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I make you stand before me, waiting. The minutes tick by as you try your best not to move or ask any questions, your only orders were to stand there until I tell you otherwise, no talking. You are dressed as I told you to, anything else would be a mistake. A light blue pull over top, black dress skirt and equally black stockings and black shoes – no heels.

The minutes continue to tick by as you try not to fidget or appear as nervous you are, your mind filled with lots of questions and scenarios. Not knowing what would happen or what I would do or for that matter what you should do.

“Take off your top”

The words come so suddenly you almost jump, with a second or two of hesitation your hands begin to move, sliding to the edge of your top before grasping them and pulling them upwards. My head comes up and I watch you slide it off your body and let hold it in your hand, not sure what to do with it, looking to me for direction.

“Let it fall to the floor”

You comply and it falls from your hands to land at your feet stand before me more nervously than before, your white lace bra pronouncing your cleavage for my view. I take a moment to contemplate you, letting my eyes roam your body, watching you falter under my gaze, your legs shaking slightly as if unable to support you.

Eventually I stand up and walk towards you, I see you visibly shrink into yourself as I approach but try your best to remain calm. Instead of walking directly to you I instead opt to walk around you, inspecting your body, your stance, I pointedly grab your arms and pin them to your sides making sure you understand to keep them there, your nervousness has them moving all over the place…its distracting. Standing directly behind you I watch your breathing, the rise and fall of your upper body with each intake of breath, its not a smooth rhythm but more sporadic, more forced.

“put your hands on your head and arch your back.”

Again, it wasn’t a request and you knew it, but still the same nervous hesitation grips you.


Your body jerks and your hands fly upwards, your fingers knitting behind your head as you do your best to arch yourself. I wait a few more moments watching your body, the tension in your stance, the abruptness of your breathing, the small beads of perspiration forming on your skin. I move closer to you, immediately seeing you stiffen with my breath across your neck. Reaching around your body my hands clasp each silk clad breast, caressing them through the material, teasing the small nub of your nipples, I close my eyes and enjoy the tremors than run through you, the mumbled groan that almost escapes your lips…its musical.

My hands slide down below your breasts to the bare skin of your stomach, stroking your skin and feeling the raised goose-bumps that now cover every inch of exposed skin. I smile to myself as I stroke just below your navel feeling you tense even more as your mind races with images of where my hands – my fingers will slide to next. I surprise you by pulling them back but only to cup your cheeks, at first just feeling the curve of them through your skirt then squeezing each in turn. Again the muffled groan.

The feel of your cheeks in my hand is exquisite, coupled with the tremors racing through your body and the sharp intake of breath each time I squeeze serves to propel my desires. Reaching around you I undo the clip of your skirt at the side then slide the zipper down, again the rippling shock of tension that courses through does not go unnoticed, in fact it was expected. I feel the skirt go slack around your hips and then with minimal prompting on my part, slide down your legs puddling around your ankles exposing the white of your panties beneath the sheer material of your stocking.

Kneeling I undo the straps of your shoes, unclipping the buckles, then reaching for your arm I let you support yourself on me and slip each shoe from your feet. When it is finished I motion for you to step out of them and the skirt, I gather everything in my hands and toss them over to the far chair.

Standing once more I place your hand back on your head then step back admiring your body, the curves of your hips, the slight swell of your stomach…not fat, just plump, the way your body heaves with each deep breath…beautiful. Standing there in nothing more than your bra, panties and stocking. My inspection leads me back in front of you and I catch your eyes before you try to close them and turn your head away. I smile again, I will not reprimand you those slights all your resistance only serves to heighten the pleasure of the moment.

Reaching back to my desk I retrieve a pair of scissors I had lying there, when I turn to face you I see your eyes open wide glued to my hand, your mouth gapes open as if to speak but a sharp look silences whatever unspoken protest there would have been – if any. Carefully I trace the cup of your bra until I reach the point above your nipple, grasping and pulling outwards until it is stretched so far it almost pulls you over. I watch your eyes as I snip a fair sized circle in the cup and then let it go, with a snap it ensconces itself against your breast the ragged hole exposing your nipple and a hard one at that. The same procedure follows and consequently leaving you standing hands on your head with your nipples poking out of the holes in your bra. I can just make out the raised bumps along your areola, despite what you thought about your situation your body reacted of its own accord, a fact you and I both could clearly see. Not a word escapes your lips though light tears make their way down your face and your eyes seek solace anywhere else but at me. I cannot help but smile.

The scissors go back to the desk and for a moment I lean against it, watching you, taking every bit of you in. your lips bitten tight against those words unuttered, protests, cries curses…but you were told not to speak unless told to, so you remained, suffering in silence. I turn my body and look towards the windows, the room seems dark to me for some reason and from the look in your eyes when I turn back to you I can tell you agree. A brisk step or two takes me to them and.…I pause, and wait. A minute passes as I contemplate the condition of the shades, they could really use some dusting, hmm.

Then quite abruptly I reach up and pull them apart, the light in the room barely changes….perhaps I was wrong after all but look at that view. We are up some levels but you can still see the magnificent architecture of the other buildings, the lines, the symmetry…the other windows. Almost reluctantly I tear myself away from the view to stand once more before you, noting with satisfaction the incredulous look on your face as you eyes shift from me to the windows and back again, almost…pleading. Its fascinating watching the raw sets of emotions that flicker across your features, the tears come again this time a little harder than before. Quiet sobs pepper the ragged rise and fall of your chest. This only serves to pull my attention towards it.
Reaching up I grasp your nipples between my fingers, pulling and pinching until a sharp gasp escapes your lips, the pain becoming more than you can bear. A moment more I release them and see momentary relief wash over your face. I move closer and to your side and slide my hand from your covered breasts and downwards again to your stomach, caressing slowly, tracing my finger around your navel and then lower to the top of your stocking where they lay snug against your skin.

Your body jerks and you almost twist out of my grasp when my fingers pulled them from you and slid even further down, not into your panties as you expected but above them and between your thighs and cup the soft mound of your crotch. Your body seems to be off kilter as you shift and twist against me, without a word my free hand reaches for your hair, wrapping in and pulling back sharply arching your back so far you were almost on your toes.

Almost immediately your fidgeting ceased.

I slide my hand further down pressing them against the gusset of your panties, feeling the material damp beneath my fingers. your head swiveled away from my mocking laughter, your body indeed had intentions of its own, tears rolled inexorably down your cheeks and yet your panties were getting wet. Then again, you were helpless to do otherwise, you knew and perhaps that’s why you fought so hard, resisted so much.
I berate you about how wet you have gotten, how even though you fight it your body still wants it. Which knew best, your mind or your body?

“there is no denying it is there, you are my slut. Will use you as much as I want, in any way I choose
because you belong to me. Say it, tell me that you are my whore, let me hear you say it.”

Tears roll down your cheeks and for long moments you remain silent, until I grab the crotch or your panties squeezing the soft lips beneath. Reluctant and haltingly you speak those words and as the last syllable leaves your lips your entire body sags in my hands. I release your crotch and continue to massage your lips, teasing you, reveling in the defeat and surrender of your will. I step back and tell you to strip out of your stockings, slowly and dejectedly you comply. I watch as your hands move to your hips, your fingers curl into the waistband and you bend to peel them off, your nipples pointing downwards from the holes in your bra.

When you are finished I move close to you once more, putting a finger inside the waistband of your panties I pull them out from your skin, looking down into them, following the slow dip of your mound sinking between your legs. I release them and let the band snap against your skin, I enjoy the sight of you jerking from the unexpected if brief pain. Moving behind you I do the same, peeling the waist from your skin and looking into your panties, your cheeks are of a pinkish shade where my hands massaged them, still smooth and alluring. I let the waistband snap back and watch you jerk again.

My inspection continues as I walk around your body, you are tense, shivering, though you have stopped sobbing the tears are still there. I lean into you and run my fingers along your sides, teasing down your soft skin, moving down to the tops of your panties and without missing a beat I slide my fingers into the sides and pull them down your body. Tapping your ankles to make you lift your legs one by one and step out of them, then I tap your legs again indicating that you are to spread them only when they are satisfactorily wide enough for your lips to part do I let you stop. I stand before you, your panties in my hand catching your eye as I roll them around feeling your wetness slick in the material. Placing the wet crotch to your lips I command you.

“Lick it.”

Your face turns away but I quickly grab you jaw and force you back around, I will not press it to your lips but you will lick your juices from your panties. I watch as your head hangs and your shoulders rock momentarily, but slowly you lift your head, your tongue snakes out and come in contact with the material. What follows is almost comical as you try your best to lick the crotch of your panties but at the same time try not to do as commanded. What a sight, you stand before me in nothing but your cup-less bra, legs spread like a shameless whore licking your own slutty juices from the crotch of your panties.

Without warning I grab you by your hair and force you over to the window, the light draping itself across your boy. I push you against it, positioning your palms above your head and flat against the pane, I pull your body back a little having you lean with your upper body forward and your ass pushed back into me, your legs still spread. I like you like this, yes, this is how a slut should look, this is how a slut should be positioned. Leaning close to you I whisper in your ear and watch the effects rush through your body and your head hang down in utter humiliation.

“I wonder if people across the street are watching.”

Slowly, deliberately so that you can hear every sound, I unbutton my pants and undo the zipper, noting the tremor that slithers down through you as I let it crumble to the floor around my legs. Pushing your legs further apart I place my hand on your back, trailing my fingers across your skin, I love the way you feel, the soft tingle of your skin mingle with the ragged breathes that rack your body. I massage the curve of your cheeks sliding my fingers between your legs; you stiffen against me and that heightens my pleasure even more.

My fingers dip between your lips….of course. For all your bravado, for all your resistance, for all your tears and all your reluctance at my touch, your body reacts as I know it would and your cunt is dripping wet. My finger slides between your lips and enter the warmth of your sex, a sound escapes your lips, whether a cry or moan I cannot tell for it is soft and low. My finger, wet from your juices slides back out and moves inexorably to your puckered ass, it’s a tight fit but it slides in, I can feel your tension, your body pulls away to press against the glass, streaking it with the sweat from your body. Your body attempts to slide further away as I work my finger deeper into your tight canal, the sound of your sobbing returns to my ears and I wonder if you are crying at being violated so or at the fact that you are enjoying what I do to you.

Enough, you are my slut and cannot deny me. Pulling my finger from your ass I position my cock at the entrance of your cunt, the sweet sensation of your hot, wet lips tingles the head of my cock almost sending me over the edge. My hands roughly grab your hips, my cock parts your lips and overcome by my need I slam myself into you, all the way to the hilt pushing you hard against the window, a grunt of leaves my lips, I can feel your muscles gripping the length of my cock.

Covered in sweat, gasping, shaking and moaning, you body against the window on display for all to see as I take you.

The feel of my cock sliding in and out of your wet cunt is heavenly, time again I hear you moan into the glass, the beads of sweat now rivulets running down your body, the tension leaving you as your legs seem to lose all their strength, if not for my hands on your hips and the motion of my cock slamming deep into you – you probably would have crumbled to the floor by now. I pace myself, taking my time, enjoying every bit of pleasure your body has to offer, and not for the second time I wonder if there is anyone watching us, watching me use you like the whore you are, like the slut you have become.

I can feel the head of my cock as it rubs the walls inside you, feel the sweet tension o fyour muscles as you surround me, squeeze me and pull me deeper inside you. The sweat runs down your body making your skin slick, heat permeating from your body mingling with mine creating a need inside me. Each thrust pulling me closer and closer to the edge…but not yet, I don’t want it to end yet. So reluctantly I pull myself from inside you, leaving you gasping slumped against the window. For a minute or two we both strive to catch our breaths, me standing behind you my eyes intent on your every minute movement, the rise and fall of your of your breaths, the shiver across your skin and the defeated, humiliated caste of your entire being, its beautiful to me.

I allow you a moment to hope, to think of possibilities to almost believe, then my fingers curl painfully into your hair and you know it’s not over.

I pull you up to your feet by your hair, guiding you a few steps then bending you over my desk, using my foot to push your legs apart and pushing your body down onto the desk leaving your ass pointing up towards me. Mmmm, this is a better view of your cunt, I can see your slick tender lips already parted, begging for my touch, needing my attention. You are nothing but a slut aren’t you, can’t stand the thought of not having me inside you, can you.

You gasp loudly as my fingers enter your slick cunt, teasing in and out I get my fingers nide and wet, pushing deep into you then pulling them out. Your head jerks up violently, my hand in your hair. Without a word I place my the fingers slick with your juices against your lips, pressing them against you until you open your mouth and suck my fingers clean.

“That’s right my slut, you already know what to do.”

When I am satisfied with your efforts I pull my fingers from your mouth and place them at your hips once more. My cock slams into your cunt and a long groan leaves your body, I can just imagine the look on your face, but this time I go slow. Reveling in the feel of your cunt around my cock once more, nice and deep I press myself into you, inch by inch alsot seeping into your well used cunt. It feels so good your body starts to move againstyou’re your hips pressing back into me, moans escaping your lips.

“I knew you would like it, you are my slut after all.”

As suddenly as I enter you I pull out, I can discern the small whimper of disappointment from you when at last I leave you empty and unfulfilled. The moment you feel my cock against your ass your body stiffens but only for a moment as you try to relax against me, your fingers curl around the sides of the desk, you know whats coming and you know it would only be all the more painful if you try to fight it. Luckily your juices coat my cock sufficiently to offer a small buffer of lubrication, but not all that much to dull the pain of the intrusion. I push forward slowly until I broach the ring of your entrance, I am inside you but not all the way just enough to open you to me, I keep myself still until I feel your body begin to relax, your breathing slow….my fingers dig into your hips and I slam forward, a scream rips through you while a long groan erupts from me.

Oh the feeling of your ass is exquisite, the sensations that ripple through me makes my head spin and momentary pots of light appear before me. I can do nothing but continue to move in and out of you, riding your ass with each forward thrust, slamming my entire body against you, into you. The desk shakes and jerks from the intensity of my need, and a moan interspersed with groans rush from your open mouth. Wrapping a hand in your hair I pull your head up so you can see the open window before you, a small reflection brings to reality just what is happening to you, mixed with the possibility or even the certainty that there may be eyes watching us beyond the glass. I can almost see your eyes lower in shame but it is there clearly written across your ace, the ecstasy of the moment.

My body thrusts forward faster now, lost in the moment, lost in you. One hand caught in your hair the other reaching forward to pull and pinch your nipple through the hole in your ruined bra. Your nipples are hard and your body drenched in sweat, and the moans that fill the room all do their part in pushing me to the edge. Finally the moment I have been waiting for arrives, all sounds from your lips cease, your body arches into me the tension fills all your limbs and then the explosion of motion as your body is racked with orgasm. I can feel the spasms, running through your body, gripping my cock, milking me, pulling me into you and this time I cannot hold back.

My hand releases your hair and your nipples as I grab your hips and thrust as deep into you as I can, the sensation that rips through me is like fire and the eruption that crashes forth is uncontrollable. How long it lasts I cannot tell, only that when it is over my body is drained of all energy and I collapse on top of you, both of us panting and gasping for breath.

Finally I find the strength to pull my softening cock from your ass, forcing you to your knees I have you lick me clean, my hands in your hair the entire time, closing my eyes and relieving what’s left of my tension to your lips and tongue. Enough, I push you to the floor and pull a chair forward so I can sit, my head back I watch you on the floor, shaking and weeping softly.

After a while I rise and move over to you, standing above you, I watch you for a few moments more smiling down at you. Without moving I reach across to my desk and produce a bottle of water, pushing it to your hands and ordering you to drink, reaching down to fondle your nipples as you do, laughing as the shock makes you spill a little of the water across your chest.
When you finish I pulls you to your feet by your hair and maneuver you over a waste bin at the corner of my desk.

“Spread your legs and pee.”

An incredulous look fixes itself on your feature but my hand tightens in your hair to emphasize that it was not a request. I can feel you resist, your body tense and your eyes hold mine for just a moment before your head lowers and you squat over the bin. It takes a few minutes but the sound of liquid hitting the empty bin fills the room as your bladder releases itself, your entire body is flushed red in humiliation.
When you are finished I pull you to your feet and push your over towards the chair with your clothes.

“Get dressed.”

I do the same then sit and watch you as you finish, stopping you just as you reach for you panties and taking them from your hands. You look at me questioning but I say nothng , finally you continue until you are fully dressed and standing before me head cast down dreading what could be next but unwilling to move without my express command, helpless before me.

I pull an envelope from my desk and hand it to you, your fingers tremble as you take it but unwilling to open it in my presence. It contains next week’s instructions and as reluctant as you were this time I know you will be here next week with everything completed as the instructions in the envelope dictates.
But for now….

“you are dismissed.”

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