Jason and I grew up together in every sense of the word. We were the same age (born only a few days apart), and our parents knew each other well, so we spent an awful lot of time together as children. We would spend hours in the sandbox together, imagining, dreaming, and playing. We entered kindergarten together, and struggled over our homework together in elementary school. Whenever I had a problem of any kind, I could always go to Jason to tell him. Unlike most boys at a very young age, Jason seemed to understand and would always say, "That's okay, Maggie." We were inseparable.

At about the time when we were both 11 years old, I noticed that Jason didn't hang around with me as much as he used to, and when he was around, he was noticeably more irritable. There seemed to be something troubling him. I was very bothered by this, especially the fact that he apparently no longer wanted to confide in me. I decided to confront him to ask why he was so bothered and also if I had done anything to upset him. We lived pretty close together, so I walked over to his house. His mother answered the door and invited me in, as she frequently did. When I went to Jason's room, he was sitting and facing the other way, apparently trying to polish something, or at least it that's what it looked like. He was moaning aloud, as if he was in pain or at least uncomfortable.

"Jason?" I said.

Quickly Jason turned around, facing me. I think I still have yet to see a more surprised and embarrassed look. He was so frantic. He wasn't polishing anything at all; he was stroking his penis. Why was he doing that? Was he nursing an itch or something? And why was he so surprised to see me? No sooner had he turned around to me then a stream of white goo came out of the tip of his penis onto the floor. Then another. Then another. When the floor had been covered with the goo in several places, Jason ran to the bathroom, yelled and screamed at me, and then demanded that I leave. I was so confused and upset. I ran out of the house, a very hurt little girl.

About a year later, Jason and I still weren't talking much. I missed him and his perfect way of making things okay. We had to take a course in sexual education that year in school, and after sitting through several courses, I finally understood what had happened on that day the year prior. Jason had gone through puberty. Well, I supposed I could understand that, then. I decided to try and talk to Jason once again, so that we could be friends again. At school, I asked him to meet me later in the parking lot when class let out, and he did. I told him what I knew and that it was okay and I wasn't angry or upset or ashamed. Jason smiled at me and hugged me. We were friends once again!

Jason and I returned to the old routine of hanging around each other, just like old times. Not long after I turned 13, however, I began going through puberty myself. I was scared at first. Jason, like always, reassured me and promised me that there was nothing wrong. That made me happy. However, I noticed a lot of changes, but most of all, I began to notice the boys in school. I began ranking them according to how attractive I thought they were, and I was thought about touching them frequently.

Once, at home, when I was laying on my bed and thinking about a boy in my class, I noticed a tingling in my crotch. I moved my hand down to see what was going on, and when I rubbed my clit, my whole body screamed out in pleasure. I didn't know what was happening. I got scared, but that fact couldn't curtail me from wanting more of that pleasure. Much more. I went to the bathroom and rubbed myself until I had my very first orgasm. It was amazing. After that, I continued to masturbate on a regular basis, and my orgasms got more intense. I didn't feel dirty at all.

I had never considered the effectiveness of my appearance before, but not long after I began pleasuring myself, I started thinking about how boys might think I look. I experimented for a while with makeup, and I even started trying to get away with wearing less clothing, despite gripes from my parents. I also took a good look at my body. Hmm. Jason and I were 14 by this time, and I was the very typical, thin 14-year old who was just beginning to develop my breasts. I thought I was very cute, a light-pink skinned blonde with a flat tummy and long legs. In retrospect, I think I had close to zero body fat then. By boobs were hardly there yet, but I thought the rest of my body was in good proportion. Overall, I thought that I was pretty hot compared to most of the girls in school.

Jason noticed the gradual changes that I made in my appearance, but they all culminated one day when he saw me at school and exclaimed, "Maggie, you're so HOT!" That made me smile for the rest of the day.

The two of us were hanging around each other again, although we weren't dating each other or anyone else. We had lots of fun together. We loved to go outdoors and just sit and talk to each other in the forest where we couldn't be seen by anyone. Eventually, I asked Jason about masturbating and cumming. I told him that I did it a lot, and he admitted that he (of course) did, too. We discussed it for hours on that day, and we ended up kissing. We trusted each other greatly, and didn't feel pressured around each other.

Soon after, Jason and I began to pet each other heavily at our meetings. I was awed by his cock, and he liked my little boobies, too. We talked about sex and sexual activities, and we were both very intrigued by what they must be like. I had also heard about sex from some of the other girls in school, and I was well aware of how babies were made. Many of the girls talked about how boys' favorite thing to do was cum inside a girl, and how they always tried to do that. It seemed pretty dangerous to me at the time.

Eventually, Jason and I were rubbing each other. I loved to stroke him with my little white hands and watch him cum in a huge fountain all over them. It always made me laugh and giggle. I knew it made him happy, and that made me happy. Jason also loved to put his hands all over me, a sensation which I really enjoyed. I always masturbated after he did that because I was so hot. The girls in school had also talked about blowjobs, and we had practiced giving them to bananas for fun. I tried this on Jason who was very willing to be my guinea pig. He said that I was wonderful at it, and he returned the favor of oral sex to me. I loved the intense orgasms he gave me when he did that.

I suddenly went through a growth spurt, and my boobs grew amazingly quickly to a C cup. It was so fast that everyone was astonished. So, finally, I had big, perky boobs to complete my now very sexy figure. Near the end of my spurt, Jason and I turned 15. We continued to get each other off for a while, but we both admitted to each other that we wanted more. Together, we decided that having sex would not be wise since I was not on birth control and all the other girls and guys told us that condoms sucked. I was still worried, though, so Jason and I decided that if I should happen to get pregnant, he would marry me and take care of the baby. I was very relieved at that. Not only would Jason help me take care of the situation, but he liked me enough to be willing to marry me if it should happen.

I was also relieved because I was scared about myself. I knew that if Jason wanted to cum in me, I could not and would not ever try to stop him. I adored Jason too much to disappoint him by not letting him cum in me. Besides, even if I wanted to protest during sex, I was very unsure that I would be controlled enough to say anything to him before he came, and much less able physically stop him somehow from cumming in me.

One afternoon we were back outdoors, this time in a grassy field far away from the local community. The sun was shining and there was no wind. Jason and I were both wearing a shirt (mine had pretty strings and was backless) and jeans, but we were both barefoot. We had already begun our usual routine of feeling each other up, and I was already in heaven. Jason then took off his shirt and my shirt, and began kissing my torso all over. He then undid my bra, and my nice firm titties fell free over my flat tummy. He began to fondle them vigorously which set me to moaning very loudly. I wanted to feel his cock, so I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard member.

I began rubbing him slowly, then quickly, and I sucked him all the while. Jason was going nuts. After a few minutes, he unzipped my jeans and pulled them off my body. He moved my underwear aside and began giving me the best cunnilingus of my life up to that point. I was on fire and tossing every which way. He then removed his pants and underwear and kissed me. I pulled off my underwear, too, but then got nervous when I realized that we had never both been completely naked together before. We continued to fondle each other.

"Let's have sex," Jason said.

"Are you sure? You know what could happen.." I retorted.

In the end, I knew it was up to him. I would do anything to please him, even ride him bareback and carry his child at 15 years old.

"God yes.. I'm so horny.." he exclaimed.

"Okay, but go slow," I requested.

Jason moved between my long legs and I lifted them up to accommodate him. I felt his cock head at my labia, and then he slowly moved inside me, inside my unprotected vagina. It felt so good. We both gasped. He continued in a bit, very slowly, but stopped about halfway in. He had hit my hymen.

"You know this will hurt for a bit," he said.

"I know; it's okay, really!" I replied.

Jason pushed inward, and I felt a pain as he put pressure on my protective skin. It finally ruptured, and I winced at the pain. Jason stopped for a moment, but then continued to penetrate me. When he was finally fully inside, we both gasped at the pleasure of full penetration. He then began moving back and forth inside my vagina over and over again. He was moving so slowly. All the intensity of the situation and his hard cock inside me we making my mind and body scream in pleasure and panic, and I came not long after Jason began pumping quicker. It felt so good. I never wanted him to stop.

I felt a second orgasm building. I had my mouth open, my eyes shut, and my thighs wide for him. With each pump came so much pleasure. My orgasm kept building and building and I was nearing the edge when I heard Jason.

"Oh baby.. Baby! You're so hot.. I want to cum in you! I can't stop.. I don't want to stop! I think I'm gonna cum..!" he yelled.

We looked at each other right in the eye, and all I could manage to say to him was, "What are you going to do?"

That made Jason stop for a moment, with his dick deep inside me, and we continued to exchange stares. It was obvious that he was in deep conflict about what he was about to do. He knew that he didn't have to cum in me, possibly knocking me up, but he could instead pull out and cum on my tummy. He was struggling completely with himself, but said nothing. I had already decided that the decision would be his, so I said nothing as well. We laid there like that for about 30 seconds.

Finally, I repeated, "What are you going to do?"

Jason responded, "I don't know."

We looked into each other's eyes for another minute, but it seemed like an eternity. Then, all of the sudden, Jason began rubbing inside me once again. I moaned and grinded against him vigorously. He had me once again on the verge of orgasm within a matter of seconds. He began pumping me very hard and very quickly.

He then yelled, "Oh Maggie!! I don't know what to do! It feels so good, Maggie..! I don't know--" as he exploded inside me.

I knew what he was doing to me, and it sent me over the edge, too.

I responded with "Oh Jason, cum in me! It feels so GOOD! I love you, Jason. I'm so glad you decided to spend your whole life with me and the baby! Make me cum! YES! YES! I never want you to stop.."

Although I didn't keep track of such things when I was 15, I happened to be very fertile during the encounter when Jason and I lost our virginity. This was very evident by the fact that my once perfect, flat tummy began to swell and stretch about 2 months after that day. Both Jason's and my parents were shocked to know that I was pregnant. My parents began plans for us to get married immediately. Jason's parents wanted me to get an abortion, but I didn't want to, and Jason talked them out of it. True to his word, he told them that he wanted to get a job, marry me, and take care of the baby. He is so wonderful.

Jason and I are married now and living with little baby Sue. I think Jason resents me a bit for "making him" cut his youth short to take care of Sue and I. In addition, I've put on several pounds by now at 18. Actually, I've really let myself go. I can tell that Jason doesn't find me as attractive as he did when I was 15.

Despite these problems, I am still thrilled to be the wife of the boy whom I have loved for so much of my life. I would still do anything for him. I just hope I can make this marriage last.

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