

The thought intrigued me. It would be degrading to tell him, later.

I had resolved.

"I know this may sound silly," I began, "but why don't you come back to my place. We can talk, if you like, because I don't really feel sleepy, myself."

"That would be fine with me," he agreed, his voice remaining calm and controlled.

We were in my apartment in no time.

"Make yourself comfortable," I offered. "May I fix you a drink?"

"That would be nice... bourbon, if you have it," he finished.

I poured him a good, tall drink and sat next to him on the couch.

Here, in the light of my living room, I could see the outline of his cock. It was, it seemed, huge. I hoped it wasn't all balls.

"You don't look very comfortable," I said, getting up and walking around behind him. "Why don't you slip this off?" I said, slipping his jacket off his shoulders. Under it, I felt the muscular arms flex and move fluidly with my motions.

He leaned forward silently, and allowed me to slip his jacket off.

I reached around from behind him again to pull at his tie. He took the hint and began removing it. Without further encouragement, he removed his shirt. He was left in his undershirt, which was pulled taut by the huge chest.

My groin began to ache more impatiently, now. We talked idly for a few minutes, during which time I was building up my courage.

"How," I began, my words flowing out quickly lest I lose my boldness, "would you like to strip, completely?"

A broad grin covered his bright teeth and he stood up. "I thought you'd never ask," he chuckled. In virtually no time he was stripped.

His mammoth cock hung limply from the wiry bush of crotch hair. It was long and yet flaccid. Exciting.

"Fair's fair," he smiled as he approached me, deftly sliding down the zipper of my dress. It fell to the floor.

I stepped out of it.

Now I was nude as well.

His long, muscular arms wrapped around me and I felt myself being scooped into his bear-like embrace.

The hardness of his groin was pressing against my impatiently throbbing sex.

I could not help but grind my hips, slightly, as he continued to hold me to him.

I looked up at him just in time to meet his huge lips.

My mouth was in place and I felt his soft flesh settle on mine, his tongue slither through his lips and mine and into my mouth.

My body went limp in his arms, his tongue was sucking all resistance and inhibition from me. I wanted him badly.

"Oh, let's go into the bedroom," I moaned, trying to break his hold.

"Which way is it?" he murmured into my ear. "That way," I answered, pointing.

He lifted me off the ground and began walking forward, my limp body slapping against his huge muscular form. The hair of his chest scratching the cleavage between my tits.

When we reached the bedroom he lowered me very gently onto the bed. And then he stood over me.

I looked to his crotch again, where his cock had begun to grow, to stretch and to swell.

It had almost become completely hard, dropping only slightly. His balls were hanging loosely between his legs. They were calling to me... and coaxing me.

Slowly I raised myself on my arm and slipped my head beneath his distended shaft, into his dark crotch, up to his testicles.

I licked them, the wiry hair slithering and rasping across my lips and tongue as I did. But as the hair became wet, it became softer, and also more pliable.

The odor coming from his crotch was sweet and yet masculine. He was very clean. He had powdered himself, and it was this that I smelled.

But I also smelled man... there is no scent like that of a man... there is none to match; strong, musky, seductive, animal.

"Ohhh," I moaned, drawing one of his balls into my mouth and working it around.

His big hand had reached forward and was squeezing my breast, roughly, but at the same time, gently. He was pinching the nipple, working it between his fingers, scraping it against his coarse palm.

"What happened to your back?" he asked. "Oh, nothing," I said, sheepishly.

"That doesn't look like nothing to me," he answered. "It looks very much like you have been beaten," he concluded.

"Well," I hesitated. I didn't know what to say for fear it would be the wrong thing.

"Well, what?" he pressed on.

"Well, I was beaten... but I was willing at the time..." My sentence lingered in the air, incomplete. I did not know what more to say.

"Was it a man?"

"Yes," I said. "It was."

"You must really dig him... you should see your back..."

I didn't want to look. Now we were talking about the whipping I could feel the pain.

My back was hot; it felt like hot wires were lying on my back. It burned into me. It excited me. I felt my cunt wince and twitch.

"Let's talk about you," I said, to change the subject.

"I'd rather know about the marks," he insisted. I was getting nervous. I didn't know what his story was. He was too big to beat me. I didn't think I could have him beat me. I wanted him to fuck me.

"He taunted me into it," I confessed. "He promised to fuck me if I let him..."

"And did he?"

"No," I said disappointedly. "No, he didn't."

"Well, we'll take care of that," he said, bending over and pressing me flat onto the bed.

I expected him to crawl onto the bed. Instead, he sat on the edge, facing me.

I immediately took his stiff cock in my hand and began slipping back and forth on it, skinning the flaccid foreskin back and forth, over the head of his beautiful cock. It looked large, but to the touch, it was larger.

I was certain it wasn't as long as Bruce's but it was broader.

His hand glided down over my flat stomach, his fingers touching me very lightly, sending little tingling sensations boring into me as he moved.

Down, down, down his hand moved, slowly, teasingly. It made contact with my pubic hairs. It slowed its journey. His fingers twirled into the thickly-bushed hair for moisture and then it slowly went further back to my ass hole.

He touched it.

"Uhhh," I heard myself grunting. I also felt my legs spreading, clearing the way for his seduction. "Do you want to be fucked?" he asked simply. "You don't know how badly," I confessed. "Good," he said. "We're going to get along just fine."

His fingers were touching the lips of my cunt. I had a strong urge to reach down, pull them apart and slam my cunt up into his hand. But I restrained myself. I could feel the tension through out my whole body.

I resolved that this man was going to take me. I was not going to have to take him. That's the way I like it.

But oh, I wanted him so badly. He did not disappoint me.

One hand was working on my cunt lips, stroking them lightly, teasing me, taunting me, getting acquainted.

His other hand was again working over and around my tit. He could bunch it up and wrap his big hand around it and squeeze until it came through the top of his hand. The nipple would stand up high, hard, ready.

He leaned forward and took just the nipple in his lips.

The sensation was excruciating. It hurt... but only because it felt so good. It was not pain. It was painful pleasure.

My body worked frantically on the bed, moving from side to side, up and down, writhing under his gentle attack.

"Oh, God!" I said, involuntarily, as his finger slipped into my crack and touched me inside. He seemed to know just where he was going and what he wanted to do.

I could feel his finger rubbing over around it, pressing it back into me and then curling it out, teasing it, intensifying my desire, setting my head spinning.

"Oh, God," I repeated. "It's wonderful... it's just wonderful."

"Like that, do you?" he asked.

"Yes... how can I not... It's so good... so very good," I confirmed.

"Just imagine what it's going to feel like with my cock up there."

"Oh, I know," I moaned, writhing under his moving hands. "Oh, I know... I want it so badly, so very badly..."

"Good," was all he said.

His finger moved lower in my slit, now. It probed deeper, pulling the moistness out of me and smearing it on my lips.

I could feel his throbbing member in my hand, which was now wet from his juices.

He continued to knead my breast, squeeze it, pinch it, tug at it.

I wanted to scream out my delight. But I didn't.

"You ready?" he asked me, his voice low.

"Yes, yes... dammit, yes," I moaned excitedly. Without another word he lifted himself, keeping his hands where they were.

My hand clung to his stiff cock. I held onto it and he slowly got over me, into position. He rolled me over on my stomach. He then removed his hands from my ass and placed them one on each side of my shoulders.

And his body came down toward me. His cock advanced on my asshole.

My hand was pulling, urging, directing.

At the first touch of his black skin against my hot ass hole, a shudder shook me.

I had a momentary desire to get out from under him. But it was not strong enough to overcome my sexual drive. I pressed him onward by raising myself higher.

The pressure increased.

I spread my legs wider, and in doing so, I could feel the lips of my asshole fall apart.

As they did, his cock slid snugly into the opening they created.

I removed my hand and his hips took up the rhythm. Slowly and gently he began pumping into me. Short gentle strokes, increasing in their length so that more and more of him crept into me.

His slow, relentless advance paralyzed me. I lay stock still, unmoving savoring each and every movement of his cock. I could feel the foreskin as it pushed in. The rigidity of his tool as it slid back, away from me, left a cloak of foreskin to serve as cushion for his next advance.

Back and forth, back and forth, his body moved steadily, his cock slipping firmly and snugly, deeper and deeper into my ass.

I felt the tickling sensation of the hair on his balls as his groin came closer and closer. The little wire hairs touched my inner thighs and I couldn't hold myself back.

"Yes... Yes... that's it... let me feel them, let me feel those balls resting on me. Then I'll know... then I'll know you're in all the way."

I was lying: the stretched channel in which he was lodged was tingling out its acknowledgement of his presence alright.

The walls of my ass were clinging, almost desperately to his torrid peter.

My hips began to work, swirling in circles under his belly; around and around, up and down, driving the hard, pounding length of his raging cock deep into the recesses of my bowels. His hands reached under me and I felt him grasp one of my soft, quivering mounds. His fingers dug into the creamy softness. My nipples expanded hotly and he tweaked them savagely. I moaned with the passion that swarmed through my lust-filled body.

The fires of lust were raging inside me. I could feel my orgasm mounting as his stiff prick continued to plunder the abused cavern of my ass. I slammed my ass against him, trying to take even more of his rigid cock inside. I could feel his balls banging hotly against my soft, quivering ass cheeks.

"Oh, Jesus, shit, fuck me you bastard. Oh, oh, Christ, slam that fucking prick of yours into me. Fuck the shit out of me. Just fuck the shit out of my ass. Oh, harder, harder, I can't stand it. Oh, oh, more, more. Fuck me more, harder, harder. Oh, yes, that's so good. Oh, shit, shit. Your cock, fuck me with it. Fuck my ass hole, HARD!"

As the lust-filled obscenities escaped my lips I felt his meat slamming ever harder into my torn ass hole. It felt like his cock even got harder, if possible. I gasped for breath as I struggled to come. Reaching behind me, I grasped his balls and squeezed them, feeling the sperm inside. I could hardly wait to feel his hot, sticky load shooting into my grasping anus.

Just then, he started grunting and I knew that he was going to shoot his load inside me. The thought of it was enough to make me come and I moaned with ecstasy as I felt the convulsions of my climax racing through me, the hot juice pouring from my throbbing cunt hole.

Suddenly, a scream of pleasure ripped loose from my throat as I felt his thick, scalding load of cream spurting from his throbbing cock, filling my quivering ass hole.

"Oh, baby, baby, fill me. Fill my hole with your come. Oh, I love it, I love it. Dirty me with your come. Oh, shit..."

As the last of his hot, sticky juice spurted from his throbbing cock I sighed, my entire body relaxed and, satisfied, he pulled his cock out from my hole. I turned around and looked at it. Still semi-hard, I could see small brown spots of shit on it. A low guttural moan rose from my throat, and with my mouth wide open I engulfed his entire length of cock meat inside, relishing the heady, musky flavor of both his cock and my ass hole.

"Yeah, baby, that's right. Suck that cock. Eat it all up. Suck it all in, baby, suck my prick."

His obscenities excited me and I began to suck faster. His prick hardened inside my mouth and I suddenly wanted him to come. I wanted to feel his hot load splashing against the back of my throat. I wanted to swallow it.

While I mouthed his cock he cupped both my boobs, squeezing the soft, round mounds, pulling on the erect, sensitive nipples until I was panting with pleasure. His cock swelled inside my mouth and I knew that he would be coming any second. I increased the pressure of my mouth on his tool and sucked it even faster. With my hands I squeezed his balls, hefting their weight. He was groaning with pleasure now and his balls pulled tight in their sack.

"Oh, baby, suck it, suck it, suck it."

And suck it I did. His prick expanded inside my mouth and I gulped as the first sticky wad of his come spurted from his cock hole. I sucked harder, draining his balls of their sweet, warm load, until finally, there was no more. I had swallowed it all. Exhausted, we both closed our eyes to rest for a few minutes. After awhile, I opened my eyes and saw his cock was already starting to harden once again. He smiled and told me to get onto my hands and knees.

I got into the position and felt him pressing the head of his cock against my tortured ass hole. I felt myself quivering at the touch and even though it hurt I still wanted it.

I moaned with pleasure when I felt his finger gathering up some cunt juice and then smearing it over my ass hole. He pressed the tip of his finger into my rectum and I gasped with pleasure.

"Oh, shit, hurry. Please, I can't stand it. Fuck me. Slam that cock up my ass. Oh, God, hurry. Please..."

His cock-head was once again pressing against the entrance to my rectum and I felt him shove forward slightly. The head of his cock oozed into my anus and the muscle at the entrance gave way. I moaned with desire, shoving my ass back against him, trying to feel the entire length of his cock sliding inside me.

Looking back between my legs, I could see his balls hanging low and heavy with another load of hot, sticky come. Reaching back, I scraped his sack with my fingernails. He groaned and slammed the rest of his cock into the depths of my bowels. It was my turn to groan. My body was on fire with lust. While he slammed his prick in and out of my ass hole, I rapidly squeezed my erect, throbbing clit with my fingers. I could feel another load of juice welling up inside my cunt.

"Oh, baby, fuck me, fuck me. Harder, fill my ass with your cock. Oh, shit, do it to me, do it. Oh, oooh, yes, yes, harder, harder, fuck the shit out of me. Fuck me, fuck me..."

I was wild with passion as his cock plunged in and out of me while at the same time I savagely twisted my throbbing clitoris, feeling my cunt juice soak my hand.

Just then, I felt his cock expanding inside my ass hole and I knew that he was going to come soon. I squeezed my clit harder and suddenly screamed out and I climaxed, my body quivering, writhing in uncontrolled ecstasy. Hot come ran from my cunt down the inside of my spread thighs. I gasped for breath as the hot convulsions raced through me.

I could hear him groaning behind me and I waited for the moment when I would feel his hot, thick, sticky load flooding my ass hole, mixing with the warm, brown globs of my crap. I wanted him to come. I wanted to feel his come inside me. I tightened the muscles inside my ass making the sensations even greater. He was groaning louder. Suddenly, his cock expanded fully inside my rectum. It throbbed. It jerked. I cried out as I felt the thick, scalding liquid shooting deep inside me, filling me to the brim and then overflowing and running down my ass crack to my cunt, mixing with my own come. Reaching back, I pressed my hand to my cunt and began smearing the hot liquid over my hot, swollen gash and soft pussy hair.

He stayed inside me until his cock softened and then he pulled it out. I rolled over onto my back and he squatted over me, his cock dangling above my mouth. I looked at it, both seeing and smelling the mixture of come and shit that clung to it. The odor intoxicated me. Hungrily, I opened my mouth and sucked all of it inside. I laved my tongue all around, tasting the musky flavor. I sucked it hard until it was clean and then I released it. Exhausted, he rolled over onto his back next to me and with my head resting on his shoulder we fell asleep.


The next evening the telephone rang after I had finished dinner.

"Hello," I said, speaking softly. "Hi, baby, how are you?"

"Who is this?" I asked.

"This is Bruce, baby. Don't you remember me?"

"Oh, Bruce. How are you? Where are you?"

"Home, for the time being. The reason I'm calling is to find out if you'll have dinner with me tomorrow. I'll be in town and I thought we might make the scene together. Just the two of us. How does that sound?"

"Sounds fine. Where should I meet you?"

"Don't worry about that. I'll pick you up at your place tomorrow. Say around eight."

"Fine. I'll see you tomorrow evening. Bye-bye."

I put the receiver back on the hook and could already feel my cunt twitching. The thought of Bruce's cock was enough to make me all wet and juicy. As I sat on the couch wearing just a thin nightgown, I slowly, unconsciously spread my legs apart. The air rushing onto my cunt felt cool. I put my hands on my thighs and began moving them up towards my wet, hot pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as I felt the tips of my fin gers coming in contact with my open, hairy cunt lips.

I ran one finger into the gash and sighed softly. My clit was hard and throbbing and the juice was pouring from my hole, running down the crack of my ass. Opening my legs wider, I spread my ass cheeks with my other hand and pressed one finger against my ass hole. I felt it blossom open and I slid the finger inside. I moaned with lewd desire as I began finger-fucking my own ass hole with one hand and rubbing my cunt with the other. My nipples were standing out hard from the soft mounds of my tits and I wished that I had a third hand so that I would be able to play my boobs while I did my cunt and my ass.

The desire was growing inside my body and I could feel my orgasm welling up inside my cunt hole. Frantically, almost savagely, I played with myself, slamming first one, then two, and now three fingers into the depths of my ass hole while at the same time I twisted my throbbing clitoris.

Suddenly, my body exploded and I gasped for breath and the convulsions raced through me. I held my hand under my cunt hole, catching the hot load of cream that spewed out. After the come ended, I brought the cream filled hand to my mouth and looked at it. The liquid was thick and whitish. It was warm and, naturally, smelled just like cunt. I dipped the tip of my tongue into the puddle of liquid and tasted it. I liked it. Hungrily, I lapped at it until not a drop remained. The thought that I was actually drinking my own come was almost enough to make me climax again.

After that, I took a hot shower and jumped into bed, contemplating my dinner date with Bruce for the next evening. I could almost see his cock as I closed my eyes and, as I dreamed, I did see it and felt it and tasted it and fucked it!

Precisely at eight o'clock the next evening there was a knock on the door. I answered it and let Bruce in. He kissed me hello and we left.

After dinner at a restaurant, Bruce sat back and lit a cigarette. I watched as he blew a plume of bluish smoke towards the ceiling.

"Say," he said, "what do you say we go to my place now and pick up where we left off last time?"

"I thought you would never ask. I can hardly wait."

Leaving the restaurant, we got into his car and drove quickly to his apartment across town. Two minutes after we were inside we were both standing naked in front of each other.

"Oh, baby, those tits," he breathed, reaching forward to cup one mound in each hand. I moaned softly as my nipples came to life, standing stiff against the palm of his hand.

I began breathing quicker as I watched his head descend towards my right boob. His tongue came out and he began licking all around the puckered, brown tip, moving closer and closer to the pointed center. Soft sighs of passion rose from my throat as his tongue, wet with saliva laved across the sensitive, thrusting tip.

"Oh, Bruce," I moaned, "suck it. Suck my tittie. Oh, God, that's so good. Oooooh, harder, harder. Bite my nipple. Bite it. Oh, that's so good. Hurt me, baby, hurt my titty. Aaaaaah, yes, yes, just like that. Now... do the other one. Bite the other nipple. Ooooh, shit, that feels so good. So fucking good."

I whispered lewd obscenities as his tongue on my nipples aroused me to a fever pitch. His teeth, digging into the sensitive flesh sent shivers of lust stabbing through me. The juice inside my cunt was pouring out, running in thick sheets down the inside of my thighs. While he continued to mouth my nipples, Bruce reached down with his free hand and began rubbing my pussy, starting at the thick patch of hair, he twisted it and pulled on it gently at first and then rougher until I was a molten mass of passion.

My tongue was running rampant, licking over his face, his eyes, his mouth, into his ears, everywhere. Pretty soon I had him covered with saliva.

Moans of desire rose from me as he left my titties and began moving down my body, licking every inch that he could reach. The moans grew louder as I felt the tip of his tongue laving through my jungle of pussy hair.

Juice flooding my twat, I opened my legs as wide as I could and with my fingers I pulled my pussy lips wide apart. Quivering with passion I pumped my ass back and forth, grinding my cunt against Bruce's face, smearing my pussy juice on top of the saliva that covered him.

I gasped for breath when I felt his tongue licking through the hot, slimy, squishy meat of my twat. At the same time he reached behind my ass and stuck two fingers into my ass hole. Shit! I was getting it at both ends.

"Oh, Bruce, suck me, fuck me. Oh, Jesus, shit, do it to me. Do it! Ohhhhh, yes, suck me harder. Suck my pussy. Oh, your finger, stick it father up my ass. Farther. Fuck me with it, fuck me. Play with my shit. Oh, God I'm so hot... so fucking hot. Make me come, make me come Bruce. I can't stand it. Oh, hurry, harder, please, please, please..."

His tongue and his fingers were driving me mad. My body craved release. I had to come. I felt as if I were going to explode. I couldn't stand it any longer. I gave myself to the sensations that were racing through me. Hot groans of lewd desire flew from my lips.

"Oh shit, Bruce. Now, I'm coming now. Suck me, suck the come out, oh, oh, OH, AAAIIYYYEEE..."

The explosion came, ripping through me, sending a sticky torrent of hot come racing from my swollen, throbbing pussy into Bruce's hungry, sucking mouth. I heard him swallow greedily, trying to get every last drop of my come.

Finally it ended and my body returned to normal. We went into the bedroom and got onto the bed. It was my turn to do Bruce. He was lying flat on his back and I crawled over him. His cock was already hard so that was one thing I wouldn't have to worry about.

He sighed with passion as I cupped his heavy sack of nuts in one hand, squeezing them gently. At the same time, I lowered my mouth to his hard, throbbing cock and began to lave the hot, wet tip of my tongue over it. I loved the way it would throb each time my tongue would run over the head of it. After coating it with saliva, I went down to his balls. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked one inside, rolling it around inside my mouth, letting it wallow in the soft, wet warmth. First one, then the other until they were both soaked. I quickly went back up to his cock which was, by now, harder than ever. I opened my mouth and sucked the head inside. It tasted kind of salty, but it was good. I sucked on the head, swirling my tongue all around it. After a minute, I lowered my head and took it deeper until finally I was taking almost all of it inside my mouth, the head pressing against the back of my throat.

Slowly, at first, I bobbed my head up and down, fucking his cock inside my mouth. At the same time I played with his nuts, digging my nails into the hairy sack. Each time I did that Bruce moaned with pleasure.

As his nuts grew tighter in their sac I began sucking his cock faster, trying to make him come. I wanted his first load to be shot inside my mouth.

His groans filled the room as his balls grew tight with their load of come. I tightened my lips on the shaft of his cock and in a minute I felt the entire length swell inside my mouth. Quickly, I forced as much of his cock inside as I could and then he shot his wad. The first gush splattered against the back of my throat, dripping in a gooey mess down to my stomach. My jaw was tired from all of the cocksucking, but I still managed to suck even harder now, draining his nuts of their creamy load. I was swallowing as quickly as I sucked, not wanting to miss a drop. Finally the stream ended and his cock softened. I released it from my mouth and squeezed a drop of sperm from the limp tool. Smiling at Bruce, I stuck my tongue out and caught that last sticky drop.

"Good to the last drop," I said, smiling as I licked the remains of his come from my lips.

"You bet it is," he answered.

Getting up from the bed, Bruce walked into the kitchen to fix a couple of drinks. When he returned, he gave one to me and then lay beside me on the bed, one hand cupping my right tit.

"God, they're beautiful."

"You already said that," I noted. He ignored the comment.

After a few minutes we were at it again. I was on my hands and knees, his throbbing cock pressed against my tender ass hole. It seemed as if my entire body relaxed as I felt the thick head of his cock penetrating into the depths of my hungry rectum. I was quivering with desire, wanting to feel the entire length of his prick inside me. I groaned with pleasure as he moved deeper and deeper into me, until finally he was all the way in.

He waited a moment and then he began to slowly pump his long, hard cock in and out of my wanting ass hole.

"Oh, Jesus, Bruce. Your cock, it's so big, so fucking big. Shove it up there. Fuck the shit out of me. Fuck my ass. Slam your cock up there. Ooooh, harder, make it hurt, make it hurt. Oh, yes, yes. Oh, God, shit, fuck me, fuck me..."

Grunting with lust, Bruce reached underneath my quivering body and grasped my two creamy boobs in his hands. I moaned with desire as he squeezed the soft, quivering mounds. His fingers scraped across my turgid nipples and sharp needles of pleasure raced through me.

Leaving one boob, Bruce went back to my cunt and began to finger it, while at the same time savagely pumping his massive cock in and out of my tortured anus. Ripples of excitement and pleasure coursed through me as the hot juice from my cunt oozed onto his probing fingers.

I grasped at the sheets and closed my eyes as I felt my climax welling up inside me. His cock was tearing my ass hole apart and I still wanted more. I was soaked with sweat and my throat was hoarse from moaning. Still I slammed my soft, round ass cheeks against his body, sending his cock forever deeper into my throbbing ass.

"Oh, baby, baby, fuck me, harder, harder. Come in me. Fill my ass with your come. Oh, oh, make me come, I'm almost there. Harder, baby, harder, fuck the shit out of me. Ooooh, I can't stand it. Yes, yes, just like that, fuck me, fuck me. Oh, baby, I'm c-o-m-i-n-g, I'm coming now, oh, oh, ooooooohhhhhhhhh. BABY, FUCK MEEEEEE." My whole body felt as if it were melting onto the bed while my hot load of come poured from my cunt. As my orgasm subsided, I realized that Bruce still had not shot his load. He was still fucking me and his cock was as hard as ever. I wondered how much longer he would be able to go. It seemed as if we had been fucking for hours.

Reaching back, I grasped his balls in one hand and squeezed them gently. They were heavy and felt as if they were ready to burst. I could almost feel the globs of come stored inside.

Bruce was grunting louder and I knew he was going to shoot any second. I continued squeezing his nuts until finally he succumbed to the feeling of ecstasy that flooded his cock.

I cried out, hoarse with passion as I felt his prick throbbing inside my ass hole, spewing out his thick, scalding load of creamy, white sperm. I shoved my ass onto him hard, burying his cock as deeply as I could. It felt like his come continued to shoot from his cock for minutes, when actually it was only for a few seconds.

When it ended Bruce pulled his shit-covered cock out of my ass hole. Moving over to the edge of the bed he lit a cigarette for himself and then one for me. For the next few minutes we sat there quietly, just smoking and catching our breath.

After finishing his cigarette, he put it out in the ashtray beside the bed. Getting up, he squatted over me and smiled lewdly. His cock was right above my face and I could both smell and see the brown smears of shit that covered his tool.

"Suck it!"

"No, I don't want to right now. It's all dirty."

"I said suck it, cunt," Bruce repeated, knowing full well how much I enjoyed being forced to do something dirty.

Reaching up, I grasped his dangling balls and squeezed them gently, almost being able to feel them filling with another warm load of come. Sticking my tongue out, I licked at the shit- and come-covered head of his cock. Bruce closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure. As soon as I tasted the dirt on his cock it seemed as if my entire body ignited in a flame of lust. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked in the entire length of his prick, tasting the thick, musky flavor, revelling in the degradation. I rolled my tongue all around his cock, gasping for breath as I felt it growing hard inside my mouth, until finally, the head was pressing against the back of my throat.

When his cock was completely hard I began moving my mouth back and forth along the length, gently scraping it with my teeth. My body filled with desire as I listened to Bruce groaning with the pleasure I was giving him.

Suddenly, he began fucking my mouth, pumping his raging cock back and forth inside.

I started to gag and thought that I was going to throwup. I didn't though. I relaxed the back of my throat as much as I could and grasped his cock shaft as tight as I could between my lips. I rolled my tongue all around the head as he fucked inside my mouth. I could almost feel the come rising inside his swollen nuts.

While Bruce slammed his cock inside my mouth I reached down and began finger-fucking my cunt.

I moaned deep inside my throat as I slid three fingers into the juice-filled hole of my pussy. With my thumb I squeezed the oily, erect nub of my throbbing clit. My hips gyrated on the bed and the orgasm welled inside me as I slid another finger into my hot, wet sticky cunt hole.

I was panting with lewd excitement when Bruce suddenly pulled his cock, soaked with saliva, out of my mouth. Raising my head, I licked at his delicious, sweat soaked balls. After a minute, Bruce pulled away and moved down my body until the head of his cock was inside my cunt, pressing against my wet, swollen hole. My eyes grew wide and I moaned; hot with lust, I felt his cock-head sliding into my juicy, mushy hole.

"Oh, yes, Bruce. Fuck me there. Slam your prick up my cunt. Oh, God, yes, FUCK ME!"

Bruce smiled lewdly as he drove the entire length of his prick into the depths of my drenched, dripping pussy hole. I gasped for breath as I felt the walls of my cunt expanding to accept his raging cock. As soon as he was all the way inside, we both relaxed and enjoyed the feeling before we actually started to fuck.

Looking up at him, I glowed with the pleasure of being fucked. The feeling was growing inside my cunt and I began fucking back, raising and lowering my ass, meeting each of his delicious thrusts, sinking his cock as deep as I could inside the sopping wet well of my cunt.

"Oh, Bruce, fuck me good. Fuck me good with your cock."

"Don't worry, baby. This will be the best fuck you'll ever have."

As he spoke to me, I began to wiggle all around the bed, trying to feel his cock all over my pussy hole. Already, I could feel my warm juice oozing from my hole, running down the crack of my ass.

Bruce was slamming his cock even harder inside my twat and my climax continued to build. I moaned louder as the feeling grew more intense. I opened my legs farther as I felt him reach down and press one finger on my ass hole. I groaned louder as I felt him slipping it inside.

"Oh, Bruce, shit, more, give me more. Oh, fuck, slam your finger up my ass. Fuck me, cunt. Ohhhh, Jesus, I'm going to come."

I continued to moan obscenities as the climax rose inside my body. My cunt felt as if it were going to explode. And then it did!

A loud harsh cry new from my throat as the convulsions of orgasm exploded inside my dripping cunt. At the same time, Bruce erupted inside my hole, drowning me with his sticky, thick load of come.

By the time it was over my cunt felt as if it couldn't take anymore. Which is just as well since Bruce's cock had seen its last hard-on for awhile.

With our arms wrapped around each other, he kissed me good-night and then we closed our eyes. Almost immediately, we were both fast asleep.


We were still in that same position when we were awakened by the doorbell being run insistently, at four o'clock in the morning.

Stumbling out of bed, Bruce made his way to the door.

"Who the fuck is it?" he shouted through the wood.

Whoever it was kept ringing the bell without answering.

Bruce opened it and Bill staggered in.

"So," he said, "I caught you." His words were slurred by the amount of drinking he had done before coming over.

Staggering into the bedroom, he looked at me, sitting up in bed, my boobs naked in front of him. "Caught us at what?" I asked.

"I caught you fucking, that's what I did. I caught you fucking with him." As he spoke, he pointed a finger at Bruce.

"So. What the fuck do you care who I screw with. When you're not here what am I supposed to do, finger my pussy?"

"Fuck it. I'm back now and you're glad. Aren't you, slave?"

The word slave slammed home to me and immediately my cunt started to fill with a warm, wet load of juice. "Come here, cunt!" he snarled.

Slowly, I got up from the bed and started to walk towards him.

"No, cunt, crawl. I want you to get your ass on the floor and crawl to me."

On my hands and knees, I moved slowly across the room to where Bill was standing. When I reached him he told me to take off his shoes and socks. I did as I was told, all the while my pussy growing wetter and wetter with the degradation to which I was being subjected.

"Now," he said, "lick my feet."

As he raised a foot to my mouth I could smell the sweat. It excited me. I stuck my tongue out and ran the tip of it over his toes, wetting them with my saliva. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked one toe inside, licking my tongue all around it. After that, I took another and then another, until, finally, I had almost half his foot inside my mouth.

"Now the other one, cunt," he said.

I gave his other foot the same treatment and then he instructed me to take off his pants and shorts. Reaching up, I unbuckled his belt and then pulled down the zipper. As I lowered his pants, I pulled his shorts down at the same time. My eyes opened wide with lust as I looked up at his halfhard cock, the head almost glowing a bright purple. I could smell his balls. I could smell his ass crack... his asshole. He pulled his shirt off and then he was naked.

Reaching up, I took his cock in my hand and stroked it gently, watching it come to life, growing harder with every passing second. Looking down at me, he smiled lewdly, cruelly.

"Suck it, bitch."

I did as he said, opening my mouth, taking his hard, throbbing cock inside. I could taste the flavor of another cunt on it. The taste excited me. The thought that this cock I was sucking had been in another woman's cunt, maybe her asshole, pounded inside my head, making the warm juices ooze even faster from my swollen pussy hole.

I moaned softly, delirious with pleasure as I sucked the hard tool into my mouth, pressing the purple head against the back of my throat, almost making myself gag. As I sucked his prick, I squeezed his balls, hefting their weight in my hand. One finger found his asshole and slid inside. Deeper... deeper. I felt a glob of his warm, brown crap and I groaned with perverted lust. I fucked in and out of his ass hole while he fucked my mouth with his cock.

"Oh, yeah, you cocksucking bitch. Suck that prick. Swallow the fucker. Ohhhhh, shit, baby. Suck my dick. You filthy, stinking whore. Lick it up. Suck all of it. Harder, cunt, suck it harder. You fucking slut, you stinking, shit-eating bitch of a whore."

His words ignited fires of desire inside my brain and then he turned his attention to Bruce.

"Bruce, hand me my belt. I've got a good idea."

Rubbing his stiff cock in his hand, Bruce handed Bill his belt.

My eyes had been closed until his prick was pulled from me. Before I could respond I felt him putting the belt around my neck, choking me. I started to gag. Yet I still wanted the cock.

"There," Bill said, "that should hold the dog for awhile."

He had turned the belt into a leash and I became his dog. I liked it. The final humiliation.

I felt the head of his cock pressing against my lips and I opened them wide, taking the hard, warm length of his meat into my mouth, trying to swallow it.

I felt Bruce behind me. His hands were parting the cheeks of my ass. His finger pressed against my ass hole.

"That's right, Bruce," Bill said, "fuck the whore. Slam your cock up her asshole. Fuck the living shit out of her."

Yes, I agreed tacitly, fuck me. Fuck the shit out of my ass. As thoughts of ecstasy raced through my brain, I felt the cock inside my mouth, brushing in and out of my face, tasting it deep in my throat. I gulped, swallowing the load of saliva that had gathered inside my mouth, filled with the flavor of cock.

Fingers grasped the side of my head, forcing even more cock into my mouth. I breathed deeply, letting the smell of his crotch and ass hole fill my, nose while his pubic hairs tickled my nostrils.

I moaned hotly, my entire body filled with sensations of lust and degradation. The cock throbbed inside me. I could feel it growing thicker... thicker, ready to explode with its scalding, liquid load. I groaned louder, sucked faster, harder. I wanted him to come, to fill my throat with his thick, slimy load.

I gagged as the first gush of his come splashed against the back of my throat. I swallowed greedily, sucking hungrily at the same time. The flavor of his come filled my mouth. I sucked it out and swished it around inside my mouth, between my teeth. I swallowed it. I squeezed his balls, trying to get more of the creamy mixture. Finally, I had it all and his cock began to soften inside my mouth. He pulled it out and I became aware of the hard prick pumping away deep inside my rectum.

I twisted my head around and saw Bruce on his knees behind me. His cock was slamming savagely inside my asshole. I tightened the muscle at the entrance, wanting to give him the best fuck I could. Saliva ran from the corners of my mouth as the pleasure mounted inside my body.

Suddenly, Bill thrust his soft cock into my mouth again. I started to suck it when my mouth filled with a hot, salty liquid. He was pissing inside my mouth. PISSING!

I swallowed greedily, trying to catch all of it, but there was too much. His urine ran from my mouth, down my chin onto my boobs and stomach. The taste burned into my throat but I continued to swallow what I could. Convulsions of pleasure exploded inside my body as the thought of what I was doing burst into my brain. I was drinking his piss! Gradually, the flow ended and finally, I had sucked out the last warm, yellow drop. Afterwards, he pulled his cock from my mouth and lay down on the floor to rest. But there was no rest for me. I was their slave; to fuck as long as they wanted to fuck; to piss on and shit on. And I loved it!

Bruce was groaning behind me and I knew that he was almost ready to come. Suddenly, I felt my ass hole being flooded with his thick, hot load of sperm. Gush after gush flooded inside me, drowning me, filling me. When it ended, he pulled his cock out and crawled around in front of me, his cock by my mouth.

Willingly, eagerly, I opened my mouth and sucked his prick inside, scraping the dirt off with my teeth and swallowing it hungrily. Afterward, I licked it clean with my tongue and gave it a good sucking until he was ready for a rest.

I guess I fell asleep after that. The next thing I knew, both Bill and Bruce were standing over me. I felt something warm falling on me and opening my eyes I saw that Bill was pissing all over me. Bruce's cock was hard in his hand as he watched the display. Opening my mouth wide, I hoped that Bill would piss into it, but he didn't.

"Look at the fucking bitch, will you?" Bill was saying. "Damned if she doesn't want me to piss in her mouth. Jesus Christ."

"It's something else, alright," Bruce responded, his voice heavy with excitement.

Finally, the flow ended and they looked down at me, my body soaked with the hot, yellow urine, the room smelling like piss. Bending down, Bill opened my mouth with his fingers and stuck one finger inside pressing down on my tongue.

"Just look at that mouth," he said, talking to Bruce, "that's the kind of mouth that makes you want to do thing... to it and in it!"

"Yeah, it sure does."

"What it make you want to do? Huh?"

"For one thing, I'd like to piss right in it. You did it to her and now I would like to."

Bill smiled lewdly. "Have you got any?"

"Shit yeah, man. A whole fucking bunch. I'm loaded."

"Well, shit, give it to her, then. That's what she's here for."

"Do you think she can take it?"

"Fuck yeah, she can take it. Shit, I let her drink my piss last night. She lost a little of it, but, still, she did pretty good. Go on and give it a try."

Just then, Bruce squatted over me, his cock and balls dangling over my mouth. I opened wide, trying to let him know that that was what I wanted. That I wanted him to piss in my mouth, that I wanted to drink it.

He put his cock in my mouth and I waited, excitement rising inside my body. Bruce groaned and then his piss started to pour from his cock, like water from a hose. My throat worked, drinking and swallowing all of the yellow liquid that I could.

"See? What the fuck did I tell you. She loves the stuff. Look at her drink it. She's dying for it. She's dying for your piss."

My head throbbed and my body exploded with pleasure each time I swallowed the hot, salty liquid. A finger touched my asshole. I twitched and opened my legs wider. Deeper and deeper into my ass the finger slid. In and out, in and out. I felt as if I were taking a shit. The flow of piss ended and I moaned deep in my throat, passion rising from every pore in my body.

"Look at this, Bruce," Bill said.

Bruce took his cock from my mouth and looked at what Bill was doing. My asshole was burning, stinging. But it was good. More pressure. I groaned with pleasure.

"Wow," Bruce said, "she's taking it without a fuss. Holy shit."

No longer was it his finger inside my rectum. Now it was his cock. The heat, the pressure, the cock. Oh, was it good!

"She's gotta take it," Bill said, "she's my slave. She'll do anything I want her to do. She's got to." More pressure on my ass and his cock sunk in even deeper. Finally, it was all the way in and he began fucking me, moving his prick in and out, in and out.

Automatically, my ass began to move in rhythm, meeting each of his thrusts, trying to sink the hard length of flesh in even deeper with every stroke.

"Shit," Bruce said, "look at that ass move. Christ, she's trying to swallow that cock of yours."

"You said it, man. She just loves the feel of a nice, hard cock up that fucking ass of hers."

I tried to spread my legs farther, tried to feel his cock even deeper inside my abused rectum, loving the feel of his hot hardness sliding in and out of the warm, soft, wet cavern, making my ass feel as though it were taking a million shits, all at the same time.

Just then, Bruce rolled under me, lying flat on his back. I could feel the throbbing length of his cock sliding between my swollen pussy lips. Jesus, it was all too good to be true. I was going to get fucked in the cunt again. Fucked in the cunt and in the ass, both at the same time. Oh, shit...

I gasped for breath as Bruce reached down and grasped the hard shaft of his cock, directing the swollen head to the wet entrance of my cunt hole. I moaned softly as he raised his ass into the air, sinking half his prick into my hole in one lunge.

"Oh, Bruce, harder," I moaned, my voice hot with lust. "Slam your fucking cock up my hole. Oh, Jesus, fuck the piss out of me. Fuck my cunt good with that cock of yours. Fuck me good!"

His cock was buried all the way inside me now and I sighed with pleasure as I felt the bloated length of his tool pressing against the sides of my twat.

"Ooooh, yes, fuck me, fuck me, baby, fuck my pussy."

Bruce was pumping slowly, sliding his hot, hard prick in and out of my juicy, dripping cunt hole. At the same time, Bill's cock was still savagely slamming in and out of my torn, bleeding rectum.

I couldn't see. I couldn't hear. All I could do was feel, but that was enough. The cock inside my cunt, the cock inside my asshole, the hands grasping the two quivering mounds of my boobs, pulling roughly at the swollen, rigid nipples all combined to make my body one swollen mass of feeling.

The movement inside my asshole increased. I reached back and felt Bill's balls, slamming madly against my soft, fleshy ass cheeks while his cock raced forever faster inside my anus.

"Oh, baby, baby, squeeze that ass," he groaned, "squeeze it shut while I fill you. Oh, baby, tighter, tighter. Yeah, that's right, that's right, now, baby, now, you fucking whore. Now you'll get my load. Tell me you want it. Tell me that you want my come!"

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," I cried, "come inside my ass. Fill my ass hole with your come. Mix it with my shit. Oh, please, hurry, hurry. I need it, I need it. Come in me, fuck my shit. Oh, oh, ohhhhhh..."

With that, Bill gave a final grunt and slammed his tool as far as he could inside my hole. The feel of his scalding come, gushing from his throbbing, palpitating cock made me cry with pleasure. My cunt erupted in an explosive orgasm, drowning Bruce's cock buried inside.

After pulling his limp, slimy cock out of my ass hole, he watched Bruce pound his meat into my cunt.

"Hey, buddy," he said, "why don't you try the slut's ass. She's nice and tight and all juicy for you."

Bruce didn't need any more coaching. He slid out from under me and got onto his knees behind me. I groaned as I felt the swollen head of his prick pressing against my anus. I felt as if I were going to shit right then and there. With his hands he pulled my ass cheeks part and his cock slid all the way in, my ass hole being greased with Bill's load of come.

The feeling of having a new cock fucking my ass hole filled my body with renewed sensations. Almost immediately, I was ready to come again. I began to furiously finger my cunt.

"Here, baby, I'll take care of that," Bill said. With that, he took my hand from my cunt and replaced it with his, shoving four long, hard fingers all the way up my drenched, slimy hole, fucking me with the same rhythm Bruce was using inside my rectum.

Spit rolled from the corners of my mouth as I strained to reach another climax. I gasped for breath as fingers tore at the mounds of my boobs.

"Hey, I got an idea," Bill said excitedly. He went racing off to the kitchen. When he returned, I opened my eyes and saw him carrying three cucumbers.

"Here," Bill said, "stick your cock up her pussy from behind and at the same time we'll stick these up her ass, see how far we can stretch it."

As he thought of shoving a foreign object into my ass hole, Bruce's cock grew even harder inside me.

He pulled his prick out of my rectum and slammed it up my pussy. I felt a coldness at my asshole and moaned with desire. My head spun as I felt the cold length of the smallest cucumber being forced up my back hole. The warts on it were making the sensations even greater than having a real cock up there. Adding to it all was the feeling of Bruce's cock pounding relentlessly inside my swollen, dripping cunt.

"You like it, don't you, slave?" Bill asked lewdly as he forced the vegetable into my rectum. "You like what I'm doing to you, don't you, slave?"

And that's what I was: their slave. And did I like it! I liked everything they were doing to me and everything they were going to do before they finished.

My ass hole began to twitch as the cucumber was shoved farther and farther inside, until finally, I had managed to take all of it. When that time came, Bill pulled it out suddenly and I felt like I had just dumped a load of shit right onto the bed. I couldn't smell anything, though, so I guess I didn't.

The second cucumber was bigger and when I managed to take it also, Bill reached for the third. This one was a monster and I groaned in pain as he started to shove it in. The louder I cried out the harder he shoved it. Finally, the pain left me, being replaced by pleasure. I wanted all of it. I wanted to feel the damn thing all the way to my stomach. I slammed my ass back and forth and Bill began fucking me with the cucumber, driving the entire length in and out of my asshole until I finally came. At the same time, Bruce, his cock inside my dripping, slimy pussy, groaned and his cock throbbed, sending out one thick, scalding white stream of come after another until he was drained dry. Only then did Bill remove the huge cucumber from my abused, torn ass hole. And then I was understandably ready for sleep.


Three or four days later Bill phoned and ordered me to his apartment.

"Right now?" I asked.

"That's right, baby. Right now."

There was something strange about Bill's attitude when I arrived, but I couldn't tell what it was. Inside his apartment he locked the door behind us and told me to go into the bedroom. Lying on the bed there, naked, was another girl, around twenty-three years of age.

"Hi," she said smilingly, "you must be Kim."

I turned to Bill and asked him what this was all about.

"Remember when you made it with Bruce last week without asking me first? Do you remember?"

"Yes. What about it?"

"Well, this is just to teach you a lesson. Get undressed and then get into bed with Terry. Now!" For some reason I was afraid. I had not fucked with a woman since Lana and, although I have done everything with a man that could possibly be done, the idea of doing it with a woman again scared me.

As I slowly undressed, Terry never took her eyes off me. Bill went to fix a drink. I watched as Terry licked her lips with the tip of her pink tongue as I reached behind my back, unhooking my bra.

"Mmmmmm, nice," she said as I exposed my boobs to her hungry eyes. A moment later I was completely naked.

"Come here," she said, patting the bed.

I walked over to her and got into bed. The fear rose inside me as she began to stroke the soft flesh of my tits and then she began to move down towards my cunt. I stiffened and she looked at me, her eyes burning through me.

"Just a minute," she said, her voice cutting through me. "We can do this one of two ways. My way or yours, and I'll tell you now that yours would be a hell of a lot harder on you. Now just relax."

I tried to relax as she instructed but when she brought her mouth down to one tit and started licking the nipple I tried to wiggle away. She was stronger than I and held me down on the bed.

I saw Bill standing in the corner of the bedroom, sipping his drink, smiling lewdly as he watched my torment. Terry reached down to my cunt and started rubbing it and all resistance gave way. I could feel my hole filling with juice and I knew that I had lost.

Soft moans of pleasure escaped from my throat as she pressed her mouth to mine.

As I licked the warm, wet underside of her tongue, ecstasy rushed through me. Her fingers were working inside my cunt, fucking in and out, smearing my juice all over the hot flesh.

I could see Bill smiling as I spread my legs farther to feel even more of Terry's caresses.

"Do you like it now, Kim?"

"Oh, yes, yes I like it. Please, please don't stop."

Sliding down the length of my body, Terry spread the lips of my cunt apart with her fingers and examined the hot, wetly pink inner meat. Bending her face down, she pressed her mouth to my dripping gash and I moaned as I felt the long length of her tongue slithering all around, licking into my hole and then moving up the gash to lick at the turgid nub of my clitoris.

"Oh, Terry, suck me, suck me," I moaned as she moved her tongue expertly around inside my cunt. Leaving my cunt, she then spread my ass cheeks and raised me from the bed. I sighed softly as her tongue slid up and down my ass crack and then began a gentle probing of my ass hole.

Suddenly, I grabbed at her head and tried to force her face even harder against my ass crack. "Oh, lick me there. Stick your tongue up my ass. Oh, shit, it feels so good. Please, please do it to me. Oh, God!"

She continued to slide her tongue in and out of my ass hole, while at the same time she fingered my cunt, putting me on the verge of a climax.

"Oh, Terry, I'm going to come. Oh, yes, now, I'm coming, I'm coming..."

Just as my pussy exploded in a series of convulsions, she pulled her tongue from my rectum and began lapping at my pussy, drinking up all of the warm juice that oozed from my palpitating hole.

As my climax ended, I lay on the bed panting. I saw Terry look over to Bill and wink and then she opened a drawer on the bedside table and took out this absolutely monstrous length of rubber shaped exactly like a man's cock. The damn thing was at least fifteen inches long and THICK. Jesus! I never saw anything like it in my life.

Never in my wildest dreams could I expect to take anything so big inside my cunt and my eyes grew wide with a mixture of excitement and fear I watched her smearing vaseline over the length of it.

I guess she saw the alarm in my face because she told me to just lie back and relax, that I would enjoy what she was about to do for me.

"Just don't hurt me, please," I said, knowing all along that it was the pain that I really enjoyed. I wondered if she knew. Shit, Bill probably told her all about me.

While I lay on the bed, not really knowing what to expect, Terry began rubbing my cunt, getting it all nice and juicy, while in her other hand, she held the dildo. After she had my pussy soaked she took the head of the dildo and parted the lips of my pussy with it. I lay motionless on the bed while she began to slide the length of my cunt hole. After she had about three inches of it inside, I screamed out with the pain. I had never had anything that big in my cunt as this dildo.

"Oh, please, stop. It hurts too much. Please, stop."

Terry did stop and contented herself with fingering my cunt and squeezing my breasts until I was again squirming with passion. After a few minutes, she mashed her mouth down onto mine, sinking her tongue almost all the way back to my tonsils and at the same time she drove the dildo in up to her knuckles.

I tried to yell, but her mouth on mine blocked all sound. I squirmed and twisted violently, but I couldn't get away. After a minute, though, the waves of shock and pain gave way to pleasure and I found myself trying to get the dildo in even deeper. Terry began plunging the rubber cock in and out of my twat and after a minute I started panting and screaming with my first climax.

"Oh, Jesus, you're making me come. God, I'm coming... I'm coming."

As the convulsions whipped through my pussy, I held onto Terry for all I was worth. I found myself squeezing her boobs, pulling and twisting her nipples, reaching for her cunt and trying to kiss her, wanting to lick her tongue with my own.

After my climax, I lay back on the bed with my eyes closed and my chest heaving. Terry bent down and began sucking one of my turgid nipples, trying to give me all the pleasure that she could. Afterward, she pulled the dildo from my cunt and licked the slimy coating of juice from it. Afterward, she buried her face between my legs and lapped at the come still oozing from my drenched, mushy hole.

After letting me rest for a few minutes it was time for the next thing on the agenda. With her hands she parted the cheeks of my ass and placed the head of the dildo at my ass hole entrance. Without waiting she began to slide the monstrous length into my rectum.

I yelled, I cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain. It felt as if the dildo were splitting my ass in two, yet it felt so good I didn't want her to stop.

I dug my fingers into the sheet while she continued to slide more and more of the rubber prick into my rectum. As she pushed it in she also wiggled it around inside until I was almost screaming, begging for more.

As soon as it was all the way in, Terry began sliding it in and out, fucking me with it. Looking down I was able to see it, still shining with a mixture of juice from my cunt and my ass hole.

I could feel another orgasm building up inside me and I knew that it would be the best one of my life. I ground my body against the bed. I had never been fucked like this before and I was really digging it now. Every fucking, rubber inch.

Terry was an expert at what she was doing. In and out of my ass hole the dildo went. The red ring of flesh at the entrance to my ass clung to the dildo, but then opened easily as it slid back in, filling me up once again. With every thrust it felt as if the air was being forced from my lungs. I gasped for each breath as the sensations mounted inside my body.

Just then, Terry stuck four fingers inside my wet, clinging cunt hole and began finger-fucking me. My cunt was still wet from my last come and I could almost feel the walls clinging to Terry's fingers as she pumped them in and out.

I began writhing on the bed as my climax drew closer and closer. And then I came!

I cried out as wave after wave, one convulsion after another, raced through me, sending my warm cream to flood my cunt, spewing onto Terry's driving, fucking hand. Still she didn't stop.

By now my cunt was so sensitive, I began begging her to stop, just for awhile. I breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled the dildo out of my tortured ass hole and then withdrew her fingers from my tender cunt.

I lay back and relaxed as she got up off the bed and walked over to Bill, who was still sitting in the corner of the room.

"I'll let her catch her breath for awhile," she said to him.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Terry?" he asked. "Shit yes. She's a good cunt. You should take good care of her."

"I do. That's why I let you have her for awhile."

"Say, do you have another drink handy?"

"Sure. Would you like a cigarette?"

"Yeah, that would be good right now."

"Here," he said, handing her the cigarette. "I'll go and fix that drink for you."

While Terry sipped her drink, I lay on the bed feeling drained of everything. My ass hole was sore and I knew that the next day I wouldn't be able to sit on it. I wondered how I would take a shit and then I laughed at the thought.

A few minutes later, Terry finished her drink and walked over to the bed. Taking some leather straps from the dresser drawer, she put them on the dildo. Giving the dildo to me, she told me to strap it around my waist. I did as she told me. After I had it firmly fastened around my waist, Terry got onto the bed beside me.

"Alright, little cunt, now it's your turn to take care of me. Suck my titties for me and then I want you to eat my cunt."

I dipped my head down to the firm, but soft mounds of her boobs. I licked all around the creamy, quivering mounds, tasting the flavor of her boobs, slowly drawing my tongue closer and closer to her hard, puckered brown nipples.

"Oooooh, baby, that feels good. Now, suck them. Suck my nipples for me."

I did as she said, sucking a nipple into my mouth and then rolling my tongue around the tip while I gently dug my teeth into the puckered brown flesh surrounding her nipple tip.

I could hear Terry beginning to moan with pleasure and suddenly, I wanted to give her as much pleasure as she had given me. While sucking her nipples, I reached down and began to gently rub her big and hairy cunt.

"Yes, yes, that's right baby. You're doing just fine," she murmured as she felt my fingers smearing her juice all around her hot pussy flesh.

"Suck me now, cunt. Suck my pussy good."

I left her swollen nipples and moved down the length of her body, licking as I went until I reached her pussy mound. Terry opened her legs wide and I put my face between them. With my fingers, I pulled her cunt lips wide apart and stared at the pink, slimy, squirming flesh inside. At the bottom of her gash, I could see her hole, all gooey and mushy with cunt juice. I breathed deeply, letting the odor of her pussy explode inside my brain, exciting me.

Slowly, I stuck my tongue out and pressed it into her cunt. Terry moaned loudly with pleasure at the touch of my tongue and I began slithering it all over, concentrating on the erect nub of her oily clitoris. At the same time, I slid four fingers up her hole and began fucking her until she writhed in passion on the bed.

The juice was oozing copiously from her cunt and I found myself lapping it up just as fast as my tongue could move.

"Alright, baby, fuck me now. Fuck me with the dildo. Oh, God, fuck my cunt with it."

I took my juice-covered mouth from Terry's cunt and climbed on top of her, just as a man would. Reaching down, Terry grasped the shaft of the dildo in her hand and guided the head directly to her cunt hole. There was no need wetting the dildo. Her cunt was soaked!

I could hear her sighing deeply as I pushed my hips downward, driving the rubber prick deep into her cunt hole.

"Oh, yes," she moaned, "keep going. Give me all of that cock. Oh, shit, I love it. Fuck me with all of it. Slam it up my cunt."

Suddenly, I rammed the remainder of the dildo into her cunt in one, hard lunge, taking Terry by surprise. She gasped for breath and then cried out with pleasure. As soon as it was all the way in, I began fucking her, using long, clean strokes, driving the entire length of the cock in and out of her juicy, sucking cunt hole.

Terry raised her legs into the air and began bucking her cunt up and down, meeting each of my thrusts, driving the dildo just as far as it could possibly go inside her drenched, slimy hole.

Our bodies, glistening with sweat; slapped together as our fucking grew more and more violent. Terry dug her nails into my back as her passion mounted.

"Oh, shit," she yelled, "don't stop. Keep fucking. Harder. Harder."

I was pounding away for all I was worth, sinking the dildo into her hole just as hard and fast as I possibly could. I found myself wanting to make Terry come. Not particularly because I wanted her to enjoy herself, but because I wasn't getting any real pleasure out of this and I wanted it to end.

Terry wrapped her legs around my back, grinding her body into mine and touching me as much as she could as her climax began deep inside her cunt.

I moaned as her teeth bit into my shoulder and then her cunt began to quiver with the beginning of her climax. I slammed harder into her hole and then she exploded, sending a shower of her warm juice onto the dildo, which then dripped in a slimy puddle onto the bed.

Terry bucked wildly, crying out with pleasure, almost throwing me off her heaving, writhing body. And then she was quiet, her body still, while she breathed hard, gasping for breath. I lay on top of her, not sure what I was supposed to do. Finally, she told me to roll off of her and I did.

Terry told me to unstrap the dildo, which I did, and then handed it to her. Getting up from the bed, she walked over to Bill and took a sip of the drink that he had ready for her.

"Well," Bill asked.

"She could be trained. Want to give her to me for awhile?"

"Not yet," Bill said, smiling.

"Gee, too bad. There's a lot of good potential there."

"For some things."

"Okay, I get the message, pal," Terry said laughing.

"Yeah," Bill said, squeezing one of Terry's naked boobs.

"Not that kind of pal," she said.

"Terry, when are you going to let me fuck you?" Bill asked, exasperatedly.

"One of these days. Maybe."

"Alright. Fair enough."

Terry broke away and got dressed. After putting on her skirt and sweater she bent down and kissed me. I returned the kiss and watched her as she then walked out of the apartment into the night.


Walking over to the bed, Bill looked down at me. My bobbs quivered on my chest and my nipples were still hard with excitement. Sitting up, I reached for a cigarette and Bill lit it for me.

"Why did you do that, Bill?"

"Do what?" he asked. "Don't play dumb with me."

"Alright. I wanted to repay a favor."

"And so you used me," I said accusingly.

"It looks that way," he said smiling. "Are you complaining?"

"Go to hell."

"Don't worry, baby, we'll be fucking there, too."

I was silent.

"Now don't tell me," he said, "that you didn't enjoy every inch of that dildo inside your ass because I was watching you. I could see you never had anything so Goddamn good in your life. Admit it!"

Tears began to form in my eyes, but I fought them back I sat up on the edge of the bed and spat at him.

"You're an animal, a pig. I hate you."

"Tough shit, baby. Maybe this will teach you a lesson. Maybe the next time you won't be so quick to fuck someone if I'm not around."

"I tried to explain it to you, but you just wouldn't listen. What could I do?"

"That's a lot of bullshit," he said. "There was nothing to explain. I caught you fucking with Bruce and that's all there is to it. Now forget it."

Suddenly, Bill started ripping his clothes off. Within a moment he was standing in front of me, naked, his cock hard and throbbing with desire. Guess seeing me fucking with Terry really got him hot.

"Oh, Bill," I cried out as I felt his hand reaching for my cunt. I opened my legs as wide as I could and sighed with pleasure as I felt him jamming three fingers into my wet, dripping cunt hole. I found myself wondering if I could ever get enough sex to satisfy me.

"Oh, Bill, Bill, that feels so good. So good."

My breath came in hot, panting gasps as he finger-fucked my cunt, while at the same time he bent down and began sucking one erect nipple, gently digging his teeth into it.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out of my cunt and filled my ass hole with them. I groaned with lust. With the muscles inside my rectum, I grasped his fingers, making the fit even tighter. God, how I wanted his cock!

As soon as he felt like my ass hole was ready, he took his cock and placed the head against the entrance. A heavy moan of pleasure rose from my throat as I felt the thick length of his prick slowly sinking into the warmth of my ass hole. As he pushed it in I slowly pressed my ass against him, trying to drive the cock in even deeper. I couldn't get enough.

With every thrust, Bill buried his cock deeper into my ass hole. Both my cunt and ass hole filled with lubrication as he whipped my shit into a frothy mess. His hand, still buried inside my cunt, banged against my womb with the same rhythm he was using to fuck my ass.

With every thrust I could feel my climax drawing closer. I gasped for breath, I panted, I moaned increasingly louder as the raging fires burned inside me.

"Oh, Bill, fuck me, harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

My body writhed on the bed. I cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh, harder, Bill, harder, fuck me. Screw the shit out of my ass. Drill me, fuck my cunt, my ass. Fuck me. Make me come, I'm going to come. Oh, Bill, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

I gasped for air as my body vibrated on the bed. Come flowed from my cunt and still he kept slamming his prick into the depths of my bowels.

My orgasm ended yet still he kept fucking. My ass was starting to get really sore now and I cried with the pain. Still, he kept fucking me.

"Please, please Bill, come. Shoot inside my ass. Oh, God it hurts, Bill. Please, come inside me. I can't stand anymore. Please!"

"I'm gonna fuck your ass off," he said in answer to my pleas.

And he did just that. Fucking me until I couldn't see straight, until my ass felt like a raw, bleeding mass of flesh. Although it was painful, I tightened my sphincter, making the hole even tighter for him, hoping that it would force him to come.

Finally, I heard him grunting. I tightened my ass hole even more, begging him to come. Suddenly, I felt his cock swell inside me and then throb with his release. I moaned with pleasure as I felt his scalding, thick load of sperm gushing from his palpitating prick, lubricating the walls of my rectum. And then he pulled his cock out.

"Suck it, cunt," he said.

He rolled over onto his back. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in his soft, slimy cock. As I sucked it clean for him, I rolled my tongue around the sensitive head until his ass was bucking up and down on the bed, not stopping until he had slapped my face three times. I was tempted to just bite his cock off, but decided against it. I knew that I would be wanting it again -- soon.

That last fuck made me forgive him for what he had done and now we rested quietly on the bed, my head on his shoulder, one of his hands cupping my soft, creamy tits, gently pressing a newly erected nipple with his strong fingers.

After a few minutes, I could feel my pussy starting to fill with a new load of juice. I moaned softly and pressed my lips to his throat, licking all around his flesh. After a minute, I found his mouth and darted my tongue inside, tasting the hot, wet sweetness of his saliva. His tongue came to life and began playing a game of tag with my own. For five minutes we exchanged spit, him drinking mine and then me drinking his.

His fingers began rubbing the hot, wet meat inside my twat while I gently, lovingly played with his growing cock.

A husky moan escaped from my throat as I slid down his body, licking wetly over his chest and stomach, right down to his hard, throbbing cock.

My tongue was hot and wet with spit as I laved up and down the underside of his prick, taking time to swirl my tongue all around the head until it was throbbing with passion.

Opening my mouth wide, I sucked the head inside, slowly going lower and lower until I had taken three-quarters of his prick inside my mouth. Slowly, with a nice, wet suction, I began moving my mouth up and down the length of his prick, sucking him off.

Finally, I could stand it no longer. I had to feel him inside my cunt, fucking me. Giving him one last kiss, I squatted over it. Grasping the base of the shaft, I directed the head to my open, glistening hole and pressed it against the opening.

I moaned softly with pleasure as I sat down on it, feeling the entire length slide deeply into my hole. As soon as I had buried it inside as far as I could, I fell forward onto him, crushing my tits against his chest.

I sighed with desire as he wrapped his arms around my back and began pumping his massive cock in and out of my dripping, sucking cunt hole.

The walls of my pussy grasped his cock, not wanting to let it go. Together we moved in perfect unison, perfect rhythm, fucking, fucking, fucking.

"Oh, Bill. Your cock feels so good inside me," I moaned passionately in his ear.

We were both fucking slowly, enjoying the feeling of cock and cunt coming together, our bodies and souls merging as one inside the warm, wet depths of my cunt.

Just then, Bill rolled over until he was on top of me, his cock staying inside my cunt, never losing a stroke. In this position I felt his cock moving even deeper inside me with every stroke.

I wrapped my legs around his back, heaving my ass up and down, moaning each time his prick sunk deliciously into my juice-filled hole.

"Oh, Bill, fuck me harder, fuck my cunt hard. Stab your prick into me. Oh, Jesus, that feels so good. Oh, I love your prick. I love it!"

I was no longer a person. With his cock pumping inside me, I was being transformed into a wild animal. All I was aware of was Bill's prick. All I wanted was to be fucked.

The bed shook and creaked as we banged our sweating bodies together, both of us desperately straining to come, to reach our own moment of ecstasy, our climax. I was breathing hard and fast as the desire mounted inside my body. I could feel my heart racing inside my chest, beating like a drum as I quivered and writhed on the bed.

When I finally came it was like nothing I had ever known. Ever since I met Bill, every orgasm seemed to be better than the last. I cried out as the sweet pain tore through me. My back arched into the air as I reached for the feeling, only to be slammed back down onto the bed. A hoarse cry of pent-up lust wracked my throat. Convulsions of pleasure sent my hot cream spewing from my palpitating pussy, soaking his embedded cock.

Just then, Bill gave forth a mighty grunt and I felt the hard length of his cock throb inside me. Hot gushes of thick, white sperm shot from his spasming prick, splashing inside the drenched cavern of my vagina. The feeling of having him come inside me sent another series of smaller, though still pleasant tremors through my pussy until I finally lay back, drained of all energy. Finally, it ended for him and he got out of bed. Going into the kitchen he fixed himself another drink. I stayed in bed. I knew that in the morning my cunt would be sore as hell, but right then, at that moment it was the most beautiful feeling in the world.

I could hear the sounds of the street filtering in through the window. They were all sounds I had heard a thousand times before. I became aware of Bill sitting in a chair in the corner of the bedroom. He was already dressed. I assumed that he had to go out.

"Bill," I said, "I'm sorry. It will never happen again. I swear it. You're all that I want. Please, believe me."

"Isn't it a little late for that?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know, Kim. Let's play it be ear for awhile."

"Alright Bill. But, please, just give me a chance."

"Everybody has and wants just one more chance. Most people want more than one and sometimes it just doesn't work out."

"How does it work out then?"

"Like this. Like tonight. When we started out together it was all fun and games. And things started to happen. It used to be that I was happy just to fuck and then you came along. We started playing this slave game and then tonight happened. I won't say that I didn't enjoy it, but now I'm getting scared. It's like... it's like it's no longer a game and that this is all for real. I feel like I'm turning into the animal that I've been acting like ever since we first met. I just don't know anymore. I just don't know."

"Who was that girl, Bill?"

"You mean Terry?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Just a girl. She did me a favor once. I promised that I would pay her back someday. Tonight I did just that."

"And now you are squared with her?"

"That's right, thanks to you."

"Well, I'm glad I was able to help," I said, the sarcasm more than apparent in my voice.

"Jesus Christ, Kim, don't start in again. Shit, you bring it all on yourself and then when the shit falls in your lap you wonder why. I'm telling you now, baby, wake up, if you can. Wake up."

And that was all he said, all that was left to be said. And then he left me there by myself.

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very very bad store


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good story nicely written, bit long, but still very good


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To the reader below:
1) There is nothing in my bio
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3) Agreed - real women are a gift
4) I don't want to be a woman as my better half simply amazes me everyday.
5) You're a blithering idiot

If you didn't like the story, say so, but don't put forth garbage. This is the original printed edition of this story, and unless I misread the author's name, it was written by a man. Whoever you are, get over yourself.

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