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Kind of long set-up but worth it. Please leave comments
I made up my mind, I was going to go back to the most special place for myself and my father and that was the tennis club. I hadn’t been back there for a few weeks since my dad died because of a drunk driver. I couldn’t stand the thought of going to the place that meant so much to both of us. We played together countless hours and my dad was the main reason that I was the best 16 year old tennis player in the state. My mom actually talked me into going and asked if I wanted company but I said that I just wanted to go alone.

I arrived at the tennis club and walked inside. I flashed my ID card for the club and then sat down for a second. I was having a hard time convincing myself that it was a good idea to play tennis feeling the way I felt when I saw the perfect thing at my time of sorrow, a distraction. By distraction, I mean a stunningly beautiful 15 year old girl with brown hair, a slim and athletic body, a skin tight athletic top that showed off her perfect little titties, and a tiny skirt that barely came a few inches below her crotch. She smiled at me but when I tried to smile back, the sadness I was feeling came through clearly and she gave me a kind of sympathy look.

The tennis courts were all indoors and there were six in all. I took the one four from the entrance and the girl that I saw earlier was having a tennis lesson from one of the teachers at the club. I just stood on my side and kept serving to the other side that was empty. I did this for a good half an hour than sat down for a second and watched the girl that I was suddenly fascinated with.

She was a really good tennis player and I just sat there and watched her for around ten minutes. I think she noticed me watching because she kept smiling at me and trying to show off her skills. I got up and served a few more shots and then headed back for the showers. After a brief shower, I went back out into the main area and sat down on a couch and just relaxed for a minute. Just as I got comfortable, the girl that I was looking at came up from the courts and walked over to me. She introduced herself to me. Her name was Lauren.

Lauren and I talked for a little while and I explained why I was there and how I was feeling. She was a great listener but I had trouble talking as I frequently found myself looking over her body. I couldn’t tell if she knew I was checking her out or if she thought I had trouble talking sometimes because of what I went through. She gave me her number and told me to call her if I ever needed someone to play tennis with. I genuinely smiled for the first time since my dad’s death and said goodbye. I was actually feeling good for a change.

I went home and told my mom about how everything went. She was happy for me and I went off to bed feeling significantly better than I did when I woke up in the morning.

A couple of days later I was feeling a little bored so I decided it was a good time to take Lauren up on her offer of a game of tennis. I called her and asked her if she wanted to meet me up at the tennis club for a few games and she replied with, “Bring it on.”

I got to the club before she did and it was slightly crowded but not too bad. I got changed and sat in the main area and waited for her. She showed up a couple of minutes later and said that she would be back in a second because she had to change also. I was joking around and asked if she wanted any help getting changed. I wasn’t being serious at all but she got kind of a sly little look on her face and smiled but she quickly said that I was being silly and she went off and changed.

That exact moment was when I knew she was looking for more than a tennis game.

We started immediately after she changed. Like I said before, I was the best 16 year old tennis player in the state so I decided to take it a little easy on Lauren at the start. I quickly found out that Lauren was no push over at all. I had to work to win the games that I did. It didn’t help that she was wearing an even sexier outfit than the first time I met her, which I didn’t know was possible. She was only wearing a sports bra for a top which showed off her amazing abs and sexy breasts which I guessed were a B cup bordering a C cup. Her skirt was so short that I was almost drooling onto the court. I was paying more attention to her body than to the ball. I let her win a few sets but we both knew that I was the better of the two.

After we finished the last game we were going to play for the day, she told me she had a great idea. She said that she knew of a single court up in a wooded area that not many people knew about. She asked me if I would drive us up there so we could have some more “fun.” I found out later what she meant by that.

We hopped into my car and she started giving me directions on how to get to the court. The whole drive there she was flirting with me and talking about how handsome and cute I was, which gave me even more clues to her true intentions.

We eventually showed up at the court which was completely empty and there wasn’t a sign that anyone was around. Lauren let out a tiny giggle and we went up to the court. We started to warm up a little bit just lobbing the ball back and forth when she said that she had an idea. She said that we should play a game but the stakes should be a little higher. I asked what she meant by that. She had a devilish look on her face and said that words that would completely change my teenage years, “Strip tennis.” I got excited and said, “You’re on.”
I quickly one the first game and she took off her shoes. I was disappointed she chose her shoes but knew where we would eventually end up. I let her win the next game just to make things a little even and decided to take off my shirt to try and make Lauren feel a little bolder also. I was in great shape and was proud of my body so I didn’t mind having my shirt off. Actually I preferred it. I won the next game and she took off her tiny little skirt to reveal the pink panties she was wearing underneath the skirt. Her panties were just barely enough to cover her nice firm ass that was doing everything possible to get out of its prison.

The next game was close at the end so I aced the serve and prepared myself for what was next. She smiled at me and did one of the sexiest little dances as she took of her sports bra and I saw the tits that I was staring at all day. They were the perfect size in between being too small and too big. I could barely stop staring as Lauren giggled and told me to stop staring but that was proving to be impossible as her little nipples were pointing straight out. We played another game but I was so distracted that I lost and took off my shoes as well which actually made it a little fairer.

I lost the next game again and took off my shorts, revealing my boxers. Both Lauren and I were completely naked except for her panties and my boxers. It was a sudden death game. Lauren called me over to the net and decided to put a little something extra on the last game she said that the loser had to do whatever the other person asked no matter what. I agreed with her completely and we took our positions on our respective sides. It was my serve and I decided to let her get out to a 45-0 lead to make her feel like she was going to win but I buried the next 5 shots to win the game.

Lauren did another dance by shaking her hips back and forth and massaging her breasts as she slowly lowered her panties to the ground and was completely naked. Her pussy was completely shaved and looked amazing out in the open. I walked over to the net and hopped over it to get a better look. I walked up to her ad immediately started to rub her pussy and kiss her passionately on the lips as I worked my way down her neck one peck at a time until I reached her boobs which I licked mercilessly and started to suck on her nipples. Lauren moaned with happiness as she moved her hand into my boxers and started to rub my now hard cock. She whispered into my ear, “What do you want me to do to you?” This completely turned me on and I said, “Suck my big fat cock.” She smiled and grabbed my boxers and pulled them off. She took my cock into her mouth and started to suck on the head and slowly move her lips down the shaft until she couldn’t go any further. She brought her mouth back to the head and repeated, picking up speed and going further and further down the shaft until she took the whole seven inch cock into her mouth. She kept sucking on it until I started to get that familiar feeling that I was about to erupt. I whispered into her ear that I was about to cum but she kept the blowjob going until I did start cumming. She took every burst of semen into her mouth until I was done and then she swallowed it. She cleaned off my penis with her mouth and then got onto her feet and smiled at me as she asked me how it was. Words couldn’t even describe the feeling I had.

Lauren then said that it was my turn to do something to her. I said sure and she told e to eat her pussy out. I happily obliged. I ran out to my car and grabbed towel, laid it down on the ground for her to lie on, and then went to work. I started by kissing her and again working my way down her body, making a pit stop at her tits again and then worked down to her pussy which was wet from excitement. I put my mouth deep into her crotch and started probing around with my tongue, every once in a while rubbing it over her clit which always elicited a moan from Lauren. I kept going as her moans started getting louder and faster as she started screaming, “Harder” over and over again so I put a couple of me fingers into her vagina and started to finger her as well. I could tell this had a positive impact on her as she started to scream and orgasmed heavily, which caused her pussy juices to flow out onto my fingers and face. She looked up at me and kissed me to taste herself and then licked my fingers clean.

We just laid down on the towel for a few minutes just recuperating completely naked. I asked Lauren if she had a good time. She laughed and said that she had a great time, but there was one thing missing. She told me that she was still a virgin, which wasn’t of much concern t me because I was too and she said that she wanted me to take her virginity from her. I said that I would be honored and asked if her hymen was still intact but she said that she broke it while riding a bike a few years ago and she also said she was on the pill so I didn’t have to worry about a condom. I said I was ready if she was so she kissed me on the lips and I slowly moved her legs apart and started to inch my dick slowly into her vagina until I was completely in. I looked at Lauren and she gave me a look telling me to go ahead and I started thrusting in and out of her while slowly increasing my speed and roughness. As I continued fucking her, I grabbed her left breast in my hand and massaged it while pinching the nipple and then repeating with the other tit. We kept fucking harder and harder until we both started to climax at the same time. She came first as her vaginal muscles started to clamp on my penis which sent me way over the top as squirt after squirt came out of my dick into her pussy until both of us were completely finished. I pulled my penis out of her pussy and she took her finger and stuck it into her pussy to get some of my semen and then she licked her finger clean to taste me. We both knew that tennis had just become much, much more fun.

I took Lauren home and we sat outside her house for a minute just talking. Right before she got out of the car, she told me that she had a friend that might be interested in our special kind of tennis I told her that I was open to pretty much any other girls joining us. She smiled and then we kissed and she went up to her house. I sat in the car for a second and then looked up and smiled because I knew that my dad was trying to cheer me up. It worked.

Just to let everyone know I left room for a sequel but I don’t know if I will or not. This is my first sex story I have EVER written so be honest and let me know if it is any good. Thanks

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2015-01-13 07:13:36
the ending was the same as your others and youve got a lot of spelling errors. but other than that its a relatively good story

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2014-08-24 09:57:13
Haha 45-0? Dude come on

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2011-10-21 12:21:17
love the fact that you did it on a tennis cort.

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2011-08-10 00:32:41
yo man that made me cum this was pro dude i love this site dude you are pro i was masturbating hard man i love you man fuck me my addess phone is 212 326 7782 love me man

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2011-08-09 23:07:22
I enjoyed this story very much. I came three-four times. (: But you should know that I play tennis on my high school's team and that is not how you score. But who cares! I loved it! Thanks for the freat story.

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