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this is a ture story of when i got raped
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I woke up in my condo looking at the beutiful toronto sky line. I looked at my self, i needed to get a better tan. I decided i would go to the toronto islands and tan. I put on a bra top you know the kind that has a bra support they gave my d cup breast eye poping clevage. I put on a very mini pencil skirt, it was 2 inches below my ass. I was also not wearing underwear. Overall i was a beutiful 20 year old, with beach blonde hair d cup breats a nice ass slim stomache and perfect legs. I put a towel ans a very skimpy bikini in a bag and walked out my condo door.
I took a ferry to Ward island. I looked at the map. The clothing optional beach was closer than the bathing suit kind. I walked onto the beach, i saw three girls the rest were men, it felt abit awkward. But i knew for a perfect tan i would need no clothing. I set up my towel took off my top and pulled down my skirt, my pussy was perfectly shaven and my body attracted stares from men. i started on my back side. within 15 minutes a man set up his towel next to mine. I flipped over so i was taning my front side. i instanly noticed his cock getting semi hard, it made it alot awkward, but i decided to talk to him.
He was very nice, hs name was John, he was 48, and was an insurence broker. I told him about my self. When i fineshed i noticed he was compleatly staring at me and he was hard, his dick must have been 9 inches.
After a while of tanning i decided to go swiming. It was so peacful in the water. After about 10 minutes something touched my leg close to my pussy. I didnt't look back i just swam as fast as i could. a few minutes later something touched my vag. "ahhhh" i moaned. This time i tourened around, it was John.
"GET AWAY" I yelled at him. I swam back to my tanning spot. I dried my self off, re-applied my make up, put on my skirt, skipped the underwear and put my top on. I walked quickly to the farry dock. I hoped John wasn't folowing me, i couldn't tell. There must have been 100 people in line. When the farry landed i ran to the uper deck i didn't see him. "pheww". But what i didn't notice was the man sitting across from me reading the news paper.

I got of the farry and took a taxi to one of my favorite bars in the beach. After an hour or two of drinking i started my way home, i was walking when a black BMW pulled up beside me. Come on get inside, said the man, it was john. If i wasnt tipsy i would have said no but i got in the car. "listen i'm sorry for what happened to today a the beach", john said. "thats fine" i replyed. He asked me if i wanted a water, i said i did, worst mistake i had made.

I woke up in a basment in a house. I didn't no where i was or what time it was. "hello" i said no one answered, there was a small twin size bed but nothing else. I looked at my self, i was wearing a thong which i had not been wearing when i went to the bar, a garter belt and white thigh high socks but no top, some one had put me in sexy lengera, i was confused. All of a sudden a door opened, "who the fuck are you" i yelled, "its me john" said the man. "what the fuck" i yelled, "how could you do this to me". "shut up and listen and ill yet you go" john said. John walked up to me. "You will do what i say and if you dont you will be dead." "now, suck my dick and swallow." "yes" i said. I got on my knees, and started slowly rubbing his semi hard penis. once i knew it was fully erict i began by sucking. I began by covering my teeth with my lips and than took it inch my inch. I started counting to three and on three i began to deep throat. He began thusting his cock down my throat, after 5 minutes he shot his load in my throat, i began swallowing.

"know let me anal you bitch" i got on the ground scared for my life and put my ass in the air. he began to slowly put it in my ass. "oww" i said then he began to violently thrusting in my ass. with one giant shove he got it all in my ass. I had a mix of pain and plessure as i climaxed from this anal. Finally he came in my ass, he pulled out.

Now get on the bed time for one last fuck. "wait" i asked, "how many times did you fuck me?" "twice john said. I lied down on the bed. John began by sucking my boobs, mmmm i moned as they became erect. Than he moved to my pussy he began to eat me out. "OHHHH FUCK" i screamed as he got his whole face righ up to my vag. I had a massive orgi. Than it was his cocks turn.

It was fully erect now and it had to be 10-11 inches. He got on top. I elt his head penatratw my vagina. Than he began to thrust in to me. He got half into me when i had my first orgi. MMM i was moaning. i slowly began to move my hips around. I told him i wanted more. Alright he said. Than he bagan to thrust faster and harder. He got all of it in me. "HOLY SHIT O MY GOD" I yelled. I had aniother orgasim. Than he began to slow down. I felt his bass get closser to his body. "wait your not gonna cum in me are you" i asked "im not on the pill" "well bitch seems you might be my mate" "NO NO NO PLEASE" than i felt his warm seed shote into me.

I woke up in a taxi wearing my skirt and top that i had wore befor my rape. John had put me in my clothes and put me in a cab. I couldnt really remember what happened after my bj anal fuck, i think i got fuck by a couple other guys after but i couldn't remember properly.

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2012-02-12 11:26:18
EnJ6Db Informative, but not convincing. Something is missing but what I can not understand. But I will say frankly: bright and benevolent thoughts!...


2011-07-09 18:07:00
i think its a good story and everyones being a bit harsh to her

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-27 06:22:53
just going to say if your 20 when you wrote this story why does your facebook say you were born april 10 1991 that makes you 19 right now


2010-08-02 13:13:01
" You are a descrease to true women" well so are you dear. it is DISGRACE!! learn to spell before you intend to insult someone for the same thing. no im not the writer but if you cant insult someone right then you shouldnt do it at all.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-08-01 07:41:17
What, sounds like a man trying to write as a woman, badly written and so way off base, and hell even spell check wouldn't help here. What woman would say this about themselves?

Overall i was a beutiful 20 year old, with beach blonde hair d cup breats a nice ass slim stomache and perfect legs.

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