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Tyler begins to feel guilt about the previous days events, but Tiffany lets him know it's alright in only the way that she can
The wind roaring caused a tree to tap the window repeatedly, snapping me sharply from my midnight slumber. I was gasping for air, my eyes attempting to search in the darkness. Trying to sleep that night had become difficult; my mind had become utterly conflicted over the previous day’s events. On one hand I had fucked my older neighbor, who was married, and it was the most intense moment of my life. On the other, the fact she was married made it so it should never have been done. My head lay back down on the pillow, my mind pulsing in rhythm with the tapping of the tree against the window. Finally I decided I would confront Tiffany in the morning, and attempt to make things right. Comforted by this resolution, my eyes closed and sleep came at last.

Morning brought a renewed sense of life to my world as the sun had finally broken through the clouds and into my window. My morning routine went as normal, relieving myself and washing my face off, before throwing on some clothes and heading down the stairs. My mother was singing as she scurried about in the kitchen making her breakfast. I threw some bread in the toaster and grabbed a drink before sitting down at the table.

“Well good morning there, you look like hell.”

I had to smile at my mother’s brutal honesty. “Yeah, it wasn’t the greatest night last night.”

“I got you that night light so you wouldn’t be so scared of storms anymore,” she gave me a wink and then laughed, resuming her singing.

I shook my head at her horrid joke, heading back to the toaster at the sound of it popping. I didn’t even taste the toast as I ate, my mind more focused on the embarrassing encounter I was sure to have. My mother could tell that I was distant, unattached from the present world.

“Everything alright this morning?”

“I just didn’t sleep well; go get your painting done mom. I’ll do the driveways and stuff.”

She raised her eyebrow, a look of concern on her face, before nodding her head. “Alright sweetie, don’t hurt yourself.” She laughed again, taking her mug of coffee and heading down to the basement.

I hurried up and showered for the day, putting on new clothes to shovel in. Outside greeted me with a cold slap on the cheek, taking my breath away momentarily. Our world had again been covered in a sheet of white, and it crunched as I headed over to Tiffany’s. I stood at her doorway for what seemed like hours, before mustering up the courage to finally knock. The familiar sound of the lock being moved and the knob turning was heard. I was greeted with the sweet smell of her home as the door opened. She stood at the doorway wearing her tank top and sweats, panting a little.

“Hey Tyler,” she said with a big smile. “I didn’t know you were coming today, I didn’t call over or anything. Sorry I’ve just been doing some exercises.”

She made it seem as if nothing was wrong, her tone of voice normal. “Uh yeah I know, I just thought that you would probably need your driveway done again.” My voice cracked a little with my nerves.

“You are a sweet boy aren’t you? Always thinking of others.”

My cheeks flushed a little at her compliment, before I remembered the real reason I was there. “Yeah I suppose so. Hey, can I come in and talk to you for a second?”

She looked at me, her green eyes piercing through mine. “Sure, come on in.”

As she turned around and motioned me in, catching a quick glance of her ass shot a flurry of images in my head of the previous day. I remembered the sight of her naked ass and what it sounded like as my body smacked against it. I shook my head, trying to relieve myself of those thoughts. I removed my boots at the door and walked in. The warmth of her house was soothing, and she offered me a seat at her table and took my coat.

“Would you like coffee or anything?” she asked, pouring herself a cup.

“Uh no thanks, I’ll just make this quick if that’s alright.”

“Kind of a trend with you hah?” she gave me a sarcastic wink before sitting on a chair directly across from me.

Her words were the first indication of anything from yesterday, and I was caught off guard. “Yeah, uh, about that, you see, I…”

“Tyler, I know you are probably worried about yesterday, but it’s alright, I’m not going to tell anyone.” She took a sip of her coffee, before setting the mug down.

“Yeah but I should never have done that, I mean you’re married, and I’m me, and people don’t just…”

“Look Tyler, I may be married, but I get lonely. Plus, my husband doesn’t really seem interested me in a sexual way anymore, so it was a nice release.”

I was shocked by her words. “Your husband doesn’t seem interested in you anymore? Are you serious? You’re fucking gorgeous!” I was embarrassed by my outburst, and looked down at the table.

She smiled and set her hands down on the table, reaching my direction. “Tyler that is such a sweet thing to say, I don’t hear anything like that anymore. It gets really hard when he is gone too.”

My eyes stayed on the table, not sure what to do. This conversation was not going as I had it in my head. Tiffany must have sensed my nerves, and finally her hands reached my arms. Her hands were warm and soft against my skin, and finally I looked up at her.

“Yesterday will just be our little secret, okay? Nobody has to know about it.”

Her smile bathed me in a sense of relief, her warm hands causing me to melt slightly. “Alright, if you are cool with that, so am I.”

“Of course I am honey,” she smiled even wider.

It was when I regained my composure from her smile that I felt something against my leg. I was speechless and so was she, just looking out at me with her beautiful green eyes. After just a moment I realized her foot was slowly creeping up my leg, trying to push between my kneecaps. My jaw dropped a little, unsure of what to do or how to react. She gave me a small wink, pulling her red hair from her eyes. Her other foot met between my knees as well, and slowly she pulled my legs apart.

“I uh, I think I should be going,” I tried to say, even though I didn’t move.

“So soon?” she said, her right foot slowly grazing against my inner thigh.

“Yeah, I should get to shoveling the driveways and stuff.” Our eyes remained locked, and I was still sitting.

She rolled her toes and rubbed against my leg, her knuckles rubbing through my pants. My eyes closed as her foot moved slowly closer to my growing manhood.

“It’s so cold outside though, I don’t want you to get sick. It’s much warmer in here,” she said.

My eyes immediately shot open as she unfurled her toes, which began to rub in small up and down motions against my groin. She never stopped looking at me, just smiling as her foot continued to rub my cock. It was as if all my doubt and regret escaped with each rubbing motion, and finally my eyes met hers with the same intensity.

“It is cold outside, I would much rather stay where it’s warmer.”

She bit her lip slightly as she heard my words. “Mmm, I thought you might come around,” she said as she gave me a wink.

My breathing was growing heavier as her foot drew circles around my cock. The strain of it against my pants was becoming too much, and I adjusted in the chair. Her foot dropped to the floor and pulled away, and I looked at her curiously. She stood up, her red hair draping around her shoulders, and walked around the table. I heard her standing behind me, her soft breathing growing louder as she leaned down. I was expecting the sound of her voice, but was instead greeted with soft kisses under my ear. Her soft lips pressed against my skin, making the hair on my neck stand up.

Her warm breath soothed my skin, my breathing increasing with each sensual touch of her lips. I felt her arms wrap around me, rubbing down my chest towards my stomach. My eyes closed with my mouth open slightly; this was a new experience and I had no idea how to react. She sucked on the bottom of my ear which drew a small moan from me, nibbling at it. My small moans made her giggle, but still her mouth worked its magic. I reached my hands up and rubbed against her arms, as both her hands together reached my crotch.

Her lips left my ear, as she whispered, “follow me to my room.”

That was all the encouragement I needed as she took my hand and led me down the hallway. My raging teenage hormones and the feel of her hand allowed me to forget my inner conflict from that morning. I took the moment in the hallway to admire her body, that perfect ass hiding behind the gray sweatpants she wore. Her fit upper body was accentuated by the tight blue tank top that she wore, and her red hair lay over her bare shoulders.

She pulled me into the bedroom, locking her lips with mine immediately. Yesterday I may have been the aggressor, but the force of her kiss let me know that was not the case today. We were still walking towards the bed as we kissed, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I kissed at her in a fumbling manner, her intensity spreading through me like a wildfire. Her hands gripped the bottom of my shirt, breaking the kiss as she pulled it off of me. She smiled as she threw it to the side, rubbing her hands on my chest and stomach.

Instinctively my muscles flexed as she did this, and she giggled softly. Her hands then pushed against my chest, shoving me down onto the bed. She removed her own tank top, revealing her perfect breasts to me for the first time. My glance was a short one as she was back on top of me quickly, her lips sucking at mine furiously. Her warm mouth engulfed mine, our tongues dancing, twirling around. My hands rubbed the bare skin of her sides before reaching her breasts, massaging their soft skin. I could feel her hardened nipples pressing into the palm of my hand as I played with them.

After a few more moments of our intense kiss, she pulled her lips from mine, both of us breathing harder. She leaned up and over my face, dangling her perfect breasts over me. My hands pushed the skin of her breasts together, poking her nipples out at me even further. At this point my mind had been replaced by sheer lust, and my mouth began to play with her breasts. I heard faint moans coming from her as I kissed the skin all around her nipples, raking my tongue across each nipple.

She moaned a little more, straddling her legs around me, her womanhood resting on my stomach. Even through her sweatpants I could feel her heat, which she began to rub slightly against me. I sucked on each nipple, which made popping noises each time they’d leave my mouth. Using my teeth to nibble her hard nipples drove her wild, loud moans filling the air. I could have played for hours with her perfect breasts and pink nipples, but Tiffany had other ideas in mind.

Her hands pulled mine from her, and she slowly crept her body down mine. The feel of her hardened nipples, suspended above my skin with just the tip grazing against me, drew moans from me. She leaned up, undid my pants, and viciously tore them from my body with my boxers. Her eyes look lustfully at my fully hard cock, and quickly grasped it with her hand. My mind was racing faster than it ever had before, and the feel of her hand rubbing my cock was nearly too much. My head leaned back as I moaned in sheer pleasure.

With just the tip of her tongue she licked up and down my shaft, before skipping further pleasantries and taking my cock into her mouth. I moaned loudly, feeling her warm mouth pushing down the length of my shaft. Her red hair tickled my stomach as she moved her head up and down on my shaft, her eyes never breaking from mine. Her tongue massaged the tip of my cock as she sucked, a hand massaging my balls. A moan from her sent vibrations over my cock, starting a tidal wave of pleasure that released in the form of a moan.

Tiffany continued to suck my cock, forgetting romance and covering it in saliva and my precum. The slurping noises of her mouth over my manhood echoed with my moans. I began to lift my hips up, thrusting a little out of instinct. Tiffany moved closer, arching her head up further, which allowed my thrusts to push my cock deeper into her mouth.

“Oh fuck baby, you’re going to make me cum like this. Feels so fucking good!” I heard myself exclaim.

She never broke her eyes from mine, just lowering her head on my cock, burying it in her throat for a few seconds before pulling off. A trail of saliva ran from her lips to the tip of my cock, as she breathed harder.

“I can’t have you cumming yet baby; I’m not through with you.”

She moved out from between my legs, standing at the edge of the bed. In one swift motion her sweatpants were off, revealing to my eyes that she was indeed a true red head. She crept up my body, but to my surprise kept going even when her womanhood was past my cock.

“You’ve felt my mouth on you, now I want to feel yours.”

I nodded in approval even though I knew I didn’t have a choice, nor needed one, and she straddled my face. Her warm womanhood rested inches above my lips, and I took a second to admire it. My hands rubbed her thighs before reaching back and grabbing hold of her ass, lowering her down onto my mouth. Not really knowing what to do, I stuck my tongue out clumsily, licking at her moist womanly lips.

“Oh fuck baby, lick my pussy, don’t tease me!”

Her words rang with her desperation for attention, and I took my cue. My tongue began to lick faster, her juices mixing with my saliva. Her taste shocked my tongue, making me crave more of it. My tongue broke between her lips, licking from her entrance up to her clit, and running back down again.

“Yes baby, don’t stop, lick my pussy just like that!”

Her hands began to rub through her red hair, rocking her hips against my stiffened tongue. I alternated between licking my tongue between her lips and sucking on each one, doing anything to lick up each ounce of juice that leaked from her. My hands also took advantage of the situation, kneading the skin of her ass as she thrust over me. Her thrusting suddenly stopped, and I heard her breathing increase as I licked furiously from her entrance to her clit and back down again.

“Fuck baby, I’m going to cum!”

She screamed with sounds of delight and pleasure, and my tongue felt her increased flow of fluids. I lapped furiously at her juices, wanting all of them, before she lifted her hips from off my face. She fell to the bed next to me, trying to catch her breath, my eyes watching her breasts move up and down with each gasp.

“A guy hasn’t made me cum like that in so many years.”

I smiled to myself, knowing that I had no idea what I was doing. While she recovered, I licked my lips, tasting her sweet juices on my lips. When I rolled on the bed to lie next to her, her hands pushed me back down onto the bed. Again her body was on top of mine, her legs straddling my body. Her hand grabbed my cock again, stroking it a few times to get it hard.

“I want to feel this cock in me again; I haven’t stopped thinking about it since yesterday.”

“Baby, I want it to be in you, fucking you until you have had all the pleasure you can take!” My own comments surprised me, the mood of the moment taking away all inhibition.

“Just what I want to hear!”

With that she pressed the tip of my cock to her moist entrance, coating the tip with her juices, before pushing down on it. There was no sensual manner in the way she rode my cock, rather she pressed firmly down on my cock, burying it fully in her. Her ass landed against the skin of my thighs, the sound of our skin smacking filling the air. Her eyes rolled in her head as she began to thrust, pushing her body towards my chest then away. She did all the work, pleasuring my cock and her, taking my full penetration and riding hard. My eyes watched as her breasts swayed in the open air, colliding as she rode me.

“Fuck baby, you feel so good in me. I’m going to ride you so fucking good!”

My hands gripped her ass, pulling and pushing her away from me, helping her to ride me faster and harder. After a few moments she leaned back onto her arms, spreading her legs wide. My eyes now had a full shot of my cock entering her womanhood, as she thrusted down on me from an upwards angle.

“Yes Tiffany, ride me like that, fuck you are so sexy!”

“Yeah, I’m your fucking sexy neighbor, fuck me so good you dirty boy!”

She continued to thrust down on me, pushing my balls between her ass and my thighs. The sounds of my cock impelling her pussy filled the air, as well as our moans and dirty words. My eyes moved from watching my cock penetrate her, to watching her chest as it moved with the motions of her thrusts. Her moans grew louder, squeezing my body with her legs.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last long baby!”

“Fuck me over the bed like you did yesterday, please fucking do it!”

She pulled off of my cock, rolling off of the bed. The bed had a railing at the base of it, which she stood over, her hands gripping the rail. I got off of the bed, nearly running behind it, watching as she leaned down. Her ass spread slightly, and I could see her moist lips begging for me. Quickly I shoved my cock into her, pushing her against the rails.

“Yes baby, fuck me so good, make me scream like yesterday!”

I began to thrust in and out of her, our skin smacking loudly as I impaled her. She began to shove her ass back out at me, matching each of my thrusts, pushing me in as deep as she could. My hands gripped the skin of her ass, my nails digging into it slightly. She leaned her head back, her red hair snaking across her back as she did.

“Yes, fuck me like this! I like it hard, fuck me so good baby!”

Grunts escaped my mouth as I began to push into her. I could feel myself building, getting closer with each thrust. To my surprise I heard her begin to scream, her thrusting stopping. Her womanhood spasmed against my cock, milking at it, before a flood of juices engulfed my cock.

“Oh Tyler, I’m cumming!”

Her flood of juices pushed me closer to my own orgasm. “Tiffany, I’m going to cum!”

“Yes baby, cum in my mouth!”

I pulled out of her, and quickly she turned to face me, breathing heavy still from her own orgasm. My eyes watched her body as she knelt to the ground, her eyes never leaving my cock. Soon her mouth again surrounded my cock, sucking furiously at me. Her hands grabbed mine, moving them to the back of her head and into her soft red hair. She opened her mouth wide, moving her head back and forth against my cock, pushing me deeper into her throat.

“I can’t hold it anymore Tiffany, I’m going to cum!”

Her only response was sucking harder, milking my cock with her tongue and mouth. My hand gripped some of her soft hair in my hands, as I felt my balls tighten and release. What felt like spurt after spurt of my cum began to shoot into her mouth, forcing me to breathe hard. Tiffany continued to suck, taking all my cum and swallowing it. Her mouth slowly backed off of my cock as it became too sensitive, licking her lips as she looked up at me.

“Mmm, that was my way of showing you that I was just fine with yesterday. I could tell you were bothered by it.”

It was hard to formulate a reply, breathing heavily, my cock limp near her mouth and naked body. “I’m glad you were fine with it, I could do this more often.”

She smiled at me, wiping her lips with her fingers. “There will be more times, not always this rough, but don’t you worry. I love how you fuck me, and it’s nice to have someone so willing.”

I breathed heavily, hearing her telling me that there would be more chances. “You are so beautiful, how could anyone resist you?”

Tiffany blushed a little, as she looked up at me. “We should probably get dressed so you can get my driveway done. Your mom might be wondering what is going on.”

Reality finally hit me, as I had been here for almost 45 minutes without doing anything outside. “I’ll just tell her that the movers couldn’t read and I had to move more boxes.”

She stood up, before giving me a quick peck on the lips. “We’ll just have to come up with something so you can come in here, won’t we?”

“Yes we will, Tiffany,” I said, beginning to gather my clothes and put them back on.

“Baby, please call me Tiff,” she said with a wink, still standing there naked.

I smiled, putting on my remaining clothes. My eyes continually looked at her gorgeous body, before moving to her bedroom door. “I’ll get your driveway shoveled and then I’ll be out of your way,” I said with a small laugh.

“Just don’t leave a girl waiting too long in this cold, alright? It’s cold and there is not a lot of firewood around to keep me warm.”

I laughed, nodding in approval. “Will do.”

It was ten minutes into shoveling her driveway that I understood what she meant by the firewood comment, which made me laugh. When I finished her driveway and ours, my mother stood at the front door.

“Hey Tyler, want to go get some lunch?”

“Sure thing mom, I’m starving.”

“Alright, I’ll go get my keys.”

I nodded, before looking over at Tiffany’s house. I saw her in her window, standing behind her drapes, still naked, as she gave me a quick wave before moving out of the window. No longer did I remember the guilt of that morning, all I could think of was my gorgeous neighbor next door that I wanted and wanted me in return. My only dilemma now was finding excuses to be there.

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