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Roughly based on a camping trip I took part in when I was in high school, might be a little confusing as the narrative switches several times. This is a first installment just to get some feedback. Slow to start and not a lot of sex in this one but tell me what you think!
True story but obviously not exact as I couldn't be everywhere at once...

Pretty self explanitory, big group of horny high school kids go camping. Narrative switches between three characters, the main is Ella (no prizes for guessing who she's based on), then Leon (the longterm boyfriend of Ella's best friend Becky) and then Steve (the ex-boyfriend of Ella).

It's a bit of a teen romance to be honest, not a lot of wild sex or anything but may add that later in Part 2.

What happens in a tent STAYS in a tent!

Louise and I grinned at eachother as we approached the summit and I motioned for a high five. This had DEFINITELY been one of our best ideas ever.

Summer had gotten off to a pretty shit start. There had been no parties and now it was late July and we’d all sat at home or in the park with sweet FA to do so Louise and I had taken the incentive and planned a camping trip for ourselves and our ‘intimate’ group of friends, consisting of the two of us plus four other girls – Becky, Susanne, Jane and Ruth and seven of our close male friends – Mark, Leon, Chris, Steve, Mikey, Harry and Blake.

We’d spent the last two weeks relentlessly exploring the various wooded areas in and around our town and had stumbled upon the PERFECT place about a week ago. About a forty minute hike up a mountain through dense woodland was a huge, secluded clearing. There was no rubbish or signs of life so we figured not many people knew about it and we knew straightaway we’d struck gold.

So a week and several phone calls later, here we were leading a group of eleven exhausted and very unfit sixteen year-olds to our campsite. We deemed it a huge success judging by the murmured “Ooohs” and “Aahhs” coming from the pack behind us and the lads uttered several approving comments between their gasps for air after our hike.

We wasted no time in pitching the tents having already picked people to share with. Becky was adamant she wanted to share with her boyfriend Leon and they picked a shady spot at the far end of the clearing; thankfully well away from the rest of us (we all know Leon’s a screamer even though Becky won’t say as much) and Louise was sharing with her boyfriend Harry so they also took the hint and pitched their tent some distance from the rest of us before Harry grabbed her round the waist and pulled her off into the surrounding forest (for a quickie as we later discovered but could have guessed as much). The rest of us set up in a huddled group in the centre of the clearing, me and Sue sharing a four person tent with her on-and-off fling Mark and his friend Chris (who I seriously fancied a piece of), Ruth and Jane sharing a two person together (they were sticking to the no-even-seeing-a-boy-naked-before-we’re-married pact and we’d all had reservations about bringing them along knowing they weren’t going to want to drink or get high with the rest of us) and the remaining three boys, Steve, Mikey and Blake sharing a tent.

By the time Louise and Harry got back from their little rendezvous in the woods, the rest of us had got a campfire going (albeit a very small one) and were boiling some ready-made noodles we’d had the foresight to bring along. Ruth and Jane scoffed as Louise and Harry rejoined the group looking pleased with themselves but we ignored them and grinned conspiratorially at Louise while the lads thumped Harry on the back with admiration.

The night continued much the same way and we all sat around the campfire making smores, getting drunk and messing around. I don’t know who suggested spin the bottle but by one in the morning I’d made out with every guy (and several of the girls) in the group and the couples were starting to pair off and head for their tents. Jane and Ruth retired early and Blake, Mikey and Steve decided to go for a wander. Once they’d left it was just me, Sue, Mark and Chris left around the fire and none of us fancied going back to the tent just yet…

Becky and Leon

“Babe, I want you inside me right now,” Becky whispered seductively in my ear. She was very drunk but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance while it was literally right in front of me. As if I needed more persuasion she grabbed my dick through my trousers and started rubbing discreetly. I glanced at the others and doubted they’d even notice if we left so I pulled her up by the waist and half supported half carried her to our tent she was giggling and tripping so much. We’d barely zipped up the door when she started pulling my top off. I kissed her passionately on the lips and she returned it with a moan. We’d both been away on separate holidays and we hadn’t fucked since school broke up so both of us were as horny as hell and I was already hard from her earlier ministrations.

We stopped kissing for a second so I could pull her top off, closely followed by her bra. I paused for a moment to admire her. Even in the dimly lit tent she was beautiful, not skinny but toned with ample 34B tits, a lithe frame and a navel piercing that glinted in an arousing way. She was a lot shorter than me, about 5”3 with sparkling grey-blue eyes and shoulder length blonde wavy hair. As she pulled my lips back to her own and kissed me hungrily I mentally applauded myself for getting such a hot girlfriend, despite the lack of faith my friends had in me. I broke away from her lips and started kissing down her body, stopping at her tits and taking each one laboriously in my mouth and sucking them until her nipples were hard and begging for my attention. As I did so, I slowly slid my hand down to her shorts and unbuckled them then slid my hand inside her panties. My fingers slid easily down past her smoothly shaven mound and lightly brushed her pussy lips below. She was already warm and very wet (just how I like my women) and my fingers slid inside easily. I tickled her clit with my thumb while putting two and then three fingers deep inside her soaking pussy and I knew she was enjoying it because a) she always did and b) she was moaning like a whore. She started bucking her hips and thrusting to meet my fingers and take me deeper inside her and after less than five minutes she had her first orgasm of the night and I had to clamp my hands over her mouth so we didn’t draw the attention of the others.

I pulled her shorts off completely and she got onto her knees, unzipped my fly and pulled down my trousers and pants, unleashing my 8inch erection I could hardly wait to bury deep inside her pussy. First, she took it in her hands and began pumping it, alternating between long slow strokes and short quick ones making me near crazy with lust. Then she brought her lips to the head of my cock and began licking it almost sheepishly at first, like she always did, then getting more daring and taking the head in her mouth while her hands played idly with my balls and finally deepthroating almost all of my cock, something she was near-perfect at even in her drunk state.

At this rate I knew I’d cum before I even got near her pussy so reluctantly I withdrew from her mouth and pushed her down on our sleeping mats then got on top of her. I guided my throbbing cock towards her entrance and brushed her lips with the tip. She moaned in expectation but I held back, continuing to guide my cock playfully up and down her wet hole.

“Tell me how much you want it,” I whispered cockily.

“Leon, I want you so bad baby, I’m so wet for you,” she moaned.

“You want what? Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you Becky,” I teased.

“I want you to fuck me!” she moaned simply, “I want you to bury your huge cock inside of me and fuck me like the slut I am.”

And with that I plunged my cock deep inside her. She was tight, not as tight as she had been when I first took her virginity the year before but still pretty tight given the amount of times I’d fucked her since. It didn’t last long and when we were done I couldn’t help looking longingly at her puckered little asshole. What I wouldn’t give to thrust my dick in that and take her ass cherry as well. Unfortunately she was adamant she didn’t want to so I that would have to wait until another day. I climbed onto the mats beside her and fell asleep.

Back at the campfire

The four of us grimaced at Becky and Leon’s tent. “Do they seriously think we can’t hear them?” Mark laughed. Sue, who was wrapped in a blanket with him, turned to face him and gave him a sultry look, “Oooh Leon! I want you so bad baby, I’m sooo wet for you!” she mocked Becky in a fake falsetto voice and we all laughed except Mark who was somehow turned on by this display and started making out with her. Chris and I rolled our eyes at eachother, “Typical,” I mouthed to him, “I know, right?” he laughed back with a wink. Chris walked over and offered me a hand standing up. “I’d say that’s our cue to leave, you coming?”

I took it willingly and we started walking back towards the tents. I was hoping we’d head back to our tent and have a little fun of our own but apparently Chris had other ideas. He put his arm around me and led the way up towards the outskirts of the forest where the other guys had wondered off to earlier. Once we were a fair bit up and well out of sight he stopped walking and turned to face me, his gorgeous, chiselled features highlighted by the moon in full view above us. He stepped towards me and encircled my waist with his muscular arms. For a second I couldn’t breathe. All I could think about were those lips hovering millimetres from my own, how it would feel to have them exploring my body, working their way down to my virginal entrance and..

Before I knew what was happening, those lips were pressed against mine in a passionate, almost animal embrace. I was forced with my back against a tree and he skilfully parted my legs and lifted them up around his waist. His hands went under my top and undid my bra and he began playing with my modest 32B tits like they were God’s gift to earth. We were both still wearing clothes but my pussy was level with his dick and he was pressing it against me making me even hornier.

Somewhere in the woods

“Would you relax, dickweed! Chris doesn’t have the balls to try anything on with Ella, and what do you care, you’s have broken up, remember?” Mikey tried to comfort me as I stomped angrily round the woods, kicking branches and stones in an attempt to vent my frustrations.

“Yeah Steve I gotta agree with Mikey,” Blake said, “You dumped her like months ago, so why do you care?”

That only made me even angrier. Yes, I’d dumped Ella. Yes, all her friends had hated me for ages for ‘breaking her heart’. Yes, she’d got angry and screamed at me down the phone when I tried to break it up via text message. But looking back on it I couldn’t remember why I’d broken up with her. Maybe it was because I’d always thought she harboured feelings for Mikey? I didn’t even know now. She was fucking gorgeous. Pretty tall, about 5”6, toned legs that went on forever, flat stomach, small but pert tits, olive skin and a faultless complexion with full lips, big green eyes and long, straight light brown hair. I’ll be fucked if I know what she saw in me.

It hadn’t really bothered me until now but actually seeing her looking at Chris like she used to look at me was making me feel sick so I just got up and left and being my best mates (and not getting any pussy themselves) Blake and Mikey were good enough to join me.

We’d been wandering around for about an hour and were heading back towards the campsite when we spotted something moving in the darkness several yards ahead.

“Fuck, what it it’s the police or the park rangers or something?” Mikey cursed.

“Yeah, so?” Blake said.

“We’re not supposed to be camping here! We don’t have a permit!” Mikey hissed.

“Hey, I don’t think it is,” I said, squinting as the moving object started to take shape as my eyes adjusted. “Holy shit! I think it’s two people going at it!” Blake laughed. He was right, I could see them then, the girl obviously the one pushed against the tree with her legs around a tall and suddenly very familiar male silhouette. I think my heart missed a beat. Mikey and Blake realised at the same time and after throwing me a worried glance they started towards the pair. I was rooted to the ground, unable to move for fear of seeing exactly what Chris and Ella were up to just ahead of us.

Ella and Chris – Outskirts of the woods

“ALRIGHT MATE!” A voice yelled out from the woods behind us and Chris nearly dropped me in shock. We stared in the direction of the noise as two shapes started to take shape in the darkness – Mikey and Blake. I heaved a sigh of relief, no mad axe murderer then. Mikey laughed and Blake wolf whistled. “Oh carry on folks, don’t stop on our account,” Chris set me down and straightened his clothes while I smoothed over my hair. “Na, we were finished anyway,” Chris said. We were?! I thought angrily, I was just getting started. Trust Mikey and Blake to be the world’s worst cockblocks. Could be worse though, I admitted to myself, At least Steve wasn’t here to see that little display, not that he’d care anyway. “Where is Steve?” I wondered out loud. Mikey and Blake looked at eachother conspiratorially, “Just back at the tent,” said Blake, “Yeah, he fancied an early night,” added Mikey as the four of us headed back to camp.

Steve – Outskirts of the woods

I watched in grateful awe as my two best friends broke up Ella and Chris and followed silently behind back to camp. Watching her tight ass sway in front of me, its shape clearly visible through the thin material of her shorts, I could feel my dick growing in my pants. I could see her swaying slightly as she walked and some of her speech sounded slurred as she chatted nonchalantly to the guys so I was pretty sure she was tipsy. That’s when I decided it. I have got to fuck her, I thought to myself, Consensual or not, I have got to be the one to pop her cherry, and I have got to do it tonight.

End of Part 1

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