Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited


"Is the water still good and hot?" the tall, naked man asked as he rinsed his razor under the tap and put it away in the medicine chest.

"Just the way you like it, sweet," replied a low, sultry voice from behind the closed shower doors. "Come on in."

Ken Sheridan stretched the muscles in his broad back as he glanced around the large bathroom, thinking how good it was to be home. He eyed the vague form behind the frosted doors, knowing what was waiting for him, and feeling his rigid erection jump and jerk with expectancy. It was going to be good. Sliding a panel back, he stepped in under the pelting spray.

The woman soaping herself down smiled at him, then glanced at the immense penis that was angling up from his groin. "Welcome, stranger."

He chuckled as he reached for a washcloth. "Who are you greeting, Sis, me or my cock?"

"Both." There was an expression of longing on her face as she stared at the massive, hairy muscle with its huge, bluish-purple head, then handed him the soap and curled her hand around his tool. "It's so nice to hold it again. Honestly, Ken, it's the biggest cock I've ever seen. Thank God you know how to use it."

The hot water raining on his back was already soothing his aching muscles as he gave her back the soap and cloth. "Why don't you wash me off, Lynn?"

"It'll be a pleasure."

While she washed his arm and torso, Ken's gaze roved over his sister's lush figure. Her face and body were those of a model's, and indeed she had been one until her breasts became excessively large. For a woman of thirty-seven, she in no way showed her age, and in fact looked ten years younger.

"You never seem to look any older, baby," he said, watching her firm, upthrust tits sway and slap together as she rubbed him, the pink nipples hard and protruding. Her stomach was flat and muscled, her hips curving into exceptionally attractive legs, and at the apex of her thighs was the thickest bush of pubic hair he had ever seen.

"I manage to keep in shape," she murmured, crouching down to wash his legs and genitals.

He laughed while she lathered his cock and balls. "Yeah, I've heard that fucking is one of the best exercises."

Lynn rose and said with mock severity, "Oh, shut up and turn around, you big bastard. You get your share of ass, too."

"That's true," he said as she scrubbed his back and buttocks, "but I've never been able to find a piece quite as good as you are. You ought to set up a school on screwing."

Giggling, Lynn backed up to let him rinse off. "Maybe that's what we should both do, brother dear. I haven't found a prick yet that satisfied me like yours. Why don't we go into business?"

He stepped aside to let her under the shower, and when she had the soap off, took her in his arms and kissed her, pressing his stiff pole against her and crushing her huge tits against his chest. "Let's fuck in here, Lynn. We haven't done that for a long time."

She made sure her shower cap was on securely, then put a hand between them to bend his prick down and rub it against her pussy. "I'd like that. Which way?"

"Bend over, and I'll dick you from behind."

After giving him a quick kiss while she squeezed his hard rod, she spun quickly and bent over, resting her hands on the faucets. The water sprayed her back as she spread her feet wide. "I'm all set, honey. Give me a good one. I haven't had a really terrific orgasm since the last time you fucked me."

Ken moved up behind her, spread her firm ass cheeks with his thumbs, then rubbed his cockhead down the dark cleft until he found her gaping cunt hole. Planting his feet on the slippery tub, he pressed his hips forward slowly, feeling her cunt hole open and stretch around his dick. He could feel the pressure on his glans in his nuts.

"Ken, you're teasing!" Lynn whimpered. "Please, don't! You know I'm almost ready to cum right now!"

"Easy, babe!" he said hoarsely. "So am I! At least let me get the damn thing in!"

Sliding his hands up to her small waist, he peered down through the crack of her ass and watched his pecker disappear as he drove it into her slippery sheath. She had a twat like that of a young girl, and it gripped his penetrating piston like a fist. When he finally poked his cock knob against her womb, she grunted and sucked in her breath.

"Ooohhh, Ken! Hhhuuuhhh! Lord, what a prick! I haven't been this full since you left! Oh, Christ, I'm cuming now!"

He felt her shudder and heard her sob quietly as the spasms of climax flooded through her. It was always that way the first time after he had been away for a while. When her tremors had quieted, he began stroking his cock in and out of her juicy pussy, listening to the wet schlucking sounds his plunging piston was making in her sopping tunnel.

"Ooohhh, Lynn! Squeeze on it! Work your ass! That's it, baby."

The woman was now swiveling and gyrating her hips, bucking back against the long, fat joint that was impaled in her writhing twat. Each time the swollen tip slammed into her, she felt an electric charge surge through her and let out a grunt.

"Huh! Ooohhh, Ken! More! God, you don't know how I needed this."

The spraying torrent from the shower head was splattering them both as Ken increased the speed of his darting pole. He rammed it in to the hilt, withdrew nearly the entire length, then plowed it in again, his swinging scrotum slapping against the puffy lips of her snatch. Bubbling sperm was coursing through the tubes in his groin, and it wouldn't be long before he would have to release it.

"Baby, you're the best piece I've ever had! Tight as a virgin. Tell me when you're ready. I'm so close! Close!"

Lynn's flopping tits were throwing water like a shaking dog as she undulated and humped, tightening her vaginal walls even more on her brother's embedded cock. Her knuckles were white as she held the faucets and backed hard onto his thrilling member.

"Now, Kenny! Now! Oh, Jesus, fuck me!"

Ken gave her three final thrusts, then left his jerking cock stuck in to the root as seething cum spurted from the end of his rod and shot in jets against her womb. He left his joint soaking in her steamy vagina until they had both regained their senses, then he wormed it out, watching the thick glob of fuck juice follow the head of his dick and splat on the floor of the tub between her feet. As he washed their combined cream from his tool and balls, Lynn straightened up and turned around.

"Why does it always have to be so damn fast with us?" she complained. "Why can't we make it last and enjoy it for a while?"

"Maybe we could, if we were together more often, but it's so long between times."

"I know," she said sullenly, reaching around to turn off the water. "You and those damn mining jobs. Why in the hell couldn't you have been an accountant instead of a fucking engineer?"

He laughed as he slid the panel open and stepped out. "That's a good one. 'Fucking engineer.' Well, I guess I am at that."

"Oh, you know what I mean." She got out and they began drying each other off. "You can't go gallivanting around the world forever, you know. When are you going to settle down?"

"Soon, baby. Very soon."

Stepping through the door into the master bedroom, he put on an embroidered silk karate robe, brushed out his brown hair, then followed his sister down the hall to her bedroom, one of four in the vast, rambling ranch-style house. Taking a cigarette from her pack on the dresser, he lit it, then perched on the side of her bed while she sat down naked at the dressing table to fix her face and hair.

"Do you really have to go to that first-aid class tonight, Lynn? I've only been back a couple of hours, and already everybody's taking off on me. I'd like to get clued in on a few things, especially since you're leaving for Mom and Dad's tomorrow."

"I'm afraid I do, dear. After what happened to Dana, I should know what to do in an emergency. It scared the hell out of me."

"Okay, bring me up to date. I don't think I got the whole story in your letters, and Dana didn't say much before she left for her piano lessons."

"All right." She began applying mascara. "I was out late, shopping, and she thought she'd help out by fixing supper. She made a casserole and stuck it in the oven. A few minutes later she noticed the fire wasn't on, and tried to light the pilot. It blew up in her face."

"I know that much. Go on."

"Well, Toby heard her scream, and ran into the kitchen. Her dress was on fire and she was holding her face. He ripped her dress off, doused her with cold water, and called the fire department. Luckily, Dr. Larson was at the hospital. She wasn't hurt badly, but she was blinded temporarily. She was only in the hospital for one day, but she'll have to wear those patches on her eyes for a while longer yet."

"Christ!" Ken muttered. "Is this Larson taking good care of her?"

Lynn smiled into the mirror. "He'd better. I paid him off in female currency. In a motel room. For four solid hours!"

He flicked an ash off his cigarette. "I might have known. How is she otherwise?"

"She doesn't like her father being gone all the time. For a fifteen-year-old girl with no mother and an absent father, I'd say she's doing great."

"And how about your kids?" he asked, ignoring the snide remark.

The woman's blue-black hair swished across her back as she swung around to face him. "Don't you mean our kids?"

He nodded mutely and sighed.

"Our kids are just fine. They're doing good in school, and they've been a lot of help with Dana. And before you ask, no, they don't know that they're sisters and brother and not cousins."

Ken put out his butt and leaned forward with elbows on knees, weariness showing in his eyes. "Hasn't Phil found out yet that Toby and Nancy aren't his kids?"

Lynn turned back to the mirror and resumed putting on her cosmetics. "Oh, didn't I tell you? You know he got married. Well, when he couldn't knock up his new wife, he went in for a check-up, and found out that he'd been sterile all his life. Right after that, about four months ago, he went to court and cut off child support for me. He doesn't know you're their father, but he does know it wasn't him."

"For God's sake, why didn't you let me know? I could have given you more money!"

She put down her lipstick and looked at his reflection in the mirror. "Ken, I didn't need it. I've saved most of the money you've paid me for taking care of things for the last five years since poor Carol died. I live in a beautiful house, I have my family, and everything I want. What more could I ask for?"

"You've been a helluva lot of help, Sis, and I appreciate it more than I can say."

Lynn stood up and walked over to him with her hips swaying seductively. Pulling his face into her furry snatch, she let him nuzzle it for a moment, then knelt between his legs. She parted his robe and kissed the tip of his prick, leaving a red smear, before looking up at him.

"Dearest, I wanted to. Besides being my brother, you're my lover, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Then too, I want our children to be around their father as much as they can, whether they're aware of the truth or not."

His cock was distending into a hard-on when he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked deep into her hazel eyes. "Have you ever regretted our fucking all these years and my giving you those two babies?"

"Never! Not for a minute! If you hadn't been my brother, I'd have married you a long time ago, and we'd have been happy as hell."

"I'm glad." He lowered his hands and fondled her fleshy, hard-nippled tits. "Sure you have to go?"

She kissed his cock again, then leaped to her feet, her face flushed. "We'll have plenty of time to fuck, and you've got to rest up from your trip. I'll be back from Graywater before you know it, and then we'll fuck and suck ourselves silly."

When she began dressing, Ken got up for another cigarette and leaned against the dresser to watch her cover her luscious body. "You say Mom will only be in the hospital a few days?"

"Uh huh. It's just a small stomach tumor. Dad needs caring for, though, after that stroke he had. I'm taking Toby with me, so you'll just have to watch the girls."

"Anything special I have to do about Dana?"

"No. A nurse comes by to change the dressing and put drops in her eyes. She has to be led around, though, 'cause she bumps into things, but Nancy usually does that."

"Nancy's sixteen now, isn't she?"

Lynn arched her eyebrows as she tucked her enormous tits into a bra. "You should know. And Toby's seventeen, in case you've forgotten that, too."

"No," he said shamefully, "I haven't forgotten. Any special instructions?"

"Can't think of any. Mrs. Dever is still giving Dana piano lessons, like tonight, to keep her mind off her eyes, but Nancy takes her there and brings her back. That's about it."

"I suppose we'll manage."

She tucked in her blouse, gave herself a final inspection in the mirror, then walked over to him and rubbed a hand over his pelvis, caressing his prick and scrotum. "God, I'd love to give you a blow-job right now, you horny stud, but it's almost eight and I've got to go. Get a good rest, and I'll see you in the morning."

Ken walked with her through the house to the front door. "By the way, what time is curfew?"

"Usually ten. Toby's at the movies, so he may be a little bit late, but it's okay. Don't worry about them. They take pretty good care of themselves."

After kissing her good-bye, he switched on the television on his way to the kitchen to mix himself a stiff highball. Though he had never regretted buying the big, four-bedroom home, he rattled around in it when he was by himself, and needed noise and a drink for company.

Settling down in his favorite recliner, he realized the completeness of civilized living again, yet knew it wouldn't be too long before his feet began to itch and he would be off to some far distant country, agonizing over the discomforts usually inherent in such a trip.

He hadn't yet drained his glass and relaxed completely when the front door flew open and the two girls came in, Nancy leading Dana by the hand. Seeing the thick gauze patches on Dana's eyes and watching her grope helplessly in front of her made him feel sorry for the girl, but he knew that pity was the least effective therapy.

"Hi, kids. How did the lesson go, Dana?"

"Oh, all right, I guess," she replied dully.

"She did great, Uncle Ken!" Nancy said. "Like Mrs. Dever says, you're not supposed to look at the keys anyway."

Dana was tall, like himself, but had her mother's blonde hair and blue eyes. A very pretty girl, she had developed considerably during the six months he'd been gone, and the mountainous breasts pushing her sweater out were more like a woman's than a girl's. Also like her mother, she had outstanding legs that were revealed nearly to the crotch by her short skirt.

Her cousin/sister was the image of Lynn, except that her hair was a dark brown. Perfectly proportioned and beautiful, she had an enticing ass that was clearly outlined by the skin-tight jeans she was wearing. They molded to her so closely that he could see the crease of her cunny.

"I'm glad to hear that," Ken said. "Either of you hungry?"

"I'm not," Dana answered, in the same monotone with which she had greeted him earlier. "I think I'll go to my room and lay down and listen to some music. Practicing tired me out tonight."

"Me neither," Nancy said. "Uncle Ken, after I take Dana to her room, can I go see my friend across the street? I'll be home by ten."

"I don't see why not. And thanks for helping Dana. It's nice of you."

"No problem. C'mon, kid."

"Good night, Daddy," Dana said, letting Nancy lead her away. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Night, baby. Have a good sleep."

While Ken was in the kitchen pouring another drink, he heard the front door close. Returning to the living room, he sat down and stared at the TV disconsolately, upset over Dana's reaction to his homecoming and wondering if there was anything he could do to console her.

Until she was ten, he had been around fairly often, working mostly in the States. But when his wife, Carol, died of cancer, he felt he had to get as far away as possible. Lynn was divorced by that time, and wasn't doing much modeling, so she offered to take over his household, and he accepted eagerly.

Not only was his sister an excellent housekeeper, but she was also a terrific fuck, and had been since they were teenagers. He thought she would be a perfect stand-in mother for Dana, and a wonderful piece of ass for him whenever he returned. Besides, he felt he owed something to Toby and Nancy since he was their natural father.

When he had shown up that afternoon, he had thought that Dana's disinterested response had been due to the trouble with her eyes, but now he began to think there was some other reason than that. If it hadn't been for everything else going on, he would have asked Lynn before she left.

He gulped his drink, then went to take a piss. When he came out, he nearly ran into Nancy in the hallway. "Back so soon?"

"Oh, Patty wasn't home. I was going to go to Ann's, but then I thought I'd come back and keep you company."

"Fine. Glad to have you."

"I'll be out in a minute. I want to change."

Ken made himself another highball, telling himself it would be the last one as he was beginning to feel it, then went back to his chair. He was in the process of lighting a cigarette when Nancy entered wearing an ankle-length blue nightgown that was so sheer he could see her body as clearly as though she had nothing on.

The figure he had appraised underneath her clothes was nothing like the real thing. The girl's high breasts were large, conical, and pushed out proudly against the thin material, with dime-size nipples at the tips. The vee of dark hair covering her pelvis was visible, as were the curls between her rounded thighs.

"Want anything from the kitchen, Uncle Ken?" she asked as she approached him. "I'm going to have some ice cream."

His cigarette and lighter were halfway to his lips, and he had trouble not only keeping his eyes from her sex areas, but also in finding his voice. Carefully training his gaze on her innocent face, he managed to croak, "No, thanks, honey. I've just been out there."


As he watched her waltz across the room with her saucy ass jiggling and the dark crevice between her buns showing, he felt a tremendous surge in his loins and his prick began to swell. She had taken him by such surprise, walking in like a girl in a cat house for viewing, that he couldn't stop the reaction.

Jesus Christ! he thought. Does she walk around like that all the time?

By the time she returned with her bowl of ice cream, he was sufficiently recovered to light his cigarette and hide his hardon as best he could. But, when she plopped down on the couch and drew her knees up to where he could see the patch of ringlets that surrounded her cunt, he was unnerved again, and his prick started to throb painfully.

"What are you watching?" she asked, totally unaware of what she was doing to him.

"I, uhhh, don't really know. I had my mind on something else. Anything you want to see?"

"No. I'm gonna finish this and crash. I was gonna ask you a lot about where you've been, but I know you must be pretty beat."

Ken's hands were trembling as he sneaked quick glances at her inviting pussy and mouth-watering tits, but she didn't notice as she was watching the screen intently. He crossed his wrists in his lap to conceal the erection that was bulging his robe out, trying to ignore the lascivious thoughts that were causing his heart to race.

Get a hold of yourself, you damn fool! he thought. For God's sake, she's your daughter!

Nancy finished her ice cream and stood up, the light from the hallway glowing through her gown and showing every delectable outline of her body. "Sure there's nothing I can get you?"

"No, really. I'm fine."

Smiling charmingly, she carried her bowl to the sink, then came back to lean over him for a kiss. The top part of her nightie fell away, and he caught a quick glimpse of her naked tits, all the way to her rosy nipples. She pecked him lightly and hugged him.

"We're all glad you're back, Uncle Ken. I hope you'll stay a while this time."

"I'm going to try very hard."

"Good." She straightened up and started away. "I'm going to see if Dana has to go to the potty before I go to bed. Night."

"Good night, sweet."

Her exit left him feeling like liquid jelly, except for the rigid erection sticking up from his pelvis. With very few exceptions, he had never felt such a strong passionate desire. It was so vile and so disgusting. She was his daughter! A virgin! And only sixteen-years-old!

The ice cubes in his glass clinked in his quavering hand as he lifted it to his lips. He rubbed his brow and his eyes, wondering if he hadn't been away from humanity so long that he had forgotten what normalcy was. He'd heard of it happening, but he wasn't that kind of man! Not at all!

A return trip to the kitchen for a straight shot soothed his rattled nerves a bit, and, after a calming cigarette, he felt a little better. It was nine o'clock, and he debated whether to wait up for Lynn and Toby, then decided against it. What he needed was some sleep to get back to normal.

Turning off the television, he stepped into the hallway, then noticed a light under Dana's closed door. Thinking he might smooth things over if he spoke to her briefly, he stepped up to it, rapped softly, then went in.

Dana was stretched out on her bed with one arm flung over her eyes, listening to music from her 8-track, wearing a flimsy yellow gown of the same type as Nancy's.


Not certain whether the girl was asleep, Ken approached the bed as quietly as possible and stood staring down at the still form. The twin mounds of her titties jutted upward under her nightie like two magnificent peaks. Her coral-colored nipples were much larger than Nancy's. Devouring her with his eyes, he gazed at the blonde tufts that swirled around her pelvis and into her crotch.

"Dana," he whispered, "are you awake?"

She lifted her arm from her face and dropped it to her side. "Yes, Daddy. Did you want something?"

"Just a little talk, if you're not too tired."

"No, that's okay." She swung her feet over the side of the bed and sat up. "What did you want to talk about?"

Ken took the chair from her desk in the corner of the room and sat down in front of her. His organ was already on the rise again, making him more uncomfortable than he had been originally. "Nothing too important, baby. Are your eyes bothering you?"

"Huh uh. Not too much. It just, well, makes me feel dumb, not being able to see."

"It won't be much longer, I understand. It's uncomfortable, I'm sure, but you can handle it."

Dana bobbed her head. "I know."

"You've got a lot of courage. Were the other burns very bad?"

"No. The doctor says that I won't even have any scars."

"Do you mind if I see them?"

The girl chewed on her lower lip pensively. "There's not much to see. At least that's what Lynn says."

"I'd still like to, if you don't mind." For reasons he couldn't fathom, he had an urgent desire to see his daughter naked, and the yearning was so strong it was making his balls ache.

"I guess it's all right for you to look," she said with a tone of resignation. "Everyone else has."

Rising to her feet, she crossed her arms in front of her and pulled the gown up and over her head, then stood there with the garment dangling from her fingers. The soft glow from the bedside lamp accentuated every curve and contour of her ripe yet tender body.

Ken saw the faint tint of pink that covered her throat and shoulders, and the contrasting whiteness of her tits where the heat evidently hadn't penetrated her brassiere. It looked like nothing more than a light sunburn. Taking his time, without touching her, he examined the beautiful milky cones that were nearly as large as Lynn's, the flat stomach and abdomen, and the pooched outer lips of her cunt that were covered with golden fluff. The composite picture of youthful loveliness made his prick jump wildly.

"It doesn't look bad, Dana," he said, trying to keep the note of lust from his voice. "You should be as good as new in a couple of weeks."

"Yeah, that's what the doctor said." She sat down on the bed again without bothering to slip on her gown. "At least it doesn't hurt."

"Has he said when the eye patches will come off?" he asked, his gaze riveted on her ripe, down-covered pussy.

"In a couple of days, I think. Then I'll have to wear dark glasses for a while."

Ken was in torment. He opened his robe and wrapped his fist around his pulsing cock, knowing that she couldn't see what he was doing. Squeezing the thick, tendoned member, he began stroking it slowly, letting his eyes travel over her velvety figure.

"You seemed a little upset this afternoon and tonight, Dana. Is it just because you're tired of the patches, or is it something else?"

Her lips compressed, and she swallowed hard. "Oh, I don't know, Daddy. I... wanted to be able to see you when you got back. You're gone so darn much, and now that you're here, I can't even look at you."

His hand was pumping his dick more rapidly now. "I'll be here for quite a while, honey. Maybe for a long time. You'll have a lot of time to look at this ugly puss."

She started to smile weakly. "You say that every time you come home, Daddy. That you're going to stay, I mean. Then bang, you're gone again. I've hardly been around you since..."

"Yes, I know. Is that what's troubling you?"

She hesitated, then said, "Yeah, kinda. It's like I don't have any parents at all. I mean, Aunt Lynn is nice and all that, but it's not the same. Couldn't you stay here for good? I know you could get a job where you didn't have to travel so much, like you did when I was little."

He continued to stroke his tool, thinking how ridiculous it was to be jacking off and conversing with her at the same time. There was no way he could stop, though. Not after being excited by Nancy, and now looking straight at Dana's lush frame. Semen was bloating his nuts, and he had to release it through his hard, straining cock.

"I'm going to try, baby," he said huskily. "I want to be together with you, too. I always have, but I also have my job to think of so I can pay the bills. It's not easy."

Dana sighed and slumped forward, making her bountiful titties bobble. "I know you've got problems, Dad. It's just... well, I do need you. A lot."

"Honey," he said, perspiration breaking out on his forehead as he mentally fucked the young nymph while jerking feverishly on his pole, "I know you do. I'll make it all up to you somehow."

Ken was sliding the skin up and down on his joint, slapping the heel of his hand against his pelvis. His legs were quivering with tautness, and his back was arched. It was coming. He could feel the viscous liquid speeding toward his prick. The bulbous head of his tool was swollen to the bursting point, and a droplet of pre-cum was already hanging in the pee slit.

"Daddy," Dana asked, cocking her head to one side, "what's that noise?"

"What... noise?" He was on the verge.

"That funny sound. Are you doing something?"

"Yes," he rasped. "I'm... rubbing my leg. It's a little stiff from the flight."

"Oh. Do you want me to do it for you?"

Oh, God! he thought. If you could only put your hand on my prick and pound me off! Christ, you're delicious! If you weren't my daughter...!

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uuuhhh! Uuuhhhh!"

Molten jizz spurted like a jetting fountain from his cock, hung in the air, then rained down on the carpet between them. He twitched with each squirt, the tendons standing out on his neck, as he continued to flag his jumping rod until the last drops of cum had oozed out to dribble down over his hand.

"Is there something wrong, Daddy?" Dana asked anxiously. "Are you all right?"

Ken let out a long breath of relief and leaned back in the chair. "I'm okay, sweet. I just had a cramp, is all. Everything's fine."

"Jeez, I was worried there for a minute. Are you sure you don't want me to rub it?"

"No, kitten. Just stay where you are. It'll go away. I'll just walk around for a second or two."

Carefully avoiding the drops of sperm on the rug, he went to the dresser for some tissues, wiped himself off, then sopped up the expended cum from the floor. After disposing of the tissues, he closed his robe and tied the sash.

"Did that help?" the girl asked.

"Yes. Look, honey, I'm going to hit the sack. Is there anything I can get you?"

Her face colored slightly. "I do have to go to the bathroom. Would you mind helping me?"

"Of course not. C'mon."

When she stood, he took her by the elbows and guided her down the hall, feeling the heat from her lithe young body against him. Reaching the bath, he led her to the stool, lifted the lid, then lowered her gently to the seat.

"Will you wait outside?" she asked shyly.

"Sure." He stepped back into the hall, making enough noise so that she could hear him go, then turned and watched her. She parted her thighs and let loose a hissing stream into the bowl for what seemed to him like two minutes. Even watching her piss aroused him. Then she groped for the toilet roll, and wiped herself.

"Okay, Dad, I'm ready."

On the way back to her room, he held her more closely, so that her bare tit rubbed against him. By the time they were at her bedside, he was hard again. He helped her back into her nightie, put the chair back so she wouldn't fall over it if she got up, then tucked her in.

"Good night, baby," he said, leaning over to kiss her full on the lips. "I'll turn out the light and shut off the music."

"Thanks, Daddy. And please stay this time, will you?"

"I'll do my damnedest, Dana. Believe me."

In the master bedroom, he shrugged off his robe and climbed into bed naked, the way he normally slept. The events of the evening troubled him, making him think he was some kind of lecher for letting the two young girls disturb him so much. Admittedly, he hadn't had much screwing in the last six months, but that still was no excuse for the way he had felt.

He mused for a while, then weariness finally overcame him and the last thing he heard before drifting off to sleep was the distant opening and closing of the front door.

Lynn let herself in, followed by her son, whom she had picked up on the way home from her first-aid class. While Toby fixed himself a snack, she checked on the girls and Ken and found them all sound asleep. After telling Toby she was going to bed and to shut up the house, she went to her room and stripped for bed.

Lighting a last cigarette, she sat down on the edge of the mattress and pondered whether she should take the chance of sneaking into Ken's room and giving him a blow-job, which she had been thinking about all evening. He had such a fantastic prick, immense, hairy, and veined.

No, I'd better not, she thought. He doesn't know how things are around here yet, and he's probably too tired to go off again.

Still, the idea of having his gorgeous pecker in her mouth remained with her, and it wasn't long before she could feel warm vaginal liquid seeping into the crevice of her cunt. Glancing down, she saw that her bare nipples were hard and extended, and wanted a mouth on them so badly it was torment.

"That settles that!" she murmured aloud.

Stubbing out her butt, she went to the dresser and took out a penis-shaped vibrator, the instrument that gave her such satisfaction when nothing else was available. Returning to the bed she laid down with her legs splayed and her knees drawn up.

Switching on the dildo, she parted the puffy lips of her twat and began rubbing the thing lightly over her sensitive clit, feeling the tingle of it throughout her body. She began writhing and squirming as the delightful sensation excited her, then she moved the device down to her gaping, squishy cunt hole and inserted it into her prickling vagina, pushing it up into her as far as she could.

"Ooohhh! Hhhuuuhhh! Gggaaahhh! Oh, God! Uuummm! Ooohhh!"

Simpering very quietly, she began fucking herself, wondering as she always did when she used the thing why a man's prick didn't vibrate like that. The pointed cylinder was well oiled with her lubricating juices, and went in and out with ease. When it began to warm up, she started lurching her hips off the mattress and rotating her pussy on the divine substitute.

"Hhhuuuhhh! Ooohhh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Oh, sweet Jesus! Gggaaahhh! Mother! Fuck! Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Her climax was abrupt, and she bit on a knuckle to keep from shouting out with sheer pleasure. When her trembling and fluttering had ceased, she left the vibrator embedded in her cunt, pulled the covers over her, and turned off the light. With the fake cock inside her, she relaxed into a contented sleep.

When Ken arrived in the kitchen the next morning, he found Lynn already busy preparing breakfast. It jolted him to see that she was wearing a knee-length nightie of flaming red that was as sheer as either one of the girl's. He was still gawking at her when she turned away from the stove and gave him a bright smile.

"Good morning, Brother. Sit down. I'll have your coffee on the table in a second."

He dropped down at the table and lit a cigarette while she poured him a cup of steaming liquid and brought it over. He was still not quite awake, but the coffee smelled wonderful.

"Are the kids up yet?"

"Oh, yes. Nancy took Dana's tray in a few minutes ago, and Toby's getting dressed. He and I have a lot of things to do today. I've got to buy him some clothes, and we have to pick up our tickets at the travel agency."

Ken had taken a couple of testy sips of coffee, and his mind was beginning to clear. "Does Dana feed herself?"

"Oh, no. I suppose she could, but it's too inconvenient for her. One of us always feeds her."

Lynn had gone back to the stove to dish up his bacon and eggs when Toby came in, neatly dressed in a sport shirt and slacks. He was tall for his age, stocky, with long sandy hair and the family's green eyes. A good-looking boy, Ken remembered him as usually being shy around adults or girls.

"Hi, buddy," Ken said cheerfully. "You're looking good this morning."

"Hi. Thanks." He turned to Lynn. "Mom, can I go over to Tommy's and get my portable radio to take along? You can pick me up there on your way to town."

"All right, but make sure you stay there. I don't want to hunt all over the neighborhood for you."

"I will. Bye. See ya, Uncle Ken."

"Right, Toby."

As he was leaving, the boy brushed by Nancy who was returning with Dana's tray and who was dressed in the same gauzy gown she had worn the night before. Ken's eyes widened, but he didn't say anything as Lynn placed a full plate in front of him.

"Morning, Uncle Ken," Nancy said. She set the tray by the sink, then washed and dried her hands. "Mom, I'm going to go straighten up my room, now. Okay?"

"Yes. And you'll have to clean the house today, too. I'll be gone with Toby for quite a while, then we have to come home and pack."

"Sure, I don't mind. Dana's all set. I'll give her a bath later on."

Ken watched her near-naked titties bobble and her pert ass jiggle as she left the room, then turned back to his breakfast while Lynn poured herself a cup of coffee and joined him.

"Everything all right?" she asked.

"Fine." He bit into a piece of toast. "Look, I don't want to sound like a prude, but do you think it's a good idea for you and the girls to parade around in front of Toby with hardly anything on?"

Lynn seemed genuinely surprised. "Why on earth not?"

"Well, for one thing, it isn't decent. For another, the boy might start getting ideas."

The woman tossed her head back with laughter. "Well, of all the things to say after what we did when we were kids! For God's sake, don't you remember?"

"Damn right I do, but we didn't do anything in front of our parents. And they didn't go around naked in front of us, either."

"Ken," she said soberly, "times have changed. Nudity isn't nasty or immoral any more. A lot of families make a practice of going around in their homes all the time without a stitch on. It satisfies the kids' curiosity and gives them a more open mind toward the human body and sex."

"That may well be, but speaking as a male, I know what the sight of a nude woman does to a boy or man. Hasn't Toby ever gotten a hard-on when he saw you like that?"

Lynn lit a cigarette with obvious slowness. "Weeelll, yes, he has. Not out in the open, but I could see it in his shorts or pants."

"And how do you suppose that affects him? What does he do, go in his room and jack off?"

"Ssshhh! Not so loud. The girls might hear. He probably does pound off once in a while. Most boys that age do, just like you did."

"Right, but why provoke him? And speaking of the girls, what do they think when they see a big bulge in Toby's pants? Surely they must have some idea of what's happening and what's causing it."

The dour look on Lynn's face showed that she thought he was chewing her out. "So what if they do? Where's the harm in that? They're going to find out about sex sooner or later, and I'd much rather have them learn it at home. Wouldn't you?"

Ken popped the last bite of bacon into his mouth and pushed his plate away. "Have you had a talk with the kids about sex?"

"No. I was waiting to discuss it with you, and hoping we could approach them together. After all, with three kids, it's a pretty big job for one person."

"I agree." He lit a cigarette. "Just how much have they seen that you know of?"

She stood up, spun around so that he could see her body through her nightie, then sat down again. "That's all that Toby's been exposed to, I'm sure. That goes for what he's seen of the girls, too."

"Have the girls ever seen him naked with a hard-on?"

"No. I'm positive of that. If they had, they would have come to me and asked questions. Girls are just as curious as boys, you know."

"I suppose," he said. "So, just how far do you think we ought to go when we talk to them?"

Lynn smiled and put a hand on his arm. "I'll leave that up to you. Think about it while I'm gone, and let me know when I get back. Whatever we do, it's going to have to be soon. They're all at the age where they'll want to know everything."

He grinned back at her. "Well, I'll do what I can, but it's not exactly in my line. Maybe I can find a book on it or something. You give it some thought, too."

"I will." She stood up. "Right now, I've got to shower and dress. If I don't get started, I'll never get done. Leave things where they are. Nancy'll take care of it later."

"Okay." When she left, he brooded over what she had said as he finished his coffee and cigarette.

Lynn went to her room to pick out what she was going to wear and found Nancy there, making up her bed. Standing on the dresser, in plain sight where she had left it, was the vibrator that she had left buried all night in her twat. It was still glistening wet from her vaginal fluid, and she hurried over to wipe it off with tissues before putting it away.

"Mom, what's that thing?" Nancy asked.

"It's a... a sort of massager, dear."

"How come it was all gooey and sticky?"

"I, uhhh, was using some lotion, honey. Why don't you go lay out some fresh linens for me in the hall bathroom? I'm going to take a shower in a minute."

"Okay. Does Uncle Ken want anything?"

"No, I don't think so. Run along, now."

As she put away the dildo and shut the drawer, Lynn cursed herself for her stupidity. If Toby had found it, he was old enough to figure out what it was really used for, and that would have been very embarrassing.

Laying her clothes out on the bed, Lynn wondered if Ken had any suspicion of what had been going on between herself and Toby. Of course, the boy had gotten an erection when he saw all the nearly bare tits and cunts running around the house. It had been her idea, and when she realized her mistake, she had done her best to correct it.

After the first few times she had seen his boyish peter rise, she had taken him into her bedroom and explained what was happening to him, and he had admitted to masturbating. Since it was her fault to begin with, she started jacking him off to give him the release he needed. Soon after, her impulses got the better of her, and she began sucking his cock.

Neither of the girls had ever been aware of what was going on. She had been very strict about that. But of late, both she and Toby had wanted to do it more and more often, and it worried her because it was getting dangerous.

It was for that reason, and that reason alone that she was taking him along on the trip. Perhaps by the time they got back, she would have thought of a way to sensibly explain the situation to Ken in terms that wouldn't make him angry. It wasn't a question of whether to tell her brother, it was a question of how!

Ken drained his cup, then strode through the house to the master bedroom without seeing any of the family. He took off his robe, stepped in to a scalding shower for a full twenty minutes to both freshen his spirits and ease the bone-deep tiredness he felt. He shaved leisurely, then went into the bedroom to dress. After looking into the closet for several minutes, he decided the hell with it. He was on vacation, damn it! Slipping back into his karate robe, he went down the hall to Dana's room and knocked.

"Come in," the girl called out.

"How are you doing this morning?" he asked when he went inside.

"A lot better, Daddy. I slept deeper than I have for a long time. I think it's because you're back."

There was a lump in his throat as he grabbed her desk chair and swung it around to sit on it backward with his arms folded across the back. She had thrown the covers back, and once again he was able to see the outline of her body, her firm titties and fluffy cunt hair.

"I'm glad to hear that, honey. Is there anything you need or want?"

"No, I'm doing great. Aunt Lynn and Toby are leaving today, aren't they?"

"Uh huh. Later on this afternoon."

"I'm going to like that. Maybe you'll be able to spend more time with me, then. Lying in this bed gets pretty tiresome."

"I'll bet it does. As soon as we get things squared away, we'll get together and I'll tell you all about where I've been and what I've been doing."

"Oh, that would be super!" She paused, then said sadly, "I sure wish I could see you. That would be even more super."

"It won't be long, baby. Have patience. I'm going to go read the paper, now. If there's anything you want, call out."

"I will." She heard him go to the door, then said, "Daddy, I'm really happy that you're home again."

"So am I, kitten. So am I."

He reached the living room just in time to catch Lynn going for the door, wearing a low-cut knit dress that she filled out in all the right places. The thought struck him that she was almost as sexy dressed as nude.


"Oh, yes, Ken. I'm late now. I don't want you to do a damn thing while I'm gone. You just rest and take it easy."

"Don't worry. I will. See you later."

She tossed him the morning paper on her way out, and he sank down in his chair to read it, thankful that there was nothing else to do.


Ken flipped the pages of the paper slowly, trying to concentrate on the news, but finding it nearly impossible. Visions of the girls flickered through his mind. The events that had occurred since his arrival home had left him stunned, and since nothing quite like it had ever happened to him before, he wasn't sure how to cope.

Then, there was Lynn's frank admission about the children that he wondered whether he could accept. Admittedly, he was aware of the changing morals in the last ten years or so, but the openness and casualness of the females in the household still astounded him. In his generation, sex and showing bodies was done, but secretly, and was not something to be done boldly and openly.

Resolving to wait until he could converse with Lynn upon her return, he pushed all of the nagging thoughts from his head and opened the paper to the sports pages, determined that he would not be drawn to the girls and allow himself to do something he would regret forever. He was scanning the black print intently when Nancy came in, carrying a vacuum cleaner.

"Uncle Ken, will it bother you if I run this in here?"

Peering over the paper, he saw that she had not changed from her gauzy powder blue nightie. No amount of will power could have stopped his dick from rising as he gazed at the young girl's firm mounds and wool-covered cunt.

"No, that's all right, honey, but don't you think you should put some clothes on first? You can't run around like that all day, you know."

Nancy smiled broadly as she set the cleaner down and plugged it in. "You've been away too long, Uncle Ken. Don't you know that a lot of women do their house cleaning naked now?"

"Why, for God's sake?"

She shrugged and looked at him naively. "It's just a lot more comfortable. I do it all the time, when I'm here by myself."

He shook his head with wonder. "Your mother and Dana, too?"

"I don't know, but I guess they do. What's wrong with it if nobody else is here?"

He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "But I'm here now."

Again she smiled impishly. "Yeah, but you're family. And I do have something on, too."

"Not much, but if that's the way you do things, go ahead."

"You mean you wouldn't mind if I took this thing off? I'd rather. I'm used to doing it that way now."

Ken thought about what Lynn had said. If she was right and he was wrong, he didn't want to foul things up and make either of the girls ashamed or embarrassed. "It's okay with me. Whatever you want suits me. Just promise you'll get dressed as soon as you're through."

"Oh, I will. I haven't got much more to do."

He tried to hide his face behind the paper as she switched on the vacuum and began pushing it around the room, but it was useless. Her gorgeous titties swayed, flopped and slapped together as she pushed and pulled, and her smoothly rounded ass jiggled and bobbled. She was not ashamed, and actually hummed as she worked.

"Would you please raise your feet?" she asked happily, standing before him in all her naked glory.

"Sure." He was thankful for the paper that concealed the big, throbbing bulge in his robe.

His eyes followed her around the room until she had finished and put the vacuum away, then she returned to flop down on the couch with her arms resting at her sides and her legs parted just enough so that he could see the pink furrow of her love nest.

"Whew, I'm going to rest a second. Can I get you anything, Uncle Ken? Coffee or something?"

"No, baby. Did you say you had to give Dana a bath this morning?"

"Uh huh. Either Mom or I help her into the bathtub, but she washes herself. It's no trouble."

It was an agonizing strain to keep from staring at her ripe pussy, and he wished now that he had poured the meat to Lynn before she left so that his balls would be drained. It was difficult not to have lascivious thoughts when you were horny, especially with a naked nymph so close.

"Tell me something, Nancy. Has Toby ever helped Dana with her bath?"

She shook her head vigorously. "No. Mom is real funny about things like that. She wouldn't let him."

"But you all let him see you with only your nighties on."

"Well, yeah, but that's different. Jeez, like Mom said, he can go down to the drug store and see pictures of all the naked girls he wants. Besides, we're not really bare. He doesn't pay much attention anyway."

Ken saw that he wasn't getting through, and gave up. The girl obviously felt that she was doing nothing wrong, probably because her mother had told her so, and there was no sense in pounding the subject into the ground. Since he had already made up his mind not to do anything, his looking really was innocuous.

"Do you have much more cleaning to do?"

"Only the kitchen and Dana's room. I'll take care of her room while she's in the tub. I have to change her sheets, too."

"Well, I'll give you a hand and help Dana while you do the kitchen. I haven't got anything else to do."

"Jeez, thanks, Uncle Ken. I did want to go see my girl friend, and that way I'll get through faster."

His prick was still stiff and jumping as he watched her prance toward the kitchen, and he was becoming aware that if the situation remained the same, he was going to walk around with a perpetual hard-on. Since both girls had seen the mound caused by Toby's erection, he reasoned that Nancy wouldn't be shocked at his, so he proceeded to follow her and get himself a beer.

She was already running water in the sink when he entered and crossed to the refrigerator. As he was popping the top on the can, she turned to speak to him, then noticed the huge protrusion in the front of his robe. Raising her eyes quickly to his face, she gave him an apologetic smile, as though she shouldn't have looked.

"I could have brought that in to you, Uncle Ken."

He grunted, and said, "I need the exercise, honey. I'll go run the water, then get Dana."

Ken was on the way out when the phone rang, and he stopped to answer it.

"Oh," a sultry, sexy voice said, "is this Mr. Sheridan?"

"Yes, it is. What can I do for you?"

"This is Mary Sims, Dr. Larson's nurse. This is my afternoon off, and I wondered if it would be convenient for me to stop by and change the dressings on Dana's eyes."

"That's very thoughtful of you, but it isn't necessary. You don't have to go to that trouble. Either my sister or myself can bring her in to the office."

"Oh, it's no trouble, really," she said in rich vibrant tones. "I live only a block from you, in the Castle Apartments. I think a lot of Dana, and it's not out of my way at all."

"Well, if you want to, it would be very nice. My sister has the car, and I don't know when we could make it. Some time around noon, then?"

"Yes. I'll see you then. 'Bye."

"Was that the doctor's office?" Nancy asked when he hung up the receiver.

"Yeah. The nurse."

"Miss Sims. She's really nice. And, boy, is she pretty!"

"Oh?" Ken's interest perked up. If she had looks to go with that voice...! "Are you sure she isn't married?"

"She doesn't wear any rings, I know that."

"Well, she's going to be by here around noon. Make sure you have some clothes on by then. I'll take Dana to my bathroom in case you want to shower."


Ken went to his bedroom, started the water in the master bath, then went to get his youngest daughter. She was sitting on the side of her bed, listening to her tapes, her covered eyes staring sightlessly at the floor.

"Ready for your bath, sweetheart?"

"Yeah, I suppose. Who was that on the phone, Daddy?"

"Miss Sims. She's coming over to take care of your eyes."

"Oh, darn it! I was hoping it would be the doctor, and that he'd take these stupid patches off for good."

He sensed her depressed mood, and felt compassion for her, but tried to keep his manner light. "C'mon, kitten. You can't give up when it's almost over. Let's go get that bath."

He helped her up, then guided her down the hall and through his room to the bath. After slipping her yellow gown off, he eased her down on the closed toilet seat and checked the water in the tub.

"Warm or hot, Dana?"

"About medium." She sighed sadly. "I feel so darn dumb having to have everyone do things for me like this."

"Nobody minds, baby." He turned off the water and shrugged out of his robe. After standing her in the tub, he asked, "Would you like me to wash you? It'd probably be easier."

Dana raised and dropped her shoulders unconcernedly. "I don't care. If you want to."

"Of course I do." His cock was rock hard as he soaped a cloth and began rubbing it over her delicious youthful body. She stood very still while he washed her, not flinching when he touched her tits, cunt or ass. Both of them remained silent while he rinsed her, paying particular attention to her fleecy pussy, her tits, and the deep dark crack of her ass.

"That doesn't bother you, does it?" he asked huskily when he was through and staring at her wetly glistening figure while his stiff organ danced in front of him.

"No," she replied simply. "I'm getting used to it now."

Grabbing a towel, he dried her off to the waist, feeling her supple girlish form arouse him maddeningly. It was more than just a mere sexual desire. It was a deep-rooted lust that constricted his throat and made his balls suck up into his groin. Obeying an impulse that roared through him like a horrendous wave, he bent over and began brushing his lips over her fleshy titties and kissing her nipples tenderly.

"Daddy!" she said aghast. "What are you doing?"

"Just kissing you," he replied hoarsely. "Doesn't it feel good?"

"I'm... not sure. Are you supposed to do that?"

"If I love you, yes."

He lifted one of her feet and placed it on the tub rim, then crouched down to dry her legs. His face was only scant inches from her puffy-lipped cunt covered with blonde curls, and the neatness of the virgin nest made his hands tremble. He rubbed her down, then had her step out while he dried her feet. The instant he was through, Ken discarded the towel and began kissing her stomach, abdomen and pelvis, caressing her buns at the same time.

"Daddy, I... wish you wouldn't do that," Dana whimpered.

Ken paused in his oral petting to look up between the cleavage of her magnificent breasts. "Why not, princess?"

A small shiver ran through her, and her hands tightened on his shoulders. "It makes me feel all funny. I... I can't really explain it. I don't know what it is."

His prick was leaping with urgency for release, and only her plaintive plea reached into his lust-fogged mind. Nancy's nudity had started his juices flowing, and now Dana's bare body was driving him to such a frenzied state he nearly forgot any sense of morality or decency. With an anguished moan coming from deep in his throat, he rose on rubbery legs, accidentally sliding the hard smooth head of his tool across her belly.

Dana sucked in her breath sharply and involuntarily grabbed for the strange object that had touched her. The second she felt the massive, ridged pole, she jerked her hand back as though his rod were fiery hot.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy!" she wailed. "I didn't know! I thought you had your... oh, God!" Pressing her face against his chest, she began to cry.

"Hey, honey. Don't do that. There's nothing wrong. It was just one of those things. Don't cry now. Please."

The brief feel of her hand on his member had ignited him even further, and now, holding her soft warm body against his, the blazing demands of his loins were beyond control. Reaching for her hand, he curled her fingers around his thrumming piston and held them there, talking to her calmly and soothingly.

"See, darling? There's nothing to be afraid of. It's only another part of my body, like my hand or my arm. It can't hurt you. Feel it."

Dana was terrified, but didn't want to do anything that would disappoint or upset her father. Choking back sobs, she let him rub her hand up and down his thing, feeling the vast difference between the thick hairy shaft and the silken bulbous tip. It burned against her palm, yet in a way it was fascinating.

"There, honey," Ken crooned, stroking her long tresses as he kissed her cheek, throat and bare shoulder. "That's not so bad, is it? I felt you, now you can feel me."

The girl sniffed as she flattened her tits against him and held the thing in her grip. She knew boys were different than girls, but had never seen a real penis, and the size of it filled her with awe, especially the enormous knob on the end.

"It's... it's awfully hard, isn't it, Daddy? Is it always like that?"

"No, sweet. You know what it is, don't you?"

"I think so."

"And what it's used for?"

"No, not really. Nobody's ever told me. Should I know?"

Ken kissed her forehead and ear while sliding his hands down her back and over her taut buttocks. "No, hon. I guess you're too young yet. You will soon enough, though."

She was still pumping his organ lightly, gliding her tiny hand from the root to the crown, apparently over the initial shock of feeling and stroking a man's muscle. Ken was tempted to thrust his straining peter through her fist, but was afraid that the humping might frighten her. Scalding jizz was rushing through his groin, heading for his dick, and he knew he was going to blow off soon.

"Sit down on the stool, kitten," he moaned, "and keep doing what you're doing! It makes me feel very good!" Placing his hands in her arm pits, he lowered her onto the toilet, then stood in front of her to watch her jack him off.

"Does it really feel good?" she asked wonderingly. "How come?"

He wound his fingers in her hair and fought to stop the quaking in his legs. "I'll explain some other time, darling! Just don't stop! Oh, baby! God! Kiss it, honey! Only the end! Kiss it, Dana!"

Pulling her head toward him, he wiped the swollen head of his joint across her pink lips, feeling her hot breath swirling around his jumping peter and aching nuts. He was committed now, and had to cum. The river of boiling sperm couldn't be stopped. It was flowing through the tubes in his pelvis and had nearly reached the base of his poker.


Backing up a step, he released the flood gates in his prick and allowed the jetting stream to pour forth and spray Dana's tits and chest. As the thick liquid hosed her, it dribbled down over her bare cones and dripped off her large nipples onto her thighs. Her mouth hung open until the last squirts had pelted her, then she looked up at Ken's face although she couldn't see him.

"Daddy! What happened! What was that stuff! I can't see!"

He was still shaking from his powerful ejaculation, and his breathing was strangled. When finally he was able to speak, he said, "Don't let it upset you, honey. It was supposed to happen that way."

"But what was it?" she insisted removing her hand from his cock and gingerly feeling the viscous wetness covering her front. "It's hot, and it feels real weird!"

"It's semen, Dana," he said ashamedly. "That's, well, what makes babies." Reaching for a wash cloth, he wet it with warm water and began wiping the girl off, a sense of revulsion and pure disgust washing through him.

"I don't get it," she said with a puzzled frown. "How can you make babies like that?"

"Let's not talk about it now, baby," he said, furious with himself. "One of these days we'll have a talk, and I'll explain everything to you."

"I sure hope it's soon," she said as he helped her up and draped the nightie over her. "I don't understand anything about it."

Ken put his robe on, then led the girl back to her room and put her in bed, realizing fully how close he had come to insisting that she suck him off. It was crazy, but true! He actually wanted to have sex with both his daughters! With his mind in that sorry condition, he knew he would have to avoid them as much as possible while Lynn was gone, or at least make sure they were fully dressed whenever he was around them. Things were getting out of hand, and it was damned serious!

"Are you going to stay and talk to me for a while?" she asked when she was settled.

He looked at her alarm clock and saw that it was eleven-thirty, giving him ample time to dress before the nurse got there. "Sure, kitten. What do you want to talk about?"

"For serious and real?"

"Of course." He pulled the chair over and sat down. "What's on your mind?"

"Well, are Aunt Lynn and the kids going to live with us from now on?"

"I don't know, Dana. I hadn't really thought about it. Why? Don't you like them?"

"Weeelll, yeah. But, you know what happened in the bathroom just now? I think I kinda liked it, even though I couldn't see what was going on. If they stay here, we couldn't do that any more."

Ken leaned forward and hung his head. "Honey, we can't do it again no matter what happens. I made a mistake, but I won't do it again."

"What mistake? Jeez, Daddy, I wish you'd tell me."

"Fathers and daughters are something special. They don't do things like that. It's sort of hard to explain."

She paused, then said, "I think I understand. You think I'm still a little girl, don't you?"

"Let's face it, honey, you are. And I want you to stay that way as long as possible. Okay?"

Dana expelled a deep breath. "All right. If you won't talk about that, will you tell me about your trip?"

He had to get out of there, no matter how much he wanted to stay. The sight of her lying on the bed, practically inviting a fuck, was too much for him. He got up and covered her, then bent down for a kiss.

"Hon, I have to get dressed, now. Miss Sims will be here very soon. After she's gone, we'll get you dressed and you can sit in the living room with me. Would you like that?"

"Sure. Just as long as we can be together."

"Right. I'll see you in a little while."

As he was going down the hall, he saw that Nancy's bedroom door was open, and looked in. The young girl was wearing only a pair of brief panties, and was bent over, pulling on a pair of shorts. Her fantastic tits flopped as she straightened up to give him a wide smile.

"I've had my shower, and I'm almost ready to go. Want me to do anything before I leave?"

"I don't think so. Have fun, but be back by supper time."

"I will. I'll just be across the street, anyway."

Ken noticed that she was staring at his robe where his penis would be, and after buttoning up her shorts, she made no effort to pick up and put on the halter that was lying atop the dresser. He let his eyes stray to her titties for a second, then waved good-bye and went on to his room.

He had hung up his robe and was laying out the things he was going to wear when the door opened and Nancy took a halting step in. She wordlessly gave his soft cock and hanging balls a frankly curious appraisal, then flashed him a grin.

"I'm going now. Just thought I'd let you know."

"Fine. Thank you." When she didn't move, he asked, "Was there something else, Nancy?"

"I guess not." She pointed to his wilted prick. "Is that your pee-pee, Uncle Ken?"

Not knowing how to answer that, he nodded dumbly.

Nancy squinched up her nose. "I don't think I'd want one of those. Gotta go, now. 'Bye."

Ken was chuckling to himself as he began dressing. Maybe he was all wrong about the girls and what Lynn permitted around the house. If that was all the interest they had in male genitals, he had nothing to worry about. After combing his hair, he headed for the kitchen and a drink.

It was a little after twelve by the time he had his highball made, so he sat down in the front room to await the arrival of Miss Sims. Her sexy voice and Nancy's statement had piqued his interest, and he found himself getting anxious to see what this female looked like. He didn't have long to wait. At precisely twelve-twenty, the door bell rang.

When he answered it, the vision that greeted him took his breath away for a moment. Miss Sims was a petite brunette with large violet eyes set in a face that was absolutely beautiful. She was wearing a white nurse's uniform that clung tenaciously to a superb figure, along with the standard white stockings and shoes.

"I take it you're Mr. Sheridan," she said, smiling at his quite obvious dumfoundedness. "I'm Miss Sims. May I come in?"

"Absolutely!" He stepped aside and waved her into the living room. "You're very prompt."

"Thank you. I'll go right in and see Dana."

"Of course. It's through the hall to your..."

"I know," she interrupted him. "I've been here several times. Please excuse me."

Now, that would be a piece of ass and a half, he thought as he watched her disappear into the hallway. Damn!

He resumed his seat and stared thoughtfully out of the front window while he sipped his drink. Miss Sims would be a perfect replacement for Lynn while she was gone, and would also take the pressure off him about the girls. Provided, that is, he could get into her pants.

A good excuse to keep her there for a while was to talk about Dana and her eye problem. With any luck at all, he could at least make a date with her and see what would happen. She seemed to be about thirty, and that was just the right age for a woman to know what it's all about.

He was pondering how to go about it and just what he would say when the nurse returned and he stood up. "How are the eyes coming along?"

She remained standing in the middle of the room, looking at him saucily. "They're just fine. The patches should be able to come off in three or four days. She did ask me a curious question, though, for a girl her age."

"Oh? What?"

"She wanted to know what semen was."


Ken was somewhat abashed by her remark, but took it in stride and didn't let his feelings show, since he didn't know exactly what Dana had said. "Well, Miss Sims, I don't find that so strange. I would assume that to be a natural question to ask a woman in your profession, wouldn't you?"

"Frankly, Mr. Sheridan, I would have thought that... well, your sister is taking care of her in your absence, and since Dana has no mother, she should have explained the facts of life to her."

Partly to find out what Dana had said, and partly to see just what kind of a woman this was, he asked, "Look, if you've got a few minutes, I'd like to talk to you... about Dana. Since you're off, would you care for a drink? Or a cup of coffee?"

A smile played on her lips as she eyed him speculatively. "Thank you. I have some time. If you don't mind, I'd like a drink. It doesn't matter what."

"Wonderful. Sit down, please. I'll be right back."

When he returned with a highball, he found her sitting down with her attractive legs crossed, her dress high on her shapely thighs. He handed her the glass, then dropped into his chair and lit a cigarette while he mentally evaluated the possibilities of getting into her cunt.

She hoisted her glass, took a sip, then said, "Very good. It's just what I needed. Thank you. Mr. Sheridan, please don't misinterpret what I said. No criticism was meant. It's only that fifteen-year-old girls today are for the most part not at all naive or bashful about sex. It merely surprised me that Dana didn't know what sperm was."

"I'd rather you call me Ken. You see, the problem is probably a little deeper than you may realize. I'm an engineer, and because of my particular talents, I have to be gone much of the time, and I'm afraid I haven't guided my daughter as I should."

The corners of her lips turned up in a smile, but there was much more than that in her eyes. "I know, Ken. Dana is very proud of you. She's discussed you many times with me, since Dr. Larson is the family physician and I've seen her often. Check-ups and the like. We've become pretty good friends." She had noticed where Ken's eyes were wandering, and deliberately recrossed her legs seductively. "And, my name is Mary."

He made no effort to avert his eyes, and watched her movements with intense concentration. "At any rate, it's an unusual and sometimes difficult situation at best... Mary. I've told my sister, Lynn, to be very strict with Dana, and I'm afraid she took me seriously, particularly in the matter of sex education."

"I can understand that. Your sister is trying to be protective in that area, and I think that's admirable. However, I've seen many cases where ignorance has resulted in more problems than good instruction. After all, a person, especially a young and attractive girl, should be forewarned of the pitfalls before she falls into them, don't you think?"

Ken mulled that over, then nodded. "Yes, Lynn and I talked this over, and we plan to handle it as soon as we can."

The nurse leaned forward, giving him a view of the tight cleft showing at the top of her dress where her large tits were pressed together. "To be honest, Ken, you'd be doing Dana a service. You have no idea how many girls even younger than Dana come into our office either pregnant or with venereal disease. They get into trouble simply because they don't know what the score is."

Lynn's statements came rushing back to him, and it began to dawn on him that his sister had been totally correct. It was he who had been out of step with what was going on in the world, and it didn't set well. He would have to change his thinking, and as soon as possible.

"You don't think that Dana has...?" He couldn't finish the frightening question.

"No, of course not. But she is a pretty girl with a figure that is going to give boys ideas. My advice is to lay things out for her as soon as you can, and as bluntly as you can."

"And Nancy?"

"The same thing. Don't pull any punches. Medical terms are only used for reports, and don't mean a thing to children. Tell it like it is, as they say."

During the conversation, Ken had been more than a little distracted by the woman's stocking-covered thighs and the swells of her breasts showing above her uniform. His prick had been swelling gradually, sliding down against his thigh and making a bulge in the leg of his slacks. He hadn't realized how apparent it was until she nodded at his crotch, her violet eyes smoky.

"Ken, I believe you're getting an erection. Am I getting to you, or is it the talk?"

He hastily covered his lap, startled by her abrupt comment, and felt his face flush. All he could think of to say in reply was, "You're mistaken, Mary."

"Oh, please, Ken. I'm a nurse remember? I know a hard-on when I see it. Do you want me? Is that it? Or do you want to go climb into bed with your daughter?"

"You've got it all wrong!" he said sharply, suddenly on the defensive. "I wasn't thinking anything of the kind."

There was a smoldering expression of lust on her face as she set her drink aside and looked at him. "Nonsense. You're a virile handsome male with all the natural instincts. You're a widower, and you've been gone a long time. I just saw Dana in her gown, and that's enough to turn any male on. Then there's the point about her question."

"What's that supposed to mean? Do you think I've done anything to her?"

The beautiful nurse shook her head. "I have no idea, but it's the first time she's ever asked me anything about sex, and it happened right after you got back. I can at least put two and two together."

Ken was beginning to fathom the fact that she saw through him completely, and he was not only worried, but also irked that she would come on so strong. "And what would you say if I said I did want you?"

"Take you up on it. I've seen your picture and heard about you, and now that we're face-to-face, I'm ready. I'm not a bad lady, but I'm not stupid enough to think I could compete with a young virgin. It's up to you."

"All right." He decided to call her bluff. Unzipping his fly, he whipped out his cock that was nearly at full extension and let her look at it. "If you want it, here it is."

She uttered an involuntary gasp when she saw his monstrous, vibrating organ, and her hand dropped to her pelvis. "Oh, Ken! It's just as wonderful as I knew it would be! Are we going to be alone for a while?"

"Yes, except for Dana."

"I closed her door, so she can't hear us." Mary stood up with her purse. "I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be back in a minute."

He hurried across the room to lock the front door just in case, then returned to his chair and began stroking the sensitive organ that was soon going to be embedded in Mary's juicy twat. She came back a moment later and put her purse down.

"Ready?" the nurse asked.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off?"

"No. I like to do it dressed. Makes me feel like I'm being raped. On the floor or the couch?"

"The floor. But at least take your tits out."

Ken slid off the chair to his knees and waited while she undid the top buttons of her uniform. Then she unhooked three snaps in the center of her brassiere and pulled it apart to expose two massive tits with brown, hard nipples.

"I always wear a maternity bra," she said as she sank onto her back on the carpet. "It makes things easier."

As he began crawling toward her, she lifted her hips and pulled her dress up to her waist. She had taken her panties off, but left on the garter belt that held up her stockings. At that point, Ken stopped and gawked with astonishment. Her cunt was as bald as a baby's! There wasn't a hair on her pelvis, pussy lips, or in her crotch!

"Do you like that?" she asked coyly. "Most guys do. They say it's like fucking a little girl's cunny. I shave it every other day, like I do my legs."

"I've never seen anything like it!" he replied truthfully.

When she parted her thighs and drew her knees up, he still couldn't move forward. The sight was too much. The scalped puffy outer lips were spread, as were the petal-like inner folds. Her clitoris was hard, and stuck up like the tip of a little finger. He could see right into the gaping hole of her pussy, where fluid was oozing out in a tiny trickle.

"Well," she said, panting hard, "aren't you going to fuck me?"

"Jesus Christ, yes!" Inching up to her, he bent down and rubbed his lips over the satiny skin of her twat, licked at the sweet honey, then teased her clit with his tongue.

"Gggaaahhh! Ooohhh! I knew you'd be good at it! Lick it, sweet! Lap that creamy fuck hole! Hhhuuuhhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!"

Raising his head, he creeped up on top of her to suck each of her tremendous tits individually, nuzzling his face into their warm softness, then squirmed upward until he could brush the head of his dick on her hairless snatch. She had been right. It did feel like a kid's cunny!

"Don't play around!" she moaned, writhing her wet crotch against him. "I want a fuck, not love! Jab it in, for God's sake! Give me that beautiful piece of meat! Gggaaahhh! Oh, hurry! Hurry!"

She reached between them for his rigid pole and jammed the tip into her slimy hole. Then, grabbing his ass with both hands, she lunged upward, burying his piston to the hilt in her steamy sheath.

"Mary! Hhhuuunnnggghhh! Goddamn, what a cunt! Uuunnnggghhh! Now show me what a good lay you are! Fuck me! Use that twat like you meant it!"

Dana lay quietly on her bed after the nurse had put drops in her eyes. She was waiting impatiently for her father, who had promised to come in when Miss Sims had left, to tell him that while the patches had been off, she had been able to see, though her vision was a little watery.

She thought she heard faint voices, but couldn't be quite sure. Anyway, if she did it was probably Aunt Lynn or Nancy, and she was anxious to tell them the good news, too. Everything was going to be all right now, and pretty soon she would be normal again.

Unable to keep her good news to herself, she finally slipped out of bed and felt her way cautiously to the door to the hall. Finding the knob, she turned it, then began walking forward with her hand against the wall to guide her. She hadn't gone three steps before she could distinctly hear heavy breathing, then Miss Sims' whimpering voice.

"Fuck me, Ken! Oh, Lord, get it way up inside me! Ream that cunt! Hhhuuuhhh! Huh! Huh! Ooohhh! Fuck! Fuck! Your prick is so Goddamn huge! Don't take it easy on me! Pound my cunt! Oh, Ken! Hhhuuuhhh! Huh! Huh! Huh!"

"You're getting it all, baby!" Ken groaned. "Every last damn inch of it! Hhhuuunnnggghhh! Keep it up! Hunch your ass! Fuck, you gorgeous little whore! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Squeeze it! Snap on it! Aaaggghhh! Aaaggghhh!"

Dana was padding onward stealthily, searching for the door to the living room, trying to make her youthful mind decipher the words that were ringing in her ears. Most of it didn't make sense to her at all. Why should her father and the nurse be talking to each other like that? As far as she knew, they'd never met until today.

"More, Daddy, more!" Mary was sobbing. "Oh, God, make me cum! Make me cum hard! Drive it into me! Rape me! HUH! HUH! OH! OH! THAT'S MY LOVER! DEEP! DEEP!"

Ken could hear the noisy schlucking sound of his prick as he speared it into her milk-filled vagina and banged his cockhead against her uterus again and again. Her legs were wrapped around him and locked together, and her nails were raking his back.

"Fuck, you little whore bitch!" he grunted. "Screw like a nympho! Hump! You were right! You're a fantastic fuck! Tell me when you're ready, honey! I'm trying to hold it!"

Daddy? Lover? Rape? Whore? Bitch? Dana knew or had heard those words before, but why were they saying them to each other? Why? They sounded as though they were in pain, too! What were they doing? What was going on?

When her groping hand finally located the door jamb, the only sounds in the air were grunts and simpers and the fleshy thump of bodies hitting together. Her heart was in her throat, and her legs seemed incapable of holding her up. She thought of speaking to let them know she was there, but something held her back, something she sensed rather than knew.

But she had to see! She just had to!

Reaching up to her forehead for the tape that held the patch to her right eye, she carefully peeled it down. For a moment everything was a blur because of the drops that had just been put in. She blinked, squinted, then blinked again, trying to bring things into focus.

Then she saw, and everything in her world all at once became unreal.

Her father was lying on top of Miss Sims, pushing something that was sticking out of his pants into her. It didn't dawn on her at that moment that the thing was what she had held in the bathroom, as it was now covered with white cream that matted the hair on it. Dana could also see that the woman had her legs high, circling his waist, and that her bare breast was squished out from under his chest.

"I'm getting close, Ken!" Mary yelped. "I'm getting there! Harder! Oh, damn you, harder! Fuck me! OH! OH! OH! KEN!"

"I'M GOING TO CUM!" Ken groaned loudly. "Damn! Mary! Let it go! Jesus! Can't hold it! Mary!"

His legs jerked and his body tensed as the molten river of cum spewed from his jumping prick into the nurse's belly, pouring forth in jet after jet, filling the brunette's tunnel to overflowing. It seeped out past his impaled joint into her cunt's furrow, and his last thrusts were making squishy noises.

"Ken! Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm doing it! I'm cccuuummmiiinnnggg! Oh, Christ, it's heavenly!"

Mary arched off the rug in passion as the flaming explosion ripped through her. She dug the heels of her shoes into the crack of his ass to draw him even further into her, scarcely aware of the chafing zipper that was sawing against her vulva. Then she went limp and hugged him close, whimpering with pleasure as her climax slowly dissipated.

Ken nuzzled her satiny throat until he could catch his breath, then slithered his dripping organ from her sopping twat and sat back on his haunches, staring at the coral oval of her twat where the inner lips had been spread and flattened by his groin. Fuck juice was trickling from her dilated hole, and running down over her asshole.

"Was that good enough, ma'am?" he asked jokingly.

She placed both hands on her abdomen and moaned softly. "I should hope so! God, I feel like I've just been taken by a pile driver! Ooohhh! That was some fuck, Mr. Sheridan!"

"Glad you liked it. I know I sure as hell did."

Dana turned away from the scene, her mind reeling, and raced back to her room with the patch still off so she could see. Once in her bed, she replaced the tape on her forehead and laid there shivering, struggling to comprehend what her father had done.

"Better hit the bathroom again," Mary said, gathering her legs together and rising to her feet. "You must have hosed a gallon into me."

"The way my balls feel, I believe it," Ken said, feeling a tic in his thighs as he rose.

He went to the kitchen to wash his cum-streaked cock with a wet paper towel, and when he was tucking his wilted pecker back, he noticed that his slacks were soaking wet around the fly. He dried them as best he could, then returned to his chair and drink.

"Well, what's the verdict?" the nurse asked when she came back.

Ken frowned at her, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

She sat down and picked up her glass. "I mean, do you want more of the same? I told you I don't live far from here. All by myself. You're welcome any time, as long as you bring that big old cock with you."

He grinned and lit a cigarette. "I'll take you up on that, when you're not busy. I'm sure other studs are anxious to get into that hot box of yours."

She looked at him squarely. "Don't let what happened give you the wrong idea, Ken. I'm damn particular about who I lay. I may have seemed like a slut in white today, and I can be when I want to, but it doesn't happen all the time. I'm independent as hell, especially when it comes to who I fuck."

"I'm sure you are. Another drink?"

"No, thank you. This is my day at the beauty parlor. But I would like to offer you one at my place, any time you say. Are you free this evening?"

"I don't know yet. Possibly. How about if I give you a call?"

"I'll be there, ready and waiting." She took a pad and pencil from her large purse and wrote down her address and phone number, then handed him the slip of paper. "Call after six. Okay?"

"Sure." He stood up and followed her to the door. "Maybe next time we can make it a little more interesting."

She turned, giggled, then squeezed his soft tool as she stood on tiptoe to give him a quick kiss. "Wait till you see what I can do with my mouth, lover. I can suck your balls right out through your prick."

Ken laughed as he opened the door. "I'll just bet you can. Sit tight for my call."

"I'll sit, but I won't be tight. 'Bye, Ken. It's been fun."

Going to the window, he watched her swiveling ass until she climbed into her new compact car and drove away, thinking that she was one of the quickest free fucks he had ever had. And one of the best, too. The thought crossed his mind as he turned away from the window and started for his bedroom that she might be setting him up to hook him into marriage.

"No way, baby," he murmured, grinning as he went down the hall. "I'd never be able to trust you out of my sight."

He stripped off his clothes and stepped into the shower to wash away the musky aroma of fuck and the smell of her perfume. He wouldn't want the girls to suspect what he and the delightful Miss Sims had done. When he had toweled himself off, he got into his robe again and went out to remove any trace of the nurse's stay in the living room.

It was nearly one-thirty when he poured himself a bourbon and water, selected some records, and turned on the stereo. Then he sat down in his recliner to do some serious thinking.

What Mary Sims had said coincided closely with Lynn's opinion, and he was beginning to see the merits of the argument. But he had never handled a situation like that, and didn't have the faintest notion of how it should be done. His father had spoken to him when he was a boy, as his mother had to Lynn, but they didn't say much, and since he and his sister had already been fucking, they didn't learn a damn thing new.

What good would a talk do? Sex can't be explained with words. It would be like giving verbal instruction on how to drive a car, then expecting the student to get behind the wheel and take off.

He and Lynn had fumbled and experimented for quite a while before they had found out how to please each other, and it was only through the process of trial and error that they had learned. As far as he knew, all the children of their generation had done the same thing, even when they got married.

How the hell do you tell a kid how it feels to suck a cock or be sucked, or to eat a pussy or be eaten? How do you explain to a girl that a guy might want to drive his prick up her ass? Those things are just as important as fucking, and mean just as much. Can you say in words how it feels to come? If there was a way to get all that across by discussion, he sure as hell didn't know about it.

Staring gravely at the glass in his hand, he shook his head and was reaching for a cigarette when the phone rang. As he went to answer it, he hoped that it wasn't his boss asking for the report on his last job, the one that he hadn't gotten around to writing.

"Hi," Lynn said. "It's me. I thought I'd better let you know I'll be longer than I thought. We have to wait for Toby's new pants to be cuffed, and I still haven't picked up the tickets yet. How are things going?"

"All right. The nurse was here to take care of Dana's eyes."

"Oh?" There was a tartness to her voice. "And what did you think of that pretty little twist?"

"She's okay. Seems to know her job."

"She knows a helluva lot more than that, dear. Better watch out, or she'll have you in bed before you know it."

Ken smiled to himself. "I can take care of myself, Sis."

"I'm sure. Well, anyway, have Nancy fix you some lunch, if she hasn't already. We're going to eat down here."

"Nancy's not here, but I'll get something for Dana. Anything else?"

"No. See you in a few hours. 'Bye."

As he hung up. Ken remembered he had told Dana he would bring her out of the bedroom for a while, and cursed himself for letting it slip his mind. He went directly to her room, knocked, and opened the door.

"Sorry I'm so late, honey. Are you getting hungry? It's way past lunch time."

The girl rolled her head back and forth on the pillow. "No, Daddy. I don't have any appetite. I can wait till supper."

She wanted desperately to ask him about what she had seen going on in the living room, but couldn't get up the courage to formulate the words. Even if she could, she would have to admit what she had done, and didn't know whether he would like it or not.

Feeling guilty about forgetting his promise, Ken said, "If you want, we can get you dressed now and go into the living room for a while."

"Yeah, I'd like that," she said, sitting up, "but I have to go to the bathroom first."

"Let's go, then."

He helped her to the bathroom, waited while she pulled her gown up to her waist, then eased her down onto the toilet seat. To his surprise, she started pissing right away without asking him to step outside. As he stared at her furry twat and listened to the urine pour into the bowl, his cock began to rise quickly. It seemed impossible, after the screwing he'd just had, but there it was.

They didn't exchange a word while she wiped herself, then let him lead her back to her bedroom. When she was seated on the bed, she smiled and reached for his hand, gripping it tightly.

"Guess what, Daddy?"

"What, sweetheart?"

"I can see! Really! When the nurse took the patches off to change them, I could actually see! Isn't that great!"

"Wonderful!" He hugged her and kissed her cheek. "Now, let's find you some clothes."


Multitudinous thoughts were rolling around inside Ken's head as he rummaged through Dana's dresser drawers in search of something for the girl to wear. He found shorts, panties, bra and sweater, then in the closet he came across a pair of sandals. All the time he was hunting, the pretty nymph remained on the bed, hands clasped, listening to his movements quietly.

"There, I think that should do," he said finally, bringing the things over and laying them next to her. "Are you going to need some help?"

"Uh huh," she said, rising. "I can't tell the front from the back of the darn stuff."

He smiled as he helped her out of the nightie. "Okay. That's what I'm here for."

"Daddy," Dana said timidly as she lifted her arms for him, "I think there's something I should tell you."

"Oh? What's that?" There was a catch in his throat as he tossed the gown aside and stared at his daughter's tremendous tits and ringlet-covered cunt.

She lowered her arms and tilted her face in his direction. "I hope you won't be mad, but I asked Nurse Sims what semen was."

"And what did she say?" he asked, trying to sound as blase as he could.

"Well, she said a man puts his seed in a girl, and they have a baby."

"That's about right." He picked up her brief panties, striving to maintain his self-control, but feeling his cock beginning to extend.

"But, where does he put the seed? That's the part I still don't understand. Can't you tell me? Miss Sims said I'm old enough to know those things."

He stood facing her, the sheer panties dangling from his limp fingers as he scanned the girl's luscious, satiny figure, knowing that it would take only a few simple acts to change her from a naive girl into an aware woman. Both his sister and the nurse had nearly convinced him what had to be done, but his conscience was still putting up a fight.

"Honey, can't you wait just a little while until Aunt Lynn gets back? She can tell you what you need to know much better than I can."

"I'd rather you told me, Daddy. You're my father. If Mom was here, she'd do it, wouldn't she?"

Ken nodded mutely, forgetting for the moment that Dana couldn't see him. "Yes, I suppose she would. Sit down, and I'll do the best I can. I'm not used to this sort of thing."

She felt his weight when he dropped down on the mattress next to her, then turned with her hands folded primly in her bare lap. She could hear his raspy breathing and sensed that he was nervous, but didn't know why. "Okay. I'm ready."

"Well, baby," he began slowly, "you know what my penis feels like."

"Uh huh."

His next words came out in a rush. "A man puts his penis in a hole between a girl's legs and then his semen goes into her womb, where the baby starts."

"You mean down here?" she asked, shyly placing the tips of her fingers on the pouting lips of her fluffy pussy.

"Yes." His hands were quivering, and he had to grab his knees to keep them still. "The same opening where you menstruate from."

"God!" she gasped, recoiling. "It's too big to fit in there!"

"No, it's not, sweet." He gritted his teeth and swallowed, feeling a burgeoning surge of excitement as he watched her touch her girlish cunny. "Here, let me show you what I mean. Lay back."

Dana fell back willingly, folding her hands on her abdomen, her legs draped over the side of the bed. Ken pushed her velvety thighs apart tenderly, then rested on an elbow while he caressed the girl's down-covered twat. Spreading her vulval lips, he began fondling her labia, parting the petal-like folds to rub the slick canyon with the tip of his index finger. She winced slightly, then let the tension flow from her as he titillated her sensitive love nest.

"Ooohhh, Jeez, Dad!" she whimpered. "That makes me feel all funny again, like it did when you gave me a bath!"

"I know, honey," he crooned, his dick leaping beneath his robe. "It's supposed to. Have you ever heard that part of you is called a cunt, or anything like that?"


"Well, that's what it is, and this is what a guy is supposed to do to it. It makes the girl wet. Can you feel it?"

"Uh huh. I'm starting to. I tickle inside, too."

"Good. Now, my penis is called a cock or prick. I'm going to show you with my finger how it goes inside a girl. All right?"

Delightful tremors were fluttering through her, but she was still reluctant. She had thought all they would do is talk, and this was totally unexpected. "Will it hurt?"

"Of course not. All women do it. It's the only way they can have children."

"Okay, then. I sure feel weird, though. It would be a lot better if I could see what you're doing."

"All you have to do is feel it, baby. Sex is usually done in the dark, anyway."

The delicate mouth of her vagina was becoming moist as he rimmed it with his finger, but it was not wet enough yet for insertion. While he thumbed her dainty little clitoris gently, he lowered his head and began kissing her fleshy tits, wiping his lips across her pink nipples and feeling them harden.

"Daddy!" she panted. "Oh, wow! I'm getting scared! Really strange things are going on in my tummy! Jeepers! This is too much!"

"It's all right," he whispered, feeling her vibrate under his loving caresses. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Daddy's only trying to show you what sex feels like. Once you see, you'll understand how beautiful it is."

In her world of darkness, all Dana could go by were the joyous tingles that seemed to reverberate through her torso and limbs. His lips and hand were light, yet in a way demanding, on her body, forcing contractions in her abdomen that were similar to her menstrual cramps but infinitely more wonderful.

When a tiny trickle of dew began to seep from her orifice, Ken carefully inched the tip of his finger into her tunnel, cautiously feeling for the membrane of her hymen that he was certain she still had. The tube was tight, as he knew it would be, stretching only enough to admit his probing digit.

"Daddy!" she simpered, struggling not to pull away or writhe as the thick finger pierced her virginal pussy. "That's enough! Please! I see what it's like!"

Ken was still sucking and slurping on her tits, the ache in his genitals having grown to agonizing proportions. With his finger in her drooling snatch and her lush cones brushing his face, all inhibitions had fled, and incestuous lust was making his heart beat fiercely in his chest.

"Ooohhh, baby!" he moaned, his feverish mind caught up in the turmoil of heated passion. "Let Daddy give you a climax! Let me show you what it's like to cum! Lord! You're such a fantastically perfect girl!"

"No, Dad! Don't! Honest, I've had enough! You're really scaring me! No more! Please!"

Even as she was pleading with him, he was sliding off the bed to the floor, undoing the sash of his robe as he crawled between her parted legs. The coral-colored inner lips were open, and he found himself staring into the puckered opening of her cunt and the pink sphincter of her asshole.

"Honey, I'm going to lick your cunt and make you cum! You're going to love it! Just relax and let Daddy lap that juicy pussy. It feels so good you'll probably want me to do it again! Take it easy! Damn, you smell so good!"

Dana felt his hot, steamy breath against her twat and rectum, and while it was pleasant, it wasn't enough to dissipate her fears. Her stomach was churning, and there was an uncontrollable tic in her leg muscles. Then he was nuzzling the insides of her thighs and teasing the furrow in her crotch with his tongue.

"Daddy, no, please! You shouldn't! It's not right! Nnnooo! Oh, God! Stop! Hhhuuuhhh! Stop! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Ken lowered his mouth to the crack of her ass and, starting with her anus, he sloshed and swabbed his tongue all the way up to her clit, which was now poking out of its tiny sheath. He savored the sweet taste of her honey before swallowing it, inhaling deeply her fresh girlish scent while he drank her love juice.

"Dad! Please don't! Something's happening inside me! Stop! OOOHHH, GOD, STOP!"

He had lifted her legs and had hung them over his shoulders, and she was clamping his head with her thighs to keep him from burrowing his gobbling mouth into her slash. His tongue was up her now while his nose rubbed against that funny little thing that sent electric shocks through her. Her mind was spinning, and multicolored lights were flashing behind her squinted eyelids.

Ken could hardly hear her cries with her legs pressed so tightly against his ears. Twirling his tongue around in her flaming twat, he moved his hands up across her rib cage to cover and knead her plump tits. Through the haze that filled his head, he was determined to make her climax, but not at the expense of driving his organ into her and taking her cherry. That he could not do!

"Dad!" she shrieked. "Something crazy is happening to me! Oh, don't! Dddaaaddd! Please get up! Stop! Oh, stop! I don't want to feel like this!"

Startling contractions gripped her, making her convulse spasmodically. She lurched off the mattress, thrusting her crotch at his face with a crazed abandon that overpowered her. Radiant heat poured out from her pelvis to encompass her and make her nipples tingle. She clutched his wrists with fierce tenacity until the breathtaking sensation passed, then slumped back weakly to let the waves of orgasm roll away.

"Daddy... I'm... too... weak... to... move," she said in a quavering voice. "I... didn't... know... you... were... going... to do... that!"

Ken lowered her feet to the floor, wiped his mouth, then rose with his rigid pecker doing a dance in front of him. "Dana, I just didn't know how else to do it, to show you. I'm sorry if it shocked you, but couples do that all the time, and there's nothing wrong with it. Do you understand any better now?"

The girl sat up and rubbed her thighs with clammy palms. "A little bit better. Is that what a girl feels like when a guy puts his whatchmacallit inside her?"

"That's right. It's almost the same thing."

"And that stuff, semen, comes out of the guy? In her tummy?"

"Uh huh. It's called intercourse, or fucking." He looked down at the painfully swollen joint jutting out from his pelvis, and wondered if he had the nerve to ask her to jack him off again. He had put her through quite enough already, and wasn't sure he should ask more of her.

"Why did you want to suck my breasts?" she asked suddenly. "I thought they were just to feed babies with."

He shook his head sadly as he closed his robe over his erection, realizing he should never have started this without Lynn's help. "Almost all men and boys like to suck them too, baby."

"But why?"

"Because they're nice and soft and they taste good. Are you ready to get dressed, now?"

She reached down and felt the wetness in the hair surrounding her gash. "I think I should wash up first. I'm kinda sticky and messy."

"Sure, hon. Take my hand. Here."

Leading her to the bathroom, Ken wet a cloth and knelt in front of her to wipe off her pussy. Aching twinges were circulating in his prick and testicles, and he knew he'd have to get his rocks off soon or wind up with blue balls for the rest of the day. It wasn't a pleasant prospect to look forward to.

"Daddy, what does the girl do to the guy when he licks her like you licked me?" Dana, asked, almost as though she could read his mind while he dried her crotch.

"Oh, several things," he replied, hanging up the towel.

"Like what?"

"Well, like holding him the way you did to me this morning, or... putting her mouth on it." They said to be factual, and damn it, that's what he was going to do.

"Really?" the girl asked, astonished. "The whole thing?"

"Most of it, anyway. C'mon. Let's go get some clothes on you."

"I'll put my hand on it again, if you want me to," Dana volunteered as they were going down the hall. "It wasn't bad, and I wouldn't mind."

She wasn't too enthusiastic about it, but he had said it had pleased him, and she was willing to do anything in her power to make him happy and keep him around for as long as she could.

"It's nice of you to offer, honey, but it isn't necessary. I think we should get you in the living room and surprise your Aunt Lynn when she comes back."

It wasn't what he meant at all. He wanted her to jerk him off with her small warm hand, but things were going too far too fast, and he wasn't sure just where he could draw the line. The taste of her pussy still lingered in his mouth, and when he thought of how her scalding virgin sheath would feel on his straining dick it sent chills up his spine.

At the bedside, he helped her step into her panties and pulled them up, then fitted the cups of her bra to her tits, turning her around so he could fasten it. He was an expert at undoing the damn things, but he was at a loss at how to connect them again. He was struggling with it intently when the hard nose of his stiff joint rubbed against the crack of her ass. Dana silently reached behind her, pushed her hand under his robe, and wrapped her fingers around his long thick erection.

Her hold wasn't uncertain this time. It was firm, and she could feel an electric desire exuding from the organ in her grasp, but for what she didn't know. She wanted feverishly to rip the patches from her eyes and look at her father's muscle, to gaze on it and examine it, but knew he would never stand for that.

"Daddy," she said softly, turning to face him but keeping her fist on his penis, "I'll even put my mouth on it. You said that's what girls do."

Dana's sweet innocence and childish purity were tearing him apart. He knew that what she was doing was fighting in her own way for his love and attention, acting without guile to make him stay with her and be the father he should be. That knowledge only added to his overwhelming desire to make her take the place of the wife he had lost.

"Don't, kitten," he said, his voice a croak. "This won't get either of us anywhere. It'll only make things worse."

"It won't hurt me, will it?"

"No, but...!" He gripped her shoulders and hung his head, wanting to harshly reprimand her, yet yearning for her mouth on his sore swollen joint.

"Then I'll do it," Dana said firmly, sitting down on the bed in front of him. Guided by her hand on his cock, she leaned forward and pressed her soft lips against the satin-smooth tip of his rod.

"Oh, God, baby," he moaned, twining his fingers in her blonde hair as he stepped up between her feet. All restraint was gone now. Whatever principles he had had were swallowed up in his urgent need for her tender mouth on his prick. Every man has his boundaries, and he had overstepped his with carnal intent. "Suck it, sweet! Jesus! Take it in your mouth and suck on it! Don't hold back! Use your tongue, too!"

The girl was holding the root of his tendoned peter as she parted her lips and took the gigantic poker into her mouth. The cockhead entered, then the hairy shaft. She tried not to scrape her teeth on it as the velvety knob slid over her tongue and rubbed against her palate. Her jaws were opened wide, but still the thick penis filled her mouth.

Ken let her take in as much of his member as she could, then began pumping his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth with long even strokes and watching his tool go in and out of her oral cavity.

"Suck it, Dana! Suck, honey! Oh, Jesus, baby, that feels so damn good! That's it! Suck harder! Make Daddy cum, sweetheart! Unh! Unh! Unh!"

Dana was amazed at how simple and easy it was to please him. His penis felt good in her mouth, and the hair on his shaft tickled her lips as he speared it in and out. Obeying him, she applied suction to the immense pole, drawing her cheeks in until she had it clamped tight. It was then that she felt his swinging scrotum and reached down with her free hand to cup his testicles. They were like huge marbles enclosed in a sack.

"Lord, Dana, more! Suck, baby! OOOHHH, fuck! Fuck! Your mouth is beautiful! Blow me off! Christ, you're tremendous!"

His ass cheeks were clenched tightly and his legs quavered as he wormed his thrumming dick deeper and deeper into her mouth with each thrust. It was exactly like screwing a tight cunt, and the jizz was already bubbling its way toward his organ. There was nothing else in the world now except his daughter's lovely mouth, and all he could think of was expelling his load into it.

The girl's jaws were beginning to ache, and she was becoming worried as the bulbous cock-head penetrated farther down her throat. It was already touching her tonsils, and she was afraid she was going to gag if it went any deeper. Still, she mouthed it as best she could, swishing her tongue across his cock as he darted in more and more quickly.

The tendons on Ken's neck stood out sharply and his face was beginning to redden as he gripped her head tightly and plowed his rod through her lips. The pressure she was applying to his prick was drawing the sperm rapidly through his groin, and the starting rapture of ejaculation was surging through him.

"Suck, Dana! Ooohhh, blow me! Fffuuuccckkk! Lord, what a mouth! Suck sweet! Daddy's about ready! Oh, fuck! Fuck!"

The giant prick punching her mouth was getting even larger, and Dana was concerned that she couldn't take any more. Her Dad was already pushing it in so far it was touching the back of her throat, and it was getting difficult to breathe. She was nearly at the point of backing away when he suddenly withdrew, leaving only the head between her lips, and a gush of hot thick semen spewed into her mouth.

The release of his pent-up wad made Ken jerk spastically and a violent shudder ran through him. His back arched and his legs bent as he threw his head back to stare blindly at the ceiling.

The explosion took the girl off-guard. She hadn't expected him to shoot off in her mouth, and her cheeks bloated with the river of seething cum until she could choke it down. It seemed as though it would never stop, but gradually the squirting jets slowed to a trickle, and she was able to swallow it all.

Heaving a deep sigh, Ken took a step backward, popping his cock from between her lips. One look at her cum-flecked lips was all it took to make him feel weak with shame. He knelt in front of her and tenderly wiped her mouth with the sleeve of his robe.

"God, honey," he groaned, "I'm so awfully sorry that happened. I... I meant to pull out, but I just couldn't. You're not sick or anything, are you?"

Dana rinsed her mouth with saliva, then said, "No, Daddy. I guess I'm okay. I didn't know you were going to do that is all. I'll be fine in a minute."

Putting his arms around her, he pushed his face into the valley between her bra-covered tits and hugged her tightly. "Are you sorry that you did it, honey?"

She circled his neck and pulled him close.

"Huh, uh, Daddy. If that's what you wanted, I don't care. As long as you're happy, I am, too."

He pulled away and got to his feet. "Do you want to finish getting dressed, now? Everyone else should be getting home pretty soon."

"Yeah, I think I would."

She rose and stood silently while he helped her on with the rest of her things. Strange and eerie things had happened to her while she was sucking him, and she was trying to sort them out. She had felt as she had many times when she wanted something special to eat, but couldn't make up her mind what. Then too, there was a moisture in her crotch again that she had felt when he touched her down there.

"Daddy," she asked as he was buckling her sandals, "did Mom ever do that to you? Putting her mouth on it, I mean?"

"Yes, she did. Many, many times." It couldn't harm anything now to admit the facts.

"Did she like it?"

He straightened up and patted her on the arm. "She certainly did. She told me so often."

"Is it better than that other thing? You know, uhh, fucking?"

"Not better, but just as good. You see, baby, there are a lot of different ways to have sex. Some of them we haven't talked about yet, but you'll learn about them in time."

"Oh. Well, all right. Can we go in the living room, now?"

"Sure thing. Here's my hand."

He took her in and seated her in a chair, then told her he was going to go dress. After putting some records on the stereo, he headed for his room. As he selected clothes and put them on, he swore at himself quietly for letting things go so far. Of course, what could he logically expect from himself? He had been living a lie for years.

In the living room, Dana was having thoughts of a different nature. She was still overawed by the physical and mental aspects of sex and the way they had affected her. The thrilling sensations had left her baffled, wondering whether her reactions were normal or whether it was because it was her father she was involved with.

The sound of the front door opening startled her and her head spun around even though she couldn't see.

"Well, hello, there," Lynn said. "My, I didn't expect to see you up and around. How are you feeling?"

"Oh, all right. Dad's getting dressed."

"I should hope so. It's late enough. Toby, take those packages to your room and start packing. We haven't got much time. I have a million things to do before we leave."

"Yes, ma'am."

The boy left the room, and Lynn sagged down into a chair. She lit a cigarette and wiped a hand across her brow. "Well, did you and your father have a good time this morning?"

A smile flitted across Dana's face. "Yes. It's nice to have him back."

Ken strolled in then and nodded to his sister. "Get everything done?"

"Finally, thank God. You wouldn't believe the stores. And those idiots at the travel agency that couldn't make up their mind where they wanted to take their vacation. Jesus! What a mess!"

"I imagine. What time do you have to leave?"

Lynn glanced at her watch. "Oh, damn. Ken, be a dear and call me a cab for an hour from now. You'll want the car, and it's a lot easier to take a taxi."

"Okay. I'll fix us a drink, too."

Oh, Jeez! Dana thought. Now I'll be almost alone with him for a while! Wow!


After phoning for a cab, Ken mixed two highballs and took them back to Lynn's room. She already had two suitcases open on the bed and was packing them with things from her dresser drawers. He set her glass on the dresser, then found room on the corner of the bed to sit down.

"Any idea how long you'll be gone?"

She shook her head as she took a quick sip of the drink. "I really don't know. It all depends on how Dad is, and how Mom feels when she gets home."

"Give me a call and let me know how things are."

"I will." She peeled off her dress, then began selecting clothes from the closet and folding them neatly into one of the bags.

Ken stared at the woman's tits that bulged out over her bra and the dark patch of hair that showed through her thin panties. With her garter belt, high heels and nylons, she looked as sexy as hell, and he felt a twinge in his prick. "Got time for a quickie before you go?" he asked, half-jokingly.

"I wish I did, darling, but I simply can't. I was hoping I'd get through earlier so we'd have time for a piece, but I couldn't make it. We'll just have to wait till I get back."

Nancy looked in from the hallway. "I saw the car, Mom. Are you going pretty soon?"

"Yes, dear. Would you please make up a snack for all of us as fast as you can? Toby and I are leaving in less than an hour."

"Sure." The girl turned away and left.

"Well, I'll get out of your way, Sis," Ken said, standing up to go. He gave her luscious, mature body a last once-over, sighed, then went into the living room to join Dana.

Lynn came out a little later wearing a form-fitting knit dress, and Toby brought out the suitcases and set them down by the front door. They all went into the kitchen for the soup and sandwiches Nancy had prepared, and the younger girl fed Dana while they talked about the flight and Ken's parents. They had barely finished when the door bell rang.

"That's the taxi," Lynn said, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin. "Let's go, Toby." She gave each of the girls a kiss, then Ken followed her and the boy to the door.

"Don't forget to do the washing, Nancy," Lynn called back to the kitchen as the driver and Toby hefted the bags. She kissed Ken warmly, said good-bye, and went out to the cab.

Ken watched them pull away, then returned to the kitchen where Nancy was clearing the table. "I've got to work on some reports for a while, kids. Do you think you can keep yourselves occupied?"

"Oh, yeah," Nancy said. "As soon as I get the dishes done, I'll read to Dana. She wants to sit up in the front room anyway."

"We'll be okay," Dana said, more than happy that she would have her father nearly to herself for at least several days.

"Good. It shouldn't take me too long, but it's got to be done." He filled an ice bucket, got down a glass and a bottle of excellent scotch, then started for the door. "I'll be in my room if you want me. Just keep the noise down for a while."

He trudged to his bedroom, closed the door, then crossed to his desk to pour a drink. He hated reports with a passion, and the scotch was necessary to make the job easier. Sitting down, he uncovered his typewriter, inserted paper, then sipped on his drink as he stared at the blank page.

For the next two and a half hours he wrote, paced, drank, went to pee, then wrote some more. His mind wasn't on what he was doing at all, and he had difficulty putting the words together. What he was thinking about was the girls, and how he was going to handle things in Lynn's absence.

The temptation was going to be there, staring him in the face every time he turned around, and it was going to be damn near impossible to ignore it. Could he? And if not, what would he do? The question plagued him, and the level of the bottle went down quickly as he struggled to get down on paper a description of his last job for his superiors.

By the time he had the envelope addressed and sealed, he knew he was getting pretty high, but at least the task was completed and he wouldn't have to worry any more about it. He went into the bathroom to splash cold water on his face, which revived him a bit, then he picked up the report and carried it to the living room.

The two girls were sitting on the couch, and Nancy looked up as he entered. "Boy, I thought you said it wasn't going to take very long, Uncle Ken. It's been hours!"

"I know. I'm sorry. It was a little complicated. Nancy, will you mail this for me tomorrow? I'd like you to take it to the post office so it gets out right away."

"I sure will. Just put it on the table by the door so I don't forget."

"Right. How are you doing, Dana?"

"I'm kinda tired, Daddy. If you don't mind, I think I'll go to bed."

"You go right ahead, baby. Maybe tomorrow we'll think of something different to do. Like go for a ride."

Both girls noticed that he was slurring his words, but neither of them said anything or acted as though anything were wrong. They stood up, Ken kissed Dana's cheek, then Nancy led her off to her room. After putting the girl into a fresh nightie, Nancy tucked her into bed, then collected all her dirty clothes.

"Your dad sure looks worried," Nancy said, gathering up the pile on the floor. "Did he say anything to you?"

"Uh uh. Not a thing. What d'you suppose is the matter?"

"Search me. Well, I've got to get the washing started. I'll see you in the morning. Night." Nancy went out, closing the door behind her.

Ken was in the kitchen mixing a drink when Nancy came through with a full hamper, heading for the door to the garage. "Are you going to do that tonight?"

"Just get it started. I'll finish it up in the morning."

He shrugged with indifference. The booze was getting to him, and he was feeling apathetic. Going into the living room, he turned on the TV, then sat down to stare at it moodily. He wished to hell he was out of there, and didn't have to face any more decisions about the girls, or Lynn, or the cute little nurse. He didn't like problems that had nothing to do with his work.

Nancy came back, her bountiful titties bouncing in her halter, and stopped by his chair. "I'm going to take a bath, Uncle Ken. Want to play some cards when I get out?"

He smiled at her, trying not to remember what her youthful body looked like naked. "No, I don't think so, sweet. I'm too tired tonight. I'm going to watch the boob tube for a while, then hit the sack."

"Okay. I'll see you in a little while."

He watched her trim, bare legs and jaunty ass as she turned away and disappeared into the hall, and thought, Jesus, I'll never be able to keep my hands off them! I was a damn fool for coming back with Lynn leaving! I can only take so much!

He smoked two cigarettes while he finished his drink, wondering if he couldn't hire a live-in housekeeper until his sister returned. A stranger in the house would put a damper on his lustful cravings and keep him in line. Not only that, but if he got one young enough, he might get a new piece of ass.

The idea sounded good to him, and he was giving it serious consideration when he went back to the kitchen for a refill. He hadn't uncapped the bottle yet when the phone rang and he picked up the receiver from the wall. "Hello?"

"Hello yourself. Remember me?" It was Mary Sims.

"Naturally. How could I forget?"

"You didn't call, so I thought I'd give you a buzz. I'm not doing anything. Why not drop over?"

"I'd like to, Mary, but something came up."

She giggled into the phone and sounded a little tipsy. "Isn't that what it's all about? I'd like to see that something that came up."

"It's not that. Lynn's gone, and I'm watching the girls."

"I'll just bet you are. Know what I'm watching? My finger while I tickle my cunt. I was getting it all nice and wet for you."

The thought of her teasing her hairless pussy made his prick begin to swell. "It sounds good, but I just can't make it tonight. Maybe tomorrow."

"Can't. Got a date. Honestly, Ken, I'd sure like to feel your big cock in me. In my mouth and my cunny. I'd like to fuck you till you couldn't get it up any more."

His organ jumped as it extended and pushed his pants out. "I wish I could. Why don't you call me when you're not busy, and we can work something out?"

"Ooohhh, Ken!" She was panting softly into the receiver. "I need your big old muscle in me! Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh! My finger isn't much help! Ooohhh! I'd even let you ream my ass with your pole! Please come over! Take care of me! I'm so fucking hot I could scream! Hhhuuuhhh! Oh! Oh!"

"Are you jacking off?"

"Yes! Oh, God, yes! I can almost taste that tremendous cock in my mouth right now! You could do anything to me you wanted to! I need a prick! Ooohhh, Jesus! Please, Ken! Come now! Don't make me go crazy!"

Ken reached down and closed a hand around the bulge in his slacks, squeezing his long hard member as he pictured the nurse finger-fucking herself, writhing and squirming as she speared her finger in and out of her creamy twat.

"Go ahead and cum, Mary!" he groaned. "Let me hear you!"

"I... will!" He heard the unmistakable sounds of a finger making squishy noises in a juicy snatch. "Did you hear that, Ken? Hhhuuuhhh! Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum! Damn! Oh, now! I wish it was your cock! Huh! Huh! Huh! Ooohhh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Do it, Mary! Do it!" He heard wrenching whimpers and sobs, then only heaving breathing.

She's all ready to be fucked, and I need it, he thought angrily, but I'm too Goddamn tight to drive or even walk over there! Jesus Christ, I never do anything right!



"Are the girls asleep? I could come over there. We could fuck on the floor again. Or sixty-nine even, if you wanted to."

He mulled it over, but the risk was too great, even if his rod was thrumming like a tight banjo string. "No, baby. It won't work. Let's put it off till later. Call me. I'll be here."

"All right, damn you!" she shrieked. "Fuck you, you bastard!"

There was a loud click on the line, then silence. Grimacing with disgust, he hung up the phone and finished mixing his drink painfully aware of the rock-hard piston jutting out from his groin. He sampled the highball, smacked his lips, then proceeded back into the front room, slowing when he saw Nancy sitting in a chair with one leg dangling over an arm, wearing a shorty gown with no panties on.

She was already looking at him and the protrusion behind his fly, so there was no sense in trying to conceal it. Continuing on to his chair, he sat down and pointedly avoided glancing at the fur-rimmed gash that was exposed in her crotch.

"What makes your pants stick out like that, Uncle Ken. Your pee-pee?"

He nodded. "That's right."

"Why does it do that?"

What could he say to that? That a nurse had just jacked off over the phone for him? "It's hard, that's all."

"You mean bigger than it was this morning?"


"What makes it do that? Get bigger, I mean?"

Ken took a swallow of his drink and lit a cigarette. "A lot of things, honey. Haven't you ever seen Toby like this?"

"Yeah, but I never asked him about it. He wouldn't tell me if I did, anyway." She paused. "Does it hurt?"

He couldn't resist turning to her now and letting his gaze travel down to the pink slit surrounded by dark ringlets. "No, it doesn't hurt. All males get that way quite often."

She put her leg down and leaned forward, a puzzled look on her pretty face. "But why?"

The momentary glimpse he had gotten of her naked cunt had started his cock aching even more than before, and he was just high enough to take a gamble. "Because they want a girl to touch it, honey. Do you want to?"

Nancy clamped her hands between her knees and thought about it. She had always wondered why Toby's pants stuck out so far one time, and not at all the next. And now, seeing her uncle the same way, she was burning with curiosity, but was also a little hesitant.

"Are you sure it would be all right?"

"Certainly. Come over here."

When she rose and approached, he unzipped his fly and let his blood-engorged pecker pop into view, noting the astounded expression on the girl's face at her first sight of a prick. He spread his legs and pointed to the floor between his feet. She sank down with her eyes wide, taking in the thick hairy shaft with its tendons and blue veins and the smooth purple hood at the tip.

"Wow!" she whispered. "It didn't look like that before!"

"I know. Go ahead. Put your hand on it and feel it."

"I... okay." Resting her arm on his thigh, she reached out and barely touched the tremendous muscle with her fingertips, never taking her eyes off the pee slit in the cockhead. "Gee, it sure is hard, isn't it? I didn't know guys were made like that!"

"Go on, Nan. Feel it all over. It's all right."

She began to caress it tentatively, running her hand up and down the rigid organ. "Why does it move like that, Uncle Ken?"

"Because it likes you. Here. I'll show you another way to feel it."

He lifted the hem of her gauzy gown, then pulled it over her head, dropping it on the floor next to her. Then he pulled her toward him, placing his dick in her cleavage, and squeezed her tits together against his upright staff. Their silky smoothness against his pecker made it throb harder than before, and Nancy looked down at the bulbous knob with amazement.

"Gosh! Are you making it do that?"

"No, baby," he rasped. "You are. Would you like to see what it would be like to have something like that?"

Her head snapped up. "Huh?"

"Get up and sit on my lap, and I'll show you. C'mon."

When she got to her feet, he turned her around and pulled her back until she was sitting on his pelvis with his cock angling up between her thighs and pressing against her furry snatch. Then he pushed her legs together so that from her view, it looked as though his joint was growing out of her twat.

"See that?" he asked huskily. "That's what it would be like. Go ahead and pretend that it's yours. Put your hand around it and hold it."

Nancy was gawking down between her pointed orbs at the sleek cockhead and feeling it pulse against her cunny. It was the strangest and most exciting experience she'd ever had. Putting her hand down, she closed it around his peter and gripped it, moving it around between her creamy thighs and rubbing it on her pussy.

"It doesn't look so big that way," she said timidly.

"Of course not. Your legs are around most of it." His breath was coming fast, and perspiration was breaking out on his forehead as he reached around under her arms to cup her firm, hard-nippled titties and squeeze them. He could feel the fleshy lips of her cunt against his pelvis and the dew from her gash wetting his pubic hair. While she fondled his cock innocently, he kneaded her full cones and kissed her smooth back, fighting to control the frantic urge that was clawing at his loins.

"Do you have to hold it when you pee?" she asked, wiping the palm of her small hand all over the near-bursting head of his tool.

"Yeah," he answered gutturally. "I have to aim it."


The liquor he had consumed had dulled all his senses except passion, and was driving him on to unimaginable heights. A hard cock has no conscience, and his was as hard as it could get. He had to do something to her to satisfy his seemingly insatiable craving.

"Nancy," he asked hoarsely, "have you ever seen one doggie get on the back of another one?"

She nodded jerkily with shame. "Uh huh. Once. The boy dog was doing something to the girl dog, and nobody could get them apart."

"Let's do that, shall we? Get down on your knees, baby, and we'll try it."

She jumped up as though she had been stuck with a pin. "Oh, no!"

"Go on!" he said, more sharply than he had intended. "I'm not going to do anything to you. You won't feel a thing except my rubbing against you. Now, get down there!"

She was blinking rapidly and her chin was quivering as she nodded and lowered herself to the carpet. After one last pleading look, she crouched down to rest on her elbows, giving him a perfect view of the deep crack of her ass, her coral-colored pussy, and both puckered orifices.

"Please, Uncle Ken!" she whined. "Don't do anything to me!"

"You'll be just fine," he said soothingly as he slid off his chair and crawled up behind her. "Take it easy and don't worry."

Pushing her legs apart, he inched up until the head of his piston was touching her butt. Then he bent it down, slipped into the slippery crevice of her twat, and began slithering it around her dewy valley, teasing her clit and parting the tender inner folds.

"Uncle Ken! Oh don't! I'm just a kid! I don't want to do anything like this! Please! Oh, please!"

"Hush! You're safe! I'm not going to harm you! Relax!"

All he intended to do was caress her virgin cunny with his dick and hopefully get his gun off in the process. Bending over her shapely back, he reached under her for the lush mounds hanging from her chest and began tweaking the tiny pointed nipples. He was stroking his prick the full length through her cunt furrow, and the sensation was glorious.

"Ken, don't! I want to go to bed! Let me up! I don't want to do this! Oh, Mom! Please! Don't! Ooohhh! Ooohhh!"

"Quiet, baby! God, you feel good! You're so nice and wet and slick! You're juicy, too, baby! I like that!"

As he continued to push his huge thing through her crotch and play with her nipples, Nancy's fear gradually abated. If this was all that was going to happen, it wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be. She bowed her head and looked back at the purple tip of his pee-pee as it glided back and forth against her cunny.

"What are you doing, Ken?" she whimpered. "What are you doing to me?"

"Nothing, sweetheart! I told you it wouldn't hurt! Pretend we're doggies! Oh, damn! Doesn't it feel good? I thought you'd like me to do it? Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh!"

"It's okay, I guess. Isn't that enough? Aren't you through yet? I'm gettin' scared! Really! Let me go to bed!"

"In a minute, sweet, in a minute!"

He could tell that this sawing through her crotch wasn't going to be enough! He had to have more! His balls were on fire, and his cock was straining so hard it hurt! He wanted sorely to plow his joint into her girlish twat, but even in his drunken state he couldn't bring himself to do that. Suck him? No. She was much too frightened as it was. There was only one thing left.

"Uncle Ken, I'm not comfortable! Let me up! I don't want to be like a doggie! Please? You're heavy! Please?"

"Easy, baby, easy!"

Ken dropped her titties, straightened his back, then pulled his prick out to look at it. It was glistening wet from the girl's milk, greasy enough to do what he had to do. Gripping her waist, he gazed down at her tightly puckered anus, and almost changed his mind. But his bloated balls and his liquor-bleary mind wouldn't accept any other alternative. He had to have it!

"This is going to smart for a second, Nancy, but that's all! You've got to relax completely, now! Don't fight it! Just let it happen! Hold on, darling!"

Resting the nose of his poker against her anal mouth, he braced his knees, took a deep breath, then slowly pressed forward, feeling the strong muscle resist, then stretch to accommodate the head of his cock. When the orifice closed over the crown, he stopped to let her get used to the feeling.

"EEEYYYIIIOOOWWW!" The piercing, animal-like cry seemed to be torn from the girl's throat. She tensed momentarily and went totally rigid, then her upper torso slumped to the floor and she began to sob wrackingly. "Hu... hu... hu... hu... hu... hu... hu!"

The second she began to cry, she became limp, and Ken felt her sphincter loosen on his embedded organ. Knowing she would feel less pain now, and unable to stop, he eased his cream-oiled dick into her colon until his pelvis was pressing against her buns. Then he began to speak to her soothingly as he wormed it in and out of her rectum.

"That's it, Nancy! That's my girl! You can take it! Sure you can! It doesn't hurt now, does it? Ooohh, honey! You're such a wonderful girl. Such a pretty baby! Aaaggghhh! Ooohhh, fuck! Hhhuuunnnggghhh!"

The only movement in the young girl's body was the shaking of her shoulders as she cried uncontrollably. Her cheek was resting on her folded arms, and she was oblivious to the stretching and tearing of her bunghole, as she was almost in a state of shock.

"Nancy! Ooohhh. Lord! Hhhuuunnnggghhh! God, I could fuck you like this all night! Christ, what an ass! Do it, honey! Fuck Daddy! Fuck me!"

He was staring at his shit-streaked prick as his speared it in and out of her anus, feeling the muscled ring caress it like a pair of tight lips. Then the jizz was racing toward his stabbing joint, and he let it flow like the scalding river it was, not even trying to hold it back.

"Now! Nancy! Ooohhh, fuck! I'm cccuuummiiinnnggg!"

The sudden eruption of seething juice in her colon aroused the girl from her near faint. She felt the gusher pouring into her like an enema, and then it was all over and her uncle was slowly taking his monstrous thing from her behind. No sooner had it popped out than she leaped to her feet, grabbed her nightie, and ran bawling from the room.

Ken was still on his knees when she made her quick exit, and she was gone and in the bathroom before he could think of a thing to say. He fell over and leaned against the chair for a moment, trying to clear his head and get his bearings. Then he heard the bathroom door open and another door slam.

Getting up, he lurched into the hall and went directly to Nancy's room. He opened the door, and found it dark inside. After fumbling for words, he finally spoke from the doorway.

"Nancy, I...! God, I'd give anything if that hadn't happened! Do you believe me? Will you forgive me?"

He waited several minutes for an answer. When there was none, he decided it was useless, closed the door, and went to his room where he flung himself down on his king-size bed and immediately passed out.


The sound of a ringing telephone penetrated only dimly into Ken's booze-drugged mind. He started to rouse himself, but then the raucous sound stopped and he sank back into deep slumber, glad that it must have been an illusion. Then he heard a loud and clear voice, and tried to clear his pounding head.

"Uncle Ken! Ken!" Nancy was calling him from the doorway. "It's for you! The phone! It's Doctor Larson!"

He was flat on his stomach, and had to twist his head around to see her. "What?"

There was a bitter frown on her face, and her eyes were hard as steel. "I said Doctor Larson is on the phone." She slammed the door.

Forcing himself up dizzily, he sat on the side of the bed and reached for the extension on the night stand, squinting his eyes at the clock on the dresser at the same time and noting that it was a few minutes after ten.

"Ken Sheridan, Doctor. What can I do for you?"

"Good morning. I have some good news for you. According to a note from my nurse, Dana's eyes appear to be much better. I see no reason why the patches can't be removed now, providing she wears dark glasses at all times for at least a week. Then I'd like to see her again."

It took a second for Ken to assimilate the information, then he said, "That's wonderful, Doctor. I know Dana will be very glad to hear it. Thank you very much for calling. I'll see that she's in your office in a week."

"Fine. Give her my regards. She's a brave little girl. I understand your sister is out of town."

"That's right. She's visiting our parents."

So that's why you called personally, Ken thought. You wanted to get Lynn back into a motel for a fuck!

"Yes, well, I'm sure she'll be happy, too. Good-bye."

Ken hung up the phone, still not completely awake, and glanced down at the wilted prick sticking out of his pants. Dried shit was clinging to the dark hairs and the soft head, and the memory of what he had done last night hit him like a ton of bricks. Leaning forward, he put his face in his hands.

"Oh, God!" he moaned. "What in the hell came over me?"

He stayed that way for several minutes, agonizing with himself, then got up, lit a cigarette, and began undressing. Avoiding his reflection in the mirror, he plodded into the bathroom and turned the shower on full blast, then sat on the stool to pee and crap while it warmed up.

Fifteen minutes under the stinging spray sobered him up, then he shaved with care, put on his robe, and went out into the hall. The door to Dana's room was open, so he went directly there, finding her lying on the bed uncovered, wearing a rose-colored nightie as sheer as her other one.

"Good morning, honey," he said as cheerfully as he could. "I hope you're ready to get up."

She grinned happily at the sound of his voice. "Hi, Daddy! I sure am. Are you going to help me dress?"

He crossed over and sat down next to her, careful to not even look at her curl-covered nest or the dark circles of her nipples. He didn't want even the slightest lascivious thought to cross his mind.

"Guess what, baby? The doctor called. We can take those damn patches off today."

The girl bolted up. "Really! Oh, Jeez, that's super! Right now?"

"Yep. But you'll have to put dark glasses on as soon as we do. Where are they?"

"In the top drawer of the dresser, Dad. Oh, hurry! Please!"

Dana swung her feet to the floor while Ken located the sun glasses and returned. As he carefully peeled off the tape that held the gauze pads in place, she wrung her hands together with excited anticipation and shivered with elation. When the pads were removed, she opened her eyes and saw her father clearly for the first time since he returned.

"Oh, Daddy! I love you!" She threw her arms around his neck and began kissing him again and again.

"Hey! Hold it! Let's get these glasses on first!"

He fitted them on her, then smiled with all the tenderness he felt. "How's that, sweetheart? Better?"

"Daddy, you'll never know! Gosh! It's like a whole new world!" She stood up and hugged him fiercely, as tears made streaks down her cheeks.

"Now, you're still going to have to take it easy, Dana," he said sternly, trying to mask his emotions. "Those glasses have to stay on constantly for a full week, then you have to go back to the doctor."

"I don't care. Anything is all right as long as I can see you again." She looked into his face. "You're beautiful!"

Ken laughed and squeezed her arms. "So are you. I guess you won't need any help now. I'm going to get some coffee."

"Oh, no you don't! I'm going to get it for you. You go back to bed, and I'll bring you the paper and coffee, just like I used to. Please, Daddy. Let me."

He smiled, shaking his head. "Well, how can I refuse an offer like that? Okay, but don't get carried away. Get used to things first."

"Don't worry. Go ahead, and I'll be there in a minute."

Ken kissed her cheek, then left her looking around her room as he strode back down the hall. He felt a pang when he passed Nancy's room. Sometime that day he was going to have to sit down and try to explain things to her. It was an ugly mess, but he'd have to straighten it out the best way he could. He only hoped he hadn't seriously hurt her.

He propped himself up in bed with both pillows, lit a cigarette, and a few minutes later Dana appeared with a large mug of steaming coffee and the morning paper. When she handed them to him, he noticed that some of the glow had left her.

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just that, well, Nancy is sure acting funny. She didn't say hardly anything about my patches being off. All she said was 'that's nice'."

Ken knew what the problem was, but he could hardly tell Dana. He said, "She was probably too surprised, hon. I'm sure she feels very good about it."

Dana shrugged. "Maybe so. Anyway, I'm going to go help her with the dishes. You just lie there and relax." Her grin came back. "It's my turn to do things now."

When she had gone, Ken sipped his coffee and scanned the paper, trying not to think of Nancy or the night before. There would be time enough for that when the coffee diluted the liquor still left in his system and he could put things in perspective. The matter demanded a clear and concise approach, and he wasn't up to it just yet.

He had drained the mug, finished with the paper, and was in the process of lighting another cigarette when Dana came in, crawled up on the large bed, and squatted on her haunches next to him. Her attractive mouth was curved into an impish grin.

"We're all alone, now. Nancy went to the store and the post office to mail your letter. She'll be gone at least an hour."

"How about that. You make it sound like something special."

"It is! I like to have you all to myself. Especially when I can see you."

He couldn't help dropping his gaze to the twin mountains that pushed her gown out and the two dark aureoles around her pointed nipples. The recollection of how they had tasted in his mouth made his cock tingle and begin to extend. He despised the effect she had on him, but there was no getting away from it.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" he asked, hoping she would find something else to do before his prick sprang to life.

"In a little while." Her tone was more serious now. "Daddy, now that I can see, could I look at your... cock? I've held it and everything, but I haven't seen it."

The question came so quickly and unexpectedly that it jarred him, and he had to grope for an answer. It came to him at that moment that the reason he had gone so far with her was that she had been technically blind. Now that she could see the lustful and carnal look in his eyes, what would he do?

"I don't think it would be such a good idea, kitten. We've done more than enough as it is, and you know now what it's all about."

"But I want to see it!" she begged. "It's got me going nuts, not knowing what it looks like. Please! No one's here."

She does have a right, he thought. After all, she's jacked me off and sucked me. And Nancy's seen it. If I can just keep myself under control...

"All right, honey. You might as well be exposed to all of it. A little knowledge is worse than none at all." He undid the sash of his robe and opened it completely.

Dana sucked in her breath and her eyebrows went up at her first real glimpse of the prick she had held and put her mouth on. His penis was at half-erection, raised slightly off his abdomen, and pulsing and growing as she gaped at it. The swelling organ was pretty much as she'd pictured it, as were his testicles lying in the sack that nestled between his muscular thighs.

"Jeepers! I didn't know the end of it was that color! It's kinda purple! And it's getting bigger!"

"It's small when it's soft, baby, then gets long and big when it's hard. They're all the same."

She extended her hand and touched a finger to the slit in the head of his dick. "Is that where the stuff comes out?"

"Uh huh. That's where I pee through, too." He had given up striving not to get hard. It was pointless. Let her see it and get it over with. Then she wouldn't be curious any more.

"Golly, Dad," she murmured, keeping her eyes fixed on the huge muscle as it distended to its full length and rose in the air. "I know that would never go in me where you put your finger! It'd split me apart!"

She had closed her hand around his pecker, and was feeling it from the root to the crown, making it jerk in her grasp. "No, hon, a girl's cunt stretches. Even as young as you are, you could take it right now."

"Honest? Wow!" She seemed to be hypnotized by his prick as she massaged it, feeling every tendon and bulging vein in the vibrating organ. The tiny pee slit opened and closed like a small mouth as she moved the loose skin up and down, and that fascinated her. She was so spellbound she didn't notice that her father's eyes were becoming glazed and smoky.

"I think you'd better quit, Dana," he rasped. "You've seen it now. That's all you wanted."

She was trembling as she ran the top of her tongue across her lips. "Can I kiss it again, Daddy? Just a little bit?"

He wanted to say no, but his inflamed poker was telling him otherwise. He was guilty as sin of wishing she would suck him off, and to deny it would have been ridiculous. The episode with Nancy was forgotten under the gentle pressure of her hand on his rod, as was his determination to leave the girls alone. His balls were already sucking up into his groin, ready to start pumping jizz at a signal from his fevered brain.

"Okay, baby. Just a little, though. We don't want the same thing to happen that happened last time."

Dana was numb as she slid her fist down to the base of his poker and leaned over to lower her lips to the head of his quivering penis. She kissed the tip tenderly, ran her tongue around the rim, then took the cockhead into her mouth and tugged on it.

Ken jerked when her eager young mouth enveloped his knob. He reached out, lifted her gown, and ran a finger down the crack of her ass until he found her cunt hole. As she sucked and pulled on the nose of his joint, he rimmed her vaginal mouth, found it wet, then jabbed his digit in to the last knuckle. The walls of her flaming sheath closed around his finger and held it tightly.

"Dana! Ooohhh, Christ! Damn! Suck it, honey! Fuck, your mouth feels so good! Tongue it baby! Like that! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!"

The girl had her eyes wide open as she sloshed her tongue over and around the silken head of her father's cock, and enjoyed seeing his legs twitch and his hips writhe. She was giving him pleasure, and that elated her, but in addition to that, his finger was worming into her vagina and causing a delightful sensation in her belly. She was heady with bliss at being in such intimate contact with the only man in her young life.

Though his daughter's hungry mouth had already started his cum bubbling in his balls, Ken knew a blow-job wasn't going to be enough for him. He wanted to jam his aching muscle deep into her creamy cunt and ram the head of his tool against her youthful womb. He stared at the ceiling through a red haze, devoured by desire and longing for her vaginal tube to envelope his dick. Then he could contain himself no longer.

"Stop, Dana! Take that thing off! I'm going to give it to you all the way! I'm going to show you what fucking really is!"

Dana was startled when he yanked his finger from her cunny and pushed her away from his prick. It all happened so fast she still didn't know what was going on, but pulled off her nightie without a word while he got up and shrugged out of his robe.

"What do you mean, Daddy? What are you going to do?"

He climbed on the bed, half-crazed with incestuous passion, and pushed her down onto her back. Splaying her legs, he moved up on top of her, giving her tits a brief suck on the way. Then he stretched out, resting on his elbows, with the tip of his organ pressing against the pouting lips of her twat.

"I'm going to fuck you darling," he said while he twisted his hips around to force his cock into her dewy valley. "I'm going to put my prick where it belongs! In your pussy! I'm going to make you cum so hard you'll go out of your mind!"

The impact of what he was saying finally reached her, and as the hot tip of his pecker found its way into her slick cunt cleft, she pushed against his hairy chest as hard as she could with both hands.

"No, Daddy! Don't! It won't go in! I'm too small! Please! No! Daddy! For God's sake, no!"

"Don't worry, sweetheart! Trust me! In a second you'll be begging me not to stop! Ooohhh, Dana! My beautiful little baby! I want to be inside you so much! Lie still! Let Daddy show you what it's like to be a woman!"

He had wet his cockknob thoroughly with her juices, and had slithered it down to her seeping orifice. Slipping his hands under her shoulders, he nuzzled his face into the hollow of her throat and began pushing his tool into the moist opening. The head poked into the fleshy mouth easily, then he began penetrating her with agonizing slowness, feeling the turgid tube engulf his plunging dick.

"Daddy! Ooohhh, don't! Oh, my God, it's so big! I can't! I can't take it! Daaaddd! Nnnooo! Oh, no! No! No!"

Her legs flailed the air and she beat a tattoo on his back with her tiny fists as she felt the tremendous monster invade her belly. It seemed to push aside her intestines as he drove it deeper into her vaginal canal. The thing jumped and jerked inside her, almost as though it were alive. It expanded her vaginal walls to the limit as it snaked its way toward her waist, seemingly endless in its length.

"Bbbaaabbbyyy! Ooohhh, fuck! What a ripe, tight cunt! I love you, sweetheart! And I love to fuck you! Relax, honey! Let Daddy fuck that hot little twat! Oh, damn! Damn!"

"Daddy, please! Take it out! Oh, don't! No! No! Oh, God! It hurts! Aaahhh! Ooohhh! Stop! Stop! No farther! Pull it out! Jjjeeezzz!"

The snug sheath continued to dilate as Ken plummeted his cock into her, spearing deeper and deeper, stuffing her twat full of man meat. Then the head of his tool was bumping against her uterus and his balls were resting against her asshole. Letting it soak till she got used to it, he crushed her tits with his chest and began showering her grimacing face with kisses.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby! How I love you! Take it easy, darling! Daddy wouldn't hurt his sweet baby! That's all there is to it, I won't do any more for a while! Just feel it, Dana! Feel how hard and strong it is! Ooohhh, God!"

She was whimpering softly and tears were flowing from the corners of her eyes, but she had stopped fighting. She had pulled up her knees and put her feet on the mattress, and her pounding fists were now open hands that were caressing his broad back.

"It... it doesn't hurt so much now," she whispered. "It really doesn't hurt at all. But why did you put it in me, Daddy! Did you really want to?"

"Of course I did, baby! I've wanted to fuck you since I got back!"

"Oh. It's kinda jumping inside me."

"I know."

"Is that all there is to... fucking?"

"No. Are you ready for the rest of it?"

"Will it hurt again?"

"Not a bit. Feel."

He kissed her on the mouth as he withdrew his prick to the end, then gently plowed it back in. A tremor raced through her, and he felt her pussy lips flutter on his joint. Then he began stroking his piston in and out the full length, flattening her vulva with his pelvis on each inward thrust, knowing it would titillate her clit.

"Ooohhh, Daddy!" she moaned. "That makes me feel real squishy inside! And it kinda tickles! Hhhuuuhhh! Ooohhh! Is it supposed to be like that?"

"Yes, honey! Just like that. Are you enjoying it?"

"Hhhuuuhhh! I... think so! I've never felt like this before! It's so different! Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh! Gosh! I can feel your things hitting my behind! All kinds of funny things are going on inside me! Ooohhh!"

"All right, darling, I'm going to fuck you for real, now. Are you ready for that?"

"What does that mean?"

"The same thing I'm doing, only faster. Okay?"

"I guess so. What do I do?"

"Nothing. Just lie there and enjoy it. Just keep thinking how much you love me."

Ken buried his face in Dana's blonde tresses that were fanned out from her head and started hunching his organ into her with meaning, twirling it around inside her as he impaled her slippery pussy again and again. His balls began slapping noisily against her bunghole, and his darting dick made loud schlucking sounds.

"Ooohhh, fuck, Dana! Fuck, baby! Daddy wants to screw you so bad! Fuck! Fuck! Christ! What a terrific cunt!"

Dana could feel her cunt hole pucker and pooch with each of her father's hard jabs, and had to admit that she was liking it more than she had ever dreamed she would like anything. His gigantic cock sent impulse after rapturous impulse through her body to her limbs, and she was beginning to feel giddy.

"Daddy! It's... it's good! Real good! Ooohhh! I didn't know how wonderful it would be! Why didn't you tell me! Hhhuuuhhh! I like it! Hhhuuuhhh!"

To Ken, her virgin pussy was unbelievable. Never in his life had he ever fucked anything so tight. She was literally sucking him off with her girlish twat, gobbling his pecker with her fiery vagina. He was already close to cuming, but wanted to hold back until she was ready so as to give her the full pleasure of her very first fuck.

"Dana! You're a princess! You've got a magnificent cunny! Ooobhh, fuck! God! I've never had such a terrific fuck! Do you like it baby? Is it making you feel good?"

She couldn't help but wriggle and undulate on his pounding rod. It was as though her body was separated from her mind, and was doing what it wanted to of its own accord. The spearing prick was making her mind soar, and there was a loud ringing in her ears. If this was fucking, she wanted to keep on doing it forever!

"Daddy! I think I'm going to do it again! What I did when you licked me! My God, I feel so strange! It's good! So gggooooooddd! Daddy! I think I'm gonna... Wwwaaahhh! Dad! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

When she arched up to him and clawed at his bare back, Ken let loose the gates and hosed his load into her, feeling his cock jerk as each jet squirted from his pole and sprayed her womb. His body stiffened and remained taut until the last dribble of cum had oozed from his prick, then he relaxed and slumped down on top of his daughter with a grateful sigh.

Dana's arms and legs flopped limply onto the bed, and she felt dizzily light-headed. The euphoria of climax was such a new revelation that she still didn't know whether to be thrilled or scared. She could still feel his prick thumping inside her as she waited for the sensation to pass.

Ken kissed her throat and asked, "What do you think of it now, honey?"

"I think it's super!" she panted. "Simply super! I'm glad it was you that did it to me first. I don't think I would have let anybody else."

"I think you're super yourself, Dana." He carefully pulled his dick from her twat and rolled over onto his back. "You're not sorry it happened?"

"Not a bit. Not at all." She sat up abruptly and turned to him. "Daddy, I won't get pregnant, will I?"

"No, baby. I can't give babies any more. Don't ask me why. I'll tell you some other time. Right now, I think we'd better clean up and get dressed. Nancy could be home any time."

"What do I do? Just go potty?"

"That should take care of it. Then wash off good. You go on. I'll be out in a little while."

"Okay. I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, too. Now, get going."

When she had picked up her gown and gone down the hall, Ken smoked a cigarette and stared at the ceiling, not thinking of how evil it had been to seduce his own daughter, but how delightful it had been to screw such a perfect virgin cunt. He felt renewed and revitalized, as though he had just swallowed pep pills. It was a good feeling, and he luxuriated in it until he stubbed out his butt, washed off and dressed.

Going into the living room, he found Dana waiting for him fully garbed in shorts and halter, and heard the clatter of pots and pans in the kitchen. The young blonde put a finger to her lips and motioned him closer.

"Daddy," she whispered, "Nancy just got back. I think there's something really wrong with her."

"Why?" He was seriously concerned now.

"Well, on the way in, she said she could hardly ride her bike. She said she's sore. Do you suppose she's hurt herself and won't tell us?"

Ken's lips were a thin line as he looked toward the kitchen doorway. "Leave it alone, honey. I'll find out what it is."

As if I don't already know, Goddamnit! he thought. Christ, I hope I don't have to take her to a doctor! How in hell would I explain?


"You'd better go help Nancy with lunch," Ken said. "And bring me a beer, will you?"

He switched on the TV and sat down to catch the news, trying not to think about his youngest daughter and all the problems his screwing her in the ass might have caused. He was in so deep with both girls now that it seemed hopeless, and the prospect of getting out of there looked better by the minute.

"It'll be ready in about ten minutes," Dana said when she brought him a cold can of beer.

"Fine. Thanks."

"Dad, would it be okay if I went out for a walk after we eat? I haven't been outside for a long time, and it'd give you a chance to talk to Nancy."

"Yes, I think that'd be a good idea. Just make sure you don't exert yourself too much. And keep those glasses on."

"I will."

He had emptied the can by the time Dana called him in. When he sat down to the table, he noticed that Nancy was indeed in a sullen mood. She didn't look up from her plate to greet him, nor did she say a word to Dana.

"Nan," he said, "thanks for mailing that letter for me."

"You're welcome," she muttered.

"Do you think they'll send you out on another job when they get that report?" Dana asked.

"I don't know, honey."

"Will you take it if they do?"

"I don't know that, either. It all depends." He paused for a moment, then dropped the bomb shell. "If it looks interesting, I probably will."

Both girls stopped eating and looked at him with bulging eyes. He kept his expression blank and he forked food into his mouth, letting his statement sink in. He didn't want to disappoint either of them, but the sooner they knew his intentions the better.

Dana finally found her voice. "But I thought...! I mean, you said...!"

He had to relent when he saw the sorrow in her eyes. "That doesn't mean I'm definitely going to leave. It's only a possibility that I'll have to think about if it comes up."

Before they could pursue the matter any farther, he began asking about news of the neighborhood and some of the people he had met who lived around there. Dana supplied most of the answers, with Nancy making only a comment or two. When they were through, Ken opened another beer and went into the living room to read some of the magazines he subscribed to that had arrived during his long absence.

"I'm going out now, Daddy," Dana said, passing through. "Nancy's going to take care of the kitchen."

"Okay. Remember what I said."

"Sure. 'Bye."

He became engrossed in the magazines while he waited for Nancy to finish her chores so they could talk. A little while later, she set up an ironing board and iron in the dining area and brought clothes in from the dryer. Feigning indifference, he continued reading until she had started pressing things.

"I thought you did the housework naked," he said amiably. She was wearing a skimpy halter and brief shorts.

"I don't feel like it today," she replied in a monotone.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"No, I guess not."

"Nan, are you sore? I don't mean angry. Do you hurt?"

She swallowed hard and chewed her lower lip, not looking up from her work. "A little. It'll be all right."

Ken put his magazine down and leaned forward. "Look, honey, I tried to tell you last night how sorry I was about what happened, but you wouldn't listen. Will you hear me out now?"

Nancy wiped a hand across her eyes and continued ironing. "I suppose."

"Sometimes things happen to a man, especially when there are beautiful girls around with hardly any clothes on. He gets hungry for them just like you get hungry for food, and he wants to do things to them. It often gets out of hand, even though he doesn't mean it to. Like last night. Do you understand?"

She folded a pair of pressed shorts and picked up another. "I don't know whether I do or not."

Ken sighed and rubbed his temples. This was going to be harder than he had thought. "Nan, a guy gets excited when he sees a naked or nearly naked girl. His penis gets hard. He can't help it. Then he wants to put his penis inside her. He wants to, well, fuck her. And he wants to suck her breasts and lick her between the legs and things like that. Do you see?"

"No." Her lips were quivering and she was blinking. "I don't know what you mean by 'fuck'. Is that what you did to me last night on the floor?"

He ran a hand through his hair and squeezed the back of his neck. "Not exactly. Fucking is when a man puts his penis in a girl's vagina. That's where the opening is between your legs. Do you know where yours is?"

The girl nodded silently, but by this time tears were running down her face and dripping off her chin.

"You see, honey, that's how people make babies. Girls who have never had a penis in their vagina are called virgins. You're a virgin, and that's why last night I put it in... the other place, because I didn't want to take that away from you." He took a deep breath. "Was it really very painful?"

"I... don't remember too much about it. I think I blacked out for a while."

Ken groaned and his chin dropped to his chest. "Nan, all I can say is I'm sorry, and the only reason I did it was because I love you."

"Excuse me." Nancy put down the iron and ran from the room.

He heard her blowing her nose in the bathroom, then her bare feet on the carpet when she returned. Looking up, he saw that she was standing directly in front of him, her eyes red and puffy.

"Uncle Ken, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting. I guess I just don't understand a lot of things. You didn't really hurt me that bad last night. I guess I was just kinda shocked. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before, and it shook me up."

"I understand, baby. You don't have to be sorry."

Nancy sniffed and bobbed her head. "Yes, I do. I think the only reason you're planning on leaving is because of dumb me. I don't want you to go away again, any more than Dana does. I know you're only my uncle, but you're the closest thing to a dad that I have. I'd do anything if you'd just stay here with us. Anything!"

The forlorn look on her face and the beseeching tone of her voice nearly prompted him to break his vow to Lynn and tell her that he really was her father. Instead, he put his arms around her waist, drew her close, and pushed his face into her soft tit.

"Baby, I'm so glad you feel that way. You don't know how glad. You mean a lot to me."

The feel of her warm body and the fresh healthy smell of her sparked a renewed passion for the young nymph. As he held her, his prick began ballooning, and the clutching desire flamed up again in his loins. In his need to keep this delicate moment of closeness alive, he reached up to undo her halter, took it off, then covered the end of her bare tit and began sucking gently.

Nancy placed her hands on his shoulders and stood stock still, watching mutely as he tugged and pulled on her nipples, first one and then the other. She was enthralled at the response of her feelings toward his warm, and tender display of affection. Almost at once, she felt a tickling in her crotch and her tummy began to flutter.

As he burrowed his face into her tits and swabbed the stiff points with his tongue, Ken unzipped the side of her shorts and let them fall to her feet. Then he peeled her brief panties over her buttocks and hips and let them drop also. The only sound in the room was that of his smacking lips as Nancy stepped out of her things and kicked them away.

Pushing her back a step, he kissed the valley between her tits, her rib cage, sides and stomach. Then he slid off the chair to his knees and began brushing his lips over her abdomen, pelvis and hips. They were both breathing heavily when he reached her thighs, and without a word, Nancy, spread her feet apart, as though she knew intuitively what was going to happen.

Moving back to her pelvis, with the girl looking down at him through her outthrust orbs, he nuzzled into her soft pubic fleece, then worked down to the puffy lips of her twat. Using his tongue, he parted the curl-fringed canyon and began licking the slick dewy flesh as he ran his hands up and down from her buns up her calves.

"Ooohhh, Ken!" Nancy gasped at last, feeling ripples of ecstasy race through her like tiny electric shocks. "Ooohhh! What are you doing to me?"

Her snatch was as sweet as Dana's, as was the liquid honey that seeped into her slit. She was vibrating all over, and there was a tremulous shake in her legs. He continued to tease her clit with the tip of his tongue as he slipped a hand into her crotch and cautiously felt for her vaginal opening with his index finger.

"Uncle Ken!" the girl moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders as he slipped the tip of his finger into her juicy hole and twirled it around the entrance. "Oh, Jeez! Hhhuuuhhh! Gosh, I can hardly stand up! Ooohhh! Is that where my... vagina is?"

Ken already knew what he was going to do. There was no question about it. He had to sample this tender young piece just as he had initiated Dana. Once he had fucked them both, perhaps his insane craving for them wouldn't be nearly as strong. He was certain that it had been their mere unavailability that had brought on this avid need for them in the first place.

Probing farther into her slimy sheath, he found Nancy's hymen. There wasn't much to it. Just a thin circle of membrane with a hole in the center large enough to accept his finger. He pushed on through the opening and buried his digit to the last knuckle in her tunnel.

"Ken! Oh, wow! Why are you doing this to me? I'm going ape! My legs feel so weak! Jeez! Oh, gosh!"

Nancy wasn't kidding. Her knees were like water, and she was on the verge of toppling over. Every fiber of her being seemed to be on fire, and scintillating sparks were flashing out from her pelvis. She dug her nails deep into his back as she tried to remain upright.

Feeling her sway drunkenly, Ken realized it was time. He got up and dropped back into the chair, immediately fumbling for his zipper and ripping it down. His prick sprang out stiffly, hard and pulsing, the shiny cockhead distended until the skin was taut.

He wiped his lips with the back of his hand, then motioned her up onto his lap. "C'mon, honey! Crawl up here!"

Nancy was surprised that she felt no fear or anxiety as she approached him, particularly after last night. The short period of loving kisses and caresses had washed away all feelings of hurt and despair. She again had implicit faith in him and whatever he would do to her. She climbed up with her knees straddling his hips and her pussy poised over his rigid cock.

"Oh Lord, baby," he moaned, "I need you so much!"

Pulling her close, he took a nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it while he took hold of his organ and rubbed the head back and forth in her milky slash. The delicious sensation of her steamy slit on his tool made his legs jerk, and his cum-engorged balls draw up into his crotch.

For a reason unknown to her, Nancy knew that all this was much different than what had happened before. It felt as though he was doing something to her that was completely natural, and somehow she was ready for it. She responded by pressing her tit against his face, almost smothering him with her large cone, and by squatting down hard on the head of his cock, though it wasn't inside her.

"Oh, Ken! I don't know why, but this feels so super! Honest to God, it makes me feel all fuzzy! Oh, Ken! This is nice!"

He was sluicing his cockhead through her crotch from her clit to her asshole, feeling her lubricating mucus run down his pole onto his hand. She was ready! More than ready! Now if she could only take it when he broke her cherry, he'd be home free!

Taking his mouth from her tit, he looked into her face with smoldering eyes. "Listen to me, sweetheart! I'm going to put it in. I don't want you to do anything except hold on. Let me guide you, and everything will be fine. All right?"

A chill ran up her spine, and when she swallowed her throat was tight, but she nodded and tried to smile. "I'll try."

"Good. Put your arms around my neck, and leave the rest to me."

He found her opening with his knob, rested it there while he gripped her waist, then he gradually pushed her down, impaling her fantastically tight orifice with his dick. Her hole was so well greased that the bulbous end slid right in. It went so easily that Nancy didn't even wince.

"Ken," she said quietly. "Are you... going to fuck me?"

"Yes, baby. Don't you want me to?"

"I'm not sure. It feels okay so far, though."

"That's good. Now, just let me finish putting it in, and then you'll see how great it is."

He penetrated farther by forcing her down, and the viselike walls of her vagina clamped his shaft. He wanted to moan with sheer rapture, but didn't want to alarm her. Then the sensitive end of his joint touched her hymeneal membrane and he stopped for a rest.

"Feel good?"

She nodded jerkily and placed her cheek against his. "I've never had anything in there before, Uncle Ken. Gee, your thing is hot! Is that all there is to it?"

"No, honey. There's a little more to go. Ready?"

"Uh huh." Up to this point, she liked the pressure of his throbbing organ stretching her tube, but she still couldn't understand the reason for it all. His finger had felt just as good.

Ken kissed her neck and shoulder, soothing her into a limp state, then abruptly shoved her hips down to embed the entire length of his prick in her cunt.

"Ken! Ooohhh! Yyyiii! You tore something in me!"

Her teeth bit into his shoulder, she began to sob, and tears dripped down onto his back as she started to tremble all over. The sudden burst of pain had taken her unaware, and she was afraid he had done something frightfully damaging to her. Then, as quickly as the smarting sting had started, it stopped.

"That's all darling," he crooned. "That's it. It won't hurt any more. I promise."

Convulsions were still shaking her shoulders as she leaned back to look at him tearfully. "Are... are you sure?"

"Positive. Now lie against me and let me show you what fucking is like."

Holding her close, he began humping his ass off the chair, poking her cunt with short and easy strokes to let her get the feel of it. Nancy stayed tense at first, but as he pumped his cock in and out of her milky fistlike sheath, she started to relax little by little.

"Oh, Jesus, Nan!" he groaned. "Fucking you is wonderful! I love you, darling! Very much! Oh, baby! What a sweet cunt! Are you feeling it now? See how far it's going inside you?"

"Yes, Ken!" she whimpered, crushing her tits against his hairy chest as she felt the massive pole spear into her rhythmically. "I can feel it? God, I can feel it all over! All the way down to my toes! It's real weird! God! Ooohhh!"

He began squeezing her firm buns as he picked up speed, lifting and dropping her as he hunched off the chair. The foreplay had gotten him so hot that he was ready to cum right then, but as with Dana, he wanted to share the experience with Nancy.

"Fuck, baby! Fuck! Ooohhh, damn, what a pussy! You're just perfect in every way! This is fucking, hon! Real fucking! Christ, you're so Goddamn good! Screw, sweet! Screw!"

Nancy had her eyes squinched shut and was trying to separate all the ecstatic feelings that were swirling around inside her. It was more than she could comprehend. All she knew for certain was that she was delirious with bliss, and the cause of it was Ken's gigantic penis that was plunging in and out of her cunny.

Her naked ass was thwacking against his bare thighs and her pelvis was pounding against his as Ken lurched upward to drive his dick into the dark depths of her twat. Her sticky juice was drooling from around his impaled dick and trickling over his balls. All at once he was astonished to discover that he wasn't moving her ass. She was!

"Ooohhh, Ken! God! I don't know what I'm doing! It's all so eerie! Jeez, I tingle all over, and I can't stop it! Kkkeeennn! I feel like I'm going to explode! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Lord! Ken!"

Once again her teeth were biting into his shoulder as she slammed her twat down on his cock and held it there, her entire body shaking like an aspen in the breeze. It was then that Ken released his torrent of fiery jizz into her, and when it splashed against her womb, she jerked convulsively.

They remained locked in their embrace for several minutes till their shuddering ceased and they were able to breathe normally again. Then Ken gently eased her back and smiled at her.

"Well, that's what it's all about, honey. What do you think of it?"

She had a dazed expression on her face and her eyes couldn't focus properly. "I... I have to wait for my heart to stop pounding so hard!" She was breathing through her mouth so hard her titties jiggled. "It was... more than I was ready for, Uncle Ken! Jeepers! I didn't know a person could feel so...!"

"That's all right, kitten. I understand. You'd better pick up your things and go to the bathroom and get dressed."

"Yeah, I'd better." She slipped her sopping cunt from his softening cock and got to her feet. As she bent over to gather up her clothes, their combined fuck juice began making tiny rivulets down the insides of her thighs. "Oh, God! I gotta hurry!"

Ken glanced at his slacks and saw that the area around his fly was soaked, and he could feel the dampness on his balls. He rose and went directly to his room where he stripped and washed off, then put on clean attire from the skin out.

He was troubled, sick with disgust, and worried. In the course of one day, he had taken away both his daughters' virginity in a flurry of incestuous love-making. It certainly wasn't anything to be proud of, and he was sure it wasn't what Lynn had had in mind when she had said the girls should know about sex.

It was absolutely essential that he get out of the house for a while to run things through again, away from the presence of the two tempting morsels that seemed to make him forget who and what he was and turn him into a demonic satyr. With a little peace and quiet, he might be able to pull himself together again.

He collected his wallet and paraphernalia from the top of the dresser, stuffed it into his pockets, then started down the hall, hearing the shower running in the center bath as he passed. He was glad he wouldn't have to face Nancy again for a while at least. At that moment, he wouldn't have known what to say to her or how to explain.

Dana hadn't returned from her walk, either, so he was able to reach the car and escape undetected. He headed for the nearby shopping center and the small cocktail lounge that he frequented whenever he was home. Slipping into a rear booth, he gave his order to a waitress he had never seen before, eyed the other patrons casually, then began nursing his scotch and water moodily.

A vital decision had to be made, and he couldn't run away from it. Dana needed a mother and a father, and he couldn't go on shirking his responsibilities toward her. But then, there was Lynn, Nancy and Toby, too. They were his children too, morally if not legally. It was a damned intricate and heavy problem, and there didn't seem to be any ready solution.

As he sat there ordering drink after drink, he stared into each glass as though it were a crystal ball where an answer to his dilemma would suddenly appear, and he thought of calling Mary Sims for an evening of pure unadulterated sex that would take his mind off his troubles. She had said she had a date, but perhaps he could talk her into breaking it.

Making up his mind, he went to the phone, remembered her phone number, and dialed. He let it ring several times, and was about to hang up when it was answered.

"Oh, it's you," the nurse said. "I just got back from work. I heard the phone ringing when I got out of the car, and ran all the way in." She sounded out of breath. "What did you want?"

"Well, first, I wanted to thank you for telling the doctor about Dana's eyes. The patches are off, and she feels much better."

"I didn't do it as a favor. It was the truth. What's second?"

"I'd like to see you. I know you have a date, but couldn't you tell him something came up and you can't make it?"

The vivacious brunette laughed. "What makes you think it's a him?"

"I just assumed that..." She'd thrown him a curve, and he didn't know what to say.

"I have varied interests, Ken. My date is with a fascinating little twenty-year old nurse that can't stand men. She thinks that my shaved cunny is the wildest, and God, does she have a tongue!"

"Oh, I see." He might have guessed that the oversexed slut would go in for anything.

"I don't think you do, but that's the way it is. I'd much rather have your cock, honey, but I did promise. How about coming over tomorrow night? I haven't a thing on." She giggled. "And I won't when you get here, either."

Ken was repulsed, but didn't let it show in his voice. "I'll have to let you know. Have a good time. Good-bye."

Back in the booth, Ken was more somber than before. It was as though fate were pushing him toward the girls relentlessly, not giving him an out. He didn't know any other females in the area, and didn't feel up to putting forth the effort on a pick-up. He was too upset, and it was too much trouble.

"Oh, fuck it," he muttered, polishing off his drink, leaving a generous tip, and heading for the door. He might as well go on home and do his best to keep his paws off his daughters.

When he pulled into the driveway, he noticed that the lights were on and all the drapes were pulled. Turning off the ignition he sat there a few minutes collecting himself before going in. It was going to be one of the hardest things he had ever done, but he had made up his mind to put it to the girls straight.

No more sex!

When he reached the door, he took a deep breath, pulled his shoulders back, then went in. The stereo was playing soft mood music, the lights were low, and he could smell delicious odors coming from the kitchen. Though all that registered, it wasn't the reason he stopped dead in his tracks.

Dana and Nancy were sitting side by side on the couch, stark ass naked!


"Well, what's all this about?" Ken asked, closing the door.

"We waited supper for you," Dana said. "We didn't know where you were or when you'd be back, but we waited anyway."

"That's not what I mean and you know it." He crossed to his chair and sat down. "Why don't you have any clothes on?"

The girls exchanged glances, then Dana said, "Daddy, Nan and I had a long talk while you were out. We, well, told each other what we'd done with you. We didn't mean to, but it just sorta came out."

Ken felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach. For some reason, it hadn't occurred to him that they would exchange confidences about his escapades with them, though he should have known that they would since they were so close. He nodded and said, "Go on."

"So we, uuuhhh, talked about it. About what we did and how we felt. And we talked about your going away again, too. Both of us were pretty shook up when you said you might take another job and leave for another six months or so."

"And?" He was going to take it slowly and play it by ear.

"And, we decided that you must need what you did to us awfully bad or you wouldn't have done it. We don't know why you wanted us instead of grown women, but you must have some reason. We're dumb about a lot of things, but that's what we thought, anyway."

They had gotten a lot closer to the target than they knew, and it was making Ken nervous. "So you think I need a woman, huh?"

Again it was Dana that spoke. "Daddy, you're probably not going to like this, but I saw you and Miss Sims in here on the rug when you... when you fucked her. Nan and I like her a lot but we didn't know she was like that. If you wanted a woman, I bet you could have her any old time."

It was getting to be a little too much for him. Here his two daughters were, sitting in front of him stark naked, talking about fucking as though it was the most natural thing in the world! When he lit a cigarette, his hands were unsteady.

"I think I could use a drink."

"I'll get it," Nancy said, jumping up so quickly her tits slapped together. "The stuff's all ready."

While she was gone, Ken asked Dana, "Why didn't you tell me you knew about Miss Sims?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I guess I didn't think it was any of my business."

"How could you see us, anyway? You still had the patches on."

"I took one off," Dana replied sheepishly.

Nancy came back with a glass full of dark amber liquid and handed it to him. "It might be too strong. I didn't know how much to put in."

He wanted to say the stronger the better, but instead smiled gratefully and took a healthy swig. It burned all the way down to his stomach, and he shuddered.

"So, now what?" he asked when Nancy had taken her place.

"We want you to stay," Nancy said simply. "That's all. Like Dana said, we don't know why you want to do those things to us, but we'll do anything you say if you'll only promise not to go away again."

Ken was still reeling at their matter-of-fact attitude toward the whole business, and wasn't precisely sure what his response should be. He took a drag off his cigarette and a sip of his drink before he said anything.

"I'm afraid you'll have to be a bit more clear on that, girls. Exactly what do you mean?"

"Well," Dana said, "it seems like you get a big kick out of... messing around with us, even though we both think we acted like a couple of silly little kids about everything. We promise we won't be like that anymore."

"All you have to do is tell us what you want, and we'll do it, Uncle Ken," Nancy said with sincerity. "We just want to make you happy."

He looked them over carefully while he thought. They were built more like young women than girls, and they were discussing the subject rationally and intelligently, more so than he would have ever expected. Their curvaceous bodies, full tits and furry cunts were enticing, and their offer became more appealing by the second.

"It sounds as though you've gone over carefully what you're saying, but have you considered Lynn and Toby? What if they found out about what you've planned?"

"They wouldn't have to know," Dana said. "We've already got it worked out. Nan could come to your room at night after they're asleep, and I could do the same thing the next night. Aunt Lynn and Toby wouldn't know a thing about it."

Ken searched each of their faces. "And what about you two? Do you really like what I've done to you, or are you only doing this to keep me here? It makes a lot of difference, you know."

Both young ladies were silent for a while, glancing at him, then turning their heads away. Dana shifted on the cushion, and Nancy twisted her fingers together. It was obvious the matter had come up between them.

"Daddy," Dana said finally, "we're not sure. Not really. Nan hasn't put her mouth on your... prick, yet, and you haven't put it in my behind. The only thing you've done to both of us is... fuck us. We don't know about the other stuff."

"We do like the fucking part though, Uncle Ken," Nancy said. "We really don't know how to, but we like it."

"I see. And you went over all this in the short time I was out?"

"Uh huh." Dana looked at her father plaintively. "What do you think, Daddy? Will you stay if we do it?"

He emptied his glass and held it out. "Tell you what. Make me another drink, then let's eat. I'll think about it, and let you know after supper. All right?"

"Sure!" Nancy said happily, coming over for the glass. "It'll be ready whenever you are."

Dana went to help her, and Ken leaned back with a sigh to light another cigarette. His nerves were shattered, and it would take him a while to get back on an even keel.

One redeeming fact had come out of their presentation to him, however. It was quite evident that neither of them were in the least aware of his relationship with Lynn. Of course, they had always been discreet, but now he was certain that neither of them had the slightest suspicion.

Nancy came back with a fresh highball and reached across him with bare tits swaying to set it on the end table. "Why don't you take your clothes off, Uncle Ken? You'd be a lot more comfortable."

He contained a compelling urge to throw her down on the floor and fuck her right then and there. "Yes, I think I will. I seem a little out of place this way."

He went to his room, hung up his clothes, then returned to finish his drink. One of the girls kept a constant watch on his glass, and as soon as it was empty, they called him in for supper. When he strolled into the kitchen, his prick was at full erection, and the young ladies looked at it with admiration.

Throughout the meal, Ken contemplated their proposal and the pros and cons. If he agreed, he would have to perform like a ring master for a circus to make sure the three females didn't run into each other coming and going from his room. Still, the promise of three ready cunts was an opportunity that few men had, and he would be more than foolish to turn it down.

When they were finished, Ken folded his arms on the table and viewed the two ripe pairs of melonlike tits with their salmon-colored nipples. "Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?"

Dana and Nancy looked him straight in the eye and nodded simultaneously, the expressions on their faces proof of their sincerity.

"All right. We'll give it a try out till Lynn gets back. If you still want to continue at that time, we'll consider it a deal. Agreed?"

"Sure!" Dana said gleefully. "That's a good idea!"

"But we're not going to change our minds," Nancy said. "We've already settled on that, haven't we, Dana."

"That's right, Dad. Don't expect us to chicken out."

He grinned and stood up. "Now that that's settled, I'm going to go shower and shave while you clean up in here. Come back to my room when you're through."

Ken had hardly reached the door before they were scrambling to clear off the table. He went to his bedroom, turned the covers all the way down on the bed, then took a long shower under a hard stinging spray. After shaving for the second time that day, he slapped on some lotion, he stretched out on the bed, and smoked a cigarette while he waited for the girls.

He watched his cock do a jig as he thought that this would be the first time in his life he had ever had two females in bed at once. It was one hell of a prospect, even though they were both his daughters. The strange thing was, he was no longer troubled by it. The hell with sluts like Mary Sims. As she said, she could never compete with what he had.

"We're all done, Daddy," Dana said as they came through the door. "What are we going to do?"

"I've been working on that," he answered, crushing his butt in the ash tray. "I think I'll fuck you, Dana, and eat Nancy."

"Which one first?" Nancy asked.

"At the same time."

"Huh? I thought we'd, you know, do it separately!"

"Why?" He saw that both girls were blushing. "Would you be embarrassed to do it together?"

They shot a look at each other, turned back to him, and Dana said, "No, I suppose not. How could we do it, though?"

"I'll show you. Come up here on the bed."

Ken positioned them in the form of an A, with their heads together on the pillows and facing outward. Then he laid down across the bed, pushing his cock into Dana from behind and lifting Nancy's upper leg to put his head between her thighs.

"All right," he said huskily, "put my prick in your cunt, Dana, and I'll eat Nancy while I fuck you."

Dana parted her thighs, reached down to grip her father's big organ, and swished it around in her dewy canyon until it was lathered with her milk. Then she slipped the head in, sighing with pleasure as the thick muscle expanded her vaginal opening.

Ken put Nancy's top leg on his shoulder, then pushed his face up to her fur-rimmed gash, resting his head on her soft thigh as he began to nuzzle into the girl's pink valley. As he lapped up the dew-drops of cream that clung to the slick flesh of her slit, he thrust his hips forward to impale his dick in Dana's slippery sheath. Both girls squealed and groaned at the same time.

"Gggaaahhh!" Dana cried out. "Ooohhh, Daddy! Oh, Jeez! I like it this way! Ooohhh, wow! It really went in me!"

"Ken!" Nancy shrieked when his tongue began swabbing up and down her delicate furrow, prying her inner lips apart and teasing her hard little clit. "God, that's exciting! Oh, my gosh! It makes my nipples tingle! Oh! Oh! Right there!"

As he slurped wetly in Nancy's frothy crevice, working his tongue into her hole and rubbing his nose on her clitoris, he began spearing his organ into Dana's flaming tunnel, banging her firm ass cheeks with his pelvis as he hammered at her womb with the tip of his piston.

"Fuck me!" Dana whimpered loudly. "Ooohhh, fuck me! It's so different like this! Jjjeeeeeezzz! It feels like it's a lot farther in! Ooohhh, Dad! It's not like this morning at all! I can really feel it this time!"

The young blonde reached down into her crotch to touch the massive pole that was punching into her belly and felt the creamy shaft that was darting in and out of her. She hadn't liked the idea of Nancy being present at first, but now, even though she couldn't see her cousin, she knew what was happening to her, and it added to her thrill.

Nancy was squirming her hips, grinding her twat against Ken's open mouth and delving tongue. Dana, had told her how good it felt, but she hadn't quite believed her until now. His hot breath was blowing against her moist cunny and flowing up her vagina, and his twirling tongue was driving her insane with delight.

"Please, Ken! More! More! Oh, God! Wow! This is too much! Huh! Huh! Huh! I love to have you lick me, Ken! You're so... hhhuuuhhh... good!"

Ken was so lost in a whirlpool of bliss that he was heedless of their cries and moans. His dick was plunging into Dana's squishy twat, and the walls of her sheath contracted and expanded on his invading tool while she undulated her cunny. Nancy's cunt honey was dribbling into his mouth as he tongue-fucked her with as much intensity as she was hunching her snatch against his face.

Dana was enveloped in a sea of oblivion, but she could still hear the schlucking sounds of her father's prick as it pumped her sopping pussy and the smacking noises he was making with his mouth as he ate Nancy's crotch. She had already been hotly expectant when she came into the room, and now her dad's monstrous cock was taking her on that glorious trip to orgasm.

"Daddy! Oh, God! Fuck me! Fuck me! I think I'm gonna do it again! You're so far in me! Ooohhh, Dad! Can you do it faster? I want it fast!"

Nancy reached for Ken's wrist and pulled his hand up to her hard-nippled tit. When he began kneading the soft cone and thumbing the rosy tip, she put a knuckle in her mouth and bit on it to keep from screaming out with happiness. Having Ken's face mashed against her cunt was so beautiful it brought tears to her eyes.

"Ken! Oh! Oh! Oh! It's happening! I'm going... to...! Ken! Now! Oh, my God! Ken! Now! Now!"

Dana heard Nancy's yelps clearly. She closed her eyes when her dad began hammering her cunny so hard it jarred her, then her own climax was erupting, sending blazing flashes out from her womb to all parts of her thrashing body.

"Dad! Ooohhh, Dad! I'm doing it! I can't stop it!"

Both girls were simpering and gasping when Ken gave Dana's steaming pussy one final lunge, then began spraying the girl's womb with the scalding jizz that was shooting out of his dick in jets. His swollen member jerked with the release, and continued to throb until the last drops had oozed out of his cockhead into Dana's full tube.

Whimpers and the sound of labored breathing filled the room as the trio lay there, twitching and shivering, savoring every moment and feeling of the orgy. Then they began to disentangle, the girls shyly avoiding looking at each other. Ken got off the bed to go to the dresser for tissues to wipe his face and dripping tool, then he lit a cigarette and looked down at the two beauties that had rolled onto their backs.

"It would be a good idea if you cleaned up now," he said softly, feeling more sexually satisfied than he had ever had before. "Each of you can use one of the bathrooms."

"I'll take the one in the hall," Nancy said, slipping off the mattress to her feet. "Do you want another drink, Uncle Ken?"

"Please. Only don't make it so strong this time."

"I won't."

Dana went into the master bath and watched her father while she squatted on the stool and let the thick globs of semen drool into the bowl. "Daddy, how come it felt better this time than it did this morning?"

"It gets better each time you do it, baby. It's only a matter of getting used to it."

"But I did it so hard!" she said, wiping her crotch. "I honest to God thought I was going to pass out!"

"That only means it was a good one," he said, sitting down on the bed. "It won't feel that way all the time."

After flushing the toilet, she came in to drop down beside him and put a hand on his bare thigh. "Did you like licking Nancy's cunt?"

He turned to her with a wry smile. "Yes, I did. Why? Are you jealous?"

She hesitated, looked down, then bobbed her head. "A little, I guess. Are you going to have her put her mouth on your cock?"

"If she wants to, I wouldn't mind. Would it upset you if she did?"

Dana sighed. "Oh, I suppose not. I know she wants to. It's just that, well, I don't want to see her do it. That's one thing I thought we could keep just between you and me."

"I believe I have a solution for that, honey. As soon as she gets... oh, here she is now."

Nancy entered and carried the glass to Ken. "Been waiting for me?"

"Thank you," he said, taking several swallows and setting it on the night stand. "Yes, Nan, we were talking about your sucking me. Do you want to?"

The younger girl's eyes were suddenly bright with interest as she knelt in front of him. "Uh huh. After what Dana told me, I think I'd like to try it. Would it be okay?"

"I don't see why not. Both of you could get in on it if you'd like."

Dana's head snapped up. "How?"

"Well, while Nancy's sucking my prick, you could suck my balls. That way you'd both be making me cum. How does that sound?"

"That wouldn't be too bad," Dana said as she thought it over. She'd much rather have it the other way, but she'd made a deal with Nancy and had to stick by it.

"All right," Ken said, "let's do it. But let me finish my cigarette first."

When he had taken the last couple of puffs and put his butt out, Ken scooted back on the bed and laid back, pulling his knees up and spreading them. "Nancy, you can get up here beside me, and Dana, you can lie down between my feet. That's the easiest way."

As the girls got into place, Ken could feel his pulse racing. To have two luscious young girls suck him off was more than he had ever dreamed of, and even though he had ejaculated only minutes before, a fresh load of sperm was already bloating his balls and his prick was straining for action. It was a far cry from a few years ago when he could only get his rocks off once a night.

Nancy climbed up and crouched next to him, her eyes filled with awe as she grasped the root of his organ and stared at the gigantic prick that she was going to put in her mouth. Now that her face was so close to it, she began to wonder if she would actually do what Dana had done.

"You'll have to help me, Uncle Ken," she murmured. "Do I just put my mouth over it?"

He had put his hands behind his neck and raised his head to watch. "Yes, then suck it the same way you would a popsicle. It's not hard."

"Okay. If I don't do it right, let me know. This is my very first time."

Dana, lying on her stomach with her face close to her dad's scrotum, was also looking on with interest. She saw Nancy lower her head slowly, then open her mouth and cover the head of his rod with her lips. Then she was smacking wetly and her cheeks began to pucker. As soon as she was sucking, Dana lifted Ken's balls on the tips of her fingers, parted her jaws as far as they would go, then stuffed his sack into her mouth, rolling his marblelike nuts around on her tongue.

"UUUMMMFFF!" Nancy moaned, astonished at the pleasant taste of the gargantuan organ. She pushed her lips farther down the staff and began applying suction as Ken had told her to do. She could see part of his testicle bag protruding from Dana's mouth. Taking a deep breath, Nancy began bobbing her head, sliding her lips and tongue up and down on the tremendous muscle.

"Ooohhh, Christ! That's the way to do it, girls! That's it, my sweethearts! Oh, damn! Jesus! I like to have you both sucking me!"

He had dropped his head and thrown his arms out, shaking with uncontrollable joy as the two nymphs sucked and tugged on his cock and balls. Their heated breath swirled around his pelvis and crotch, and they were both going at it so eagerly he knew he wouldn't be able to hold off for very long, even though he wished it could last forever.

Using her tongue, Dana pushed his balls from one side of her mouth to the other, pulling on his scrotum gently as she watched Nancy's lips glide up and down his pole. She felt her pussy getting hotter by the second, and viscous milk was filling the crack in her crotch.

Nancy knew now what Dana had meant by her jaws aching. She had taken most of the shaft between her lips, and the silky tip of Ken's joint was tickling her tonsils. She was aware that some of the sweet flavor she was tasting was Dana's cunt fluid, but it didn't make any difference. Pleasing Ken was all that mattered, and she was going to do her best.

Ken was lurching off the mattress now, trying to cram his rod as far as he could into Nancy's puckered mouth. With both of them sucking him, there was no hope of restraining the lavalike river of cum that was rushing pell mell through his groin toward his dick. If there was anything at all he could have asked for, this would have been it. Two delectable young near-virgins slurping greedily on his genitals was as close to heaven as a man could get.

"Sssuuuccckkk! Oh, fuck! Dana! Nancy! Suck me off! God! Ooohhh, damn! Damn! Blow me, kids! Jesus, I can't stand any more! I'm going to shoot! Suck, Nan, suck! Oh, mother! Now! Now!"

When his poker swelled even more between her lips and he arched off the bed, Nancy raised her head with him, afraid he might choke her with his massive prick. Then it was spewing into her mouth, gushing hot thick jizz against her palate and tonsils. She gulped it down as fast as she could, but it still washed around her teeth and over her tongue. Then it was over, and he sagged, down with a heavy sigh.

Dana took her mouth from his balls while Nancy was sucking the last drops from his tool and got off the bed. Then Nancy raised her head and wiped an arm across her lips. Ken's legs were still twitching, and his stomach muscles were fluttering.

"How was it, kid?" Dana asked.

"Not bad," Nancy replied. "Funny thing, I thought it would taste icky, but it didn't. It was kinda like... well, you know."

"Yeah, I know. Are you okay, Dad?"

He had trouble opening his eyes, and his vision wasn't all it should be. Sitting up, he rubbed his face with both hands, then reached for his drink to soothe his parched throat. "I'm afraid you've done me in, girls. That's all for tonight. I couldn't go any more if my life depended on it."

"That's all right," Dana said. "Why don't we all go have a snack and watch TV for a while? I'd like a sundae."

"Me, too." Nancy turned to Ken. "Can we sleep with you in here tonight?"

"Sure. There's plenty of room. Now, let's go get your belly's full and relax for a while. I've about had it for one day."


It was a little after eight o'clock the next morning when Lynn paid off the taxi driver at the front door while Toby carried her luggage to her room. When she stepped inside and closed the door, the boy came back for his suitcase.

"Nobody's up, Mom," he said. "Can't hear a sound."

"It doesn't make any difference. You go unpack and change, and I'll get some coffee started. I need a cup."

After preparing the electric percolator, Lynn went to rouse the girls, and was puzzled when she found their rooms empty. A frown creased her forehead as she went down the hall to Ken's bedroom and opened the door quietly. It took a minute for the sight that greeted her to penetrate.

Ken was on his back naked in the middle of the bed with one girl on each side of him. He had an erection, but she couldn't see much of it as both Dana and Nancy had a hand wrapped around it, covering his prick almost completely. The girls were bare also, and each had a leg draped over one of Ken's.

Shutting the door silently, Lynn crossed to the foot of the bed and tweaked Ken's big toe. His eyes began to open slowly, then when he saw her, they snapped wide. He didn't try to move or try to wake the girls, just stared at his sister with bewilderment.

"What... what are you doing here?"

"I might ask the same thing of you," she replied tartly. "My God, Ken, both of them at once?"

Dana stirred at the voices, then Nancy. When they saw Lynn standing there with her hands on her hips, they leaped to their feet and faced her with fright in their eyes. She looked them both up and down coolly, then jerked her head toward the door. "You two had better go put something on, don't you think? I want to talk to Ken for a few minutes."

The girls scampered around the bed, stopped to look back at Ken with a combination of pity and hope, then fled the room. He swung his legs to the floor, lit a cigarette, then looked sideways at his sister.

"Well, go ahead and say what you're going to. There's no point in putting it off."

She helped herself to one of his cigarettes, then dropped down next to him. After taking a couple of deep drags, she said, "There really isn't much to say, except for you to fill me in on the gory details, is there? I mean, it's rather apparent what's been going on. Want to talk about it now?"

"Might as well. Only tell me why you're back so soon."

Lynn explained that their mother had been released from the hospital the day before, and that she had hired a nurse to take care of both their parents. There was little else she could do, and she wanted to get back home to spend time with him.

"I'm glad things are all right there. I'll call them later on." He rubbed at his grainy eyes. "Now about the other, this is exactly the way it happened. Don't say anything till I'm through."

She listened attentively while he gave her a graphic description of everything that had occurred with the girls since he arrived home. He was going to omit the part about the nurse, then realized that one of the girls might let something slip and included it. Pulling no punches, he gave her the complete run-down, and lit another butt when he was through.

"You've been a busy son-of-a-gun, haven't you?" Lynn asked dryly after a short silence. "I must admit, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I said they should be educated in sex."

"I know. It... just sort of happened."

"And you haven't told either of them about us or who Nan and Toby's father is?"

"No. I couldn't go that far."

"Don't you think it's about time they knew? Especially after all you've told me?"

Ken nodded. "It's not going to be easy, telling them that we've been lying to them all this time. I'm not looking forward to it."

Lynn placed a hand on his bare thigh. "I know you're not, hon. And I don't want to say what I'm going to, but I must."

He wasn't really listening to her until she began to relate how she had jacked Toby off, then started giving him blow-jobs. Then his eyebrows went up and he turned to stare at her with unconcealed amazement. Her face was flushed and her eyes were wet when she finished.

"So you see, Ken, I haven't got any room to talk. What I did was just as bad as you and the girls. I did plan to tell you as soon as I got back, though."

Ken got up and began pacing back and forth with his soft cock flopping against his scrotum. "What do we do now? I've tried and tried to come up with a solution, but I can't. It's one helluva mess, you know."

"I thought about it while I was gone, Ken. Neither one of us will ever be completely satisfied with anybody else. Why don't we move to another town and start living like husband and wife. All I have to do is change back to my maiden name. Nobody would know the difference."

He stopped and looked at her. "And what about our folks? What do you think they'd say? And the kids? What makes you think they'd go along with something like that?"

"The folks would never know. They're not going to leave that house any more until they die. As far as the kids go, all we can do is ask them. When they know the truth, I don't see how they could help but go along."

"God!" Ken said, seeing the idea take form. "We'd have to be very careful. A lot of changes would have to be made. Once we did it, we could never back out."

"That's right, but it's the only way we can go that will make everybody happy. All three of the kids need a mother and a father, and it's up to us to be their parents. There's no other logical way, is there?"

Ken leaned against the dresser and pondered for a while, then said, "I guess it's best. At least they'd grow up knowing the way it is. The only thing left is to talk to them. Are you ready?"

"As soon as I get into something comfortable," she replied, rising. "Best put on your robe. I'll meet you in the kitchen. The coffee should be ready by now."

He still had traces of misgiving as he went to piss and put on his karate robe. He had dreaded this moment for a long time, hoping it would never come about, but now it was facing him squarely in the face. On the way through the house he came as close to praying as he ever had that there wouldn't be a scene.

When he reached the kitchen all three children were seated at the table, the girls wearing quilted housecoats, and Toby telling them about the trip. Dana and Nancy threw him shy looks as he went to the counter to pour two cups, then joined them. It was plain that the boy knew nothing of what had happened in the bedroom.

"Do you want us to start breakfast, Dad?"

"No. Lynn and I want to talk to all of you. She'll be here in a little bit."

Toby went on to finish his story, then Lynn appeared, sat down, and smiled cheerfully at the children. Ken noticed that her hands were trembling when she lit a cigarette and reached for his arm.

"Do you want to start, Ken, or shall I?"

"Go ahead, and I'll do the filling in."

Ken watched the youngster's, faces as his sister began talking, seeing them register shock, wonder, disbelief, and surprise. When she hesitated, he picked up the threads and she did the same for him until they had told the kids everything. The silence that followed was broken by an occasional "Wow", or "Jeepers", or "Gosh Almighty" as the information was absorbed.

"So that's what happened and what we'd like to do," Ken said after draining his cup. "What do you think?"

Dana was still stunned when she turned to her father. "Does that mean you and Lynn will get married?"

"No, honey. That's not legal. But we'll live together just like one family, which we are."

"What about the other stuff?" Toby asked timidly, making a circle on the table with his fingers. "I mean, me and Mom and you and the girls? Are we going to knock that off?"

"I don't think that will be necessary," Lynn added quickly. "Ken, why can't we leave things just as they are, or even develop them? If we're going to live together, we might as well bring it out into the open, rather than sneak around about it. Surely none of us has anything to hide now."

"Would it make a difference in your decisions?" Ken asked, looking around the table at the shiny young faces. When they all nodded in the affirmative, he turned to his sister and shrugged. "I guess that's our answer. What happens now?"

"You know the old story about the omelet and the broken eggs," Lynn said, unable to keep the excitement from her voice. "We might as well dive right in, don't you think? To begin with, let's take our coffee in the living room and get out of these clothes. We're not going to be able to have any false modesty from now on."

Nancy had been holding back, but now spoke. "You mean all of us are going to go around naked? Are we going to... do those other things in front of everybody else, too?"

"Yes," Lynn said, getting up to refill their cups. "If we all do it together, we'll be able to enjoy it more. Watching each other should be almost as much fun as doing it."

"With one exception," Ken put in. "Toby won't be able to fuck the girls until you get them started on the pill. This is going to be hairy enough without worrying about that."

"Do we call you Dad now or what?" the boy asked.

Ken laughed. "I think you'd better wait till we move, son. We don't want to tip our hand until we're well away from here where no one knows us."

He watched them file into the living room, then stepped up to the counter to lace his coffee with bourbon. He was relieved that it had gone as well as it had, but he still had reservations, especially where the girls were concerned. When he followed them through the doorway, he found that he was the only one wearing a stitch of clothes. The others were already stripped and waiting.

As Ken shed his robe and draped it over the back of his chair before sitting down, it struck him as odd that of the three kids, Toby seemed the most ill at ease. Though the boy was gawking openly at the bare tits and fleece-covered cunts surrounding him, there was a troubled look in his eyes. He glanced at Lynn as he sat down, and she nodded that she had seen it too.

"Well, now," the woman said, unpinning her dark hair and letting it cascade down her back, "it seems that Toby and I are the only ones that haven't indulged in the last couple of days. Maybe we should start off. Nancy, how would you like to have me lick you while you suck Toby's cock?"

Both young ladies had been staring at the boy's distended cock, but Nancy's eyes glistened the brightest. Toby's pecker wasn't as large as her father's, but other than that, it looked exactly the same. She tried to contain her blatant interest as she looked over at her dad. "Would that be okay, Daddy?"

Ken wasn't pleased about exposing his girls to lesbian contacts, but he was clearly in no position to offer any objections. He had already given his approval to nearly anything they wanted to do, and he couldn't back out now. "If you want to, honey. It's all up to you."

Lynn was on her feet before he had the words out, pulling her son up and directing him to stand in the center of the room. "Nan, kneel down in front of him, and I'll lie down between your legs."

Nancy went over and dropped down on the rug, her attention directed solely on the rigid organ angling up from Toby's groin. She grasped the root of his veined, pulsing tool and licked her lips while the woman stretched out on her back and pushed herself up until her face was directly under the girl's juicy pussy. When Nan looked down between her tits, she saw that her mother's eyes were half-closed and smoky.

"Ken," Lynn said throatily, "why don't you come over and eat me, too."

"All right. Spread your legs."

Watching from the couch through her dark glasses, Dana twined her fingers together, feeling the jealousy well up inside her as her father crouched down over the woman's furry twat and began nuzzling his face into her coral-colored valley. She didn't want to see it, but there was nothing else she could do.

"Ooohhh, Ken!" Lynn moaned. "Beautiful! Okay, Nan! Start sucking Toby's cock while I lap your sweet little cunny! Ooohhh, God! This is absolutely perfect! Hhhuuuhhh!"

Nancy took a deep breath, felt Lynn pulling her wet snatch down to her mouth, then parted her lips and slipped them over Toby's hot, jerking cockhead. On the first suck, a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his dick onto her tongue, and it tasted delicious. Then her mother's mouth was all over her cunt crevice, her raspy tongue swishing and flicking, teasing her clit and orifice.

Toby put his hands on Nan's shoulders and shuddered when her mouth engulfed his aching piston. He had dreamed of the girls sucking him off, and had thought about it sometimes when his mother was giving him a blow-job, and now it was happening.

"Oh, Jeez, Nancy! Suck me! Oh, Christ! Suck it hard! Make me cum!"

When Nancy's vaginal honey began flowing into her open mouth, Lynn planted her feet firmly on the floor and lifted her hips to grind her snatch against Ken's face. His nose and mouth were buried in the salmon-pink canyon of her twat, and his tongue was spearing into her already sopping tunnel.

From the sidelines, Dana was observing them with keen interest, her jealousy temporarily forgotten as she became embroiled in the thrilling orgy taking place in front of her. It came as a shock when she realized her own cunt was squishy and that fluid seeping from her vagina was forming a puddle on the cushion beneath her.

Ken had his tongue pushed into his sister's gaping hole as far as it would go, and was gripping her firm buns with both hands. Prying her buttocks apart, he located her bunghole with his thumb and crammed it through the tight sphincter into her colon.

Nancy was in a state of rapture that pervaded her consciousness completely. She was bobbing her mouth on the boy's delectable organ feverishly, smacking her lips and sloshing her tongue on Toby's thrumming peter. Lynn had already swabbed her asshole and sucked on her clit, and was now tongue-fucking her so wonderfully she had an unexpected climax before she was ready.

The discharge drained into Lynn's mouth, and knowing that the girl had cum made her so delighted that she began hunching her twat at Ken like a wanton whore, thrusting her cream-filled snatch onto his impaled tongue.

Toby's hips were moving back and forth jerkily as he pumped his muscle into Nancy's greedy mouth. His swinging scrotum was hitting against her chin, the tendons stood out on his neck, and his face was becoming flushed. A flash flood of jizz was roaring through his pelvis, and he was nearly ready to erupt.

"Mom!" the boy cried out. "I'm gonna cum in her mouth just like I do when you suck me! Oh, God! Suck me, Nan! Suck! Jeez, what a mouth! I can't hold it back! Fffuuuccckkk?"

The instant Toby's cock began spewing hot cum into her mouth, Nancy experienced another orgasm, stronger than the one before, as she quickly gulped the thick viscous liquid down her throat. She was shaking spastically by the time the initial torrent slowed to squirting jets, then pushed her lips down his jumping dick until she almost swallowed the head of his member.

As the second gush of cunt honey drooled into her waiting mouth from Nan's snatch, Lynn threw her legs in the air and wrapped her thighs around Ken's head, pulling his face tightly against her exploding pussy.

Ken drank her seething liquid thirstily, rolling it around in his mouth and savoring the delicious dew before forcing it down his gullet. Though his prick was aching for a fuck, he continued to slurp wetly at her box until she sank limply back to the floor.

While they untangled slowly on the carpet, Dana clasped her hands on her knees to keep them from banging together and strove to control her heavy breathing. Nothing had ever affected her like what she had just witnessed, and her heart was hammering against her rib cage.

"That was almost too much!" Lynn groaned as she struggled to her feet with Ken's help. "My Lord, I think my ovaries popped that time!"

"You're not ready to quit, are you?" Ken asked jokingly as he resumed his seat. "After all, this was mostly your idea."

"Agreed, but I didn't know it would be so utterly fantastic!" the woman said, seating herself. "God, I've only cum that hard a few times in my life! I think I'll have to skip the next round."

Ken wiped his mouth, polished off his lukewarm coffee, then looked across at Dana. "You've been awfully quiet, baby. It's your turn now, you know. Anything in particular you want to do?"

She flushed furiously and hated herself for it as she was determined to get as involved as the others. "I was thinking about it, Daddy. Could I... have it in my behind, like you did to Nan? We never did get to do that."

"Certainly. Do you want to sit on my lap, or get on your knees?"

"Just a minute," Lynn interrupted. "Why don't you and Toby both give it to her at the same time? I've wanted to try that for years, but I'm too pooped to take it right now. At least Nancy and I could watch, and Dana could tell us what it's like."

"How about it, sweet?" Ken asked. "It's a perfect time to give it a shot."

Dana was startled by the suggestion, but didn't let it show. She would have to prove to her father that she was game for anything if she was ever to get her share of his attention, and to seem reticent now could easily ruin her chances. "Would the other one go in my pussy or my mouth?"

"In your pussy, dear," Lynn said. "Go ahead and try. You can always stop if it isn't what you want."

Summoning up all her courage, Dana got up, leaving a dark stain on the couch cushion where her twat had leaked. "I think I will. It can't hurt anything."

"You'd better let Toby do your ass." Nancy advised. "His cock isn't so big, and it won't be so bad the first time."

"Smart suggestion." Ken laid down on the floor with his upright pecker dancing, and motioned for Dana to straddle his pole. She got down on her knees over him and bent forward with her hard nipples brushing his chest. "Kneel behind her and wet your peter with her cunt juice, Toby, then stick it in her butt. Take it very easy. I'll shove my prick in when you're ready."

Toby crawled up behind the girl's ass and between Ken's wide-spraddled legs, then bent his tool down and rubbed the tip in her moist gash. When he had the tip well oiled, he pushed it against her anus, took hold of her hips, then stuffed his muscle in slowly through the tight opening.

"Huunnnggghhh!" Dana gasped, looking down at her father aghast. "Oh, Dad! I didn't know it would feel like that! Oh, gosh! He's going clear up to my stomach. Ooohhh! Ooohhh! Ooohhh!"

Ken rubbed her back and shoulders soothingly as he watched the pain flicker in her eyes. "Relax, baby! Let your asshole loosen up! It'll be just fine in a second! Trust me!"

"Oh, Daddy! Ooohhh! Aaahhh!"

Her tears were dripping onto his chin and neck when he felt the boys scrotum bumping against his and knew that Toby had his tool firmly embedded in Dana's anal canal. He reached for his joint, found her dripping hole with the knob, and inserted it. Then he drove his massive prick up into her slick sheath with one savage thrust until the head slammed against her womb.

"Daddy! My God, I'm full! It's too much! Ooohhh, Dddaaaddd! I can't take any more!"

"Easy, baby, easy!" Ken crooned. "The worst part is over now. Let yourself go and feel us fuck you."

"I can feel your cock inside her, Ken!" Toby shouted. "No kidding, I really can! Jjjeeeeeezzz! Her ass is so darn tight I'm gonna cum real fast!"

Dana hung her head and closed her eyes as the two rigid cocks began pumping in and out of her belly. They were both hot and throbbing, shoving her intestines aside as they plummeted deep into her insides. There was no pain now. All she felt was a sense of intense exhilaration as the two pistons stabbed her repeatedly.

"Please!" she sobbed. "Don't stop! I don't know what's happening to me, but I love it! Go way in! All the way! Oh, God! It's so darn good I think I'm gonna faint! Huh! Huh! Ooohhh!"

Lynn caught Nancy's eye and winked at her. "Looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it? We'll have to try it, too, won't we?"

Nan nodded quickly, then turned right back to the trio on the floor. The puffy lips of her flaming cunny were quivering, and the hard nipples of her titties were all atingle. As she gaped and squirmed on the chair, she promised herself that she was going to beat her mother to it.

"Fffuuuccckkk!" Ken moaned loudly. "Fffuuuccckkk! Dana! Oh, baby! Cum whenever you're ready, darling! Just let it go! Daddy's going to fill your pussy to the brim!"

Dana was being hit so hard in her crotch and ass it was almost knocking her over. She imagined she could nearly feel the hard rods in her throat as they speared into her mercilessly, stretching her sphincters to the limit and probing far into her guts.

"It's gonna happen, Daddy!" she yelped. "I'm gonna do it again! I can't help it! Oh, my God! I'm... doing... it... now! I'm... doing... it! I'm... cccuuummmiiinnnggg! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Me too!" Toby shouted, arching his back and tensing his muscles as a fountain of jizz spurted from his leaping joint into Dana's rectum. "Ooohhh, damn!"

Ken lifted off the floor when he erupted, balancing on his shoulders and heels as his dick spewed foaming cum into the girl's clenching twat. "Fffuuuccckkk, Dana! Oh, Jesus!"

When Dana had stopped shaking and twitching, Ken and Toby withdrew their wilting organs from her orifices and allowed the girl to roll over onto her back where she laid panting and trembling. The boy's prick was streaked with brown, and Ken's was dripping fuck juice onto the rug. They helped Dana to the bathroom to drain their jizz into the stool, then wiped themselves off and steadied her on the way back.

"Well," Lynn said when everyone was seated again, "it looks like we're all satisfied with the arrangements, doesn't it. Are there any objections to what we've got planned for the future?"

Her question was greeted by a quartet of wide smiles.

"In that case, dear wife," Ken said to his sister, "go fetch me a state map from my desk. No, on second thought, make it a U.S. map. If we're going to move, let's make it a place where we all want to go. All right?"

Before Ken could defend himself, he was smothered with hugs and kisses, and he sighed contentedly. He was home for good at last.

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Woeful dialogue.
It was as if a 13 year old virgin had written it to get in as many naughty swear words as possible.
Why do people who want to rape and assault women always make out that that is what the woman wants and enjoys being hurt? Or as in this case even worse raping children.
Why the fuck you would steal this crap and post it as if it was your own is beyond me.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-07-25 06:46:31
If you are going to post rape shit by other writers at least state it has rape in it.
The rapist being repulsed by lesbianism was hilarious though.

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2014-07-27 16:12:16
piss poor way to be a writer if you can't write your own stories then don't post anything at all. ever think maybe the original writer didn't want his stories here? did you ask him if you could post it here? go back to school and learn how to write your own stories instead of copying others work.

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2011-04-27 21:32:14

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2010-07-28 13:14:08
Excellent story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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