Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited
LEWD LAYOUT by Tabitha Briton


I knew Alisa was made for me the second I saw her. She had those big, bright blue eyes and that flowy blonde hair I love so much. And her shoulders just begged to be bare. Her gorgeous tits always seemed to show through whatever she was wearing on top -- even if it was mostly me imagining them. And the few glimpses of her tits or her shapely, gorgeous ass had confirmed what I'd most suspected -- Alisa had the greatest body of any little virgin model I'd taken pictures of.

She had done modeling when she was younger, and boy, were the pictures gorgeous! But I knew she was a virgin -- it's that certain look in their eye when they start to take their clothes off for the camera. I hadn't gotten Alisa nude yet -- though I was just dying to! I knew she wanted it, too -- she had asked me last time, when I'd done the fashion shots for Little Miss -- if I ever did nude work. That's why she was coming back today.

I thought about what I'd do to Alisa. I'd done it to enough models in the past -- and all of them were more than willing! When a model gets her clothes off, if she's horny enough to begin with, she starts to get really hot and really wet. They're all exhibitionists, it seems. If she's a good model she'll start to drop on the stage bed -- I've never had to use water for a hard-core close-up of a pink, horny cunt. I've always just let the model get wet on her own -- sometimes I help out by turning her on. If I'm used to working with her... well, then sometimes I do a little foreplay for her to make her all flushed and just right for the camera. It never falls. But the ones who I haven't worked with nude before -- they're the fun ones. I get to watch them getting horny as they take their clothes off and spread their legs for the camera... if all goes right, they're so turned on by the time the film runs out that they're begging their photographer to jump on them. Those are the times I love, and that's what I was thinking of all night in my dreams.

So when I woke up I was horny. I usually am, especially when I've got Sherry in bed with me. I woke up slowly, feeling Sherry's half-naked body against mine -- we always sleep with clothes on to make things more interesting in the morning. She rubbed her smooth ass back against me, and I felt my cock give an immediate lurch of approval. I snuggled up behind her, pressing my erect cock through my underpants and against her panty-clad ass. She whimpered as she felt my swollen member; she leaned back and turned her head so I could kiss her. I pressed my lips against hers and eased my tongue gently into her mouth. I kept teasing and inviting, sliding my lips slowly up and down, kissing her deeper as I felt her getting more turned on. I put my arm around her, draping it over her waist. Then I reached up and felt for her breasts. I fitted my warm fingers around the curve of Sherry's gorgeous tits, rubbing them slowly through the thin T-shirt she wore. I could feel her nipples getting hard; she whimpered as I massaged her tits harder. I pinched her nipple lightly and she let out a tiny whimper of pleasure -- the whimper that always means "give me more". I'd heard Sherry make that sound so many times in the three months since we'd gotten together that it told me immediately what to do.

I began kissing Sherry's neck sensuously, letting my tongue drift over the smooth flesh under her ears. She started to breathe heavily as I rubbed her tits harder; as she did, I slipped my free hand under her waist and eased her onto her back. Then I climbed slowly on top of her as she spread her legs.

I eased my body forward, rubbing my cock against her panties between her wide-open legs. She gasped in pleasure and spread her legs wider, bending her knees so that I could get in deeper between her parted thighs. I felt my cock sinking into the soft folds of her panty-crotch, against her wet cunt and her clit. Sherry put her hands up and began to rub my bare chest hungrily. I kissed her shoulder, pulling back the wide neck of her stretched-out shirt. She moaned softly as I rocked back and forth on top of her, rubbing my cock against her pussy.

"Steve," she whimpered softly as she stroked my hairy chest. "You're really horny this morning. You really want me."

I sighed against her neck, rubbing my cock slowly, rhythmically into her. "I'm going to get some virgin pussy."

She giggled. "Not that adorable little Alisa, is it?"

I shoved my hips down harder and she gasped in ecstasy. "The very girl you met. Isn't she sexy?"

"Oh God," she moaned lightly. "Are you sure she's a virgin?"

"I'm sure. The way she holds her body. She's never been fucked."


I eased the hem of Sherry's shirt up over her waist, sliding my hands up inside the shirt. She breathed quickly and hungrily as I put my hands on her tits, only this time her breasts were bare in my hands. I began stroking them, feeling the nipples get harder as I moved up and down over her. I got onto my knees, between her legs. She arched her back as I peeled the sweaty shirt up over her tits.

"Let's get this shirt off," I smiled. "Or we're never going to get to work on time."

Sherry put her hand on my cheek, rubbing it gently as she smiled. "And you'll miss your appointment with that darling Alisa."

I chuckled. Sherry lifted her arms so I could take her shirt off. The shirt slid off of her gorgeous breasts and I settled back down on top of her, feeling her firm tits against the hair on my chest. I smiled, still rubbing my cock against her pussy.

"We've got plenty of time," she whispered, glancing at the clock.

"Then let's make it last."

Sherry put her hands on my neck, positioning my head so she could kiss me firmly. This time she shoved her tongue into my mouth, and I thrust my tongue back against her, wrestling playfully. She tugged me over onto my side, wrapping her gorgeous legs around my waist.

"Get on your back," she breathed. "I want to taste you. You always taste so good in the morning."

She pressed me back into the soft bed as I rolled onto my back. She got on top of me, her legs still entwined with mine. Her tits looked gorgeous with her towering over me like that. I reached up and began to stroke them as Sherry moved gently up and down.

"Mmmmmm. I can't wait. Your cock feels so good this morning..."

Sherry lay down on top of me and started kissing my neck. I eased my hands down her bare back, rubbing her tired muscles gently. Then I let my hands rest on the smooth globes of her ass, massaging her buttocks through the tight panties she wore. Sherry's underwear always makes me hard -- she wears incredibly tight lacy satin things, and this pair was no different. As she'd slept, the material had bunched between her smooth cheeks, so I could feel most of her gorgeous, shapely ass in my hands. I massaged her ass more firmly as she whimpered and went back to kissing me, shoving her tongue rapidly in and out of my mouth. She spread her legs further so she could snuggle down on top of me, rubbing her wet panty crotch against my throbbing-hard cock as I held on to her ass. Sherry really knows how to move her cunt -- to get me hard and ready to fuck her! She slid her crotch back and forth on the long shaft of my cock, so I could feel the wetness of her panties soaking through my underwear and onto my thirsty shaft. She slid back and forth, moving her ass up and down in time with my finger-strokes against it. And all the while she plunged her tongue hungrily into my mouth, rhythmically licking me as if she were giving me head. I rubbed my cock against her, too, matching her time; she whimpered as I met each of her thrusts with one of my own. As she got wetter and wetter, she began to slither down my body, kissing my chest slowly as she curved her legs around my knees and then my shins. She put her lips up against my tight nipples, pressing them together so that I let out a grunt. I felt her tongue flickering up and down on my chest. Spasms of pleasure ran from my nipples to my cock and back again, making me harder for her tight little cunt. But I knew she'd make me wait -- she'd make me earn my fuck with a load of come in her mouth.

Sherry's tongue throbbed harder and faster against my chest as she got hungrier for my prick. I could feel her tits against my bare stomach, her hard nipples rubbing against me in time with her cunt-thrusts against my legs. Her panties were soaking wet -- I could feel the moisture against my knees as she rocked back and forth, sucking at my chest. She took a tuft of my hair in her teeth and playfully tugged at it, giggling as she did. Then, as I rubbed my cock up against her upper stomach, she gasped in desire and began to slide further down my body.

Sherry paused when she was kneeling just over the bulge of my cock. She closed her teeth on the elastic of my tight black underpants, tugging it down an inch or so. She had me so hard and erect that the head of my cock was pressed up the very waist of my jockey shorts! But she only pulled it down far enough to expose the head and the very start of the shaft. I ran my fingers through her long, coarse black hair as she let her breath waver over my hard cock-head. She laughed as I grunted, begging her to put it in her mouth. All in good time -- she was torturing me. I arched my back, pressing my cock toward her face. That was all the invitation she needed. She let her tongue drift out and pressed it against my cock-head, licking off the tangy pre-come that had formed there from her sexy taunting. Waves of pleasure ran through my cock as I felt her licking it, teasing me. Then she slid her tongue down over my underpants, massaging the shaft of my cock through the tightly stretched material. I lifted my hips with her as she slid her fingers underneath and took hold of my firm, muscular ass. She giggled as I moaned in pleasure; she liked hearing me beg for mercy! I was ready to shoot my load into her mouth, but Sherry gave better head than that. She pressed her lips tightly together around the shaft of my cock, rubbing it through my underpants. Then, closing her teeth, she tugged the material further down, exposing the shaft of my prick inch-by-inch.

Sherry climbed onto her knees as she got my underpants down around my balls. Still holding the black cotton in her teeth, she got onto her side, pulling the underpants down my legs. Then she slid them off over my ankles, still holding them with her teeth. She tossed them on the floor as she swung one leg slowly over my body, straddling my waist.

I could feel her breathing over my tender feet. She got to her knees so that she was almost doggy-style, with her ass raised and her legs spread. Her wet cunt stretched through the tight crotch of her panties, beckoning to me. She was too far for me to eat out as she began to sensuously lick my feet. So that was that -- I would have to finger-fuck her!

I felt Sherry's warm, strong tongue sliding gradually over the tops of my feet, sending tingles through my whole body. I moaned lightly as she licked further down, curving her tongue around the sides of my feet and then licking the tender undersides. I bit my lip to keep from screaming in pleasure as I felt her easing her gorgeous face between my ankles so that she could lick the soles of my feet; it sent spasms into my cock every time she did that. As she licked me, I reached up between her spread legs and took hold of her tight panties.

I eased them down over the slope of Sherry's gorgeous ass, exposing her pink and luscious cunt. As I did, she moaned in pleasure, begging me to go on. Then she went back to licking my feet, getting me more and more turned on all the while! She licked faster and more urgently as I slid her panties down onto her thighs, so that her pussy was there for me. I put one hand on her shapely bottom and eased the other between her open thighs, touching the tight pink hole of her cunt. She whimpered in ecstasy. Then, with two fingers, I spread her swollen, throbbing cunt-lips. Sherry began to nibble and suck on my feet; all the while her ass bobbed up and down in time with her mouth. I pressed my thumb against her outer cunt-lips, massaging them hungrily but not entering her yet. I slid my free hand under her body so that I could touch her firm, erect clit. She let out a gasp of ecstasy and then a long, low moan as I pressed into her tight clit. She licked my arches faster, getting me hard and more ready to finger-fuck her.

Listening to Sherry's gorgeous rhythmic panting, I put my thick middle finger up against her cunt-hole and began to firmly slide it in. Sherry's mouth dropped away from my feet, as her lips parted and she let out a wild moan of pleasure. She shoved her ass back, toward me, coaxing me deeper into her twat. I felt her tight slit gripping my finger, its thick, fragrant juices running over my hand. I slid my finger in deeper, all the way, then gently eased it out.

"Oh yeah, oh, oh yes... oh Steve... oh, that's so good..." Sherry whimpered rhythmically as I began thrusting my finger into her wet cunt, slowly but firmly. She bit my big toe, holding on tight like she was giving me head. I fingered her faster, sliding my hand up and down between her open legs, enjoying the feel of her near-naked body against me. Her tits bounced up and down on my legs as I fucked my finger slowly in and out of her cunt.

"Oh yes, Steve... that's good... now, now two... fingers... two fingers more, more... uh... good..."

I slid my finger back so that I could let another join it. Sherry whimpered and then let out a crazy moan of ecstasy as she felt my two fingers going in. Sherry always has had a tight cunt, despite all the fucking she's done, and I could feel its warm flesh squeezing against my fingers as she flexed her tight pussy muscles. She begged louder: "Yes -- oh yes -- harder -- finger me harder! PLEASE, STEVE, FINGER ME HARDER! IT'S SO GOOD!"

She lifted her ass further as I forced my hand back and forth, plunging my fingers into her tight pussy. I could feel her cunt giving way, stretching out, getting ready to accept my cock. Her warm cuntal juices ran down over my wrist, drizzling down onto my chest-hair. She really was wet! She lifted her ass further, getting to all fours so she could stare back at me. Her lips were open wide and her eyes were glazed in ecstasy.

"Take my panties off," she begged. "I want my cunt to be naked."

I nodded, easing my fingers out of her. She moaned as they left her, but she knew they'd be back in soon. Sherry lifted first one leg and then the other, letting me get a firm hold of her panties. Then she rolled onto her side so I could bring them down over her voluptuous thighs and then over her ankles.

"Oh yes," she moaned, spreading her legs. She put her hand between her legs and ran her fingers slowly over her wet snatch, feeling the place where I'd penetrated her. Then she turned around and climbed on top of me, her face against mine.

She kissed me deeply and roughly, shoving her tongue into mine. She spread her legs so that her naked cunt was pressed against the shaft of my cock. I lifted my hips, pressing my prick into her folds, but I didn't enter her. Not yet. That she'd have to earn -- and me, too!

"I want to eat you," she sighed as she slid down my body. I felt her cunt-lips spreading around my cock as she eased her pussy down toward my balls. I could feel that my cock was already covered in her pussy-juices. Sherry got between my legs, breathing warmly over my cock.

"Mmmmmmm. Your cock's so big... so much bigger than any of the other guys I've fucked... I want it..."

Sherry got onto her side, curving her legs around mine. I slid my leg up between hers, pressing my knee against her cunt. She whimpered in pleasure as I shoved harder. I could feel the tight lips of her pussy spreading around the hairy slope of my knee.

Sherry began to lick my inner thighs, sucking at the tender flesh there. I groaned in pleasure, she was making me really hard, ready to come in her mouth! She tugged at my thick black cock hairs with her teeth, teasingly and playfully. Then she eased her lips up against my balls.

I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming in ecstasy as I felt her tongue drifting out to cover my firm balls in tiny tongue-strokes. She licked gradually from the very base of my cock down between my legs. She licked behind my balls, making my cock lurch forward, aching to fuck her. Then she licked back up again, up my balls to the shaft of my cock. Slowly, she took the sack of my balls into her mouth, sucking gently. I couldn't help begging for more.

"That's good, Sherry -- oh yes, that's so fucking good. I want your mouth. I want to come in your mouth. You're making me so hard -- you're making my cock so big. I want to spurt into your mouth. It's good -- eat me!"

I slid my knee forward, feeling her press her cunt against it. She gasped in ecstasy and then wrapped her legs more tightly around mine, so that I could feel the juices of her cunt soaking into my leg-hairs. Sherry panted heavily and eased her lips up close to my prick.

I rocked my knee slowly in and out between her spread thighs, pressing it against her cunt. Sherry begged for more by putting her lips up against my cock-head.

"Oh, yes," she sighed, pressing her mouth down onto my shaft. She flickered her tongue over the hard meat, not yet taking me into her mouth but just getting me ready. She lifted my shaft with her lips on my head, poising it so that my cock stood straight up -- that way she could see how big it really was. I'm used to being the biggest guy around, and girl usually can't swallow me all the way -- in their cunts or their mouths. But I knew Sherry would do it again -- she was determined. She massaged my cock-head with her lips, sucking lightly and then harder as she pressed the shaft into her mouth. I let out a grunt of pleasure as she tongued my cock, getting all the pre-come she could off of the arrow-shaped head. She sucked it gradually into her mouth. I lifted my hips with her so that she could eat my cock easier. I fed her my prick slowly as Sherry whimpered with delight. All the while she twisted her hips around, pressing her cunt against my knee. But she was mostly intent on eating my prick. Her lips sank down gradually over my shaft, taking it halfway. I could already feel the head pressing against her tender throat. She whimpered in pleasure, knowing what came next.

I ran my cunt-slick fingers through her hair, then eased my hand down to her cheek so I could feel my cock sinking into her mouth. Sherry moaned as she pressed her face down, forcing my cock into her.

I felt the head of my cock stretching into her tight throat. She worked it gradually in, forcing her way down around my cock. I moaned in pleasure as I felt her mouth's muscles flexing against the shaft, sucking the thick head down her throat. She'd learned to deep throat beautifully -- it felt incredible as she ate me into her mouth all the way. I stroked her smooth cheek gently, feeling her mouth flex, forcing my cock into her.

Then I felt her lips against the top of my balls, and I knew she'd taken all of my prick. I chuckled in satisfaction. Then she gave me a hard tongue thrust from one end of my cock to the other, and hungrily dragged my cock out of her throat.

When she had it halfway in, so that my cockhead was against the back of her throat, Sherry forced my cock into her again. She ate my shaft down her throat all the way. I could feel her saliva drizzling down over my balls. She was drooling for me. I ran my fingers tenderly over her face, feeling her lips spread by my cockshaft. Sherry began to whimper, low in her throat, as she forced my cock in and out of her mouth. I rocked my knee against her pussy and lifted my hips in time with her mouth-thrusts, feeling her suck hard with every shove of her neck that she gave my cock. Pleasure throbbed into my cock, and I knew if she kept this up I'd come in her mouth. She rhythmically plunged my cock into her throat, taking it all, not hesitating a bit. She swallowed every inch with each thrust. I felt Sherry's cunt getting wetter as she realized that I was going to come in her mouth. I let her know how much I liked her blow-job by grunting rhythmically in time with her mouth-thrusts.

"Yeah, Sherry, that's good. I'm getting close. Just a few more thrusts -- you give such good head! Your throat's so tight... but you take all of me! It's good. You're making me -- uh -- you're making me -- don't stop -- don't stop -- I'm gonna spurt -- it's good -- keep -- oh yes -- uh..."

I felt my cock welling up with hot jizz. I couldn't hold back -- I took a firm hold of Sherry's head, running my fingers through her hair and helping her to thrust my cock into her mouth in perfect time to make me come!

"I'm gonna spurt -- uh Sherry -- swallow it all!"

Then my cock jerked in her mouth, and she shoved her face up and down harder on my shaft, impaling it again and again. She sucked my cock into her and then I came! I could feel my jizz spurting into Sherry's mouth; she sucked me deep and took all of my thick semen. Her mouth was full of my come; I felt her cheeks welling up with it. I came at last, my pleasure flooded through my body; Sherry relaxed on top of me, my softening cock still in her mouth. She swallowed and then began to lick all the spare come off my prick.

"Mmmmm," she sighed. "You taste so good. I wish you could come in my mouth all day long."

"Some day we'll probably make it that far," I said. "But for now, I want to come somewhere else!"

"Please," she whimpered. "Fuck me. Get hard for me. Please let your cock get hard so you can fuck me."

I chuckled as she began to cover it in tiny tongue-strokes. She was so sexy that my cock already started to get hard. I got onto my knees, easing Sherry onto her back.

I kissed her lightly on the lips, biting her tongue playfully. "On your back," I said. "You've got something coming to you."

Sherry nodded, easing herself into the huge pile of pillows at the head of the bed. I took one and tucked it under her ass, lifting her body up so that her cunt was fully exposed.

"Yes," she whimpered as I climbed on top of her and pressed my lips around her nipples. I licked them both and felt them getting firm as my cock hardened again. I eased my cock-head between Sherry's tight cunt-lips.

"Yes," she begged. "Please, fuck me now. Put your -- cock -- in -- me!"

I shook my head as I slid down Sherry's body, pressing my lips around her nipple. I rocked my hips back and forth slowly, sliding my cock in and out between her cunt lips, but not entering her yet. That she'd have to beg for. I moved my hips so that the arrow-shaped head of my cock slid down to her cunt-hole, teasing her further. Then I lifted the head up against her clit, feeling how firm and ready it was. Her cunt was gushing its thick juices down onto the pillows. She was ready to get fucked. But not yet! I teased her by rubbing the come-wet head of my cock into her pubic hair, knowing how much that turned her on. Then, chuckling, I pulled my cock back, letting it hover maybe an inch from her cunt. I held it there, poised to enter her, but ready to torture her further, to tease her into a frenzy. I licked her breasts slowly, first one nipple and then the other, sucking lightly against them as my cock seemed to get harder. I wanted to fuck her -- she'd find out how bad! I wanted to fuck her tight little cunt! I held my cock so that it bounced with each little movement of Sherry's naked body, getting closer to her pussy every time she moved. But for now -- I licked Sherry's breasts, slowly covering them in savory tongue-strokes. She ran her fingers through my short hair and moaned in pleasure as my tongue flickered over her nipples and I sucked harder with each tongue-thrust.

Then I began kissing my way down her sweaty stomach, licking deliciously. I slid my hands under her body, curving my fingers around her smooth, shapely naked ass-cheeks. I massaged her buttocks hungrily, knowing that she was just aching to get my cock inside her. She spread her legs wider, lifting her knees and opening her thighs so that her tight pink cunt was exposed and ready.

"Oh yes," she moaned as she realized what I was going to do. "Please... oh please, Steve... please..."

I nibbled at her smooth belly, then eased my face between her legs, licking her inner thighs. She whimpered as I licked further up, closer to her aching cunt. I let my breath ruffle her thick black pubic hair; she panted heavily as I let my tongue ease out.

I put my thumbs up against her cunt-lips, still holding on to her luscious ass. I massaged her cunt-lips with my thumbs and then slowly spread them, opening up her tight pink cunt. Sherry moaned as I got ready to eat her.

"Please, oh yes eat my cunt eat me... eat my cunt it needs you please eat my pussy... suck... tongue please... oh yes..."

Sherry let out a long, loud groan of near-orgasm as I thrust my tongue up against her cunt. Then I pressed harder, pointing my tongue so that it entered her slowly. Her cunt was swollen and pink and ready for me. I felt my tongue going into her -- at least two inches by the time I rested it with my lips wrapped around her cunt! Sherry had been eaten by me so many times -- she knew how long my tongue was -- just like my cock. But still, she moaned in surprise and begged for more as I thrust my tongue in and out of her cunt. I slid it up and down inside her, stretching out her pussy so she'd be ready when I got on top of her and fucked her. Then I slid my tongue out a little, then pressed it in -- like I was fucking her with it! She moaned in pleasure as I tongue-fucked her, getting closer with every thrust.

I eased my tongue out and began to lick my way up her cunt-lips, getting closer to her swollen clit. I touched it with my thumb and Sherry whimpered in pleasure. Then I spread her lips around her clit, exposing the tiny, firm bud. I touched it with the tip of my tongue -- Sherry really went crazy as I did. She lifted her ass, pressing her cunt against my mouth more firmly as I massaged her butt-cheeks with my fingers. I licked faster, settling my lips down around her clit so that I could suck on her clit, my tongue flickering over her flesh and making her grasp in ecstasy -- I licked harder as she got closer!

"Please, please," she whimpered. "Come, I'm going to come... fuck me... put your cock inside me... I want to come with your prick in my pussy... it's so good... I'm so horny..."

I massaged her ass-cheeks gently, spreading them so that her tight asshole was exposed, too. Then I lifted her thigh with one hand, turning her halfway onto her side. I spread her ass-cheeks wider and pressed my lips up against them. I eased my tongue out and pressed it against her tight, willing asshole. She moaned louder as I began to rim her, drawing my tongue around in little circles between her cheeks. I licked deeper into her crack, pressing into her asshole as I'd eaten her cunt. Then I put my finger up against her spittle-lubed asshole. She moaned as I began to massage her between the cheeks with my strong, firm finger.

"Yes," she whimpered. "That's good... please... put it in... finger-fuck my ass..."

I got on my knees, pulling my face away from her ass. I teased her asshole with my fingertip, putting the fingers of my other hand up against her slit. I began to work the fingers into her cunt, two of them at once, stretching her out again. She shut her eyes tight and put her hand on her tits.

"Yes," she moaned. "Fu -- fuck -- uh -- fuck me -- uh -- it's so good!" I began to finger-fuck her slowly, into her cunt, still holding my finger between her ass-cheeks. She massaged her breasts hungrily, rubbing them as she got hornier, closer to her orgasm. She pinched her nipples firmly as I started working my finger into her asshole.

"YES!" she shrieked as she felt my finger penetrating her lubed asshole. It slid it gradually in, slowly at first -- and then I put it in faster as I got hornier for her asshole. Sherry loved getting fucked up the ass almost as much as in her cunt, but for now, I had to have her cunt! No reason I couldn't have her asshole, too... I slid my finger in all the way as Sherry played with her tits.

"Fuck me... fuck me... I'm on the edge... I'm gonna come!"

I slid my fingers in and out of her, slowly. I wanted her to last. I teased her with my finger-thrusts, double-penetrating her with my hands. Her asshole was tight -- we hadn't fucked that way for days. My cock gave a lurch as I thought of her tight hole, her cheeks spread around the shaft of my cock, but that would come later. For now, her cunt was gushing over my fingers as I slid them into her!

"Please," Sherry begged. I nodded as I eased my fingers out of her. I climbed on top of her; she took hold of her knees and spread her legs further. She stared at me with wide eyes, glazed in anticipation. Her lips were parted and her breath was coming short.

"Please," she whimpered. "Please fuck me... hard... good..."

I lay down on top of her, putting one hand on each of her tits. I massaged her hard nipples as she stared into my eyes. I kissed her lips and pressed my tongue into her mouth; she was as willing as ever. She let my tongue sink between her lips; then she kissed me back, thrusting her tongue against mine. She nibbled playfully on my lips, coaxing my tongue deeper into her. She let out a moan as I pinched her nipples, both at once.

"Put your cock... inside me..."

I eased my shaft up against her cunt, holding it there as her pussy-juices gushed down onto the silk pillowcases. I rubbed my cock-head slowly up and down, teasing her as she got closer to coming. I pressed my head against her clit; she stared into my eyes and reached down between my legs.

"I want you," she panted, curving her slender fingers around the shaft of my cock. She eased me onto my knees -- slowly. Sherry slid down the length of my body underneath me. She pressed her mouth down around the shaft of my cock; I felt my shaft sliding into her throat as it had before. She moaned as it went in all the way. Then, licking her lips, she slid back up, spreading her legs even wider than before. She panted hungrily, wrapping her hand around my cock again. She eased it up against her throbbing cunt, stroking it slowly.

"Yes," she whimpered. "It's so good. I want to be fucked..."

Sherry rubbed the head of my cock in and out between her tight cunt-lips -- she wanted to be teased, too! But we were both going crazy with lust! She stared crazily into my eyes as she put the head of my cock between her lips and against her cunt.

"Yes," she whimpered as I pressed forward and began to enter her.

Sherry's whole body was hot and flushed as I settled down on top of her. She wrapped her arms around me and put her fingers on my ass, massaging it hornily. She coaxed me forward as I pressed my cock into her. Her cunt was as tight and wet as ever -- she lifted her ass, taking me an inch into her pussy! Then I shoved deeper, and my cock went in another inch. Like I said, I'm bigger than most guys, and it's always a struggle to get my cock all the way into a young girl's pussy. But she loves it; it's a struggle well worth the rewards! And Sherry had fucked me so many times she was stretched out to just the right shape for me. Even so, her cunt felt incredibly tight!

"It's so big," she whimpered, a smile crossing her face. "It's stretching my little pussy."

I nodded, curving my fingers over her breasts to hold her down firmly against the bed. Then I shoved harder, working my cock deeper into her slit. She groaned as I penetrated her, inch by inch, and when it was halfway in I paused to let her catch her breath. Then I shoved it in deeper, and I knew she was ready for me. Her cunt was wetter than ever, and the last six inches went in easily. She moaned as she felt my balls dangling against the thick lips of her cunt.

"Yes," she said. "Oh yes -- fuck me hard!"

I dragged my cock out of her, all the way, as she ran her cunt-slick fingers over my balls. Then I shoved it deeper in, as far as it would go, hilt-deep into her wet pussy! Sherry moaned as she took it again and again; she gripped my ass tightly and pulled herself more firmly against my naked body! She begged for it, hard and deep! I gave it to her, all the way into her slit with each thrust. Sherry began to grunt rhythmically; she could tell by the way I flexed my ass-muscles with each thrust that I was going to come inside her. She moaned louder than ever, biting my neck hungrily and sucking at it as I fucked her. She spread her legs, wrapping them around my thighs and ass, gripping me tight to her body. She massaged my cheeks, bringing me harder and harder down onto her. I could feel the warmth of her cunt gripping my cock, milking it, getting it ready to spurt. She held onto me, flexing her cunt-muscles in the way I've only felt Sherry do, bringing me closer, closer, wanting my come in her body...

"Come inside me," she panted, begging hungrily. "I'm going to come. Spurt in my slit. Spurt inside my pussy. I want you. Please..."

I fucked her harder, knowing she was going to come. I took hold of her tits and bit her pink nipple firmly, shoving my cock into her as she rubbed her feet against my ass, taking me again and again.

"Oh yeah, baby. I'm gonna come -- I'm gonna come inside you!"

Sherry let out a wild scream of ecstasy, whimpering and moaning as her cunt-muscles jerked in orgasm. I groaned, too -- and then my cock exploded in pleasure, spurting thick jizz into her twat. She whimpered and moaned in pleasure as it filled her slit. Then, reaching between her legs, she eased my cock out of her. She closed her fist around it firmly and started jacking me off, hammering her fist back and forth harder than even her cunt could fuck me. She moaned as my come continued to spurt -- the thick jizz splashed over her tits and even onto her neck. I grunted as I finished coming. Settling down on top of her, I felt the come dribbling over Sherry's stomach and onto the bed. Sherry let out a sigh of release as her naked body relaxed, sinking limp into the come and sweat-soaked sheets.

Sherry put her arms around me, pulling me tightly against her. I could feel her nipples on my chest; my whole stomach was covered in jizz just like hers.

"What a fuck," she sighed. "What a morning fuck!"

I chuckled and nodded as she began to nibble at my ear.

Sherry wiped come from her tits and neck and licked it off of her fingers as best she could. "We need to take a shower together," she breathed. "We need to wash off your come."

She giggled as she licked my ear. "Much as I'd like to leave it on my tits all day..."

I kissed her slowly and sensuously as she rubbed her naked body against mine. I glanced at the clock; I still had time for a little play to get me horny for Alisa's session.

Sherry was thinking about it, too. "So you're going to fuck Alisa?"

"Let's hope," I grinned. "She sure wants it."

"All virgins do. Really. When I was a virgin I just couldn't wait to get laid!" She laughed and kissed my neck lightly. "And Alisa... she really is cute."

"She's got a nice ass, too," I said. "And those tits..."

"So you think you can get her into bed?"

"I'll try. She's been friendly, but after all she is a virgin. I don't want to rush her."

Sherry laughed. "You can't rush a virgin! They're dying to get fucked!"

"And she's eighteen..."

"That's not that young. I lost my virginity when I was eighteen. She's probably a naive little girl who's dying to get a big sexy photographer on the studio cot."

"She wears white underwear," I chuckled.

"That much better," smiled Sherry. "I really want you to fuck her."

I kissed her slowly, but hungrily. "I'm going to do it," I said. "But it might take some doing."

"Let me in on it," sighed Sherry.


"I want to watch her lose her virginity. I want to be there with her when you put your cock into her pussy."

"Come now! She's just a little virgin!"


"She'll be plenty tight when I bring her home for dinner. Or maybe to a hotel room. But I want her cherry all to myself."

Sherry sighed dejectedly. "Oh, all right. But promise me you won't fuck her more than ten or so times before you let me get a shot at her?"

I smiled. "If I can keep her off of me."

"You think she's that horny?"

"I'm sure she is. But we'll find out. I've got a nude session with her today."

"Really! Of course I'll get to see the pictures..."

"Tonight, of course. I'll print them this afternoon."

"I'm dying to see that little girl naked. She's gorgeous."

"One of the prettiest models I've ever had! And maybe the sexiest... next to you."

"I can't wait for a few girl-girl shots... with your two favorite models."

"Give me a week," I said. "I was barely able to get her clothes off for today!"

Sherry sighed, rubbing her come-slick tits against my chest. "A week it is, then. But I want to taste that adorable Alisa's young cunt... soon?"

Sherry smiled disarmingly.

"Very soon," I said.

"I really like the way her ass curves in those straight skirts she wears."

"She's gorgeous. I've got to fuck her. How about you?"


"Are you being as lucky as me? Getting to see young virgins, with their clothes off?"

Sherry chuckled and licked my ear. "This girl I've been working with is just adorable. Her name's Rachel -- a slim girl, not much older than Alisa, but I doubt she's a virgin. She wears a lot of black, and her skin's deliciously pale. And her breasts -- they're gorgeous! She's just dying to get into bed with me. And then, of course there's John -- the photographer."

"I trust you'll keep yourself busy while I'm seducing little Alisa, then?"

"But I'll be thinking about her... and you."

"Isn't it always that way?"

She sighed. "I'll be thinking about tonight. We're both going to get plenty horny at work."

"Then let's start on an advance. We've got a little time. Let's take a long, lush shower."

Sherry smiled and nodded, kissing my neck again.


Sherry bounced into the bedroom, her towel clutched to her tits but not hiding anything from me. I ran my eyes up and down her naked back and her ass, and I could feel my cock getting hard again. But all our time was gone -- I needed to get to work. I watched as Sherry climbed into a tight pair of panties -- typical for her. They were businesslike blue, but french-cut -- barely a g-string. The material tugged its way up the crack in her ass already -- she said she liked it that way, it kept her asshole tingly all day long. The panties were lacy as hell, and I could see everything Sherry had to see. Her wispy black hair showed between her thighs, too, around the lacy crotch of the panties. She turned to the mirror and massaged her tits sensuously, then she climbed into a bra that matched her panties. It was skimpy, too, but hid more of her erect, dark-pink nipples. Sherry fastened it between her tits and reached back, trying to adjust it. She smiled at me.

"Pull the strap up a bit, will you?"

She knew what this kind of shit did to me. I smiled back and put my hand on her back, stroking it gently. Then, quickly, I pulled up her bra strap.

"Thanks," she smiled. She went over to the drawers and got out a garter belt. I watched as she put it on, buckling it behind, just above her scantily-clad ass. Then she found a pair of black stockings -- very businesslike, but sexy as hell just the same. She got into them and stood there, displaying herself to me.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"I think you need to get fucked. What's the occasion?"

She smiled. "I've got the job interview today."

I chuckled. "Oh yeah, right. Beauty magazine."

"For a staff model position. I think I can guess what kind of skills they're going to check out at this interview."

I smiled. "So you're in for a fun day."

"Not nearly as fun as yours, with that sexy little virgin. Do you know Roger Simpson?"

"Of course," I said. "He's the most notorious editor in the business. And according to all my models, the best fuck."

"Yeah! He's gorgeous! I thought I'd jump him right there, when we met him at that party. You remember! We came right home and I went crazy. We fucked like we've never fucked before!"

I chuckled and took a step toward Sherry. She put her lips to mine, pressing her lingerie-clad body up against me. My cock was as hard as ever.

"And I don't want to be late to the interview," she said, curving her fingers around my cock. "So you'll just have to let Alisa take care of this one."

I chuckled as Sherry went over and got into her interview clothes. They were very businesslike, even though I knew she'd have them off long before lunch. If she wanted the job, she'd have them off ten minutes into the interview. I got out a pair of underpants and stepped into them, glancing at the clock.

When I got there, Alisa was already in the studio, reading a magazine. I had given her a key, hoping that she'd feel more comfortable if she knew I trusted her. She looked up from the couch and smiled nervously; she stood and shook my hand. She was such a cute little virgin!

Alisa was one of the most adorable eighteen year olds I'd ever seen. She wore these tight black stretch-pants that showed off her ass whenever she turned around; it was a gorgeous ass to show off! And I could see the skimpy lines of her tight panties framing it. On top she wore a loose oxford shirt that nonetheless seemed to cling to her ample tits. I could see that her breasts were firm and delightful as always -- when she'd worn those bikinis in that sexy session we did last week, I'd seen plenty of her tits and plenty of her luscious cleavage. And of course her face was as gorgeous as ever! She had her light blonde hair tied up so that the slope of her neck was evident and attractive. I felt my prick giving a lurch of desire as Alisa smiled at me.

"I'm glad to see you're right on time," I said. "Hope I didn't keep you waiting!"

"Oh, not at all. I mean, I was early."

"Great. Then let's get started. You've seen the prints I left of your last set?"

"Yeah," she said. "Beauty agreed to buy them?"

"They loved them. They need bikini shots for this summer-girl section. They thought you've got the greatest body they've ever seen. Of course, I didn't talk to Roger... but I'm sure he loves you, too."

"Aren't they a little... explicit?"

"No, not at all! Beauty's very respected. They publish some of the best photography in the world. And some of the prettiest vir -- uh, prettiest girls, too. I can't wait to see you in a few issues."

She rolled her eyes, nervously. "That's great. I mean, that's really great. I'm really happy. I've been waiting so long for my big break. And now that I'm eighteen I've finally moved out... and I really want the money."

"Oh, you'll get it," I smiled. "You're really headed for stardom."

"I'm so happy," she grinned. "I can't wait to see this next session."

"All right then," I said. "Let's get to work."

She nodded, smiling at me. I reached for the camera and began to undo the case.

"So go ahead and get your clothes off," I said. Alisa's face fell. "Uh... my clothes off?"

"Yes," I said. "This is going to be a nude set, right?"

"Uh, yeah, of course -- I mean, I don't know!" She was blushing already -- Alisa was so cute when she blushed! I knew her tits were blushing just like her face. Her cheeks were bright red.

"You don't know? I thought we agreed you'd take your clothes off this time. I mean, wasn't it your idea?"

"Yeah, it was -- I mean, I really want the break and all, but I just don't know... I'm not so sure I can do it. I've never taken my clothes off for the camera before."

"Well, of course you're a little shy. But you've taken your clothes off for your boyfriend, haven't you?"

She looked down, blushing more.

"This is just like that. It's like making love to the camera. Haven't you taken your clothes off before?"

"Well, not with anyone else -- I mean, I've never taken them off..."

I nodded. "Well, I'm sure you can learn. It won't be tough -- believe me Alisa, from what I've seen so far you've got an incredible body. I mean, I haven't seen all of it -- but the parts I have seen have been wonderful. Just sensational. You can really make a killing with that lovely body of yours."

"I know that -- I mean, I'm very willing..."

"Willing?" I smirked at her.

"I mean, it's just that I never -- I've never..."

"Why don't you sit down," I offered, concerned. She sat on the couch again, breathing heavily. I sat next to her, leaning close. My knee pressed against hers. I put my hand on her wrist.

"You seem nervous," I said. "That's natural, if you've never posed nude. Just imagine you're alone with someone you love."

"It's not just posing nude," she said, still nervous but relaxing visibly. "It's that I've never..."

"You're a virgin?" I asked.

She got flustered, but managed to say: "Yes." Her face was bright red, and I felt sure her tits were getting hot, too. I wanted to reach out and grab them -- tear off her clothes! But I managed to hold back. I chuckled quietly.

"That's perfectly all right," I said. "Lots of virgins pose nude. I think it makes them sexier when they take their clothes off. People won't be able to tell, though!"

"I just don't want the pictures -- I mean, I'd be so embarrassed if..."

"Don't worry," I said. "These are just test pictures. No one will see them except you and me."

Alisa sighed in relief. I hadn't mentioned that Sherry would see them, too, while I was fucking her, but then again Alisa didn't need to know that. I smiled.

"Then I guess it'd be all right... if you're sure no one else will see them..."

"It's just to see how you like it. It was your idea, right?"

"Oh, I'm dying to take my clothes off," she said. "I really want to pose nude. I'm just not sure."

"Well, why don't you go ahead and get started. We can shoot a roll of you in your underwear. You do wear underwear, right?"

She giggled. "Of course," she said.

"Then why don't you go change. Just a bra and panties. But it'll be a start -- we'll shoot a roll, and see how you feel about going further. I think they'll look wonderful."

Alisa grinned. "That would be great. I mean, I didn't expect you to be so understanding."

"I don't want you to take your clothes off... unless you want to."

She nodded and got up. I watched as she walked over to the screen I have up to let models change. I went to the camera and began to change the film.

Interesting thing about my studio, though -- I was careful to set the mirror behind the screen up so that I could just catch a glimpse of it if I stand in the right place. I positioned myself there and looked at the mirror as Alisa reached for her hair clip. She undid it and fluffed her gorgeous blonde hair so that it hung around her shoulder. Then she reached for the buttons to her black pants.

She kicked off her shoes and got her pants down, sliding them off slowly. I caught my breath as I saw her luscious legs; I'd seen her change last time, just like this -- but it hadn't had this effect! I'd seen her stark naked, with her pretty blonde pubic hair and the pink lips of her cunt just peeking out between her legs. But this time, when I knew I was going to get her naked for the camera and for Sherry, I felt my cock getting harder than ever. I watched as Alisa stepped out of her pants; she stretched her legs and showed them off to me without knowing it. Then she unbuttoned her oxford shirt, shrugging it off and hanging it up on the dressing room hook. All she wore now was a pair of white lacy panties and a skimpy little white bra -- all very virginal.

Alisa looked herself up and down in the mirror, trying to decide what to do. Her face was flushed and she looked quite nervous. I kept an eye on her, smiling a bit -- making sure she didn't see me in the mirror. I could tell that her pale cleavage was getting red, too -- she was red with embarrassment.

"You doing all right?" I called, pretending to load the film, which I'd loaded in about ten seconds.

"Um... I don't know. I'm not sure about this."

"Well, just put on your shirt, then. We'll start that way -- half-naked. See how you like it."

Alisa smiled and turned back to her mirror. She ran her fingers fleetingly over her breasts, making my cock give another leap toward her. Then she took down her oxford shirt and got back into it. It was long, so it hung down past her waist and maybe halfway down her thigh. It hid her crotch and her delightful little virgin panties, but she only buttoned a few buttons. The lace of her bra was plainly visible under the open shirt. And as she turned in the mirror, I saw the tails of the shirt lifting so I could get a glimpse of her gorgeous ass.

She came out from behind the screen, putting up her arms so I could look at her. I ran my eyes up and down her luscious half-clad body, then smiled.

"You look great," I said. "One in a million. They'll love it."

She seemed much more relaxed now that she knew we'd start with her clothes on. Of course, I knew that before long we'd have them all off, virgins are notorious for that kind of teasing. I smiled as I motioned toward the window.

"Let's get some shots of you looking out," I said. "I like the light over there." She glanced nervously over to the window.

"Will anyone see me?"

"Not at all. It's an empty field -- I do this shot all the time. No one ever goes out there. It's just a place to start. Besides -- you're fully clothed!"

She giggled. "I guess I am. I'm really sorry; I'm just being paranoid."

"Well, go ahead." I got the camera ready.

"Just look out?"

"Look out... and think of something pretty. Pretty like you."

She nodded, smiling. She took on the air of someone posing for nude pictures -- looking out the window. The light cascaded down over her smooth body and into her open shirt, illuminating her luscious cleavage. I sighed in desire as I took a few pictures.

"Now turn toward the bed... unbutton your shirt a bit more..."

Alisa undid her shirt without hesitating. I could see more of her bra now. I got down on my knees so I could see a little up her shirt, catching a glimpse of those cute virginal panties. She didn't seem to mind.

"Lean over," I said. "So that your shirt blows in the wind."

A burst of wind came in from the open window and lifted the lower part of her shirt. I saw her gorgeous ass plainly for a second, and I could see the little wisps of pubic hair coming out around her panty-crotch. Alisa smiled.

"This is lots of fun," she said. "I don't mind this at all!"

"Undo your shirt all the way," I said nonchalantly. "I want to get something a little sexier."

Alisa's smile widened as she undid her shirt, until it hung open, showing her whole luscious body except for her arms and the sides of her tits. She turned toward the camera and I got a few shots of her breasts, lovely as ever. She fluffed her hair, letting it blow in the wind. The shirt fell down over her shapely, firm shoulder, showing me more of her breasts. She glanced down at it seductively but didn't move to put her shirt back on.

"Now take the shirt off," I said. Alisa didn't argue but just smiled for the camera; she was really enjoying herself. She began to slide the shirt off over her arms, letting me see her whole body in her underwear. She looked so gorgeous I thought my cock would pounce out of my pants and go for her virgin cunt right there. I nodded eagerly as she let the shirt fall to the floor. She stood there, comfortably, at ease.

"Now move over to the bed," I said. "We don't want you to catch cold."

"What should I do?" she asked as she walked to the edge of the double bed.

"Just sprawl out on it," I said.

She nodded as she climbed onto the bed. Alisa lay down on her stomach, turning so that her ass was toward the camera. Her panties were nice and thin, and I could see practically everything. The material was bunched up around her buttocks and her tight little cunt was slightly visible between her legs. She didn't seem very restrained, though. She stretched out, spread-eagled on the bed, rubbing her half-naked body against it. I could tell she was getting really turned on.

"How's this?" she asked hoarsely.

"That's great," I said. "Just wonderful. Keep moving like that."

Alisa rubbed herself on the bed, slowly up and down, writhing like she was having an incredible orgasm or just getting fucked. She didn't know what to do with her hands, so she reached back and put them on her ass.

"That's perfect!" I said. "Keep your hands there -- no, wait, rub your buttocks a little. That looks great."

Alisa began to stroke her ass through the panties, straightening the crotch of her underpants a little. Then she began rubbing in earnest, stroking her ass as if she were really getting off on it. I knew she was -- I could hear her breathing heavily.

"Now tug your panties down a little," I said. "Just a little. That's good. Really good."

Alisa hesitated, then began to pull down the elastic waist of her panties. She tugged them down until I could see almost half of her buttocks and her inviting, sexy crack. Even further than I'd wanted them, but I wasn't complaining.

"That's marvelous. Get on all fours."

Alisa slowly climbed onto her hands and knees, thrusting her half-off panties toward the camera. Her ass looked incredible in that position. I couldn't wait to fuck her that way! Her cunt was visible through the tightly-stretched material of the panty-crotch. I smiled behind the camera as she spread her legs a little further.

"Now roll over," I said. "Get on your back, so I can get some shots of your gorgeous breasts." She nodded. She was beginning to get a little tentative and nervous, but I didn't doubt that if I got her naked she'd be spreading her legs for me and begging me to fuck her right there. Alisa rolled onto her back and stretched her arms, showing me that she'd just freshly shaved her armpit. I like a clean-cut woman, and it went with Alisa's virgin-pure image. The way she stretched her arms, her smooth tits showed beautifully through her bra. It was getting so I couldn't stop myself.

"Now get out of your bra," I said quickly.

Alisa nodded, obviously nervous. But she was so turned on, she couldn't stop. I can always tell when a model's getting horny, and that's usually the time I put down the camera. But with Alisa, I had to tease her some more or she wouldn't go through with it.

Alisa undid the clasp between her breasts, pulling the damp material of her bra down over her tits. She exposed them nicely; I leered at her with my cock getting ever harder as she struggled out of the wispy white lace bra and lifted it in her hands.

"Try biting it," I said. "That makes for a sexy shot."

Alisa put the strap of her bra in her teeth and tugged at it, then she tossed the lacy thing away, onto the pillow. I was running my eyes over her breasts, taking in their gorgeous, sloping form. Her nipples were very hard and very pink. She stretched so that her tits displayed themselves beautifully.

"Now play with your breasts a little," I said. "Like you're really enjoying them."

Alisa put her fingers on her breasts, nervously. She began to stroke them, but she was too uncomfortable.

"Oh come on," I smiled. "You must play with your breasts some times. Don't you play with yourself like any healthy young woman?"

She giggled and pressed her fingers around her breasts more firmly. She began massaging them gently, then more hungrily as her nipples got firmer. I watched and took pictures as Alisa pinched her nipples tightly, than ran her palms over them, hiding them from view.

"That's gorgeous," I said. "Try to lick them."

She seemed disgusted at first, but I could see her wanting to do it as the idea sank in. She took hold of her breast and bent her neck, sticking out her tongue as she lifted her nipple toward her mouth.

"That's good," I said. "You can do it -- you've got large breasts..."

She eased her tongue down and touched her nipple with it. I could tell she liked it. She began licking slowly around the ring of her dark nipple, getting it wet with her saliva. It made a couple great shots, but I was more interested in how wet it was making her and how hard it was making me.

"That's wonderful. You look really sexy."

Alisa pressed her breast up further, closing her lips around the nipple. She began to suck, but I could tell she was still flickering her tongue rapidly, out of my sight. She whimpered a little bit, thinking I couldn't hear her. "Now bite it," I said. "Gently..."

Alisa bit her nipple, holding her lips so that I could get a shot of her doing it. She let her tongue snake around it sensuously, turning herself on more.

"Now get out of your panties," I said. "Time for some nude shots."

I absently changed the film as Alisa watched. She didn't move to take off her panties for a few seconds, but then I could tell she wanted it. She made her decision and got to her knees, reaching for the waist of her panties. She slid them down, over her gorgeous ass, letting me see it slowly. Alisa got them down to her knees, then lay on her back and took them off over her ankles.

"Try biting these," I said. "They'll like that."

She nodded and lifted the panties to her face. She bit the waist gently, tugging at the elastic and the lace.

"Not biting them there," I chuckled. "Try biting something a little sexier."

She sighed, trying to cover up her nervousness. I knew how wet she was, and I knew how much a woman loves tasting and smelling herself. I wanted Alisa helpless with lust.

She put the crotch of her panties into her lips; she bit them and tugged them away. I snapped some shots as she ran her tongue visibly along the wet crotch of her panties.

"That's good. Now let's see your body."

Now that she was naked, Alisa seemed totally uninhibited. I didn't even have to make any more suggestions -- she was sexier than I ever could have hoped. She squirmed on the bed, keeping her legs closed all the time. I ran the camera and my eyes over her breasts and her thighs, trying to catch a glimpse between those legs.

Alisa got onto all fours again, showing her ass to the camera. It was a pretty ass now that it was naked, and I could tell it turned her on to have me seeing it.

"Run your hands over your ass," I said. "Like you did before."

She sat like a cat, her legs tightly closed and her ass raised. She put her hands on the smooth cheeks of her ass and began to massage and stroke it gently.

"Good girl," I said. "Let's try on your back again."

She got on her back, but kept her thighs clamped together. She smiled seductively at the camera, looking very much the virgin she was.

"Now spread your legs," I said. "We can't have all these nude shots without a few of open legs."

She nodded, nervously parting her legs.

"Further," I said. "Just a little. That's nice."

Alisa let her legs slip a little further apart, then still further. I moved toward her, focusing on her pink folds. She looked tight and young -- her cunt was totally untouched, and I was probably the first guy in years to look at it.

"Now touch yourself," I said. "You don't have to make it obvious -- just touch yourself a little."

Alisa's face was slack and uncomfortable. But she nodded, spreading her legs further. I got a shot of her cunt again -- she was tight, all right. I could see the way her cunt kept closed and vulnerable, unlike an older woman's. She stared into the camera as she put her fingers up against her cunt-lips, not quite touching them.

"Spread them a little," I suggested.

Alisa put her fingers there and tugged her pussy-lips apart, displaying her cunt-hole. I nodded, encouraging her. She spread them further, and put her other hand there, too.

"Touch your clit," I said hoarsely.

Alisa gasped as she pressed her thumb to her clitoris. She pulled it away.

"Don't stop," I said. "Touch your clit again. I didn't get the shot."

Alisa held her breath and pressed against her clit firmly. She began to massage it up and down as I snapped the pictures. I moved closer.

"That's really good," I said. "Try slipping a finger in."

She looked horrified. But she stopped touching her clit and eased a finger up to her pussy hole.

"I can't," she said.

"Go ahead. Try."

Alisa parted her cunt-lips with her two fingers and pressed her other finger into her cunt. She winced and then whimpered in pain, but it went in and I took the picture. She slid her finger out slowly. I sat down on the side of the bed and put the camera down. My cock was so hard it was going to burst.

"That was incredible," I mumbled, taking her hand. I lifted it to my face and kissed it. I could smell and taste her delicious virgin pussy.

"And you're incredible. I can't believe you're a virgin, with all you know about sex."

She was panting heavily, plainly nervous. But she stared into my eyes like she just had to have me. I lunged forward, pressing my lips against hers.

Alisa relaxed into the bed as I climbed further onto it. I kissed her gently at first, then slid my tongue more roughly into her mouth. She let me put it in deep, forcing my tongue past her lips and stroking and teasing her own tongue. She began to press back against my kisses as I put my arms around her. I pulled her against me, feeling her hard nipples as they pressed through my shirt and against my chest I began to kiss and nuzzle her neck, nibbling my way down to her shoulder.

"Wait -- Steve -- I can't..."

I put my lips to hers again and kissed her again. She got silent as she thrust her tongue against me; I felt her hands reaching up to unbutton my shirt. She wasn't reluctant at all, for a virgin! She got my shirt halfway open and put her fingers against my chest.

I began to kiss her neck again, nearing her breasts as she massaged my chest. "Yes, oh yes..." she moaned softly as I began to lick the upper part of her tits. I cupped her other breast with my hand and stroked the hard nipple gently with my thumb, Alisa began to whimper in pleasure as I kissed closer to the center of her breast.

I let my tongue touch her hard nipple and she moaned in ecstasy. I dropped my hand to her ass, spreading her legs and tugging her over onto her side. I slipped my legs between hers as she put her ankle up over my waist, stroking my hair as I began to lick her nipple.

"Oh yes... Steve... oh, that feels so good..."

I pressed my lips around her nipple and started to suck, flickering my tongue rapidly over the firm erect bud of her flesh. As I did, Alisa relaxed more into the bed, spreading her legs further and pressing herself closer to me.

I stroked her ass with my fingers, massaging it hungrily. It was so gorgeous -- I couldn't wait to spread it for my cock! But for now... I just fondled it, getting her wetter as I continued sucking her tits. I moved over to the other breast, nibbling on that and sucking as I slid my hand slowly behind Alisa's ass and between her legs. I touched the soft mound of her pubic hair and she gasped in surprise.

"Shhhhh..." I whispered, nibbling lower on her body. I licked the underside of her tits and eased my fingers up against her cunt.

She whimpered as I touched her swollen, throbbing cunt-lips. I spread them slowly with two fingers as Alisa wrapped her legs more tightly around my body. Then I touched her slit with the very tip of my middle finger.

"Oh yes," whispered Alisa. I stroked my finger up and down on her cunt-hole, getting ready to finger her.

Alisa's moans grew louder as I slid my fingertip up to her clit. I toyed with her clit for a second, flicking it back and forth so that Alisa shuddered in ecstasy.

"Yes," she panted. "Please. That's good. Touch me there."

I put my finger back on her clit and moved it slowly around in a tiny circle. I pressed in and Alisa gasped, moaning for more.

"That feels so good," she panted. "It's so good..."

I stroked her clit slowly up and down, getting her wetter before sliding my finger down to her cunt-hole again. She snuggled up against me as I rubbed my fingertip up and down.

I kissed her neck sensuously and began to press my finger in. She grabbed on to my shoulders, holding on tight as I penetrated her. Her cunt was tight -- that was for sure! I worked my finger in slowly, letting her savor the feeling, not wanting to go too fast. But Alisa loved it; she whimpered in pleasure as I put my finger gradually into her virgin cunt. She nodded, panting: "Uh huh -- uh huh..."

I put it in deeper, then began to slowly stroke it in and out. Alisa's body writhed against me as she got hornier and wetter and more ready to take my cock into her pussy. And pop her delicious cherry.

"That's so good," she whimpered as I gave her my finger again and again. As I finger-fucked her, I reached under my body and began to undo my pants. Without giving Alisa a second to reconsider, I got my cock out.

I took her hand in mine, never letting my finger stop sliding into her pussy. I put her palm up against my cock, wrapping her fingers around my long meaty shaft. She gasped in fear, then looked up into my eyes as I fingered her. She panted heavily and leaned up to kiss me. I thrust my tongue into her mouth rapidly as she stroked my cock hungrily.

"I want it inside me," she moaned softly. "But I'm so tight..."

"I'll be gentle," I said, kissing her cheek. I took hold of her ass and eased her more fully onto the bed, putting her on her back. She spread her legs, still holding my cock.

"I'll go slow," I promised, looking into her terrified eyes. I climbed on top of her and Alisa put my cock up against her cunt, sliding the come-wet head gently in and out of her tight cunt-lips. She moved it up and down, teasing herself further. Then she put the head to her cunt-hole and let her fingers trail up and down my shaft.

"I don't want it to hurt," she panted.

I shook my head. "It won't," I lied. I smiled at her as I took hold of her ass and began to press my cock into her.

She let out a gasp of pain as I penetrated her first inch. She snuggled down against the bed; I kissed her deeply as I pressed harder against her cunt. She whimpered and panted, but I kept forcing it, and before long it was maybe three inches in. I felt that my cock-head was up against her tight hymen.

"I can't," she gasped, pulling her hips back. My cock left her and rested at the entrance to her cunt.

"Please," I said. "It'll be good. It's always too big the first time."

Alisa shook her head and turned away, sliding out from under me. She struggled to her knees, trying to get off the bed.

I put my arms around her and got behind her, pulling her close. I began to kiss her neck, stroking her gently with my tongue. I put my hand on her tits and began to massage them sensuously.

"We don't have to fuck," I said, easing my right hand down her body. I tickled her smooth flesh with my fingertips. She whimpered as I let them dangle between her legs.

Alisa turned her head and began to kiss me again, spreading her legs as I put my fingertips up against her cunt. I began to stroke gently in and out of her cunt-lips, not penetrating her quite. She was wetter than ever. I could feel that her cunt was stretched a little bit from the three inches she'd taken. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as I rubbed her slowly up and down.

"Just relax," I whispered. "Just relax..." I put my thumb on her clit as I stroked my fingers over her slit. She lay back down on the bed as I got behind her, my erect cock pressing against her tight ass-cheeks.

"It felt so good," she whimpered. "But I'm too tight..."

"Shhhhh -- just relax." I rubbed her clit faster, as she began to moan. Her lips dropped open as I nuzzled her ear and pressed her clit more firmly. Alisa spread her legs, getting on her back again so I had a better shot at her cunt. I climbed on top of her and began kissing my way down her body to her tits.

She tried to get up, but I whispered. "I'm not going to fuck you..." I nuzzled her stomach, spreading her knees with my hands. Alisa whimpered and moaned as I began to tug at her hair with my teeth.

Then I lifted her ass and exposed her cunt with my two fingers spreading her cunt-lips. I began to lick gently, from the base of her cunt, close to her luscious asshole, up to the bud of her clit. She moaned as I started eating her. I put my tongue up against her cunt and pressed it in.

Alisa cradled my head in her hands, pulling me closer to her cunt. I licked her harder, bringing her closer. I knew I could make her come -- and if she came, she'd give in to anything I wanted. Which was what she wanted, too -- a good fuck! I licked deeper, faster, as I heard Alisa begging for more. "That's good -- that's so good! I've never been -- uh -- never been eaten -- uh -- it's good -- keep going -- I'm going to -- uh -- going to..."

I let my tongue slide up over her clit, then got to my knees. I climbed on top of her again, pressing my tongue into her mouth. Alisa put her arms around me and slid them down my half-open pants, gripping my naked ass firmly.

I lay down between her spread legs, putting my cock up to her cunt again. Alisa stared up into my eyes, panting heavily, wanting it bad.

"Just relax," I whispered as I rubbed my cock up and down in her slit. I didn't enter her yet; I just stroked her erect clit, getting her wetter -- she'd take my cock beautifully. She wanted it, all right! Alisa massaged my ass, tugging me toward her, trying to get me inside her pussy. But I teased her, stroking my cock up and down between her virgin pussy-lips. When she was ready, gushing wet on the bed, I kissed her cheeks.

"Now just relax," I said. "You want it?"

"I want it," she whimpered. "I want to be fucked."

"Just relax."

I pressed my cock forward; Alisa gasped as it entered her. She felt it going in a couple inches, stretching her cunt out. Then my swollen cockhead pressed against her hymen. She started to squirm again, but I held my cock there and massaged her breasts gently. Alisa relaxed as I kissed her ear.

"Be gentle," she begged.

"I will." Holding her tight as she gripped my buttocks, I pressed my cock deeper into her, against her tight virgin cherry.

She groaned as she felt her cherry popping, but I held her firmly and eased it in. Her cunt gripped me tight -- she was definitely a tight little virgin. I worked my cock in halfway, then forced it deeper, tearing Alisa as gently as I could. She panted hungrily, growling as she felt my cock ripping into her. She snuggled down against the bed, lifting her ass.

"It hurts," she whimpered. "But it feels so good! Put it in all the way."

I nodded and shoved harder, getting it in another inch. Alisa went limp on the bed, spread-eagled for me to fuck. She began to squirm as she felt my cock going into her all the way -- then she tore again, and I could feel her cunt giving way.

"That's so good..." she moaned, running her fingers over her cunt. She felt me where I thrust into her -- my balls were shoved up against her cunt. "I feel like I'm going to come..."

I kissed her neck as I began to drag my cock out of her, slowly. When I had it out halfway she gasped in surprise and pain and then I put it in again, slowly. Alisa snarled in mock catlike pleasure -- then bit my neck roughly.

"Fuck me," she begged. "Come in my slit."

I shoved the last few inches, getting my shaft inside her deep again. Then Alisa's hips began to work with me, dragging my cock out and shoving it in again, slowly at first but picking up speed as she got more horny and much, much wetter. Her tight cunt was still resisting, but my cock was sliding in easily as she forced her hips up.

"It's so good -- so good..."

I grunted as I hammered my cock inside her. She was so tight I was getting ready to spurt!

"I'm going to come," she moaned. "Keep fucking me -- fuck me harder..."

She rammed her hips up against me, taking my cock harder than ever, forcing it in like no virgin I've fucked ever has. She groaned and I knew she was about to come. I ran my fingers over her ass, swinging it up and down so that my cock plunged into her -- she began to moan louder as she bit my neck, and then she was coming, screaming wildly as her cunt gripped my cock. I began to spurt, my cock-muscles jerking as Alisa begged for it.

"Please... come inside me... come in my pussy... fill me with your come... please." I shot streams of jizz into her cunt, line after line filling her tight slit. She moaned and went limp as she finished coming; I kept plunging my cock into her pussy until she was spread on the bed again, exhausted and filled with come.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "That was so good."

I eased my cock out. "Doesn't it hurt?"

"It hurts like hell," she said. "But it was worth it. Does it hurt the second time?"

"Sometimes," I said. "It depends on the cunt."

Alisa giggled and reached for my cock, stroking my balls.

"I think we'll have to find out, then," Alisa said.

I watched Alisa as she climbed off the bed and started getting into her panties. "I'm going to be late for that interview," she said, tugging the elastic of her underpants over her gorgeous ass. She smiled back at me as she got into her bra.

"What interview?" I asked.

"Roger Simpson of Beauty wanted to see me for lunch. He said he had some contracts to discuss for those pictures."

I chuckled. "Knowing Roger, that will be a great interview."


I laughed louder, pulling Alisa back onto the bed. "I said, he's a great editor." I put my arms around her and got her onto her side. I began to nuzzle her neck.

"I'm going to be late," she said, protesting halfheartedly.

"Exactly," I mumbled, peeling down her bra. I began massaging her nipple with my tongue. Alisa whimpered as I unfastened the clasp and climbed between her legs.

"I think it's my duty to make you late for Roger's interview," I said. I smiled as I eased Alisa's legs open and reached for her panties. She stared at me, her eyes wide and hungry, as I began easing her panties down her legs.

She nodded. "If you don't think he's punctual... Oh!"

I peeled the crotch of her panties away from her come-slick cunt. She put her legs together so I could drag her underpants down her thighs and calves and over her ankles. I tossed them on the floor. I glanced over her now-naked body as she smiled at me, propped up with her arms behind her. Her bra-straps were still tangled around her shoulders, but her gorgeous tits were plainly visible. There were little red marks around where I had stroked or sucked at them. Alisa eased her legs open wide as I got on top of her again.

"I think Roger's plenty punctual. But the kind of questions he has to ask you can wait. Assuming you give him the right answers."

"Wh -- what do you mean?" asked Alisa. She began to breathe heavily as I pressed my cock-head up to her cunt. She spread her legs further, lifting her ass against me so her cunt jogged the shaft of my prick. I began to enter her.

"I mean he's got a more businesslike manner than I do," I said, penetrating her an inch at a time. "But you can expect to have just as much fun in his office as in my studio."

"Oh yes," she panted, barely hearing me. I forced my cock into her tight slit slowly, taking in the delicious feeling as her cunt gripped me, gushing its thick, fragrant juices down onto my shaft. I penetrated her deeper, and Alisa began to moan in pleasure.

"You really think so?"

"All his models say so. Of course I wouldn't know first hand..." I began sliding my cock out of her cunt, then put it back in just as slowly. Alisa wrapped her arms around my back and took hold of my naked ass.

"I want it," she moaned. "Fuck me hard. Come inside me again."

I dragged my cock back and forth, kissing Alisa's neck as I fucked her. I stretched her cunt out with my long shaft, giving her thrust after thrust as I got close. She was really tight.

"That feels so good... I want to come in your slit, Alisa."

"Please," she begged. "Please come... please spurt... oh yes..."

I fucked her slowly, gradually bringing her closer, too. I started fucking harder as her hips went crazy.

"Yes -- yes -- yes -- yes -- fuck me! Fuck me -- fuck me!"

I pounded my cock into Alisa's naked body, spreading her cunt-lips with every thrust. She moaned loudly as she realized I was going to come in her pussy for a third time. I bit her ear gently as I grunted in pleasure and spurted my thick load into her slit. She grunted, too, shoving her cunt around my cock, impaling herself on my long rod in rhythm with my fucking. As I finished coming, Alisa went limp on the bed. "So you're telling me Roger Simpson wants to fuck me."

"That's why he wants an interview," I chuckled. "He's as horny as me."

"Do you think I should do it?"

"I think you should discuss it with him. In very explicit terms."

She giggled. "Now that I'm not a virgin..."

"You've got a world of possibilities open to you."

"I think I'll capitalize on that," she said. "Are you glad you popped my cherry?"

"I'm glad I beat Roger to it," I said. "I doubt you'd have been able to resist him."

She sighed. "I just don't know. If I can."

"Then don't," I grinned. "Just make a date with me tomorrow night to look at the prints from this session. Dinner? And then maybe a little modeling session? At my apartment?"

"That should be interesting," Alisa laughed. "I'll see that it is."


I cleared my throat and straightened my tie. Looking into the mirror, I was shocked with how dashing I looked.

"I'm sure she won't be able to resist you," said Sherry, coming up behind me and patting my ass in those tight pants. She kissed me on the neck and stroked my flesh gently with her tongue. "I'm dropping on the floor right here."

"Glad to hear it," I chuckled. "I hope you've got some company for the evening?"

"Oh, I'm meeting Jessie for dinner at my place," she said, reaching for the cologne bottle on the dresser. "We're going to have a nice long, lush dinner -- probably in the bathtub. You know, feeding each other grapes and that kind of shit. I wish I could persuade you to bring your yummy virgin on by later..."

I sighed. "Later," I said. "Maybe later this week. I told you..."

"I know you did," giggled Sherry, splashing cologne over my neck. "I'm just teasing. I want you two to have a wonderful fuck alone -- you deserve it, after all the great fucks you've given me."

"Not jealous, are you?" The musky scent of the cologne reached my nostrils; Sherry put down the bottle and began to rub her nose against my neck hungrily, smearing the cologne into my warm skin. I put my arms around her as she nuzzled me. She put her hand up against my hard cock and squeezed it.

"I always know you'll come back to me," she said softly. "But Alisa's so incredibly cute..."

"Don't worry," I said. "I'll share her with you. There's no reason to be jealous."

"I'm jealous of both of you," she said. "You're the two sexiest people I've ever seen. Now Jessie's a close third, but..."

"Well, make sure you utilize Jessie's sexiness as much as possible," I said. "It's going to be a long night."

"That it is," sighed Sherry, still nuzzling my throat. She began to unfasten my tie; I playfully struggled.

"I'm going to be late," I protested.

"Oh no you won't." I knew I had plenty of time, so I just stood there as Sherry unbuttoned my shirt slowly. She began to pet my chest with her tongue; sinking to her knees, she tugged at my leather belt with her teeth.

I grunted as she unbuttoned my pants; my cock was hard and erect. She peeled my tight black underpants down over my long, sweat-damp shaft; she eased my cock out and got it at the right angle. Sherry began to lick it slowly, rubbing it with her tongue around the very tip of its head. She licked off the thick bead of my tangy pre-come. Sherry slid my cock into her mouth, pressing her lips around it and sucking hard. She pressed the erect shaft down further until it stretched against her throat; then she swallowed me all the way into her mouth and throat. She rubbed her tongue hungrily against the underside of my shaft, coaxing louder grunts of pleasure out of me; I ran my fingers through her silky black hair and began to rock my hips in time with her sucking to force my shaft in and out of Sherry's succulent mouth. I fucked her between the lips as she took me into her mouth again and again, letting me enter her as I stroked her hair. I panted heavily, knowing she could make me come any time she wanted to. Sherry is the best head I've ever had. She tongued me rapidly, toying with me, teasing me until I was gripping her head tight and practically begging her to take my load of come in her mouth. I shoved my hips against her, putting my cock into her mouth; she sucked hard but didn't let me come. I let out a long, low moan of pleasure.

"Oh yeah, baby. Oh Sherry... I'm going to come in your mouth."

Sherry grunted in desire, letting me know that she wanted my load. I shoved my hips faster, plowing my cock all the way into her mouth again and again as she got wetter. I wished we had time to fuck -- but this was almost as good! I groaned as I rammed my cock into her mouth -- she sucked and tongued it, trying to get my thick come into her throat -- and then Sherry really decided to make me come! Her neck went wild, rocking back and forth as she sucked my cock down her throat, taking it as deep as it would go. She plunged it into her, again and again, biting the head gently as it left her mouth -- then I came, my cock-muscles jerking so that her whole mouth filled with the thick load of tangy, clear semen. I felt my cock ejecting its stream of jizz into Sherry's mouth; she sucked at it and swallowed as I finished coming.

Sherry eased my soft, saliva-covered cock out of her mouth and slowly stood up.

"Just a little tidbit," she sighed. "To keep me satisfied until Jessie gets here."

I practically unzipped my pants when Alisa answered the door. She looked incredible -- sexier than I'd seen her yet, including the times she was naked on my studio bed. Her blonde hair was set perfectly, framing her gorgeous pale face so deliciously I could have gotten hard just staring into her blue eyes. Her lips were painted dark and red and full, just begging to be teased open with my tongue so I could slip it into her mouth. And her cheeks were all blushed a deep crimson, as if she were embarrassed -- or horny. I guessed she was both. When she saw me, she smiled amiably and licked her lips nervously with that long, red, delicious tongue I'd felt in my mouth just yesterday. I wanted to pounce on her and kiss her hungrily, but I restrained myself. I figured I could wait a few minutes! Alisa's eyes looked particularly big and breathtaking tonight; she'd painted them up bright blue. She wore this low-cut dress, white and lacy, that fit the warm weather perfectly by showing off most of her body. It dropped in an incredibly low "v" between her tits, clinging to her breasts nicely. The buttons looked strained, as if they were just waiting to pop open and let her tits out. The waist was tight and showed off her smooth, round but slim hips. The skirt was high, barely even decent -- it hid everything, but looked like it shouldn't. I could see all her gorgeous thighs, except that they were covered in white fishnet stockings. I knew she had on a garter belt; she'd promised. Her legs looked delicious in those stockings; overall, she looked incredible. I grinned at her, quickly running my eyes over her whole form. My cock was already pounding for her delicious near-virgin snatch.

"Sorry I'm late," I said. "I got delayed -- but just a little. Hope I didn't keep you waiting?"

"Oh, you know women, we're always fixing our hair and stuff. Ready to go?"

"I sure am," I nodded.

Alisa turned and went back into the apartment. I watched her ass as her short skirt swayed up over the tops of her fishnets. Her smooth ass showed through her panties -- they were tight, skimpy and white, just like before. "Let me get my coat," she said.

"Oh, it's warm," I grinned, eyeing her ass as she walked. "I don't think you'll need one."

"Well, just in case. Though I expect it'll be getting pretty hot."

"Let's hope," I chuckled.

She smirked flirtatiously as she went into the other room.

I started to follow her; then I noticed another girl, in the front room. She lay on the couch, sprawled out, wearing a tight pair of jean cutoffs and a tight tank top. She was incredible. I glanced down; that's when I noticed how nice the carpets were. I looked at the girl. "Nice carpets," I said.

"It's the only good thing about this place," the girl smiled.

I smiled back at her, being as suave as I could. "Hello," I said.

"Hello there." She seemed friendly. Her tits were big, a little bit bigger than Alisa's, and firm and shapely. They showed through her tank top; she plainly hadn't been expecting company. She didn't wear a bra. I could see that her nipples were small and dark and quite enticing. She reclined on the couch, making sure I could see her legs. They were tan and gorgeous, and her tight jeans showed off almost everything of her ass. She got up off the couch and shook my hand. "I like these carpets," she said. "They're good for fucking, or just for lying there naked. Nothing like the feel of a plush carpet against your ass when you've got someone on top of you."

She ran her eyes over me again, obviously intrigued. She giggled a bit.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"That's Karen, my roommate," called Alisa from the other room. "Karen, this is Steve Finch. He's doing some shots of me, and we're going out to dinner."

"Steve Finch?" Karen asked, tossing her bright blonde hair flirtatiously and arching her back so she could be sure I was watching her tits. "I've seen your stuff -- it's gorgeous. Really sexy. You do a lot of work with Beauty and Little Miss, right?"

"Are you a model?" I asked, leaning a little closer and running my eyes over Karen's body.

She laughed. "Oh, sometimes. When I can manage to get my clothes off in front of a camera. But I'm also a fan."

"Of girlie magazines?"

"Oh, you don't take those kind of pictures -- they're art! I loved your stuff -- naked women are beautiful!" She giggled, rolling her eyes. "It has a bad reputation, but I find it very interesting. And I love posing nude."

"Hmmmm. Maybe we can work together some time."

Her eyes got wide. "OH! Do you think so? I'd love a session with you -- it might be just the break I need..."

"That'd be wonderful," I said. "Give me a call some time."

"I'd do anything to get some shots taken."

I chuckled, eyeing her tits hungrily. "That wouldn't be necessary. I'm sure you look great with your clothes off."

"Oh, I do -- I do!"

I thought for a second she was going to strip right there, which would have been wonderful, but a little bit awkward. I couldn't see fucking Alisa's roommate while she was getting her coat -- though it seemed more than possible at this point. Karen smiled up at me, licking her lips the way Alisa had nervously and suggestively, like she was just asking me to open my pants for her to give me a blow-job. She stretched a little, then shook my hand again, making sure I felt how sweaty her palms were and how gentle but firm her touch was. I couldn't see fucking Karen now, but I wondered about her.

"All right," called Alisa before entering the room. Karen dropped my hand and turned, moving back to the couch. I watched her gorgeous ass, but then Alisa walked over and I was occupied with watching her. Alisa was the one I was going to fuck -- she was even sexier. Karen flopped out on the couch as Alisa snaked her arms around me, leaning against my chest.

"What's going on tonight?" Alisa asked Karen.

"Oh, Ted's coming over. I suspect we'll just fuck, as usual."

Alisa giggled. "Well, good luck."

"I don't think I'll need it, but thanks."

"Nice meeting you," I said as we moved toward the door.

Karen's eyes flickered over my body, especially resting under my belt where the long, straight bulge of my cock showed through my pants.

"Nice meeting you," she said, her eyes fixed on my cock.

Alisa smiled nervously in the candlelight of the restaurant. She eased her arms across her chest to hide her tits; I could tell she was getting uncomfortable. Which meant she was getting turned on.

"I hope Karen didn't embarrass you," she said. "She does that every time I bring a guy home. Though she knows you're the first that I've gone to bed with."

I chuckled. "We didn't exactly go to bed," I said. "At least, not yet."

Alisa looked away, smiling but nervous. "Anyway, I hope she didn't embarrass you. She's really sexy, and she likes to flaunt it."

"Didn't bother me at all. In my business, I'm used to it."

"I guess you're used to fucking your models who like to flaunt it, too."

"Only sometimes," I lied. "When they're sexy enough. It doesn't happen too often."

Alisa relaxed a little, smiling across the table at me. "That's good to hear. I'd love to be a slut like Karen..."

"Oh, I think you can do it, if you work at it."

Alisa giggled. She reached out under the table and grasped my hand. I stared into her eyes; when I glanced down I could see that her nipples were showing hard and plain through her dress. She spread her fingers and eased her hand down between my legs, up against my bulging crotch.

"You really turn me on, Steve."

I nodded. "You, too. I'm really looking forward to reviewing those prints. They made me so horny when I looked at them."

"They made me horny posing for them. I can't wait to pose for some more."

"As soon as we get back to my place," I said. "This time they'll just be for us, it won't even be a test roll. We'll get as horny as we can."

Alisa was breathing heavily, leaning close to me over the table. She smiled a little. "And explicit?"

"We'll show everything."

"We'd best eat light," she sighed. "I don't want to do that sort of stuff on a full stomach."

"Kind of like swimming?"

"Yup. You might sink."

When we got into the car, Alisa stretched out in the passenger seat and fixed her eyes on me. I climbed in next to her. She suddenly leaned forward, putting her hands on my cheeks and pulling my face close to hers. She pressed her lips to mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I felt her shoving her tongue in deep, teasing me -- I thrust my tongue back, too, entering her mouth as she entered mine. We wrestled with our tongues as Alisa dropped her hand to the bulge of my pants. I grunted as I felt her massaging my cock. She shoved her tongue more firmly into my mouth as she stroked it hungrily.

"I want to fuck you," she said. "Get me back to your place as fast as possible."

"What about the photo session?" I breathed heavily, feeling her tongue on my neck. She nibbled her way down, pulling at my tie and unbuttoning my top button.

"So we'll get our fuck on film. I'm dying to spread my legs for you. And the camera."

"All right."

I settled into the seat and started the car. Alisa curled up on the seat, leaning over me. She put her arms over my shoulders so she could hang on me, rubbing her lips and tongue against my neck as she unfastened my tie. She began to unbutton my shirt. She ran her fingertips over my chest as I pulled out onto the highway.

"How did your meeting go?" I asked. "I want to hear about it -- in sexy detail."

She chuckled, licking my ear sensuously. "I wouldn't fuck him. I wanted to -- believe me. My cunt was wet from the second I saw him, after what you'd told me. He came on to me, all right -- he had me take off my clothes and show him what I looked like nude. So he could anticipate the pictures I'd shoot for the magazine. I was dripping on the floor. But I just couldn't fuck him. He came up behind me and started fingering my slit... and I let him, until I was practically coming. But when he tried to put his cock into me, I just chickened out. I told him I was a virgin, but he kept trying. And I was pretty weak, but I managed to get my clothes back on and get out of there without fucking him. He agreed, but he's still horny for me. He wants to see me again... in detail."

I laughed. "I'm sorry you couldn't go through with it. It would have been educational."

She smiled, nuzzling me. "I'm going to get plenty of education tonight," she said.

Alisa closed her fingers around the long shaft in my pants, groping me as I drove. I had to work to concentrate on the road, but she was delighted at my predicament. I felt Alisa undoing my belt, then unbuttoning my pants. She eased my cock out, tugging down the elastic of my underpants. She stroked my naked cock up and down with her fingers, getting it harder and making me want her cunt more than ever.

"I want you so much," she moaned into my ear, rubbing my prick. As she kissed her way down to my chest, I thought she would go down on me, but she was too nervous. She just groped me and kissed my chest as we neared my apartment. I pulled into the parking space and Alisa thoughtfully buttoned my pants, leaving the belt undone. She left my shirt half-open and my tie hanging loosely in my collar as we walked to the elevator.

Once the elevator doors were closed, Alisa pounced on me again. She didn't even let me press "20". She just slipped her hands down my loosely-fastened pants, wrapping her fingers around my cock and jerking it up and down. I put my arms around her and pulled her close; she kept stroking my cock as I moved one hand to the neck of her dress and slid it down. She whimpered as I played with her nipples, moving her bra out of the way deftly. Alisa panted into my ear. "I want you. I can't wait. Fuck me here."

I glanced at the doors, they were closed all the way. I had never fucked a girl in an elevator. I chuckled as I eased her back, pressing her against the elevator wall.

Alisa breathed heavily as she took her hand out of my pants. She gripped the handrail to steady herself as I began to unbutton her dress. I undid it slowly, exposing her breasts inch by inch. I saw that she wore a sexy little white bra -- lacy and skimpy. I got her dress open down to her waist, then pulled the material back so that her tits were exposed. I unclasped her bra and bent over her, running my fingers over her naked tits. I closed my wet lips around her nipple, feeling how hard it was. She gasped as I ran my tongue over her breast, licking her nipple firmly as I felt it hardening more. I pulled back, looking into her eyes as I slid my hands down to her thighs.

I lifted her skirt slowly, slipping my fingers up to her ass. I stroked her smooth buttocks hungrily, tugging the elastic legs of her panties out of the way. I squeezed and petted her delicious asscheeks, spreading them slightly so I could slide one finger between them and down to her wet cunt. Alisa bit her lip to keep from moaning as I touched her pussy. I eased the length of my finger up the length of her cunt, touching her firm throbbing clit with my fingertip while letting my knuckle rest on the tight bud of her hole. I worked my finger back and forth, feeling her cunt-juices drip over it. Her pussy was really wet; she was ready to get fucked right here.

I pulled her top open further with one hand, still stroking her cunt slowly back and forth. I put my middle finger up to her hole and let a second finger join it. I slid two fingers into her cunt, taking my time and letting her feel me penetrating her as I opened her shirt and exposed her tits more. She whimpered and leaned against me as I fingered her deeper; I put all of my two fingers into her and then slid them back. She was well-lubed the whole way in. She wanted it bad.

I nuzzled Alisa's neck as I eased my fingers out of her cunt. I lifted them to her face; I began to lick my fingers as I pressed my lips to hers. Alisa joined me, running her tongue over my fingertips so that she could taste her own tangy cunt. She was reluctant at first, barely licking them at all, but as she tasted her pussy she began to lick hungrily, slurping up her thick tangy juices. I put my hand back up her skirt and began to grope her some more, pulling the crotch of her panties out of the way. I slid my two fingers into her again, making her squirm in pleasure against my body. My chest was half-exposed; I could feel her tits rubbing against it as she rocked with my fingers. My cock was bursting to be inside her little slit. I couldn't wait any longer. I took hold of her panties and began to pull them down.

Alisa ran her fingers through my hair as I took her panties off over her thighs. She had them on over her garters so that I could get them off easily; she'd been planning to get fucked all along, of course. I watched her gorgeous thighs as I slid my cunt-slick fingers down them, easing off her panties. Alisa stepped out of them as I took her underpants over her ankles. I tucked them into my shirt pocket as I got to my knees, lifting her skirt with my hands.

I put my fingers on her ass, feeling her perfect cheeks. I massaged them, sliding my fingers low enough to touch her thighs. I prompted her legs open; I kept my hands tightly on her ass and thighs as she spread them. She snuggled down lower, leaning heavily against the elevator wall, bending her knees as I tucked her skirt up over her waist. Now her cunt was plainly exposed for me; it looked delectable. I licked my way wetly up her thighs, teasing her as she spread her legs further. Then I began to stroke my tongue gently around the rim of her succulent pussy. I touched her cunt-lips and pressed hard against them; Alisa let out a long, hungry moan of passion as I began to eat her out. I slid my tongue between her lips and moved it gradually up and down, tickling her tight hole and nearing her clit. Her pussy-juices gushed into my mouth; she tasted wonderful. I felt my cock giving a lurch of desire as I lapped at her pussy thirstily. Alisa cradled my head, pressing me deeper between her legs as she leaned on me, rocking back and forth. I shoved my tongue against her tight hole, forcing it in an inch -- she let out a grunt of pure ecstasy and sank down over my face. This prompted me deeper into her; I put my finger up there and worked it into her slit. Her moans of pleasure got louder as I entered her with my finger; I began to fuck it slowly in and out, fingering her deep as I rubbed her clit with my tongue. I could tell she was ready to take my cock.

Alisa stared down at me and panted hungrily: "Fuck me! Put your cock in!"

I stood up slowly, my hands still on Alisa's ass. I pressed my lips to hers and thrust my tongue into her mouth; she went crazy with her lips and tongue as she suckled at me. She drank up her own thick cunt-juices on my mouth, eating them like she was eating her cunt; I chuckled as I eased my tongue deeper into her mouth. When I pulled back slightly, I smiled.

"You like that taste?" I asked. "You like cunt?"

"I don't know," she panted. "I like the taste... I think I'd like cunt."

"That makes me horny," I said. "There's nothing sexier than a woman who loves the taste of her own cunt."

"Why don't you eat me some more later," she said, rubbing her tits against my chest. "And we'll find out how much I love the taste of cunt."

She put her cunt-slick lips to my ear and breathed warmly into it, nibbling as she spoke in a slow, hungry pant. "But... right... now I want you to FUCK me."

I nodded, tugging Alisa away from the wall. I wanted it to be from behind -- I hadn't fucked her that way yet. She smiled, pleased with my idea, and let me turn her around. She put up her hands, leaning against the wall as I eased her legs apart. I massaged her ass-cheeks, positioning them so that I could penetrate her cunt just right. I put my fingers back up against Alisa's cunt and slid them in, two at a time. I worked them back and forth, finger-fucking her as she whimpered and moaned. Her cunt contracted around my fingers; it was aching to grip my cock.

I unbuttoned my pants quickly, tugging out my long hard prick. I neatly eased her skirt up, out of the way. Putting my hands on Alisa's thighs, I spread them comfortably. Then I took the head of my cock and guided it between her steaming cunt-lips.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh yes... yes... yes... put it in... fuck me... uh!"

I took a firm hold on Alisa's legs and began to press my cock into her.

She went wild as I penetrated her, stretching her near-virgin cunt-lips. Alisa's mouth popped wide open and she panted crazily, whimpering and moaning as she felt my cock going into her. Her tight pussy gripped the shaft of my prick, holding it tight as I worked it in an inch at a time. She was still incredibly tight, though it was easier now that she'd been broken in. I entered her halfway, letting her rest as she lifted her ass on my cock. Then, holding tight, I forced my cock the remaining inches into her cunt.

"Oh yes! Oh Steve -- it's so hard... put it all the way -- all the way in! Uh! G-good -- uh..." I shoved my cock in until her cunt-lips were stretched around the base; I ran my fingers over it, feeling her cunt-fluids gushing over my cock. She whimpered as she put her fingers on my cock, touching the place where it thrust into her. I snuggled up more firmly against her ass and put my arms around her, cupping her naked tits with my fingers. I pinched her nipples lightly and she squealed in pleasure. As she did, Alisa started working my cock in and out of her.

She lifted her ass slowly, pulling a few inches of my hard shaft out of her pussy. Then she shoved it down, ramming it all the way in again. Her tight channel was begging to be fucked; she squeezed her muscles tightly, gripping every inch of my cock as it slid into her. She moaned as I started shoving my cock up and down, entering her slowly and then faster as my cock began to throb in time with her fuck-beat. Alisa rocked her hips up and down, spreading her legs wider and letting my cock support her, pulling her up so her feet left the ground by a couple inches. It was shoved hard and deep into her snatch. I pulled it halfway out and then thrust it in again, fucking her all the way. She leaned against the handrail, making sure that nothing would stop her from getting her full, hard, deep fuck!

I set my chin on Alisa's shoulder and she turned, parting her lips so that I could kiss her as I fucked her pussy. I eased my tongue into her mouth, gently as I fucked her hard. She shoved her mouth against mine and started frenching me crazily, begging for a rough, hungry kiss. I thrust my tongue rapidly in and out of her mouth, getting hornier as I felt my orgasm coming on. Alisa panted and whimpered as our tongues riddled each others' mouths; she began to beg every time my tongue left her.

"Fuck me -- fuck -- hard -- fuck me -- fuck me -- make me come -- I'm coming -- I'm going to come -- fuck me -- fuck me -- fuck me!" I shoved my cock harder into her, pounding the long shaft in and out of Alisa's tight slit, entering her again and again as she begged me to make her come. I flexed the muscles of my cock, making sure that she'd come before I did. She was right on the brink -- Alisa was going to come any second!

I slid my hand down between her legs, lifting her skirt out of the way. It had fallen down in front of her crotch during our wild fucking. I pressed my fingers between her wide-open legs, touching her clit. I began to massage it, stroking her firm bud up and down as she got ready to come. She panted: "Oh yes -- oh yes -- oh yes..." as I jacked her off -- her clit was erect and exploding with pleasure, I knew. I thrust my tongue rapidly into her mouth, sucking at her tongue hungrily as I felt my cock about to give way and spurt into her. She whimpered crazily as I pounded into her. Her cunt gushed over my cock; I could feel droplets of her thick pussy juices running over my balls. She lifted her ass in time with my cock, taking my long shaft rhythmically. Alisa's moans got louder -- she was coming! She bit my tongue roughly, pulling it deeper into her mouth as I kissed her and rammed my cock into her. I rubbed her clit, making her come harder as she let out a wild: "OOOOHHH -- OH! I'M COMING! KEEP FUCKING ME! FUCK ME HARD!"

I fucked her hard, all right, sliding my long shaft rapidly in and out of her pussy. She rammed her hips down against me, impaling her cunt on my cock as I fucked her. Then, as I felt her cunt-spasms dwindling, I grunted and got ready to spurt. Alisa really went wild then -- she was dying for my come!

"Come inside me! Please, spurt -- oh yes, Steve -- spurt -- spurt in my cunt -- come -- inside me!"

I moaned as my cock gushed out my thick load of semen. Alisa whimpered and went on begging for more come as she felt stream after stream of come spurting into her aching twat. She let out one final groan as my cock stopped hammering in to her; I sighed as I eased my cock slowly out of her come-drenched cunt.

"Oh yes," she sighed, relaxing against the wall. I tugged at her, turning her around as she smiled into my eyes.

"That was so incredible," she whimpered, pressing her half-naked body against mine. I felt her sliding down my body, pressing her lips to my chest. I tried to support her, but to my surprise, she squirmed loose and got to her knees, lifting my soft, wet cock with one finger.

"Mmmmm..." she grunted, putting her lips around my cock. She slid the limp shaft into her mouth, sucking at it lightly. It was tender after the wild fuck-fest, but it felt wonderful to be in her mouth. I knew she'd never given head before; I grunted in arousal as I felt her lips covering my soft balls, too. She sucked them into her mouth, teasing them gently with her tongue. She sucked and licked all the cunt-juices and semen off of my cock and balls; my cock began to get hard as she sucked me. When my cock was erect, her lips were pressed halfway down the long shaft. Alisa eased my cock out of her mouth.

She giggled. "I guess you like that," she said, licking her lips. She put her lips back on the head of my cock, sucking it slowly in. She began to massage it with her tongue, getting me still harder as she drank up the final drops of her cunt-juices that had formed on my prick. She slurped them up, giving me head. When she knew I was as horny as could be, Alisa got to her feet, still leaning against me. She covered my cock with her fingers, squeezing it lightly.

"I guess you do like that. Is it true guys like getting head?"

"We love it," I said.

"Then I'll have to learn. Will you teach me?"

"I'll do it right now, if you like."

Alisa giggled. "I think I'd rather learn in your bed," she smiled. "That way I wouldn't have to worry about a janitor showing up."

I tugged her dress together, buttoning it haphazardly. I fastened my pants, making sure my cock was out of view but not bothering to straighten them, since we'd have all our clothes off before too long anyway. I pressed my lips to Alisa's, slipping my tongue between her lips and tasting her cunt.

"Mmmmm. You're delicious."

"You, too," she said, patting her inner thighs. I ran my fingers over her thighs and cunt-lips, chuckling. They were smeared with my come, and more come was dripping out of her soaked pussy and down her inner legs.

"I wish I could lick it off my own thighs," she said. "I'm dying to taste your come."

"Then you'll just have to get some more out of me."

"It's a deal," she said, leaning her hip against the bulge in my pants. I reached out and pressed the button that read "20".

When I got Alisa in the door of my bedroom, I eased her down on the bed and spread her legs gently. She stared up at me as I climbed onto the bed between her spread knees.

I stroked Alisa's come-covered cunt-lips gently, spreading them so that I could put my finger into her. I slid first one finger in, slowly penetrating her with a gentle finger-fuck. Then I put two fingers into her cunt, coaxing a hungry whimper out of her slightly-parted lips. "That feels so good," she moaned. "Fuck me harder."

I slid my fingers faster and faster into Alisa's cunt, plunging them knuckle-deep between her wet cunt-lips. She rocked her ass in time with my cunt-fucking, taking my fingers as hungrily as she could. She flexed her cunt-muscles around my fingers to make her pussy seem tighter; as she did, I heard her gasping in pleasure. I put the thumb of my free hand up to her clit and rubbed it quickly up and down, going faster as I heard her begging for more. Alisa whimpered as she got closer to coming. Just the same, I wanted her naked before she came.

I eased my fingers out of her slit; she stared up helpless at me with her legs spread wide around mine. I reached up and undid her dress again, pulling it open. Then I helped her to get her bra out of the tight top of the dress. I tugged the garment up over her head and pulled it off over her arms. Now she was naked except for the garter belt; I figured that could stay on as I fingered her some more.

She looked incredible, spread there on the rumpled bed with her pink cunt staring at me and her white fishnets framing her legs. The garter belt was pink and lacy, with little flowers -- very virginal. I knew that tonight Alisa would be anything but virginal and this was only the start!

I put my fingers into her again, slowly penetrating her cunt with my strong hand. I rocked the fingers in and out, tickling her clit again. I watched the spasms of pleasure raking her body; she arched her spine rhythmically as I put my fingers into her. She spread her legs wider, coaxing me deeper into her slit as I stroked my hand in and out of her gushing crotch.

Alisa put her hands on her tits and began to massage them hungrily; she pinched her firm nipples just like I had done. She licked her fingers and got them wet, then ran each thumb over the circle of pink flesh that rimmed her hard nipples. She whimpered as she did; all the while, I put my fingers into her hungrily, stretching her cunt out, feeling the thick come I'd left there earlier gush out onto my hand. Her thighs were covered with it; I'd really shot a full load into her. Alisa stared into my eyes as I finger-fucked her; she panted and moaned louder as she massaged her tits.

I slid my clit-finger down to her ass and started petting that, stroking and spreading her ass-cheeks. She looked longingly into my face, her breath quickening as I parted her buttocks. I put my wet thumb up against her asshole; she whimpered and panted: "YES!" as I did. Grinning, I rubbed my thumb slowly up and down on her tight asshole. I could see how much she liked it; I'd have another one here before too long.

I plunged my hand into her snatch rhythmically; as I finger-fucked that tight near-virgin slit, I stroked her asshole, too. I pressed harder against Alisa's ass and felt it giving; it was tighter than her cunt, but more willing, too. The thick come and cunt-juices gushing from her finger-fucked snatch dribbled down between her lips and settled between her cheeks, soaking her tight asshole. Her asshole softened up as I rubbed it with my thumb; the come lubed it up and I pressed my thumb into it.

"Oh yes," she grunted, pinching her nipples more firmly. "Y -- yes -- uh! Put it -- there!"

I forced my thumb in slowly, stretching out Alisa's asshole. But she liked it -- I could tell that before long she wouldn't settle for anything less than my cock in her asshole! I worked my thumb between her tight cheeks as I finger-fucked her; I put my fingers more rapidly into her cunt as she stared up at me. "Yes -- yes -- un -- yes..." she begged. I could tell she wanted me to ass-fuck her! But I wouldn't yet -- I'd have to break this virgin in slowly.

"Get your clothes off!" Alisa panted, writhing and squirming on the bed as I fingered her cunt and she fingered her tits. "I want you to fuck me!"

I eased my finger out of her cunt and my thumb out of her asshole. I tore off my shirt as Alisa sat up, groping for my pants. I kicked my shoes off. Meanwhile, Alisa got my pants open and pulled my underpants down over the long shaft of my throbbing cock. She pressed her lips around the head, sucking lightly at it -- then she sucked harder and pressed it into her mouth. She put it in as far as she could -- she didn't know how to deep-throat yet. I chuckled quietly as I felt her working my cock in and out of her mouth -- I'd teach her. I rocked my hips forward, coaxing her mouth down further on my shaft. She grunted as she ate my cock like a popsicle, sliding it in and out between her lips. "Oh yeah," I sighed. "That's good, Alisa... put it in... so good... suck hard..." She sucked harder as I encouraged her; she really wanted it. She was a natural; she could make me come, if I let her. But I wanted to fuck her again -- then, maybe I'd teach her how to give head. But for now, I wanted her tight cunt again.

But Alisa was enjoying herself just savoring the feel of my cock in her mouth. She slid it back and forth, letting her lips pause on the come-streaked head of my cock as she ate me. Then she'd shove it into her mouth until the head pressed against her throat. Her eyes went wide each time she swallowed it -- she wanted it all, but she could only take it halfway. I ran my fingers through her lovely blonde hair, letting her know how much I loved it with my long, passionate grunts. Alisa got hornier as she gave me head; when she was so turned on she had to have me in her cunt, she eased my cock out of her mouth again and breathed warmly over it, ruffling my black hair.

"Fuck me," she panted. "Take off your clothes."

I lay down on the bed as Alisa helped me struggle out of my pants. When I had them off, she ran her fingers over my body, up my legs and over my chest, then let them hover over my cock before taking hold of it and rocking it hungrily up and down. I kissed her deeply, shoving my tongue into her mouth. I licked in as far as I could go, almost touching the place where my cock's thick head had pressed. Alisa held on tight to my spittle-covered cock, stroking it up and down, jerking me off. I put my hands on her ass and massaged it again, coming close to her asshole, but not fingering it yet.

I eased her back onto the bed; she guided my cock down toward her aching snatch. Alisa spread her legs and I helped her spread them further; I took hold of her knees and held them open as I got between her parted thighs. She panted and whimpered as I lay down on top of her; she just couldn't wait to be fucked. I put my cock head up against her cunt and pressed it up and down, teasing her for only a second before sliding it in.

Alisa let out a crazy moan of ecstasy as she felt my cock going into her. She lifted her hips, pressing against me as I penetrated her. She wrapped her arms around me and let her legs slide around mine, entwining tightly as she pulled me close. Alisa's hands found my ass and she gripped it hungrily as I entered her; she pulled me further in until my cock was all the way into her snatch. I dragged it slowly out, then in again, fucking her gradually and teasingly at first. She moaned loudly, biting my fleshy neck and running her tongue in and out of my ear, getting me hotter so that I fucked her cunt deeper with each thrust. I eased my hands under her body and gripped her ass, stroking it and holding her at the right angle to take my cock every time all the way. I fucked her faster as we both got hornier; then I slowed down as I felt like I was going to come.

"This one's going to last," I whispered into her ear.

"Yes," she moaned. "Don't stop. Don't ever stop fucking me!"

I shook my head, nuzzling her throat as I pounded my cock in and out of her, slowing down. Then I dragged my cock inch by inch out of her, letting the head rest between her lips. When Alisa was limp on the bed, begging for it with her eyes, I put my cock slowly into her, slower than ever, making her wait to feel my cock-head pressing deep into her cunt. She spread her legs further, holding on to my ass as I pulled my cock all the way out of her once more. This time, I held it right on her cunt-hole for a long few seconds.

"Get on your knees," I whispered. "Turn around. Get to all fours. I want to fuck you doggy-style."

Alisa nodded, panting and horny. I eased myself off of her, watching hungrily as she rolled onto her stomach and then got to her hands and knees. She put her ass up close to me; I knew if I fucked her that way I'd come in her snatch. I put my fingers up against her pussy, deciding to tease her a little more.

I slid two fingers into Alisa's hot, throbbing cunt. I worked them in and out as I bent low over her ass. I covered her come-slick ass with tiny tongue-strokes, getting both gorgeous cheeks wet with my saliva. I licked closer to her savory crack, nearing it with each thrust. Alisa threw her head back, shivering in pleasure as I fingered her doggy-style. I parted her cheeks with my free hand, exposing her tight pink asshole so close to her cunt.

Letting my tongue snake out, I touched it to Alisa's tingling asshole. She moaned as I began to lick between her smooth, sloping cheeks. I slid my tongue rapidly in and out of her hole, finger-fucking her cunt with my rapidly pumping hand. I felt Alisa shoving her ass back to coax me deeper into her steaming, tangy hole; I licked firmly, rimming her and wanting more of her asshole. But she was a sweet virgin, and I wanted to fuck her cunt doggy-style. I kept licking her asshole, spreading her cheeks as I got my knees into position.

I lifted my face away from Alisa's asshole and let my fingers drop out of her cunt. I snuggled up behind her, pressing my hips to her ass. I got my cock at the right angle, holding it so that the head was wedged tightly between her cunt-lips. Then, gripping her smooth waist firmly, I began to slide my cock back into her.

"OH! OH YES!" Alisa groaned wildly. I could tell that this angle was good for her. Good for me, too -- she looked incredibly sexy on all fours with her ass raised high and spread. I held her waist, keeping her in just the right position to get my cock over and over again as I plunged it into her slit. Her legs were spread wide around mine; our knees pressed together as I pounded my cock into her cunt. She thrust her head downward so that her beautiful blonde hair spread over the pillow; she shook it in time with my long fucking strokes in and out of her cunt as I put my cock rhythmically into her. Alisa begged louder as she brought her spread thighs back around my hips, coaxing my cock more firmly into her twat.


I rammed in harder, going crazy with lust as I felt her tight cunt-lips holding my cock firmly.

I grunted in time with Alisa's begging moans, knowing that we'd both come any second. I slowed down, wanting to make it last; as I gave her my cock more gradually. Alisa shuddered in pleasure and began to whimper. She turned her head and begged: "Keep fucking me. Fuck me good. I'm going to come." Her voice was hoarse and husky with desire.

I slid my cock into Alisa gently, fucking her cunt with long, even strokes. When I had it all the way in, I would yank back, pulling the head of my cock almost all the way out of her, so that it rested just inside her spread cunt-lips. She whimpered every time she felt my cock about to leave her, then I would plunge it hilt-deep between her swollen pussy-lips again, filling her up with my shaft. I lifted her ass with each thrust so that her knees left the bed, raising several inches into the air. When I felt her body go limp and slump to the bed, I knew she was about to come. I really let loose, shoving my cock back and forth, in-out, in-out as Alisa let out a wild moan of pleasure. "I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck me hard!"

I buried my cock in her slit again and again as she groaned and panted in orgasm; her cunt gave me hard little contractions as I fucked her. Then, feeling her cunt grip me tight, I let go and my cock spurted, pleasure flooding my whole body. Alisa begged for my come: "Please! Come in my pussy! Oh yeah... come inside me... come... come... uh!" My thick jizz shot into her and dribbled out her tight cunt lips, dripping onto the bed. I grunted as I came my last inside her, feeling my cock go soft slowly. I kept ramming my cock against her pussy as it lost hardness. Then, exhausted, I lay down on top of Alisa, pressing her into the bed.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "I'm full of your come. It feels so good."

I began to nuzzle her neck, biting her hair playfully. I rubbed my come-streaked cock up against her asshole; her cheeks were still spread by the position of her thighs. She whimpered as I touched her hole. I knew she wanted it there, too. I'd give it to her soon.

Alisa was practically delicious with lust, even now that I'd fucked her good from behind. "Oh Steve," she whimpered. "Your cock is so good, so big... it feels so good inside me uh... uh... fuck me again."

I bit her ear softly, running my tongue along the inside of it. "You just can't get enough, eh?" I sighed.

"You either?" she giggled as she reached between her legs. She could already feel the shaft of my cock getting hard. "I think more than one of us wants to fuck again."

I laughed as I helped her roll over, getting on to my side with my chest pressed up against her firm tits. I slipped my arm under Alisa's body, moving my hand down so that I could cup it around her shapely ass. She sighed as I began to rub it soothingly. Alisa put her lips against my neck and started to lick my flesh, turning me on more.

"You never did get that blowjob," she said. "You need to teach me."

I nodded as I felt her kissing her way down my body.


Alisa and I went out again the next night; we hadn't gotten too many shots taken the previous night. Karen was there, drinking a glass of wine and coming on to me. We made a date for the following Friday -- she wanted to do some nude shots. She made it plain which part of her I should focus on and I agreed with her. I left with Alisa, who looked even more gorgeous than her roommate.

We practically groped each other in the restaurant again -- Alisa was adorable. She had on a loose white oxford shirt that was thin enough to drape suggestively around her tits. I could tell she had a white lacy bra -- maybe a demi-bra, but either way it sure was skimpy. I watched her nipples get hard as she ran her eyes over me in the restaurant. She'd be ready for tonight, I was sure. With the shirt she had on a playful striped tie that hung between her tits, somehow making them look bigger -- and of course, the tie pointed toward her cunt. Alisa hadn't forgotten that, I was sure. She'd tied up her blonde hair in a hat; it was a small black derby that accented her light hair and skin and made her bright blue eyes stand out like she was pleading for a fuck. And her lips were painted so red I thought I'd just have to slide my cock between them. She had on a tight black miniskirt, clingy and suggestive -- the skimpy lines of her tight french-cut panties were obvious as she walked or moved to sit down. The skirt was incredibly short; I'd caught a glimpse of her white panties more than once already. And of course, she had on her fishnets -- black this time. She was getting more and more corrupted with every photo session.

Alisa also wore a pair of dangly earrings, sparkly things which made the lines of her face even more attractive. The whole time we were eating dinner, I was dreaming about fucking her. By the time we got into the car and drove back toward my apartment, I could tell Alisa was almost dripping on the floor.

She leaned on my shoulder as I drove. She began to lick my ear as I pulled out into the street. Alisa breathed warmly: "Go to my place. It's closer."

"What if Karen's there?"

"She won't be. And if she is, then she's just fucking her boyfriend. It's no more sordid than what we're going to do."

"Which is pretty sordid."

"I hope. Go to my place. I want to fuck you as soon as possible."

I nodded, turning toward Alisa's apartment.

When we got in the door, Alisa looked around and found that it was empty. She pushed me back against the closed door, spreading her legs so that she leaned against me, her skirt crawled deftly up her thighs. I felt her wet panty-crotch pressing against my leg; I dropped my hands to her ass and began to massage her cheeks hungrily.

"I want to fuck you right here," she sighed. "Right on the living room floor."

I chuckled. I pulled Alisa's skirt up slowly, lifting it over the tight lines of her panties. I began to tug them down, peeling them away from her wet cunt. She whimpered as she felt her panties coming off; I lifted her skirt further and brought her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them as I stood up next to her, taking her fishnet-clad knee in my hand.

We inched toward the center of the room, wanting plenty of space. Alisa had her hat on; it was so cute I didn't want her to take it off. Besides, it would waste time and I wanted her cunt right now. She took hold of my tie and slid down toward the lushly carpeted floor; I went down with her and lay on top of her. She spread her legs wide, lifting her delectable fishnet thighs high so that I could get between them. She reached for my cock, stroking it through my tight pants. Alisa wrapped her strong fingers around my cock, then started pulling my pants open.

When she had my cock out of my underwear, she gripped it firmly and began to drag my pants down further. I had her skirt so high up that her ass was bare and pressed to the floor; her cunt was dripping on the thick blue carpet. She rubbed her ass against the carpet as she worked my pants down over my ass and down to my knees so that she could hold my naked buttocks as I entered her. She grabbed hold of my cock and guided it between her legs, putting my cock-head between her legs. She moaned as she felt the firm rod pressing in.

"I want you," she panted. "I want you. Oh yes. Fuck me. Put it in. Right now -- oh yes..." I eased my cock into her tight slit, stretching her cunt. It was tight -- she hadn't been fucked yet tonight and we were moving fast. But I had to come in her snatch -- right now! I shoved hard and my cock went another inch, then another into Alisa's steaming flesh. She took hold of my ass and pulled me down on her; I reached between us and got hold of her shirt. I slid my hands up under her untucked skirt, reaching for her tits. Her bra was in the way; I found that it was indeed a demi-bra, and that it clasped in the front. I pulled the clasp open and the sweaty material of her lacy bra peeled over her tits. I stroked her breasts and her hard nipples with my fingers as I slid my cock deeper into her cunt.

She moaned as she felt my balls dangling against her cunt-lips -- I was all the way in her! She spread her legs even further so that her asscheeks were no doubt spread on the carpet and her asshole was rubbing against the silky, plush material. I dragged my cock back a little; Alisa whimpered as it began to leave her. She pulled me down harder on top of her and I shoved my cock all the way into her again. I kissed her and spread her lips with my tongue; she thrust her own tongue into my mouth as I began to french her. She whimpered as I kissed and fucked her; all the while, I groped her tits and she held on to my ass. I pinched her nipples playfully; as I did, she arched her spine and whimpered, the muscles of her cunt clenching my prick hungrily. I pulled back and pushed forward in and out as I squeezed her firm, erect nipples. She shoved her body up so that I felt her tits pressing through the thin oxford, between my fingers and against my chest. At the same time, she slid her ass forward so that her cunt sucked at my cock more demandingly. I eased my cock out, halfway, feeling Alisa massage my ass all the while, begging me to put it back in and keep fucking her all the way. I rammed it in again, shoving hard -- she gasped as she felt my cock-shaft plunging fully into her snatch. Alisa's lips parted and I shoved my tongue between them, frenching her as deep as I could as I boned her hard and long. I gave her short, firm thrusts, plunging my organ hilt-deep into her cunt so that her pussy-lips curved around the base. I knew that we were both going to come, Alisa's body tensed and rocked crazily as I fucked her! "I'm gonna -- oh yes... keep fucking... fuck me... fuck me..." Alisa moaned as she got ready to come. Then, just as my cock was picking up speed and I was about to spurt in her slit, I felt her cunt contracting in spasms of her climax. She lifted her ass off the carpet, ramming her cunt around my shaft as I plunged it into her. She gasped and begged wildly as she came. My cock jerked and spurted; I felt my hot come gushing into her. I shot my load deep into her cunt, ramming it in as hard as I could. She sighed and relaxed into the carpet as I went limp and exhausted on top of her. "I love being fucked on the floor," sighed Alisa. "Care to fuck me on the bed?"

The lock suddenly scraped as someone slipped a key inside it. Alisa gasped and I rolled off of her, pulling my pants together. I fastened them quickly as she desperately tried to get her skirt pulled down. We lay there sweaty on the floor as Karen came in. "Having fun, you two?" she giggled. Another guy, I guessed Ted, came in behind her. Karen looked great tonight; she had on a tight pair of shorts and a shirt with cut-off sleeves. She didn't wear a bra, I could tell, and the shirt clung damply to her sweaty breasts. Karen stood, arching her spine so that I could see her tits and almost see up her tight shorts -- her legs were incredible! I smiled at her; she winked as she looked the two of us up and down. Ted put his arms around her, cupping her tits rather obviously. "We've having a great time. How about you two?" Karen laughed. "We thought we'd retire early. You know, go to bed. Care to stay in the front room?"

"Oh, no, we'll move. We've pretty much used up the front room."

"But we haven't," Karen sighed. "We promise we'll try to be discrete."

"Don't bother," said Alisa, getting up. She straightened her skirt and bent over to pick up her discarded panties. Karen giggled again as Ted pulled her close. I got off of the floor as they began to kiss, sliding each others tongues back and forth. They were college kids; I was like that, too -- once. I chuckled as I patted Alisa's ass, following her into the bedroom.

I slammed the door behind me; Alisa turned and pulled me close to her. She thrust her tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply as she started unbuttoning her shirt and undoing her tie. I helped her off with it; she shrugged the shirt over her shoulders and took off her bra, too, so that her firm tits pressed against me. She started on my shirt, then, and before long that was on the floor behind me. "You really like Karen, eh?" sighed Alisa into my ear as she started to lick it, inching me back toward the bed.

"I didn't say that," I said, as Alisa bent low and started undoing my pants. I kicked off my shoes as she worked on my belt and trousers; as she exposed my cock, she got to her knees and started peeling down my underpants. With a show like Ted's and Karen's, my cock was already hard. Alisa put her lips up close to it as she spoke.

"She wants to fuck you," she said. "She's aching for your cock."

"Yeah, I can tell," I grunted as Alisa touched my cock-head with her lips. "It's pretty obvious."

"And you want to fuck Kare... mmmmmffff..." Alisa pressed her mouth around my cock, sucking the long shaft in hungrily. It cut off her sentence, but I wasn't complaining. I let out a long, low moan of ecstasy as she started tonguing my cock.

"I'm afraid so," I breathed. "Does that bother you?" Alisa kept my cock in her mouth, working it back and forth as she bunched my pants and underpants around my ankles. I stepped out of them and she eased me toward the bed, sliding my cock out of her mouth.

She climbed on top of me as I lay down. Alisa spread her legs so she could straddle my thighs, kissing my chest softly. Her skimpy miniskirt crawled up her spread thighs; I unbuttoned it neatly on the side and slid it away, tossing it on the floor. Now all she wore was her garter belt and those sexy black fishnets.

"It doesn't bother me at all," she said. "I think it's sexy. I've wanted to be a slut like Karen for so long... now I've got my chance. And I think you should fuck Karen. I think you should invite her over for some nude modeling and do to her what you did to me. With me watching, maybe."

I chuckled. "Do you think she'd object?"

Alisa kissed her way sensuously down my body until her lips were pressed against my cock again. "To you fucking her or to me watching?"

"To both."

"Oh, Karen's a kinky little slut. She'd love to have me watch. Even take part."

I sighed as Alisa began to massage my cockshaft with her tongue.

"Would you want that?" I asked naively.

Alisa slid my cock back and forth in her mouth, sending waves of pleasure through it. When she eased it back out of her mouth, she looked up at me and winked.

"Who, me?" she giggled, licking her lips of my pre-come. "I'm straight."

"Sometimes straight girls like to play with straight girls. Sometimes even on film."

Alisa rolled her eyes jokingly. "I'm just a little virgin."


She laughed again, then ran her tongue up and down my cock. After a moment, she said: "I'd love it. I've been dying to fuck Karen ever since I moved in. I've been dying to fuck a woman since before that."

"I think we should schedule a little photo session, then. Maybe some boudoir photography. Lots of lace. And see what happens."

"All right," smiled Alisa. "How many women?"

"You kinky girl!"

"As many as possible," she giggled. "And I want you on film, too. I think it could be sexy. You're really corrupting me."

I grunted as Alisa lifted my cock with her tongue. Then she slid it back into my mouth, massaging the underside with her tongue. She forced my cock all the way in, until the thick head pressed against the back of her throat. I'd taught her well, though -- she didn't stop there.

I let out a groan of pleasure as Alisa straightened her throat and forced my cock back into it. She sucked hard, struggling to swallow my long shaft. She took it an inch at a time, but before long she had her lips pressed around my balls and her tongue shoved out to tickle the base of my cock. I ran my fingers through her hair and panted in ecstasy. She gave head as well as Sherry, already -- she was a natural!

"That's good, Alisa... you've got a talent."

Alisa got to her knees, bending over me with her ass raised high. She put her hands on my ass and gripped it tight, prompting my hips up to help her shove my cock into her. Her mouth seethed against my long shaft; she started to slide it in and out, slowly at first. She worked faster as she got more turned on -- she wanted me to come in her mouth!

She massaged my cock with her tongue, but as she realized I was going to come, she let my organ slide out of her. She slurped all the pre-come and pussy-juice off of it, then slithered up my body, spreading her legs so that her cunt pressed against my cock.

"You taste so good," she sighed. "But I want you to come in my pussy. Fuck me -- like last night. Fuck me from behind."

I put my hands on Alisa's waist, steadying her as she got to her knees. She lifted her ass as high as it would go, lowering herself to all fours. I got behind her and she pressed her ass firmly back against me; I bent low and began kissing her buttocks like last night. Only tonight I had more devious plans. I wasn't going to come in her pussy at all.

I massaged Alisa's cheeks open, spreading them lightly. I eased my tongue out and licked my way hungrily into her crack, tickling her asshole. I thrust my tongue more firmly against her tight pink bud, relaxing her and stretching her asshole out. She moaned as I rimmed her, getting her asshole wet. As I did, I slid one finger up into her snatch. She snuggled down against the bed and then lifted her ass, coaxing me in deeper. I put a second finger in with it, finger-fucking her slowly as I licked at her asshole.

"Relax," I sighed, putting my other hand up against her ass. I touched her asshole with my middle finger and began to slide it in. Alisa let out a loud whimper of ecstasy as I put my thick finger up her ass. Her asshole was tight but clean and hungry; I got my finger in all the way as I fingered her cunt. Pressing down inside her asshole, I prompted Alisa further down onto her stomach.

I spotted a jar of Vaseline on the nightstand. I guessed she used it for her lips. Tonight it'd be used for something far more kinky and delectable!

I slid my hand away from her asshole, taking out my finger. Still putting my fingers rhythmically into her cunt, I leaned over Alisa and grabbed the Vaseline. She looked over hungrily, surprised and shocked. I kissed her ass as I moved back. Then, opening the jar, I prodded her ass-cheeks apart once more.

Alisa lay still, her ass slightly raised over the bed, as I lubed my fingers and rubbed a thick blob of petroleum jelly against her asshole. She squealed as I put two fingers into her ass, slowly, working her asshole open, letting it stretch as I rubbed the Vaseline in. She stared back at me, wondering just what I was doing. But she figured it out quickly; I eased my fingers back out and rubbed the excess Vaseline slowly over my cock. Alisa whimpered in anticipation as I pressed her into the bed, climbing on top of her.

I slid my fingers out of her snatch as I spread her greasy ass-cheeks. She began to pant in fear as I pressed my greased cock-head against her greased asshole. I kissed her ear sensuously.

"This'll feel good," I whispered. "I'm going to fuck you up the ass."

Alisa nodded, her eyes tightly shut. "Just relax," I said.

I pressed my cock forward. Alisa let out a wild, loud, hungry "OH!" as she felt it penetrating her. She spread her legs further, steadying herself as I worked my long cock into her asshole. She moaned as I put it into her; I took my time, savoring the feel of her virgin ass gripping my cock. She began to pant with me, getting more turned on as I entered her; she'd never been fucked up the ass and I could tell she wanted it. Alisa relaxed into the bed, her eyes wide and her lips parted as she breathed rhythmically in -- out. I felt my cock sliding all the way into her, my balls pressed up to her gorgeous cheeks.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "That feels good."

"Another place you're not a virgin anymore," I said.

"Fuck me, Steve... oh yes... fuck me up the ass."

I nodded as I dragged my cock out of her slowly; Alisa let out a moan of pleasure. Her asshole as so tight I knew I wouldn't last long -- I had to fuck her good!

"Fuck me hard," she begged. "Fuck my ass hard and fast -- fuck me!"

I plunged my cock forward into her asshole; Alisa whimpered as I entered her all the way. I pulled my cock back and shoved it forward, fucking her hard and rhythmically between her tight cheeks. Her moans got louder, and I didn't doubt that Karen and Ted could hear us, but I didn't care! I fucked Alisa faster, pounding my cock up her ass as rapidly as I could; my shaft pistoned in and out of her like, I was going crazy!

"I'm gonna come, baby," I grunted.

"Yes... yes... come in my asshole... please... come in my asshole..."

I fucked her faster, harder -- and then my cock exploded, spurting its load into her. It mixed with the Vaseline and I felt it lubing her asshole even more so that I could plunge my cock faster into her tight flesh. As I finished coming, I let out a groan and Alisa went limp under me, breathing heavily.

"Uh yes... it was so good... in..."

"You like that?"

"Yes..." She rolled over, her grease and come-streaked ass pressing against the bed. She kissed me firmly, running her tongue against mine.

Suddenly, we heard groans from the other room. "Oh yes, yes, fuck me Ted -- fuck my cunt -- fuck me hard -- squeeze my tits..."

"Oh Karen, your cunt's so good -- lift your ass higher -- fuck me -- unhh -- I'm coming! I'm spurting!"

"Oh baby! Spurt on my tits! Come on my tits! Oh yes -- yes -- yes -- uh -- yes -- it feels so good -- your come's so hot -- ahhhhhhhh..."

Alisa giggled as she ran her hands over my soft, Vaseline-wet cock. "I guess they're having as good a time as us."

"Probably not," I smiled, bending over to nuzzle Alisa's ear.

After I'd rolled Alisa over, spread her cheeks and ass-fucked her one more time, we were both exhausted. Alisa really loved it; she made me promise I'd fuck her up the ass all the time. I told her of course I would. Her asshole was too delectable and too tight for me to resist.

I needed a drink of water, so I climbed out of bed. Alisa was already asleep, her naked body sprawled on the covers. I'd taken off her garter belt for the second ass-fucking -- I wanted to feel her legs naked against me. I found a robe and threw it on, walking out into the kitchen.

I was a little surprised to see Karen in the hall; it was after two. I was even more shocked at what she was wearing. She had on this skimpy little blue silk robe that hung halfway down her thighs -- and it was open. She smiled at me as I ran my eyes hungrily over her tits and the soft mound of her pubic hair. Now that I could see her almost naked, I realized how adorable she really was.

"Hello there," I said. "You put on quite a show."

"I'm glad you heard it," she said. "I just needed a drink of water. And you?"

"Same here. Or maybe I thought I'd find you."

Karen smiled and took a step closer to her. She looked right into my eyes and licked her lips. "You really turn me on," she said. "I could hear you and Alisa fucking. She was loud. Really loud. She really likes it up the ass, eh?"

I nodded. "She sure does."

"Me, too. I love it that way." She moved closer, then put her arms around me, pressing her tits to my chest. "Ted doesn't like doing me there. But I think about it all the time. I haven't been ass-fucked in months. I'm really aching for it." She pulled the tie on my robe and it fell open. She wrapped her fingers around my greasy cock.

"Nice and greasy," she said. "You must have ass-fucked her good."

"I sure did," I sighed, feeling my cock get hard in her grasp. She looked up and pressed her lips against mine, shoving her tongue into my mouth. She licked me furiously as I pressed back with my tongue; all the while, Karen groped my greased cock until I got hard all the way.

"After that workout with Alisa... I'm surprised you're ready for another round." Karen sighed dejectedly. "Ted has to be at work in the morning, he had to leave. When he'd only fucked me four times. I'm still so horny..." She smiled, snuggling close to me. "But you... you're still hot and Alisa's waiting in the bed. Is it her asshole or is it me?"

"Maybe you just turn me on," I said. "You still want to take your clothes off for me?"

She laughed, easing her hand away from my cock. She shrugged back her robe. It fell almost off, still around her shoulders but not hiding anything. Now she was practically stark naked. I caught my breath; her tits were incredible. And her gorgeous hips led down to her delectable thighs just perfectly. "I'm dying for you," she said. "And your cock's all greased. What say we have a go right here..."

I kissed her firmly, licking into her mouth hungrily. I suckled at Karen's tongue; she bit my lips playfully and I felt my cock getting harder. I reached behind her and lifted her robe so I could feel the smooth globes of her ass. I stroked her hungrily, feeling how gorgeous her cheeks were. I wanted to spread them, right there in the hall...

"Get on your knees," I whispered. "We'll have to do this fast. Hard and fast."

"I love it hard and fast," sighed Karen. She turned around and got to her knees on the carpet, lifting her ass high. When she was on all fours, I knelt behind her and lifted her robe onto her back. Now that her ass was exposed, I took firm hold of her ass-cheeks.

"Mmmmm... nice," I sighed, putting two fingers up to her cunt. I slid them slowly in, spreading her cunt gently. I put my fingers into her, getting her ready for the ass-fuck. I slid a third finger in, forcing half my hand into Karen's pussy as she gasped in pleasure.

"Shhhhh..." I whispered.

I kept working my fingers into her slit as I pressed her ass down into position for me to fuck it. I got her cheeks open, exposing her tight asshole. I bent down low, easing my tongue out so I could rim her to get her ready. I started licking her gently, running my tongue in small circles around her asshole. She whimpered, but quietly -- she was being careful, she didn't want to be interrupted. She wanted to be fucked up the ass!

Once I had Karen's asshole wet, I eased a finger up inside her. She grunted softly as I slid my finger into her asshole. I began moving it back and forth, giving her tiny thrusts in and out of her tight asshole. She pushed her ass back, coaxing me deeper into her hole. I kept shoving my three fingers in and out of her tight slit, finger-fucking her wildly. She would have begged for more, I could tell, but she didn't want to wake up Alisa. I fingered her deeper, deeper... I shoved hard, plunging my fingers in and out of her asshole and cunt. My greasy cock was throbbing for Karen's tight hole, though. I pressed her down, getting her in a better position with her ass lower. Then, easing my fingers out of her slit, I spread her cheeks and put my greased cock up against her asshole.

I lifted my cunt-hand to her face; she started lapping and sucking at my fingers, turning me on more. I held my cock just at the brink of her tight pink hole as she lapped her own cunt-juices off my fingers. I began to slide my cock in, gradually stretching her hole more with each rocking motion of her body back against me. When my fingers were clean of Karen's pussy, I took hold of her waist so I could perfectly control my cock going into her.

I pressed hard, giving it to her slow. She hadn't been ass-fucked in a long time -- she was tight. Her asshole gripped my cock, warm and hard, but begging for me to put it in all the way. I worked it in deeper, ass-fucking her slowly as Karen rocked her head up and down, panting hungrily in the darkness. She wanted my cock in; she turned to stare at me and her eyes flashed in the light from the window. I fed my cock up her asshole slowly, letting her savor the feeling of being penetrated as I entered her. She whimpered, louder this time -- I couldn't stop her. I didn't care any more; I just wanted my ass-fuck. Her asshole felt so good and warm and hot that I thought I'd shoot my load already. But I began to fuck her slowly, moving my cock in and out between her gripping cheeks gradually, sliding it to her, all the way so that my balls dangled on her ass -- then pulling back, holding my cock-head just inside her asshole. She grunted wildly as I began picking up speed; I was so turned on I couldn't hold back. I started fucking Karen's asshole wildly; I reached around and began to work her clit up and down. She spread her legs wider, snuggling down against the floor. I climbed on top of her, pressing my chest to her shapely back. I never let up on her asshole or her clit; I shoved my cock in and out of her tight ass and fingered her clit -- I knew I could make her come if I ass-fucked her just right. She was on the brink; her breathing had changed and she was just begging for an orgasm. Karen turned her head toward me, her cheek pressed against the carpet. She parted her lips and I kissed her, sliding my tongue deep into her mouth as I fucked her up the ass. When I pulled back, she whimpered: "Keep fucking me. I'm going to come... Ah..."

I plunged my cock faster into her asshole; I let go of her clit. I reached under and took hold of her tits, gripping her firm nipples and pinching them lightly as I forced my cock to piston more rapidly between Karen's cheeks. I heard her panting, faster and harder -- then she grunted, and I knew she was coming. She flexed her ass-cheeks roughly, sucking my cock in deeper as I fucked her crazily. She took it hungrily as I got ready to come myself -- her orgasm seemed to get stronger as my cock ejected its thick load into her. I felt her asshole getting softer as I lubed it with my come; pleasure flooded my body as I shot my load in Karen's tight hole.

"Oh yes," she sighed as I relaxed on top of her. "It's been so long..."

"Maybe it shouldn't be any longer," I said. "Want to come to bed with me?"

"But Alisa's in there!"

I nodded. "I think she'll adapt."

Karen giggled. "I've been craving that adorable little virgin ever since I moved in. I made a pass at her once -- even got my finger in her cunt. She was nervous after that. But she didn't move out. I know she wants me..."

"So come to bed," I said, kissing her ear.

"Do you think she's up to it?"

I chuckled, dragging my cock out of Karen's tight asshole. She whimpered as it left her.

"If you climb in bed and start rubbing this gorgeous naked body against her, I think Alisa will have a world of energy."

Karen agreed, so we moved into the bedroom. We got into bed. Alisa was still asleep, on her back. She moved to roll over as Karen climbed on top of her.

Suddenly, her mouth was full of Karen's tongue. I watched hungrily as Karen began kissing Alisa fully, sliding her tongue deep into that delicious mouth. Then she kissed down, suckling at Alisa's breasts as she started to wake up.

"Karen? Steve?"

I thrust my tongue into Alisa's mouth as Karen snuggled under the covers. Before long, I had my fingers running over Alisa's breasts while I french kissed her. And Karen had her head moving rhythmically up and down under the covers between Alisa's spread legs. Alisa writhed hungrily as got her on her side. I slid up behind her and spread her legs again as Karen guided my cock between Alisa's tight cheeks.


I ran my eyes over Sherry's pretty thighs as she gently moved the razor over her thick pubic hair. I came up behind her and put my arms around her gently, careful not to disturb her work. I watched in fascination as she shaved the tufts of hair from her pale flesh, around the lace rim of the black panties she wore. She also had on a delectable half-bra, the type that shows off a woman's nipples but leaves most of her tits covered. I breathed into her ear warmly and began to lick and suck at her earlobe.

"I think pubic hair is sexy," I sighed.

"I've got to shave it if we're doing this lingerie shot," Sherry said, carefully cutting away a few more strands. Her thighs and lower stomach were almost completely clean now. The panties were so low-cut on the stomach and so high-cut on the ass and crotch that they hid nothing, but Sherry wanted her hair gone so it looked like they were actually hiding something. That way, when she took off her panties and Alisa (and the audience) got a view of her silky, delectable black cunt-hair, it would be more of a turn-on. Of course, just watching Sherry shave herself was making my cock hard. I wore a pair of tight black underpants, and as I leaned forward, pressing my fingers to Sherry's hard nipples, my cock jogged against her back.

"Just wait a minute," said Sherry. "I've got to get this done... and then I'll fuck you. Of course, it'll only be a warm-up. What time is she meeting us there?"

"Noon," I said. "Jessie and Alisa and Karen. Karen and Alisa are driving out together. I don't know how Jessie's getting to the studio. We should show up a little early."

"If we show up early," she giggled, "we'll just end up fucking." I nodded. That was for sure. Sherry snipped the last few strands delicately away from the legs of her panties and slithered her way out of my grasp. She stood next to the bed, her legs apart, and lifted her arms in a flourish.

"Ta -- da. What do you think?"

"I think you look like you need a fuck."

She giggled. "I mean, do I look more virginal with a close-shaved cunt?"

"Whatever you do with your cunt," I grinned, "I'm still going to love it."

"The same goes for Alisa, no doubt," said Sherry. She turned around and bent over so I could see what her cunt looked like from behind. It was clean-shaven, all right, at least with the panties on. And that was pretty close-cut, since the thin strip of materials pulled deep between Sherry's delectable ass-cheeks. She bent over further, putting her hands on the ground to support herself -- she was just teasing me. I didn't mind, though -- the way that tight lace tugged itself into her cunt-lips was enticing. I reached out and patted her ass.

"Not yet," she said, easing my hand away. "Wait until I show you my pussy up close."

Sherry climbed onto the bed, laying on her back and spreading her legs. She put her hands on my face and kissed my lips quickly, slipping her tongue into my mouth gently. Then she guided my face down toward her pussy, so I could look at it closely. Of course, she had other things in mind, too.

"Mmmmm. Nice," I sighed. I swung my leg over her shoulders, spreading my thighs just wide enough to accommodate Sherry between them. I felt her tugging at my cock, which was as big as it had ever been. She pulled down my tight underpants, letting them fall around my balls, and began to breath her warm, moist breath over my shaft.

"I like your cunt like this," I said, easing the snap-crotch of her panties to one side. I didn't unsnap it yet. "You do look all virginal. Of course, I know better."

"Why don't you find out for sure?" she panted as I ran my tongue along her cunt-lips. The panties were so skimpy they didn't even get in my way, but I wanted a full view of her cunt. I pulled at the snap which held her cunt up against the lace; I peeled the material of the panties back over her cunt and into her crack. I slid my tongue slowly against her cunt, then put my finger up her hole.

"I think I will. Let me think... is Sherry a virgin?"

I slid my finger into her cunt, and she whimpered. She most certainly was not a virgin, shaved cunt or no shaved cunt! Sherry groped for my cock with her tongue; she got a hold of it in her lips and dragged it into her mouth, sucking it slowly between them. She ran her tongue over my shaft, licking hungrily as I began to finger-fuck her and eat her cunt at the same time. I drank up her delicious cunt-fluids -- she was gushing into my mouth! I knew that the thought of posing a lesbian orgy with Alisa was making her so horny she couldn't stand it. I teased Sherry further by tonguing her clit, licking harder as she squirmed and moaned. Then I licked my way down to her tight hole, spreading her cunt-lips with my fingers so I could rhythmically shove my middle finger into her as I ran my tongue in big circles around her cunt. Sherry sucked harder on my cock, lapping at it, sucking hard, working the long shaft in and out of her mouth as she rubbed the underside with her tongue. She closed her lips tightly and took hold of my ass, coaxing me down to shove my cock into her mouth all the way. I lifted my hips again and dropped them, fucking my way into her mouth. I started ramming my cock harder into Sherry's sucking mouth as I ate her cunt and heard her orgasm approaching; she started to shriek in sheer ecstasy as she prepared to climax on my lapping tongue. She moaned out: "Eat me! Eat my cunt! Come in my mouth! Uh -- Uh -- I'm com -- uh..." Then she climaxed -- I could feel it on my finger. Her cunt-muscles jerked rapidly up and down as she pumped her hips, drinking my tongue and finger into her pussy crazily. I grunted and began to come, filling her mouth with my thick jizz. We ate each other in "69" as we both came -- not even stopping when we'd finished. After a while, when Sherry had swallowed my come and I'd eased my tongue away from her delectable pussy, licking my lips, we went limp and hugged each other tightly.

"Just a warm-up," giggled Sherry.

I rolled over and got on top of her, frenching her hungrily. When I pulled back, I smiled at her.

"Not even a warm-up," I said. "You're going to get eaten so good your head will spin."

"It's spinning already," she sighed. "Just thinking about it."

She giggled. "Did you get hold of Jessie?"

I grinned. Jessie was a mutual friend of ours, a sexy model who simply loved to do girl-girl shots. I knew that today would be much more than just a girl-girl shot, and that's why I'd invited Jessie. Jessie and I used to fuck when she and Sherry and I would have our little parties -- but it had been months since our last threesome. Sherry had spent the night with Jessie on my first night with Alisa, but knowing Sherry, she was no doubt lonely for her all over again. This photo session would give us a chance to see Jessie again while adding to the excitement of a bed with three naked girls on it -- with Jessie, Karen, Sherry and Alisa -- I knew the bed would be more than exciting!

Sherry kissed me softly. "I guess you invited her?"

"Wait and see," I smiled. "It'll be a little surprise -- after you get all your clothes off."

Karen and Alisa showed up first. Sherry let them in; she smiled at them flirtatiously and I could see her going to work. Sherry's the most obvious flirt in the world; maybe that's why she gets laid so much. First she introduced herself; they seemed to be hitting it off right away. That was good, if they were going to take their clothes off together. Sherry straightened Alisa's hair playfully, using it as an excuse to stroke Alisa's face; I could tell that Alisa was turned on and shocked from Sherry's beauty. Maybe she and Karen had been playing already today.

"How do you feel?" I asked, leading them all over toward the studio bed. It would just be big enough to accommodate all four girls, but they'd have to be more than cozy. I didn't think they'd mind.

"Sexy," smiled Karen. "Very sexy."

"That's good. It's an orgy shot."

"I really, hope this makes it into Beauty," said Alisa. "I'm just dying to show myself off to that big an audience."

"It will," winked Sherry. "I mentioned this session to Roger. He's turned on by the whole idea. He wants to give it an eight-page spread."

"Wow," said Alisa, sitting down on the side of the bed. "That would be great."

Sherry put her hand on Alisa's neck, stroking it sensuously. "Really turns you on, doesn't it? Knowing all those guys are looking at your body, easing their cocks out..."

Alisa giggled, and so did Sherry. I rolled my eyes and turned toward the camera.

"Why don't you all get your clothes off before Jessie gets here?" I said. I was too horny to wait. I wanted to see all these gorgeous girls naked together!

"That's a marvelous idea," said Sherry, leaning toward Alisa. She began unbuttoning Alisa's shirt; Alisa just giggled and stood there for her. Meanwhile, Karen came over to me.

"I realize they're putting on a good show," said Karen, "but do you think you could divide your attention?"

Karen untucked her T-shirt and slipped it off over her head; she didn't wear a bra. Her gorgeous, tanned tits looked incredible. Her nipples were already hard and erect. I ran my eyes over her and then glanced back to Alisa and Sherry.

Alisa's shirt was on the floor, so her tits showed nicely through a skimpy black lace bra. The two girls were kissing, their tongues stroking visibly back and forth between their parted lips. Laughing, I pressed the shutter return, getting the first picture. They didn't even notice; the two of them were too intent on sliding their tongues into each others' mouths. Sherry kissed Alisa roughly as she groped for the catch to Alisa's skirt. Sherry pulled it deftly and began tugging the skirt down over Alisa's pretty legs.

Karen kissed me gently as I watched. She stroked my lips with her tongue; then, she kissed harder as she shoved her hungry tongue deep into my mouth. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down slowly. When they were a rumpled heap on the floor, she pressed her naked body to mine.

"I hope you've got a timer for that," she whispered, glancing at the camera. Karen's fingers closed around the bulge in my pants; my cock was hard and erect already. I nodded, snapping another picture as Alisa's skirt came off. Sherry went to work on her own clothes; she only wore a loose dress which wouldn't be much to take off. She pulled the tie around the waist and began to slither out of her dress; she wore her delectable black panties and her demi-bra, the clothes I'd fucked her in earlier. Alisa had to catch her breath as she ran her eyes over Sherry's gorgeous body. Sherry pressed Alisa back onto the bed. Alisa willingly submitted, stretching out on the soft covers with her legs spread a bit.

Now that Karen was stark naked, I could hardly contain myself. I knew the timer would be a great help; I reached out and pressed it. It would snap a photograph of the action on the bed -- once every minute. For the time being that would only include Alisa and Sherry -- while Karen and I had our own little off-camera party.

Karen unfastened my pants, peeling them open so that my thick, long cock stretched through my underpants. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft, stroking it up and down. I unbuttoned my oxford shirt and shrugged it over my shoulders as Karen groped me. She smiled, putting her warm cheek against my chest. She rubbed her cheek hungrily against me, then parted her lips and began to kiss my nipples sensuously. She ran her tongue over my muscular chest, biting my firm brownish nipples from time to time and sending waves of pleasure through me. She eased my cock out of my pants as she slid down my body, getting onto her knees.

I ran my fingers through Karen's soft, long hair as I watched Alisa and Sherry. Karen lifted my cock in her fingers and pressed the come-wet head to her lips, pressing it slowly in. I groaned in pleasure as I felt my cock entering Karen's mouth; without even pausing, she deep-throated it. She took my cock all the way into her mouth and throat, pressing her tongue firmly against the underside, sucking and working at it with her tongue and lips. She slid it gradually in and out as my eyes glazed over and refocused, watching the girls on the bed.

Alisa's bra was unfastened and around her shoulders; her delightful tits were exposed. They were also wet with Sherry's saliva. Sherry massaged Alisa's pink nipples with her lips, tonguing her and sucking as she slid her hands under Alisa's ass. Alisa wore white fishnets and a garter belt; Sherry unfastened the garter belt so she could get at Alisa's gorgeous ass more easily. Alisa spread her legs as Sherry went to work on her panties. The damp panties came slowly down Alisa's legs, then off over her ankles; Sherry glanced at me, hungrily watching Karen's mouth sliding down over my cock. She winked, bit her lip sexily, and threw me Alisa's panties. I put them to my face and inhaled deeply, smelling Alisa's luscious scent. My cock gave a lurch as I watched Sherry crawling back on top of Alisa.

Alisa stretched out on the bed, spread-eagled, as Sherry moved down between her parted legs. Sherry thrust her hungry mouth into Alisa's young cunt; she started licking and eating wildly, drinking up Alisa's precious pussy. Sherry began to inch around, turning so she could lie on top of Alisa with her legs spread around that gorgeous face. She snuggled her spread thighs down over Alisa, rubbing her panty-clad cunt into Alisa's face. Then Sherry slid her fingers between her legs and pulled the snap crotch on her panties.

Alisa went to work, thrusting her mouth up and down rapidly against Sherry's pussy. I watched them in "69" as all three women began to moan.

Karen moaned loud, low in her throat, going crazy with lust for my cock. She drank my long prick into her mouth again and again, hammering it out. She ate it up, wanting me to come; she told me so by begging with her long, hungry moans as my cock dragged out of her. I grunted; Karen worked my cock faster as she pushed my jeans down over my ass. She gripped my ass as she forced my tight pants down to my knees and then my ankles; I stepped out of them so that I leaned over her stark naked.

Alisa let out a wild, delirious moan of ecstasy. I knew she was coming. Her voice got louder as she came harder, longer; Sherry's tongue sank into her slit again and again as Karen ate me. Alisa didn't stop on Sherry's cunt; as she came, she even licked harder. I watched Sherry's gorgeous ass working up and down hungrily, forcing her cunt against Alisa's mouth. Then Sherry came, still eating Alisa's cunt, crying out wildly. She fucked her hips harder, making Alisa eat her as hungrily as she could. When they both went limp, wrapped together, I grunted and knew that I was going to come, too.

"Oh yeah, baby... Karen... eat me... eat me good... I'm going to come..."

Then I spurted, filling Karen's mouth with my jizz. She didn't swallow but just let her mouth fill with it as Alisa and Sherry watched. They curled up on the bed, sliding out of their underwear as they eyed my cock plunging in and out of Karen's mouth. When I'd finished coming, Karen dragged me toward the bed.

Karen pressed her full mouth to Alisa's and kissed her; my full load of thick come dribbled out all over their faces. Thick streams of my clear fluid ran over Alisa's neck and bare tits; Sherry pressed her face in, too, and stuck her tongue out to kiss Karen. Their tongues mingled, my come running over each face. The three women rolled together on the bed, licking each others' faces and tits in an effort to get my come. They started lapping hungrily as they tasted it. I watched as Karen covered Sherry's nipples with come and licked it off.

I heard the door. Jessie had let herself in; she walked into the studio and gasped.

"What's this?" she asked, staring into my eyes and putting her hand on my soft cock. "You started already? Well, I'll just have to make up for lost time!"

Jessie bent low and ran her tongue over my cock, licking it sensuously. She sucked the soft member into her mouth -- I felt it getting hard again as she tongued it. Then she got up, letting my cock drop from her mouth, and started taking her clothes off. She made short work of them. When her black skirt and top were on the floor, and Jessie was start naked since she hadn't worn underwear, she leapt on the bed and rubbed her naked body against Sherry's and Karen's and Alisa's. She started licking at the beads of my come on their faces and tits and lips and tongues; she drank it up hungrily as they writhed together. I watched, my cock harder than ever, as Jessie's fingers disappeared into Karen's slit.

Jessie climbed on top of Karen, still fingering her hungrily. She kissed Karen long and lush, thrusting her tongue back and forth. When she'd gotten all the come she could from Karen's lips, she kept kissing and giggled.

"I'm Jessie," she said. "You've got a nice wet cunt."

"I'm -- uh -- Karen..." panted Karen. She went limp on the bed, spreading her legs as Jessie started suckling at her breasts.

Jessie was one of the best-looking models I've ever fucked. She's tall and broad, with huge, shapely tits and smooth, pretty skin. Her nipples are always hard and horny, and her cunt is always wet. Now, as she sucked at Karen's tits, I could see in Karen's eyes that Jessie knew how to take care of a woman!

Meanwhile, Sherry had Alisa on all fours, her savory cheeks spread and her ass exposed. Sherry rimmed Alisa hungrily, running her tongue in and out as Jessie and Karen moved in on her. Jessie slid down between Alisa's legs, pressing her lips to that delicious cunt. As Jessie ate Alisa, Sherry slid her fingers deep into Alisa's snatch. Karen rubbed her tits against Alisa's face and french -- kissed her hungrily as she moaned in sheer ecstasy.

I got onto the bed, the camera still snapping away randomly. I watched the trio of delicious crotches wavering in front of me. Jessie was sprawled face-up with her mouth on Alisa's cunt; Jessie's cunt lay pink and tempting between her spread legs. Sherry was on her knees, bent over Alisa's asshole, licking away; her ass swayed for me with her cunt dripping down over her thighs. Karen was on her knees, too, bent forward and letting Alisa suck on her tits. Her legs were spread just far enough for me to see the pink folds of her slit. I decided to make it a smorgasbord, starting with my newest fuck -- since I hadn't fucked her cunt yet.

I slid up behind Karen, spreading her legs further. She moaned, lifting her ass for me as she pressed her tits more firmly into Alisa's face. Alisa reached around and took hold of my cock, rubbing it crazily up and down as she guided it between Karen's legs. Karen's pussy was wet and ready for action; she'd been stretched out nicely by Jessie's fingers. I let Alisa put my cock-head up to Karen's snatch and then I shoved, penetrating her cunt in one hard thrust.

Karen moaned wildly, writhing impaled on my cock. She fucked me hard as I rammed my cock in and out of her delectable cunt -- she was plenty tight, even if she was a slut. I started fucking her crazily, holding on to her waist as Alisa ran her fingers over the cunt-wet shaft of my cock. I felt Karen's snatch gripping me deep, her wet folds gushing over me. I plunged my cock in again and again -- Karen moaned and begged, fucking her way back against me. I was so turned on I had no idea how many times I could come; I wanted to find out, going crazy as I rammed my cock into Karen. She was on the brink and ready to come; she'd gotten really turned on giving me head. I fucked wildly, ramming it in again and again as Karen begged for it. Her ass gyrated rapidly just as it had when I'd fucked that -- but now it was her cunt that was getting fucked. I groaned in near-orgasm -- and then, biting my lip to keep from screaming in ecstasy, I spurted into Karen's tight hole. Karen came as I did, going wild with the feel of my thick jizz in her cunt. She forced my cock in and out of her as I spurted, filling her snatch with semen. Then Alisa gripped me hard and pulled me out as I kept spurting, sending streams of my jizz over her tits and Karen's, too. I glanced down to see Jessie under Alisa, catching lines of my come across her face and licking at them hungrily. The very sight was enough to make me hard again and the three women writhed crazily, licking the come off of each others' tits and faces and lips and tongues.

I slid over, getting behind Sherry. She was still eating Alisa's asshole like crazy. She thrust her tongue in and I watched, entranced as she rimmed this gorgeous pair of buttocks. Jessie touched my cock, stroking it gently; I felt it getting hard, throbbing and growing erect as she petted it. Sherry lifted her ass as she felt that I was ready for another fuck. She, too, moaned crazily as I put my cock up against her cunt. I slid it in gradually, as Sherry brought her hips around in big, wide circles. I watched as Sherry's finger disappeared into Alisa's asshole; she had her other hand with three fingers shoved deep into her tight snatch. Sherry thrust her ass back against me as I fucked her from behind; Jessie reached up from underneath to rub my cock as it came out of Sherry. Karen leaned over Alisa, pressing her mouth to mine as she thrust her tongue in and out.

"Yes," Sherry moaned. "Yes... fuck me..."

I pounded my cock into Sherry's slit rapidly; Sherry screamed as she came. She kept fingering Alisa's hole, ass-fucking Alisa as Karen kissed me. I grunted as, I felt her cunt gripping me in orgasm. Then, feeling Jessie's hand stroking my cunt-covered balls, I came. I filled Sherry's slit with another load of come; I felt the thick fluid dribbling out onto Jessie's stomach and tits. I kept thrusting, cutting my orgasm short so that I could get hard again. Jessie kept stroking me; Alisa was moaning as she came again. I felt Jessie's hands making me hard after a long few minutes. The whole time, Karen was kissing my face and hands and neck and sucking at my nipples. Alisa never stopped moaning; she was getting an incredible orgasm.

Reaching out to grab a pillow for Jessie's ass, I pulled my cock out of Sherry.

I tucked the pillow under Jessie's shapely buttocks, lifting her cunt and her spread thighs under Sherry's body. Her pussy was in just the right place; even so, Sherry rubbed her come-slick cunt back against my body. Her cheeks were spread and I could feel her warm asshole rubbing into my stomach. I eased my cock down and shoved it neatly into Jessie's cunt; Jessie screamed wildly as I penetrated her.

I started fucking Jessie -- slower this time, rhythmically, powerfully. Sherry slid out from between us, pulling Alisa off of Jessie's face. I lay down on top of Jessie, missionary position, as Alisa and Sherry started to make out. Karen stroked my ass and ran her fingers over Jessie's tits between us. My sweat ran down onto Jessie's smooth breasts. I groaned and so did she as we came together, my come filling her pussy as pain and ecstasy shot through my rod. I didn't know if I could come again! I felt the come that had dribbled onto Jessie's stomach; as I rolled off, Karen began to lick at it. She also covered my stomach in little tongue-strokes, getting all the come on it. Karen gave Jessie's cunt a few licks before moving over to my soft cock and massaging it with her lips and tongue. It stayed soft, though pleasure went throbbing into it.

Sherry was on top of Alisa, their naked legs intertwined. She nuzzled Alisa's face as she spoke.

"There's one girl that hasn't been fucked here," said Sherry. "And it's our delectable little virgin. I think she needs to get fucked."

I groaned. I stared at Alisa's gorgeous face as Karen gave my soft cock head.

"Yes," panted Alisa. "Please."

I shook my head.

Sherry rolled off of Alisa; Alisa came over near me and started kissing my hungry lips.

"Please," she begged, lifting my hand and putting it on her tits. "Please fuck me."

I felt my cock getting hard again; Karen slid it in and out of her mouth until it was as hard as ever. Alisa lay down on her back, spreading her legs as she opened her arms for me. I lay down on top of her, putting my aching cock up to her slit.

"Oh yes," she whimpered. "Yes. Yes..."

I put my cock into her slowly, halfway and then all the way as she writhed under me. She rubbed her naked body against me, wrapping her legs around mine. She pulled me close, driving her hips up to ram my cock into her pussy.

Sherry lay under Jessie, with Karen wrapped around both of them. They kissed each other as they watched, but most of their attention was focused on Alisa and me. They were entranced to see this near-virgin getting fucked. They reached out to touch her ass as she lifted it off the bed, she fucked her way up crazily so that her spine was arched and she lifted me high over her naked body.

"YES!" Alisa moaned. "YES, YES, YES! FUCK ME HARD -- I'M COMING!"

I grunted; feeling Alisa's slit grip my organ made me spurt hard inside her. It was the last time that day, for sure, but it was incredible! I groaned and rammed my cock faster, fucking Alisa crazily as her wet cunt drank my prick in again and again. When her cunt was full of my last load of thick semen, we relaxed on the bed while I suckled at her firm tits. I glanced over at the camera. It was still clicking away.

"We've got to find something to do for the camera," sighed Jessie as she started kissing Karen's breasts hungrily. She reached out and patted my leg. "And even with a soft cock... Steve still has a body for us to do... wonderful things to."

She giggled as the five of us pressed together and started kissing again.


Roger looked over the prints on his desk. I could tell he liked them. He kept looking at Alisa, too, who looked nice in another skimpy mini-dress, this one flowered and, passably businesslike. It was pretty obvious from the way she was looking at Roger, though, that her thoughts were anything but businesslike.

"These aren't bad," he said. "Did you have fun taking them?"

"Well... of course," she answered. "I loved it. It was a lot of fun."

He smiled. "A lesbian orgy? Not fun? I guess that was a dumb question. I guess you do that sort of thing off camera, too."

She giggled. "Not yet," Alisa said. "Only on camera so far."

Roger chuckled. "I think we can use these. Jessie and Sherry are two of my favorites. And who's this new girl?"

"Karen Waters," I said.

"She's dynamite."

Alisa looked over and winked at me, nodding. "She really is."

"I'll have to have an appointment with her. But for now... Alisa, I'm really impressed here. You take great pictures. You're very sexy."

"Thanks," she said.

"But I don't know if pictures really convey what we can do with you."


"You know," said Roger. "I mean, seeing you live would really help. I got some inkling the other day, but it's not what I need to know. Understand?"

Alisa nodded, smiling.

"I'd like to see you naked, in other words. I'd like to see what you'll look like while you're taking these pictures."

Alisa grinned, standing up. She began to unbutton her dress. She pulled it open, exposing her breasts through her lacy bra.

"Mmmm. Not a bad start," said Roger, winking at me.

Alisa slid out of her dress, letting it fall rumpled on the floor. She lifted her arms so we could see her. Roger nodded approvingly. "Go on," he said.

Alisa now wore only her underwear. She had on white fishnet stockings and a white garter belt. Her tight white panties just barely hid her ass and her pussy; her bra was sexy and skimpy. She unfastened the bra and shrugged it off. Roger eyed her tits.

"Good," he said. "Keep going."

Alisa turned around so we could see her ass as she stripped for us. Her ass stretched through her silky underpants. She peeled those off, then kicked them off over her ankles. Now she was almost naked.

"I like that garter belt," said Roger. "Keep it on."

He came up behind her, patting her naked ass. "Bend forward," he said, easing her toward the desk.

Alisa bent over the desk, supporting herself with one hand. She stuck her ass out, displaying it for Roger.

"Spread your legs a little," he said. "I want to see your cunt."

I watched as Alisa spread her legs. Her cunt was now plainly visible, pink and throbbing. Roger put his hand up against it and began to stroke it lightly.

"Nice and wet," he said. "You must be turned on."

"Oh, I am," she smiled.

"You like showing off your body?"

"Very much," she sighed.

"That's good. You have to be like that to make it in this business. If you don't get turned on, if you're not an exhibitionist, then it's no good. I guess you're horny, too, then?"


"And not only do you like showing stuff... you like using it?"

"Definitely -- uh-uh."

Roger slid his finger into Alisa's tight cunt. I watched her face as it sank in; she bit her lip to keep from moaning in pleasure. I nodded at Roger; he began to unbutton his shirt.

"What do you think, Steve?" He winked again, taking his shirt off and undoing his pants. "I think she's a natural. But of course, we'll have to find out. Why don't you come here and tell me what you think of her cunt. How it'll photograph."

I went up behind Alisa's gorgeous ass and slid my fingers in, two at a time. I began to finger-fuck her slowly, rhythmically, as Roger took off all his clothes. I moved back, putting my fingers to Alisa's mouth. She licked off her own cunt-juices.

"I don't know," I said. "I think we'll both have to find out."

Roger got behind Alisa and entered her slowly, holding her waist as she moaned in ecstasy. She felt his cock going in -- he wasn't as big as me, I guessed, but she still loved it. She bent low over the desk, thrusting out her arms and scattering his papers. He didn't seem to mind.

"Oh yeah," sighed Roger as he began to fuck her. "I think she'll be just right."

"Yes... yes..." panted Alisa as Roger put his cock into her again and again. She looked over at me and smiled, licking her lips.

I sat behind the desk and lifted her face, kissing her as Roger fucked her from behind. Alisa took my hand and held it tightly as his cock plunged into her snatch.

"What do you think of your new job?" I asked as she began to whimper in ecstasy, nearing an orgasm as Roger got ready to come inside her.

"It -- it's -- uh -- uh -- wonderful -- I love it! Yes! UH! DEEPER!"

I began to unbutton my shirt, slipping it off over my shoulders. Alisa put her hands out, grabbing the buttons of my pants. She tore my pants open and groped for my cock, sliding the long, hard shaft out of my underwear, pulling it toward her mouth. She began to lick and suck at it, running her tongue hungrily over the length of my prick, drinking it into her mouth as I rocked my hips forward against the desk. Roger fucked Alisa harder, pounding his cock in and out of her much-fucked snatch. She began to moan louder, practically screaming as she neared her climax. She rubbed her bare tits against the desk, her hard nipples sliding rhythmically as the two cocks pounded into her.

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