Chapters 55-58
Chapter LV

Lee knelt over the body, doing what little she could with the resources at hand, they had brought the fever down but it hadn’t broken, and it was dangerously high. Lee also observed some other problems the fact that Jeremy was coughing up blood was one of them.

Naomi kept a vigil it had been two days and she hadn’t moved from Jeremy’s side except to go to the bathroom and to take a few bites of food. The rain hadn’t let up. If anything the rain had started coming down harder killing any cheerfulness that could be had. They could only wait and watch and hope that Jeremy improved. Sara came in and took over after a few hours taking one of the rags of cloth and washing Jeremy’s body down with fresh water from the cave. Naomi watched no speaking only sitting there chewing her fist.

The girls would take turns tending to Jeremy in shifts cleaning and washing him dripping water or weak broth into his mouth. His lips had become chapped and split. They had tried rubbing coconut oil on them to some effect they just kept getting worse. There was nothing to do and everything to do, and it drove them crazy that the brains of the operation was down and in serious trouble.

The watched as another sun rose and set on the castaways.

Chapter LVI

Amanda walked numbly down the dock, first her daughter then her husband, she didn’t know how much she could take of this. She had been crying for what seemed like months. Though she knew it had only been a little more than one. She climbed aboard the houseboat and was greeted by her mischievous son Brandon. There was no one out on the dock at this time there hadn’t been since her husband had had a nervous breakdown which was followed shortly by a stroke, which had killed him. She took Brandon inside the boat and after sandwiches and soda she took a shower.

“Are you all right mom” he asked as she stepped out of the shower.

“I’ll be fine Brandon” she said

“You have been crying a lot”

“You would think that I would be all cried out” Amanda said “But with your dad and Nicole gone it’s hard to think straight sometimes”

“It’s okay mom he said and hugged her” She clung to him tightly and then slipped the towel off her shoulders and brought his mouth to her breast. His warm mouth was so soothing as he licked and suckled her nipple. It had happened accidentally the first time just his lips bushing her nipple had caused her to shiver. She had cradled him across her lap and with his mouth pressed against her breast he had only done what had come natural.

After the first couple of times she noticed that he would get hard every time he did this and at first she had taken to gently stroking him outside his pants. But that had only flared her drive and soon she was manipulating his cock inside his shorts. Then only last night she couldn’t take it any more she had slipped into bed with him. She had gently stroked him to his full harness in his sleep and then she had straddled him taking Brandon inside of her, she had taken her time letting the muscles of her pussy milk his hard tool. Slowly letting her hips move shivering at the feeling of having the only thing she had left of her husband inside of her. She had felt him spew his hot seed inside of her. She had then gently licked his cock clean and gone to take a shower and went to bed. Amanda’s caution hadn’t won though the more she did it the more she wanted her son’s hard cock and four days ago he had woken up while she was still impaled on his stiff pole. He had asked of course the usual questions but once the cat was out of the bag, she couldn’t say no to him.

He stood from where he was laying across her lap and she pulled down her panties and he let his shorts fall to his ankles. Her fingertips taking his hard cock in hand as she carefully guided it between the lips of her hot soaking sex. It felt like Brandon was melting into her, she had coached him along of the last couple of days and gotten him to where he would last more than just the first few minutes before he spewed his hot seed inside of her. Of course being as young as he was it didn’t take him anytime at all to be ready to go again and more than once he’d fucked her through four or five of his own orgasms. She loved the way his cock cream would get beaten to a foamy froth in her pussy. Now as he pushed his hips up to meet hers she used her legs to scissor him in place so that she could enjoy the fullness of being filled by her only son. She leaned back as his lips worked their magic on her taught swollen nipples, she could feel the blood pounding in her ears, as he started to slowly saw back and forth inside her. It only took him a few strokes and she could feel her love channel being flooded with his juice.

“Mom?” he asked when they had caught their breath

“What is it sweetie” she said her legs still holding his semi rigid meat inside her contracting pussy

“Well there is this girl at school and I like her and she likes me and she wants me to be her boyfriend”

“I see”

“But I’m your boyfriend aren’t I?”

“Well yes In a way but your still my son, there is no reason you shouldn’t see the girl if you want to”

“Thanks mom, I think I’m going to ask her to the dance next week”

“Well why don’t you invite her over so I can meet her”

“Um well I mean what if she you know”

“Well we will worry about that if it happens”

“So It’s okay” he asked?

“Of course it is” She responded

“Good cause I invited her over to help with homework”

“Oh my when is she supposed to come over?”

“At six” he responded

“It’s five now Brandon” go take a shower and get dressed and I’ll do the same and make you all some snacks”

“Thanks mom” Brandon said as he moved back the head of his cock popping out of his mothers inflamed slit.

Amanda hurried her shower and put on a tank top and jean shorts. She got a soda from the fridge and sat on one of the chairs on the deck of the houseboat. She was about halfway though with her cold beverage when a mother and her daughter walked down the long dock.

The older woman was tall and lanky she was dressed in a trench coat and heels, which Amanda thought odd to start with. “Hi are you Amanda” she asked when she was still a fair distance away.

“Yes I am” Amanda responded, “You are?”

“I’m Denise and this is my daughter Star.”

“Well its nice to meet you Brandon only just told me a little while ago that you were bringing Star over.”

“Oh I see well apparently they have been planning it all week but she only asked me yesterday and I thought I would come and meet you before I left my daughter here.”

“I understand completely”

“Um have you always lived on a houseboat?”

“No I have a house but I just lost my husband, and daughter and well there are too many memories there so I decided to live out here for a while at least until I’m feeling better.”

“I see I’m sorry for your loss”

“Star why don’t you go in and find Brandon and I’ll get acquainted with your mother for a moment.” Amanda said.

“No I can’t stay long” Denise said, “I have to go to work”

“You work nights?”


“Doing what?”

“Well” Denise paused a moment and watched Star duck inside the houseboat “I’m an exotic dancer really but I tell star that I am a nurse at hospital”

“Do you have a nursing degree?”

“Almost, another year or so of school and probably another six months or so of stripping”

“I see, well that explains the trench coat”

“Listen would it be too much trouble if Star stays here tonight? it would really help me out.”

“I guess sure”

“Great I’ll be by around six to pick her up”

“Sure I’ll just make up the couch for her”

“Thanks so much leaving early really hurts my income”

“I understand” Amanda said

“Well bye” Denise said waving

Amanda walked back into the houseboat and found Star and Brandon working together quietly, she made some snacks for them and brought it to them along with some soda. Amanda went ahead and started watching TV at least that would stave off the boredom until the kids were finished. After a few episodes of some mindless show or another the kids appeared in the living room “Star” Amanda began “You mother asked if you could stay the night and it’s okay with me if you want to, if not I suppose you should call her”

“Oh no that’s great” Star said.

“Would you like to go swimming or something?” Brandon asked

“Oh I didn’t bring my suit” Star said

“Well if you want you can borrow something of mine to cover up”

“Really Mrs Amanda that would be so cool”

“You’re a little small for most of my clothes but I think I might be able to find something in some of Nicole’s old things if you’ll come with me” She said directing her down the main passage she looked in the direction of Brandon and made eye contact and then headed down the passageway herself. She opened the and pulled it almost shut so that her son could watch if he were so inclined she found a tiny string bikini that would probably fit Star, although she thought it is white and so worn it’ll probably be completely transparent when it gets wet. I am such a naughty mommy. She handed the suit to Star and said here put this on I’ll mine is right here she said picking up a skimpy thong from the drawer that held the swim suits. It was actually one of Nicole’s suits one that she didn’t take with her. She shuddered briefly at the thought and then peeled out of her clothes.

Star looked at her with a bit of awe in her face. “Mrs Amanda you are so beautiful she whispered.”

“Thank you Star” Amanda responded, “I try and keep myself fit”

“And your breasts are beautiful, I wish mine were as nice as yours”

“Star come now I’m sure yours will be very nice as you get older”

“You really think so,” she asked pulling off her shirt and then taking off her bra. Her breasts were plumb sized and almost entirely covered with her areola. Her nipples were thick as pencil erasers and almost longer than the last digit on her pinky. Amanda licked her lips to keep herself from drooling at the young girls tight suck able tits. Star pulled her pants and panties down exposing her equally enticing slit.

“Oh yes I do” Amanda replied gazing at the girls’ nymph like body her tight buns and the slightness of the lips of star’s pussy made her hungry.

“I think I look deformed I mean my nipples are too big and my kitty is all out there the other girls make fun of me”

“They are just jealous Star, you have a beautiful body” she said as she pulled on the swim suit

“You really think so?”

“Oh yes” Amanda said

“Do you think, well do you think Brandon will like it?”

“I’m sure he will when your both ready”

“Thanks Mrs..”

“Just call me Amanda, Star.”

“Thanks Amanda”

“Its quite all right star” she responded as star tied her top on and then pulled the bottoms on.
The two of them exited the room and walked out on deck to find Brandon already in the water. “What took you guys so long” he asked

“Oh we were just having some girl talk”

“Well are you going to talk or swim” Brandon asked

“Swim” Star said diving into the water Amanda followed her in.

The three of them splashed and swam around for a good hour and when they finally climbed back onto the deck they were shivering in the night air. Amanda looked over at Brandon and followed his eyes, which were looking at the red-topped breasts that were nearly clearly visible in Star’s bikini top. She made hot totties for everyone and they drank them on the deck under the starlight. They chatted not speaking of the obvious transparency of Star’s suit at least it was transparent until it dried. The cold night air also had an effect on both women’s breasts, in that their nipples stood at full attention as if begging Brandon to kiss them. Brandon Yawned

“Off to bed with you” She smiled and he got up and headed inside Amanda and Star followed and she made up one of the spare beds for Star and then slipped between her own sheets.

Chapter LVII

Jeremy was in what could only be described as a nursery, there were five little girls in front of him one of them walked up and tugged at his hand. “Daddy” she said. Jeremy judged the girl couldn’t be more than eight, and she was naked. Mommy said you put a baby in her; I want you to put a baby in me too.
“Yeah” the other little girls chorused “put babies in us please Daddy”

“Come on now kids” he said “I can’t do that”

“Why not you put a baby in my sister Pamela and she’s only nine”

“And how old are you?”

“Six” the little cherub responded

“Maybe daddy wants us to suck his cock for him” on of the other girls said making a grab for Jeremy’s erect cock. He was naked why was he naked. The five of them were fighting each other as Jeremy pulled away from them he turned.

He was sitting at a bar, “couldn’t keep it in your pants could you boy” Uncle Edward said.

“Uncle Edward I what how?”.

“Well you might as well have a drink” the older man said passing him a shot glass Jeremy swallowed it tasted odd not like any alcohol he had ever tasted. “How many is it now in your harem twenty or so?”

“Uncle Edward”

“Don’t get me wrong kid I like pussy as much as the next man but damn don’t you think your overdoing it a little?”

He looked down at the empty shot glass “I heard you wouldn’t let our daughters suck you off today” Sunni said.


“You know they were born to suck your cock I told you that when they were born”

“It’s bad enough that you let Naomi’s daughters ride your cock all night, you won’t let mine even get a taste of that fine dick of yours”.

Jeremy looked down again “Jenna had her mouth on his cock it looked and felt wonderful Sara leaned in to lick his chest Shannon offered her breast to him it was leaking milk a young girl that strongly resembled her was sucking on the other one.

She brought her mouth off Shannon’s nipple long enough to smile at him, “thanks for putting a baby in me daddy” she said. He closed his eyes what kind of monster have I become he asked himself.

Chapter LVIII

“I think his fever has broken” Nicole said to Naomi and Lee. Lee knelt beside the unconscious body of Jeremy and touched him with light hands.

“Yes it appears it has”

“Is he going to be okay?” Naomi whispered

“We won’t know until he wakes up” Lee said quietly

“I’ll go tell the others they need some good news”

“How long,” Naomi asked Lee

“About Two weeks” Lee said “rest and let him rest there is nothing you can do now he needs to rest and he will wake up in his own time.

Naomi went over to where Jeremy lay and kissed him softly “Wake up soon hero” she whispered “We need you” her own hot tears dripped onto Jeremy’s face.

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