Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited


Bestiality, sex with animals, is on the rise amongst high school girls according to figures recently released by the Murdock Report. The questionnaire prepared by The Report also indicated that this trend towards bestiality by high school girls will probably continue until new methods are developed for treatment of this aberration. To fully comprehend a teenage girl's preference for an animal, it is first necessary to be acquainted with the terms employed by the analyst as he digs for the motivations from each case subject.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines the act in simple layman's terms; sexual relations between a human being and a lower animal. But this is merely a surface description of the act. The analyst defines such abnormal conduct in terms of motivation, and inner, mental crisis. Accordingly, Dr. James Leslie McCary in his authoritative Human Sexuality tells the reader that the pattern of bestial behavior becomes fixed as a mechanism to avoid feared failure with the opposite sex, a means of avoiding distress or threat because relations with a boy could lead to dissatisfaction on his part, and reveal the girl's incompetence and ignorance of sex. Thus, one of the major, contributing factors towards bestial conduct is fear of failure with the opposite sex. And fear of sex and its consequences with a boy (pregnancy) is rampant today with high school girls despite the development of birth control pills.

In An ABZ of Love by the Drs. Inge and Sten Hegeler, two well known Danish psychologists who practice in Copenhagen, we're told that it is not possible for an animal to conceive an offspring with a girl. They tell us that this myth probably arose from the Greek legend about Leda who produced the beautiful Helen with the help of a swan. They further state that: "... beautiful girls have set our imagination going when they have been carried off by gorillas in Tarzan films. They cannot have children with gorillas either..."

Today, high school girls are sophisticated enough to know that they cannot become pregnant with an animal. And so, we discover another motive for bestial behavior; fear of pregnancy. They can gratify themselves sexually with an animal's genitals without running the risk of getting pregnant.

What kind of animals do high school girls prefer?

The Encyclopedia of Human Behavior by Robert M. Goldenson, Ph.D. sheds light on this question. Dr. Goldenson informs us that bestiality is most commonly practiced with large domesticated animals, such as sheep, goats or dogs and less often with chickens, ducks, and geese. The Encyclopedia further states that bestiality is not restricted to merely the United States but appears to be a universal phenomenon, since laws and taboos concerning bestiality are found in practically all societies. Accordingly, statistics provided early in 1974 indicate a worldwide rise in bestial practices amongst high school girls.

Most religious codes, including the Old Testament, condemn the practice, but it is permitted in a few societies, particularly during initiating ceremonies. The Encyclopedia informs us that in our culture the practice usually results from observing coitus between animals. Girls on farms find this form of voyeurism stimulating, and usually masturbate after watching coital relations between farm animals. In time, they become bolder, more explorative and attempt a direct, physical relationship with a farm animal, usually a dog. If they do not have an adequate opportunity to find a normal heterosexual relationship with a boy, the practice of bestiality between farm girl arid animal becomes a fixed pattern of behavior. Usually, after school hours, the girl seeks out the animal and has sex with the beast in a secluded area of the farm.

Is the behavior between the farm girl and her animal lover abnormal?

The Encyclopedia states that: "... although all forms of bestiality are considered objectionable in our society, the practice is regarded as clearly pathological only when sexual relations with animals are preferred to contacts with humans of the opposite sex. As in other cases of sexual deviation, it may reflect a fear of inadequacy and rejection in approaching ordinary sexual relations. When this deviation is persistently practiced, it is often a sign of either psychosis, or inferior intelligence..."

So far, the authorities on the subject of bestiality and high school girls have informed us that fear is the most prevalent reason for such conduct; fear of failure, fear of pregnancy. And the fear motive can also be applied to slightly older females who seek sexual release with animals. But, one motive, unique to high school girls is the fantasy factor. Most girls, teenagers, and coming from a middle class family are dissatisfied with their social status. Their parents, middle class strivers, are perpetually attempting to better their status. This unceasing effort to climb the social ladder produces several effects on their daughters. Either the girl is repulsed by the never ending efforts of her parents to "keep up with the Joneses", or she approves of the conduct of her parents. The girl who approves quite often projects images of herself in role fulfillment fantasies. She sees herself, in fantasy, as having achieved all the goals set for her by the parents. Both types of girl, the one who approves of her parents social climbing and the type who disapproves are subject to fantasy and bestial behavior.


Fantasy is an escape mechanism. The girl who disapproves of her parent's social seeking efforts is highly dissatisfied with home life. She wants desperately to escape. The type of boys recommended by her parents fill her with revulsion. All of them, too, come from the environment of the middle class striving family. She wants nothing to do with them. In her desperation, and distaste with the life style of her parents, the girl turns to animals to express her disapproval. Even though the bestial act is performed in secret, she feels a certain amount of relief by her display of rebellion.

The high school girl who approves of her parent's social striving activities also turns to animals but with a different type of fantasy in mind. In her sexual fantasies, she sees herself as having attained all of the higher, social goals set by her parents. The animal, in her fantasy, takes the form of a boy from a higher, social class. Thus, she is able to transform her dreams of success into a sort of reality by having direct, sexual contact with the beast and achieving a climax with his genitals.

According to Kinsey, it is very common for women and especially girls of high school age to indulge in fantasies while masturbating. But he also informs us that disturbed girls have to seek release with something stronger than mere fantasy. That's why they turn to animals. They must have real contact with a blood and flesh male genital. At the same time, the type of dumb, sex partner, permits them to fantasize. Closing their eyes, they see on the screen of their mind, the lover they really want to have.

Kinsey's theories are supported by Sigmund Freud. In The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud, we're told that teen-age girls from the middle class family is subjected to much more strife and mental anguish than her counterparts in the upper middle class and lower middle class social structures.

According to Freud, the girl from age thirteen is confronted by the strife's that have long gripped her parents. And these strife's are transmitted to the girl and in a more acute form if the parents haven't succeeded in finding a higher social niche on which to function. Having failed to elevate themselves socially, they pin all their hopes on the daughter. They want her to marry a boy from a wealthier family, and thus, in their estimation, a more socially acceptable one. Freud states: "... if the teen-age girl is intelligent, she is going to rebel, at least inwardly. She is going to reject the artificial values, at least in her estimation they're artificial, imposed on her by the older generation. Unhappy, and frustrated by her inability to escape physically from her home environment, the girl seeks escape in her own unique ways. Sometimes, this escape takes the form of bestiality, sex with animals. And this behavior is clearly triggered by feelings of resentment, rebelliousness and the very definite need to escape, however briefly, into a time and place where she is mistress of her own fate..."

And so, we have added the fantasy factor as another motivation that drives high school girls to have sex with animals. And depending on the background and attitude, the fantasy is induced in either a happy or unhappy girl; a girl who approves or disapproves of her parents.

Closely linked with the fantasy factor of escape is the anxiety reaction disorder which many high school girls are afflicted with. Many middle-aged or older people have a tendency to worship youth in all forms. But they are only worshipping the surface aspects.

In reality, teen-age girls attending high school are passing through an especially difficult period of their lives, a time filled with rivalry and mental anguish. And these factors are especially pronounced in girls who are not pretty or popular at school. And yet, these girls desire attention and sexual attention from the opposite sex. Unfulfilled by reality, they turn to animal substitutes.

What is it like to be a high school girl and be subjected to the anxiety reaction neurosis?

According to The Encyclopedia: "... the chronic reaction is a persistent, distressing feeling of apprehensiveness and catastrophic expectation, the feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Other prominent symptoms are general uneasiness, insomnia, difficulty in concentrating and making decisions, fear of making mistakes, together with a loss of appetite, frequent nausea, heart palpitations, and raised blood pressure without apparent cause..."

The Encyclopedia goes on to tell us that: "... anxiety reactions are responses to dangers the individual (high school girl) feels but does not recognize. These responses are out of proportion to any apparent cause. This is because they arise from situations touching sensitive areas deep within the personality, unresolved conflicts, forbidden impulses, disturbing memories, which threaten self-esteem and well being..."

It is not surprising then to discover from the well-documented Murdock Report and from the earlier Kinsey Report that high school girls suffering from the anxiety reaction neurosis come from the lower middle class. And from this poorer strata of society, bestial behavior is largely motivated from anxieties arising out of personal appearances, feelings of inadequacy, and a strong desire to escape from what they feel is a humiliating and inferior role forced upon them by the accident of birth. They openly envy the girls who come from the more well-to-do homes, and are jealous of their boy friends. Refusing to settle for boys who come from their own social level, they turn to animals for sexual expression. Their motives are two-fold. By taking on an animal lover, they are spiting their parents whom they blame for their inferior role. Also, they fantasize that the animal is a dream lover, the kind of boy they secretly yearn for. And this dream lover may or may not be someone above them in social rank. He may be a rebel, too, someone they can turn to and communicate with. In almost all cases, girls from the lower and middle class who accept animal lovers have never experienced normal coitus with a male. The situation is much different in the upper middle class, and also the girls who come from the extremely wealthy families. High school girls from these levels have invariably experienced normal sex with a male. Why would a girl from the wealthy class accept an animal as her lover?

The most basic reason a rich girl takes on an animal lover is loneliness, and a desperate search for love. Many girls in wealthy families are actually raised by adults other than their parents. The governess or housekeeper is a poor substitute for parental love, and when a girl from such a family has sex with an animal, there are overtones of incest in her desires for release. As the animal makes love to her, he takes on the appearance, in the girl's mind, of her father.

In The Need to be Loved by psychologist Theodor Reiker, we're told that small girls develop an early sense of inferiority because of their genitals. In the view of the little girl, the female genitals appear to be ugly, and comparing herself with a boy considers herself handicapped. From the very earliest stages of the girl's development, she must be constantly assured by her father that she is wanted, and that she is not inferior because of her sex. Many parents fail to give their small daughters this very necessary reassurance. And in the case of the very rich where the child is raised by a paid housekeeper, she never hears words of praise or of acceptance. But with an animal, she can pretend that her father is making violent love to her and making up for all the previous years of indifference.

In High School Girls and Their Four Legged Lovers, four case subjects are examined, their histories are documented, and their motives probed. Each of the girls come from a different socio-economic background: lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class and one from extreme wealth. Each girl accepted an animal lover for her own unique and very special reason. This manuscript has been transcribed verbatim from tapes made by the case subjects. Since language, free-flowing and extemporaneous is a clue to the innermost thoughts of a case subject, their histories are presented, as they were first spoken to this analyst.


Case Subject: Donna J.

Age: 14

Sexual History: At age eleven, Donna J. started to have sexual relations with boys. She found them unsatisfactory. At age thirteen, she commenced her high school education, and experimented with a few of the boys in her class. She was unable to climax with them. When she asked for prettier and more expensive clothes, her father, a day laborer, refused. He simply didn't have the money to help his daughter compete with girls who came from wealthier families. In frustration, she turned to animals, and much to her surprise, found them highly satisfactory. During the coital act with the animal, she fantasized herself with a dream lover.

ANALYST: Do you resent girls who have wealthier fathers?

DONNA: Goddamned right I do!

A: Why?

D: I'm as good as they are. Why should they have all the smart looking clothes, and attract all the good looking guys?

A: You feel that if you had better clothes you'd have more desirable boy friends?

D: Of course! Guys like to fuck but they'd rather bang the girls with dough.

A: Why did you start having sexual relations with animals?

D: They throw me a better fuck than those jerk off specialists I got to date.

A: You were able to climax with the animals?

D: Better believe it. One good dog can make me blowout cunt-cum at least three or four times a session.

A: And you were unable to experience an orgasm with a boy?

D: Never did! Not once. And oh how they tried. And I tried too. Jeezus, I wanted to blow out my cunt but I couldn't... Just couldn't.

A: You actually prefer animals to boys?

D: Yes. At least the kind of boys I attract. They're real shit heels. Dogs are better. And they do have stiff pricks.

A: But sex is more than a mere physical fusion of bodies. Emotion does enter into the act.

D: Yeah, I know. And it does with me, too.

A: When you have sexual relations with an animal, you are able to feel an emotional attachment?

D: Yes. But not to the dog. When the four legged fucker is pumping it into me, my mind is not on the dog.

A: You're thinking of someone else?

D: My dream lover. I just close my eyes and can see the kind of guy I'd like to be with.

A: You fantasize.

D: Yeah, that's what you call it all right. Dreaming about what I want and having the dog fuck me is almost as good as really having what I wanted. Remember I said, almost as good.

A: You're still bitter that your father is a poor man and can't give you the material advantages you crave?

D: Sure I am. I've got a right to be. I didn't ask to be born. If a man don't have a pot to piss in, he shouldn't make babies.

A: Did the strong craving for material things get you started with bestial sex.

D: I guess that's about right.

A: Tell me about it.

DONNA: When I first started going to high school I was real excited about all the good looking guys I was going to meet. And a lot of them came from real smart families. I mean the kind of family that lived over on the West Side where everyone has a real big house and two cars in the garage and belongs to some kind of country club. I kept hoping I'd get to meet a guy whose parents belonged to the country club, and maybe I'd get invited to a Saturday night dance. And then there was this big prom coming up at school. I already had several invitations but from guys I had been dating. But they were jerks without a pot to piss in. I had my eye on a handsome guy who had an old man and old lady in the social register. Big time society. If I could snare him for a date to the prom, my future in high school society would be assured. When he began to show interest in me I decided to let him screw me. A taste of my pussy would assure him I was worth escorting to the prom.

Fortunately, in one of the classes I sat across from him. It was one of those boring English classes with some old twat reading to us in her monotone of a voice. A lot of the students would doze off in class. But this guy, Robbie, liked to feel his cock. I noticed that he'd drop his hand over the crotch and stroke his prick into a bone up. His eyes turned glassy, and several times he got so hot he tried to jack off. I knew he had hot nuts and one day decided to really get it up for him.

I got a chance when the old bat started to read us a chapter from Charles Dickens. Jeezus but it was dry and almost everyone had dozed off. Robbie started to finger his nuts bit I noticed he was having trouble getting a stiffer on. That's when I deliberately eased up my mini skirt and twisted towards him to give him an eyeful. That day, I had deliberately omitted my panties. There was nothing under the skirt but naked cunt. And despite my rather young age, cunt hairs swarmed up from between my legs and almost reached my navel. Any boy who ate my pussy would get a faceful of hairs. They were real long and curling at the tips. My cunt lips were thick and whenever I got hot, they slid apart to reveal the soft, inner meat that a man loves to suck. Also, and despite my age, my clitoris, the female prick, is remarkably well developed. Almost as long and thick as a small boy's peter.

And when I turned towards Robbie, I was so hot the clit was sticking up and out like a hardened prick. To make sure he got the message I let my fingers creep up my bared thighs and take hold of the female-cock and tickle the end. Wow! I almost blew my cunt right there and then. In fact, whenever I got hot cunts at home that's the way I'd masturbate. Anyhow, Robbie's eyes flew wide open, and his pants tented up. If I could believe the bulge in his pants, he had managed to get a rise on of about six or seven inches. He was well-endowed in the cock department. And the thought of all that hot bone surging up my twat tunnel made the inner walls all hot and juicy.

Of course, we acted as though the other didn't know what was going on. I kept my eyes straight ahead as though I was intent on every word the old fart teacher was speaking. Out of the corner of my eye though, I took in every reaction of my hoped-for boy friend. On Robbie's part, he looked straight ahead too. However I could tell he was scrutinizing my reaction to the size and length of his aroused cock-bone. After a while, we grew bolder. Robbie very skillfully unzipped his fly and eased the cockhead through the trousers. My eyes bulged!

What I saw as impressive. The head of his prick had swollen up into a purplish-colored cone. The skin radiated heat, and my mouth watered for a taste. Even the cock-eye was distended, and one adorable drop of cock juice had oozed through to teeter tantalizingly on the rim. Then, it slowly slid down the shaft of the bone that was still hidden inside his trousers. The thought of that entire prick made my heart pound furiously, and my fingers fluttered back and forth over the tip of my clit. Yes, I started to jack off before the amazed and burning eyes of my school mate. Watching my ever-moving fingers emboldened the boy who now eased his entire tool through the trousers. Skillfully, he held a book down on one side, and I was the only one who could tell what he was doing. Once his cock was fully exposed to my delighted gaze, he grasped the joint with his right fist and started to jack it up and down like a veteran. Robbie was a skilled jack-off specialist, and now he was demonstrating his expertise.

Not to be outdone, I spread my legs apart as wide as possible and let go. I mean I really started to jack off for real. I not only strummed my clit back and forth but also shoved one finger into the cunt hole and commenced to finger fuck myself. And as I finger-diddled my lava-hot hole, I gyrated my hips and pumped the lower part of my abdomen back and forth. I was jacking off for real. And so was Robbie. Now, we were in a race to see who would explode first. My lips twisted in pain as I struggled to keep back the obscene words that invariably sprayed through my lips as I jacked off. I wanted to screech out at the top of my lungs. I longed to shout over to Robbie to, "Fuck me, lover. Throw that big bat deep into my cunt. Burn it up with your long, hot tool!"

Of course, I managed to contain my vocal chords. My face turned the colors of the rainbow, and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. And when the walls of my cunt started to waggle back and forth in preparation for the outflow of juice, my neck snapped back, and I threw one hand over my mouth to muffle the scream that roared up as far as my throat. As cuntal juices spurted through the crack, every muscle and organ in my body relaxed and I slumped backwards with relief.

Robbie was undergoing the same sort of ecstatic punishment. The shaft of his prick thickened to such an extent he could hardly wrap his fist around the stem. And he approached the ejaculatory joint with eyes glazed, and eyes bulged. He, too, tried to stifle the roar that filled his vocal chords, and only partially succeeded. Air hissed through his lips as cock cream gushed through the eye of his vibrating cock. Fascinated I watched as the creamy gism spattered over his trousers. As his prick began to wilt, he turned and looked directly at me.

"Let's fuck," he whispered over to me. "My house. After school. My mom and pop are out of town. Got the house all to myself. I... I want to lick your cunt," he almost whined and his eyes remained glued over the still distended and slobberingly wet cuntal lips. As he looked at them, his tongue slithered over his lips as though he was already eating cunt...

Wiping my box off with a piece of toilet paper I had carried in my purse, I nodded assent. "Love to suck your cock, too," I whispered back... "and," I added but with some hesitation, "I want you to lick my ass. That really turns me on."

And to give him a picture of what I meant, I turned my back to the boy, reared up on one cheek as though I was going to expel gas, and slid up my mini. Looking over one shoulder, I could see Robbie look down at the bared buttock, and gasp out his admiration. Slowly, tantalizingly, I reached back and lifted up one cheek to give him a good peek at the brown spot. There are long, rectal hairs inside the shit valley and when I pulled up one buttock cheek, the hairs flew out into exposure. The sight of these hairs and my open shit spot excited Robbie to such an extent, his rubbered penis began to starch up again. He really was getting excited at the sight of my exposed ass. Smilingly, I dropped the cheek and pulled down my skirt.

"You get to smell that ass, lover," I winked at him. I really thought I had him in the palm of my hands. And I did! At that point in time, Robbie would do anything for me to get his nuts off in my ass and cunt. But as I discovered, breaking the social barrier into the higher classes involved a lot more than fucking a dumb high school kid.

But at first, everything went swimmingly. After school, I met Robbie as planned and he escorted me to his lovely home. What a palace compared to the dump I lived in. Wall to wall carpeting, a bathroom for every bedroom, hi-fi piped into every room, and what lovely furniture! Money sure as hell made a difference. I could tell at a glance, that Robbie's parents had class and good taste. My old man didn't even close the bathroom door when he took his leak. No wonder I loathed him. Maybe if I played my cards right, the kid would marry me when we grew older. Getting-laid on a beautiful and comfortable bed would be a terrific change for me.

The instant we got into the empty house, Robbie grabbed me, and started hugging and kissing me. His hands clamped over the cheeks of my ass and one finger started to finger-fuck my asshole. His prick telephone-poled up and dug into my crotch. Reaching down, I grabbed his point and started to squeeze.

"F... Fuck me," he gasped. "Can't stand anymore of this teasing. Got to put it in."

But I wasn't going to be had so easily. There were a few things I was going to make him do to prove he really wanted me body and soul. And to get up his attention, I deliberately took my time in undressing. When he finally saw my naked body in the bedroom, he almost milked his cock off right there and then.

"Oh wow," was all he could utter as his eyes ravished my hardened tits with their prick-stiff, and blood-gorged nipples. Those eyes rolled over my midriff, my cunt-shaped navel, the sprawl of long cuntal hairs. When they came to my parted cuntal lips, he gasped audibly. "What a... a beautiful box," he breathed. "Could eat it up."

I laughed. "You're going to eat it up, lover," I assured him. "But remember what I told you about my ass. I'm real sensitive back there."

He hesitated. "What... what do you want me to do?" Robbie asked.

"Suck my ass," I replied quickly. "Then, fuck it. Drill your prick up my shit hole. That feeling of tightness is what really turns me on. And," I explained, "while you're busy reaming out the rear end with that lovely tool of yours, I'll jack myself off. Oh don't be worried," I quickly assured him, "I don't blowout real good that way. It'll be a warmer upper for your cock. My cunt will be all hot and wet when you really get around to priming out the love well."

"I... I never smelled a girl's ass before," Robbie hesitated.

I turned around abruptly, and bent over. "Smell my ass lover, or else I'm going home. What's it going to be?" I demanded to know.

As Robbie was still hesitating, a very unusual thing happened. His dog came running into the bedroom, the most beautiful hound I had ever seen. He was a hound dog with those big ears long snout, large, soulful eyes. And the moment he saw me, he got a magnificent bone on...

Robbie got sore. "Get out of here," he yelled at the animal. "This is no place for you."

But I was rather amused and flattered that the dog was responding sexually to me. "Oh let him stay," I said. "That dog is a fucker. Look at that great, big cock." By now, the penis of the animal had extended to such a great length, the cock-head almost brushed the carpet on the floor. His balls hung heavily down, and his nostrils kept sniffing the aroma that wafted through the hole of my pussy.

Robbie blushed as though he had some terrible secret.

"Does this dog fuck females?" I asked, quickly as I sensed the truth...

Robbie's face turned the color of the setting sun. The bulge in his trousers softened, and dipped. Something was bothering him. Had I inadvertently hit upon some deep, and terrible family secret?

Grabbing hold of his joint, I started to jack it up into a bone again. "Confess," I whispered. "You can tell me everything. Your secret will be safe with me."

Turning his face away, he broke into a cold sweat. "Promise," he whispered in an anguished voice, "you won't tell anyone else."

"I promise," I replied, impatiently. "Now, confess. Who has this dog been fucking?"

"Mom," Robbie blurted out. "I... I caught them together. Mom wasn't a bit ashamed. She said that the dog... his name is Prince... fucks her when dad is away on his many sales trips. Dad even knows and doesn't mind. He'd rather have the dog screw mom than some human lover. And mom says he does a good job. But," he almost sobbed, "I'll bet you won't fuck me now."

"Take off your clothes," I ordered. "I'll give you the fuck of your life. But," I added with a slight smile, "You have to promise me one thing."

Robbie didn't say anything. But he guessed what I wanted. "You're curious about the way a dog fucks a woman," he said with a sigh.

Nodding, I replied, "I want to watch the next time your mom takes on Prince. That'll really get me hot enough to give you the blow off of your life. Now," I said and turned my back to him, "on your knees. Sniff and suck my ass to get me hot. I'm the type that needs a lot of playing around before I get ready for the prick."

Turning around, I bent over slightly and rested the palms of my hands on my knees. In that stance, I spread the cheeks of my ass as far apart as possible.

"Smell," I whispered and started to get hot. "On your knees and kiss my ass. That really turns me on. Then, you can fuck me."

As I bent over, the dog leaped forward and stuck his snout hungrily between my buttocks. The nose felt cold but the long, red and educated tongue lapped out and over the entire rear-end valley of ass. Pimples hived all over the skin of my body. Never before in my entire life had I felt such an exquisite sensation. My clit leaped forward and I couldn't help fingering the female cock while the dog tongue lapped away at my spread-wide ass.

Angrily, Robbie yanked the animal away from my back, and ordered him from the bedroom. "It's bad enough he fucks my mother," he snarled. "I don't want him licking the ass of my girl friend."

A bit peeved, I reminded him, "I'm not your girl friend yet. I want you to escort me to the prom. Then, I'll be your girl friend. Until then, don't act so Goddamned possessive."

By now, Robbie had his clothes off, and his bone at full erection. He was on fire for my cunt, and he was ready to promise anything. "I'll take you to the prom," he said, quickly. "Just fuck me. That's all I ask."

Smiling happily, I replied, "As long as you take me to the prom and introduce me to all your snooty friends, you can take care of my cunt anytime you want."

Pulling his tongue out of my asshole, he straightened, pushed me back over the bed, and crawled over me. "I promise," he panted and shoved his prick into my pussy parlor on the very first shove. "Promise, promise, promise," he gurgled as his hips began to pump back and forth.

But to tell the truth, his cock didn't fire me into any great depths of passion. In fact, when he first started to pump, I didn't think I'd be able to climax. Then, I started to think of the dog's tongue up my ass. I grew hot. Then I enlarged my vision. On the screen in my mind, I could see the dog actually ramming his prick up my snatch. That's when I really grew hot. The walls of my twat tube began to sweat juices and my female prick grew harder than tempered steel.

"Fuck me," I breathed through barely parted lips. "Bang that magnificent prick deep into the well." But all the time, in my mind, I could see the dog screwing me, and I was really talking to the vision of the fucker dog. Of course Robbie thought I was talking to him, and he started to pump at an even more furious pace. In no time at all, we both reached the blow off point together.

Robbie fell back exhausted. "Oh wow!" he exclaimed. "You are the very best piece of ass I ever had in my life. And you responded to me, too. I could tell I was making you hot. That does a lot for my ego," he went on breathlessly. "It builds me up. And I need a girl who builds me up. All the other cunts I had tore me down. Always told me what a lousy fucker I was. But you blew your cunt," he chortled, "you really went to town..."

"You really turned me on," I lied. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was in reality a lousy fucker. If it wasn't for the dog, I wouldn't have been able to orgasm. "Are you still going to take me to the prom?" I asked.

"Yes, yes," he replied happily. "You're my girl. I'll tell everyone."

"Including your mom?" I asked. I knew his mother was in high society and the biggest snob in town. How was she going to react to a girl from the wrong side of the tracks?

Robbie hesitated. Then, he agreed. "Including mom."

"Don't forget," I reminded him, "I want to watch the way Prince fucks your mother."

The boy looked sad. "All right," he agreed. "But we'll have to be careful. If mom knew you were spying on her, there'd be all hell to pay."

"We'll be careful," I assured him. "I want to watch. I've seen grown men and women screw. And I've watched an old lady fuck a ten-year-old boy. But I've never seen an animal with a woman. It'll be educational for me. And get me hot, too," I added. "And the hotter I get, the better you get fucked, lover," I told my new boy friend...

Robbie said, slowly as though he was still reluctant, "Dad's going on a trip tomorrow. Probably mom will sleep with Prince tomorrow night. Her bedroom adjoins mine. We'll be able to watch if we're careful." He added, "She'd better not know you're in the house."

"We'll be careful," I assured him.

The next evening, Robbie let me into his house through the back door. Holding up one finger to his lips, he whispered. "Mom's alone in bed with Prince. At least, she's preparing to fuck him. I think she's just getting out of the bath now. Soon, they'll be together."

"Lead the way," I said, quickly and breathlessly. Even as I spoke, the walls of my cunt started to grow moist and the tip of my female prick started to nudge up against my panties.

By the time we got into Robbie's bedroom and carefully slid his bedroom door open a crack, his mother was already in the nude and Prince had a king-sized bone on.

"Oh wow," I whispered. "Look at that dog's stiffer. She is really going to enjoy something good," and I felt with a twinge of jealousy that the rich people really enjoyed the good life.

Robbie's mother was in her early forties and still a very attractive woman. A few streaks of gray in her black hair made her all the more beautiful. The hairs around her cuntal cleft were blacker than the back of a shark and glistened from the drops of moisture leaking through the love hole. The woman was clearly sexually aroused by the animal. The nipples on her ample tits stuck out with the same rigidity as the dog's cock. From a wall mirror, the cheeks of her ass were clearly visible. They sloped out on all sides, and the cleavage down the middle was well pronounced. Prince, the horny dog was staring hungrily at her ass. There wasn't any doubt he was an ass fucker, and sucker, too.

Robbie's mom looked down at the animal and smiled knowingly. "You want to smell mommy's ass don't you, darling?" she asked as though the beast could understand every word spoken to him. And I noticed she used feminine wiles as though really seducing a human male. She winked and looked coy and teasingly reached back and massaged the cheeks of her ass as though the flesh was baker's dough.

The dog barked impatiently. The woman laughed aloud. "Oh all right, sweetheart. Come smell my ass," and without further hesitation, the woman knelt down on her knees and elbows and stuck her buttocks high up into the air. The moment she assumed the dog-style position, Prince rammed his long nose deep between the cheeks of her ass, and from the way his jaw began to move, I knew his tongue was busy lapping away. He was actually wiping her ass with his tongue. Her eyes enlarged, grew glassy, her cheeks blazed and sweat pimpled her forehead. Her mouth parted and the tongue dropped out as though she, too, was an animal.

"Suck," she hissed, "suck my ass. Eat it." And then, lifting the lower part of her abdomen higher up into the air, she cried out, "Fuck me, darling. Fuck mommy's cunt. Stuff it up with that great big lovely prick."

The dog understood. Raising up on his hind legs, he dropped his forepaws over her back and rammed his long and steely cock forward.

He missed the crack on the first few tries. Impatiently, she reached back, took hold of the dog-cock and guided it deftly into the proper cuntal channel. As the hard meat of the animal surged down the female tube, spittle flew from her lips as her eyes bugged out and her screams sounded unnatural.

"Yes, oh yes, lover. Fuck that cunt. Pound it hard. Blow me out. You're better than any man. Much better. Go, darling dog-cock. Go, go, go..."

The hind quarters of the dog flew back and forth so rapidly, it was almost impossible to keep track of his movements with the naked eye. All I could see was that blood-red pole of cock, thoroughly moistened with cunt dew, pounding in and out, back and forth. The woman had reached back and took hold of her animal lover's swaying nuts, and kept squeezing them. The more the dog fucked, the stiffer and thicker grew his cock. His eyes had also enlarged and foam covered his mouth as though he had gone completely mad. The sight of the dog fucking the human female excited me tremendously. My own box started to heat up, and I knew I wanted something hot and hard reaming out my own twat.

My state of excitement for the dog became so obvious that Robbie grew jealous. "Do you want me to fuck you, or the dog?" he blurted out, and in a loud, aggrieved tone of voice.

"Not so loud," I held up a finger to my lips. If the old lady caught us, I knew she'd never approve of me for her son.

"Then keep your mind on my cock and not the Goddamned dog," Robbie scolded.

Fortunately, I had enough presence to reach over and massage his cock which was soft. "Don't worry, lover," I told him. "You've got the greatest girl pacifier in the whole world. I wouldn't trade your meat for the best dog. So, relax and enjoy the show. I think your mother is about to blowout her cunt."

My reassurances didn't exactly pacify him but he did remain silent and turned his attention on the activities in the adjoining room. The passionate love affair was rapidly reaching a climax for both woman and beast. Robbie's mother kept gurgling out obscenities, and the spittle on her lips grew foamy. The juices spattered through her cuntal slit as the dog pounded back and forth at a furious pace. The excitement grew so contagious, I could almost feel the hot bone of cock banging away at my own pussy.

Finally, the woman's head snapped backwards and twisted around as though her neck was broken. "Blowing," she hissed in an almost unintelligible and harsh whisper. Then, as more juices spurted through the cuntal cleft, her voice grew clearer, more forceful. "Blow... eeeeing," she rasped out again and this time at the top of her lungs. The dog dug his forepaws tighter around her waist as his hindquarters worked back and forth at a rate that had to be faster than the speed of light. Finally, the dog cock discharged its copious contents. Animal cream spattered all over the cheeks of her ass and dribbled down her thighs and legs.

My own cunt was afire, and unable to contain myself, I threw all caution to the winds. Leaping to my feet, I barged into the bedroom of the older woman. "Want to fuck the dog, too," I begged, "Please, let him get inside me. Just once," I pleaded. "Just once." And quickly, I lifted up my mini and dropped my panties to expose my hot and odoriferous cunt to the nostrils and eyes of the far from satiated animal. He boned up immediately at my exposure.

Needless to say, Robbie's mother stared at me as though I was a ghost who had materialized out of the air. Following me into the room, Robbie was also exasperated. And jealous.

"Can't help it mom," he tried to explain to his mother. "I thought she was going to ball me. Instead she gets a hard on for the Goddamned dog. It's humiliating," he sobbed and stared at me with his large, accusing eyes. His ego was shattered. Clearly, I preferred the dog to his own type of love making.

The older woman wiped off her cunt but continued to look at me with harsh and accusing eyes. She addressed herself to Robbie. "Get her out of here. I can't stand a snoop. How dare you bring in a girl to watch me with Prince?"

Robbie tried to explain. "She wouldn't fuck me unless I let her watch. I already promised to take her to the prom. But that wasn't enough," he whined. "She had to make me let her watch. Animal fucking turns her on."

The woman straightened in an imperious, high-toned and superior way. "You will never escort this girl to the prom. Obviously, she doesn't belong in our circle. Probably lives on the wrong side of the tracks," she sniffed. And she added. "A girl with breeding and class would never snoop. Escort her out of this house. And I'll tell all the mothers in my circle not to let their sons go out with her. We must be true to our class," she said in her Goddamned, stuck up way.

Her superior attitude pissed me off. "To hell with you," I snapped. "I don't want to go out with a little mommy's boy who has a mother who fucks dogs. Don't think you're better than me!" I shouted. Naturally, I yanked up my panties and straightened my skirt. All thoughts of passion drained out of me as I didn't feel these people were any better than myself. Sure they had money and lived in a swell house but better they weren't. And I had enough guts to tell the old bat my true feelings. Turning I marched out of the bedroom and went home.

But that incident loused up my chances of getting a date with a boy from a wealthy family. Soon, I grew to hate the wealthy class. I had seen this one wealthy old woman fuck a dog which made her no better than any other kind of woman. Yet, they acted in such a superior way. At the same time, I had cut off my nose to spite my face. I didn't get a date to the prom with a wealthy kid, and I detested and despised the boys from my own class. They lacked guts and imagination, and were content to remain poor. Boys from all classes of society gave me a great big pain in the ass. I decided to get along without them...

ANALYST: Is that when your thoughts turned towards an active participation in bestiality?

DONNA: Yes. I couldn't forget the scene between the old woman and her dog.

A: Did you try to date other boys at school?

D: No. I was disgusted with boys. For one thing, they're lousy fuckers. Besides, the rich kids wouldn't date me, and I didn't want poor kids. I had to work out something else.

A: Animals.

D: Better believe it. Dogs make the best fucks I've ever had.

A: How can you be satisfied with nothing but physical contact? Sex is also emotion.

D: Don't worry, Doc. I get plenty of emotion during the fuck...

A: With an animal?

D: Yes, I mean...

A: What precisely do you mean?

D: As the dog reams out my cunt, I... I keep thinking of something else.

A: You fantasize?

D: Is that what it's called?

A: You're thinking of a human male, the perfect lover, someone you actually yearn for.

D: That's it! All the time the dog is pounding my cunt, I keep my eyes closed, and I see...

A: A boy or a man?

D: A boy who is slightly older than me. One who is experienced, considerate, kind... and really knows how to please a girl.

A: The perfect lover.

D: Someday I'll meet him in real life. When I do, he'll be the guy I'll want to marry.

A: You'll never meet him as long as you have sex with dogs.

D: I beg to differ. I only pick dogs that live in the finest families. One day, I'll meet my dream lover in just such a household.

A: Tell me about it.

DONNA: After I was left out of the prom, I made up my mind to give up boys. They all repelled me, the poorer ones and the rich kids, too. They were all such mommy boys, and not one of them knew how to properly treat a girl. Of course, I'm hot cunted and needed my nooky. Fortunately, I'm a skilled masturbator, and could get my cookies off with my fingers, or using a dildo, one of those artificial cocks. But after a while, the finger or artificial prick no longer satisfied. I couldn't get that dog out of my mind. How would it feel to have a long, hot peter of flesh and blood pounding out a love message deep in the heart of my box? I wanted to get screwed by an animal but didn't know how to go about it. For a while, I had to shove such erotic thoughts from my mind. It was only by chance that I became reacquainted with bestial love.

My worthless old father was always in and out of jobs. During one of his periods of unemployment, I needed a new dress and new shoes. I was almost ashamed to show up at school with my ragged clothes. There was only one way out. Since my old man didn't have the money, or claimed he didn't, I had to earn some myself. The only job I could tackle after school was a dog walker for the snooty, old women who lived in a big, expensive apartment house. It gave me a thrill to walk inside such a place with its grand furniture and furnishings. I felt like I was in Buckingham Palace. Most of the women who wanted me to walk their dogs were either widowed or divorced, and for the most part were older types. They were, however, quite attractive, too. They dressed well, and lived nicely. When I first took the job I had an idea that some of them might be fucking their dog but had no way of really knowing. And although the thought of making them get a hard on for me entered my mind, I never had the opportunity to put any plan into effect. I picked up the dog, walked it in the park, and delivered the animal back to the lady's apartment. That didn't give me much time for anything else, and the owner was always waiting for the delivery of the beast. These ladies really loved their pets. I had to force myself to put all thoughts of fucking from my mind. But I needed the money and kept the job despite the fact it was hard on my nerves. At night, I'd go home and head straight for the bathroom where I'd sit down and jack off. One day, however, my opportunity to fuck a dog came in the most unexpected way.

One client was a tall, elegant lady in her sixties, gray-haired, refined but still shapely, and in a way, sexy. She spoke in a highly articulate way, and her late husband had been a big shot corporation executive. Her poodle Nicky was black and adorable and I always enjoyed walking him. But I noticed that from time to time, Nicky would get a bone on even when no female dogs were around in the park. The scent of cunt had to be in his nostrils. But where did that scent come from? One day I found out the dog's secret.

It happened on a day I got out early from school. Our teacher had taken unexpectedly sick, and we were dismissed for the afternoon... Since I wanted to get my dog walking chores over with in a hurry, I went directly to the apartment to pick up Nicky. But this time, the old lady didn't answer the door when I rang. Trying the knob, I discovered the door was open, and so entered the huge and lovely living room of the apartment. Still, there was no sign of the gray-haired woman or her dog. And yet, I sensed there was someone in the apartment. I remained very still and then erept about peering stealthily into each room. My instinct told me something was going on. First, I peeked into the bathroom. It was empty. Then, very carefully I started towards the old woman's bedroom. Straining my ears, I heard sounds. They were sounds of love.

Sliding the door open a hair, I peered into the large and comfortable room. The old lady was in the act of removing her clothes, and Nicky was sitting down looking up at his mistress with huge and adoring eyes. His pecker was already at a full state of erection. Something was in the wind. I had never felt so excited. My own cunt started to transmit messages to me. But for the time, I concentrated on what was going on. Perhaps, the old woman was merely going to take a nap and this was a harmless scene I was watching.

It turned out to be far from harmless. When the silvery-haired, old lady finally stepped out of her clothing, the dog stood up and began to whine. His cock actually telescoped out another inch. This prick was solid bone, and red as the desert sun. And I had to admit that the lady wasn't bad looking considering her age. She still had plenty of tit meat although the flesh sagged a bit and the nipples were dried as raisins. Still, there was an erotic aura about her boobies, and I knew several boys at school who would have loved to stick them in their mouths. Her body was slim but curvaceous, and although the skin sagged a bit here and there, most of the flesh was still firm. A huge bunch of silvery-gray cunt hairs swarmed up from between her legs, and she had a very wide cuntal cleft. The lips were thick, and at the top her female prick was in a full state of erection. That's when I knew something horny was going to happen. From the mirror on the dresser, I could see her lovely back which had several beauty moles. This enhanced the erotic effect, too. Surprisingly, the cheeks of her ass were still on the firm side but at the base the flesh did sag a bit. The best part of her ass was the cleavage which was naturally deep and wide. A lot of rectal hairs, silvery also, stuck out like a wisk broom. Her legs, although a bit bony, were also shapely. And I noticed with satisfaction, she had painted her toenails red which gave out a sexy look. This woman was for fucking and no doubt about it.

The poodle Nicky sat up and begged for his cunt. This touched the heart of the old woman. "Darling," she cooed, "do you want to fuck me?" She adopted a sort of baby talk as though she was the dog's mother. "Does my doggy, woggy, want to drill out his mommy, wommy's pussy park?" Leaning over, she picked up the animal, and slid one hand under his balls. This touch from her hand actually elongated the bone. "My, my," she chirped. "You do have a great big, hardy, wardy on for your one and only mommy." This baby talk was making the woman hot, too. I noticed droplets of juice squeeze through the cuntal lips and slither down her bared thighs.

"All right, my lover fucker," she rasped out. Her voice had grown hard with lust. "Come give it to me."

And then before my startled eyes, she lifted the small dog even higher up into the air until his prick was aimed directly at her mouth. She was going to suck off the animal! The thought made the lips of my own twat fly apart and quickly, I reached under my skirt to jab one, prick-like finger into the crevice. At least, I could jack off.

In the bedroom, the woman opened her mouth and quickly her shapely lips engulfed every inch of that solid, red bone of cock. The dog's neck swirled around and he let out a yelp that could be heard all over the apartment. It was a yowl of ecstasy. And once the dog peter was immersed in her mouth, the muscles of her jaw worked back and forth. She was eating cock with such relish, the blow off couldn't be very far away. And my estimation of her impending orgasm was correct. Her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed and she assumed a semi-squat as though she was going to take a piss. This position only permitted her to squeeze out the cuntal flow all the easier. And at the same time, the dog geysered out a flow of cream that splattered all over her face despite her enthusiasm and energy she displayed. She tried to swallow every drop of the dog dew but the flow was so copious, it was impossible. As fast as she swallowed, the cream kept spurting out and soon was puddling down her chin and over her titties. Staggering backwards, she dropped over the king-sized bed. But she still kept a tight embrace over her dog-lover.

"Oh darling," she whimpered. "You made me blowout so much juice, I haven't got enough left for the fuck. Forgive me, precious sweetheart. Forgive your mommy. Now, we'll have to wait before you can dip your dick into the soft flesh of cunt."

Despite the fact that Nicky had recently discharged, his penis had again assumed the stiff angle of the fuck. He was a real Casanova of a dog. But the old lady wouldn't let him fuck her.

"I'm sorry," she whined. "So sorry. You'll have to wait. We'll both have to wait. Forgive me," she kept on pleading as though the dumb brute actually understood English.

My own box was so inflamed that I threw open the bedroom door, and before I made any explanation, cried out, "Let me fuck him. Oh please. I'd love to feel that hard, driving prick inside my body."

The woman took in the situation in a glance. Realizing I must have arrived earlier than expected, she now knew that I had watched the entire scene of bestial love. And it was much too late to try and make any apologies. To her good sense, she didn't try. In fact, it seemed to excite her that I watched the act of love between woman and dog.

Smiling, she said, "I'd love to watch you with a dog. I've heard that high school girls prefer dogs. Now, I can confirm that suspicion. In fact, I'll watch and play with myself."

I didn't care what she did. All I wanted to do was fuck that adorable dog. "Yes, yes," I agreed. "But I don't know how to fuck a dog. I mean I've heard about such things and even watched one woman do it with her dog. But I've never actually done it myself."

The woman laughed. "It will all come to you. Just be natural, and act as though you love Nicky. He's so sensitive. And remember, I trained him from a pup. I'm the only woman he's fucked. He may take a while to get used to you. But please have patience."

Undressing, I continued to display my ignorance about dog fucking. "But what should I do? What position should I take? Should I suck him off, too?"

The woman sat down on a velvet-covered chair and spread her legs. In one hand, she held a lifelike dildo. "Just do what comes naturally," she said with that strange smile on her face.

I hesitated. Then, I asked, "Did you train him to do... the Sixty-Nine?"

The old woman laughed. "Gracious yes," she informed me. "You just saw me suck his cock. It's really more delicious when he's lapping your cunt at the same time. Please, be my guest. But," she added hesitantly, "don't blow his precious prick. It makes me hot to watch the fuck. That's when I'll really go to town with this," and she waggled the dildo that was still poised over the twat trench. Bits of moisture were already oozing through the slit.

"No," I promised. "I won't cream his tool with my mouth. I want to feel that sizzling stick of steel boss my cunt. But I'll probably blowout a couple loads when he tongue laps my pussy. I'm capable of climaxing many times before I'm through for the session."

"Wonderful," the old crone cooed. "Now, you get into the Sixty-Nine, and suck all you want," and before I could assume that naked position with the dog, she already commenced to diddle herself with the artificial cock.

Quickly, I removed my clothes and from the wall mirror, I noticed the lady give my nude body a critical appraisal. I wondered if she wasn't a bit on the queer side since her eyes rolled lovingly over my firm, young tits, navel, hairy cunt and big, sloping cheeks of my ass. But she made no overt move towards me. Instead, her cunt jacking movements increased in tempo, and she jerked her knees upward as though a real man was drilling a load into her.

The prick-stiff dog looked hungrily up at my naked body, too. But his tool was actually responding to the odor from my cunt. The odor grew heavy with musk as I began to ooze out sex syrup in anticipation of the Sixty-Nine with a dog.

The old dame's lips twisted in ecstasy. "Hurry," she breathed, "I could blowout right now but I'm waiting to watch. Oh, how I love to watch."

I noticed that she was a skilled masturbator. Although she was using a man-made cock to plunge in and out of the cuntal country, she was also employing her thumb to flick her enlarged clit back and forth as though strumming on a jazz banjo. And with her other hand, she slid several fingers under the cheeks of her ass, reared up, and stuck one finger into the asshole. Then, agitatedly, she began to finger-fuck the rectal area. This rear-end movement was perfectly synchronized with the back and forth fucking she was getting with the dildo.

"Hurry," she gasped. "Go, girl, go Sixty-Nine. I can't hold back much longer."

Fascinated by the antics of the horny, old woman, I grew even more excited to think she was getting a big charge out of looking at my naked body. I leaped onto the bed determined to really give her something to get hot about. I'd give her the show of her life. And so, I picked up the dog, hugged him close to my naked body and felt terribly thrilled at the touch of his bony pecker. I could hardly wait to assume the Sixty-Nine position with a four-legged fucker.

Stretching out on the bed, I looked up at the ceiling, and hugged the adorable lover close to my nude body. His prick slid so easily between my tits and for a few moments, I let him throw me a tit-fuck. His bone literally whistled between the cavity of my boobs. All of that friction and humping made me hotter than the traditional three dollar pistol. My cunt ached for tongue.

"Whoa," I cried out. "Don't blowout cream between my tits," I scolded. "I want to feel that long, velvety tongue lapping up and down the cleft of my cunt. Now," I ordered, "Sixty-Nine me, now." And having issued my instructions, I sat up for a moment, turned the animal around until his face pointed between my legs. Then, grasping hold of his hindquarters, I laid my head back again. Now, his long, red and bony cock was pointing directly down towards my already slobbering mouth. His two, enormous balls dangled tantalizingly before my bulged eyes. Everything was in readiness. But would the animal know enough to start sucking cunt?

The old lady had started to jack off again, and the dildo flew back and forth, in and out of her cunt faster than the speed of light. As she masturbated, her hips swiveled around and bucked back and forth as though a man or boy was really throwing it at her. I noticed, too, that her eyes were squeezed tight. Then, it hit me. She was fantasizing. Probably in her mind, some young, handsome and virile lover was really pounding pussy. That thought heated me up, too.

Without further hesitation, I grasped the shaft of the canine cock, and shoved every, single inch into my mouth. The soft-skinned nuts flattened against the cheeks of my face. Grasping the tool firmly with both lips, I initiated a sucking action that made Nicky whine with delight. Then, the adorable, canine cunt lapper dropped his head, and stuck out his long, red, wide and deliciously moist tongue. Draping it over every, single inch of my cuntal lips, sensations of warmth flooded through every pore and organ of my body. And then, something else happened. All sorts of erotic images exploded onto the screen in my mind. The images were those of young men who were also intent on eating my cunt. A few of my dream lovers were sucking my ass while others were taking turns with my cunt. The images were so real, I had to open my eyes to verify the presence of the canine. Yes, Nicky was still going to town with his tongue. But the educated animal didn't restrict himself to mere cunt lappery. No, he knew how to locate the clitoris, and he also had been trained to stiffen the muscles of the tongue in order to simulate a prick. When the red tongue tightened up enough, he drilled it in and out of the pussy hole as though he was fucking me with his tongue.

"Oh wow," I screamed at the top of my lungs, and threw both legs up in the air and then draped them around the neck of the animal. In that manner, I was able to pressure the dog into sticking his tongue even deeper up my snatch. Naturally, the cheeks of my ass gyrated and twisted and thrashed. They weren't still for a moment. And once I got the proper motion going, I squeezed my eyes tight again and let the fantasies take over. My dream lovers were doing all sorts of deliciously, horny things to my body and mouth. One boy was pump-fucking my mouth as a matter of fact. Another was busy drilling his tool in and out of my asshole while another dream boy was licking my box with undiminished ardor. And these dream boys weren't the ordinary, run-of-the-mill character I came into contact with at school. They were all upper class, very wealthy kids who had accepted me into their class, and was demonstrating my acceptance by smelling and kissing my ass. Never before in my life had I ever been able to fantasize such delicious pictures in my mind. In some, mysterious manner, the dog's actions over my cunt with his tongue had triggered off a new ability to dream. The dreams were so real, I rapidly approached the point of no return. I was going to blowout from the very depths of my box.

Turning my head sideways, I noticed that the old lady was fast approaching her climax. Deeper and deeper, she shoved the dildo into her snatch, and her hips rotated with such wild abandon I thought she would topple onto the floor.

The feverish-faced, old fart cackled happily. "Gonna... Gonna... Gonna piss out my cunt-kum. Oh boy, it feels good. Feels so fuckingly good. Gonna b... b... blowwww," and as her shrieks reverberated throughout the bedroom, rivulets of cuntal juices flowed unabatedly through the fuck fissure and down her bared thighs.

On my part, I was unable to give vent to my own screams of lust since my mouth was filled with hot cock. And I didn't want to spit that delicious meat out. Instead, I increased the powerful vacuum with my lips, and felt the sides of the shaft tremble. Then, I knew there would be no stopping the canine from coming. Realizing I was unable to stop the flow, I pressed down even harder with both lips, tripled the pressure from my mouth vacuum, and sucked with every ounce of strength in my body. The canine's nuts whirled excitedly around like the blades of a propeller. Closing my eyes, I picked up the images of my dream lovers again. Each one of them was preparing to explode his nuts, too. And finally, they did. Of course, what I felt was the cream from the dog. The gism juice flowed heavily through the eye of his cockhead and quickly filled my mouth. I tried swallowing every single drop of the sweet-tasting stuff. But the quicker I worked my jaws and tongue, the faster the stuff flowed out. Soon, creamy rivulets were trickling down the corner of my lips and over my chin. Still, I continued to suck as though my life depended on it.

All of this hot cream in my mouth heated up the temperature of my own body and dumped more lustful fuel into the furnace of my fuck funnel. The walls of my vagina began to flutter like the canvas sails of a boat trapped in a tropical hurricane. Then, all hell tore loose. Love liquid spilled through the cuntal crevice and into the lapping mouth of my lap dog.

When it was all over, every muscle and organ in my body relaxed. My head toppled, backwards like one on a rag doll. Nicky rolled onto the floor where he remained on his side, panting and licking his wet but shriveling dick.

"Well done," the old lady applauded. "With the delicious smells coming out of that hot cunt of yours, you'll soon bone up Nicky. Don't forget, I want to watch the actual fuck. That much you owe me," she reminded.

Still panting, I nodded. "Yes, yes. Of course. I... I want to feel his precious prick inside my pussy parlor. But even more, I want to watch those beautiful scenes in my mind," I confessed. "I've jacked off plenty of times. But never before in my entire life have I ever fantasized such vividly really pictures. The boys who lapped and screwed my cunt and ass were all so perfect. The kind of lovers I've always yearned for and never met."

The woman nodded in her understanding. "I, too, fantasize," she admitted. "A dog's tongue and prick is something special. Almost like magic. Their touch can help a poor, frustrated female dream real dreams of the kind of men she really wants fucking her."

I made my decision. "From now on, I'm fucking dogs only. Until," I added, "I meet the kind of guy who can really turn me on. I'd rather have an affair with someone like Nicky than the creeps in my class."

"Well said," the old woman said. "I'm the same way. I want a handsome, young boy to treat my cunt. But the kind of kid I yearn for, someone no older than fourteen isn't attracted to an old woman like me, as a rule. And so, I use Nicky to help me fantasize."

By the time I wiped off my cunt, that old feeling of lust returned. And with its return, fresh and horny odors wafted through the slit. Nicky's ears turned up, and his nostrils began sniffing the new and hot smell of burning cunt. Slowly, his cock began to telescope out again.

"Oh good," the woman chortled. "Our darling, canine cock lover is boning up again. I'm going to watch the actual fuck between a teenage girl and a dog, yet."

"Indeed, you are," I assured the crone, and picked up the animal. Holding his nose deep into my cunt, I let him inhale the odors to his heart's content. The prick reached full size and rigidity.

Climbing back onto the mattress, I assumed the classic dog-style position. I knelt down and braced myself with my elbows. Reaching back with one hand, I patted the cheeks of my ass.

"Come and get it, sweetheart," I called over my shoulder. "My cunt belongs to you Nicky. Drill it out. Boss it with your cock. Come, dear. Make passionate, wild love to me... and my cunt."

As though he understood every, single word I spoke, the dog reared up on his hind legs, dropped his forepaws over my back, humped his hindquarters forward, and after several exploratory thrusts, located the dew dimple and took full charge. His bolt of prick came hurtling past the lips and down the tunnel with such force, my head slid forward. But the impact was so terrific, I almost lost control on initial contact, and let go, immediately. But I knew the old lady would be disappointed, and so by almost superhuman effort, I managed to hold in the juices, and let the dog complete his fuck. His nuts came crashing up against the flesh of my ass. But it all felt delicious. And, as though, by magic, the wonderful images reestablished themselves on the screen of my mind. Now, I knew the truth! As long as I was getting lapped or fucked by a dog, I could fantasize. And the dreams were always the same. My dream lovers were boys, older than myself, experienced, gentle but lustful and they belonged to the better class. They possessed such lovely manners, and even when they licked my cunt, they whispered tender endearments. They knew how to treat a girl.

Nicky and I climaxed at the same time, and so did my dream lovers. As I wiped off my cunt, I knew I wanted more dog prick. How long would I fuck an animal? That depended on how long it was going to take to meet the kind of guy I fantasized about...


The basic motive for Donna J.'s preference for animal sex centered on her resentment towards her social status. She wanted to belong to a wealthy family, and be accepted in more social circles where good looks, expensive clothes and parties were all important. She regarded her own lower middle-class environment with contempt, and saw everything good and, desirable in the social mileau of the wealthier class. This inverted form of snobism led to a dissatisfaction with boys from her own class. Yet, despite her good looks, she wasn't accepted in the moneyed circles.

There were, however, other contributing factors which made the case subject prefer animals to males. She had experimented sexually with a boy from her own class, and one from a wealthier family. Sexually, she found them both incompetent. The physical contact with animals she actually found to be more exciting. Indeed, she discovered the animal... in her case, a dog... was capable of intensifying sexual pleasure. With animals, she discovered at an early age, total sexual stimulation.

In Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex by David Reuben M.D., we're told that total sexual stimulation "is a means of intensifying sexual pleasure by utilizing all the available erotic pathways to reinforce and add to the cumulative gratification of the sexual experience. Every available sensory pathway is recruited, first consciously, later almost automatically, to enhance sexual success..."

Donna J. discovered at a very early age that boys, and even many adult men are incapable of giving a girl a total sexual experience. Animals employ all of their senses instinctively and that includes the sense of smell. Without hesitation, the animal either orally or from a coital position entered her anal regions. The rectal odors actually excited the animal. Boys and men, she found were too squeamish for such play.

The case subject's problem with animals was resolved at a later date when she met a man from her own class who filled her with a sense of pride and worthiness and made her realize that material advantages were not everything. When she learned to respect herself and her lover, she found herself capable of finding satisfactory sexual experiences with him. When the need for animal sex was eliminated, her desires for them also vanished.


Case Subject: Madelene T.

Age: 13

Sexual History: The daughter of parents who inherited vast fortunes, Madelene T. knew wealth and advantage from a very early age. Both of her parents belonged to the Jet Set, and sexually were swingers. Sexual orgies in their palatial home were quite common, and even before the age of puberty, the case subject witnessed sexual couplings by many people in many different ways. At age 11, she had the first of many sexual experiences with many partners. Eventually, she grew bored with human sex and started to experiment with animals. Madelene T. found them more exciting and more satisfying.

ANALYST: Did your parents encourage you to have sexual relations?

MADELENE: In a way. They knew I was fucking and didn't scold or reprimand me.

A: They weren't worried?

M: About what?

A: Your morals, your sense of values.

M: Don't make me laugh. All mom and dad ever thought of was getting a good piece of ass by someone different. How could they preach morals to me? Besides, there isn't anything morally wrong with getting laid...

A: You told me that your parents were swingers. Does that mean they participated in indiscriminate sex?

M: They had parties were everyone fucked up a storm. If that's what you mean by indiscriminate sex, the answer is yes.

A: And so, at an early age, you witnessed sexual orgies, and thought they were perfectly normal.

M: That's right.

A: Eventually, you participated in group sex.

M: Not exactly. I started fucking at puberty, and a couple of times I took on as many as ten men each one taking turns drilling out my cunt. But my parents weren't around.

A: Where did you get the idea of having sex with animals?

M: At high school. From a girl I knew.

A: A public high school?

M: No. I attended a private school. Very snooty. Only the sons and daughters of the very rich went there.

A: And the students in this private high school experimented in sex?

M: Yes. Most of them.

A: Did that include the teachers.

M: A few did. Yes.

A: Did a teacher have anything to do with your introduction to animals?

M: Yes.

A: Go back to the beginning, to your very first encounter with sex.

M: Before I started to fuck animals?

A: Yes.

MADELENE: Ever since I was small, I knew mom and dad threw these big wingding parties. All the guests were rich like they were and didn't have to work. They all belonged to the same clubs, and were all equally as rich. And they all liked to fuck. I really didn't know what they were doing until I reached the age of puberty and started to get hairs around my cunt. That's when I got a real, strong curiosity about sex and about getting something hot and hard inside my own pussy park. And that's when I started to spy on the activities of my parents. Of course, I wasn't supposed to. They told me to go to bed and go to sleep. But sometimes the noise awoke me, and I'd creep down the long curving steps that led into the lower living room. The living room in our house was as big as a ball park. I could easily hide and do my spying without getting caught. The first time, I was on fire to look at a man's cock. I really wanted to watch a naked man and woman screw each other. Prior to my first spying experience, I was already masturbating quite enthusiastically almost every day. Sometimes, I played with my twat two and three times a day.

This one night, mom and dad threw a big party and, there must have been fifty or more couples in the large living room. I crept down the stairs, and from the very beginning, my eyes popped out of my head. Every couple in the room was stark naked including my own parents. My eyes almost dropped out of their sockets as they roamed from one man's prick to another. It gave me a kick to look at the privates of the women, too. From the way they were dancing and hugging each other, they were already plenty horny. Something told me it wouldn't be very long before I get an eyeful of the real action, fucking and sucking and stuff like that. Already my own pussy was twitching and I pulled the fly of my pajamas apart and started to massage the outer lips. I felt a good jack-off coming on. But I didn't want to start finger-fucking myself until the really hot action commenced.

My eyes continued to bounce from one couple to another until they picked out my mother with another guy who was very definitely not my father. The guy, in fact, was almost young enough to be my brother. Mom and this kid were necking to beat the band, his prick had elevated way up at the angle of the fuck and the head was buried deep into the skin of mom's lower abdomen, just above the hairy, cunt-line. His arms were around mom's waist, and one finger was digging deeply in her asshole. Mom was loving it. She was tongue kissing this kid, and bumping her body back and forth as though she was already engaged in the act of fucking. There wasn't any doubt that in a few moment's my mother and her newly found boy friend would start going to town in earnest. And I could hardly wait. Yet, I turned away when I spotted my own father sucking off another woman's cunt. This lady was a good looker, and the wife of a close family friend. Her finger nails were painted a brilliant red, and so were her toe nails. Her tits were round and firm, and hairs crawled up her belly like a swarm of tiny snakes. Her cuntal lips were well parted, and the object of dad's loving attention.

Dad had cupped both cheeks of her ass, and lifted up her lower body as thought it was a cup, or saucer. And he intended to drink the juices of loves straight out of the cuntal cup.

"Eat me, love," the lady cried as she dropped her head backward and stared glassily up at the ceiling. "Lay that tongue in there lapper lover," she exhorted. "Suck me off like I've never been sucked before. Make that Goddamned husband of mine jealous. He's watching. Oh, he's watching. That turns me on, lover. Suck while my husband is watching..."

Dad sucked.

All I could see was only a tiny fraction of his tongue. The rest of the cocklike instrument was buried deep in the lady's snatch. His jaw kept working back and forth and I found out why they called that act eating. His mouth was working as though he was, in reality, eating a meal. This meal happened to be a hot, juicy cunt and the owner of the fur piece happened to be a hot and horny married woman, the wife of a best friend.

As dad kept sucking on this wet cunt, his own prick slid out, and for the first time in my life, I saw my father with a bone on! It was a beauty. I thought so, and so did another woman. The instant she caught sight of dad's cock, she dropped to her knees, and grabbed hold of my father's long and bony joint. Then, without another moment of hesitation, she slid the entire prick between her lips and down her throat. Then, her jaws started to work back and forth too. She was eating with the same gusto shown by my dad. This eating jazz certainly got me worked up. Without any more delay, my own finger started to waggle back and forth inside the tunnel of my twat. Dropping the lower portion of my pajamas, I felt freerer to zigzag the lower portion of my body back and forth as though some imaginary lover was throwing me the fuck of my life. I was, in fact, still a virgin. But I didn't stay that way long. At least where a tongue was concerned.

I happened to be standing in the adjoining room and with the door partway opened. At that moment when I was jacking off at a mile a minute, and felt myself approaching a climax. However, before I could reach that very desirable point, this guy happened to walk through the door, and catch me in the act. He was middle aged, about dad's age, and when he got one look at my cunt and saw that I was playing with myself, he dropped to his knees, and stuck out his tongue in the direction of my box.

"Always wanted to suck off a hairless pussy," he whimpered. "So lovely, so adorable. Let me lick. Please let me suck," he pleaded.

Without answering, I shoved the lower portion of my body forward and hit him square in the face with my already wet and heated-up box. The guy grabbed both bared cheeks of my ass, stuck one finger up the asshole and pulled me even tighter against his face. Of course, he didn't have a shred of clothes on, and when I looked down, I spotted his enormous hard-on, all red and throbbing and close to the blow-off. To hasten along the ejaculatory moment, the guy reached down, grabbed hold of his joint and commenced to jack off. In no time at all, the eye of his swollen prick was spurting creamy stuff all over the carpet. And I was shooting out my clear but sticky fluid into his mouth. His jaws kept working as though he was trying to swallow every drop of my gismo. Finally, he leaned backwards, wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand, and staring up at me mumbled something like thanks, and walked away.

The dirty, sonofabitch, I fumed to myself. After that tongue I was burning up for prick, and if I didn't get it now, I was going to suffer. Then, I saw something in the orgy room that really opened my eyes. This old lady had brought in a dog and the animal was licking off her ass and cunt. She had assumed the dog-style position on her knees and elbows, and the big Collie dog was standing in back of her lapping her ass and cunt with broad and bold strokes of his tongue. This bit of animalism had excited a crowd of onlookers, and they were cheering her on. I could hardly believe my eyes. A woman and a dog.

My cuntal lips began to twitch again, and despite the very recent tonguing I received, I reached down and started to finger my clit and cunt-hole again. This woman-dog stuff was really turning me on. Was it possible to ejaculate that way?

The answers were to be discovered in the living room. The gray-haired, old lady stuck her ass even higher up in the air to facilitate the entry of tongue up her ass and snatch. All the while, she was moaning and carrying on as though the four-legged fucker was a human being.

Throwing her head over one shoulder, she burbled out to the animal, "Lick my cunt out, sweetheart. Wipe my ass with your tongue, lover," and more love stuff like that. And it didn't sound ridiculous. The dog was really her lover and she loved to show off with him. And the rest of the crowd, mom and dad included were getting a terrific charge out of watching.

The dog, with his glossy coat, had a bone on that almost touched the carpet on the floor. Never before in my entire life had I seen an object so red and hard looking. The cockhead was almost as large as the head on a baby. This woman was going to receive the fuck of her life, and it was only a matter of time before he got through with his licking cunt and smelling ass and mount the woman.

The old, lady got impatient. Again, she called out in her plaintive, whiny voice, "Fuck me dear heart. Screw your mommy, my ass smelling lover."

As though the intelligent looking animal could actually comprehend the English language, he pulled his long snout out from between the sagging cheeks of the old crone's ass, and reared up on his hind legs. His eyes looked wild, and his long, read, cunt-juiced tongue hung slobberingly out of his mouth. Bits of foam clung to the edges of his jaw, and the prick of his seemed to grow longer and longer. How was he going to get it all inside the narrow-walled cunt?

Rearing up on his hind legs, the animal dropped his fore paws down on the back of his mistress and started to make exploratory, thrusts with his hindquarters. Banging back and forth, the head of his prick bounced off the cheeks of her ass, and lower down until the pointer found the correct path and dropped into the cuntal groove without any trouble at all. Then, I realized that this woman-dog couple had been fucking for quite some time. Her old cuntal trench had been broken in and properly by the animal.

When finally, the Collie dog barged through the right door, a burst of applause resounded over the room, and several women started to finger their own privates, or take hold of a cock nearest them, and rub the head up and down their own cuntal slit. At any rate, the show between old woman and beast had commenced.

Once the dog located the cunt hole, he wasted no time at all in throwing a hard and dynamic fuck. His goal was to reach the coital blow-off as quickly as possible. And the old lady encouraged him in this aim. Reaching back, she seized both nuts on the beast and, squeezed them so tightly, I thought she'd pull them off his body. But the pressure of her fingers only made the beast all the hotter. The prick actually grew thicker, it seemed to me and much wetter. Every time, he heaved his body forward, the old woman gasped as the cockhead bounced deep against the base of the cuntal pouch. And all throughout the fuck, she kept shrieking out her obscene encouragements.

"That's it, lover prick," she babbled. "Pump out my pussy pouch. Let me feel that big cockhead right inside my throat. All the way, lover, all the way," she continued her lewd and unnecessary ravings.

Still, her cries and shouts, and the sight of an animal actually making love to a human being, heated up my own pussy pocket to an unbelievable degree of heat.

Unable to stand the pressure, I cried aloud, "Oh, I wish I had me a fuck. A great, big, hard prick banging out a message of love inside my cunt. I could take every inch. Every fucking inch..."

My shout attracted the attention of a man in the nearby room. Pushing the door open wider, he looked in and saw me, a young girl, with bared lower half, finger-fucking herself.

"I'll fuck you little girl," he said with a hard and lustful light shining in his eyes. "I'll drill out your cunt little lovecunt," he promised...

"Come and get it," I shouted back at him and assumed a semi-squat as though I was about to take a piss. This rather lewd position only emphasized the location of my hot and juicy box. The lips distended even wider, and peering down, he could see the fleshy, oyster, inner meat. Even my clitoris had leaped up and shimmered in the light of the room.

This guy was in his fifties, and the sight of my young, naked body really turned him on. Probably to his own amazement, he had already boned up. The way he looked down at his stiffened prick, I could tell, he wasn't used to getting an erection on so quickly and so easily.

"Young cunt," he whispered in an awed voice. "Give it to me."

I must confess, I wasn't so aroused by the old fart. He had a big gut on him, and his cock at full erection, couldn't have been more than a few inches in length. But at the moment, I couldn't be choosy. He was the only guy available, and who wanted such a young cunt. And because I couldn't get too excited from him I laid down on my back in such a position, I was able to keep my eyes on the old woman and her cunt-happy dog. They were still going to town, fortunately for me.

Fastening my eyes on the exciting scene between female and male dog, I let the old hunk of blubber mount me and stick his little pencil of a dick between the lips of my blazing box. Despite the unusually short sex stick, the feel of his skin moistened up my box, and I started to rotate my hips in the most obscene manner, imaginable.

In the next room, the action between woman and dog was getting hotter and hotter. Glassy-eyed, she kept screaming out her obscenities, and yet they heated up the entire group of swingers. The sizzling sex stick on that well-hung animal banged out its message deep inside the old cunt on the old woman. And long, still shapely fingers kept kneading and squeezing the canine nuts, and for a few moments I was afraid she'd tear them off his body. But when the Collie began to howl as he fucked, I knew he really loved that kind of treatment. Although I kept my eyes open as I didn't want to miss a thing, I transferred the image of the dog into my own mind. And in my mind, I saw myself as the object of the canine cock. And when I saw myself getting dog fucked, my cunt really heated up to a tropical temperature.

I guess the old fart who was riding me thought he was causing the increased heat to flow from my flesh and box. His thick, greasy lips pulled back into a wicked grin.

"Really dig my prick don't you honey?" he asked in his throaty, rasping voice that grated on my nerves.

"Don't talk," I snapped, "just keep on fucking."

He still didn't understand he was obnoxious. "Relax, sweetheart," he gasped. "I'm gonna make you blowout that tiny cunt of yours. Oh but it feels so lovingly good."

He spoke all of this in a manner that suggested I was supposed to be grateful to him for his attentions. The truth of the matter was, I could actually worked up more heat with my finger. This man and his pea-sized prick was a real nothing. The lucky woman was in the next room getting reamed by the dog. If I had a dog with a prick on him like the Collie, I'd get him to screw me out every day of the year. And because, the old fart on top of me was so heavy, it took every ounce of my concentration to reach a climax. And that concentration enabled me to substitute the man for the dog, in my mind. In my imagination, the dog was screwing me, and not the old dame in the next room.

My eyes, still fixed on the scene in the next room, told me that the events were fast reaching a conclusion. Foam sprayed out of the wide-mouthed dog as his rear quarters heaved back and forth at a speed that approached that of light. His nuts flew and twirled around. And the old lady, her hands clawing at the air, had thrown back her head and stared glassy-eyed up at the ceiling. The abdomen of the dog crushed against her tits but she seemed to love this pressure as she hugged him even tighter against him.

"Meohmy," she cackled, "Cunt's gonna go... Gonna go..." and as she enlightened us about the state of her inner pussy, she flexed both of her bony knees and wrapped both legs around the body of her canine lover. Gripping his sides with a tight scissor hold, she almost squeezed the shit out of him. But this near stranglehold on his body didn't in the least slow down his fucking movements. Actually, they increased in tempo. After all, all of the sexual stimuli were getting more pronounced. The feel of her body and cunt and the smells that were flowing so rapidly from her ass and box.

And then, she announced to the still applauding crowd that she was already climaxing. "Going to..." she gasped, "going to b... b... blow. Blowww. Ba... lowwww," and drawing out her voice to a thin, harsh, and lengthy whine, she heaved up her ass to let the juices roar through the cuntal cleft.

Taking his cue from the shouts of the old woman and of course, the increase in her cuntal temperature, the dog also let loose, and accompanied his ejaculation with whines and barks of his own which sounded almost as obscene as the cries burbling through the mouth of his mistress.

This blow-off between mistress and animal triggered off a number of similar ejaculations from the crowd of excited onlookers. One of those excited onlookers happened to be myself. When I saw all that rich and creamy dog dew hurtle out the head of the monstrous prick, my lower abdomen heaved upward like a trampoline and a thin, incredibly hot liquid sizzled through the crack of my cunt. Indeed, the heat of my effluent almost burned the skin of old fart who was still humping at me.

Fortunately, my wild and excited thrashings touched off something from inside of him, and he, too, managed to piss out a bit of cream. Apparently, this was his first orgasm in quite some time. His face turned crimson and then after the tremendous effort, a wide idiotic grin pulled back the corners of his lips, and he looked as though he was the greatest fucker in the entire world.

His cock started to shrivel almost immediately, and his big fat gut rolled off me. Propping himself up on one elbow, he winked.

"Any time you need creaming, baby, you just call on me. I know how to treat a girl."

Looking at the fat slob almost turned my gut. I simply had to tell him the truth. My eyes hardened, and looked directly into his ugly face.

"You're the lousiest fuck in the entire world," I hissed back at him. "Your prick is so small, I could hardly feel it. Matter of fact, I'd just as soon jack off with my own fingers."

His fleshy face thinned with rage. "Goddammit," he snarled, "what kind of thanks is that? I just gave you a magnificent fuck. One you'll remember for the rest of your life. Why, you flew out a river of cunt-kum! Do you think you could have done that if I was a lousy lover? Don't be so Goddamed ungrateful," he barked in a gruff tone of voice.

"Horseshit!" I shouted back at him. "If this is a sample of getting fucked by a man, I... I'd just as soon prefer dogs," I blurted out my true feelings. "That old dame in the next room has got the right idea."

"A dog fucker?" he asked. "Is that what you have in mind? You're sick. I made you climax. Me," he repeated, banging himself on the chest to emphasize his claim.

I simply had to shoot him down. "More horseshit!" I again flung the insult at him. "The only way I was able to have a cunt-kum was by thinking of myself with a dog. That cock of yours is no incentive at all."

And I really meant it. The slob's penis and love-making techniques left me cold. I kept wondering if all men were as incompetent as the slob. There was only one way to find out, and that was to have another male. This time, I selected a boy who was only a couple years older than myself. I figured a kid of fifteen should be able to get a real stiff boner on, and drill me out to perfection. I figured wrong. The boy I decided to experiment with had a reputation in our high school of being a terrific stud. There were even rumors that he was fucking all of the school's female teachers, old and young alike. There were more rumors that at full erection, he measured one foot of solid cock-bone. The thought of getting my cunt stuffed with a foot of hundred percent bone made me get wet. And before the seduction, I managed to have several satisfactory masturbatory sessions my merely fantasizing the boy on top and pumping his gargantuan gism pump inside my cunt.

One day after school hours, I managed to get the boy alone, and questioned him directly about the rumors. He was one of those athletic kinds, self-satisfied and with a perpetual smirk on his face as though he knew something that we didn't have access to.

"Sure I've been fucking the old teachers," he admitted. "Why not?" he asked with that irritating smile. "Either their husbands can't get it up anymore, or they live alone and jack off. They go for my cock for a couple of good reasons. I'm well endowed as the swingers say, and I know how to use it. Technique makes all the difference. And believe you me," he chortled in his sickening way. "I don't have any hangups. None whatsoever!"

"Fuck me," I blurted out. "I need someone like you. Someone that's got a big cock, and knows how to use it. And no hangups," I added, "is most important."

"No problem," he said quickly. "Except I got an appointment with the math teacher. She wants a tongue job and then a plain old-fashioned screwing."

I sensed he was fudging. "Name a time," I said. And then asked with a smirk of my own. "Or does the thought of fucking me scare the hell out of you?"

"Shit no!" he almost yelled at me. "But I always keep my appointments."

I knew I had him backed into a corner. He hadn't been expecting my aggressive manner. "Name a time," I insisted. "I'm offering you cunt. Hot cunt. A great, big stud like yourself isn't going to turn it down is he?" The smile on my face and in my eyes taunted him.

"Tonight," he blurted out. "Goddammit, I'll make you yell uncle."

That night, I kept my appointment with Jock, the name of the school stud. I took him back to my house as my parents didn't mind me visiting with school chums. Once Jock entered my bedroom, I told him to strip, and quickly.

"Don't you want a tongue job first?" he asked, and I thought a bit on the timid side. He no longer appeared to be the loud braggard, and the smirk on his face was missing.

"Never mind what I want first," I said, bluntly. "Off with your clothes, and I'll disrobe, too."

Quickly, I dropped my panties, mini skirt and pulled off the blouse to stand before him in the nude. "Haven't got much hair around my pussy yet," I said. "But I'm sure a stud like you won't mind eating a hairless box." I added in a slow and purposeful way, "After he's eaten my ass."

Jock stared at me as though someone had dropped a dead fish under his nostrils. "Your ass?" he asked, incredulously. "You mean where you..."

"Shit," I supplied the word for him. "That's right lover. But of course, I won't be moving my bowels when you tongue the asshole. Naturally, there'll be a faint smell of shit in that particular region. There always is. But that shouldn't stop a great, big cunt-stuffer like you. I'd think it would turn him on."

"You... you're not natural," Jock replied. "No one wants to have their shitty old asshole sucked."

"I do," I snapped. "So take off your clothes and lay in that tongue. Right down the shit hole. For a guy who isn't supposed to have hangups, you're sure bitching a lot."

Jock looked like he was going to faint but it was too late for him to back out, now. If he bolted he knew I'd spread the word all over the high school, and he would become an object of ridicule. Slowly, he started to take off his clothes. When he stood before me in the nude, I quickly looked down at his prick for a critical appraisal. The guy was rated as the best piece of ass in our high school. He was also rated as having the biggest cock in the school, and that included the seniors. Jock was only in his sophomore year. But the meat in a dormant state didn't look that impressive. I voiced my surprise aloud.

"The prick of yours don't look so well hung," I said. "You're the guy with the terrific reputation. You're supposed to have a foot of solid bone."

"When I've got a hard on," he said, his face getting red with embarrassment. "Don't be so Goddamned critical."

My voice softened. "I'm not critical, lover. I just don't want to be disappointed. How about boning up for me, now."

The boy stammered. "I usually don't bone up until I've sucked pussy. That's the way I watched my dad do it with my mom. Guess. I just got into the habit."

I sounded mildly surprised. "A great big stud like you shouldn't need that kind of horse-shitting around. That's just for old fuckers. You're not even fifteen yet!"

"Humor me," he said. "You won't be disappointed."

"Sure I'll humor you," I replied. "But first you humor me. So far, the temperature of my cunt is normal. It should be steaming hot by now. What kind of fuck is this going to be?"

Jock paled. "You mean...?"

I nodded. "You guessed right, lover. My ass. Or to be more precise. My asshole. That's where I want to feel a slice of hot, moist and fleshy tongue. When you lick it out... Shit and all... I'll be playing with myself. I mean the clit. I'll flick it back and forth as you give me a good, old-fashioned tongue-fuck right up my asshole."

The boy's young, smooth face wrinkled. He clutched his stomach as though he was going to upchuck. Yet, to give him credit, he offered to go through with the oral-anal act despite his own personal misgivings.

"How... do we do it?" he asked and breathed in gulps as though he was really going to throw up. In his mind, I suppose he could already visualize the act, and perhaps associate it with shit.

"I'll remain standing up," I told him. "But I'll bend over slightly and spread the cheeks of my ass as far apart as possible. You get down on your knees behind me, take both cheeks in your arms, and make mad, passionate love to my ass. When you ask my ass to kiss you, I'll squeeze the cheeks tight and pull your tongue inside the hole. Then, I'll let them flare out again. If you ask my ass to talk to you, I'll squeeze out a fart for you."

He looked incredulous. "You mean... you'd fart... in my face?"

"Of course, lover. When you're good and hot like a real stud-fucker, you'll love the smell of my ass. That's what separates the boys from the men. And according to rumors, you are a man when it comes to wielding that prick of yours. So far," I taunted, "I haven't seen a Goddamned thing. Just a limp dick. And not a particularly big one at that."

Jock growled. "I'll show you a thing or two," and dropped to the floor behind my ass.

Bending over, and planting the palms of both hands on both of my knees, I called encouragingly over my shoulder. "That's right lover. Smell and suck my ass. Then, drill your tongue right down the hole. Fuck my asshole with your tongue," I specified. From a wall mirror, I could see every expression on his face, and be able to gauge his every reaction. Again, I called out, "Don't be timid about asking my ass to talk to you. And be sure you ask it to give you a great, big kiss."

"Y... Yes," he replied in a voice that was definitely trembling.

"Go on," I shouted. "Goddammit, what in hell are you waiting for? Kiss my ass and be quick about it."

"Yes... Yes," he replied again, and I could tell from the reflection in the mirror that his face had turned a deathly white color. His cock was still limp. With shaking hands, he reached up and took hold of each cheek. Quickly I spread and let him peer inside. I thought a glimpse of the inner, rear-end valley of love would turn him on. But no. The sight of my asshole region actually had a negative effect...

"My ass wants to talk to you, lover," I called out over my shoulder. Perhaps, I was thinking if he could inhale the fresh and unadulterated odors, he'd heat up, and really get in the mood for a tonguing.

Jock didn't quite understand despite the fact I had previously described in detail the manner my ass would vocalize to him. Surely, the sound and smell of my fart shouldn't distress him, I thought. It had to be the way to galvanize him into action. Squeezing down on the stomach muscles. I felt a distinct rumble of moving gas within the confines of my bowels.

"Going to talk to you, lover," I called out out again. "My ass is going to whisper sweet nothing in your ears."

I felt the gas flowing unabatedly towards the exit that was commonly called an asshole. "Stick your nose between the cheeks," I instructed. In this manner, he'd inhale the freshness of gas as it left the rectum.

"Now!" I shrieked, and let the gaseous flow yammer through the narrow vent. Naturally, the noise was loud and the odor strong. That should turn him on for sure, I told myself in a congratulatory tone of voice.

But when I looked into the mirror, I was horrified to discover that the so-called great stud had fallen backwards, and was clutching his stomach as though on the verge of throwing up. His cock had actually shriveled up into an almost invisible sliver of flesh.

"Can't," he coughed. "Can't do anything so... so dirty," he cried.

"You've got too many hangups to be any good," I replied in a voice that was icy with contempt. "Get dressed and get the hell out of here. I'll jack off. My fingers will give me a better time than you. If you're supposed to be the great stud, I'm a monkey's uncle," I yelled.

Jock dressed, quickly, and literally flew out of the bedroom. Naked yet, I sat on the edge of the mattress, and spread my legs. There was no alternative but to jack off. But what sort of fantasy should I conjure up to facilitate the action? I tried out several. First, I pictured Jock on his knees and sucking my odoriferous ass as though he really loved his work. That didn't do the trick. I strummed on my clit and finger-fucked the cunt-hole. All to no avail. There wasn't a hope of ejaculating with that kind of fantasy. Then, I fantasized getting fucked in the dog-style position. I could see myself on my knees and elbows with my ass stuck high up in the air. I could visualize the way my asshole was wide open, and so was my pussy hole. Visualizing a man, I could see him on his knees behind me, and he did have a big hard on. He aimed the poker at my asshole where I'm usually sensitive. In my fantasy, he managed to make an entry into the rectal tube, and having accomplished this deed, started to throw me a pump fuck. With this image firmly in mind, I reached down and started to pluck at my clitoris again. This time my clit hardened a bit and moisture beaded the walls of my vagina. I could tell from my fingertips. They were getting quite wet as I finger-fucked the hole. But unfortunately, I still didn't reach that ecstatic point of no return, the point of impending climax. My fingers flew faster over my cunt and I gyrated my hips and even moaned out obscenities in the hope that a few hot vocals, uttered aloud would increase the temperature of my sex meat. It didn't. And after about twenty-five minutes of this kind of play, and fantasizing, I was compelled to cease all activity. My wrists grew too tired for further masturbatory efforts. And yet, inside, I remained frustrated. I knew there was plenty of cunt-gism-deep within the recess of the pussy parlor. But how to coax it out? Then, a terrific idea hit me.

My mind went back to the orgy party thrown by my parents. I remembered the old crone and the way she got fucked by her pet dog. Would the fantasy of a dog screwing out my cunt heat me up. I had nothing to lose. Rested now, my wrists felt as though they could try to masturbate again. Spreading my legs as far apart as possible in anticipation, I closed my eyes and tried to fantasize a bit of bestial sex. All sorts of images began to flow through my mind and all had to do with animal sex.

At first, I saw myself getting laid by one dog, and then the fantasy changed. Several long-boned canines were servicing me. I saw myself on my side, and hugging a big, hairy mongrel looking dog. He had an enormous pecker which was sliding in and out of my cunt. In back of me, a tiny cocker spaniel, the kind with an unusually long tongue was licking my ass. Both cheeks of the buttocks were spread wide, and the darling dicker hound was busily engaged with his tongue. The look on his face excited me. He really loved smelling and sucking my rear end. Sex secretions were running out of my rectum, as well as my cunt. Then, the fantasy became larger. I saw myself with an enormous dog cock in my mouth. In short, three dogs were servicing me at the same time. One kept pumping my pussy, the other kept eating my asshole, and my mouth and tongue was very busily engaged with a canine cock. In no time at all, I started to orgasm. Cuntal cream spurted out of my slit, and oily liquids spattered through my asshole. Even specks of foam coated my lips as I kept working them back and forth as though a dog cock was really between them.

After the multiple discharge, I crumpled backwards over the bed, and stared dumbly up at the ceiling. I began to see my future sex life. And it didn't include a man or boy. I had been disappointed enough. The only kind of male that could really give me satisfaction belonged in the animal kingdom. But finding an animal lover wasn't going to be easy. Both of my parents were swingers, and encouraged me to get fucked as part of my upbringing. But I knew they'd disapprove of an animal lover. A dog was all right for some old bag in the orgy party to make a spectacle of herself with. But it would never do for their own daughter.

Much to my surprise and gratitude the answer came to me in the high school I attended. I attended a private high school, Miss Muriel's School for Refined Young Ladies and Boys. The place sounded snooty enough, and appealed to the social conscious class I belonged to. Every mother in our set wanted to say that their daughter or son attended the very exclusive Miss Muriel's High School. Of course, that was a bunch of shit. The school was a hot bed of sex. Indeed, it was actually a meeting place for the guys and gals of our set to get a fucking partner. Even seventy-year-old Miss Muriel picked out her studs from the most virile and youngest pupils. But I had no idea that anyone knew anything about animal sex. That bit of information came to me when I was accepted as a recruit for a sophomore girl society. As part of the initiation, I had to fuck an animal.

Of course I was surprised but I must have sounded shocked, too. "Fuck an animal?" I echoed after being told of the initiation rites.

My class mate Cynthia who had sponsored me into the society nodded excitedly. "Oh you'll love it. Ever since my own initiation, I've been screwing animals. They're much better than the spoiled, self-centered, selfish brats who attend this school. Miss Muriel came have them: I'd rather fuck an animal any, old time of day. They know how to make a girl happy. And can they ever get a stiff bone on!" From the light in her eyes, I knew that Cynthia was getting laid and often, and with much satisfaction.

"It does sound kind of thrilling," I admitted. "Of course, I'll go through with it. I won't let you down. But..." and I hesitated.

Cynthia read my mind. "What animal do you get to fuck? Leave that to me. As president of this sorority, it's my job to take care of such details. I've got an entire menu worked up for you."

"Menu?" I chortled, and this time I really was surprised. "You expect me to screw more than one?"

Cynthia laughed. "Of course. One fuck will never satisfy you. Besides, after you've been initiated, the rest of us girls will join you. And so, I have to arrange for a variety of four-legged fuckers to service not only you but us." She actually burbled. "We'll all have a ball!"

"I'm getting hot-cunted already," I admitted. "And I agree with you. The spoiled rotten boys at this high school are lousy fucks. Miss Muriel can let them lap her cunt for all I care. I'll take something that's real stiff and hard."

"The initiation is set for eight this evening," Cynthia informed me. "Prepare yourself ahead of time by getting real hot."

"I'm hot already," I informed her. "But just to make certain, I'll finger my cunt just before I leave the house." I asked, "Where will the initiation rites be held?"

"At my place," she said. "My folks are touring Europe, and there's no one home but me and the housekeeper. And I've given her the week-end off. You know," she advised me "we've got quite a menagerie in back of my house. A horse, goat, dog, rabbits, and..."

"Rabbits?" I asked and could feel the muscles of my vaginal walls constrict. Secretly, I have always had a thing about rabbits. I knew they had a tremendous reputation for being fucking fools. And they're so soft and cuddly.

"Maybe," I suggested, "I... I could fuck a couple of them at the same time. I mean, they're so small, their adorable dicks wouldn't fit into my snatch. But a couple of them fucking me at the same time. Ohhhh," I almost swooned.

Cynthia's face blushed. And now, I knew her secret. Getting rabbit reamed was an old story with her. And now, she admitted the truth. "Yes, dear," she informed me. "You can't beat getting rabbit reamed. It's... the greatest," she blurted out. "Except, I'll be jealous as hell to watch my bunny sweethearts treating your box instead of mine." But she straightened. "That's life. It's your initiation, and it's your night to have fun. Of course, after you have been initiated, me and the rest of the girls will get fucked, and I do mean cunt-reamed. I've got a terrific program worked out."

"I'm so hot I could jack off," I cooed.

"Don't," Cynthia advised. "Play with your self, and tantalize the box. But don't blowout. Save every drippy drop of sex serum until tonight. Then, you'll want to blowout time after time."

"I can hardly wait," I told her, and meant it.

That night all of the girls in the sorority met at Cynthia's house. It was one of those big rambling affairs that stretched out for a couple of acres. In back, there were stables for horses, and a variety of animals. Cynthia's old man was really loaded. About ten girls belonged to our sorority, and everyone of them looked horny, and ready for sex. They loved to watch a sex show, and be watched. And later, I discovered that almost everyone of my sorority sisters had my experience. They had fucked a boy from Miss Muriel's High School and found him undesirable as a sex partner. They were vain, selfish and spoiled. Most of them were lapping Miss Muriel's cunt, and she spoiled them rotten. We didn't want any part of them. All of the girls had discovered in her own way and in her own time, the joys of animal sex. The prick of an animal was the common bond in our sorority.

But that night, I was the center of attention. Standing in the cavernous living room of the mansion, I disrobed, and the sorority sisters all applauded my good sportsmanship. Despite my tender years, my body was quite well developed, or showed promise of what was to come. My tits were beginning to reach maturity and swayed back and forth as I walked around to show the girls how well stacked I was. That was part of the initiation. I had to stand naked in the center of a circle. The lights in the room had been dimmed, and one girl trained a lamp on a certain part of my anatomy that I was showing off. First, I took hold of each tit and pulled on it as if the flesh was made of baker's dough. The nipples, long, red and juicy looking pointed straight out like a couple of aroused pricks.

With the light on my boobs, I walked around the center of the circle and gave each girl a good look at my top-heavy equipment. Enthusiastic applause reverberated around the room. Then, the light from the spotlamp accented the cuntal area. Reaching down, I pulled aside the lips and flicked out the clit. The applause was thunderous. Then, playfully, I gave myself a few teasing jabs of the finger inside the snatch slot. I was showing my sorority sisters how I jacked off. Since all of them were skilled masturbators, they appreciated this bit of play, and shouted obscene remarks of an encouraging nature.

"Fuck yourself, sweetheart," one of them cried out. And the others had similar remarks to make regarding the expertise I demonstrated with a finger up my cunt.

After a few minutes of this masturbatory exercise, the spotlight shifted from the area between my legs to my rear end. This excited me since I was so Goddamned sensitive in the ass regions. A lot of the girls must have been sensitive in the rectal layers, too. The accent on my ass really brought out the applause.

One cried out, "Bend over and spread the cheeks. We want to look inside."

Gladly, I obliged. It excited me to know that others were peering curiously and excitedly up my asshole and finding that particular shit spot desirable. The thought of an animal sucking in that region, or shooting his dick in the shit slot really moistened up my cunt. I was glad the spotlight wasn't accenting my box. I didn't want to give the impression that I had such strong anal desires.

To make certain the spotlight wasn't trained back on my slobberingly wet cunt, I cried out, "Hurry on, and bring me an animal to fuck. I've got to have an animal cock. Don't keep me waiting. I'm hot and horny and ready to give you all the show of your lives."

This brought down the house as they say in show business. All of the girls were ready for a hot sight to watch. Most of them were playing with themselves by now, and one girl had produced a carrot and was ramming it in and out of her mouth-like cunt hole. Another girl, an anal lover like myself, had reached back and started to stick a finger deep in her asshole. Once she managed to work it in deep enough, she commenced a finger-fucking asshole type of movement that made her eyes bulge and roll crazily around. Bits of foamy spittle flew from her lips. She too urged for me to commence the animal show.

But it wasn't up to me. Cynthia was president of this sorority, and this was her house. She was in complete charge. "It's up to President Cynthia," I shouted back. "I'm ready. Ready, willing and eager to get animal fucked," I almost screamed. "What's the delay?" I demanded to know. And to emphasize my readiness, I increased my finger diddling activities and rolled my hips around like the stripper in a burlesque show.

From the corner of my eyes, I watched the effect on Cynthia. The little, black-haired girl with the round, erotic face looked as though she was going to explode. She had purposely let the action get hot to make certain all of the girls were properly aroused before the animal fucking show commenced. Now, she knew she couldn't wait any longer.

"Hold on," she cried out and her voice was filled with heat and horniness. "I'll bring them in. Your lover. I mean," she corrected, "your lovers..."

"Lovers?" the girls echoed amazed.

But I wasn't dismayed. I knew she meant rabbits in the plural and not the singular. The darling girl knew I had always wanted to screw several bunnies at the same time.

Returning from the stable area, the girl was holding three rabbits. All were male, on the large side, pink-eyed and furry. Cynthia held them aloft to show one and all that the dears already were boned up. The keen-smelling fuckers had picked up the scent of my heated cunt before they even entered the room. A rabbit's cock isn't particularly long but it tapers to a sharp point and resembles a carrot. A white, hard, cone-shaped carrot. In contrast to the rather short rabbit prick, the balls are on the large side. They're very soft and resemble cream puffs.

The sight of the elongated pricks and the adorably soft nuts almost drove me out of my mind. The lips of my cunt began twitching back and forth and my clit became even more blood-filled.

"Hurry," I moaned. "Got to... Got to..."

But in my haste, and emotional state of mind, I hadn't thought through the mechanics of getting rabbit fucked. How did a girl go about handling three rabbits at the same time? The revelation would have to come to me when I had the soft creatures in my arms. At the moment, all I wanted to do was feel their bodies, stroke their cocks, and play with them. And yet, I knew my fellow sorority sisters wouldn't let me get away with that sort of play for very long. They were on fire to watch the real thing. And the real thing meant fucking.

Cynthia handed over her bunnies with the greatest of reluctance. Pouting she said, "It's my duty to let you fuck them. But remember, they belong to me. Don't get too attached to their pricks and balls."

Paying no attention to her, I gathered up the loved ones in my arms and started hugging and kissing them. I gave them long, tonguing, horny kisses and all the while softly stroked their cocks.

As I had earlier reasoned, this sort of preliminary play didn't long suffice. "Fuck," the cry arose. "Fuck, or we won't accept you into our high school sorority."

Turning to Cynthia to make certain I knew the rules. "At the same time?" I asked. "Do I have to screw them all at once, or one at a time?"

"All at once," the president informed me.

The rest of the girls strengthened this explanation. "A three-way fuck," they explained gleefully. Apparently, a three-way fuck show really turned them on.

My mind raced wildly. How was I going to take care of three horny rabbits all at the same time? Well, I thought, there couldn't be any doubt about one of them. One prick had to be inserted inside my well lubricated cunt. That took care of the first rabbit reamer. But there were two others to think about. Then, necessity struck me with inspiration. Picking up one lover, I squatted down with spread legs as though I was going to take a piss. The cuntal lips widened, and I pulled one rabbit against my crotch area. On his hind legs, his long bone knew what to do. Thrusting his hindquarters back and forth, his needle-pointed prick peppered up against the flesh around the slot. Reaching down, I grabbed hold of the carrot carved cock and guided it between the lips and into the hole. The touch of the hot bone of rabbit almost made me orgasm, immediately. Never before in my entire life had I felt anything so sensitive, so acutely fine and precious. Closing my eyes, I had to restrain myself from really letting go. Every instinct within me cried out to throw the rabbit the wildest and most uninhibited fuck I'd ever given out or even imagined in my most erotic fantasies. But clenching my fists, I restrained myself since I knew that I had a duty and obligation to my fellow sorority sisters. They wouldn't be satisfied with just one rabbit fuck. They all had blazing cunts at the thought of the three-way deal. However, my problems were solved by at least one-third. One rabbit was banging away at my hole. There were two others to be attended to as well.

Picking up Bunny Number Two, I placed him behind me, and raised up on my heels to such an extent that my asshole was bared. Since I wasn't double-jointed, it was impossible to make certain he knew his duty. I was hoping he'd naturally smell my asshole, and instinctively stick his prick into the rectum. Once encased in the tight-walled hole, the rabbit would throw me his anal fuck. The shape of a rabbit's cock when elongated was made for rectal reaming. The needle-pointed head could easily penetrate the tiny entrance. And once the penetration was accomplished, the rabbit possessed enough strength and endurance to shove it in the rest of the way. And once surrounded by the wall of a female hole, I felt certain the rabbit would know enough to fuck.

At first rabbit Bunny Number Two didn't know what to do in back of me. Naturally, the rectum doesn't throw out the same kind of odor that a cunt does. And anal fucking wasn't common in the rabbit family. He was going to have to be trained to service me in the rear end. But I was under a disadvantage. There were no mirrors around for me to guide his rear end movements. After several aborted attempts to make him screw my anal cavity, I almost gave up in frustration. Then, I drew strength from an inner source, and made up my mind I wouldn't blow my initiation rites. I really wanted to become a member of Cynthia's sorority. And too, I really wanted to get fucked three ways by three different rabbits. An inspiration struck me.

Reaching back with one hand, I grabbed the fumbling rabbit by the head, and dragged him close until his sniffing nostrils were deeply imbedded up my asshole. Perhaps, I thought, there was just enough female hormones to give him the right idea. I had read enough in biology class to know that female hormones were in abundance in certain specified areas in a female body. The presence of the female hormone made the male get hot for cunt. That was Nature's way. Of course, the cuntal regions were filled with female hormones. No problem in that spot. But the asshole might or might not have female hormones. Everyone is different, and although I had always been sensitive in that area, that was no indication the hormones were also located there. I knew I had many nerve endings in the rectum but I couldn't help remembering that dismal experience with the boy who almost got sick when I wanted him to smell and suck my ass. At any rate, at the moment, I was desperate. At least, I could try.

As I told you, I grabbed hold of the rear end bunny and forced his snout up my ass. At first, he put up a struggle. Perhaps, I was holding him too tightly. Yet, I couldn't take the chance of letting him loose. That would really blow my initiation. The feel of his furry face between the cheeks of my ass really heated me up, and I detected that he ceased his struggles. Instead, he burrowed his nose deeper inside my hole and I felt the nostrils distending and coming close together. He was at least sniffing the remnants of a recent bowel movement. In Biology class, the teacher had told us that feces, or shit does contain hormones. Perhaps, the odor of shitified hormones would be strong enough to fill him with the urge to give me the anal fuck.

And that's what happened. Finally, the delightful creature stopped all struggles. Sniffing with deep, compulsive gasps, the animal saturated himself with the odor of my asshole, and also the remnants of my female hormones which were floating through my asshole. Nature took over. Lust-filled by sniffing my hormone-packed asshole, the bunny became galvanized with the urge to fuck me in the rear end. Once he became the slave of that anal urge, my worries ceased. Nature told him how to stick his bursting cock into my asshole. And once the meat was deeply imbedded in that tight-walled purse, he threw his rabbity fuck.

My success with Bunny Number Two made every girl in the room cheer and applaud. They marveled at my ingenuity and technique and praised me as a natural fucker. Yet, I wasn't home free, yet. There was Bunny Number Three to contend with. The smell of hot cunt and the sight of his two brothers banging their pricks into my two holes, fore and aft had almost maddened him with lust. Holding him up, his hind quarters began to flail back and forth as though screwing some invisible cunt. However, I only had two holes for a cock to fuck. What to do with him?

My sorority sisters were getting impatient again. They were counting on a three-way fuck. "Hurry it up," they began to clap. "Three way. Three way," they chanted in unison.

I had only one choice. Oral play. In my fantasies, I had often sucked off the cock of a hot dog. Now, in real life, I was going to have to play out that fantasy but with the prick of a bunny instead of a canine. Picking up my third would-be lover, I examined his throbbing penis. The joint tapered to an almost needle-like head. Would the sharp point hurt my mouth? But this was no time for timidity. I had to go through with it despite certain qualms and reservations. The skin in my mouth was extremely tender, and prone to bleed at the slightest irritation. Sucking off one rabbit had not been in my original plans.

"Suck him off," the girls took up the chant. "Swallow his rabbit goo."

Closing my eyes, I pulled the bunny close to my face, opened my mouth and let the carrot-shaped cock spill between my lips. Hesitantly, I clamped down my lips, and for the first time in my entire life tasted a rabbit cock. I was shocked. But not from revulsion, or distaste. The prick tasted sweeter than honey. It was sheer ecstasy to suck on such a beautiful bone. My eyes flew open and my jaws began to work back and forth as though, in reality, I was eating his prick and had every intention of swallowing it.

Again, my audience applauded. And now that I had skillfully accepted three cocks and all at the same time, the question arose: who was going to blow off first?

It didn't make any difference to me what bunny shot his load into me first. However, the girls began to make bets.

"Betcha the cunt fucker makes it first," one girl piped up. Her round, glazed eyes were following the antics of the front rabbit as though she, herself, was being treated to his rabbity cock.

Another girl disagreed. "The asshole banger will blow first. Look at his face. He's turned on by the strong smell of her asshole." From the repeated thrusts of the rear admiral's prick I had to agree. The anal lover had increased the tempo of his fuck to such a degree that I felt certain he was enlarging my asshole by a considerable extent.

Bets were hastily taken on the race of the front and rear end fuckers. But a good many girls disagreed. They strongly believed that the bunny who was getting his cock sucked would make it first.

"Look at his face," one girl observed. "The way it's all tightened up tells me he's about to shoot his load into her mouth."

In a way, I was inclined to agree. The bunny with his prick in my mouth looked enraptured. And although I had a firm hold of his body, he kept thrusting his rear quarters back and forth as though he was, in reality, throwing a fuck into a cunt. He was using my box as a cunt. And I tightened my lips to such an extent, the pressure would be similar to that felt by a penis sliding back and forth in a real pussy parlor. Also, as he humped back and forth, I squeezed his nuts which certainly hastened the race along.

As for my own cunt, I knew that I could blowout at any time. Several hard thrusts had made me teeter on the edge. It was only by the greatest self control that I had managed to prevent an outpouring of effluent. I didn't want to ruin the show for my sorority sisters. And too, my motives were selfish. The ecstasy was so great, so keenly felt by every cuntal pore that I wanted to prolong the sensation of the three-way fuck as long as possible. There were times when I thought the pricks entering my body from the front and rear would meet. By some uncanny sense of timing, the banging bunnies were able to synchronize their movements. As the asshole lover pulled back, the rabbit in charge of my cunt did likewise. And as one pulled back, the other did the same. In this manner, the in and out thrusts, the backward and forward movements were in perfect timing. And once I realized this pace, I was able to synchronize the dick of my mouth lover. He, too, thrust his prick in and out of my mouth as the other two dicks were moving along the same tempo of thrust. Consequently, it was entirely possible to realize a three-way orgasm. Or to be more precise, a four-way climax, I, too, was going to blowout my love box as my three animals reached the emission point.

My audience quickly realized the possibilities. Their experienced eyes quickly picked up the synchronization between the three pricks and my cunt, asshole and mouth. And they knew that I'd explode, too.

The chant commenced. "Four-way," they burbled and chirped. "Four-way fuck. Four-way blow. The only way to go," and they kept up this line of horny and erotic chanting until my vision blurred, and torriado like forces seized hold of my sexual organs. The walls of my vagina began to sputter and flutter, and I felt the roaring river of cunt-kum leap into the exit through the lips of my cunt. My eyes rolled crazily around with only the whites showing, and when I tried to babble, the only sound that dropped from my lips was hoarse and unintelligible. Spittle slobbered down my chin, and the cheeks of my ass waggled back and forth as they were about to climax, too.

The rabbit reamers sensed my distress from the dramatic rise in temperature of my body, and especially from the regions of my cunt, ass and mouth. And I knew that they, too, were going to hit the jackpot, and all at the same time.

The voices of the audience grew almost hysterical. "Blow... Blow... Blow," they all chanted in unison, and as they chanted a lot of them were playing with themselves. Skirts were hastily raised up, and stiffened fingers were jabbed into already moistened cunts. One enterprising and unusually horny girl started to finger-fuck herself in the front and rear as well...

And then we exploded. "Going," I warned one and all. "Coming. Com... ing... Eeenng," my voice stretched out to a whining screech. "Cunt's on fire. On firrrreeee," and before I could cough out any more warnings, it happened.

Cunt juices spattered through the lips of my slit in such a heavy flow I thought I was taking a piss. I wasn't. The oily secretions were pure sex serum. And this flow was aided and abetted by the hot, delicious, almost velvety feel of the cock-creaming rabbits. Each one was shooting his prick off at the same time.

My knees almost buckled and I spread my legs even farther apart to accommodate the gusher of cream that was sloshing into the pussy parlor. And the sweetheart who was fucking my mouth let loose a blast that reached the intensity of an activated fire hose. Puddles of the rich, white syrup of sex sloshed down my face and over my chin. My ever-active tongue waggled out to lick up as much as possible. But as the last drop of juice leaped out of my cunt, I toppled backward, completely exhausted, worn-out, deadly tired.

The four-way blow was the happiest and richest experience of my life. I had learned so much from my rabbit lovers, and experienced so much pleasure that I knew my heart would be forever in their debt. And there was no longer any doubt. An animal fucker is much more satisfactory than the human male kind. There isn't even a contest...


Madelene T. came from a family of great wealth. Her parents gave her everything the girl needed, materially. They failed to give her love, attention, or even take a passing interest in her. She was left to her own devices, and when she discovered, at an early age, that her parents were swingers, her contempt for them grew. Inwardly, she resented being left to the exclusive care of paid housekeepers, and behaved in a manner she felt was spiting her parents...

When she tried to have sexual activity with normal partners, a boy her age and an older man, she found them incompetent and repugnant. This aversion to human males was merely an extension of her hatred of her parents. But she discovered that it was entirely possible to relate to animals in a sexual way. To the animal she could invest with all the characteristics she would have wanted in her own parents. Madelene T. was a small girl desperately reaching out for love.

In The Need to be Loved by psychologist Theodor Reik, he repeats a favorite story of the French author Anatole France... A little girl tells her uncle that she needs love simply because she is little. The story could have been repeated by Madelene T.. Reaching puberty, her mind and body began to experience profound changes. She needed advice and guidance. None were forthcoming from her parents. And so, she turned to animals.


Case Subject: Cora H.

Age: 17

Sexual History: A scholarship student in literature, Cora H. specialized in mythological, animal figures that were invested with human qualities. In many instances, the mythological animal such as the capricorn had great sexual powers. Determined to discover whether ordinary animals were also equipped to perform well in the sexual area, she began to experiment with many different kinds of animals. She found them superior to men.

ANALYST: Do you really believe animals contain human qualities?

CORA: Oh yes.

A: In what way?

C: They feel and think as we do. The only difference is, they lack the power of speech.

A: Are they capable of expressing love?

C: Very definitely. More so than men.

A: And you really think that animals make better lovers than men?

C: I know it. An animal, almost any animal, knows how to fuck. It's instinctive with them.

A: What do you mean by that?

C: I mean, they're perfectly natural lovers. No artifice, or need to play out a social role.

A: They have no inhibitions about sex. Is that what you're trying to say?

C: That too. I mean they'll do natural sex acts in a natural way. I haven't had an animal yet that didn't want to lick my cunt.

A: You have found a natural aversion to cunnilingus in men?

C: You better believe I have. They turn up their noses and mutter about that's where I piss from. Animals have no such qualms. And they'll lick my ass too.

A: Animals have a natural instinct for anal sex?

C: Yes. They go for my ass first. You know what I mean. They sniff and smell and tongue inside. That gets them all worked up. Then...

A: You have coital relations with the animal.

C: Yes, I fuck them. And I love it. Animals do have magical qualities. Just like the legends about them in Greek mythology. They are part animal and part human.

A: You really believe animals have certain human qualities?

C: I know it. I've been fucked enough by them to know the truth.

A: Have you ever had satisfactory sexual relations with a boy, or grown man?

C: No. All I ever had were a bunch of sissies, or selfish, self-centered bastards. An animal is considerate, and gentle and yet strong, too.

A: Did it ever occur to you that these qualities can be found in humans, too?

C: I don't believe it.

A: We'd better start with your failure to relate sexually with humans.

C: There's really nothing to tell.

A: Describe the affair you had with your last human.

CORA: I'm in my last year at high school, and am preparing myself for a scholarship in literature to the university. Naturally, I required a lot of help from my literature teacher, a married man in his forties. We'd go into the library in the evening, and he'd help me select certain volumes I'd have to study. To give him credit, he was a very good scholar in Greek literature and history, and in that respect was very helpful. But I noticed that my body really turned him on. He'd go fetch a book and then stand over me as I was writing at the table. I noticed, he'd peer over his spectacles and try to look down my blouse at my tits. I usually wore a blouse that showed as much cleavage as possible. Oh, I had been fucked a few times before by class mates but had never given too much thought to sex. I was always a grind as a student, and wanted to win my scholarship. The boys who fucked me were awful anyhow. They cracked their nuts before I climaxed. I had to go home and jack off. And to be truthful, I had been getting sexual relief with my own fingers.

At any rate, it gave me a charge to know that I was exciting my teacher, Mr. Hooper. He was a mousy looking guy, prematurely bald, short, and near-sighted. He was married but to a woman that looked even worse than he did. I doubt if he got much nooky at home or that his wife was able to make him erect. But he sure was getting a hard on every time he peered down my blouse with his near-sighted eyes... Standing back of one shoulder, I could hear him breathe real heavy, and once I slid my elbow back to rub against his crotch. His cock jumped up almost immediately. Maybe that was the first bone on the poor guy experienced for quite some time. Ever since that erection, he wanted to really pump me a fuck. I could tell by the way his round, dumb-looking face blushed every time I leaned forward to give him a good look at my well-developed tits. Every night, I'd stay late in the library making notes from books, and Mr. Hooper would stay with me. It was getting to be comical the way he'd stare at my boobs and get a hard on. Of course, I pretended I didn't notice a thing. But I decided to let him fuck me since I needed his help to win the scholarship.

But there was always someone else in the library too. That complicated the matter. The more I thought about getting laid by the teacher, the better the idea struck me. And so, I decided to give him a bit of encouragement. Perhaps, I thought, I'd talk freely to him about the erotic activities of the mythological animals I was studying. And perhaps, a bit of frank and bold sex talk would loosen his inhibitions.

One evening when we were alone in the library, I asked, "Did a capricorn have a cock and balls like an ordinary animal?"

The old tart turned scarlet, and I thought he'd choke. The front of his fly tented out, and I noticed with considerable surprise, the little shit was well hung. He could service me with about eight inches. Finally, he replied to my question. "Yes, my dear. Mythological animals were capable of great sexual activity. They..." and his face turned the color of the setting sun.

Smiling up at him, I said, "Fucked. Isn't that what they did, sir?"

"Had intercourse," he corrected in his prissy way.

"With humans?" I asked, innocently.

Coughing with embarrassment, he nodded. "Yes, there are many tales in Greek mythology about the sexual relationship between an animal and a human. For instance, there are many stories of swans endowed with great sexual prowess. They conceived children who looked like humans but had many of the supernatural powers that were invested in their animal father."

Still smiling, I managed to open another button on my blouse, and this time, old farts could really get an eyeful of solid tit flesh. This kind of seduction was getting me horny, too. My nipples stretched out, and were clearly visible through the thin fabric of my blouse.

"But how?" I asked in my seemingly innocent way, "How does an animal fuck a human female?"

The teacher's prick stretched out a bit longer at that question. And I turned one side of my face in such a way, the skin managed to touch the tip of his concealed pecker.

He spoke with difficulty. "The same way two humans fornicate. One mounts the other." He quickly explained. "I'm talking to you in such frank language Cora because you are in your last year at high school and I consider you a young lady. Naturally, you must realize there is nothing erotic or dirty about this discussion."

I was still a minor, and the thought of talking dirty to one really scared the shit out of him. "Oh of course," I tried to set his mind at ease. "But after all, I'm trying for a scholarship, and I should know all about this kind of stuff. When I take my college entrance exams I'll have to know all about the way the animals of mythology fucked girls."

The old fart really thought that one over. Then, he said slowly and cautiously and with his prick still raised at full bloom. "In the stacks, there are some rare, old text books with illustrations. I believe they'll give you the proper knowledge that you seek."

The stacks were the shelves in back where most of the rare, old books were kept. It was not possible to remove them from the stacks. To look at them, it was necessary to go back where they were located on the shelves. Naturally, no one else would be in that particular area. I had an idea that he might find some courage, pull out his prick and give me the creaming I wanted.

Leaping to my feet, I said with great enthusiasm, "That's a terrific idea, sir. I'll lead the way."

The passageway to the back stairs was narrow, and only one person could walk through the aisle at a time. I wanted to lead the way since it would give him an eyeful of my ass at close range. Fortunately, I was wearing a tight skirt which accented both cheeks of my buttocks, and even pulled inward to give a very good impression of my asshole. My legs are well shaped, and could be described as nutcrackers. And I purposely wiggle my well flared hips to create the necessary erotic atmosphere nor what was about to follow. Several times, in fact, I stopped short, and he came bumping into my backside. I felt the cockhead press forward between the cheeks of my ass, and I deliberately thrust my hips back to try and give him the proper message.

Apologizing profusely, the teacher backed away. But I knew he wanted to fuck me. Striding forward again, we quickly reached the proper shelf that held the old, and very valuable books of animal mythology. Reaching up, he took down one book that was many hundreds of years old and priced at many thousands of dollars. The book was illustrated with old prints that showed mythological animals screwing human females.

"Oh look," I cried out and pointed to one illustration that showed a unicorn fucking a naked young damsel. A unicorn looks like a horse but has a horn between the nostrils, and wings growing out of the side. In the illustration, the unicorn was pumping a fuck into a girl who was positioned on her knees and elbows. The usual dog-style stance. But what made this particular act so exciting was the manner in which the unicorn used his wings. In several illustrations, the artist depicted the entire fuck. The magic animal fluttered his wings violently which increased the pressure of the thrust as he heaved forward with his enormous prick. His balls jangled around and his eyes were wide and wild looking. On another page, the unicorn was shown using his horn to tantalize the girl's genitals and asshole. Leaning over, the clever animal of mythology, very gently inserted the end of his horn inside the damsel's asshole and buggered it a bit. According to the girl's face in the illustration, she really loved this sort of anal attention from the horn. And in another detailed drawing, the unicorn was using his enormously long tongue to lap the exposed cuntal area. In each drawing, the girl looked ecstatic as she received attentions from both horn and tongue. But the girl who was getting fucked. Looked as though she was delirious with joy. Apparently, the extra thrust caused by the powerful wings was able to stuff her cunt with one hundred percent of solid prick. I had to confess that the sight of these old and rare illustrations turned me on. Now, I really wanted to fuck, and not just because I wanted the teacher's help.

I said, "The girl looks so joyful when she's getting all of those deliciously hot attentions from the magic animal. Is it possible that these legendary animals are much better than males when it comes to throwing a fuck?"

My teacher hastened to assure me. "Mythological animals belong only in legend. They never really existed. To think such a thing would be unnatural."

"Perhaps," I teased, "all animals have a bit of sexual magic in them. Perhaps any animal is a better fucker than a human male. Is that true, sir?" I asked in the most innocent way imaginable.

The old fart blushed crimson, again. "You mustn't think such thoughts," he mumbled. "It... it's unnatural to have sexual relations with an animal. A man is capable of expressing love, tenderness and devotion. All of which should mean more to a girl than sheer, animal contact."

"I wish I could believe that, sir," I said and accidentally brushed tightly up against his body. His prick was still very much elongated, and when he felt my skirt against the cockhead, I thought he was going to have an orgasm. He almost choked, and pulled back. But I dropped my hand down and touched the tip of his cock.

Looking up at him with a naughty smile, I slowly and deliberately squeezed. My soft, and shapely fingers curled around the stiffened joint. I sighed, "Bet you could turn me on better than an animal, sir. Bet you could give me the fuck of your life."

He stammered but made no effort to pull back or dislodge my fingers from around the shaft of his long tool. "I... I'm your teacher, Cora. Have a responsibility to my pupils."

"I know, sir," I quickly replied. "Your responsibility is to help me with my study of mythological animals. And I simply have to know if a man can fuck better than an animal. I'm writing a term paper on that particular subject. Please, help me, sir," I implored and gave his handle an extra tight squeeze with my fingers.

His lips fluttered back and forth as he tried to catch his breath. Finally, he gasped out a reply, "Yes... Perhaps, you're right, my, dear. I'd better resolve that problem for you once and for all. But this is not the appropriate place for such an educational demonstration."

"Couldn't find a more appropriate place, sir," I told him in my respectful way. "We're alone back here in the stacks. The door is locked because not more than two people can get back here at one time. What are we waiting for?" I demanded to know in a raised tone of voice.

The little fart looked distressed. Naturally, if anyone discovered us together, he'd get into trouble. Torn between his fear of discovery and his natural desire for a piece of my fresh, young and curvaceous ass, he hesitated, did nothing. It was up to me to be aggressive.

Quickly, my deft fingers slid down the zipper of his fly and let his long and hot bone ease out into exposure. Looking down at it, I fussed over the size and beauty of his manly appendage. "Oh how beautiful," I crooned. "What an adorable looking pecker. Wouldn't it feel great inside my cunt. I'll bet you're better than those old animals from mythology."

"My wife doesn't think so," he replied in a low voice, and there were tears in his eyes. This was the first time in his life that a young and desirable nutcracker of a girl had made such a fuss about his equipment.

I snorted in disgust. "Your wife is full of shit. You've got it, sir. Oh please stuff my hot and horny cunt with your love weapon."

Nodding, he asked, "But how? I mean all we've got here is a hardwood floor. Won't it be uncomfortable for you?"

Shaking my head, I answered with a firm, "No, sir. It won't be uncomfortable. As long as that magnificent prick of yours is reaming out my cunt, I shall not be uncomfortable or complain in any way." My voice rose, "I want your brand of fucking, sir."

Emboldened now by my expressed ardor and by the fingers of my hand which curled even tighter around the joint, he agreed. "All right, we'll do it right here. On the floor."

"Unicorn me," I said excitedly as I began to tear off my clothes.

The old fart looked dumbfounded again. "Unicorn you?" he echoed, puzzled. "I... I don't understand."

I explained. "Pretend you're a unicorn."

He continued to look puzzled. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, hesitantly.

"Horn my cunt with your nose," I replied, quickly. "Then, if you want to throw a nose fuck in the hole, I won't object. And," I added with a mischievous smile, "unicorns loved to get pissed on."

"P... Pissssed on?" he said in a thin voice that emphasized the act of urination as though he already was getting a gusher. "Pissssssed upon? How dreadful."

Seizing the old manuscript from his hand, I leafed to an appropriate illustration. I had read the book previously and knew where to find the drawing, immediately. "Look," I ordered in a triumphant voice. "This lady, I think she is a princess, is taking a leak on the unicorn. And look at the expression on his face. He loves the gusher. And," I added pointing to the enlarged genitals of the unicorn, "the feel of hot, sensuous pee over his skin is really making his joint grow tall and hard."

The old fart backed away from me as though I was something unclean. "But... That's abnormal. We're not unicorns. I'm not, at least. And besides," he reasoned, "it wouldn't be practical to perform such an act back here in the stacks. There are no sanitary facilities. And the odor would be strong. Probably strong enough to attract the curiosity of unwanted visitors. No, no," he started to shake his head. "That sort of thing is out of the question. We... We'll couplate like human beings, or not at all."

I grew angry and disgusted with the timid, old soul. And perhaps, here was the beginning of my love for animals. Sex or fucking was a spontaneous sort of thing. One didn't start to reason about the practicality or sanitary advantages before throwing cock into cunt. Animals didn't stop to reason, or argue about positions or about anything at all. They got the urge and they went to it, wholeheartedly and without reservations. Men were too intellectual. They wanted to reason out the advantages of taking or not taking possession of the female cunt. And all the while, most girls and women adore an animal kind of man. The kind of guy who takes charge and knows how to boss the female cunt. An aggressive lover. Too many humans were timid, and were looking for aggressive females. But I wasn't going to let this old fart off the hook so easily. I was hot to be screwed unicorn-style, and I had to get my female nuts off before I left the library.

My eyes blazed. "Look buster," I retorted to his objections of giving me a unicorn fuck. "Either you give me an animal job, or I go talk to your wife." And to emphasize my intentions, I squeezed the man's dick especially hard.

Wincing with pain, and terror, he implored, "No, no, not that. Don't talk to my wife. You don't know what a shrew she is. She'll never give me any peace. She can't fuck me but she doesn't want me to have any fun with anyone else."

I charged ahead with my threats. "I'll not only inform your wife of this little episode, I'll go to the school board, and tell them you tried to seduce me back here in the stacks."

This latter threat of going to the school board almost made the little fart faint. "Ohmygawd," he breathed in one, terrified breath. "Not the school board. They'd never believe me."

"Do we get to fuck unicorn style or not?" I asked. My bladder was more than filled with hot urine, and I itched to release it over the little man's face.

His narrow, round shoulders sagged.

"I have no alternative," he gave in. "Anything you want. But," he added, his face and eyes filled with concern, "all of the urine on the floor will cause quite a mess. And our names are logged in the record book. They'll know we went back here. It could be difficult to explain. And you are jeopardizing your scholarship, too."

He had a point. But I wouldn't let him off the hook so easily. "My folks are away for the evening. We'll get in the bathroom, and really have a unicorn fuck. Getting pissed on isn't all the things they like from a female."

The teacher shuddered. "Nothing more drastic, I implore you," and he really did look and sound as though he was in great distress.

"Let's go," I ordered. "I have to take a great, big leak, and can't hold it much longer. It's earmarked for your face."

"M... My face?" he asked, and continued to shudder. "Must it be over my face?"

"That's where the unicorns love to get it," I informed him, and turned to leave the stacks. "Hurry on," I called over my shoulder. "I can't hold this piss all night."

We reached my home in record time, and fortunately my parents were away for the evening. Without uttering a word, I headed up the stairs towards the bathroom, and pulled the reluctant suitor behind me. Once I entered the john, I quickly disrobed, and turned to confront the fortyish-aged man with my young and naked body.

"You like?" I asked and held out my arms as though I was modeling for a magazine cover.

The henpecked, little man looked down at my nudity, my full-blown tits, my curved body lines, and tangle of hairs that swept wildly around the cuntal trench, and the long, and shapely legs. I turned to give him an eyeful of the buttock area, the sloping ass-cheeks and well-defined cleavage between the cheeks and the long, rectal hairs that stuck out of my asshole like a wiskbroom. But I couldn't model for too long a period. I had to piss and in the worst way. But I wouldn't let one drop loose until the timid balled man's face was firmly positioned beneath my cunt.

"Take your clothes off," I ordered, curtly. "And get into the bathtub. Hurry. No time to waste."

The high school teacher did as ordered. And when he finally, stepped out of the last of his clothes, I was greatly surprised to discover the man was very well hung. The dick hung loosely down and almost reached his knees. Under the stress of the moment the tissues of the penis had not, as yet, hardened. To the contrary, the hose was limp and soft and pathetic looking. At the moment, it didn't matter. I wanted to use another part of his body.

"Let's make out, animal style," I snapped. Or to be more precise, we were going to emulate the sexual habits of the legendary unicorn, the horse-like animal with a great, curved horn between his nostrils, and great wings jutting out from the side of his abdomen.

Filling the bathtub partially with water, I ordered the teacher to climb inside and lay down. "P... Please," he kept on imploring even as he entered the tub. "Not in my face. Animals don't piss on each other."

"Unicorns loved to get pissed on," I calmly informed him. "It's in every bit of literature I could get my hands on. Something about the female hormones in urine that turns them on. And even if they are mythical creatures, there has to be some basis in fact to the legend."

"True," he agreed, and did as ordered. Sitting down in the tub of warm water, he reclined with his head above the water line. Then, I leaped in afterwards, and quickly assumed the position of the semi-squat over the man's upward-turned face.

Looking down, I stared into his face. The hairs of my cunt touched his lips. I simply couldn't miss the target under such conditions. "Better close your eyes," I advised as I settled into the final position. "Piss can sting."

His lips moved, slightly. Whispering, he asked me to, "Not piss too much. Just a little bit. Just enough to prove your point."

But there was no longer any time left for debate. The walls of my bladder had distended to almost the breaking point. "Here goes," I shouted. "Here goes my heart. Here goes my love..." and the first drops left the confines of my bladder. They bounced against the cheek of his face and trickled down over his lips. To my surprise, the tenseness left him, and the fear also. Now, he looked relaxed, and resigned. Or, more than resigned. He actually looked as though he longed for a gusher of my hot, sensuous piss. Apparently, the first few drops of the golden serum had changed his outlook entirely. And looking over my shoulder I gasped as I saw his once supine penis shudder and start to charge stiffly upward. There was no longer any doubt about the matter. The contact between my hot piss and his face turned this guy on. Blood started to squirt into the channel of his prick, and the meat grew stiffer by the moment.

Smiling broadly, I looked down at him. "My piss is making you hot for the fuck, isn't it?"

Without opening his lips, he nodded his agreement. Yes, he seemed to be saying, your piss is a winner, a lover, a fucker. Let me have it. I'll take all you've got. Every loving, fucking drop of it.

Reading his silent thoughts really heated me up, and permitted me to relax, completely. With this new relaxation, the walls of my bladder sagged and no longer hindered the outpouring of its content. Now, the golden flow started to issue through the pee hole with a steady pressure that spattered all over the man's smiling, and rapturously happy face. His lips twitched and then partially opened...

"More," he breathed. "Give me more of that lovely, hot piss. It... It feels as though I'm getting fucked by your piss. Every drop feels like a hot cunt. Cunttttt," his voice thinned to a long, nasal whine. And to make certain every inch of his skin, every pore of his face soaked up the sexual serum, he twisted his head back and forth as the liquid sprayed from one side of his face to the other.

This reaction on his part got me hotter than a two dollar pistol. If I wasn't already occupied with the piss, I would have insisted he stick his prick deep inside my cunt. But that was impossible for the moment. At any rate, watching him laugh and cry and smile ecstatically as the piss bathed his face excited me, tremendously. And I found myself unable to remain perfectly still. Fortunately, balanced on the balls of my feet, I was able to move despite the position of the semi-squat. Twirling the lower portion of my abdomen around in a semi-circle, I squirted piss from one ear to another and back again. And he couldn't get enough.

"More," he kept shouting. "More piss. Love it. Love it," he babbled over and over again.

Glancing over my shoulder, I noticed that his prick had reached a mammoth size, and the cockhead was swollen to the point of bursting. Indeed, the tissues of the shaft were throbbing visibly which was a tell-tale sign of impending orgasm. A premature ejaculation was something I didn't want.

"No," I shouted. "Don't blow, yet. I've got use for your cock. Don't lose any cream." But to my horror, the man, in an ecstatic trance, bad already reached down, and grabbed hold of the stem. Slowly at first, he started to jack off.

"Noooooo," I shouted, and tried to hurry the elimination of piss by pressuring the muscles of my bladder. All this did was force more hot, sex liquid through the pee-hole and flood more excitement over his face and all over his body. And with this surge of new excitement, his fist pumped up and down his cock-shaft at a greatly accelerated speed. And from the flushed color of his face, his parted lips, the heavenly expression, I knew he was racing towards the blow-off point. In less than a fraction of a minute, the man was going to blow his nuts. There was only one thing to do. And fortunately, enough liquid had left the bladder container to permit me to accomplish my duty.

Squeezing on my bladder muscles, I managed to cut off the flow of liquid. The flow diminished to a trickle, and then to a very few drops. And then, nothingness. His eyes fluttered open.

"Is it... Is it all over?" he asked in a plaintive tone of voice as though silently imploring me to continue the flow. As he spoke, his fist stopped pumping his prick.

"For a while," I informed him. "Be a good, little animal fucker and I'll give you more. But first, you treat my cunt like a unicorn would handle it."

Licking his lips as the taste of my hot piss apparently excited him, he nodded. "Anything. I'll do anything for another hot piss-on. Quickly, tell me what you want."

Still squatting over his face, I issued my next set of instructions. "Okay," I told him to pay close attention. My demands were really quite simple. All I wanted him to do was pretend he was a unicorn with a horn. Naturally, he could use his nose for a horn. And with that nose-horn, he could give me the kind of fuck I needed. Of course, I'd close my eyes and really be able to see a real unicorn, horning my box.

Nodding, he agreed. "Yes, I'll fuck your pussy just as though I was a real unicorn." And without any further explanation of his intent, reached up, grabbed hold of the buttock cheeks, and pulled the lower portion of my body towards his face. The fact that my cunt was still piss-drenched didn't deter him at all. And this time, he didn't close his eyes. He wanted to see as well as taste and feel everything.

Swept up in the excitement of the situation, I cried aloud, "Horn me. Horn my cunt. You're an animal, and all you can smell is my pussy box. Now, give it to me unicorn. Give it to me with your horn."

The high school teacher narrowed his nose by closing or partially closing his nostrils. Now, his nose did, indeed, resemble a horn, or a prick. Then, tilting his head forward, he inserted the tip of his horn-nose between the cuntal lips and let it slide up the wet and hot vagina.

With my eyes closed, I could visualize a great, horselike unicorn with his pricklike horn. In my fantasy, I was laying on my back with legs spread well apart and my snatch door wide open. The animal with head lowered between my legs first sniffed and licked the boiling hot cunt, and then with lust-maddened eyes, lowered his head and charged forward. The horn surged up my cunt. Then, deeply imbedded in the love slot, the animal threw his fuck by charging back and forth with his horn as though he was goring me.

Opening my eyes, I was startled to realize how closely my teacher was duplicating the fucking habits of my legendary unicorn. With almost three quarters of his nose well covered by the cuntal well, he proceeded to pump his head, or to be more exact, his neck, back and forth. Throwing both arms up towards the ceiling, I cooperated by swiveling my hips around and in the manner of a greased piston, forward and backward. Somewhere during the course of all this action, my clitoris had erected, and now as I swung my ass to and fro, the tip of my clit kept pecking into his face, too. This excited him to the point where he opened his lips and tried to snare the wormlike female prick into his mouth. After several aborted attempts, he managed to accomplish this task. And the moment I felt his hot, moist mouth engulf my tantalized cock, my neck snapped backwards until my eyes were staring sightlessly up at the ceiling.

"Suck me," I babbled in a voice that sounded insane. "Fuck me with your horn. This is the way animals do it. Great," I whined in a high pitched squeal. "Simpleeeee greatttt," and the sound continued to hiss through my lips throughout the rest of the horn fuck.

And this time, I couldn't prevent the little man from grabbing hold of his near-bursting prick and jack himself off. His fists flew up and down the shaft as though he was milking an enormous cow tit. He wanted to say something, or curse obscenely but couldn't under the circumstances. Filled with my clitoris, his mouth could only emit unintelligible sounds. But when he reached the point of orgasm, he spit my prick out of his mouth.

Bulging-eyed, he yelped, "Gonna blast off. Blast off. Offffff!" he shrieked. And although my back faced his cock, I knew the precise moment he let go. The cream hurtled out the eye of his prick and spattered all over the small of my back. The gism had attained an exceedingly high temperature and the contact with the fluid almost seared the skin from my back.

This hot sex syrup triggered a dramatic increase in my own body temperature. The heat in my own fuck furnace grew so intense that I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Watch out," I screamed out my warning. I knew the temperature of my cuntal effluent had risen to such an extreme degree that it could very well burn a hole in the man's facial tissues. "Shoot... Shoot... Shooting... Shootingeeeeee..."

Despite my warning, the little man did not try to avert the flow of steaming hot flow. To the contrary, he opened his mouth as though he was going to catch a drink from a faucet. Clearly, he had every intention of swallowing every precious drop of my twat tricklings.

"No, no, no," I screamed out again. I didn't want to be responsible for any body damage.

But again, he refused to pay any attention to me. He opened his mouth even wider and held his lips so close to my cuntal hole that the hairs brushed up against his eyes and chin. Suddenly, the dam broke and my effluent came pissing out as though I was, indeed, taking a leak. The flow of love juice had narrowed into a concentrated path that geysered through one orifice into another... his mouth. But the exceedingly high temperature of the liquid didn't bother him at all. Instead, it excited him all the more. His tongue and jaws and throat worked in continuous and perfect unison as he swallowed every possible drop of the injection.

Finally, I managed to squeeze out every possible drop, and in back, I no longer felt hot gobs of cream puddling against my back. The day of the unicorn had come to an end. But we were both different people when it finally ended. The little fart was no longer quite so timid about sex, and he had changed his ideas about animal fucking.

As I stepped out of the shower, I ordered him to towel my naked body. Quickly, the humble, little man leaped to obey my instructions. And while he was down on his knees, drying my ankles, I calmly informed him that I wanted to get laid by a real animal.

He continued wiping off my feet and ankles, and without looking up, replied in the most casual way. "Of course. It's your nature. From the way you responded to my horn fuck, I haven't a doubt that you were fantasizing yourself with a real unicorn!"

Nodding, I said, "I could see myself with an animal that resembled a horse but had a horn. Now, all I want is an animal. His prick. His tongue. The thoughts almost are driving me up a wall. You've got to help," I insisted.

He stood up. "Yes, I will," he replied. "You were driven wild by the thoughts of an animal. A legendary animal, the unicorn. You would get true fulfillment by screwing a real animal. Let us dispense with that mythical bullshit," he stated, calmly. "You need the real article!"

"Yes, yes," I kept nodding. "The real article. I don't care whether it is a horse or a dog or what. As long as it is an uninhibited animal who will lick and suck my cunt. And who will pump it out in a wild and uninhibited way!" I cried aloud. "I don't want a polite fuck. I want a wild one. One with no apologies, no hangups. No bullshitting around!"

Nodding, the little man informed me that he would arrange the matter for me. However, he then made a rather strange request: "After the animal shoots his load into you, I want to suck your cunt!"

I stared back at him. "You mean...?"

He nodded. "Yes, my dear. Sucking your piss-wet box made me realize my true desires!"

And then he described his rather bizarre true desires. "When the animal's cock cream is still heavy in your twat, I want to go down on you and suck it out. With the animal sperm in my mouth, I know I'll grow boldly wild. Then, I'll do all the things to you I've always wanted to do to a woman!"

This time, I was the one who sounded hesitant. "Such as?" I asked with hesitation.

"You'll find out," he replied with a cryptic smile. "Is it a deal or not? I'll set up the animal fuck for you. But after the animal has shot his load into you, I go down on the still wet twat and suck. Then, I'll have my way with you regardless of what I want to do!"

When I continued to hesitate, the emboldened fart, said, curtly, "Take it or leave it!"

I had no alternative. "I'll take it," I said. "But I'd still like to know what you intend doing after you slurp out my cunt."

He winked. "You'll find out. Leave everything to me. Have you any preference?" he asked as he was about to leave.

"Preference?" I echoed, puzzled.

"A dog. A horse. A rabbit. What do you want?" he asked again.

Without hesitation, I replied, "A horse. One that resembles a unicorn as closely as possible. Perhaps," I added, "just perhaps, it might be possible to strap a horn between his nostrils to complete the illusion?"

"Perhaps," the teacher smiled his engimatic smile. "Keep a tight cunt until I contact you. I don't want you screwing around. I want you hot and horny for your animal fuck."

"I'm hot and horny right now for that colt!" I replied and meant it. But added, "I might jack off while fantasizing a horse."

He thought a while. "Oh I suppose that will be all right," he said after giving the matter a certain amount of deliberation. "Masturbation never really satisfies one. It merely makes one all the more hornier for the real article. And in your case the real article will be a hotblooded colt who has had experience with a human female's cunt."

"Oh wow," I exclaimed. "A colt that has already screwed a girl and loves human pussy. He'll be great. But where are you going to come up with something like that?" I asked. Suddenly, I found myself with a new admiration for a guy I'd always thought of as a poor henpecked asshole of a husband. Now, he was turning out to be a real tiger. The little man even looked taller, and stronger. Did my piss on affect him to this great extent?

The teacher straightened his round shoulders. "Leave everything to me little Miss Cunt-hearts," he chuckled. "Daddy knows best."

"Oh yes, daddy," I replied in a gushing breath. "If you come through for me, I'll give you all the ass you can handle."

He looked sober again. "Just give me your piss-ons," he said in a voice that he held under restraint. The thought of my box squatting over him and leaking piss over his face really turned him on...

"I'll piss on you any time, daddy-farts," I replied, quickly. "But you come up with that colt." Closing my eyes, I rhapsodized. "I can almost feel that long, black prick bolting up my narrow cunt. Oh I know a wild colt would know how to really boss my box." Opening my eyes, I took hold of him. "Hurry and arrange the details. I can hardly wait. My pussy is slobbering already by just thinking about it."

Arranging his spectacles in order to focus on me, properly, he made his announcement. "My plan is going to combine fun with education. In deed, it's one of my pet theories. Education should be fun."

"Agreed," I exclaimed, excitedly.

Nodding, he continued. "Therefore, I have decided to stage a play. The play concerns the Legend of the Wandering Colt. It's from Greek mythology. I believe you recall the story."

"Yes, yes," I said breathlessly. "This Greek prince gets turned into a colt because he has offended the Gods. His sweetheart goes looking for him. When she spots a certain colt in the countryside, she's positive that the animal is the prince. They converse, and then the colt screws his girlfriend."

"That's right," the teacher agreed. "But you've left out all the story. There are other enchanted animals in the countryside. And as the heroine continued her search for her sweetheart, she is accompanied by her girl friends. All of them gets laid by an animal. Of course, according to the legend, the animals are humans who have been transformed into four-legged beasts by the angry Gods."

"Terrific," I exclaimed, heatedly. "I can see it now. Me and my girl friends are out in the woods when we're confronted by all of these enchanted animals. Then, each one of us gets dicked by a different four-legged fucker."

"That's it," the teacher beamed, happily. "You have the story line down pat. And by presenting such a play, we'll be giving our audience a lesson in Greek mythology, and giving them a hot show to watch as well."

I continued. "The audience will be restricted to our students, only. I don't think their narrow-minded parents would grasp our true purpose."

He agreed. "Yes, only a chosen group will be given the honor to watch. And afterwards..." his voice trailed off into a dreamy silence.

But I quickly picked up the meaning of his silence. And I wasn't hesitant about voicing it aloud. "Afterwards, the girls who are really hot-cunted will take turns pissing on you. Is that what you have in mind, sir?" I asked with a wide smile and conspiratorial wink.

The thought of dozens of young, horny girls squatting over him and leaking piss all over his face boned up the teacher again. And from his blushing face, the truth of my assertion was all too obvious.

"Yesss," he said, slowly. "That really would, be grand. It really is heaven to look up and see this hairy cunt leaking piss. And I can also catch a glimpse of the curve of ass. Sometimes, they... they..."

"Fart," I roared with laughter. "That really turns you on doesn't it dear cock?"

"Yes," he said, solemnly. "As a boy in high school I was a fart smeller. Used to go around and sniff the seats on the girls bicycles. But my wife..." and he shuddered.

"Your wife doesn't understand you," I said. "That's why you're going to get your kicks by putting on this play, and watching the high school girls get fucked by animals, and then later getting them to piss all over you."

"Don't forget your other obligation to me," he said and he looked very serious again.

I nodded. "I haven't forgot. After the animal fucks me and drops his load into my pussy parlor, you want to stick your tongue into the snatch and suck out the animal's cock-kum."

He nodded. "I have a theory," he informed me. "The cock cream of an animal once swallowed by a man will give him the animal's strength and courage."

"It's worth a try," I agreed. "If you can get a bone on like an animal, you'll be the most popular guy in town. All the rich, old fart women will be after you. Then, you can throw over your low paying job and really start to live."

"Exactly," he breathed, his eyes shining with hope. "To throw over my dead-end, piss ass job, and begin to live. Really live. Ahhhhh," he sighed. "Yes, I'll suck your cunt after the colt shoots his wad into the channel. I just hope that the stuff really does make a man out of me."

"Or an animal," I added. "Women go for aggressive, animal kind of men. They don't want little mommy boys licking the cunt. They want a real tiger down there."

Blushing, he turned to leave. "I'll make all arrangements for the animal play," he informed me. "Try and recruit a cast of girls who also want animal cock. They'll be in our play, too."

"Leave everything to me," I told him.

Getting other girls in my class interested in an animal fuck wasn't difficult at all. Besides, it wasn't entirely a carnal experience, or an obscene one. It was definitely on the educational side. We all had to memorize the lines in the Greek play. And getting to know each character we portrayed helped us understand the Greek poets much better. We all would be much better Greek scholars for the experience. And so, I did the recruiting as far as the girls were concerned. And our teacher managed to recruit the necessary animals called for in the play. According to the story, the enchanted forest was filled with certain types of animals; a colt, swans, large dogs and rabbits.

The wealthiest girl in class permitted us to use her house to stage the play. As a matter of fact, she had the permission of her parents who wanted their daughter to get good grades in Greek mythology. When informed that it was vital to the spirit of the legend to have the girls fucked by the enchanted animals, the parents happily agreed. They were secret swingers and watching scenes of lust turned them on. Of course, they pretended that they only wanted their daughter to get a good grade.

We managed to set up a stage in the large stable in back of the manison. The audience sat cross-legged on the floor around the stage which was similar to a theater-in-the-round. We were entirely circled by our audience. And everyone was eager for the play to commence.

According to the story, our heroine wanders through the enchanted forest looking for her sweetheart. She knows he has been transformed into a colt. But there are many such animals in the forest. How is she going to recognize her own, true lover? The answer came to her one night: by fucking each colt she encountered. No one could screw like her beloved sweetheart, and this ecstatic, sexual experience would be the only way she recognizes him.

On stage, I recited my long monologue in which I explained to the audience the reason for searching through the enchanted forest. For convenience sake, I was garbed in a mini with no clothing underneath. And I was bare breasted, too. To give the audience an idea of why I was so anxious to find my lost sweetheart, I'd stop every now and then, pull up my mini, and finger my cunt as I gyrated my hips lusciously, and recited certain obscene lines that were in the original Greek poem. I could hear the heavy silence from the audience as I dramatically reamed out my wet cunt with one distended finger.

The older couple who owned the home, sighed, and I noticed a tell-tale bulge in the center of the man's crotch. If I could bone up the old guy, I knew I was getting my message across. Some of the girls started to play with themselves, and one, in anticipation, had brought along a dildo, an artificial cock, and now, she started to bang it in and out of her cunt. The aura of lust hung heavily throughout the stable. The time had arrived to bring out the first animal. Waving to the teacher who was standing in the wings, I whispered, "Time for the animal encounter."

Nodding, he led the colt on-stage and then disappeared. Left alone with the colt, my own cunt started to heat up, severely. The animal's keen sense of smell had already picked up telltale odors from my box and probably from the cunts of the masturbating girls in the audience. At any rate, he already had a long, hard bone on. His erected prick resembled a telescope, black with a huge head at the far end. The enormous balls hung heavily down and almost touched the floor. The nuts looked so squeezeable, and soft that I immediately reached under his two hind legs and pulled them in a teasing way.

This familiarity with the genitals on the animal brought an excited cry from my audience. One or two girls were already exhorting me to "Fuck him." But of course, this wasn't some dirty kind of show. It was a play from Greek mythology, and the play had a definite story line. After my first encounter with the steed, I recited my lines in Greek. I was asking the animal if he understood my words, and wheather or not he was my long, lost sweetheart who had merely been transformed into an animal.

After reciting my lines, I threw both arms around the neck of the animal, and begged him to speak to me. During my entreaties, I kissed him on the mouth, and when this didn't work, lifted up my mini and rubbed my exposed cunt against his mouth.

This bit of oral play really heated up my audience. Suddenly, almost every girl in the stable had pulled up her skirt and was actively masturbating. The older couple who wanted to be in the swim with the younger set, were also jacking off. Quickly, I unfastened my skirt and let it slide to the floor. Then, with one, expert twist, I shrugged off my blouse. No, I was standing perfectly nude before the wild-eyed horse whose cock had already telescoped down to the floor. One, enormous drop of cream trickled out the eye, and the entire audience almost climaxed.

"Ohhhhhh," the girls sighed. "That colt is ripe for fucking."

We had reached the point in the play where it was permissible for me to seduce the steed. But from now on, I was on my own. In the play, the Greek poet had merely stated that the girl and the colt had sexual relations. He didn't go into specifics. How I'd seduce the animal and the position I'd take with such a large one was strictly left up to me. And my audience was getting impatient and restless for the real article. They wanted to watch a high school girl fuck an animal. And they wouldn't settle for less. They certainly wouldn't settle for some kind of simulated show. They were on fire to see a real animal prick slide and bang hungrily into a wide-open female pussy. A willing female pussy. And mine certainly was more than willing.

From the wings, the little teacher, his face blazing with excitement, motioned for me to go ahead with the sexual seduction scene. I had come to the part where I was convinced the colt was indeed, my former lover. And I was going to prove it to myself by tasting his cock. But how did a teenage girl screw a large and heavy colt. And for the first time, I began to realize that the size of the prick was even too large for a gigantic, Amazon of a woman. My tiny hole would hardly accept such a bone. But now, it was much too late to back out. The teacher and all the girls in my class expected me to perform in front of them. And after the big mouthing I had been doing about getting laid by an animal, I simply couldn't back down, and refuse to accept what the colt was offering me. But how did a high school girl with a cunt that still wasn't developed accept a cock the size of a telephone pole?

For a while, I could stall for time by going down on the big bat. Dropping to my knees, I crawled under the hind quarters and seized hold of the enormous, black cock. Kissing the skin of the shaft, I rhapsodized in Greek about its magnificence. With one hand, I kept squeezing the huge, balloon-shaped nuts.

"Suck," the chant went up. "Suck the colt's cock -- nuzzle the cock," they kept on with stamping feet and clapping hands. A few of the girls had already reached a climax but continued to play with themselves. The older couple were also very busily engaged in erotic play. Apparently, the man required an exciting sight to get it up for him. Once his penis was stretched out into a rigidly hard cock-bone, the wife took charge by gripping it with one hand and masturbating the meat. At the moment, that was nicely being accomplished. The man bent over slightly, as his wife looked studiously down and stroked the bone at a furious pace. His eyes continued to remain focused on stage. If I didn't perform quickly he'd probably lose his starch, and the cock would soften. He wouldn't like that very much.

Once I had managed to slide under the colt's belly, I took hold of his bone and gazed at the meat with eyes filled with rapture. This was an enormous prick but so lovely, so deliciously lovely. Without further hesitation, I opened my mouth as wide as possible, and let the cock head barge past my lips. The head, as big as a giant's fist, quickly filled my oral cavity and the cheeks of my face swelled out as though I had a terrible toothache, or the mumps. The colt began to neigh and switch its tail and rear back and forth in an attempt to fuck my mouth. As he did, my fingers curled tightly around the sacs called nuts, and this made him buck back and forth all the more wildly.

"Oh wow," the girls shrieked. "Suck him off. Let's see the cream. Make him crack his nuts," and so on.

But I wasn't about to let him loose his sperm so easily. The moment, I took that cock-bone in my mouth, my cunt heated up to such a degree, I felt certain the flesh of my body was going to go up in flames. I wanted to fuck and nothing else would satisfy me, now. Still the problem of putting a kingsized cock in a tiny twat remained. And what position should I adopt? I wondered as I spit the cockhead out of my mouth before the animal could blow his nuts.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," the chant went up. And this frenzied encouragement stimulated my imagination. There was only one normal way to handle the situation. I would have to adopt a dog-style position. He'd enter me from the rear. There wasn't time to explore more imaginative ways, at the present.

Rolling out from under the belly I quickly adopted the classic dog-style stance. Positioning myself on my elbows and knees, I spread the cheeks of my ass as far apart as possible, and also the cuntal lips. That didn't take much effort as the lips naturally slid apart in anticipation for male prick. The reason I spread my buttocks apart was my desire for that huge and red animal tongue up my ass.

Once I got down on my elbows and knees, the crowd applauded and sat forward in anticipation for the copulatory scene between high school girl and animal. The older couple had even stopped masturbating as they watched with anticipation. None of the girls were playing with themselves, either. Of course, once my cunt accepted that big banger, they'd all commence to finger-fuck again. But for the moment, all was still as they awaited my next move.

Gritting my teeth and squeezing my eyes tight in anticipation for the initial pangs of pain, I waited for the animal to thrust his prick through the doors of my cunt. But instinctively, he knew he was built on too enormous a scale to barge in without a preliminary kind of attention. Bending his strong neck down, he opened his mouth and let his long, wide, velvety tongue roll out. For a moment, I thought he wanted to lap my ass. But no, I was wrong. He was interested in such foreplay. He had every intention of opening up my cunt to his love organ. Consequently, he started to lick and tongue my opened cunt hole. The moment, the cuntal lips felt his sensuous oral appendage slide over the genital area, the walls of the vagina, automatically widened. Juices spurted through the pores and provided lubrication, and the lips kept twitching in anticipation for the entry of animal cock into cunt.

After a while, the very clever and knowledgeable animal reared back, took his tongue out of my cunt and surveyed the situation by nuzzling the lips with his nose. Satisfied that the hole might accommodate his prick, he positioned his hindquarters over my rear end and aimed his weapon directly at the exposed and quivering cunt hole.

"Go, go, go," the girls chanted in unison. And from the far end of the stable, I noticed that the older couple had resumed the masturbation scene with added vigor.

Gently, the huge animal slid his tool forward. The cockhead remained a few sizes larger than the hole. But by humping back and forth, he managed to open the entrance a bit wider. Then, with one concerted effort, he heaved forward and the huge fist of a head barged its way into the tunnel. It felt as though my entire body was a cunt, and that the huge appendage filled up every cavity possible. Naturally, this successful entry of animal prick into girl cunt was met with thunderous approval by one and all. Their shouts reverberated against the walls and rafters of the stable.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," they chanted in unison. And even the older couple were swept up in the fever of the moment. They, too, shouted and carried on and exhorted the colt to finish the job. In the wings, my little school master watched with twitching lips. He wanted the colt to spill his cream in and over, my pussy. Then before one and all, he'd go down on me and lap up every drop. He too, motioned for the colt to finish the job. Between his legs, his cock had tented out his trousers to an enormous extent. Juices were already slobbering down his lips and chin in anticipation of the cunt suck with the animals cream. I simply couldn't let him down.

But the colt had no intention of quitting on me. Once he managed to insert his dickhead past the outer cuntal lips, he began to whinny and neigh and buck back and forth with such enthusiasm that the long shaft quickly barged its way down the tube of twat. At first, it was painful. But it was an ecstatic kind of pain. Never before in my life had I ever felt such a sensation. An animal's prick feels so much more exciting than the kind possessed by a mere boy or man. My neck snapped back, and I let out a howl that sounded like a bitch in heat... This long, low, sexy whine really got my audience stirred up. The masturbating resumed in earnest, and the older couple were not masturbating each other. While she continued to flail away at his cock-bone, he had yanked up her skirt and was finger-fucking her mature, and hairy box.

Meanwhile back on the stage, the colt had managed to shove his tool deep into my twat. In fact, the cockhead had hit bottom.

"Go, lover," I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Fuck my cunt. Bang that big, beautiful animal prick into my pussy. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Tear it to shreds. Tear my cunt to shreds," I continued to screech, and wail.

Swept up in the contagion of the excitement, the colt started to fuck for real. Once his cockhead had managed to make a complete and full penetration, he pulled it part way back and commenced the animal action. With his hind legs bent almost to the ground, he started the copulatory movement. At first, he moved back and forth in a slow, measured way. But gradually, he picked up momentum, and towards the end was humping back and forth at such a rate of speed, it was almost impossible to keep track of the action. His tail flew up and down, his balls swung crazily around, juices dropped from the base end of his cock-shaft.

Finally, I tried to scream out a warning to one and all that I was fast reaching the point of no return, the blow-off point. The walls of my vagina were leaping back and forth like a skipping rope, and juices continued to stream through the pores of the inner pussy walls. I tried to warn my audience, and especially my high school teacher. But I couldn't. The only sound I could coax through my throat was a hoarse and unintelligible one. For a few wild moments, I was afraid the frenzied fucker would split my entire body down the middle. Then, it happened.

The colt's nuts broke. A Niagara-like flow of cream foamed through the eye of his cock, and splashed into my cuntal tunnel, filled it up and spilled over the brim and down my thighs. I never thought he'd ever go dry. Surge after hot surge of cock-kum splattered all over the cheeks of my ass. Of course, the sensuous feel of cream and the increase in my body temperature triggered out my own responses. The walls of my cunt flung out its effluent which intermingled with the thicker, richer, animal stuff. Finally, the long pole of cock began to lose its rigidity, and ability to make a proper penetration. Ruefully but depleted, the colt let his tool slip weakly from my widened hole.

In almost the same instant, the high school teacher ran on stage, pushed me onto my back, spread my legs, and commenced to slurp the cream from my cuntal container. The feel of his tongue brought me to another climax, and the double blow-off was so intense that I almost passed out. But I wanted more animal cock. From that moment on, I knew I was hooked on sex with animals...


Imaginative and yet practical, seventeen-year-old Cora H. turned to animal sex in her last year at high school. She was a scholar of Greek mythology which contains many legends of man-animals who fornicate with human females. These man-animals of mythology were invested with superhuman qualities, and the girls they made love to gave birth to superhuman children. Because of her love of Greek literature, Cora H. cast herself in a heroic mold refusing to accept the fact that her parents were average citizens, and she was an average girl. She wanted desperately to be different. Coital relations with animals made her different, she firmly believed. In brief the case subject was fleeing from the reality of her life.

When Cora H. was willing to see herself and her true role in life divested of fanciful legends and myths, she responded to treatment and lost all desire for animal coitus.


Case Subject: Irene T.

Age: 14

Sexual History: The daughter of a postman, Irene T. ranked solidily in the middle class socio-economic status mold. Her parents weren't poor, and they weren't rich. But Irene's mother was a social climber. She wanted her daughter to associate with sons and daughters of the upper class. Indeed, she wanted Irene to eventually marry a boy from a wealthier, more socially prominent family. Since she was a pretty and extroverted girl, Irene was accepted by wealthier pupils in her high school. But in order to retain that acceptance, she had to go along with their ways. And since, animal coitus was popular amongst the upper class girls, Irene had to prove to them that she, too, preferred this kind of sport. Entering into animal sex reluctantly at first, she grew to enjoy having sexual relations with a variety of animals.

ANALYST: The original idea of having animal sex was not your own?


A: Who gave you the idea.

I: The girls in my set.

A: Your set? You mean girls from wealthier families?

I: Yes.

A: Didn't you associate with girls who came from families like your own?

I: No. Not as a rule. Mother didn't want me to. She insisted I better myself.

A: Better yourself?

I: Yes. By going with girls from wealthier families.

A: And meeting boys from wealthier families, too.

I: That's right.

A: Did that include sex?

I: Sometimes. Mom didn't mind if I fucked a boy from a better family. I'm on the pill.

A: How did animals sex come up?

I: This club I belonged to. All the better class girls belonged. One day, the president of the club told us she fucked a dog. She wanted us to try it, too.

A: To keep up with these rich girls, you engaged in animals sex?

I: That's right.

A: Did the idea appeal to you?

I: Not at first.

A: Later on?

I: After I got a taste of the animal prick, I went wild. No wonder these rich kids go for animals. They're the best-fucks I've ever had.

A: Were you in any way influenced by adults?

I: In a way.

A: Explain yourself.

IRENE: That day the president of our club told us about animals fucking, I almost threw up. As much as I wanted to be accepted by the rich kids, I didn't think I could go through with it. But the president of our club, a girl by the name of Cissy, insisted that each and everyone of us had to screw some kind of animal. And I protested at first.

"If my mom finds out I fucked an animal she'll skin me alive," I told Cissy.

"Bullshit," the feisty girl replied. "My mom fucks animals and loves it."

I looked shocked. I knew that Cissy's mother was a divorced woman, and that she dated a very nice boyfriend. This information shook most of us up. And finally retorted, "I don't believe it. I know your mom, and she's going with a real nice guy. Looks like he's well hung, too. Why would she fuck a dog?" I demanded to know. To say that my voice sounded skeptical would be putting it mildly.

But Cissy insisted that she was telling the truth. "I'll prove it," she literally spat out her reply. She didn't like to be disputed. "Mom's meeting her boyfriend tonight. And I'm almost certain they're going to have a three-way fuck. If you're all quiet, we'll spy on them. Then, you'll know I'm telling the truth."

"Three-way fuck," we echoed, incredulously. Most of us didn't even know what Cissy was talking about. How could a human female and a human male have a three-way fuck.

"With a dog," Cissy informed us and she was laughing now at our ignorance. According to her explanation, her mother and boyfriend would ball each other and the dog made a threesome.

I still didn't really get the real picture. But Cissy had fired my imagination, and curiosity. The other girls were excited, too. We all wanted to witness the love affair between an adult man and woman and a dog. Naturally, I had heard of three-way love affairs between two women and a man, or two men and a woman. But this was the first time, I'd ever heard of such a thing. Cissy's mother was a very attractive woman of about forty, tall, blonde and well-hung in a feminine way.

After the meeting, we all agreed to meet that evening at Cissy's home. She told her mother that she had to hold an emergency meeting of the club. The meeting was supposed to be held in the rumpus room which adjoined the main house. Her mother agreed.

When I arrived, Cissy introduced me to her mother and her mother friend, a tall, gray-haired but distinguished looking gentleman. He had to be about fifty but tall, athletic, elegantly dressed and very highly polished. His manners were impeccable, and I simply couldn't visualize him fucking a dog. By the same token, I couldn't visualize Cissy's mother screwing a dog, either.

All of the girls in our club gathered in the rumpus room but after a while, Cissy led us back to a window outside of her mother's bedroom. The couple were already evident, and with them was an adorable looking black dog. His name, in fact, was Nigger. Cissy's mother stood in the nude having just stepped out of her clothes. She certainly was a knock-out. Tall, with a solid, shapely body and long, nutcracker legs. Even her tits were still perfectly formed with nipples the color and size of weiners. The hair that swirled up around, her cuntal trench shimmered in the soft light and looked like a patch of velvet yarn.

Cissy pointed out. "Look at mom's clit. She's already got a hard on. What a beaut."

This was true. The older woman's clitoris was already in a state of full bloom. The sliver of flesh was raised up like an aroused pecker, and the meat glistened with moisture. The cheeks of her ass really looked delicious enough to nibble on. The flesh was so firm, so solid and so milky white. And between the cheeks, a wide cleavage area revealed her brown spot. The woman probably had recently discharged her bowels. But that was all part of the sex scene they were about to throw. She was clever enough to know that the smell of her ass would appeal to an animal, and make him all the hornier.

Her boy friend sure looked groovy, too. He was a tall guy with dark, wavy hair, long sideburns like a true Latin lover. His shoulders were broad, and there wasn't a bit of fat on his body, and was he ever hung! His cock hung down to almost his knees, and even in the soft, supine state, the meat looked edible. The shaft of his dong was thick, and ivory colored, and the head resembled the heart of a goat. All of the girls admired the way the cheeks of his ass curved solidly out wit just a patch of hair in the cleavage. One of the girls licked her lips as though she was already sucking his ass.

"Your mom sure is lucky to have a stud fuck her," I murmured to Cissy.

But the girl kept her eyes glued on the proceedings in the bedroom, and admonished the rest of us to do the same. "Watch the dog," she told us. "That's why we're here. Just watching mom get a piece of ass off her boy friend is no fun. Keep your eyes on Nigger."

The black poodle was standing on all four legs, and patiently waiting a signal of instruction from his mistress. He had been trained to respond to hand signals.

The woman turned to her boyfriend, and patted the side of the bed. "Sit beside me, sweetheart, and neck a while. Let's see if the odor of hot cunt will turn on my niggery sweetheart with four legs."

The guy whose name was Pierre, nodded with a mischievous smile. "I understand, Cheri," he told Cissy's mother. "A little bit of cunt lappery in order, eh?" he asked, and quickly sat down beside the woman and took her in his arms. He sure knew how to put the pressure on. His tongue shoved its way past her lips, and his hands started to tug and pull at her tits and nipples. Every so often, he'd bend over and suck a nipple between his legs. During this initial stage, the man's French fuck piece slowly raised up, stiffened and changed color. This process was aided and abetted by the woman's shapely fingers which were skilled, and educated. They pinched the soft skin of his nuts, danced tantalizingly up and down the shaft and caressed the cockhead. On his part, Pierre's fingers were busily engaged, also. The thumb and forefinger of his right hand had expertly fished out the woman's clitoris and was now occupied in the act of massaging the sex sliver. This not only impistened up the twat trench but permitted certain odors to waft up, and around the room. The nostrils of the dog began to twitch, and then, as though a verbal order had been given, he leaped between the woman's widely spread legs and proceeded to lap.

This initial lapping exercise on the part of the canine brought a murmur of excitement from the throats of all of us. The thought of a horny animal with his long, wide and juicy tongue flailing away at our cunts turned each and everyone of us on. On my part, I could visualize a dog licking my own heated box. And before I knew what I was doing I had yanked up my mini, dropped my panties and started to stroke and jack the hole of love between my own legs.

Cissy looked at me with approval. "Fine," she said encouragingly. "Get real hot. After mom and Pierre get their nuts off, I'll get Nigger to treat us, too."

"Love it," I breathed. "Love to be sucked off by Nigger."

"Us too," the other girls burbled.

For the first time, I felt as though I had actually been accepted by the girls of my club, and especially by Cissy. I felt good about this feeling of acceptance. But at the moment, I didn't dwell on the matter. I wasn't joking or just trying to be a good sport when I told Cissy I was hot and bothered and really wanted Nigger's dick. All of that was the truth and nothing but the truth. And as testimony to this fact, my fingers flew in and out of my bared and wet snatch at a much faster rate.

Cissy admonished me, "Don't lose all your cunt-kum. You'll need some to give Nigger a good time."

But how was the canine going to fuck me and the rest of the girls after he dropped his copious load into the already slobbering snatch of Cissy's mother?

In the bedroom, the scene had heated up considerable. Pierre, the Frenchman turned out to be an asslicker. On the bed, Cissy's mother was laying on her side. Her legs were still wide apart and the dog had reared up on his hind legs to suck cunt. But she had reared over considerably to permit one cheek of her ass to rear up in the air as though she was about to expel gas. In brief, her asshole was free. But not quite. Pierre's face was firmly wedged between both cheeks and from the way his jaws kept moving, it was clear that his tongue was darting in and out of the rectal orifice. He was eating her asshole.

"Oh wow," I exclaimed, excitedly when this fact struck me. "She's getting her cunt lapped in front by a hot and horny nigger dog. And she's getting her ass licked by a hot and horny Frenchman. How lucky can a girl get?" I asked the others.

No one, including Cissy replied as each and everyone was absorbed in their own imagination and dreams triggered by the hot scene of male and animal oral love. And by now, each girl was masturbating in her own, unique way. One girl had brought along a sausage, another a carrot, and several were using their fingers to best advantage. One girl turned out to be an asshole lover. Instead of shoving a finger up the cunt, she had inserted one in her rectum and was zigging and zagging it back and forth.

But I didn't dwell on the activities of the girls. I was more concerned and excited by the scene of lust in the bedroom. It turned out that the oral play was only a beginning. After a while, the woman's cunt was drenched with juices from the dog's mouth and from her own inner valley of love that kept discharging them out. And Pierre's cock-bone was stiff enough to penetrate a cunt of steel.

After the woman blew her cunt for the fifth time, she pushed the black animal away from her slobbery box, and pulled her ass away from Pierre's mouth. From the color of her blazing cheeks, I knew she was on fire.

"Fuck," she moaned. "Got to fuck. Hurry. Can't wait for my black nigger and my French tongue sucker."

Another thought struck me about the woman's actions and utterances. She kept referring to the black animal as though he was not only human hut a negro male. This WASPISH woman, living in a totally segregated society had always lusted for a hot sex affair with a black man. To be seen openly with a black would ruin her social standing. But with the black animal, she could fantasize that she was, indeed, getting horned by a nigger man. Probably this thought of inter-racial sex heated her up, too. At any rate, I noticed that was reserving her cunt for the black dog. The dog had managed to get his tongue between her legs. And now, the black dog was going to get his prick between her legs. The woman's ass remained open for the Frenchman. And now, I realized why she had chosen Pierre for her human lover. He was an ass man, a guy who went down instinctively on a woman's smelly ass. He probably loved cunt, too. But his main source of delight resided between the cheeks of a woman's ass, and that suited Cissy's mom, perfectly. In fact, it worked out with her plans. The dog went for her cunt and the man for her ass. The woman had brains!

But yet, that particular set-up was going to present certain problems of positioning, I thought. If the dog was going to screw the cunt, and Pierre was going to either lick or fuck her asshole, how were they going to arrange themselves? This particular problem had been well considered by the three lovers as they went into their three-way fuck routine without a bit of hesitation. They were old professionals when it came to finding themselves on a bed. But in taking their positions, they surprised all of us in the club including Cissy who had never watched the three-way fuck before.

In the bed, the woman turned the black poodle over on his back. In that manner, his prick was sticking straight up in the air. All the while, she was talking to him in a sweet and low tone of voice, a tone reserved for each other by lovers.

"My darling nigger man," the white woman breathed lovingly to the dog. "I've always wanted to fuck a black nigger. The blacker the better. Oh black man, this white bitch is going to take that long, black prick of yours and stick it up her lily white snatch." And having made this statement, the woman straddled the dog in the woman-on-top-of-man position, took hold of his stiffly erected cock and stuffed it between her cuntal lips. In short, the woman was on her knees and elbows, astraddle the black dog and with her ass sticking high up in the air. The cheeks were spread well apart and the brown spot was visible to all of us. The brown spot was especially visible to her male lover who gazed down on the female asshole with a look of rapturous adoration.

Pierre quickly took his place behind the white-assed woman. Still gazing with longing eyes down at the huge buttocks, he grasped each cheek with claw-like fingers, and dug those fingernails into the flesh. Then he ripped them even wider apart until the hairs around her asshole were clearly visible. First, he bent over and imparted a loud, wet, French kiss directly over the browned-up hole.

"Cheri," he murmured to the asshole. "You are adorable. So lovely. So sweetly smelling," and he licked his lips. The odor of her asshole still clung to his mouth and nostrils as he took hold of his now aroused prick and guided it slowly, tenderly between the spreading buttocks and into the hair-rimmed rectum. The cockhead, purplish-colored and the size of a boulder didn't plunge easily into such a small diamatered cavity. This took a bit of doing, and tested every bit of his expertise. First, he banged the head back and forth at the tiny opening. Each thrust widened it a bit more. And to facilitate the business of opening up this rear-end door of love, he bent over again and stuck his tongue into the smelly shit hole. Bucking backwards, the woman shoved her ass until the man's face disappeared between the globes of rear-end flesh. But all the time, he was busily engaged in the matter of widening the hole. After a while, he withdrew his salived up face and reared up on his knees. He was going to try again. And now, he met with success. The muscles of the rectum had been softened by all his oral attentions. As he thrust forward now, the hole flew wider apart and the cockhead invaded the tunnel of rear-end fuckery.

The instant, Cissy's mother felt that huge knob of cock barrel into her asshole, she commenced her dog fuck. Her hips dropped down, and the long, narrow but exceedingly hard cock of animal disappeared between the scabbard of the woman's cunt.

The black dog let out a howl. And this noisy reaction from the animals heated the woman up to an even higher degree. "Oh my black lover-prick," she screeched in a voice that sounded very much like a bitch in heat. "Does my black as midnight nigger man want mommy's white as a lily cunt?" And without waiting for a reply, she proceeded to throw her ass at the dog with an ever increasing momentum. Her shapely, white body crushed down against the soft, black fur and the red-as-blood prick disappeared into the white pussy. When she bucked back, a bit of the cock became visible. But she didn't remain raised for a very long period. Down came her body with such a thud, I thought she'd crush the dog, or at least, suffocate him.

All the while, in back of her, Pierre was very busily engaged, too. The object of his loving attentions was, of course, the smelly asshole. After the first few initial thrusts of penetration, he had managed to dip his bone down deep into the very recesses of her bum. In fact, his penetration of asshole was so deep that his balls almost crushed up against the curved seat of her ass. And once this total penetration had been accomplished, he proceeded to bang back and forth in regular and normal like copulatory movements. But instead of fucking the woman's cunt, he was burrowing back and forth into her widening asshole.

The situation almost burned the flesh from my own body. In her front, the woman was being stuffed with the prick that belonged to an animal. And in back, an almost foot-length male prong was whistling in and out of her asshole. Dog and man thrust forward with such tremendous heaves and grunts, I felt certain that their cockheads would meet and band together at some point deep within the body of the very fortunate woman.

From the look in her eyes, perhaps both cockheads were banging together inside of her. Nothing but the whites of her eyes were visible, and foamy spittel trickled from the corners of both lips and dribbled down over her chin. The huge titties flew and joggled back and forth as her hips increased the tempo of the fuck. Both of her ass cheeks jellied and waggled around as Pierre pumped the hole in dead center of those cheeks. And that rear-end tunnel must have felt deliciously moist and yet tight. His eyes were partially closed, his lips clamped tight, the muscles or his face tight and tense. His balls flew around like the propellers on an airplane...

Words trickled from his mouth, unintelligible words. "Smells good," the Frenchman gurgled as his nostrils twitched back and forth, rabbit-style. "Asshole smells so fuckingly good..."

My first impression of the handsome, Latin lover had been correct. He was definitely an ass-man. The curving slopes of ass-flesh, the way the cheeks were parted, the brown, inner valley and the tufts of curling, sharply-pointed rectal hairs invigorated him to the point of orgasm. Indeed, without the stimuli afforded by all of this back-end equipment, he probably wouldn't be able to discharge. He was quite content to restrict his attentions to the exclusive and all-important rear end. By the same token, the dog who was given exclusive rights to the woman's frontal aspect didn't begrudge Pierre's attentions to his human sweetheart. To the contrary, he probably welcomed them as the man's furious and continued pumping of the shithole unleashed increased odors that would have otherwise been trapped inside the tiny, back hole.

As for Cissy's mother, she was ecstatic. To have both a human lover and an animal one had to be the hidden desire of most women. And she was living out her fantasies. Let other, more inhibited women jack off while fantasizing about animals and men reaming out their love holes with simultaneous thrusts of prick. This woman had turned those fantasies into a reality. And from the look on Cissy's face, I could tell she was bursting with pride. Her mom was one in a million. And we all envied her.

"Isn't mom the greatest," she kept murmuring but more to herself than to the other girls. "I'm going to be as free as mom, as uninhibited, as beautiful..."

This last description was not an exaggeration by any means. Cissy's mother did look beautiful as both animal and human pricks plunged in and out of her body. Indeed, her face had smoothed and looked much younger, her body had firmed, and the actions of her hips and arms reflected those of a much younger woman. She was getting youth injections by having two lovers, one human, the other animal. And now it became a race. Who was going to blow his nuts first. Animal or human?

Cissy informed us: "Pierre always wins because he gets so Goddamned excited by mom's asshole. Especially when it begins to really let out strong odors. In a few seconds, he's going to splatter cock-cream all over her ass."

"How selfish," I muttered out loud. "He, at least, should have the courtesy of waiting for your mother to blow her cunt."

Cissy giggled. "Oh, mom doesn't mind. In fact, the splash of all that hot semen inside her asshole and over the sensitive skin of her buttocks, increases her own body temperature. Her own fuck furnace gets so hot, she'll blow out twice the load. And she'll feel much better. Besides, her dog Nigger will keep on plugging her until the fatal moment. He's been programmed to blow his nuts at the precise, psychological moment. That's the beauty of getting a trained dog for a lover. He'll give you the kind of satisfaction he's been trained to give."

I looked incredulous. "Even if he wants to blow his own nuts, he won't?" I asked.

"Correct," Cissy explained. "No matter how hot he is, he'll perform exactly as trained."

As we turned our attention back to the activities in the bedroom, there wasn't any doubt that the psychological moment described by Cissy was fast approaching. It didn't look possible that the double-sided action could continue another second. The eyes of the woman had turned inward, and kept rolling-around like a couple of ball bearings, her shapely, smooth lips became twisted out of proportion, her oval face had thinned and she kept muttering the foulest obscenities that any of us had ever heard. Perhaps, some inner demon had taken possession of her mind and body.

"F... F... Fuck me," she spattered out her lewd demands. "F... Fuck me... S... Struck me..." She could no longer form words that were in any way intelligible to any of us. But she knew what she was saying. In spite of the inner anguish of an ecstatic nature, a beautiful smile wreathed her face as she urged both front and rear lover to reach completion.

And Cissy had been right about Pierre. He was now teetering on the edge of collapse. His voice turned hoarse as he belched out his own brand of obscenities. "Love that asshole," he chirped. "Smells so good... so shitingly good..." His arms flailed the air wildly as though fighting off a horde of invisible demons, his fingers had turned into claw-like appendages, his hips vibrated like a pair of struck cymbals in a band. And with one gigantic heave of his prick into the woman's asshole, he let everything go. Cream spurted deep into her asshole, filled up the tunnel and then backed up to spill over the curved lower cheeks of her ass and down her legs. The heat must have really burned into that sensitive rear-end skin. She let out a yelp that sounded canine in origin.

Perhaps the sound was canine in origin. Perhaps, in generation past, there were canine relatives. At any rate, the sound seemed to have meaning to her black dog named Nigger. His large, saucer eyes grew even rounder and more glassy. And he humped his hindquarters back and forth at a decided increase in the tempo of the fuck. At the same time, the woman who was astride him increased her own fucking movements until it was almost impossible to keep track of either body with the naked eye. Bodies of woman and dog seemed fused, blended together, and it was not possible to really distinguish where black, dog fur ended, and where white, woman skin began. Every now and then, we were treated to a flash of blood-red, dog cock as it partially left the douched-up hole of love. The sight of the red bone brought a series of excited murmurs and sighs from all of us girls. At that moment, we were all confirmed dog fuckers in our minds. We certainly were convinced of the advantages of having a dog, or animal lover. But we didn't do too much introspection at the moment. Our eyes were glued to the fast-reaching finale in the bedroom.

Nigger yanked his neck back until his eyes were staring vacantly at the wall behind him. Pierre had already collapsed onto the bed and the dog's vision in rear of him was no longer obscured. He, too, started to let out a series of blood curdling yelps. Apparently, the cream of love had leaped from his testicles and started to rush uninterruptedly down the shaft towards the exit through the eye on his cock. Of course, this onward rush made the sides of the shaft bulge out, and the cockhead must have swelled to the size of a truck-driver's fist. These changes in the dimensions of Nigger's prick signaled Cissy's mother. The walls of her cunt were flapping like a sheet in a wind storm. Then, all hell let loose. Both she and the dog spit sex cream at the same time.

As the woman blew out her load, she heaved the lower portion of her abdomen down with such a hard thrust, she almost crushed the poor animal. He let out a series of aggrieved yelps. Still, his discomfiture didn't prevent him from shooting upwards into her fuck funnel. We all could see the dog dew rocket forward and then spill backwards. It seemed to our uninitiated eyes that the semen of a discharged animal was much thicker, richer and creamier than the stuff that shoots out of the human male muscle of cock. For instance, Pierre's dick which was now in a limpid state, was still covered with sex serum. The liquid did look thinner, and feebler than the more desirable stuff from the dog's dick.

At any rate, after a full minute of shooting serum, dog and woman collapsed and soon, all three lovers remained in an exhausted state, unable to communicate with each other until the shock waves wore off. They all looked utterly happy and content. The ecstatic smile remained firmly affixed to the face of the woman, and she curled up as though to catch a few winks of well-deserved slumber. The dog Nigger had rolled over on his side, and kept panting with long tongue sagging out of his mouth and a weary look on his poodle face. As for Pierre, he was so worn out by his efforts in the woman's asshole that he hadn't, as yet, even attempted to clean himself off. There was a great deal to wipe away from his body. His cock was not only shining from his own discharged matter but a great deal of liquid shit coated the now shriveled skin of the penile shaft. This man had dug deep into the rectum with his tool to reach the seat of her love. That rear-end seat happened to contain a great deal of odoriferous shit. That didn't bother him. Indeed, it had excited him, and now he luxuriated in sniffing his peter. In a short while, these odors would arouse him again. But for the moment, he was content to relax with his wrinkled but shit-coated penis before his happy face.

Silently, Cissy, myself and the rest of the girls crept back to the rumpus room where we called a meeting to order. Without a single dissenting voice, we resolved to experience the joys of animal sex.

I held up my hand for the chairlady to recognize me. When Cissy nodded for me to speak, I stood up. "We all want to get fucked by an animal. Whether it's a dog, a horse or whatever, we don't care. As long as it is a hard cock of a four-legged fucker, we don't care. But," I added, a bit hesitantly, "are we going to get a two-way reaming, or not? Are we going to have a human cock in front and an animal cock in back? Or vice versa?"

This matter of finding an animal and a human lover to give us love assaults from both ends stimulated a great deal of debate. Finally, we reached the only conclusion, possible. We were unanimously agreed that we'd all find an animal lover, and fuck in front of the rest of the club members. But whether or not we brought along a boy friend was up to the individual girl. That part remained optional. We could experience the two-way reaming if it was advantageous. But the only part of our resolution that was binding was the animal screw. Each and everyone of us had to find a proper animal lover, and perform during one of the club meetings.

From the look in Cissy's eyes I knew that it was imperative that I perform with an animal. I was the only girl who came from a middle class family. The other girls had parents who were quite wealthy, and there had been a great deal of discussion about my fitness to belong to such an exclusive group. After all, the mental outlook of girls from the wealthier class is different than one from my class. I simply had to prove to them that I did belong. And so, I was probably more motivated than the others to prove my acceptability into the group. In fact, I was so determined to prove my worth that I set out to find both a man and a dog to perform with. In this way, I'd be demonstrating that I was as good as Cissy's mother, and she was the social leader of the city. And the fact that I could handle a two-way fuck would further prove my worth.

But as I quickly discovered, the chances of a fourteen-year-old girl of finding experienced sexual partners are slim. Grown males are scared to death of me. They think of me as jail bait regardless of how much they'd like to get a piece of my ass. And how did one go about finding a dog that had been trained to service a young girl? There were probably plenty around, but they were only available to grown-up women with plenty of money to buy them. I had only a few dollars of allowance money. And despite my frantic efforts to find such lover-fuckers, my search proved fruitless. And the more. I explained my difficulties to Cissy, the angrier she became. Several of the other girls had already located animals to fuck. I was one of the few girls who had come up with nothing at all. Perhaps, she was beginning to think, I didn't belong in their club after all.

"But I don't know where to find a trained animal," I protested. "They're expensive. And they won't sell one to a girl of my age even if I did have the money which I don't."

Cissy's face thinned with anger. "Goddammit, don't bother me with details. Get an animal and fuck for us, or you're out of the club. And don't take all year about finding one, either," she warned.

I was almost shattered by Cissy's threat to kick me out of the club. Even my parents would have been upset. They were snobs and quite often bragged to their middle class friends that I belonged to a real snooty club at high school and was accepted by all of the girls from wealthy families. They firmly believed that someday I'd meet a boy through such connections and marry into a wealthy family. Money seemed to mean so much to them. And as a dutiful daughter, I wanted to please them. But now, it was something more than trying to merely please my parents. First, I had to admit to myself that I really wanted to get hosed by an animal. Secondly, the whole thing had become a challenge. I felt inside that I was every bit as good as those snobby girls in the club. Now, was my chance to prove it. But time was fast running out for me.

By the remotest kind of coincidence, I wandered into a pet store with the hope of interesting the owner into selling me a trained dog. The owner was a real, old guy with thick, gray hair, sandpaper like skin, and watery, reddish eyes that seemed to have trouble in keeping a proper focus. His hands trembled, and generally, he appeared to be a physical wreck. Still, there was something about the way his eyes bounced over the curves of my body, lingered a while on my tits, and ass. The old fart was horny, or was it all in his mind? And if he possessed erotic ideas dancing around in his feeble mind, wouldn't he have trained animals for sale?

"I'm looking for an animal," I told him, bluntly...

He didn't reply. But he continued to look sharply at the curve in my ass. He followed me around the shop, as I looked in this cage and that one, at the various animals up for sale. When we were in back of the store where we were quite alone, and private, I quickly took hold of my skirt and pulled it up past my waist. I wasn't wearing my panties on that day, and I deliberately gave him an eyeful of hot cunt.

Again, the old man didn't say anything. But he did look down at my pussy with its deep cleft and black hairs that curled so tantalizingly up at him. My firm and shapely legs seemed to appeal to him, too. And remembering Pierre's preference for the female rear end, I turned slowly around and bent over to give him a close up inspection of my rear attributes. Reaching back, I took hold of one ass-cheek and pulled it wide apart. I could hear the old geezer breathing heavily, and when I turned around, and dropped my mini skirt, the tell-tale bulge between his legs was quite apparent. Finally, he spoke.

"You looking for a fuck?" he asked, his eyes still raping the curves of my body. They literally burned through the fabric of my skirt.

"You looking for one?" I countered his question.

Nodding, he continued in his slow drawl. "Yessss. But didn't expect one from a young, high-school girl. Could get into trouble playing around with jail bait."

"Who is going to find out?" I asked with a mischievous wink. "We're all alone back here. I won't tell anyone if you don't."

My stated desire for sexual relations with him created such a strong pressure on his cock-bone that he unzipped the fly and let the startlingly long prick ease out into exposure. For an old man, he was exceedingly well hung. The prickhead pointed straight up at the ceiling, and the shaft had to measure at least, nine inches. There was room enough in the fly to get a peek at his gray-haired set of balls. The skin was moving, heatedly. This old guy craved young pussy like a dope addict needed a fix.

He started to pant like a dog. "Let's go in the back room. I've got a couch back there."

"For free?" I asked. "You expect to get into my fourteen-year-old cunt for free? You're dreaming, mister. Old farts like you who want to screw me come a nickel a bushel. You'll have to pay."

"Anything," he whined. "Got to fuck you." He shook his long cock-bone at me. "It's been over a year since I got me a good-sized hard on. And it's been longer'n a year since I sank it into soft, hot, juicy pussy. Please," he begged. "Pull... eeze."

Although I did feel sorry for him, and his plight, I continued to shake my head. "Not without coming to an agreement before you stick it in my hot and wet pussy." And to emphasize the desirability of my cunt, I lifted my mini skirt up again, and let him gaze lovingly at the cleft while we bargained.

"Anything you want," he slobbered. "Any... thing."

Continuing to hold up my skirt, I started the bargaining process. "I need an animal to fuck. A trained one. You got one, or not?"

He stared back at me in his stupid, uncomprehending way. "An animal?" he echoed, puzzled.

"You heard me, old farts," I replied, caustically. "And I don't intend to give you a free fuck without an animal. You give me what I want. I'll give you what you want."

He scratched his head. "But an animal. That's kind of difficult. My animals are strictly pets. I buy them from the highest class homes." Then, he stopped suddenly. "There's one that maybe will perform."

I brightened. "You've got a trained fucking animal. Oh swell, pops. Give him to me, and I'll give you your yearly fuck. Come on, old bag of bones, move," I urged.

Still, he hesitated and the rigidity of his prick began to diminish. "It... ain't exactly an animal," he told me with his worried look.

"What is it?" I asked. I was desperate enough to accept anything at that moment. If this old guy couldn't come through for me, I was finished in the club.

"It's... It's a... parrot," he finally told me with a sighing release of breath. "An old parrot. And I'm not too sure, he'll perform."

"What makes you think he might fuck me?" I asked.

He said, "The bird used to belong to an old movie actress. I knew she loved her cock, and yet she was always afraid of men. Never went out with one. When she kicked off, I bought the parrot."

I looked dismayed. "That's not enough grounds to believe he'll do anything for me," I said, sadly. "Just dirty suspicions on your part."

"More than just suspicions," he advised me. "He... talks dirty. Talks as though he's known his way around a woman's pussy."

I brightened. "Can I see him?"

"Yes, of course," the old guy said. "I just hope, he'll do you some good." And he added. "And do me some good, too."

The parrot turned out to be a big, old male. His plummage was on the dull side, and his eyes were dull, too. But as I approached him, he brightened, considerably.

"Fuck me," he cawed out suddenly, flapping his wings, and tilting backward to give me a peek of his long, white and very narrow prick. It was the first time in my entire, life that I had seen a penis on a bird. And this one was a doozy. Apparently, it had slid out from its hiding place from deep within the plummage. Now, blood colored the skin and the cockhead, although tiny, was definite and discernible. And all the while, his beady eyes stared hungrily down at my exposed cunt.

"Does he understand what he's saying?" I asked the shop owner.

The old man shrugged. "Who knows? He used to belong to this old movie actress. And there were a lot of rumors about her screwing animals. Maybe Polly pecker... that's the bird's name... did fuck his mistress."

The more I stared at that ivory-colored cock, the hotter I became. The lips of my pussy began to twitch, and I could feel the heat surge through the opening. Then I remembered that animals, and I suppose birds, too, responded to female odors.

"Hold him close to my cunt and let him sniff," I ordered the old man. "If it affects his bone, then we can be certain, he's a dirty, old bird who wants his nooky."

As instructed, the wizened, old fart picked up the protesting bird and held his beak close to the slit of my pussy park. The instant he began to inhale the heavy odors, and feel the increased temperature of the heated air, his pecker slid out to mammoth proportions. There wasn't a doubt that this bird was responding to my over-heated genitals.

"Do I get my fuck?" the old man asked, hopefully.

"Let's find out about this Polly pecker," I retorted. "If he does a good job, you can give him to me, and I'll give you a taste of pussy."

We took the bird into the back room, where I felt free to disrobe. The sight of my young and naked body not only had an effect on the bird, the old man eased out his tool to cool off the meat.

"Hurry," he pleaded. "Fuck the bird. Then, give me what I need. I've been without female yummy for an entire year."

But how did I go about fucking a large, old bird? Fortunately, I didn't have to make the advances. The parrot, once freed, knew exactly what to do. With his huge and powerful body he flapped against me, and knocked me back over the cot. Then, he mounted my genitals and spread his wings over my body. The feel of his feathers made me even hornier than ever. But how was he going to accomplish entry? I quickly learned the answer to that one. By trial and error, he found the correct hole for his airborne peter. Flying up and down, he kept jabbing the prick down, peppering the crotch area of my body, until the long shaft which resembled a cue stick, dropped into the slot. Once he had accomplished entry, the bird fucked with a series of up and down movements that were really no different than those performed by a human male. But instead of swinging his hips back and forth, he flapped up and down with the aid of his powerful wings.

And I quickly picked up the tempo of the fuck, and returned his love movements. Soon, I was flying back and forth as though I, too, had wings. Perhaps I did. For the first time in my life, I felt free as a bird. I literally soared through the air, and felt invincible. And the sensation of all the flying movement, the persistent prick, and the soft feathers flung me into an ecstatic orbit, and I thought I was flying around the roof of the world.

Unable to merely remain a passive bystander, the old man, fired by the sight of my naked body and the bird-fuck, had started to masturbate. And by one of those rare coincidences, we all managed to climax at the same time. The old man's semen surged across the room like the flow from a water fountain. And the long, narrow prick managed to shoot his cock pellets deep into the heart of my pussy. For a moment, I thought I felt them in my throat. The blast from my own cunt almost knocked the feathered fucker off my body. But eventually, we did collapse.

When I demonstrated the feathered-fuck in front of the club girls, I was the hit of the show. Cissy embraced me, and declared to one and all that I had redeemed myself. Now, I was in solid with the girls, and my membership in the club was assured.

In time, I became the most popular girl in my high school...


As a postman, Irene T.'s father made a comfortable living. But both her parents were ambitious for their daughter to mingle with the sons and daughters of wealthier people. They encouraged her to try for membership in the more exclusive girls clubs that flourish in every high school, and are usually open to the more affluent. They even sensed that perhaps sexual rites might be practiced in such a club but they chose to ignore the thought. They closed their eyes to the disagreeable and preferred only to realize their own ambition. They were really more concerned with their own status than that of their daughter.

The problem in this case was not that of a wayward daughter but of overly ambitious parents who wanted to relive their lives vicariously through their own daughter.


Girls of high school age are turning to animals for sexual expression rather than masturbation, or a coital relationship with a boy their own age. Society asks how is it possible for a young and affectionate girl to engage in bestiality where there is a birth of love and tenderness. A few psychologists even state they are merely masturbating with the assistance of an animal. The question that must be asked then only relates to animals in an indirect way. The real question is concerned about sex without love. The fact that an animal is used is merely incidental. Isn't it psychologically damaging for a high school girl to prefer sex without love? Will it stunt her emotional growth?

In Sex Without Guilt by the noted psychologist Albert Ellis Ph.D., we're told that: "... sex is a biological, as well as social drive, and that in its biological phases it is essentially non-affectional. If this is so, then we can expect that, however we try to civilize the sex drives... and civilize them to some degree we certainly must... there will always be an underlying tendency for them to escape from our society inculcated shackles and to be still partly felt in the raw."

"When so felt, when our bisocial sex urges lead us to desire and enjoy sex without (as well as with) love, I do not see why we should make their experiences feel necessarily guilty."

"Many individuals, many millions in our society, have little capacity for affection or love. The majority of these individuals, perhaps, are emotionally disturbed, and should be preferably helped to increase their affectional propensities. But a large number are not particularly disturbed, and instead are neurologically or cerebrally deficient..."

In brief, it is not vital or even desirable in a young person, especially a girl of high school age, to feel love or affection during the sex act. At that age, the urge for sex is purely physical, and a purely physical act should result...

Animal love then is synonymous with erotic love. In The Art of Loving, (1956), psychologist Erich Fromm has this to say about erotic love: "... the craving for a complete fusion for union with one other person. It is by its very nature exclusive and not universal..."

When a high school girl accepts an animal for her lover she is giving free and uninhibited expression to her libido, or instinctive sex drive. The question must be asked: is it harmful for a teen-age girl to give free expression to the libido?

From The Encyclopedia of Human Behavior: "... the libido provides the energy not only for psychological growth, but for all creative activities, for poetry, art, music, science, and any attempt to improve the lot of mankind. These are all interpreted by Freud as transformations or sublimations of the original instinctive force. Later in his, or her life, the term life instinct, or Eros can be applied to this constructive energy, according to Freud..."

We are told then that the sexual drive in a very young girl is nothing but sheer lust. There is little or no love or affection attached to the need of a high school girl for physical fusion with a member of the opposite sex. Her impulse to fornicate is nothing but a lustful but very natural desire on her part. And so, she turns to a male for this physical release. The male doesn't necessarily have to be human. An animal male, with genitals, and the urge to copulate with a human female will satisfy her just as well, and perhaps, during this period of her life, better. With an animal, there is no need for a long, personal relationship.

But the moralists claim that bestiality between a high school girl and an animal is wrong, and the girl will eventually suffer a mental problem. In brief, she will experience remorse as a punishment for her original sin. Phychologist Carl Jung had something to say about the expression of libido. He believed that the development of the individual depended on the early day expression of the libido. To thwart the early-year desires of the libido, Jung believed, was to stunt the emotional growth of the individual.

In analyzing the cases presented in High School Girls and Their Four Legged Lovers, it became apparent that one dominant reason girls turned to animals was their ability to control the situation. They could choose the position of coitus. In our western society, the socially accepted position has become the man-on-top. But this conflicts with natural instincts, and especially in a teenage girl.

In Complete Sexual Fulfillment by Barbara Bross and Jay Gilbey, we're told that: "... one of the most important factors in determining the sexual position is the psychology of both partners. It is natural for all of us to assume that the person on top is the dominant one not only in sexual matters but in all matters in life... The whole aspect of superiority, dominance and command is often psychologically reflected in the physical position and location of the person in command..."

In this era of Woman's Lib, the high school girl had been very greatly affected. She no longer desires to regard the high school boy as her dominant master. The position of sex with him on top would imply as much. And in most cases, the high school boy merely apes the movements of his elders. He is not, as yet, matured in sexual development. He naturally adopts the socially accepted position of male-on-top. And this no longer suits the young girl. Indeed, she wants to assume the position of superiority. With an animal, she feels free to assume any position, her instincts dictate.

One of those positions pertain to anal entry. In the cases discussed herein, anal sex was closely related to animal coitus. The animal, inflamed by the aroma of the female genitals, will accomplish entry in to either the vagina or anus. Is anal play abnormal in a high school girl? The authors of Complete Sexual Fulfillment have this to say about anality: "... there can be no doubt that the anus is a genuine erogenous zone of the body in men and women. The nerves that line the anal opening and that lead back from it are nerves that produce erotic sensations. Therefore, the anus is a legitimate organ of sexual pleasure."

"Generally, women are found to be analerotic; some prefer stimulation of this area to vaginal stimulation. However... the anus, usually associated with defecation also has psychological fetters concerning touching it. Like the genitals, though, the anus can be washed..."

"There are several ways of stimulating the nerves of the anus and in the vicinity. During foreplay, the buttocks can become a focal point of attention with the male pinching them, running the fingers and nails and full palms over them as well as kissing and breathing lightly over them. Slowly these caresses should concentrate on the gap and then upon the bud of the anus..."

"During intercourse, the coital rhythm may be reproduced by moving a finger in and out of the anus. Some women who are anal erotic prefer the insertion of a finger at climax to trigger their own orgasm..."

In our Western culture, most adult men as well as boys have been conditioned against analism. Associated with elimination, the sex play around and in the anus is considered a filthy and degrading act. Indeed, in certain states, there are still laws on the statutes against the practice of sodomy or anal penetration. However, in a young girl of adolescent age, the desire for anal caresses and anal penetration is strong. Later in life this craving for anal attentions may diminish. But in the young, the anal desire is still a very strong one. The high school girl can experience anal sex with an animal without any problems. The animal instinctively prefers to smell, kiss, tongue and in given the opportunity, have intercourse in the rectum of the desirable female. Thus, without complications, the girl indulges in anal sex with her animal lover.

Aside for natural or instinctive preferences for animals as lovers, there are other considerations. These considerations have to do with socioeconomic circumstances. Girls from poorer families are pushed by their parents to gain acceptance with girls who come from wealthier homes. Quite often, girls from more affluent backgrounds are more sophisticated in their sexual habits. They accept animal sex as a natural function. And if the girl from the lower, or middle class family wants to keep up with her class mates, she must also perform with animals to gain their acceptance.

In summation, it can be concluded that the sex act between a high school girl and an animal need not be psychological harmful, and at a particular age, it can be considered as a natural act. It only becomes harmful when the girl prefers the company of animals to the exclusion of all members of the opposite sex. The normal high school girl who indulges her desires for animals, date high school boys and are otherwise well-adjusted. During the high school period, they are going through a period of adjustment which can enrich their sexual lives in later years.


Martha Jorgensen, Ph.D.

New York City, N.Y.


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