Adult erotica from the '70s - author cited


Ruth smiled as she looked out at the leafy green trees. It was summer and her blood stirred lazily in her veins. She could feel a lingering sensuality in her shapely limbs as she recalled her husband's lewd, hot caresses of the night before. She doubted if any other mayor-to-be's wife could boast of such wild, unrestrained fucking from her husband! Now, instead of neglecting her the way he had when they had first been married and he was starting out in the law firm, he insisted on screwing her frequently, pulling her down onto the den couch with him at the oddest moments, or pushing everyone out of the office or election headquarters so that they could lie together on the soft shag rug on the floor and writhe nakedly together in the midst of a busy afternoon.

Ruth blushed at the thought, but it was wonderful to feel desired by her brilliant husband, and she felt she had changed because of his attentions, becoming much more desirable and passionate. Her slender, voluptuous body had grown accustomed to the increasingly intense fuckings that her husband treated it to, and Ruth often thought of herself as an animal who needed more and more love, like the love she got with Dan Michaels. Only this love was not sinful or evil since she indulged in it with her own wonderful husband's consent!


She jumped at the sound of her husband's voice and turned toward him.

"Yes, darling," she replied, looking at his thick auburn hair and those piercing but kindly brown eyes and the strong chin that she loved so well and that belonged to the most popular candidate for mayor in the city.

"What are you thinking?" he asked. "Penny for 'em."

Ruth blushed and looked at John's secretary who was standing nearby. The young woman smiled and turned to leave the office carrying her note pad with her.

"Thinking about the good fucking I gave you last night?" he asked, even before the secretary had left the room.

"John!" Ruth cried, nonplussed.

The door closed behind the secretary and John rose to catch his voluptuous wife around the waist. He held her close up against him, so close that Ruth could feel every ridge of his rising cock against her softly trembling belly.

"Yes," she admitted. "Yes, I was thinking of that!"

"Want some more?" he inquired, teasingly, holding her tighter still, until Ruth could feel the beginning of the weakness that she often got before she gave in completely to the mounting strength of her desire.

"Tonight... as soon as you come home!" she replied, kissing him softly on the neck, her arms twined about his neck. As much as she enjoyed the wickedness of being fucked by her husband in his campaign headquarters, she really didn't have time for it today. She was supposed to meet Dan Michaels in an hour. She had a few things to do before she met him for their once a week meeting, and her pussy tingled hotly at what he might have planned for that afternoon.

"I have a few minutes right now," John declared, "for a quick fuck."

The softness of her summer dress made Ruth feel almost naked as she stood there in his arms. As it was, she no longer wore any brassiere at all, hadn't worn one for years, and she had on only the briefest of bikini panties, so tiny that they just barely covered the tiny dark triangle of her fur-covered pussy. She could feel the tops of her inner thighs rubbing warmly together, and she parted her legs ever so slightly, feeling a fullness and a yearning for his cock fucking deep in her belly that made her shiver.

She was about to agree to a quickie when a buzzer sounded behind them at her husband's desk.

John left her and pressed a button.

"Mr. Blaine on the line, sir," his secretary replied.

Ruth made a face and John looked at her as if to say, "What can I do?" Andrew Blaine was the leader of the Republican Party in Pleasureville, and it was important to John Connors' campaign that he have his support. It would mean the difference between winning and losing.

"Put him on," John said, sitting down in the wooden desk chair.

Ruth approached him and kissed him gently on the forehead. "Charm him silly," she said. "You need his support."

John grabbed his wife around her waist and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply before he answered the phone.

"Mr. Blaine, glad you could return my call."

John let go of his wife and motioned for her to lock the door, and, with a secret smile, she did so. His wife was very good at knowing what he wanted. If he wanted to fuck, which was what he normally wanted to do, then she would want to as well. They had one hell of a successful arrangement, even to being able to have their own extramarital activities, as long as they were very discreet and they wouldn't hurt his political career.

Ruth hadn't always been so liberated; in fact, when they had first been married he had almost given up hope at being able to have a normal sexual relationship with her. He would have stayed married to her regardless, because he loved her very much, but the marriage might not have lasted this long if it hadn't been for her sudden change. Perhaps she had realized that she might lose him if she didn't loosen up, and so one night, she had let loose. Even now, after lots of fucks with Ruth and other women, he still counted that night as one of the most wild experiences he had ever had.

Ruth's reddish hair was tied back in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck, and now as she stood beside her husband, she untied it, letting it fall in silken copper waves around her shoulders. Her bright gray eyes sparkled with anticipation. Her heart-shaped face was free from all but a minimal amount of makeup. A look of anticipation passed over her face as she knelt down on the floor beside her husband's seated figure.

"Sure, lunch sounds fine. My wife? Certainly she'd love to come with us tomorrow. That sounds fine. We can leave the discussion until then. Right." He hung up the phone as his wife reached toward the zipper of her husband's fly. The soft sound of it unzipping seemed to fill the room as John swung his chair around sideways. Easily, Ruth's deft fingers reached up and clasped the thickly throbbing mass of John's cock. He leaned his head back against the chair and let his mind be absorbed by her fingers as they began a slow up and down movement on the nakedly exposed flesh.

Ruth held her husband's thickly pulsing hardness in one hand and began to pull the thick foreskin down, sending the rubbery tip of his prick shooting upward to glisten nakedly in the air.

"Nice and hard," she mumbled so softly that no one in the outer offices could hear. "Oooooh, how nice!" She looked up inquiringly and John nodded to her once more, in such a way that she knew perfectly well what he meant. Standing up, Ruth slid her thin summer dress upward, revealing beneath it her shapely, well developed legs, tanned to perfection. She removed her sandals and stood in her bare feet on the deep pile of the rug of John's headquarters, and then, reaching upward, she began to slip off her flimsy silk panties. Ruth's pussy was covered with deep coppery curls, and John could feel his hardened cock give an excited jerk at the sight of it. He watched with admiration as his wife's face clouded over with a desire that promised one hell of a fuck and made his cock jerk painfully as his imagination leapt ahead to what was to come. Ruth's soft lips quivered as she languidly moved closer. Her panties had been kicked off, and now she spread her legs wide as he closed his knees together. Centered between the shiny pink flesh of her hips and the softly rounded shape of her belly lay the perfect furry triangle of Ruth's quivering pussy. She seemed about to do a split as her feet slipped outward further and further from her husband's hard thighs. Simultaneously, the soft, curl-rimmed mouth of her cunt was opening wider still as she lowered herself onto the heavily throbbing prick below.

"Mmmmmmm... yesssss... yessssssss..." John was moaning. There was nothing that made his day more than a call from his beautiful wife and a wild fucking session with her in his campaign headquarters.

Ruth brought herself slowly down as she faced her lewdly excited husband. She bit her lower lip as she felt the hardness of John's cock touching against her naked cunt flesh. She let herself remain poised upon its hotly quivering tip; her lewdly trembling pussy lips pulsing against his massively throbbing cock... and then she began to move. Pressing her softly trembling tits beneath her loosely cut dress against his chest, her slick, wet outer cuntlips were beginning to slip up and down the length of his cock, though he had not yet entered her.

John began to daydream... thinking of all the times he had fucked his lovely wife, and aside from that one night, which had been the best of all, each succeeding time was better than the last. All these things went through his head as his cock grew harder and harder. His exciting wife was moving faster and faster, building up a friction in the external area of her widespread pussy, feeling her young husband's cock throb and tremble against her. She slowed her pace and began to ride slowly and sensuously over it. The huge prick between her legs felt good to her as the thick foreskin slid back and forth beneath the lewd pressuring, and finally the heavily pulsing head became a huge mass against the mouth of her hungry pussy. She knew it was time then.

Her John's wonderful cock! she thought to herself. She smiled at him as she panted above him and then planted small kisses on his lips. Her ecstatically quivering tits nudging into his chest, her soft sweet breath in his nostrils, her wetly quivering cunt on his cock... he was in heaven!

Ruth's creamy white thighs spread outward and the pink slit of hotly seeping cunt nestled lovingly now against his heavily throbbing cock where it thrust upward from the opening in his pants. John moved his arms around his beautiful wife and she put hers up around his neck. Her tightly gripping pussy slid tenderly up and down along the huge shaft of his cock, and her body began to jerk wildly. His passionate wife was deep in an erotic trance. She could not voice her pleasure because it seemed to fill her body and rob her of all but the lewd feeling of his cock nudging her cunt.

She reached her hand down and spread her aching pussylips with her fingers as much as possible and then let his cock fit up inside their cum-slick circumference.

Unable to stand any more of it, John cried out and bucked his hips forward and upward as hard as he could. Ruth could hardly keep from crying out, but somehow she managed as the huge cunt-splitting cock fucked slowly upward into her tightly gripping cunt. Slowly it wormed its way up into her, and she worked her hips down upon it, filling herself with its hugeness, loving it, and wanting it with all her seething flesh.

He began to fuck upward higher and higher into the wet darkness of his wife's hungry cunt.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah... oh yeah..." he murmured. "Yes, yes, YES!"

Ruth wanted to scream out to him as she sometimes did when they were alone at home. Oh fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, John. Fuck me good and hard!

The young husband had begun a steady fucking rhythm up into her hungrily devouring pussy, his cock pushing, sliding, racing farther up into her. His cock throbbed between the wetly clinging cuntlips, the tightness of them sending fiery thrills through him as he began to fuck his hips hard up and down. He felt her alternately relax and tighten on his advancing and retreating cock.

Ruth's naked asscheeks, trembling and white, slid up and down upon her husband's legs as she felt herself ramming open mouthed down upon his prick. She had freed his cum-laden balls from his pants, and they wormed up into the tightly clenched crack between her eagerly trembling thighs. Her hot, velvety, hair-fringed cunt clung to the huge thickness of his deeply fucking cock, the wet, pink mouth spreading wide to admit every inch. In spite of herself, she began to emit low, heated moans of passion as her huge billowing tits heaved and her lips twisted with erotic passion. Her mouth worked excitedly as her voluptuously writhing body broke out in a thin film of perspiration. Her head rolled from side to side, her copper-red hair swaying, as her sensuously flaring hips began a slow, demanding roll above her husband's heavily screwing cock. And then suddenly, with an erotically wet, sluicing noise, her hungrily grasping pussy screwed itself nakedly down even more tightly against him and John was forced to clench his teeth in a desperate effort not to cry out.

Meanwhile, Ruth, who lewdly straddled John's huge cock, had entered another world. Her lush, sensuous body was bursting with lust as every atom of it responded to John's pussy-stretching cock, and in a wildly untamed manner she rode him relentlessly. Her body screaming inside with agonizing delight, she gurgled softly as the licentiously mounting sensations overtook her right there in her husband's headquarters with a bevy of vote-getting volunteers outside in the front office. Out the window she could see the tree-lined street of Pleasureville, and all along she was being magnificently fucked by her darling young husband! Nothing else mattered but the incredible licentious feelings racing inside her totally filled and churning cunt, making her quiver wildly as the huge, blunt cock sped hotly in and out of her steaming cunt.

The hot, wet pussy flesh jerked and twitched spasmodically around John's lust-driven cock as the startling tide of the cum struck him.

A scalding flood of cum juices gushed deep up into the softly yielding flesh of her cunt that surrounded his throbbing cock as he fucked on into both of their cums. They seemed to cum forever, his hot, slick juice ricocheting wildly against her desperately contracting womb. Her hands grabbed onto John's dark hair as they writhed together on the chair and choked back the moans that threatened to pour forth from both their lips, and John knew that Ruth was cumming not once but several times in rapid succession. Her eyes were totally lost, turned upward into their sockets as a glistening bit of saliva formed upon her lips. John could see that she was enjoying it every bit as much as he. She was wriggling this way and that, moving her nakedly spread pussy up and down and from side to side, milking every tiny drop of hotly gushing juice from his wildly cumming cock. Her mouth bit down hard on his suddenly, and John felt everything inside him lurch toward her. He was giving her his all, and this wild, mind-blowing cum was his reward. It spun through his system, creating turmoil in every nerve ending, and the young husband felt the receding sensations being prolonged by the intense sucking pressure of his wife's tight, hair-lined cunt passage on his still wildly fucking cock. A thin rivulet of perspiration trickled from his forehead as Ruth slumped at last into his arms. There was a lewd pool of wetness where their naked flesh still touched, and John was glad that he always kept a change of clothes in his headquarters office. He would need it today.

Jesus! he thought. Jesus Christ!

Ruth lifted herself up from her young husband's slowly deflating cock. She felt weak and drained, but somehow uplifted. She had a meeting with Dan in half an hour and she could only guess what game he would play with her this afternoon. She looked adoringly at her young husband as she began to hurriedly adjust her clothes.

"Got to go now, darling," she murmured against his hair. "I've got to meet Dan in a few minutes. You know how he hates to be kept waiting." She stepped into her thin silk panties and headed for the door. She turned around, then looked lovingly at her husband.

"Lunch tomorrow with Andrew Blaine?"

"Right. One o'clock all right?"

"You know it is. I'll see you tonight," she said and shut the door softly behind her.

John smiled broadly. He knew that before long, he would be the mayor of this city. His popularity was increasing steadily and they were just about ready to start the big thrust for the election. Most of the other candidates were old and they had the same political outlook that their parties had had for years. Big talk, little action. He could change all that, his promises were practical and ambitious and he had already proved by his work in the city council that when he promised something, he made that promise good. Because of this aspect of his nature, and his brilliant innovative ideas, he was an almost sure winner for the mayor's seat.

There was only the slightest bit of tingling left in John's cock as the memory of his beautiful wife's licentious visit of only a few moments before flashed through his brain. He was looking forward to tonight, for he knew that when Ruth came home from her rendezvous with Dan Michaels she would, as always, be like a female wildcat out of control.


Ruth walked quickly out of her husband's headquarters and down the street toward Dan Michaels' apartment. Her pussy tingled wonderfully at the thought of her husband's cock fucking deep into her cunt. And she quickened her pace toward Dan's.

Then Ruth was aware of someone calling her name. At first she wasn't sure, but then she knew it was so. "Ruth... Ruth!"

A dark car rolled up beside her, and a man leaned over and held the door open for her.

"Get in!" he called. "It's too far to walk from here, Ruth."

It was Dan, of course. He was never one to wait for something he wanted.

Trying not to think about all that, she hurried into the car and closed the door behind her. She must act natural, as if she hadn't just been screwed silly by her darling husband.

"Why, Dan!" she said. "What a wonderful surprise... and you've come just in the nick of time!"

Dan smiled at her in his familiar boyish way. He had been Ruth's lover for a few years, and he knew her very well. He could see now by the flush in her cheeks and her careful walk that she had just been fucked silly by her own husband. He liked it when she was like this; it made her all the more anxious to fuck around with him.

He looked over at her appreciatively, thanking his lucky stars for the day that he met her. He had been the prosecuting lawyer at one of her husband's client's trials. He had watched her come into the courtroom every day to watch her husband argue his case. Her eyes had shone with pride. He felt his cock jerk painfully as he remembered how desirable she had been. Then, later, when he had met her at a friend's party, he had been blown out of his mind by the way she had drawn him into another room where they had fucked wildly. It had been that way ever since. Sometimes they even got together with her husband and his mistress. But when she was hot like she was today, he knew that she liked to play games, lewd little games that sent her cunt spinning out of control.

"Glad to be of service, Mrs. Connors. You know that!" he said softly. The car was moving slowly along, and Ruth smiled at the absurd formality of their conversation.

"I think you turn at the next corner, Dan," she reminded the young lawyer.

"Only too glad to be of service," he repeated, and Ruth wondered for a second just what he was up to. She thought with pleasure of the night they had met at the party. She had lured Dan into the bedroom and taken all her clothes off. Then, she had lain nakedly writhing on the soft shag carpet. Ruth felt the need in her pussy starting up again at the thought of how she had lain on the floor, watching his look of surprise fade away to a lust as large as her own as he had thrown off his clothes and fucked her within an inch of her life!

"Oh, fuck me, Dan," she had cried to him. "Fuck my hot tits off!"

"How are you, Mrs. Connors?" Dan inquired in the same formal tone, and Ruth wrenched herself back to the present, aware now of the reason for Dan's behavior.

"Why, I'm just fine, Dan, and my husband is well too. You're looking quite well yourself. Won any good cases lately?" She did her best to play along without giggling, but she could hear her voice trembling with the strain. She was always this way at first, until she really got interested in the game.

"I have an appointment I cannot be late for!" she declared. "I think you may have made a wrong turn..."

"Oh, Mrs. Connors, I was so hoping you would drop by my apartment. You know, you haven't seen it for almost a week. I've made a few improvements. You might really enjoy seeing them. They are made for you."

So that was it. Ruth tried to think of what she should do. She had learned that it was important to get into the parts he devised for her, even into the most difficult parts she was to play, if either of them were going to get the "kicks" they wanted from the games. She must maintain the act no matter what. So she feigned fright as the car gathered speed, and she turned slightly to see Dan's lips set in a lewd sideways smile, his hair combed loosely in a different way, a new, more debonair way.

Boy, he's really loving this one. Must have had it stored in the back of his mind just waiting for when the time was right. Well, she would play it to the hilt, because that's what he wanted and he'd gone along with her on her fantasies.

"I'd... I'd love to see it, Dan!" she said. "I hope it's nice and warm. I'm kind of cold. It's a bit chilly for summer, don't you think?"

"Oh yes... you'll be hot there!" Dan promised, nodding his head in a strange manner.

The sun reflected off the windshield of the car in front of them. Dan ought to be very satisfied, she thought. He's doing a fabulous job! But what Ruth wanted more than anything, as the car driven by her silent lover sped toward the northwest, was to be in his apartment and find out what was in store for the afternoon.

Dan could feel Ruth's anticipation beside him, and he wanted to let her in on what he had planned, but he knew that she would enjoy it more if she was surprised, so he kept silent.

"Here we are, Mrs. Connors," Dan said, pulling up in front of a small four-story apartment complex. There were similar complexes on either side of it and all up and down the street.

Dan hurried around the front of the car and opened the door for her. Then, taking her gently by the elbow, he escorted her up the concrete steps to the front door of the small building. For a moment he fumbled with his keys, and then they were entering the interior of the complex.

"Here we are!" he said, a tone of excitement entering his voice.

The apartment was quite large inside, and although sparsely furnished, it gave the appearance of being very comfortable. A deep wall-to-wall rug covered the living room floor, and an overstuffed sectional couch took up one side of the wall. Ruth went over and sat down on the couch and waited for her next cue.

"Yes, that's right, Mrs. Connors, make yourself comfortable. Shall I make some coffee?"

"Coffee would be lovely, Dan," Ruth replied, as she leaned back against the sofa and looked around her. Dan disappeared into the kitchen. Through an open door at the end of the living room she could see the large double bed where they had spent many a wild afternoon, and upon its soft furry spread lay what appeared to be some kind of tool. She remembered that Dan had told her he had something special planned, and she wondered if that was it.

Homey sounds of clinking china were coming from the direction of the kitchen.

Hurriedly, Ruth straightened her dress and her hair. She always wanted to look her best; it made fucking better somehow.

Ruth was famous for her clothes and her exquisite good looks. A tall, willowy redhead, there was little that she could wear that did not become her, and her figure, she knew, was the envy of all the women who were acquainted with her. People sensed the deep sensual bond between her and her handsome husband, and it made them one of the most popular couples in the city.

Ruth sat uncomfortably on the sofa. The suspense was getting to her. Already, since the material of her dress was so thin, the round brown tips of her bare nipples beneath were showing. What am I doing here anyway? she asked herself.

"Here we are, Mrs. Connors," Dan said, entering the room with a tray. The piping hot coffee steamed from the pot as he set it down on the low coffee table in front of Ruth, and she could not help looking forward to its warmth.

"As I recall, you take a little sugar and a little bit of milk. Is that correct?" Dan smiled down at her, and Ruth blushed.

"Yes," she replied, lowering her eyes. "Yes, thank you, Dan!"

The hot coffee tasted delicious, and Ruth sat back, just a bit more at ease than before. She tried, however, to keep her arms in front of her, just in case her nipples showed too clearly. There were times when she wished she still wore a brassiere, and this was one of them. She didn't want Dan getting worked up until he was ready.

"Well, Dan," she said, breaking into the long silence that threatened. "What a cozy place you have here. I really like it. Tell me, how do you spend your time, now that you have so much of it?"

"Oh, I keep quite busy." Dan had taken a seat opposite Ruth in a straight-backed chair that he had pulled up to the coffee table. He drank his own coffee with relish, "I work on my little gadgets... and fool around with my tape deck."

"What tape deck?" Ruth asked. Suddenly everything inside her was listening, waiting for what the dark-haired man's answer would be.

"Why, the tape deck I use to record things, of course!" he replied easily, as though she should have known all along. "I see someone cheating on their husband, and I say to myself, 'Dan, you have got to teach that little woman a lesson," he added with a twinkle in his dark brown eyes. Ruth was silent but a thrill ran through her at the sudden change the game had taken. Normally it was just the old rape game, but this afternoon, with this blackmail thing thrown in, it added a more lewd flavor to it. It was all she could do to keep her hands from trembling on her cup.

"Oh, yes, I keep busy! I have a very modern tape recorder that I use to record these affairs. It's the best way, I understand. Oh yes, I have a lot of memories already down on tape."

"I... I see..." Ruth stammered.

Dan was thinking about how well this game was going. He could see how much it had excited Ruth already. Her nipples showed dark and erect through the thin dress, and his cock jerked at the memory of his tongue licking hungrily around the dark, berrylike nipples.

He was watching young Ruth Connors carefully now. "Perhaps you'd like to hear some of the tapes?" he inquired.

Outside a siren was screaming, and a fire truck clattered past. Ruth felt that sirens were wailing inside her head and her pussy, that any second the throbbing would go out of control and she would run out and grab any man who would fuck her.

"Yes... yes, I would like that," she said. A part of her knew that the time was near, that it was now that they would really start the game, but another part of her dared to hope that this exquisite suspense would last a bit longer. Dan got up and started into the bedroom, motioning her to follow.

"This is my bedroom back here," he said.

On legs that wobbled and trembled, Ruth followed her lover into the room.

"There's something I'd like to ask your advice about, anyway, Mrs. Connors," Dan said. "Won't you sit down on that chair there?" He pointed to a chair in the corner of the room. The other corner was taken up with an impressive bank of taping equipment stacked up to the ceiling.

Ruth sat down. There was an increasing lust mounting inside her, a thrill that she had to quench or she was going to be sick. I must not get sick now, she told herself. I must remain calm and wait for Dan's cue.

Dan reached into a cabinet and withdrew a reel of tape. He congratulated himself once more for having thought of recording one of their wilder fucking sessions. He fondled it carefully, thinking back to that night. Dan's dormant cock began to pulse to life as he remembered Ruth Connors' silkenly naked body spread lewdly on the bed ready for him to screw. She had pulled him to her.

"Dan, you've got a huge big cock... you've got a big throbbing cock!" She had to have it inside her cunt, no longer satisfied by the dildo she had been ramming deep into the clasping hole of her copper-fringed pussy. Pushing him down on the soft mattress of her bedroom, her mind crazed by the lust that seemed to fill the very air she breathed, Ruth had mounted his huge pussy-stretching prick.

Dan seemed to feel that incredible sensation still; it had been one of their better times. His cock throbbed excitedly as he recalled the tightness and the strength of Ruth's yearning cunt, wrapping itself around his upthrusting prick as she bounced up and down on it. She had had him fuck the dildo deep into the tight nether hold of her ass, and he had done so, overwhelmed with lust at the thought that he had almost cum right then and there without waiting for her. And when her young husband had come into the room he had joined them, and Ruth had been pressed between the two of them, her husband John and himself. They had fucked her together and singly. Dan had found her stretched and throbbing asshole as willing a receptacle for his lustfully hard cock as her cunt. He remembered how much Ruth had liked having the two deeply fucking cocks inside her at once, and it was then that Dan had ejaculated far into Ruth's ass-cushioned asshole in the most powerful cum that he had ever known.

He was glad that he had recorded the session on his small vest-pocket tape-recorder. He had meant to play it back for all of them to enjoy, but in the exhaustion following that mind-blowing cum, he had forgotten about it. Later when he had played it for himself and had almost cum again just from hearing it, he had decided that he would save the tape for later and use it as a surprise in one of their games. He knew Ruth would get a real send-off when she heard it, just like he had.

He slipped the tape cassette into his stereo tape deck, aware that Ruth Connors was watching his every move.

"Would you like to hear this?" he inquired. "I'd like you to tell me what you think I should do about it."

Ruth nodded. She could feel her palms sweating, and the tape began. What could it possibly be, she wondered, what little surprise did he have for her.

"Oooohhhhhhh... honey, fuck me... good. Realllll... gooddddd..."

Ruth almost fell off the chair. That tape had been made months ago, and that was her voice pleading to be screwed. She remembered the time really well -- it had been one of the best with Dan, and then her husband had come in and they had fucked her senseless again. And this little devil had recorded the whole damn thing! She could have hugged him right then and there if she hadn't had a role to play. It was his surprise, and she didn't want to spoil it for him. The unmistakable sounds of Ruth's voice lewdly enticing her young lover to fuck her, inviting him to look and feel her nakedness, filled the small bedroom. Then, there followed only the intensely wet sounds and blissful gurglings of wild screwing. Ruth once more heard herself screaming as Dan's deeply fucking cock brought a release to all her built-up tensions. Over and over again she cried out as her cums accumulated and grew stronger and stronger. "Oh, fuck me. Fuck me harder, HARDER!"

Ruth wanted to stand up and rip the clothes off of her body, but she knew she would have to wait, and she glared at Dan's happily listening face, somewhat angry that he was waiting so long.

"That could be anyone... Anyone at all! You must be crazy to think you can make anyone believe..." she screamed convincingly.

"Oh, Mrs. Connors," Dan declared. "I hope you're not upset by this. Actually I did think you might prefer to keep this quiet. It is, after all, so, how shall I put it, intimate!"

Ruth stood and began to blurt out exactly what she thought Dan would want to hear.

"Blackmail!" she cried. "You can't BLACKMAIL me! Why, my husband wouldn't give you a DIME for that!"

Dan was continuing as though he hadn't heard her.

"... and as for this tape being anybody, I'm sure you've heard of voice prints by now. They are relatively new, but are already considered very conclusive when it comes to identifying voices. I'm surprised that you don't know that, Mrs. Connors."

Ruth sat back down as though the breath had been knocked out of her. Was it her imagination, or did Dan seem to be looking at her in a new way? She was sure he was looking at her titties, and she could feel her nipples contracting lustfully at the thought. She kept her legs pressed tightly together as she sat primly on the edge of the chair. It was hard to play the part of an indignant wife when that tape was still playing, with her own voice on it raised like a common harlot's wailing and moaning and obviously enjoying a good fucking.

"Perhaps you'd like to have a drink while you listen to the rest," Dan was suggesting, and Ruth seemed to hear him through a fog.

Unhurriedly, Dan went out to the living room for a few minutes and returned carrying two glasses and a bottle of scotch.

"I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, Mrs. Connors," he said. "Actually, you may have that tape if you like. I have another copy." He held the glass within reach. "Do drink this. I'm sure it will make you feel better!"

He himself took a deep sip from his own glass, letting his eyes wander over the lushly voluptuous body on the chair across from the bed. He could always remember every detail of its nakedness, every quiver of her hungry little pussy around his cock. He was pleased that she had taken to the game so well. Her mounting lust showed in her eyes. He would have to get started on her soon or she would blow the whole thing.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" Ruth finally shouted out. The tape was going on and on, and the terrible compromising lewdness of her own voice was driving her crazy. Worse than that, the distinct noises... the all too explicit sounds of her lover's cock fucking steadily harder and harder into her wetly churning cunt... oh God, it was too much to bear!

There was a long silence while Dan seemed to mull these words over in his mind. Ruth downed the whole of her scotch, thankful for the burning warmth it created in her mouth and throat and then in her jittery stomach. She dared not speak. Her tongue felt thick and fuzzy in her mouth, and she longed for more scotch. Dan leaned forward as if anticipating her thought, and she wondered if she had been looking longingly at the bottle. He filled her glass again, this time to the very brim, and her hand trembled so that as she lifted it to her parched lips, several drops fell across the front of her light dress.

As she brushed her fingers across the wet spots, she could see the sensuously throbbing mounds of her tits, and the all too well-defined protrusions of her nipples. She shivered as the liquor coursed down her throat this time and then knew that Dan was getting ready to make the final move. She had feared that the silence might go on forever, that he might never speak again the words which would tell her to do what she wanted to do so badly. Yet, that was impossible, of course... and he had already spoken before the words became clear in her head.

"You were... uh... magnificent that night, if I may say so!" Dan's face was radiant as Ruth looked at him, her own face flushed and her features strained by the events of the past few hours. "Since I know that you are prone to enjoy such things, and, I might add, you seemed to find me quite acceptable that night, I thought perhaps..."

"NEVER!" Ruth cried out. But she was thinking of the feel of his cock fucking deep into her cunt. The situation was more sensuous, yet frustrating than she had thought, and she was going to break soon!

Dan acted disappointed but undaunted by her reply, and she was alarmed when he went on talking as though she hadn't spoken. The bastard! she thought. Why doesn't he get on with it!

"I was out of my mind that night, Dan," she cried. "You've got to understand that that had nothing to do with me... not the real me!" Ruth realized that she was partially telling the truth. It was true that she had been out of her mind the night she had yelled for Dan to come and fuck her, out of her mind with a craving for cock that couldn't be quenched. How could she explain that she had really been temporarily deranged? He knew that already; they both did. She had been that way ever since she had met Dan Michaels and found that his taste in sexual fantasy equaled her own. Her husband hadn't minded either because he had his own mistress. They were just one happy family now, sometimes one happy foursome.

"Perhaps you were drugged, Mrs. Connors," Dan was replying, "and that's why you enjoyed my cock fucking so hard into your cunt."

Ruth sucked in her breath, her face flushing at his lewd words.

Dan reached forward to flick a switch that stopped the by now completed tape rewinding. Then he started it up again. Ruth reached forward and grabbed the scotch bottle, pouring herself a stiff glassful, coughing slightly from the speed with which she swallowed it.

This time, Dan felt his cock jerk slightly as he heard Ruth's recorded moaning in the throes of abandoned fucking. He watched the helpless expression crossing the young woman's face with a new kind of inward sadistic satisfaction.

Since Ruth was still sitting motionless in the chair, he added: "You do understand, Mrs. Connors, don't you? You can certainly make my afternoon much more pleasant with just the slightest bit of... uh... cooperation."

Ruth stood up quickly and yelled at him.

"You don't understand! I've got to get home! You can't possibly expect me to -- why, my husband..."

Dan easily barred her way, taking hold of both of Ruth's wrists with a surprisingly strong grasp. As soon as he touched her, Ruth knew that it was going to happen soon. She fought him briefly, and then realized that she was just prolonging what she wanted to happen anyway. With great difficulty, she struggled to gain control of herself again. Certainly if she played along just right he would get on with it! He was standing so close to her, his tall, elegantly thin body alive and vibrant.

"I'm sure Mr. Connors would want you to do anything you could to help me out, and then, of course, you could have the tapes, both copies, to do with as you like. I'm sure I won't need them after today."

Suddenly she collapsed, falling onto the edge of the bed. She sat with her hands covering her face and pretended to sob into them like a little girl would. "Oh God! I don't KNOW! I just don't know WHAT to do! I can't just let you fuck me like... like a dirty WHORE!"

Dan looked down at the tanned thighs that were almost completely exposed as she sobbed into her hands. Her short summer dress had snaked up higher than she knew, and he could feel small beads of sweat breaking out on his upper lip as he studied the delicate fullness of her upper thighs.

"It's not too difficult for you, I'm sure," Dan said.

When Ruth raised her head, ready to tell him that she would comply with his wishes another time, she saw something totally unexpected that made her cunt jump for joy. There before her very eyes was the heavily throbbing hardness of Dan's naked cock. He stood holding it now, just inches away from her face, and she jumped backward, pretending to scramble away from him.

"OH GOD, NO!" she cried.

But he had already grabbed her by the shoulders and was waving his nakedly throbbing cock in front of her face.

"Suck my prick..." he said, so softly that she thought he might not have spoken after all. But he said the lewd words again, and Ruth knew that she was going to get what she wanted. "Suck it!" he commanded, louder this time, pulling her head and shoulders toward his thickly pulsing cock.

"I bet you like to suck cock," he added reflectively. He had thought about this many times. He knew she did; they'd done it many times before. It was one of their favorite things to do.

"This is grotesque, Dan! You can't do this, Dan. You need help, Dan; you mustn't do this to me!" Ruth babbled a steady stream of words absently, hardly realizing what she was saying, but knowing that they were the right ones by the satisfied look on Dan's face. She visualized her husband, handsome and serious, maybe having a good fuck with his mistress right now.

She shuddered underneath her lover's hard fingers. She felt his hand at the back of her head, pushing her face gently but firmly down. His other hand was still wrapped around his own rigid cock that stood out in the air in front of her like a beautiful fleshy instrument of pleasure. She could see him rubbing the wetly lubricated head with his thumb and forefinger, and then, sensuously, teasingly, he was rubbing it softly against her tightly clenched lips. He continued to do so until it was evident that she was not going to open her mouth. She was determined now to tease him a bit as he had teased her. And then he reached forward and pinched her nostrils tightly together.

Ruth fought for a moment, trying to move her auburn head from side to side in desperation, grunting out her protest at the obscene act that was being requested of her. Then, in a sudden gasp for air, her mouth opened wide. Instantly, Dan flicked his hips forward, sliding the hugely pulsing head of his prick thrusting deep within the confines of the young wife's tender lips.

Again, Ruth fought, but Dan, feeling the hot wetness of her oral cavity against his heavily throbbing cock, tangled his hands into the young wife's hair and forced her to begin a gentle sucking motion.

"Ah... ah... oh... Mrs. Connors... yessssss!" he murmured, as her lips unwillingly hollowed and expanded with each stroke he made into her wide-stretched mouth. Tiny ridges of soft pink flesh could be seen pulling from her ovalled lips as he drew back, and Dan smiled to see his mistress sucking his cock. Passion mounting in his loins as his thoughts wandered, Dan began a rhythmic sawing back and forth, never quite drawing his hungrily fucking cock all the way out, but leaving the tip just inside the hot wetness of Ruth's stretched and aching mouth.

"So happy you could oblige me, Mrs. Connors!" he cried, groaning as he thrust his loins forward into its slippery depths. This game was far, far better than he had imagined it would be. He would have this memory always. Ruth's auburn-haired head bent backward as he screwed his heavily throbbing cock forward into her mouth. Her deep blue eyes were alternately wide open in lust and tightly closed as she performed the lewd task of sucking his demanding cock. It was a sight to remember!

Dan looked at the mirror on the wall facing the bed so that he could catch a good profile view of the mayor-to-be's wife's face as his lust-hardened prick continued to fuck rhythmically in and out of her widely ovalled mouth. The very sight of it caused his loins to tense and jerk into her face until in the mirror it looked as though he were sinking the full length of it all the way down her swanlike throat. Almost all of it seemed to disappear with each hard thrust he made, until only a little stretch of its huge mass showed glistening and protruding from between her lips.

Ruth didn't bother to pretend anymore. She was so completely aroused and heated by what was happening that she only whimpered now and then as the harshly driving rod of Dan's cock plowed willfully into her wide, wet lips.

Oh God! she thought. Let it never stop. I wish it would never end, she told herself. But he can't go on forever like this, she told herself. Maybe this will satisfy him, and he will give me some of the same. Maybe I can hurry that part up.

Her tongue, with a nerve-tingling lick, thrust forward toward the throbbing head that pushed against it. Dan smiled as in the mirror he could see her beginning to come to life. The sensations around his happily surging cock told him that he had brought her blood to a rolling boil and she would do anything now to get her pussy fucked.

He watched, hypnotized by the image in the mirror, as the flesh of her soft pink lips was pulled grotesquely out of shape as he pulled back and she began to suck hungrily. Her huge titties jerking and dancing within the loose folds of her dress added to the lust-inciting picture presented to him in the mirror.

"That's it... oh yes, that's the way!" he hissed, letting his head roll backward as he fucked forward into her hotly steaming mouth.

Preoccupied as she was by the lewd thing she was doing, Ruth could hear the wet, lewd sounds of her wild screwing with her husband and her lover rising throughout the small bedroom mingling with the grunts and groans that burst from Dan's parted lips and the strangled moans that came from her own cock-stuffed mouth, for the tape continued to spin out its licentious tale, reminding her of the reason for her obscene sucking of Dan's distended cock.

"Ohhhhhhh faster... a little faster!" Dan grunted out as she slaved obscenely below him. His hands in her hair twisted and pulled at the silken auburn strands and Ruth could feel her body soaked with perspiration. She wanted the final moment to come so that it would be all over, and yet she feared the loss of his huge prick in her mouth.

"Oh, come on. Come on!" he urged. Dan was soaring somewhere above the clouds. No longer a plaything, he was a man, and he was ramming his cock deep into her straining throat. By God, he'd shove it all the way down to her tonsils before he was through. His scalding cum juice was going to shoot deep into her throat and slide slowly down into her belly, that same softly jiggling belly that he knew so well, and which he intended to know again and again in the most intimate sense of the word! He could feel the pressure growing in his painfully throbbing balls which he had freed from the encumbrance of his pants. He knew it wouldn't be long now because his swollen cock felt like it was going to explode into a zillion pieces! He shoved his loins hard up against Ruth's vulnerable face, hearing her deep mumbles of arousal, but letting them go unheeded as he started on the final race toward fulfillment, toward his long awaited cum. It was building... building deep inside his quivering balls as he gasped and bared his lips back over his teeth. All along his massively pulsing cock he could feel the wild nibbling and sucking of Ruth's hot wet mouth. Bits of her spittle were overflowing and dribbling down her chin as his bursting cock began a sudden wild staccato jerking that let loose a flood of white, scalding cum without warning into Ruth's wildly sucking mouth.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" he moaned ecstatically.

Gust after gust of white-hot cum bloated her cheeks unnaturally outward with each spurt of jism, and she began to choke and swallow, choke and swallow, sputtering against Dan's thrusting loins.

"I'm there! I'm there... keep sucking. KEEP SUCKING! Don't stop YET!" he rasped out, as his hands tangled tighter in her hair. Convulsively he rammed his cock farther and farther down her throat, as Ruth went on sucking hungrily as though she were starved, feeling the voluminous quantities of the young man's cum flowing down her throat. Tears of pleasure were streaming down her cheeks as with one last earth-shattering groan Dan emptied the last of his juice between her lips and clutched her head to the dampness of his nakedly exposed loins.

"Oh, fuck me. Fuck me! Harder! HARDER!" Her own taped voice cried into the stillness, and Ruth shuddered against the still-quivering thighs of her lover. Gradually his satiated cock was deflating in her mouth and she heard a great sigh of relief escape from his lips. He was pulling away from her, and she simultaneously pulled back, letting the limp mass of his cock fall from her trembling lips.

"Oh... oh God..." she cried softly. She fell away from him, on the soft bed, spreading her legs lewdly, trying to cool the heat that burned out of control there.

"The... the tapes... both copies. I'll take them now!" she managed to stammer out. The taste of his cum was sweet and strong in her mouth, and she knew that her hair was a fright and her clothes a rumpled mess. But that really didn't matter. She would have time enough to fix that.

Dan looked at her in a manner that was both loving and grateful at once.

"May I say," he began politely, only panting the slightest bit after his powerful cum, "first of all, Mrs. Connors, you were magnificent! You surpassed my fondest dreams..."

"NEVER MIND THAT!" Ruth screamed in heated frustration, and then lowered her voice in an effort to control herself. "The tapes... I'll have them now!"

"Well, I was about to explain. I'm afraid you'll have to come back. You see, I don't keep both copies here. But I can manage to have them for you... say... next week, at this same time?"

Ruth felt her heart lurch with elation; he was going to continue with this game! She was glad, she was enjoying herself immensely. Then she spoke. "Very well..." her voice broke, but she went on, "I will expect you then. Next Monday."

Dan cleared his throat, knowing that she was pleased.

Absurdly, Ruth focused on the stereo tape deck on the bedroom wall. There was a terrible aching in her temples, and she feared her legs would give way under her at any second if he didn't fuck her soon.

"It might be best for you to come here, Mrs. Connors. There's something else I want you to have before you leave. I think you'll like it a lot." He smiled wickedly, and she made her eyes wide with fear.


Ruth had never felt quite as aroused as she was now in her life, and the delicious taste of Dan's piquant cum juice seemed to filter through her flesh, teasing her nerves deep down between her legs.

Dan watched Ruth. He knew her well and could tell that she was more than ready to be fucked; he might have even teased her enough. He caught the almost imperceptible trembling of the young woman's muscles as she fought to control the fire in her body so that she would not spoil the act for him, and he looked down at her with love.

"Mrs. Connors..."

"Yes?" Ruth looked up, blinking in a dreamy stupor.

"I like fucking you."

"You like what!" She hadn't really heard what he'd said.

"Fucking you." Dan knew that she liked to hear all the obscenities when she was hot like this.

Ruth sucked in her breath with a shiver, getting tired of holding herself in check. "God. Do it, Dan. I can't hold out much longer. I need you."

Dimly the young woman was aware that her young lover was touching her arm with his hand now, lifting her up to a sitting position on the bed. She could smell the clean scent of his skin in her nostrils as he inched closer to her on the bed, and it quickened the pulse of her heart until she could hear it throbbing in her head. She felt his body press against her thigh in a comforting gesture, and her hugely billowing tits ached in swelling agony in the confines of her dress. God, her desire for him was worse than ever! When was he going to take care of it?

He pressed against her suddenly, planting wet, rapid kisses on her cheeks, and his tongue slipped through her open mouth in a passionate French kiss. Delicious little spasms of pleasure rippled unwanted through her belly and up to the rising nipples of her tits, and her breath grew rapidly quicker.

Dan noticed the change in her breathing as he broke away from kissing her and knew that the time was now. He raised his hand from her arm and pushed it gently against her huge, whitely billowing breasts, squeezing softly as he heard her moan in torment. He could feel her tits harden and swell under his sensuously massaging fingertips even as she tried to pull away.

Ruth shuddered at the heated touch upon her hotly quivering tits; the growing excitement in her cunt spread like wildfire, draining her of strength. She gasped for breath and squirmed against the mattress, pushing the wet lips of her hotly tingling pussy against it to try and quench the blaze that was burning out of control between her thighs, and her body responded with greater desire as his fingers groped at the zipper behind her back. She could feel the cool rush of air against her skin as he pulled the metal clasp all the way down to the tops of her smoothly curved asscheeks. Suddenly, the top half of her dress slipped from her arms to fall in a heap in her lap.

"Dan, listen, please, I mustn't..." she murmured brokenly, trying to hold on to the game a little bit, even though both of them knew it was an act, by trying to tear herself away from his welcome grasp. Teasingly, she jerked back away from his passionately searching hands and fell against the mattress, her tits jiggling wildly from the action. Fighting for breath, she giggled: "Dan, we can't do this! We just can't!"

"Oh, Mrs. Connors. Yes! Yes, I have to fuck you!" Dan cried out playfully. "I've got another load of cum in my balls now!"

"Dan... oh, Dan, please wait a minute..." she repeated as she dragged him down on top of her.

"No! No, I can't wait. I want to touch you and kiss you and fuck you. Right now. Please, Mrs. Connors, please, let's take our clothes off and fuck!"

He reached out with his arms for John's wife again, and Ruth struggled in his embrace weakly for another moment. Then all resistance ceased in her muscles and sinews; the game was over and it was time to get down to serious business.

Dan pushed her down into the softness of the mattress. Ruth's legs inadvertently opened, one foot unceremoniously kicking up in the air as her dress hiked up to her thighs. Dan sucked in his breath, his eager eyes seeing the crotch of her thin silk panties and the tiny copper tendrils of soft pussy hairs which curled out from around the edges of the elastic leg bands.

And then, as the mayor-to-be's wife stared upward in perverted anticipation, Dan began to undress. She watched him remove his tee-shirt, exposing his muscular chest within which his heart was beating as rapidly as a snare drum, then slowly, almost torturously, unbuckle his pants and slide them down over his legs and kick them off with his shoes. He rolled his undershorts down next, his fully recovered cock jutting out from his loins like a lance poised to fuck into her soft white belly without mercy.

"Oooohhhh God, yesssss..." Ruth murmured in a daze. She was dimly aware of his hands once more beginning to strip her of her clothing, his touch leaving burning paths of desire in their wake that burst out of control.

He slid the thin fabric of her dress sensuously down her softly trembling thighs and threw it on to the floor where it landed in a light frothy pile.

He raised up to his knees then between her quivering legs, and fumbled with the elastic waistband of her thin silk panties as she writhed in the paralyzing hold of her passion. It took a moment for him to be able to slide the fabric from her gently undulating asscheeks, but soon the cum-wet panties were added to the skimpy pile of clothing beside the bed.

There was nothing left. The mayor-to-be's wife lay before the lawyer, completely naked and smoldering with an overwhelming desire for him as he sat between her open thighs.

"Oooohhhh, Mrs. Connors," she heard him say mockingly, "I sure do want to fuck you!"

Ruth stiffened at the sound of her lover's tone, afraid that he might be teasing her, and yet his mocking her only excited her more. She could feel the hot juices seeping from the quivering lips of her nakedly spread pussyhole, and she tried to squeeze her legs together to ease the hotly tingling sensations licking out of control through her cunt. She brushed her inner thighs against Dan's thighs, the very touch of his muscular body making her tremble with renewed passion.

"Can I fuck you, Mrs. Connors?" Dan plaintively asked. "Can I now?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lord, yes! Yes, fuck me, you bastard!" Ruth groaned mindlessly. She was a slave to the surges of lewd lust that were making her ache to have his hugely throbbing cock fucking inside of her cunt once again. An electrifying series of violent shocks seared through her like a thousand tiny forks of lightning as his rough hand coursed over her heated flesh. The tormenting flashes prodded with needlelike tauntings along the inner wetness of her thighs, causing her to jerk her legs further outward on either side of him and involuntarily grind her writhing asscheeks deeper into the mattress. Searing hot flames licked mercilessly at her nakedness, but her anguished rotations were futile without his cock. She lay twisting and mewling from the scalding touch of fingertips along her inner thighs and lower belly, her mind struggling hopelessly against the stabs of delicious sensations which were teasingly following the feverish course of Dan's lewdly searching hands.

Dan played delightedly with her naked flesh, knowing that her cum would be all the more exciting for the torment she was undergoing now.

"Turn over on your belly, Mrs. Connors," Dan said with a lewd sneer.

Ruth felt a thrill run through her at this unexpected request and she turned over eagerly. One of his hands gripped the soft flesh of her narrow waist and pulled her jiggling hips powerfully off the mattress, while keeping her face and tits resting on the bed.

John's wife's naked asscheeks wavered high off the mattress behind her now, her mind empty of everything but what he might do next. She had an urge to turn her head back and look at her wonderful lover, but that might just further prolong the inevitable fuck she was waiting so eagerly for.

Kneeling behind her, Dan ground his painfully jerking cock in the narrow white crevice between her softly trembling asscheeks, pressuring the soft cheeks together to enclose his cock like the fitting of a glove, and planted warm, wet kisses along the standing ridges of her spine. She groaned slightly as her body shivered from the wet contact on her naked loins and back. He placed his thumbs on either side of her pinkly throbbing cunt and pressed out gently, gradually. Ruth shuddered as he continued his gentle pressure, and her muscles which had been keyed up for so long relaxed in the loose tranquility of knowing that they would soon be getting what they wanted.

He was crouched down behind her, his face level with her cunt, and as he watched with gleaming eyes, the wetly glistening pussylips slowly parted of their own volition to the lewd guiding motion of his thumbs. He could see all of her hungry cunt and the glistening wetness of her pussy juices upon her inner thighs, as she caused her asscheeks to slip wider and wider apart.

He breathed softly into her pussy and Ruth squirmed. He could hear a faint mewl of delight slipping from between her now open lips as she felt the featherlike touch of his hands and breath against her auburn-furred cunt.

Dan Michaels grinned, and then with one quick rush of his tongue, he thrust forward between the hot, wet folds of her hungry cunt. He heard her gasp from the sudden entry, and he pressed his mouth closer to wetly kiss the whole of her hotly throbbing pussy. He began to fuck his lewdly searching tongue deep up inside her cuntlips, sucking and swirling it crazily while her pussy involuntarily contracted tightly around its long, smooth length.

"Oohhhhhhh," Ruth sighed as she felt the wet, tantalizing kisses being lavished on the hair-lined slit between her legs. Every muscle in her body tightened from the tingling pleasure licking heatedly between her wide splayed thighs, while soft, escaping moans of delight arose from her constricted throat.

Dan pushed his face further up into her cunt, teasing her heavily pulsing clit relentlessly with his tongue, sending her out of her mind with passion. She knew that her naked body was, for the second time that day, approaching that exquisite state where nothing would matter but to delight in total abandonment. The lewd knowledge of her approaching cum made her squirm her asscheeks back against the hotly licking mouth.

Dan worked slavelike behind his mistress' kneeling body, his tongue making wet, sluicing sounds with each heated in-fuck he made. Ruth's cries were one long, low moan now as he slid his lashing tongue in and out of the wet confines of her pussy. He pushed his face still further under her cunt and began to tease at it gleefully with his nipping teeth while she writhed and churned her whitely trembling asscheeks above him in a willing dance of passion.

"Oooohhhhhhhh! Aaaahhhhhh!" she groaned, her body out of control, and her mind rapidly approaching that same point of insane desire from the deliciously obscene sucking of her cunt. With a lewd and smug satisfaction, Dan behind her could feel the muscles of her inner thighs hollowing and contracting around the sides of his cum-slick cheeks as he licked and sucked at her with greedy, untamed lust. Ruth's pussy flowered involuntarily wider, and her cunt juices increased with each second his licentiously sucking mouth continued to lave her widespread loins. Her pussy juices ran in hot, wet trickles down the sides of his cheeks as they pressed tightly into the softness of her hungrily gripping thighs, then down the ivory columns of her legs to stain the mattress beneath her knees.

"Uuuuhhhhh!" she grunted as he fucked his tongue deeper into her pussy, expanding the pinkly swollen lips with every lewd fuck. Oh Lord, how Dan could cuntlick her out of her mind. This was the best game they'd ever had together. A strange masochistic pleasure rippled through her fevered flesh at the thought of all he'd done. She wanted to be swallowed by it; she wanted to be fucked and sucked until she could never walk again! The lewd subjugation of her helpless, kneeling form was driving her wild with lust-inciting sensations!

"Oooohhhhh, you bastard!" she suddenly heard herself call out of control, the rhythm of his skewering tongue becoming too much. "Ohhhhhh, suck me! Suck my cunt!"

Dan heard the mayor-to-be's wife's obscenities and felt the wild abandoned tempo of her naked, lush body, and his cock ached from the anticipation to fuck it deep into her juicy cunt. With some difficulty he slithered to his knees and worked his muscular hips into the now wet and glistening opening of her asscheeks from behind. He held his painfully jerking prick tightly between his fingers and poised its massive head at the elastic hole of her hungrily gripping cunt. He watched with lust-gleaming eyes as the cum-wet pussylips nibbled at him like the mouth of a fish, and he felt a small dewdrop of cock juice forming on the tip of his cock. He had to fuck her now, or he would cum all over her ass!

He moved forward, slipping as far up between her wide-splayed thighs as he could go, guiding his thickly pulsing prick between the warm enveloping folds of her hotly swollen pussy. He groaned with desire, wondering again at the delicious softness of her cunt around his cock. It incited him to uncontrollable lust, and he flexed his loins, feeling all of the unfulfilled desire he had built up since last week suddenly surging forward with him into the hot, welcoming belly of the beautiful woman before him. He gasped out loud through the silence of the bedroom as he felt the tightly grasping walls of her cunt soothingly enclose his deeply fucking cock.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhh!" Ruth moaned. His cock finally fucking into her was sending thrills racing along the base of her spine as she felt the savage rhythm of his prick screwing into her pussy from behind. There was no respite, as she felt the lean weight of his pelvis crush hard against her asscheeks, sweeping them wider and wider apart as he fucked his prick as deep inside her hungry, wet cunt as it would go.

But this was not enough for her fuck-crazy lover.

"Shake it, Mrs. Connors!" he gasped through his tightly clenched teeth. "Shake it good!"

Ruth complied without hesitation. Her smoothly curved asscheeks rotated as she let herself follow his rhythm, grinding and twisting her hips back against his driving cock as though she were glued to it. She could feel him fucking into her more steadily now, the sight of her unrestrained body inciting him to faster and harder efforts. Her breath came in spasmodic puffings now as she droned out her passion into the mattress, her face turned sideways so that all he could see was the effect his fucking was having in the mirror on the wall. Her lips opened and closed in groaning torment, half in pleasure and ecstasy from the sensations burning through her nerves, and half in fear she would be ripped asunder by the hard, pounding cock that was screwing into her cunt.

Behind her, Dan could feel himself building toward his cum. He knew it would be soon and began to fuck her faster, battering mercilessly the trembling cheeks of her fleshy ass with his hard, driving hips. His hands grabbed her slender waist and squeezed the flaccid flesh as he stared down at her curvaceously bucking body.

"Man!" he shouted hoarsely. "Man, oh man!"

She thrust back her wetly gripping cunt against Dan's deeply fucking cock so she could accept every fraction of his massively throbbing prick deep up inside of her pussy.

And then, she felt her insides erupt in great hot flashes of intense fire, tunneling through her veins in a never-ending torment of mounting pleasure. She felt her thighs and asscheeks swept wide apart in one last savage rush as Dan fucked into her cunt with an overwhelming cum. He cried out: "Aaaaaiiiiieeeeee!" as she felt his white, hot cum juice filling her cunt passage with a tremendous charge. She could feel it flooding hotly into her and filling the depths of her womb until she thought she would drown inside. There were several convulsive jerkings of his hips against the softly trembling cheeks of her ass, and then he fell forward over her back, pushing her face down onto the mattress.

Dan lifted himself, exhausted, from her back. There was a cool rush of air between her legs as his limp cock withdrew, and then the well-satiated wife rolled over onto her back and lay still, unable to move or care, wondering how they could ever top the fucking they had had that afternoon.


Ruth met her husband John at one o'clock the next day for lunch with the head of the Republican Party in Pleasureville. They had made reservations at the most popular restaurant among the executives of the town. For the better customers, there was a private room in the back if they wanted a private lunch, or there was the main room, decorated like a classic French restaurant and a delightful retreat from the hectic world of the businessman. John had reserved the back room for he had serious business to conduct, and it had to be done with discretion, where they could nevertheless enjoy the excellent cuisine of the restaurant.

The meal had been divine and they were just starting on their coffee. Ruth was no longer participating in the lively conversation with Andrew Blaine because she knew that John was now zeroing in on the real reason for the luncheon. They wanted and needed the influential Mr. Blaine's assistance if John Connors was going to be elected the new mayor, and she had agreed to help all she could with her cunt.

He had never shown himself friendly to John Connors and had delighted in making derogatory statements to the press about John's way-out ideas whenever he got the chance. He was an old bastard, and it was going to take a lot of charming to get him to openly support John. Ruth was looking forward to the part of charming him right up between her nakedly spread thighs. He was a sexy-looking old codger! She rose to go to the ladies' room. The wine was making her feel a nice glow and she walked slowly toward the private toilet accommodations for the back room. She seemed to be able to feel the eyes of the two men upon her sensuously swaying asscheeks as she moved away from their table, and she felt proud to be such a good-looking woman helping her husband in his bid for mayor. When she returned, she noted that the mood between John and Andrew Blaine had softened considerably, and she wondered if John had already succeeded in getting an endorsement from him.

When in his turn John said that he had a telephone call to make and left the room, Ruth turned to Blaine and asked, "How's it going?"

Blaine placed his hand upon Ruth's knee underneath the table. He was silent, but his fingers seemed to be talking for him. His shrewd dark eyes looked intently into hers, and Ruth could not help wanting to reach out and tear the clothes from his body and have him fuck her silly right there in the restaurant. It was true that they were alone in the back room, but John would be back at any moment. Andrew Blaine's hand felt like a branding iron on her leg, and she felt it moving upward, pushing her skirt back as it went and touching along the smoothly tanned length of her thighs.

"Oh Andrew..." she sighed. She longed for his touch, though, and made no move to stop him. The wine made her head hum dizzily, and she was filled with a strong desire for cock that sent thrills running up and down her spine. Between her legs, high up at the wetly throbbing spot of her pussy, she was already getting wetter and wetter as Blaine's fingers moved steadily up.

"Oh..." she sighed. She could not help parting her thighs ever so slightly. She could feel the inner wetness of her red hair-trimmed pussy beginning to pulsate heatedly. She wanted him to hurry and touch her there. She and John had agreed to let Blaine fuck her if he wanted, if it would get him to support John Connors for mayor.

Blaine's fingers advanced across the bare top of Ruth's thighs. They tickled and teased her, until he was sure of her rapt attention. Then he slipped his index finger up under the elastic pussy band of her silken panties and let the tip of it sink into the wetness of her hotly trembling cunt.

"Ooooooooh!" Ruth cried, pushing her hips down onto the seat. The thickness of his finger moved slowly within the heated, hair-lined confines of her soaking wet pussy, creating a friction that increased with each split second the mounting desire that Ruth felt in her loins.

"You are a beautiful woman," Blaine said suddenly, and there was an urgency in his voice that made Ruth aware that he was excited too.

"Thank you, Mr. Blaine!" she replied.

She remembered the other men she had been fucked by to further John's career. Both she and John enjoyed these career-advancing seductions and it had so far done nothing but good, for here was John on his way to being mayor!

She was thrilled down to her fingertips and her toes as she felt his finger move in her cunt. It was so exciting when another man fucked her!

"I want to fuck you," he said continuing his lazy friction up between her creamlike white thighs. "I thought maybe you and I might surprise your husband and put on a little show for him right now. I think we all would get a big kick out of it!" She didn't seem to be able to answer him, as his finger churned wetly inside her tingling pussy and the waves of desire continued to traverse her voluptuous body.

She felt a rush of lust as her husband returned. There was no time to answer.

Ruth felt flushed for Blaine had not yet removed his finger from beneath her skirt, and her husband was sitting there at the table now. She was ready to screw.

It was perfectly obvious to John why Ruth was twisted toward Blaine like that. The old codger probably had his finger up his hot little wife's cunt. Everything was working out great. He was one lucky man to have a wife who was willing to help him with his campaign. It was time he got up and made sure that no one would bother them for at least a half hour while Ruth "convinced" Blaine to fully support her husband for mayor.

While John was temporarily away from the table, Ruth could feel Blaine leering at her as he moved his finger lewdly inside her pussy and then removed it completely. He was an attractive man of about fifty or so, graying at the temples and in good physical shape. He wasn't young, but he was a good-looking man, one that would make more than one housewife's pussy tingle. She had only met Andrew Blaine once before and thought he was good-looking. She had no love for the man personally, knowing him to be a wily and dangerous man if he considered you his enemy, but a good one if he were on your side. Now she looked at him for the first time in a different light.

Before she had a moment more to contemplate the situation, she saw John returning after locking the door to the back room behind him.

He said not a word as he sat down again across from Ruth, but she knew that he had arranged it all, and that within moments they would set out to gain Andrew Blaine's favors. A terrible sensation of passion whipped through her once more as she felt Blaine's fingers rising beneath her skirt again. John had returned with an additional bottle of red wine and suggested that they all drink heartily. Blaine's eyes twinkled and his booming laugh filled the room. Had John spoken to him before? Did he know what was to come, had they planned it together?

Blaine's middle finger surged close to her already seeping cunt high between her open white thighs, and she felt him parting the softly curling pussy hairs and inserting the thick digit into the moisture of her wetly trembling cunt.

She drank more of the mellow, smooth-tasting wine and gave herself up bit by bit to the rising heat within her loins as Blaine's agile finger plied softly and steadily, rubbing gently at the tingling slit of her aroused pussy. It felt so terribly obscene to be sitting there as if nothing was happening, when they all knew what was happening under the table. Then abruptly the conversation turned from the innocent topic of the theatre in Pleasureville to more explicit things.

John spoke to her in a tone of voice that she knew well. It meant that he was excited almost to the breaking point. He wanted to watch her getting fucked forcefully and hard; he wanted her to yield to Blaine's strong handsome arms, to let him grind out his lust upon her, blotting her own out as easily as he would snuff out a candle with the massive girth of his demanding cock!

"How does that finger feel up in your hot little pussy?" John asked. Ruth jumped at the words and at the knowledge that Andrew Blaine was flushing with emotion next to her.

"It... it feels..." she began. She must not blow it now. She had to give Blaine the hottest fuck of his life! Blaine's finger churned with a new insistent touch, separating the slippery folds of her wet pussy and worming upward toward the open spot of her hidden cunt.

"Yes?" he inquired, anxiously pushing and thrusting upward so that his finger rose into the wet and sensitive pit of the mayor-to-be's wife's cum-slick pussy.

"Good!" she blurted out.

Blaine cleared his throat and stirred uneasily on his seat. He was enjoying the whole thing immensely. John Connors had promised him something special... something that he would truly appreciate if he decided to publicly support John. Now, Blaine was more than pleased to see that the promise was of a much more exciting nature than he had imagined. It was easy to get girls for an important man. But Ruth Connors was a dish that didn't come along every day, and he was delighted at the chance to fuck her -- it was even better than money! To see the beautiful and desirable woman beginning to sprawl down in her seat, right next to him, her eyes mere slits as she entered into a passionate state that was obviously complete and intense, now that was a show! To feel his own hand at that moment fingering her wet little pussyhole was enough to drive him crazy. He leaned forward in his seat, fingering her and watching Ruth's expression with growing interest.

He could feel his already hard cock jerking painfully between his legs as he thought admiringly of the audacity the young couple had to set such a thing up right in the back room of Pleasureville's most popular restaurant. He had to hand it to John though; he really knew how to get a fellow. He had heard tales about John and his wife, about how the young lawyer and his wife would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Well, now he was getting a taste of it himself, and he found it entirely to his liking! Life was a dull affair at best, and he always liked to add as much spice to his own as possible. This was the kind of spice that made him think that it was all worthwhile.

John was speaking calmly to the thoroughly aroused redhead now, and Blaine tried to catch all of his words. He could only get a few here and there, but they were enough for him to get the picture. Ruth was getting excited, not only through Blaine's lewdly intimate touching of her cunt, but by her husband's lewd words.

"... know you like fingerfucking. Blaine's fingers are fucking your tight little cunt... squirm it... wiggle it... ugh! Ugh! Squirm it high inside your pussy... Oh God, his finger feels good up in there! Don't you wish it were his cock instead of his finger? You know you like fucking better than anything. Andrew Blaine knows it too... If you want him to, he'll fuck you now..."

With each word, Ruth seemed to lose more and more control of herself. Blaine could see her spreading her legs wider, and he leaned over and slipped his finger deeper into her cunt. It was then that he pushed the table back, and throwing up Ruth's skirt with a sudden motion, invited her own husband to watch what his fingers were doing, fucking deep into Ruth's cunt. Ruth whimpered; the idea that she was being lewdly fingerfucked by a stranger and exposed to her husband -- but at the same time serving "the cause" -- created a characteristic surge of masochistic enjoyment that increased her emotion to such an extent that she groaned out loud.

The pinkly glistening folds of her exposed pussy were plainly visible to John and Blaine now as they both stared intently at the red, hair-fringed cunt up between Ruth's widely separated legs. Blaine had flicked back the narrow elastic leg band of her panties so that the entire naked surface of John's wife's thoroughly aroused pussy was visible and his bunched-together fingers could be seen lewdly screwing up into the tightly clenching hole of her cunt, appearing and disappearing as he thrust again and again up into her willingly open cunt.

"Christ, man!" John exclaimed. "You've really got her going!" His lust-aroused cock was aching for a taste of his wife's cunt, but he didn't want to spoil Blaine's chances. He wouldn't dare interfere with anything Blaine did now for fear of losing his chance of winning the man over.

Blaine would stop moving whenever he thought Ruth was about to cum. He did not want that to happen yet. He wanted to keep her teetering on the brink of a mind-bending release, to arouse her so much that she would do anything to get a cock inside of her. It was obvious that she was a good fuck because she loved it and would only be satisfied with the best. This would be her first performance with him, but he knew she would do well. She had been well trained.

"Come on!" he said to her. "Hurry up and strip, and I'll fuck the shit out of you!"

With only a second's hesitation, Ruth stood up. She wavered as she looked down at the alert and deeply reddened face of Andrew Blaine, but she realized that she would be able to go through with it now. It would be worth it to feel Blaine fucking her, to obey him so well that he would fuck her into a state of ecstatic delirium. She would do as he said. Blaine had little to do with it, really. She and John were performing for each other as well as for Andrew Blaine. Being fucked by another man while her husband watched was an act that thrilled each of them beyond all possible games they could play.

She stood near the table, there in the back room of the restaurant, and began to slip out of her clothes.

Blaine watched with bulging eyes. He had only imagined what a gorgeous body Ruth Connors possessed, but now he saw. She was smiling at John with a loving expression, and Blaine valued this experience all the more because of the love these two young people had for each other. He had heard it said that the ultimate thrill in fucking was the one you got when someone shared his wife with you, and remembering this, he grew more and more excited. Her suit top and blouse were gone now and she stood in her skirt and lavender lace bra, one she had worn especially for him, because he was probably the old-fashioned type who liked the suspense of taking off a woman's bra and then watching her titties swing free. Her shapely legs were tanned from her daily sunbaths, and her full thighs came enticingly into view as she stepped out of her skirt and half-slip next. The beige tone of her silk panties blended subtly with the soft ivory of her naked loins.

Suddenly to Blaine it was if he and Ruth were alone in the room. She was playing strictly to him, while John faded even from his peripheral vision. Before him, Ruth's brassiere unclasped from the front and fell to the floor with a flick of her fingers, and the full beauty of her huge, whitely billowing tits swung into freedom. His cock throbbed as he took in their creamy perfection. They rested high and proud in the artificial light of the restaurant and their quivering pink nipples stood out on the creamy half-spheres, peaking higher as she raised her arms over her head in a provocative motion that was meant to lure him.

Damn! What a talent the girl had! John was one lucky bastard. Ruth was everything Blaine had always wanted in a woman, and more. He stared at her standing there barefooted in her tan-colored panties. Then, to his amazement and without another word of instruction from him, she turned her back to him and, bending over slowly, drew her silk panties tantalizingly down over her curved hips and lushly curved asscheeks. She brushed them sensuously against her smooth white thighs and calves and finally discarded them at her feet beside her skirt.

Ruth stretched languidly, as though she had been stripping all her life, and then, with a deliberate teasing motion, turned to face the two men. All of her nakedness was now voluptuously exposed, from her sensuously throbbing tits to the soft coppery-red, hair-covered mound of her quivering young pussy.

John turned to look at Blaine and saw the entranced Republican Party member rubbing his hand across the front of his pants. A swollen bulge betrayed the existence of his hotly pulsing erection, and John felt a thrill of power as he ascertained that Ruth's performance was having the desired effect.

Ruth was dancing now, swaying sensuously back and forth before the two men in lewd countertime to the piped-in music. She pranced nakedly, her tits dancing and her smoothly curved asscheeks bouncing softly as she turned to present their ripely swelling fullness to the watching pair.

"Come here, honey," Blaine said huskily. "Let us have a closer look at you."

Ruth approached and stood before them. She was waiting for Blaine's hands upon her burning hot body, for his promised quenching of the desire that raged within her nakedly trembling loins. And she didn't have long to wait. Blaine reached out for her while John sat motionless, watching.

"You're beautiful, baby!" Blaine growled, and his thin aristocratic hands were on her whitely trembling ass, pulling her in close to him. Suddenly, she felt his face worming into the narrow split of her hotly gushing pussy, his nose and then his tongue parting the tender hair-fringed cuntlips and probing lewdly up inside their dark wetness.

She jumped at the unexpected wet contact and then felt him holding her all the harder against him, his fingers harshly kneading the pliable white flesh of her quivering asscheeks. She opened her eyes wide as she felt him begin a fast-paced licking and sucking at her nakedly presented cunt. She felt as though she were going to burst into flames any second, and she looked over at her husband who gave her a wink and a nod of approval.

Blaine flicked out his tongue and wetly teased the slit of Ruth's nakedly exposed pussy furrow. His tongue ran over the tiny trembling lips of pink cunt flesh as well as the curly red hairs that protected them. Ruth jumped against his hands, and he held her to him more tightly. His thumbs lewdly spread open the soft, hair-lined lips of her juicy pussy, and the teasing tongue probed hotly, deeply into her widespread cunt. Grunting, he moved toward her from his seat and kneeled in between her legs, forcing them far apart as he continued the lascivious stroking with his deftly worming tongue. Slowly it worked up and down within the nervous young redhead's cunthole, pausing at the most sensitive areas to rotate about in small titillating circles against her cum-soaked pussy flesh.

He pushed forward and Ruth cried out, losing her balance and beginning to fall backward. But she felt John rush behind her to cushion her, and she lay softly upon the rug of the restaurant's private room, her legs widespread and Blaine kneeling up between them.

Oh God! Ruth thought. She got so hot when John was watching her being fucked by another man. She was so hot that she couldn't even cry out to him. But inwardly she screamed, I want a man's cock in my cunt, something huge! Not just a tongue.

Still Blaine's tongue teased between her widespread cuntlips, working its way all the way up from her hotly tingling pussy through the palpitating narrowness of her cunt to the throbbing head of her defenseless clit. She was disturbed that the illicit flicking of his tongue was creating a maddening pulsing deep within her heavily pulsing clit, and she could feel the tiny nib of sensation swelling to full erection. She began to squirm her hips down into the fabric of the soft rug beneath her in a futile effort to urge on the punishing tongue, but it did no good. The idea that her husband John was somewhere behind her, watching all this, brought more low guttural moans of lust to her throat. The naked white plane of her belly danced erotically before the two men's hungry eyes as Blaine continued his greedy lapping and panting at Ruth's helplessly exposed pussy.

The older man's eyes peered up from his enjoyable task and met those of John Connors who was standing behind the writhing nakedness of his wife. John nodded that it was fine for Blaine to continue.

Ruth's moans of lust slowly increased, but her thrashing body was quieting down to a more steadily rhythmic writhing. The soft, gentle stroking of Blaine's tongue began to bring wicked tingles of pleasure to her soft, curl-rimmed cunt. Her very nakedness, there in the back room of a popular restaurant, excited her and she could feel a definite responsive reaction begin to stir inside her as the lewd tonguefucking continued. Control was slipping away again, that delicious feeling that she had with John, where all thought was but a writhing mass of feminine sensuality, created for fucking and nothing else! That powerful desire to think and keep on thinking was mercifully suspended and a total relaxation followed that enabled her to give of herself with complete abandon.

The dark channel of her pussy began to throb hotly. Yes, she enjoyed this obscene act. Always had...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned, beginning to squirm her hips upward to meet Blaine's madly licking tongue.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" she repeated as he attached his mouth to the wide-open split of her streaming pussy and began to suck upon the passion-drenched pinkness of her inner flesh.


Suddenly behind her, she felt John's hands upon her hugely billowing tits. His fingers began to play with the pebble-hardness of her fully erected nipples. With a little squeal, Ruth abandoned herself to the sudden rush of pleasure as the familiar fingers twisted her softly trembling tits, and down between her thighs her desire-inflamed cunt felt like a hot glowing coal being kindled to greater and greater heights of lust.

"Hurry!" John's voice directed over her nakedly twisting body. "Put it in her now... now!"

Blaine raised his cum-glistening face, and his cheeks reflected the excitement that he was feeling. Quickly he opened his zippered fly and withdrew his thickly pulsing cock. It felt like granite in his hands, and he could hardly wait. Before him, he spied the small pink opening of Ruth's wetly gushing pussy, just waiting for his hard cock!

He was really going to fuck her right there!

Ruth stirred impatiently and moaned at the sudden loss of contact with her yearning pussy.

God! Blaine thought. She really wants it bad!

As if to echo his thoughts, Ruth suddenly cried out, "Please... please... fuck me now... now, I tell you!"

She had to quench the terrible desire that had risen up inside her, had to know physical peace before she could think straight again.

Andrew Blaine kneeled up between the red-haired woman's widespread thighs. He looked down at the widely parted, shapely legs and bent down to ease them still farther apart. He almost seemed to drool over her cum-gushing pussy which seemed looser and wetter than before, and Blaine thought he'd never seen anything so exciting in his life. He'd certainly never done anything that could quite match this long lunch! With a pained expression, he pushed his thickly pulsing cock forward and began to worm the smooth, rubbery head of it in between the red pussy curls and up into the velvety cunt flesh spread wide before him.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhh!" Ruth responded as the sliding cock rose against her helplessly aroused feminine flesh. Her pleading whimpers filled the room as Blaine fucked the thick head of his cock up into the spreading entrance of Ruth's willing cunt, pushing upward, continuing in a slow constant act of relentless penetration until his cock was finally buried completely up in her whitely quivering belly.

"Oooooooooogggggghhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahh!" she cried, as Blaine gritted his teeth at the almost unbearably pleasurable sensation of Ruth's tightly gripping cunt muscles wrapping around his prick.

Andrew Blaine inclined back from Ruth as his probing cock attempted to reach the farthest depths of her totally filled pussy, and he did not seem to want to stop until it was completely out of sight, buried deep inside the lustfully flailing young redhead's willingly spread pussy, and his cum-laden balls hung lewdly against her smoothly naked asscheeks, her long legs and feet and calves swung outward, quivering visibly as Ruth lay speared by Blaine's hugely impaling hardness.

From his position staring down over his lustfully writhing wife, John could see that Ruth was completely out of her mind. Her red-painted lips opened and closed sensually and sounds of ecstasy poured forth in a low but steady stream. Ruth began to rotate her hips up to meet Blaine as his pussy-stretching cock pressured hard up into her raging cunthole. Again and again Blaine shuffled in toward her wide-held pussy on his knees, forcing his cock deep into her hungrily contracting cunt.

John Connors watched, his fingers still kneading at Ruth's softly jiggling tits. He was fascinated by the sight of his wife's red-haired cunt receiving the thrusting fucks of perspiring Andrew Blaine's huge cock.

He could feel his own excitement growing as he felt the sensuous flesh of Ruth's ecstatically pulsing tits beneath his fingers. Blaine's thrusting cock, from where he watched, appeared and disappeared like a well-oiled piston into the thrashing redhead's widely stretched pussy. It was throbbing red and swollen and each time Blaine rammed into her, Ruth gave a guttural grunt and her tits pulsed heavily in John Connors' lewdly manipulating fingers.

Blaine could feel Ruth's cuntlips clasping tighter and more hungrily around the fleshy intrusion of his heavily throbbing cock. It wouldn't be long now, he thought, and just in time, too. He couldn't last a minute longer! Blaine didn't know how good John Connors was in the sack, but he was certain that he was giving him a run for his money that day with Ruth.

"Get it, baby, get it!" he began to spit out, obscenely.

Ruth writhed around on the rug and let all the perversity of the moment fill her mind and body. She could feel her tits being pulled harder and harder, each burning touch creating a heat within her that only heightened the lust between her legs. The powerful blows that struck deep into the upper regions of her cunt, filling and stretching it with a wildly fulfilling pleasure, were wringing a joyful culmination from her tormented young loins. Then, suddenly, she jumped. From everywhere inside her there was a race of hurtling sensations that started in her pulsing cunt and spread to all atoms of her body. She was released!

"Aaaaataaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Ruth choked and sputtered and moaned lasciviously, turning this way and that as the deeply fucking cock began to spurt forth its jism.

"Oh man!" Blaine exclaimed. "Oh, man!" His head jerked backward, his eyes rolling toward the chandeliered ceiling. "Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhh!" he grunted, lifting Ruth's trembling hips upward with his tensing hands so that he was able to empty his hotly gushing cock deep into her hungrily milking pussy.

"Oooooooh... yes, fuck meeeeeeeee!" Ruth cried out, jiggling upward with all her might, making herself a willing receptacle for the burning hot cum juice that filled her quivering cunt.

She did not feel completely sane as, caught in the throes of her mind-blowing cum, she began to murmur a steady stream of words.

"Oh, fuck me, screw me... oh! I want your cock... I need your cock... Fuck me... goooooddddd!"

John Connors watched the lewd spectacle with mounting lust. He felt extremely frustrated by the whole thing now, and he wished that he could have fucked his wife instead of Andrew Blaine. There was something about doing it in the back room of a crowded restaurant while people were eating in the front room that really raised his cock. He would have to try it again sometime, only he would be the one to screw her.

Meanwhile, he would have to make do with what he could get.

As the moaning and groaning gradually decreased and John could see that Blaine had had it, he hurriedly released his own throbbing cock, letting it bob lewdly in the cool air of the restaurant's back room. Strains of music still wafted through the room, and only Ruth's soft mewling, mingled with Blaine's heavy panting, could be heard rising to meet the music.

Blaine pulled out of her cum-drenched cunt slowly, his softly deflating cock glistening wet and forlorn-looking. But Blaine seemed more than pleased. He was exhausted, yes, but what a way to go! He clumsily got to his feet and, still panting, headed for the bathroom. John moved around Ruth's nakedly prone body. He knelt between her parted legs and looked at her gaping, cum-glistening cunt. What a sight! he thought. She was so beautiful. She lay, completely satiated, in a semi-trance state, and John longed to fuck her with his painfully throbbing cock that he now jerked almost absentmindedly in his hand. The pinkly shining split of her pussy flesh was drenched and widespread for all the world to see, and the red curling hairs glistened with the combined wetness of cum juices. She was an obscenely presented dish, John thought, as he stroked his foreskin all the way back. His wildly straining cock stood out taut and tight and ready. Just waiting for me! he thought.


The next day dawned bright and clear, and Ruth Connors took that as a good sign. She sighed and settled back on her fluffy flowered pillows on her bed as the sun streamed in through the window, making a delicate lace pattern upon the thick lime green carpet. Just then the telephone rang and Ruth gave a little start at its melodious notes, having forgotten for a moment that there were things that a mayoralty candidate's wife should do if she wanted her husband elected.

The familiar voice of her husband's secretary came across the wire, and Ruth realized that she hadn't spoken to her in quite a while. It was usually her custom to stop by her husband's headquarters to read any mail addressed to her and to help the secretary answer it. But she hadn't even called in since her rendezvous with Dan Michaels the other day. She felt a pang of guilt since she was usually very good about keeping in contact and answering the many letters of support and suggestions that she received every week. Ruth knew that her name was on the lips of every teenage girl in the city since she had initiated her Girls' Athletic Project, setting up clubs all across the city for young girls interested in sports that would provide all of the gear and coaching for talented girls, something that boys had always taken for granted. With all the equipment, it gave the girls the same chance as boys to compete against each other.

Ruth was very proud that she herself had thought of the idea, even though it was John who had suggested that if she got involved in something good for the city, that by the time the election rolled around, their names would be household words.

Ruth had taken it from there and, of course, had had the help of many women's clubs throughout the city in setting up the program, but the idea was hers, and Pleasureville, a city of approximately 130,000, loved her for it.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Audrey. I just haven't had much time lately..."

"I know, your husband told me; and I wouldn't have bothered you if it weren't for all the calls I've been getting from Dan Michaels."

"Dan? Calling... you... What did he say?" Ruth could feel her heart pounding harder.

"Well, he's on the line right now, says he's got to speak with you, but he won't tell me what it's about. He's been calling now for a couple of days. I've been wondering why he was calling here when I know he has your home phone number, so finally I thought I'd ask you about it!" Audrey's voice sounded concerned, and Ruth realized that she must say nothing that would alarm her husband's secretary.

You must remain calm, she told herself. Even though your pussy has just raged out of control at the thought of what Dan is up to this time, making it hard to concentrate. It was obviously some new game he wanted to play, or maybe it was the old one, the one that they had made up last week. Her pussy thrilled at the thought. She had gotten hotter over that one than any other one they had come up with so far. If he had decided to go on with it, it would be sheer heaven!

"Dan Michaels," Ruth heard her own voice saying into the phone. "You say he's on the line now? Yes, I'll speak with him."

"Okay, I'll speak to you later." The secretary's voice clicked off, and then established the special telephone connection that would enable Dan's call to be transferred to the Connors' home phone.

Ruth felt something within her light up ever so slightly as she heard Dan's familiar voice on the telephone. She could not suppress a shiver of delight, and she drew her blue colored silk robe up around her neck as she listened to what he had to say.

"Oh, Mrs. Connors, I'm so glad I've gotten through to you at last. I just had to reach you. I was wondering if we could change that appointment we made? You see, I'd rather not wait until next week because my stereo tape deck might break down, and I couldn't take that with what I have planned and all. I'd like to see you again sooner, Mrs. Connors... about the contents of the tapes, that is... before anything happens to them!"

In keeping with Dan's lines, Ruth screamed into the phone. "All I want is both of those tapes, Dan!"

Her face was flushed and her lips tense as the fingers of one hand clenched into a fist and the others clutched at the receiver.

"Don't try to pressure me, you bastard. I'll be there next Monday as I said -- and you'd better have them for me or else! I will be there precisely at 3:00 p.m." He had teased her the first time, and it was her turn to do the same to him.

Ruth flung the receiver back dramatically onto the cradle of the phone and sank back into her pillows with her eyes closed. She would hold out on him just as he had held out on her last Monday by making her hot as hell before he fucked her. Well, she thought smugly, this time he's the one who's going to get hot.

There was a low drone as the car climbed up the steep hill toward the mountain cabin belonging to the Connors. It was the weekend, and Ruth was glad that she had not given in to Dan's request to meet him earlier than their normal weekly meeting. They used to meet more often, but then by chance they found that by meeting less often it was more stimulating, for then they had the whole week to imagine and think about the rendezvous. This weekend was an exception, of course, and would have nothing whatever to do with the game they were playing. In fact, she wouldn't be surprised if it just didn't come up at all. This vacation had nothing to do with their weekly rendezvous plans.

Ruth knew that Dan Michaels would be waiting to meet them at the cabin and that they -- Dan, John, John's mistress Angie Parks, and herself would be spending the weekend there. It was an important weekend in that it was the last one the four of them would be able to take before the really hard campaigning began for John's bid for mayor. Andrew Blaine had agreed to lend him his support after the wild luncheon they had given him. He had not been very difficult to convince, nor had any of the other vote swingers that they had used the same methods on. No one had gotten away from them -- they had been very successful at fucking their way to the top.

John felt sure that with all of the big supporters behind him, plus his own large popularity, he would have no trouble getting the majority of the votes and being elected mayor.

Seated in one of the back seats, John's mistress, Angie Parks, watched Ruth, wondering just what kind of woman she was and what a strange kind of marriage she had with John that would allow both of them to have open sexual relationships with other people. Though she'd been with John Connors for six months now, she still hadn't quite got used to the four-way orgies they had. John and Ruth loved each other dearly, that was very apparent, but what was so weird was that their relationship was even more intense due to their screwing around with other people. She didn't understand it, but that really didn't matter because she loved cock and she got her fill with John. She liked the wild times she had when she and John and Ruth and Dan would meet for an evening or a weekend like this one, and it would turn into a wild, no holds barred fuck. She blessed the day she had met John and become involved in his wild ways. He would get her vote on election day and any other day he wanted it!

The car started up the small dirt road to the isolated cabin, and Ruth smiled and thought about the wonderful weekend ahead of them.

"Happy, my love?" John inquired, catching her smile.

"Yes, it will be good to be away from town for the weekend!" she replied. John's hand reached out for hers and he clasped it gently.

"Yes, the last few days of freedom before the long haul!"

Dan stood on the cabin's porch watching the car make its way up the long winding road to the house, sometimes disappearing behind trees, sometimes in sight. It was a slow tricky drive and Dan started to think that they would never get there when the car disappeared behind the last group of trees and a few seconds later drove up the last few hundred feet to the driveway. He waved as he caught sight of the car and the passengers got out, and he whistled softly to himself as Ruth's short dress blew up, momentarily exposing her long slender legs and smooth thighs.

Ruth gave him a lewd look, and Dan remembered the last time she had given him a look like that. He had such wonderful memories of their little affairs, the best memories of his life, really. In his more depressed states of mind, he resented John Connors because he had found Ruth first and was now her husband. Ruth was Dan's idea of the perfect woman, and he fervently wished that she were his and his alone instead of his to use once a week. But he was content to have her like he did rather than not at all, and there was one thing that John couldn't have or take away, that one day a week or the memories of Ruth's passionate embraces and fucking.

He was thinking about how satisfying it was going to be this weekend. The weekends were always fun, and he could already feel himself getting a hard-on at the thought of her sleek, red-haired little pussy squeezing him together between those trim little thighs.

Dan nonchalantly tweaked Angie's right nipple in greeting and whispered to her, "See you tonight, sweetheart! Hope your little cunt's ready!"

Angie's face flushed beet-red from the words that Dan Michaels had whispered to her, and she felt her pussy tingle. Jeez, she thought irritably, it doesn't take much to get me hot! And wait until tonight! It's going to take a lot of cock to put my fire out!

John yawned and poured himself a drink from the well-stocked bar in the corner of the room. It was all working out very well, this mayoralty campaign, and he felt excited and not very sleepy at all. His mind turned to his wife upstairs in their bedroom. They had all been tired tonight and had decided to forego the group fuck, but they hadn't ruled out fucking with each other. Together they would celebrate how well the campaign was going in a very special way he had not even thought of yet. Carrying his scotch and water with him, he slowly climbed the stairs.

Ruth turned over as John entered the room.

All was darkness inside, but he sensed that Ruth was awake in the big double bed that was at the end of the room. Without speaking, he undressed, feeling tension leave him as his lean, taut body was revealed in its nakedness to the dark of the room. A tremor of anticipation passed over him as he approached the bed. His eyes were rapidly adjusting to the lack of light, and he could make out Ruth's curvaceous shape upon the bed. As he reached the bed and stood peering down, he heard a rustle of covers, and Ruth's hands moved out and her fingers clasped the semi-hardened column of his cock. It jerked to life in her hands as her fingers began to slowly massage his tingling balls, softly smoothing over the heavy weight of them while she gently touched his now painfully jerking cock.

"Aaaaah," she said in the darkness. "I was waiting for you!"

"I'm here..." John replied, his voice husky with desire as he stood stark still and let his beautiful wife continue her lewd massaging of his massive cock.

Dan had heard John go into the bedroom, and he knew that her husband and Ruth were going to have their own little party.

Shit! he thought. Wish I was getting some of that tail! He hadn't been that tired tonight that he couldn't have taken in a little group fucking. But since no one else had wanted to, he thought it might be fun to listen while John and Ruth went at it. In fact, it was something Angie might enjoy as well; she liked kinky things, and she might be in the mood for a little screwing around.

He stopped in front of the Connors' bedroom door on his way down the hall to Angie's room. Even when he pressed his ear to the door, he couldn't hear a thing. It occurred to him that John might possibly have gone right to sleep, but Dan remembered the hot looks that Ruth had been giving John at the dinner table earlier and decided that they wouldn't have gone to sleep with ideas like those they had had in their minds! He carefully pushed on the doorknob and, with experience gained through years of childhood sneaking about, succeeded in turning it without making a sound. One of the light switches for the hall light was nearby on the wall, and Dan flicked it out before slowly pushing the door open just a fraction of an inch.

A wild cry met his ears and startled him so that he almost shut the door again. Then he realized that he had not been discovered but had merely tuned in to the love cries of John's beautiful wife. His features split into a wide grin of satisfaction as he settled down to listen in the hallway.

Ruth's nakedly writhing body was lost in the fire of the moment. Every muscle she possessed was tensed as she strained her hips upward toward the maddening licking tongue in between her legs. John was magnificent! She had never dreamed that it could be like this, that each time she was with him he could bring more and more pleasure from her body. Her love for him incited her further. Her updrawn legs opened and closed around the tormenting head that was licking gluttonously at her flame-seared pussy. The cords of her neck stood out as she pulled with all her strength against the tangled hair of his head below her.

"Ooooooooh! Ooooooooooohhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!" she wailed, splaying her legs wider and wider to give him greater access. "Lick my cunt! Lick it!" she screamed, pleading with him. "Oh God, don't stop now... Do it just like Andrew Blaine! Lick it, lick it!" And then there came a rushing in her ears as she choked and the room seemed to spin around her, and she moaned and cried out as the intolerable delight of her mind-bending cum careened through her. She wanted it to go on forever and ever, to never, never stop!

As Ruth lay gasping and slowly recovering, John turned her over onto her still softly trembling belly. Her willpower had been completely drained by her cum, and he kissed her smooth, sensuously curved asscheeks, and bit them with sharp little nips of his teeth. He was vaguely unsatisfied. Tonight is special, he thought. He felt ready to go on for a long time, teasing her and bringing her to greater and greater heights of delirious pleasure.

"Spread your legs!" he ordered her. "I'm going to fuck you like no one has ever fucked you before!"


Dan Michaels almost ran down the stairs to the bedroom where Angie was sleeping. His ears were humming and his brain spinning. "Good old Ruth and John," he said aloud to himself. "So, they've been screwing their way in to the mayor's office."

He was in a hurry now, for he had an idea that he thought would be fun, not to mention thoroughly exciting. He could feel his cock throbbing hard and demanding between his legs as he made his way to the small bedroom at the back of his house.

Dan eagerly sought out the right door in the narrow hallway, and without hesitating, he knocked softly. After getting no reply, he turned the handle of the door and, finding it open, stepped in.

Angie had awakened at Dan's first knock. Now she lay wondering in her narrow bed what Dan was up to as the good-looking young man entered. He was dressed in his pajamas. His dark hair was charmingly out of place and a large lock clung to his forehead. His dark blue eyes glinted and his expression was amicable as he moved swiftly to her.

"Dan, what you are doing?" she cried, holding her covers up against her chin. Beneath, she was clad in a simple thin nightgown that came to her ankles and had a white ruffle around the hem.

"I think I've found something that you would enjoy seeing and hearing," Dan said, sitting down on the bed.

Angie started to answer, but he would not let her. His laugh resounded throughout the tiny room, and Angie wondered what on earth it could be that Dan wanted to show her that could cause him so much amusement.

"Dan, tell me what it is!" she cried out.

His head bent low, and he kissed her with a hard, burning pressure, until her head sank back into the softness of the pillow. Her eyes were closed and the lids fluttered as his kisses did their work in arousing her small voluptuous body. His tongue boldly thrust between her pinkly parted lips, touching her own tongue mercilessly and making her want to die from the bliss it created inside her.

"Wait... Dan, hold it... Tell me what's so funny..." she murmured, moving her head from side to side in an effort to escape his mouth.

"Yes..." he said suddenly, pulling away from her. "I'll tell you, but you have to come with me... Come on! Hurry!"

Impatiently, he pulled her up and spun her toward the door, not even giving her time to put on a robe over her thin nightgown.

"Where on earth are we going? What's wrong with you, Dan?"

"Nothing's wrong with me. I just want to show you something I think you'll enjoy. In fact, I know you'll enjoy it about as much as I do." Once more his laugh echoed through the empty house.

Dan was pulling her so fast that she could only stumble along behind him, curious in spite of herself as to where the impetuous Dan Michaels was taking her.

He clambered up the stairs, taking them two at a time, not stopping to see if the small girl was able to follow at such a pace. She had no choice, and together they arrived at the top of the landing both out of breath and panting hard.

"Shhhhhhhh..." Dan cautioned her, and together they tiptoed down the hall until they got to the door to the Connors' bedroom.

"I sure hope they're still fucking," he thought to himself. And then he knew they were, for through the slight crack in the door which he had left ajar the rising voices of John and his beautiful young wife could be clearly heard.

Angie stood with her mouth gaping open as Dan pushed her closer so that she too could hear everything.

Inside, Ruth winced forward, jumping slightly as she felt John's fingers prodding in between her widespread asscheeks. This was something that he had only done once, one wild night when he and Dan had both fucked her at the same time. He had never done it on his own, nor had Dan. Ruth sensed what her husband was thinking of doing -- he had fucked her there once before, but it would still hurt. She felt obscenely naked and unprotected back there as she could feel the strained skin around her tiny puckered asshole being pulled apart. He had been kissing her and gently nibbling at her whitely trembling asscheeks, and Ruth was surprised to note that his finger up her ass did not hurt as she had anticipated, but rather sent a sensation of muted pleasure swelling through her.

John moved his middle finger around in the tight but expanding hole, sawing in and out, widening the tiny asshole more and more. Ruth found herself wiggling her hips back against it, her nails digging into the mattress under her. When the determined young husband forced a second finger in, however, she winced aloud from the pain and tried to bounce away from him on the big bed. She could feel the sheets crumpling beneath her damp body.

But Ruth had little time to relax, for her demanding husband followed her, kneeling up against her own kneeling body, pinning her down with his other big hand on the small of her back. Ruth could feel that he was warming to his task, and that shiver of excitement that she always got when she realized that she was about to be thoroughly fucked now ran through her nakedly trembling body. Momentarily he was still behind her, and then the fingers began to work together inside her tightly clinging asshole. Ruth's mouth fell open as she began to groan excitedly, wriggling back onto the obscenely invading fingers of John's lewdly probing hand. A strangely appealing subjugation swept over her. She could feel him back there deliberately stretching her. His voice came to her ears, loud and ringing.

"I've only fucked you in the ass once, and I hear that the second time's the charm!"

"Yes... yes... fuck me there! Screw me up the ass, John!" She twisted her neck and cried back to him.

Outside the door, Angie gasped as she heard the unmistakable sounds of what activities were going on in the Connors' bedroom. She felt her legs grow weak and she would have fainted from the sudden fire in her cunt at the sound of the intimate goings on in there if it had not been for Dan's strong grip around her waist. He would not let her go and she was glad of that for she was afraid that her legs wouldn't hold her up.

Dan was delighted. It was much, much better than he had hoped. They'd fucked together at one time or another, but this listening secretly at the door seemed somehow more obscene and arousing.

His fingers began a rhythmic massage against the naked softness of Angie's now softly quivering tits beneath her thin nightgown. They felt good to his fingers, and he pulled her closer and closer to him, forcing the hard, hot spear of his cock against her smoothly curved asscheeks. He knew that even beneath their clothing she could feel the hardness of his prick, and that she would remember what it had felt like to have his huge, cunt-splitting cock fucking deep into her willingly widespread pussy.

The young blond girl moaned and was silent, but Dan could feel her trembling against him, her body beginning to respond to his forward thrusts as he held her tightly to his loins. They stood just outside the door in the hall, listening to the lewd sounds and words coming from inside the bedroom, and Ruth's breath became heavier and heavier to match the intensity of the actions inside. He could sense Angie's total nakedness beneath her nightgown, and their very position there beside the open door began to excite him more and more.

Inside the bedroom, John Connors pulled his fingers out of Ruth's hotly quivering asshole, the rubbery skin of her anus clinging to them and making a sucking, hissing noise.

"Kneel up more," he said thickly. "Get your ass up higher!"

Obediently, Ruth drew her knees further up under her, presenting him with the fully stretched cheeks of her ass as she felt his hot, hard body move in between her open thighs. A shiver of anticipation surged through her limbs as suddenly she felt the heavily throbbing head of his cock resting within her widesplit nether crevice. Subserviently, she reached her hand back through the arch of her legs and began to gently stroke and cup the heavy sac of his cum-filled balls.

"Put my cock in your ass!" he hissed at her, and she took hold of the hotly throbbing cock, feeling its width between her fingers. It seemed too big to go inside her back there! Yet she wanted to have it fuck her ass, and she held her breath as he clutched at the top of her trim, widely separated thighs while she placed the thickly pulsing head of his prick against the tight, hairless opening of her asshole.

John began to push against her, straining into the tight near-virginal hole of her ass. She was about to tell him that it was no use, it would never go in, when the tiny muscle of her asshole gave way and the persistent head of his cock burst into the sanctity of her nether flesh. Desperately, she tried to pull away from him, but he held her tight.

"Oh God, John... it hurts... I'm too small back there!" she cried.

But he ignored her pleas, shoving mercilessly as he hugged her shapely hips in his savage attack and growled, "Push back! Come on! Help me out. Push your ass back!"

Ruth could hardly think. Every way she turned there was pain and more pain. The agony was unbelievable!

"Back... BACK!" he urged heatedly, but she was afraid to move for fear of the pain inside her. Nevertheless, she tried to move her ass backward, and with a deliberate, mind-shattering effort born of love, she allowed his slithering cock to surge into the spongy resistant flesh of her back passage.

"Aaaaaannnnnggggghhhhh!" she groaned as his pelvis smacked loudly against the softness of her upturned white asscheeks. She heard him give a harsh whine of passion as he began to fuck deep into the soft confines of her fully presented asshole.

Listening in the hall outside the bedroom door, Angie had begun to really respond to the sounds of the lewd fucking by writhing backward against Dan's thrusting loins, and when his hands began to lift her nightgown up, she could not protest.

Her flesh burned with desire as his fingers revealed the creamy nakedness of her soft white body. When her nightgown was way up around her hips and her softly quivering asscheeks were nakedly bared to him, she felt him pull her in against him once more, and to her shocked surprise she felt the naked hardness of his cock pressing fervently into the split of her asscheeks.

Oh no, she thought. He's not going to do the same thing to me; he can't. Not here. No! But she did not know what to do as he began to push and slide the massiveness of his cock in between her trembling asscheeks, bending her body this way and that as it pleased him so that he could get the desired sensual effect. She was relieved that he did not try to enter her there, for she could hear the horrifying sounds of Ruth Connors being sodomized by her husband. She knew that she could never recover from such an act if Ruth couldn't, and tried to convince herself that Dan Michaels would never dare do such a thing to her without her consent. He forced her to bend forward, letting his hotly throbbing cock fit smoothly into the spread entrance of her hair-lined cunt, and Angie shivered with mounting desire. She wanted to be fucked in her pussy.

Yes, she thought, oh yes, fuck into me now, right now! She felt so excited that she began to push her smooth white asscheeks back, and as she did so, the huge mass of Dan's cock fucked high into her willingly opened pussyhole.

"Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnghhh!" she moaned, twisting back onto him as she felt her cunt being filled by the enormously throbbing shaft of Dan's cock.

Oh, it's huge and wonderful and I love it! she thought wildly.

His hands firmly planted on Angie's hips, Dan Michaels began a slow fucking motion into the young girl's hotly gushing pussy, feeling his cock speeding along the entire length of her tingling narrow channel and listening to her soft moans of pleasure. But this was not all he had wanted of her, and boldly, after once more assessing the sounds coming from inside Ruth's bedroom, he began to push forward into the room, carrying Angie along with him still firmly attached to him by the lewd penetration of his heavily pulsing cock inside her tightly clinging cunt.

Angie realized what was happening, but she was too aroused to care. Ruth and John wouldn't mind anyway. He held her so hard that she could feel sharp shooting pains where his fingers dug into the soft fleshy area of her hips. Yet, as he moved, his hard cock jiggled and thrust within her wet confines in a most exciting way.

To her alarm, she could hear the noises of the wildly fucking couple on the bed very close by. She and Dan were now almost right next to the bed, she was certain of it. But Ruth and John were so preoccupied that they didn't know that they had company.

By degrees, the pain was lessening within the stretched walls of Ruth's thickly stuffed asshole, and a certain stimulation began to blend with it. She bared her teeth and wagged her head from side to side, her auburn hair a crazed tangle hanging over her face as John fucked hard into her again and again and again.

"Unnnnnnngh! Unnnnngggghhh! Uuunnngggghh!" he grunted animallike behind her. "Move your butt!" he commanded. "Can't you do better than that?"

His words stung Ruth as she tried to comply. He was sodomizing her. Her own dear John was fucking her mindlessly where she had seldom been fucked before. She tried to think, but each time his brutal thrust would drive her forward and she would squirm back onto his deeply fucking cock until soon she was filled with an all pervading masochistic joy. The pain had become pleasurable! She began to move backward with vigor, in a tempo to meet her young husband's brutal thrusts. It was getting better and better, better than she remembered it to be. She marveled at the power of her body to bring her new sensations when she thought she already knew them all.

It was then that the piercing shriek stunned them both, and John's surging cock stopped, plunged to the hilt within the tightly gripping narrowness of Ruth's widely split asshole. Directly behind them, right there in the room, a woman had screamed. And now immediately following the scream, the sharp sounds of sobbing and the lewd noises of flesh slapping against flesh met their ears.

"What the hell!" John cried out.

"Never mind!" Dan's panting voice replied. "Go on with what you're doing. It's just Angie and me. Damn, your asshole is tight, Angie!"

Angie's cries of pain lifted to the ceiling, and John could feel Ruth trying to continue the lewd fucking movements John had stopped.

He had to chuckle as he heard Angie's moaning noises and envisioned the two of them fucking there at the foot of the bed. He turned his head around, still without releasing Ruth from his strong grip on her upper thighs, and in the darkness could make out the shape of the other two gyrating bodies, the white of Angie's uplifted nightgown and the outline of Dan's head. He had to hand it to Dan Michaels. He had an original sense of imagination. No wonder Ruth liked him so well!

Ruth could hear Angie's mounting moans of utter pleasure, and she guessed that Dan was touching her body in such a way as to alleviate the rising pain between the young girl's cock-spread asscheeks. Her own ass was once more lewdly stretched and the long insertion of her husband's heavily throbbing cock fucking deep within her arching asshole made itself felt again as the painfully embedded prick recovered from its temporarily softened state and grew harder by the second.

"Come on, you sweetheart, fuck me back good..." he growled at her. "But first, turn on the light!"

In a second the room was flooded with a soft yellow glow from Ruth's night table, and John nearly knocked her flat on her face as he shoved up into her tightly clinging asshole again, this time turning his head so he could watch the lewdly occupied couple behind them.

It was true, they were assfucking too! Dan was fucking his little blonde mistress right up her ass, and from his position on the bed, John could see Dan's lustfully screwing cock sliding in and out between the full, firmly rounded moons of white flesh that formed the blonde's asscheeks. He could even see the pink flesh of her round little asshole draw back with Dan's cock on the outstroke, greedily clasping at it as if to keep it from escaping. He stared in sadistic delight as his wife's lover's cum-laden balls smacked resoundingly against Angie's tight little blonde-haired cunt each time he sank his huge prick to the hilt in her wide-split asshole.

John felt his own softly dangling balls palpitating almost painfully and his throbbing cock felt as if it were charged with electricity each time he fucked into Ruth's soft, uplifted asscheeks. Now she was moaning like a madwoman, her beautiful face flushed, her eyes rolling in her head, and John knew he couldn't last much longer.

They had all fucked in the same room before, and they had had some good times together and some pretty wild fucks. But John couldn't remember ever having done anything nearly as exciting as this dual sodomizing! He had wanted something special for this night and he was getting it. He could see Dan watching him too, even while he thoroughly impaled the writhing young girl in front of him, and John realized that they were in a kind of contest together. Who would last longer; who would cum first?

John's hand came down on Ruth's palely jiggling asscheeks in lewd imitation of a jockey with a thoroughbred horse coming down the home stretch toward the finish line.

"Eeeeeeee!" Ruth wailed in painful protest, but the excitement had begun to swell within her again and she reached back under her, tickling John's lewdly swinging balls and turning her face sideways so that he could see the effect he was having on her. Sweat poured from John's face as he rode her wildly and impersonally. She felt herself to be a mere vessel for his pleasure, and this contributed to her own growing pleasure. What could be more important than receiving his huge cock because, after all, she was using him for her own selfish pleasure just as he was using her. She knew that the presence of Dan and Angie was making him reach new heights of pleasure, and she herself found in the depths of debasement a greater desire than she had ever known filling her nakedly gyrating loins.

Dan watched her, fascinated, as up on the bed John's thickly throbbing cock disappeared all the way up into Ruth's whitely trembling asscheeks with every cruel thrust. None of it was left visible to his eyes as it fucked its full depth into the tightly resilient passage, straining its head as if to burst asunder in her tightly clasping asshole.

Dan had always wanted to fuck Ruth in the ass because he knew it was the only hole she had rarely been screwed in, and that in itself was enough to send his cock rising toward the ceiling. But in all the times he'd been with her, he had never dared to mention it. Now there would be no problem, though it wouldn't quite be the same. For the moment, though, it was enough to watch and to feel Angie's nakedly quivering little asscheeks smacking against his loins, to know that once more he was bringing the young blonde to the point of cumming with his deeply fucking cock.

Angie moaned and mewled as the thickly pulsing cock churned within her straining asshole. He had fucked into her there with one swift, devastating thrust, taking her by surprise after exiting from her cum-drenched pussy. And now, she found herself filled with a sense of total abandon.

What did anything matter anymore? She was in effect enjoying the obscene act of being screwed in her asshole. She had allowed herself to be taken in the crudest, most obscene manner known to man or woman, and in the same room with another couple who were doing exactly the same thing! Her mind went spinning in sexual abandon at the thought.

"Dan, fuck it! Fuck it hard!" she gasped out, her lewd words filling the room and spurring not only her own partner but the other hotly writhing couple to a faster pace.

Dan felt he could cum now whenever he wanted to. He drew his cock out to the tip, watching her virginally tight asshole pucker pinkly around him, and then fucked in hard in one long, smooth stroke all the way to his loins. Angie whined in ecstasy, and on the bed, Ruth echoed the same intense sounds. Dan fucked into her again, pulling Angie back onto his lust-throbbing cock like a smooth fitting glove, causing her to scream again.

John did the same, and Ruth screamed with pleasure. The boiling hot lava of scalding cum juice began to churn in John's heavily veined, pulsing cock. The acute tingling that signaled his imminent release had started!

John grunted loudly as he thrust his hugely pulsing prick deep into Ruth's widespread asshole, his entire naked body beginning to jerk convulsively against her presented ass. His mouth hung open loosely as he clawed at the soft, silky skin of Ruth's waist with harsh, clutching fingers, pulling her soft, white asscheeks even wider apart so that his cock could fuck yet another fraction of an inch up into her.

"I'm cumming, Dan!" he shouted back to his wife's lover. "I'm cummmiinnngggggg!"

"Me too!" Dan cried back. "Meeeee tooooooooo!"

Dan grunted and began to pump thick jets of scalding white juice from his speeding cock, filling the swollen tightness of Angie's plundered young asshole.

Beneath John's battering attack, Ruth felt the first delicious torrents of the hot, white cock juices splutter wildly into the aching depths of her well-fucked asshole. It surged through the cock-split hole like a volcanic eruption, warming her belly rapturously. The sensation and the lewd knowledge that John was actually paying more attention to Dan at this intimate moment than he was to her, strangely touched off her own cum and she screamed as the great rush of pleasure rippled through her trembling loins.


The combined cries of cumming swirled to the high-ceilinged bedroom. The wetly obscene sounds of the lewd fuckings mingled in their heads, and they all experienced a lewd four-way cum, where each cum hung on the others and was continually spurred on in a dizzying, mind-expanding experience.


"Hey girls, why don't you all have a little fun together?" Dan said.

Dan was standing naked in the middle of the room, having apparently just removed all his clothes, for his pajamas lay upon the floor. Beside him the satisfied figure of the disheveled Angie stood clad in her now rumpled nightgown.

John, rising up on his elbow beside Ruth, drawled out, "Hey, yeah! That sounds like a good idea!"

John's fingers curled absently around Ruth's hugely billowing tits, beginning to tease them the way he always did, bringing all the unwanted desire rushing back to the flushed surface of her naked body.

Continuous waves of pleasure were coursing through Ruth's loins at his touch and the thought of doing it with Angie hadn't helped a bit. Dan grasped Angie about the waist and brought her close to the bed.

"The two of them," he said to John. "Let's see you both do it to each other!"

John's fingers tightened their grip around Ruth's body, his hands cupping against her large, whitely trembling tits. He pressed expertly at her sensitive nipples to arouse her fully and sent shivers of heated desire racing through her recently fucked body.

"Mmmmmm..." Ruth said. The way she said it, and the thought of the two girls making it, was enough to make John's pulsing cock raging hard again. "That would be quite a sight, wouldn't it?"

She was looking steadily at Angie, and Angie cast her eyes downward, unable to withstand her lustful gaze.

It was obvious that Ruth had done it with other women before, but Angie hadn't, and she wasn't quite sure she was going to like it. But then again, Ruth was already really turned on at the thought of it so it must be pretty good. What the hell, she had always heard it was different from anything a man could do to a woman because only another woman can fully understand what really turned her sex on. She had always prided herself on her sexual liberation. Well, now was the time to really prove that she was as liberated as she thought she was. She had just been fucked in the ass; now it was time to be fucked by another woman.

With trembling fingers, Angie reached out for Ruth's softly trembling body. The auburn-haired woman's nakedness was partially covered by the satin sheets, and only her torso and tits were exposed to the trio's eyes. Her voluptuously white body gleamed in the soft light of the night lamp, beads of perspiration, glistening all over her skin. John reached out and pulled away the rest of the sheet. Her figure was perfect, including the rib lines above the sharply indented waist and the navel with a thin line of down that ran like a pointer to the sleek curls of her reddish pussy hairs against which the tops of her thighs pressed. She was all tits, hips, and thighs, seemingly ready to comply with the two men's lewd suggestions.

Ruth felt two small hands touching her nipples, and closed her eyes tightly so that she could immerse herself in the soft sensations of Angie's hands.

"Lie down!" John cried enthusiastically, moving over on the bed to make room for Angie. Dutifully Angie climbed up onto the bed as John's hands pushed Ruth down.

Ruth was delighted when the young blonde's fingers continued to touch and stroke her hugely billowing tits with gentle reverence, gradually becoming more used to the task and more expert at it as Ruth's nipples hardened unwillingly beneath the exciting pressure. Her hands were balled up into fists of passion at her sides as she lay with her legs slightly parted, eyes still tightly closed, allowing the novice blonde to caress her quiveringly naked tits. Angie was now tweaking the nipples with determination and Ruth could hear the girl's careful, heavy breathing, as well as the breathing of the two men watching.

"Keep it up," Dan commanded. "Lower, go down lower!"

"Let's get Angie's nightgown off," John suggested. The rustle of clothing and the temporary surcease of the gentle touching at her tits told her that they were taking off the young blonde's thin nightgown. Then Ruth felt the girl begin to trace tiny invisible fingernail lines across her rib cage and down along her soft, trembling belly to the softly indented navel, pausing there to draw a small circle inside. Ruth lay trembling with arousal, and Angie felt much the same way, feeling her curiosity rise within her as she began to explore another woman's body for the first time in her life.

It occurred to Angie that she would do to Ruth just what she herself found stimulating, and that way she could hope to avoid displeasing her and showing her inexperience with women.

The girl may be lacking in experience, Ruth thought, but she sure as hell is learning fast! She lay there with her creamy white legs spread apart, her body growing more and more aroused as the small fingers reached the curly tendrils of her soft, fur-rimmed pussy.

"JESUS!" Dan exclaimed from his position beside the bed. "You're doing okay, Angie, don't stop now!"

Dan was beginning to pull at the huge shaft of his heavily throbbing cock. He had never seen anything so magnificent as the sight of the two beautiful young women together. He could tell that John was enjoying it too, as Ruth's husband looked on with an intense expression, his hand fondling down between his thighs, clutching his painfully jerking prick.

"Oh God!" Ruth moaned again. It was going to happen now. She felt sticky and wet all over, and she could feel the eyes of the two men boring into her flesh.

"Aaaaaaaah!" she cried out finally as Angie's fingers spread the throbbing fur-trimmed lips of her cunt, exposing her hotly quivering little clit to the air. Then the fingers were sliding softly over the growing pleasure-bud, teasing it, tickling it, pulling at it.

Angie was playing with Ruth's wet cunt furrow the way she played with herself in the secrecy of her bed on the nights when she had no man to fuck her.

Ruth groaned and bit her lips. The softness of the blonde's touch brought back the feathery delight that she had forgotten another woman could bring her, and after some of the rough treatment she had been through this evening, she was delightedly shocked by the change. Angie's fingers were reaching her on some other level, a level that Ruth had not really explored in depth. The young blonde stroked her tenderly, almost as though Ruth were a child. Ruth could feel her trembling pussy beginning to grow more wet as her clit expanded beneath Angie's agile fingering. The young blonde kept on working at the delicate cunt flesh, slowly but surely, gently massaging and caressing. Then she let two of her fingers slip into the wetly gushing hole of Ruth's pliant cunt, plunging up, up into her clasping pussyhole, softly pushing against the walls as her tightly held together fingers traveled the full length of the other woman's hot, awakening cunt.

"Aaaaaah!" Angie cried out in response to Ruth's cry of pleasure.

"Get on top. Get on top," John urged excitedly.

Dan thought he was going to cum any second, and momentarily stopped the intense beating of his hand against his painfully jerking cock as he pulled the thick foreskin all the way back, letting his huge cockhead stand out proudly and ferociously.

Angie did not wait to be told a second time, and almost eagerly she climbed up from between Ruth's tremblingly widespread legs, without removing her obscenely implanted fingers from the hotly throbbing furrow of the other woman's cunt.

The aroused young girl climbed halfway on top of Ruth, pressing her own nakedly trembling titties down against the voluptuously quivering shapes of Ruth's larger tits.

Ruth sighed loudly as she felt the soft sensation of tits pressing against hers, while Angie's fingers still swirled insistently around up inside her hotly tingling cunt. The combination was unbearable. It was comfort and warmth and a passionate response that surprised her in its intensity. The idea that she was being watched by her husband and her lover spurred her on to even greater heights and she gave herself over to the perverted thrill of Angie's love making, and she abandoned herself to it as though she were drowning and Angie's slender body would keep her afloat.

Angie could feel the change in Ruth and it inspired her. Moaning softly to herself, she began to rub her blonde-furred cunt down against the quivering mound of Ruth's pussy while Ruth writhed sensuously beneath her, her legs straining apart. She just didn't care anymore. Angie felt a wonderful sense of power that she could make Ruth respond to her this way, that she could bring such pleasure to another woman's loins. It gave her a completely different vision of herself, a stronger, more confident picture.

Ruth moaned as Angie increased her caresses, slipping her fingers in and out of the redhead's hotly aroused pussy as though she were possessed by a demon, wriggling her small shapely body nakedly against hers, letting the silky flesh of it blend with hers, as her hair-covered pussy began to slide against the widely exposed area of Ruth's sensitive clit.

Ruth moaned over and over again, her streaming pussy like one big, longing ache as she strained against the heated friction both within her loins and without. Her smoothly curved asscheeks tightened and grew slack, only to tighten again as she heard Angie begin to utter a steady stream of incomprehensible words in a low, husky whisper.

Angie's fingers slithering upward into Ruth's tightly gripping pussy felt less and less like fingers and more and more like a special kind of cock pushing against the rounded protrusion of her cervix, reaching high up to the end of her dark cunthole.

Angie's ecstatically quivering tits pressed and rolled against Ruth's hugely billowing tits, causing Ruth's passion to mount. Both were almost swooning now from the exquisite floating sensation of pleasure that pervaded their nakedly twisting bodies.

As she sank deeper into her swoon, she opened her eyes for the first time, and through the wild flinging strands of Angie's sweet-smelling blonde hair she saw Dan and John towering over them, both men having moved to the end of the bed so that they could see better. She saw their hugely pulsing cocks pumping lewdly away over their writhing bodies, but this obscene sight could do little to heighten her mounting excitement. She couldn't get much higher than she was now.

The highly aroused redhead let her lips struggle up against Angie's, her arms enfolding the girl's small but strong body, pulling her closer against the rising pressure in her naked loins. She could feel it enveloping her. There was no shame whatsoever, only the precious body of another woman making her cry out, making her want to explode. She was breaking in two. Oh God, it was too much! Too good!

"Yes, now!" Angie whispered suddenly to her, and the urgency of the young blonde girl's voice released her and she was cumming, cumming so completely that it was as if gravity had let loose, flinging her into nothingness, projecting her with a tremendous force into -- what? -- another force of similar magnitude! Dimly, Ruth realized that Angie was cumming too, writhing excitedly on top of her own bucking and twisting body. She could feel the cum-drenched inner cunt, the hair-covered outer pussy, grinding down madly against her own fully exposed, insanely cumming pussy... and thousands of electric sparks seemed to be ricocheting between their two soft feminine bodies.

"Kiiiisssss mmmmeeeeee... ooooohhh kiisssssss mmmmeeeee!" Ruth begged, and she felt Angie's lips apply themselves to hers in a soul-searing kiss that heightened the mind-shattering cum that had become a mutual cum between them.

"OoooooooommmmmmmmmmMMMMM!" The two women's tongues mingled knowingly, as though they had waited years for this moment, and their groans of blissful cumming expanded throughout the large bedroom for long, long minutes as they continued to writhe nakedly against each other, oblivious to the two men who had inspired their cum.

Angie's fingers moved slowly in ever widening circles up within the contracting and pulsing walls of Ruth's juice-drenched pussy. She was milking the other woman's cum for all it was worth, extending it, increasing it, making it build just when it might fade.


"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"I'MMMMM CCCUUMMMIIIINNNGGG againnnnnnn," Ruth cried aloud, increasing her grip on Angie's passionately moving body over hers.

"Yes... yes... yes!" Angie replied. "Yes!"

The men came too, as they watched the mind-blowing cums and hotly writhing bodies of the women. And if someone had passed the cabin without knowing what was going on in the Connors' bedroom, they would not have been surprised to find that some wild animals were having a ball up in the mountains.


The taxi driver smiled broadly. He had recognized John Connors' wife even though she was wearing her darkest glasses and had pushed her gleaming auburn hair back under a cap. Realizing that the lovely young candidate's wife was in no mood for conversation, he refrained from speaking to her. He was content enough to have such a celebrity in his taxi, although he did wonder why she had not taken a limousine and why she was going to such a middle-class neighborhood. From what he had read about the Connors, they hung out with the high society in Pleasureville.

He watched the beautiful young woman as she walked away from him down the sidewalk. He tried to memorize everything about her so that he could tell his wife and kids when he got home. He had seen the future mayor's wife.

The front door of Dan's apartment building was just slightly ajar, and Ruth stood there for what seemed an eternity before she entered. It had been a marvelous weekend the four of them had had together, but now it was Monday again and time for her rendezvous with Dan. She hoped he was going to continue the game they had started last week. She had really enjoyed that one.

She entered the building and knocked at Dan's door with an anticipation that made her even more anxious to find out what was going to happen. She knocked again louder, as if to calm the suspense.

Dan came to the door, opening it and looking at her with a deceptively mild-mannered smile. Ruth entered as Dan Michaels ushered her inside. She stood uncertainly by the door with her arms hanging loosely at her sides. She wasn't quite sure what Dan had planned and she wanted him to be the first to act. He hadn't said a word to her as yet and so she continued to stand there by the door, waiting.

"Please sit down, Mrs. Connors," he said. "Won't you have something. It's almost tea time..."

"No... I only came for the tapes," she said almost with relish that he was continuing the same game. "You promised..."

"Oh, yes... the tapes... But Mrs. Connors, I'm disappointed. I was sure you would want to hear the rest of them."

Ruth almost smiled at the enjoyment plastered all over Dan's face. He was really proud of himself for this one, and she was proud of him too. It was understood between them that if anything happened on the weekend between the two of them, that they would forget about it during their weekly visit -- it was better, fuck-wise.

Dan helped her out of her coat.

"Now, if you'll sit down... I'm sure you'd like a little drink at least!" He was already on his way to the kitchen, where Ruth knew he kept the liquor. She did not protest. She would enjoy a drink now to help her get in the mood for things. She sat down on the sofa and tried to keep calm.

When Dan returned with the liquor bottle, Ruth felt very light-headed as she said, "I am prepared to do anything you want to get the tapes and your word that you will not show them to my husband!"

Dan stopped in the middle of the room and appeared startled. Then his face broke into a smile in which only the traces of his real thoughts could be seen. He was really getting into the part. He moved forward again, his tall form slight but muscular. He offered Ruth the glass of liquor and set the small serving tray down.

"In that case," he said, "we should adjourn immediately to the bedroom!"

"The bedroom?" Ruth inquired. "You mean in there...?" She pointed toward the bedroom where the tape recorder was and where they had had such fun last Monday.


Ruth hesitantly followed Dan Michaels who walked eagerly ahead of her. When Dan turned to make sure she was following, he smiled approvingly and said, "I'm glad you're bringing your drink... we may be some time in here!"

A tingle went through Ruth's cunt. She was thinking all sorts of wild thoughts. If all he wanted to do was fuck her, that would be fine. But that's what they always did, and she was kind of hoping for something a little different, something she had never done before.

Dan pushed her forward into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

"Don't be afraid. Nothing I do will hurt you."

Ruth stumbled backward away from him.

"I'm so glad you decided to listen to the tapes with me," Dan continued. "A young woman of your intelligence, of your background, will enjoy the sounds of high class passion. Surely my little needs will be very easy for you to meet."

"What are you talking about!" Ruth screamed, looking frantically around her and trying to make the sex game seem as realistic as possible.

"I'm talking about you and me, Mrs. Connors. We hit it off rather well last week. In memory of that time, I have a little program planned. I've been planning it all week long, and I know you won't want to disappoint me by not participating."

"The tapes, you'll give them back to me. You'll promise?"

Once again Ruth tried to get into the mood of the game and say what she felt Dan wanted her to say. She would ruin it for both of them if she didn't.

"Oh, of course! All yours!" Dan flicked a button on the side of the wall, and suddenly the room was filled by the sounds of the tapes. Ruth's own voice entreated Dan to fuck her harder and harder. Sounds of her lover's cock fucking into her own fur-rimmed pussy were magnified a thousand times in the small room. She put her hands over her ears and turned away from Dan, but it did not stop the sound.

She was about to turn back toward Dan and tell him just how disgusting she thought the tapes were, when she felt his arms entwining around her waist. She pretended to fight and scream, but he carried her kicking all the way over to the bed, where he threw her down on the mattress.

"Would you like to undress or shall I do it for you?" Dan asked politely. "Don't worry. I will give you a chance to hear all of the tapes before you leave."

Ruth looked at the man in front of her. She could see by the look in his eyes that he was really enjoying himself, and she vowed she would try to keep up the fantasy for him.

"No!" she cried, defiantly. "I'll do it myself!"

She began to disrobe hurriedly, taking off her cap first and letting her gleaming auburn hair cascade to her shoulders. Her dress came off with a sharp down-pull on the back zipper. She pulled her slip up over her head and stood before Dan Michaels in her panties and the pale pink bra that she had decided to wear that day.

"Oh, lovely, lovely!" Dan said, applauding her soundlessly. The lewd tape continued to spew its obscene sounds throughout the room, and Ruth trembled with arousal.

"You don't mind if I do the rest, do you? I would rather like that, I think."

Dan moved toward her and she struggled with herself to remain level-headed. She shut her eyes tightly, and she felt his hands gently pushing against her inner thighs, his fleshy palms slowly pulling her knees apart and sliding hotly up the inner softness of her thighs. She jerked involuntarily as they skittered across the sensitive tanned surface of her nakedly exposed flesh to her pink silk panties. Dan's breath was coming in heavy puffs as his fingers made light contact with the thin silken crotch band up between her full soft, thighs.

She groaned helplessly as his fingers rummaged on the outside of the flimsy panties, pushing the softness of the thin material into the hotly quivering slit of her cunt. She shrank away indignantly, but he continued to play teasingly, his fingers pulling gently at the soft coppery pussy hairs that protruded from the tight elastic leg bands.

His middle finger slipped suddenly under the narrow elastic leg band and flicked lewdly at the wet, red opening of her pussy, bringing a groan from Ruth. She could feel his eyes feasting hungrily on her pinkly glistening cunt flesh up between her legs.

"I'll just take them off, now!" Dan declared, and she shut her eyes again, in an agony of arousal, feeling the smooth silk drawing slowly over her voluptuously curved hips and thighs and exposing the whole of her soft, copper-haired pussy.

"Just as beautiful as I remembered!" Dan sighed, pulling the flimsy silken panties all the way off and staring longingly at the red, hair-covered vee of Ruth's trembling cunt.

Dan stood back, and then he knelt on the mattress near to where Ruth lay, still clad in her pale pink bra. Dan reached behind her and easily unfastened the clasp of the pink bra, releasing her huge, whitely billowing tits to his hungering eyes. His fingers ran lightly over their pulsing brown tips, and he chuckled to himself as she pulled away.

"Please, let me alone... let me alone! I'll do anything you want but this, please, anything!"

"Oh please, Mrs. Connors," Dan said in a mocking, polite tone. "Don't worry, no harm will come to you. Just relax. If I'm not mistaken, you'll enjoy this."

Ruth suddenly knew that Dan had outdone himself this time and had found something that would really please her.

"My drink," the harassed redhead yelled desperately. "Give me another drink!"

"As you like, Mrs. Connors." Dan turned and left the room, and while he was gone Ruth listened to the lewd sounds of her and Dan fucking. When had he recorded that? She couldn't remember, but it didn't matter because soon Dan would come back and they would have some fun, fun, fun!

For a moment, just before Dan returned, it passed through Ruth's mind to wonder why she needed to play these games with Dan. She'd always liked to act her fantasies out ever since she had been a little girl, and her acting with Dan sent her spiraling toward unreachable heights. She needed the kicks their games gave her, very simply.

When Dan returned with the bottle of liquor, he poured some into the glass she'd left by the stereo and took it to her. Thirstily, she drank it down as he held it to her parched lips.

"MORE!" she said, and he filled it and again held it to her lips while she drank. She felt the dizzying effects of the strong liquor spreading throughout her system, making her pussy hot and ready for the novel experience she knew was coming.

"You can let me go, Dan..." she said in a cajoling voice.

"That will come later, Mrs. Connors," Dan declared. "First I have a little something you might like to try out. I've constructed a little something in your honor," he said, going over to a drawer in the desk and taking out a large object that Ruth could not identify through her somewhat drunken daze.

"Wh... what is it?" she asked, peering through the haze, but still not managing to clear her eyes or her dully throbbing head.

"It's a dildo! A huge dildo... which I got just for you!"

Ruth was in a fog of arousal. She had never seen anything so lewd or wicked as the monstrous rubber cock and her pussy caught on fire at the sight of the obscene object. She closed her eyes in an agony of lust and felt him move closer to her and climb up on the bed between her widespread legs, and then something thick touched between the exposed lips of her hotly throbbing cunt, pressing inside and parting the red pussy hairs.

"Oh!" Ruth jumped, her eyes jerking open and staring wildly down at Dan. He was pushing the fake prick into the wetly parted split of her cunt. She could see the object well now, and to her amazement it looked just like an outlandish living cock. At the base there were two hanging objects that were meant to signify balls, and the whole thing appeared to be made from some kind of rubber.

As she lay there nakedly splayed, Dan parting her thighs still wider, and moving the thick tip with insane persistence within the hungry opening of her red-lined pussy, she cried: "Oh please, please stop, please stop! I can't stand it! I... can't!" She cried louder still. It felt lewder than anything she might have imagined -- a teasing artificial cock playing at the tender parts of her cock-greedy cunt, working its way up the full length of her hotly palpitating slit to her tiny, throbbing clit and running against it maddeningly until, with a sudden groan, Ruth felt the sensitive little bud involuntarily jerking into hardness. She could hear Dan breathing heavily above the sounds of the mind-bending cums of their own voices on the all-pervasive tape recording.

He worked the lewd rubber object up slowly over the mound of her hair-covered pussy and across the flat golden plane of her trembling belly, pausing for a moment as he held it by the base, pushing the thick cleft head of the fake cock up along the sides of her rib cage, playing tantalizingly with the soft, tender area under her uplifted arms.

"Almost like a little pussy there..." Dan murmured.

Ruth felt like she was going to go crazy as she felt the wonderfully soft yet hard consistency of the obscene fake prick moving over her nakedly heated flesh. She was relieved when it moved from under her arms where it had prodded first one armpit and then the other, running next over her sensuously throbbing tits where it began to rub against the turgid nipples, bringing them to a pulsing sensitivity. Her body began a slow, helpless writhing of uncontrolled sensation. Small rivulets of sweat began to drip from her forehead, wetting the slick shape of the dildo before her. Her huge, billowing tits throbbed up into full, firm roundness and the peaks tweaked up hungrily as the obscenely rubbing dildo made small circles of tingling pleasure around the brown areolas. As the maddening instrument began its downward journey again, she found to her fascination that her body was reaching to absorb its caresses. It dwelled long again on the soft, flat area of her nakedly bared belly, massaging there and in the flexing hollows of her inner thighs, again causing a slow, uncontrollable undulation of her hips and causing her torso to do a strange little shuffling dance upon the soft mattress of Dan's bed. She drew the hotly quivering split of her silken pussy wide open to the lustfully leering eyes of her lover-tormentor.

With a lewd chuckle, Dan twisted the dildo in his hands and pushed the end without warning between Ruth's parted thighs and up against the sensitive, twice-fucked ring of her asshole where it nestled between her softly rounded cheeks. The tight, rubbery orifice jerked in surprise, and Ruth tried to screw herself down against the mattress to escape the cruel probe.

"Aaaaaahhhhh! Please... I can't stand it. It's driving me crazy!" she gasped between clenched teeth.

Dan answered with a laugh as she bucked and squirmed against the worming probe at her clasping asshole. She tried with all her strength to close her legs, squeezing her asscheeks tightly together, but there was no relief; it only made the instrument push harder at her back passage.

"Not today!" she cried out. "Oooohhhh, Dan! Please not today!"

"You must be getting pretty anxious to be fucked by now, Mrs. Connors," Dan declared. "Where do you want it first, in the front or in the back? Or both at once?" Dan asked lewdly, his face a contorted mask of desire. He felt his own cock throbbing painfully against his pants, but he intended to have that pleasure in a minute after he had watched the little performance he had been planning all week long. He was delighted as Ruth Connors writhed out of control on the bed, and his eyes swept over the smooth auburn beauty of her nakedness. Suddenly inspired, he held the fake cock by the center piece, the handle in the form of hanging balls, and fitted the tip of the cock at the mouth of Ruth's soft, curl-rimmed pussyhole.

"AAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHHHH!" Ruth cried out as she felt the harsh entry of the hard rubber cock in the wet narrowness of her wide-stretched pussy. She could feel the thick tip, so lifelike in its construction, pushing upward within her, fucking like a real cock into the depths of her cunt. The wickedness and obscenity almost made her faint, and she lay limply. Her legs and thighs trembled as she felt herself totally stuffed by the obscene device, and she began to scream wildly.

Dan began to make sharp upward thrusts into the cum-slick passage, holding firmly to the base of the dildo.

"NNNNNGHHHH!" he grunted as he thrust harder and harder, sending the speeding hard cock higher and higher up into Ruth's filled young cunt. Dan was easily able to see the huge fake cock entering and exiting between the nakedly jiggling flesh of Ruth's soft full thighs. He grunted with pleasure at each thrust, watching Ruth and seeing her wild signs of arousal.

Ruth had never in her life felt anything remotely resembling this incredible ravishment. She was being fucked by the most enormous prick she'd ever seen, real or fake, and she loved it! She could feel her clit being pulled downward along with the other wet tissues of her slippery pussy with each upward thrust of the thick rubber dildo, into her hungrily devouring cunt. Giant waves of pleasure vibrated through every fibre of her heavily skewered body as the fake cock fucked deeper and deeper up into her unwilling flesh.

"Yes... do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!" she called to Dan.

The innocent pink and white exterior of Ruth Connors was nothing but a front. Inside she was a seething mass of raw lust and desire!

With long, smooth strokes, Dan lunged the full length of the false prick in a rhythm of debauchery far up into Ruth's nakedly streaming cunt, while both of them continued to listen to the lewd sounds of their own fucking of only a few months before.

Her passion had now become a blinding force inside her, and her helplessly aroused body felt like an eternal flame.

She was furiously squirming her asscheeks and her thickly penetrated, red-furred pussy toward the lewd invasion of the huge dildo, in an indecent invitation for the fucking to continue... for the pace to be quickened. And Dan, his dark hair flying about in sweat-glistening strands, was thrusting upward with all his might, muttering and cajoling and grunting. He was bucking and screwing the hard rubber cock upward into the nakedly clasping entrance of the young redhead's pussy.

At last Ruth felt a compelling force inside her respond to her urgent need. Deep inside her gyrating pussy a spark grew and doubled itself, reproducing and becoming a wild, hot streak of lust within her.

She spread her long tanned legs as wide as possible and let her head lie back, mouth open, eyes rolling back in their sockets. Dan plowed upward into her with the hard instrument.

"OoooooohhhHHHH!" she cried. "Yessss! I'm cumming, you bastard! Do it to me! Stick it in me harder! I'll show you! I'LL SHOW YOU!"

Ruth's flesh was sweat-slickened and shining in the final convulsive state of her ruthless fucking. She could feel her yearning pussy kneading and responding to the fake cock rising inside it -- loving it as though it were real -- wanting the hardness of the tightly rammed dildo in her cunt, massaging it with powerful contractions. Happily she moved sideways, dancing against the lewd object. Her golden brown titties bobbed and jiggled, and she was cumming! Her cunt was inundated with waves of pleasure so harsh that Ruth roared like a lioness, feeling the smooth friction of the rubber cock fucking into her and fulfilling her unbidden desire.

"More, more, more, more, more, more!" she screamed as the mind-bending cums had their way with her tormented young body, spreading soothing pleasure to every tiny crevice. To her surprise, she suddenly felt a stream of wetness filling her hungrily devouring pussy. Dan was squeezing the "balls" of the fake cock, and a jet of creamy milk spread high up into her already drenched cunt. The unexpected splash of wetness caused Ruth to feel another pussy-wrenching cum starting, and she gasped for breath as it struck, her entire naked body trembling with lust and flashing hot waves of pink.



Later that week, Ruth Connors gazed silently across the dinner table at Harry Perkins, the most beloved mayor in Pleasureville's history. He had retired from office in 1965, but the memory of his successful years in office still lived after him, and his opinion was still regarded highly. That was why he was at the Connors' house for dinner; they wanted his support in John's bid for mayor. It would mean that John would have the election in the bag.

Tonight was the night they were going to try to win his favor. The whole thing had been planned very carefully. She and John and Harry Perkins would dine at their house. The dinner would be excellent, but light enough not to make the guest tired, and just before dessert, John would be called away unexpectedly, and she and Harry Perkins would be left alone. It was her job from then on to see that Harry would promise his support to John. She didn't think it would be very hard, and she was looking forward to it, like she had looked forward to winning the support of Andrew Blaine.

"The meal was lovely, Ruth. It's just a shame your husband couldn't be here to finish it was us," Harry Perkins said, smiling warmly. "Now, why don't you let me help you clear the table before coffee?"

"Sounds fine."

They both cleared the table, and Harry Perkins waited in the kitchen, while Ruth made the coffee. He insisted that he carry the tray into the other room for her.

Sensitively conscious of his eyes on her sensuously curved body, Ruth walked from the kitchen into the comfortable living room, took a seat on the couch, and waited for him to come in so she could start the seduction. She sighed, glancing down at the voluptuous swells of her hugely billowing titties, her deep cleavage revealed by the low-necked blouse she'd worn for the dinner with the ex-mayor. Then she glanced up as he came in, bearing a tray with a coffee pot, two cups, and a bottle of brandy.

"I thought this might flavor the coffee," he said.

"Oh good," Ruth answered. "I'm sorry I forgot. John usually takes care of the after dinner liquers." She looked up at him innocently, letting him think that it really was his idea for the brandy, even though she had placed the bottle on the counter purposely.

Harry Perkins placed the tray on the coffee table before the couch, poured the two cups of coffee and splashed a generous portion of brandy into each. Then he sat down beside Ruth on the couch and they both sipped their coffees in silence. But the mayor-to-be's wife could feel the ex-mayor's eyes on her body and hear his slightly nervous breathing, and she knew well enough what was going to happen next.

"Does your husband know how lucky he is?" he finally said. "I mean having a little wife as pretty and sweet as you are, waiting at home for him?" He paused as Ruth turned to smile sweetly at him, then after a moment continued, "I envy him. I didn't realize how much my wife meant to me until she died last year. It's been very lonely."

Ruth didn't answer. She took another sip of the spiked coffee, feeling the effects of the brandy rush through her system.

"I'm not quite certain what you meant tonight at the dinner table, when you said you wanted to try and convince me to support your husband," Harry Perkins added after a moment.

Ruth placed her cup down on the table, turning slowly to face the handsome ex-mayor, hesitating but an instant before she spoke. "I think I probably meant exactly what you thought!"

Harry Perkins raised his eyebrows. Ruth could see the excitement in his eyes as he took another sip of his coffee as he considered the implications of what she had just said, then placed his cup beside hers on the table. She caught her breath expectantly as he leaned slowly toward her.

Ruth stopped him as his lips were just inches away from hers. "No. Let's go into the bedroom. John doesn't mind, but he does like me to be discreet."

Still hardly able to believe what she'd said, Harry Perkins downed the rest of his coffee and rose to follow the sensuous young wife into the bedroom. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the full length mirror on the closet door as she turned to face him, and she knew that she looked hot enough to fuck, and that was going to make the older man wild to do just that. She didn't particularly want to be fucked by Harry Perkins. He was a nice old man, but she wasn't attracted to him in a physical sense. But her husband needed his support, and her cunt needed a man's cock, and she was going to see that they both got what they wanted.

"I feel... I feel like I should say something," Harry Perkins began.

Ruth shook her head. "No. Don't say anything." Then with a slow, sensuous movement she reached up and began to slowly unbutton her blouse.

Ruth watched the ex-mayor's eyes bulge with excitement as she hunched her shoulders forward to slip the blouse off, then toss it carelessly over onto the back of the chair at the dresser. She hesitated a moment, her eyes downcast to the inviting swells of her huge, whitely billowing tits, pushed up high and close together by the tight, well-fitting bra she wore.

"Aren't you going to get undressed, too?" Ruth asked after a moment, in a sultry voice.

"Yeah, sure," Harry Perkins said hesitantly, slowly starting to undo his tie.

The wantonly excited wife watched him through narrowed eyes as she reached up behind her back to undo the hooks of her bra. She knew that by taking the initiative herself she had put Harry Perkins in the position he preferred to be in. In a sense, it was she who was the aggressor now and was, therefore, taking the blame from his shoulders, though there was no blame if all the partners agreed. She had really enjoyed her husband's bid for the mayor's chair. It gave her a real kick, having screwed all or most of the most influential men in town, not to mention how it had increased her husband's chances for being elected.

Yes, she thought, as she watched Harry Perkins struggle with his shirt buttons, she loved politics.

With a gentle shrug of her shoulders, Ruth let the bra straps slip down her arms, and the cups fell away to suddenly reveal the softly trembling mounds of her huge titties, standing up full and proud without the need of artificial support. The contact with the air caused her pink nipples to swell instantly to a tingling, sensuous rigidity.

"God! God, Ruth, your tits are beautiful!"

Ruth watched Harry Perkins finish unbuttoning his shirt, then shifted her gaze to her own reflection in the mirror. Her face was slightly flushed from a combination of the effects of the brandy and her own rapidly building excitement, and her heavy, hoarse breathing was signaled by the vivid rise and fall of her nakedly exposed tits.

Then, Ruth dropped her hand down to loosen the zipper at the side of her skirt and, with a slight wriggling motion, slipped it easily down off the smoothly curving cheeks of her ass and stepped quickly out of it to leave herself clad in nothing but her thin silk panties. Ruth gazed at herself in the mirror for a moment longer, then she turned slowly back to face the ex-mayor, who was now clad in only his trousers, shoes, and socks.

"I want to take your panties off myself," the older man said in a trembling voice.

Ruth moistened her lips, her eyes glossed over as she waited, watching the older man with an expression of lewdly wanton invitation. He was handsome enough, and the absence of his shirt revealed a torso more muscular that Ruth had expected for his age. She realized she was rapidly losing her sense of detachment; her whole body was on fire with the need to be fucked in her cunt by Harry Perkins' heavily pulsing cock. She was going to get the ex-mayor's support for her husband regardless of what she had to do to get it. Then her skimpily clad body trembled as Harry Perkins extended one of his hands cautiously toward her, his finger coming into sudden titillating contact with the rigid little bud of one of her naked nipples, causing a shiver of lewd delight to dart obscenely down her spine. She cast her gaze downward, watching with rising anticipation as the big man gently caressed the hard-swollen nipple-buds, then cupped his hand full over her sensuously throbbing tit, his fingers kneading softly against the vibrant softness. Then he urged her to turn as he guided her gently toward the bed.

Ruth's whole body trembled with rapidly building lust. She reclined slightly onto her back on top of the bedspread. Harry Perkins stood at the foot of the bed, gazing down with unmasked desire at the softly inviting curves of her almost completely naked body. The thin panties she wore were almost transparent, affording him a shadowy view of her softly curling pussy hairs through the silken material.

He bent down, extending his hands downward to caress one of her smooth thighs below her panty line.

A shiver darted hotly up Ruth's body as he moved his hand slowly up the sensitive inner softness of her upper leg, with nothing protecting her full voluptuous body but the flimsy silken panties. Ruth's naked vulnerability served only to heighten the lust raging through her hotly quivering cunt and tits as she lay in prone surrender before the ex-mayor's gaze, and she waited impatiently as he hesitated, relishing the sight of her near naked body. Then he stepped a few inches closer to the bed, until his knees were pressed against the foot of it, wetting his lips as he bent lower over her wantonly trembling form.

A soft spontaneous moan rose in Ruth's throat as the older man's hand came back to rest on the sensitive white softness of her thighs. He stroked teasingly up the inside of one of her thighs along the tautly straining tendon, his finger slipping inside the tight panty leg band to brush teasingly through the thin curls of softly curling pussy hair and find sudden, lewdly arousing contact with the forbidden little slit of her hotly pulsing cunt. She arched her hips slightly, stretching her lustfully excited body and raising her arms above her head to arch and part her tits in an even riper invitation as she felt the ex-mayor's finger inside her panties work slowly up and down her already obscenely wettened pussylips. Now her breath was coming in heavy, strained gasps, and the maddening titillation of his fingers playing lewdly upon her pantycovered pussy was almost more than the desire-wracked wife could bear.

"Please," she gasped. "Take my panties off... take my panties off and finish getting undressed and get in bed with me!"

Harry Perkins grinned, working the crotch band of her panties completely aside to expose the entire length of Ruth's redly furred pussy to his hungrily leering gaze. Then she closed her eyes, rolling her head gently from side to side as he began to stroke gently back and forth on the already hotly pulsing little bud of her clit. During the last few moments, he had taken the initiative from her, and his refusal to remove her panties and finish getting himself undressed signaled his own building confidence. But now Ruth no longer cared who held the initiative. She just had to get fucked, and she had to get fucked now!

For a few minutes more, Harry Perkins persisted in his obscene torment, the workings of his finger upon the hard little nub of her wetly slickened clit and the hotly throbbing slit of her pussy almost driving Ruth out of her mind.

Then a low sigh escaped her as he withdrew his hand from inside the tight leg band of her panties and began to draw them slowly down off the rounded moons of her wantonly wriggling asscheeks and the soft red hair nestled so invitingly between her parted thighs. She groaned, arching her ass high up off the mattress to assist him, her eyes still tightly closed, her lovely face now a contorted mask of unbridled animal lust.

At last Harry Perkins worked the panties off her ankles and pitched them aside, and Ruth waited anxiously, her thighs spread wide to completely reveal the intriguing nakedness of her soft, curl-rimmed pussy as he quickly got out of his shoes and trousers.

A moan of anticipation rose in Ruth's throat as she opened her eyes again to find herself confronted with Harry Perkins' heavily throbbing cock. It was only slightly larger than her husband's, but that didn't matter, nothing mattered but to have the thickly pulsing cock fucking up inside her, finally satiating her unquenchable cunt! As Harry Perkins hesitated, she extended her arms pleadingly upward to him in shameless, desperate invitation for him to fuck her now. Then she closed her eyes again, feeling the bed sag with his weight as the incredulous ex-mayor climbed up onto it, his knees planted between her lewdly widespread thighs, his body reclining slowly forward above hers.

Ruth tensed as she felt his tongue flick teasingly from his mouth to swipe softly over one of the hard, swollen nipples of her ecstatically trembling tits, causing the tingling little buds to rise to even greater rigidity from the lewdly tantalizing caress. She whimpered distantly, arching her hips up in obscene invitation for his cock, and letting a low, strained groan escape spontaneously from her throat as he dropped down between her widespread thighs and inserted the heavily throbbing head of his cock right up between the soft, hair-tipped lips of her cunt.

"Oh, yes," she moaned, shivering in anticipation as he held himself poised above her, his tongue still swiping tenderly at the sensitive, tingling bud of her nipples. "Oh yes... please... fuck me. Come on and fuck me!"

Propping himself on one elbow above Ruth's desperately writhing body, Harry Perkins reached down with his other hand to seize his thickly throbbing cock, bending it downward and working it slowly up along the length of her wet, slippery pussylips until it prodded suddenly right up against the rigidly heated little bud of her clit.

"Oh!" Ruth cried, jerking her hips in frenzy and uncontrolled delight from the lewdly chilling contact.

"Oh! Ooohhh!"

The ex-mayor continued to work the head of his thickly pulsing cock slowly up and down Ruth's softly yielding cuntlips, feeling them gradually begin to part and moisten with each deliberate teasing stroke of his huge cock along her throbbing pussy slit.

He closed his lips wetly down over one of the upthrust little tips of her nipples, sucking and biting gently, causing her whole body to jerk nakedly from the sheer raw sensation. Then, he straightened his neck, dropping his chest heavily down on her whitely trembling titties and covering her mouth hotly with his own, his tongue snaking eagerly into the clutching heat and wetness of her lips as he continued to tease her with the stroking of his cock along her sensitively quivering cunthole and her pulsating clit. Then she arched her hips up higher in a sudden jerking motion and spread her quaking thighs even wider apart as he shoved his own asscheeks slowly forward.

Ruth gave out with a sharp little cry, her whole naked body shuddering from pleasure as the soft, tender lips of her pussy gave way to let just the throbbing tip of Harry Perkins' juice-slickened cock slip up inside. The sheer sensation of it was almost more than she could stand.

Now Harry Perkins' cock seemed absolutely enormous, and he still hadn't penetrated nearly all the way into her lewdly clenching cunthole, but at this moment even the threat of pain didn't diminish her desperate need. She had to have his cock fucking all the way in her, fucking all the way up inside her pussy. She had to be fucked, had to have her raging lust quenched, now!

"Yes," Ruth moaned, again lolling her head from side to side to whip her flowing red hair softly back and forth over the tender smoothness of her naked shoulders. "Yes, Harry. Come on -- fuck it all the way inside me!"

The ex-mayor held himself poised for a moment longer, raising his head to gaze down in obscene triumph at Ruth's pleading face. She trembled beneath him, hardly able to bear her lewd anticipation as she felt just the rubbery tip of his heavily pulsing cock stroking the wetly sucking lips of her hungry pussy. Then, suddenly, she shoved her hips eagerly upward, a low groan rising in her throat as Harry Perkins' huge cock soared deeper up into her redly-furred pussyhole.

Almost at the same time he thrust forward, pushing relentlessly against the slight resistance until the hot, juicy walls of Ruth's clinging cunt gave way and his heavily throbbing cock surged and burrowed slowly deeper and deeper into her quivering body. She sagged down onto the mattress and he dropped his full weight heavily on top of her trembling nakedness. With a final lunge of his hips he fucked his thickly pulsing prick to the hilt in the lust-crazed redhead's pussy, skewering her completely until she felt his cumladen balls slap softly down into the crack of her asscheeks and against the nakedly puckered hole of her ass.

For a moment Ruth could not even move. She had not felt so filled, so obscenely violated in a long time, and her impaled body twitched in a lewd mingling of lustful ecstasy and pain from the shocking raw sensation of having Harry Perkins' massively throbbing cock finally fucking all the way up inside her wet cunt. Then, her whole body jerked, and she lunged her hips upward violently, her hands coming down to wrap around his body to hold him to her as she began to writhe and undulate wildly beneath him on the bed.

Little insane ripples of pleasure tingled over every inch of the redhead's naked flesh as the ex-mayor began to fuck in and out of her pussy in smooth, powerful thrusts, gradually increasing the strength and force of his strokes, penetrating deeper and deeper up into her obscenely impaled cunt. Her body jerked in a spontaneous shudder from each lewd stabbing fuck, low hisses welling in her throat from the devastating erotic sensations.

Her body was beginning to respond of its own accord now, her soft, whitely trembling asscheeks jerking in wildly undulant motions in response to the older man's rhythmic thrusts as again he craned his neck, snuggling his face into her huge tits to flick his tongue wetly over the hard, pointed little buds of her agitated nipples.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh yes, yes! Harder! Fuck me harder... Ooooohhh!"

Ruth moved her hands forcibly up and down the ex-mayor's muscular back, seizing his nakedly clenching asscheeks to guide his hard, racking thrusts. Her inhibitions were really beginning to break down now. She was moaning and crying, pleading for more and more, writhing in total wanton delirium. Her teeth were gritted, her lips bared over them, and her eyes were open and bright with her fiery voracious lust. She was obsessed, tossing and churning more savagely each instant as her heatedly responding body really began to come to life and the maddening electric excitement that had origins deep in her cock-filled pussy flowered relentlessly out over every inch of her fire-heated flesh.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me," she gasped, the sound of her own voice uttering the vilest word in the English language only heightening her perverse enjoyment of the wanton ravishment Pleasureville's beloved ex-mayor was inflicting on her willing body.

Ruth continued to plead and moan in his ear, mixing unintelligible whimpers with every vile and filthy word she could think of. She arched her asscheeks higher and higher off the bed, bucking and tossing her demonically possessed body wildly. She was already getting close to the shattering point!

The little shudders darting through her salaciously writhing body came more and more frequently, and reality was fast fading in the relentless onslaught of primitive lustful passion. She was already nearing a mind-blowing cum, signaled by the tempestuous shuddering sensation that consumed her, yet the climax still eluded her, and she knew Harry Perkins was beginning to lose control. He was breathing louder by the second, his shattering thrusts into the hotly clasping softness of her cunt increasing rhythmically in intensity. His hands searched hungrily over the firm, voluptuous nakedness of her hotly trembling young body, his cock throbbing and twitching hotly up inside her hungrily gripping cunt, and she knew he couldn't hold out too much longer!

"Oh please, please," Ruth moaned in desperation. "Please... don't stop now!"

She showered wet kisses on Perkins' face, tightening the tender muscles of her cunt in a glovelike clasp around his deeply fucking cock, alternating the wild gyrations of her clenching asscheeks and causing the lewdly screwing cock to skewer her at new and different angles, even more excitingly probing the sensitive inner recesses of her fiery cunt. She was so close... she was so close she could almost feel it beginning, and she thought she would lose her mind if she didn't attain the satisfaction her depraved pussy so desperately desired.

As the ex-mayor further intensified the power of his shattering thrusts, Ruth scissored her legs open and closed them about his pounding hips, moaning in wanton abandon while she felt the waves of steadily welling passion begin to build far up inside the depths of her cunt. She jackknifed her legs high above his back, then drummed her heels rapidly on his squirming asscheeks.

Then suddenly Harry Perkins' body stiffened above Ruth, his cock seeming to grow even larger as he flexed it deep inside her tightly gripping cunt, and Ruth opened her eyes, staring up in horror at the unavoidable realization that she wouldn't cum in time! Harry Perkins was going to cum inside her now -- right now! She could feel it, exuding like an electric current from his body, and she knew he'd passed the point of no return. He wouldn't be able to stop himself from cumming even if he tried. And she still wasn't quite ready!

"No, Harry! No, please!" she gasped. "Don't cum yet. Just a little longer... oooohhh!"

But from the look on the ex-mayor's face, Ruth knew that her pleadings were in vain. He stared down at her sheepishly, his forehead shining with a thin coating of perspiration as he struggled futilely to regain his control.

"Try," he gasped at her at last. "Try to cum with me! Ruth, try to cum with me!"

As he resumed his lunging staccato thrusts, Ruth sobbed and moaned in frustration, straining and writhing her naked, pleading body, hunching her loins upward in a desperate frenzy. But she knew it was hopeless. If nothing else, her own panic had stemmed the tide of passion in her own loins. She'd had a momentary break, a momentary snap back to reality, and that had been enough to stop her.

A moment later the lust-crazed redhead felt the first warm droplets of cum start to spurt deep into her reluctantly receptive loins, the mighty series of shattering strokes serving only to further intensify her longing and increase her bitter frustration. And though she'd already given up, she continued to pitch and toss frenziedly beneath the ex-mayor even as the height of his cum passed and he pumped the last few droplets up into her spasmodically gyrating pussy, and started to sag down on top of her, his sated cock gradually deflating within her still clinging pussy walls.

Then at last, with a sigh of disappointment, Ruth let her own body go limp on the mattress, little spasms of frustration continuing to dart at intervals through her cock-hungry cunt.

"I'm sorry, Ruth," the ex-mayor gasped, nuzzling his cheek against hers. "I'm sorry. You just excited me too much. I couldn't hold it back!"

"Oh darling, don't worry. I understand," she said, trying to sound sincere. She even was, in a way, because she knew that her John would be coming home as soon as Harry Perkins left, and she would get her cunt fucked good and hard then. Right now, however, she had to make sure that Harry Perkins felt guilty enough or pleased enough to be swayed in her husband's direction. She didn't have to wait long for the answer to that question as it turned out, for half an hour later, as Harry Perkins was leaving, he turned to her.

"I think that any man who can keep a woman like you happy must be one hell of a guy, and my vote goes to him. And so does my public, and private, support." He winked knowingly and left.

She couldn't wait for John to come home so that she could give him the good news, and so he could give her something too!


After Harry Perkins left, her pussy still tingling from his penetration, Ruth Connors waited half an hour for her husband to come, and finally, realizing that he would find his way home in his own good time, she decided to at least take a shower and get ready for bed. That way she would be good and ready for any activities he wanted to perform later.

Ruth stood under the shower for a long time, her sensually awakened body tingling from the needle sharp spray of hot water. Blotting her white nakedness with a huge fluffy towel, she thought about the way she would tell her husband the good news.

Dropping the towel she looked at her nakedly gleaming flesh in the bathroom mirror, at her huge, white billowing tits, the small indented waist and slow, sensuous curve of hip and thigh, all of it a vessel for the cocks of the men she loved. Even the sight of her own maturely ripened body could arouse her now with her pussy only half-fucked! Tentatively, she reached out a hand to hold her huge tit, feeling the answering twinge all the way down to her auburn-fringed pussy slit. Oh God! She wished John would hurry and come home. Come home and rid her of this terrible need to be fucked. With a little cry of frustration, Ruth whirled and threw on a thick floor-length robe to cover her hotly aroused nakedness.

She went into the living room and over to the bar where she took out a full bottle of scotch and a glass, and took them over to the couch. Curling up on the well-stuffed sofa, Ruth opened a book and began sipping the drink from the glass.

The door chimes echoed throughout the big old house, sending her reverie flying. It was probably her husband returning home. He forgot his keys more often than not, and she was getting used to letting him into the house, but just in case it wasn't him, she pulled her robe higher around her throat and padded slowly across the carpet and opened the door a cautious crack.

"Yes?" she asked cautiously, not even looking around the door.

"Come on, Ruth! It's me -- John!"

She unhooked the chain and opened the door wide for him to pass through.

"Hi." His burning eyes swept over her from her bare feet to her shining hair. He closed the door stealthily.

"You took so long!" Ruth felt her heart almost beating out of her breast. John was here, now he'd take care of the fire in her half-fucked pussy.

"From the looks of you, my dear, I'd say that at least part of the plan for ex-mayor Perkins' bribe worked."

John Connors sat in the middle of the couch, watching his wife as she came across the room toward him. Her robe, thick as it was, couldn't hide the wildly exciting curves underneath it. Ruth was perched precariously on the edge of a chair, poised as if for flight, one long slender thigh revealed where the robe parted. The auburn hair swirled slowly around her beautiful face as she shook her head for no apparent reason at all.

"So tell me what happened," he asked, guessing that all hadn't gone quite according to plan. She smiled widely, for her husband's eyes were pouring over her again in a more than familiar way. She felt an isolated muscle quiver deep up in her belly and her throat was dry.

"He said that any man that could satisfy me, would satisfy him."

"You mean...?"

"Yes, he is going to support you in the campaign!" she said excitedly.

There was a contented silence. Ruth crossed the room and curled up at one end of the couch, looking at her husband and enjoying his happiness. He looked so sexy sitting there, his shirt open at the neck, and his jeans revealed the lines of his slender but muscular body.

"What are you thinking?" she asked anxious to find out what was behind the sudden, devilish twinkle that had come into his eyes.

"I think that maybe Harry Perkins is right," he whispered. "It has to be one hell of a man who would be able to keep one hell of a woman like you." His hand came out casually, catching a strand of her fine auburn hair. He toyed with it playfully.

"Now, tell me what's wrong. Didn't he fuck you enough?" His hand strayed down to her knee. "Poor dear, the old man's cock didn't come through for you?" His voice died to a suggestive whisper as his hand traced the length of her terry cloth covered thighs. His glowing eyes were inches from hers, boring into her very soul. They shot into her, into the softly vulnerable places deep inside her. She could feel the insinuating hand on her thigh, a warming tingle running through her nerves. She knew dimly that in a matter of seconds he'd complete the cum she'd tried so desperately to reach with Harry Perkins, and the thought flashed joyously over the surface of her skin. She found herself waiting breathlessly for her husband's next move.

"Well, let me see if I can fix that for you," he said and his mouth was at her ear, and sliding around her cheek, and capturing her wetly parted lips in a long fierce kiss. She could feel the hardness of his lips, the teeth behind them grinding softly into her softly receptive mouth. His long striking tongue shot out into the warmth and wetness of her mouth, probing deeply into her, forcing her head back against the couch. Not enough breath came through her straining nostrils; she was helplessly drowning in the wave of pleasure that swept through her like a raging tide.

Her husband's hand moved inside of her robe, catching one billowing white tit, his fingers digging into the resilient flesh while his tongue fucked relentlessly into her mouth. He caught a handful of her hair and tilted her head back while he stripped the robe from her body. One of her hands went slowly out to the mayor-to-be's pants, and she smiled as she crawled on her knees closer to him.

"Take out my prick," he said.

She reached out again, slowly and deliberately. Her trembling fingers found the tongue of his belt and released it. Fumbling, she found the zipper, pulling it down to reveal the visibly pulsing bulge in the front of her husband's white jockey shorts. She worked his jeans slowly down the long muscular legs.

Kicking off his shoes quickly, John nudged the whole bundle to the side of the couch, his eyes never leaving his wife's strangely smiling face kneeling in front of him, his hands still lightly twisted in the silky auburn hair.

"Skin my shorts down," he continued. He watched as she reached for his hips, her tanned arms pulling the huge, white, billowing tits even more upright and upward-thrusting. The young husband thought he would go mad from the sensations of those slender fingers pulling the shorts down his hips. His painfully throbbing cock was already jumping like it had a life of its own, and he could feel his cum-laden balls growing hard and demanding. Christ!

Ruth gasped as she stretched the knit jockey shorts downward, releasing the awesome length of her husband's painfully jerking cock that bounded out of the cloth jail like an angry charging monster. Oh God! It was beautiful. Beautiful! She could see the blue-veined organ poling out just above her face, so stiff and huge with his virile young desire that it looked as though it might burst right through the smooth, satiny skin that encased it. Oh dear God! How she wanted it! She wanted it fucking deep up inside her cunt -- deep up inside.

John Connors looked down at his beautiful red-haired wife kneeling at his feet like a slave, taking off his shorts. He was pleased at her look of lust when his huge cock sprang out before her like a thick pole. She trembled uncontrollably and her tits quivered as the breath rasped out of her lungs. Her soft, full mouth quaked and she swallowed, lips trembling as her wetly pointed tongue snaked out to lick their fearful dryness. John impatiently kicked the jockey shorts off his feet and jerked his shirt off like a madman. Softly holding her beautiful face again by the jaws, he looked down at her adoringly.

"Now... kiss my cock... gently... like you like it!"

Obediently, Ruth opened her wetly glistening lips. Her eyes looked down the length of her husband's hard muscular body to the tightly curled black patch of pubic hairs where his heavily throbbing cock thrust out in obscene majesty. The huge pole hung above her like a sword, darkened at the head, and pulsing in anticipation. Oh God... in her mouth... yes... she wanted its throbbing hotness in her mouth. He liked to be sucked, and she loved it!

Impatiently, John jerked her head forward, until her softly petaled lips touched the achingly eager head of his cock. Oh Christ, yes! The first searing contact of Ruth's wetly ovalled lips sent an electric charge sparking through the whole length of his wildly pulsating prick. He groaned in lewd hunger, as he saw the lushly curved body of his wife kneeling nakedly before him.

His head lowered, so that he could watch the lust-contorted features of his beautiful wife's face poised there before his loins, and his brain reeled with the mental image of his thickly pulsing cock fucking in and out of her tightly ovalled lips. She was going to suck him. He could already feel the cum juices beginning to stir restlessly in his balls, and knew it wouldn't be long before it would come spewing out of his prick like a flow of white-hot lava.

"Hurry, hurry!" he begged. "Suck it, baby, suck it!"

Suddenly, in obedience, Ruth plunged her head forward, taking his entire hugely throbbing cock into her throat. John felt the incredible wet heat of her soft rounded lips close over the sensitive head of his cock, felt her firebrand tongue obediently lick circles of liquid fire around and around it, flicking into the glans opening, drinking up the lubricating fluid oozing there. His hands tightened in her hair as he thrust his loins forward, driving the length of his wildly eager cock deep into the soft, hot folds of her mouth, feeling it slam against the back of her throat.

"Uuuummmm!" Ruth choked around her young husband's cock.

"Ooooooohhh, yeah, baby!" the ambitious young husband cried in lust-crazed agreement.

Ruth drew back slightly, so that she was able to taste the pungent slipperiness of his juices again, twirling her tongue maddeningly faster around the heavily throbbing head. He watched her wetly sucking lips hungrily working on his cock, watched her warm, wet mouth pucker outward and then back in again as she bobbled up and down over the full length of his thickly pulsating cock. The sight of his beautiful wife eagerly sucking his prick increased his arousal, and his loins tensed and began frantically jerking into her face. All of his cock disappeared with each forward thrust, so that only a small stretch of it showed whitely glistening with saliva between her widely ovalled lips.

Her tongue, with a nerve-shattering lick on the outstroke, was a thing gone wild with lust, making the huge cock-head jerk and convulse as though it, too, were a thing alive with a mind of its own. Ruth raveled in the pungent taste and odor of his hotly pulsating cock in her mouth; it was generating wild shivers of excitement which raced through her own nakedly aroused flesh. She was overcome by an eagerness to have him fill her throat with his lewd cum juices. She cupped her husband's asscheeks and savagely pulled his loins into her face.

John Connors ran his tongue across his dry lips. He felt a tremor course through his loins as he watched his young wife clamp her lips even tighter around his frantically pulsating cock and begin to suck it rhythmically and hungrily. By God, she was really getting with it tonight! He groaned raggedly through the constrictions in his chest and caught her beautiful face harder between his hands to guide the voraciously sucking lips up farther over his hugely pulsing cock. He could feel the muscles of her throat working as she gulped and tried to devour its full length.

Choking and gagging, Ruth reluctantly eased her hungrily sucking mouth down the thickly pulsing cock that was wet with her saliva and glistening in the light from the lamp.

"Oh God... suck it, keep on... suck it for me again!" she heard him croak above her. His tensed thighs were quivering as he crouched and impatiently thrust his prick at her face.

Her head came slowly toward him again, and suddenly her tongue flicked out, the tip boring teasingly into the glans opening, causing a thin droplet to flow forth and disappear into her eagerly lapping mouth. She ran her wetly licking tongue along the underside of the hugely pulsing cock and left her saliva shining on his balls. She smiled as she leaned to her task, for John's virile cock was pulsating wildly, jerking in frenzy with her lewd movements. She wanted to swallow the whole thing if she could, for the taste of the thinly seeping liquid in her greedily working mouth was like nectar.

It was sending wild tremors of forbidden delight coursing through her. Mewling deep in her throat, she started to suck voraciously. She wanted her husband's beautiful cock to cum in her mouth, wanted his hotly scalding juice to gush down her throat and fill her belly. She wanted to swallow his cum, taste his cum, suck him dry to the balls!

John suddenly groaned. "Oh, Jesus! Ruth... baby... come here..." The sight of her slavering face and hotly quivering tits had become too much for the young husband. He bent and pulled her to her feet, the air hitting his saliva-slickened cock and making it feel cold. Almost whining now, the breath rasping out of his chest in snorts and pants, John pulled his nakedly trembling wife into the bedroom and onto the bed. Jesus! If she was going to suck his cock so wildly, then the least he could do was lick her pussy.

"Suck it again, baby. Suck it while I eat your pussy." He moaned as he turned upside down and positioned her naked cunt over his face so that she was on top of him and her mouth once more had access to his painfully jerking cock. Looking upward, John spread his wife's long, beautifully tapered thighs over his face, opening to his view the wetly pink slit of her red-furred cunt. Oh Christ! It was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen, the smooth hot lasers of her pussy opening like flower petals beckoning him inward into the gates of her soft, curl-rimmed pussyhole.

With a deep anticipatory grin, John ran his hand over the whitely trembling cheeks of her ass as he drew her wetly quivering cunt toward his face. The red pussy hairs were wet and lay in damp tendrils fringing the cum-slick opening. With one fierce thrust his tongue fucked full length into the tight little hole between the hair-fringed cuntlips. He felt the walls of her hotly pulsing pussy clutch fiercely at his tongue, and she arched and squealed as she felt the heat of his lewd tongue, fucking.

"AAAAAGGGGHHH... Ooohhhh Godddd!" Ruth heard the scream tear from her own mouth as John fucked his tongue deeply into the most secret recess of her body to sear the heated walls of her pussy with the hotly stabbing flame of his tongue. It was as though a lightning bolt had hit; her nerves and muscles were tensed to the breaking point, and still the arching rapture shot through her!

A smile of triumph flitted across John's almost buried face as his tongue dug wetly upward into the soft, slippery flesh and her pussy hairs became a pseudo-beard around his chin. Shit! Oh Jesus Christ! Her pussy tasted so juicy, with her own juices and the cum of Harry Perkins. Christ! She was the hottest cunt in the world. Especially after being only half-fucked by Harry Perkins. It made her hotter than ever now. Goddamn! Hot as hell, and twice as sweet!

He was licking at her excitedly pulsing cuntlips now, while she in turn licked and teased his heavily throbbing prick. His mind reeled as he felt his thickly throbbing cock flow along the inner roof of her softly sucking mouth, and a moan began to build deep, deep within his chest.

The sex-maddened husband breathed hard and blew into her cunt, the cheeks of her nakedly pumping ass tensing, then relaxing in front of his face. He pried her spread thighs wider, pushing his hungry mouth hard up against the slippery, sweet wetness of her hotly pulsing pussy slit, making her squirm and move in ecstasy. He drew her over him deeper, so that her soft, red-rimmed pussy was sunk deep onto his lips and nose. Holding her tight around the ass, so that she couldn't slip away, he fucked his thick, hot tongue forward again and again between her wet fleshy folds. He heard her gasp excitedly and renew her nibbling on his cock with an almost frenzied motion. She jerked with each hotly teasing contact, quickly screwing herself down upon him harder. Her wetly quaking pussyhole contracted, opening and closing around his tongue like a tight rubber band until he had a difficult time breathing. His breath exploded into her with tiny, mewling grunts that muffled themselves into oblivion. Then spreading her still wider with his palms, he began to curl and flick his tongue at the expanse of her whitely trembling asscheeks. He sucked and licked while her hips wantonly lurched, almost out of control, around his face.

Her rapturously excited cunt flowered open wider, and her heated pussy juices cascaded down her legs and his chin while he licked hotly and hungrily all around her frantically pulsating pussy. He lifted his lashing tongue from the oral fucking he was giving her warmly slick pussy and moved along to the crinkled brown circle of her asshole. Rimming the tiny anal ring, his tongue darted inside the tight hole with stabbing thrusts. Then he returned, licking her softly throbbing cuntlips, plunging into the secret valley once again to discover the hotly quivering clit. Sucking and teasing in unmercifully, his teeth bit tenderly while his tongue loved the little button of love, and she churned and writhed above him in the lust-crazed dance of desire.

Jesus! She was almost ready to cum! Already!

Guttural moans came from her cock-filled mouth as her frantically trembling thighs tightened around his head. He could feel her hotly clenching cunt slip wetly around his tongue as if the nibbling, hair-lined pussy mouth was trying to rip his tongue out by the roots.

The shamelessly aroused wife snaked her heels against his shoulders, grinding her madly pulsing pussy down into his face as he licked upward at the quivering hot hollow up between her legs. The cords of Ruth's muscles stood out like satin cables all along her madly writhing body as she sucked savagely on his cock with ever increasing hunger. She was aroused, wildly, crazily, insanely aroused -- and she didn't care.

"Yes," she whispered. "Oh yes," she mouthed around the huge, pulsating cock in her mouth.

"Yes what, Ruthie?" John asked, panting harshly. "What do you want me to do?"

"I... I want you to... suck me."

"Suck you where, baby? Where? Where?"

"My... my pussy!" Ruth cried, her eyes closing again, hips grinding a lewdly sensuous circle down over his face, her head beginning to flail from side to side with a crazed, abandoned lust. "My pussy, my pussy! I want you to lick my pussy! Oh, God! Lick it, lick it!"

"Aaaaggghhh!" Ruth screamed as her husband's hot tongue fucked into her, harder and harder, as her wildly straining body reacted with convulsive lurches. Oh God, it felt so good, it felt goooodd! Sooo goooooddddd!

John continued his wanton tonguing of her wetly trembling slit as his hands slipped up under her belly to her ecstatically pulsating tits, cupping and squeezing them almost brutally now while his mouth and tongue continued the assault on her widespread cunt. The mad, obscenely eager sucking sounds that seemed to fill the room with a weird cacophony of sound were soon amplified by the naked young wife's cries of animal pleasure. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God! her brain screamed over and over again as her husband continued to mouth and tongue her hotly dripping pussy. Then, asscheeks frantically jerking and spasming with the plunging poker of his tongue, she felt him draw out and lick upward toward the tiny puckered ring of her asshole.

Ruth sucked in hard on his heavily throbbing cock in a gulping swallow, moaning in rapture, past all caring about anything but the insane bliss! She ground her pelvis down at him as hard as she could when he brought his hotly digging tongue into a seething wet contact with the forbidden opening, thrusting it wide to accept his lewd, wet tongue-fucking! Quivering uncontrollably now with the overpowering oral assault, her helplessly aroused body was spasming furiously with torrent after torrent of sensual pleasure that had seized control of it!

John licked and sucked, fucking his tongue into her tightly puckering little ass, reveling in the abandoned gyrations of her lust-controlled body, knowing that she was nearing a cunt-shattering cum. Well, that was fine with him. He would make her cum with his mouth first as she sucked his cock. Later he'd fuck her. John began to drive his wetly quivering tongue harder and harder into the crinkled asshole. Then, abruptly, he drew it out to return to her now saliva-drenched pussy, pausing for a brief moment to stare up along the slick, curl-fringed valley between her thighs. Oh Christ, she was really digging it. She was wallowing in it, all right. It won't be long now, not long at all! He lifted his head and resumed his labors once more.

Ruth writhed and squirmed over the insanely delicious licking until she thought she would surely go mad from the sheer ecstatic rapture in her cunt and belly. God, she had to cum, had to cum soon! Her head continued to flail like a broken puppet's as she sucked and licked hungrily at her virile young husband's cock with her cum-drenched face and tongue. She felt the gathering billows of her cum rising and rising, and then -- cresting.

Suddenly she stiffened, and John heard her cry aloud. "Aaaagggghhhh...! I'm... going to... going to... cum!"

Her whole being seemed to explode over him. John could no longer hold back his own cum. My God! he thought crazily as the hot rush of cum juice began to burst along its narrow tube, my God... never... never been like this. Godddd! Jesus!

"I'm... I'm cuuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Dimly John knew she was straining up to a wildly exploding cum as she began to wantonly twist and thrash about, her teeth biting and nibbling his virile cock like a dog chewing a bone while he continued to tonguefuck her insanely churning pussy. The juices of her greedily milking cunt flowed, and she arched her back, bucking wildly, screaming in rapture, as torrents of steaming hot cunt juice spread its slippery warmth over his face and down his cheeks. Suddenly she thrust her open lips even deeper over his wildly gushing cock, absorbing it to the hilt in her hungry mouth as the continuing spatters of his molten cum juices spewed down her throat.

Ruth's head bobbed furiously over his thickly throbbing cock as she voraciously sucked the hot shooting jets of his juices. Her mouth was salivating as though his thick white cum was the very essence of her existence. She felt her husband jerk and groan beneath her as he fucked his beautiful young cock deeper in her throat. She clasped her lips in a tight elastic ring around the wildly jumping cock so as not to lose a single precious drop and twirled her tongue around the massively throbbing head to make room for the endless torrent until it seemed his balls were bottomless wells! His groans of pleasure incited her to greater effort, and then with one final spewing, his cock began to slowly deflate in her mouth. She waited a moment, hoping for more, then lifted her head, causing his rapidly softening shaft to slide from her cum-smeared lips with a loud, wet, sucking sound. She turned and smiled as he grinned contentedly in return. A trail of cum dribbled down her lips and chin, dropping like a thick white spider web to his belly.

John lay panting, easing back to earth. He reached out wearily to stroke the silky strands of his wife's auburn hair, then pulled her around and over him so that she lay stretched out along the length of his slim young body.

He felt her snuggle closer and then the great delicious mounds of her warmly throbbing titties were crushing into his muscular chest. Slowly, gently, his hands smoothed down her back to cup and squeeze the soft cheeks of her smoothly rounded ass, pressing her against his still partially hard cock.

His mouth found her ear, tonguing into the smooth-fleshed little shell. "In a little while, I'm going to fuck you. Fuck you like you've never been fucked before!"

Her head came up. She stared deeply into the darkened blue depths of his eyes. "Oh God, yes!" she whispered fiercely. "Fuck me. Fuck me, please. Fuck me with that beautiful cock; fuck me crazy!"


The five people in the Connors' living room were quiet now. They hadn't been moments before when they had heard the good news: John Connors was the new mayor of Pleasureville.

Now, John, Ruth, Harry Perkins, and Andrew Blaine sat together on a large comfortable sofa. Across from them, sitting on the floor, was Dan Michaels. These were all the men who had been so important to the campaign. Mellow smiles of satisfaction creased all of their faces as they opened yet another bottle of champagne and drank it down.

John's hands moved against his smiling wife's softly rising tits within the material of her velvet robe, and she began to croon soft words of endearment to him.

"You won, darling! You won!"

Harry Perkins' fingers were already climbing beneath the young wife's robe, rising toward the willing hole of her pussy.

In spite of the fact that they were not alone, John couldn't help feeling the general air of sensuality in the room, and his cock grew harder by the second. His wife's voluptuously rounded tits were soft and naked in his fingers and he longed to touch her cream-white body all over. Yet they couldn't leave the others just yet. His other hand reached up beneath her tied robe, tentatively at first, and then boldly.

"I couldn't have done it without all of you," he said.

Harry Perkins, while letting his thick middle finger crease the thin furrow of Ruth Connors' hotly pulsing young cunt, murmured to the room in general, "I think both of us will go down as the greatest mayors in Pleasureville history."

"Oooooooooh!" Ruth couldn't help crooning with delight as she felt surges of pleasure rising from her softly tingling pussy. Suddenly Ruth smiled.

"I think this victory calls for a little celebration, don't you?" She looked at each man with a lewd twinkle in her eye and they returned her look with excitement.

Harry Perkins removed his hand from her cunt, and John Connors removed his from her huge tit, and Ruth stood up. She untied the robe's belt slowly, the four men holding their breaths as they watched her, because they knew she wore nothing underneath.

Ruth undid the belt and let it drop to the sides of the robe and she slowly drew the soft velvet material down over her shoulders. Suddenly, she let it drop in a puddle at her feet, and she stood there, the naked voluptuousness of her body gleaming in the lamplight.

John, sitting on the couch next to where she was standing, reached out casually to fondle the warm softness of her tit, his fingers massaging and kneading as thumb and forefinger rolled the coral nipple back and forth until it was erectly peaked. Her asscheeks quivered convulsively from the thought of how the victory would be celebrated in a few minutes. Her eyes skipped over the four men's faces, and she saw the same thoughts in their expressions. She sat back down on the couch next to her husband and Harry Perkins.

"You filthy man," she said to her husband, smiling as his hand lewdly massaged her hugely billowing tit.

John guffawed. "Only trying to keep up with my little wife!"

John looked over at Harry Perkins, who was sitting beside Ruth. He was running his hand appreciatively over her huge, whitely billowing tits, feeling their amazingly soft silkiness. As he teased a coral-tipped nip to erectness under his thumb and forefinger, he said, "Christ! You guys ever seen such tits?"

Shivering inwardly, Ruth felt the obscene caresses all the way to her cunt as Harry's hands raised both nipples to a budded hardness. Harry bent to suck up the entire areola; his tongue and the roof of his mouth nursed at her nakedly quivering tit. The suction became increasingly painful until, suddenly, again that unexplainable heat flowed out, permeating her titties and racing through her belly to ignite that terrible and beautiful flame in her wetly throbbing pussy. She moaned with the horrible pleasure of it, and then without volition, her hand slipped up to his neck to pull his graying head in close to her.

Her nakedly flaring hips began almost imperceptibly to undulate, and the tensed muscles of her thighs relaxed, allowing them to fall open an inch or two. John saw his opening and his hand went swiftly out to travel the length of her smoothly firm inner thigh, caressing, kneading, and teasing before finally arriving at the sparse red triangle of silken hair. His outstretched finger trailed lightly into the wetly closed pink slit, and with a deep groan, the young wife found her thighs automatically splaying open to his eagerly plundering hand. Without hesitation his finger dipped into the tight little pussyhole where a hot viscous wetness coated it as he slid his fingertips through her openly defenseless slit to the pulsing bud of her clit.

Dan came bustling across the room carrying five glasses and a bottle of champagne. John looked up at him and asked irritably, "What the hell took you so long?"

"Had a little trouble with the bottle." Dan held up a chilled bottle of champagne, carefully poured, and then handed a glass to Ruth first.

When they all had their drinks in hand, Andrew Blaine raised his glass. "A toast... to our new mayor! May he fuck his way to the top forever!"

John laughed and drank. Dan, Harry Perkins, Andrew Blaine and Ruth clinked glasses and grinned.

"Enough of this toasting! Drink down that champagne and let's get on with the celebration," John said, draining his glass.

Andrew Blaine laughed. "Yeah! On with the celebration!"

Ruth took one last sip of her champagne, and setting the empty glass on the table, rose from the couch and lay down on the floor with her legs spread in lewd invitation. The four men threw off their clothes and gathered around her.

Harry Perkins stepped into place between her thighs, pushing her legs further apart. She stared hypnotically into the lust-filled eyes of the ex-mayor.

"Hell, John," Harry Perkins chuckled to John, "if it weren't your celebration I sure would like to be the first to fuck your little wife right now. Look at her tight little pussy squirm!"

"Go on, man!" John urged the ex-mayor. "Get her ready for me. Lick her cunt!"

Harry Perkins gazed down at her smoothly curving thighs that merged into the tender pink lips of her cunt, his eyes bulging with lewd desire. Moving his hands under the fully rounded cheeks of her nakedly trembling ass, he placed his thumbs on either side of the soft, hair-lined cleft between them and pressed out gently until he had pulled the puffy lips of her wetly swollen cunt wide apart. Bringing his face down, he could see the glistening warm wetness forming as if to welcome him.

The older man gazed greedily for a moment and then, with an animallike groan, dropped his head to bury the full length of his long, slippery tongue snakelike into the throbbing, hot walls of her nakedly exposed pussy.

Ruth jerked, an agonizingly tortured moan of intense pleasure escaping from deep in her chest, her nakedly voluptuous asscheeks grinding down into the soft shag carpet with the force of the desire the lewd assault on her pussy caused. She forced her head up, and her eyes widened to see him hunched on all fours like a beast of prey between her widespread thighs. The wet, pink lips of her nakedly exposed cunt was presented to his obscenely licking face like an offering.

Harry Perkins sucked her tiny, now pulsing clit into his warm, wet mouth, nibbling at it with the sharply pointed tips of his teeth until she cried out in pain. His head dived lower, mouth and tongue greedily working at her wetly flowering cunthole. With eyes opened wide in lewd delight, he watched the contortions of her face up through the softly trembling mounds of her tits.

Ruth groaned over and over to herself as her head rolled helplessly from side to side, while his heatedly spearing tongue fucked in and out of her hotly twitching pussylips. Random, crazy pictures of the last few months of the campaign flickered through her mind as she heard the obscene, wet, sucking noises Harry Perkins was making down between her open legs, and her body jerked wildly at the lascivious memories.

Harry Perkins' eyes remained locked on her face as he continued the wickedly tantalizing fucks of his long, slippery tongue into her openly spread pussyhole. Her firmly rounded tits were throbbing ecstatically as they jiggled from the lewd, erotic tonguing he was giving her. Clenching her eyes shut, she let the whirlpools of hotly stirring sensation build in her writhing body.

Suddenly, the lewdly ravaging lips lifted from her cunt and smiling Harry Perkins drawled, "It's going to be a real pleasure to fuck you again, Ruth Connors. This time I promise it will be the best fuck you have ever had!"

Ruth shivered ecstatically at the lewd words he was saying. It was all so wonderful -- first her husband was elected mayor of the city, and now this wonderful celebration party! She didn't know if she would be able to live through the tremendous joy of four cocks fucking her and her husband's victory at the same time, but she would have to. What if he ever wanted to run for governor? Or even president? She would just have to keep herself in shape for those celebration parties, because you never knew who you might have to fuck on your way to the top of the great American political ladder!

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