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18, male, London! webcam? i met this hot, 18 year old chick who gave me one of the best head ive gotten!
i was in oxford circus relaxing and chilling with some friends and did some summer shopping. and after that we all went looking for nice hot teenage girls with a nice ass, boobs and face that we could possibly take back to my friends house.

we soon found 4 girls which we started a conversation about where were from and what we do etc. it was four of us and 3 of the girls. the girl i had my eye on was mixed raced (black/white) about 5ft5, 3-4 inches shorter than me, brunette hair, hazel eyes and a sexy gorgeous face. she looked almost like jessica alba, but only abit. her tits wernt that big, just a nice juicy hand full. however, she had the nicest big bum!! and it suited her slim body. she was wearing short denim jeans which showed her sexy smooth tanned legs. and she was wearing a white tank top, with a blue bra. soon after we decided that we'd go to hyde park and smoke some weed and relax.

Vanessa her name was, was really getting along with me, we talked alot and she was flirting alot with me, occaisionally rubbing my theighs and offering a massage on my back. she was abit high but i wasnt, i just relxed in the sun/shade whilst she gave ma back a massage.

then it was my turn, whilst i was massaging her i slowly worked my way down from the back of her neck (she was lying on her tummy) to her legs. when i got to the ass bit id slow down and coress her cheeks together and give them a squeeze and then after i started to put my thumbs near enough her pussy. as soon as i started to to this she moaned abit and then after started to moan abit louder as i went deeper.

i then put her on her back and and leaned forward to give her a kiss. she responded and started to kiss me back. whilst doing this i rubbed in between her legs with my right hand as the other was on her face. she then started to grab my dick from the outside, trying to grab hold of it.
she started to unzip my belt and grabbed my dick which was rock hard from my boxers.
as soon as she grabbed it, she breathed more heavily and said,

'ooo, big boy huh?'

and i smiled, and said, 'wait till you actully see it'

we carried on kissing and she played with ma dick from the outside of the boxers as i rubbed her pussy. at this point i could feel her jeans moistening up and my boxers had gone abit wet from the precum.

she then whispered in my ears,

'do you think that will go down my throat?'

i couldnt belive what she said, she was pretty straight forward, as i met her only 20mins ago.

i replied, 'my car's parked in the car park round edgware road, lets go there'

with no further delays we got up, fixing ourselves and head out for my car.

when i got to my car, i went in my pockets for the keys but before i could get it out she grabbed my dick, saying,

'hurry up i want it now' and winked,

i quickly opend the back door, and sat down on the seat. my windows were tinted so it was safe and i also turned abit of slowjams/rnb on so we could get comfortable.

we started to kiss whilst she was sitting on top of me each leg to the side of each of my legs. she then took of my tshirt and start kissing down my stomach until she got to my buttoned area. i then turned my body so i was resting on the door/seat and put her knees on the seat and slowly unzipped my jeans and put my boxers down. as soon as she did my 7inch dick flung out at her face. her eyes grew and she started to bite her lips. she grabbed my dick with one hand, with her face only 2inches away from the head of my dick. she then slowly started to stroke my dick and pulled her tongue out and licked the precum of my dick,

'mmm...' she moaned

and then licked it more from the bottem of my dick to all the way at the top. she then got her other hand and pulled her hair back and then started to corress my balls as she licked it more.

she then wrapped her warm soft lips around the head of my dick, whilst closing her eyes and then started to suck her way down as far as she could. i was blown and the sound of the slurping got me even more hornier. she then opend her mouth, stuck her toungue out whilst ma cock was inside her mouth and started to deep throat me slowly, building up the speed. her beautiful sexy face was so deep into what she was doing and my precum was all around her mouth and lips. she then built up the pace and started moaning, i then grabbed hold of her hair with both hands and started to push her face right down, she didnt object so i kept doing it slowly and then built up the speed.

'ahh face fuck me... let me suck you dry.. cum on my face' she moaned and asked with passion

she then took ma dick out of her mouth except the head of my dick, and started to wank me off. as she was doing it she would moan, and deep heavily and kept saying,

'cum on my face'

my cock started to twitch and i breathed heavily too. i grabbed her head as i was ready to blast my cum onto her face. she kept sucking the head of my dick as she wanked me off fast, and then began to deepthroat and gag on my dick to give me that SPECIAL feeling. listeing to her slurp, moan and watching the goo come out of her mouth really turned me on aswell. i then couldnt hold it much longer.

i blasted my cum right into her throat, as soon as she felt it, she took my huge dick out of her mouth and aimed it at her face quickly, however before it got to her face my dick splurged some cum onto her lips and then covered her face. as soon as she was covered in my cum and i stopped cumming, she softly and gently started to lick my dick so no cum ws on it. she then got her finger and wiped down the cum into her mouth. i felt so relieved and i rested on my car seat as my eyes hanged low, she aswell was abit tired (as she was high aswell) and with one hand on my thigh, she rested her face n my dick and closed her eyes.

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2013-10-25 08:03:36
JFWzoD Great blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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2011-05-22 15:42:03
I remember trying to suck my dad's large cock in his car.
He had picked me up from school, and parked in a mall parking lot. He talked me into sucking his cock. I gagged on it, but he did cum in my mouth..uggh. I was only 6 years old then. He made me swallow all his sperm I got sick on that.

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2010-08-01 10:06:10
it was goood, and it sounded like a true story, although you need to edit it and add more detail in to make it more interesting.


2010-07-26 11:32:55
Poor grammar, terrible spelling, incorrect capitalization, and the story just generally sucked. I'm truly sorry I wasted any time with this drivel.

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2010-07-26 11:31:46
i like it. it sounds true. dont worry about the other comments.

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