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Five 6 and 7 year olds play Mommy and Daddy with their 14 year old counseler
I’m your average 14 year old guy. I need some money so I took a job as a camp counselor for little kids in the summer. I paid decent and was the only job available.

There are only five kids in the class and all of them were either 6 or 7 years old:
Lexi – dirty blonde hair, tan skin, really cute and outgoing
Rachel – black hair, dark eyes, average kid
Andrea – black hair, dark skin, dark eyes, a little reserved
Mike – short black hair, dark eyes, a loud kid
Sean – longish brown hair, tan skin, average kid

It was the second week of camp and we were inside. The kids were coloring in pictures. The other person working with me was a 17 year old girl, and she said she’d be back because she had to make some errands. She said she’d be gone for about an hour because she was going to take her lunch break and then go out to make some copies and rent a movie for the kids. I told her that I’d keep them busy and she left.
After about five minutes of coloring Lexi came up to me and said that they were bored. “Alright”, I said, “what do you wanna do?”
They said they wanted to play a game and I asked what one. Mike suggested mom and dad so I said sure.
“Alright, Andrea and Sean will be married, Mike and Rachel will be married, and Me and Danny (me) will be married, alright?”, Lexi said.
Now the boys have to kiss their wives because that’s what mommys and daddys do. I was shocked and surprised. “I don’t think we should be doing this”, I said. “Oh come one, it’s just a game. Now go”, Lexi said back to me. Whatever, I thought. Sean, Mike, and I went in to kiss them. It was a tap kiss, but I still liked it. I felt Lexi’s lips on mine and I loved that feeling. They were so soft. They were a pinkish-red that looked really good next to her tan skin.
“What was that!?!?! You’re supposed to do a long kiss like real mommys and daddys”, Lexi said. Again, I felt unsure about the situation, but I just looked at Lexi and she was real cute, so I followed her orders. We started kissing again, this time I pulled her into a hug and stroked her beautiful hair. She stuck her tongue out first and I let her in. We started tongue wrestling. Her lips were so soft and wet – I loved it. I was making out with a 7 year old, and I was liking it. We pulled apart and I could see that her mouth was wet from saliva. We turned and saw Andrea and Sean kissing. Andrea’s whole face was wet – they were sloppy kissers! You could here the sucking and slurping sounds. Rachel and Mike were wrestling each other’s tongues. You could see that they both really liked it.
They both stopped and looked at Lexi. She said that she didn’t know what else to do. “Well,” I said, “mommys do the laundry for the daddys, so should the daddys take off the clothes so the mommys can wash them?”. They all thought this was a good idea and went along with it. Mike got his clothes off first. He was completely clean of hair. He kept his underwear on – he was wearing briefs. Sean took off his clothes and left his on too, except he was wearing boxers. He didn’t have one tan line – his entire body was tan. Mike’s nipples looked soft, but Danny’s looked more firm. Either way, both boys had small nipples. Then I took my clothes off. I left my boxers on too.
“Wait, we don’t want to waste money. The mommys should wash their clothes too”, I said. Again, they thought this was a good idea and took off their clothes. Rachel and Lexi were both wearing training bras, and I could see their little nipples against the fabric. Andrea, however, wasn’t wearing a bra even though she probably had the biggest chest, but she still didn’t have big ones. After all, they weren’t even eight years old. She had really beautiful breasts. Her little nipples weren’t hard – they were really soft. They were pinkish brown and smallish in size. Andrea’s whole body was the same tone, she was pretty dark. She had pink undies on. Lexi and Rachel were both wearing green underwear. Andrea’s butt popped out more than the other two, but they both had butts too.
Rachel said that we should put all our clothes in the wash. We all agreed so we all took our underwear off. Mike had a small dick, well, I don’t really know because I’ve never seen a little kid’s penis before. It was only about 3” long. Danny’s was bigger, about 4.5” long hard - they were both really hard! I took mine off too. My dick was also hard and was about 6”. I just started growing pubic hair so I didn’t have that much. All five of the kids had no hair on their bodies. Andrea’s was perfect. She had a big ass! It jiggled. Lexi had a tighter ass. She took her undies off and her pussy was nice. I saw that slit and wanted it real bad. Rachel’s ass was big and jiggly, but not as much as Andrea’s.
I said that while we wait for the laundry we could lay down and cuddle like real mommys and daddys. They all liked that so we went and did just that. I pulled Lexi in tight to me. My dick was on her back but she was fine with that. I was breathing on her neck and rubbing her arms. She was really warm. The other four were having a good time too. Sean and Andrea were kissing again.
After a few minutes I said, alright, now we should do something else, but you can’t tell anyone or we’ll all get in trouble. I had them promise and all that and explained what a blow job was. I said I’d set it up so it’s fair. I would get one from all three girls, and then they would switch to another boy and then do the last one.
First up was Rachel. She leaned in close and she looked like she was scared. I rubbed her cheek and said “don’t worry”. She shook her head and looked back and my dick. It was just waiting to be sucked on. She stuck her little pink tongue out and moved closer until my dick slid in. She gagged a little and pulled back out. My dick was all wet from her saliva because she gagged, but I was fine with that. “It’s too big!”, she said. I comforted her and made her feel better so she tried again. This time was better and she got most of it in – I was pretty surprised that she was able to almost get the whole thing in. She was moving her head up and down now. Slurp, Slurp, Slurp. She was using a lot of tongue. Man this girl was good! I could feel her lips around my cock. Her mouth was so small that it was really tight. I could feel her moist little lips pressing against the skin of my dick, and I could feel her wet tongue all over my dick, and I could feel it hitting the back of her throat. After about a minute of Rachel, I said it was Andrea’s turn. Andrea started off the same way. Her tongue and lips were darker, and I remembered that she was really wet and sloppy from the kiss with Sean. She started going up and down – almost like a machine. I could hear her gulping and swallowing the entire time. Her big brown eyes were looking up at me and she looked so innocent. I could see the spit start to come out of her mouth. Her chin was now really wet. I could see my dick leaving and entering her cute little mouth and feel that tongue roving around my cock inside her mouth. Again, after a minute, I said we should move onto the next girl. Lexi came up. She was really excited and eager. She opened her mouth and got right too it. She took looked up at me with big eyes. I could hear my dick filling up her mouth as I got closer and closer to an orgasm. She got into a good rhythm and started slurping like Rachel and swallowing like Andrea. I could feel her soft lips pressing against my dick.
“Oh yeahhhh”, I said, “Mmmmm…you’re good mommy…oh yeah, Mmmmmm…”. Before I knew it I was coming. This surprised Lexi because she took her mouth off. That didn’t stop me. I shot out about five strings of cum. They all landed on that little girls face. Her mouth was still open and one string landed across it. Another string went straight into her mouth and onto her tongue. There was some cum on her eyes and cheeks, but she still had this huge, innocent smile on her face. She swallowed and said “yumm! That’s good”. The other two girls wanted to taste cum too, so they went over and started licking it off Lexi’s face. They agreed that it was good, and the boys said that they wanted to taste it. I told them it comes out of a boys dick when he feels good, so maybe Mike should suck Sean’s and maybe he would get some cum. I knew he wasn’t old enough to produce any sperm, but I wanted to see him suck a dick. He thought it was a good idea, and he got on his knees. He grabbed Sean’s butt with both his hands, pulled him closer and opened his mouth.

To Be Continued…?

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How do you know this is sick unless you read it. Not doubt all the while stroking. What's that matter you feel guilty about it?

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Do you fucking know the emotional harm you fucks have probaly put on em?! Im fuckin trackin ur IP. Good job other people for speaking up against these shit stains of humanity. Or whats left of it.

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