Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited
SKIN-FLICK SLUT by Tabitha Britton


I looked down sheepishly; Phil kept leering at me from behind the desk. He was making me really nervous; I was quite used to being leered at, but this time it was a guy offering me a job. Not that he was bad looking -- on the contrary, he was pretty gorgeous and had a nice body, and looked great in that casual suit, I'd been attracted to him from the second I walked into the room. But he was being really obvious about it; I could tell he wanted me to know that he approved of me. He let his eyes slide over my body from top to bottom, starting at my ankles and running slowly up my bare legs -- I usually don't wear pantyhose to interviews. Then, he'd slowly stroke my upper thighs with his gaze, making sure I was watching as he examined my pale, bare flesh. I crossed and uncrossed my legs nervously, feeling my thighs rub sensuously together; every time I did, I could see him trying in vain to get a glimpse of my skirt. I was wearing the shortest decent skirt I owned; I always wore it to interviews because I knew what kind of effect it had on the interviewers. It was made out of thin, clingy silky material so that it showed a lot of the outline of my upper thighs -- and occasionally when I walked it would sway up dangerously close to my buttocks. But for now I was sitting down, and Phil couldn't see a thing. I had to admit, though, it sort of turned me on to have this good-looking guy trying to get a glance up my skirt. After stroking my pretty ass as it pressed against the seat, Phil would look slowly over my midriff and my breasts, which stretched out through this tight Oxford shirt. He'd examine them closely, making my nipples feel all tingly as he looked; I could feel them getting hard after a while and knew that he had noticed from the tiny smile he gave me. My erect nipples stretched through the Oxford shirt and my thin, lacy bra underneath; Phil leered at them and I didn't doubt he was wondering what they felt like. Then, he looked over the slope of my cleavage, which bulged out from the shirt which I always left open as far as I could. He eyed my neck, and my shoulders where my long blonde hair flowed down over them and then he'd watch my face. I know how gorgeous I am, with high cheekbones and pale skin that flushes deep red when I get even a little turned on -- like I was right now. And my eyes are big and wide and bright blue -- guys always love them. Besides having a great body, I'm beautiful -- which is a must in this business. You've got to have both, or you'll never get the work. And I loved the work like I love nothing else.

He was looking at my resume, and the photos I'd brought in it. They were photos I was proud of -- they never failed to get a hard-on out of a guy who looked at them. And I knew what they were doing to Phil. He looked over my references, smiling to himself.

He read my name slowly, as if trying it out. "Tanya Marimont. It's a pretty name."

"I like it," I said, eyeing him flirtatiously. "I don't know," said Phil. "I'm not sure you're out for the magazine."

I looked down, trying not to meet his eyes. I needed this job -- I had to keep working in magazines, and I wasn't making much lately. And Beauty was the best-paying magazine I'd ever interviewed for -- they even kept their own photographers on staff. Their photos were great -- I was always really impressed whenever I picked up the mag. I knew they'd do wonderful things with my body. I just had to work here! From the way Phil was acting, I was sure he liked my looks -- but would he ask for more than looks before he let me have the job?

"You're just, well, you know -- too gorgeous, I guess," he went on. "Don't get me wrong -- you've got a great body and all. A wonderful body, believe me, Tanya, I'm sure any guy who reads the magazine would love to look at it. But you're so pretty. I'm not sure you look sexy enough. Just looking at these pictures, the readers can't tell how kinky you are."

I lifted my eyes, meeting Phil's gaze. I gave him my most seductive look, trying to let him know I could change on a moment's notice. And let him know how much I wanted the job. I bit my lip, being as sexy as I knew how. "Oh, I'm very kinky."

Phil chuckled. "Oh, are you?"

"The copy will convince them how kinky I am, that's for sure." I bit my finger, licking it slightly as Phil watched. "I'm a real kinky slut on film."

"But it's how you look, too, Tanya. You can talk dirty in the interview, and it'll get us all off. But your looks have to go with it -- you have to look like a horny, wet girl who just can't get enough. And you're off to a good start in these stills -- I'm pretty amazed, you know. But you look so innocent from some angles."

"That's just the makeup," I said. "I've got other stills with me being a real slut. Heavy makeup, leather... I really like those kinds of shots, too."

"I don't know," he said. "You've got good references. But it's hard to tell. I'd like to see more of you before I agree to assign a photographer."

"Uh-huh," I said, eagerly leaning forward. Phil watched closely as I smiled at him.

"I mean, it's fine to see pictures of you naked. And you look great in person. But with those clothes on..." He smiled back. "It's hard to tell what you're really like."

I stood up. "It's really important to me," I said, smoothing down my skirt and making sure my shoulders were straight and perfect so my tits stretched enticingly toward Phil. "I really want this job. Beauty magazine is one of the places I've wanted to work for years."

Phil nodded slowly. "I bet it is. But just from the pictures, I can't tell if you're right." I thought I saw a smile. "I don't know if you're really a slut. I don't know what you're like up close -- or how kinky you really are. Or how horny."

I smiled. "I've got an answer," I said. I went to the windows and pulled the shades, slowly, one by one. I threw a glance at the big velvet couch sitting in the corner of the office, away from the desk. The room was sort of dark with all the shades drawn; Phil looked me up and down in the dimness as I moved closer to the desk. I stood in front of it and reached slowly toward the top button of my Oxford shirt.

"I really hate clothes at interviews," I said. "They really keep you from finding out what I'm going to do on film." I kept smiling as I pulled the top button, exposing the lace of my skimpy bra. I opened the second button as Phil watched intently, then the third. I finished undoing the shirt and pulled it wide open over my large breasts. Phil's gaze got hungrier and more lustful as he ran his eyes over my lace-covered tits and my beautiful midriff. I eased my way out of the shirt and slid it over my shoulders, dropping it on the floor. Then I took the zipper of my tight miniskirt and started easing it down over my hips.

"I really need this job," I said. "I want to make sure you see me up close -- and totally naked -- so that you don't make the wrong decision. I know how great I look on film -- and in person. I don't want to lose this job because you think I'm too virginal. I really want to convince you otherwise. I can be a real slut if the assignment calls for it. I'm more than willing to do my part. If I can get the right photographer, the right photo editor... I can be such a slut on film the readers will cream just looking at me. I love being a slut in pictures. And my body is great."

I tugged the zipper down, easing it over my white flesh. I got the skirt open and let it fall down my long, shapely legs, letting it bunch around my ankles. I smiled as I stepped out of it; now I wore only my incredibly skimpy g-string panties and my tight lacy bra. Both were jet black; I knew how great I looked in them. My huge tits stretched through the material of the bra, showing my erect nipples; I was really turned on. I love taking off my clothes. Just knowing that guys are looking at my body and getting a hard-on really gets me wet. And I especially love doing it in front of people who are going to give me a job. Phil was watching me with real fire in his eyes -- under that desk I was sure he already had a huge erection. I didn't doubt that he was aching to put it to good use. But first, he'd get a really good look at me.

I put up my arms and slowly turned around, letting him take in every inch of my smooth flesh. When my back was to him, I eased my legs far apart and bent over, putting my open hands on the smooth globes of my ass. I felt my gorgeous buttocks stretching through the flimsy silk of my panties -- the panties were high-cut and showed almost all of my ass except for my pink asshole. But from the way I was bent over he could see the skimpy panties riding up between the pink, swollen lips of my cunt. I knew that Phil was watching carefully; I began to run my fingers over my ass and smiled as I petted myself. "I guess I'm an exhibitionist," I said. "Like all models. I can't pose without getting turned on..."

I stood up straight again, closing my legs. Then I turned to Phil and reached between my huge tits for the clasp to my bra.

"Of course, you can't really tell until I let you see all of me... all of me." I smiled, broad and white, showing my gorgeous teeth and my full, deep red, kissable lips.

I undid the clasp and peeled the flimsy material over my sweaty breasts; Phil's eyes went wide as he saw them come into view. They were even more gorgeous naked, he was getting horny just looking at them! I touched my nipples gently, then, I pinched them slightly as Phil watched, entranced. Then, it was time for my panties.

I giggled. "You seem to be pretty impressed so far," I said.

Phil nodded as I turned around. I wanted him to see my ass as I did this. I took my panties and bent over, slowly, sensuously, savoring the feeling of Phil's hot gaze over my ass-cheeks as I pulled the panties down. My legs were spread only slightly -- still, I knew that he could see my naked cunt as it came into view. Phil was so cute and I was so hot for this job that it was really pink; it felt all hot and flushed as I stripped. I stayed bent over as I dropped the panties to my ankles and stepped out of them; I spread my legs apart and saw through them that Phil's eyes were locked on my cunt.

"Like it?" I asked, slowly standing up. I lifted my arms so he could see my breasts better. The office was a little cold and they felt all tingly. But then, the rest of me felt tingly for other reasons.

Phil slowly got out of his chair; my spine stiffened. I smiled amiably as he moved from behind the desk and walked toward me. He wore clingy dress pants; I could see that his hard-on was enormous.

"I like it a lot," he said. "You've got a better body than I thought."

I smiled. "It looks great on film, but even better up close."

"You like doing hard-core, Tanya baby?" He took a few steps closer.

"I love it. I really do."

Phil nodded. He walked around behind me; I kept my arms up so he could see all of my gorgeous back in its best position. It made me feel all vulnerable to have my arms out of the way -- and that turned me on. Phil's hard-on sure looked big!

"That's good to hear. A girl's really no good to us if she doesn't love her work. And you've got the energy for it."

Phil put his hand on my waist, curving his warm fingers around my stomach. I turned my head and smiled back at him as he moved closer.

"You're very sexy, Tanya. But I don't really know if you've got the right feeling."

"Lots of sexual energy, you mean," I said, closing my eyes and breathing heavily.

"That's right." Phil got closer to me; I could feel his hand sliding down to my bare ass as his other arm curved around me.

"I guess you'll have to find out, then," I said, turning gradually. I stopped when I could see his face; he looked really gorgeous in the dim light. I stayed turned so that my ass was toward him. "I'll just have to show you what kind of energy I have."

Phil nodded. "That would be great."

"I'll just do anything for this job," I said. "I really want you to know how great I'll be."

Phil put one hand on each of my smooth asscheeks. He pulled at them gently, stroking them. Then he slid his fingers down in between my parted thighs and tugged at them.

"Open your legs," he said. "I need to get a closer look."

I nodded, inching my legs apart as he put his hand on my shoulder. I was a few feet from his desk; he pushed gently on my back so that I bent forward and put my arms out. His desk was almost empty; there was plenty of room for me. I leaned over it so that I could open my legs further; I lifted my ass high in the air as Phil stroked my ass.

I felt his finger touching the very outside of my swollen cunt-lips. I gasped; my pussy seemed to be throbbing at his touch. It felt really good -- I wanted it. I always get so horny taking off my clothes, and Phil was so gorgeous -- I hoped he'd go on...

"Oh yeah," he said. "That's nice. You really are a professional."

"I'm -- an -- expert..." I panted rhythmically, feeling incredibly turned on. Phil pressed against my cunt-lips, and I let out a hungry "OH!" feeling my legs get all weak. I leaned more heavily against the desk as Phil drew his finger in a slow, even circle around my cunt. He could feel how wet I was -- I'd been dripping in my panties through the whole interview.

"You get wet fast, Tanya," he said. "You must really be an exhibitionist."

"I am," I panted. I could hardly talk, I was so horny. I lifted my ass higher so Phil could get a better view of my pink, dripping cunt.

"Are you a nympho, too?"

I laughed, then looked back at Phil with passion in my eyes, letting him know what a nympho I really was. "Why don't you find out," I said.

Phil nodded slowly. I felt his finger sliding in between my lips. I let out a whimper and shut my eyes tight in pleasure as he eased his middle finger slowly up and down my slit. Then he lifted it higher and I knew he was about to touch my clit.

"Oh yeah," I moaned softly. "That feels so good..." Phil pressed firmly against my clit and bolts of ecstasy shot up my body, through my ass and my erect, tingling nipples. He started moving his fingertip up and down, rubbing my clit and getting me wetter. He rubbed faster, making me throb with desire to feel his cock inside me. I lifted my ass rhythmically in time with his finger on my clit -- he was so good at it! He was already making me cream for him -- I leaned on his desk and slid my hips up and down, bending my knees as he rubbed my clit. I was so hot for him I thought I'd burst and I could feel my hard nipples rubbing against the cold wood of his desk! It sent spasms of pleasure through me as he massaged my aching clit. I wondered how many other models had felt their tits on his desk as he fingered them. The thought turned me on so much -- I was being a slut, and I was really aching to get fucked by Phil's hard cock.

Phil let his hand grind to a halt; I lifted my ass as high as it would go with my legs still spread. I wanted him to see all of my cunt, see how pink and wet it was for him. I wanted him to know how horny he'd gotten me by watching me through the interview. He knew, all right and he was going to do something about it! He eased his finger down in between my cunt-lips, touching my wet hole. I bit my lip and grunted as he pressed his fingertip against my cunt, he slid it up and down on my pussy-hole. Then Phil took hold of my ass and held me still while he got ready to put it in.

"Mmmmm... That feels so good..." I sighed like a cat.

Phil chuckled. Then he pressed his finger into me. I felt it going in, stretching my soaked cunt -- which was already stretched from fucking so many gorgeous editors. I moaned, letting out a passionate "UH! YES!" as Phil put his finger into me. It sank slowly all the way into my cunt; it was incredible in there! I was gushing all over his hand; he'd gotten me so wet I couldn't control myself. Phil eased his finger back, then shoved it into me again.

"Pretty tight for a slut model," he said.

I looked back at him, my lips parted in ecstasy. He felt so good with his finger inside me! "I only fuck when I want to," I panted. "And right now I want to."

Phil slid his finger back out and I shut my eyes tight, overwhelmed with pleasure. He started fucking his finger slowly in and out of my cunt, sliding it gently and slowly so I could feel every inch of every thrust. He held on to my ass and helped me raise it rhythmically so I matched his finger-fucks. Oh, man, was he good. He really knew how to finger-fuck me so I would beg for more. And I did, as he shoved his finger in and out of me.

"Phil... oh Phil, that's so good -- feels so good -- feels so good in my cunt -- uh -- I want more -- give me more!"

Phil slid his finger all the way out, I gasped as it left me. Then, I felt a second finger joining the first; he held it up against my pussy and I grunted in ecstasy. Then, holding my ass tight, he slid them both in.

I moaned, loud and horny, as he put two fingers into my cunt. He felt so good in there -- I lifted my ass to meet his thrust as he put both of them into me. He started fucking them back and forth, slowly. I loved the feel of his fingers inside me, stretching me out, and I started to feel my climax building. I knew if Phil kept it up he'd make me come soon -- I was getting so turned on no one could have stopped me! It felt so good as he fucked me harder, shoving his fingers in and out rapidly, roughly so that I felt every inch and begged for more of his hard, fast fingers. He massaged my ass and I wished he'd open his pants, get out his cock and fuck me, but I wanted to wait, to really earn this job. The pay would be great and oh, with Phil's finger-fucking I would have done it for free!

"Yeah, Phil -- uh -- that's so good -- fuck me harder -- finger me deep -- uh -- put more inside me!" I wanted Phil to ram all his fingers into my cunt. I wanted him to cock-fuck me, rough and deep. I just ached for his cock inside me. I moaned loudly as Phil's fingers hammered in and out of my pussy; he was so good! He knew just the right angle to shove his fingers into my cunt, and every time he rammed them in there I moaned in ecstasy as I felt waves of energy shooting through my body. I gasped and writhed on his desk, rubbing my tits against the cold wood as he fingered me; I was going to come if he kept up! But I wanted him to stop -- stop so he could spread me on the couch and fuck me with his cock!

Phil's hand ground to a slow halt. My cunt gave little jerks of pleasure as I felt his fingers thrust immobile up inside me. I sighed, then grunted as another spasm of ecstasy ran from my cunt up into my aching tits.

"Oh God, Phil," I moaned. "That's so fucking good. I want you so much!"

"I know how you really want this," he chuckled, easing his fingers out of me. "You put on a great show."

"It's no show," I panted, still spread wide and leaning on the desk. "I want your cock inside me."

"You seem better for the job than I thought you'd be. But I'm not really convinced yet."

I looked back at him, my lips parted hungrily. "I really want to convince you. I really want to." I slowly eased back, getting off the desk; my cunt throbbed and dripped in aching desire as I brought my thighs together and stood in front of Phil, very close. I snuggled closer as I looked into his eyes. "I know how you do business," I said. "And I want to do as much business as I can here at Beauty."

He smiled. "I think you're perfect. You're showing just the kind of initiative I love. You'll be fine," he said. "If you can prove it to me..."

I smiled and pressed my mouth to Phil's. I usually don't kiss guys I'm just fucking, but he really felt great against my mouth. He opened wide and shoved his tongue forward, kissing me deep. As he did, I snuggled up against him, pressing my tits to his shirt. He cupped his hands around my ass behind me; he started massaging it gently and my cunt tingled in response. I let him kiss me deeper as I reached between us and started undoing his tie. I got it off as he thrust his tongue into me again and again; all the while he was stroking my ass. I started unbuttoning his shirt; his chest was hairy, muscular and incredibly gorgeous. I bent down, kissing his neck and shoulders, as I eased off his jacket and shirt. I started kissing his chest as he slid out of his clothes; he was so gorgeous! I gently licked his nipple and he sighed in response. I could feel his hard-on pressing against my body! I wanted nothing more than to have him fuck me from behind, over his desk, but, now, I wanted it on the couch. It was such a big, plush couch; I couldn't wait to press my naked ass against it and spread my legs for Phil. Phil slid his fingers back between my thighs and prompted them open slightly; he started massaging my throbbing cunt-lips again and I moaned in pleasure. He slid a finger back inside me and I bit his nipple gently, panting and grunting all the while. I pressed my open palm against the long, hard bulge of his cock through his pants. I closed my fingers around it and began massaging it gently, feeling Phil's strong finger inside my cunt as I rubbed him. He started sliding it in and out, it felt even better when I was holding his cock! I rubbed harder, sucking and biting at his chest hungrily, moaning for more of his strong hand. He finger-fucked me slowly this time, not letting me get any closer to coming -- keeping me wet and horny for him! I rubbed his cock fast and hard and he started shoving his body against me in time. My tits rubbed his bare chest as he brought his hips forward again and again to meet my hand thrusts, his shaft felt so huge I wanted it more than ever before! I stroked him, savoring the feel of his cock as he finger-fucked me until I could stand it no more -- and then I felt the top button of his pants and started tugging at it. As I undid the button and then slowly unzipped his fly, his long, swollen cock stretched through his underpants against my hand. I got his pants all the way open and curved my fingers around the outline of his hard shaft. His underpants were wet at the tip of his cock -- I touched it and wanted to taste his salty pre-cum. I love the way a man's come tastes -- and I wanted to taste Phil's. But I'd get myself hornier first, I was really going to enjoy this! I eased the elastic band of his underpants out of the way and pulled it down over the long shaft of his cock. Then, I took his prick in my hand and started rubbing slowly up and down, sliding his cock in and out of my grasp, feeling my cunt throb in sympathy with him. He grunted and his finger came to a halt, sliding out of my pussy -- I didn't care, I only wanted to feel his cock right then! He really was big; I couldn't believe how much it was turning me on just to hold his cock.

I put my mouth up against his ear and started nibbling gently at it. I whispered into his ear: "I want to eat you. I want to eat you. I want you to come in my mouth!"

Phil chuckled; he but his hands on my shoulders, easing my long, dangly earrings and my long hair back. He pressed gently down, easing me down his body; I knew how much he wanted me to eat him. I closed my eyes, my whole body alive with pleasure; I got down onto my knees so that my face was mere inches from his jutting, hard cock. As I positioned myself, I eased his pants over his gorgeous ass, running my fingers over it as I peeled off his clothes. He had already kicked off his shoes; I slid his pants down to his ankles and he stepped out of them -- now, he was naked, like me. I knelt before him, my face pressed close to his throbbing prick. I took his shaft in my hand and lifted it to just the right angle, then, I pressed my lips around the arrow-shaped head of his cock.

Phil let out a moan of pleasure as I slid my lips down tightly until they reached the shaft; he was only an inch or so into my mouth. But he felt so good -- as I sucked, my mouth filled with the taste of his pre-cum. I wanted more; I sucked harder and started sliding his cock up and down with my hand, following its every move with my mouth. Then, aching to take more of his cock in my mouth, I forced my lips down tightly over the shaft of his prick. I felt it slowly entering my mouth, spreading my lips as he lifted his hips toward me; I pressed it deeper and felt the head against the top of my throat. I curved my fingers around his shaft -- I'd only put half of him into my mouth! I wouldn't let that stop me -- I loved having all of a man inside my mouth and throat and I was great at it. I straightened out my head so that my neck was at the perfect angle -- and then I forced him deeper.

He really was huge; thick and long like few men I've given head to, even in my business. But I took him all, slowly, savoring every inch into my throat, pressing him in hard, stretching my throat and deep-throating so I could eat every last inch of that beautiful cock. When my fingers were wrapped around Phil's luscious balls and I knew that I'd shoved all of him into my mouth, I slid my head back and then thrust it forward, fucking Phil's cock in and out of my mouth. I started rocking my head up and down over his cock, hungrily impaling my mouth and throat again and again. He groaned, loving it as I sucked hard and stepped up the pace. He started shoving his hips faster, meeting every thrust of my face with his cock. He was so well-hung, he was making my pussy throb just being in my mouth! I kept eating him deep, into my mouth again and again, taking him every time with a hungry little grunt low in my throat. I sucked hard, wanting him to spurt into my mouth! I felt his cock-muscles tensing; he was getting ready! I was so good at blow-jobs, that I had no doubt I could make him come whenever I wanted to. But I had to have it now -- I simply had to get his thick load of jizz! If I didn't drink his come right now, I was going to explode with desire!

I hammered his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking him deep, deep, forcing him all the way into my hungry throat every time he entered my mouth. Then Phil let out a sudden grunt. "I'm gonna -- I'm gonna come!" and I knew I was finally going to taste him! I thrust faster, faster, and harder as I felt him plowing into me. Then he jerked, and his cock seemed to spew in gallons -- filling my mouth with his delicious taste. I kept sucking, shoving his cock in and out of my mouth, faster, faster, my lips clamped tight around his shaft. I felt a droplet of come leaking out of my lips, running down my face; I sucked harder so I could get more and more of that luscious, wonderful fluid! Phil finally came his last, spewing his final semen into my mouth; I pulled back and swallowed, licking my face to get every last drop. Then, I slowly covered his limp cock in tiny tongue-strokes; I licked off all of his come, slowly, making sure that I didn't rush so that I could savor the feeling of his cock on my tongue -- even soft, he was making me horny. And as I licked him, I felt him getting hard all over again.

I kept licking, running my tongue slowly from base to head and back again, stroking his gorgeous shaft with my lips and tongue. When he was all the way hard, I pressed my lips back around his cock-head and slid it slowly back into my mouth, loving its feel in my aching throat. Then, my pussy throbbing in anticipation of what was to come, I slowly got off my knees and back to my feet, pressing my naked body against Phil's.

"I love the taste of your come," I whispered into his face. "It's delicious. I want you to come in my pussy."


"Come in my pussy," I begged. Phil nodded as I told him I wanted to be fucked. But I was so wet already I'm sure he wasn't surprised! He put his arms around me and started easing me toward the couch. I smiled as we neared it. He was going to fuck me, good and hard, on his office couch.

Phil eased me back, pushing me gently onto the couch. I sat down on it, my legs parted, and looked up at him as his cock jutted out toward me. It looked so gorgeous -- I couldn't believe how fast he'd gotten hard the second time! Just knowing how hot he was for me made me wetter; he was hornier than any well-hung stud I'd fucked. I spread my legs further, relaxing into the couch; it was plush, soft velvety material and felt great on my naked ass and thighs. I put my arms up on the back, stretching them wide open so my breasts looked perfect in the dim light; I grinned hungrily at him and snuggled into the softness of the couch. The couch was custom-made for fucking; it was big and wide, with a slanted back so I could stretch luxuriously into it; the soft material caressed my buttocks as I sat there. I lifted one leg and pointed my toes, touching Phil's thigh with them. Then I curved my leg around, bending it at the knee, and pulled Phil closer.

He got on top of me, pressing me down into the couch. I let out a sensuous "Mmmmmmmm," as his naked, hard body pressed its way onto me. I spread my legs further, sliding over so I was lengthwise on the couch. One of my feet dangled over the side of the couch onto the floor; the other was lifted high over the couch back. Phil pressed his mouth against mine and I felt his tongue seething into my mouth; he kissed me deep and hard, sensually letting me taste every bit of his luscious tongue. His hard cock pressed against my stomach; I reached around and started caressing his gorgeous ass with the tips of my fingers, stroking his beautiful cheeks with my long fingernails. Phil kept kissing me as he leaned more heavily on top of my naked body, pressing me firmly into the couch; the velvet really felt incredible against my naked back. I held his ass tight as he started rubbing his cock up and down against my stomach; its tip was wet and I could feel it sliding neatly on my flesh. My tits brushed rhythmically against the hair of Phil's beautiful chest; I felt my hard nipples getting harder as my cunt throbbed to be fucked. Phil wasn't going to rush it, though -- he had a gorgeous model and he was going to fuck her for all she was worth -- slow and strong.

Phil's mouth slid away from mine; I felt him inching his body slowly up on mine; he spread his legs and put one of his feet on the floor so that he straddled me, beautifully. He reached between his legs and took hold of my breasts; they were huge and gorgeous, and tingling for him to touch them. I moaned as he started playing with them, stroking gently in big circles, petting with his fingertips. He touched my erect nipples and I gasped; he started squeezing them gently and I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I love having my nipples pinched and he was doing it just right! I moaned softly as he spread his fingers wide and took each breast in his hands; he squeezed gently and then moved his body still further up. I felt the head of his cock bouncing between my breasts as I writhed hungrily with every stroke he gave my tits. He lifted my breasts and spread them slightly, revealing my cleavage as he eased his cock forward. Then he pressed my tits together, squeezing my huge, fleshy mounds around his cock.

I grunted as I felt my nipples pressing together around his cock. My skin was smooth. Phil began to ease his hips back and forth and his cock slid easily between my breasts. It felt marvelous -- his cock was so big, and feeling him rub it between my big tits was driving me crazy with desire! I moaned softly as Phil fucked my breasts, he squeezed my tits tightly together and I started rocking my body against him to help him along. His long shaft plowed into my cleavage again and again, each thrust of his wide-open legs on top of me shoving his cockhead close to my mouth. But I never reached down to put it in my mouth -- I loved having him between my tits too much! I wanted him to come, spurt his thick jizz all over my breasts and rub it in with his cock-head, rub his semen into my hard nipples! I reached up and put my hands over his; I pressed them harder together and my tits closed tighter around his long shaft. His hands were really strong and beautiful; I could still feel the wetness of my pussy-juice on his right hand. I'd really been gushing when he'd finger-fucked me and I was really gushing now, having him tit-fuck me! He plowed his cock up against my neck as I pressed harder; he started easing his fingers back from my tits and I slid mine down. He took his hands away and put them behind my head, leaning on the couch. I went to it, pushing my tits firmly together so that Phil's cock was squeezed tight in between them -- like my huge breasts were pressing together like a cunt! I moaned wildly, "Shove it hard in there! Fuck me between the tits -- come on my face!"

Phil grunted, plowing his hips rapidly back and forth on top of me. His cock picked up speed as I moaned louder, begging him to come on me. I'd loved the taste of his come in my mouth -- now I wanted it all over my tits and all over my face. I wanted to feel him coming all over me! I begged him. "Fuck my tits -- come on me! Please, oh Phil, I want your hot jizz -- now!" He fucked harder and faster, getting me wetter -- my ass lifted rhythmically against his body so I felt his legs spread wide over my stomach. He fucked my tits, his cock pink and engorged -- he shoved faster and let out a moan that told me he was about to come. I pressed my tits tighter around his cock, feeling them hot with friction from his wild tit-fucking. Phil started ramming his cock faster between my tits, hammering it roughly as he got ready to come all over me. I moaned in pleasure, begging him with my best please-fuck-me gaze to spurt on my tits. I arched my back, trying to press my tits even harder around his firm shaft; Phil grunted and then his cock-muscles tensed and exploded. He spurted, groaning in orgasm, spurting his hot jizz out onto my tits. I felt the long lines of thick fluid spraying over my neck and then over my face; he covered my cheeks with come as he fucked my tits. Then he pulled back a little as he climaxed, spurting it all over my pink, aching breasts. I moaned as he came on me, my back still arched so he could spurt perfectly all over me. I sighed as he finished coming; I let my tits sink apart as he rested on top of me, his soft cock still thrust between my breasts.

Phil moved down my body slowly. I watched every move he made, my cunt throbbing for him. I could only hope he'd get it up again and ram his cock into my pussy -- he was such a stud, and knew just how to fuck me! I felt confident he'd get hard in minutes; he'd probably had lots of practice.

"You're gonna make me come again, baby," said Phil. Then he smiled. "I think you'll be right for the job if you can make me cream just one more time. But first -- I want to see how you do with props."

I smiled up at him, feeling his come drip down over my neck and tits. I licked my lips and tasted his delicious, tangy semen; I wiped it slowly off my face and licked my fingers till they were clean. Then I put my hands on my breasts and started rubbing gently, massaging his come into my skin. I rubbed my hard nipples, feeling myself get even more turned on. I would have done anything to get him to fuck me! And to think, I was getting myself a job by doing this!

Phil was knelt between my wide-apart knees; he grinned down at me as he watched me massaging his come into my tits. I smiled back, horny for his cock -- I wanted him to get hard again and plunge it into my tight slit!

"Props?" I asked innocently.

Phil chuckled, leaning over the side of the couch. I got a perfect view of his magnificent, glorious ass as he did so; he had the best legs I've ever seen. And his ass made me want to...

I sat up, between his open legs; I ran my come-slick fingers over the luscious cheeks of his ass, massaging them and spreading them. He knelt on the couch with his legs spread over my waist; I was at the perfect angle. I opened my mouth slightly as I parted his gorgeous asscheeks; I let my tongue snake out and slowly licked from the bottom to the top, tasting his musky, delicious asshole. He let out a moan as I did so; he pressed his ass back against my face as I licked harder. I firmly stroked my tongue down, then forward almost to the base of his balls, then up, up, between his smooth cheeks to press my wet tongue into his asshole. I licked there gently, reaching around Phil's waist to touch his soft cock. As I rimmed him, I felt his cock stirring; feeling him get hard in my hand made me so horny that my tongue-thrusts got stronger. I lapped hungrily between his cheeks; his shaft started getting bigger, getting hard in my hand; I wanted it so much! But his asshole tasted delicious, and I kept licking it as Phil's cock grew all the way until he had a full hard-on. I tongued him rapidly, rubbing his cock slowly up and down to make him want it in my cunt. I ached to have him fuck me then and there! I felt him bending further over, reaching for something behind the couch; then he lifted his leg and turned slowly. I let my tongue drop away and relaxed back into the couch, licking my lips and savoring the taste. I stretched out on the velvet, spreading my legs again and easing my arms up over my head, showing him my tits -- which still glistened with his come. Phil knelt in between my legs and smiled down at me; I saw that he held a small case. He set it on the back of the couch.

"You're a feisty little girl," he said. "You'll really add something to the magazine -- assuming, of course, that you keep doing such a wonderful job."

I nodded slowly, watching Phil's gorgeous face. He opened the case, a small leather job; I didn't get up to see what was inside. I wanted him to show me.

"This is what I meant," he said.

He lifted a dildo, holding it in front of me so I could inspect it. It was made of black leather and was huge -- bigger even than Phil's cock. They always made dildoes bigger than any man's cock. I loved it that way. Dildoes turn me on so much sometimes that I can hardly control myself. I smiled up at him as he lowered it between my tits.

"Let's get it all greased up," he said, rubbing it in his come. "I want you to take it all the way."

I lifted my legs higher, spreading them wider so one hung over the back while the other was stretched out onto the floor. The dildo was shiny and black with the come from my tits, Phil pressed it up against my hard nipple and I gasped.

"We'll see how you do with leather inside you," he said, grinning. I looked up at him, panting and horny -- the feel of the huge dildo against my nipple was turning me on. I wanted it inside me and I knew if I did well that Phil would put his cock into my cunt! And then... it'd be just the start.

I snuggled down into the couch, spreading my legs wider. "Put it inside my cunt," I panted.

Phil eased the dildo slowly down my body, letting its slippery head press against my stomach; he made sure I felt it getting closer and closer to my cunt. I closed my eyes, biting my lip in horny anticipation. Phil moved back a little further between my legs so he had plenty of room to shove the dildo inside me. I felt him stroking this soft leather head gently up and down my inner thighs, getting me wetter with every motion he made. He slid it closer to my cunt, getting that luscious cock near my throbbing, aching slit. I felt the head in between my swollen pink pussy-lips; he pressed it against the hole and I moaned softly. It felt so good and it was so big! I loved them big; I wanted him to shove that huge dildo into my cunt, hard and deep and fast. He pushed on the dildo and it entered me slowly, spreading my tight pussy-lips and stretching my hole. I grunted, lifting my ass slowly off of the couch to meet the long, slow, even thrust of Phil's hand putting the dildo into my cunt. It was huge, all right, I could feel my pussy stretching as he forced it in -- but oh, God, I thought I would cream right then and there as the long, supple leather shaft sank into my cunt. It was shaped just like a real cock, and feeling it go into me made me want Phil's even more! I opened my eyes wide and fixed them on the erect shaft of Phil's prick hovering in front of me -- jutting out from his crotch, bouncing slightly with every little movement of my hips. He shoved the dildo in harder, forcing it deeper into my tight pussy -- it was so huge, I could feel my cunt throbbing in exertion as I tried to put it in all the way. I reached between my wide-open legs and felt Phil's strong fingers curved around the base of the dildo. I could feel as I ran my fingertips over the slippery leather that he'd only put half of that marvelous prick into me. I moaned loudly, shoving my body closer to Phil's so that my cunt slurped up more of that enormous shaft. I bit my lip; it was starting to hurt with the incredible stretching, but that didn't make me hesitate for a moment in my insane desire to fuck that dildo all the way into my cunt. Waves of intense pleasure rolled over my body as Phil put it in deeper, another inch, then another -- it was really going all the way into my pussy! Just a few more inches... I groaned hungrily: "Put it all into me! I want all that luscious dildo in my tight snatch -- it's so big!"

I sat up, straining toward Phil, spreading my legs wider. The dildo was still jutting three inches out of me, it was enormous! But my cunt was aching with the pleasure of having it rammed deep into me. I looked straight into Phil's face, which was flushed red with horniness.

"Put it all into me," I panted. "And then I want you to fuck me with it."

I sank slowly back down onto the couch, getting spread-eagled so I was totally vulnerable to Phil and the leather shaft of that wonderful cock. I closed my eyes just as Phil reached under me to take hold of my smooth ass-cheeks. Then, gripping my buttocks tightly, he shoved the dildo deeper into me.

I let out a near-scream as I felt it stretching its way deeper into my cunt. It was so big I thought I'd burst! But I simply had to have all of it inside me, I had to feel the entire shaft disappearing into my gushing cunt!

"All of it," I moaned. Phil shoved-again then again; I gasped every time I felt another inch going into me. And then I felt the ring on the leather hilt pressing hard against my cunt-lips and Phil's fingers curved around it. I had taken the whole dildo into my pussy.

I looked up at him, panting crazily. "Fuck me with it," I moaned. "Fuck me fast and hard and deep with that dildo!"

Phil grinned, then dragged the dildo roughly back.

I whimpered as it left me; Phil let it get almost all the way out so that I felt the spreading arrow-shaped leather head, then, he shoved it deeper, hard into me. I gasped and then moaned as I felt it sinking all the way in; he pulled back and shoved again. The dildo kept plunging long and hard into my cunt with rough, fast thrusts -- the enormous shaft slid easily into me now that my cunt was all stretched out and swollen from it. I writhed with every thrust, it was pure ecstasy to have it inside me! The only thing better would be to have Phil's cock. I looked up at it and my eyes went glassy as I watched his pink, hard cock bouncing up and down above me, while he plowed the leather dildo in and out of my cunt!

My hips pistoned in time with his dildo-fucking; he held on tightly to my ass so that I fucked the dildo at just the right tempo. He knew how to get me wetter! I was close -- I knew if he kept shoving that huge dildo in and out of my cunt I'd come right there on the couch without ever touching his cock! I was so close, my cunt was swelling up in pleasure, getting ready to burst in an incredible orgasm. I moaned louder with every fuck he gave me; his rhythm was perfect, but I wanted to get it from behind! I loved being fucked doggy-style and the dildo had me so turned on, I wanted to come on my knees while getting fucked by it!

I put my hand on his; he plunged the dildo one more time into me so that it stretched hilt-deep in my cunt as I panted. "I want it from behind! Let me get on my knees! Fuck me doggy-style with that huge dildo!"

Phil lifted my ass; he let go of the dildo and I tensed my cunt muscles, gasping in pleasure as I felt my tight channel gripping the dildo. I swung one leg slowly over Phil's body, holding the cock tight in between my lips. I slid my knee up, getting on all fours on the big couch. The dildo was jutting out of my cunt, still all the way inside me! I kept it tightly in there as I rolled over; I spread my legs but stayed mostly upright so that my back was perfectly arched and my ass was pointed straight at Phil. His fingers curved around my pussy-lips as he took hold of the dildo and started jerking it slowly up and down. I was so close already, I couldn't believe how good it had felt gripping the dildo with my cunt so it would stay in. My cunt-muscles were strong from years of good, hard fucking and now I knew what use they would be! I kept them tensed, tight and hard, as Phil tugged at the dildo; he started to ease it back but my cunt held on to it hungrily. He pulled harder; I felt my muscles giving as the cock slid out of my well-lubed cunt. I moaned; as I gripped it, it felt even better to have it sliding out of me. Phil took it slowly out of my cunt, bringing the dildo back so the big head spread my cunt-lips, then shoving it deep as I held my muscles tight! He felt how tight I was making myself and shoved harder; the dildo slid into me as I pushed against it. My whole body seemed to seethe in pleasure as I fought against the cock. I wanted it inside me, but it felt so incredible to be squeezing it -- I brought my ass back toward Phil's body to help him shove it into my cunt. He forced it deeper, then deeper still, till it was all the way inside me.

I was on the very brink, I couldn't hold back! I wanted him to fuck me hard, fast, rough with that dildo. I let my muscles relax and felt Phil's hand moving faster. He pulled rapidly back with the leather cock, then, shoved hard into me, then back and forth and back and forth. I felt him entering me again and again with the dildo, I moaned out loudly. "I'm gonna come! Fuck that prick inside me, make me juice!" I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I felt myself tottering on the brink of orgasm. I was going to come and I knew it, any second now, with just a few thrusts, but I wanted to come with his dildo in my ass! My asshole was throbbing with desire -- having him plow it into my cunt had made me want the leather cock plunged deep between my parted cheeks. I looked back at him, panting rhythmically with his fucking, and moaned. "Put it up my ass. Shove it in there, between my cheeks! My asshole wants it!"

Phil held my ass tightly as he slowed his thrusts into my cunt. Then he dragged the dildo back, gently, slowly, it felt so huge now that I knew where he was going to put it! But I had to have it in there, I wanted to come with it in my asshole! I whimpered and then grunted as the cock-head spread my lips, leaving me, then it sank out all the way and my cunt throbbed, feeling incredibly empty. But my asshole wanted it more. I could feel my tight asshole tingling in anticipation of being fucked. I snuggled down more firmly into the couch as Phil spread my cheeks. My pink, tight asshole was exposed; I felt the cold air against it and then Phil put the head of the leather dildo up against my hole. I shut my eyes tight, holding my ass in just the right position for him to shove it in. I wanted it so bad I would have done anything! Phil held it there, held the long, supple cock pointed between my cheeks, not letting it enter me but making me beg for it.

"Put -- it -- in..." I panted, staring back glassy-eyed at him. "Put it up my ass! Please, I want it... oh Phil shove that dildo into my asshole... I need it so bad... fuck me up the ass and make me come...!"

Phil put his hand between my open legs, holding my thighs so I was steady. Then, firmly and powerfully, he pressed the dildo forward.

I felt it stretching my tight cheeks apart as the thick head went into my asshole. I moaned, loud and horny, feeling the prick sink in. The first inch I thought my asshole would explode, it felt so incredible and it was so big! A wave of fear ran through me, but I couldn't have stopped if I had wanted to, I needed that dildo in my asshole! I felt my asshole stretching with every inch Phil forced his hand ahead; I grunted and shoved my ass back to take more of it. Phil pressed harder, realizing how tight my asshole was, I didn't get fucked up the ass very often, which was why I wanted it so bad now! It went deeper -- deeper -- I was going to take it all and then he'd ass-fuck me with it, and I would come! I was so close to an incredible orgasm, my ass filled and aching with the leather dildo and throbbing in desire to take more of it! He'd put maybe two-thirds of it into my asshole, but I panted hungrily: "All of it -- fuck me with all of it, I want you to ass-fuck me with that whole cock, YEAH!" He shoved harder, it went in, in, filling my ass and then I moaned viciously, my body tingling with ecstasy as I felt that it was all the way in. He'd put all of that great cock into my asshole. I shoved my ass back, trying to take more of it and found that I couldn't, I'd put it all in! I groaned and panted as I eased my hips forward, the dildo slid back, pulling out of my asshole and then I shoved my cheeks back, putting it deep in there again! I moaned as Phil met my thrust, plunging the dildo all the way into my ass. Then he dragged it out, then in again, shoving in time with my hip-thrusts so the cock forced its way roughly into me every time our bodies came together! I writhed and panted and moaned in pleasure, almost coming as he ass-fucked me with that gorgeous leather dildo! I thought my cunt would explode with its emptiness and my horniness, I gasped out crazily as I tottered on the brink. "Shove your fingers in! Put your fingers in my cunt, finger-fuck me hard! Ram them deep -- uhhh-hh!"

Phil slid his hand in between my wide-open thighs and I felt three of his thick, strong fingers pressing against my cunt. He shoved hard and they went quickly into me, stretching out my aching pussy-hole and making my whole body explode with ecstasy. I screamed wildly as he hammered his fingers in and out of my cunt; I still fucked my ass back and forth so that the dildo sank into my ass and brought me close, the combination of his dildo in my ass and his fingers in my cunt was going to make me...

"Oh GOD! DON'T STOP! Ass-fuck me -- shove your fingers in -- oh, it's so good, I'm coming! Fuck me!" I rammed my body back against his so he double-fucked me as I climaxed -- the orgasm burst through my body. I thought I'd go mad with the incredible pleasure thundering through me. I moaned loudly, aching to take his cock into my pussy, but he just brought me off with the dildo and his hand, shoving both into me as I came! My climax was amazing, it was so good I heard myself screaming and gasping in bliss. I shoved my body rhythmically against Phil's, filling my ass and cunt with his forceful wrist-thrusts. He propelled the dildo and his fingers into me even as I finished coming and went limp on the couch. My whole body seethed and throbbed with post-orgasmic bliss as Phil let his hands slow down; he eased the dildo gradually into my asshole again and I whimpered in pleasure; then he forced his fingers into my cunt to join it. I grunted with each tiny thrust he made into me; my ass and pussy ached in exertion, but I wasn't through yet! I wanted to get more; I could feel my whole lower body tingling as I thought about the hard cock jutting out behind me, just asking to have my tight cunt wedged around it. A smile fluttered across my face as Phil slid the dildo out of my ass and gently let his fingers fall back, out of my cunt.

"Oh God, Phil..." I moaned softly. "It's so good... I need your cock... fuck me..."

I was still sprawled on the couch, my legs and arms spread out in exhaustion. Phil put his hand under my stomach and slowly pulled me up as he snuggled closer to me. I grunted and got to my knees, letting him position me perfectly. My head was reeling with desire, I was in the perfect place for him to fuck me doggy-style! I wanted him to take me from behind, ramming his hard cock into me under my pink and just-fucked asshole, into my aching, throbbing cunt. He got in between my knees, easing me to all fours on the couch, just as I'd been when he'd finger and ass-fucked me. But this time he was going to do it for real, with his cock! He was going to put that luscious shaft into my cunt and fuck me!

"Put it in," I panted as he gripped my smooth hips. I spread my legs a little further as he eased in. He lifted me a bit so my cunt was at just the right angle. I was going crazy for him, he was finally going to put his cock into me! I wanted it so bad I would have exploded if I had to wait any longer to get his enormous shaft -- to get fucked!

Phil's hips slid gently forward. I gasped as he pressed his firm cock-head against my cunt. Bolts of ecstasy went through my body and then Phil forced it in. His cock felt huge even after the dildo, and he knew how to tease me! He forced his cock in just an inch or so, barely in at all since his cock was so huge! He held my hips tight, making me wet as I panted rapidly, begging for more of his cock.

"Oh put it in... oh God, I need your cock... more... oh, please more -- more, I've gotta have it -- give me your cock -- oh, put it in my cunt!"

Phil jerked his cock slowly up and down, making me groan in pleasure. Then he started drawing my hips around in slow, tiny circles, he held me tight and circled my cunt rhythmically around his cock, so that every time I moved I bit my lip to keep from screaming! I wanted his cock so bad -- then, as I whimpered like some slut, he brought my hips back, pressing his shaft into me.

"Mmmmm -- UH! Yes -- put it -- uh -- uh!" Phil's cock slid gradually into my slit as he pulled my body closer to his; I felt him shoving forward so that his cock sank fully into me. My naked ass pressed tightly against his stomach, wedged there as I felt him going in the last inch or so -- then, he had penetrated me as far as his cock would go! He held me there, letting me savor the feeling of his cock inside me, unmoving -- propping myself up with one arm, I reached between my legs and opened my palm. I curved my fingers slowly around the base of Phil's cock where it jutted out of my tightly stretched cunt -- there was almost none of it! I'd taken all of him except for a tiny little bit of his shaft and as I ran my fingers over him, savoring the feeling of his balls in my hand, Phil took a grip on me and shoved. I gasped and then grunted, feeling his cock go that last inch into me and he had entered me all the way. I let out a long, even groan: "Uhhhhh...!" as I stroked his balls gently, turned on by their shrunken feel. He was horny as hell and could come any second! The thought of his spurting that delicious semen into my cunt made me cream all over him; I could feel my cunt-juices dripping down around his balls. I was really gushing, having his cock inside me was so incredible I couldn't control my cunt!

I panted rhythmically. "Fuck me..."

Phil held my hips tight and started to fuck my cunt with his long, hard cock.

I moaned evenly, low at first, as I felt his body rocking against mine. His long shaft stroked out of me, then in again -- he put it deep, all the way, and I could feel that my pussy-lips were stretched up against his balls again. Then, he screwed it back, letting me savor the feeling of his thick cock-head spreading the entrance to my cunt-hole and fucked me again. He fucked me faster as I moaned louder; I whimpered and gnashed my teeth, stroking his balls so that I could feel him rocking his cock quickly into me. He fucked harder as he got hornier and as I gushed more thick, slippery pussy-juice down over his shaft and balls. I could feel his cock slick with my cunt as he pulled out of me; I wrapped my fingers around it every time he did so that I could know what his prick felt like when it went back inside of me -- all the way! He fucked faster, his cock seeming to get bigger and harder as I got closer to another orgasm, knowing that he was going to spurt inside of my tight snatch made me get closer fast! I wanted his come deep inside of me, dribbling out of my cunt. He was so big, and fucked me so good, I had to have him come! I started shoving my body rhythmically back against him, taking his cock into me rougher with every hard fuck. "Ram it in..." I moaned as his prick sank into me harder than ever, feeling so big -- I forced my cunt-lips down around his cock, begging for it even as I felt it sliding in over and over again. "Give it to me, oh, Phil, it's so big. I gotta have it -- harder!" He shoved harder and my cunt picked up speed, my whole naked body gyrating with him and my bare ass bouncing against his stomach every time he drove that prick into me...

"OH GOD, PUT IT IN! I'M GONNA COME! I'M GONNA..." I could tell from the way that Phil was grunting with each thrust that he was going to come, too. He was going to spurt his delicious jizz into my body, filling my cunt with his thick white fluid! I moaned wildly as I got ready to come -- Phil was really going to make me climax with my cunt stretched tight over his cock! I shoved my ass back against him so hard I thought I'd explode with exertion, but I had to have it deeper and harder than ever as I came! I knew I was going to orgasm. My cunt juices dribbled over his balls as I let my fingers trail off of them and brought my hand back up to steady me. I licked my fingers quickly, tasting my own tangy cunt. It sent a thrill through my body to taste my pussy and feel his hard cock in there at the same time! I moaned insanely, forcing my cunt back again -- again -- and then I felt his cock-muscles jerking, his thrusts intensifying -- and knew he was coming when he let out a crazy gasp! He fucked harder and knowing that he was about to spurt into me made me come too. My orgasm exploded through me as I felt Phil's immense shaft shooting a thick, long load of jism into my tight slit, filling me, his cock jerked wildly, and his hips pistoned it rapidly in and out of my cunt as he spurted all his semen inside me! He lifted my body with his hands on my hips as he fucked deep into me, then he came his last as my whole body exploded in the final throes of my incredible orgasm! I felt Phil relaxing on top of me, his cock still wedged into my tight hole as I went limp on the couch. His hard, naked body pressed me into the velveteen and I felt my erect nipples stroked by the soft couch. I sighed as he put his hand on my ass and pulled his cock out of me. I reached down between my spread, naked, sweat-covered thighs and ran my middle finger slowly around my tight cunt-lips, I could feel Phil's thick jizz dribbling out of my cunt. I eased my finger slowly into my pussy-hole; it was greased with his come. I sighed, snuggling into the couch under Phil's naked, my ass pressed up against his limp cock.

Phil nibbled on my ear, stroking it with his tongue. "I'd say you definitely have the job," he said, biting harder as I whimpered in pleasure. "I think you've got the sexual energy to add a lot to Beauty's layouts."

"I love layouts," I breathed softly. "I really love being in a layout." I giggled. "And getting laid out."

Phil chuckled. "The way you fuck, you'll find lots of both here at the magazine. If you want to make it here... well, this is a good start."

I smiled. "I can hardly wait. When's my first day?"

"Baby," he said, "I'd love to try to get you in as soon as I can. The sooner you start working as a staff model here, the more often I can see you... I like to keep a personal eye on how every model's doing."

I knew he did, all right! Beauty was a special magazine in that it had a few girls who were favorites of the readers, or the watchers! And probably favorites of the editors, too. They'd appear every few issues in new layouts, new costumes -- new positions, too. That was the best way to make it as a model in this biz, get to be someone's favorite. And I knew from the way that Phil had boned me that I was off on the right foot.

I relaxed, enjoying the feeling of Phil's body on mine. After a while, Phil got up off the couch and picked up his clothes. I watched him dress; all the while, his eyes were on my naked body spread on the couch.

"You'll have to talk to my higher-ups," said Phil as he zipped up his pants. He smiled broadly. "But I'm sure they'll see their way straight to help you out in any way they can."

I smiled myself, getting off the couch. I eased up close to him and put my naked body against him through his clothes. I rubbed myself slowly up and down, feeling the tingling of my hard nipples against his shirt. "I hope you don't think I'm just an astute businesswoman?"

Phil laughed. "I think you're that and many more things." He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. He nibbled quickly at my lips and I felt his tongue seething into my mouth. He stroked my tongue quickly and roughly. I felt myself getting turned on again as he kissed me. I snuggled closer, rubbing my naked body against his slowly, up and down as his tongue probed deeper between my parted lips, against my tongue. My nipples seemed to get harder as I stroked them against his shirt; Phil let me press myself harder against his body and put his arms around me. I felt his hands on my naked buttocks; my legs were slightly spread as he began to fondle and gently stroke them.

I sighed as he massaged my ass; Phil had such incredible hands. I thrust my tongue back against his; he kissed me hard and long as his fingers slithered down under the curve of my ass. It felt great to be naked against him; I didn't want to put my clothes on and I didn't want him to stop rubbing my ass. In fact... I let my hand trail around his body, sliding against his stomach. I put it between our bodies and opened my fingers slowly, pressing my palm against his crotch. He was getting hard all over again, he didn't even seem tired yet! I was still so wet for him that pressing my hand against his prick through his pants as the long shaft slowly got harder made me tingle with pleasure. I rubbed hard and Phil let out a grunt, his cock achieving a full hard-on. I stroked my body against his thirstily as I gently massaged his cock; I felt his hands curving around the bottom of my ass and probing between my cheeks, reaching between my slightly-spread thighs. I parted my legs farther, lowering myself on his body so my face was before his neck as he pulled his tongue impetuously out of my mouth. I closed my eyes and pressed my open lips against his salty, warm neck, gently petting his flesh with my tongue as his fingers slithered in between my thighs. I gasped as he touched my outer cunt-lips; they were still soaked with semen and fresh pussy-juice. I whimpered as he slid his fingers deeper between my lips, stroking the well-greased hole, but not penetrating me yet. I pressed my ass down against his hands and he pressed up; a bolt of pleasure went through me as he forced his fingertips against my pussy-hole. He probed deeper and touched my clit; I moaned as the tiny erect bud throbbed in response. It was so good... I panted heavily, running my tongue over his warm neck, licking him hungrily, occasionally biting him. He pressed his fingertips into my folds, stroking slowly from the bottom of my tight cunt-hole up to the aching mound of my clit, I bit him harder as his hand lingered on my clit and he started pressing up and down. I grunted in time with his rubbing; he masturbated me slowly as I groped at his cock.

The feel of his long shaft in my hand was making me wetter. I couldn't believe I wanted him again already! I tightened my fingers around his prick as he jogged my clit rhythmically up and down; my whole body was jerking with every tiny movement on my clit. I lapped his neck, biting him more frequently as the tingling and aching in my pussy got stronger. I moved my hand up from his cock to the button of his pants, which he'd already fastened; I unfastened it and started drawing his zipper down. The hard shaft of his cock came into view again through his tightly-stretched underpants; I couldn't believe how much I'd missed it! I slid my hand down his pants and rubbed his cock more directly as he pinched my clit ever so slightly; my whole spine seemed to light up with sudden ecstasy and I gasped, thrusting my body roughly against his so that my nipples seemed charged with the feeling of his chest through his shirt. With my free hand I started unbuttoning his shirt, easing it slowly open as he stroked my clit; I never let his cock out of my other hand. The feel of his naked chest against my hand as I stroked and groped it turned me on even more; he had one of the most gorgeous chests I'd ever seen. I squeezed his nipple gently, making him press against my clit even harder; finally I had his shirt all the way open and my tits were pressed firmly up to his naked, hairy chest. Squirming against him, I felt my nipples stroked up and down on his soft chest-hair; my whole body was alive against him. Phil's hand slid deeper between my cunt-lips and before long he pressed his finger against my tight hole. I held my breath as he pressed in; his middle finger eased its way into me. My cunt was really wet now, not only was I oozing the gallons of thick, slippery come that Phil had shot into me, but I was gushing all over again with the feeling of his body against my naked flesh and his hand in my cunt! His finger went easily in, barely stretching me at all but making my whole lower body light up in ecstasy. I moaned softly, still licking his neck and biting it every few seconds and grasping his cock hungrily with one hand! My other hand snaked down his loose waistband and I began to stroke his gorgeous, tight ass through the sweaty cotton of his underpants. Feeling his ass like I had when I'd licked him sent a tingle up my spine. Phil started easing his finger in and out of me, back and forth, finger-fucking me gently so that I writhed and squirmed against him. I thrust my ass down against his hand as he shoved it in more quickly, he let a second finger join the first and started finger-fucking me with both fingers! It felt so incredible, I needed to have his cock in my pussy again! I put my mouth up against his ear and whispered: "Oh Phil... once isn't enough... I've gotta have you again!" As I breathed warmly into his ear, as sexy as I could be, I slowly pulled down the elastic of his underpants and eased out his cock. He grunted when I wrapped my fingers around the naked shaft; it was hot with the blood coursing through it. He felt so big -- even after having him inside me, I was amazed at how luscious his cock was. Phil's hand quickened under my ass, ramming his fingers in and out of me. I started fucking my body, spreading my legs further; I slipped my hand under his shirt and stroked his naked back and tugged at him, trying to pull him onto the floor as I inched down his body. He moved a little, but made me wait as he finger-fucked me hard and fast, stroking his cock up and down, jacking him off, my cunt really exploded in pleasure. I could stand it no more, I had to feel that cock in my mouth! I bent slowly down, Phil let his fingers slide out of my cunt and I sighed in disappointment. But I had to taste him again and then I was sure he'd fuck me once more!

I bent over, my ass thrust high into the ground, and put my lips against the head of his cock. He still tasted like my tangy, luscious cunt, but as I started running my tongue all over his thick, arrow-shaped head, I tasted his salty pre-cum dripping out of his cock. I lapped at it thirstily and as I got more and more turned on, I placed my lips at his very head and shoved, forcing his cock into my mouth. I moaned softly in pleasure as it filled my mouth, pressing against my tongue, I heard Phil grunting in response as I sucked him hard and knew how much he loved my mouth. I forced it deeper, feeling his shaft enter the top of my throat, forcing myself to deep-throat so that I could take him all. Then, I wrapped my fingers around his balls, stroking them sexily as I finished eating his cock. He'd fucked me all the way down my throat; I sucked hard and started jerking my tongue roughly up and down. Phil shoved his hips in time with me, feeling his body seethe against mine made my cunt throb! My mouth wasn't enough, I needed him in my cunt!

I eased my mouth back up, sucking hard every inch. I slithered up his body, pressing the length of my naked skin against him. "Let's do it," I panted into his ear, tugging on his shoulders. "Fuck me on the floor."

I pulled hard and Phil gave in. I slid gradually down onto my knees, pulling him with me; my arms wrapped around the back of his neck on his upper shoulders. He started licking and biting at my shoulders as I got all the way to my knees and spread my legs wide; helped by his hands on my ass, I lay on my back and eased my feet far apart, bending my knees so I could lift my ass slightly and show Phil my pink, dripping slit, which was slick with his semen! Phil got on top of me, tossing off his shirt as I reached down and pulled his pants open wider. I took his cock in my hand and maneuvered him in between my legs as I raised and lowered my ass as if I was fucking him already. I could feel the plush carpet of the office stroking my ass, it must have been two inches long and made for fucking! I wondered how many other models he'd fucked on this floor -- no fucks as good as me, I was sure! Phil lay on top of me and I shoved his cock up against my hole, in between my dripping cunt-lips. I let go of his prick and put my arms around his waist, molding my fingers onto his ass so I could feel his gorgeous cheeks tensing when he entered me.

"Fuck me," I panted into his ear, whimpering softly as his cock strained against my greased hole. "Shove your cock into me. Fuck me on the floor."

Phil shoved hard then, and his powerful shaft slid into me. I moaned wildly, lifting my ass off the plush carpet so he could ram it harder into my cunt. He fucked me all the way in one shove, the entire length of his enormous prick went into my wet channel! He was so horny and so hard from my short blow-job that he couldn't hold back; he started fucking me crazily right away! He pulled his hips back and I squeezed his ass tighter, pulling my body forward against his as he shoved so that his cock-thrusts were even stronger! Each thrust was quick and hard, fucking me deep and I practically lost my mind as he entered me again and again! It was so good, I told him so every time he fucked me with a tiny, horny whimper: "So good... so good... uh! So good -- uh! That's soooo good... uh..." My panting matched his fucks, every time he shoved into me I had to catch my breath with the waves of pleasure running through my cunt! He was so big, he seemed to fill my cunt even as I gushed semen from his last fuck -- it dribbled down around his balls as I reached between my open thighs to feel his shaft sinking into me! Then I gripped his ass again, feeling every time as he plowed into me with that incredible prick... I moaned crazily, begging for more as I felt his thrusts getting stronger, he was going to come any second! "Come inside me, baby," I panted. "Spurt... It's so good... so good... so good..." He grunted and shoved with even more energy as I rocked my hips up and down, meeting every thrust so my cunt took him rapidly, roughly, then he moaned, biting my neck and tonguing it viciously, licking me hard and fast as I realized he was gonna do it again! He put his hands under my naked ass and gripped hard, lifting me against him with each fuck so he controlled where my cunt went and brought it down tighter and harder around his shaft. He was going to come, I moaned for him to spurt deep and wet, I had to have his jizz again! Phil's fingers bit into my ass, I knew he was going to bruise me, but I didn't care! He rammed his cock in faster, then his cock-muscles tightened in my cunt and he groaned in pleasure! He spurted, and I could feel his come gushing into my pussy, filling me with his thick semen! He still shoved into me as he emptied another load into my snatch, then he went limp and lay, exhausted, on top of my naked body. My legs were still spread wide around him, I panted heavily as his cock went soft, still rammed into my cunt.

I gently nibbled on his ear, feeling his come splashed around my lips. "Your come feels so good inside me," I whispered. Phil chuckled, then looked up, glancing at the clock.

"Almost time for lunch," he said, getting to his knees between my legs. "I've got a meeting at the Chestershire Pub. I've got to talk to Rich about new models!"

My eyes went wide as I lay with my thighs spread around Phil's knees. Rich was Richard Billings, the publisher. I smiled slowly.

"He'll be dying to meet you," said Phil. "Can you make a lunch date tomorrow?"

"With Richard Billings?" I said, propping myself up on my elbows. "You bet! What time?"

Phil chuckled. He got up and started fastening his pants. When he was done, he put on his shirt and buttoned it slowly, looking me up and down where I was sprawled nude on the floor.

"Twelve," said Phil, grinning. "At the Chestershire. But... these meetings tend to run long."

"No problem."

"Sometimes very long. Very, very long. First we talk contracts, but after that..."

I grinned. I'd met Richard before at a few parties. He was gorgeous, even better looking than Phil. And I'd had girlfriends who'd worked here and done all that goes along with that.

They'd all said that Richard's lunches were very special.

"I think we can arrange something... extra long. I don't have any plans for tomorrow afternoon."

Phil put on his jacket. "Or evening?"

I smiled. "This could be fun."

"And very lucrative." Still eyeing my naked body, Phil went over to his desk and picked up the phone. "Before I go," he said, "I'm going to set up a little session for you. Some more test shots. Are you free for the rest of the afternoon?"

"Sure," I said. I got onto my knees, meeting Phil's eyes as he dialed. He watched me closely as I spread my legs and started stroking my stomach. Then I quickly moved my hand in between my open thighs.

I touched my wet clit and pleasure shot through me. Then, I started to massage my lower cunt-lips; I slid a finger into my tight hole, groaning as it penetrated me. I was filled with his thick come still; I rubbed my fingers around my pussy and brought them up to my hands, licking slowly and gently. The delicious taste filled my mouth.

"I love this job," I said, smiling. Phil was watching me intently, he hadn't finished dialing yet. I could see from across the room that his cock had gotten hard again and was bulging through his pants. I smiled, pleased with myself, as I got slowly to my feet, making sure he watched me all the way.

"Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget what I love about it," I said, licking my fingers again and running my jizz-slick hands over my hard nipples. I bent over, my ass facing Phil, to pick up my clothes from the floor. I glanced between my legs and saw that he was still watching me; I knew he had a marvelous beaver-shot! I savored the feeling of his hot glance stroking my body as I eased on my panties, feeling his come and my cunt dripping against them. Then I slithered into my bra, turning around so that he could watch as I tugged the black lace over my tits. Then I squeezed into my tight miniskirt, smoothing it over my ass. I put on my shirt, leaving it open so he could see my breasts through the black lace of my bra.

Phil spoke into the phone, still watching me. "Yeah, Richard. There's this great new model I've got. I think she'll be just right for the 'Leather Lovelies' spread and more than a few of her own, perhaps. You'll have to meet her -- tomorrow lunch? Sounds great. And... uh..." Phil's eyes went wide as I slipped my hand under my lace demi-bra, I started petting my nipples firmly and let out a horny whimper. I started rocking my body back and forth, eyes roving over Phil's cock as it stretched his pants. "And listen, Rich. I'm going to be a little bit late for lunch today. All right? Emergency. Something came up."

I grinned as Phil hung up and moved quickly toward me from behind his desk.


I put all my clothes back on before I went. As I walked out, I couldn't help noticing Phil's receptionist. She was gorgeous, a tall blonde girl with her hair pulled up in a bun on the top of her head; she looked very businesslike but I could tell from her bright eyes that she had her wild side. I noticed her when I came in earlier. All the time I'd sat there waiting for Phil, she'd kept glancing at me flirtatiously and making me squirm uncomfortably, my eyes roving over her body. Her face was perfect -- like skin blushed naturally deep red, with lovely features that fascinated me. She wore a businesslike suit with a wool jacket and skirt, but the jacket fit tightly over a stretched sweater which displayed her large breasts nicely, and her skirt was very short for a secretary -- barely decent, in fact. Miniskirts weren't fashionable in the office anymore, but Beauty was different. I could see as she leaned over the copy machine that she had gorgeous legs. The skirt stretched down over her buttocks, she had one of the most beautiful asses I've ever seen. And when she glanced up at me, her smile was friendly and sexy. She wore glasses, but they didn't take away from her luscious, bright blue eyes. I saw that she wore a name tag; her name was Stephanie.

"Hi there," she said. "Can I help you with anything?" Her voice was deep and husky, incredibly sexy. She couldn't keep herself from smirking knowingly as she glanced back at Phil's office. She winked at me.

I smiled back, flirting as best I could in my just-fucked state. "I'm looking for studio 12. Phil said you would be... helpful."

"I try to be helpful," she laughed lightly. "Studio 12? I'd be glad to take you there."

"That'd be great."

"Follow me -- what was your name?"

"Tanya Marimont."

"Tanya." She shook my hand; her fingers were long and strong. "We're very friendly here at Beauty. Call me Stephanie."

She walked toward the door, she held it open for me politely. Then I followed down the corridor; I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous legs and ass. Stephanie really was quite incredible; she was turning me on just by being so friendly. And I don't doubt that she knew what went on in Phil's office!

"So how'd the interview?" she asked as we walked.

"Uh -- oh, it went great!"

"Did you get it?" Stephanie asked. I blushed red, but I was only embarrassed because she turned me on so much. "I guess so," she went on, "if you're going to the studio."

"It's just another test roll," I said. "I'm not sure if I've got the layouts yet."

Stephanie smiled. "But I guess you put in your time... I take it Phil liked your looks?"

I nodded, fixing my eyes on hers. "He sure did."

We reached the elevator and got in. The doors closed; we were alone in the tiny room.

"I'm sure you'll do fine," said Stephanie. She looked deep into my eyes; I was stunned by how sexy she was. "You're gorgeous. There's no way they'd let a model like you get away."

"That's nice to hear," I said.

"You meeting with Rich tomorrow?"

"Uh -- huh!" I couldn't take my eyes off of hers.

"I'm sure that'll help you along nicely." Stephanie reached out and touched my shoulder, stroking it reassuringly. "I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of you at the magazine!"

I was leaning toward her almost without knowing it! Phil sure had great taste in secretaries. I wished I could have Stephanie at my beck and call! I had to fight myself to keep from moving forward and kissing her right then and there!

"I hope so," I said breathily.

The elevator stopped; Stephanie patted my shoulder and turned. I followed her into the hall, still watching those delicious legs.

"Here we are," she said, opening a door that read '12'. "We're doing all these special issues, so it looks like it's being used. But they're probably just finishing up."

I nodded. She went in with me; I looked around. It was a big studio; there was a session going on already. I caught my breath as I saw her; it was another gorgeous girl -- stark naked and spread out on a huge Victorian bed with rumpled sheets. And writhing around on the bed, playfully wrestling with her, was a gorgeous guy. They were doing a fantasy scenario layout -- a fucking scene. They rolled over so her legs were spread wide as she lay on top of the guy; she held her cunt in the air as she lifted his cock, her pussy was an inch from the huge member. They didn't do too many hard-on shots in the magazine, but when they did, the pictures really turned me on. I watched as they played around, getting some really sexy shots. She ran her fingers all over his hard shaft, moving it up and down slowly; she'd slowly lick her tongue from the bottom of his cock to the top, never touching it. It was all just for the pictures, but I could tell he was enjoying it from the way he moved his body roughly against hers. She had short black hair that was spiked up, her tits were smaller than mine but looked great. I felt my cunt tingling as I watched her. And he was gorgeous, too, huge and muscular, and so well hung I could hardly believe it. His cock was bigger than Phil by at least two inches; I could almost feel his cock in my hand as I watched the girl stroking it. I could have sworn by the look in her eyes that she wanted to put it in her mouth and really give him a blow-job -- on camera or off. But she kept her distance, never quite touching his huge, hard prick with her outstretched tongue. They got a few shots of them doggy-style, his cock almost ready to plunge into her cunt and then, he spread her cheeks so it looked like he was about to fuck her up the ass. It was driving me crazy watching them; I would have done anything to see him plunge that gorgeous cock into her. She looked like she wanted it; her cunt glistened wet and her whole naked body was flushed. Her cheeks were bright red, both her ass cheeks and her face. She was so gorgeous -- I felt my cunt dripping freshly as I watched.

I glanced over to Stephanie; she was watching intently, too. Both of us were professionals, but I could tell she was fascinated by the two bodies rolling about on the bed. I smiled at her; she smiled back and whispered. "It's a great job. I get to see stuff like this all the time. Isn't it sexy?"

I nodded, running my eyes over Stephanie's long, shapely legs. The photographer moved around in front of us, I saw with surprise that he was a young guy, not much older than the stud on the bed, and certainly no less gorgeous. He wore tight shorts and a tank top, his attractive body was pretty obvious. I could see his tight ass as he bent over to get a low shot of the guy almost -- eating the girl out. He wasn't bad looking, that was for sure! I wondered if he modeled in his spare time.

"That's Johnny Sinclair," said Stephanie. "He's cute. One of our best photographers. I can't believe you got him for your test!"

Finally, Johnny called a cut and the two lovers got off the bed. "Whew," said the girl, stretching as she stood up. "That's all for today! I get to go home!"

The guy chuckled. Both started walking toward the screens to change. She looked even better standing up and he hadn't lost his hard-on. Johnny was loading film; Stephanie and I stood patiently while the two models slid behind the screen. From where I was standing, I could just barely see them. I thought they knew I was there -- at first!

The woman shoved her naked body up against his; she bent down quickly and opened her mouth, molding it to the huge shaft of his rod. She thrust it into her mouth, forcing it deep, she took it all, even though it was enormous! He kept silent, standing still as she lifted her mouth over his cock and shoved it back down. I couldn't believe how fast she was working! They didn't know I was there, I suppose, but I wasn't about to tell them! She sucked him fast and then, less than a minute after she'd started eating him out, she let his cock fall from her mouth and turned around. She leaned over the table where their clothes were piled; she spread her legs and the guy moved up behind her. I watched, incredulous, as he shoved his cock into her and started fucking her. He must have been incredibly close already; they'd been playing wildly on the bed. They fucked as quietly as they could, I could tell, but I could see every movement as he rammed his cock into her cunt. She went crazy, thrusting her ass down over his shaft and then he shoved it in harder and I could tell he was coming. He fucked her a few more deep thrusts for good measure and then pulled out. She turned around and grinned; she started getting into her clothes.

I hadn't even noticed that I was panting heavily. "Something wrong?" asked Stephanie.

"Huh? No, nothing."

"Johnny's busy," she said. "I'll introduce you to these two models."

I was blushing deep red. I'd already seen more of them than I would have expected! Stephanie took me over behind the screen -- the girl had climbed into a g-string and was fixing her hair. I saw that her bare tits looked even better up close. The guy had put on his jeans; his crotch still bulged even though he'd just fucked her!

"Bunny... Max... I'd like you to meet someone." Bunny turned and looked me up and down approvingly. Max was eyeing me, too, but more carefully. "This is Tanya Marimont, she might be a new model."

"Oh, hey there," grinned Bunny. She put out her hand and we shook. Max leaned closer and shook my hand, too. Both of them had very sweaty palms -- no surprise!

"This is Bunny Curves. She's pretty famous at Beauty!"

"Oh, I don't know about famous," giggled Bunny.

I recognized her now, she was a common model in the magazine. No wonder I found her so sexy, I remembered that she'd done a really neat motorcycle shot a while back. Mmmmm, just thinking about it made me cream. It was one of my favorite pictures. She looked different in person, though. But I had a hard time keeping myself from kissing her, she had red, full lips. She licked them quickly and stepped back, pulling on her boots. Her clothes were gorgeous -- she put on knee-high black leather boots and stood there looking at me, wearing just the boots and the g-string. I felt my cunt tingling in response.

"You'll love it here at Beauty," she said. "It's great work!"

Max got into a muscle-shirt as Bunny put on a black demi-bra. Then as Stephanie talked, Bunny got into a tiny miniskirt and a torn black t-shirt which showed most of her upper breasts. She smiled.

"Tanya's doing her interviews," said Stephanie. "She's meeting with Rich tomorrow."

Bunny winked. "That'll be fun. So you'll be shooting on Thursday."

"Let's hope," I smiled. I couldn't believe how sexy she was, I wanted to fuck her right there in the studio, her and Stephanie and Max...

Bunny started getting her stuff together. "Well, have fun!"

Stephanie led me toward Johnny, who was watching us curiously. "Those two are one of the hottest couples around," whispered Stephanie. "They fuck everywhere and they live together. They must have some great times."

"Hello there," said Johnny, extending his hand. "Nice to meet you -- Tanya?"

"Tanya Marimont," I said, smiling. "Nice to meet you, too."

"Well, then, we've got a roll to shoot," said Johnny. "We'd better get to work."

Johnny's eyes ran up and down my body.

"You don't mind if we're casual, do you?" he asked.

"Not at all."

"Good. Call me John... and I'll call you Tanya?"


"Anything specific you'd like to try?"

"Well... Phil told me that my stills were too... home-townish."

"Too innocent? Virginal?"

"I guess that was it."

John laughed. "I'd never have guessed it from you -- well, we'll see if we can do something really sexy. Slutty, you know."


"How do you like girl-girl shots?"

I almost choked. "Um girl-girl? I -- uh -- they're great! I love them -- I mean, whatever you need..."

"I think a few shots of you with another model... would make for a nice promiscuous image." He moved closer to me and whispered, "And Richard loves them. He'll go crazy if he sees you in a lesbian scene."

"That'd be great!"

"Hey Stephanie," he said. "Are there any more models here?"

"I don't think so," she answered. "It's almost four. Bunny and Max just left... Suzi's gone home, Misty... I think the place is just about empty."

"Damn," he said. "We've got to get these shots done in time for your interview... are you doing anything, Stephanie?"

My eyes went wide. Was he asking her? "Not at all," she said. "It's been a slow day."

"Do you think you could stay a while and pose?"

Stephanie smiled. "I'd love to. I haven't been in front of a camera in a long time. You need a real girl-girl shot?"

"A few of them," he said. "I think I'd like something with Tanya in a little black leather... submissive. Really impress Richard. Some good kissing shots, a lot of tongue, and maybe a few of her eating you out."

My body tingled as I realized what they were doing. I was going to get to pose with Stephanie! And in something really explicit and sexy. My cunt seemed wet already!

"That sounds great. I used to do dominants all the time."

"If it works, we'll switch you around, too. Tie you up, Stephanie."

Stephanie giggled. "I'd love that."

"All right," John said. "Why don't you change. I'll go get some costume stuff for you, Tanya. Just take your clothes off. And Stephanie, I want you naked."

Stephanie turned and smiled at me as John left the room. "I guess we'll be getting to know each other pretty well. This is going to be a great session. You like doing submissives?"

My knees felt all weak. "I love it. It's my favorite. With other girls, too."

"Great." She moved behind the screen and I followed her, kicking off my shoes. I watched as Stephanie took off her jacket and hung it up. She unbuttoned her dark sweater; she wore a lacy, innocent-looking white bra underneath. Her breasts were gorgeous; looking at them turned me on. Stephanie noticed me watching and smiled.

"I have to be honest with you, Tanya," she said. "I'm really looking forward to this. I really don't think I'm going to be able to keep this... strictly professional."

I blushed, rolling my eyes. "I... I don't know if I will, either."

"That's fine with me," she said. "These are just for Richard and he loves girl-girl shots. We can get explicit if we want."

"I guess so."

Stephanie went back to stripping, she squeezed out of her tight skirt and took off her stockings and garter belt. She was naked except for her tight white g-string panties and bra. I looked her up and down approvingly as I reached for my skirt's top button.

"Have you modeled much?" I asked as I undid my skirt and pulled it down, over my legs. She was watching me closely, and with obvious interest. I reached for my shirt.

"Pretty much. Here and there." Still watching me, Stephanie undid her bra and then stepped out of her panties. I couldn't believe how great she looked naked, she was gorgeous! Her breasts looked delicious and her smooth legs were making me want to spread them...

"Why'd you stop?"

"I love working as Phil's secretary. And I can still do things like this now and then. The... benefits are better."

I climbed out of my shirt. Stephanie unpinned her blonde hair and fluffed it; it came cascading down over her shoulders and around her breasts.

"You have beautiful hair," I said.

"Thanks. You've got a great body."

I smiled, undoing my bra. I peeled the sweaty material off over my breasts; I wished I'd had a chance to take a shower. Phil had really worked me around!

"I'll let you finish," said Stephanie. "I'm going to stretch out."

I got out of my panties as Stephanie went over to the bed. She got onto it and stretched her way into the splits; I watched intently around the screen as she spread wide and raised her arms up so I could see her breasts perfectly. She was really built, it was incredible that she'd ever quit modeling. It was too bad, too... but I was going to get to work with her!

John entered; he was holding a small bundle. I ducked behind the screen, though I didn't know why. Whenever I model I try to keep my body out of sight till I'm ready to do the actual shooting. I guess it turns me on more that way.

"Here you go," said John, handing me the bundle over the screen's top. "Let me know how you like it."

He had handed me a thick leather collar -- like a dog collar, sort of a leash. I was a little surprised, I hadn't expected something like this! But Stephanie would have to keep control of me...

Then I lifted my hair out of the way and put on the collar, watching myself in the mirror, I got incredibly turned on. I left the leash off; I'd let Stephanie put that one on me.

I walked out; Stephanie smiled at me.

"You're great," she said. "Very sexy."

"I'm all set," said John. "Get on the bed."

I walked over and climbed onto the bed, staying on my knees. Stephanie got to her knees, too, so we were just even. Her huge breasts hung before me; I eased my hands up and touched them. My whole body tingled with anticipation.

"I'm really going to enjoy this," she whispered.

"Put the leash on the nightstand," John said. "We'll get into the dominant stuff in a bit."

I tossed the leash over, he took the first picture and Stephanie and I got started. She leaned forward, pressing her tits into my hands, I stroked them gently as our faces came together. Stephanie parted her lips and pressed them to mine, her tongue snaked into my mouth even though the camera wouldn't see it. I thrust my tongue back against hers; we started french-kissing deeply and then opened our mouths wide so John's shots picked up our tongues petting each other. We licked each other sensuously; Stephanie eased me down onto my back and started kissing my neck. She was really turning me on; her naked body was so beautiful! I felt her lips seething against my upper breasts; she licked them softly and then took one nipple in her lips and sucked at it. Her tongue flickered against my erect nipple and I gasped out a long, deep "Ohhh -- uh!"

"That's great," said John, moving in close to get her mouth on my nipple. "Now bite it."

Stephanie bit my nipple lightly and brought her lips back, pulling up. I grunted softly as John clicked her teeth clamped on my nipple.

Stephanie licked down my body; I spread my legs wide and she slithered in between them. John cooed his approval as I caught my breath; Stephanie's tongue danced mere inches from my aching, dripping cunt.

"This is all for Rich," said John. "Don't hold back."

My spine lit up as he said it, then Stephanie thrust her tongue forward, and my whole cunt exploded in pleasure! I thrust my hips up against her mouth, she licked hard, lapping at my clit and my tight cunt-hole. I realized that my pussy was still filled with Phil's thick come -- the idea turned me on!

"Good," said John. "Now the leash."

Stephanie got the leash and put it up to my neck. She fastened it on quickly, then tugged at it so I had to raise my head.

"Wonderful. Tanya, you look great in that position. And the leash really does something for you."

Stephanie pulled my head up; I got onto my elbows as she leaned down to kiss me. We played with our tongues, the camera getting every few seconds. Then she pulled me around, guiding me up until I was in a sitting position.

She put her mouth up to my ear and whispered softly. "Phil's come tastes wonderful."

I gasped, but then caught myself. Stephanie knew what Phil was like... she'd probably fucked him herself to get the job. I smiled back and she whispered into my ear again.

"Now you're going to eat me out, you little witch."

Her hand tightened on the leash and gently dragged me over. She rolled onto her back, her legs spreading slowly, guiding me down with the leash. A thrill ran through my body.

"Go for it," said John. "That's great!"

I panted heavily as Stephanie gathered the leash up in her hand, she forced my head down between her legs as she spread them wide.

"Good... good. Now let's see some tongue as you eat her."

I was going crazy with desire; Stephanie was really turning me on! I thrust out my tongue and pressed it against her clit; I heard her moan softly and snuggle against the sheets as I licked her slowly up and down. John was in very close; I could feel the warmth of his body up against mine. He leaned on Stephanie's gorgeous leg, which was stretched out over the side of the bed.

Stephanie tugged my head up and down rhythmically, forcing my tongue against her cunt. I lapped quickly, trying to look good for the camera, but feeling my own just-licked pussy throb with every tongue-thrust I gave her. I could feel her muscles reacting to me, this was no job! I licked harder and Stephanie tugged gently on my leash.

I flickered my tongue over her clit, thrusting it back and forth, so she whimpered in pleasure. She played it up like she was just acting, giving the stills more reality, but I could tell from the way her ass was rising and failing against the bed that she was enjoying it plenty! And I was sure loving it, Stephanie tasted great. Her cunt was warm and wet and musky. I plunged my tongue back into her cunt-hole, licking up and down so that she groaned in pleasure. I rocked my head in time with her hips; she slid up and down on the rumpled sheets, forcing my tongue deeper into her by pulling on the leash. I inhaled deeply and realized that the sheets smelled wonderful, too. I wondered how long Bunny and Max had fucked on them for! Stephanie put her hand on my forehead and slowly ran her fingers through my hair, stroking my head gently, opening her palm. Then she took a firm hold of my head an started moving it with the leash-tugs she gave me. I was going crazy, having her gorgeous thighs spread around my face was making me so horny that I thought I'd unzip John's pants and get him in on it right there! He leaned closer; his warm body was turning me on, too. I tongued Stephanie deep and then John spoke.

"Get on all fours, Steph, I think Tanya wants to lick your ass."

Stephanie pushed my head back, away from her cunt; I quickly licked my lips and face, cleaning off all of her delicious cunt-fluids. Steph raised her leg, swinging it over my body and got onto her knees, still reaching back so she could hold my leash. She spread her legs wide and lifted her ass; her incredible, smooth asscheeks were inches from my face. From the way she held her thighs wide apart, her ass was spread slightly and her tight pink asshole throbbed there above her swollen, dripping cunt-lips. I felt a sudden rush of lust as I watched her ass swaying up and down in arousal.

"Go for it, Tanya. Lick Stephanie where she really wants it."

I eased forward, aching to taste her. I pressed my tongue in between her cheeks, feeling her tight asshole against it. I licked slowly up and Stephanie let out a moan of ecstasy. I dragged my tongue back down and her hips met my thrust by shoving up and back; my lips were molded around the center of her gorgeous asscheeks with my tongue shoved against her asshole. I started licking harder, rhythmically sliding my wet tongue against Stephanie's asshole. It made me thirsty for more, I shoved my tongue forward hard and felt it sinking between her cheeks, entering her asshole. Stephanie threw her head back, her long hair spreading over her beautiful shoulders and back, as my tongue penetrated her asshole. I thrust harder, putting it in as deep as I could. I only got it in an inch or two, but Stephanie was going crazy in pleasure! She tugged softly on my leash, pressing my face tighter against her buttocks, prompting me to shove my tongue and let it slide back and forth into her asshole. She rocked in time with my ass-fucking, bringing her thighs back so I entered her again and again with my tongue. She grunted as she fucked me, moaning, impaled on my tongue. It tasted incredible and Stephanie had such a gorgeous ass, I could hardly stand licking it just for show!

"All right! That's gorgeous. Rich is going to love you two. You really know how to rim, Tanya. Now let's get you on her face!"

Stephanie released my leash and slid back down onto the bed. Her buttocks were pink and flushed from having been sucked. She rolled slowly over, spreading her legs so she lay spread-eagled on the bed, face-up. Her head was a few feet from the headboard, there was plenty of room for me to get on top of her. There was a look of horny passion on her face, she was just begging me to get on top of her. As I watched, she licked her lips, almost like an invitation. Her tongue looked wonderful. I smiled as I climbed slowly on top of her. I slid up her body, spreading my legs so that I straddled her stomach. My ass-cheeks rubbed against her luscious breasts and her hard nipples as I inched toward her face. She looked up at me, panting heavily, her lips parted and her tongue thrust out slightly. I lifted myself high over her face and tucked my hands under her head, lifting her face to just the right angle. My cunt throbbed and gushed, begging to be eaten, I was so horny I thought I'd burst. I grinned down at Stephanie, almost triumphantly, straddling her face.

Then, slowly, I lowered my hips.

She lifted her mouth to meet my cunt; I gasped as she pressed her lips against mine. Then she shoved forward; I felt her long, wet tongue sinking into my tight snatch. Her tongue flickered quickly around, licking my thick cunt-juices. I knew she was tasting Phil's glorious come as well as my own fresh pussy. I moaned, throwing my head back so the collar rattled around my neck; I felt my long hair dangling against my naked ass as it pressed against Stephanie's neck. She licked harder, plunging her tongue deeper; my head was spinning in ecstasy. I started fucking my hips back and forth as she tongue-fucked me deep; my moans got louder as she got more into it. She reached up with her hands and grasped my buttocks; she squeezed tightly and shoved the forward, pushing me onto all fours above her. Then she pulled down so that I had to spread my legs wide; I lay on top of her face, my cunt thrust against her open, seething mouth. I whimpered as she ate me, it was so incredible! I glanced over toward John; my face was sweaty from lust and blank in intense passion. John was watching us intently even as he snapped pictures. My eyes roved over his body; he looked incredible! He was such a gorgeous man. I wanted him to put down that camera and join in! I really needed his cock... Phil hadn't satisfied me, and Stephanie was making me crave a hard prick in my cunt even more, though her tongue kept shoving in there, feeling incredible! I glanced down as John stood up; I realized with a shock that his cock was bulging against his pants! Our little show was definitely turning him on and as Stephanie's tongue shoved its way into my twat again, I thought I might come...

"All right," he said. "Let's go '69'."

"Damn," I muttered under my breath, I was so close! But Stephanie's tongue didn't stop moving into my cunt; I lifted my thighs and slowly turned, putting my knee in between her breasts and easing it back until I was spread sideways on her face, then I brought my other leg forward, panting and whimpering the whole time as she continued to lick me. Then, my whole body alive with arousal, I sank onto her naked body and thrust my face in between her spread legs.

I started tonguing her right away, she felt so incredible against me I thought I'd go insane! But I didn't lose my concentration as I licked her; I plunged my mouth into her gushing twat and her delicious pussy-fluids filled my mouth again. Her asshole had tasted so good, I was going crazy licking her cunt again. I wanted more of it, I shoved my tongue faster and faster into her pussy, thrusting it deep, eating her hard and horny as she tongued my cunt. I felt her licking my clit, flickering it back and forth. If she ate me out much longer I was going to come! I glanced over at John; he was really enjoying himself, snapping pictures from every angle... I could see that his cock was about to burst through his pants. He was so gorgeous... just having him there was making me want his cock. Stephanie licked me deeper, then John grinned.

"That's wonderful," he said. "With shots like this, Richard'll go crazy. I think we've got enough! Let's just get one shot of you two kissing. With your faces all slick."

Stephanie's tongue sank back out of my cunt. I sighed in disappointment. But I couldn't let John know how much I was enjoying it, or Stephanie, for that matter! It would be totally unprofessional... half the shots they did in Beauty were girl-girl shots. I'd be doing this a lot, the idea sent a jolt of pleasure through my spine. But I had to keep it professional; if I kept getting turned on like this, I'd go crazy and rip John's clothes off! But would that be such a bad thing?

I slipped my mouth away from Stephanie's cunt; we slowly got up and sat on the bed, leaning naked against each other. She pressed her mouth against mine and I felt her cunt-soaked tongue slithering between my lips. I licked against her slowly as she sucked all of her tasty pussy-juices off of my tongue; I did the same for her, nibbling on her tongue softly. Then we covered each other's lips in tiny tongue-thrusts, then our faces, cleaning them off.

"Nice, nice. Let's see some more tongue."

We kissed long and lush, our tongues thrust far out of our mouths and our lips parted wide so John's camera could pick up every inch of our kiss. He chuckled and finished off the roll.

"That's incredible," he said. "You two were made for each other. That's all I need."

We got off the bed; Stephanie threw a flirtatious smirk at me as I took off the collar. She looked my naked body up and down, plainly not satisfied by our wild camera-session. I smiled at her and moved around, behind the screen.

"Tanya -- come in before your appointment and pick up the prints," said John. "You can take them to Richard yourself. I'm sure he'll like them."

I picked up my panties and started getting into them. "I'm sure he will," I called back. My cunt was aching from unsatisfied lust, I'd wanted it from Stephanie so bad, and wanted more of it. I wanted her to eat me out for hours. I wanted her tongue to bring me off again and again while I licked her. She came around behind the screen, smiling at me. I heard the door close as John left.

"That was really incredible," said Stephanie, getting into her lacy white panties. "You're a natural. You must really love lesbian scenes."

I blushed. "Oh, I guess so." I watched Stephanie's gorgeous ass as she pulled the panties over her cheeks; I remembered tonguing her asshole and my cunt tingled in pleasure. I watched her getting dressed; she climbed into her bra and fastened it between her large breasts, then put on her sweater and her skirt and pantyhose, as she clothed her body I wished I could undress her again. I got into my own bra, then put on my skirt and my blouse.

"Where are you going from here?" asked Stephanie as she fixed her makeup in the dressing-room mirror.

"Oh... I don't know. I thought I'd go get something to eat."

"Really? I'm starving myself, and I get off work now. Interested in some company?"

I was flustered, I'd love to have her company in fact, I'd love to have even more than her company...

"That'd be great, Stephanie!"

"You don't have to call me Stephanie," she said. "Call me Stephie... or Steph. It's so much more casual that way. And I think we've been... intimate enough already that we don't have to be formal."

She smiled, running her hands down over her incredible body, smoothing her clothes. I finished buttoning my shirt and put on my shoes.

"That's true," I laughed. "After you've eaten someone out on a bed in front of a camera, how can you be formal."

Stephanie giggled as we moved toward the door. "You don't mind if we drop by my place first," she asked. "I need to get some new clothes... and take a quick shower if you don't mind?"

I smiled at the thought of seeing Stephanie's apartment -- she was fascinating, and everything about her turned me on! And if we got together in her apartment, with her in the shower... stark naked...

"That's be great," I said, tossing my head suggestively. "I'd love to see your place."

"It's not too exciting," she said. "But let's go!"


I'd taken the bus to get there; we got into Stephanie's car. She drove the cutest little MG. It was a convertible, which really turned me on. She was so incredibly sexy; she left her hair loose and wild as we drove out onto the main roads; the sight of it flapping crazily in the wind around her gorgeous face drove me wild! I kept running my eyes hungrily over the curve of her large breasts, the slope of her thighs as her skirt blew around in the wind, almost showing me her delicious ass but only teasing me. I felt my lust for her increase as she slipped out of her jacket at a stoplight. It was just beginning to get dark, but it was a warm evening and she didn't need that wool blazer. And I certainly liked her better without it! Her sweater clung nicely to her breasts; I could just see the outline of her nipples underneath it. I watched intently as she unbuttoned the sweater further so the wind blew down her shirt and, I guessed, tickled her breasts sensuously. I could feel it, too; I'd left my shirt open low into my cleavage and the powerful breeze stroked my hard nipples as we pulled out onto the freeway. I opened my legs slightly, scooting back on the seat; the wind lifted my skirt and I pulled it down quickly. I giggled and smiled at Stephanie; she grinned back but couldn't say much because of the roaring wind.

By the time we got to Stephanie's house, I could feel my cunt throbbing with desire for her. I hadn't really thought of it that much at first, but I wanted to get laid tonight. Stephanie was such a delicious girl; making love with her in front of the cameras had been spectacular! But I wanted more. With John in the room, we could only do so much... I wanted to find out what she was really like, what she sounded like with my fingers deep inside her... I wanted to seduce Stephanie and make love to her. I threw a come hither look into her eyes as she opened the door; she smiled back flirtatiously, but teasingly. I wondered how much of my lust she felt... and what she had meant by bringing me back here!

I watched her gorgeous ass intently as she swayed into her apartment; as soon as I closed the door she started peeling off her clothes.

"I hate these damn office clothes," she said, undoing her sweater. "You have no idea what it was like to get out of them with you for a few minutes there." Stephanie peeled off her sweater and my eyes went wide as she turned around, tugging at the buttons of her skirt. Her breasts stretched through her white bra most impressively; they looked even bigger now that I wanted her so much. I could see that her nipples were quite erect; that might have been the cold from the ride over... or...

"Come into the bedroom with me," she said innocently. "I don't want to neglect you while I change!"

I followed her into her bedroom, glancing around. Her apartment was nice; it was lush and well-furnished. I realized that she must have been getting rich off of Beauty; it wasn't just the models who were well-paid around there! Her couch and love-seat were luxurious and expensive; there were prints all over the walls. A few photos, too -- I realized as I peered at them briefly that they were of her! She was naked, or nearly so. One of them had her wrapped in a thin blanket of black lace, another with a tight g-string; in all of them, she looked gorgeous and seductive. I glanced away from the photos and walked into the bedroom. She was undoing her bra; her gorgeous breasts flashed in the half-light of her room as she peeled the white material away. Then Stephanie climbed out of her skirt and pantyhose; I was loving every second. She took off her panties and stretched naked in the light from the window. Then she took some fresh clothes out of her dresser drawers, bending over so I could see her delightful ass -- her legs were slightly spread and I could just see the outline of her pussy, the pussy I'd licked earlier, rimmed by soft dark pubic hair. She got out a towel; Stephanie looked at me and smiled as she walked toward the bathroom.

"Make yourself at home, Tanya," she said. "I'll try not to take too long."

"Oh, don't hurry on my account," I said. "I can entertain myself."

"All right," she said. "I'll take a nice long shower and get myself all relaxed so we can have a good time going out tonight." She smiled at me one last time and walked through the door; I caught a final glimpse of her beautiful naked body as she shut it halfway.

I rolled my eyes; I couldn't believe how much she was turning me on! Here I was in this gorgeous woman's apartment and she was naked in the other room! It'd been months since I'd picked up a woman; I'd been keeping myself busy with men! But I needed her; she was so sexy, and her cunt tasted so good... just thinking about it made me wet. And being in her apartment was driving me absolutely bonkers; I'd really fallen for her, and everything she owned was turning me on. I walked back into the front room and looked at the stills on the wall more closely; Stephanie didn't look much older than she had when the photos were taken. I guessed she couldn't be more than twenty-five... still years older than me, but in her prime and whatever age she was, Stephanie was certainly perfectly built! The pictures showed what an incredible body she had, and what a kinky girl she was... I couldn't believe she'd put them on her wall, but I was very glad she did. There was one particular shot that turned me on: Stephanie and Max, with Max's huge prick thrust toward her face -- she had come on her lips and her tongue was thrust out a little. It was all for show, of course, but I thought about the way she'd eaten me that afternoon and the way she'd looked at Max.

I went into the bedroom again, really turned on. I wondered what Stephanie had in her drawers... I've always been a nosy little bitch. I looked at the single bed and saw that the sheets were all rumpled; I lay down on it and inhaled deeply. I could smell Stephie's perfume and her delicious, musky sweat; I wondered how often she fucked on this bed. And I couldn't help but wonder how many women she fucked. Obviously a few... she'd eaten me too well to be inexperienced. My pussy tingled as I thought about Stephanie spread out on the bed with some gorgeous slut on top of her, their naked bodies locked in 69 so that Steph could tongue the woman's gushing cunt as she got eaten herself! I imagined Stephie's thick, tangy cunt-juices dripping down over her pretty ass onto the sheets; as I rubbed my cheeks against the sheets, sliding up and down, my whole body began to tingle with arousal. I unbuttoned my shirt, getting it open and rubbing my lace-clad breasts against Stephie's pillows; I lifted my skirt and pressed into my panties, moving my fingers down until it touched my cunt. I spread my legs wide and forced my hand up and down against the throbbing bud of my clit; I gasped as I heard the water go on. Stephnie was just getting into the shower; I hoped she hadn't been watching me! I sat up on the bed, my shirt wide open and my bra exposed; the shower door closed and Stephanie began to sing. I smiled; I was sure she hadn't seen what I was doing. And if she had, was it good or bad?

I thought about Stephie watching me; it sent a tingle through my body. I got up off the bed and walked over to her chest of drawers. I'd just give them a quick look... see what kind of sexy underwear she liked. I went through the top drawer, taking out her panties and looking at them... just the kind of stuff I loved to wear. Skimpy, lacy, and cut high around the ass so it pulled between your cheeks and teased your cunt as you walked or crossed your legs. I smiled. Then, I went a few drawers down... I found a bunch of old magazines, mostly nudies and more than a couple of very kinky ones. Then I opened a small box in the corner... and gasped. There, packed in foam rubber, was a black plastic vibrator, shaped just like an erect prick. I giggled; Stephanie really was a horny girl! I lifted it to my face and kissed it gently; the feeling of a vibrator that Stephie had had inside her tight cunt made me go wet right away. I licked it softly; I could almost imagine her beautiful thighs spread, her cunt pink and throbbing, her tight lips wrapped around the base of the vibrator... I began pulling up my skirt as I moved over and sat on the bed; I kicked off my shoes and reached under the miniskirt, taking hold of my panties... the water was still on, and Stephanie was still singing. There wouldn't be any harm in trying it out... just a little... my cunt was aching for it.

I snuggled further up in the bed, taking the long cord and plugging it in. I tossed my panties on the ground next to Stephie's bed, I kissed the vibrator softly and then licked it. Pulling back, I turned it on. My hand began to throb rapidly; I put my lips against it and my whole body tingled in response. Laying back down on the bed, I spread my legs wider, pressing my ass against Stephie's sweat-soaked sheets, and lifted my skirt with one hand as I eased the vibrator toward my cunt with the other.

I pressed it against my tight hole; as I felt it, I gasped out a wild: "OH!" filled with sudden ecstasy. I pulled it away, looking toward the bathroom; she couldn't hear me over the water. I eased the vibrator back up against my cunt and lifted my ass off the bed, shoving my pussy against it. I forced it into me, hard, it wasn't very big, but as it throbbed rhythmically inside me, my entire body lit up in pleasure. I whimpered as I shoved it deeper: "UH -- UHYES -- YESN!" I'd totally lost my mind. All I wanted was more of Stephanie's delicious hard vibrator, rammed up my cunt, the thought of all the times she must have done this -- put this luscious throbbing organ into her pussy -- turned me on so much I thought I'd cream right there on her bed with the vibrator half into me! I shoved my hips up and down, forcing the rapidly humming machine into my slit, forcing it deep-deep. I was going to come, I knew it! I moaned loudly, forgetting about everything but the pleasure and the thought of Stephie's pink, gushing cunt wrapped around the vibrator like mine was. Then I came, practically screaming, letting out wild gasps of ecstasy as I thrust the plastic cock into my pussy. I finished coming and went limp, letting my ass sink against the sheets as I slid the vibrator out of my twat. I turned it off and lifted it up to my mouth. I had to clean it off before Stephanie came back! I licked it slowly all over, the taste of my own cunt filling my mouth. I got up nervously, my skirt still pulled up over my ass. Wrapping the cord up, I put the vibrator away and sat down on the bed, panting in release. It had been so good, so good! But it wasn't enough, I needed Stephie's warm body, warm wet cunt, her strong fingers and her voluptuous ass-cheeks.

I stood up and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall over my legs. I stepped out of it and took off my shirt and bra, stretching naked in her room. I lay down on her bed and pressed my face to her pillow, breathing her perfume and her musky, sexy sweat. I got under the covers and rubbed my naked body up and down against her sheets; it felt so good to be in her bed! I smirked as I slithered out again, I would just have to make sure I stayed in her bed all that night!

I went to her closet and found a robe, a sexy, short oriental one that came just to the bottom of my ass. I tied it loosely so it showed most of my breasts, making sure that Stephie would be able to appreciate my cleavage. After all, I'd been appreciating hers! I heard the water go off; the thought of Stephanie coming out of the shower all pink and flushed from hot water turned me on even more. I lay down on her bed, my legs slightly spread and my knees bent.

I heard Stephanie's footsteps; I got off the bed and walked toward the door. She opened it, and gasped; I smiled at her from the darkness. She looked marvelous in that towel, dripping wet just like my pussy. Her hair was all soaked and dripping; it hung over her shoulders. She held the towel between her breasts; it hung down so that I could just see the tops of her nipples. And it came just to the dangling strands of her dark, wet pubic hair.

"I love your taste in clothes," I said. "Especially your robe. I thought I'd try it on... but now that I see you in that towel... I think I might have to take it off."

I moved forward; I untied the robe neatly and it fell open just as I snuggled up against Stephanie's wet body. She was flabbergasted for a second as I put my arms around her; then I pressed my mouth against hers and let my tongue seethe its way into her. She let go of the towel as she kissed me back; her warm, wet tongue sank into my mouth and tickled my lips sensuously. I tugged at the towel and it came off; she pressed her naked breasts against my body and reached for the robe. She eased it over one shoulder so she could press her tits more firmly against mine; I felt the warm water dripping over my naked body and slid my hands behind her, touching her ass. I took a firm hold of her shapely, slippery buttocks and started massaging them gently; she opened her legs slightly and I pressed my fingers between them. I heard Stephie's rhythmic pants as I began to stroke her outer pussy-lips; she leaned more fully against me and pressed her mouth to my neck. I felt her sucking and licking my skin as her hands moved their way up to my breasts. She began to stroke my nipples and I probed deeper between her thighs; I touched the hole of her pussy and she gasped. Her cunt was wet and not just from the shower, I could feel as I slid one finger into her. She whimpered and went limp against me; I moved her over toward the bed as I eased my finger out. She lay down on it, still dripping wet, and spread out as I got on top of her.

The silky material of the robe dangled down over Stephanie's breasts; I lowered myself onto her, spreading my legs and lifting my ass so that I straddled her stomach. I kissed her lips gently, licking deep into her mouth. Then I began to slide down her body, pressing my cunt down against her thighs. I gasped and moaned as I felt my firm clit stroking her wet flesh; I opened my mouth and pressed my lips around her nipple. She let out a soft, horny moan as I began to suck and tongue her nipple; I reached between her legs and pressed a finger into her cunt again. She was very tight, maybe she wasn't the slut I thought she was! But she sure knew how to kiss and as she lifted her hips against me, helping me to thrust my finger deeper into her cunt, I felt myself getting even more turned on! I bit her nipple lightly, then flickering my tongue back and forth against it as I plunged my finger rapidly in and out of her. I pulled my face up and looked at her, my face flushed with desire.

"You're all wet," I panted. "I was hoping you were. I'm as wet as you are. I've been wanting to do this to you ever since we met today... and tonguing you without being able to make you come was torture."

Stephanie groaned as I fucked my finger back into her. She whimpered, staring into my eyes, begging me to do more.

"This time I'm going to make sure you come," I said.

I pressed a second finger up against Stephanie's tight cunt; I shoved it in as her spine arched in pleasure. As she lifted her back, her tits pressed toward me; I closed my mouth around her hard nipple and licked even faster. I let go of her breasts so I could move further down between her legs and get a better grip on her cunt. She spread her legs further as I put a third finger up against her.

"Mmmmmmm..." she moaned. "Put it in... oh, Tanya, you feel so good in my cunt..."

I forced all three fingers in and Stephanie practically screamed in ecstasy. I took a firm hold of her ass as she lifted it off the bed; I massaged her luscious buttocks as I finger-fucked her. She felt so good, her tight cunt wrapped around my fingers! I wanted to finger-fuck her wildly, but I had to have a taste of that delicious pussy!

I slowly slid my body up, stretching out and rolling over. I got on top of her so that my wide-open legs straddled her shoulders; I held my dripping cunt over her face and she reached up, taking hold of my ass. My head was thrust between her open legs; as she tugged firmly on my buttocks I snuggled down until my cunt pressed against her lips. I gasped as Stephanie thrust her tongue out; I felt it going into my moist slit and grunted in ecstasy. I shoved my whole mouth against Stephie's pussy; the thick, tangy taste filled my mouth. I plunged my tongue between her cunt-lips and started licking hard. I tongued her fast and deep as she licked my clit and pussy! I rocked my hips against her, feeling her tits pressed into my stomach, they were so big and sexy! I could feel her hard nipples moving as she fucked me with her tongue and her cunt. I plunged my tongue back and forth on her pussy, she tasted so good, I wanted more. My tongue moved faster as she ate me. I was going to come, I knew it, even though I'd just rammed the vibrator into my pussy till I came, Stephanie's skillful, forceful strokes up and down, in and out on my clit were going to make me...

I moaned loudly as I sucked hard and thrust my tongue into her. I held on to her ass so I could force her cunt rhythmically against my face, feeling the smooth curves of her buttocks in my hands... I shoved my hips in time with hers, picking up speed as I got ready to come, then Stephie moaned out, into my cunt, she was getting ready, too! She shoved my hips up and gasped wildly: "Don't stop, don't stop! I'm gonna come!" Her hips went wild, pistoning against my face. I licked harder as she forced her mouth against me. I was going to come, too, it drove me over the edge to have her moaning in orgasm! Then she came! I could hear her screaming as she ate me, and I tongued her harder and faster to keep her riding on her climax! As she came she got hungrier for my cunt and ate me more passionately, her tongue throbbed into my slit. I came, shoving my body against Stephanie's, screaming and moaning and gasping as I gave her head. She gushed all over me, pouring her delicious cunt-juices into my mouth. I finished coming and we both went limp. I lay on top of her, exhausted with the sudden burst of wild fucking, but I wanted more! I rested only for a second, feeling Stephanie run her tongue absently around my pussy-lips; I was still gushing as I climbed off of her and lay down on the bed, pressing my body against hers. I shrugged the robe off and stroked my naked form up and down on Stephanie's.

I put my mouth up to her ear and whispered: "We're not done yet, baby. I've been dying to make you come... and once ain't enough. Roll over and close your eyes."

Stephanie giggled as she got onto her stomach. I got off the bed and walked over to the chest of drawers. "Now keep your eyes closed," I said. "I want to see the look on your face."

I got out the vibrator as quietly as I could and plugged it in. Then I put my hand over Stephie's eyes to make sure she wasn't looking and tucked a pillow under her hips to raise her gorgeous ass up.

"Now spread your legs, baby," I said.

She spread them obediently and I took my hand away, putting it on her gorgeous ass. I bent forward and kissed it gently, stroking her cheeks and easing her legs further apart.

Her pink, throbbing slit dripped in front of me; I gave it a quick tongue-thrust and she grunted. I picked up the vibrator and put it very close to her pussy. Then, just as I pressed the plastic head against her hole, I turned it on.

Stephie moaned in ecstasy as I forced her vibrator into her; she didn't seem surprised at all but only horny. She spread her legs further, stretching her arms out and lifting her ass higher into the air. I shoved harder and more of the long, throbbing plastic cock went into her pussy. I got it almost all the way in, plunged to the hilt into her tight snatch. I took hold of her ass as she raised her hips against the rapid thrusting of the vibrator; I started easing it in and out as she fucked it. I climbed in between her legs to get a better grip on the plastic prick; I hammered it rapidly into her cunt as she begged for more. "Uhhh -- harder -- harder -- uh, fuck me, oh, Tanya, uh, it's so good!" She lifted her smooth ass quickly against my body as I got on top of her and spread my legs, pressing my dripping cunt against her ass. I eased my cunt down and as I dragged the vibrator in and out, I felt my pussy pressing against the rear end of it! It throbbed wildly, and as I pressed it against my clit I moaned in pleasure. I started rocking my hips in time with Stephanie's, imagining that I was fucking her, plunging the vibrator deep as the tingling sensations filled my whole lower body, throbbing and aching through my cunt. I knew I would come if I fucked her like this any longer! I shoved fast and hard. Stephanie was moaning, about to come herself! I thrust the hard plastic into her, her cunt-juices dripping around my hands...

Stephie turned her head, her face flushed and her eyes glazed from ecstasy. "Put it -- uh -- I want it up my ass," she moaned. My whole body seemed to throb with desire. She was begging for me to shove her vibrator into her asshole, just the way I'd begged Phil to ass-fuck me with the dildo earlier!

I pulled the vibrator slowly out of her cunt; it was slick with her cunt-juices. Stephanie reached into her nightstand, her whole body shaking with ecstasy, and handed me a tiny bottle of thick oil. I opened it up, still holding the vibrator, and spreading her cheeks with my hands. Her delicious pink asshole stared at me; I bent over and licked it softly with my tongue. Then I poured the oil in between her ass-cheeks, into her crack, and began massaging it into her asshole. I eased my finger deep into her; she turned and panted "Put it in!" I pressed the vibrator up against her tight hole; she moaned as I forced it between her cheeks. She shoved her ass back against me as I put it in deeper. It sank in, in, her gorgeous ass-cheeks shaking with its rapid throbbing. I fucked her up the ass with the vibrator, shoving it fast and hard. She moaned wildly, begging for it deeper and then she came, screaming crazily, her ass shoved tightly around the vibrator. I sighed as I flicked it off and relaxed on top of her naked body, leaving it plunged deep between her cheeks.

Stephanie giggled as I began to lick her ear. "I knew you'd find the vibrator," she sighed, rubbing her vibrator-fucked ass up against me. "Somehow I figured a horny girl like you could just sense it."

"I haven't had a chance to really try it out," I whispered. "I've only had it in my cunt."

Stephanie giggled and turned over slowly, easing me down onto the bed as she tugged the vibrator out of her ass.

"Get on all fours," she said. "You're the one who got us started!"

My asshole throbbed in desire as I got into the doggy-style position. I panted heavily as I spread my legs wide, pressing my ass up so Stephanie could get it as she slid between my thighs.

"Good girl," sighed Stephie. She bent over me, pressing her mouth against my ass. I moaned as she started licking; her sensuous tongue on my asshole sent tingles through my body.

"Mmmmm... that's good," I moaned. "That's so good..."

She licked harder, making my pussy throb in ecstasy. My asshole wanted it though, as Stephanie took the thick, slimy oil and poured it between my cheeks; I felt it dribbling down over my asshole. She began to rub it in firmly, pressing first one finger into me, shallow and then deep, then, two at a time, entering my asshole so that I gasped and whimpered in pleasure. She got more oil and eased her two fingers into my well-greased hole, shoving them deep.

Then she clicked the vibrator on and pressed the rapidly throbbing head against my tight pink asshole. I moaned as the sensations flooded through my body. "Uh -- uh -- put it in -- shove it up my ass!"

Stephanie giggled, easing her body up against mine. I felt her naked, gorgeous thighs stroking my ass. Then she shoved hard, and slid the vibrator into me.

I moaned as it spread my ass-cheeks, it throbbed so fast that I started fucking my hips up and down right away in ecstasy. I bucked wildly as she shoved, putting it all into me between my smooth, voluptuous buttocks; she fucked me with the vibrator and I begged for more as it thundered through me, making me get closer and closer. My cunt-juices were dripping down my thighs, I was going to cream! I fucked my ass back again and again so that Stephanie's vibrator plunged into my tight hole. She fucked me faster, bending over so that her huge tits rubbed against my back, then, I panted. "I'm coming -- fuck me harder!" Stephanie rammed the throbbing prick into my asshole harder, harder and then I came, moaning and writhing and panting and begging for more. My orgasm exploded through me; I collapsed on the bed face-down as Stephie kept shoving the vibrator hard and deep between my cheeks. I took it again and again and went limp, finishing my incredible orgasm as she thrust it in one more time.

She left the vibrator on; the wonderful sensations filled my just-fucked asshole as Stephanie got on top of me with her legs spread. She pressed her wet cunt against my ass and whimpered in pleasure.

It felt so good rammed up my tight asshole... I wouldn't have dreamed of taking it out for the world. But I was just dying to see Stephanie's tight cheeks stretched around the plastic, throbbing shaft again...

"Make you a deal," I panted. "Let's trade off a few more times and see which one of us gives in first."

Stephie smiled mischievously as she eased the vibrator out of my ass and got slowly onto all fours.


Rich was even better-looking than I remembered, he was absolutely gorgeous. It seemed like you had to be to work at Beauty and not just as a model. I guessed that so far I'd passed all the tests, even a few that weren't exactly required. I'd only met Richard a couple of times at parties, but he remembered me well when Phil introduced us. I brought in the photographs; he looked them over quickly in the restaurant.

"They look great," he said, putting them away in their manila envelope. "I see you like girl-girl scenes."

I leaned forward, trying to be as seductive as possible. "I love them," I said. "I love them almost as much as I love working with guys."

"Glad to see you're flexible," grinned Rich. "I'll have to take a closer look at these shots, of course... perhaps later this afternoon. But if you measure up... we can definitely find a regular place for you in the magazine."

A thrill ran through my body, this was my big break! The money that Beauty paid, not just for the magazine itself but for other publications was incredible! And if I could get steady work here... besides the money, I'd be getting such exposure! I smiled flirtatiously.

"I'm very flexible," I said. "I really hope it works out."

"That's great," said Richard. "We're talking too much business. I'd like to do that all later... you're free for the rest of the afternoon?"

"Oh, certainly," I said.

"Great. I'd like to take a closer look at these pictures... with you around so I can compare them. Would that be all right? After lunch, of course."

"That's be great." I winked at him. He responded with a smile.

We went back to ordering; the food was delicious! All the while, Phil and Richard both watched me closely, obviously taking pleasure in my appearance. I'd taken care to dress especially for Richard; I didn't want to look too slutty but I did my best to come close. I wore a leather skirt, a very short one. It was decent, all right, but not by much and I knew that it accented my legs perfectly. Under that I wore black fishnets attached to a garter belt that I hoped Richard would get a chance to see later. At this "meeting", perhaps. I had on low boots, black leather, with high heels that raised my ass and legs and made my smooth buttocks, which were tightly covered by the skirt, look like they were just begging to get fucked. On top I wore a clingy red silk shirt, low-cut and unbuttoned even further, with a black demi-bra that let me open my shirt far without showing any of the lace. It was a push-up bra; it pressed my tits together and accented my cleavage, raising them up and making them look even better than ever. The bra only came halfway up my breasts, covering them up to my nipples. That way, if I bent over at all, Richard and Phil could both glance down my shirt and see the pink buds of my erect nipples riding just on the lacy top of my bra. And when I leaned back or stretched my arms, the hard nipples pressed against the top and showed through nicely. Phil and Richard both watched intently, obviously pleased with my decision to be the slut he'd asked me to be. I knew they'd be even more pleased if they let me prove to them what a slut I really was. What made me so wet, though, was knowing that both Phil and Richard were just aching to let me prove it to them. And I knew quite well that I could do it admirably. I wasn't just acting, I was really attracted to Richard, and of course Phil just made my pussy cream by being there across the table from me. They were both so charming, so in charge, and so seductive. I knew what it was like to fuck Phil, but as I ate the delicious lunch and sipped at my gin and tonic, I wondered just what Richard was like. He was really good-looking; tall and broad, with sharp-cut features and dark hair. His eyes seemed to sparkle every time I caught them; he knew I was just begging for it. I'd caught a glimpse of his crotch as he stood up to shake my hand; I could tell his cock bulged against his pants quite admirably. He was a legend in the industry, not only was he one of the most powerful publishers around, but he was supposed to be a simply incredible fuck. I smiled to myself as I realized I just might get to find out!

When we were finished eating, I had another drink. I was beginning to get light-headed, but I knew that wouldn't hurt me. I fuck better when I'm a little tipsy, and right now I was so horny I would have given anything for the opportunity to do just that. I smiled across the table at Richard; through the whole meal he hadn't been able to take his eyes off of me. I'd worn my hair long and flowing; I reached up and stroked it seductively, sweeping my long, dangling silver earrings back. The shirt was open far enough that he could see lots of my pretty shoulders; as the hair brushed against it I wished we weren't in such a public place so he could do something about it! I calmed myself though, I didn't want to be too obvious. But I was so turned on. I was still tingling from that incredible session with Stephanie! I smirked; I knew that before too long Richard would be tingling with it, too.

"Well, I've got to get back to the office," said Phil as he pushed back his plate. "It's run, run, run. You two can stay and talk business. Tanya, you're coming in to sign things at 11:00 tomorrow?"

I nodded. "Great," said Phil. "I hope you two work some things out."

"I'm sure we will," said Richard. Phil got up and left; my eyes roved over his ass in those tight dress pants as he walked away. The waitress cleared the dishes away and brought us each another drink; Richard leaned forward over the table.

"I'm really impressed by your stills," he said. "I think you're just cut out for Beauty."

"I'm glad to hear that. I love your magazine, I'm just dying to work there."

"We pay very well," he said. "And it looks like you might fit in a series, every other month."

I rolled my eyes, smiling as if in ecstasy. "I'd love that," I said.

He nodded. He leaned even closer, and I felt his leg rubbing against mine. It sent tingles through my body, he was finally making a move on me. I had sat through the whole lunch just waiting for him to do it!

"I'd like to get a closer look at this session you did with Stephanie," he said. "I'd like you to be there as I inspect them."

"That's great!"

"Stephanie's a wonderful girl, isn't she?"

I nodded. Richard went on. "She's really incredible. I'd love to have her in more layouts... but Phil keeps her very busy in the office. Very busy."

"She's wonderful to pose with," I blushed. Richard eased his hand against my knee.

"So let's go somewhere to look at these pictures, shall we? I'd like to get to know you better."

I looked straight into his eyes, begging for it.

"I'd love to get to know you better, too," I breathed. "Ever since I met you at that party... I think about you now and then. I thought you were too busy for me to ever get a shot at you... to get to know you, that is."

"Not at all," he said.

I put my hand on Richard's strong wrist. I glanced over at the side of the table; the tablecloths hung down past my knees. I looked into Richard's gorgeous eyes as I spread my legs slightly and eased his fingers gradually up the insides of my thighs. I kept watching him carefully as I licked my lips hungrily.

He stretched out his finger as I reached between my legs and tugged my panties out of the way. I spread my legs further; I pressed his middle finger against the hole of my cunt. I was gushing wet for him; his eyes went wide as he realized it.

"Put it in," I whispered. "Doing it in public turns me on."

Richard eased his finger ahead; it entered me slowly as I whimpered. I snuggled forward on the seat so that he could get a better grip on me; he pressed his middle finger deeper in and I grunted, leaning toward him.

"That feels so good," I whispered. "I really want you."

He pulled back on his finger, then shoved forward again. I glanced around, a few people were watching us. They couldn't know what we were doing, though -- the tablecloths hid us. I whispered into his ear. "Put two fingers in... please..."

Richard drew his finger back and put two fingers up against my cunt; he started forcing them in, stretching my cunt-hole as I squirmed on the seat. "That's so good... uh... deeper..." He put them all the way in and I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, sliding my tongue gently into his mouth.

"I want more of you," I panted. "I want your cock."

"I've got reservations," he said. "At the Wambala."

I smiled. The Wambala was a luxury hotel. I'd been there once, with an old boyfriend of mine who'd wanted to fuck in style. Their rooms were just made for wild sex.

"I can't wait," I whispered. "Let's get there fast."

"My limo's waiting," he smiled. "From the way Phil described you, I thought you'd feel this way."

"I do," I panted. "I've got to have you."

He pulled his fingers back; I bit my lip, disappointed as they left me. I knew he couldn't properly finger-fuck me there in the restaurant -- now we were on our way to the hotel where I'd really get fucked.

"Let's go," he said.

I tucked my skirt and my panties back down, straightening my clothes. As we got up, I downed the last of my drink; I was really feeling off-center. But I liked it; I was about to fuck one of the best-looking guys I'd ever seen. He helped me on with my leather jacket; we walked out the front door. He put his hand on my back as we waited for the limo, then let it trail briefly down to stroke the curve of my ass through the leather skirt. I wished he'd lift it up, stroke my naked buttocks... but we were in the parking lot! I giggled; I leaned close to Richard and put my arms around him. I snuggled deep into his warmth; he turned and I could feel his cock bulging through his pants against my fishnet-clad thigh. I panted into his ear as I stroked it with my leg; he rubbed my neck sensuously. My cunt seemed to tingle every time he'd touch me; I knew that before long he'd be making me tingle everywhere. I smiled at him as he kissed me softly on the neck.


The limo pulled up; it was small for a limo, but beautiful and steel-grey. I smiled as I thought that it probably wasn't meant to hold more than two passengers -- except in special cases of course, when everyone would be pretty close together anyway! The driver parked and got out. I looked the limo over and saw that the windows were smoked glass and nothing could be seen inside. I smiled at Richard; he knew I was pleased with it. The driver came around and opened the door for me; I caught my breath as I realized that it was a gorgeous woman, wearing a very un-businesslike grey tail-coat and body-suit with fishnets. She was incredible, big tits, hard nipples jutting out through the silvery material, smooth, voluptuous thighs showing through her fishnet pantyhose... I felt my body giving a tingle as I looked her up and down.

Richard chuckled. "I see you approve. Tanya Marimont, this is my chauffeur and assistant, Virginia."

I smiled and shook her hand. "Tanya's a new model for Beauty," said Richard. "How do you think she'll look?"

"Oh, perfect," said Virginia in a deep, husky voice. "I think she's wonderful for the magazine."

"Glad you think so."

Virginia held the door open; Richard motioned me inside. Holding my thighs modestly together, I got into the limousine; I saw as I climbed onto the plush seats that there was plenty of room in the back seat. I took off my boots and tucked them under the seat. Richard got in after me; I snuggled deep into the soft seats and felt the velveteen caressing my fishnet-clad legs.

Richard moved close to me; I leaned against his warm body as Virginia got into the driver's seat. I was sort of embarrassed to have her so nearby -- there was a thin glass panel between the driver and passengers, but it had a hole cut in it so she could hear everything and if she looked back, she could see plenty through the lightly smoked glass. But I guessed she was used to it. Richard was notorious as the best fuck in publishing. I smiled up at him; Virginia looked back and winked at me.

"The Wambala?" she asked.

"That's right," said Richard. "And don't hurry, all right?"

Virginia winked again, turned around and started the car. She was really gorgeous; I could see her blonde hair flowing down over her shoulders as we pulled out onto the street and picked up speed. Richard leaned closer to me; I stretched out on the seat and put my feet up, letting him admire the length of my beautiful legs through my black stockings. The compartment was luxurious and sexy; it turned me on being about to get fucked in a limo on the way to a hotel to get fucked again. Richard let his hand rest in between my slightly parted legs; I stared deep into his eyes as he slid his fingers up to the hem of my fishnet stockings and stroked my inner thighs gently.

He leaned down and kissed me; his tongue snaked into my mouth, coaxing me closer to him. I put my arms around him and kissed him back, stroking his lips with my tongue, feeling my cunt get wet as he sensuously petted my thighs. Richard kissed me deeper, running his fingers in tiny circles on my bare inner thighs. His tongue gained ground, moving farther into my mouth as I begged it deeper with tiny flirtatious thrusts of my tongue; I tickled his mouth and he responded by thrusting his tongue into me.

He moved his fingers over the outline of my body, touching my sensitive breasts through the clingy top, sliding his hands underneath my leather jacket. I leaned forward and gently bit his neck, tasting his salty, delicious flesh, as he pressed into my erect nipple. He seductively stroked the outline of my demi-bra, his fingers slithering from one side of my breast slowly to the other, pressing deep into my cleavage, fleetingly pinching my hard nipple where it jutted out against the silk, over the lacy outline of my bra. He unbuttoned my top button and I snuggled closer, begging him to go further. Richard continued unfastening my top, pulling the silk out of the way, exposing my breasts where they stretched out above the lacy half-bra.

He pulled the flaps apart, getting it open all the way so that it hung down over one of my bra straps and my shapely, pale shoulders. I shrugged off my jacket and let it fall in between the seats; I arched my back so the silk shirt fell open wider and displayed more of my gorgeous breasts. His fingers trailed down and stroked their way around the sensuous curves of my upper breasts. I breathed into his ear, "Oh yes," wanting him to stroke my breasts roughly. They were tingling, aching for his touch; as I pressed myself closer to him, he moved his hand down and touched my hard nipple. I gasped suddenly; pleasure shot through my body. He started massaging it gently, making it harder and more erect, making me want more of him. I pressed my open palm hungrily against his hard cock where it bulged against his pants; he let out a grunt and firmly punched my nipple. He knew just how to do it; it didn't hurt at all but just made both aching breasts light up with pleasure. He slid his hand underneath the lace of my half-bra, covering my whole breast with his warm grasp. I stroked his cock more firmly, realizing how big he was, my head swam as I thought about feeling him inside me. He stroked my breasts more roughly; as I kissed his neck, he leaned against my body and pressed me back so that I lay stretched out on the plush seat, my ass lifted and pressed against his leg through the rumpled leather skirt. He bent down and pressed his mouth against my upper breasts; I sighed as he started nibbling and sucking at my sloping cleavage. His tongue pressed out and he tickled me softly with it; I felt his mouth easing down as he lifted my breast with his hand. He pressed his tongue against my hard nipple and I gasped in pleasure; he started licking it around the very top of my demi-bra and I squirmed, pulling my hand away from his cock and lifting my arms over my head, laying back and letting him tongue me. As he licked he reached up and touched the fastener of my bra, which hooked it in between the wire supports which held my tits up so beautifully. He undid it quickly; the lacy material dropped away and he pressed his lips down over my nipple, opening his mouth wide so he could take most of my large breast into it. I moaned as he started tonguing me; he licked quickly and hungrily and I arched my back, pressing his tongue against my nipple. I reached up and tugged my bra out of the way; he put his hand on my other breast and started massaging it while he licked quickly up and down. I spread my legs, opening them and slipping my fishnet-clad feet over his thighs so that my knees bent perfectly to display my luscious thighs. I lifted my tits against him; he stroked roughly, sucking hard and easing his free hand back in between my open thighs, petting in tiny circles at the hem of my fishnet stockings. I sat up slowly, opening my legs wider so he could get under my leather skirt. He pulled his mouth away from my breasts and kissed me roughly; I could taste the sweat from my breasts on his tongue. Richard's fingers probed deeper up underneath my skirt, tugging at my garters teasingly, pulling my garter belt down so that my french-cut panties adjusted themselves against my ass and my dripping cunt. I felt him getting closer to my pussy; I wanted him to finger me. I was aching to get felt-up again; I had loved it in the restaurant and I wasn't about to hesitate now. I whispered, "Feel me out. I want to have your finger. I'm wet for you." Richard kissed me again on the lips and then started nibbling at my ear and kissing my neck, licking it softly and turning me on even more. With one hand he stroked my naked breasts while he eased the other further up my thighs. I was sitting up, but I started to lean back as I knew he was going to finger me. I leaned further back into the soft seat and he brought his fingers up, lifting my skirt.

I whimpered as he pressed into my tight cunt-folds through my silky panties; he pressed harder and I put my hand back against the bulge of his cock. I wanted my panties off; they kept him from putting his fingers all the way into my cunt. As if reading my mind, Richard slipped a finger up past the elastic of my panties' leg and tugged the thin silky flap of material out of the way. I breathed heavily as he put his fingertip up against the hole of my cunt, I felt it going in and pressed my whole body against his. I felt my naked breasts stroking his shirt, my nipples hard and throbbing from his tongue and his teeth. "Oh yes," I panted. "I want it."

Richard put his finger in deeper; I whimpered and groaned in ecstasy. I glanced at Virginia; we were on the freeway and she didn't even seem to notice us, despite the fact that I was wild with ecstasy and was making incredible noise! I looked back at Richard and let him see my eyes begging for his fingers; he eased his finger out. Then he slipped both hands deep under my skirt and took hold of my panties.

I lay slowly down on the seat again, stretching out so he could see my whole body. He lifted my ass in his hands and slowly took my panties off. I had put them on this morning over my garters, knowing quite well what a business meeting would mean! I didn't want to take off my fishnets, not yet, at least and this way he eased my panties down my thighs and my legs, then over my ankles so my naked ass and cunt pressed against my leather skirt. He lifted the black lace panties, inspecting them with approval; they were skimpy, barely a g-string, and entirely lace. I had known he would like them; for now, though, he tossed them on the floor of the limo and leaned back on top of me. He started kissing my breasts again, roughly and hungrily. I moaned as he bit my nipples softly; he pressed his tongue against them and started flickering it up and down, encouraged by my panting moans. As he did, I lifted my ass and he slipped both hands back underneath my skirt, lifting it. He pressed his fingers in between my open thighs; I whimpered as he massaged my legs and got closer to my cunt. With one hand he grasped my tight ass so he could better get at my cunt; he pressed one finger in between my swollen folds and against my cunt-hole. I whimpered, horny for his fingers, as he slid his fingers into me -- first one, slowly in and out. I bit my lip to keep from screaming; it felt so good, then another finger, two at a time, slowly, torturously slowly into my tight pussy and back out again. I wanted more -- he tongued my breasts and made me beg for it as he slid the two fingers back into me. I panted: "More... oh, my cunt needs more..." He slid his two fingers out, then in again -- my whole body was alive with ecstasy as he felt me up! He shoved faster, then, as I begged, he dragged his two fingers out and put three up there.

I moaned, totally unable to control myself, as he slid three fingers slowly in and the out of my cunt. I writhed, shoving my tits rhythmically into his mouth. He pressed harder, stretching me out as he put the three fingers back into my cunt. I was stretching, but all I could feel was incredible pleasure! I whimpered as he slid them in and out, in and out, finger-fucking me against the plush velveteen seats. I writhed against the sheets, aching to come. I had gotten so turned on at the restaurant, and it felt so good to have him fucking me with his powerful fingers. I was getting close, too, but I had to have more. I panted in rhythm with his three fucking fingers. "Put them all inside me!"

Richard tugged back with his fingers, letting his pinkie rest with the other three against my tight cunt-hole. I wanted his whole hand, I wanted him to fist-fuck me! He sucked harder on my tits as he shoved, putting all four fingers into my cunt!

I couldn't believe I was taking them all, I was so horny! But it felt incredible as he shoved all his four fingers into my cunt, stretching me out in preparation of fucking me -- my whole body throbbed with pleasure. I wanted him deeper, harder and he gave it to me! He started shoving his fingers roughly, fucking me fast and deep, making me moan with pleasure as he lifted my ass to meet each thrust. My tits were alive with his tongue and his rough teeth, currents of ecstasy seemed to flow from my filled cunt to my tits and back as Richard pounded his hand in and out of me. I was begging for more, even more, I wanted his cock, but first he was going to make me earn it. By taking his whole fist!

Richard pulled his hand back again, closing up his fist with the tips of each finger still plunged barely into my cunt. I whimpered and panted, needing them all inside me. Then, with a slow, even thrust, he put his whole fist into my cunt.

I let out a tremendous: "OH -- UH! YES!" as he forced his entire fist in, stretching my cunt-lips and my tight hole and filling my whole body with incredible ecstasy. He shoved it deeper, making me take it all and I loved it! I wanted his whole fist in there, another inch and it was all in! He slid it deeper, his wrist clamped tightly by my cunt-hole; I'd taken his whole throbbing fist into my aching slit! I eased my fingers under my skirt, between my legs -- running them around the tightly-stretched lips of my cunt, feeling Richard's whole delicious fist shoved into me. He eased it back and forth, fist-fucking me slowly, making me whimper and pant for more -- then, as I reached for the button to his pants, I whispered to him, "I want your cock. I want your cock in my pussy. And in my mouth. And everywhere."

Richard eased his fist back, stretching my tight cunt-lips as he left me. I bent down, unbuttoning his pants; he put two fingers back inside me and it felt better than I ever would have dreamed. Now that I knew I could take his whole fist, that I could earn his hard cock inside my cunt, I wanted it! I had to have his prick thrust into me, and now, no matter what!

I bent forward, unzipping his pants inch by inch, my spine tingling with anticipation as his cock came into view. He was huge, at least as big as Phil and curved just right, I could see him stretching through his tight underpants, at the perfect angle to fuck me the way I loved to be fucked. I readjusted my whole body so that I could put my face right up against his cock, I pressed my lips tightly around the shaft through his cotton underpants and Richard gave a grunt of pleasure. I eased his shirt out of the way with my hands and started licking his stomach, licking around the elastic waistband of his low cut shorts; the bulging head of his cock just stuck out of his underpants and I came very close to licking it -- but I forced myself to tease him, making him want it all the more. I licked his salty pre-come off of his stomach, savoring the taste and rubbing it into my lips with my tongue. I wanted more of it, more of his delicious come! I took hold of his waistband with my teeth and pulled it down, exposing his long shaft; I tucked his underpants down under his balls, licking them sensuously as I pressed the cotton out of the way with my mouth. I licked slowly up, barely touching his erect rod, teasing it with the very tip of my tongue, inching up the shaft as my cunt throbbed with arousal. I started licking the tip, sucking off his come, then parted my lips and pressed them around the shaft just behind the swollen head. I sucked hard and Richard shoved his hips up, groaning with pleasure. I flickered my tongue quickly against the underside of his cock; I began moving my lips down, stroking his cock with my lips and tongue inch by inch, until his cock stretched out above my lips and my tongue stroked against his balls. I took his balls slowly into my mouth, listening to Richard whimper in pleasure as I did. I was very gentle with them as I filled my mouth with his balls and lightly tickled them with my tongue and lips. I wrapped my fingers around his cock as I tongued his balls; I started stroking it, going crazy to know that he was going to put this gorgeous curved shaft into me. He panted heavily as I stroked his delicious scrotum; I licked back and barely touched his asshole -- he let out a moan. Then I licked slowly up, letting his balls slide out of my mouth, and licked every inch of his cock again as it lay stretched out on his stomach. I put my tongue under his salty head and lifted it up; I pressed my lips around the head as it jutted straight up at me. Then, my mouth aching for him, I began to put his cock into my mouth.

He moaned as I did; he didn't care about alerting Virginia any more than I did. I forced the long shaft slowly into my mouth; I could taste him so strongly I wished I had a mouth full of his come. All in good time, I shoved it deep until the head pressed against my throat; then I deep-throated him, forcing his cock into me all the way. I wrapped my fingers around his saliva-wet balls and the base of his enormous shaft; my lips were pressed tightly almost to the base. I forced it another inch, then another and I'd taken all his cock into my mouth. It felt marvelous to have his hard shaft inside me. I started sucking, rubbing my tongue against the sensitive underside of his cock. Richard went crazy, lifting his hips rapidly against me, pounding his cock into my mouth. I pulled my head up, sliding his cock back out of me until his head was clamped tightly in my lips, then shoved it in again, all the way, fucking my mouth like it was a cunt. I started shoving roughly, picking up speed as I got more and more turned on, he was driving me crazy! Richard's cock felt so good in my mouth; I sucked him harder and faster as he groaned. I knew he was going to come, I wanted him to come in my mouth, but not yet. For now, I had to have his hard cock and his thick come in my pussy.

I slowly pulled my lips up over his cock, then let it drop out of my mouth. I sat up, leaning against him, sliding my legs over so that my knees were once again bent across his. They were pressed together -- I wanted him to spread my legs for me.

"I want you to fuck me," I panted. "Fuck me right here."

Richard leaned over, pressing me down into the plush seats. He got on top of me, taking hold of my knees. I let him tug my legs open as he slid his hands up my fishnet stockings; sliding his fingertips under my skirt so he could lift it. I spread my legs wider as he prompted them open with a playful squeeze to my ass. I got onto my back as Richard lay between my open legs; I reached under and took his hard cock, guiding him as he lifted my skirt further, gathering it around my waist. He held on to my ass as I put his cock up against my cunt, in between my throbbing pussy-lips. I put my arms around his shoulders, taking hold of them as he kissed my neck sensuously. His cock jutted out, just waiting to penetrate me and fuck my pussy!

"Put it in," I breathed. "I want you to come in my pussy."

Holding my ass tightly, Richard shoved his cock into me. I moaned as he entered me, putting his hard shaft all the way into my cunt; it went in neatly. I was so wet, and he'd stretched me all out with his fingers. I took all that beautiful, hard prick in one thrust! He sank it hilt-deep between my cunt lips; I whimpered as he drew back. Then he shoved in again, not even letting me catch my breath but fucking me hard and deep right away. I panted and groaned, begging for more, begging for him to fuck me harder, he shoved it in again and again; "OH YEAH! FUCK ME!" I called out as I felt it going in. He picked up speed and I knew that he was on the brink of an incredible orgasm, just knowing he was going to spurt inside me made me ready to come. I breathed rhythmically, in time with each deep thrust Richard gave me. "Yes, oh yes, yes, uh, yes, fuck me!" Then his thrusts quickened and he seemed to fuck me harder. "I'm going, oh Richard, fuck me, don't stop, I'm going to COME!" I was on the very edge, he shoved harder, faster, more roughly and then I knew he would spurt! My orgasm built up inside me and then burst as Richard came, spurting his thick come into my tight pussy! I moaned out as he came inside me. "YEAH! SPURT INTO ME, RICHARD, OH YES!" I climaxed as he emptied his load of thick jizz into my pussy, his hard shaft pumping in between my tightly-stretched pussy lips. I moaned as we finished coming; he pulled out of me slowly as I went limp on the car seat.

He glanced up, looking around. Then he bent down over me and nibbled at my ear. "We just pulled in," he said. "You've got perfect timing, my love and you give good head, too."

"Just wait till I've got more time," I whispered. "Inside."

He chuckled. "You'll have plenty of time," he said. "We've got the room until noon tomorrow."

The thought sent a thrill up my spine, a whole afternoon and night with Richard, alone in the sexiest hotel in town. I smiled, running my hand up the curve of his inner thigh.

"Let's get some clothes on," he said, tugging my bra together over my naked breasts and fastening it. "So we can get upstairs and take them off again."

I nodded slowly as he dressed me, buttoning my shirt and putting my panties back on. Then he helped me into my jacket and tugged my shirt down, smoothing it modestly. I zipped up his pants and made sure everything looked nice. Just then Virginia opened the door for us.

"Thank you, Virginia," said Richard as we got out. "Nice smooth ride."

"I'm glad to hear that," she said, smiling. I ran my eyes over her beautiful legs under those fishnets; I wondered just how often Richard had her get into the back seat. Thinking about that as I watched her get in and drive away, I felt Richard's hand sliding down to touch my ass through my leather skirt.


The room was gorgeous, it had steps leading down into a beautiful lounging area with a plush carpet that just begged to be fucked on. And up higher was an enormous round bed with lots of room for lots of people. There was a hot tub in a tiny cubicle to one side; Richard mentioned that we'd use it later when we needed to relax for another round.

"I thought I'd take a look at those pictures," he said as we moved toward the bed. "I want to know what to expect out of you."

I smiled. We stood, five or so feet apart, and he watched intently as I took off my jacket.

"Don't stop," he said as I dropped the jacket on the floor. "I love to see a woman strip for me. And I'm dying to see you in that bra and garter belt."

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, letting him savor the knowledge that I was doing a striptease for him. I peeled the shirt away from my breasts; the push-up demi-bra held my tits at a perfect angle; I knew how gorgeous they looked. The lace came halfway up my tits, curving sensuously around my nipples. I dropped the shirt on the floor and slowly unzipped my skirt; I climbed out of that and stood, displaying myself to him. His eyes ran slowly up and down, taking in my long, flowing blonde hair, my large breasts with their erect, hard nipples, my smooth belly, my curvaceous hips with that gorgeous black lace garter belt and my g-string panties, which barely hid anything but just begged to be slipped off. And my fishnets, Stephanie had told me how much Richard loved fishnets, and they turned me on, too. I could see that his cock was already hard, bulging against his pants.

I turned slowly around, bending slightly so he could see my ass through the tightly-stretched string panties. "Like it?" I asked.

"I love it," he said. He snuggled up behind me and I felt his cock pressing against my ass. He took hold of the panties and eased them slowly down, peeling the soaked material away from my wet cunt.

I let him take my panties off, down the slope of my legs again. I smiled and giggled as he got them off, then I turned and pressed my body against his.

"Let's get you naked," I said. "I love this outfit, but I want you to be ready to fuck me in it at any moment, so I never know when you're going to ram your cock into me!"

I started unbuttoning his shirt, exposing the gorgeous shape of his muscular chest. He shrugged it off over his shoulders; then I unfastened his pants once more as he kicked off his shoes and socks. I got to my knees to get a better grip on his pants; I took them off over his tight ass and pulled them down his legs. His cock bulged out even with my face; I nibbled at it gently through his underpants as he stepped out of his pants. Then I took off his underpants, and the long hard shaft of his naked prick stretched toward me.

I couldn't resist! I leaned forward, placing my lips around the head, and slid it into my mouth! I put it all the way in again, forcing it into my throat... I tingled all over as I ate him. I shoved his cock in and out of my mouth a few times, loving the feel of his hard shaft against any tongue, then I slowly got to my feet, pressing my mouth to his.

His tongue plunged into my mouth again, stroking and tickling me sexily. I pulled back. "I want you to come in my mouth tonight," I whispered.

He nodded. "I want to look at those pictures. You know how horny models get looking at pictures of themselves fucking."

We moved onto the bed; I spread out on it as he got out the photos. I hadn't seen them yet; I caught my breath as he looked at them. He climbed onto the bed and sat cross-legged, his cock gone limp between his spread legs. I lay next to him, propped up on one arm, looking at the photos as Richard responded. There I was, locked naked in an embrace with Stephanie's gorgeous body, just as I had been last night in her own bed! Our tongues were plainly visible most of the time, except when they were plunged into each others' twats or mouths -- or my tongue was plunged into her asshole! Richard loved them, I could tell. I watched, my cunt throbbing, as his cock got hard again. He didn't move as he looked over the pictures, but his cock grew until his erection was back as hard as ever. I ran my hands hungrily over Richard's body as I watched his hard-on getting bigger. The photos were really turning him on and me, too. I could feel my cunt dripping slowly down the insides of my thighs as I remembered what it had been like to fuck Stephanie, both in front of the camera and in her bed. She was an incredible fuck... I wanted her here, so she could fuck Richard with me. I wanted to taste a woman's cunt, but as I let my hand trail down to touch Richard's huge prick, I realized how much I wanted it. I'd have to be satisfied with fucking Richard and the way he was looking to me, I knew it'd be more than wonderful!

I curved my fingers around Richard's hard prick. I started stroking it gently as I got wetter. I couldn't hold back; I snuggled closer to Richard's sitting body and started kissing his inner thighs. Then, as he kept looking at the forty or so pictures, I pressed my lips around the shaft of his cock and started licking. He didn't move but just let me tongue him; his cock felt marvelous in my mouth. I licked harder, faster, getting my cunt wetter as I slid my thirsty mouth up and down his shaft. I took it firmly in one hand and pressed the head against my lips and then in! I forced my mouth back down around Richard's long, erect shaft, taking it all in, drinking his cock so that my cunt throbbed in sympathy. It was almost like he was reading the magazine and jacking off, like so many men who would look at my naked body and get hard and stroke their pricks until they spurted. The idea drove me mad with lust! I shoved his cock into my mouth all the way and thought of all those men, Richard included, jacking off to me. I started sucking hard, running my tongue quickly up and down on his shaft, eating him hungrily, taking his whole prick again and again. I knew he was close, he was really turned on by the photos; I loved knowing that Stephanie and I made him that hard! He began rocking his hips with me, plunging his prick into my mouth again and again. He pushed the photos out of the way and slowly rolled onto his back. I climbed on top of him, getting in between his spread legs, rubbing his cock up and down against my tongue, forcing the hard shaft deep, then pulling it out to taste his pre-come against my lips, then deep again, ramming it in! He moaned out, panting in time with my face-fucking, he shoved his hips up against me, again, again. "Uh! Tanya! Don't stop! I'm coming!" He fucked my face quickly, pistoning his prick into me, then he moaned "TONGUE ME LIKE YOU TONGUED STEPH -- UH, IT'S SO -- UH!" His cock muscles jerked as he lifted his ass off the bed; I felt him coming and shoved my lips faster and harder down over his prick, eating him as he spurted. He gushed line after line of delicious, salty come into my mouth; I was filled with it as I rammed his cock into my mouth again, he groaned wildly, and then his cock went soft as he finished coming. I whimpered, taking all of his come. My lips were clamped tightly around the base of his soft cock. I didn't want to miss a drop. I sucked hard and then swallowed, getting every bit of that delicious thick fluid. I licked my lips, tasting more of his semen, and slowly slithered up his body, wrapping my spread legs around his. I got on top of him, pressing my tits against his hairy chest through my demi-bra; he stroked my hair as I licked his chest with a come-greased tongue. I licked my lips again, swallowing the last of his semen, and started kissing his neck. I spread my legs further and then closed them tight around his upper thighs, straddling his body so that my wet cunt was pressed up against his soft cock. "I love the taste of your come," I panted. "It's my favorite taste, a man's thick, salty come. As he spurts it into my mouth. Your cock's so big..."

Richard chuckled. "Do you like it better than the taste of Stephie's cunt?"

I giggled. "I'd have to do a taste comparison," I said. "Maybe you'd let me sometime?"

Richard slowly rolled me over, easing me onto my back as he got on top of me. I moaned softly as he put his mouth up against my tits; he started to suck on my hard nipples above the line of my lacy half-bra; I lifted my back, shoving them deeper into his mouth. "Mmmm... That feels so good..." I sighed as Richard bit my nipples gently. Then he started kissing down my body, licking the underside of my tits through the lace, slowly down my stomach, licking my navel sensuously, then tickling me around the black lace garter belt I wore... down, past each of the garters as I spread my legs wide; he started to lick and nibble on my upper thighs. Then, as I snuggled into the soft covers of the enormous bed, Richard eased his lips up against my pussy.

I moaned as he pressed his tongue into my slit; he flickered it up and down, teasing my clit and then forcing his tongue deep between my aching cunt-lips; he put his tongue deep into my cunt and I whimpered, squirming on the bed. I shoved my hips against him so his mouth pressed firmly against my cunt, it felt so good! I put my hands on his head, guiding him deeper into my pussy as he reached up and took hold of my ass. He held on tight as he ate me; I fucked my body against his so he could eat me better as I got closer and closer to an incredible orgasm. I moaned wildly, begging for him to eat me deeper, harder. He shoved his tongue against my clit and my pussy, fucking his tongue as deep as it would go into my gushing hole. He lapped at my pussy-juices, drinking them as he ate me; I wanted him to eat me till I came, but I had to have more! I wanted his cock inside me! But, oh! It was so wonderful to have him licking my aching pussy...

Richard's hand crept around so that his fingers were thrust up against my throbbing hole. I gasped as he pressed two fingers in, slowly in and then out of my cunt. Then he shoved them in again, slowly and sensuously, my cunt was well-greased with his come and my gushing juices -- I wanted him! He slid his fingers in and out, his tongue still seething against my clit and my hole. He licked his fingers as they entered me, getting them wet with his spit. Then, as I moaned and squirmed and begged for more, Richard filled me slowly, getting me onto my side.

I was delirious with pleasure; I didn't know what he was doing but I loved having his fingers inside me. He eased his fingers out, moving his body so that my legs were wrapped around his again and his face was against my buttocks. My cunt throbbed to have him lick it, but his fingers started seething in and out roughly, quickly, finger-fucking me deep! And then, as I moaned on the bed, he eased his fingers deep into me again and spread my cheeks with his free hand.

I moaned as he pressed his mouth against my asshole; his tongue snaked out and pressed into me. I gasped and whimpered; it felt so good to have his tongue shoving in there, it was so good! I thrust my ass-cheeks back against his face; he plunged his tongue in again and again. He was getting my asshole really wet; it felt incredible. Then, he moved his body up slowly and took his tongue out from between my cheeks. He pressed his two fingers there, forcing them in.

I let out a wild "UHHHH -- YES! UNHHH!" as he put his two fingers into my throbbing asshole. I was lubricated from his tongue and his fingers were slick with my cunt-juice; I moaned as he forced his fingers into me. They went in, plunging between my cheeks; my whole body was alive with pleasure as he finger-fucked me up the ass. I panted and moaned; I had to have it! I turned my head and looked down at him. "I want your cock," I said.

Richard grinned and shoved his fingers tightly between my cheeks again, my asshole felt incredibly tight after the workout it had gotten yesterday. I shoved my ass back against him, begging him with it; he fucked me harder and I reached for my purse on the nightstand. I tore it open and found the bottle of cherry flavored oil. I'd brought it along just in case I wanted it where I most deserved it!

"I want it up the ass," I panted heavily. "I want you to fuck me up the ass."

Richard eased his fingers back out of me; he climbed slowly up my body, licking and sucking at my back. I poured some oil onto my fingertips and slid my hand down between my ass-cheeks. As Richard gently kissed my ear, I put my cherry-greased fingers up my ass, lubricating me more. I wanted him to fuck me good and hard and this would feel great! I slid them up again, again; then I poured more out and felt behind me for Richard's cock. It was enormous and hard again; he felt so good in my hand I thought I'd go mad with desire to have him up my ass! I slowly rubbed his cock-head with oil, then slid my fingers all over his shaft, greasing him up well. I put the last of the oil on his cock and lifted my fingers to my mouth; I licked slowly and sensuously, tasting the sweet oil and a little of my musky asshole. I slid my ass back against him; taking his cock in my hands, I put it up against my asshole. Holding it there, Richard took his hands and grasped my wrists; he eased my hands up to my breasts and spread his palms over them, pressing my hands against my hard nipples. I squeezed gently, feeling so horny I thought I'd burst; I whimpered hungrily; "Fuck me -- put it in!"

Richard held my tits tightly for a second, then eased his hands down to my hips, just under the lacy garter belt. I kept my hands on my tits, stroking them as he pressed me back. He brought his hips forward; as I pinched and petted my nipples, I felt his cock going into me.

I moaned wildly; I'd wanted it up the ass ever since Phil had boned me there with that dildo! But I hadn't had the guts to let Phil fuck me between my tight, smooth cheeks. I didn't do it very often! But now, I could wait no more -- Richard was the sexiest man I'd ever had inside me, and now I wanted him in my asshole! I could feel him doing it as he forced my hips back; his thick head spread my cheeks and opened up my tight, throbbing asshole. His shaft sank into me; I forced my hips back and took his shaft deeper. It was so good, he forced it in all the way and I reached back with my hand, stroking my fingers so I could feel his prick wedged in between my tightly-stretched cheeks. I put my hands back on my breasts and gripped them tightly as he began to fuck me.

Slowly at first, Richard's cock pulled its way out of my asshole, then he shoved it harder in, fucking me deep. His cock spread my cheeks wide; it was so big! But he got it in again, all the way -- huge and hard! I could feel his hands as he reached around to tickle my clit, he started masturbating me as he fucked me up the ass and I moaned and whimpered with pleasure. He pounded his long hard shaft up my ass, thrusting his fingers up my cunt to meet each thrust, first one finger, then two, finally he plunged three fingers into my slit as I felt his cock fucking me between my tight cheeks, into my tight pink asshole. He put it in again and again, fucking me hard; I moaned and gnashed my teeth and begged for more, wanting all of him up my ass and in my cunt. Delirious with pleasure, I was barely able to reach over to the nightstand again and find my purse. I plunged my hand in as Richard ass-fucked me; I emptied out a tiny bag and my hand came out holding a dildo -- one of my own! It wasn't as big as Phil's, but I had to have it up my cunt! I looked back at Richard; he took it in his free hand and let his fingers sink out of me as he put the dildo up to my cunt. I'd never been double-fucked, this would be incredible! He held his cock deep inside my asshole as he forced the dildo between my cunt-lips; I groaned wildly as he shoved it in. It seemed so big, but Richard made sure I took every inch, putting it all into my cunt. I forced my asshole down so it gripped Richard's ass tightly; he started fucking the dildo in and out of my cunt rapidly, shoving it so hard I thought I'd explode with it! I could feel his cock-thrusts up my ass meeting the dildo as it penetrated my cunt; it was so incredible! I bit my lip to keep from screaming; he fucked me from the front and back and I knew I was going to come! I moaned out, "I'm coming -- fuck me! Fuck me up the ass! Shove that, uh, uh, into -- shove that dildo into my cunt!" He entered me again and again, forcing the dildo deep as he ass-fucked me. Then, just as I realized that Richard was about to come up my ass, I gasped and writhed in orgasm and came, flexing my tight buttocks around the shaft of his prick! I went crazy, hammering my body against him so I felt his cock plunging with new force up my ass and then he came, and I felt his cock spurting its thick fluid into my asshole! I was so tight, my asshole sucked up all his thick semen as he spurted it; I could feel it dribbling out around the shaft of his cock and over my ass-cheeks. Groaning in final ecstasy, I went limp, exhausted, against Richard as he forced the dildo one last time into my cunt and left it there, my cunt throbbing and stretched around it.

My head swam with exertion. I'd taken Richard's cock up my ass while being fucked by a dildo! I moaned softly as he pulled both out of me; I rolled onto my stomach and relaxed into the bed as he got up. I heard him talking on the phone. I wondered who it was, but I was too exhausted to find out. I was almost asleep in throbbing, tingling bliss as Richard got back on top of me.

I heard the door opening and closing; I could hardly look up. Then I felt a soft, warm pair of lips against mine. I opened my eyes but Richard had slipped his hand over them. I felt long, soft hair brushing against my half-naked breasts; the thick, sensuous tongue slid deep into my mouth, then out, then deep in again, seething beautifully into me.

She pulled back; I stared up into Virginia's beautiful eyes as she took off her tail-coat. She climbed on top of me, her skimpy, clinging body-suit concealing very little as she rubbed her breasts against me. She put her fishnet-clad legs against mine and kissed me softly. Richard's hand slipped between her thighs; I heard her moaning softly as he petted her cunt.

"Mmmmm," Virginia breathed into my face. "Your mouth tastes wonderful. I'll have to get some of my own..." She glanced back at Richard and eased her fingertips around his cock. I reached down with my own hand and touched it; it was slick with my asshole and the cherry oil. Virginia eased her other hand up against my ass and petted it gently.

"Looks like I've been missing the business meeting," she said, bending down to nibble at my hard nipples. "I think I'll have to make up for lost time."

I felt renewed vigor as I spread my legs, holding Richard's hard cock in my hand. I glanced at the clock; Virginia would be on until five, no doubt. And when she was on the clock, I felt as she snuggled down my body and in between my spread legs, licking my stomach and then, slowly and sensuously, my cunt, she really did her job! Just like me, I thought; Richard thought so too. He climbed on top of me, putting his legs over my shoulders and straddling my face; I opened my mouth and he guided his long, hard prick in between my tightly sucking lips.


I stretched out in the warm lights, spreading my legs further so that John could get a better shot of my pink, wet cunt. I sighed as I rolled onto my stomach, getting to all fours; I reached back in between my legs and gently pressed my fingers against my outer pussy-lips; pleasure throbbed through my naked body as I played with myself. I stroked my cunt harder, reaching in between my lips to touch my erect clitoris; I tickled it lightly and squirmed in pleasure. John got it all on film, taking pictures of me every second. I spread my cheeks as I masturbated, showing my pink asshole right above my gushing cunt. I was really wet; John was turning me on with his gorgeous body so close to mine, and Bunny was watching from the side. She'd just finished her own set; she had looked gorgeous rubbing herself off on the huge bed. I looked over at her and winked; she sensuously licked her lips, teasing me. I giggled, getting on to my side and lifting my leg so that John could get a profile shot of my finger almost going into my pussy. I had gotten so horny with everyone watching me, just knowing what thoughts were going through their heads -- no one around Beauty seemed to have pure thoughts for a moment. John had started out the session by spraying my cunt with a little warm water, wanting me to look wet and ready for the camera. But before long the water proved quite unnecessary -- I was wet on my own!

"All right, that's the first roll. Take a break."

I got up and walked over to where Bunny was standing, eyeing me intently. "How do you like the place?" she asked, looking me up and down. She wore a tight spandex miniskirt and red fishnets; her tank top clung to her breasts so that I could tell she didn't wear a bra. She looked fantastic!

"I love it," I said. "It really gets me off."

"You too, eh?" She laughed. "John's gorgeous. It makes me horny to have him as my photographer. He's one of the few who gets a hard-on taking pictures."

She leaned close to me and whispered into my ear. "And he's an incredible fuck," said Bunny.


"Just stay late some time," she said. "Or if you've got a long lunch and he does, too... I'm sure if you keep taking your clothes off for him you'll find yourselves in bed sometime soon."

"That sounds marvelous," I said. "He's really sexy."

"Everyone around here is," she said. "And believe me, it ain't just for show."

"All right," called John. "Back on the bed. Both of you."

I looked at Bunny, surprised. "What?"

Bunny started slipping out of her miniskirt. "Didn't John mention it? We're going to be doing a set together. It should be a long set. A very long set."

I smiled, a little uneasily. She was so hot -- would I be able to handle eating Bunny just for the cameras? I watched as she took off all her clothes; when she was naked, she put up her arms and stretched, letting me admire her body.

"I hope you're not squeamish," she said. "I specifically requested you." Bunny moved closer to me; she reached out and touched my naked breasts while John watched.

Slowly, she pressed her lips against mine. I felt her tongue sinking gently into my mouth. I felt my cunt tingling with desire for her as she licked deep and long against my lips and tongue.

"Just warming up," she said. "This is going to be a wonderful session."

Taking my hand, Bunny led me to the bed. She eased me down and I spread out; she climbed on top of me, straddling my stomach.

She whispered into my ear. "And you better believe, honey, I plan to finish the session after hours. It's the way we do things around here."

I moaned softly as she eased her mouth down against my nipple. I relaxed as Bunny kissed her way down my body and in between my legs; she started licking roughly and my cunt began to throb with each tongue-thrust. I knew I was going to love it here, getting the job was just the start!

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2010-08-23 20:12:27
Amazing story! I creamed multiple times reading it!

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