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I had been fucking the preacher's wife, and she had asked my wife and me to babysit her children while she visited her sick mom.
Thursday morning I went in to the college to get a few things cleared up at the office. It was after six when I arrived home to an enthusiastic greeting from six children. They were indeed a motley looking crew. Louann, Wilma, and Betty were wearing Carolyn’s old skirts and tops, Bob was wearing a pair of my walking shorts that went almost to his ankles, Millie and Rebecca were wearing their ankle-length dresses, except that Carolyn had rolled the hem up about six inches. All of them were pouncing on me and hugging me. I fell to the floor as they tumbled on me, and in the mayhem my hand ended up Louann’s skirt and on her pussy. “Damn, she’s not wearing panties” I thought to myself and began to get aroused.

By now Wilma had straddled me and had firmly planted her 16-year-old cunt on my hard, six inch cock. Any experienced girl or woman would have recognized what she was sitting on, but not naive Wilma. When she got up, she walked over me and I could see up her skirt. Amazingly, she was not wearing panties either. “What is it with these girls,” I thought–then I recalled that their mother Sara did not wear underwear either? To further confirm that none of the girls were panties, I tumbled over and grabbed Betty. I purposely pushed my hand to her pussy mound, and once again, no panties. Dammit, somebody is going to get in trouble with all this unrestricted pussy around here.

I did not check Bob, as I have absolutely no interest in boys, nor Millie or Rebecca because I like my girls to be at least teenagers.

When Carolyn came in the living room, Rebecca and Millie were sitting on my lap and I was reading to them. Carolyn smiled and said, “dinner will be ready in an hour.” The three older girls were sitting on the floor across from me reading their school books, but it was how they were sitting that got my attention–their legs were wide open, and with them wearing Carolyn’s old skirts, I had a clear shot of what I assumed were virgin cunts. I did notice that Bob Jr was lying on the floor in front of them and he also had a great view–if he knew what it was he was seeing.

All this cunt viewing made my prick get hard under Millie’s little ass. She said Uncle Bill, what is that hard thing I am sitting on?” “Fuck,” I thought, and replied “oh, its my wallet. Move off my lap and I will put in on the desk.” “Quick thinking,” I said to myself. Looking at my pants, I could see a damp spot where pre-cum had leaked. After it dried some, I went in the kitchen to talk to Carolyn and to see if she mentioned that the girls did not have any underwear on.

“Sara called today and asked if you would mind teaching Louann and Wilma today. They are supposed to be studying human reproduction today, and Sara thought that since you are a biology professor you could do a much better job of teaching them than she could as she had never talked with them about such issues. She also said her mother is in critical condition. She asked us to pray for her.”

I replied that I could teach the girls, but it was sad that Sara’s religion and prudishness had left her daughters vulnerable. It was agreed that Louann and Wilma would study with me in my home office because we did not want the younger children to hear the discussion. Carolyn said, “especially with you being so frank and all, I am sure you will blow the young girls’ minds. I doubt if they have ever been kissed by a boy, and here you are going to teach them how to fuck,” she laughed.

She did not mention anything about underwear, or the lack thereof. Neither did I.

After dinner, Louann, Wilma and I retired to the study.

“Have you girls read the assignment,” I asked. “Yes Uncle Bill,” they responded in unison.

“Well, let us talk about,” I said. Louann sat across from us on the floor, giving me a good view of her open pussy. Wilma sat beside me on the sofa. She snuggled up to me and said, “Uncle Bill, there are lots of things about biology and reproduction that we just do not understand. Mom has avoided teaching us this, but we are sure we will need to know it to get into college.”

“How right you are, little one (Wilma weighed about 80 pounds), and I will try to help you out.”

As I opened the book, she moved closer, and Louann got up and sat on the other side.

Louann said “the book talks about sex a lot. Just what is sex?”

“Do you have a boyfriend,?” I asked. “No, we are home schooled, and there are not any boys our age in church, and none live in this neighborhood.” Louann said.

“You mean, you are 17 and never been kissed by a boy?” I asked incredulously.

“That’s right’ Wilma chimed in.

“Haven’t you wanted to kiss a boy like the girls on tv do?”

“We can’t watch tv. It is bad for you,” they said.

“Well, sex usually starts with kissing,” I said. “You do know what kissing is?” I asked.

“Sure, but just have never done it.”

“Why don’t you show us how, Uncle Bill.”

“I don’t know. If your Dad and Mom found out, they would be very upset with me.”

“We won’t tell–we promise, double promise. Just teach us how to kiss”

“O.k., come here Louann.” I leaned over and placed my lips on her virgin lips. As expected, she did not respond, but I continued to massage her lips with mine, and occasionally dart my tongue into her mouth. Finally I could sense she was responding to my actions.

“Louann, I am going to teach you all about sex–just trust me and let me do this for you. Wilma, I will teach you tomorrow, o.k.? Both girls responded with an enthusiastic yes.

I went back to Louann’s mouth, then told her to open her mouth some so that our tongues could touch. She complied, and we began to french kiss. Then I put a hand on her tit and began to massage. She was completely doing as I asked her–no objections whatsoever.

“Louann, to make this easier, we both should take off all of our clothes.” She nodded and I began to remove her clothing, what little she had on. As I looked at her in all her youthful splendor, I whispered “you are so beautiful.”

“Do you really think so, Uncle Bill.”

“I sure do,” and I began to nibble on one of her taut young tits. As the nipple hardened, I moved to the other one and began to suck it, then moved my lips down her stomach. I kneeled on the floor in front of her and gently pushed her back on the sofa. I was now only inches from a pussy that had never been touched by man. I flicked my tongue over her pussy lips, and Louann gasped. I continued to lick her, enjoying so much the taste of her virgin pussy. My tongue found her clit, and began to massage it. I put both hands on her ass, with one finger on her asshole. As I continued to eat her out, she began to moan softly.

Wilma piped in, “are you hurting her, Uncle Bill?” “Oh no, Wilma, this is the best feeling in the world, wait till it is your turn and you will see.” With that I drove my stiff tongue into her as far as I could, pushed on her asshole, and took another finger to her clit. Now she was moving frantically, responding to my moves. Then, with a loud sign, she had her orgasm.

‘Come lie on the floor, so that we can finish the lesson.” She moved down, and I climbed on top of her. “This will hurt some, but just for a few minutes, then it will feel better that what we were just doing,” I told her.

I had Wilma bring a towel and I placed it under Louann’s butt. Then I took my cock and placed it on her pussy. By now, Wilma’s eyes were huge, and I could tell she was also aroused.

I began to push my cock into Louann. She moaned and whimpered, but when I asked if she wanted me to stop, she said no that she wanted to learn her lessons. I put my hands under her ass, and lifted her slightly, then pushed harder. My cock was sliding in, then it hit her hymen. I stopped pressing for a minute, then shoved it through. This brought tears to her eyes, but I continued to fuck her.

“When does your period start,? I asked her. In three days, she told me. Good, I could fill her cunt with cum without worrying about pregnancy. She continued to exhibit pain, but not as bad as earlier. My cock was hard, and I could feel the cum building up. Then with one great shove, I rammed my cock in as deep into her cunt as I could and should a massive load of man juice into her. I rolled over, and wiped her eyes.

“Uncle Bill, it hurt some, but you were right, it did feel good after the initial pain.”

“Girls, you must promise me something–never tell your parents what I just did to Louann, and what I will do to Wilma tomorrow if she still wants to.”

“Why can’t we do it now,” Wilma said.

“Honey, this is called sexual intercourse, or more commonly fucking, and a man cannot fuck but a few times a day. It will be better for you tomorrow if you wait.”

Louann got up to go to the bathroom, and I removed the blood and semen stained towel. Tomorrow is another cherry picking day, and I hope to fuck Louann to orgasm as well.

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if you think its "sick'' than dont read it

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to the anonmous reader 2 spots belowmine yes we o have issues and thanks for te peanut butter idea i forgot about it in favor of pop rocks

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Most girls love to fuck. Even young ones. I took my daughter to a motel after school one day. I had it rented lots. Julie is just 9.
We watch tv....then I take off her panties and finger her tight cunt. When it gets juicy enough, then I fuck her. She takes all my cock, all eight inches. After i fuck her and shoot into her...we go home..then. She has never never told on me yet.

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Haha everyone on this site clearly has something wrong with them... Why am i even here u ask? Because peanut butter tastes good

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