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Angel got into the shower with me.
Angel got into the shower with me. She stood as close to my back as she could, rubbing her breast up and down my back. The action made my penis start to get hard. She reached around me and took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. I just put my hands on the shower wall and let her play with me. She reach up on a shelve and got a bar of soap and started washing my back and working her way down toward my ass. When she got to my ass, she scrubbed it and began washing between my cheeks. She then got her hand really soapy and started to work a finger into my anus hole. The first one went real up to her second knuckle, then she took and other finger and worked that into my ass, and then an other, and then an other until she had four fingers in my anus. It felt real full, then she started moving them in and out and that was wonderful. I was really enjoying her fingers in me, moving in and out. Then she did something unexpected, when she mover her fingers out this time, she slid her thumb in with the other four fingers and started to stretch my ass. I had only been fisted one other time, and I loved it. Angel pushed her hand into me and moved a couple fingers around when she was in there. She began to pound my ass with her hand, in and out, in and out, going in further each time. When she had all of her hand in me, up to her wrist, she twisted her hand around and sent chills all through my ass. Angel asked me if I wanted her to stop and I told her it was really up to her. She kept on fucking my ass with her hand deep in my. While she was fisting me she reach for my cock and took it in her other hand. I told her that if her wasn’t careful, she would have cum all over the place. She stroked me three times and I shot a load of cum all over the wall of her shower. She pulled her hand out of my ass and pushed my head toward the wall and told me to lick the cum off her shower walls. Angel held my head in her hands and move it all over the wall until I had cleaned all my cum off the wall. Angel then rinsed off and got out of the shower and I finished rinsing myself off and got out and got dressed. Angel had gone into her bedroom, gotten dressed for church and we both left her house. She went to church, I went home

We didn’t see each other for a few weeks, but we did chat several times. We always tried to get each off while we chatted and that was fun. During several conversations with Angel, she would tell me about how her boy friend would tie her up, spank her and how they “played” Master” and “sub” games. She told me she really enjoyed doing that. Her boy friend had been coming home every Sunday and going back to Montreal every Tuesday. When he would leave, she would get online and we would chat. During this one week, she kept mentioning the she didn’t have anything planned for that Saturday, but she never asked me to come over. After we had chatted and “played” online on Thursday evening, I began to put a plan in motion for the coming Saturday. We chatted on Friday, she mentioned, again, that she didn’t have anything planned for Saturday. I asked her what time she usually got up on Saturday and she told me that she usually got going around 9am. We ended our conversation and I told her if she wanted to chat on Saturday, I would be online and we said good night and that was that.

Saturday morning I got up around 7, got my “toy” case out and opened it. I keep several dildos and other things in the case, under lock and key. I eat breakfast, worked on my computer until around 8 am. I then got in my car and headed for Angels place. She hadn’t invited me over but I went over any way. I got there around 8:30 and rang her door bell. Angel must have been still in bed because she didn’t answer the door right away. When she did come to the door she was wearing a black silk robe and it looked like just a red bra and red thong under it. She saw that it was me at the door and opened it and asked me why I was there because she hadn’t invited me. She didn’t ask me to come in, but I walked in passed her and stood there, waiting for her to shut the door. She began to get a scared look in her eyes and told me I had to leave. I just stood there with my case in one hand and my other hand in my pocket. I then sat my case down on the floor and walked over behind her, like I was going to give her a hug and took my hand out of my pocked with a set of handcuffs in my hand, which she didn’t see, and I handcuffed her hands together. Then I gave her a big hug and told her I had her day planned for her. She started to talk and I could tell she wasn’t getting why I was there. She said she would scream and a neighbor would hear her and come over to see what was wrong, if I didn’t leave. She kept telling me to get out, but she didn’t seem to convincing. By this time I had reached back into my pocked and had gotten out a ball gag, she saw it and I could see she was getting real nervous, so I quickly stuffed it into her mouth and tied it around her head so she couldn’t make a sound.. I then took her by the shoulders and led her over to her couch and made her sit on the couch. I again told her that I had her day planned for her and that she would love what was about to take place. I then went over to where I had set my case, picked it up and brought it over to where Angel was sitting. I opened it and she looked at all the dildos and “stuff” I had in it and I say her eyes open wider than before and then a smile came across her face. When I saw that I knew I had her where I wanted and she understood that her day was planned for her. I asked she if she was alright and if she was going to give me any trouble, she shook her head, yes, so I took the gag off her.

She sat there, on the couch and asked me to take the hand cuffs off, but I informed her that I was in charge and that all day she was to call me Master S and that I was going to do what I wanted to do and if she didn’t do what I wanted, she was be punished. She didn’t say anything so I went ahead with my play. AS she sat there I noticed that her robe had come apart and that she was wearing a red bra that was cut away so I could see her nipples. That looked very sexy to me, so I bent over and took her nipple between my teeth and started to suck it while I pinched the other nipple. Her nipple got hard and I sucked it real hard until she asked me to stop, I did but before I did, I bit it and she let out a little scream. I reminder her, again, I was in charge. I didn’t do anything else to her then, just asked her where her bedroom was and she told me it was upstairs. Every other time I was at her house, we went down to a gust room off her family room, so I had never been in her bedroom.

I stood her up and to ld her to take us to her bedroom. As we started up the stairs, I lifted her robe, in the back, and gave her ass a spanking for each stair we went up. We got to the bedroom, I had her sit on the bed. I opened my case and took out a blindfold and put it over Angels eyes. She asked me why I did that. Again I told her I was in charge. Maybe she hadn’t seen the cords I had in my case, but I took four cords out and tied them to each corner of her bed. I then made her lie down on the bed and get in the middle of the bed. I tied both of her feet to the bottom corners of the bed, had her turn so I could get to her hands, uncuffed them and tied them to the corners at the head of the bed. Then I removed the blindfold. She really looked sexy lying there, in her robe bra and thong. I massaged her breast for a few minutes and she let out a little moan. I then moved my hand down her belly to her vagina and rubbed the top of it. I moved my hand between her leg and worked a finger into her vagina. What a surprise I got there, she was so wet I though she must had peed herself, but I realized she was really into what I was doing to her. I only played there for a couple minutes and just left her there while I took off all my clothes and went back to my case. I found two nipple clamps, so I got them out and went back to Angel and put one on each nipple. I tightened them and watched her as I increased the pressure with each turn of the screw. She was trying not to let me see they were hurting her, so I kept tightening them until I saw a tear fall from her eye. I told her that was one of her punishments for asking me questions.

I then got up on the bed with her and knelt over, facing her. My penis was hard all this time and I needed some relief, so I moved up her body until my cock was at her mouth. She had given me head before, but she had never taken all of me into her mouth. I reached behind her neck and lifted her head and put my cock into her mouth. She started to suck me like she always did, so I pushed my cock in all the way and chocked her, but I held it there until she got used to it. Then I began to rock back and forth while she sucked me. She got me to where I was just about to unload and I pulled out and let her head go back onto the pillow.

I got off of her and went back to my case. I picked up a 7” dildo that had a vibartor built into it and went back to where Angel was lying. She saw it and a smile came onto her face. She was wet enough that I could have just shoved it into her vagina but I wanted to see her suck it, so I put it into her mouth and told her to get it lubed up for her pussy. She did and I took it out of her mouth, spread her legs apart and shoved it into as far as it would go and turned it to the highest setting. She began to move her body to get the best feeling out of it. She began to moan and twist around and I could tell she was going to cum. I let her cum but didn’t remove the dildo.

I then turned her over, with the dildo still in her cunt. She was bucking her oussy like she was riding a horse but I left it buried deep in her pussy. She still had her robe and bra and thong on. I moved the robe up her back as far as I could and then went back to my case. This time I came back with my favorite dildo. It is 12” long and big around. I had her turn her face toward where I was and she say the dildo. Her mid section was still bucking up and down and she was having one cum after an other. I took the dildo and put the ebd of it into her mouth and told her to get it nice and wet. She did and I removed it, dripping with her saliva running off it. I had brought some anal lube back with me and I got a gob of it and worked it into her ass hole. She knew what was about to happed and started to beg me not to do it. I again told her I was in charge. I took that 12” dildo and put the head of it at her anal opening and began moving it in and out of her in very slow strokes. She seems to calm down some, so when I thought Angel was relaxed enough, I drove that dildo into her ass as far as I could. It was so intense for her that she passed out for a few seconds. When she came too, she started crying and begging me to stop. I took her face in my hands and asked her who was in charge. She said I was. I moved back to the dildo and fucked her ass for a few minutes. I went back and took her face in my hands again and asked her who was in charge. She again said you are. I went back to the dildo and fucked her some more and reached between her legs and got the dildo in her cunt and fucked her with both of then for a few minutes and again took her face in my hands and asked who was in charge. This time she said you are master. This time I went back to her ass and pulled the 12” dildo out and left her there with the dildo still in her pussy.

I went over to my case again and picked up my wide paddle and went back to the bed. I told to look at me and when she did she saw what I had in my hand. I again asked her who was in charge and she said your are master. I said you must have forgotten what I had said when we began our session. I then moved down to her ass and began spanking her, first on the left cheek then on the right cheek. I kept this up for about 5 swats to each cheek. I figured that when I asked the question this time Angel would give the correct answer, so I asked her again, who was in charge, and again this time she said you are master. I told her she was wrong again and she should try to remember what I told her about who was in charge. I moved back down to her ass and this time I spread her ass cheeks and spanked her ten times between her cheeks, hitting the dildo that was still in her pussy. I asked her again and she gave me the same answer. I put the paddle back in the case, came back to the bed, untied the cords, turned Angel over, retied the cords and went back over to the case and got out the biggest dildo I had and came back to the bed.
The dildo in her pussy was still vibrating but I took it out and bent over to lick up some of the pussy juice that had puddled on the bed. When I was finished drinking, I showed Angel the dildo. It was 14” long and as big as a horse cock around. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her with it and she said she could never take it in her pussy. I told her she would get fucked with it if she didn’t give me the correct answer to the question when
I asked it. I then asked her who was in charge and she again said you are master. I said wrong and now for your punishment you are going to get fucked with this 14” dildo.
This time I untied her feet, raised the over her head and tied them to the head board. I took the dildo, with no lube, put it at her vagina opening, and forced it into her. I thought she would scream, so I put my hand over her mouth, and she did let out a scream that would have been heard by everyone if I hadn’t covered her mouth. I fucked her pussy, fingered her clit and fingered her ass for about five minutes before I stopped.

This time, when I asked her who was in charged, she gave me a little smirk and said, your are Master S. I took the dildo out of her pussy, removed my fingers from her ass and got between up on the bed and licked her pussy and she gave me her pussy juice. I untied her feet and let her lay on the bed while I put all my “stuff” and “toys” away. I hadn’t gotten off all day and my cock was still hard as a rock. I asked her where she wanted me to put my cum and she said in her ass. She rolled over and raised her ass in the air. I got behind her and put my cock deep in her ass and fucked her for about 5 minutes, until I unloaded one of the biggest loads of cum I have ever had. I slid out of her, she turned back around and laid back onto the bed and I laid down next to her. We drifted off to sleep for awhile and when we woke up we got into the shower and took a nice hot relaxing shower together. We loked at the clock after we had gotten dressed. It was 3:00. Angel said she had to go to church, but before we went our separate ways, Angel said, I was hoping you had caught me telling you I had nothing planned for Saturday.
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