Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited
SINFUL CYNDI by Daphne Phillips


Cyndi had been driving me crazy all week. My younger sister, I had to admit, was one of the sexiest women I had ever known, and she wasn't modest about showing off her sexiness. She also wasn't very modest about showing off her body, which was incredible. Cyndi's tits were large and smoothly formed, some of the nicest tits I could imagine. And there wasn't a time I could recall when I'd seen Cyndi's breasts without firm, erect nipples. She was always turned on it seemed. I'd had plenty of time to see Cyndi's nipples lately. Our parents were out of town for two weeks and Cyndi was taking advantage of her new freedom to be as immodest as possible. She pranced through the house with the skimpiest clothes possible, often just a T-shirt and panties, or one of her delightful little bikinis. Her boyfriend Rod had been spending nights over here. Cyndi and Rod shared my parents' bedroom and I didn't have any doubts about what went on in there. As a matter of fact, more than a few times I had watched them when they left the curtains open at night. My parents' window was plainly visible from the balcony of my room, something I'd found out only recently, but something that gave me lots of entertainment since I'd come home for the summer. Now that my parents were away, I had to admit I much preferred watching my little sister. Those two were the kinkiest couple I'd seen in a long time. They even rivaled me and Megan, though Megan and I did have a pretty wild time of it.

I called Cyndi my "little" sister, but I'm not quite sure why. She was only a year younger than me, eleven months, as a matter of fact and not a whole lot smaller. Her tits certainly weren't "little" at all, and neither where those big sexy blue eyes -- Mom's eyes. But Cyndi's sex drive was the biggest thing all about her. My little sister was the horniest slut I'd ever known, even hornier than her big brother!

I had left home to go to college just last September when Cyndi was a senior in high school and a virgin as far as I could tell. But since I'd come back for the summer, I'd come to realize that my little sister wasn't anything like a virgin, nowadays. On the contrary, she was a much-fucked tramp! Not that I objected -- especially since I could see through her window. And Cyndi wasn't just a normal slut. She was kinky! She liked it all ways, and some of them were quite enticing.

I'd watched Cyndi get it up the ass several times since our parents left. Rod seemed to love giving it to her that way and whenever they did it, the moans would have kept me awake even if I hadn't been watching. She also liked it doggy-style. I'd watched Rod fuck Cyndi from behind more often than they'd done it face-to-face and that was quite often, to be sure. Cyndi also liked having Rod come on her face and her tits. She went wild with desire, rubbing the thick jizz all over her nipples and lips and covering her cheeks with it. She also really got into dressing up for him in leather and high heels most of the time, and once she'd even worn a dog-collar, just for effect, since they weren't into bondage. And Cyndi wasn't just kinky with Rod. She liked cheating, as well -- she'd already had three other guys up to my parent's room, and not just individually. Get this -- she'd had two guys up there at one time! I didn't wonder what they did in there! I knew! Naturally, I had watched. At least, as much as I could. Steve and Al had gone up there together one night when Rod was working late -- supposedly just to drink. But before long Cyndi was drunk and the two guys had her clothes off and were fucking her from both ends. Steve put his cock up Cyndi's ass and Al entered her through her cunt -- while Cyndi went crazy with pleasure! I could hear her moans and screams of ecstasy all the way downstairs -- so I was duty-bound to watch her! I chuckled to myself as she went at it with them, giving them head, letting both of them eat her out, sharing her tits between them, the whole bit. If I'd had any doubts as to what a willing young vixen my little sister was, I gave them up that night. The sight of two cocks pounding into her had convinced me!

She'd also had Rod's friend Doug up in my parent's room, but she didn't try to hide that fact. Doug didn't have to drink with Cyndi to get her into bed. Cyndi came on to him, and before long they were fucking doggy-style. Cyndi really knew how to seduce a man, and Mom hadn't raised her to let her talents go to waste.

Mostly, though, Cyndi fucked Rod. Every night, and usually in the afternoons. They liked to use the hot tub and the sauna, and sometimes the shower which joined our two rooms. In that big house, there were plenty of places to fuck, and they didn't try to hide what they were doing. I'd stumbled upon them fucking in the window seat which overlooked the pool, in the garden, in the attic... they were a swing couple. And Cyndi wasn't just kinky with Rod. She was plenty kinky on her own. After all, she had only met Rod a month ago, and she had several months before that to try out her newfound lack of virginity. She kept a little diary of her lovers, which I'd peeked in to once or twice. I felt like a sneak thief, but my little sister fascinated me so much I just couldn't keep myself away!

And Cyndi's room was a veritable treasure chest of pleasure.

Cyndi liked dildos -- I'd found an assortment of them, all enormous, under her pillow. Along with a cache of skin mags, both men and women. They were all very explicit, showing everything. More of the magazines had women in them. I guessed that Cyndi was bi. The thought of Cyndi looking over those magazines and playing with herself till she came was almost too much for me. It made my cock throb to fuck her. And Cyndi also had a vibrator, nice big one with ten speeds. It plugged into the wall socket, so she wouldn't have to worry about running out of batteries when she most needed her fuck. She hid the vibrator in her top drawer, buried under her sexiest underwear. Cyndi's panties and bras simply made her drool. She had tight, lacy panties that hid absolutely nothing, and tight demi-bras with under-wire that pushed her tits up and together, accenting her tits deliciously. Even more interesting were her garter belts and fishnet stockings, which she wore when she was really going out to get fucked. I'd seen all these things on Cyndi, when I spied on her as she dressed. But more often when she showed them off, bounding through the house with her cavalier attitude about nudity.

My parents were very liberal and didn't try to hide their kids' bodies from each other -- but Cyndi was ridiculous! I didn't doubt for a second that she was something of an exhibitionist -- it was plain from the way she reacted that she enjoyed showing off her body to her big brother. Cyndi's favorite sleeping attire was panties and a tank top -- sometimes an oversized dress shirt -- and she always made it a point to come out and say goodnight to me, with her arms at her sides so I could admire her tits and legs. And of course she always gave me a goodnight kiss.

Cyndi and I were very close -- we always had been. I didn't mind if she wanted to prance around the house with no clothes on. I was more than willing to help her satisfy her exhibitionist urges by watching her. But I wasn't about to come on to my own sister!

Of course, Cyndi and I were very physical. She hugged everyone a lot, but especially me. And she always told me everything -- well, almost everything. When she'd finally lost her virginity, she had called me up at college and talked to me about it, describing the whole thing in intimate detail. Complete with a description of her giving head. It made me so hot that I jerked off immediately after hanging up. Cyndi must have known what kind of an effect she had on me. When she kissed me with those pert lips of hers -- a chaste sisterly kiss, to be sure, I felt a surge of hormones go through my body and before long my cock would be standing on edge. We always trade gossip and stories -- and hers were invariably sexual. Cyndi never ceased to astonish me with her horniness, or with what a slut she could be!

But then again, she always did outrageous things. And I got the biggest surprise of my life the day that Rod left to visit his own sister for a weekend. Mom and Dad would be gone for another week, so Rod had taken off from his busy schedule of boning Cyndi to go out of town.

Cyndi was spending the day out by the pool, stretched out in one of her incredibly tiny bikinis. The thing was so revealing that Cyndi might as well have been nude, though if she was, I might not have been able to control myself! She lay on a towel by the pool lawn with her legs slightly spread and her arms lifted so that her tits stretched nicely through the bikini. I was out on the deck, which overlooked the pool. Cyndi didn't know I was watching her, but I wasn't exactly hiding. Cyndi's body was so incredible that I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her and that bikini didn't hurt! The top came low into her cleavage and was very skimpy on the sides, so that the smooth, curved sides of her breasts were plainly visible and quite admirable. The bikini bottoms were tight and french-cut, tucked high up between the cheeks of her ass. Her buttocks were the most gorgeous I had ever seen. Cyndi's ass was nicer than that of any girls I'd ever fucked, even at college. Megan had a nice ass, to be sure, and it looked incredibly sexy curved around my cock when we fucked doggy style like Rod and Cyndi, but there was something special about my sister's ass, something incredibly enticing. Maybe she just liked to show off, even more than Megan, which was difficult. Megan wasn't quite the exhibitionist Cyndi was, but I'd seen both girls naked more than enough to know that neither one was very shy when it came to their bodies -- especially their asses!

One of the things that turned me on most about Cyndi's ass was that I'd never fucked Megan that way. I had been going out with Megan for six months now, and she was just not in to anal sex. I wanted her to try it -- the girls I'd fucked like that had all loved it, but Meg kept refusing. Now Cyndi... she was a lot kinkier than that.

Cyndi came in periodically to get a glass of lemonade or something. Every time she got up, I moved into the living room, where Dad's expensive stereo was playing, and lay down on the couch with a magazine. I didn't want to make it too obvious that I was watching Cyndi. After all, I had some morals to uphold here. When Cyndi got up, I slid into the living room and quickly put The Who on the record player. I reclined on the plush couch and picked up one of Cyndi's Cosmopolitans. I breezed through it until I found a perfume ad with a sexy woman in her underwear. No wonder Cyndi was always so horny!

Cyndi came into the room, smiling and holding a glass of lemonade. "What's up, brother?" she asked flirtatiously.

"Not much," I smiled back, making sure my gaze didn't linger too long on her body. Now that she was up close, she looked even better. The outline of each nipple was plainly visible through the bikini. "Trying to hide from the summer heat," I added.

"Why would you want to do that?" she asked. "It's gorgeous out there!"

"Uh-huh," I agreed, glancing at her.

"Would you like something to drink, Ian?"

"Hm... what's the sudden burst of charity?"

Cyndi rolled her eyes. "God! I'm just being friendly!"

"All right," I laughed. "I'd love something. How about an iced tea?"

"With lemon?"


Cyndi walked out of the room, and I got a delightful view of her ass as she did. When she came back in, she was smiling again. She set down the tea and sat on the side of the couch, right next to me. So that her gorgeous, smooth midriff was right next to my face. I inhaled her perfume deeply -- the perfume she wore always turned me on. I could even smell it over the magazine.

Cyndi stretched a little, rubbing her side. It drove me crazy when she did that. "I'm getting so horny," she giggled, "I can't believe Rod's going to be gone for another three days!"

I chuckled. "You're getting horny, are you? Well Megan won't be here until Tuesday!"

Cyndi pouted. "It's not the same. You're a man. You can satisfy your own desires."

"Oh, right."

Cyndi giggled. "Just teasing," she sighed. "I hope I didn't embarrass you?"

I began to turn red, but only a little. "Nah."

"How's it going between you and Megan?"

"Fit as a fiddle. She's the sexiest girl I know... well, almost."

"Almost?" grinned Cyndi. "Who's sexier?"

"I won't tell," I said.

"Come on," giggled my sister. "Come on, Ian. You can't lie to your blood relatives. I'll tickle you. I know where you're ticklish."

"That's not fair," I said. "I won't tell. Tickle away."

Cyndi leaned over and began to poke at my stomach. I burst into a wave of giggles, then reached out and grabbed for her. I accidentally touched her left tit and felt my cock give a surge. No more of that!

"Be nice," I said as she collapsed, leaning against me heavily and laughing.

"All right," she pouted. "Don't tell me. I won't tell Megan..."

"You bet you won't!"

Cyndi put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. Then she kissed me, a friendly peck on the lips.

"I'm so glad you're my brother," she sighed. "I really love you."

She giggled a little, then kissed me again. This time, her lips lingered on mine, and I felt them parting a little. Then I felt her tongue dancing against my lip, and she almost frenched me. Almost. She remained sisterly -- at least on the outside. I noticed that her nipples were jutting quite erect through the damp swimsuit.

"I'm going crazy," she sighed, as she pulled back. "I get really lonely without Rod to keep me warm at night. I'm glad I have you here to keep me company -- want to go dancing tonight?"

"Sure," I said. "I'll get some champagne this afternoon."

"That sounds like so much fun," she sighed. "I love spending time with you, brother!"

"Great, Sis," I said hoarsely. Cyndi got up from the couch.

"But I don't know if I'll be able to control myself if we go out. There are so many cute guys out there. And I'm really getting horny. It must be tough without Megan!"

"Oh, it's real tough," I said. Cyndi giggled and playfully reached for my crotch.

Her palm landed square on my erect cock and she discovered how hard I was. "Why, Ian!" she giggled, without moving her hand. "You really are horny. Tsk, tsk. I should trust my brother."

Cyndi squeezed my cock playfully, and a wave of pleasure ran through my body. I almost got up and pulled her back onto the couch to fuck her right there, but she was my sister! My face turned beet-red and I looked down.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, pouting again. Cyndi sat on the side of the couch and put her arms around me. She hugged me again and touched my lips with hers. "I'm just teasing you, Ian. I can be such a bitch sometimes!"

Cyndi slipped off of the couch and swayed toward the door, her ass luscious in those bikini-bottoms. I found myself panting heavily with relief as she left.

I almost pulled off my dong and jerked off right there. But I figured I should save myself for Megan. My girlfriend would be plenty horny when she got here on Tuesday.

When I was sure Cyndi was downstairs again, I moved out to the balcony with an issue of Playboy, rather than her Cosmo. I stretched out on the chaise lounge, watching my sister.

I reclined on the balcony, looking down at Cyndi as she basked in the sun. She usually sunbathed nude, though she always made a show of wearing a swimsuit out to the pool so I could admire her in it. Now, as I watched, Cyndi began to strip.

She sat up slowly, her face calm beneath her sunglasses, and began to untie the front of her bikini top. I watched, licking my lips, as Cyndi unfastened it and pulled the sweaty material away from her breasts. I held my breath, feeling my cock get hard in my tight shorts. Cyndi slipped out of her top and set it on the lawn next to her, then stretched in the sunlight so I could see her firm, coffee-colored tits. Cyndi had a nice tan -- she worked on it enough! Her nipples were still bright pink, especially when they were hard, so they contrasted nicely to her dark skin.

Cyndi sat up and began playing with her breasts, feeling them lightly with her fingertips. My cock gave a surge of energy as I watched her doing that -- suddenly she pinched both nipples at once and then bit her lip. I gasped in desire -- I couldn't believe what was happening. My little sister was touching herself right in front of me!

I wondered if she knew I was watching. It wouldn't stop her if she did, though she'd be hornier if she knew.

Cyndi smoothed back her sun-blonde hair and lay back down on the towel. She tucked her hands under he ass and lifted it off the ground, pulling down her bikini bottoms.

I watched enraptured as Cyndi slipped her bikini down her shapely legs and over her feet. She set the bikini bottoms -- which must have been damp from sweat and (maybe) other things -- next to her top. Then she stretched out nude on the towel, her hands returning to her breasts.

Cyndi began to stroke her tits sensuously, caressing her hard nipples with her thumbs and making sure to give the rest of each breast ample attention. I had watched Cyndi play with herself many times, when she left her door open a crack, or when I managed to push it open, or when I'd spied through the hole in the wall I'd drilled between our two rooms. But it never had quite the effect that it had now! Now that Cyndi had come closer than ever before to coming on to me, I found she turned me on still more. I watched, my hand dropping to my cock, as Cyndi covered her breasts in tiny finger-strokes. As I eyed her, Cyndi's hands slowly moved downward. She pinched her nipple with her thumb and forefinger. The other hand traveled slowly down past her breasts, across her smooth belly. Cyndi spread her fingers as she parted her legs slightly, lifting her ass and exposing her tawny pubic hair.

I breathed heavily as Cyndi spread her legs. I could just see the pink slit of her cunt. She bit her lip as she played with her tits and let her free hand drop closer to her pussy.

Then, as she slid her hand over it, her cunt disappeared from view. She covered her pussy with her palm, and her middle finger slowly extended its way. I felt my cock jerking as Cyndi's spine slowly arched. Her finger disappeared into her tight young slit. Gradually, Cyndi began to ease it in and out.

I watched my little sister finger-fucking herself slowly, savoring each movement she made. Her spine arched and then fell, so that her ass lifted rhythmically off of the grass. She worked her finger faster as she got wetter -- her finger moved quite easily in and out of her wet cunt. She must have been well lubricated... I wondered if I had anything to do with it. Cyndi's hand moved in small circles over her breasts, playing with the nipples and occasionally pinching them as her finger slipped in and out of her cunt. Then, as she got more worked up, she extended a second finger and put that into her cunt too. It was harder for her to get both in. I could tell my little sister was very tight. She started finger-fucking herself with both fingers, picking up speed as she got hornier.

As I watched my sister's gorgeous body jerking up and down with ecstasy, I unzipped my tight cutoffs and reached for my cock. I slowly peeled down the damp material of my underpants and exposed my prick. I curved my fingers around it and slowly began to work it up and down, concentrating on the motions of Cyndi's hands in and out of her pussy and imagining my young sister giving me a hand-job.

Cyndi must give great hand jobs, I thought. She had plenty of practice before she lost her virginity. Why didn't I have her give me one while she was at it?

I grunted in pleasure, watching as Cyndi slowly rolled over. She got to her knees, bent over halfway. She was almost in the doggy-style position -- hers and Rod's favorite, as well as mine and Megan's. I could see the pink slit of Cyndi's cunt, it was plainly exposed between her white thighs. Cyndi's fingers darted in and out of it as she leaned down, her ass still lifted but her tits and shoulders against the towel so that she could work with both hands. She turned a little, exposing one breast, and began to play with it with her free fingers. Her other hand stayed working on her cunt, getting her ever closer to her orgasm. And Cyndi didn't take long. Within minutes I knew she was going to cum from the way she was moving her body. I'd watched Cyndi get fucked often enough that I could tell when she was going to come. And that was now.

I dropped my cock out of my hands. It wouldn't do to shoot my load before my sister came. I was on the very brink myself, my cock throbbing with a thick load of come. Ready to shoot into my sister's cunt. Too bad she was all the way at the pool!

Cyndi's head moved around in big circles, sending her luscious blonde hair dancing around. I saw her back arching and her ass jerking back and forth -- she was going to come. Then I watched her body jerking and squirming and swaying in orgasm as my little sister had her incredible climax. It must have been incredible in that gorgeous body.

I just lay there watching Cyndi as she sprawled out on the towel, stroking herself with her cunt-covered fingers. She rubbed her tits with the hand she'd used on her cunt. I knew her nipples would now taste like her pussy, which I guessed was delicious. Slowly, Cyndi got up and climbed back into her swimsuit. Then she walked toward the house, bouncing with new energy in her stride.

I quickly got up and tucked away the magazine. I put Ravel's Bolero on the stereo and reclined on the plush couch, panting and throbbing. My cock was so hard as I tucked it away I thought I'd go crazy, but Cyndi was about to come in the house. I breathed slowly, trying not to think of Cyndi's gorgeous body. Cyndi came in the room, her swimsuit askew and sweaty.

"How's it goin', bro?" she asked in her most friendly manner as she came over and sat next to me again.

"Great," I said nervously.

"It's so gorgeous out there," she sighed. "But it's so hot!"

Cyndi reached up and stroked her cleavage with her hand. She pulled her fingers away dripping with sweat -- she was indeed hot. She'd sweated up a storm masturbating out there, her tanned skin looked very sexy all slick with sweat. And I could smell her pungent sex -- it made my cock stay quite hard as I talked to her.

"Yeah," I said. "It is getting hot."

"And I'm so horny! I just can't stand to lay there without anyone! It's driving me crazy!" she giggled. "What do you do when you can't take your mind off sex?"

"Um... why, what do you want to do?"

Cyndi put her arms around my shoulders and hugged me. She held herself there, her tits pressing against my chest. She let her hand drift across my chest through my tight tank top. Cyndi stared into my eyes and sighed.

"What I want to do would be... bad." She looked down sadly and then giggled a little. "Wouldn't it?"

"Why," I grinned. "What do you want to do?"

Cyndi playfully reached down and tweaked my cock again. This time I grunted in pleasure. She looked surprised but then laughed.

Cyndi got up, stroking my chest one more time briefly as she did. She looked down at me and smiled.

"I want to take a cold shower," she said softly. She walked toward the door and paused.

Her ass looked curvaceous and beautiful the way she was standing. She smiled. "Or maybe a hot one!"

I gulped uncomfortably. I sat up on the couch.

"What do you think, Ian?"

"Take a hot one," I said softly.

Cyndi smiled vaguely, then gave me her sexiest coy stare. She licked her lips suggestively. "All right," she said. "I'll take a hot one."

She turned slowly and said, "I'll leave the bathroom door open."


I'd watched Cyndi take plenty of showers, but for some reason this one turned me on even more. I knew quite well that the bathroom we shared was easy to peek into. There was a very wide gap between the sliding door and the jamb, and that made it easy for me to spy on Cyndi as she rubbed herself down and got all soapy in the shower. The shower was just that -- the bathtub of the house was in Mom and Dad's bathroom. The shower stall didn't have smoked glass like most of them but only vaguely misty stuff. It hid a fair amount, but I could always make out what Cyndi was doing to herself. And Cyndi's nude form looked that much better when it looked foggy and mysterious.

This time, though, the doors were wide open. Both of them. I walked into the room as I heard the water go on. Cyndi was already in the shower. I felt my cock giving a little burst of lust as I thought that she was now naked. I walked slowly toward the bathroom. Could I do it? Could I take my little sister up on her lustful desires?

I'd always played protective brother with Cyndi, but I didn't doubt that she could take care of herself when it came to sex. As a matter, she'd shown me quite handily that she could already take care of herself in bed. Cyndi was an expert. There was no reason for me to back off if she was begging me to fuck her and of course that's what she was doing! I was just like another guy, with lust for Cyndi that would fill a canyon. My cock began to throb with anticipation as I neared the bathroom.

I stood at the door and looked in. Cyndi's nude body was visible through the glass door to the shower. She was staring up into the water-stream, and her gorgeous golden hair hung down over her shoulders. The pleasant slope of her ass was lifted high and enticing. She took a step back, rubbing the hot water over her tits.

The bathroom was filled with steam, just like Cyndi. I smiled as I moved closer.

Cyndi turned quickly and saw me. She smiled through the door and lifted a finger, curving it toward her and beckoning me into the shower with her.

That did it. I couldn't hold back. My sister was just asking me to fuck her in the shower and I knew quite well that she meant it.

I slipped out of my shirt, and then out of my shorts and underwear. I stood there stark naked and sweaty, with my hard-on jutting out of my body. If I went in there with Cyndi, she'd see my cock all erect and know how much I wanted to fuck her. I started to turn red with embarrassment, but, of course, she already knew.

I opened the door to the shower, and there was Cyndi -- nude and covered in hot water. She smiled at me through the curtain of her wet hair. She licked her lips and I stepped into the shower.

The hot water splashed all over me as Cyndi put her arms around my shoulders. She pulled me against her naked body and soon I was soaked like her. I felt Cyndi's firm tits pressing against my chest and felt her rubbing up and down so her hard nipples scraped my flesh. Then Cyndi thrust her mouth against mine and I felt my sister's tongue throbbing into my mouth.

"Mmmmm..." sighed Cyndi. "I've been meaning to do this for a long time now." Cyndi's hand slid down to my erect pole and curved around it. I grunted as Cyndi took hold of my cock, slowly bringing it around in big circles.

Cyndi ran her thumb sensuously over the head of my prick as she milked a drop or two of pre-cum out of it. She'd been turning me on all day and I was ready to cream for her. But Cyndi would no doubt tease me further before letting me cum. I didn't know if she wanted to go all the way, maybe that kind of incest would have been too much for her. But I was aching to put my cock in her mouth and cunt, and creaming now would be cheating me of my rightful fuck. I held back as Cyndi stroked me. Her tongue quickened, seething in and out of my mouth. She nibbled at my lower lip and closed her lips around my tongue, tugging at it suggestively.

She leaned against me, putting her head on my shoulder. Her luscious wet hair dangled over my chest. I put my arms around her, too, and cupped my fingers around her smooth ass-cheeks. I couldn't believe I was finally pressed against my sister, naked and wet. And she was really going to take me to bed.

"I've wanted you for a long time, Ian," she sighed, kissing my shoulder. "I just couldn't tell you about it. Rod's just a diversion to keep me from thinking about how much I want to fuck you. Your cock feels so good... will you go to bed with me, Ian?"

"I'll do anything you want me to, Cyn." My voice was hoarse and husky. I called her "Cyn" when we were being chummy, which I felt sure was being right now. As a matter of fact, we were being more than chummy. It was like "Sin", which Cyn was indeed close to. As a matter of fact, we were committing one right now, and nothing had ever made my cock harder.

"I want it to be in Mom and Dad's bed," said Cyndi. "I want you to fuck me there. Please?"

"I'll fuck you anyplace you'll let me, Cyndi. I'm dying to put my cock inside you."

"Good," sighed Cyndi. "Dry off and go up there. I'll be right in."

I nodded and Cyndi kissed me one more time. Her tongue trailed along my lips. I got out of the shower and watched her gorgeous body as she rinsed herself off. I dried myself and walked naked up the hall into Mom and Dad's room. They lived in the biggest room of the house. It was enormous and sumptuous, with velvety walls and a canopied bed. Part of the ceiling was mirrored. The window-seat overlooked the garden and the pool -- it was the next best place for spying on Cyndi. I'd seen Rod and Cyndi fuck standing up on the balcony, with Cyndi bent over the railing and her ass lifted high on her spread legs so Rod could enter her from behind. The master bath had an enormous Jacuzzi instead of a bathtub -- well, it was technically a bathtub, but the Jacuzzi outside was less suited to fucking. This one was made for it. And the shower had plenty of room for two. Mom and Dad were parents for excess. Cyndi had learned a lot from them.

I climbed into bed. Cyndi had put the satin sheets on -- they felt sexy. I knew they'd be great to fuck on. I'd seen her change the sheets just this morning. I wondered if she'd been planning to fuck me. Probably so -- she was one horny chick.

I panted heavily as I lay there waiting for my sister to come in and go to bed with me. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was really going to bone Cyndi! And not just bone her -- I was going to fuck Cyndi for all I was worth. I was wild with lust and nervousness, but I felt sure Cyndi would show me the way.

Cyndi came into the room wrapped in a towel and nothing else. Her hair was a little wet -- she'd toweled it off in the bathroom. But the skimpy towel wrapped around her middle didn't do much to hide her wet body -- the towel came just above the bottom fringes of her pubic hair, showing me Cyndi's wispy curls. And the top just showed Cyndi's nipples poking through. Her eyes were big and moist and her lips were parted in horny anticipation. Cyndi let the towel drop to the floor and stood there stark naked, letting me watch her.

As she moved toward the bed, Cyndi's hands drifted across her breasts. I caught my breath as she pinched the nipples gently. To see her do that across the yard was one thing -- but to watch her do it as foreplay to fucking me -- that was too much. My cock twitched in desire.

"I've... been... wanting... to fuck you, Ian," panted Cyndi rhythmically as she knelt on the side of the bed. "Even though you're my brother. You've been my best friend... and there's only one thing we haven't done together. Now I want to do it... and keep on doing it. I want to feel your cock in my pussy."

I kept thinking how sexy Cyndi looked with her body all wet like that. Little drops of moisture kept running down her inner thighs, and I wondered how much of it was water. I guessed a fair amount was something else, and that made my cock seem to get bigger.

Cyndi climbed onto the bed, her legs slightly spread and her wet pubic hair hanging down between them. Drops formed and ran down onto the satin sheets. I pulled the sheets open and exposed my naked body. A visible shudder ran over Cyndi's nude form. She began to breathe more heavily. Cyndi bent slowly down and lay on top of me.

Her bare body pressed against mine and sent an electric thrill through me. She eased one leg over me and straddled my hips. She lowered herself on top of me, and I felt her wet thatch of pubic hair rubbing against my cock. Cyndi pressed her lips to mine and settled firmly on top of me. Her breasts were firm and enticing against my hairy chest, and her hard nipples pressed against mine. I parted my lips and thrust my tongue out, french-kissing Cyndi as she rubbed her tits against me.

"This feels so good..." panted Cyndi. "I've wanted to hold you naked for so long... promise me you'll sleep with me tonight, Ian. Will you?"

"I promise," I grunted, dropping my hands to touch her ass. I cupped her ass in my hands and massaged it gently. All I could think about was how sexy it had looked when Rod had shoved his cock into her asshole. But Cyndi's cunt was much more enticing right now and Cyndi was rubbing it against my cock.

"Oh... yes... I want you inside of me," breathed Cyndi slowly. She rubbed her swollen, wet cunt-lips up and down on the long shaft of my prick. I reached around and slid my finger gently inside her. Cyndi let out a loud moan of pleasure as she felt it penetrating her. My mind reeled -- I was finger-fucking my own sister!

But it felt so good! I began to slide my finger quickly in and out of Cyndi's snatch, moving my thumb down to toy with her clit. As I touched it, a shudder of ecstasy ran through Cyn's body.

"Oh God, Ian... finger me..."

I began to work my finger in and out of Cyndi's cunt. As I had suspected, she was very tight. No matter how many times she had fucked, Cyndi had still only lost her virginity a few months ago. I pressed two fingers in and Cyndi let out a loud groan.

"That feels so good... I want you to fuck me... but first, I want to taste you. Can I taste you, Ian?" Cyndi looked into my face with her big, gorgeous blue eyes pleading. "Can I give you head first, please? You don't mind, do you?"

At first I thought she was kidding. But Cyndi has always been a shy child, and she desperately wanted to please me. I smiled.

"Please," I panted. "Please give me head."

"Oh, yes," sighed Cyndi as she kissed her way down my body. She paused at my nipples, taking those in between her lips and suckling at them. Then she licked a long trail over my stomach, tugging at my hair with her teeth. I felt her cunt dribbling against my lower legs as she straddled me wider. Cyndi's hot breath fluttered over my erect cock. She parted her lips and eased her tongue over my lower stomach, lapping up the thick dollop of pre-cum that had formed there. I groaned as I felt my sister's tongue straying over my cock-head and this was too much for her! She slurped at my cock-head hungrily, and then pressed it quickly between her full, young red lips. I held my breath as I felt Cyndi's tongue traveling all over my upper cock-shaft. She sucked at my cock with her lips clamped tight around it. She tugged it almost straight up and then began to work the long shaft into her mouth.

It was incredibly sexy to watch my shaft sinking in between Cyndi's lips. Cyndi had given head to so many guys and now she was finally giving me head, her mouth clamped over my cock. And I knew from watching her that she gave the best head imaginable. Girls with cock-hunger like Cyndi's always do.

"Oh yeah, baby... go for it, Sis... take it all... deep throat me..."

Cyndi pressed the thick head of my cock into the softness of her tight throat. Then, straightening her head, she pressed it firmly in.

"Oh God Sis -- that's so good... suck me!" I lifted my hips to meet Cyndi's demanding mouth-thrust and with my help, Cyndi got my long cock all the way into her mouth. I heard her whimper in pleasure as it sank in. Cyndi's tongue seethed against my flesh. She knew how to give good head all right. As a matter of fact, my cock was already throbbing to spurt inside her. I brought my hips up firmly into Cyndi's face, then back again. I began to fuck her rhythmically, putting my cock into her mouth as she sucked at it.

"Oh yeah, Sis... eat it... you give the best head, Sis... I'm gonna cum in your mouth... just keep doing it like that..."

Cyndi's head came down rhythmically over my erect cock, shoving it into her warm wetness with the perfect timing it took to bring me closer and closer.

Cyndi curved her fingers underneath me, cupping my buttocks as she gave me head. I spread my legs wider to give her a better shot at my cock. She swallowed it again and again as I groaned. Cyndi clamped her lips tighter as she heard me moaning -- she knew I was about to cum, and she didn't want to miss a drop!

"Oh yeah, Sis -- Cyn -- I'm cumming in your mouth!" I couldn't believe I was saying these things to my little sister! But here I was, and I was about to cum! I felt my cock jerking as a stream of jizz shot out into Cyndi's mouth -- she squealed in delight as she felt the hot fluid shooting down her throat. I fucked her face rhythmically as I came, working my cock into her faster as the jizz filled her mouth. When I was finished cumming, Cyndi swallowed it all and licked my cock sensuously.

She moved up my body and rested against me. "That was incredible, Ian. Thank you for letting me do that to you. I love you."

"That's good, Sis."

"I want you to fuck me. In my cunt. Please?"

I grunted as Cyndi wrapped her fingers around my soft cock. She stroked it with her thumb, teasing me into another erection. As she petted my cock, I felt it getting hard in her grasp.

"I've wanted you for so long," she sighed into my ear. "Ever since I've lost my virginity, all I can think of is getting your cock in my pussy. I want you to cum in my slit. And in my mouth -- again. I want to keep fucking you forever. I want you to cum everywhere you can on me. Please promise me you'll fuck me good... brother I need your cock."

Cyndi rubbed my cock slowly up and down. She licked my ear hungrily, tugging at it with her teeth. She breathed warmly over my neck and ran her cunt slowly over my long shaft. I could feel her wet hair dangling against my cock. And her longer hair dangling on my chest.

"I'll fuck you," I said. "I'm going to fuck you, Cyndi."

"Oh please," she panted, rolling slowly off of me. She got onto her back, staring up at me as I lifted myself on my elbow.

Cyndi spread her legs slowly, her hands lying limp at her sides. Her lips were parted and slick with my cum. She was ready for me to fuck her. But I was her big brother, so I should be on top.

I had other ideas. I'd watched her take it this way so many times that I wanted to do it myself the first time. I grinned at her.

"Roll over, Cyndi. I'm going to fuck you doggy-style."

Cyndi looked surprised at first, but I could see a wave of lust roll over her body. She nodded, her breathing shallow and quick. I watched as she rolled onto her stomach and then got to her knees, spreading her legs and lifting her ass in the air. She propped herself up on both elbows, so that her tits dangled down nicely.

I got behind Cyndi, between her parted legs. I looked down at the shapely curve of her ass. Her cheeks were spread slightly with her thighs. Her asshole was exposed, and it looked pink and luscious. That would have to be next.

I reached in between Cyndi's legs and felt her slick, swollen cunt-lips. I pressed two fingers into her, penetrating her cunt slowly. Cyndi moaned loudly as she felt them going in.

"Oh God Ian... that feels so good."

Hearing her turned on like that, I didn't want to stop even to put my cock in. Instead, I worked the two fingers slowly into Cyndi, again and again as she pressed her ass back into my grasp. I put one hand on her buttocks, steadying her as I finger-fucked her from behind.

"Oh yeah... that's good... keep doing that... oh Ian... I want you..."

Cyndi's ass gyrated in time with my finger-fucking. She took my fingers doggy-style, picking up speed as she got more and more turned on. And watching Cyndi twist on my fingers was sexier than watching her twist on someone else's! I thrust my fingers in and out of Cyndi's tight cunt, amazed at how tightly her snatch gripped me. Cyndi turned her head, panting heavily. Her face was bright red with exertion and desire. I could see that her tits were flushed, too. And it wasn't from the shower. She began to whimper.

"Put your... cock... in me, Ian! I want you to fuck me." I nodded, sliding my two fingers out of Cyndi. I climbed between her parted knees and lifted her hips ever so slightly to guide her pussy down to my cock-head. Cyndi groaned loudly as she felt her cunt nearing my shaft. She willingly let me ease her body down. She pressed her ass against me, though, as she felt my cock beginning to penetrate her. I pressed my cock up to Cyndi's hole, barely entering her. Her cunt felt good against my cock, and I could feel the head seething as I entered her. I worked the head into Cyndi's tight flesh and she let out a scream of ecstasy.

"OH GOD IAN!" she screamed. "I can't believe it. It's so good, brother, I love it." She turned her head and stared right into my face with those big blue eyes. "Put it all in. Put your whole cock inside me. Promise me you'll put your whole shaft in there."

I nodded. "I will, Sis. I will, baby."

Cyndi groaned as I eased my cock into her. She felt the long shaft stretching her cunt, opening it up for the whole length. I held her hips tight, my thumbs pressing into her buttocks. I made sure Cyndi was steady as I entered her.

Cyndi let out a shriek as she felt my cock settling all the way into her. I know from all the women I've fucked that my cock is bigger than most guys -- and my sister Cyndi's cunt is tighter than most womens'. That's why it felt so good to have my cock shoved all the way up Cyndi's tight cunt-hole. Her pussy lips gripped my long cock shaft with as much force as I could want. It seemed like her heartbeat massaged my cock as I slid it into her. Grunting with pleasure and exertion, I began to drag my cock back out of her -- just far enough to shove it in again!

"OH, oh YEAH!" moaned Cyndi as I rammed my cock into her tight cunt once more. Cyndi whimpered in ecstasy as I began boning her quickly, working my cock in and out of her cunt. She writhed and quivered with pleasure. Her whole body was flushed from the exertion of giving me head and taking my cock up her cunt as well as the desire to have me fuck her. Cyndi was amazing -- she seemed to shudder with each thrust I gave her. She moaned and writhed and bit her lip as I shoved my cock into her. She was really turned on and hot for my shaft. Cyndi began to whimper every time my cock-head sank to its deepest point in her warm wetness. She groaned as I penetrated her again and again. I fucked her doggy-style, holding on to her hips and her ass-cheeks as I boned my cock into her. Her cunt felt so good around my cock that I couldn't believe I'd waited this long to fuck my luscious sister. I watched Cyndi's gorgeous ass bobbing up and down with the rhythm of my cock going into her. Her asshole looked tight and delicious. I knew before long Cyndi would ask me to enter that way and I'd gladly oblige, finally finding out what Cyndi's asshole felt like from the inside. I groaned as I shoved my cock into Cyndi. She was going crazy, panting and shuddering with pleasure as I entered her. Cyndi looked back at me, her eyes wide and her lips parted, begging me to fuck her harder. I summoned up all my energy and started pounding my cock faster and faster into Cyndi's snatch, but I knew that before long I was going to cum!

The thought struck me that I was boning my own sister doggy-style. I couldn't believe how kinky this was. And I was about to cum in her snatch. I was very glad Cyndi was on the pill. I'd hate to explain this one to Mom. Of course, maybe Mom understand -- after all, we were doing it in her bed...

"Oh God, Ian... Ian... oh God, that feels good!" Cyndi began working her snatch up and down in time with my cock, meeting every thrust of my hips with one of her own. "That's so good... fuck me... hard... deep... It's so good... Keep doing it... I'm going -- OOOOAAHHHHH..."

Cyndi groaned as she got ready to cum. I watched her face twisting in ecstasy. Cyndi was the most beautiful girl I knew, and here she was cumming while impaled on my long shaft. As a matter of fact, she was going to make me cum at about the same time she did. I was getting very close!

"Uh..." I groaned. "Cyndi... Sis... I'm gonna cum in your pussy."

"Do it," she whimpered. "Spurt into me. I want to feel it. Please, Ian. I need your cock."

"Oh God," I panted. "You're so good... your cunt..."

"Yes, baby, cum in my pussy. I want your cum. Spurt for me!"

I rammed by cock faster and faster into Cyndi's pussy. Cyndi shoved her ass quickly up and down on my cock, impaling herself again and again on my long shaft. When she realized that I really was going to cum in her, she let out a moan and then began to quiver in delight. As I felt my cock throbbing and swelling with near-orgasm, Cyndi's cunt contracted in rhythmic spasms of pleasure.

"Oh, God, Ian... you're making me cum! I'm cumming... you're making your baby sister cum. Make me cum. Fuck your baby sister," she panted. I felt her shuddering in ecstasy, orgasm flooding her body quickly as she lifted her ass and thrust it down hard so that her cunt swallowed up my cock every time. I watched Cyndi going wild with her climax -- she was mad for my cock!

Cyndi slumped forward on the bed, letting her big brother fuck her rapidly and increase the intensity of her orgasm.

"I'm cumming... cumming... cumming... uh... uh... uh..." she panted rhythmically as she quivered in pleasure. Then, with hard thrusts into my little sister's tight snatch, I began to cum.

"Oh God," I panted. "I'm cumming inside your... your... pussy... it's good... good... yeah... fuck me."

Cyndi's cunt felt so incredible around my cock. My prick jerked up and down in orgasm and I felt it spewing out a thick stream of jizz into my sister's wet slit. She was whimpering and begging for more in pleasure as she felt me put it into her again and again. Cyndi was crazy with desire. Her whole body was quivering as I boned her. My cock seethed into Cyndi's snatch rapidly as I spurted into her.

I could feel my cum dribbling out around my sister's thick, lust-swollen pussy-lips. As the cum formed in droplets and ran down onto our parent's bed, Cyndi pressed her tits against the sheets and stretched her arms out, prostrating herself so that she lay there passive and just took the thick streams of cum from my prick-head. When I was finished cumming, I slumped forward on my sister's nude body and pressed my lips against her sweaty neck.

"Oh God, Sis. Your cunt is so good. I can't believe what a good fuck you are."

Cyndi eased herself out from under me, tugging her cunt away from my cock so that I left her quickly. She put her arms around my shoulders, lying on her side and facing me.

"You're going to fuck me a lot," she sighed. "Now that I've got your cock inside me, I don't ever want it out of there. I want you to fuck me all the time."

"I'll fuck you as much as I can, baby."

Cyndi leaned heavily against me, her face against my chest. "I've been dreaming of this for a long time brother. Now we can take a nap together... in this bed. We were conceived in this bed. We were conceived in this bed, honey isn't that sexy?"

I chuckled. "You bet," I said. "Mom and Dad fucked in this bed... and Dad came in Mom's slit..."

"Mom's slit," sighed Cyndi longingly. "It's so fucking sexy. And we just fucked in it. You just fucked me doggy-style in this bed. We just committed incest in this bed. Oh God."

I nuzzled Cyndi's ear. "That's great. We're going to fuck a lot more in this bed before Mom and Dad get back."

"And maybe after," sighed Cyndi. "I want you to... do things to me."

"What kind of things?" I asked her, whispering into her ear as I licked it.

"What would you think..." she began to ask me, but got nervous and buried her face in my chest.

"What baby? I love you, Cyn. I'll do anything for you."

"No," she said. "It's too dirty."

"What?" I stroked her back soothingly. "Tell me. Ask me. I'll do it, baby."

"What would you think if I asked you..." she paused, panting heavily into my ear. "Would you... would you put your cock in my asshole? Would you fuck me up the ass?"

"OH God, baby," I panted, "I'd love to. I've been dreaming of fucking you that way..."

"Tonight?" she begged. "I want to think about it all day... I want to know that you're going to fuck me up the ass. Promise me you'll fuck me up the ass tonight?"

"I'll do it, baby. I'll beg you to let me do it!"

"Oh, God, yes, Ian," panted Cyndi. "I can hardly wait until tonight. Let's get drunk together. We're going to spend all night together, nude in each other's arms. It's so sexy. We'll sleep in the bed where Dad came in Mom's pussy and conceived us. I can hardly stand it."

"Yeah, baby. I'll get some champagne -- We'll drink it and get drunk and then I'll fuck you up the ass."

"Oh, brother. I love you so much... I'm so glad we're finally in bed together..."

"Me too, Cyn, me too."


I was indeed glad that my delectable sister Cyndi had seduced me. After all, I'd been dreaming about that moment for months now. The moment when I penetrated Cyndi, stretching her tight young cunt-hole with my cock and sliding my entire long shaft into her so she moaned in pleasure. And now I knew quite well that I would be doing it to Cyndi for some time to come. And to cum, certainly! Cyndi was the sexiest slut I had ever known and she was my own sister. Not only that, but she seemed to be in love with me. And I loved my sister very much. I would give her everything she wanted. What I wanted more than anything was to bone Cyndi till my cock was slick with her cunt-juices. Today's fucking had been more than my wildest dreams would have hoped for.

Cyndi held me in her arms and she dropped slowly off to sleep. I felt myself drifting too, and before long I was relaxed and groggy in my sister's arms. Cyndi and I slept together in the bed where we'd been conceived, our nude and sweaty bodies pressed together. Cyndi's heartbeat throbbed rhythmically against my chest, matching the rhythm, it seemed, in which we'd just fucked.


Cyndi and I lounged in the huge bathtub. Cyndi was turned on her side and lying half on top of me so that her firm tits rested on my shoulder. Her face was nuzzled against my neck. She kissed me every few minutes, touching my skin with her wet lips and sensuous tongue. Her hand lay in my lap, curved absentmindedly around my cock, which was quite hard despite the fact that I'd already cum twice. Cyndi was quite the tease, though -- she just barely touched my cock, letting her thumb trail gently around the head under the hot water. The bubbly suds hid what she was doing, but since most of her luscious form was out of the water and on top of me, I could see many of the curves of her naked body. Cyndi sighed, kissing my ear.

"I'm so happy I finally went to bed with you," she whispered. "I've been wanting to feel your cock inside me for so long. I don't know why I didn't come on to you sooner."

"I've been watching you, too," I said. "Sis, you're one of the easiest girls to spy on I've ever seen."

Cyndi gasped in mock surprise. "You've been spying on me?"

"All the time. It's an obsession."

"What -- what did you see?" She smiled as she looked into my eyes.

"I saw you doing some very kinky things with Rod. And those three other guys. And more than that I saw you changing your clothes and sunbathing a lot. You've got an incredible body -- I couldn't look away!"

"Oh, I feel so violated!" Cyndi giggled. "Did you like what you saw?"

"I wouldn't have put my cock inside you if I didn't, right, Sis?"

"Oh, I don't know..."

I put my lips on hers and tickled her mouth with my tongue. "Sis, I love your body. And I'm tired of spying on you. From now on, I intend to see it from up close."

Cyndi sighed and put her arms around me, rubbing her soapy tits against my chest. "That's good," she said. "I'm going to be very close to you, with my legs spread. Anytime you want to spy on me, you just tell me, brother. And I'll do it for you -- up close."

"I'd like to see you giving a hand job in the bath," I grinned.

"To my very own brother? You mean, committing incest?"

"Aw, it's not incest if I don't cum inside you, Sis. Isn't that right? The incest taboo is just to keep the genetic lines pure. And you're on the pill, so it can't be incest, right?"

Cyndi giggled. "You think about this a lot at school, eh brother?"

"Anthro majors learn all about sex."

Cyndi sighed and kissed my cheek. "It's incest," she sighed. "That's what turns me on so much. I'm in love with my brother, and I can't stop wanting to fuck him. Put his cock in between my legs." Cyndi panted rhythmically as she spoke.

She slid her hand down on my cock, slowly caressing it with her soapy fingers. Her breathing quickened as she ran her thumb over the head and tightened her fingers around the shaft. I grunted in approval as my sister began to jerk up and down on my cock. She pressed her lips against mine and started french-kissing me deeply, nibbling at my lips and tongue and suckling at my mouth. She let out a whimper as I dropped my hand to her ass and kneaded her smooth buttocks, spreading them slightly. But Cyndi didn't slow down or ease up pressure on my throbbing, hard cock. She kept jerking me off.

I breathed slow and heavy into Cyndi's ear as she manipulated my cock up and down. She started bringing it around in smooth, slow circles, sending shivers through my naked, soapy wet body. Cyndi squirmed on top of me, pressing her own nude form down against me. Her breasts slid rhythmically against my flesh, we were both so covered in soap that we were incredibly slippery. Even so, Cyndi managed to keep a good grasp on my cock, jerking me off in circles. She knew just how I liked it -- that's what I did when I jerked off myself, like when I was watching Cyndi, which was often, believe me! I wondered if she'd watched me herself -- after all, the door to the bathroom was frequently open or ajar, and I lay on my bed with my legs spread and my cock in my hands. Or maybe Cyndi was just so attuned to her big brother's cock that she knew what I wanted instinctively.

Cyndi's hand moved in bigger and bigger circles, grinding against my cock. She moved my prick like it were the crank on a generator building up a current of desire. I squeezed my sister's ass-cheeks tighter, bringing her up and down as she played with my prick. She whimpered as her gorgeous body bounced up and down on top of me. I grunted in time with her cock-jerking as Cyndi lifted her head and stared into my face.

"I want you inside me," she panted. "I want you to cum inside me again."

I nodded, out of breath from the intensity of fighting off my orgasm. I didn't want to cum yet. I wanted this sordid, incestuous tryst to last as long as possible before I shot my load into Cyndi's hand. But now Cyn was begging me to fuck her again -- and I certainly couldn't say no to my sister!

"Yeah, baby," I panted. "I'll fuck you. Spread your legs wider."

Cyndi's soapy thighs were clamped around mine under the water. She slid against me, spreading her legs wider so that she floated up.

"Like this?" she asked nervously, putting her knees on the floor of the tub. That way her cunt was under the soapy water, but just above my erect rod.

"That's right, sister," I panted, taking hold of her ass more firmly. I pulled Cyndi down onto me, pressing my cock up so that the bulbous, inflamed head met Cyndi's tight hole. She was wet, all right, and not just from the bath oil! I lifted my hips and heard Cyndi gasp in pleasure as my cock worked its way up and down in between her cunt-lips.

I didn't enter her yet, though. I wanted to tease my sister into a fucking frenzy. I rocked my hips back and forth, sliding the arrow-shaped head of my erect pole slowly up the whole length of Cyndi's slit -- pressing into her soft flesh, but not going into her tight hole. Cyndi stared down at me, her breasts flecked with soap and gorgeous. Her eyes went wide as my cock head pressed against her clit. Then I slowly slid it down again, away from Cyndi's clit and nearer to her cunt-hole. Her eyes stayed wide, though, wide and pleading. She was begging me to fuck her. Her eyes just demanded that I put my cock inside her. But I wanted to see my sister moan in desire before I penetrated her.

"Put it inside me," panted Cyndi. I chuckled as I teased her. I worked my cock head up against her cunt so that the very tip was inside her hole. Her eyes fluttered in ecstasy and I heard her breathing change with each throb of my shaft. Then I tugged it out again and slid my entire length against her slit, in between her swollen, slick pussy lips. Cyndi moaned and squirmed down harder against me. She spread her legs as wide as they could go, kneeling astride me on the floor of the tub. Cyndi's lips were open wide, and I watched them quiver as I neared her cunt again with the head of my cock. Her tits bounced up and down with every shudder of frustration and desire that went through her nude body. But Cyndi wasn't going to take the initiative -- she wanted her brother to enter her when I decided it was right.

"That feels so good, Ian," panted Cyndi. "I want your cock... in my pussy."

I couldn't stand it anymore! Cyndi's cunt was so delectable and warm, and I'd only fucked it once. I simply had to have it again -- and right now! Cyndi's nude body was incredibly gorgeous, shaking, all flushed and hot over me. I wanted to impale her with my cock. I took firm hold of her buttocks and pulled her down hard, putting my cock against her cunt.

"Oh yes, Ian," she moaned wildly, almost a sob of bliss. "Enter me. Fuck my cunt. I want you to cum in my slit... oh!"

I drew my hips around in tiny circles, teasing Cyndi the same way she'd teased me. I began to work my cock in, every circle pushing it just a bit further. Cyndi's moans and begging pants grew louder. Then, unable to stand it anymore, I pulled Cyndi down on top of me so that her tits pressed against my chest. With a long thrust of my hips, I entered her.

"OOOOOHHHHH-Uh... uh... good... oh Ian," she whimpered and moaned and gnashed her teeth, biting at my neck and ear as I penetrated her. Cyndi squirmed against me as I shoved my cock between her spread legs, sliding it all the way into her cunt. She was tight. My cock felt like it was in a vise-grip of pleasure! I grunted and held my shaft in there, savoring the feel of Cyndi's hot cunt around me.

"Oh God, Ian," she panted as I began to fuck her.

I slid my cock slowly in and out of Cyndi's cunt, working her up as I picked up speed. My cock was swollen and bursting with cum.

"I love you, Ian," panted Cyndi into my ear as I fucked her hard. "I really love you... your cock is so good... keep fucking me."

"Oh, yeah, baby. I'm gonna cum."

"Yes... oh Ian... cum in my slit... keep fucking me till you cum..."

"Your cunt feels so good..."

"Harder, brother! Fuck me harder!"

I shoved faster in and out of Cyndi's cunt, grunting rhythmically as I entered her again and again. She straddled me and rubbed her tits against my chest and then with a huge groan, she began fucking her hips up and down in time with my cock plunging into her. I let out a moan of pleasure -- I was about to cum!

"Oh, yeah, Sis, keep fucking. I'm gonna cum in your snatch."

"Uh -- Ian, cum in me."

My cock jerked and began to spurt. I felt my muscles twitching as waves of pleasure ran through me. Thick streams of jizz burst into Cyndi's cunt as I pounded into it. As I finished spurting, Cyndi went limp on top of me, whimpering.

"I can't wait till tonight," whispered Cyndi, slowly rubbing her erect nipples against my soapy chest. "You're going to get me shit-faced drunk and fuck me up the ass. You're going to ass-fuck me on our parent's bed. You're going to get me drunk... and spread my cheeks... and enter me... promise?"

"Sis, you couldn't stop me now. I'm going to ass-fuck you whether you like it or not."

"Don't say that," she giggled. "Don't think for a second I want anything except your cock up my ass." She sighed, rubbing her lips against my ear. "Promise me you'll be rough. Throw me on the bed and fuck me up the ass. Fuck me good and hard -- that's the way I like it."

"I'll do anything you want, baby."

"Good." Cyndi sighed and began nuzzling my throat. "I say we buy expensive champagne. I'm going to drink a lot of it. Whenever we've gotten drunk together, I've wanted to kiss you. I've wanted to unzip your pants and go down on you. Last night when you came in my mouth it was... oh, Ian, it was a dream. I loved it. I want you to cum in my mouth again soon. Promise me? I want to swallow all your cum. I love the way you taste. Remember when you got me drunk over Christmas vacation?"

"I remember," I said.

"I kept hoping you'd slip your hand under my shirt when we were sleeping on the couch. But you didn't. I was so horny for you, I could feel your cock against my ass. I didn't really sleep all night. I was too horny! I could feel that you were hard. I knew you wanted to fuck me. And now you are."

"You bet I am," I sighed, stroking Cyndi's back soothingly.

"And a good thing, too," said Cyndi. "I was about to go bonkers from lust for my brother!"


It was Friday night, but Cyndi and I stayed in. I got some expensive champagne at the liquor store on Mom and Dad's charge card. Cyndi stayed home and got ready for a long evening of subtle drinking and talking and afterwards, some incredible balling.

She looked gorgeous. Cyndi had put on her best make-up, and she had a certain glow about her. She was very eager to spend some time with her older brother. We lay down on Mom and Dad's bed, stretched out sensuously with our champagne glasses. I'd even gotten out the ice bucket so we could keep the drink chilled near the bed. Cyndi wore a shimmering grey nightie -- a very short one that just came past her hips so that her gorgeous legs were displayed. They were smooth and looked particularly enticing. From the first glimpse I got, I wanted to spread them and lie between them. Under her nightie, Cyndi wore a pair of lacy string panties to match. The panties were tight and skimpy, and I could see the outline of her pale pubic hair underneath. The lace was see-through, so I could catch the shape of her warm cunt past the crotch when she bent over or twisted around. The nightie was lacy, too, and the neckline was very low and showed her pert breasts. Her nipples were already hard and pink and erect, and jutted through the thin satin of the nightie. It was sleeveless, so I could see Cyndi's shoulders against the spaghetti straps. Cyndi's hair hung loose and wild around her neck. She wore long silver earrings that complimented the shape of her face.

I came into the bedroom and slipped out of my jeans and shirt. I lay down on the bed in just my tight jockey shorts. I gave Cyndi a kiss and before long her tongue was sliding in and out of my mouth. My cock bulged hard against my underpants as Cyndi kissed me.

When she pulled back, we picked up our champagne glasses.

"To us," she said, clinking glasses with me.

"And to incest," she giggled, winking at me. She sipped her champagne as I felt a rush of lust for her. But I held myself back -- I wanted to savor the evening of fucking with my sister. I knew what I was going to do later, just what Cyndi had asked me to do later. I was going to lay Cyndi down and fuck her up the ass. But for now, I just ran my eyes over her skimpily clad form and watched her breasts slowly moving up and down as she breathed.

Cyndi took a few sips of the champagne, and then lifted the glass and gulped it down. She licked her lips, breathing heavily as she swallowed the last.

"I'm going to get drunk," she giggled. "Then you can take advantage of me."

I reached out and got the bottle. I poured Cyndi another glass, watching her eyes as they absently roved over my bare chest. She wanted it bad. I could tell she really wanted to get fucked. But she wanted to celebrate with her brother first.

"Are you sure I have to get you drunk to take advantage of you?" I grinned. I began to drink my first glass, eyeing Cyndi over the rim as she lifted her second. She gulped that one, too, her breasts heaving rhythmically as she swallowed. It occurred to me how much she loved swallowing. I didn't doubt she'd get a chance to swallow my cock again soon.

"Of course," laughed Cyndi. "I'm a naive young virgin and your little sister! You've got to seduce me."

I chuckled. Cyndi stretched out on the bed, holding her empty glass. She stared at me as I drank. Her hips were slightly parted and her breath was coming quickly from her lust. She'd put on lots of makeup -- especially lipstick, which made me want to ease her lips further apart, climb on top of her and slide my long cock between them. They were moist with champagne now, and there was a little ring of lipstick on the glass. I took the glass out of her hand as soon as I finished mine, and poured us each some more champagne.

"It's already going to my head," she sighed. "I feel all tingly."

Of course, I was already feeling tingly. I handed her the glass. "I think you'll feel plenty tingly once I get those panties off. I'm going to fuck you before you get off on this bed, you know."

"Oooooh," she sighed. "There's nothing better than getting fucked on your parents' bed!"

"By your brother," I laughed.

"Or someone else..." She smiled and let her hand drift down my chest. She set her hand on my hip, toying with the elastic waistband of my jockey shorts. She stared into my eyes suggestively as I looked at her.

"Like who?" I smiled.

"Like... oh, your parents."

"You're kidding," I said.

She giggled and drank some champagne. "Don't tell me you haven't figured it out," she sighed. "Dad and I have been fucking for a few months now. As soon as I lost my virginity, I began to realize how much he turned me on -- almost as much as you, brother! But he's far less dense... I barely even had to take my clothes off in front of him and he got the picture."

My cock had begun to throb and ache with desire. What the hell was she saying! My sister was lying here half-naked on the bed, telling me she was fucking our father!

"Mmmm," sighed Cyndi, touching my cock lightly through the damp cotton of my underpants. "Does that turn you on?"

"You bet it does! You mean to tell me you're fucking Dad?"

"Whenever possible," she said. "Do you want to hear the whole story?"

"Go for it," I said, "It'll make for good foreplay."

"Ooooooh, I love telling stories." Cyndi finished her champagne and set the glass down on the nightstand. I could tell it was going to her head -- her breasts were heaving nicely and she looked very off-center and loosened up. I didn't doubt I could do whatever I wanted to her -- but I wanted to hear her story first.

"Well... I didn't think of Dad as a man until after Brad fucked me... you know?" Brad was Cyndi's first boyfriend, the one who'd taken her virginity. "But after he popped my cherry... I just went wild. I started watching Daddy, and fantasizing about him. I really got turned on whenever I saw him. And he could tell, too. I got into prancing about the house half-naked... I'm sure you've noticed. And Daddy was watching me, too... he and I would flirt whenever Mom wasn't home. And then... once while Mom was at a dinner party, Daddy and I drank some wine together. And before long his hands were up my shirt and he was french-kissing me! God, I was so horny for him! He took me in here -- onto this bed and stripped my clothes off. Then he spread my legs and fucked me. It was great! That's when I really started to think about you, Ian -- when Daddy made me cum. I'd never had an orgasm before... when I tried to masturbate, I just couldn't do it. I needed a cock inside me, but Brad wasn't big enough. Daddy's almost as big as you! And he's such a good fuck."

Cyndi was staring into my eyes. I was panting with desire. She let her hand travel down my stomach and tug my jockey shorts down. My cock popped out, hard and ready. Cyndi's hand went around my long shaft and she gently stroked it with her fingertips, teasing me further. Then she went on with her story.

"When he was finished cumming inside me, Daddy and I just lay here and kissed. And then I asked him to fuck me up the ass... I was a virgin back there. Daddy had done it to Mom a lot... I'd spied on them in bed now and then, and the idea really got me wet. So Daddy greased up my asshole... and slid his cock up my ass. It was so good... oh God..."

She was panting crazily now, biting her lip. Her grip tightened on my cock and she began to jerk it up and down. She rubbed the thick, cum-streaked head with her thumb and started talking again!

"But I wasn't ready for what happened after that! Mom started coming on to me!"

I gasped. "Wh-what?" Cyndi nodded, still holding my cock. It had seemed to get harder when she'd said that. The idea of Mom and her together -- it was too much!

"Daddy told her that I was hot for him and that they'd fucked. She started walking around the house half-naked. You know how gorgeous Mom is. I was going nuts with my wet pussy! You know that black negligee she has -- the lacy one, with the garters?"

"Yeah," I panted hoarsely.

Cyndi giggled. "I bet you know. You've been watching her too, eh?"

I nodded, feeling Cyndi's hand jerk my cock around in small circles. She speeded up as she told me about Mom. "Well, one day she came in to my room only wearing that. God, I was so horny! She sat down on my bed and talked to my about love, and how women can love women and all that... and before long she was kissing me, too, and her hands were up my shirt feeling my tits. Then she slipped out of the negligee and got me out of my clothes. And ate my pussy! She made me cum, and then she let me eat her pussy, too. I liked it a lot. I was gushing all over the bed. When that was over, she took me up to their bedroom, where Daddy was waiting. Then both of them fucked me in bed, and Mom and I gave head to Daddy at the same time. And ever since then..."

"Yeah," I groaned. Cyndi stopped jerking me off. I was about to cum. She wanted to save me to cum inside her. She held my cock still as she bent close to me.

"Ever since then, Mom's been telling me how much she wants to get you in bed... so we'll all be one big happy family. Right?"

"Oh yeah..." I groaned.

"And... I want you... too," panted Cyndi, her lips parted and close to mine. She pressed her mouth against mine, and her hot tongue slid deep into my mouth. She began to whimper as she pressed her body against me. I could feel her hard nipples through the satin nightie. She moaned and kissed her way over to my ear, nibbling and nuzzling that as she began to stroke my cock again.

"Oh God..." she panted. "I want your cock... shoved up my ass... but first I want you to cum in my mouth... cum in my mouth... will you cum in my mouth, brother?"

"You bet," I moaned as Cyndi rubbed her satin-covered stomach loosely against my cum-slick shaft. She whimpered and began to kiss her way down my neck, nibbling and sucking at it as she did. She ran her tongue over my sweaty flesh, turning me on more as her tits brushed up and down over my cock. I felt her teeth closing gently on my chest-hair. Then she began to lick my nipples, sucking and nibbling at them as she flickered her tongue across my chest. Panting with desire, Cyndi kissed her way farther down toward my aching, bulging cock.

"Mmmmm..." cooed Cyndi as she positioned herself between my open legs. She knelt over my cock, which lay stretched out on my stomach. I ran my fingers through her light blonde hair as Cyndi breathed warmly over my shaft.

"It looks so good..." Cyndi's lips tickled the head of my cock, barely touching the rubbery flesh. Then she touched it with the tip of her tongue and began drawing a path of wet saliva slowly down the length of my prick. I moaned softly as Cyndi licked the length of my organ, then moved up to the head again and lifted it with one finger. She closed her lips around the cum-leaking head of my cock and began to suck it into her mouth. Cyndi let the whole powerful rod sink between her bright red lips, her warm tongue seething against it. She wrestled it into her mouth until the head pressed against her upper throat and then, straightening her head out so she could deep-throat me properly, Cyndi forced my cock down her throat.

"Oh yeah..." I groaned as Cyndi sucked my shaft into her mouth and throat all the way. She buried the whole length in her suckling warmth. I felt her lips clamping tightly around the base and her smooth chin tickling my pubic hair. I lifted my hips, pushing Cyndi's body up into the air a little. I began working my hips back and forth, fucking Cyndi's face as she began to give head. She lapped at the underside of my cock, pressing firmly against it and licking her way all over the erect shaft. Cyndi sucked harder as I began arching my spine rhythmically, matching the thrusts of her mouth down over my cock.

"Oh God, Sis -- it's so good. Eat my cock!"

Cyndi fucked my cock rapidly in and out of her mouth as her body undulated in between my legs. I could feel her tits pressing through the nightie against my thigh. She worked her whole body in time with her mouth. She was really getting into it. She whimpered in pleasure every time my cock plunged into her throat. My hip thrusts grew in intensity, until I was ramming my cock hard into Cyndi's throat. She went wild, hammering her whole body against me so that she sucked my cock down her throat with each thrust of my hips and then I knew she was going to make me cum!

"Cyndi... oh baby, I'm gonna cum in your mouth!"

Cyndi slid her hands under my body and pressed her fingers under the elastic legs of my tucked-down underpants. She cupped my ass-cheeks with her fingers, massaging them as she worked my cock into her mouth over and over again. And then, as I moaned loudly, my cock began to buck and jerk. With a sudden gush of pleasure, I felt my cock spurting out a thick load of jizz. Cyndi squealed, low in her throat. She ate me crazily, getting every last bit of my cum. As she fucked my long shaft in and out of her mouth, drops of semen ran down my cock and onto my balls. She licked after them as she swallowed. Her tongue drifted down over my balls and she started licking those as I finished cumming. Cyndi slid my softening cock out from between her lipstick-covered lips. Then she squeezed my cheeks, helping me to open my legs just a little bit further. She bent down between my thighs, pulling my underpants further off my balls. She began to lick and suck at my tingling scrotum, covering it in tiny, provocative tongue-strokes. I began to moan in post-orgasmic bliss. Then Cyndi slowly sucked my balls into her mouth, gently caressing them with her lips and tongue.

"Oh God, baby... that feels good... keep sucking my balls, Sis..."

Cyndi's mouth was teasing my balls into a frenzy, and before long I felt my cock getting hard all over again! I grunted as Cyndi's fingers curved around my semi-hard prick -- as she teased me, my cock came to full rigidity. It jutted out hard and ready to fuck her again.

Cyndi slid my balls out of her mouth. "Now are you ready to fuck me up the ass, Ian baby?"

"In a sec," I said. "First I want to get those clothes off of you."

"Tit for tat," panted Cyndi, her lips slick with cum and saliva. She tugged at my jockey shorts.

Cyndi took hold of my underpants and eased them off of my buttocks. Then she slid them down my legs, watching my face as she stripped me. She took my jockey shorts off over my ankles and tossed them on the floor.

"You next," I said. "Lie down."

Cyndi moved up the bed, falling into my arms. I set her down on the bed and reached up under her nightie. I couldn't resist the opportunity to feel out Cyndi's tits. I spread my fingers and slid one hand onto each of Cyndi's firm breasts. She let out a whimper and then a long, low moan of pleasure. I stroked her firm flesh with my hands as she arched her spine. I pinched her hard nipples very lightly. Her nipples were incredibly hard, and ready to be sucked. I moved my hand up and down her stomach and took hold of her elastic-waist panties.

Cyndi panted as I tugged her panties off of her. I slid the material over her shapely ass, then peeled it away from her damp cunt. It was soaked through so thoroughly that it stuck to her pussy and I had to pull it off. I could tell that a shiver of pleasure ran through Cyndi's body as she felt me stripping her cunt. I could smell Cyndi's musky cunt-juices. As a matter of fact, her thighs were damp with them. I watched the pretty outline of her legs as she lifted them so I could take off her panties.

I slid her panties over her shapely ankles and lifted them to my face. She watched me as I inhaled deeply, smelling the sexy odor of my sister's twat, finally sticking out my tongue and licking the saturated crotch-band. Then, tucking my hands under Cyndi's milky thighs, I bent forward and began to kiss her stomach.

Cyndi closed her eyes and whimpered softly as I ran my tongue over her stomach, dripping into her belly button and licking further down. I hadn't eaten my sister out yet, and I was ready to taste her young cunt. I wanted her to cum before I even put my cock inside her -- Cyndi needed a good eating-out! I licked the upper regions of Cyndi's soft pubic hair, letting my tongue trail down further. Cyndi spread her legs further, sliding her hands up her own nightshirt and onto her tits. She began to play with her tits as her thighs slid apart as far as they would go. She wanted me to have plenty of room to eat her out. I began to lick Cyndi's smooth inner thighs, tasting the tanginess of her luscious cunt-juices which had dripped down to cover her soft flesh. I lapped at it hungrily, teasing her so that she moaned in desire. Then I licked further up, easing my fingers closer to Cyndi's cunt.

I took a good look at my sister's tight slit. It was indeed a young cunt -- her hole was still tight and firm. Her lips were full and red with youth and horny warmth. I touched her cunt-lips with my fingers and slowly spread them apart. Cyndi let out a load gasp of surprise as I passed her pussy-lips and let the tip of my tongue trail a suggestive path around them. I licked the very outside of her pussy-lips, tickling her as she squirmed under me. Then I began to flick further in, touching the erect bud of her clit with her tongue.

Cyndi practically screamed as I touched that. She moaned wildly, shaking her head back and forth so her gorgeous blonde hair cascaded over her face. "Oh God, yes, Ian! Touch me there! Lick my pussy there! That feels so good. Lick me there! Keep licking me there!"

I wondered if Cyndi had ever had a man lick her clit. She tasted delicious, but with her lust for cock, it was hard to get her on her back long enough to get eaten properly! Unless, of course, she was getting a cock in her, Cyndi preferred to be upright and in action -- giving head or jerking me off. This time, though, I was going to eat her till she climaxed!

I thrust my tongue hungrily against Cyndi's clit, hearing her moan like that was the sexiest thing in the world! Cyndi's whole body shuddered with pleasure as I let my tongue flicker back and forth over her erect clit, licking at her faster and faster as I got hornier. I could feel my cock pressing rhythmically into the bed. I was saving this hard-on for Cyndi's asshole. First I wanted to hear her scream in orgasm, though. I shoved my whole tongue into the softness of her aching slit and tasted her delicious musky cunt-juices filling my mouth.

"Oh Ian! Eat me out... it's so good... Ah..."

I fucked my finger up between her swollen pussy-lips, touching the tight hole of her cunt. Cyndi moaned as she felt me licking her and touching her with my finger. She knew I was going to penetrate her with that finger as I ate her!

"Oh, Ian... put it in... it feels... oh... finger... me!"

Cyndi whimpered and then gasped as I began to slide my finger in. I lapped at her clit and her gushing cunt as my finger pressed in to her tight twat. She stroked her tits with her hands and pinched her nipples as I worked my finger in and out rapidly, eating her as I began to finger-fuck her hard!

"Two fingers -- put two fingers into me, Ian!"

I doubled up my fingers and began fucking Cyndi with two. She moaned and whimpered and gnashed her teeth, pinching her tits harder as her hips rocked back and forth. I lapped at her clit quicker, tonguing her as she got closer. Then Cyndi let out a wild scream of ecstasy.

"Ian, darling brother, make me cum! I'm cumming! Keep fucking -- OH!"

I felt Cyndi's cunt contracting as her orgasm flooded through her. Her whole body seemed to twitch and jerk as she came. I could see her eyes going wide as the spasms ran into her whole body. I kept ramming my fingers into her slit, feeling the muscles of her cunt gripping me tightly. I licked at her harder, drinking her delicious pussy-juices as she came. Then, with a long, low sigh, Cyndi went limp.

I slid out from between her legs, pulling my fingers out of her. I got to my knees, leaning over my sister as I licked my lips of her cunt-juices. Cyndi started kissing me, drinking what she could of her tangy, musky pussy off of my lips. She stared up into my eyes, panting.

Cyndi reached up with her hand and took hold of my cock. She licked her lips nervously, knowing what I was going to do next.

"Roll over," I told her. "I'm going to butt-fuck you."


Cyndi's eyes were wide with anticipation, and her tits jiggled quickly back and forth from her heavy breathing. I could tell she wanted it, bad. I helped her roll over and lie on her stomach with her bare ass facing up. She stared back at me, panting and horny. Her ass looked good and spreadable. I couldn't wait to slide my cock in between her cheeks. Megan and I had never fucked that way. I hadn't butt-fucked a woman in months. My first girlfriend, Cherry, had loved it that way and we'd indulged often. But Megan was an ass-virgin, so she was apprehensive. My cock was dying to get into a woman's back door -- Cyndi's, since she had the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen. And I had seen her get fucked up the ass by Rod, and it was simply the sexiest act she could put on.

Cyndi still had her nightie gown as she lay ready for me to fuck her asshole. I didn't want her to take it off, though. I liked the way it looked on her. And besides, her ass was plenty bare enough to get fucked. The nightie was very short, and it had fallen forward a little over her tits when she'd rolled onto her stomach. So she kept her lacy nightshirt on as I climbed to my knees on the bed behind her.

"Spread your legs, Cyndi. I'm going to spread your cheeks."

Cyndi let her legs slide open. I got between her parted thighs, staring at her smooth buttocks. I took hold of her ass and began to massage her cheeks gently. She seemed very nervous, but I knew how much Cyndi loved anal sex. I was going to butt-fuck her good. I'd be gentle at first, but she'd made me promise to be rough. I'd ass-fuck my sister quite good.

I parted Cyndi's thighs and bent forward over her, tugging my cock down toward her asshole. I was going to tease her first. I rubbed my cock-head into her crack, massaging the little drop of pre-cum into her asshole. She let out a moan of pleasure as she felt my touching her dry, tight asshole with my cock. I slowly jerked my cock up and down in Cyndi's tight crack, between the smooth mounds of her ass. I worked my hips up and down, stroking Cyndi's asshole with my shaft.

"That feels good," whimpered Cyndi nervously. Her asshole was very tight, and she seemed a little apprehensive about taking it up her back door. I supposed that every new cock made her nervous -- no matter how many cocks she'd let in her rear entrance.

"Mmmmm..." Cyndi sighed as I rubbed her with my cock. I looked down at the gorgeous slope of her buttocks, and the luscious pink hole between the spread cheeks. I simply had to get a taste of her before I oiled her up and slid my cock in there. Her asshole looked incredibly good. I moved down a little bit, prying her cheeks apart further with my fingers. Then I began to lick a trail down Cyndi's back, into the upper regions of her crack. I slid my tongue lower, toward her tight hole.

"Oh... Ian... what are you doing...?"

I licked my way into her tangy crack, sliding my tongue against her asshole. Cyndi let out a moan of pleasure, then quickly protested.

"No -- Ian -- don't lick me there. Oh, that's so dirty... oh God... it feels so good..."

I licked deeper, pressing the tip of my tongue into Cyndi's hole. She groaned as she felt it penetrating her. Her protests had subsided, but as I began to work my tongue in and out of her tight ass, she started groaning halfheartedly, begging me to stop.

"Ian... that's filthy... oh... God... uh... how can you... lick me there... oh, OH. Ah... good... please don't... please... sto -- sto -- Ahhhhhhh-staaaaaaahppppp..."

Cyndi's voice trailed off as she moaned in pleasure. I kept licking her, working my tongue between my cheeks, up and down. She reached back and spread her buttocks wider with her hands, making sure that I had a clean shot to her tight pink asshole. She whimpered and squirmed against the bed as I rimmed her.

"So good..." she panted. "Keep... licking me... there... it's so kinky... good... feel... it's good..."

I thrust my tongue into Cyndi's back hole and felt it enter her as far as it could. She was beginning to relax, now that I'd licked her up right. Cyndi's ass looked smooth and good, and I was ready to fuck it.

"Feel good?" I asked her as I slid my tongue away from her. I got to my knees and reached for the jar of Vaseline on the nightstand.

"Feels... gooooood..." sighed Cyndi. "I want your cock in there... I want you to cum up my ass..." I dipped my finger in and pressed my greased fingertip against Cyndi's tight hole.

"Oh God," she moaned as I began to work it in. She was tight, but she'd plainly been fucked a lot in there. I slid my whole finger in, and Cyndi bit her lip as she whimpered.

"So good..." she panted. "So... fuckin... good... want your cock, Ian... want your cum... butt-fuck me... hard..."

I slid my finger in and out of Cyndi's asshole, watching her buttocks tense and quiver as I penetrated her with my thick middle finger. Her lips were parted wide as she panted in the rhythm of my finger going up her ass. Cyndi stared back at me, begging me to ass-fuck her.

I had her back door nicely greased by now. My cock was about bursting from watching Cyndi squirm on the bed. I smeared a little jelly on the head of my cock, knowing that Cyndi's ass would be tight. I moved a little bit closer, pressing my thick, engorged cock-head into Cyndi's crack.

"Oh yeah..." she panted. "God fucking damn... Ian... enter me."

I worked my prick around in little circles, wanting Cyndi to beg for it before I let her have my whole cock. I slid the thick head in, feeling her sphincter muscles tighten around it. She clenched her cheeks together, gripping my cock as I slid it gradually back and forth, maybe an inch into her.

"OH God... it's so big... it's so big..." she panted. "Your cock's the biggest... up my ass -- but it feels so good..."

"It'll be good Sis," I said. "I promise. I'll fuck you good up the ass. It'll feel good."

She stared back at me, breathless, her eyes wide. "I want it," she said. "I want you to fuck me up the ass. Don't let me stop you. Just do it. Just butt-fuck me good and hard!"

"I will, Sis." I began to slide my cock forward, stretching Cyndi out with it. I felt her writhing in pleasure as I penetrated her asshole.

"I love you, Ian," she gasped as she felt my cock going in. I shoved harder, putting my whole long prick into her. Cyndi's body shook and quivered in ecstasy as she felt my cock sliding between her greased cheeks. Her hole gripped me tightly, but as I pulled my cock in and out a few times, it started to stretch to accommodate my huge organ. I leaned forward on my knees and then lay down on top of Cyndi, her ass pressed around the base of my cock. I nuzzled her ear, licking it softly, impaling her from behind with my erect pole.

"Feel good, Sis?" I asked as I slid my cock in and out of her gently.

"Feels... so... good... just fuck me! Just fuck your sister's ass! Cum in my asshole, Ian. And fuck me hard!"

I pulled my cock back and then shoved it hard forward, still licking Cyndi's ear. I started ramming my prick in between Cyndi's tender cheeks, feeling her asshole grip it. It felt so good and I could tell Cyndi was loving it, too! She wasn't nervous at all, now, and her asshole was taking my cock easier than I'd dreamed! She really was an ass-slut! I butt-fucked her rapidly, getting closer fast. Her asshole was incredibly tight, even if it took my prick smoothly and it felt great!

"Feels -- good, Sis -- I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too! Keep... fucking... Ian... don't cum yet... oh God! Bone my ass!"

My hips thundered wildly against Cyndi's gorgeous buttocks as I propelled my thick rod into her asshole. Then, with a loud groan, Cyndi came, her body twisting and jerking under mine as I butt-fucked her. Cyndi let out a final sigh of pleasure, and went limp under her brother as my cock picked up speed in between her cheeks. In her tight hole, I could feel my cock spurting, sending waves of pleasure into me and her. I filled her tight hole with stream after stream of semen, and then lay on top of her, my cock getting soft as leftover spasms twitched through me.

We lay like that for a long time, and then Cyndi slipped out of her nightshirt as I got off of her. We slid under the covers and wrapped ourselves in the satin sheets, pressing our naked bodies together.

"That was the best ass-fuck," she sighed. "You're the biggest cock that's fucked me there. I want to do it again."

"Soon," I said. "Your asshole's incredible."

"I'm still drunk..." she giggled. We went on talking for a little bit and then she remembered.

"Doug and Al are coming over tomorrow night," she said. "We're supposed to drink together again."

"What? You're going to spend tomorrow night with them?"

"Just the evening," she pouted. "I promised them!"

"I guess it's OK," I smiled. "It'll give me time to recuperate."

"And you're welcome to come along, you know."

"Nah," I said. "I'd rather fuck you alone." That wasn't true at all, actually. It just occurred to me that Cyndi's window would no doubt be open when she was "drinking" with Al and Doug. And as a matter of fact, I wouldn't be doing much recuperating at all! But Cyndi had a dirtier mind than I gave her credit for.

"You could even watch," she said. "You could videotape us... on Dad's camera."

A grin slowly crept across my face. "If you promise to put on a good show... it's a deal."

"Good show!" Cyndi laughed. "How could I not, with two gorgeous guys fucking me! Of course, I could put some extra effort into it..."

"I want to see them both fuck you at the same time," I said.

"You mean..."

"That's right."

"You mean... one up my ass... and one in my cunt?"

"You got it."

She smiled, kissing my softly on the lips.

"If my brother specially requests it..." She sighed and snuggled her nude body against mine. "Then I'll do it. Better make sure there's plenty of tape in the camera!"


"How do you think we should test it out?" giggled Cyndi, walking into my room where the camera was set up. She turned toward the camera and switched it on. It was pointed at the bed. She looked into it and reached for the bottom of her tight T-shirt. Smiling flirtatiously at the camera, she lifted her shirt off her body. Underneath she wore a lacy red pushup bra. Cyndi smiled as she played with her nipples, then got out of the bra by unfastening it between her tits. Her nipples were rock-hard. Cyndi wore only a tight pair of panties on her lower half; she turned her ass to the camera and took a long time slipping out of her panties. Then she bent over the bed, exposing her pink cunt between her spread legs. She reached underneath and stroked her pussy, then slid a finger into her cunt, moaning. She turned her head toward the microphone boom and panted into it. "I want to fuck you, camera. I wish I could fuck you. I want to fuck everyone who's ever going to see this. I'm just a slut. A whore. I'm a porn-star!"

Cyndi giggled and climbed onto the bed, doggy-style. She turned to me as she played with her pussy. "Ian," she smiled. "Would you go get me my dildo? The big one. You know where it is... don't you?"

I ran quickly into Cyndi's room and got the dildo out of her top drawer. I came back in and got behind her, kneeling down at the side of the bed so I'd be off-camera.

"Oh yes..." she panted. "Put it in my pussy."

I slid the dildo into Cyndi's cunt, burying it to the hilt inside her. Then I tugged back, working it in and out. Cyndi began to moan loud, thrashing about doggy-style on the bed. She took the dildo from my hand and started fucking herself, jogging up and down on the dildo as she moved it quickly in and out of her tight slit.

"Oh God," she panted. "I'm such an exhibitionist... do you think we could get this on network TV? I want the whole world to know what a slut I am." Cyndi eased the dildo out of her pussy. I moved behind the camera and watched through the viewfinder as she rubbed the cunt-juiced dildo over her nude body, touching her warm nipples, then her mouth. She licked the plastic cock and slid it into her mouth, sucking on it. She deep throated it only one good thrust, but it was enough to make my cock bulge in my pants. Then she rubbed the dildo-head across her face, stomach, tits, legs and finally got back onto her knees with her ass facing the camera. Spreading her cheeks, she began to put the dildo up her ass.

I watched, my prick bulging with lust as I saw Cyndi put the rubber shaft up to her asshole. She gasped as she began to press it in. I picked up the camera and pressed "ZOOM", getting in close to see the puckered hole of Cyndi's ass as she thrust the dildo in her back door.

"Good... so good... make sure you get it all on tape..." she whimpered. "It's so good..."

Cyndi began to thrust the dildo in and out of her ass... she butt-fucked herself with it, rocking her hips back and forth rapidly. When she started getting really horny, Cyndi bit her lip and got onto her stomach, rubbing her tits against the bed. I zoomed in on her cunt, then her asshole, and then her hot, gorgeous face. Cyndi looked at me as she panted, "Get on the bed... ass-fuck me!"

Cyndi slipped the dildo out of her asshole and back into her cunt. She lay, fucking herself, as I slipped out of my clothes and climbed on top of her. Cyndi was face down, and her ass was now lubricated with her fragrant cunt-juices. I lay down on top of Cyndi and put my bulbous head up against the tight hole of her ass. Her luscious cheeks parted smoothly and I shoved in, penetrating her with my cock. Cyndi moaned as it went in. She was still very tight there. But I could tell she loved it. I started pumping away on my porn-star slut sister, working my cock up her ass rhythmically. I reached under her to help her shove the dildo into her pussy with the same tempo. Then I began to finger her tits with my other hand. Cyndi's mouth was wide and she kept screaming in pleasure as she got ready to cum. I fucked Cyndi up the ass harder, pounding my shaft into her tight bum-hole as Cyndi's buttocks thumped faster up and down into the bed.

I rolled onto my back, dragging Cyndi with me so that her spread legs were facing the camera. That way her tight cheeks were wedged around my hard shaft as it plunged into her oiled hole, again and again. I rammed my cock into her, getting ready to cum as Cyndi moaned with her own orgasm. But we were a porn movie -- I grunted into Cyndi's ear.

"Jerk me off," I said. "Just like in the movies. Jerk my cum over your tits."

Cyndi let out a wail of ecstasy as she lifted her ass, pulling my orgasmic cock out of it. She reached between her legs, stuffing the dildo into her cunt and holding it there with her pussy muscles so she could get my cock with both hands. I groaned as I felt Cyndi's grip jerking my cock up and down and then my cock exploded in cum! A thick stream of jizz shot into Cyndi's hand and splashed past it, over her tits and face. I reached up and smeared the cum into Cyndi's breasts as she jerked me off, milking more out of my prick. Another spurt of the thick fluid landed between her tits and I rubbed it over her nipples. Several more gushing torrents of semen went onto Cyndi's stomach, dribbling down over her dildo-filled cunt.

When I was finished covering Cyndi's body with jizz, she giggled and started rubbing it off with her fingers so she could lick them. She smeared the jizz onto her lips and face, then licked it off. Her tits were still shiny with the stuff as she got up from the bed and moved toward the hall. She switched off the camera and popped the tape out, taking it with her as her gorgeous cum-streaked nude ass swayed away. I could still see the hilt of the dildo sticking out of her cunt, but she didn't move to take it out.

Cyndi turned and winked at me. "Come on," she said. "I think we should watch it together on Dad's big TV!"

I followed Cyndi downstairs, my eyes fixed on her swaying, gorgeous ass and the back end of the dildo sticking out of her cunt. I couldn't believe her cunt was tight enough to hold on to that rubber prick, huge as it was! But I knew from inside experience that my little sister was, indeed, very tight.

Cyndi popped the tape in and turned everything on, including me as she bent over the console with her ass in the air and the dildo jutting out.

Cyndi sprawled out in front of the TV, her legs spread. I bent over her as the action started onscreen. I eased my hand between her legs and gently slid the dildo out of her cunt. She gasped as it left her, then let out a whimper.

I lifted the dildo to her face and let her clean it of her cunt-juices by licking it all over. I eased it into her mouth and she gave it head as she cleaned it. When it was shiny with Cyndi's spittle instead of cunt-juice, I set it on Mom's coffee table, careful to put it on a coaster. Mom was a real stickler about those things.

It was a perfect take, we saw when we looked at the videotape. Cyndi and I lay there nude in front of the television set and watched her caressing and fucking herself, and then I came into the picture. As Cyndi watched me ass-fucking her, she got really hot, and her nipples seemed to grow until they resembled unpitted cherries. I bent over her and started licking her tits, nibbling at her firm nipples. I slid my cock into her pussy and fucked her again as she curved her spread thighs around me.

"Oh God..." she panted, watching as my ass pumped up and down on top of her on camera. "It's so good... you're so sexy... I love your ass... fuck me harder..."

"You're a porn star," I panted, working my cock in and out of Cyndi's slit. "My baby sister's a porn star."

"Yeah, oh yeah... and you're fucking her... oh yeah your sister Cyndi's a porn star slut... fuck my slit..."

On the TV, I had rolled onto my back and Cyndi was now sprawled, facing the camera. That's when she had started fucking her cunt in earnest with the dildo while I'd pounded away with my shaft between her cheeks. Cyndi's eyes were now wide open, staring at the TV screen as she watched herself getting double-penetrated by rubber and flesh. But for now my cock was enough. I thrust harder into her, fucking rhythmically as Cyndi moaned.

"We should sell it," she panted. "We should fucking sell this porn tape... I'll call myself Cyndi Slit... oh God... baby... fuck me..."

The soundtrack of the videotape was just a series of moans now, as I pulled out of her asshole and rammed my cock between her legs. Cyndi reached down and jerked me off, screaming wildly onscreen as my cum splattered up all over her tits and stomach and cunt. Cyndi went limp on the screen, but in real life she was still bucking and thrusting under my cock. Her cunt gripped me tight as she moaned. "Don't pull out this time, Ian baby. We're not on camera. I want to feel your cum inside me. Cum inside my pussy, brother. Your sister the porn star's pussy. Cyndi Slit's pussy!"

"Oh God," I grunted, pounding into her. "I'm gonna..."

"Put your finger up my ass first, baby. Finger in my asshole!"

I rolled half over onto my side as I fucked Cyndi, so that her cheeks were exposed. She lifted one leg and draped it over my waist as we rubbed our nude bodies together on the thick living room carpet. I shoved my cock into her again and again while I reached down and took a good hold of her ass. Then I slid my finger into her cum-greased asshole, fucking her harder as I felt it go in.

"Fuck, that's good -- oh, FUCK YEAH! Goddamn, that feels so sexy... Oh yeah -- oh yeah -- your sister's a slut on nationwide TV. I'm Cyndi Slit the slut! Oh... fuck me... cum... cum -- uh! Tonight you're gonna see your sister get double-penetrated by two hung studs! Just like a porn flick! Oh God. Cum inside me. Oh YEAH!"

My cock swelled up with jizz and then suddenly got ready to burst inside my sister.

Cyndi's ass-muscles contracted on my finger as I began to spurt into her. I writhed and groaned as my cock propelled line after line of jizz into Cyndi's waiting hole. She fucked her hips forward and back against me, taking my cock into her pussy at a greater rate as she felt my warm spunk filling her.

I thrust my finger back into her ass, feeling the pressure against Cyndi's anus as my cock shoved into the thin wall of flesh which separated her twin holes. Cyndi was moaning and thrashing and begging for me to fuck her harder as I fingered her asshole and pounded my cock into her ripe pussy. My sister wrapped her arms around me and rubbed her sweaty tits against my bare chest, squirming and rocking with me as her tits wiped cum all over my hairy chest. Cyndi thrust her mouth against my neck and bit my skin hard as she worked her hips up and down, taking my spewing cock again and again. She whimpered: "Cum inside me... keep spurting... spurt in my cunt... fill me... fill me..."

I kept cumming for as long as I could, pleasure flooding through me as I lay wedged between Cyndi's wide-open thighs. But she milked my cock quickly of all the cum I had to give with her tight cunt contractions. When I came my last, Cyndi went limp in my arms, letting out a long sigh of pleasure.

"Oh God..." she panted. "And that's only the warm-up shot! Wait until you see your sister being seduced onscreen by two studs... they're going to fuck me both at once!"

"You bet they are," I grunted, rubbing my soft cock against Cyndi's cum-greased snatch. "From both ends. You can't wait, can you, you porn star slut?" I laughed, teasing her.

"Slut?" she said naively. "Did you call me a slut? I'm not a slut... I'm just a good actress!" she giggled, slowly rubbing her hard nipples against my chest as she kissed me hungrily.


I leaned over the video camera and peered into the viewfinder. They were beginning to get down to business, though not the kind of business I was looking into. Doug had just poured Cyndi her first drink, a straight shot of vodka. Cyndi was a tough girl and she liked to get really drunk. They were all sitting on our parents' bed, but they all had their clothes on. Cyndi was wearing a red mini-dress that hung low around her tits and high around her ass. Under that she had on a push-up bra which made her cleavage quite obvious in that dress. On her lower half she had a pair of split-crotch red fishnet pantyhose and no panties, so her cunt was bare. I'd watched her put all this on, going crazy with lust. But Doug and Al were almost here when she'd gotten dressed, since she and I had fucked the whole afternoon away watching that damned tape. So I hadn't been able to do anything to Cyndi's split-crotch... and now my cock was bulging hard against my jeans. I just had on my jeans and a T-shirt, like both Doug and Al. Cyndi was the only one who enjoyed having the pretense of clothes, as if she was pretending they were going to do something other than have a threesome. They weren't -- she knew it, I knew it, they knew it. And the camera knew it. It didn't bother me one bit. Dad was an electronics freak, and I knew how to use all his stuff -- lucky for us! The video camera was high resolution, and he even had a shotgun mike -- expensive, believe me! The microphone pointed in through the open sliding-glass door and would pick up the conversation if it got loud enough -- which wouldn't be too loud, I figured. That way, our porn movie would have soundtrack.

I put on the headphones and listened. They were making dull conversation, nothing about sex yet. I sighed in disgust. Would I have to wait forever to see my sister in a threesome?

Cyndi had left the sliding-glass door to our parent's balcony open. I was in her room -- it was in a better spot to observe the master bedroom. With the window open, there wouldn't be any problem with glare. And it was dark in Cyndi's room, so Doug and Al wouldn't be tipped off that they were being watched. Cyndi's room was around the side of the second floor from Mom and Dad's, so I had a straight-line beaver shot (so to speak) of Cyndi's lustful activities.

I glanced around Cyndi's room. It was too damn dark in here! I didn't want to flip the lights, so I lit one of Cyndi's scented candles. This box was labeled "MUSK... FOR THE SCENT OF PASSION." No doubt! It wasn't bright enough, so I lit three, putting them in her favorite candelabra.

I looked in the viewfinder. They were still drinking. Doug and Al were probably shy. Those idiots! Being shy didn't do any good around Cyndi -- she'd fuck you anyway!

I had too many clothes on. I found a skimpy silk robe in Cyndi's closet that she'd pinched from one of her many boyfriends. Even so, it was made for a man smaller than me, though it was huge on Cyndi. I slipped out of my jeans and underwear and shirt. I stood there naked for a second. My cock wasn't even hard yet, Cyndi was just drinking with some friends. But as I stood there and thought about what Cyndi was going to do with her male friends, I felt the blood rushing to my cock. I walked to the window and looked into the camera. Doug's hand was on Cyndi's shoulder, but no more. But I could see the curve of Cyndi's luscious leg through the fishnet stockings. I thought about her split-crotch pantyhose and how much I'd like to split it farther, so I could get at her asshole and ease my cock into it. My cock began to throb, getting as hard as it had ever been.

I picked up the robe and got into the tiny thing, belting it around my waist. Though it was a man's robe, it seemed ridiculously frilly and pompous. My hard cock poked through it, and I had the sudden desire to jerk off on Cyndi's bed. Holding my cock in my hand, I moved over and got to my knees on it, then fell on my back looking up and working my cock around in big circles.

I lay there on Cyndi's bed to wait. When I put my head on the pillow, I realized that there was something under it. I looked underneath and there were a pair of black candies -- apparently a little melted, but never burned.

"What would Cyndi be doing with candies under her pillow," I muttered out loud. The ends were smooth and rounded, and looked a little like...

I chuckled. I lifted each candle to my face and sniffed it. I smelled the pungent scent of Cyndi's cunt on one, and on the other the luscious odor of Cyndi's asshole. I had read about that, but never encountered a chick kinky enough to actually do it! Let alone my own sister... I never suspected.

I went over to the camera and looked in the viewfinder. They were playing quarters. When were they going to give it up and start fucking? But in any event, there were three empty shot-glasses by Cyndi's side, so I suspected the action would start soon.

As a matter of fact, it did.

Doug was sitting behind Cyndi on the bed. His legs were spread slightly, and I could see the bulge in his pants. Cyndi was sitting very ladylike with her legs crossed and over the side of the bed. Al was in front of her. Doug suddenly lunged forward and pressed his mouth to Cyndi's ear, licking it hungrily. At the same time, his hands curved around her and slid neatly down her dress. All at once, Doug started massaging Cyndi's tits hungrily while Al kissed her lips and shoved his tongue in and out of her mouth. Cyndi melted into their arms as Doug began to unzip the back of her dress.

They pulled the dress forward and off of her. As Doug helped Cyndi get her arms out of the dress, Al leaned over her and slipped her lacy bra down, exposing her hard nipples. I put on the headphones so I could hear what was going on.

"Oh yes!" moaned Cyndi as Al began licking her nipples. I refocused the camera to make sure we were getting all of it. I listened to Cyndi's moans, but they were faint even with the expensive mike. I figured that her performance would be enough visually. I watched, my cock bursting out of the robe, as they went at it. Al slipped Cyndi out of her dress all the way. Now all she had on was the bra and the pantyhose. Cyndi reached down and unzipped Al's pants, groping for his cock. She found it, and began to jerk his cock up and down rapidly as he sucked her tits. Meanwhile, Doug was easing Cyndi into a kneeling position. She lifted her ass in the air, pushing Al down face-up onto the bed. She started french-kissing him as she worked with his cock. Doug got behind her and spread her legs so she was just about doggy-style. He slid his finger into her and I heard her moan wildly. Then he put two in there, and with his other hand he spread her cheeks. Cyndi moved a little ways down Al's body as Doug put his fingers into her asshole. He double-fucked her with his fingers as Cyndi positioned herself over Al's hard prick.

She began to give Al slavering, drooling head. She worked crazily with his cock, shoving it rapidly in and out of her mouth. She swallowed the entire shaft and then pushed it back out of her mouth, sucking at the head with her bright red lips. All the while Doug kept fucking her from behind with his fingers. Finally, Doug struggled out of his clothes and stood naked behind Cyndi. Then he climbed onto the bed and took his erect cock in his hand.

Cyndi's pantyhose were made especially for fucking, so the split-crotch was wide and perfectly big enough to accommodate Doug's prick. Doug parted the slit of Cyndi's pantyhose, and then parted the swollen lips of her cunt. He eased his cock up to her slit with his hand. Doug groaned as he began to enter Cyndi.

He buried himself hilt-deep in Cyndi's cunt. I think it was her cunt, though I couldn't see. It was definitely her cunt, from the way she was moaning. Doug began pumping his cock in and out of my sister's twat, as she worked Al into a frenzy with her mouth. She pounded his cock in between her lips -- just like I'd watched her do before. She was good at it. She lapped at Al's shaft with all the fervor I'd ever seen in any woman. Cyndi thrust Al's organ rhythmically down her throat as Doug pumped into her from behind.

Al looked around ready to cum, and so did Doug. Cyndi sounded like she'd already cum about a dozen times, but she was still intent on getting as much of her partner's semen as she could. She slid Al's cock out of her mouth and began jerking him off -- just as a huge stream of jizz erupted from the engorged head of his organ. The thick burst of cum splashed over Cyndi's face, covering her lips and cheeks with semen. She worked at Al's cock hungrily, pounding it up and down with her hand and aiming it at her face so she took hot streams of jizz in her hair and mouth. When she was thoroughly covered with semen, Doug began to groan in near-orgasm. Cyndi rolled over on the bed so that she was face up, grabbing fervently for the clasp of her bra. As she did, Doug dragged his cock out of Cyndi's twat and got between her knees, holding his cock in his hand. Cyndi tore off her bra so her gorgeous tits were bare, as the first hot stream of semen burst out of Doug's cock. It shot all over her tits and Cyndi just lay there and took it, hungrily rubbing the jizz into her naked breasts. Doug came all over Cyndi's tits and stomach and cunt, covering her whole torso in a thin film of fluid.

When they were both finished cumming, Cyndi lay there with them as they slipped her out of her pantyhose. Then Al got out of his clothes -- all three of them were naked, now.

Though Cyndi was almost covered in jizz, she still wanted more. It wasn't long before Doug and Al were both hard, and that's when she told them what she wanted.

I could hear her voice, crackling on the headphones. "I want it up the ass and in my cunt," she panted. "At the same time. I want to be double-fucked."

Al chuckled. He was lying behind her -- besides, he hadn't gotten into her cunt on the last round, and her asshole was the most hidden treasure of all. Al began to reach for the jar of Vaseline that sat on the nightstand, but Cyndi caught his hand. "Don't grease me," she said urgently. "I want it raw. I want your cock hammered raw into my asshole."

Al nodded as he slithered up behind Cyndi. She lay there passively as Al moved onto her side, spreading her cheeks. He put his cock-head up to her asshole and pressed it in.

Cyndi gasped as his cock stretched into her tight hole. But Al got it all in, and once her asshole was filled with his cock it was time to fill her other hole. Doug slithered in between Cyndi's spread legs. She had her legs stretched out, and was bent at the waist with her ass impaled on Al's shaft. Cyndi's eyes stayed closed as Al held still. Doug got between her legs and slid his long pole into her cunt.

Cyndi began to moan and beg immediately. The two guys began fucking her in rhythm, boning her hard up the ass as she took it gratefully. Cyndi rubbed her cum-smeared tits against Doug, who was kissing her mouth deeply. Al, overcome by the great feeling of having his cock in Cyndi's tight asshole, seemed to be lying back and enjoying it as Doug's cock thrusts dragged Cyndi's body up and down. That way, Cyndi's ass dragged Doug's cock in and out of her.

As I watched them in the camera, I had my cock in my hand and was slowly working it up and down. It sure did look tasty -- my sister had one hole that wasn't filled with a cock. I wondered... nah!

They fucked crazily like that for a little while and then Cyndi moaned out a demand.

"Switch places! I want Doug to cum in my asshole and Al, I want your cock in my pussy!"

Obediently, the two guys pulled out of Cyndi. They positioned her on her knees so that she was set up doggy-style. Al got underneath her and slid his erect member into her cunt, while Doug stood behind her with his knees on the side of the bed and put his cock into Cyndi's tight asshole. They fucked her that way, and I could see the silhouette in the camera -- it looked good. And Cyndi's mouth was wide open and gasping.

That did it. There wasn't anything else to be done. Leaving the camera on, I left Cyndi's room and ran up the hall.

They'd left the door open. I heard three gasps of surprise, and the two guys moved to pull out of Cyndi as they saw me. But Cyndi leaned forward, keeping Al in her cunt, and reached back to grip Doug's prick in her asshole. Meanwhile, she smiled at me and beckoned me with her lips.

I slipped out of the robe and moved naked toward the bed. Cyndi parted her lips wide, begging me to put it in. I took my cock in my hand and knelt in front of her. Al was short enough that her head extended over his and there was plenty of room for me on the bed. Cyndi leaned down and opened wide as the two cocks seethed into her.

"I'm so glad you could make it," she gasped just before she went into action on my prick.

Cyndi pressed her red lips around the head of my cock. She sucked it slowly into her mouth, forcing it as deep as it would go, until the thick head pressed into the soft flesh at the back of her throat. Then she forced it deeper, deep-throating me. She started shoving my cock in and out of her mouth, swallowing crazily as she pumped me to satisfaction. Meanwhile, the other two guys in the room were also inside her. I looked down at Cyndi and saw her entirely filled with cock -- mouth, cunt, and asshole! Her hands were also filled. One curved around the base of my prick, while she reached down with the other and felt the twin shafts of her lovers' organs plunging into her. I was on the verge of cumming already, and I reached down to stroke Cyndi's cum-covered face as it came down rhythmically on my cock.

Cyndi licked down, sliding my shaft out of her mouth, and began to cover my balls in wet strokes. She lapped and sucked at my balls, taking them into her mouth and caressing them with her lips. Then she licked her way up again and plunged her mouth down over the length of my cock, intent on making me cum immediately.

I heard loud groans from underneath me and the other end of my sister as Doug and Al came simultaneously. Cyndi went crazy as she ground her whole body against the two men, taking Doug and Al into her asshole and cunt repeatedly. Meanwhile, she sucked on my cock harder as they came inside her. She tugged forward on their cocks, yanking them out of her, as they took hold of their own cocks.

Cyndi got her fingers round Doug's and began to jerk him off all over her buttocks. Streams of jizz flew over her back and down her thighs. Then Al shot another load from underneath, covering Cyndi's tits. Meanwhile, Cyndi sucked me off and I let out a wild groan of ecstasy, ready to cum myself. She sucked harder, faster -- after all, I was her only brother. She didn't pull me out as she realized that I was going to climax.

Instead, Cyndi suckled at my cock, intent on getting all of my jizz. I guess that was to tell me that she loved me more than the others. I gave out with a moan of pleasure and felt my cock erupting with semen. A thick line streamed down Cyndi's throat and she let out a wet whimper of desire. She swallowed eagerly and coaxed more out of me, sucking at it as I came. Finally, as Doug and Al watched, Cyndi got the last of my fluid and slid my soft cock out of her mouth.

I chuckled, backing away from my sister. She looked a pretty picture with two guys astride her, and now I was on tape with them as part of the whole sordid endeavor. I wondered what it looked like.

"I didn't think you'd ever show up," panted Cyndi through her cum-flecked lips. "But here you are!"

"And just in time," I said. "You kids finish up in here. I'm going to go take a shower."

I walked into the hall, stark naked. As I closed the door, I saw Doug leaning down to lick Cyndi's asshole. She was willingly rejoining the threesome, letting them fuck her. I couldn't believe it. I'd just taken part in a gang-bang on my sister! I'd just used her like she was some kinky sex toy, the same way Doug and Al used her. It was a sordid mess, even ignoring all the cum on the bed and on my sister. It rather disgusted me.

The thing I hate about my own sex is that they toss sluts around like they're something to be used. Fucking my sister was one thing. Filming her getting fucked was all right. Helping her get used by three guys at once, one of them her brother, was another thing entirely and I felt like shit. I wished I'd been happy just watching her. But Cyndi had her hunger for cock like any normal woman, and she had to go get it. Her immediate family members just wouldn't do.

I went out into the yard and dove into the pool, rinsing myself off of all that cum and sweat. I felt pretty disgusting, and the ice-cold water didn't do much to liven me up. But oh well, I swam there in the darkness, staring up at the stars, and asked myself just how many pricks could my sister need. A lot, evidently. Maybe too many!

Then again, maybe not enough. For her, at least!


After my swim, I got a towel out of the closet by the pool and wrapped my nude body in it. I went up to Cyndi's room to wait for her. They were still at it, I saw through the viewfinder... I suspected they would be at it for some time.

I lay down on the bed, feeling my cock get hard again. God damn! That little bitch was the hottest vixen I'd ever had wrapped around my cock. I never would have suspected that my own sister could be such a whore. But she was, and she did it quite admirably. She was in there balling two guys at once, and she'd just taken on three -- myself included. I had no doubt she'd love to do four. It was unbelievable.

My prick started to bulge and throb as I thought about Cyndi. She was in there with her legs and ass-cheeks spread, and her lips too -- God, imagine those lips! I opened up the towel and let my fingers curve around my erect prick. I started to jerk off as I fantasized about Cyndi. I could have popped in to the other room and eased my cock into one of my sister's many orifices, but I preferred to avoid the crowd. Instead, I thought about having Cyndi all to myself, having her sensuous ass-cheeks curving around my shaft as I fucked her up the ass, or from behind in the cunt doggy-style. Cyndi's tits bounced up and down in my fantasy as I fucked her. I jerked myself off rapidly, and let out a little grunt as I came inside Cyndi's imagined snatch. I'd done it plenty of times -- imagining myself fucking my very own sister -- before I ever got into Cyndi's panties. Now I was doing it again.

Warm streams of cum spurted onto my belly. I wiped it up with one corner of the towel, then wrapped it around me again and relaxed with my hands behind my head. I began to doze off.

I awoke to the sound of the shower. It was Cyndi, I figured, and she wasn't using her parents' bedroom. The door was open. I wondered if she wanted me to see her showering. I got up, still in the towel, and peered in. Sure enough, there was Cyndi's nude form, exquisite as ever, in the translucent glass. She stroked herself, soaping the cum off her tits, no doubt. I watched as she played with herself, obviously enjoying the time spent lingering over her breasts. I smiled and lay back down on the bed. Cyndi came out of the shower and wrapped herself in a big black towel. She walked into the room, smiling at me.

"How was my performance?" she asked.

"Gratuitous," I said. "It was great. You certainly showed yourself to be the slut you are," I sighed.

Cyndi looked shocked. "What do you mean? Are you mad?"

I shook my head nervously as Cyndi crawled on top of me. She pressed her hand against the bulge in my towel -- I'd gotten quite hard watching her. She kissed my face gently.

"I'm sorry, Ian," she panted. "I'm sorry I'm such a slut. I just... I guess I just need it. I need cock. I need lots of it... I'm sorry can I make it up to you?"

Cyndi's gentle touch had my cock shiver with pleasure. She climbed between my legs, letting the towel fall away from her nude body. I caught my breath as I saw her freshly-showered naked form. Cyndi tugged my towel open and exposed my long aching dong. I felt her warm breath against it.

"I'm sorry, Ian... really please forgive me. I'll make it up to you tomorrow night. I'll let you do whatever you want to me... kinky things... dirty things..."

"Nah," I said, panting heavily as I felt her warm breath on my cock. "I don't want..."

"Please, Ian," she begged. "I want you to do strange things to me. Please? Anything you can think up that you'd like to see me subjected to. Make me do it."

Cyndi touched the upper head of my cock with her warm lips. I let out a sigh as I felt her tongue grazing the flesh. "Promise me, Ian?" she asked. "Subject me to your every kinky desire?"

"Oh yes," I groaned as Cyndi took my cock into her mouth. She pressed her lips around the head, licking off the smeared pre-cum. Then she slid it quickly down her throat, sucking my cock into her mouth until her lips pressed around the base and her tongue seethed up and down the whole length. Cyndi began eating me hungrily, forcing her head up and down so that my cock went in and out of her mouth. She gave me head good and hard, quickly bobbing her whole body in time with my cock as it went in and out between her lips. Cyndi began to whimper and squirm as she sucked my cock, groaning as I began to cum. She made me cum so fast this time -- I really wanted to cum in her mouth. Streams of hot jizz flooded her mouth, and Cyndi swallowed obediently as I finished inside her warm mouth.

Cyndi took my cock out of her mouth and slithered up my body, easing the two towels out of the way. She lay there, her naked body pressed to mine, and rubbed her tits against my chest suggestively. "I want to ask you something," she panted into my ear. "I want you to fuck me. Will you fuck me, Ian? I deserve it... I've been a very bad girl. I've been a horrible slut. Will you fuck me... but not in my cunt. You should fuck me in the asshole for punishment. Make me take your cock up my asshole -- force me to pleasure your long rod. Subject me to the humiliation of having you cum in my anus."

Hearing Cyndi talk like this was making me really hot. My cock was hard all over again, and I am really ready to put it in her asshole. I slowly pulled her off of me, getting to my knees as I eased her into a doggy-style position. She loved getting fucked this way -- it would be anything but punishment. But the mere idea of her begging me for it made me horny. Cyndi whimpered and moaned softly as I got behind her, pressing my cock between her cheeks. I began to lean forward, her tight ass embracing the head of my cock.

Then, with one hand thrust, I penetrated Cyndi's asshole.

"OH!" she gasped as I entered her. She began to grunt in time as I butt-fucked her. I worked my cock in and out of her, and it felt incredibly good. I started fucking her faster, and then an idea came to me. This one really might be humiliating, but I was willing to try it! I reached back and got the candle out from under Cyndi's pillow. I lifted it to her face and she moaned in pleasure as she started licking it. She worked it slowly in and out of her mouth, sucking on it as if it were a cock while I pounded my organ in and out of her asshole. When I knew she was nearing an orgasm, I took the candle away and slid it down between her legs.

"Oh... oh yeah!" she gasped as I plunged it into her cunt. I kept fucking her up the ass as I put the candle into her cunt rhythmically. She worked her whole body against me, intensifying the pressure of my thrusts as I entered her again and again. Cyndi began to gasp and moan as I boned her up the ass and stuck the candle into her twat. I let the candle slide out as I got ready to cum. I butt fucked my sister faster, groaning as I felt my cock swelling up with fluid, ready to spew into her. I fucked her harder and better and then, with a loud groan, I let my cock go. It spurted a thick gush of my juice between Cyndi's ass-cheeks, filling her up with savory semen. As I climaxed, I gripped Cyndi's ass, pressing her down onto the bed so that I could lie on top of her.

I sighed, relaxing into the bed with her as I tugged my cock out. I lay on my back and Cyndi lay on top of me, kissing my chest.

"I want you to do that to me every night, Ian, as punishment. I want you to punish me for being a slut by fucking me up the ass. Do you promise?"

"You got it, Sis."

"All right -- oh!" There was a knocking at the far door of the bathroom. She kissed me on the lips.

"Be right there," called Cyndi. "I'll be right up."

"All right," came Doug's voice. I looked up at Cyndi.

"I told them I'd be right back," said Cyndi. "I promised them. They'll be so disappointed. You don't mind, do you...?"

I just stared up at her gorgeous tits, with their flushed red flesh and their hard pink nipples jutting out.

"I'm sorry, Ian," she said, kissing me. "I promised them!"

She got off the bed and bounced out into the hall, then up to the big bedroom.

I sighed as I looked down at my cock. It was starting to get hard again as I thought about what a slut my sister was.

I guessed I'd have to take care of this hard-on myself.


Megan showed up that Tuesday wearing a torn jean skirt and a garter belt with fishnet stockings. The skirt was practically nonexistent at this point, with huge gaps that allowed me to see the smooth lines of Megan's gorgeous legs. On her top half she had a tight white tank top and a black leather jacket.

As she put her stuff into the spare drawer I'd cleared out for her, I lay on the bed and watched her luscious form moving. She was telling me about her affairs of the past week -- whenever Megan went home, she got laid. She and I had a completely open relationship, so I didn't feet jealousy but only a vague arousal at the fact that Megan was getting balled and I was, too.

"Anyway, you remember Johnny?" she asked as she put some lace underwear into the top drawer. "He came on to me while my parents were home, and I ended up in bed with him, hoping they wouldn't hear the banging as we fucked. It was great. How was your week?"

I chuckled. "I'd like to tell you, but I've got a better idea," I said. "How'd you like to watch a videotape?"

Megan stopped what she was doing and looked at me. Her dyed black hair looked very sexy against her white face as she smiled and licked her lips. She winked.

"That's kinky," she said. "Who with?"

"Cyndi and me," I grinned.

Megan gasped. The last time Megan had visited, she and Cyndi had really hit it off. I'd finally gotten Megan to admit that she was attracted to my beautiful sister. Megan was definitely bi, though she'd never had sex with a woman before. Cyndi, though, was a definite possibility for her -- considering how horny Cyndi was. I don't think Megan had suspected, ever for a second, that I'd beat her to it.

"Cyndi your sister?" she asked hoarsely and nervously. Her face was getting red, as were the tops of her breasts which peeked out of the low-cut white tank top. I could tell the idea excited her -- her nipples were sticking right through the damp cotton material, and it wasn't cold in here.

"You got it," I said. "I finally got her into bed, and put it on tape."

"Whoa," said Megan. "That's really kinky. Can I see it?"

"It's right here," I said, picking up the tape from the nightstand. "In living color. Want to go downstairs right now and watch it?"

Cyndi and Rod were gone for the day, off on a trip to the beach. The living room would be empty, and Megan and I could watch the homemade porn movie on the big screen with all the privacy of that big, lushly-carpeted floor. I'd balled Cyndi there, and I was going to ball someone far less close to me. Megan looked particularly good today, and I couldn't wait.


Megan seemed very eager to see the tape. She lay down on the floor in front of the enormous TV as I put the tape on. I turned to her and lay down next to her with my face pressed into her neck as the sound of Cyndi's voice filled the room. Megan reached up and got the remote control. She turned the volume up as I nuzzled her throat.

"I want this really loud," said Megan. "I'm dying for a really kinky experience."

Cyndi let out a whimper as she slipped out of her shirt on the TV, then began to touch herself. The TV was so loud I could barely hear Megan as I whispered, "For your viewing pleasure."

I began to lick and suck Megan's neck, licking my way over her smooth white flesh. I let my hand come down on her breast. The tank top she wore was wet with her warm sweat from the drive, and clung to her breasts like a glove. Her nipples poked through enticingly. I started fondling her breasts and kissing her neck as Megan began to pant with arousal, watching on the screen as Cyndi seduced herself.

Megan was practically hypnotized, but she was really enjoying herself. I helped her out of the leather jacket and began to nuzzle her tits through the tank top. She let out a whimper as I bit down on her hard nipples. I slipped my hand down to the small ribbon of bare flesh between her shirt and her belt. With little circular motions of my hand, I began to stroke it. Megan let out a soft sigh as she watched Cyndi writhing nude on the screen. I slid my hand up Megan's shirt and molded my fingers to the shape of her smooth, round breasts. I began to toy with her tits and nipples, gently pinching them as I tugged her shirt up further. Megan just lay there and let me fondle her, obviously aroused but quite hypnotized by the images on the screen. Her breath was coming short and her nipples just kept getting harder until they felt like bursting cherries. I slid my hand down to Megan's bare thigh and began to stroke that with my fingers, teasing her gently. Megan spread her legs a little, letting me slide my hand under her skirt. I felt her up and realized she wasn't wearing any panties. Megan was like that -- she liked to have her cunt naked and ready for action. Her entire upper thighs were covered with the thick, warm juices from her cunt. Her pussy was soaked through and slick. I put my two fingers together and gently pressed them into Megan's cunt. Megan let out a soft moan as I did so, her face twisted in ecstasy. Megan wasn't nearly as loud as Cyndi, but she enjoyed things even more in her own way.

On the TV, I had come into the picture. I was stuffing the dildo into Cyndi's cunt as I began to finger Megan, and she went wild at that. Watching my hand force the rubber cock between my sister's legs made Megan hornier for my fingers up her slit. I worked my fingers back and forth, feeling her juices gush down my hand. As Cyndi toyed with the dildo overhead, Megan reached up and began groping for my cock.

She got my jeans open and thrust her hand down my underpants. She wrapped her hand around my hard pole, jerking it up and down. She panted hungrily as she watched. I kissed her on the lips and then moved down her body, suckling her nipples under the bunched material of her tank top. Then I licked across her stomach and pulled her skirt up further, tucking the torn denim under her shapely ass.

Slowly, I rolled over, putting my knees on either side of Megan's head. I straddled her as she took hold of my cock and pulled me down on top of her with it. I moved my face between her legs as I felt her lips wrapping around the rigid head of my cock. Then she put the whole length into her mouth as I buried my head between her fragrant thighs.

"Mmmmm..." moaned Megan through the gag of my cock as I sank my tongue into her familiar cunt. I started licking hungrily, plunging my tool in and out of her mouth as I plunged my other tool into her cunt. I ate her out viciously as I began feeling my cock in her throat. Megan had deep-throated me so smoothly that I didn't even know she was doing it. And it felt so good!

I slurped and lapped and ate up Megan's pussy, thrusting my tongue hungrily between her swollen lips. I'd been craving the taste of my girlfriend's cunt for days now, even though I had Cyndi to keep me satisfied. I reached up under Megan's ass and slid my finger into her cunt as I ate it; Megan responded with a wild moan of ecstasy. On the screen, I had begun to butt-fuck Cyndi, and Megan had turned her head so she could eat my cock and peer through my open legs at the TV screen simultaneously. I could tell she was entranced by the image of my cock plunging in and out of Cyndi's tight back hole.

I pumped my hips up and down on top of Megan as she watched the image of my sister getting boned up the ass. I flickered my tongue rapidly over her clit, flicking it from side to side as she shuddered in pleasure. Megan was going mad with delight, but she simply had to have the sordid pleasures being shown on the screen. She tugged my cock out of her mouth and grabbed the remote control, hitting the "pause" button. A perfect shot of Cyndi on her back on top of me with my cock plunged all the way in to her stretched asshole and the dildo shoved up her cunt froze on Dad's expensive TV set. Megan groaned as she licked my cock.

"Get behind me," she begged. "I want you to fuck me up the ass!"


I stared down at Megan, panting heavily with my eyes wide. "You want that?" I was so astonished. I couldn't believe that Megan was finally begging me to fulfill my fondest desire between her smooth curved cheeks!

Megan slowly climbed onto her knees, leaning very heavily against me. I was sitting back on my haunches, so my cock jutted out suggestively. She put her body against mine, pressing her pert breasts into my flesh, and took hold of my cock with her hand.

"I said I want you to put your cock up my ass," she whimpered wetly into my ear. "It looks so good I have to have it up my ass."

I reached around Megan's body, grasping her cheeks as she begged me.

"I know it's kinky, but I really want it. I really want to be fucked. And do it rough. Throw me on the floor and butt-fuck me. I've been putting you off too long," she said. "I want you to butt-fuck me hard. My boyfriend's been wanting to ass-fuck me and I haven't put out -- so do me good and deep up the ass!"

I pushed Megan forward, getting her on her knees. She assumed the doggy position, and I began to unfasten her skirt.

She panted, reaching back to take hold of her torn denim skirt. "This skirt's just an old piece of junk," she panted. "I want you to rip it off."

I heard a tearing sound as Megan ripped a huge gash in the skirt, from the center of her spread legs up close to her cunt. A thrill ran through me. I wanted to tear her clothes off!

I grabbed hold of Megan's skirt as she crouched forward on all fours. I began to tear, and the abused, bleached denim gave way immediately. I heard a loud ripping and Megan's smooth ass came into view. I ripped harder and the whole skirt fell to pieces. I took it off her body and tossed it away. Her smooth, clean ass peeked at me between the garters. I unfastened the garter belt and began pulling it down.

"I want you to be totally naked when I butt-fuck you," I said, stripping her. I took off Megan's stockings and garters, leaving her lower half bare. It looked luscious -- I couldn't wait to plunge my cock in there!

The tiny pink hole between Megan's cheeks just begged to be opened up with a cock. I quickly got out of my shirt and pulled my jeans and underwear off, leaving myself nude. I slid a finger up Megan's cunt, feeling her tight wetness very ready to be penetrated. But I wouldn't fuck her cunt until later!

"I'm going to spread your cheeks, baby," I said. "I'm going to butt-fuck you."

Megan whimpered and moaned in pleasure as I slid my finger in and out of her cunt. They were quiet whimpers and moans compared with Cyndi's, but Megan was loving it just as much, I knew from experience. I worked two fingers into her cunt, reaching up to touch her asshole with my thumb. Pressing gently, I put a half-inch of my thumb into Megan's asshole. Then, my fingers still inside her, I looked down at how gorgeous her quivering lower half looked impaled on three of my fingers. I worked my fingers in and out, watching the slope of Megan's back as it undulated up and down in time with my finger-fucking. The shirt was bunched up at her shoulder blades, accenting her smooth curves and underlining the fact that Megan's back was half naked. I grunted in lust as I fingered her harder.

"You like that, Megan? You like those fingers inside you?"

"Yes," she whispered. I could barely hear her over the sound of my fingers going into her pussy wetly. "I like it. Keep finger-fucking meee..." Her voice was soft, but her cunt and butt-cheeks were clenched tightly around my finger.

"You like that thumb shoved into your ass?" I asked. "Does it feel sexy?"

Megan nodded quickly. "Uh -- huh -- uh -- huh!"

"Good," I said, easing the thumb out of Megan's ass. She whimpered as the short member left her. I chuckled, staring down at her enticing anus. I'd waited too long before fucking Megan's asshole. I bent forward and slid my tongue into her asshole.

Megan's asshole tasted good and tangy. It was a virgin asshole, and that thought excited me. I'd fucked three ass-virgins at college, and those were the three who really went wild in ecstasy when I finally got between their cheeks. I hadn't expected to bone Megan there, though, but patience was going to pay off!

I licked and sucked at Megan's tight hole, pressing my tongue in there so that she groaned in pleasure.

"Oh God. Yes," moaned Megan. "It feels good... do..."

She paused and turned to face me. "Now the shirt," she panted. "Before you ass-fuck me!" I slid my hands up her shirt, and Megan groaned: "Tear my shirt off too!"

I grinned as I took hold of the neckline and gave it a good rip. I tore her shirt between her nice tits and stroked them with my thumbs as I pulled the gash down. I reached forward and bit through the straps over her arms, tearing those one by one. Then I tossed the useless piece of material over my shoulder.

"Now you're ready," I panted. "To get butt-fucked." I buried my face between Megan's tight cheeks, lapping at her tight asshole and thrusting my tongue in there. I reached under her stomach to hold her hips, making sure her delicious back door stayed in the right position as I got ready to fuck her. I heard her whimpering and felt her muscles contracting in rhythmic bliss. I licked a trail up from her crack over her back, panting as I lifted my cock.

"Wait..." she squealed. "It's my first time. I'm a virgin back there. Oil me up."

"It's better if you're raw," I grunted, leaning forward so the bulging head of my cock touched her between the cheeks. "It's lots better the first time."

She let out a whimper. "Oh, that feels so good... but I'm a virgin!"

"Virgins should lose it unlubed," I said. "But I can fuck your pussy a little if you like, first. And then do your asshole."

"Yes," panted Megan. "Do that."

I got behind Megan and pulled my cock-head out of her ass. Then I tucked the pointed head between her cunt lips and began to force it in. Megan let out her first really loud moan as I penetrated her, sliding my long cock into her snatch for the first time in weeks.

"Oh God," she panted. "That's so good."

I began to slide in and out of her, fucking her cunt quickly. It did indeed feel good. As a matter of fact, it felt better than I could conceive of anything else feeling. I began to grunt rhythmically as I worked my cock into Megan's pussy, grinding my naked hips against her pretty little ass, which I was going to fuck in just a short while. But for now I concentrated on her pussy, fucking her good and hard as my whole long shaft slid rapidly into her.

"So good..." she panted, quietly again. Megan was always like a mouse in bed, but her cunt was tighter than anyone else's. She thrust her body back against me, so that her thighs pressed against mine as she spread them further, letting me ram my hard meat into her slit. Megan's cunt-juices were running over my cock and balls, and by now my prick was well-lubed to put up her asshole. But her cunt felt so good that I just kept fucking it for a little while, groaning as I shoved it in.

"Oh God," panted Megan. "Ian -- Ian -- you're gonna make me cum!" I chuckled. That was the perfect place to have her. If she came on the first few thrusts while I was up her ass, she'd never turn back. She'd always want it up the ass! And that was the most delectable thing I could think of. Which is why I was so intent on doing it in the first place, like right now!

"Just relax, Megan," I sighed softly as I eased my prick back inside her. "I'm going to put it up your ass now."

"Oh yes," she panted. "It's greased with my pussy-juice. Shove your cock between my cheeks."

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and readjusted it, pressing the wet head of my organ up to Megan's tight asshole.

With a mighty shove, I thrust my prick halfway into her virgin ass.

Megan let out only the second really loud scream I'd ever heard her give. She did it as I penetrated her the second time -- this time up her ass. And it was louder than the last. I rammed my cock deep inside her asshole, getting it halfway in and then pressing on until I was buried hilt-deep up my luscious nude girlfriend's asshole. Her smooth, beautiful cheeks curved around the shaft of my cock as she moaned in pleasure, pressing her firm buttocks back against me. Her heart-shaped ass made quite a picture impaled on the long fleshly organ jutting from my thatch of pubic hair. And Megan's body looked wonderful stretched out in front of me, her black muff circling the lower half of my cock and the tight pink ring of her asshole circling the whole thing. I could feel the jutting strands of Megan's black pubic hair brushing against my balls and tickling me as I jerked my cock back and forth inside her. Maybe I should have greased her a little -- her tight asshole was gripping me so firmly that I could hardly fuck her. But Megan was going crazy with pleasure.


Megan had never screamed like that in bed, much less on the floor. I rammed my shaft into her as she peered up at the frozen image on the screen of my sister Cyndi getting butt-fucked. Megan thrust her body against me, taking my long shaft again and again as I put it into her ass. Megan gnashed her teeth and squirmed about, pounding her buttocks down against my body so that my whole organ plunged into her. Her ass still gripped me tightly, but the frenzied motion of her butt against my body had made it slide rapidly in and out of her. I joined her in her frenzied pursuit of my hot load, thrusting my hips forward so that Megan groaned again and again as I penetrated her second virginity.

It felt so good, I was going to cum!

But Megan beat me to it. She was screaming and moaning, like I'd never heard her do, as she gasped out, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming with your rod up my ass! Butt-fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

I couldn't believe Megan was making this much noise. She was usually so quiet in bed and now she was going crazy, demanding that I fuck her harder! I grunted and started boning her with all my might.

I rammed my cock into her as Megan's ass clenched over my shaft, coaxing me deeper and deeper into her newfound hole. As she came, I felt my cock swelling up with thick loads of semen. I pounded into her and thrust in, shuddering with orgasm. And then, holding on to Megan's shapely thighs with my thumbs pressing into her buttocks, I came.

"Oh God, Megan baby... I'm cumming inside your hole... oh God, it's good. I'm cumming!"


"Oh yeah," I groaned as my cock jerked and loosed a torrent of thick jizz. The stream injected itself deep into Megan's asshole, filling her so that a stream squirted back out and down her thighs. I rammed into her again, plugging up the hole so that all of my jizz spurted into her hot flesh.

As I fucked Megan up the ass, my cock finished spurting its load and I released her buttocks. I slid my soft cock out, holding on to Megan's thighs. I watched her ass sink away, pleased with the knowledge that I had just initiated her into the joys of anal sex!

"Oh yeah... oh yeah oh yeah..." Megan panted as she lowered herself onto the carpet face down. Her buttocks were smeared with semen, as was her snatch and her thighs. We'd have the carpet cleaned, I figured as she pressed her sweaty tits against the luxurious shag. I rubbed my cum into Megan's ass, sighing as my cock throbbed in post-orgasm bliss.

"That was so incredible," panted Megan. "It was so good."

Suddenly, I heard something and glanced over toward the door.

Megan and I gasped at the same time. I looked at her and her eyes were wide, overwhelmed with surprise and fear.

The sight of naked, sweaty flesh grinding together had sent a surge through both of us before we realized even who it was -- or, really, what they were doing. It was a pretty picture, but I hadn't expected THIS!

There, in the doorway, Rod and Cyndi lay stark naked, fucking on the floor!


Megan and I kept looking at each other and then back to the fucking forms at the entrance to the living room. Rod had Cyndi on her stomach, with her ass lifted in the air as he plunged his cock in and out of her cunt. Apparently Cyndi's vision of us butt-fucking had done the same thing to her that the videotape had done to Megan! Megan's eyes were wide and her mouth was open far. She just stared at the rutting bodies. Cyndi and Rod were completely oblivious to us as their bodies pounded together. Cyndi had been wearing a bikini and nothing else, and now the bottom of her bikini was pulled down around her knees. The top was still on, but Rod had his fingers thrust under the spandex material as he fucked Cyndi. He pinched and stroked her tits as he shoved his cock into Cyndi's tight hole. Megan and I watched entranced as Cyndi began to moan and scream, forgetting that she was being watched.

"It's so good. Fuck me, Rod -- cram your meat up my cunt! I'm gonna cum -- oh God, yeah!"

Rod grunted, heaving his long shaft up Cyndi's tail as she wedged her buttocks against him. Since her bikini bottoms were still on, she had to lift her body on her clenched knees and let Rod support her with his strong hands under her body. He lifted her rhythmically against his body, plunging his cock between Cyndi's smooth, admirable cheeks. Cyndi's legs were open as wide as they would go, but it must have been a tight fit to get that cock into her cunt with her legs that close together! Even so, their passion hadn't allowed them to stop and take off their clothes. Rod's spandex bikini bathing suit was down around his knees, too!

She groaned and whimpered, taking his enormous cock faster and faster as they both got ready to cum. I felt Megan's hand on my back, as she leaned against me.

Megan suddenly turned my head with her fingers and thrust her mouth against me. I parted my lips and let my horny girlfriend shove her tongue hard into my mouth, frenching me wildly as she groped for my cock. She got hold of it, feeling it wet with cum and pussy-juices. She began to jerk it slowly up and down. From the combined stimuli of Megan's touch and our live sex show, my prick was quite hard! I put my arms around Megan, nuzzling her ear so that she could watch as Rod and Cyndi came -- I wasn't going to waste this chance to turn Megan into a raving sex maniac like Cyndi, and I felt sure the sight of Cyndi's body taking all of Rod's cum would do just that!

I looked through the curtain of Megan's loose hair as Rod began heaving his cock harder than ever into Cyndi's cunt! Cyndi let out a wild scream as she came, her whole body shuddering in orgasm. Then, as she felt Rod's cock picking up speed, she begged: "Cum on my back, Rod! Don't cum inside me! Cum all over my back!"

Rod pulled out, jerking himself off. Megan watched, horny as hell, rubbing her ass against me. My cock throbbed with the desire to enter it again, but I felt I should wait at least until Megan had had her show. Rod jerked his cock rapidly, and then a thick flood of semen burst out, splattering all over Cyndi's shapely back. She turned her head and a few gobs even hit her parted lips, Rod was so horny. His cum splashed all over her smooth flesh, covering her back in a thick film of clear jizz. Cyndi let out a moan as Megan watched her reaching under her body. Cyndi began to finger herself to keep her climax going as Rod came on her. When Rod's cock had spurted its last, Cyndi went limp on the floor and sighed. Then she looked up and saw me and Megan. We were kissing and just saw her looking at us through the corner of our eyes. Then we shut them tightly, groping for each others' bodies hungrily. I wrapped my fingers around Megan's tits, thumbing her hard nipples quickly. She put one hand on my cock and the other on my face, stroking my cheek as she massaged my hard prick up and down.

Cyndi moved toward us, and Megan looked up. She looked a little scared as Cyndi smiled at her, but she was so hot she would have done anything. And I knew she would before the afternoon was over!

I got Megan onto her back, with her face up and her legs spread. I bent over her, rubbing my cock against her pussy but not entering her, as I ran my tongue all over her tits. I bit and sucked at her nipples, and all the while Cyndi slowly approached her. Rod just stood back on his knees, his shorts still around his knees, and jerked his cock rapidly.

Cyndi paused, staring down at Megan's gorgeous face. She slipped out of her bikini bottoms, spreading her legs with newfound freedom. Then she untied the front of her halter and let her tits spill out.

I felt a quiver of desire run through Megan's body as she saw Cyndi's tits. Cyndi bent over Megan's pretty face and pressed their lips together.

I watched as Cyndi and Megan's tongues seethed together quickly, rubbing against each other hungrily. Cyndi let her hand drop down near my face, and her fingertips curved over the smooth mounds of Megan's breasts. She started fingering Megan's nipples, squeezing them lightly, and french-kissing Megan as I tongued Megan's stomach.

All the while, Rod was going crazy just jerking off there. Megan glanced over and saw his huge cock, and I could tell she wanted it. But I didn't feel jealous. I just wanted to see Megan and Cyndi kiss some more.

Which they did. I could see Cyndi's tongue thrusting demandingly into Megan's open mouth, and before long Megan's tongue had pressed back into Cyndi's, joining it. Cyndi licked her way away from Megan's mouth -- now that she had conquered it, she wanted her tits. Cyndi molded her lips to Megan's erect nipple, sucking at it and thrusting her tongue back and forth. She moved around, covering both of Megan's smooth tits in hungry tongue-strokes. As she did, I got into a kneeling position between Megan's legs.

I started to lick Megan's snatch as she and Cyndi fooled around. Megan moaned loudly as I plunged my finger into her cunt, lapping at her clit crazily. She writhed and squirmed as I ate her out, and the whole while she kept making out with my sister, turning me on still more. Rod was coming closer, moving a little bit into the picture. Cyndi reached out and took hold of his cock as she sucked Megan's tits.

Rod bent over and kissed Megan, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She willingly frenched him, nibbling and sucking at his lips. As I ate her out, I looked up to see them kissing and Cyndi jerking him off as she ate Megan's tits. Megan readjusted her body, tugging her mouth away from Rod's and toward his erect penis.

Megan rolled over onto her stomach, and I slid between her legs, kneeling behind her as she got into a doggy position. She descended over Rod's long cock, parting her lips for it as Cyndi guided the head into Megan's mouth. Megan was whimpering in pleasure. It was time for her to get fucked -- from both ends! I eased my cock-head up to Megan's tight cunt and began to press it in, just a little, as her lips closed on Rod's swollen cock.

Megan pressed the long shaft in, sucking it into her mouth and throat. She was the best deep-throater in the world, and I knew that Rod was gonna be treated to one hell of a blow-job. Megan swallowed the whole length of his prodigious cock as I began to enter her from behind.

Megan let out a loud moan of pleasure as I penetrated her cunt. I wasn't going to let her asshole get my load -- this time I wanted to cum in my girlfriend's pussy! Cyndi moved over and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me deeply. She licked her way around to my ear as Rod got his cock sucked by my girlfriend. Megan plunged his shaft into her mouth, eating him hungrily as I went into her all the way. Cyndi started to lick and suck at my ear.

"That's quite a girlfriend you've got there," said Cyndi. "With some training she could be a real slut."

I chuckled, leaning back to french-kiss Cyndi some more. Rod and Megan were intent on having their own party with Megan's front half, with Megan eating Rod forcefully as she got fucked by me, and Rod running his fingers through Megan's sexy black hair. Cyndi licked her way down my body, closing in on the curvaceous slopes of Megan's tight buns. She pushed me back just far enough to wedge her face in there as I pulled back, and lapped at Megan's cum-streaked asshole. Then, moving up, she kissed my neck as she slid her finger between me and Megan. As I boned Megan's cunt hard, Cyndi put her finger up her tight asshole -- the one I'd just fucked.

"OH YEAH!" groaned Cyndi as she felt out Megan's asshole. Cyndi rubbed her tits against me, kissing me hungrily and sliding one hand down to finger herself. I had two free hands. So I reached out and grabbed Cyndi, plunging one between my sister's legs. I started working my fingers in and out of her cunt as she kissed me, and with my other hand I felt out her tits. The nipples were hard and erotically erect -- no surprise! Cyndi wanted some cock, though, and since both cocks were taken by Megan's sucking holes, she'd have to share one with the ravenous beast.

Cyndi slid her finger out of Megan's asshole and got on all fours, spreading her legs to expose both her asshole and cunt to my hand. It was like a smorgasbord. I watched as she pressed her face to Megan's. Megan gladly moved aside to share some of her cock-meat with Cyndi, and Cyndi eagerly swallowed the shaft of Rod's prick to start herself off. With hungry zest, Cyndi and Megan started french-kissing each other through the barrier of Rod's cock, covering the long fleshy shaft with warm flesh. Rod let out a long groan of ecstasy as they ate him, tonguing him all over.

He thrust his hips back and forth, fucking the twin faces as they kissed each other. I molded my hand to the curves of Cyndi's ass and positioned one finger to penetrate her cunt and the other to do her asshole. I started rubbing them against her wet snatch and her dry ass, and Cyndi let out a squeal of delight to be attacked from both ends. I plunged my twin fingers into her, double-penetrating her with my hand as she writhed on my fingers. The whole time, I kept pounding away into Megan's cunt, entering her again and again with hungry thrusts of my engorged prick. Megan was squealing louder than ever. I'd never expected Megan to act like this! But she was as much of a horny slut as Cyndi, it seemed. Megan's cries got louder as I worked myself into a frenzy, plunging my long cock into her pussy.

"I'm gonna cum," grunted Rod, and then suddenly his cock exploded in long streams of jizz. It splashed out, covering Megan's lips and Cyndi's face with the thick fluid. Then a new torrent gushed out and both faces were practically covered. Cyndi began to rub her cum-slick tits, kissing Megan's face as the two took the full force of Rod's prodigious load in the face. He just kept cumming as they lapped at him, getting more and more worked up as his whole liquid essence covered them. They lapped at the thick jizz, and the sight of them rubbing against each other made me cum myself!

I let out a loud groan as my cock seemed to burst in pleasure. A thick line of semen spurted out into Megan's pussy, and Megan seemed to feel it. I screamed as I filled her tight little cunt-hole with a thick load, bursting in ecstasy. I rammed into her doggy-style, taking her cunt down onto my shaft again and again. I boned her good, holding on to her hips and bringing her spread legs back against me rhythmically. When I'd finally injected all of my precious seed into Megan's cunt, I sighed and tugged out of her, rubbing her cute butt with my fingers. "Jesus Christ," I muttered.

Cyndi and Megan were licking each others' faces, cleaning each other off of the cum. They ate it up hungrily, never pausing as each lapped at the other's pretty face. Soon all the cum was gone, replaced with a clean sheen of saliva.

"You never know what's going to happen when you leave the beach early," giggled Cyndi.

"Or when you come to your boyfriend's house for the weekend," sighed Megan.


It was going to be a quiet evening at home for the three of us, or rather a loud one. Me, Cyndi and Megan were going to bed.

Mom and Dad had the biggest bed, so naturally we were on it. Megan and I had gone to bed and were kissing and cuddling. My skin was tingling with the anticipation of the fuck-fest to cum. Mostly I wanted to see and Cyndi and Megan make love some more. It was the most enticing sight I'd ever dreamed of. Cyndi's dildo sat on the nightstand, leather straps curving about it. I knew what Cyndi was going to do with that. She was going to strap the dildo to her nude body and fuck Megan up the ass while I fucked her sweet pussy. Or vice versa. We'd decide that when the moment came.

Megan had never been double-penetrated. She'd never gotten the thrill of having two guys inside her at once, except for me and Rod in her mouth and cunt. Cyndi and I had much more posterior regions in mind for Megan's second hole. So Cyndi was going to play androgyne and I was going to watch and make love to them both.

Cyndi lit the candles and incense, and a sweet smell of sex filled the room. Megan slid her hand down under the covers, touching my prick and stroking it with her fingers. She ran her thumb over the engorged head, smearing droplets of my pre-cum into my flesh as she thrust her tongue in and out of my mouth. I nibbled at her lower lip and fondled her tits, caressing her hard nipples with my thumb. Megan tugged back the covers and bent down low, touching her lips to my cock-head. She licked the semen off the tip, sending a shiver of pleasure through me. Cyndi stalked slowly toward the bed, watching as Megan covered my upper prick in tongue strokes. Megan then pressed the whole of my long shaft into her mouth, sucking it down into her throat hungrily. She bobbed up and down on my stiff member as Cyndi climbed into bed.

She moved against Megan's nude body. All of us were stark naked and horny as hell, just waiting to get fucked. My cock was aching as Megan licked it. I was dying to shoot my load into Megan's willing mouth. Cyndi slithered between my legs with Megan and started kissing my balls as Megan deep-throated my cock. Their fluffy, silky hair billowed around my hips and thighs as I felt Cyndi's sweet tongue trickling along my sensitive scrotum and down to my perineum. She almost licked my asshole, almost, but that was to be saved for her and Megan, both of whom I was determined to fuck in the ass before the evening was through. Cyndi sucked my balls into her mouth gently, stroking them with her tongue as Megan's mouth came down rhythmically on my jutting member.

I caressed their heads as they went to work on my cock. Cyndi was whimpering in pleasure as Megan grunted low in her throat. Cyndi's hand curved around Megan's swaying buttocks and pressed in between them, into her wet snatch. Megan squealed as Cyndi began fingering her, sliding her whole hand up and down in Megan's wetness. Meanwhile, I was rocking my hips in time with the thrusts of their twin mouths. I watched Cyndi's finger going in and out of Megan's slit and then Cyndi readjusted it, and I knew that she was putting it into Megan's asshole, lubing it up for me. I was going to cum any second, so it was about time.

Cyndi paused, letting my balls slip out of her mouth. She crawled back, crouching between Megan's smooth cheeks, and slid her face up against them. She began to rim Megan while the lucky girl swallowed my cock rhythmically. Megan started squirm. When Cyndi had Megan lubed with spittle as well as pussy-juice, she sat up, panting, behind Megan. She looked at me and licked her lips.

"What do you say we fill this girl with some cock?"

"I'm gonna cum any second, Sis, so let's do it now. She gives a mean blowjob."

"I think I'll find out before I fuck her," said Cyndi. "You take up the rear?"

"My thoughts exactly."

Megan kept eating my cock hungrily as Cyndi crawled off the bed. I moaned in pleasure but managed to hold off my orgasm as I watched Cyndi. She took up the dildo and fastened it to the straps. Cyndi buckled her cock on, so that the whole enormous length jutted out just like a prick. She looked scary with it on, but her ass and her tits and her gorgeous face were still female. As a matter of fact, she looked kind of sexy with that thing on. I could still fuck her pussy while she fucked Megan. But I was more intent on fucking Megan at that point!

"Suck this," said Cyndi, climbing onto the bed. She pulled Megan's face away from my cock and pressed it against the dildo. Megan eagerly began to swallow the rubber cock. It was bigger than me -- nine inches, at least. Megan had some trouble getting it down, but Cyndi groaned a mock groan as Megan's lips settled around the base of the dildo. Cyndi turned to me.

"I think that's enough," she said. "I can't wait to double-fuck her. Why don't you go over and sit down on your boyfriend's cock."

Megan stared up at Cyndi hungrily, the dildo half in her mouth. Then she crawled over to me and climbed on top of me. She snuggled up, face up on top of my body with my cock pressed between her cheeks.

I readjusted myself so that the head of my prick was pressed to Megan's tight asshole. Pressing forward, I felt it sinking into the gripping warmth of her back door. Groaning, I heaved it in, burying my cock up my girlfriend's ass until the base of my shaft was pressed into her smooth butt-cheeks. Megan let out a panting sob of ecstasy, rubbing her buttocks back against me to make sure that my cock was all the way in. Then her eyes went wide as she saw Cyndi advancing on her, slowly stroking that rubber cock so that it looked like she was jerking off.

"I'm gonna get your other hole," panted Cyndi, kneeling in between our spread legs. She tugged the pointy tool down so that it pointed directly into Megan's muff and then pressed it between the swollen lips of her cunt. Megan panted and whimpered in fear and anticipation as Cyndi sank the very tip of the bulbous rubber head into Megan's cunt. Then, leaning forward on her knees, Cyndi thrust the dildo into Megan, groaning as if she could feel it like a real cock.

Megan let out a shriek of surprise as she felt the whole thing going into her. Her back arched and her ass pressed back against me as Cyndi's cock went into her. I felt the pressure of the dildo against my prick through the thin wall of pussy-flesh which separated Megan's tight holes; it only increased my pleasure in her hot asshole. Cyndi lunged forward, pressing her tits to Megan's and thrusting her tongue into Megan's open mouth, suppressing her gasps of glee.

When Cyndi was finished feasting on Megan's delicious lips, she bent over further and kissed me. I frenched Cyndi hungrily, reaching around to grip her ass as we both began to grind into Megan.

Megan groaned and gasped as we double-fucked her. With the whole crowd on the bed, it began to squeak and sway. Cyndi and I synchronized our hip movements so that our twin tools plunged hard into Megan's body at exactly the same rhythm -- when our hips simultaneously met her smooth flesh, our cock-heads were as deep as they would go into her pleasured body. Then we yanked out, and Megan gasped in ecstasy. She seemed about ready to cum from the volume of her ecstatic moans. I started fucking my cock in and out of her asshole crazily, losing the rhythm but gaining a whole hell of a lot of enthusiasm. Cyndi did the same, whimpering and groaning as the dildo pressed back against her mass of pubic hair.

"Oh God," groaned Cyndi. "You like getting fucked," she panted into Megan's face. Megan plainly did. She parted her lips and stared kissing Cyndi's gorgeous face, but then stopped let out a wail of orgasm.

"I'm cumming," gasped Megan. "I'm cu... uh -- uh..."

We kept fucking her as Megan came, her asshole contracting around my cock and getting ready to milk it of my cum.

Our twin cocks pounded into Megan, and then I felt my cock jerking -- and a full stream of jizz shot into Megan's asshole. I clawed at her and Cyndi as our three bodies surged together and then apart and my cock kept pumping her full of jizz. Megan reached back to touch the base of my cock, which was covered in semen leaking out around Megan's cheeks. With a panting sigh of release, I finished cumming as Megan did and we all slumped together in a heap.

Cyndi began kissing my face, and Megan turned so we could all kiss at once. I stayed deep inside Megan, unable to lose my hard-on despite the fact that I'd just spurted as Megan quivered, I felt Cyndi tugging ever so slightly back.

Cyndi smiled, kissing my ear.

"What do you think," she giggled. "Does she deserve another fuck?"

I grinned, reaching down to pat Cyndi's ass.

"This dildo will fit her," I said. "I think you're the one who deserves a fuck."

Megan giggled and sighed.

"What do you think?" I asked her. "You want a chance to play cock-wielder? It's fun -- I guarantee that."

Cyndi chuckled, reaching down to pull the buckle open on her dildo. Leaving it buried in Megan's cunt, she got to her knees and turned around, assuming the doggy-style position so her cunt and asshole were exposed.

"We haven't even begun," she panted, fingering herself as Megan moved up, letting the dildo fall from her pussy.


We were having a nice family breakfast some weeks later. Dad was sitting across the table from me with Cyndi sitting next to him; they kept flashing flirtatious glances at each other and I knew quite well what they were thinking. I figured they'd go upstairs after breakfast and Dad would get a little of his daughter's sweet pussy before work. I was staring into my cereal, thinking about how much I was going to miss Cyndi's body when I went back to school -- and I knew that Megan would miss it, too. I was pleased that my sister and my girlfriend could get along so well -- well enough, in fact, to add to my sexual pleasure. A lot.

Mom entered the room, and I felt a surge go through my body. I was wearing only a robe and my underpants, and a thin robe at that. My underpants began to stretch as I looked up at Mom. I saw her so differently now that I knew certain... things about her. I smiled at her and she smiled back, winking. She looked incredible. Mom wore her sexiest dressing gown and robe. It was a sheer black nightgown with spaghetti straps that laced up the front, pulling her tits together loosely and displaying most of her luscious cleavage. Mom's tits were much bigger than Cyndi's but were firm and round with nice nipples. Mom aged so well I couldn't believe it. The gown was complete lace in front so the clear outline of Mom's breasts showed, making no less enticing the sight of her cleavage peeking out between the laces. The flowy part came loosely down over her hips and legs, all the way to the floor, but was so sheer that I could see the shadow of her fluffy hair between her parted legs. I pictured myself slipping under that table and coming up under Mom's gown, slowly licking my way to her pussy and tasting her fragrant cunt, the cunt I'd been born through. Born into this family of lustful desires. I smiled as Mom bent over the table, pouring me some orange juice. Her breasts swayed in front of me enticingly. Mom's hair was black and her face was flawless and white, except for her lips. Those were bright red and would look marvelous wrapped around my cock.

Mom reached out and stroked my hair sensuously.

"How are you this morning, Ian honey?"

"Great," I choked, staring at her tits. Mom bent forward and kissed me on the lips, quite maternally, then twice more -- slower, with her lips parted. I felt her tongue graze mine the third time.

"That's nice. I think you're great, but then, mothers do." She looked over at Cyndi. "Should we tell him?"

Cyndi giggled. "What?" I asked.

Mom smiled down at me, her hand still ruffling my hair. She began to stroke my ear softly. Shivers ran down into my cock, which was jutting through my robe.

"Cyndi's going to school with you next year," said Mom. "We wanted to keep it a secret -- a surprise. How would you like to get an apartment with her?"

My eyes went wide as Cyndi winked. Cyndi was wearing a pink nightie and a loose, open robe that showed me her tits and, under the table, I'd noticed when I bent over to get my napkin, her cunt. Her legs were parted, I knew. I gasped.

"That's great!"

Mom's hand traveled down, across my chest. My robe fell a little open as she smiled.

"We thought you could get an apartment together. And you will be living with Megan, won't you? I want to make sure my son is kept sexually satisfied."

She glanced over to Cyndi, and my eyes bugged out. Cyndi had leaned against Dad and they were french-kissing, their tongues darting in and out hungrily. Dad's hand was buried between Cyndi's legs and Cyndi was unlacing her nightie, letting Dad get a shot at her gorgeous tits and their pink nipples. Dad's fingers curved around her breasts and he started fondling them.

Mom bent over, speaking into my face with her fragrant breath.

"Though I think Cyndi's got a good start on that," she said, and kissed me.

I parted my lips and Mom plunged her tongue into me. She sat on my lap, her thigh pressing against my hard cock. She moved back just far enough to slide her hand down my body and into my underpants, taking hold of my shaft. She jerked it up and down slowly, kissing me.

Cyndi was going at it with Dad. She had his robe open and was on her knees, plunging his hard cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked him off quickly, and he groaned in desire. I was mostly intent on getting at Mom's tits, though. I tore open the laces on her gown and pulled the material down over her breasts. Mom moaned as she turned, pressing her tits into my mouth.

"Suckle, baby," she groaned. "It's been too long!" Now that was kinky.

I suckled, though, as Mom stroked my cock up and down rapidly. I sucked on her luscious tits, lapping at them and biting the nipples. Mom let out shuddering moans of ecstasy as I covered her nipples with my mouth and sucked at them hard.

Then Mom slipped down onto her knees and eased my cock all the way out. She wrapped her red lips around my cock and slid it deep, eating me. She proceeded to give me the most luscious blow-job I've ever had -- until I was about to cum. Cyndi had Dad on the brink, too. But Mom pulled me out and pressed her huge tits down around my shaft, sliding my oiled prick in between them.

"Cum on me," panted Mom. "Cum on your mother's face. Cum on my tits."

I groaned and shot my load, shoving it between her tits and up so that streams shot over her face and breasts. Mom went wild, lapping at the gush of jizz. Meanwhile, Dad was cumming in Cyndi's mouth.

I was so hot that I barely lost my hard-on. Mom soon had it back by rubbing my cock on the pools of cum splashed over her tits. When it was back, Mom spread her legs and then mounted me, pressing my shaft into her cunt. Cyndi was doing the same to Dad.

I pressed my face between Mom's tits as she stroked my long cock in and out of her cunt.

"You are in for an exciting school year, aren't you," she sighed, glancing back at Cyndi. "And some fun vacations home..."

I just laughed as I creamed my load inside Mom's pussy.

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