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So there we were... me and my gorgeous studly big brother, both grinning at
each other at having shot our loads simultaneously, and Jen in the
bathroom, cleaning up.

Dan said "bud, this is awesome! Look at my cock, bud... its still dripping
wet" He held it up for me. His cock was still wet and smeared with cum and
pussy juices. God I loved how it looked... half erect it was still about 7
inches, and it was still flushed after all the action he'd just had.

"Sorry bud, I only have a queen size futon, we'll have to make due with
sleeping together" Dan said looking away.

"Are you sure Jen can't go home?" I asked, irritated that I'd have to put
up with her being here. She completely ignored me, and probably didn't want
me here either. All she seemed to care about was getting stoned and sex
with my brother.

I regretted saying that immediately. Dan got a really hurt expression on
his face... and looked at me with pleading eyes... "come on, bud I know you
just got here but she gets lonely when she goes home"

"Ok, fine" I said, not wanting to get Dan upset. In reality, I hoped
there'd be more action in bed between them, so a part of me didn't mind.

His eyes brightened and he grinned widely "You're the best, bud! I knew I
could count on you, man!" he said as he reached over and ruffled my hair,
noticing he used the same hand he was just holding on to his dripping wet
cock with.

We unfolded the futon, and Dan lay down right in the middle.

"You want a glass of water?" I said as I got myself one.

"Sure that would be great", so I brought him some water, and lay down
beside him on his right side. I admit it was kind of weird being naked in
bed with my brother, but it was too hot to put on clothes and I was really

"Jen's pretty hot, huh bud?"

"Yeah, I guess..." I said, getting sleepier.

"Man, I was so rock hard when she was sitting on top of me and we were
kissing... did you see, bud?"

"uh huh"

"My dick was so big and hard, man... and when I went inside her, wow it was
almost bursting."

"Yeah, I noticed, I think" I was actually paying very close attention to
Dan's dick, and it was indeed huge and rock hard when he was fucking her.

"Sure didn't take long to shoot..." he drooled."Best orgasm I've had in a
while. Jen's amazing. Bud... you shoulda seen us yesterday. She was sort of
on top of me like this.. Check this out..."

He nudged me so I could see. I opened my eyes. He was humping the air, and
holding something above him (presumably her hips) "Then, just when I was
cumming, she pulled my cock out and aimed it upwards"

He held his cock with his fist and pointed it upwards. "Man, it was like a
fountain" he said and laughed. "Cum everywhere, bud"

"I can imagine, Dan. I'm really tired, and am going to sleep now..." I
said. I really was tired, even though I was turned on.

Meanwhile, I heard Jen come out of the bathroom, and she and Dan started
talking and giggling in low voices. I heard Dan doing "babytalk" with her,
and that annoyed me. I didn;t like her at all, but I guess if she made Dan
happy, I was happy for him. I heard them light up again, and could smell
the pot in the air.

I slowly drifted off to sleep to the sounds of my big brother and his
girlfriend laughing and talking as they were getting high. I felt sort of
content knowing Dan was happy and it was nice to be near him again after
all these years.

I don't know how much time passed, but I was woken up by Dan shaking my
left shoulder. "Bud!"

"wha... what happened?" I mumbled, barely coherent and still asleep.

"Just checking... you awake, bud?" Dan asked.

"huh?" I said, opening my eyes. All the lights save the nightlight in the
bathroom were off, so my vision had to adjust to see.

"Just checking to see if you were awake, buddy boy" Dan said. He was lying
on his back, naked, with his head turned towards me, with a stupid,
grinning expression on his face. His other arm was around Jen, who was on
his other side with her head on his shoulder, and making these moaning
noises. One of her legs was up on Dan's and she was moving her hips slowly
into Dan's side.

"Fuck you, man.. I was asleep but I guess I'm awake now!" I was really mad
at being woken up.

"Sorry, man" Dan said "I didn't mean to wake you up. Could you do me a huge
favor and get me another beer?" I noticed his cock, which was semi hard,
started tenting upwards. "Im really thirsty and it's really hot in here" He
looked towards Jen, kissed her head, and asked her if she wanted one too.

So I got up and got 3 beers out of the fridge and returned. I was really
mad ad Dan for waking me up, but must admit the sight of his hard dick got
me a little excited. "While you're up, could you turn up the lights a
bit... it's really dark in here"

Jen noticed Dan getting hard, so she started lazily drawing circles on his
inner thighs and and balls. Dan started moaning softly and his cock got
fully erect. The two of them were really hot together.

"Here, lie down, bud. You need more space?" he said, and scooted over a bit

"No that;s fine" I said and lay down beside him.

Jen then turned around so her feet were facing Dan's head and her face was
near Dan's feet.

"Jen's got this thing about a guys feet... she loves licking my toes, don't
you, Jennybaby?" he said and lighly slapped her on her ass. She responded
by gyrating her hips a little, and Dan moved his hand to the area between
her legs and left them there. She started licking Dan's toes

"Whoa, I love that" Dan said and groaned.

He reached out to me, and grabbing my shoulder, said "check out my cock,
bud" It was fully erect and standing straight out, in all glory. I loved
that sight.

"pretty stiff, Dan"

"yeah, I've got a great cock, huh..." he said, looking at it lovingly. It
was indeed gorgeous in the dim lighting. He then held it up and said " how
big do you think it is, man?"

Of course, I knew the answer to this. We'd measured it over and over again
as teenagers. At a shade under 9 inches, both our cocks were the exact same
length. Mind you, Dan never admitted this. He would always say how much
bigger his was than mine. It used to bother me, but then I realized it was
really important to him to have the bigger dick, so I don't argue much.

"It's 9 inches long, man. Pretty wicked big!"

"Here. Let me turn on the light" and reached over to his reading lamp,
turned it on, and then pointed it straight towards his midsection. So now
he had a spotlight on his huge, engorged cock. It looked even better

"wow, Dan... you've got the biggest cock in the family, man"

He looked at me, smiled and nodded in a very proud way. He was
handsome. "Hey, yours isn't bad either, man"

I could tell, he was loving this. Jen had since moved upwards from his toes
to his upper thighs. She turned around, so she was facing the same way we
were, and started licking his balls.

"mmmh" Dan moaned, and spread his legs further apart. His legs spanned
almost the entire futon, so I had no choice but to put one of my legs on to
of his, sandwiching it between my legs.

So I was watching my big brother with his raging hardon brightly lit up and
his girlfriend licking his balls like they were candy.

He folded his hands behind his head, closed his eyes and smiled
proudly. "Just look at at that cock!" By now it was drooling precum and
pulsing wildly. You could tell he liked getting his balls licked!

Meanwhile, my cock was sticking straight out and its head just few inches
away from Dan's body. I so wanted to move in closer... I just wanted my
precum to touch Dan's hard body. I wanted to feel my cock along his
side... I wanted to lick his armpits and have him kiss me passionately.

"Hey bud, I need another beer" he said.

I got up, and, fully erect, went to the kitchen, and got Dan a beer. When I
got back, Jen was up on all fours, and giving Dan a blowjob. Dan looked up
at me and said thanks and took a swig.

Jen was trying really hard, but I could tell she wasn't doing a good
job. She was choking, and could barely get it half way in her mouth. Dan
periodically opened his eyes and winced but didn't say anything.

"here Jennybaby, let's try this" he said, and, getting up, lifted her up on
the bed and had her lie on her back. He got on top of her, and slowly
entered her, but then stopped.

"Hey, bud... get me some lube it's in the bathroom" he said. So I guess she
was a bit drier the second time round.

I was very excited about all of this, and felt ready to explode at any
moment. I got the lube and absentmindedly put a big glob on my palm, ready
to lube myself up, when I realized it was for him.

"That'll do just fine" Dan said, and lifted off her a bit. His cock was
still positioned at entry position I looked up at him, he looked at me
expectantly, and then looked down at his cock. "whatcha waiting for, buddy

So, I took my lubed up hand, and rubbed lube up and down his shaft. Slowly
and rhythmically. Meanwhile, Jen leant upwards and started kissing him.

I can't believe this, I thought. I'm lubing up my big brothers dick while
he's kissing and about to fuck his girlfriend.

With my hand still in place, Dan thrust his rock hard tool towards her
hole. I guided his cock into it the best I could, and removed my hand. Dan
was in heaven. Both of them were. He was groaning and letting out low
growls as he fucked her. She was moaning and you could tell she loved
it. She occasionally squealed.

Meanwhile I was rock hard and desperately jacking myself off. This was way
too horny for me and I didn't think I could take much more of it...

Dan looked towards me and saw me jacking off. He was pretty close too, I
could tell. I didn't want to come before my big brother did, that seemed
uncool somehow, so I hoped he'd come soon.

"Hold on, bud... almost there man" he said in a strained voice. I watched
his magnificent, majestic cock thrust in and out of her. Each stroke was
the full shaft... I saw his cockhead on every single thrust, and he'd bury
it to the hilt till trimmed his pubic hair crushed against her smooth
skin. His body was glistening with sweat.. and his muscles were all
strained. God I loved the look of his chest and his abs, with all the
muscles tensed up.

I moved forward to Jen's side, and knelt facing him. I was on the verge of
orgasm, and a single stroke at any moment would make me shoot. He looked
into my eyes, and started thrusting again, wildly, and then suddenly said
"Bud, I'm about to shoot, man..." he suddenly pulled out of her, and got
up on to his knees. A single stroke of his cock caused him to shoot wave
after wave of cum into the air, coating both Jen and me (mostly me, as I
was standing) with his cum. Just the sight of it caused me to shoot
too... my cum coated him and made me shudder over and over. I'd never come
without touching myself before... ever. I shot so violently I fell
forward. Dan caught me and I fell into his chest. He moved a bit closer,
and put his strong arms around me. Our pecs, abs and chest were slick with
our cum as we held each other.

After a few minutes, I broke out of his embrace and lay down out of
exhaustion. He collapsed on top of Jen, and they started making out and
fondling each other in that lazy, post-orgasm way. I heard lots of `I love
yous' said between them, which made me feel strangely comfortable. I was
really happy for Dan.

He nudged my shoulder and said "Nighty Night, buddy boy. Get some rest"

God I love my big brother.

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2014-04-03 19:51:54
Love it! Wishing you had at least massaged his balls after helping put it in, though. Howsabout a last episode where you finally help him get off & suck him cuz he's shot too many already!?! Keep writing, dude!!

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2013-03-20 05:31:53
Weird story. Please post it in straight tag. For gods sake there isn't any gay scene.

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