I finally got a long enough break from my classes to write the next chapter for Jason's Little Family, hopefully I'll have enough time to write a second one before things pick up at school again. Enjoy the new chapter.
Chapter 4

“Popcorn’s ready,” Jason called walking into the living room with a large heaping bowl in his hands. Liz and Beth scooted away from each other to make room for him on the couch and Jason dropped his naked ass onto the center cushion without dropping a single fluffy kernel.

“So what movie are we watching?” Beth asked her brother, helping herself to a handful of the buttered popcorn while she let her other hand drift down to Jason’s semi-hard cock.

“Yeah,” Liz echoed her half-sister, her own hand meeting Beth’s in Jason’s lap. “You promised something to take our minds off what our moms are doing at the PTA meeting. So what is it? A new movie you got off the internet?”

“Close,” Jason said with a chuckle before he popped some corn into his mouth. Liz and Beth waited anxiously for him to chew and swallow before he continued. “You know that I’ve been working on the website for a while? Well I have most of it ready to go, I just need to double check the security before I put it up. I thought the two of you would like to see it - along with the movies I’ve been editing for the site as well.”

“Sounds like fun,” Liz said, wiping her greasy fingers on her swollen belly, “so let’s see what you’ve got.”

Jason set the popcorn down on the coffee table and picked up his lap-top, checking the connection to the television before he started running the program so they could all see it on the wide screen tv. “This is the welcome page,” Jason told his sisters.

“You don’t have to point out the obvious,” Beth pointed out, “but I would like to know why you called it Jason’s Little Family, especially since you don’t even appear on the first page of the site.”

“None of us can actually appear on the first page of the website,” Jason said. “Since the three of us are underage it’s illegal for our naked pictures to appear on the web. That’s why I spent so much time on the site’s security, to make sure that no one sees our pictures unless we’re sure they can be trusted to keep our secrets.”

“Here on the welcome page I have a few pictures of our mom’s,” Jason said, letting the images play across the screen, “nothing too hard, just a soft-core teaser to bring people into the basic level of the site. That’s five dollars a month and includes some more teasers where they can see our mom’s naked. I took most of these pictures back before their pregnancies started showing, but they were already horny from my babies and it shows in the pictures.”

“It sure does,” Liz said, sliding a hand below her swollen belly to play with her wet pussy lips. “Just these pictures are making me hot.”

“Me too,” Beth moaned, grabbing Jason’s hand and pressing it against her wet slit until he started sliding his fingers across her swollen clit. “And I’m not even pregnant yet.”

“We don’t know that for sure,” Jason said. “Since you haven’t had a period yet we don’t know when your first fertile cycle is going to be. For all we know you could be fertile right now.”

“In that case,” Beth said, edging up against her brother’s hip, “shouldn’t you be fucking me right now?”

“Maybe I should,” Jason teased, sliding his index finger up to the first knuckle and stroking the inside of her pussy. “What do you think Liz?”

“If she’s going to have any chance to catch up with the rest of us,” Liz said, “you better be fucking her.”

“In that case we better record it for the website,” Jason said.

“I’m on it,” Liz said, stretching to grab the nearest digital camera. While Jason continued to finger fuck his shivering sister Liz checked the memory card on the camera and set it for video recording. “How many of these cameras do you have around the house anyway?”

“At least one camera in each room, two cameras in each bedroom since more action takes place there,” Jason said over Beth’s moans of pleasure. “And we make sure there’s extra batteries and memory cards so we don’t have to stop the action for too long.”

“Neat,” Liz said, aiming the camera at Beth’s pussy and zooming in for a close up of her half-sister’s slit with their brother’s fingers sliding in and out of her wet lips. “This is going to make one hot video for the website,”

“It sure will,” Jason said, “and speaking of the website, let me show you what our customers get at the silver membership. At this level, for ten dollars a month, they get pictures of our moms naked and playing with themselves but no insertion at this level. I do have plenty of pictures where they’re playing with their pussies and they’re holding dildos in some of the pictures even though they don’t actually use them at this level.”

“And I thought the basic level was hot,” Liz said, taking her eyes off the scene in front of her to look at the screen before she turned back to record the action.

“What’s the next level like?” Beth asked, between her moans for pleasure while Jason continued playing with her wet slit.

“At the gold level our customers pay fifteen dollars a month to see our moms actually playing with those dildos - and with each other. This is also the level where their pregnancies will be revealed. This level will hint that there’s a big secret about their pregnancies in order to entice the customers to buy into the platinum level at twenty five dollars a month. For their platinum membership our customers see us for the first time, but we’re still clothed at this level even if the two of you are shown in your swimsuits and underwear, and our full relationship isn’t revealed.

“Why all the buildup?” Liz asked. “It’s not like any of us are shy about our relationship.

“No we’re not,” Jason agreed, “but having underage children - even fully clothed children - on an adult website is highly illegal. That’s why our customers have to go this high and pay so much before they actually get to see us. By going this slow I hope to weed out the people who might report us, if there horny and curious enough to go this far there probably as horny as we are.”

“I guess you’re right about that,” Liz said. “By the way, when do you start offering the videos?”

“There are videos available at each level,” Jason said, “the videos are appropriate to the photos for each level, but I’m only offering thirty second clips online, if the want the whole video they have to order the actual DVD.”

“Aren’t you worried that someone could track the shipments back to us?” Liz asked.

“I’ve been working on that,” Jason said. “The orders will be placed online - no mail or phone orders - and we’ll drop the shipments into mailboxes all over the place. If people really want to track the orders down they may be able to find our general location, but there’s no way they’ll be able to get closer than that.”

“I hope you’re right, Jason,” Liz sighed. She moved the camera up to catch the look on Beth’s face as the younger girl screamed, her body shivering through her first orgasm before she moved the view back down to her sister’s slit as her pussy lips clamped tight around Jason’s invading fingers.

“Trust me, it will work,” Jason said. “The final level of the site is the diamond level. It costs fifty dollars a month but them diamond members have full access to pictures of all five of us naked and fucking like the horny little family we are.”

“Are you sure people are going to pay that much just to see pictures of us fucking? Or pay even more to get the videos?” Beth panted, still catching her breath after her orgasm.

“I’m sure,” Jason said with a grin, “just as I’m sure the two of you are horny little sluts.”

“Of course we are,” Liz chuckled, taking a few seconds to change the memory card in the camera and turning back to Beth and Jason as her brother lifted they’re younger sister onto his lap. “That’s how we were raised after all.”

“Liz does have a point,” Beth said, adjusting the angle of Jason’s hard cock so it was aimed at her slit. She waited until Liz signaled that she was ready with the camera and then slid down her brother’s shaft with a sigh of pleasure as it disappeared into her belly. “Our mom’s did everything they could to make sure we were as horny and slutty as they are so we’d be ready and willing to fuck you and have your babies.”

“Remind me to thank them when they get home,” Jason said with a groan of pleasure while he raised his hands up to squeeze Beth’s tits. His sister’s tits were still small compared to Liz and their moms’, but it still surprised him how much they’d grown in the four months since he’d popped her cherry.

“I think they already know,” Liz said, zooming in for a closeup of Jason’s cock as it slid in and out of Beth’s tight wet cunt. “Any chance we can see some of the videos you’re offering on the website?”

“Sure,” Jason moaned, “I have one of my favorites in the DVD player right now. It’s the re-enactment of the night you and your mom tricked me into fucking Beth and my mom.”

“That sounds hot,” Liz said, reaching blindly for the remote without taking her eyes off the fuck scene right in front of her. “It sounds almost as hot as what I’m watching right now.”

“In that case why don’t you keep your eyes on this scene and we’ll save the DVD for when our moms get home because they haven’t seen it yet either.”

“Yeah Liz,” Beth grunted, “keep recording, we don’t want to miss it when Jason finally manages to knock me up. I bet that video will be a big seller on our website.”

“I’m sure it will,” Liz told her half-sister, “but I think all our videos will be big sellers when our fans realize they’re the real thing and not a fake like most of the videos on the web. And what a way to make a living, recording what we love to do, fucking and having Jason’s babies.”

“You’re right Liz, it is a great way to make a living,” Nancy told her daughter as she and her sister Karen entered the living room. The two sisters were still dressed in the loose conservative clothes they’d worn to the PTA meeting to hide their own pregnancies.

“If we could make a living fucking Jason and having his babies I’d be all for it,” Beth and Jason’s mother said smiling down approvingly at her son and daughter while they fucked on the couch. “But since we can’t I’m happy selling the videos we make.”

“So Jason, is this the website you’ve been working on?” Nancy asked, looking at the display on the TV.

“It sure is,” Jason said grunted, slamming his cock into his sister’s flat belly. He could feel his orgasm building with every stroke and knew it wouldn’t be long before he was flooding the twelve year old girl’s womb full of baby juice. “I think it’s ready to go on the web but I wanted to show everyone what I have and give it one more security check before putting it up.”

“You already know what I think,” Karen told her son. “I think it’s as good or better than any porn sites already out there. But if our customers are willing to pay for the real thing, they get it.”

“Nothing fake about our site,” Jason panted, trying to slam his cock as deep as it would go in Beth’s body as it would go with every stroke. From the way Beth’s cunt was massaging his shaft he knew it wouldn’t be long before his sister had another orgasm, he just hoped he could hold out long enough so he came at the same time. “We have real tits, real fucking, real incest, real underage kis, and real pregnancies. The people who like those things are going to love our site, especially since we’ll keep it updated with new pictures and videos.”

“And once our customers realize that we’ll have more fans and more money than we know what to do with,” Nancy said, wedging her pregnant ass next to her daughter’s on the couch.

Jason barely noticed when Liz pushed him and Beth down the couch, all he could really think about was how good it felt to have his cock stuck all the way in his sister’s pussy where it was about to explode from the way her cunt muscles massaged his shaft. “I’m cumming Beth,” Jason screamed, “here comes the baby juice.”

“I’m cumming too Jason,” Beth screamed. “Fill me with your juice, knock me up with your baby big brother.”

“Do a good job now Jason,” Karen told her son, like her sister she’d removed her clothes and now sat naked on one of the overstuffed chairs with one leg draped over the padded arm to give her fingers easy access to her drooling pussy. “We don’t want Beth falling too far behind the rest of us in the baby department,” she added panting the slight swell of her own pregnancy with her free hand.”

Beth’s pussy clamped so tight around his cock that Jason was glad he was already buried deep in his sister’s belly when he started spurting his cum inside her. “Even if you don’t knock her up this is going to make a great video for the website,” Liz said, zooming in on Jason’s cock as it bulged with the cum he was shooting into his sister. “You really know how to please the fans Jason.”

“I don’t know about the fans,” Nancy said, “but he certainly knows how to please us. And now that the three of you are going to be home schooled he can do it all day, every day.”

“That’s great,” Liz said, setting the camera aside now that the action was done for the time being. “Does that mean things worked out at the PTA meeting?”

“They couldn’t have gone better if we’d paid the rest of the committee to do things the way we wanted,” Karen said, massaging her clit as she spoke. “Once president opened the meeting and introduced Nancy she made an impassioned speech about how dangerous the school was for poor innocent girls like Liz who was now pregnant. She urged all the other parents to take precautions against the kind of predators who took advantage of her daughter. Then she really dropped the bomb by saying that she had a good mind to take Liz out of the school and start home schooling her to make sure she was safe.”

“And that’s when you spoke up in support of your best friend,” Jason said, grasping Beth by the hips in order to lift her off his wilting prick. She caught him by surprise by pushing his hands away and settling her bare ass more comfortably into his lap.

“Leave your cock in my pussy Jason,” Beth said, “that way it’ll keep your cum where it belongs, and when your cock gets hard again you’ll be already to fuck me again.”

“Ok,” Jason sighed, letting his hands run up Beth’s body until he was massaging her small tits. “But after that fuck I don’t know how long it will be before I have another load for you.”

“As long as it takes,” Beth said with a moan of pleasure, “I’m not in a rush as long as your cock is where it belongs.”

“Actually Jason,” Nancy said, “your mom was ready to step in and support me - just like you said and just like we planned - but before she had a chance to say anything Mrs. Haggard spoke up. She said that Nancy should take Liz out of school - to protect all the innocent boys like her son Steve from sex hungry girls like Liz.”

“What’s so funny?” Karen asked when Jason, Liz, and Beth all started laughing uncontrollably.

Beth managed to get herself under control first and after making sure that Jason’s cock was still where it belonged she explained. “Steve Haggard is one of the horniest guys in school. The only reason he hasn’t been arrested for rape is because he convinces the girls it’s their idea to let him fuck them. He can be very convincing.”

“And his mother doesn’t know about this?” Nancy asked with a soft chuckle.

“I’m sure she does,” Liz told her mother, “but she’s so convinced of her son’s innocense that she’s convinced herself that her son is the victim and not the girls he’s seduced - including the two girls I know he’s knocked up since classes started in the fall. When Beth and I started spreading rumors about my sexual activity after Jason and I started fucking everyone was convinced that Steve was the one who popped my cherry.”

“Actually I overheard him bragging that he was your first,” Jason said, “of course I heard two other guys make the same claim - right up until everyone realized you were pregnant. That’s when all three of them started to deny everything, but by that time the rumors had spread too far everyone ‘knew the truth’ about Liz’s baby.”

“It sounds like that part of the plan worked too then,” Karen said. “Once Linda Haggard made her suggestion the whole meeting broke into two factions, one side convinced that Liz was an innocent victim who needed to be protected, and the other side convinced that she was a predator and their children needed to be protected from her. For a few minutes it looked like things were going to turn into a riot until someone realized that both sides would be satisfied if Nancy was allowed to take Liz out of school and start home-schooling her. That’s when I finally spoke up to say that I intended to remove my 2 kids from school in support of my best friend and for their own protection.”

“It sounds like things really did work out better than you expected,” Jason said.

“I’m sure no one suspects the truth about our little family,” Nancy agreed, “so we’re free to do whatever we want - provided you kids keep up with your schooling.”

“We will mom,” Liz promised while the other two nodded in agreement.

“So,” Karen said, settling back into her chair and stroking her pussy as she turned to the TV, “now that that’s settled, why don’t we watch that video you have set up?”

“You’ve got it mom,” Jason said, stretching for the remote control and starting the DVD. “This is the re-enactment of the first night I fucked you and Beth. I made an introduction to explain things to our customers but we can skip through it if you want.”

“No, I think we should see things just the way our customers will,” Nancy said. “That way we’ll know if there’s a problem.”

Jason nodded and set the remote back down as his image appeared on the screen. “Hi, I’m Jason of Jason’,” he explained to his audience as the web-address scrolled across the bottom of the screen. “Most of our video’s are recorded live and don’t need any explanation, but the scenes you’re about to watch had to be re-enacted because we didn’t record them as they happened. This all happened about a month after I started fucking my neighbor Nancy and her daughter Liz - my best friend - but at the time I didn’t know the truth about our little family. This was suppose to be the first time I spent the night with Liz and Nancy with my mom out of town and my sister Beth at a friend’s sleep-over, but things don’t always go the way you expect. Sometimes they turn our a lot better than you dream, and I think you’ll enjoy the results.”

Jason’s image faded from the screen to be replaced with the door leading to Nancy’s garage. The door opened and the camera played across the model of the volcano Jason and Liz had made for the science fare before the view swung to the door leading to the kitchen. The door opened to reveal Liz in all her naked beauty and she gave Jason a quick smile before she spoke. “We’ve been waiting for you Jason,” Liz said, “mom’s waiting for us down in her bedroom, she has a new game she wants to try out so why don’t you get ready and we’ll play a round of ‘Who am I fucking now?’”

“Sounds like fun,” Jason said, the point of view changing when Liz took the camera to record him stripping out of his clothes before the took the camera back and followed her down the hall.

The camera zoomed in on Liz’s swaying ass and Liz commented, “So, that’s what you like.”

“Best view from this angle,” Jason said, “from the front I don’t know if I should focus on your face, tits, belly, or cunt, but from behind your ass really is the best view.”

Jason turned his head a little and saw Nancy licking her daughter’s pregnant belly, from the way his half-sister’s breasts glistened he suspected that Nancy was working her way down to Liz’s drooling pussy while keeping an eye on the video at the same time. Nancy paused long enough to lick her lips and say, “Buttery, you’ve been eating popcorn. You know what Doctor Cole said about eating junk food.”

“It was only one bowl and we shared it,” Liz told her mother defensively. “Besides, Doctor Cole said I could eat some junk food as long as I didn’t overdue it and kept my weight under control. He told me it was better to satisfy some cravings instead of trying to ignore them and then pigging out later.”

“I know,” Nancy said with a grin, “his father told me the same thing when I was pregnant with you, but I couldn’t resist teasing you.”

When Nancy went back to licking Liz’s Belly Jason turned back to the screen just in time to see the view go dark before in returned with a different point of view where he was standing next to the bed with a blindfold tied firmly over his eyes. He watched himself crawl into the queen size bed while Liz tiptoed to the open door and signaled for Karen and Beth to join them in the bedroom. “I that how it really happened/” Jason asked his mother, he could feel his cock starting to stiffen in Beth’s pussy as he anticipated what was coming next.

The whole family watched Karen straddle her son’s hips and slide her oversize clit up and down his belly before she grabbed the shaft firmly in her hand and slid it easily between her pussy lips. The camera zoomed in for a close-up shot as Jason’s cock entered his mother’s belly. While Jason made a fool of himself on the screen by guessing that he was fucking Nancy the teenager laughed at his own antics and commented, “0 for one. I never did score on this game, but then the four of you did trick me.”

“Maybe we did,” Beth told her brother, wiggling her ass and squeezing his slowly hardening shaft with her cunt muscles. “But you never really complained about it - and I can tell you’re enjoying the show as much as we did.”

“I sure am,” Jason groaned, “in fact I’m almost ready to replay the final scene.”

“So am I,” Beth said, lifting her ass a couple inches off her brother’s lap and sliding her pussy up and down his shaft.

On the screen Karen had been replaced by Beth and Jason had just realized that the girl fucking him was actually a virgin. Jason thought his surprise on the screen looked fake - but even so he was enjoying the show too much to worry about his acting.

While the action on the screen picked up Jason tried to pace himself with the idea that he’d try to cum in Beth’s pussy at the same time that it happened in the video. Once she realized what her brother was trying to do Beth joined him, fucking the older boy at the same pace that she did in the video. The two of them even managed to echo the moans and groans on the video as they worked toward their orgasms. Just as Jason filled Beth’s belly with cum on the screen the pre-teen girl slammed her cunt as far as it would go down her brother’s staff and squeezed it as hard as she could with her pussy muscles, pushing him over the edge and joining him with her own orgasm when she felt Jason’s cum filling her womb.

“Oh my God,” Jason panted, holding Beth tight so that she wouldn’t fall over when she slumped back against his chest. “Someone tell me you recorded that, please?”

“Sorry Jason,” Liz panted back at her half-brother, “I was a little preoccupied with my own orgasm.”

“And I was preoccupied giving it to her,” Nancy said, licking her daughter’s pussy juice off her lips with obvious pleasure.

“Don’t worry Jason, I got it,” Karen told her son. “I know a money-making fuck scene when I see one. But I didn’t manage to get any shots of the video recorded.”

“That’s not a problem,” Jason assured his mother, “I can splice some scenes in from the original video. “And you’re right mom, this fuck scene is going to make us a lot of money, in fact they all are. I just know Jason’s Little Family is going to be a big hit. What do they say you should do? Find something you like to do and make a job of it? I think we’ve found something we love to do, and we’re going to make a mint doing it.”

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