Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited


Virginia tried hard to keep her mind somewhere close to sanity, but it kept bouncing in and out of reality, as if leaping away with each stroke of her husband's hot tongue. She grasped at the pillow beneath her head, and her beautiful, soft mouth formed a single word in the darkness of their bedroom.


Leon moved his hungry searching mouth to her breasts. He covered one large nipple with his lips, then slowly moved his tongue around it. He sucked the whole thing into his mouth and then forced his jaws together.

"Oh... Ahh," Virginia moaned, liking the sensation.

"Ahhh, AAHHH," she moaned as he moved his hot mouth to her other breast and sucked.

Her nipples hardened immediately. She felt as though they were on fire. From somewhere deep inside her a flame flickered... started... slowly... and tried to break out of her body through her nipples. She cried out and moved her head from side to side and his hungry hot mouth kept its relentless sucking and tonguing of her breasts...

The next morning her mind actually did return to reality. Her husband, her house, her new job. Oh, why was life so complicated? Why couldn't it always be like that wondrous moment of luxurious tit-sucking? Why?

On calm reflection, when she could collect her scattered, chaotic thoughts enough to concentrate, Virginia realized that she had done a very foolish thing. Now she was in a terrified panic, and she didn't know what she would do.

It had been an exhilarating revelation to her that she could overcome her natural shyness enough to knock on doors, present her sales pitch for products, and actually sell them to other housewives. They were biodegradable and didn't contribute to further pollution of the environment: that was the main thrust of all the advertising brochures; and of course, her sponsor, during the course of his sales meetings, was spellbinding on the subject of ecology and how products would help to solve all the environmental ills that faced the inhabitants of the United States, indeed of the whole Spaceship Planet Earth. Virginia found it all so exciting, especially since it made it possible for her to help out financially.

Leon was trying his best to establish his own business. His service station, leased from an oil company, was in a good location, the nearest competitor more than a mile away. It was just off the freeway near a large housing development and a proposed shopping mall, so the potential was excellent; however, fees for business licenses, the cost of stock, utility hookups, and advertising, as well as many other expenses, had eaten up their meager savings.

Leon believed in the American dream of free enterprise, being your own boss, owning your own business and becoming independent. But it doesn't always work that way. It takes money, lots of it, as well as good credit and experience to start your own business, and the neophyte is liable to make costly errors, so even though Leon was working long hours, he was barely breaking even, his take home pay so piddling that two months ago he had been ready to call it quits. About that time Virginia had spotted the ad which described the possible financial gain in selling Eko-Klean products on a part-time basis. The ad was aimed at housewives, and she eagerly showed it to her husband, exclaiming that this was the exact answer to their financial problems. She would hustle around selling Eko-Klean until they were over their financial hurdle and Leon's service station was on a paying basis.

Leon didn't share her optimism. "Look, honey, this is another one of those pyramid affairs, and you don't really start making any money until you're a sponsor or an Area Supervisor."

Virginia didn't understand it at all, so Leon patiently drew out a chart for her showing how the representatives, who were paid only a small commission on their sales, were the base of the pyramid; the sponsors, in the next echelon above, were paid not only for their own sales but received an override commission on the sales of each representative under them, and above, in the next tier of the pyramid, an Area Supervisor was being paid an override commission on the sponsors and their representatives. The regional superintendents in the next echelon were making a commission on all those other people below him, and above that...

"Then I'll become a sponsor!" Virginia declared.

"Great!" Leon told her. "But just remember that the product is probably overpriced! It has to be in order to pay all those commissions!"

She still didn't understand it all clearly, but she went ahead and called Mr. Hartman about it. He came to their home and talked in glowing terms about how much money Virginia could make, especially stressing how the percentage of commission escalated the more a person sold.

"And, of course, you'll want to be signing up your friends to work under you, so that you can become a sponsor yourself," Mr. Hartman had told them unctuously.

Leon had listened patiently, asked a few questions concerning the pyramid sales arrangement, which Hartman had dismissed offhandedly with a remark that it wasn't any different from other forms of marketing; the mark-up was the same, but the sales commissions were distributed differently. Leon was dubious, of course, but Virginia was eager, completely sold on the whole proposition. In the end, she signed up to be a sales representative under Arthur Hartman's sponsorship.

She attended all the training sessions, after which she eagerly began to knock on the doors in their neighborhood. It was slow going at first, then she began to sell and her enthusiasm grew by leaps and bounds. Her first disappointment came when she received her first commission check. It seemed terribly small, considering how much she had worked and the volume of merchandise she had sold.

Leon tried to be sympathetic. He had known what would happen; but he avoided the old saw of I told you so! Instead he suggested, "After you've sold them, sell them again on becoming a representative under your sponsorship. That's where the money is!"

"But I'd have to sign up fifteen people!" Virginia wailed. "I've been working almost every day for a month, and only two people have said they'd do it -- and look at this check! I only made twenty-eight dollars!"

"And don't forget that you've bought almost five dollars' worth of that stuff for your own use!" Leon reminded her gently.

"Which means... that I really only made about twenty-three dollars?"

"That's right, darling."

This is usually the point where people begin to quit. The attrition rate is quite high among people who occupy the lowest tier of the pyramid. That's why recruitment of new representatives goes on relentlessly. They are the roots upon which the rest of the pyramid grows rich; without these little people scurrying about selling the product in their neighborhoods, the giant overburden of the pyramid above them would collapse.

To Virginia's credit, she wasn't a quitter. Having determined that she was going to help Leon achieve his goal of operating a going business of his own, she went right back out, ranging farther and farther in her doorbell-ringing sales campaign. She attacked her job almost as though she were an evangelistic priestess of a cult, the cult of cleanliness whose savior was Eko-Klean.

The credo is beamed every day into forty million television sets and, like it or not, has become a standard for middle-class Americans, who almost religiously use this or that brand of detergent, shampoo, bath soap, cleansing spray; this or that brand of dishwasher, clothes washer, or vacuum cleaner to further ensure the standards of antiseptic and sterile cleanliness laid down for them by the advertising media.

So it wasn't so strange, then, that Virginia Brooks was at such a loss when her washing machine broke down. God! What a rotten thing to have to happen to me -- especially right now, when we're so broke! Leon gets his clothes so dirty at the service station, with all that oil and grease, and I have to keep up on all the dirty things in the house... the bed sheets, towels and the underwear...!

Leon suggested that she take the necessary things out to a laundromat until he could find the time to take a look at the machinery inside the washer. "One thing I know for sure is that we can't afford to have it fixed, or buy another one!"

Virginia used the laundromat a couple of times but it was time-consuming. Desperately, she figured that at least she should be able to pay for the repairs from her earnings. The repairman came and pronounced it unrepairable, as spare parts for that model were no longer available. "What you ought to do is come on down to the store and take a look at our new models. We're having a sale that'll save you almost fifty dollars if you buy this week!" Of course, he charged her the full price for his service call.

That was the beginning of her foolishness; she did go down to the appliance store, looked at the gleaming new machines on display, and ended up buying one. She paid for it with money she had collected from her customers, money she knew was not hers, but which she felt certain she would be able to replace before having to make her sales report to Arthur Hartman.

And, that was why she was so terrified. Arthur had come around once already, and she had been able to put him off by explaining that she hadn't made all of her collections as yet, that she'd have it all ready for him the following week.

Hartman had been perturbed. "You know, of course, that I can't fill this order for you," he'd told her, waving the order blank, "until I've collected from you for the last one!"

Virginia's heart skipped a beat. She suddenly felt boxed-in. If I can't deliver my orders, I can't collect! And she knew that even on the total of her orders, her commission wouldn't cover the amount she owed Mr. Hartman now. God! What can I do?

She begged him to relent, just this one time, and let her have the merchandise.

Hartman thought about it. His eyes roamed over her, seeing her obvious agitation. Somehow she had mismanaged the company's money. She hasn't admitted it yet, but that's what's going to come out! His deep-set black eyes picked out the full voluptuousness of her proudly upthrust breasts outlined under her housedress, and the swelling curve of her hips that blended into the soft taper of her white thighs, a goodly expanse of which he could see from where he sat opposite her. She had a rather pretty face, too, with wide-set deep blue eyes, a little snub of a nose, and full sensual lips; her teeth were fine, small, white and even, and he couldn't help deciding that she was one hell of a beautiful woman.

Right then, he decided to go along with her imploring request that he extend her credit for another week. Hell! It could be well worth it! His eyes swept over her again, and he knew it would be. In his mind's eye he saw her stripped naked before him, while below his interest was evidenced by the crawling lift of his testicles and the swift pulsating rise to alert erection of his penis. But, I'll wait, damn it! This time next week, she'll have to come up with the money... or else...

"Okay, I'll let you have the stuff!" he agreed.

"Oh, how can I ever thank you enough?"

She didn't catch his covert, lewd smile, as he told her, "Save that for next week -- and remember that both orders have to be paid for then!"

The week had been hectic for her. She had scurried about madly selling Eko-Klean, and as she added up figures, using all of her commission, she was still one hundred and ninety-eight dollars short.

A frantic call to her parents in Colorado Springs had resulted in a loving but firm refusal. Her folks just didn't have the money to lend her. She knew that it would be out of the question to ask the same thing of Leon's parents, especially without her husband's knowledge, for she had led Leon to believe that she had bought the new washing machine from her commissions. She hadn't exactly lied to him, but she had bent the truth just a little.

Now things were all coming to a roistering boil. Her week was up. She was short almost two hundred dollars... and Arthur Hartman was due to show up at any time.

Her mind was absolute chaos. She had no idea what she was going to tell Mr. Hartman. She toyed with the idea of leaving the house and not returning until late... not answering the door at all... But, maybe if I just told him the truth he'd let me make it up a little at a time... God! Things are so mixed up and I'm in a terrible fix!


Time had run out for Virginia. It was ten-thirty Friday morning, and right on time she heard Mr. Hartman's car in the driveway, the slam of its door and the jangle of her front door bell. Hastily she dabbed away the tears that had brimmed her eyelids and trickled down her cheeks unnoticed as she had sat almost catatonically waiting for this dreaded moment, imagining all sorts of ugly scenes with her sponsor, feeling like a condemned prisoner during the last few moments before he is led away to his place of execution.

Putting on a bright smile, she opened the door with a leaden heart and greeted him lightly. "Oh, hello, Mr. Hartman. You're right on time."

His somber, black eyes lighted up in his rather long face, dominated by a large, patrician-straight nose, below which a long upper lip curled in a smile. His once-black hair was graying and thinning on top.

"Good morning, Mrs. Brooks," he greeted her. "Yes, I always try to be on time for my appointments."

Not waiting for her invitation, he headed for a comfortable chair in her living room. Virginia followed with trembling knees, knowing that there was no escape from telling him the exact truth and owning up to having made a serious mistake.

Hartman eased his tall, thin, slightly stooped frame into the overstuffed chair opposite the couch and asked, "Well, how did your sales go this week?"

"Very good..." She hesitated for an instant before going on, "but I-I don't have all the money I owe you..."

His good-natured smile was misleading. "Get your account book, and I'll go over it with you, okay?"

With a gloating smile of anticipation, Arthur watched her cross the room to a small kneehole desk to get her sales book. Her smooth, rounded buttocks moved under her dress with a sexily unconscious undulation, and his hands itched to get hold of them to caress and massage. And it won't be very damned long, either!

Hesitantly, Virginia brought him her account book, knowing that the figures wouldn't lie. He took it with a smile and checked her arithmetic quickly as she sat opposite him on the couch, nervously twisting a tissue in her hands.

It took him but a few moments to go through her transactions. Looking up at her over the tell-tale sheets, his face now grim, he grated, "It seems that you're almost two hundred dollars short. A hundred and ninety-eight dollars to be exact!"

Virginia couldn't look at him; the guilt weighed too heavily upon her. "Th-that's right..." she murmured, "and I don't have it to pay you..."

"Well, I'm sure that you know I'll have to make it up when I make my own report tomorrow!"

"I-I'm sorry..." she faltered, "but if I had more time I could make it up gradually..."

"I don't see how I can do that!" Hartman growled. "You've had one extra week already."

At a loss for further words, Virginia dissolved into tears. "I-I don't know what t-to do," she sobbed. "I-I tried to borrow the money... so I could pay you..."

"I know what you can do!"


"Pay me another way!"

"Like what?" she asked. "I can't pay you today... but if you'd give me some... t-time..." She didn't get his pointed hint.

"That two hundred ought to be worth four or five sessions in bed with you!" he snapped, the words cracking out of his mouth in a machine-gun staccato.

Unbelieving, she stared at him for an instant. "You said... in bed...? You mean...?"

"Exactly, Virginia! That's what I said. Four or five sessions of good old-fashioned screwing!"

"N-no! Oh, no! I-I'd never do anything... like that!"

She shrank away from him, back into the comforting softness of the overstuffed couch. "I'm married... and I-I love my husband!" she moaned. "I-I couldn't! I... just couldn't!"

"I'm not talking about love, necessarily. I'm talking about sex -- fucking!"

"Get out!" she flared, her face livid with anger now. "Get out of here!" On her feet, facing him defiantly, she went on, "Y-you're trying to treat me like a cheap whore... and I won't be talked to like that!"

Hartman remained in his seat. "All right -- either you pay me, or I'll bring suit against you, and I've all the legal help behind me that Eko-Klean can furnish. I'll get my money plus costs. Besides, in the process, your husband will find out that you frittered away almost two hundred dollars!"

Defensively, she cried out, "I-I didn't just fritter it away! I bought a washing machine that I needed desperately!"

"With money that belongs to Eko-Klean!" he spat. "That's stealing! I could call a policeman right now and have you arrested!"

"Oh, G-godddd! Y-you... wouldn't...!"

"No, I wouldn't," he smiled lewdly, his eyes devouring the lush ripeness of her voluptuous young body. "No, I wouldn't do that... if you came across! Now, don't you think that's a fair exchange, after all? Four or five good lays, and I'll forget you owe me that two hundred!"

Virginia sagged back down on the cushions of the couch.

"B-but my husband...?"

"Hell, he'd never find out! I'm not going to tell him, and I know damned well you won't!"

The whole situation had taken a turn she had never anticipated, and her mind was churning with fear and helpless indecision. She was in a hell of a fix! Damned if she did and damned if she didn't!

Talking almost as much to herself as to him, she choked, "How could I... just l-let you do it to m-me? You're a stranger... and to just let you go ahead... and make love to me... it'd be kind of like prostitutes do! Why, it'd really be the same thing... because there's money mixed up in it."

"You can get off that whore kick!" he growled. "You're just feeling sorry for yourself -- but make no mistake, I'm going to fuck the ass right off of you!"

His words kept jarring her, and she wished he wouldn't use those four-letter obscenities; even the very idea of what he had suggested was preposterous, yet at the same time there was a salacious tingle to the whole thing, including his forceful use of those words.

Arthur Hartman was going on now: "Maybe what you need is a good stiff drink to help you make up your mind? I don't have much more time to wait around!"

"I-I don't drink... hardly at all, and I-I really don't like the stuff!" she told him.

"It'll loosen you up! You know what they say, 'Candy's dandy but liquor's quicker'!" he guffawed, getting to his feet. "Where is it? That husband of yours must keep some around somewhere?"

"In the dish cupboard above the sink," she told him, "but I don't really care for a drink." She was miserable in the knowledge that she was caught up in a situation from which there was no escape, and it seemed that Arthur Hartman was almost diabolically clever in the way he had trapped her. He must have known, somehow, that I couldn't pay...

Hartman found a half-bottle of bourbon and glasses. He poured himself two ounces neat and added water to Virginia's. Bringing the drinks into the living room, he handed her the glass and said, "Drink up!"

"I don't want it."

"It'll relax you and make you feel better, so drink hearty!" He tossed down half of his uncut whiskey.

Virginia reluctantly sipped from her glass and felt it warm her belly. All his talk of sex had begun to work on her; she was aware of a glowing warmth in her loins; there was also that telltale moisture down there between the petals of her wetly throbbing inner vaginal lips that told of her unwanted arousal.

Resuming his seat opposite her, Hartman lounged back, watching as she sipped steadily, a slight, lewdly appreciative leer on his face, as he went on, "It'll also make you enjoy it more... when I get you on a bed!"

Noisily, she banged her empty glass down on the coffee table between them. She'd made her decision! There just wasn't any possibility that she could go through with it. It's unthinkable! God! I'd never be able to live with myself!

"Mr. Hartman, I'm not going to bed with you, now or ever... so you can get the hell out of my house, r-right now!"

"It's too late, Virginia!" He was calm and unflustered. "You see, I've got a one-track mind and a hard cock, and if I don't get the money then I use my cock in that tight little cunt of yours!"

"Then sue me... or have me thrown in jail!" she flared. "But I won't let you do it to m-me!"

"What you need is another drink. You're being foolish about it all. The scandal of being arrested as a thief and the expense of lawyers and all of that would just about ruin your husband, and that service station of his would go down the drain!" he told her.

"Oh, God. I-I didn't think about that!"

"And he finds out that you can't be trusted!"

He reached over to the bottle of whiskey and poured another double into her glass. "Drink this and you'll make it easier on yourself!"

Virginia's hand swept out for the glass to knock it over, but Arthur moved faster. His hand caught her wrist and held it tightly. "I said drink, damn it!"

Her free hand arced toward his face. He caught that hand too and held her immobile as he moved around the coffee table to sit beside her on the couch.

"Oh, ooohh, you're hurting m-me!"

Holding the glass to her lips, he grated commandingly: "Drink!"

Dominated by his commanding demeanor, held tightly by his strong hands, flooded suddenly with the realization of the complete hopelessness of the position her unthinking fool-hardiness had placed her in, Virginia drank the raw whiskey in huge gulps as he held the glass to her lips. The searing burn of the undiluted bourbon blazed a painful path down her throat, which brought tears to her eyes and a gasp for breath, followed by a fit of uncontrolled coughing.

"God! That's... horrible!" She leaned back against the cushions of the couch weakly.

Hartman released her wrists then, and she slid down dejectedly, sitting back on her tailbone, her skirt riding up the smooth, tapering whiteness of her thighs. She knew he was watching, but she didn't care now. It's... It's going to happen... and I can't do anything to stop him! She felt exactly as a wild animal must feel when the steel jaws of the trap are sprung and snap down painfully on a paw.

"You're really quite a woman, Virginia," Arthur murmured, his hand reaching out to caress her sleek inner thigh just above the knee, feeling the silky smooth warmth of her flesh, as his gently massaging hand moved upward on the creamy white skin.

She had to try one last plea. Her voice was choked and hoarse. "Please...? Mr. Hartman... won't you g-give me a chance to pay you back...?"

"Yeah! You're making the first installment today!" he told her with a lewd grin, as his hand reached the hem of her dress.

Almost imperceptibly, her legs moved involuntarily apart, the feeling of helpless defeat strong in her, and Arthur moved upward with confidence, his exploring fingers scouting the way.

Then his hand was there on the warmly throbbing mound between her slightly spread legs, his fingers rubbing searchingly along the flimsy nylon panties that just barely covered her warmly moistened vaginal slit. Slowly, his out-stretched middle finger slipped in under the elastic legband, and, before she was fully aware of what was happening, he was caressing the already bloodswollen lips of her wetly pulsating pussy. The sexy feel of her warm young flesh, the softness of her sparse, golden pubic hair, light against his exploring fingers, inflamed him with passion and an urgency to follow his searching fingers with the hardness of his massively erect penis.

Although Virginia sat there quite still except for the involuntary slight splaying of her legs, she was a rolling morass of sensations... feelings that she hadn't expected. Her body was reacting to him! She was getting hot, and it was all against her will. The sensitive nerve endings of her suddenly responding cunt, just now beginning to be inflamed by the whiskey she had drunk, were signaling their readiness to be titillated and satisfied, and she didn't want it! God! Her sensually awakening body was becoming traitorous, disobeying the rational, lawful orders of her mind -- orders based on decency and morals and the knowledge that no man other than her husband had ever touched her secret parts before. She couldn't help it! With her body out of control, now, she knew that it was going to happen, that she was going to let him make love to her, and, whether she wanted to or not, she was also going to enjoy it. Already there was the heated moisture of her arousal down there in that place he was caressing so expertly, bedewing the tender pink petals of her pussy; added to this was the sensuous glow of building warmth deep in her belly and loins. Unbidden, a tiny moan escaped her lips. "Ooooh, please, Mr. Hartman... d-don't..."

He was leaning over her then, ready to kiss her. "You'd better start calling me Arthur or Art, baby! As close as we're going to be in a few minutes, that Mister's going to be getting in the way!"

Then he kissed her hard, his tongue, pointed and demanding, bursting through her wetly parted lips to stab probingly into her mouth as his arm sucked around her trim little waist to crush her voluptuously trembling body close to him. Below, his finger played at the moistened mouth of her hotly throbbing vaginal opening, dipping just inside her pussy lips with sensuous insistence, then moving upward under the flimsy covering of her nylon panties to find the heatedly pulsing shaft of her already hardened clitoris.

Virginia moaned up into his mouth as his extended middle finger made electric contact with the sensitive little nerve bud, and her hips moved under her in a futile, writhing attempt to escape his tantalizing fingering. It was no use! There was no escaping its teasing brushings along the short, hot length of her clitoris for, only a few moments later, her wantonly writhing hips were thrusting up with a fevered urgency against his teasing finger. Suddenly the aroused young wife stiffened, catching herself up short God! What am I doing? I'm acting like I really want it... like I want him to do it to me... just like when Leon gets me all worked up... and I c-can't help myself, I'm so far gone! Then the painful realization: Leon! Oh, my God, I'm almost ready to cheat on him! It was something she had never intended to do! But what can I do? Arthur's got me both coming and going!

As Virginia's body went rigid, Hartman pulled his head-back, breaking the kiss, and looked down into her face quizzically.

"What now?"

"Leon, my-my husband... I can't be untrue to him!"

"That's a bunch of crap!" Arthur exclaimed. "Because you're ready, right now, and you'll fuck... no matter what you say! Anyway, do you think he'd pass up a chance for a good screw if he had it?" The salesman didn't wait for an answer. "You know damned well he wouldn't!"

Rising from the couch, he pulled her up with him and, taking her by the arm, led her firmly toward the short hallway that opened into the living room. "It's time to get you on a bed!" His voice was husky, and his breath came in short, heavy pantings.

Virginia found herself going with him docilely. Almost like a zombie, the dizzying effect of the whiskey and her own unwanted sexual arousal taking effect, she allowed him to guide her, unresistingly, down the hallway and into the bedroom. It was then, as she saw the waiting bed, that she cringed back, unwilling to take that final step toward it.

"N-not here!" she whined. "This is where Leon and I... sleep..."

"And fuck?" he leered. "Hell! That'll make it even more fun! Now, peel back that bedspread, so we can use it!"

Not wanting to do it, yet powerless to resist his demands, and the roiling sensuality of her own rising desire driving her perversely to it, she stripped back the bedspread, blanket and top sheet. Then she stood there uncertainly, looking at the bed and thinking: If Leon ever finds out I'll lose him! He'd leave me... and get a divorce!

"What're you waiting for, damn it? Start getting undressed! I want you bare-assed naked!" he commanded imperiously.

Leadenly, Virginia began undressing. Turning her back to him, she pulled her housedress up over her head and tossed it aside. She wasn't wearing a slip; the weather was too warm, and she had dispensed with it. Then, as she reached back behind her to release the clasp of her brassiere, she felt Hartman's hands already there, unhooking it. She leaned forward, releasing the fullness of her globular breasts.

Hartman's hands, itchily grasping for their pliant softness, groped around her from behind, capturing them and feeling their satiny warmth. As he dug his fingers into her massagingly, the coned-out, berrylike nipples spiked out hard against the palms of his hands. Virginia stood quite still as he caressed her breasts brutally, mashing them with the hardness of his hands, while his lips kissed the back of her neck, causing even more tingling sensations to flash through her almost fully aroused body. Below, in the small of her back, she was aware of the huge, warmly throbbing bulge of his penis pressed up tight against her.

"Oh, ooooohhh..." she moaned, unable to control herself at all. She couldn't understand it. A half-hour ago, she would have scoffed if anyone had suggested that she would be going to bed with a strange man. She would have been even more indignant had it been predicted that she would be standing here in anticipation and wanting the full enjoyment of such an illicit coupling.

"You've really got it, Virginia," he whispered complimentarily in her ear, "and in all the right places."

But it's all wrong! There was no way she could get out of it, but there was no reason she had to be so wanton. Steeling herself, she resigned her body to its fate and attempted to tell herself that she would not become emotionally involved with this man. Somehow... I-I've got to get it over with... and done!

Lithely writhing from his grasp, Virginia stripped off her panties and lay down on the bed, her legs spread obscenely, invitingly (she thought), and looking up at her sales sponsor, said, "H-here I am! If you want me... come and t-take me!"

Lewdly, Hartman grinned down at her and replied, "You're not going to cop out that easy, baby! Before I'm through with you, you'll be begging me to fuck you!"

She watched as he began peeling off his jacket and tie.

"Do you have to be so foul-mouthed all the time?" she flung up at him.

"Come off it, Virginia, baby! You know the words!" His shirt was off, now, and as he pulled off his undershirt, he went on, "And you'll be using them too!"

"No, I won't!"

"We'll see! Now, turn over on your belly!" he rasped out at her.

Virginia did it, hating herself for obeying him, but reasoning that if she did everything he wanted, the sooner it would all be over.

She heard the sigh of cloth on skin and knew that he had taken off his trousers. Twisting her head around, she saw him remove his shorts, releasing the massiveness of his lust-hardened cock to her awe-stricken eyes. She gasped. My God! It's so big! Her eyes rounded in surprise. Arthur caught her look and chortled gloatingly, "Admiring my prick?"

"No-no!" She straightened her head so that she couldn't see it.

"Don't kid me, baby! You had to see it, didn't you? You had to see it, because you're curious... and because you probably wanted to compare it with your husband's... What's his name?"

"Leon!" she said. "My husband's name is Leon!"

He sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out for her, his fingers gently tracing the outlines of her nakedly alluring contours, lightly drawing them down over her back and across the swelling, softly pliant moons of her buttocks; down over her smoothly tapered thighs he moved, allowing them to drift back up the soft, satin flesh of her faintly trembling inner thighs to the twin protuberances of her smooth white bottom. He paused to knead and caress the warmth of her unblemished flesh, his fingers, gentle and light the instant before, now suddenly hard and brutal as they dug in hard to leave welts on her ass cheeks.

Again she moaned, partly in pain and partly in uncontrollable, rising passion.

"Yeah, baby, you've got it, all right! You've really got it!" he breathed.

"Oh, God, Art... why don't you just go ahead... a-and do it to me! I-I won't tell anybody that y-you... forced me to..."

Hartman cut her off in mid-sentence. "I'm not forcing you to do anything! You're doing it because you want to... and don't you ever forget it!" His voice was harsh.

"B-but I'm not!" she whined down into the softness of the mattress.

"You will though! I told you you'd be begging me to shove my prick into your tight little cunt!" His voice was modulated, a little softer, now, as he continued, "And what kind of man would I be if I didn't oblige a woman who's begging to be fucked?"

His reasoning escaped her for the time being. God! How she wished this ordeal were finished. Over and over, she told herself that never again would she be so foolish in the handling of other people's money. And afterward... how would her life be affected? God! Things couldn't be the same!

Then his moistly warm lips were on her neck kissing her, his tantalizing tongue tracing down along her back as he crouched naked over her, his long hard penis like a spear sticking out from the bottom of his belly. Finally, his mouth and tongue were on the satin skin of her buttocks sending tiny chills of sensual anticipation flashing along her nerve endings; on downward along the softly smooth taper of her thighs, to the backs of her knees, the curve of her calves and her ankles, he kissed and licked at all of her lush young nakedness. Then he was working his way back up again, his mouth warm and moist on the inside of her thighs as he levered them further apart.

High-voltage sensations rippled through her as Hartman's teasing tongue burrowed deep into the dark mystery of the crevice between her buttocks, the curling tip of his tongue licking briefly at the tiny puckered opening of her anus. Virginia shivered and recoiled involuntarily as the new and surprisingly erotic sensations shimmered like desert heat devils through the core of her being. Then his month was gone from that sensitive spot and moving upward again; finally, after what seemed ages to her, he was back at the nape of her neck. Now it was her ear; his agile tongue licked all around the rim, then tantalized the hole with its pointed, teasing tip.

Shuddering with the impact of luridly exciting sensations she had never known before, Virginia was aware that her shamelessly aroused body was a raging furnace of desire, everything seeming to concentrate there in that hotly throbbing hole up between her legs and then radiating outward to her belly, her breasts, arms and legs. Even on the smooth skin of her back, it seemed as though she could still feel his moist kisses. Oh, he's driving me out of my mind... making me want him... but I-I can't let him make me get involved! I won't! I WON'T!

"You can turn over now!" Arthur commanded. "I want to see if the front of you is just as yummy as the back!"

Complying, Virginia turned over on her back, thinking: God! Maybe he'll go ahead and do it now! She wished it fervently... wanted it all to end before she dissolved into a quivering mass of desire and she would be doing what he said she would: begging him to fuck her! I'll never do that! I'll never beg! Never!

Instantly, Hartman's tongue darted across the tip of a distended, coral-pink nipple, his hotly salivating mouth dipping to take the whole of it, including the goose-pimpled aureole between his hungrily sucking lips. He used his other hand to stroke the ripely swelling fullness of the other breast, cupping and massaging the milk-white mound of softly pliant flesh, kneading it hard as his thumb and forefinger teasingly rolled the painfully erect, berrylike nipple.

Virginia felt the rampaging erotic shock of his caresses, and she mewled deep in her chest with the pleasurable sensations, knowing in that instant that she wanted to be plundered by this strange man's massively hardened cock... wanted it more than anything else in the whole world. And he hasn't even touched me... down there! Hard on the heels of this new self-knowledge came a devastating thought: God! I-I'll be an adulteress... not because he forced me... but because I w-wanted it! But what can I do? I'm so far gone, now that I've just got to have it! I want him to f-fuck me... and I-I can't help it! Dear God! I CAN'T HELP IT!

Now his demoralizing tongue was trailing with tantalizing fervor down across the flat white plane of her belly, stopping momentarily to screw flickingly into the shallow depression of her navel; then, as his mouth approached the sparse, golden blonde curls of her pubic mound, she knew instinctively what he was going to do. He's going to kiss my vagina. Oh God! She had never experienced it; indeed, had not wanted to experience it, having refused Leon every time he had wanted to use his mouth on her down there between her legs. God! She clamped her desire-trembling yet fearful legs tightly together to deny him ingress there, but unexpectedly then, she felt him leapfrog downward to her thighs. As his moist kisses worked slowly back up toward her warmly quivering pussy, it was his hand that probed, his outstretched middle finger insinuating itself into the soft, hair-lined crease at the top and pressuring downward until he discovered the secret bud of her clitoris throbbing in wild anticipation in its hidden fleshy valley. Lightly, he brushed the tip of his finger over it, caressing it, feeling it harden even more under his finger. The nakedly crouching salesman grunted with satisfaction as he felt her tightly clenched thighs relax ever so slightly. Damn! It'll only be a little while now... and she'll be all mine!

Never could Virginia have explained it. Her will, it seemed, was completely broken, for almost of their own volition her thighs relaxed and spread wide in utter surrender to the mass of erotic sensations that overburdened her nervous system. There was just no way the hopelessly aroused young wife could keep her legs tightly pressed together any longer. And with a sudden feeling of dismay, she realized she was going to let this virtual stranger do anything he wanted to do with her. Even kissing me down there!

Instantly Hartman's head dropped down between her erotically quivering thighs, while at the same time he placed both his hands behind her knees and spread and raised them, so that she was wide-splayed, completely and defenselessly open to him. For an instant his gloating eyes devoured the delicious feast before him. It was almost like breaching a succulent shellfish to get at the goodies inside. Then, with a suddenness almost too swift to follow, his hungry wet mouth was there on her desire-ridden cunt.

"Ohhhh... God! You mustn't... you can't... you... ohhhhh!" The young wife's lust-constricted voice bubbled off into a loud mewl of pleasure as his wetly licking tongue invaded her impatiently pulsating pussy.

Arthur's tongue probed for a moment until he found her erect, pulsating clitoris and began to lick at it moistly as he inhaled the warm heady aroma of her vaginal slit, which drove him almost wild with desire and caused his painfully aching cock to lurch in a lewd hunger. But I'll wait! I'll have to... because when she caves in it's got to be total!

Virginia moaned in agonized pleasure as he took the pulsing bud of her clitoris between his wetly ovalled lips. Holding it lightly he exerted a sucking pressure on its short, hardened length for a few moments before shifting again. Now, he was holding the erect little clitoris between his teeth, while his tongue played a drumming tattoo directly on its sensitive head.

The nakedly writhing young blonde was sure that she couldn't bear another second of this tantalizing torture. Moaningly, she implored him, "Oh, please... Art... please don't do that any more! You're driving me crazy!" Even as she pleaded with him, she knew that this sex-crazed man, acting so much like an animal as he licked slobbering at her genitals, would not stop until she was a quivering, helpless mass of mindlessly aroused desire. Her vision was beginning to swim, and there was a ringing in her ears. She couldn't think straight; the only thought spinning crazily around in her mind was the fervent wish that she could have that great thick cock of his churning deep up inside her, fucking its hot throbbing way into the deepest depths of her wildly impatient cunt. God! It had gone on so long!

Just at the point where Virginia was sure that she would scream if he didn't stop, Hartman shifted his mouth downward and his tongue slithered into the viscid moistness of her heatedly throbbing cunt's mouth. She did scream then -- in a wild uncontained ecstasy -- as she felt him wetly stabbing his tongue in and out of her fevered vaginal opening in imitation of a fucking penis. Uncontrollably, her nakedly aroused pussy undulated up to his sucking wet mouth as she tried to match the fucking tempo of his plunging tongue into that cock-hungry hole up between her frantically trembling legs.

His head buried in the searing muskiness of her hotly throbbing pussy, Hartman heard her loud whimpering mewls of pleasure as each time, now, he swirled his long, probing tongue around and around inside her thinly bearded, desire-swollen cuntal mouth. He could feel the silky curls of her blonde pubic hair tickling his cheeks, which only served to heighten his own arousal; however, he was still determined to wait her out. The hot little bitch! She's ready to start climbing the walls... begging me to fuck her! And that's just the way I want it!

Reaching down, he pulled her long tapering legs up higher and slid his arms under them so that his shoulders wedged her thighs open fully. Then he draped her legs over his shoulders; at the same time he slid his hands under her softly rounded buttocks, his fingers digging cruelly into them and bruising the tender flesh when he pulled the twin moons up close and hard to his sensuously slavering mouth.

As she felt his moist tongue thrust deeply into the passion-tormented depths of her cunt, Virginia could contain herself no longer. She cried out her pleasure and frustration. Instinctively, her hands reached down to his head, and since he was balding, she grasped his head itself and pulled him in harder against her. She was completely helpless. Her reaction, now, was animalistic. There was nothing in the world for her but sex, sensuality, sensation... and the need to cum to orgasm.

"Oh, ooooh, ooooohhh, my Goddddd! I-I can't take any more! Do it to me! God! D-do it... to m-me... now!" she moaned in frustrated agony. Almost as soon as the words escaped her mouth, she realized that she was doing what he had said she would: beg him to fuck her! And, I swore he'd never make me do that!

Arthur Hartman raised his head from her pussy and leered up at her between the twin peaks of her firmly quivering breasts. Lewdly, he asked, "Do it to you? What the hell do you mean? Do you want me to fuck you, now?"

"Yes! Oh, yes! I-I need it... now!" Virginia whispered between tightly clenched teeth, as she closed her eyes to blot out his gloating leer of triumph over her.

"If that's what you want, baby, you'd better ask for it the right way!"

"God... you know what I m-mean! I want you to make love t-to me!"

His laugh was short and mocking: "Make love to you? Baby, I'm going to fuck you... and that's what you ask for. Say it like this: I want you to fuck me! I want you to shove your big, hard cock in my cunt and fuck me... hard!"

"No! I-I can't say it! I can't bring myself to say those filthy words!" she whined.

"Well hell, if you can't ask for it the way I tell you, I'll just stop right now and let you finger-fuck yourself!" he grated out at her.

True to his word, Hartman kept his threat; he crawled off the bed abruptly and stood looking down at her, his long massive erection spearing out throbbingly. With an ugly smile, he reached down and grasped its thick length in his hand and stroked it gently, murmuring, "This is what you really want, isn't it? You want to feel it thrusting in and out of your beautiful little cunt until you cum."

Suddenly, the shamelessly aroused young wife felt a great fear of being abandoned on the brink of what she knew would be one of her most intensely powerful climaxes ever. Quickly, her trembling hands reached down to her own screamingly demanding vagina, and she slipped a finger into the moistly heated groove to find the pulsing bud of her womanhood. She rubbed at it frantically as her naked young hips gyrated wildly, obscenely, and her breath came in load rasping spasms. Her eyes glazed almost insanely as she clawed at her searing, passion-inflamed cunt. It was her sensually aroused body, filled with exquisite sensations, that made her decision for her; the pounding throb, the frustrating need for sex blotting out all semblance of rational thought. For that instant in time, she was sure that she was all cunt -- a hotly throbbing cunt that demanded to be filled with a long hard cock!

Virginia was frantic, almost out of her mind from the need for release. It was no good, she knew dimly, to continue her lewd masturbation, as her eyes focused then locked onto the huge shaft of male flesh that Hartman held in his hand, using it like bait or a reward, much as one would hold candy out to a child.

With a low, animal-like groan, she suddenly pulled her legs up almost to her chest, then splayed her thighs widely, exposing the whole of her pussy to him, as her hips ground undulantly, uncontrollably in the lewd rhythm of intercourse; then with lust-trembling hands she reached down to either side of her desire-inflamed cunt-mouth and slowly pulled the swollen, pink lips far apart in unmistakable, obscene invitation to him.

Groaning from the depths of her humiliation and knowing that now it was the only way she could find real release, she begged him, "Art! Art! For God's sake f-fuck me! Fuck me... quick... before I go out of my mind!"

Hartman crawled up onto the bed and kneeled over her, an arrogant smile of ultimate triumph on his lips. "Good!" he leered, "I knew you'd come through! Now, tell me where, with what... and how you want to be fucked!"

His sadistically lewd smile told her that she would have to say everything he demanded. She choked, swallowing the hot saliva that formed in her mouth, as her mind reviewed the four-letter obscenities. They were like red-hot branding irons indelibly searing their impressions into her brain.

"I-I want you to... f-fuck me... with your c-cock..." she mumbled, feeling the rising flush of her shame to her face.

"Where, damn it?"

"In my... c-cunt..."

"And how?" Hartman goaded. "How do you want to be fucked?"

"Oh, God -- hard! Just as hard as you can!"

He wasn't satisfied yet. "Now, let's have it all, without my having to drag every word out of you!" he commanded.

Like a prisoner tied to a public whipping post, Virginia groaned out, "You're tormenting me!"

"Say it, God damn it!" he roared. "Because I don't want any doubt in your mind about it! You're the one who's begging me to fuck you! Isn't that right?"

"Yes! God, yes! If that's the way it has to be! I-I'm begging you to fuck m-me!" Tears of frustration brimmed her eyes as she repeated, "Please, fuck me, Art! I want you to shove your big, hard, cock in my c-cunt... and fuck me, hard!"

"That's my baby! That's more like it!" he grinned, as he wedged his hips down between her widespread, invitingly open thighs, the head of his achingly pounding cock nudging down into the naked openness of her wetly parted pussy lips. "Now, that we've got that settled, reach down between your legs and put it in for me!"

It was a final degrading humiliation. Virginia, wailing out a soul-searching "My Goddddd!" reached down with trembling fingers, her tiny hand only partially encircling the great girth of his hotly pulsating cock, and with deliberate care did his vile bidding.

"There!" she gasped. "Now!"

Holding himself above her, Hartman flexed his hips slightly and forced the bulbous head of his excitedly throbbing penis inch by slow inch into the elastic little opening of her hungering, moistly ready cunt.

Flat on her back beneath him, Virginia was aware for the first time how truly enormous his lust-hardened shaft was. With a sudden fright, she was positive that, as his thickened cockhead began to stretch her cruelly, he would rip her apart. Almost at once, as she tensed in fear, the stretching pressure of it was too much for her to bear. She screamed in agony.

"OOOOOoooooaaaaagh! God! It's too big!"

"You're just too nervous, that's all!" Arthur countered.

"Oh please! I-I can't stand it!"

In spite of her need for the blessed relief that only his hotly throbbing cock could bring her, now that his long, hard penis was in her, filling her beyond her wildest expectations, the pain was horribly real for the moment. Her tortured eyes begged him for mercy, but through her tears she saw his sadistic pleasure. There would be no mercy in him, she knew; he'd shown none yet. His wild pleasure shone in his eyes as he continued his brutal and inexorable impalement of her tormented cuntal passage.

Inch by massive inch his heatedly pulsating shaft bored into her wetly cringing vaginal tunnel, until suddenly, with a satisfied gasp, he plunged deeply into her tightly resisting pussy with the force of a rutting stallion.

Virginia screamed again. "Aagghh! Stop! You're splitting me! It's too big! Oh, God! Pull it out... p-please...?"

"Hell, I just got it in!" he grunted, as his thick hot length raced into her, pushing the moistly warm walls of her resisting cuntal lining before it, until with a resounding smack his sperm-laden balls came up heavily against the smooth white cheeks of her nakedly upturned buttocks. "Aaaaagggh!" he groaned and closed his eyes in relief. "That's it, baby. It's in all the way; how about that?"

He lay immobile on top of her nakedly impaled body for a moment or two before flexing his hotly throbbing cock deep up inside the constricting walls of her vaginal sheath, and his hips moved to drive his long thick pole of male flesh yet another fraction of an inch deeper into her tight little cunt.

The young blonde wife groaned with each muscular lurch as he repeated the expanding action several times. After only a few moments, it seemed, she was surprised that her cruelly stretched passage began to adjust to the loglike presence of his massively thickened penis, and she realized she was accommodating his great length with ease! Now all those delicious sexual sensations, which had been masked temporarily by his painful entrance, came flooding back to her, and her moaning mewls of pain were gradually replaced with wanton gurgles of unequivocal pleasure.

Now Arthur began a slow grinding motion, swinging his hips from side to side and around and around, insinuating his massively hardened rod deeper into her tightly clasping pussy. More and more the resilient walls of her heatedly pulsating cuntal passage stretched and relaxed, until her whimperings of pain became purring mewls of delight... of outright enjoyment of her forbidden pleasure, an enjoyment over which she had no control. She was on fire with wild, unfulfilled yearnings, and unbidden, her naked young loins began to gyrate lewdly beneath him, countering his hip-swinging grinding motion into her.

Poised above her, Hartman felt her uncontrolled movements and heard her moans of sheer sensual delight, and he knew that it was time to really begin fucking her. And now that she's ready to start climbing the walls, I'm going to fuck her with everything I've got in me!

The salesman nakedly raised himself on hands and knees above her wantonly writhing body to get more powerful leverage for his deep plunging thrusts into her tightly quivering cunt, and began to rock backward and forward using short, smooth strokes that gradually lengthened and deepened at the same time as the speed of them increased. He felt the wetly clinging inner lining of her vaginal tunnel squeezing tightly around the entire length of his rock-hard cock, giving him an ecstatic feeling of overwhelming sensual pleasure and assuring him that his long wait had been worthwhile. God! She's got a luscious, tight little cunt! Just the way I like them!

As her naked employer drove deeply into the desire-inflamed depths of her hotly throbbing cunt, Virginia's body reacted of its own volition to the wanton desires he had engendered in her. She surrendered herself completely and unconditionally to being fucked by this strange man against her will! Regardless of how he twisted the words around, the fact still remained that it had not been her choice; however, once she was so wildly aroused, the pleasure couldn't be minimized. That was real -- perhaps the only reality for her. Deep in her loins now, the summer heat lightning of wantonness was being unleashed, flashing from nerve ending to nerve ending in almost endless ecstasy of sensation and grounding in the close, moist tightness of her cuntal sheath that squeezed so tightly around the filling and fulfilling cock of Arthur Hartman pistoning wildly now in and out of her rapture-filled pussy.

Virginia's body responded to him in a way she had never expected, and never with her husband had she felt so wonderfully cunt-filled, as Hartman increased the depth and speed of his strokings into her, his hips pounding it with pile-driver force. Nakedly, she writhed in complete and happy abandonment beneath him, welcoming every body-jarring thrust with a bucking counterstroke of her own, fucking him back with all the strength of her lithe young body. He dropped his lust-distorted mouth to hers, capturing her wetly glistening lips between his opened ones, and she lashed her tongue deep into his throat and mouth to be sucked, while at the same time she thrust it back and forth in tempo with his hard-boring cock ramming in and out of her pink-fleshed pussy below. Moaning incessantly up into his face, willing to accept any and everything he was giving her, she slid her moistly lubricated cunt up and down the thick fucking shaft of his cock with a wanton abandon without compare. Her lovely face contorted with lustful animality, eyes glazed unseeingly, nostrils flaring wide as her breath came in loud rasping pants and she was lost to everything but the lurid sexual dance they performed as they fucked each other with everything they had.

It was a sensual rapture that she could never have believed existed on the face of the earth, and she marveled how it was that she had moved from not wanting to wanting, as he had fondled her, licked and sucked her... until this moment, with his enormous, hardened cock hotly pistoning in and out of her steaming cuntal passage, making her realize that she was, after all an earthy woman, who needed exactly what she was getting. Oooooh, it's simply wonderful! Out of this world... completely!

She found, as she moved with him, sliding her eagerly pulsating cunt up and down the thick length of his expanding cock, fucking back for all she was worth, that the intensity of her sensations was increased. It was delicious and almost unbearably wild and insane. As many times as she had lain under her husband, Leon, she hadn't known the true ecstasy of the fulfilled woman until this instant, with a strange man's beautifully hard penis jackhammering into her, being fucked like she had never been fucked before, against her will, against her better judgment... almost being raped, as it were. She found it difficult to believe that sexual coupling could possibly be so exciting, so exquisitely pleasurable; likewise, she hadn't known the tremendous desire she felt at that moment of wanting to give pleasure back. That's what she wanted to do most of all, now: She wanted to give Arthur pleasure, too!

"Fuck me, hard, Art!" Virginia gasped. "Don't stop! Just keep on fucking me, hard! Harder! Harder!" She knew that her words would spur him on, titillate him, and let him know she was loving every moment of it. "Ooooohhh! Like that! Deep! Deep! Deep!"

Slaving away above her, goring deeply into her wetly clasping vagina, Hartman knew that he had to do something else to turn her on even more. Without a second thought, he slid a hand down over the smooth white skin of her wantonly gyrating buttocks, feeling the muscles rippling just below the soft pliancy of her warm naked flesh until his outstretched searching finger found her tightly puckered little anus. He dipped the tip of his finger into the viscid moisture that dribbled in clear, dew-like droplets from the more than adequately filled cuntal passage above, which was now clasping and unclasping him rhythmically; then he placed the lubricated tip of his finger against the rubbery softness of her defenseless nether opening. As he touched it for the first time, he felt the shock of it in her naked recoiling body. Her sharply indrawn breath rasped into his ear. Pushing lightly against her tight little anus, he panted, "Now, baby, I'm going to give you something to write home about! I'm going to shove my finger right up your asshole, just as far as I can shove it!"

He smiled gloatingly down into her face. The image of his face was dimmed, but she knew, somehow, that it was exactly what she wanted... what she needed! His telling her what he was going to do was a further excitant, acting almost like an aphrodisiac. Delirious rapture swept over her, and wantonly she wanted that, too! She wanted to be hurt, to be able to feel everything, to scream in masochistic ecstasy.

"Yes! Oh, God, YES! That's what I want! I-I want you to shove your finger right up my ass!" she strangled. "Go ahead and do it!"

He did it. Hartman pushed hard! Deep into the warm sponginess of her defensively puckering-rectum, his finger surged all the way to the palm of his hand, and she screamed loudly, hoarsely, as his finger wormed slitheringly into her past the tightly resisting ring of elastic muscle. As his finger went into the hotly clenching passage, Arthur knew that it was a virgin, unused; the knowledge caused him to gasp with the possibilities for next time. And there will be a next time... several of them!

Never before in her whole life had Virginia Brooks felt such exquisite agony of mixed pleasure and pain; even as the sweet delight of such unbelievable rapture filled her tautly rippling belly, she felt her back passage beginning to adjust to the painful presence of his middle finger, while at the same time she continued her undulant wet slithering up and down the lust-hardened rod of his enormous cock, straining to absorb both finger and penis at the same time into her insanely demanding loins.

Now he was goring into her with increased speed, his finger moving in concert with the long plundering shaft of his cock, and he could feel plainly the extra bulge his finger made in the thin tissues separating her two pelvic passages. The increased pressure and friction was concentrated along the extremely sensitive underside of his aching penis, increasing the intensity of his erotic sensations. Christ! I'll be cumming in just a few seconds if I'm not careful!

Beneath his powerfully pounding hips, Virginia writhed wildly out of control, grinding her wetly heated pussy up and down his almost ready-to-explode cock with mounting fury, her legs jerking, toes curling and hips nakedly gyrating as though she would never get enough of this forbidden pleasure. She was in complete subjugation to his double ravishment of her flaming, wildfire loins, and unceasingly she moaned and mewled her throaty enjoyment of it all.

Then Hartman felt the searing, acid burn of his impending ejaculation, back there behind the swelling of his ready-to-unload balls, and he jerked his finger from her tightly sucking anus with a moist hiss. Using both hands now, he pressed her knees back to her chest, cruelly mashing the lusciously pliant white mounds of her breasts. He could see that her proudly quivering breasts were sprinkled lightly with the sweat of her wildly excited passion as he began to fuck his painfully throbbing penis into her eager wet pussy with a bestial fury, boring into her defenselessly open cuntal passage like a hydraulic forging hammer out of control.

"Give me all of your cock, Art!" she groaned. "Fuck me harder! Oh, God! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Her lovely face was contorted almost unrecognizably into a wild mask of passion as she sought to make that one final step into orgasm, only seconds away now.

He slaved away above her, thrusting and plunging wildly as he was caught up in an ecstatic drive toward his own climax, his jackhammering strokes into her hotly clasping cunt calling for the utmost muscular power from his back and legs. Christ! She's really a hot little bitch! He had never known a woman like her... a woman who could take all of his outsized cock and come back asking for more!

Suddenly Virginia convulsed under him. It was there for her explosively, her orgasm surging through her tinglingly alive body like a tidal wave. Her head tossed wildly from side to side, her naked young body spasming in the grip of her convulsive release, and she was rocketing to the heights where time and space are meaningless approximations. For an instant she was one with that infinity, until she opened her eyes to stare up into Arthur's lust-transfigured face, as he slammed his wildly expanding cock deep into her frantically twitching cunt in his own drive to completion.

Dreamlike, she heard her own voice, unnatural, earthy and animalistic, as she screamed out her rapture. "Oooooh! OOOOOooooohhhhh! Myyyyy Goddddd! IIIII'mmmmm cuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnng! AAAAAaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!"

Hartman felt the rhythmic tremors of her unbelievably intense release in her heatedly clasping cuntal passage, and with a final effort he pounded into her rapidly, plumbing her wetly throbbing vagina deeper than he had been before. With a loud groan he felt his wildly jerking cock beginning to cum. His white-hot sperm hosed through the thick expanding length of his massively ejaculating cock with satisfying force, splashing deep up into her milking young womb as it spurted from the tiny slit in its madly pulsing head.

Holding himself rigidly above the nakedly thrashing young wife while the exquisite sensations of his release flooded through him, he grunted, "God damn, Virginia, baby... that gorgeous cunt of yours is pumping me dry!"

Then, with a groan of complete satisfaction, his body folded, collapsing on top of her, while below his wildly pumping cock jerked involuntarily in the moist confines of her tightly clinging cuntal passage, the final dregs of his semen spurting from him in lessening spasms of intense sensation.

Quiet reigned in the Brooks' bedroom for a few moments, except, for the rasp of breathing just being brought back under control. Finally, after long moments of communion, still linked by his now-softening penis, Virginia stirred under him, saying sharply, "Well, you got what you came for; now get up!"

She felt the shame and guilt of what she had done flooding back into her, and now that it was finished, she wanted to be alone with her own recriminations and guilty conscience. God! How could I ever face Leon... now? She would have to, of course; her life would have to go on, but it would never be the same. I'll have to live with it somehow... but if Leon ever found out that I ch-cheated on him... She knew she would just die... just absolutely wither up and die if she were to lose him!

"What's your rush, baby?" the naked sales manager queried dreamily.

"I want to get up and get myself cleaned up!" she told him. "And, you can get the hell out of here... and stay out!"

"Not so fast, baby! Not so fast! You're still working for me and Eko-Klean! I'm still your sponsor -- and I figure you still owe me about a hundred and fifty dollars... and that's being damned generous!"

"You got what you wanted!" Virginia flared.

"That was only the first installment, baby! I'm going to fuck you at least four more times, maybe more, before that debt is wiped out!"

"Oh, my God! No!"

"Oh, my God, YES!" he mocked.

Frantically, she struggled and squirmed beneath him to free herself of his dead weight on top of her. He rolled away from her, finally, and she choked, "Get dressed, Mr. Hartman -- and leave! Just leave... and leave me alone!"

"Okay, I'll go but I'll be back to collect the rest of what you owe me, either in money or fucking! The choice is up to you!"

If Virginia had examined her own feelings just then, she would have realized that there was a certain wanton tingle of lewd excitement at the prospect of more illicit sex with this man, but of course, her rational mind could never admit that... now that it was back in command.

Hissing out her words intensely, Virginia told him, "You'll never get the chance t-to... have me again!"

"We'll see, Virginia, baby!" Nonchalantly, he began to pull on his clothing, as she turned furiously and stalked into the bathroom. Fire! he mused. Yes sir, she's got fire and spirit! I like a woman like that!

When he was finished dressing, he knocked at the bathroom door and said, "I'll be seeing you, baby!"

There was no answer from inside. He left the Brooks' house with a tuneless whistle on his lips, sure that he was going to see more of her... in a bed! A hot little bitch... and she's going to be all mine... any God damned time I want her!

Virginia, feeling the need to be clean again, took a long, relaxing shower, symbolically washing away the dirt and filth she imagined was clinging to her. She cleaned herself all over, flushing away all the essence of him; then worriedly she checked to make sure that her IUD was securely in place. God! It was one thing to have sexual intercourse with a strange man against her will, but it would be a real tragedy if that coupling resulted in an unwanted pregnancy!

Looking into her mirror, she saw that she was unchanged. Deep in her heart, however, she knew that she was an adulteress... although at first an unwilling one. The thing that really bothered her was that she had enjoyed it so much. Oh, it was so absolutely thrilling! But that didn't excuse her fall from grace or assuage her guilt; she still had committed the unpardonable sin! Somehow, she would have to live with her guilt.


"Virginia Brooks? Is she that cute little blue-eyed blonde with the big boobs?" Hugo Foxx rumbled from deep in his big barrel chest, his pale blue eyes watching hungrily as Phyllis Hartman leaned over to pick up the wisp of nylon panties she had just shed. She was naked now, her curvy voluptuous body revealed to him in all its ripely mature beauty. "The one I spotted at the last monthly meeting and remarked about?"

"Yes, she's the one," Phyllis affirmed, "and it makes me so damned mad the way Art had to go over every little detail about how he made it with her... how she caved in and was begging him for it!"

It was Art's philandering that had been responsible for driving Phyllis Hartman into Hugo's arms and ultimately into his bed. She had been horribly worried about it when she had first found out about one of his affairs. It wasn't quite clear to her exactly how it had happened, but she had gone to Foxx's office to turn in a sales report for her husband. Soon, as she sat in Hugo's office, from which he administered the sales campaign for much of Southern California for Eko-Klean, she thought she recognized a sympathetic listener, one who might be in a position to help her. Somewhat foolishly, Phyllis had told him in tearful fits and starts about her husband's infidelities. Hugo had listened and comforted her, offered her a drink or two, and before she knew what was happening, she was in his private office, adjacent to his business office, the very room in which she was now stripping off her clothing with such willing anticipation. This room contained no desk, but it did have a well-stocked wet bar, hi-fi, projection equipment, and a private, attached bath. The couch was a quickly convertible bed with a soft mattress, making the change from seductive coaxing to sexual congress an easy progression. And it had been easy! He had convinced her that it was certainly one way she could even the score with her husband. At this point, she wasn't sure how many times she had evened things up. She was Hugo's mistress now, and she usually visited him three or four times a week.

She looked down at his burly bulk as he lay stretched out full length, naked on his big bed, remembering how repulsive she had thought his hairy body when she had lain there, almost petrified with fear, that first time, as he had brought her to searing arousal then ultimately to an earth-shaking climax, the like of which she had never before experienced. Now she knew every inch of his bearlike body intimately and she had to admit to herself that he was an unlikely lover. Unconsciously, her eyes drifted up to his craggy face, clean-shaven and smooth, as was his high-domed pate. He had so little hair remaining on his head that he merely shaved that off too each day. Her eyes had been locked onto the rock-hard massiveness of his erect penis, which stood up straight, thick and long, like a mighty obelisk, spearing out of the dense brush of his once jet-black but now graying pubic hair. Once she had asked him bluntly his age. He had refused to tell her, but from scraps of information she had deduced that he was about fifty-eight years old, give or take three or four years. One thing she had to conclude: If he was near sixty years old, he certainly hadn't slowed down sexually. He was married, Phyllis knew, to Annabelle, who was in her late twenties and was obviously a second (or even third) wife. If there were other women in Hugo's life, she didn't know about them. She had learned early in their relationship not to probe; he had made that clear, forcefully so, but she guessed that he probably did bring other women into this room. In a way, she would have been surprised if he had not. Damn, if the truth were really known about Hugo... it wouldn't surprise me if he had a regular harem of sorts! She'd never know, of course; the man was tight-lipped and secretive, and perhaps it was this aura of mystery surrounding him that kept her coming back to his big bed.

"Did you say her name was Virginia Brooks?" Hugo queried, taking her into his arms as she came to the bed and crawled up on top of him, lowering her mouth to his and accepting his sinuously probing tongue into the sweetness of her mouth, while at the same time she spread her thighs, then clamped them tightly as she captured the jackstaff of his heatedly pulsating cock in the fleshy trap between them. It lay hard and throbbing up against the naked pink flesh of her pussy.

"Yes," she mumbled into his mouth, as he flexed his hips ever so minutely, rubbing the thick base of his pulsing cock on the throbbing vibrant shaft of her fully hardened clitoris.

Phyllis felt the tingling tickle of his extremely hairy chest against the sensitive buds of her erect little nipples, and she rotated them through a short, repeated arc, back and forth across his chest, enjoying the sensation it produced in her. It was particularly tantalizing. Before she had begun this affair with her husband's boss, she hadn't known that her breasts were so sensitive and that they could be stimulated so easily.

Hugo's oversized hands roamed caressingly up and down her back, paying special attention to the round, protruding globes of her pliantly soft and smooth buttocks as he cupped them up, then pinched and massaged them, making ridges of her silky flesh ooze like white butter through his strong fingers. After a few moments, he felt her ripely naked loins undulating counteringly, as she began to slide her moistly naked cunt up and down the rock-hard shaft of his cock.

Breaking the deep kiss, he rumbled in his deep bass voice, "You can go down on me, this afternoon, doll..."

It wasn't exactly an order or a command. He was just telling her what he wanted her to do, and somehow, without being forced or coerced, she had always obeyed him unquestioningly.

"Okay, darling!" she breathed, agreeing instantly and giving him a bright smile. What she had learned in the months since she had been coming here to Hugo's office on the afternoons he designated, was that her willingness, her efforts to give him pleasure, had had an indirect effect upon her and Art's standard of living. The number of representatives working under her husband had increased; in fact the numbers had almost doubled... and Art had been told, at least the hint had been dropped, that he was being considered for an area supervisorship, perhaps encompassing one whole state, such as Nevada or possibly Arizona. Phyllis was sure that her husband was not aware that Hugo was supplying him with the extra salesmen and thereby substantially increasing his take-home pay. To hear him tell it, he's making it all on his own! Of course, she certainly wasn't going to tell him what she had surmised. She'd just let him go on thinking the way he did, and she sure as hell wasn't going to let him know about her clandestine affair with his boss. It was the secrecy of it that kept making her think she was extracting a sweet revenge. So, she was more than willing to do whatever Hugo wanted.

She slithered nakedly down over him, pausing for a moment to lick and suck at both of his tiny nipples, burrowing down through the thick hair on his chest to get at them. Phyllis knew that he liked it, so she bore the intense tickling sensation his hair produced on her lips and nose. It was a small favor in return for the complete satisfaction he gave her each time they fucked.

Foxx moaned his satisfaction with her as she subserviently knelt -- her heavily ripened breasts swaying like fruit ready to be picked -- between his widespread legs. She was holding the lust-thickened shaft of his cock with one hand, while the other reached under to caress his sperm-laden testicles in their scrotal sac. In spite of the erotic pleasure she was bringing him, his mind was on other matters. Changes, of which Phyllis wasn't aware as yet, were in the offing. At the last meeting he had attended at the home offices in Connecticut, he had strongly recommended Hartman for a position that was just opening up in Idaho, and it was fairly certain that he would get it. The president of the company had agreed to fly out to Palm Springs in two weeks to look Arthur over during Hugo's own area-wide sales meeting to be held in the desert resort city. In a way, he hated to see her husband promoted. It meant that he wouldn't be able to see Phyllis as often. But hell... change is what makes the world spin! He was already thinking about that lusciously voluptuous blonde, Virginia Brooks, whom Phyllis was so uptight about. She had made a helluva impression on him, and now that he knew for sure that Arthur would probably be going to Pocatello, taking Phyllis along with him, he'd have to see what he could do about replacing her. That Brooks bitch is young and tender, too! I like them like that! Get a sweet young thing like her... and you can teach them right!

He realized, of course, that Hartman had gotten to her first. That's no problem! I'll have Hartman in my office first thing tomorrow morning! He'll listen to reason and pass that cute little blonde along to me... or else! Hugo always got what he wanted, one way or another!

Nakedly kneeling below him, Phyllis had sucked up one of his egg-sized testicles into her soft warm mouth and was gently laving it with her tongue. His hands went down to her jet-black hair to smooth and caress her. In the next few moments, she had likewise sucked on his other sperm-filled ball. The feel of her hot little mouth working down there between his legs gave him a whole series of erotic sensations. Then she was licking him, her tongue flicking back along the sensitive flesh behind his scrotum until she was moistly nudging her tongue tip into the sensitive, puckered ring of his anus. He moaned and writhed under the electric charge of it, groaning, "God, baby... that's it! That's nice! Damned nice!" He felt his wildly aching cock throb and lurch involuntarily, and after a moment, he gasped. "That's enough, Phyllis!"

His hands on her head pulled her wetly probing tongue away, then he was guiding her hungrily opened mouth toward the bloated head of his massively pulsating penis. Her smoke-gray eyes bored up at him sexily as she murmured, "That must have given you quite a charge, I hope!"

"You know damned well it did! Christ! My cock stood up and yelled for attention!"

"Mmmmm!" she mumbled unintelligibly as her sensuous lips ovalled and slowly slid down over the heatedly pulsing head of his penis, her wet little tongue instantly beginning to swirl around and around the smooth, satiny flesh. One hand held the long thick shaft while her other caressed his scrotal sac, scratching lightly with her nails. Every now and then, she slid her middle finger back and under a little farther to press against the saliva-moistened flesh of his anus. All were things that Hugo Foxx had taught her.

Now, as he signaled her with his hands on her head, she began to bob up and down, gradually absorbing more and more of his enormous cock's shaft into her warmly sucking mouth and partway down her comfortably relaxed throat.

He watched her cheeks hollow and fill with the exertion of sucking pressure, and enjoyed the lurid sight of her wetly ovalled lips nibbling so lewdly up and down the thick trunk of his penis. Little pinkly glistening flanges of the tender inner flesh of her lips pulled out on the top stroke of her bobbing head then were stuffed back in again as her head came down on her cock-absorbing downstroke. He watched it all and had a feeling of misgiving that he would have to give her up soon. Christ, I no sooner get her taught all the things I like than I've got to give her up! There was the one thing in the offing, which he had kept the closest secret of all. He, himself, it had been hinted by the Eko-Klean president, was slated for a regional directorship. And, Christ, if I do get it, I'll be traveling all over the eleven western states, and I'll be damned sure to make it to Pocatello, among other places, as often as I can!

Involuntarily, now, his hips were flexing, countering her voraciously sucking lips, and he knew it was time to stop -- otherwise she'd have to keep on sucking him until he exploded his churning load of hot cum in her greedy little mouth.

With rough hands now, he tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head up, her wetly ovalled mouth reluctantly coming off the glistening wet shaft of his cock, and he growled, "You can stop sucking my prick now! Come on up here and get on top of me, and you can go for a ride."

Phyllis' disappointment was short-lived, as she looked up into Hugo's craggy face with surprise at his precipitously rough action, but as soon as she understood what it was he wanted her to do, she crawled sinuously up over his body, until she straddled him. Hugo pulled the other pillow over to him and propped himself up in the bed, then growled, "Not that way! Turn around!"

She liked the woman on top position for their couplings; it made it easier for her to control the depth to which his thick length penetrated her, so she was glad to do his biding. Swiveling around, she nakedly turned her back to him, then leaning forward against his drawn-up knees, she reached back to guide his massively throbbing cock into the moist, ready opening of her pink-fleshed vagina. Carefully, she rocked back on his lust-hardened shaft, allowing its hotly pulsating thickness to slide up into her clinging cuntal sheath with slow deliberateness. "Aaaaahhh!" she sighed contentedly when she had absorbed all of it. "There!" Her white, petite arms went out to embrace his thickly hair-covered legs, as behind her Hugo's hands roamed over her nakedly curved back.

Then his searching hands were on the silky, unblemished smoothness of her buttocks, sliding down under them and lifting her hips slightly. As he relaxed, allowing her to sink back down on his wetly glistening shaft, he flexed his hips upward at the same time to drive his now demanding cock deeper up into her eagerly throbbing vagina.

God! It was absolutely wonderful, she thought, the way his long hard penis filled her; she could feel every throbbing lurch of it, and every square millimeter of its rigid and veined surface was in heated contact with her tightly clasping vaginal tunnel. Taking her cue from him, she began to rock back and forth, sliding her wildly responding pussy up and down on his rock-hard pole of male flesh. She moved slowly at first, then faster, wildly wanton, wanting to scale the heights as ecstatic sensations raced maddeningly through her. Finally, she was moving much as a skilled horsewoman moves at a trot, slamming her nakedly rounded buttocks down hard against his abdomen to absorb his thick expanding cock to the fullest, then rising high above him until just the lust-bloated head remained in her hotly searing cuntal portal.

Behind and under her, Hugo massaged and pinched at her smoothly working buttocks, his hands like a cruel goad to her, while at the same time his hips drove his mighty pulsating shaft up into the warm moistness of her pussy with demanding urgency.

Faster and faster, Phyllis Hartman rode him like a bucking horse at a rodeo. Her breathing was uncontrolled, gasping, and her head rolled around and around, swishing her long black hair across her shoulders. She wanted it never to end, while at the same time she sensed her explosive orgasm would arrive almost any second now.

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "I'm going to cum! IIIII'mmmmm going to ccccuuuuummmmm! Nowwwww! AAAAAaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!"

With a final, squatting thrust, she convulsed spasmingly and clasped her arms tightly around his knees, as her wildly delirious climax surged through her.

Hugo Foxx, beneath her, was close to his own spewing release, but when she stopped moving just as her orgasm exploded within her, he had to do something else. Quickly, he straightened out his legs. Phyllis fell forward with them, then he was freeing himself to get nakedly up on his knees. With strong, hamlike hands and powerful arms, he was grasping her at the hips and hauling her up to her knees. Almost desperately, he came in behind her and plunged his achingly demanding cock deep into the wetly clinging depths of her throbbing hot cunt. He paid no attention to her muffled moans as, boarlike, he fucked her from behind with wild, animalistic grunts coming from deep in his throat.

"Ah, doll -- your pussy is -- like velvet."

Slammingly, he gored her, fucking with an insane determination, his powerful thrustings jarring her kneeling young body with flesh-slapping, bone-crashing cruelty. After several moments of this, he felt his orgasm coming to him, the acidlike searing back there behind the root of his wildly throbbing cock telling of the bursting damn of blood-filled tissue that would allow the jetting stream of his white-hot sperm to race the full length of his madly jerking rod and spew deep into her furiously milking womb.

He came! With a satisfied, grunting oath, he thrust into her wetly heated vagina as far as he could go and enjoyed the gloriously vibrant feeling of his insanely pumping cock, as his semen hosed through him, to jet from its slitted tip, spraying deep into the moistly warm confines of her cunt. Then he collapsed nakedly on top of her, and as her knees gave way, they slid down against the softness of the mattress.

After only a few moments of quiet communion as his penis softened, he rolled from on top of her and said, "You were just great, doll -- but I have an appointment pretty soon."

Again, it was not exactly an order, but she knew what he meant. She'd have to leave. He was finished with her... for this time. Uncomplainingly, feeling completely satisfied, she went into the bathroom briefly, returning to begin dressing. Hugo was almost completely clothed when she came back into his private office.

He watched her pulling on her clothing for a moment, then told her, "I'd like for you to tell Art that I called this afternoon. I want to see him tomorrow morning!"

"All right, Hugo," she affirmed. "What about...?"

His glare warned her, even as she asked. "Business!" he rumbled. "Some new business!" He didn't see any point in telling her that he was already thinking about replacing her. Hell! I've got to be on top of everything... in business as well as bedroom!

"Look, Hartman, never mind how I know about it, but you've got yourself a little sexpot you've been balling by the name of Virginia Brooks! She's one of your distributors, and I'd guess that she held out on some Eko-Klean money! Is that right?" Hugo Foxx growled, looming behind his desk, huge and burly as he came directly to the point with Arthur Hartman the following morning.

"Well, yeah... that's right, Hugo... but..."

"How much?" Foxx queried rumblingly, "How much did she hold out on you?"

"Nearly two hundred... but I made it up myself. My report's clean!" Hartman explained.

"Okay, I'd expect that anyway. I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll pass that two hundred back to you in stock, then you can dispose of it, for cash!" Hugo suggested, a sly, conspiratorial smile on his face.

"And you want the girl...?"

"That's the idea, Art!"

Hartman's mind had been racing. He wasn't in the habit of telling anyone about his female conquests, so he was slightly perturbed that Foxx should know about it. Christ! The only person I told was Phyllis, because I wanted to rub it into her a little bit! Now how in hell did it happen that she'd tell Hugo something like that, unless...? There was a sneaking suspicion beginning to form in the back of his mind. Unless Phyllis and Hugo are carrying on something behind my back! He tried to reject the idea, but it persisted. It was all too possible! He knew of Foxx's reputation with women. There were stories about his sexual prowess; one gossip in particular had claimed that Foxx could and did have any woman he had a passing interest in. "Hell they fall on their backs under him pretty damned regular! He's got a big bed in that private office of his!" It was hard for him to visualize his wife, Phyllis, being fucked silly by this huge bear of a man, his boss, but in the end he had to concede that it was possible. I suppose any God damned thing is possible... even that! Then he wondered: And if it were true, what the hell could I do about it? There was a mounting anger in him, based on nothing but conjecture, but he felt uncomfortable wearing the cuckold's horns himself -- horns with which he had adorned several other men's heads in the past.

"Hell, I couldn't guarantee that she'd cooperate."

"You just get her in my office, still believing that she owes Eko-Klean some money, and I'll take care of her from there!" Foxx smiled. "Hell, Art, I was working this same angle when you were in knee-pants!"

On the spur of the moment, as the idea flitted through his mind, Hartman suggested, "All right, damn it, I'll get her here, but I hate like hell to give up on her. I was figuring I'd have her in the sack four or five more times, at least. Say, what if we both fucked her... at the same time...?"

To Arthur's surprise, Hugo agreed to it. As far as Hugo was concerned, it was a minor concession. Every now and then he liked a change of pace too! It'd been quite a while since he'd had such a party. Hell, I'll go along with him on that, but what I'd really like is to have two women... at the same time!


Leon Brooks, an intelligent, hard-working man who was tired and pressed for time, since he was working long days and much of each evening, should have realized that somehow his wife's explanation that she had bought the new washing machine with her Eko-Klean commission money, didn't wash clean at all, even if the new machine did. He didn't question it, although it stuck in the back of his mind that she hadn't been working at her selling job long enough to have brought in that much money. Fatigue caught up with him, even while they were talking about it. They were in bed. He had a transitory interest in sex, just before they crawled in between the sheets, but there are times in all men's lives when their bodies' crying need for rest, untroubled sleep, is greater than their sex drive. So it was with Leon. He went to sleep, his deep breathing and faint snore telling Virginia that there wasn't any hope, at least for that evening.

Ever since that day when Arthur Hartman had forced her to submit to him, she had been burdened by a crushing sense of guilt. There was no way she could assuage those feelings either; she couldn't tell Leon about what had happened, unless she were willing to risk a complete breakdown of her marriage. And the only way she was going to be able to pay off Hartman was to earn the money. To that end, she, too, was working every available hour she could get, sandwiching sales demonstrations in between her regular household chores; then, desperately, she began to leave some things undone, as she hustled about, following up every possible lead. She hoped against hope that Leon wouldn't discover her dereliction in housekeeping, as well.

One thing to her credit in all of this was that she was actually selling, increasing her volume by leaps and bounds. She was also able to sign on three more people under her sponsorship. Just as soon as she could get to it, she planned to apply for it officially; meanwhile, she was just too busy to contact the main office about it, and she definitely didn't want to get in touch with Arthur, unless she absolutely had to do so. In just three days, she had made commissions of fifty-one dollars and forty-two cents. Only a hundred more dollars to go! She exulted in it, but wondered whether she could keep up such a killing pace. God, I'll have to do it! Under no circumstances did she ever want to prostitute herself again! The humiliation and degradation she had suffered were almost too much to bear... not to mention the guilt she carried around with her.

The telephone call from Arthur was heart-stopping. Fortunately, Leon hadn't come home yet from his service station, because she had a good cry after Hartman had hung up.

He had told her, "Mr. Foxx wants to see us in his office tomorrow at two-thirty!"

"U-us? Do you mean he wants you there, too...?"

"That's right, baby!" His voice had sounded grim. "Mr. Foxx is pretty sharp, and I think he's found something wrong with our accounts!"

"B-but I thought..." she had stuttered. "I thought you... had c-covered it... and that I-I was in debt to you... personally..."

"Well, I guess I was a little short, myself... and I didn't think it'd be noticed for a week or two," he had lied glibly. "Anyway, we've got to show up there! And be on time! Mr. Foxx doesn't like to wait for people!"

Virginia was sure that her whole world was tumbling in on her. Now she was short one hundred and fifty dollars instead of the hundred she had figured, since Hartman had told her that his little sex session with her was worth at least fifty dollars. It's really the Eko-Klean company I owe it to! He lied to me! Oh, my God! He lied! Now what can I do?

She was all finished with her heartbroken sobbing and had bathed her face and eyes with cold water so it wouldn't show, before Leon arrived.

There was one tremulous moment that evening, after Leon had made love to her, when she was on the verge of telling him everything and throwing herself on his mercy. If he can find any in his heart for me after I've confessed it all... The thing that stopped her was the terrifying thought that he might not be willing to forgive her; that he would leave her. It was a paralyzing, almost pathological fear that kept her from saying anything to Leon. She didn't even mention that she had to go in to the city to the main office the following day.

Virginia had never met Hugo Foxx, the Area Supervisor. He had spoken briefly at a sales meeting she had had to attend, and her impression of him was that he was a hard-as-nails businessman who would stand for no nonsense, especially as regarded to money, company money. When she arrived at his office, she still hadn't the slightest idea of what she was going to say in defense of her actions. Several things had whirled confusingly through her mind, but in the end she had to admit that there wasn't much she could say, except to tell the truth. The other thing uppermost in her mind was a wild idea that she could offer to pay it off, foregoing all of her commissions until the debt was cleared up. Above all, she would plead with him not to press charges or try to collect the debt from her husband. She knew that it would all be highly irregular to a trained business mind such as Mr. Foxx's, but she would just have to make him understand, more successfully, she hoped, than she had with Arthur Hartman.

With weak-kneed legs, she entered the Eko-Klean outer office and presented herself to the secretary-receptionist.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Brooks Mr. Foxx is expecting you, but you're early. Please have a seat for a few moments." A tight, secretive smile bordering on an outright smirk curled the secretary's sensuous lips as she watched Virginia turn away to take a nearby chair.

As she sat down and carefully crossed her nylon-clad legs, Virginia asked, "Is Mr. Hartman here yet?"

"He's with Mr. Foxx now."

The woman's frankly appraising look bothered Virginia somewhat, and she shifted uncomfortably, looking around the outer office self-consciously. She would have been appalled to know the other woman's thoughts at that moment. Janice Baker knew, or could guess fairly accurately, the reason for the blonde's being there. She, herself, was a frequent occupant of that convertible bed in Hugo's private office.

In a very few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to Virginia, Mr. Foxx's bass voice rumbled from the intercom, summoning her into his presence.

Arthur Hartman lounged at ease in an armchair. Hugo was standing behind his desk, pale blue eyes boldly sweeping over her, as he courteously bade her to be seated with an amiable smile.

Relaxing a little, she sat down, lulled into a false security by the friendliness he exuded. It didn't last very long. Hugo came to the point bluntly. "You've been less than honest, Mrs. Brooks, in your handling of Eko-Klean funds!"

She tried to explain; offered to make it up from her commissions; in fact, she went through everything she had thought about, and in the end, as she saw that all of her imploring arguments were met with implacable negatives, she burst into tears, with a final: "Then I-I just don't know what to do! The main thing is... I don't want L-Leon, m-my husband, to find out what I've done!"

Hugo told her then, "Arthur and I have resolved his part in this! Now you owe that money directly to me, and I intend to collect -- now!"

Through miserable, tear-dimmed eyes, she looked up at him and trembled. "H-how...?" Then she saw salacious lust in those pale blue eyes, set wide in his craggy, lined face. The answer was there in her mind even before he spoke. Oh no! Oh, God, no! Not him!?

"From what Arthur has told me already, I think you know the method of repayment!" he leered. "Or do you want me to spell it out for you?"

Virginia gasped in disbelief, aghast, "Do you m-mean... sex?"

"Exactly! You're very bright about that, at least!" he smirked. "So -- if you cooperate with us -- you can wipe out that debt, and your little secret from your husband remains secret..." His voice trailed off, but there was a hint of a threat of possible consequences.

That little word "us" stuck with her, its importance to what he said bludgeoning her with its pregnant meaning.

"You said 'us'?" she questioned. "Y-you can't mean that? Both of you? A-at the s-same time...?"

"That's right, baby!" Hartman grunted. He had said little during the time she had sat there in Foxx's office with the two men. Now he confirmed her worst fears. "Both of us are going to fuck you at the same time -- until you can't see straight!"

"Ooooohhhh, my Goddddd!" she moaned. "No! No! Nooooo!"

"Then you're choosing the alternative? Jail?" Hugo grated.

"No!" Virginia cried. She felt like that trapped animal that once caught in the steel-jawed trap struggles to free itself, but only succeeds in causing the cruel teeth to dig in deeper, hold the trapped paw tighter yet. She knew, once again, that she would have to do what they demanded of her. But both of them? Ugh!

"Then you'll do it?" Hugo persisted.

"Y-yes. What else...?" she blubbered. All her will to fight was drained from her.

In an unreal mist, she heard the Area Supervisor talking on his intercom. "No calls for the next hour, Mrs. Baker!"

Janice's voice was tinny on the small speaker. "All right, Mr. Foxx. Shall I close up?"


"I thought maybe you'd like things evened up in there!"

"You're impertinent, Janice!"

"I was just trying to be a good Girl Friday!"

"You're still out of line, and I should fire you, right now!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Foxx... terribly sorry..." His secretary's voice trailed off as she felt the sting of his chastisement.

"Some God damned broads start to think they own you... after a while!" Hugo boomed angrily at no one in particular.

Deep in her own morass of self-pity, Virginia was wondering where her new debauchment by these two leering goats of men was to take place, when Hugo Foxx stepped around his desk and took her by the arm, assisting her from her chair, and said, "Well, Virginia, I think it's time we all went into my private office!"

Here? Right here? Oh, God! Somehow, she had had notions of a hotel room, or a bedroom in one of their homes. Numbly, she allowed herself to be led into the room adjoining his working office. Then, just as numbly, she sat down on the couch, as he led her to it, shaking her head negatively when he offered her a drink. With tear-filled, downcast eyes, she tried to visualize how it was possible for two men to have sexual intercourse with one woman at the same time.

"Come on, Virginia, baby, remember last time? A couple of drinks and you were ready for anything!" Hartman urged, lifting his own filled glass coaxingly.

She flared out at him. "I don't want anything to drink! Nothing! I don't want to lose control of m-myself... like I did with Arthur!"

"Suit yourself!" Hugo eased his bulk down beside her, sipping a Scotch on the rocks, and his ham-like paw went out to her knee to caress suggestively.

Even as a loathing for his touch flooded through her, she also sensed a certain animal magnetism in Hugo Foxx, an intense maleness that seemed to exude from him, and there was an accompanying, unexplained tingling thrill, definitely sexual, that ran with searing fingers up and down her spine, as his exploring fingers inched up higher along the satiny, warmly pliant flesh of her inner thigh. Timidly, she looked up at him. She saw nothing attractive at all about him. He's an ugly old man! But there was no explanation forthcoming to her as to why she was beginning to feel a tiny glow of arousal deep in her belly.

Sitting across from her, Hartman had been drinking steadily from his glass; now he tossed down the remainder, set the glass down, and moved to sit on the other side of her. "Let's get this show on the road!" he exclaimed impatiently; at the same time, he fumbled with the zipper at the back of her dress. In a moment he had run it down to her waist with a metallic sigh of finality.

Still looking down in her shame, Virginia saw the thick pulsing bulge inside Hartman's pants, which graphically reminded her of what was going to happen in a very few minutes.

For an instant she resisted him, as he pulled her dress forward and off her arms. "Oh, please...?" She clasped the front of her dress back up to her fearfully heaving breasts.

"Hell!" Hartman rasped. "It's no fun to fuck a woman with her clothes on!" Roughly, he pulled her dress down again.

Then, as Arthur began working on the snaps of her lace-trimmed brassiere, she sensed that Hugo, on the other side of her, was rising. Quickly, she glanced in his direction and saw that he was removing his tie and jacket. He, too, she couldn't help noticing, had a huge, telltale bulge in the front of his suit pants. Her brassiere was off now, and she automatically brought her arms up to her chest to cover her breasts.

"That's not fair, baby!" Arthur firmly removed her protective arms, his hot mouth coming wetly down to immediately capture the pink bud of one of her slowly hardening nipples. He sucked it up hungrily, nibbling with his lips, his tongue laving at the sensitive peak of flesh, while his hand was busy with its twin, his fingers massaging caressingly and rolling the now erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Unbidden again, she felt delicious sensations race chargingly through her. It was exactly what she didn't want. She had been telling herself over and over: They can do what they want to me, but I won't let them make me like it! I won't! I WON'T!

"You two will have to stand up for a moment!" It was Hugo, behind them.

Virginia stood up and Art took her solidly into his arms, his hands moving deftly to push her dress down over her smoothly flaring hips. It fell with a sigh down around her feet. Then he was pressing her in tight against him, his hands on the softly rounded moons of her buttocks, feeling them through her nylon panty hose and pulling her up against the warm, pulsing bulge of his erect penis. His hard male flesh was hot against her fearfully cringing abdomen. She was revolted at the idea of how she was being used, but just as before, she knew of no way to extricate herself. Her voluptuous young body slumped against him with abysmal resignation. He tilted her head up, and kissed her hard and long, his agile tongue probing sinuously between her lips and teeth. She didn't resist him. She just stood there limply and let him have his fun, as his avid hands ran up and down her back and caressed the full-mounded protuberances of her nylon-covered ass cheeks, and as she stood there unresisting, she tried to make her mind a blank, pretend that none of this was really happening to her and wishing that she couldn't feel anything. There was a metallic click behind her followed by a couple of thumps. Glancing from the corner of her eye, she saw that Hugo had done something with the couch. It was now a big, soft bed. She remembered thinking: How, clever!

Behind her now, his voice coming from the bed itself, she heard Hugo Foxx growl, "Get those God damned panty hose off of her! I want to see what the little bitch looks like bare-assed naked!"

Hartman stopped kissing her then and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panty hose. With slow deliberateness he pulled them down over her nakedly quivering buttocks, exposing the soft round moons to his boss' hungrily devouring eyes. Finally, he knelt before her and finished rolling the garment down over the smooth columns of her firmly tapered thighs. Arthur helped her to step out of them, then turned her around to face Hugo Foxx on the bed.

Her gasp of dismay couldn't be held back. Lying naked on the bed, he was propped up on two pillows, his huge, barrel-chested body seemingly covered all over with dark brown hair, which made him look for all the world like a bear. The hairiness of his body contrasted sharply with his clean-shaven face and shiny, bald pate, but it was the immense shaft of his manhood, lancing out from the tangle of hair, that her eyes focused on hypnotically. His penis was long and thick, unbelievably so, and she would never have entered this room, no matter what the consequences, if she'd had any inkling he was more like a bull than a man.

"There! Didn't I tell you that she was something else!" Hartman was exulting.

"Yeah! She's all right! Yes! More than a little bit of all right!" Hugo grunted, his eyes running over her voluptuous nakedness, with pure lust shining in them now. He followed her staring eyes to the spearing shaft of his fully erect cock.

"Are you impressed... or worried?" he asked with a smile, his hamlike hand going down to encircle it caressingly. "Or both?"

Virginia looked away, shamed that she had shown an untoward interest in the man's penis. "N-no... I-I just couldn't help looking..." she mumbled.

"You were admiring it, then?"

"No... it's just that it's... s-so..." she stumbled.

"So big...?" he queried. "Then that means you're worried about whether it'll fit in that cute little cunt of yours?"

Virginia stood there, confused, until he grinned at her and went on, "I'm kidding you, of course!" He patted the bed beside him. "Come on over here beside me, now!"

For a moment she hesitated and was nudged forward by Arthur Hartman. Reluctantly, she padded over to the bed and sat down uneasily on the edge of it. Hugo sat up, wrapped his powerful arms around the naked young woman, and lifted her into position beside him. She lay on her back, trembling in despair, shame and fright, as he stretched out beside her, still embracing her, his burly, hirsute body pressed tight against her, his rampantly erect cock trapped between his abdomen and her faintly trembling thigh. She felt its throbbing heat and the involuntary lurching of it signaling his anticipation. As she lay there, quivering in his hairy embrace, she had the suffocating sensation of being hugged by some primordial caveman. Vaguely she remembered a chart she had seen once, which showed the evolutionary scale of man's development, and she wondered whether Hugo Foxx wasn't some throwback to an earlier age. She shivered within the circle of his arms, stricken with fear.

"You know," Hugo was saying in a tender, whispering voice, almost seductive in tone, "I can probably repeat what you're thinking about me... but I'm not cruel or sadistic... and I'm certainly not some kind of monster. I'm just a man who likes to fuck beautiful women -- and I fuck them good! You'll be screaming for more -- believe me!"

"B-but you're forcing me..."

"Maybe... but it's one way I have of getting women into my bed!" he explained patiently. "But they always come back later of their own free will!"

He's insane! she thought. And what bragging! "I-I doubt it!" Virginia told him.

His hands had been running over her exploringly. They were not cruel hands, after all, she decided, feeling that same undeniable tingle of beginning arousal she had felt when he had put his hand on her knee a little while before. She couldn't define what it was about him. He wasn't a "sexy" man, but he exuded sex, a kind of overpowering, confident maleness that dominated a female. Somehow, in the back of her mind, she already knew that her vow of not becoming aroused, of refusing to enjoy what was going to happen to her, would be in vain. His sex would dominate her whether she wanted it to or not.

Hartman lay down on her other side. She felt the warmth of his naked body pressing against her. Below, the hot, hard length of his pulsating penis prodded her other thigh.

Now, for the first time, Hugo kissed her, his large, sensuous lips coming gently down over hers while one of his outsize hands almost fully encompassed the soft globe of one of her ripely upthrust breasts. As he caressed the tingling mound, her fear began to flee in the face of her rising passion. Wholly against her determined will, she found that she was enjoying having this huge bear of a man run his gentle hands over her, and she mewled deep in her throat as delicious sensations of unwanted arousal crowded in on her.

On her other side, Arthur Hartman was using his mouth on her other softly throbbing breast. She could feel the warm sucking pressure of his lips on the sensitively hardened nipple; then she felt one of his hands move caressingly down across the flat, white plane of her belly. In a matter of moments, his warmly searching hand was there on her golden, hair covered vaginal mound up between her trembling young thighs.

Not wanting to do it, but helpless to control her wantonly aroused muscles, it seemed, Virginia involuntarily opened her tightly clenched thighs to his insistent hand. Almost instantly, she felt his outstretched middle finger delve into the fleshy slit of her wetly palpitating pussy to find the erect little shaft of her clitoris. She recoiled when his finger touched her there, her hips jerking back and down into the softness of the mattress as the electric shock of his tantalizing fingertip brought a moan from deep in her chest; then as his finger followed determinedly, stroking the short, hard length of the miniature phallus, her nakedly grinding hips began to gyrate sensually up against it. God! It felt so good, and she couldn't resist it! The crazy thought began to circle in her mind that there must be something wrong with her, that she was becoming a depraved sexpot, a nymphomaniac perhaps. She'd had nothing to drink, and she was here on this bed with two strange, virile men, against her will, yet she was responding to them, even wanting them to do these things to her, wanting them to play on her body as though it were a finely tuned violin. Forgotten for the time being was her sacred vow of fidelity to her husband, for now, there below, she felt Hartman's body slithering downward, his mouth leaving her heatedly tingling breast to trail moist kisses down along the path already blazed by his caressing hand.

Oh, God! She felt a flooding shame in her lewd anticipation of what she knew was coming next. But I can't help it! It had been so good that other time when Arthur had kissed and licked her shamelessly aroused vagina. She shivered in anticipation as she waited for that exquisite moment of electric contact.

Now, Hartman's mouth was just above the soft, golden curls of her pubic mound, and his hands were reaching down to spread her legs with gentle firmness. Involuntarily, she moaned up into Hugo's mouth, who just at that moment raised his head, breaking the passionate kiss, and dropped his lips to her breast. She felt him take the nipple, erectly hard and throbbing, as well as the aureole into his mouth. She winced as he nibbled at it lightly with his teeth, causing at the same time tiny little pains and a sensual joy.

Below, Hartman had hauled her legs apart, and now he pulled her knees up, his hands sliding down along the warm softness of her quivering, smoothly tapered thighs until they arrived at either side of her sparsely hair-ringed cuntal slit. Then he was using his thumbs with deliberate slowness to pull apart the dewy petals of her visibly pulsating vaginal opening. Virginia found herself lying there holding her breath in expectant anticipation, while at the same time the most wonderful sensations surged through her sensually tingling breasts.

Hugo, sucking on one of her nipples, was maintaining a constant drawing pressure while making the elongated pap itself slide in and out between his lips rapidly. It was a breathtaking sensation. Without thinking about it, she reached up to her ripely staining breast, cupping it and offering it to his tantalizing oral caresses, and also with no further thought, her other hand reached up to fondly trace the craggy features of his face. Perhaps Hugo Foxx was an aging satyr, but he was still sexually attractive, in spite of his physical impact, his image of unattractiveness.

Impatiently, she waited, as Arthur's lips followed the path of his hands, alternately kissing and nipping at the alabaster white flesh of her inner thighs, his mouth like fire on her, as he moved closer and ever closer to the nakedly wide open portal of her hotly pulsating cunt, still held wide by his hands. Oh, God! What's taking him so long?

Wanton delight stabbed her suddenly! His lips were there, warm and moist, making erotically electric contact with the searingly needful crevice of her pussy, his tongue hotly lashing into the naked opening of her cunt, and she groaned aloud with both ecstasy and relief; her long wait for it was over now. Her hips ground wildly under her, underscoring her wantonly rising desire. She felt herself all moist and warm down there between her widespread legs as Art's tongue ran in circles just inside the coral pink mouth of her cunt. Ooooohhhh! Their mouths... are going to drive me out of my mind! Like a gate hung on oiled pintles, her head began to thrash from side to side, mussing her soft, blonde tresses.

And then, Arthur Hartman's long, agile tongue pressured upward to the ultimate seat of her sensuality, her erect little clitoris. Without let-up, showing no mercy, he licked and sucked at the sensate, vibrantly pulsing bud, concentrating on the extremely sensitive head of it, knowing that it wouldn't be long before she would be ready to fuck. Hell! he gloated. She's really got a short fuse! God damn! She's some woman! A real sexpot!

Inhaling deeply the heady perfume of her womanliness, Hartman lost himself in the hungry wet licking and sucking of her succulent young cunt, his own arousal far gone as he felt the painfully aching need in his sperm-churning balls. Damned if I know what the protocol is, but I'm just about ready to pop if I don't get my cock in her pretty soon! There had been no discussion between him and Hugo Foxx as to what, how, who was to do, once they got her into bed. I'll just have to play it as she lays!

Virginia couldn't stand it any longer. Hartman's erotically tantalizing tongue licking at her cunt below and Hugo's sucking of her breasts above had brought her to a full heated arousal, and she had to have more -- and yet more. Suddenly, she heaved her hips up off the bed, mashing her hotly insistent pussy hard against Arthur's working wet mouth and moaned. "Oh, ooooohh, OOOOOooooohhhh, God! Yes! Yesssss! Do it. D-do it to me!"

Withdrawing his voraciously sucking mouth from her moistly heated cunt for a moment, Hartman growled, "Let's not go through all that again! If you're wanting to be fucked, now -- you know how to ask for it!"

Virginia couldn't help remembering the litany he had insisted she learn. God! She hated those words -- but if she had to say them, she would! At that point, she would have said or done anything to get the satisfaction she wanted.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck me! I want you b-both to fuck me!" Actually, she wasn't sure yet how both of them would couple with her; all she knew was that she had to have long hard cocks fucking her in her almost frantic young cunt.

"All right, baby! You'll get it now!" It was Hugo Foxx speaking. "Let's change places, Hartman! I'll fuck her first!"

Disappointingly, she felt the loss of their warm wet mouths momentarily, as the two men began to shift, exchanging places. Their naked, powerful bodies passed, one on either side of her, Hartman sliding upward to stretch out beside her and immediately leaning over to kiss her, his long sinuous tongue squirming into her half-open mouth. It was all the more erotic, for she could taste the slightly pungent tang of her own genital lubricant on his lips and tongue. Massagingly, his fingers dug deeply into the soft globes of her passion-ripened breasts, while below, she was aware that Hugo was using at least two of his thick fingers, thrusting them deep into the heated moistness of her now wide open and frantically ready cuntal passage. Oh, that feels good! But she wanted something more than fingers moving in her there. She wanted a hard, warmly pulsing cock! They're playing games with me! God! Why don't they start it... the fucking part! Then she remembered! Oh, my God! Hugo's p-penis! It's so huge! I'd never be able to take it up inside me! She moaned aloud.

"Don't fret, doll!" Foxx mumbled. "I'm just stretching you a little so you'll be able to take all of my prick!"

There was a sudden stabbing pain at her suddenly tightly tensed vaginal opening, as she felt her tender tissues being pressed outward. "Ooooohh! That hurts!" she cried twisting her mouth away from Arthur's.

"Believe me, you'll be glad I took the time for this!" Hugo grinned up at her. "I've used three fingers on you, and I think you're ready now! Get up on your knees with your beautiful little ass up in the air! I'm going to fuck you from behind, dog fashion!"

As Hartman moved aside, she hastened to obey, turning over and scrambling to her knees; then, leaning down on her elbows, she looked back past her ripely dangling breasts to see Hugo Foxx heaving up onto his knees, his hands reaching out to grasp her nakedly curved hips. She got another glimpse of his long, thick erection spearing rampantly out from his hairy loins, its rigid white shaft throbbing menacingly, his cock's head bloated with blood, the whole corona shiny and smooth like rich red velvet. Then he was flexing his knees to nudge that enormous truncheon up against the wanting but fearfully cringing little pink groove of her pussy. She felt it warmly pulsating against the flowered-open lips of her wetly stretched vagina, and she began to have second thoughts about it! God! He'll split me apart with it!

She moaned out, "N-no! You're too big!"

"Like hell I am!" Hugo rasped. "Anyway, it's too late to start changing your mind! Reach back between your legs and put it in!"

The authority in his voice was unmistakable. With shaking fingers, she reached back between her frantically trembling thighs and grasped the thick heated shaft, her fingers going only part way around it. Then she knew how really enormous it was, as she felt its vibrant heart throb, its radiating heat. She hesitated.

"What are you waiting for?" he growled. "Put my cock in that tight little cunt of yours! Do it now!"

Hugo brought his hand down in a stinging slap across her fear-clenched white buttocks; at the same time, he drove his hips powerfully forward, and the thick bulbous head of his massively erect cock was rammed unmercifully into her hot, moistly quivering cuntal channel. The elastic flesh of her tight little vaginal opening stretched wide to receive him, distending even more than his three-fingered dilation of her only moments before. She screamed in fright and pain, and he stopped short, allowing only the giant head of his cock to penetrate her tender cuntal flesh for the time being. He squeezed and massaged her nakedly trembling hips and buttocks caressingly, murmuring in a softer tone of voice, "Relax, doll! Relax and enjoy it! It's not as bad as you think! You'll get used to it in a few seconds."

Then he flexed the lust-swollen head of his cock inside her, which elicited another whining groan from her tortured lips. He did it again and again, until surprisingly she found that she was beginning to relax. The pain was vanishing, leaving only rampantly charging sensations of exquisite sensual pleasure.

Slowly, but with inexorable pressure, Hugo pushed his heatedly throbbing penis deeper and deeper into her, feeling her contracting muscle ring at the mouth of her cunt squeezing down hard around his cock's thick shaft and sending tantalizing sparks of wildly erotic sensation racing through his partially embedded member.

Inch by inch, he gored into her expandingly, until he finally felt her voluptuous young loins begin to eagerly undulate back against him, as her wetly seething cunt tried to absorb more and more of his long thick hardness. Then, with a feral, rutting lust, he used the power of his back and legs to plunge the final few inches of his mammoth shaft deep into her wantonly writhing loins, the blood-engorged head flicking past her cervix to lodge solidly against the far back wall of her vaginal sheath. She moaned, but this time it was with tones of sheer pleasure. Grinning his satisfaction, Hugo continued to flex his hotly pulsating penis as it lay buried deep up inside her tight young pussy. He was gratified to feel her countering muscles clasping around the full length of him, the walls of her pink, moistly bedewed cunt rippling with erotic delight in the most intimate of ultimate caresses. Meanwhile, his hands roamed over her lushly kneeling body, reaching under to fondle her ripely full breasts, then down across her tautly rounded belly to her wetly matted pubic mound where he slipped an outstretched finger into the top of her vaginal groove to caress the excitedly pulsing bud of her clitoris.

Then she was bucking wildly back against him, wanting him to begin his powerful fucking movements, needing it desperately before she went stark raving mad from her hungering need.

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "You're right! It doesn't hurt any more, Hugo! So, f-fuck me now! Oh, God, Hugo... fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Her mouth spewed out the lewd pleas with passionate desperation.

Slowly then, using long smooth strokes, Hugo -- kneeling like a stud horse behind her -- began to piston his massively throbbing penis in and out of her steaming, fully aroused pussy, pulling it out until only the lust-inflated cock-head remained in the clinging hot mouth of her cunt and then slamming it home all the way until his hair-covered loins slapped hard against her wantonly upturned buttocks, the force of her cunt-plumbing thrust flattening her softly resilient moons. Now she was moaning and mewling in an unceasing stream of throaty, gurgling sounds, and her face was contorted with the intensity of her ecstatic rapture.

Arthur Hartman, her sponsor, lay there, none too patiently watching with interest as their kneeling boss fucked her from behind like a brood mare, contenting himself with caressing her, running his hands over her nakedly sensual body, exploring her every luscious curve but paying particular attention to her proud young breasts, cupping the soft warm mounds of them as they hung from her chest like ripened fruit. As Hugo finally established his tempo, one of Arthur's hands worked its way down to her wildly rippling abdomen where he rubbed tantalizingly at her vibrantly erect clitoris. Through his fingertips he could feel the wet vibrations of Hugo's mammoth penis pistoning in and out of her vaginal mouth.

Virginia felt all of it, and she was sure that she couldn't be stimulated to any greater height, but she hadn't reckoned with these two expert cocksmen. Virginia's mouth worked with the rising tide of her passion, moaning with each of Hugo's deep ranging thrusts into her, sure that her tinglingly alive clitoris being rubbed so stimulatingly by Art's fingers would blow a figurative fuse in her nervous system. Suddenly, he stopped, and she was only dimly aware of Hartman's entire body moving upward, as he slid into place before her, his legs spread wide. He was leaning back on his elbows, and as her passion-dimmed eyes finally focused on what he was doing, she was looking directly at his eagerly pulsing cock's head only scant inches from her face. It lanced up at her menacingly, it seemed, and she stared aghast at it, not understanding yet why he would be shoving his fully erect penis up toward her face.

"Wh-what-?" she gasped pantingly.

"It's time for you to start sucking my cock!" he told her.

"S-suck it?"

"Yeah, baby -- just like a lollipop!"


"No buts about it! This is the way both of us fuck you at the same time!" he grated. "You knew that!"

"No! God I-I didn't dream...!"

"No arguments, doll! Just start sucking!" His hand came down to the hardened shaft of his manhood, grasped it and worked the foreskin back to reveal the blood-red cockhead pulsating with his lewd desire.

The shiny, silken tip of his hotly throbbing cock brushed against her lips, and she twisted her head aside in a futile attempt to escape the horror of what he demanded. Quickly, he placed a hand on either side of her head and straightened it forcefully, then with a cruel pressure he brought her head down, again, to the lust-swollen head of his cock. "Open your mouth, Virginia baby!"

Reluctantly she did it, her lips ovalling uncertainly, as he flexed his hips upward, while at the same time his hands forced her head down. It went into her mouth; just the heatedly pulsating head of it entered between her wetly parted lips, and she felt the gagging nausea.

"Just take it easy! Relax and use your tongue!" he hissed.

There was no way she could escape this debauchery, either. Bravely, she tried to control her gagging reflex, and with a tentative swirl of her tongue, tried to do what he wanted. God! The shame of what she was being forced to do flooded through her. It's horrible, the things they're putting me through! Being fucked like a whore -- and now this... being forced t-to suck his c-cock...!

It was with a great surprise that she began to realize that, just as she had adjusted to the mighty shaft of Hugo's cock plunging in and out of her wantonly seething vagina, she became accustomed to the thick fleshy presence of Art's hotly pulsing penis in her mouth. It had a sweetly pungent flavor, she decided, and as she relaxed, resigning herself to the fact that she would have to perform this lewd sex act, she hollowed her cheeks as she exerted a sucking pressure, while at the same time using her tongue like a breast-sucking infant. Art gasped his pleasure and murmured, "That's it, baby! You're doing fine, now... but just be careful! Keep your teeth covered with your lips!"

Instinctively, or perhaps accidentally, she began to move her head up and down the lust-thickened shaft with the buffeting rhythm of Hugo's long hard cock fucking in and out of her hungrily quivering cunt. Soon, to her surprise, she was taking more and more of Hartman's thick and lengthy penis between her tightly ovalled lips. And I'm actually doing it... with both of them! Oh, God! She didn't know whether the sudden sensation she felt was shame or excitement!

Behind her she felt one of Hugo's hands slip down between her nakedly working buttocks and his driving loins. When she felt his thick finger searching in the sweat-dampened crevice between her erotically sensitive ass cheeks, she winced, recoiling. Oh God... that too? But she couldn't object, not with her mouth stuffed with Art's hotly pulsating cock.

Tentatively, he pressed the tip of his outstretched finger against her tightly puckered anus. It slid slowly into the cringing channel. There was searing pain there, but she couldn't scream; her mouth and throat were filled with Hartman's heatedly pulsing penis, while behind, fucking into her overstretched vagina with wild abandon, Hugo's massively hardened cock pistoned in and out of her warm cuntal sheath. He pushed harder, and his middle finger went in all the way to the palm of his hand flattened up against her trembling white buttocks cheeks. Once again she jerked forward, recoiling away from that unnatural presence so far up in her defenseless little rectum, and also, once again, as she forced herself to relax, her rear passage gradually adjusted to it. Gyrating, her nakedly writhing buttocks moved back against the double ravishment of her loins, wanting to be fucked... wanting everything, as suddenly she realized that three of her openings were filled.

Deeper and deeper now, the kneeling young wife was absorbing more and more of Arthur's hotly expanding cock as he rammed it up into her wetly sucking mouth. She countered with her bobbing head, feeling a wanton madness she had never felt before in her life, as she became aware that soon, very soon, she would explode into overwhelming orgasm. Without reservation, she surrendered herself to the forbidden rapture of her salaciously insane need.

As Arthur Hartman, panting laboriously beneath her and driving his thick pulsating cock up into her hungrily sucking mouth, began to approach his climax, she hadn't even thought about what would happen. She didn't have a chance to think about it before it happened, for suddenly he stiffened with an animalistic grunt, and he was cumming -- in her mouth, his cock wildly jerking and pumping wildly. Virginia swallowed it! She had to swallow it to keep from gagging on it, but there was something terribly erotic in it too! Instinctively, she seemed to know that it had to be that way. If it were otherwise, it would be no fun for Art -- and somehow, even though she loathed the man, she knew that she must give him his satisfaction. It was only right! Wantonly and eagerly, the kneeling young blonde sucked on his thickly spewing cock until no more of his life-giving liquid was being pumped through it.

Then, as he relaxed with a deep contended sigh back against the softness of the mattress, she still kept hungrily sucking for several more moments, until the once-hard shaft began to soften and Hartman lifted her head to free his completely satiated penis from her soft warm mouth. "That's it!" he murmured. "It was just great... but you can stop sucking now!" She saw that his eyes were soft and that they regarded her almost fondly. "That was beautiful baby!"

"I'm glad, Arthur," she panted. "I'm glad!" And suddenly, she realized that she was glad -- very glad!

He lay back supine, and she watched with fascination as the rigidity of it collapsed by slow degrees until his softened penis was completely deflated and lying flaccid over against his thigh. Strangely, she still had the sensation that it was there in her mouth, and she wondered vaguely whether Hugo would want her to do the same thing to him... later.

Slaving away behind her, goring deep into her hot, moistly throbbing depths, Hugo Foxx received the signals of his own impending spewing orgasm; his wildly tingling cock was jerking expandingly, and back there, behind the base of his penile shaft, he felt the full load of his churning hot sperm demanding its release like a boiling cauldron ready to blow off its lid. Suddenly he jerked his plunging finger from her tightly puckering rectum and, grasping her with both hands at the waist, began to thrust insanely by hauling her bodily back against him as he plunged into her, then pushing her nakedly quivering body forward on his withdrawal stroke. The young blonde wife was like a rag doll in his hands, completely in his control now, as he wildly fucked her with a wanton lust.

Now, to Virginia Brooks, the mounting ecstasy at the very core of her being was almost unbearable. She felt as though she were a time bomb ready to explode into a thousand pieces. It wouldn't be long, now! God! I've got to cum! Soon! Soon! Deeper and faster Hugo was slamming his huge virile cock into her frantically seething womb like a jackhammer. All she could do was hang on to her senses, allowing him to violently pull her lust-helpless body to and fro, as he pounded into her with an awesome power she had never suspected existed in any man.

Suddenly, without warning, she came. She stood on the pinnacle, it seemed, of an unconquerable mountain, breathing dizzily in the rarefied atmosphere and viewing a vista of incomparable beauty as she convulsed spasmodically. She screamed loud and long with the rapture of her climax.

"Oh, OOOOoooooh, Hugo, OOOOOooooohhhh! Gooddddd! I'm cuuuuummmmmiiiinnnnng! Noowwwww! Aaaaauuuuuggghhhhh!"

Virginia would have collapsed limply right then had not Hugo Foxx held her firmly in place as he punched his hotly demanding penis deep into the heatedly convulsing depths of her tightly clasping cunt like a wild stallion ramming into a brood mare, as animal-like grunts came rumbling from deep in his throat.

Finally, with one last powerful, buttocks-flattening thrust, Hugo came. His massively jerking cock expanded as white-hot sperm rushed and spun through the thick length of his ecstatic cock to spurt satisfyingly from its slitted tip and shoot far up into the heated confines of her moistly clasping cunt. He held her naked young buttocks close up against his loins, his big, ham-like hands grasping her painfully by the hips as his wildly ejaculating cock flooded her womb with his thickly heated sperm. He groaned out his satisfaction between raspy pantings. "AAAAAaaaaaggggh! God! What a gorgeous cunt!"

Then, after long moments, he relaxed, his hands releasing her, and she slumped down prone on the bed. His heavy bulk came down on top of her, his still twitching cock buried deep in her wearily quivering vagina. No one said anything. There were only the sounds of heavy breathing, as each of them tried to regain control.

After long moments, Virginia stirred beneath Hugo's burly body. She felt smothered, now, unable to breathe freely.

"Let me up, please," she whined.

Hugo rolled from on top of her to his side and told her, "You're really something else, baby. I'm really looking forward to getting something going with you!"

"You don't own me!" she complained, flaring out at him.

"Maybe I don't actually own you," Hugo grunted, "but since I've taken over from Hartman and he's out of the picture entirely, you answer to me for that debt you owe Eko-Klean. I'll be calling you from time to time, to come down here to my private office... until it's paid off! Understand?"

Virginia understood only too well. She had the feeling that she was like some piece of tangible property being bought and sold. She didn't answer his question.

"Damn it! Do you understand, Virginia?" Hugo roared, grabbing her and turning her to her back.

"Y-yes... I-I understand..."

"All right, you can get dressed!"

Miserable now in her guilt-flooded mind, Virginia began to get dressed. Hartman, she noticed, had already begun to pull on his clothing, looking glum, now that Hugo had made it clear to her in his presence where they stood.

Locating her panty hose, she began pulling them on, while Hugo Foxx clambered off the bed and ambled into the bathroom.

Hartman looked over at her as he buttoned his shirt and tucked the tail of it into his trousers. "I'm not finished with you, yet," he threatened, "because I'll find some damned way to fuck you again!"

"You'll get yourself in trouble!" Virginia told him levelly. "If you try anything with me, again I-I'll yell rape!"

Hartman laughed, hard and brittle. "Like hell! A woman like you, who loves to be fucked, fucks like a happy mink in heat, can hardly be raped!" He tied his tie quickly and put on his jacket; then as he left the room he shot out, "So I'll be seeing you in bed, someplace!"

When Hugo returned, she had recovered from her encounter with Hartman enough to voice the one bright thought in her mind. "Hugo, I-I've signed up five people to work as representatives under me, and I want to apply for a sponsorship."

"Not yet, doll!" Hugo told her. "You've got to get your own account in order before you start supervising other people!" He began pulling on his shorts calmly.

"But I want to earn more money so I can... pay it off!" she murmured, feeling as though the bottom had dropped out of everything again.


Parking her small, foreign sports car in the parking lot beside the building where her husband maintained the Eko-Klean office, Annabelle Foxx, who had been doing some shopping and decided on the spur of the moment to drop in on Hugo, climbed out and hurried into the coolness of the building.

In the outer office, she greeted Janice Baker, Hugo's receptionist-secretary, breezily and asked her to announce her presence.

Startled and fearful, Janice, loyal secretary that she was told her, "I-I'm sorry, Mrs. Foxx, but your husband is in conference. He said not to disturb him!"

Annabelle regarded the secretary with cool blue eyes. "All right, I'll wait."

"It'll be more than a half-hour, yet, and right after that he has another important appointment..."

"I'll wait!" She was adamant now. "Just tell Hugo that I'm here! He'll see me!"

Stricken, Janice said, "No! I can't do that!"

Reading the appointment book upside down, Annabelle saw two names entered for two-thirty: A. Hartman and Virginia Brooks. The remainder of the page was blank. She's lying! Then she noticed Janice's agitation. It must have something to do with that woman who's in there with him! Edging around the receptionist's desk, Hugo's wife strode toward his office door, determined to find out for herself what was going on in there. Several things she had noticed lately had broadened the suspicion in her mind that her husband was having extra-marital sex, and this was a chance to catch him in the act. She had the office door open before Janice, with a little cry, could spring from her chair and follow her. "Really! Mrs. Foxx!"

The office, of course, was empty.

"Oh, so his conference with Mrs. Brooks -- or is it Miss? -- is taking place in his private office?" Annabelle's voice dripped with sarcasm.

Janice dropped her eyes and mumbled, "Yes, I suppose so."

"Then I'll just have a little peek... to make sure everything is on the up and up!"

Quickly, she headed for the door to Hugo's little hideaway. Janice was there tugging at her arm and pleading, "Please -- Mrs. Foxx! What good would it do for you to do that?"

"Let go of me!" Annabelle shrieked.

"No!" Janice plastered herself against the door, attempting to bar her boss' wife.

"My, my! Such loyalty!" Hugo's wife's lips curled in derision.

"I need my job!"

"And I need to know what my husband's doing in there!"

"You don't have to go in there t-to find out!"

"Then you know?"

"Yes..." Janice admitted.

Annabelle Foxx crossed to her husband's desk and slumped into his big upholstered chair. "I-is she... pretty?"


"And young, I suppose?"

"About twenty, maybe..."

So I was right! Jealousy and a deep hurt mingled and spread through her. Damn him! Tears brimmed her blue eyes, and nervously she brushed back a lock of platinum blonde hair that had straggled across her forehead. She should have known it when she married him. It was a second marriage for Hugo, and it had never been clear to her why his first marriage had ended in divorce. Now she knew! He's not satisfied with one woman at a time! At that point, she was not sure what she would do. I'll have to think about it before I do anything... rash! She spotted the intercom console on Hugo's desk and an idea flashed into her mind.

"Is there an intercom in there?" she asked her husband's secretary, who still stood at the door to his private office.

"Yes, there is!"

Annabelle studied the instrument for a moment, then reached out to press a switch.

"Oh, God, Mrs. Foxx! D-don't!" Janice knew what would happen, as sounds came tinnily over the speaker. Too late! I couldn't stop her!

A woman's voice: "OOOOHH! THAT HURTS!"

Listening, Annabelle Foxx visualized her husband's enormously thick penis slamming deep into that unseen, unknown woman's nakedly exposed vagina, and she knew what the other woman felt. Sometimes he still hurts me, when he shoves his cock into me!


Rustling, indistinct sounds came over the speaker, then two or three moments later, the woman cried out moaningly, "NO! YOU'RE TOO BIG!"

Oh, he didn't have it in her yet!


Silence! Annabelle's face flushed. God! He's such a dominating bastard! There was a tiny spark of sympathy for the woman in there in that room... and unbidden, she felt her own loins begin to glow with an unexpected sensual arousal and her inner vaginal lips becoming slippery. She resented it. Damn! I'm getting hot listening to my own husband fuck a strange woman!


CRACK! It was the unmistakable sound of a flesh-stinging slap! The son-of-a-bitch! The woman screamed, and Annabelle had no difficulty in imagining how he had thrust his hotly throbbing cock deep into the woman's cringing cunt.

Then Janice was there beside her hissing into her ear. "Isn't that enough, Mrs. Foxx? We've got t-to get out of here!"

"RELAX DOLL! RELAX AND ENJOY IT! IT'S NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK! YOU'LL GET USED TO IT IN A FEW MINUTES!" Her husband's voice was more gentle now. I don't think I've really ever gotten used to it! Annabelle could almost feel it herself.

There was more silence, followed by more indistinct sounds.

Janice rushed across to disconnect the open line to her boss' private office, but Annabelle slapped her hand away. "Stop it!" she whispered hissingly. "What's the woman's name?"

"I don't remember..."

"Brooks! That's it! I remember now! Virginia Brooks! Her husband's got a service station business!" Annabelle Foxx mused.

From the speaker, now, Virginia's passionate moan, "OH, GOD! YOU'RE RIGHT! IT DOESN'T HURT ANYMORE, HUGO! SO F-FUCK ME... NOW! OH, GOD, HUGO, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" God! Annabelle thought about how often she had begged her husband just as abjectly.

"Who's in there with them?" she snapped at her husband's secretary.

"Mr. Hartman, Arthur Hartman..."

"His wife's name is Phyllis?"

"Yes, I think so..."

Virginia Brooks, again: "WH-WHAT...?"

"IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO START SUCKING MY COCK!" It was the other man, Hartman, speaking.

"Damn! I wish I had a tape of this!" Annabelle thought aloud.

Janice gasped, "N-no!"

"S-SUCK IT?" Virginia was questioning.





"She is young... and inexperienced!" Annabelle observed.


She's got it in her mouth now! Mrs. Foxx had heard enough. She punched the button to the off position. Silence pervaded Hugo's office.

"I want some addresses, Janice!" Annabelle's voice was coldly businesslike.

"I'll give them to you, if you'll make a promise to me," the secretary bargained.

"What's that?"

"I need this job! I-I've got a young daughter to support and..."

"No husband?"

"N-no!" Janice admitted. "Please promise me that you'll never tell your husband that you got in here and listened to this! He'd fire me on the spot!"

"Okay, that's fair enough. I won't tell him!" Annabelle promised. "Now, I want those addresses and telephone numbers!" There was an indistinct plan forming in her mind. "I'm going to put a rack of horns on his head!" she vowed. "One way or another!"

Returning to the outer office, Janice Baker found the information Mrs. Foxx wanted and wrote it out for her. Annabelle took the slip of paper and asked, "Will you tell me how many other women he's got coming in here?"

"No, Mrs. Foxx... I-I can't tell you that!"

Fixing her with a cold stare, she asked one more stabbing question. "Are you one of his... women?"

Janice was too startled to think of lying. "Y-yes," she confessed. "Yes, I-I am..." She flushed pinkly to the roots of her auburn hair and looked away in embarrassment. She, too, had been aroused by what she had heard and had been wondering whether her satyr boss would have enough energy left over for a sexual romp with her. "But, I-I didn't want it to be that way!"

"No, I suppose not!" Annabelle said. "I don't suppose any of us could resist him, once he gets you alone with him!"

The meeting on the following day, which Annabelle had arranged between her and Phyllis Hartman, was very rewarding in many ways.

It started off with some tentative sparring. Probing for attitudes in Phyllis Hartman, Annabelle soon uncovered the fact that Phyllis was aware of her husband's philandering, but it came as yet another shock when Phyllis admitted that she, too, occupied Hugo Foxx's bed in his private office two or three times a week.

Having lived with the poisoning suspicion that her husband was playing around with other women, and once having found out for sure that he was, Annabelle was determined that two could play at that game, the same as Phyllis Hartman had done.

For a while there was an uneasy relationship between them, of wronged wife and other woman, but as they talked further, consuming a pair of martinis apiece, they moved into a friendly camaraderie in which they began to share intimate bits of information about themselves with each other, about their relationship with Hugo, about what they could do together to both Hugo and Arthur Hartman to put them in their places.

Finally, the two women, drawn together in their mutual misery, their bellies warmed by a third martini and their talk of sex leading them on to it, found themselves talking ever more intimately, as they planned what they would do on the following day... if possible.

"We'd have to put on a good lesbian act," Phyllis said, finding it difficult to control her breathing. "You know what we'd have to do!"

Annabelle was remembering how it had been when she was attending a private finishing school for girls. "Yes, I know... I know all about it!" One of her hands stole out to Phyllis' rapidly heaving breast to knead and caress, discovering that the other woman wasn't wearing a brassiere.

Cringing away, Phyllis gasped, "Oh God! Not now, Annabelle! Not right now!" Then she moaned as the gently caressing hand moved to the other breast.

In the next instant, the two moaning women were clinging to each other, their wetly open mouths seeking and finding lips; to kiss, their tongues entwining probingly and their hands searching feverishly the lushly ripened mounds and curves of each other to caress and fondle. And then they were on the bed in Phyllis and Arthur's bedroom, Phyllis a little apprehensive, yet, but willing to learn, as the flames of her forbidden passion were blown by a giant bellows into white-hot heat. Then, naked on the bed, their hotly hungering tongues, mouths and faces buried in the warmly perfumed flesh up between each other's outspread legs, they tasted the joys of woman-love, tender and sweet...

"I suppose we could call this a rehearsal," Annabelle suggested, lighting a cigarette afterward and lounging back, slim and willowy in her platinum blonde loveliness.

"Yes, I guess we could," Phyllis agreed, "but I don't know how I missed out on this, all of these years!" Her sigh was languid, satisfied, and she gazed lovingly at the other naked woman with smoky, full-lidded eyes.

Leon Brooks had been busy all morning long. Noontime had been hectic, and now, as it neared two o'clock, most of the work was cleared up. He was glad for the time to eat his lunch finally, drink some hot coffee and enjoy a cigarette.

He was sitting in his office, from which he could see all of the service station area. The telephone rang.

"I'm having a terrible time trying to get my car started," an agitated woman's voice told him.

"What's happening?"

"It just grinds."

"Well, it's not your battery. Where are you?"

She gave him the address.

"That's a motel."

"That's right. We're in room sixteen, on the left as you drive in!"

"And what kind of car is it?"

"It's a blue Triumph."

"Okay, I'll be there in about ten or fifteen minutes!" Leon told her, then asked. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Annabelle -- Annabelle Foxx!"

Leon found the car parked in front of room sixteen just as Mrs. Foxx had told him it would be. He lifted the lid of the engine compartment and found the trouble almost immediately: the wires leading from the distributor to the spark plugs had been disconnected. "Damn!" he growled to himself. "Somebody's playing jokes or something!" He replaced the wires on their proper connectors in something like thirty seconds, then looking in at the dash panel, he discovered that the ignition keys were not there. Well, I'll get the keys and try it -- collect my money and get the hell back to the station!

"Mrs. Foxx?" Leon asked. "Your car is fixed, I think... and if I can have the keys, I'll see whether it starts now."

"Oh, that's fine!" Annabelle gushed. "Just step in, and I'll see if I can find them!" She threw open the door.

Leon gasped and hesitated a moment, but he wasn't able to resist staring at her as she stepped back to let him enter. She was wearing a frilly dressing robe that he could almost look right through, and the way it gapped open at the top, he got a good look at her full white breasts swelling out so delightfully under the thin material. He was sure that she wasn't wearing anything else. Level blue eyes looked out at him over a little snub nose, and her sensuous wet lips smiled at him invitingly. Her silvery blonde hair was combed down straight to her shoulders. She saw his hesitation and added, "I'll have to find my checkbook, too, so I can pay you for your trouble."

Momentarily, Leon wondered whether her friendly invitation, her somewhat careless display of her charms, and the disconnected spark plug wires on her car, was a trap, a trap set for him by this designing woman to get him alone with her. Hell! Maybe she's one of those women who prowl around picking up guys because they're not being taken care of at home! His interest was piqued almost instantly. Well, I've got nothing to lose! He stepped through the door.

Then he saw her! A second woman with jet-black hair smiled up at him from the bed. She was completely naked, her voluptuously ripened body arranged provocatively, and he couldn't miss the vision of full-mounded breasts, the pink nipples standing erect already, the nipped-in waist, curving hips and softly tapered thighs of a thoroughly desirable woman. Leon stopped short, staring with unabashed manly interest. The door swung shut behind him, and he heard the dead bolt click home. What the hell? Two of them! Probably a couple of lesbians -- but what kind of games are they playing?

"Excuse me, ladies, but I don't want to break up your fun and games!" He turned back toward the door, something telling him he'd better leave, now!

Annabelle was loosening her robe. The front of it was open, revealing the supple willowiness of her lushly mature body, and his eyes swiveled to take in the beauty of it, aware at the same time of his rapidly rising penis down below as his hotly pounding blood charged into it.

"We were hoping that you'd want to stick around and watch," Annabelle told him with a lewd little smile curling her lips.

Christ! They're a couple of kooks! "What makes you think that?" he asked, knowing already that he would stay, that dynamite couldn't get him out of here now.

The woman on the bed spoke for the first time. "Because, we think most men do like to watch!"

"My friend's name is Phyllis," Annabelle told him. "Phyllis Hartman!"

Leon nodded mutely toward Phyllis, on the bed, as the introduction was made.

"But, I don't get it! Why...? Why me?"

Her robe off, now, Annabelle walked nakedly toward the bed, and Leon couldn't keep his eyes off of her sensually rippling buttocks and long, smooth, tapering legs. "There's only one thing we have to know for sure!" she told him.

"What's that?"

"Are you Leon Brooks... and is your wife's name Virginia?"

"Yes, on both counts!" he answered, then asked, "What's that got to do with it?"

"We just wanted to make sure!" Phyllis told him, asking a final question: "And your wife, Virginia -- does she sell Eko-Klean?"

"Yes, she does." Leon was completely mystified. Jesus Christ! Just what in hell is going on here?

The two women exchanged glances knowingly, and Annabelle said brightly, "Okay! That's good enough for us!"

The service station owner watched as she lay down on the bed beside Phyllis Hartman, one of her tiny white hands reaching out to caress the black-haired beauty's ripe, firm breasts. He came to the foot of the bed; looking down at them, he asked, "Aren't you going to tell me what this is all about? What does my wife have to do with it? Or what does Eko-Klean have to do with you two... and her?"

"We'll explain it all later!" Mrs. Foxx said. "Meanwhile, maybe all of us can have some fun... if you're interested..."

"I thought you wanted me to watch?"

"Oh, we do, but if you get any ideas... well... feel free... you know?"

He was getting ideas all right! Below, his rapidly thickening cock was throbbing to full erection. The two voluptuous, naked women were facing each other now, lying on their sides, their full firm breasts pressed close together, and below, he saw their smoothly rounded loins straining against each other, Annabelle's golden-haired triangle rubbing in eager little circles against the darker, curling hair of Mrs. Hartman's loins, whose sleekly curving thighs were slightly spread, allowing the blonde's softly tapered thigh to slide up between them. Damn! It was really giving him ideas! Maybe they're both horny... both of them working together... getting their excitement that way -- or maybe the lesbian act is just a way of making sure I'm interested! But Jesus! Two at a time? He was a little dubious. Of course, I could be wrong! Maybe they just get their kicks having somebody watching them...

The two women's mouths melted together in a deep, tongue-jousting kiss. Both women, he noted, had closed their eyes, while their hands were roaming caressingly over the naked contours of each other's body. He could only watch for another moment before he knew that he would have to be a part of it, had to join them there on the bed. Forgotten was Virginia, his wife, and vows of fidelity. This was heady stuff, and who was he to turn and run away from a pulchritudinous feast like this, especially when it seemed to be laid just for him?

Still standing at the foot of the bed watching the two nakedly writhing women, Leon began to divest himself of his clothing. It didn't take very long until he stood there with his clothes strewn around him, the rock-hard shaft of his pulsating cock standing up at an acute angle. Then he crawled up on the bed, his itching hands reaching out to begin a caressing exploration of each of the women's satin-smooth, warmly vibrant bodies.

Their kiss was broken momentarily as Phyllis looked up at him through smoke-gray eyes and murmured, "So you are interested?"

"You're damned right I am! Would you expect me not to be?"

"Not really!" Annabelle said.

"Does the name Hugo Foxx mean anything to you?" It was Phyllis asking it, as she stretched out a hand toward him.

He pressed up close to her, and she began fondling his now painfully pulsating cock, her fingers moving along its thick length appreciatively. "No. Should it?" he asked.

"He's the Area Supervisor for Eko-Klean... and Annabelle's husband!" Phyllis said.

Leon swiveled his eyes to focus on the platinum blonde's face and she smiled her affirmation, adding, "And Phyllis' husband is your wife's sponsor!"

"Arthur! Arthur Hartman!" he grunted. "So what's the deal, getting me here, in bed with you, making me think I could fuck you both? Is this some kind of trick?"

"No, no tricks!" Annabelle grinned. "You'll have your fun... and so will we!"

"But your husbands?"

"No problem!" Phyllis assured him. "They don't know about this!"

The young gas station owner was wary, now. He didn't understand these two women at all, couldn't divine their motives, but he was so heatedly aroused now that it would have been almost impossible for him to walk out on them. Phyllis' hand was caressing him to even greater hardness. "Relax, Leon darling!" she murmured.

Then Annabelle was moving. She was up on her knees and reversing her naked body, forcing Leon to move aside, as she threw one leg over Phyllis' head to straddle her in the classic sixty-nine position; then, spreading her firm satiny thighs, she lowered her pink pussy down over the black-haired woman's face. Instantly, as he watched avidly, feeling the quickening of his own breath and the surging pound of his racing blood, he saw Phyllis' pink little tongue snake out sinuously from between her lips and lick up toward the coral-pinkness of the moistly hovering cunt above her head. "Christ!" he breathed, as his wildly throbbing cock jerked involuntarily. "Chee-rist!" God! He would have loved to be doing that himself!

Phyllis' faintly quivering thighs were spread wide, and Annabelle's head slowly lowered down between them. Leon shifted his gaze to watch. He saw her tongue lash out to bury itself in the wetly glistening vaginal opening. Phyllis shivered with a lewd delight, and Leon was aware of the mewling humming sounds coming from their throats as well as the obscene sucking noises as each hungrily tongue-fucked the other. Hell! They were literally all wrapped up in each other, and there was nothing he could do except caress their sensually writhing bodies. He did that.

His hand went out between the two soft warm bodies, first to the kneeling Annabelle's, where he fondled her ripely dangling breasts and dug his fingers into the smooth, pliant flesh, cupping them up and rolling the hardened nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Then he saw that he could use both hands. He slid his other hand up over Phyllis' tautly rippling belly to her chest to knead and caress the quivering softness of her full-mounding breasts. He was getting so hotly aroused that he was beginning to wonder whether he could last through it. Of course, never in his life had he thought he would ever have the chance to fuck two such sensually attractive women at the same time. He thought about that. No! It's impossible! Fucking them one after the other is what it really is! That means I've got to hold back until the second one's ready to cum! He just hoped to hell he could do it!

Now Phyllis and Annabelle were wildly grinding their wetly glistening pussies into each other's faces, and their breathing was raspy in their throats. Christ! They're both turned on... and so far gone they might start cumming any minute! Apparently they seemed to realize it too, for Phyllis was struggling to push Annabelle's savagely writhing cunt up away from her mouth and making strangling noises in her throat.

Finally, Annabelle raised her head from the other woman's visibly pulsating pussy, her lips glistening moistly from the perfumed lubricant flowing from the black-haired woman's hotly seething cunt.

"Oh, God!" Annabelle muttered. "I almost forgot! It was so good I just wanted it to go on and on!" She scrambled up from her position over Phyllis and said throatily to Leon, "But, I do want to finish up by being fucked half to death by that big hard prick of yours!" Her eyes were riveted now on his massively throbbing penis as she straightened herself around on the bed and lay back nakedly supine, her thighs spreading wide in an obscene invitation to be fucked. "Come on, lover! Stick that beautiful prick in me, now!"

Leon immediately crawled in between her thighs and started to lower himself between them, when Phyllis gasped out her objections. "No! Damn it! I'm ready for him too! I've got to have it -- right now!"

Unexpectedly, Leon found himself in the enviable but unfortunate position of having to choose which one to satisfy first of the two fully aroused women. "Christ!" he groaned, not really sounding unhappy about the situation. "I can only fuck one of you at a time! The other one'll have to wait!"

Beneath him Annabelle was reaching down between their naked bodies to tightly grasp his rampantly ready cock, and with a deft, expert hand she guided it to the moistly heated opening of her seething pussy, then, without warning, she arched her back and bucked up against him to force his lust-swollen cockhead just inside her hotly throbbing cunt.

"And I've got him! I've got his prick in me already, Phyllis!" Annabelle crooned triumphantly, as her satiny hips undulated up to him to absorb more of his thick rod of male flesh. Then as an after thought she suggested, "You could use your hand and finger yourself darling... while you're waiting!"

Leon couldn't wait! His impatiently pulsing cock was there already, half-buried in Annabelle's wetly clasping cuntal sheath. With a quick thrust of his hips, he drove his just-hardened penis deep into her, feeling the delightful flutterings of the blonde's interior vaginal muscles all along his thick throbbing length. There was no stopping him then. He began to fuck in and out of her heatedly quivering pussy with a smooth steady beat, hoping that he would be able to bring her to orgasm right away without cumming himself. Hell! I'm in a real fix! He hated the position he had been forced into, yet it was no making of his own, being forced to choose between the two sexually aroused and bickering women.

"No! Wait!" Phyllis cried frantically, putting her face down close, so that she was talking to both of them. "Listen to me! Leon can fuck both of us at the same time! It's a weird position I read about in some Chinese sex book! Art and I were reading it, and I remember now what it said!"

Leon was interested in what she was saying, even though Annabelle's rapidly rippling vaginal muscles were about to drive him mad. "How does it work?" he asked. "I've only got one cock to use!"

"You'll have to stop, so I can show you!" Phyllis' voice was urgent and her hand had stolen down to her wetly aroused pussy, where she used her finger to rub caressingly down one side of her pulsing little clitoris. "Oh, please stop! It can be done!"

Leon stopped. He was deeply affected by the urgency of her need, her sobbing cry for fulfillment.

But Annabelle, writhing beneath him, was so far gone that she screamed out, "Oh, God, Leon, darling, keep on fucking me! You can't stop now!" Her fiercely grasping hands came down to his naked buttocks to pull him deep into her, while at the same time her hips wildly gyrated up against him; then she was pulling her knees up until her thighs were pressing hard against the soft, pliant mounds of her breasts, which were now lightly covered with tiny droplets of sweat signifying her full sexual arousal. "Oh, God! Fuck me! Hard!" she moaned out piteously.

"Let's try it!" Leon said, making his own decision. "I've never fucked two women at the same time, and I'd like to see what happens." He raised himself up on hands and knees, pulling his long wetly glistening cock out of Annabelle's tightly clasping vagina. He didn't want to stop the delicious fucking of her any more than she wanted him to, but if there was a solution to his dilemma, one that would include Phyllis, he wanted to try it. Futilely, the loudly wailing Annabelle tried to hang on to him, but he pulled himself clear of her grasping hands and wantonly writhing hips and legs to growl, "All right, Phyllis, show us this so-called Chinese position!"

Mewling joyous sounds in her throat, Phyllis Hartman was already moving to obey. "It's really very simple... according to the directions I read in that book!"

As she faced Leon, she slowly sat down on the blonde's belly, her back to the other girl's face. Then she lay down backwards, her own back pressed tightly into the nakedly trembling breasts of Annabelle beneath so that her openly spread vagina was directly above that of the blonde's below.

Leon understood instantly how it would work, and crawled in between both women's widely parted thighs, as Phyllis pulled her knees up and spread her legs even wider. Looking down, he saw both their hair-fringed, wetly waiting pussies, one above the other, only a couple of inches apart: Phyllis' dark-haired cunt, its pink inner layers flowered open to receive his hotly pulsating cock, contrasting sharply with the blonde, softly curling pubic hair of Annabelle's moistly quivering vagina below.

"Christ!" he exploded in surprise. "It is possible to fuck you both at the same time!"

"Come on, Leon! Fuck us now! First stick your cock in me, then pull it out all the way and fuck it into Annabelle's pussy, then back and forth between us!" Phyllis panted in lewd anticipation.

"Oh God! Hurry up and fuck us!" It was Annabelle, below.

With an ecstatic willingness born of the erotically mind-boggling spectacle of two soft warm cunts waiting hungrily there for his painfully throbbing cock to start fucking them, Leon slammed his hips forward and drove his long hard penis straight into Phyllis' impatiently waiting vagina, going deep and hard, and feeling her hot inner walls cling to him as his lust-incited cockhead flicked past her cervix and struck the far back wall of her cuntal sheath. Pulling his madly pulsating cock all the way out of her eagerly churning pussy then, he tilted his hips downward slightly and plunged again into Annabelle's wetly seething vaginal opening below. All three of them groaned in a wanton delight as they visualized the lewd spectacle they were participating in.

Then he began to alternate, driving first upward into Phyllis above, then downward into Annabelle below. After several thrusts he began fucking each of them deeply and accurately. At first he was aware of the differences between their wetly clasping cunts, but after a few moments it was hard for him to know into which pussy he was thrusting.

Annabelle's hands came up between Phyllis' arms and cupped the firmly dancing mounds of the black-haired woman's breasts; she began caressing them and rolling her coned-out nipples to an even harder, erection. Phyllis shivered and moaned in lewd delight and Leon saw that the blonde's lips were fervently kissing Phyllis' back and neck.

"Oh, ooooohhh, OOOOOhhhh!" Annabelle mewled. "It's beautiful! Oh, my God! Fuck me! Haaaaard! Fuck me! Fuckmefuckmefuckme!"

Slaving away above them, Leon tried! God! How he tried! He slammed his thick, lust-hardened cock alternately into each of their eagerly grinding pussies, knowing that time and the intensity of his wildly exciting passion was going to catch up with him soon in a spewing, mind-blowing orgasm as he felt the acidlike burn of it like a signal flare deep in his loins at the base of his hard thrusting cock.

Annabelle came! She screamed in full-throated rapture. "OOOOOooooohhhhh! IIIII-I'mmmmm cummmmmiiiiinnnng! AAAAAaaaaauuuuugggghhhh!" Her naked young body below convulsed, long legs thrashed, and she thrust her wetly quivering cunt up at his thick impaling shaft with such fury that she lifted Phyllis and Leon completely off the mattress. He rammed into her deeply, then withdrew to thrust his moistly glistening penis into Phyllis' wildly clasping cunt above. In the next instant, he was stroking into Annabelle's softly heated vaginal flesh, and she moaned aloud, "Oh, God, Leon! Shove your prick in me... just a couple more times! I'm... I'm... ohhhh!"

He did. He stayed right there with her, punching his now wildly vibrating cock into her several times in succession -- and she came a second time with an unearthly, banshee shriek of pure pleasure. "AAAAAaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh! Oh, Goddddd, Goddddd!"

Quickly, he withdrew from Annabelle's frantically quivering cunt and thrust it upward deep into Phyllis' hotly clinging pussy above, where with several nonstop jarring strokes, he brought the dark-haired woman rapidly to the brink of her release.

"Oh, that's it! Leon! Oh, God, Leon! I'm going to cum, too! IIIII'mmmmm cuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnng, nowwwww! AAAAAaaaaauuuuuguuggggghhhhh!"

As Phyllis convulsed, her legs flopping lewdly out to her sides and her eyes swam unseeingly while delicious ripples of relaxing muscle spasms surged through her nakedly orgasming body.

Damn! Both of them! They both came! The young service station owner was overjoyed. Then he simply let go and his wildly jerking cock pumped deliciously as his hot white semen hosed through the long length of his still-thrusting penis to jet from the tiny slit in its tip. Satisfied sexually and intensely happy with himself, he enjoyed the ecstatic sensation of his sperm ejaculating deep into Phyllis' hotly nibbling vagina. "God!" he grunted with heartfelt joy. "God, that was something else!"

He forebore the desire to just collapse on top of the two naked women, but he knew that his added weight on top of Annabelle would be too much for her. Reluctantly, he pulled his rapidly softening cock from Phyllis' tightly clasping vagina with a lewd wet sucking sound. He rolled to his side and Phyllis followed suit, shifting so that Leon lay nakedly stretched out between them.

It was several minutes before any of them said anything.

Her breathing under control, Annabelle reached out to caress Leon's chest and murmured, "Well, it worked after all... and you're really quite a man!"

He accepted with a polite demure. Now that it was finished, his mind was racing. He had to know what it was all about... what his wife had to do with all of this!

Phyllis had herself under control now. "Thank you, Leon, darling. You were a real dear to make it so good for both of us!"

Again, with false modesty, Leon passed her compliment off lightly, telling them both, "Hell, it was an experience I wouldn't have missed for anything! How often do you suppose an ordinary guy like me gets the chance to fuck two beautiful, willing women at the same time?"

"Well, it wasn't exactly the way we planned it!" Annabelle admitted. "But it was fun... and different!"

"Okay, ladies, Annabelle, Phyllis, now that we're all settled down, I'd like to know what the hell it's all about. I'm still in the dark, you know! Now, what or how does my wife fit into this?"

There was a moment of silence. Finally it was the blonde who said, "We thought that this would be a nice way for all three of us to get even with our spouses."

"All of us?" he queried, trying to make sense from what she had said. "I don't get it. Why would I want to get even with my wife... and for what?"

Phyllis asked him bluntly, "Then you don't know that my husband, and Annabelle's husband, too, have been balling your wife?"

"No! God damn it, I didn't know that!" Leon exploded, sitting up in disbelief. "Are you sure?" His anger was quick and raging within him!

"We're sure!" Annabelle affirmed.

Phyllis added, "Positively sure! Otherwise we'd never have done what we did today!"

"I'll be a son-of-a-bitch! How did those bastards get to her?" he grated.

"Money! According to what Art, my husband, said, she spent some money belonging to Eko-Klean!" Phyllis explained. "He threatened her with jail, said it would ruin your service station business."

"That damned washing machine!"

"And Art passed her along to Hugo, my husband!" Annabelle explained further.

"I'll knock her God damned cheating head off!"

"Why?" Annabelle reasoned. "You've fucked both of us, remember?"

"Yeah, that's right!" he agreed. "But now what...?"

"Well, you could let her know about us... because we really intend to rub it into our husbands!" Phyllis said grimly.

"I see... make it psychological...?"

"That's right!" It was Phyllis again.

"There's one other thing you ought to know," Annabelle added. "Next week, there's an area-wide meeting in Palm Springs. If you're wise, you'll go along and keep an eye on your wife so that they don't get another chance at her!"

"I'll be there!" Leon said determinedly.

As they were dressing and Leon was preparing to leave, Annabelle asked him coyly, "How much is it for your service call?"

"Are you kidding? There's no charge!"

"We'll see you in Palm Springs, then?" Phyllis asked with a suggestive leer.

"You're damned right! I wouldn't miss it for anything!"


On the way down to Palm Springs, as Leon drove rapidly along the freeway arrowing through the desert, Virginia told him that she was glad he had decided to take the weekend off to have some fun for a change.

"You haven't had any time off for a long time."

"Actually, I came along to keep my eye on you!" Leon told her bluntly, deciding that this was as good a time as any to get things out in the open.

Virginia stared open-mouthed at his profile. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked with more than a little apprehension.

"It means I know you've been playing around... getting yourself laid!" he rasped out at her, taking his eyes from the road for a moment to flash a look of disgust at her.

"Th-that's not true, Leon!" she lied.

"Do you want me to name names?"

"N-no... because there isn't anybody else!" she sobbed. "I love... j-just you!"

"Let's start with Arthur Hartman... then Hugo Foxx!"

The two names stabbed out at her, and she cringed away. "Ooooohh, God! N-no!" How did he find out?

"I know... so there's no need to lie about it!" he pursued grimly. "Would you like to know how I found out?"

Virginia was absolutely miserable. She was sure that now Leon would be leaving her, asking for a divorce, but nothing would force her to admit to him that his knowledge was correct. She persisted in her plea of innocence. "There's nothing to find out... be-because I-I didn't do anything!"

"Their wives told me!" he grated. "Annabelle Foxx and Phyllis Hartman told me themselves... and do you want to know something else?"

He didn't wait for her answer. Plunging ahead, he told her gloatingly, "They both threw themselves at me... to get even with their husbands... and I fucked them both... at the same time!"

Virginia couldn't believe what she was hearing. Leon? Leon did something like that? "H-how could they?" she sobbed.

"What? Find out... or offer themselves to me?"

"F-find out..."

"I don't know how they found out, but they were positive about it!" he growled. "So positive that they arranged a little sex party for me... and did you hear what I told you? I fucked them both at the same time! Would you like to know how I did it?"

"No!" Virginia flared. "Do you have to be s-so crude?"

"Hell, yes! I want you to suffer! I want you to know all the little details about it, so you'll know how I felt when I found out you were nothing but a lying little cheat!"

"B-but you don't understand!"

"Yes, I do, you bitch! I understand plenty, and you're going to listen while I tell you all about it!"

Then, as his wife sobbed and cringed in the corner of her seat, Leon proceeded to shower her with the welter of details of his sexual encounter with the two sensually attractive women. Surprisingly, Virginia found herself becoming aroused as his tale went on and on. Finally, when he was finished, she crept close to him and murmured, "Leon, darling, could w-we make up... maybe sort of pretend that nothing's happened, since you figure you've evened the score..."

At that point, Leon wasn't sure the score had been evened. "How do you think we can just wish it away? The fact is you were cheating, getting laid behind my back... and I'm not ready to forgive and forget yet! I'm going to have some more fun with those two women! They practically told me that they'd both take me on, again... and by God, I think that's exactly what I'll do! But, as for you, you've been having your fun already, and I'm going to make damned sure you don't go bouncing around from one hot bed to another!"

Virginia was disappointed. Her overtures toward reconciliation were spurned, and she felt the sting of his rejection; at the same time, there was a pervading sense of the unfairness of his attitude. She voiced it. "But you're blaming me... and then doing the same thing yourself."

"Yeah! The difference is I'm telling you what I'm going to do... and then I'm going to do it!"

With an effort, Virginia pulled herself together before they arrived at the sprawling hotel in Palm Springs, which was hosting the Eko-Klean meeting. She was thankful for her dark sunglasses masking her swollen, red-rimmed eyes. All of her excitement and anticipation over the meeting had fled from her; all that was left was a huge, aching void as she felt that everything she had ever held dear, the most precious of which was her marriage to Leon Brooks, was just about lost... forever. God! We can't go on this way!

They checked in at the hotel's desk and were soon in their room. Virginia repaired the damage to her face as best she could, bathing her eyes in cold water and putting on fresh make-up. Then she left to attend the first of several meetings on the program. True to his word, Leon accompanied her to the small auditorium and told her that he would be back to pick her up when the meeting was over.

"You don't trust me at all?" she asked, new anguish coursing through her.

"No!" Leon told her. "No, I don't trust you any more than I trust those two bastards who've been fucking you!"

Sarcasm dripping from her words, Virginia spat hissingly, "But you -- you're different?"

"I'm honest about it! Now, go on in to your meeting -- and don't leave until I pick you up, understand?"

"Yes, sir!" she hissed. "Do I salute too?"

Gripping her arm angrily, but mindful of the scores of other people milling about the entrance to the meeting hall, Leon hissed back menacingly.

"Don't get smart with me, Virginia! You're just damned lucky I haven't marked you up so far... but you just keep it up, and you'll be asking for a scab on the end of your nose."

When he released her, Virginia was so terribly frightened that she scuttled away from him and darted into the auditorium, finding a seat near the rear corner where she could be alone. It was the first time since she'd known Leon that he had threatened her with physical violence. Remembering the grim anger in his eyes, she was sure that he was capable of doing it. Unbidden tears streamed from her eyes; she dabbed at them with a tissue and wished that she'd decided to stay away from this meeting. Her first reaction when she'd gotten the notice about it was to refuse to go. But it's mandatory! I have to be here!

Hugo Foxx conducted the meeting, spouting sales statistics and pointing out areas for improvement along with quoting stimulative suggestions and anecdotes urging greater volumes of sales. He was every bit the ebullient sales manager, acting the part of coach and mentor, as he exhorted his team to greater effort.

Afterward, there was a period of about three hours of free time before the dinner meeting in the evening, at which time the president of Eko-Klean was to give one of the major talks. When Leon met her at the door of the meeting hall, Virginia had regained her composure somewhat and had decided to try to enjoy herself.

"Let's go for a swim, Leon darling," she suggested.

"Okay, I haven't been in for ages."

He was grinning, and as she came close to him and smelled his breath, she knew that he'd been drinking.

"Have you been relaxing with a drink, darling?"

"Yeah, I had a couple," he admitted. "If you want, I'll order for you, out at the pool."

"That'd be nice! Thank you," she murmured.

They swam for a while; each had a drink, and Leon dozed off in the warm afternoon sun. Virginia had no intention of doing anything to provoke Leon further. She had made up her mind that she'd stand up to Hugo Foxx and Art Hartman, refusing to let them use her any more, come what may. Now that Leon knows, the rest of it doesn't make much difference! Anyway, he must know about the money, too, and maybe we can work something out, so that it gets paid back! Except for her husband's threat to take his sexual pleasure with those other two women, if he got the chance, she was rather glad that he was there with her acting as a guardian. At least with Leon so close, Hugo and Art wouldn't dare try anything with me!

Suddenly she was startled. A loudspeaker near the pool was blaring out her name, informing her of a telephone call. A cocktail waitress with the thick red hair and scanty bikini directed her to the nearest house phone.

"H-hello?" She was worried and apprehensive.

"Virginia, baby..." Hugo Foxx purred, rumbling in his bass voice. "I see that your husband's taking a little nap..."

"Mr. Foxx, don't try to get me into your room, because it won't work any more! I'll see that you get your money now, because my husband knows all about it!"

"That's what I heard!" he growled. "And I also heard that he was with my wife the other day."

"And I kn-know all about that."

"I suppose he told you?"

"Y-yes! He told me!"

"Now I'm going to tell you something! You're going to come to my room, now! Standing right behind you are a couple of my friends. They're going to escort you here -- and don't you dare make a scene!"

Virginia glanced behind her, her eyes widening with fear, as she saw that two well-dressed, smiling men stood lounging easily waiting for her. "You wouldn't d-dare!" she rasped hissingly into the telephone.

"Oh, but I do! You still owe me something, and I'm going to collect! Now, hang up the telephone, turn around, smile, and accompany Jack and Bruce to my room -- with no fuss!"

"You bastard!" Virginia spat. The telephone went dead. Her brain was spinning in confusion, and she wondered briefly whether she had any chance of making a run for it. Numbly, she cradled the phone and turned to face the two men, knowing that she couldn't willingly go with them. Instinctively, she gathered herself and spun away from them, breaking into a desperate, loping run that lasted for two or three steps. They caught her. She didn't struggle and no one apparently noticed the brief action.

"Mrs. Brooks," Jack Keller smiled. "I'm surprised at you... after Mr. Foxx issued you such a nice invitation to come to his room."

She looked up abjectly into their implacable faces and knew that there was no hope of escape from them.

"Come, Mrs. Brooks, shall we go now?" the other man, Bruce Holcombe, grinned. "We don't want to keep Mr. Foxx waiting, do we?"

Virginia shrugged her terry cloth robe close around her, shivering with fright and already visualizing what was going to happen once she was inside Hugo's room. God! It'll be another nightmare of sex -- and more sex! She hated to think about it, but much worse, she hated to think about Leon's reaction to it... when he found out! He'd never believe that I was practically kidnapped.

Hugo met them at the door, standing there huge and bearlike with a drink in his hand. Glaring at her, he grunted. "One thing you're going to have to learn, doll, is that when I tell you to do something, you do it!"

Defiantly, Virginia rapped out, "I-I told you before -- you don't own me!"

"I never said that!" Hugo said with elaborate, placating tones. "We just have a business arrangement! Now, I'd like you to meet our associates. You already know Art Hartman...?"

Virginia shot a glance at her sponsor, lounging at ease in his chair sipping an icy drink, his jacket and tie off already. God! Him again...?

"The two gentlemen who escorted you here: Jack Keller and Bruce Holcombe!" Hugo was going on. "And, of course, you know me."

Jack Keller, she had noted before, was stocky and quite short, with a broad, ruddy face and silvering blond hair. Bruce Holcombe was younger, athletically trim, dark hair graying at the temples, and nice eyes. Virginia thought, as she glanced at each of them in turn: four? Four of them? My God! No! No! No! Her mind refused to accept it. She could have screamed -- but she wondered whether it would do any good.

"And maybe later on we'll have another distinguished gentlemen, but I won't be able to tell you his name yet!" Hugo was still talking, as Jack and Bruce began helping themselves to Scotch-on-the-rocks.

Groaning, Virginia objected. "Do you mean there're going to be five men... who-who...?"

"Are going to fuck you, Virginia baby! That's right! After the way you made it with Art and me, you'll have no trouble at all with five! Why, Christ! I think that hot little pussy of yours should be able to handle ten men!"

Virginia shuddered at the thought that he had somehow intended that as some kind of compliment. It was too bizarre even to consider. "You're crazy if you think I'm going t-to agree... to th-that!"

"You don't have a choice!" Hugo told her. "Take off that robe so Jack and Bruce can get a good look at you!" His eyes bored into her, and the commanding figure and voice of him caused her to obey.

She shrugged off the terry robe. Underneath, she was wearing a skimpy bikini which left almost nothing to the imagination. Amid lewd compliments from the four men in the room, she looked around dazedly to see them crowding around her and reaching out to fondle her almost naked body. In a moment, one of the men (she thought it was Jack Keller) had untied her brassiere top. Hugo plucked it from her to expose the lush vision of her full mounded breasts. "See what I mean?" Hugo croaked gloatingly. "Isn't that the prettiest pair of tits you've ever seen?"

"Damned right!" Bruce Holcombe reached out to cup and caress one of her faintly quivering breasts.

Then Arthur Hartman was untying her bikini bottom and pulling it down over the ripely curving swell of her hips and buttocks. She was naked in the midst of four virile, salaciously turned-on men, and as she glanced around at them, seeing the lewd desire in their burning eyes, she couldn't help noticing the massive bulges in their pants. Ooooohhh, my God! They're serious! They're really going to d-do it to m-me! All four of them!


Awaking with a start from his dozing sleep, Leon Brooks looked around to see that Virginia was not there beside him in the lounge chair; neither was she in the water. Damn! She took off! He got up and walked away from the pool area, thinking that he would check their room first. Seeing the cocktail waitress, he signaled her to him and inquired whether she had seen his wife leave the pool.

The green-eyed, red-haired waitress thought a moment. "She's blonde, right? Oh, yeah, I remember, she was paged for a phone call... and she went off somewhere with two men..."

Leon thanked her with a generous tip, went to the main desk of the hotel and found out the number of the Foxx room. He called on the telephone from his room, when he found that his wife wasn't there.

"Hello?" It was Annabelle.

"Annabelle? Do you know where your husband is?"

"Is this Leon?"


"He's off to some special meeting in another room. Why?"

"Virginia's gone!"

"And you think she's with Hugo?"

"Maybe... I don't know. If you see her, tell her I'm looking for her, okay?"

"Okay, I sure will, Leon."

There was little promise of getting anything going with Hugo's wife right away, he decided, although her voice was warm and concerned. Anyway, there's still plenty of time for that! Right then, his chief interest was in locating his wife. A call to the Hartmans' room was fruitless; there was no answer. Damn! There's at least a hundred and fifty other rooms in this hotel... and she's in one of them! She's got to be! But how in the hell do I go about finding her? He got dressed and started making the rounds of the public places in the hotel: bars, dining rooms, shops, beauty salons. He even checked the swimming pool again... to no avail...

"Y-you can't!" Virginia choked. "You can't d-do this t-to me!"

"The hell we can't!" Hugo told her, taking charge again. "Come along... into the bedroom!" He took her by the upper arm and propelled her toward the bedroom door.

The other three crowded in after them. Art Hartman closed the door and locked it. Dazedly, Virginia looked around the room and saw that the bed had been disassembled, the mattress placed on the floor. But as her eyes focused on an upholstered chair in the corner, she saw that it was occupied by another man. He sat there, in his shorts, pulling on a drink, his handsome but vacuous face looking up at her, his dark eyes in a contrasting pasty complexion lighting up with interest as they swept over her appreciatively.

"Very nice, Hugo!" the seated man complimented. "She'll do... if she's clean!"

"She is!" Hugo rumbled.

The implication was clear to her instantly. My God! He thinks I-I'm a prostitute! "How dare you!" Virginia flared out at them.

Hugo ignored her outburst and said, "She's one of ours, Stan. She works under Hartman."

"I see..." The man Hugo had called Stan stood and went on, "That's good enough for me!"

Setting his drink aside, he came to Virginia, his eyes now filled with raw lust, and took her into his arms, pressing her close, until the warmth of his throbbing erection was tight against her abdomen, only the cloth of his shorts separating them. He ran his hands down her back and his fingers dug into the plaint softness of her moonlike buttocks. "Yes! She's definitely all right!" he murmured. Virginia stood stiffly, refusing to respond to him, even though she had noticed that the other men, including Hugo Foxx, seemed to be deferential to him. He revolted her. But he must be important! She wondered then whether he could be the president of Eko-Klean, a man she had heard about but not yet seen. He's supposed to give a speech at dinner, this evening...

Stan was walking her backward now. Her bare feet slid reluctantly across the rug until the backs of her ankles touched the mattress on the floor. Then he pushed her lush young body down onto the top of the mattress and stepped back to divest himself of his shorts, stripping them down over his thighs to reveal his long, thin, slightly curving penis lancing out almost horizontally from the graying black curls of his pubic hair. He must dye his hair! Then she thought about that overly handsome face and wondered: Maybe he's had plastic surgery! That means he's really older than he looks! Finally, she knew. Stan? Of course! He must be the president of Eko-Klean... Stanley S. Townsend, the Second!

It was almost as though Townsend's action was a signal. As Virginia knelt there on the mattress and Stan began lowering himself down beside her, the other four men started undressing. An awesome sight it was for her, too, as one by one they shed their clothing rapidly, and massively hard cocks were revealed in a pulsating ring around her. She already knew that there was no escape for her... but if it had to happen, she'd have to have something to bolster her.

"I'd like to have a drink," she said.

"Okay, baby!" It was Art Hartman who responded. "I'll get it for you!" Then, to the other men, he observed, "She's a hell of a lot better lay when she's got some liquor in her!"

Hugo growled, "Hell, she's just stalling!" He reached for her and stretched her out beside him on the mattress, capturing her lips to kiss her hard, his tongue lashing deep into her half-open mouth.

Below, she felt hands prying her clamped-together legs apart, then begin caressing the inner softness of her nakedly sensitive thighs, with fingers running all the way upward between her widely spread legs to play in the golden curls for a moment, before an outstretched finger slipped down into the warm cuntal slit to titillate the already hardening bud of her clitoris. She was pretty sure that it was Stanley Townsend who was stimulating her there. Then another pair of hands was cupping and fondling her ripely straining breast on the opposite side from Hugo. The fingers dug into the tender softness of it, and she winced. The fingers relaxed; a man's moistly heated mouth was there now, sucking hard on the sensitive nipple, which sent quivering chills of ecstasy shimmering through her body. God! It was happening again! All those delicious sensations! I-I just can't resist them! I get so hot... so fast!

"I've got her drink here!" Hartman was growling. "So how about letting her up long enough to drink it?"

"Drink it yourself, Hartman! We're busy now!" Stan told him.

Virginia struggled to free her lips from Hugo's possessive mouth. Succeeding after a moment, she gasped: "I want it, Art! Please bring it to me!" She tried to sit up.

Hugo tried to stop her, but finally gave up. "Okay! Slug it down then so we can get on to some real fucking!"

The beautiful young wife sat up then, surrounded by the five naked men, and accepting the glass of whiskey from Hartman, drank greedily.

When Leon looked for Virginia for the second time around in the Vaquero Room, he spotted Phyllis Hartman and Annabelle Foxx seated in a booth. They were drinking vodka martinis.

"Have you found her yet?" Annabelle asked.

"No, damn it! She's not in any of the obvious places and I found out that she didn't go of her own free will with those two men who met her at the swimming pool!"

"Do you mean she was taken by force?" Phyllis asked, her eyes widening with concern.

"According to the lifeguard, she tried to get away from them... but they caught her!" he explained worriedly, "You know, I'm just about ready to call the police in on this, because it looks like she's been kidnapped!"

"Kidnapped?" the two women chorused.

"But, God, Leon... you were thinking Hugo had something to do with it!" Annabelle said, excited now. "I don't think he'd do something like that... and if the police investigated it, it'd be just horrible! The scandal of it would really hurt him!"

Phyllis broke in, saying, "Art's a kind of a rat... but he couldn't be involved with something like kidnapping!"

"Well, maybe so, and maybe not. Do you know where Hugo went for that meeting, Annabelle?"

"No, not really, but I'll find out!"

"I'd sure as hell like to know where she is!"

"We'll help!" Annabelle assured him. "We'll have to, now!"

Amid ribald remarks and impatient, fondling hands, Virginia drank her whiskey quickly, not liking it but thankful for its warming numbness. As she handed the glass back to Art, who merely set it on the floor near the mattress, Stan Townsend grunted, "Now you can start off by sucking my cock for a while!"

"But, I-I..."

"You do suck cock don't you?"

"She sure as hell does!" Art answered.

"And she will!" Hugo said grimly.

Townsend lay back on the mattress with a lewd grin. "Well...?" he questioned.

"Okay, baby, you heard him!" Hugo growled. "So crawl over there between his legs and get started!"

Virginia shot him a malevolent glance, but she obeyed him. Nakedly crouching down between Stan's widespread thighs, she reached out for the long, thin shaft of his cock, grasped it and hesitantly lowered her head down to it.

Moving his bearlike body in behind her subserviently kneeling form, Hugo rapped out, "Quit stalling or I'll give you one across the backside, like I did last time!"

Frightened, Virginia worked the loose foreskin back and forth a couple of times before taking Stan's lustfully throbbing cockhead into her wetly ovalled lips. Remembering what Art had told her last time, she used her tongue swirlingly all around the smooth rubbery head of it, and heard the older man groan in lewd delight. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down over the wetly glistening shaft. The kneeling young wife could feel the dizzying effect of the alcohol and wished that she could have drunk enough of it to wipe out all consciousness, so that she wouldn't know what was going on, as these five sex-crazed men used her body so vilely. "Christ!" Jack Keller was complaining. "I wish she was sucking on my cock!"

"Don't worry, Jack. You'll get your turn!" Hugo promised.

On both sides now -- Bruce on one side, Jack on the other -- she felt their hands lewdly caressing and exploring her naked young body, cupping and fondling her heavily swaying breasts. Behind her, she was aware that Hugo's big body was leaning over her kissing her back, beginning up near her shoulders and moving downward, trailing his moistly licking tongue down her spine. In spite of her resolution not to enjoy this, the wetly heated kisses made her shiver with unwanted delight as his tongue progressed on down, down, and down with inexorable slowness. As Stan began to flex his hips to drive his hotly pulsing penis up farther into her tightly ovalled mouth, Virginia began absorbing more and more of his long thin shaft into the soft warm cavern of her mouth and partway down her throat. She was relaxed this time and to her surprise, as she took more and more of his pulsating length into her wetly sucking mouth, there was no discomfort. Closing her eyes, she began hollowing her cheeks to exert more sucking pressure, while at the same time her head twisted slightly on the axis of his cock-shaft, her tongue swishing around and around the pulsing head on each outstroke. After a few moments, her other hand involuntarily went under to fondle his sperm-bloated testicles with gentle care.

Behind her, Hugo was now bestowing moist warm kisses on the softly pliant moons of her buttocks, while at the same time his hamlike hands on either side dug into the satin-smooth flesh, his fingers massaging deep into them. Then he was prying her ass cheeks apart at the crevice, and his tongue pressured downward until it was teasingly licking at the tiny puckered opening of her anus.

Cringing away from his tantalizing tongue at first, Virginia was shocked by his obscene stimulation of her back there, but as erotic sensations continued to crackle through her, inflaming her belly, she wriggled back against his face, accepting abjectly his wetly salacious caress against her sensitive rectal orifice. She couldn't understand how it was that she seemed to have no control over her sensually eager body anymore; why it was that she caved in to these men like this and was soon so far gone in sexual arousal that she was helpless to prevent them from doing what they wanted with her. God! I'm putty in their hands now! Anytime! Anywhere! Like a shameless whore!

Bruce Holcombe on one side of her was sliding his hand down over her belly, and Hugo, behind her, let his mouth drift downward, until his long licking tongue was wetly lashing deep into the now seething portal of her eagerly throbbing cunt. Bruce slipped his outstretched middle finger into the moist warmth of her quivering young pussy-slit and began to tease her pulsating clitoral bud with a gently erotic stroking, which was feather-light and almost unbearably sensual. Soon her hips were undulating against both Hugo's wetly sinuous tongue and Bruce's erotically maddening fingering. God! It felt good! Oh, I'm getting so worked up, so hot... and ready... but I-I can't help it!

Townsend writhed in lewd delight beneath her warmly sucking mouth, and his now expanding cock lurched involuntarily as the glistening shaft moved smoothly in and out between her nibbling, tightly ovalled lips.

"That's it!" he gasped pantingly. "Now crawl up here on top of me... and finish it for me!"

Deferentially, Bruce and Jack on either side of the naked young wife slid away, waiting their turn, aware of a corporate pecking order that was in force even in this situation. Virginia hesitated. It was one thing for her to remain passive, to let them do with her as they pleased because she hadn't the power to resist them, another thing entirely for her to be an active participant.

Behind her, Hugo withdrew his wildly stimulating tongue from her moistly ready cunt's mouth and growled, "Damn it, Virginia, baby, you heard him! What's the matter with you? Get your ass up there and start fucking!"

Foxx's rumbling, commanding voice galvanized her into action. With trembling limbs, she crawled timidly up over Stan's hips, straddling him, and without being ordered her tiny hand guided the long thinness of his impatiently throbbing shaft directly into her dully pulsating vagina. Slowly, she lowered herself onto the long impaling penis and felt it smoothly slide into her moistly ready cunt, the rubbery cockhead finally lodging deep up against her sensitive cervix opening. She paused for a moment, but the naked older man beneath her was in a hurry now, his hips bucking eagerly up against her.

"Come on, gal, let's have a little action!" he gasped.

Slowly, then, she began to rock back and forward on him, raising her body and lowering it to drive his lust-hardened penis in and out of her tightly clinging cuntal sheath; meanwhile Stan Townsend reached up to the full mounds of her ripely swaying breasts and massaged them in tempo with her smoothly pumping hips. For the time being, there was little that the other four men could do but watch as Virginia's nakedly churning buttocks began to move at a faster speed at Stan's urging, as he put his hands on her waist and guided her. As she worked, she began leaning forward until Townsend wrapped his arms tightly around her and pulled her lush young body down to his chest. Her smoothly rounded buttocks were still defenselessly high in the air behind her as she slaved away at actively fucking the president of Eko-Klean, and by his sudden rapid breath she knew that he was already close to cumming.

Her hands were free now, and Jack on the one side of her saw his chance. Sliding over close, his thick, hardened cock lancing out yearningly, he grasped her hand, placed it on his wildly pulsing shaft and began flexing his hips, sliding the hot fleshy penis in and out of her tightly gripping little hand.

Now Hugo moved in close behind her, watching with fascination as her wetly clinging pussy slid up and down the long, thin shaft of his boss' cock. Reaching out, he again caressed the smooth, warm flesh of her buttocks, reveling in the feel of them as her muscles rippled under his hands. Then, as an inspiration struck him, he lubricated his middle finger with saliva and pushed it tentatively through her widespread ass cheeks and against the defenselessly exposed opening of her anus, remarking to no one in particular, "This ought to speed things up a little!"

Virginia knew his intention and she cringed, attempting to clench her buttocks tightly together and finding it impossible in her spread-leg position over Stanley Townsend. In the next instant, she felt Hugo's thick finger enter her fearfully puckering anus and thrust with one smooth stroke into her heatedly quivering rectum. She moaned with the pain of it and emitted an involuntary cry of, "Oh, please... d-don't..."

There was only an obscene chuckle from Hugo, as he began to move the extended finger in and out of the hot sponginess of her rectum, countering her fucking movements up and down Townsend's now wildly throbbing cockshaft.

Beneath her, Stanley Townsend felt the bulging intrusion on the thin separating tissues. It rubbed directly along the sensitive underside of his penis, intensifying the fantastically exciting feeling of her tight little cunt, and after a very few seconds he knew that he would be cumming. Writhingly, he bucked up against her as he felt the signaling jerks of his coming ejaculation, "Agh! Agh! AAAAAaaaaaugh!" he groaned loudly as his wildly throbbing penis exploded. His heatedly churning sperm was flooding through him in a hot stream to spew deep up into her warmly milking vagina, and he stopped moving, holding himself rigid as his long jerking cock pumped it from him. He tried to grab her frantically moving hips and hold her motionless too. "That's it! That's it!" Stan complained. "You can stop now! Stop! Damn it!"

Virginia didn't want to stop right then. Her eagerly pulsating pussy felt so good, and her climax was close for her, too. God! I could cum in less than another minute! Then she realized what Stan was saying, but more than anything she realized that the older man's cock was softening, that it was no longer filling her. In the next instant, she felt herself being lifted and rolled bodily, as Hugo behind her ripped his thick finger from her rectum and hauled her nakedly resisting body from on top of Stan. She was forced to release her fingers' tight grasp of Jack's massively pulsating cock as Hugo turned her expertly over on her back and eased his burly body down between her obscenely wide-spread thighs which had opened of their own accord in lewd invitation...

"We've found out where your wife is and what's going on!" Annabelle told Leon breathlessly.

"Where is she?" he demanded.

"She's in Mr. Townsend's suite! There are five men there, I think, and they're all going to lay her!"

"Five?" Leon exploded. "Christ! That's a gang bang! Who the hell are they?"

"Well, there's Mr. Townsend; you know who he is...?"

"No! Who?"

"He's the president of Eko-Klean!" she explained. "Hugo's there, of course... and Art Hartman... then there are two other men! Do you know who they are?" she asked turning to Phyllis who had just joined them in the lobby.

"Jack Keller and Bruce Holcombe," she supplied. "I just found that out!"

"Okay!" Leon said thoughtfully. "We know where she is... but how in hell do I get her away from something like that?"

"We could even things up a little, I suppose," Annabelle suggested with a little salacious smile.

"What do you mean, even things up?" Leon queried.

"Well, it's five to one, right now! If Phyllis and I were to barge in there it'd be five to three... wouldn't it?" Annabelle reasoned. "Which would be just about right..."

"Or six to three... if Leon came along?" Phyllis added.

"Don't worry, I'm going with you! I want to make sure my wife gets out of there without getting hurt!" Leon worried. "But how will you get in?"

Phyllis said thoughtfully, "Let me try on that!"

Arthur Hartman had been content merely to watch for the last several minutes, but now, as the president of the Eko-Klean company gasped out his orgasmic pleasure, he took his rightful place in the pecking order that prevailed. He watched as Hugo Foxx turned the shamelessly aroused and begging-to-be-fucked Virginia Brooks to her back and lowered his bulk down between her widespread trembling thighs, his massively thick cock prodding into the wetly clasping portal of her flowered-open cunt. As he watched, Art had decided that there was one thing he wanted to do with this sex-crazed young wife, something he'd not tried with any woman yet. Watching as Hugo began to fuck in and out of her moistly gripping pussy with long smooth strokes, he saw the shock of the deep, body-jarring thrusts reflected in the jouncing of her ripely quivering breasts. Damn! She's got the prettiest tits I've ever seen!

Crawling across the mattress and crowding the eagerly panting Jack Keller aside, Art's eagerly itching hands reached out to both of her firmly upthrust breasts. Cupping them up, he pulled them close together, noting how prettily they created a deeply fleshed cleavage and came up into high-standing cones. Yeah! Damn it! That'll be a hell of a lot of fun!

The telephone rang!

Automatically, Bruce Holcombe, who was nearest the instrument reached up to the bedside table to answer it. "Yeah?"

"Don't answer it!" Art whispered -- too late.


Holcombe listened then turned to Hartman. "It's for you."

"Who the hell is it?"

"Your wife, I think..."

Groaning his disgust, Art shot a malevolent look at Bruce, took the telephone receiver and barked, "Phyllis? What the hell do you want?"

Phyllis, on the other end of the wire told him, bluntly. "Listen, Art I know that you've got Virginia Brooks in there, and that there are at least four other men with you! Annabelle Foxx and I are coming up there to join you... and sort of spread the fun around!"

"You can't do that, God damn it!"

"I can and I will... because if Leon Brooks has his way, he'd be signing a police complaint charging you and those other men with kidnapping her!"

"Oh God! Is he coming up here too?" For a moment, Art's poise fled him; he looked ready to bolt.

"Yes, he is!" Phyllis told him. "If we change your little gang bang into a real swinging party, maybe Leon'll relent on the kidnapping thing!"

"Stop talking about kidnapping, God dammit!" The word shocked every male in the room to attention. Only Virginia, bent on her hot quest for orgasm, remained unaffected.

"Do I have to spell it out, darling? You forced her to go up there against her will! That's kidnapping!"

"Bull crap!"

"You'd better believe me! It's serious! The lifeguard saw it."

"Okay! Come on up! The more the merrier, I suppose. It's room two-twenty!"

Art hung up. To everyone in the room he made the general announcement: "Annabelle Foxx and my wife, Phyllis, are bringing Virginia's husband up here to swing with us!"

"What the hell?!" Hugo growled. "Why'd you agree to that?"

"It's a long story... but in a nutshell, he thinks we kidnapped his wife!" Art explained. "He was ready to go to the police... until Annabelle and Phyllis talked him out of it. Anyway, a swinging session will be a lot more fun for everybody!"

"I'm for that!" Jack Keller enthused.

"And I second it!" Bruce Holcombe grinned.

"Not with my wife!" Hugo snarled as he drove his thickly demanding cock deep and hard into Leon Brooks' wife's moistly seething vagina. "Aaaaaggghhh!" she moaned loudly, unaware of what had been said.

"There's not much choice! There'd be hell to pay, if the police ever got in on the act!" It was Stanley Townsend speaking. His face showed the first signs of fright. "They just might prove it!"

Locating his shorts and slipping them on, Arthur left the bedroom, went into the sitting room of the hotel suite and poured himself another drink. He downed it quickly and speculated on how it was possible for Phyllis to have found out about Virginia Brooks and what was happening in the president's bedroom. He had agreed to it only because Hugo and Stanley Townsend insisted upon it. Hell! She probably knows the whole fucking story! Her mention of swinging made him think also that she was more knowledgeable than he had thought. Maybe she's been getting a little on the side herself! But who the hell with?

The doorbell sounded and Art went to open it.

Phyllis, standing in the forefront flanked by Annabelle Foxx and Leon Brooks, smiled sweetly at him, her eyes taking in the bulge of his still half-hardened penis inside his shorts. She smiled and said, "I'm sorry to take you away from your fun, darling... but it's not quite fair, is it?"

"What's not fair?" Art growled, opening the door wider and waving them inside urgently.

"For one woman to get all that attention!"

"Well, hell... that's what Hugo and Stan... Mr. Townsend, wanted!" he whined. "I had to go along with it!"

Annabelle walked to the bedroom door; opening it she looked inside to see her husband's bearlike figure nakedly slaving away above Virginia's wildly responding body, his hips rising and falling with machinelike regularity as he jackhammered his lust-thickened cock into her wetly quivering vagina. Walking over to the edge of the mattress on the floor, Hugo's wife looked down at him, remarking, "Hugo, darling, I'm here... and you're going to get your chance, now, to watch me get laid by another man, whether you like it or not!"

"The hell!" Hugo didn't miss a stroke into the wantonly writhing cunt below him on the mattress.

"It's just like I told you a few days ago. Two can play at this game... but now we're going to make it a swinging scene!"

Jack Keller, who was lying close beside Virginia, had placed her hand again on his eagerly pistoning cock, while his own hands caressed her softly mounded breast, his finger and thumb rolling her sensitive nipple-buds to a full erectness. Looking up, he saw Annabelle standing there, a platinum-blonde, blue-eyed sensual vision of loveliness. Suddenly he knew from what she was saying in defiance of his boss' words that she was available... desirably so! He was on his knees in seconds before her, as he forced Virginia's tightly gripping hand from his hardened stalk of maleness. "Do you mean that, Mrs. Foxx?" he asked.

Annabelle looked down at his eagerly pulsating cock saw his complete readiness to fuck, and smiled. "Sure! Anytime! And, my name's Annabelle." She kicked off her shoes as she asked him, "Are you Jack... Jack Keller?"

"Yeah!" He reached up under her short skirt, his hands running smoothly up her thighs while she began removing her blouse. Jack assisted by slipping his fingers in the tight waistband of her flimsy little panties and peeling them down over her smoothly curving hips and thighs, as she smiled archly and stepped out of them, revealing her golden-haired pubic mound and gleaming white buttocks. Meanwhile, Bruce Holcombe, welcoming the chance to make it with another woman, especially his boss' sexually alluring wife, stood up and came around behind her. Without hesitation he unhooked her brassiere and removed it to reveal the ripe lusciousness of her full firm breasts, his hands going around her from behind to fondle her soft warm fleshy mounds. "I'm Bruce," he told her. "Bruce Holcombe."

"I know..." Annabelle murmured, reaching back behind her to grip his solidly erect cock that pulsated warmly against the small of her back.

Jack, still kneeling in front of her, finished undressing her by zipping down her skirt to allow it to fall down around her ankles. Then, with a low moan of hunger, he wrapped his arms around her long, smoothly tapering thighs as his mouth sought the blonde triangle of her pubic mound. Quickly, his tongue licked down from above into the warm pink moistness of her cuntal slit and came into tingling contact with the growing erection of her hotly throbbing clitoris. Annabelle moaned lewdly when she felt the delicious wet contact with her sensitive nerve bud and her legs trembled with weakness as she slid down to the softness of the mattress between the two nakedly virile men, her thighs splaying obscenely, giving Jack Keller and his wetly working tongue the complete freedom of her already moistly aroused pussy. Bruce was kissing her mouth then, his hands moving all over her lushly ripened curves and mounds as his tongue lashed deeply into the sweetness of her mouth. Annabelle sighed and quivered with a lewd expectancy, and her arousal was increased tenfold as she glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw, less than three feet away her husband, Hugo, slamming his massively thickened cock in and out of Virginia Brooks' tightly stretched cunt.

Art and his wife stood there, both in an argumentative stance, but Leon Brooks was not interested in listening to their differences as Hartman began to castigate Phyllis for interfering with his fun! "Listen, Art, I've gotten sick and tired of your playing around! I'm in on the same thing from now on!" Phyllis was rebutting him.

Leon moved off toward the bedroom following Annabelle's lead. Both she and Phyllis had briefed him, warning him not to show any jealousy; especially, they had cautioned him against starting a fight. It was all he could do to contain himself as he caught his first sight of his wife flat on her back, her passionately quivering legs spread wide and pulled up and back mashing her proud full breasts against her chest, accepting Hugo Foxx's massively hardened cock deep into her wantonly writhing cunt. He watched disbelievingly as the thick length of it cleaved her tender young pussy, her wetly throbbing cunt flowered open and distended tortuously to receive the rock hard penile shaft. He knew in that instant how much Virginia was enjoying it. His wife's face was distorted with a finely etched passion... a passion he had seen very seldom in her. Clenching and unclenching his fists, he seethed with anger, wishing that he could settle it with a few well-placed punches. But Annabelle said it'd be better to play it cool... make it a swinging thing, so I could at least keep my eye on her! Of course, there was that knowledge in the back of his mind that he, too, had had Hugo's wife, had fucked her to a soaring orgasm, but now, faced with the actual fact of seeing his own wife in the throes of ecstatic rapture beneath another man's wildly pounding penis was almost more than he could bear. The little bitch! She likes it too much!

Her eyes closed tightly, head flailing from side to side uncontrollably and stringing her golden blonde tresses across her face, Virginia was feeling the overwhelming sensations of her shamelessly aroused body, diffused yet seeming to concentrate there in that tightly stretched hole up between her legs, into which she was eagerly accepting the pounding length and thickness of Hugo's lust-thickened cock. Suddenly she moaned aloud, unaware that her enraged young husband was there watching, listening. "Fuck me... harder, Hugo! Oh, God... Shove it into me... deeper... and harder! Come on! I want all your cock! All of it!"

Blindly, knowing only that somehow he was going to punish her, Leon came on into the bedroom and saw that Jack Keller and Bruce Holcombe, whom he had seen about the hotel earlier in the day, were already involved with Annabelle Foxx. She was being methodically stripped of her clothing by the two men, and lying at one end of the mattress was a naked older man he was sure had to be Stanley Townsend, the Eko-Klean president; the pasty-faced Stan looked completely satiated, exhausted! During his angry inspection of the room, Leon's penis had come up hard and throbbing to a full erection. Without thinking, he crossed to the mattress, zipped down his fly, and reached in to haul out the massiveness of his own hotly throbbing cock! I'll give her some cock to remember, God damn it!

Kneeling down beside his mindlessly writhing wife on the mattress, Leon reached out to stop her head from rolling, tightly gripping her by the jaw, while with his other hand he held the rigid hot shaft of his cock and worked the loose foreskin back to reveal its lust-swollen head. As he turned her face toward him, he growled, "Here, God damn it, Virginia... let me give you some cock!"

She opened her passion-clouded eyes to look directly at her husband's fully hardened penis only inches away from her mouth. Eyes widening with fright, she looked up into his stony face, seeing the terrible expression of it and knowing that Leon was angry with her. Oh, God! He thinks I came here because I wanted to! Then she understood what he wanted... what he was going to force her to do! And she remembered all those times she had refused him... absolutely refused to take his penis into her mouth. I suppose I can't blame him! He knows -- or at least he can guess that I've done it to other men!

"Oh, darling... you're here!" Virginia gasped.

"Yeah, I'm here -- and now you can start sucking on my cock, you little bitch!"

Roughly, he pulled her head closer while at the same time he shifted closer to her, spreading his knees wide and shoving the hotly pulsing head of his cock hard against her lips. She attempted to twist her head aside, but he held her tightly in position as she protested, "Leon, daring... it's not like you think! You d-don't understand!"

"Suck it, damn it!" He thrust his hips forward against his wife's wetly parted lips, and automatically she ovalled them as the satiny blood-engorged cockhead slipped inside to the moist warmth of her mouth. Immediately, her tongue began to swirl around the sensitive tip and the little glans at the end; the sensations it produced caused him to shuffle forward even more and groan in an effort to ram more and more of his hotly throbbing hardness down her warmly sucking mouth.

Between her widespread legs, Hugo was slamming his thickly demanding cock with ever-increasing sledge-hammer thrusts deep into her as he realized he couldn't hold back any longer. He was ready to cum. Back behind the base of his penis, deep in his belly, he could feel his rolling load of sperm, like molten steel ready to be poured, searing his flesh as it struggled to burst free. Dismay and joy mingled in him. Dismay and disappointment at not being able to bring Leon's wife to orgasm, which was a point of pride with him in his prowess with women; the joy, of course, was the natural one of ecstatic anticipation of his ejaculation. God damn it! Why'd her husband have to barge in here with my wife and Hartman's wife? He had been so wrapped up in his own sexual performance that he could only watch helplessly while Annabelle had brazenly thrown herself to Jack Keller and Bruce Holcombe. And Leon... forcing his wife to suck him off... just when I was on the point of making her cum... slowed things down for her! Christ! I'm going to cum! Now!

Viciously, he rammed his wildly spewing cock deep into her heatedly clasping vagina as far as he could for one final plunge, his pubic bone crashing hard into hers and bringing a moan of pained protest from deep in her chest. His white-hot semen rushed in spasmodic gushes, pumping from the tiny slit in his massive cock's head to jet deep into the young wife's hotly quivering cunt. "Aaaaagh!" He grunted in disgust. "Christ! I came too soon!" His bulky body slumped down on top of her, interfering with Leon who was attempting to force all of his thick pulsating cock down his wife's throat.

Arthur and Phyllis were just finishing their heated discussion in the other room, where Phyllis had told him in no uncertain terms that no longer would there be any sort of double standard operating in their marriage. In short succinct statements she had declared her sexual freedom.

"We can either go our own ways, or we can swing together as a couple! I don't care which way it goes... but I'm going to start enjoying myself, with or without you!"

It was an ultimatum with which Art couldn't argue. "Okay, damn it! Have it your way... but while we're standing here arguing about it, the action is going on in there without us... so let's get with it!"

They came into the bedroom together. Annabelle Foxx now was nakedly upon her knees, her smoothly rounded buttocks wildly gyrating back against Jack Keller who was fucking her dog-fashion from behind, slamming his lust-hardened cock deep into her wetly glistening cuntal cleft. Also on his knees in front of the platinum blonde was Bruce Holcombe, his face distorted with passion and obviously enjoying the oral ministrations of her eagerly sucking mouth as his long white cock slid in and out between her tightly ovalled lips.

Swiftly, Phyllis began to undress, as her husband stripped off his shorts and crawled across the soft mattress toward the lewdly writhing figures of Leon Brooks, Virginia, and Hugo Foxx.

As Art watched, his own penis came to a full throbbing erection again, for he realized that now he was finally going to get his chance at Virginia. Hugo obviously was coming down to the wire, ready to cum at almost any instant. In a very short moment it happened, and Hugo's bearlike body sagged heavily down on top of Leon's luscious blonde wife. He also noted that the outsize, hair-covered Hugo had failed to make her orgasm, for she was wantonly punching her pelvis up and down in an invitation for someone -- anyone -- to fuck her. Damn! She didn't come... but she's right on the verge!

Art growled, "Damnit, Hugo, how about getting off of her so I can try!" He was bordering on insolence, he knew, but he had waited too damned long already; besides, he was tired of playing second fiddle in all things to his immediate superior.

Surprisingly, Hugo Foxx stirred and rolled away to his side on the mattress. With an unintelligible grunt, he glared over at Annabelle, involved with her own thing with Jack and Bruce, and grated, "When I get you alone, you little slut, I'm going to fuck the ass off of you!" She couldn't answer back, of course; for one thing her mouth was filled with hotly throbbing cock, and she was too busy with the two men. Bruce was just about ready to climax, and Annabelle was lewdly bobbing her head up and down the wetly glistening shaft of his already expanding penis, attempting to match the obscene tempo of his thrust as he savagely drove his long thick shaft faster and deeper into her hungrily sucking mouth and throat. Trembling, Hugo's wife was eagerly waiting for the hot flood of Bruce's semen to explode into her mouth at any moment. Even so, she heard and thrilled to her husband's threat to "fuck the ass" off her. OOoohh! I hope so!

Leon had been on the point of saying something to Hugo when Art had spoken to the big man; then, as Foxx had pushed himself up and rolled away from on top of Virginia, Leon had snapped at Art, "Not so damned fast, Hartman! She's my wife... and I'm going to fuck her, now!"

Kneeling up, he pulled his wetly glistening penis out of Virginia's mouth, growling commandingly, "Get up on your knees! I'm going to fuck you like a bitch dog!"

Virginia, her eyes glazed with passionate arousal, disappointed that Hugo had not been able to last longer to bring her to orgasm, hastened to obey. "Oh, God... y-yesssss, Leon! I want you to f-fuck me any way you want to!" In an instant, she was on her knees, her buttocks waving in an obscene invitation back toward her husband who had knee-walked into position behind her, his massively hardened cock lancing out yearningly toward the coral-pinkness of her moistly quivering cuntal mouth.

It was obvious to Phyllis Hartman, as she stepped out of her panties and stood naked, surveying the copulating people there in the room, that there was only one man who was not active: Stanley Townsend, the president of Eko-Klean. He was lying there, watching, enjoying the voyeur's role, after having been satisfied already by Virginia's lithely pounding pussy as she had straddled him and wildly fucked him from the topmost position. It had all been very interesting and stimulating to him.

Townsend saw Phyllis then; she was standing there nakedly voluptuous with jet-black hair and smoky-gray eyes, and he knew that she had to be Arthur Hartman's wife. Her creamy white skin, her sensually curvaceous figure, pointed up by the full, high mounds of her breasts, the nipples beginning to harden already, was an erotic vision of desirability to him. Below, his rapidly stirring penis came to throbbing life again. He stood up and came over to her, remarking, "It's getting crowded on that mattress."

"Yes, it seems so!" she agreed, then told him, "I'm Phyllis... Phyllis Hartman, Mr. Townsend."

"I thought so... and please, just call me Stan, okay?" He took her solidly into his arms and kissed her with a deep-lashing tongue, open-mouthed, as at the same time he moved her backward toward an upholstered armchair in the corner.

Phyllis felt herself being lowered back onto the seat of the chair, and Townsend was saying, "You're really quite a luscious woman, Phyllis!" Then he was nakedly kneeling down in front of the chair, his hands going up under her knees to lift and spread her warmly smooth thighs. Deftly, he placed her flexed legs over the arms of the chair, and as he leaned farther forward, Phyllis instinctively tucked her hips under and forward, knowing his exact intention, and she wanted it... wanted his tongue there in the already wetly heated cleft of her pussy.

"Oh, God! That's nice!" she crooned as Stan's head came down between her eagerly trembling thighs and his long agile tongue shot out to make an erotically searing contact with her already hardening clitoris.

Hugo did a double take as he recognized the lewdly groaning woman in the chair as Art Hartman's wife... and his mistress! A flow of rekindling sexual interest coursed through him, as he remembered the many times she had visited him in his private office. Being the virile, satyr-like man that he was, his pumping blood flooded into his thickly growing cock and was trapped there, building another hard erection. Well, hell... I might as well even things up! Just exactly twice as many cocks as cunts! He hauled himself off the mattress and ambled over to where Phyllis and Stan were using the chair for her orally induced pleasure, his cock already spearing boldly out from his body, ready for another sexual adventure.

As Leon came in behind his wantonly kneeling young wife, Virginia, whose nakedly gleaming buttocks undulated back in invitation toward him -- ardently wanting him to fuck her wetly demanding cunt from that animal-like position -- Arthur smiled at him with a lewd leer and suggested, "If you really want to get a blast and give her something she'll remember, shove it in her asshole!"

Virginia heard his vile urging of Leon and groaned, "N-no! God, no! D-don't do that!"

Instantly Leon grasped Art's meaning. It would be a way of punishing her sexually for her transgressions! He forgot for the moment that the man who suggested it was responsible for blackmailing her to a forbidden infidelity in the first place.

"Shut up! You said I could fuck you any way I wanted to... and right now, I think that's a damned good idea!"

Putting his words into action on the moment, Leon reached out to the trembling white moons of her buttocks, and with strong-fingered hands pried her fearfully clenching buttock-cheeks apart; then, as he held them widespread, he dipped the lust-swollen head of his painfully throbbing penis into the hot slippery moisture of her cuntal opening. When he withdrew his massively erect shaft glistening with her vaginal dews and the mingled cum of Stan Townsend and Hugo Foxx, he aimed it straight and true at the tiny opening of her tightly puckered anus. His wildly pulsating cockhead came against the defenseless little anal orifice, and he pushed hard using all the strength of his muscular legs and back.

"Aaaghhh... you're hurting me!" Virginia cried. "Stop... please, Leon!"

Leon grunted with the effort as he felt the elastic opening give a little. "It's tighter than hell!"

"It'll go in!" Art said.

"Leon... please... you'll split me apart!" Virginia cried out from the depth of her soul.

"No he won't!" Art countered. "Push your ass back against me just like you've done with all those other bastards. PUSH, GOD DAMN YOU!" His hand came down in a stinging slap against her naked, sensitive buttocks, and Art grinned at her sharp scream of protest.

Abject in her humiliation and feeling now that there was nothing she could do to stop him, the nakedly kneeling Virginia was forced to help her husband as he tried to insert his thick sodomizing cock into her tightly tense rear passage. She tried to relax and push back against him, but gained only a searing pain for her trouble. "OOOOOOOoooooouuuuuugggg!" she shrieked. "It h-hurts... too much!"

Art was there to coach again. "It only hurts for a little while! You'll get used to it! Relax... and it'll slide right in."

Sweat popped out on Leon's brow. Her tightly clenched anus was locked like a vise around his painfully pulsating cock; her sphincter ring felt as though it were inexorably getting tighter and tighter. He was committed to what he was doing, however, and with a surge he rammed hard. Suddenly, the throbbing tip of his cock was in far enough to be enveloped in the smoothly heated sponginess of her rectum, the muscle ring of her defensively puckering anal opening squeezing all around the top part of his lust-thickened shaft. It was the most intensely erotic sensation he had ever felt. "Christ!" he choked, then rammed forward again, gaining another half inch.

"OOOOOooooohhhhh! Myyyyy Goddddd!" Virginia screamed with the pain of it. "OOOOOooooohhhhh!"

Instinctively, Leon gripped her nakedly bucking hips and pulled her roughly back toward him, while at the same time he drove his own loins forward. Inch by painful inch, his wildly pulsating cock went into her tightly tensed rectum until finally almost all of it was buried deep inside her. Looking down he saw the cruelly stretched little anus clenching and unclenching spasmodically around the great girth of his cock. It's in, God damn it! It's in! He stopped pushing then, knowing that his wife's virginal rectum would have to adjust to his massive thickness, but he couldn't help the involuntary flexing of his cock's pulsating shaft buried deep inside her hotly quivering rectum. Each time his overly excited penis spasmed, it brought forth another moan from her pain-contorted lips. God damn! That's a wild feeling I've never had before! He felt as though just a few short strokes would bring him to spewing ejaculation!

When the thick, hotly throbbing head of her husband's penis first slipped through into the tightly constricted channel of her rectum, Virginia was sure that she was being ripped apart. But now that he was buried so deeply up in her hideously stretched backside, the involuntary flexing of his wildly jerking cock gradually began to change from pain to highly erotic sensations that went charging pell-mell through her nakedly kneeling body. Again she moaned; this time, not with pain but with desire... a wildly insane desire for him to go on and on, using her rectum back there just as her cunt and her mouth had been used.

Churningly, her hips began to buck wantonly back against him, and she found herself mouthing words. "Come on, Leon, darling... f-fuck me there! Go ahead... and fuck me!" Even as she moaned the obscene phrases out, she wasn't prepared for Arthur Hartman's next suggestion.

Art was telling her husband, "Now, if you'll turn her over, Leon, and keep your cock shoved all the way up in her asshole, I'll be able to fuck her, too... in the cunt! She'll love it!"

"Ooohhh, n-no!"

Neither man heard her gasped-out objection, for in the next moment, her husband had wrapped his arms tightly around her and was rolling them both over until she was lying full length on top of him -- her back pressed against his chest -- with his hotly throbbing cock still buried like some great log deep up inside her sensitively puckering rectum. Her legs were splayed wide apart obscenely, and Leon was grating, in her ear, "Now, you bitch, you'll get enough cock... once and for all!"

Helpless to object further, she felt Hartman crawl between their legs; then his heatedly pulsing cock was sliding into her wetly waiting cuntal sheath, filling her as she had never been filled before. It was an exquisite sensation that made her imagine that her entire body was nothing but a receptacle for hotly throbbing man-cock. She moaned with an heretofore unfelt passion, "Oh, God! Don't make me wait! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Both of you!"

Then she was being buffeted from above and below, both long, virile penises moving in her with a wildness that knew no equal, and she matched that wildness as she wantonly bucked her hips upward against Arthur to absorb all of his deep-plunging cock into her gratefully quivering pussy, then fucked downward against her husband to feel his wildly pulsating shaft move deep in the hot tightness of her anal passage. It was all so heady, so ridden with erotically delicious sensations that her senses began to desert her one by one, eyes dimming with rapture and ears buzzing and unhearing, but leaving her feeling it all... the only important sense upon which she concentrated, the coursing, electric sensations of sensual sexuality as she was fucked in the anus, fucked in the cunt... and fucked into sweet oblivion.

Jack Keller, slamming his eagerly thickened penis deep into Annabelle's hotly receptive vagina from behind, brought the platinum blonde to her first orgasm while she was still voraciously sucking on Bruce Holcombe's long rigid cock; then, only moments later, his own climax had pumped through the rock-hard rod of his penis to spew his white hot sperm deep up inside her heatedly convulsing cuntal channel. Wild to drive toward his own ejaculation, Bruce drove Jack away, saying, "Okay, Jack, you've had her! Now it's my turn to get into her!" Kneeling up, he pulled his thickly vibrating cock out of Annabelle's soft nibbling mouth, and even as Jack withdrew his still spewing penis from her fully opened cuntal mouth, Bruce was turning the naked blonde on her back and shoving his impatiently jerking cock deep into her moistly seething pussy. Insanely, he fucked into her, pounding his pulsating thick penis deep and hard with desperate strength... and Annabelle came again, and within moments, still another time, just ahead of his own hotly spewing ejaculation.

"AAAAAaaaaa cummmmmiiiiinnngg! AAAAAaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!"

Bruce collapsed wearily on top of her with a grunt of satisfaction. "Christ! What a woman!"

Hugo Foxx had been kissing Phyllis Hartman, fondling and caressing her proudly naked breasts as she sat spread-legged in the chair while the kneeling Stanley Townsend tongue-fucked her to ecstatic heights of passion. Her hips were wantonly writhing up against the wetly stimulating tongue when suddenly she twisted her head aside to break Hugo's deep, tongue-probing kiss. She gasped, "God, that's enough, Stan! I've got to have your cock in my pussy now! I want you to fuck me!"

Townsend raised his head, and she slid from the chair down to the rug, with her thighs spread lewdly wide to receive him. Eagerly her hands reached down to grasp his long thin penis as he moved up between her legs. Without pausing, she guided his heatedly pulsating penis straight into her wetly demanding cunt and then her hands went around to his naked buttocks to pull him hard and tight into her feverish young loins. "Now!" she gasped. "Fuck me... with everything you've got!"

Going down to the rug beside her, Hugo intended to have her suck him off at the same time, but his attention was diverted momentarily to his wife, Annabelle, who had just screamed out her climax under Bruce Holcombe's wildly pounding penis. He had been watching her covertly all the while, as she had acted with uncharacteristic wantonness with the two virile men. Hugo's pale blue eyes flashed with jealousy and an unwarranted injured pride. He was so inured to a double standard of behavior that he found it difficult to tolerate her brazen actions. She's acting like a little tramp! But, God damn it, I'll teach her a thing or two when I get her home!

Then his gaze shifted to watch what was happening to Virginia. The three figures lewdly writhing there on the mattress claimed his entire attention. The salacious spectacle he was watching of two men fucking the same woman at once was something he, himself, had always wanted to do. The previously innocent young wife was in the middle, her tight little anus filled with long thick cock, while above her Art Hartman was slamming his massively hardened shaft into her wetly sucking cunt. And she was lewdly screaming out an invitation to both men to fuck her harder and deeper. Damn! The guy on the bottom's got to be her husband!

The voyeur in him took charge, and he forgot all about Phyllis and Stan until Phyllis began screaming out her orgasmic release. He looked down at her passion-distorted face as she climaxed under Stan's wildly thrusting cock. He knew from the way Townsend's wetly glistening penis was jackhammering into her that he was just about ready to shoot his cum deep into Art's wife's squirming pussy. Then, as Phyllis shuddered spasmodically and moaned her satisfaction, Stan slammed his long hardened cock into her for a final thrust, his body stiffening as he held himself deep up inside her warmly quivering pussy, his gasp of completion coming from him in a long exhalation.

It was then, as the huge bear of a man watched his company's president collapse on top of Hartman's lovely black-haired wife that he decided to do something different... something he'd always wanted to do. Waiting for a moment or two, Hugo knelt down beside the satiated couple and prodded Stan Townsend into moving aside with, "Damn it, I haven't had a crack at her yet, Stan!"

Obligingly, the Eko-Klean president moved himself from on top of her and sat in the chair. From there, he surveyed the sex activity still going on in the room; he was completely satisfied with the afternoon's expanding sex party, during which he had already cum twice.

Hugo straddled Phyllis Hartman's naked torso, and as she looked up through sex-glazed eyes to see him swimmingly, she murmured, "Oh, it's you, Hugo, darling! What do you want... fuck or suck?"

"Neither!" he grinned down into her face.

"Well... what then?"

"This!" he told her, as he spat into his palm and then applied saliva to the thick shaft of his eagerly pulsing cock.

Sliding himself up farther, as he straddled her, Hugo reached out to cup the pliant fullness of her breasts with his hamlike hands; then pushing them up from the sides toward the center of her chest, he flexed his hips forward and slid his hotly throbbing cock into the soft warm channel between them. "Now, Phyllis, baby, you hold your tits up like that with your hands, and I'm going to have some fun!"

"But, I won't get anything out of it..." she started to protest.

Hugo cut her short with, "Don't worry, Phyllis, you'll get taken care of! This is something I've been wanting to try for a long time!"

"So has Art!"

"And you wouldn't let him?"


"Well... then I'll just break you in for him!"

His flexing hips drove his lust-thickened penis in between the soft, satiny flesh of her breasts as she obediently held them tightly together for him. Damn! This is just a kind of sophisticated masturbation! She knew from long experience already that whatever Hugo wanted he got, and that he was always able to bend his women to his will. I suppose I'll just have to put up with it! She did... but to her own surprise, as his massively hardened cock moved in and out between her breasts and his heavily swaying testicles scraped erotically across her naked belly, Phyllis felt the rekindling of her arousal glow deep up in the pulsing, sperm-filled hole between her legs.

On the mattress, Virginia was moving now in concert with her husband savagely fucking into her anus and Art ramming so deliciously into her wetly throbbing cunt. Suddenly she felt as though she were a volcano ready to blow its top. Soaring, she rose to meet her orgasm, as she convulsed with a scream of rapture. "Ooooohhh! Goddddd! Fuck harder! III'mmm going to cummm! Nowwwww! Ooohh fuck! AAAaaauuugggghhhhh!"

Never in her experience had she climaxed so intensely or so violently. Her naked young body shivered with delight as thrills of orgasmic completion shimmered like deep-throated organ notes through her. She felt as though she were going to faint as her eyes dimmed and blood pounded in her ears like a raging surf.

Beneath her, Leon brutally thrust his hips upward into the tightly gripping channel of her rectum, and moaned as he felt his coming ejaculation. Suddenly he was spewing thick hot semen explosively far up into her hotly quivering bowels. His cum surged through him like molten lava. "Christ!" he gasped. "I'm being drained dry!" On and on, his lust-thickened cockshaft pumped, even though he lay quite still, not stroking at all, just lying there and feeling her rectal muscles milking him of all strength and feeling Art's cock through the thin membrane separating cunt and rectum as the other man's hotly pistoning shaft fucked in and out.

Above, Arthur Hartman still pounded and pummeled his rapidly expanding penis deep into her wetly clasping cuntal sheath. Then, groaning suddenly, he came to his climax and collapsed on top of Virginia and her husband.

Then there was only the gasping rasp of heavy breathing from the human sandwich of completely satisfied sexuality.

After a few moments, Art stirred and clambered from on top of Virginia Brooks, his softening penis pulling from her with a lewdly wet popping noise and spinning thin strings of silver semen across her nakedly young thighs. Virginia was the next to move, wriggling herself off her husband beneath her, his already softening cock coming out of her forever-stretched rectum with the obscene sound of someone passing wind.

Everyone in the room was quiet now, and Virginia noticed that all eyes were focused toward the corner of the bedroom. She looked over and saw the satyr-like body of Hugo Foxx straddling Phyllis Hartman, was fucking her between the breasts.

At that moment, Phyllis groaned, "Oh, God! Fuck me, Hugo! Fuck me in the cunt, now! I'm so far gone I could cum in a minute!"

He did... and she did... in less than a minute!

Afterward, when they had all regained their composure and Stanley Townsend offered and served drinks all around, they began to talk. It was all lighthearted at first... about sex.

Phyllis and Annabelle took the conversational ball and ran with it, as they explained some of the ins and outs of swinging... things they had learned in recent days from an array of literature they had acquired.

Later, Leon Brooks turned the conversation to more serious topics. The results were beneficial -- and highly profitable!

And, much later, after the men were somewhat rested, Annabelle and Phyllis introduced Virginia to some of the delights of lesbian sex play while the men watched. Soon the voyeuristic stage was passed, and the remainder of the afternoon was spent in the joyous pursuit of fucking... in every way possible.


At the formal dinner that evening, Virginia found it a bit ludicrous to see the men who that afternoon had been stripped naked in Townsend's bedroom -- satisfying their lust first with her then with Annabelle and Phyllis -- dressed in dark business suits or tuxedos and acting, now, every inch as gentlemen.

She had begun to adjust her thinking in line with the explanations Annabelle and Phyllis had offered that afternoon, because she had to come to the conclusion that the swinging scene they described was just her cup of tea from now on. After this, how could only one man ever keep her satisfied?

Hugo carried out the business meeting after the dinner had been eaten. He introduced Mr. Stanley Townsend, the Second, president of Eko-Klean, and Stan rose, dignified and businesslike, to give his address. At the end of it he made some special announcements: "Mr. Hugo Foxx is to be promoted to the position of Regional Supervisor!"

There was much applause. Hugo accepted humbly.

"Mr. Arthur Hartman is to replace Mr. Foxx as Area Supervisor, and in line with present thinking, in terms of equal employment opportunities, I'm pleased to announce that Mrs. Virginia Brooks is to become Assistant Area Supervisor to work with Mr. Hartman!"

Virginia arose from her chair, flustered, to accept the new position, knowing that it had all been her husband's doing. He had been blunt in his talk to Stanley Townsend, explaining to him how members of his corporate enterprise, including the president himself, had used Virginia sexually. Then he had barely mentioned the possibility that in forcing her to come to Townsend's room against her will, there was technically a kidnapping.

The concessions followed immediately, and Leon had left it up to Virginia to make her choice of jobs from those offered. It was settled to everyone's satisfaction when she chose to take the new position of Assistant to the Area Supervisor, Art Hartman.

As she sat back down, Virginia whispered worriedly to Leon, "Do you really think this is the right thing to do?"

"Sure! Why?"

"You sort of forced it on them!"

"Didn't they force you?"

"Yes, at first, but later on... it was different. I wanted to..."

"Yeah, I know that now... but they didn't!" Leon muttered. "Anyway, you really deserve the promotion, after the way you've been hustling around selling the products for them!"

"Well, maybe you're right, darling! Thanks!" She leaned over impulsively and kissed him.

Everything was not automatically ironed out for them in their personal relationships. That was hammered out in long, intimate talks, the most they had communicated with each other in a long time. Leon cut back on his long hours of work at his service station. He could do that now, because Virginia's salary, although not large, helped a great deal in easing their financial problems.

"Leon, darling, I've a confession to make," she told him at dinner a couple of months later.

"Oh, did you embezzle some more money?" he asked jokingly.

"No, silly, nothing like that... but I was a very wanton seductress, today!"

"I know you're wanton... but who did you seduce, the milkman?"

"No, I've already done that!" she kidded back. "I met this woman today who is going to be a distributor. I took her to lunch and one thing led to another until... well you know..."

"Are you going to make me guess?"

"Would you like to?"

"Yeah... you seduced her?"

"And her husband!"

Leon's eyes widened with surprise. "You're kidding?!"

"No! I'm not kidding now! It was super swinging with them! Do you want to know all of the details?"

"Only if you didn't make a date for all four of us to get together sometime!"

"Oh, I did that!"


"For this weekend! They're going to come over."

They looked into each other's eyes. Then they both laughed out loud.

"Isn't life great!"

"Yeah, sweet thing. So great!"


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